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Life.6 May the Shine be on You[edit]

Part 1[edit]

—I want to live.

My life is about to end quietly inside the snowy forest.

As a test subject, and as one of the children gathered for the project of the Church. They gathered children like me with no family and but has a special ability for their project in order to make us capable of wielding the holy-sword Excalibur artificially.

Every day, day after day, it was filled with experiments. It was full with harsh experiences, but since we were told that we would become a special being that would one day be chosen by God, my comrades and I didn’t even have the slightest fear.

One day, all that changed suddenly when they suddenly came to dispose of us.

We were gathered at a location and they started gassing us—. My hands became paralysed, my legs stopped moving, and my body went through intense pain as if I had my nervous system slashed.

There were many liquids including my tears and blood coming out from my body, and only pain conquered my body.

Then my consciousness weakened—and I was about to die.

Many of my comrades died while suffering in front of me.

I didn’t know what was going on at first. I even thought it was an experiment.

I didn’t even imagine that the researchers who were trying to do something special to us and also believed in the same God as us would turn their fangs at us—.

One of us died, then the second one died. My comrades died one after another. I finally came to understand the situation I am in while my turn to die was approaching.

Ah, I’m going to get killed.

It became my turn and I was gathered to the centre of the room. The researchers who wore protective clothing gassed us that had their body tremble.

Even if I were to stop breathing, there’s a limit to it. I started to inhale the gas gradually and take in the gas into my body as I breathe in.

My body was hit with pain and cramps, and my eyes started to get blurry.

I dropped on my knees and tried to soften the pain running through my body by stroking my body parts, but one of my comrades pushed away one of the researchers.

After he opened the door by force, my comrades shouted at me who was in the least critical state out of all of us.

“Go! At least you survive!”

I—. Hearing that, I escaped from the room after standing up right away.

I don’t want to die—.

With only that in my mind, I succeeded in escaping from the researchers after I found my chance to escape.

Maybe they strongly thought that “They will believe in us until their final moment and there’ll be not a single one who would run away from us” because we were devout believers.

I succeeded in my escape because they had a slight opening.


“Don’t let him escape!”

However, the pursuers persistently chased after me.

Within the forest of the mountains while the snow fell, I simply continued to run—.

I started to remember the days I spent at the laboratory while escaping—.

My comrades who made a promise with me to become a special being. We ate together, we sang together, and we laughed together.

However—they died. Only I was able to escape.

……I had succeeded in escaping. The chance they gave to me……

I’ll survive and……

My consciousness started to fade away along with the pain running through my body—. I started to hold strong vengeance within me.

Against those—.

Those who thought up that project—.

The Excalibur—.

There’s no way I can forgive them……!

However, my stamina and consciousness reached its end……and I fell down quietly within the forest.

I couldn’t even move my fingers now.

……It’s obvious that I’m going to die. Am I able to move ahead even a bit? Even a single step forward—.

I didn’t want to make their deaths be wasted in vain. I……I……

I simply wanted to live on—.

While my consciousness was fading away, a crimson colour appeared on my eyes—.

When I lifted my head up, a crimson haired girl was standing in front of me.

High school DxD v15 003.jpg

I could see her smiling even though my eyes were blurry.

“What do you seek for?”

She asked me that while she held me who was about to die—.

That was my meeting with my master, Rias Gremory.

It was something that happened four years ago.

When I opened my eyes—there was a room of a certain house. I’m……lying down on a bed?

I was a bit panicked seeing an unfamiliar ceiling.

……I had gas thrown on me at the laboratory and I escaped from there……

I was wandering in that forest. I then meet a girl with crimson hair……?

I……why am I here like this in an unfamiliar room……? Was I brought back to the laboratory……?

While I had many doubts, the door opened and a small girl with a basin comes in. ……She had cat-like ears growing from her head. ……Is she a monster?


The girl realised I was awake and rushed out of the room while she carried the basin with her.

[Ara-ara, did you wake up? I see, that’s a relief. I must call Rias then.]

I heard the voice of another person from the door that was left opened.

I got up from the bed and slowly looked outside.

……A spacious room. It was a living room. There were tables and such that were used for normal daily living.

My sight grasped hold of a girl with black hair and the girl from before who had beast ears.

I showed myself after the black haired girl left the living room. The girl with beast ears sensed my presence and hid behind the wall while she had her body stiff.


She looked at me silently.

The black haired girl appeared shortly after that and she brought a crimson haired girl with her. Both the girls seemed as though their age wasn’t different to me. They seemed to be thirteen or fourteen years old.

As soon as the crimson haired girl appeared, the girl with beast ears hid behind her. It seemed like she was really attached to her.

The crimson haired girl said it while she smiled.

“Please don’t bully this girl. She’s really bad with people. She’s called Koneko, so do take care of her. The other girl with black hair is called Akeno.”

When the crimson haired girl pats the head of the girl with beast ears, the girl called Koneko seemed like she was happy.

Yes, that was my first meeting with Koneko-chan. She was just taken in by Rias-buchou back then where she started to recover her emotions so it was a time when she was really cautious of everything.

And back then, I understood that those girls had an unusual aura around them that didn’t belong to a human.

These auras……I also felt them before at the laboratory.

—They’re Devils.

I took the scissors placed on the table and pointed at them.

“……Where is this place? Why am I here!? Who the heck are you guys!?”

The crimson haired girl laughed at my action. She didn’t even get mad at my behaviour.

“We’re in Japan. Do you know where it is? It’s an island country located in the Far East. It’s one of several places in the world where it’s peaceful. I brought you here since you had a face close to that of a Japanese person. This is my temporary residence in Japan.”

Japan? Peaceful? Her temporary residence?

It’s a situation I couldn’t come to understand. Why am I here in Japan when I fell in the forest in Europe?

I couldn’t stop panicking but when the crimson haired girl and black haired girl nod their heads to each other—they had bat-like wings grow out from their back.

Wings of Devils—.

She then said this while putting on a gentle face that wasn’t so devilish.

“I am Rias Gremory. I’m the heiress of the House of Gremory, a High-class Devil. And you’re also—.”

The girl who named herself as Rias points her finger at my back.

Then I felt a sensation of something growing out from my back. When I looked that way, there were jet black wings growing out—.

“You already died once. That’s why I reincarnated you as a Devil.”

……. It was several minutes later that I came to understand what she said.

I died in that forest and moved to Japan after becoming a Devil—.

This reality greatly destroyed the value I had back then—.

Part 2[edit]


“……I won’t do anything to you.”

Rias Gremory and I were standing while facing against each other. I became very cautious after that and spent time with them here.

It seemed that this was a room of a mansion in a certain town of Japan.

I made a single sword in my hand and pointed my blade at the Devil Rias Gremory.

I still had doubts at her back then. I was even scared.

Isn’t it obvious? I was told that Devils were evil and were the enemies of our followers back in that laboratory. Even if I became something to be disposed of for that project—discarding away what I was taught wasn't something easy, even if I was betrayed by God.

She treated me gently. That instead made my cautiousness towards her even stronger.

There was no way a Devil can be kind. There must be a reason behind this. That was how I thought.

……The reason why she turned me into a Devil was because she can use me for something. I heard Devils deceive humans and reincarnate them to one. She might have reincarnated me knowing that I was a test subject in that laboratory.

……No, this would be a good chance. Using a Devil in order to accomplish my vengeance might be a good idea. Back then I had my mind in a terrible state due to my hatred and suspicions towards others that I didn’t mind giving my soul to a Devil in order to take my vengeance for my comrades.

She left the room putting the tray with meals on the table as if she gave up.

It seemed like she wanted to have dinner together with me. I even thought she was a Devil who took a strange action. For wanting to eat together with the one whom she made into her Devil……

I couldn’t lay my hand on the meal right away. I even drank water bit by bit while being cautious about it.

Trying to escape from the mansion was a hard thing. It seemed like there was a powerful barrier and even though I was able to walk till the entrance, I wasn’t able to open the door.

You could say I was in a state where I was confined in that mansion.

If I think back now, that was an appropriate measure. If I were to escape I would become a “Stray Devil” and end up being targeted by other forces.

However, back then I even thought I would be able to escape if I use the girl called Koneko-chan as my shield. ……But I would feel guilty if I was to point my blade at that girl who was being very scared.

It was about a month after I started living with the Devil girls without opening my heart to them.

One man entered the room I was in.

A Japanese man……no, a Devil, who wore a haori.

The man who had a silent smile asked Rias Gremory who came in together with him.

“Hime, this boy is the rumoured [Knight], correct?”

“Yes, his name is……it seems like he doesn’t have one.”

Like Rias Gremory said, I didn’t have a name. I had an alternative name as a test subject, but I didn’t plan to use that name. That was something I discarded away. I was no longer their experiment after all—.

I realised that the man was someone with exceptional strength from his aura. I made my sword and confronted him while I was very cautious of him. The man smiled happily by seeing my action.

“So you can make a sword? You must be a Sacred Gear possessor. Your stance……is horrible, but I feel some potential in you since you were able to sense a bit of my power right away.”

The man came closer to me a step at a time. He didn’t lose his smile.

I couldn’t withstand the situation where I couldn’t predict what my opponent would do, so I ended up jumping right at him.

I swung my sword to the side towards the man—.

But I lost my balance after he tripped me over by using his legs. My sword missed the target and ended up impaling the ceiling.

The man said it while looking down at me who is down on the ground.

“I’m Okita Souji. That’s it; I’m going to train you starting from today.”

…………? I couldn’t understand what the man was trying to say.

Train? Who? Me? Why? For what reason?

The man who called himself Okita Souji said it to Rias Gremory.

“Hime, it would be better if this boy trains his emotions somewhere quiet. It would also be good if he can polish his sword skills since he is a [Knight]……so won’t you lend him to me for a while?”

Rias Gremory seemed to be thinking about what the man, Okita, requested of her, but she responded by saying “Yes” after she looked at me who hadn’t changed with sad eyes.

Like this, I met the man—Okita Souji, who would become my sword master.

“Here, this is the place you will be living at for a while.”

The place I was taken to by the magic-circle—was a small cabin built in the depths of a mountain somewhere.

There were only trees in the surrounding; there wasn’t even the slightest sign of civilisation, so it was a world where there was nothing.

There was something which looked like a dojo next to the cabin. Okita Souji and I entered there.

The shiny floor which didn’t have a single speck of dust even made me who had no knowledge of swordsmanship hesitate in stepping foot inside.

He took two bokuto that were placed on the wall of the dojo then he threw one of them to me. Seeing me catch it, Okita Souji made his stance with his bokuto.

“Now then, come at me.”

I found his words and actions suspicious. So I couldn’t help but ask him.

“……What’re you trying to do by bringing me here?”

Okita Souji simply smiled.

“No matter what the situation you’re currently in, I can tell from your look that you’re carrying a strong hatred and vengeance in you. So it can’t be helped if those emotions are dominating inside you, right?”

It seemed like he saw through me. Okita Souji continued.

“Even if you try to fulfil your vengeance you are lacking in strength. It would be natural for you to get slaughtered instead. How about it? How about you forget about the fact that you reincarnated into a Devil and also forget about Rias-hime and simply become stronger? You won’t be able to take revenge or do anything if you aren’t strong, you know?”


For me back then, those words were enough to wipe out the obsession I carried back then. It was more than enough to move me into one direction.

By the time I realised it, I was heading towards Okita Souji with my bokuto.


I didn’t have any proper stance where I simply headed straight at him. I didn’t even know how to hold a sword back then. Even so, Okita Souji—my master, took each of my strikes head on.

I had a sensation where the obsession that dominated both my soul and body disappeared as I swung.

I gradually started to swing the bokuto desperately—.

“Listen. The necessary point for swinging a sword is how you can overcome your opponents guard precisely rather than brute strength. For that reason it’s better to polish your techniques.”

Okita Souji—my master, taught me earnestly while I was swinging my bokuto.

My master didn’t teach me the Tennen Rishin-ryu that he personally uses. He found the right swordsman style appropriate for me.

What I learned from my master through swords was the mind and preparedness I needed to carry, and also how I would have to approach a battle. I was then taught how to determine when to use my sword.

A month had passed since I started learning how to use the sword from my master. Mysteriously I didn’t even plan to escape a single time from the mountain during those times.

Becoming strong became the key source and the meaning for me to keep on living.

Yes, like what my master said to me when he brought me here, “You won’t be able to take revenge or do anything if you aren’t strong”.

It might be shocking but the first Devil I opened my heart to was—my master.

I didn’t speak to him as how I should speak to someone who stands in a higher position than me; however I started to become capable of talking to my master.

It happened when I went fishing together with him.

It became normal for us to communicate while fishing under the hot sun.

Master than asked.

“Do you hate Devils?”

It was a sudden question. I answered by putting on a hard expression.

“……. Devils are the enemies of humans. They are beings that destroy humans. ……That’s what I was told.”

It’s what I learned at the research facility. That was planted deep into me.

Master smiled lightly.

“You’re right. The Heaven—from the Churches perspective the Devils are enemy forces. However, that doesn’t mean that is everything.”

“……So, are the Devils on the human’s side……?”

Master didn’t shake his side vertically or horizontally to my question. Instead, he simply smiled.

“For Devils, humans are an existence that need to exist. Devils had continued to exist since ancient times by receiving a price for the pact. Give and Take. It’s the fundamental theory of Devils. Well, there are Devils that do deceive humans, however there are humans that make a profit by deceiving Devils as well. So they’re doing the same to each other.”

“I know that. It’s just that I was told that Devils are an evil existence that prey on people's weaknesses.”

“Evil……I see.”

Master narrowed his eyes at the word evil.

“……Actual evil is directed at those who are more worthless. ……Though you probably wouldn’t understand what I’m saying right now.”


That was something I couldn’t understand back then.

Master caught a single fish and asked me another question.

“Then, boy. Do you think Devils are beings that destroy humans? For example, do you think Rias-hime and I are beings that would destroy humans?”

—Rias Gremory.

Rias Gremory had been coming to this mountain at times to see how I was doing ever since I was brought here. It seemed like she was worried about me and since I doubted her actions back then, I avoided seeing her as much as I could.

No, I had started to feel it deep inside me.

—That, the crimson hair girl isn’t a bad Devil.

Her smile that was directed at me and the girl with beast ears……didn’t have the slightest feeling of evil intention and ulterior motive.

“…………I don’t know.”

That was the best answer I could give.

Master smiled lightly again. It seemed like he was enjoying how a child was thinking hard.

“Please think by looking at many things. At least you were given the choice to do so. Did you know how wonderful that is? Imagine just how many of those there are in this world that don't even receive the chance to think……”

I could now understand what master said back then. However, back then I could only find it suspicious—.

After that, master taught me many ways to “have fun”. Not only did he teach me fishing, but he also taught me how to cook, how to make handicrafts, how to play card games, how to spin a top, and how to sing a song.

He even taught me how to write Japanese symbols from the basics.

Yes, master shaped the person I am right now by teaching me gently—.

It was always under the sunshine when he taught me about certain things.

It was a weird and valuable time for me despite being a Devil.


There was something I did once every few days.

It was to make the graves for my comrades at the open field within the mountains. I was also able to make one today.

I made swords delicately where each one of them had a different shape using my ability. I stabbed those swords into the earth and made a bump.

……I didn’t make a grave with a cross. There was no way I would.

I didn’t carve their names either. I could tell which one of the graves is which even without carving their names. That was because I could remember the face of the particular comrade when I was standing in front of their grave.

It would be complete if I make about ten more swords. ……The reason why I said “about” was because I was hesitant on whether to make my grave or not.

I died as a human. However, I was a Devil. I was still hesitant on whether it was necessary to make a grave for me who died as a human.

The one who would seek revenge was me as a Devil.

……No, I was still myself. I hadn’t disappeared yet. I did become a Devil, but I still exist right here. Then I wouldn’t need a grave.

……Except, it pains me that I couldn’t build the grave for them in our homeland.

However, this place should also be okay if I think about it. I heard that Japan was a peaceful country. Then I wouldn’t need to worry about this place being destroyed.

I placed the flowers on everyone’s grave. After closing my eyes, I tried to leave. It happened then—.

[Houhou, a Devil that creates swords huh. This sure is rare.]

A creepy voice that echoed throughout the mountains. I started to sense the surrounding.

……I can’t help but sense an ominous aura.

Zushin, zushin…… The one who appeared while making heavy footsteps echoed within the surrounding was a giant with a head of a tiger—. He was a huge beast-man with the traits of a tiger on his body.

His body was so huge that he was about five metres tall. The aura floating around his body was……a demonic-power!

—He was a Devil.

I never thought he would appear in a place far away from a human’s village…… He was most likely a “Stray Devil”. Back then I was already informed about “Stray Devils” from my master, so I got the grasp of the identity of that monster right away.

The tiger beast-man grabbed onto one of the swords I made that was used as a grave.

He used his big eyes to look at the sword enthusiastically. There were many sharp fangs lined up from his big mouth that was left open.

[Demonic-sword? No, it’s an imitation of demonic-sword. It doesn’t even have a proper shape yet……however it is a rare ability.]

I made a sword within my hand and made my stance at him.

“Let go off that sword. That is……a grave!”

Even though I said that, the beast-man simply put on a disgusting smile.

[A grave? This? Never mind. There’s something more important. Kid, come with me. It seems like you can be sold for a good price. You’re a “Stray” like me, right? I won’t treat you badly, you know?]

…….It seemed like the beast-man took an interest to my ability so he must be craving for me.

There was no reason for me to be taken away by this beast-man.

I will get stronger……

I’ll get strong and……


—Am I really okay with seeking revenge after becoming stronger?

There was this sudden doubt inside me.

Yes, the reason I started training here was because master said “You won’t be able to take revenge or do anything if you aren’t strong” to my face.

The reason why I’m going to get stronger was for that reason. But, I wonder.

While I lived with master……I started to think of unnecessary things.

There was myself who was competing with my master in fishing, and there was also myself who was in joy because my cooking improved.

I made an oath that I would live on behalf of my comrades and seek revenge against the Excalibur, yet I……I’m starting to find joy in my current life.

I shook my head and once again directed my sword at the beast-man.

“Stop messing around. I will never go along with you!”

I said in high spirits but he simply showed an evil smile.

[Never mind. To begin with, I’ll just have to make you quiet by torturing you.]

The beast-man then released his hostility towards me from his whole body—. He must be planning to attack me.

I then sprinted from my position first and swung my swords at my opponent from his blind spot after running around in zigzag.

I got his flank! —That was what I thought, but the beast-man disappeared immediately!

He was fast!

I was only able to think that for a moment, but I felt a heavy blow from my back when I was charging ahead.

When I looked towards that direction I witness the beast-man who looked like he just kicked me. He got my back in an instant!

I was somehow able to step foot on the ground even though I received an impact on my back where I lost my breath.

The beast-man then started to laugh vulgarly.

[That was a good move. You’re strong for a kid your age. –But you’re still no match for me. Even though I’m like this, I was a [Knight] under my master. Well, I couldn’t use swords though. From my perspective, are you also a [Knight], kid? Though it seems like you lack power.]

……[Knight]? If I remember now, I heard that a Devil gets a trait depending on the evil-piece given to them. So the one I was given was a……[Knight] huh. I think that girl who called herself Rias also said the same thing. Back then, I left without listening to what she said properly……

[Hmph. Those reincarnated from a human sure are weak.]

The beast-man released a kick with a big spin. The graves made from my swords were being destroyed!

[It seemed like you were obsessed with these crappy graves! Just like you, these graves are also weak!]

Seeing that, I couldn’t help myself but to get mad and jump ahead!

“Damn it!”

However, the opponent had a movement that surpassed mine, so I ended up receiving his counter as I attacked.

Even though I had my attack dodged and received his counter, I kept on standing up no matter what and headed right at him.

For a child like me with no battle experience, he was an opponent who I could never beat.

I was battered down and fell to the ground. While I fell, I questioned myself.

……I want to get stronger. For who? For myself? For my comrades? For revenge?

I think it was all of them. But, now……

[Looks like you finally became quiet.]

It happened when the tiger beast-man tried to pick me up who was on the ground—.

“Don’t even get closer to that child than you already are.”

A familiar voice echoed throughout the forest. When I turned my head to that direction, there was a crimson haired girl standing there.

It was Rias Gremory. As soon as she grasped the situation, she glared at the beast-man as if she was enraged.

“I need to pay you back for hurting that child. You must be a “Stray”? I wonder how you got inside this mountain. Being clueless sure is scary.”

Rias Gremory’s boldness where she didn’t even flinch against an opponent who was several times bigger than her. The beast-man twitched his eyebrows when he saw the crimson-hair.

[……Crimson-hair, are you a Gremory? Hou, so that must mean that this kid is a servant Devil of the Gremory. Interesting. It certainly seems like I could sell him for a high price if it’s a kid who is a servant Devil of the Gremory.]

His vulgar words were directed at Rias Gremory. Her crimson hair wavered due to her aura of rage.

“High price? Are you trying to sell my cute servant? I won’t forgive you. You deserve death for that!”

……Yes, this tiger beast-man deserved death.

He mocked……my……and my comrade’s graves……!

While I endured the pain that was running through my whole body, I said right at him after I somehow got up with my legs that weren’t listening to me.

“……It doesn’t matter……about whether I’m……being sold or not……that isn’t important right now!……!”

I want to get strong.

Right now. If I can beat this crappy tiger bastard, then I—.

The graves meant for my comrades……was something no one should disrespect……! And more than that—.

I have……no intention of ending my life right here!

“I can’t lose to the likes of yoooou—! I’m going to get stronger in order to liiiive—!”

I realised that something blew along with my shout. Then intense demonic-power erupted from my body which then spread around the surrounding. The next moment, many swords with different shapes started appearing from the earth in my surroundings!

Those swords had different attributes where one would have it enveloped with flames while another one was enveloped with ice.

—All of them were demonic-swords.

I grabbed hold of the demonic-power sword covered in darkness. It’s a good demonic-sword, fitting for a Devil like myself.

The sword that devours light. I’ll name it as Holy Eraser.

I made a stance with the demonic-sword and jumped towards the beast-man. While I headed towards him head on, I pulled out one of the demonic-swords and threw it at the beast-man quickly.

That was the flame demonic-sword. It made a violent flame and headed right towards the beast-man.


The beast-man deflected that powerfully with his fist, but I was already in a stage where I had my sword striking down at him.

He responded to that and tried to catch the demonic-sword—however, I made an ice demonic-sword appear at the tip of my foot.

I did that because I remembered master’s words.

—The necessary point for swinging a sword is how you can overcome your opponents guard precisely rather than brute strength.

At the same time I had my darkness demonic-sword sealed, I made a sharp kick with the ice demonic-sword towards the beast-man’s face.

My demonic-sword impaled the left eye of the beast-man who had his guard broken.


The beast-man who had his eye gouged out screamed loudly and squirmed in pain.

I then said it to him while making a sarcastic smile.

“……I don’t think having just power is enough. If you’re a [Knight], and if you’re someone who uses swords, then I think technique is the way to go.”

Yes, it was exactly what my master said. It’s okay even if my strength is weaker than my opponent. That’s because I could cover that up with my technique and break through their guard—.

Hearing my words, the tiger beast-man made an angry expression where he didn’t even had the slightest confidence.

[I don’t give a shit about you anymoooooore! I’ve decided to kill you noooow!]

The beast-man made the claws of both his hands longer and slashed them down at me.

I couldn’t dodge after losing every bit of my stamina with the attack earlier, and—.

It happened when I prepared to receive critical damage. I heard a voice that I was very familiar with.

“—A “Stray” that didn’t realise this was my territory……that explains the low calibre of yours.”

Zaaaaaa…… The trees made a noise.

“I kept you waiting, boy.”

The one who suddenly appeared between me and the beast-man was my master, Okita Souji. He had his usual smile.

What happened to the beast-man’s attack? I was in doubt……but the tiger beast-man himself was frozen in a posture with his claws facing downwards, and the huge body of his got ripped into pieces a few seconds after that.

Master slashed him into pieces with his god-speed the same time he arrived here.

I wasn’t able to see Master move and when he drew his sword.

While I fixed the graves with master and Rias Gremory, master said this to me quietly.

“Boy. You said this to me before. —That Devils are beings that destroy humans.”

In the fishing I had with him back then, I said something like that to him.

Master continued while he put the swords that would be used as a grave on the earth that is sticking out.

“I was the same. I also thought hard about it when I reincarnated. About quitting being a human and becoming an existence that represents evil. During that time, my master Sirzechs Lucifer said this to me.”

[I would like you to think on that on your own. I simply gave you a chance. How you would live and how you would spend time. That is something for you to decide. Except, would you help me with my job at times as my servant? I believe that swordsmanship is something necessary for me. However, if you were to become a threat to the humans—then I’ll exterminate you as your master. —But you know, I would like you to remember this. The Devils, the humans, the Angels, and other beings. There isn’t a being in this world that should be terminated.]

Master then continued and said this.

“Becoming a Devil that would destroy humans would be up to you. But obviously, you, Rias-hime, and I, are clearly not those Devils, right?”

……Back then, I didn’t understand what he meant.


I started to think that I should believe in the crimson haired girl that was fixing the grave really hard beside me.

After we somehow shaped the graves, we walked the mountain path together.

While we were walking, master asks Rias Gremory.

“By the way, Hime. Did you decide on the boy’s name?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure if this child would like it……”

The girl who stared at me gently said this name.

“Kiba Yuuto. I thought of it mostly with my feeling, but how about it?”

I smiled at her suggestion and nodded.

“Yes, I think that’s a good name.”

Seeing my reaction, both my master and Rias Gremory smiled.

Smile……huh. Yeah. I’ll make sure that I’m always smiling. Though I won’t know if I can become like them……

Since I’m able to live, I would live my life smiling.

When I arrived at the dojo while the sunshine falls down on me, I made a suggestion to my sword master and crimson haired master.

“How about we spin the top with the three of us?”

Even though we were Devils, we started playing it under the sunshine—.

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