High School DxD:Volume 16

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Novel Illustrations

I will definitely save you by becoming stronger than everyone and I……


The Hyoudou residence that went through a renovation to a luxury home with six storeys up and three storeys down.

Well, since there are many rooms in each floor, there is still plenty of space left even if people come to stay here.

In one of those rooms, I—Hyoudou Issei, was taken into!

In this room where there’s basically nothing, the one who is standing in front of a laptop that is simply placed on the floor is Xenovia.

It was okay until Asia and Irina asked me to come into this room by saying, “Can you please come with us for a bit?”, but they locked the door as soon as I stepped foot inside and got myself locked in here.

Leaving aside Asia and Irina who are putting on a guilty expression, Xenovia says this to me:

“Hey, Ise. Glad you could come. There’s something I wanted to show you today.”

“S-Something you want to show me……?”

I ask while finding it suspicious.

I don’t know why but, for some reason, Xenovia has her eyes sparkling. I can’t help myself but to prepare for what is to come, since Xenovia usually comes up with something not-so-good when she’s like this.

Xenovia nods her head once, and then takes out the thing she was hiding behind her.

—It’s a box for a game.

“Yeah, I got myself this “eroge” after asking Kiryuu.”

The package of the game that Xenovia has......is covered with an erotic girl who is being pushed against the front! Yeah, no matter how I look at it, this is indeed an “eroge”!

Xenovia shows that to me in a very lively manner.

“And the name for this game is “The Fallen Angel Sisters ~Within the Boundary of Faith and Lust~”! Just like the title implies, this is apparently an “eroge” which involves you shaming very devoted sisters. Geez, this is why Japanese are non-religious. Sisters are the servants of God that you should be looking up to.”

This time she’s spitting out her dissatisfaction towards Japan while looking at the package……

I ask her while having my eyes half-closed.

“……I-I get that. ……So, why am I being tied up in this room and being shown something like that? A-Are you planning to play that with everyone……?”

It can’t be helped if I reach that conclusion.

Previously, the girls played the eroge in front of me that was bought by Xenovia, Asia, and Irina, and that was something very hard to endure for a guy like myself……

Even back then—.

“Hey, Ise. What does this mean?”

“Ara Ara, oh my, Ise-kun, so you’re fond of these sorts of things.”

“Kyaa! ……Ise-san, so you are craving for these sorts of things as well!”

“Yeah, this certainly is useful. So there are many techniques and steps for baby making.”

“I’ll fall! I, I’ll fall if I keep on looking at these sort of thinnnngs! B-But, I am sure I have to look~!”

“……It sure is erotic. But this, I’m sure this was supposed to have a hidden route as well. If I’m correct, once you complete the game for a certain character, there’s supposed to be a new selection coming up during the game—.”

The girls completed all of the routes and got every ending for that eroge despite being embarrassed playing it, but they were still keen on it.

……You know, erotic games are things that guys play late at night while smirking, right? But to play that with an army of beautiful girls is…… I’m sure it’s much harder than watching a porno video with your girlfriend!

W-Well, maybe I can watch porno videos with my girlfriend…… ……Ah, I remember I watched it while Rias was asking me questions when she found my secret collection. That……was certainly hard to enduuuure!

I start to recollect my past experience.

Without realising that I was having such thoughts, Xenovia nods happily.

“To be expected from Ise. That makes this easier. I was thinking of researching about this by playing this with just you and the three of us. I came to the conclusion that this is our chance when Rias-buchou is absent due to her work!”

……I knew it.

I hold my head down on the spot. Why did you get me involved in this!? Just play it with the three of you! I can’t come to play eroge with all of you due to the embarrassment! And you want to play it while you girls ask me about my impression of it, right!? No way, that’s impossible!

“Eroges are an unexplored region for guys, you know!? Let me play it aloooone!”

I make my appeal! However, Xenovia looks afar and responds.

“Lately, we are being left behind by Rias-buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou. The walls between them and us are thick, and we started to feel that our path towards reaching you became further. It was then that we decided that the three of us will team up, and had to take drastic measures where we had to tie you up, Ise! Isn’t that right, Asia, Irina?”

Asia who has been asked says it while being hesitant.

“I,I……don’t mind as long as I can talk with Ise-san while having fun……”

Irina also continues after her while looking red.

“I also have the same opinion as her since I just want to have some fun while drinking tea and sharing memories of the past~kinda thing.”

Like always, these two have a strong innocent side. However, Xenovia strengthens her voice!

“Naïve, the both of you! Because the two of you act in such a way, we can’t keep up with those two older ones and ended up being overtaken by the young ones like Koneko and Ravel! You two do realise that Koneko proposed to him? I even heard that Ravel made a promise with Ise regarding their future. Especially Ravel who started to stand beside him all the time.”

After the Mid-class promotion test, I certainly did get proposed to by Koneko-chan…… Even though I gave her a vague answer since I told her “Once you get bigger”, Koneko-chan seemed happy with it.

If Koneko-chan will turn like Kuroka once she grows up……that will be wonderful in its own way!

And, with Ravel……I made a promise with her that she will become my manager in the future…… W-Well, it’s true that I want her to stay by my side forever, and I also want to take care of her.

Today, Xenovia is into this way more than she usually is. Irina then says it to her,

“To play a lecherous game with Ise-kun……like I thought, this isn’t healthy! I’m sure there are other ways to deepen our bonds with Ise-kun!”

Yup yup, what Irina is saying is very true!

However, Xenovia says it while having her eyes glow sharply with light.

“That’s what you say, Irina, but I know about that, you know?”

“W-What are you talking about……?”

To Irina, who gulped down her saliva, Xenovia shows her fearless smile.

“Fufu, it seems like you were asking about it in Heaven. —The method to not fall while crossing the line with a Devil. I hear that Michael-sama is also searching for a way with you as well.”

Hearing that, Irina’s ears become red right away.


Irina’s voice becomes higher! So Irina was asking such a thing in Heaven! And Michael-sama also approved that and is also searching a way for that to happen huh!

Asia becomes shocked upon hearing that.

“S-So Irina-san was thinking that far ahead! Hauu, I never thought that I would come last!”

Xenovia continues after her.

“That’s right, Asia. Irina is already thinking about making babies. Truth is, everyone is desperate in polishing themselves even further. Even I’m aiming higher by using “eroge” like this!”

As soon as she finds that out, Asia also makes a determined expression.

“I understand! I will also start my research by playing “eroge”! I won’t lose to Rias-oneesama, Akeno-san, Xenovia-san, or Irina-san! Of course that includes Koneko-chan and Ravel-san as well!”

“To be expected from Asia. Looks like my friend has a strong mentality.”

Xenovia is also in joy at her friend’s determination.

……I can’t help but think that there’s something wrong with this! For high school girls to be talking about making babies before playing an “eroge”! Is this even okay, all of you!?

Xenovia’s gaze grasps hold of Irina.

“What will you do, Irina? Are you simply going to stand there and watch while chewing your fingers? Will the self-proclaiming childhood friend end her role by staying as the self-proclaiming girl? Kiryuu said that there isn’t an opposite sex who can come closer to a boy than a childhood friend, but because they’re too close, their relationship won’t develop any further. Fufufu, at this rate, it certainly will end like that.”

The word “self-proclaiming” is basically like a taboo to Irina, so she suddenly blows her cheeks and starts spitting out her dissatisfaction.

“Geez! Xenovia, lately you’ve been calling me “self-proclaiming” this and “self-proclaiming” that too much! I’m Ise-kun’s real childhood friend and I am an Angel!”

“You’re right, you're really a self-proclaiming childhood friend Angel.”

“Don’t join those words together! Fine! I’ll also play “eroge” and have Ise-kun acknowledge me as his childhood friend!”

Oh man, even Irina has finally been convinced by Xenovia.

Since the Church-trio has received their teaching as the followers of God since early ages, they are very ignorant about how society works. That’s why they get heated up in something you possibly can’t come to understand and end up forming some kind of union like this.

……It pains me since Asia started heading towards a weird direction after she started hanging out with Xenovia and Irina! Hmm, maybe I should discuss with her the proper way to interact with others next time…… My Asia……my Asia!

While I started to get concerned over Asia’s future, Xenovia takes her shirt off.

Xenovia says it to Asia and Irina while having her bra exposed.

“By the way, did you know this? Apparently you’re supposed to play “eroge” while being fully naked. This information was also something I retrieved from Kiryuu.”


W-What kind of nonsense has that Kiryuu told this girl!? Playing eroge while being fully naked!? No, I certainly have heard about playing it while being fully naked! There was also a time when I thought of doing it!

But for the girls to play eroge while being fully naked! Let’s stop this! Anything but thaaaat!

Asia also gets shocked at Xenovia’s words.

“But we never did such thing when we played it together with everyone the last time!?”

“Asia, that happened because we lacked information back then. Maybe the reason why Ise wasn’t eager to play it with us was because we weren’t naked. It’s said that beginning from the beauty of the style is the sense of beauty that Japanese people carry.”

You’re wrong! A beauty of the style like that does not exist in Japan!

Irina starts to shiver after hearing Xenovia’s words.

“I-Is that true!? ……O-Okay! This is all for the sake of having you take back those words of calling me a self-proclaiming person! I’m going to strip!”

Maybe it’s because she already went past the point of no return, so Irina takes her shirt and skirt off without a second thought!

“To be expected from Irina. You become very decisive at the very last moment. Now then, what will you do, Asia?”

Xenovia asks Asia while she unhooks her bra and exposes her large breasts.

“Hauu! I-I won’t lose either!”

Even Asia starts to strip!

The three of them take their clothes off in front of me and are in a state where they were just born!

“Hurry, you take your clothes off too, Ise.”

Xenovia who approaches me very quickly takes my clothes off instantly! Maybe it’s because she’s a warrior, so her hand movement is really fast!


I started screaming like a girl! That’s because I’m being stripped by a girl!

I say it while desperately protecting my pants from being taken away!

“N-No, to do things like playing while being naked! I can kind of understand those kinds of things, but that’s something a guy does alone—”

Irina makes a posture where she grabs me from the behind and glues herself onto my back! The soft sensational skin of an Angel starts to heal my whole body!

“I won’t let Ise-kun be alone! I’ll stay by you!”

H-Her oppai are getting squashed on my back……so I can’t hold myself back any longer! Irina, just what kind of incredibly soft breasts do you have!?

The one who starts to grab onto my right arm is Asia! For Asia who’s still in her growth, she is getting a body of a woman as the days go by……so her breasts have powered up in terms of elasticity, softness, and other things like sensation!

“Yes! There’s no need to play “eroge” alone!”

While having Asia and Irina pull me, they make me sit in front of the laptop that is placed on the floor.

……Xenovia starts to hug me from the back. It’s probably to make sure I won’t run away.

……X-Xenovia’s breasts are on my back……! Hers are also as big as Irina’s, so I can’t resist this sensation! Unlike Irina’s one which is chewy, I think her one is practically a mass of erotic substances, and how should I put it, it has a fresh elastic sensation to it!

Xenovia takes my hand from behind and makes me grab onto the mouse.

“Okay. Ise, you know how to install it, right?”

“Y-Yeah, I do……!”

I put the disk into the BD/DVD drive and start to install it. ……The time spent waiting for it to be installed feels like an eternity.

That’s because Asia and Irina are sitting next to me with their bodies touching me, and Xenovia has herself glued to my back…… I can feel Xenovia’s heart beats and breath with my back, so I have this unexplainable feeling passing through my body!

The installation finished, so I ask the three of them once again.

“……Alright, it’s done. You can play this anytime now.”

“Then let’s begin.”

Xenovia peers over my shoulder.

“Are you planning to watch from there?”

“Yeah, this is the special seat. ……But, how should I put it?”

While resting her face on my shoulder, Xenovia puts on an expression filled with ecstasy. This is really a rare occasion to see her make a face like this! I don’t want to admit it but she looks cute!

“……Ise……a man’s back, your skin feels good as I thought. I wish I can do this every day. Oh yeah, Ise. Let me do this to you every day after school while being naked. I don’t know why, but just doing this feels like my tiredness is disappearing so I feel as if I’m being healed. Rather, can you hug me from the front next time? I’m starting to feel as if I can feel the happiness of being a woman that way.”

I-Is that so……? It’s something a guy like me can’t come to understand.

However, Irina starts to grab onto my arm after hearing that!

“If that’s how it is, then I will also get the same treatment! ……To the extent where I won’t fall!”

Then Asia hugs onto my other arm!

“I was the one that got hugged by Ise-san first!”

With myself unable to move from the three of them, I can’t even start playing the game!

N-No, it’s the best situation where three fully naked girls are hugging me, but the opening for the eroge has begun, so I have myself in a situation where I can’t do anything about it!

“Geez, all of you! Do you want to watch me play or not, which is it!?”

I shout out! I can’t show a scene like this to Rias who is working hard in Romania! Oh, Rias! My precious person! I’m sorry! I'm being possessed by these girls due to the eroge!

I’m really soooooorry!

While I give my apology to Rias who is on the other side of the sea, the door opens.

The one who appears there is a girl with a rolled twin-tail, Ravel.

“Ise-sama, everyone, are all of you here—”

The scene she witnesses is one guy and three girls hugging each other while playing an eroge in the nude. Shit, it’s a scene where none of my excuses would work!

Ravel puts on an astonished face for a second, but she says this after getting her head straight.

“I-I came too late!”

You came too late!? Does Ravel also want to play eroge while being naked!? I’m sorry!

—Then, Ravel changes her attitude once again and continues after making a cough.

“No, that's not it! Ise-sama, everyone, we got a direct message from Azazel-sensei. —Apparently the situation has changed.”

While we were doing eroge this and eroge that, it seems like something happened over there—.

Life.1 Occult Research Club, to Romania!

Part 1

We - the Occult Research Club, Sona-kaichou, Vice Student President Shinra, and the Heaven side (Sister Griselda-san and Joker Dulio) - are having a meeting within the VIP room located on the highest floor of the Hyoudou residence.

Romania—. We have an open channel directly with Azazel-sensei who went to visit the main headquarters of the Carmilla faction.

We all get shocked immediately after hearing the situation from Sensei who has his image displayed from the magic-circle.

“—Rias and Kiba have been what!?”

Sensei nods at my words filled with shock.

[Yeah, apparently there was some kind of huge movement from the Tepes side. Both the Tepes and Carmilla, and the boundary line within their territory, have become covered in a state of confusion. You can presume that there was a coup d’état on the Tepes side. There’s a high chance that Rias and Kiba got mixed up in that. They have most likely been caught. I can’t contact Rias from over here. Isn’t it the same over there?]


Everyone became silent at his sudden report. Akeno-san tries to communicate with Rias by making a small magic-circle……but there is no response.

“Coup d’état......”

Koneko-chan mutters.

……A coup d’état. For such a thing to happen when Rias and Kiba are over there!

“…………Auu, n-no……”

Gasper who is right beside me has a frozen face.

To him, it’s his precious homeland. He must be feeling uneasy. It happened right when he decided to head there to save his savior.

Sensei continues with his report.

[According to the higher-ups on Carmilla’s side, apparently the one who lead the Tepes has been replaced after the coup d’état.]


Everyone's expression changes after hearing that!

……So their leader changed! That means everything has already ended!

“T-That surely is an absurd thing going on over there!”

Sensei sighs at the words I expressed due to shock.

[……Right now, it seems like the Head of the House of Tepes, who is the King of the Tepes faction that favours men over women, escaped from his capital.]

“……For the King of Tepes to flee alone proves that something has happened that would make him take that action.”

Akeno-san mutters while twitching her eyebrows at Sensei’s report.

Sona-kaichou says while putting her hand under her chin.

“Most likely the Khaos Brigade intervened due to the incident related to the Holy Grail. —you can assume that the Tepes faction is being controlled by the Khaos Brigade from the shadows.”

As long as the Evil Dragons are with the current Khaos Brigade being led by Euclid Lucifugus, there is a high chance that they are connected with the Vampires (Tepes faction) that have the Holy Grail that symbolises the principle of life with them.

In other words, the Khaos Brigade confronted the Vampires and obtained the power of the Holy Grail. They must have resurrected the dead Evil Dragons using it—that’s the conclusion Sensei, Sona-kaichou, and the leaders from each force share.

[Yeah, the Khaos Brigade must have helped them from behind the scenes. The Carmilla faction also shares the same opinion as me regarding this incident.]

Sensei says that as if bored and continues.

[……Originally, the Vampires that consist of both the Tepes and the Carmilla side avoided contact with other forces and managed their own domestic affairs. Because of that, there was a slight opening for the Khaos Brigade to slip themselves through. There’s at least one group in every force that is alienated from the current political power. After they heard the rumours of the Holy Grail, they must have used them to consume their power from the shadows.]

“So the current government didn’t get any help from the other forces even if they knew the actions of the extremists from the anti-government group huh.”

That’s what I said. Unless you’re really stupid, you can easily grasp hold of the suspicious actions of the extremists. They should have asked for help before they came near the King, but the Tepes, the Vampires didn’t do that.

Sensei then says.

[……This must be the result of those who position themselves high and put their pride as their priority. They didn’t want to seek for help even if they were to die. Or they didn’t want the existence of the Holy Grail leaking outside. Something along those lines I guess. Anyway, I’m concerned about the Tepes’s headquarters. I’m planning to head there from the Carmilla’s base.]

Sensei’s image looks around at us.

[—Looks like I’ll be in need of all of you here. That’s why you have to come here right now. We must investigate the movements of the Tepes faction while we reunite with Rias and Kiba. All of your strengths will definitely be needed. After all, there’ll be someone even more dangerous than the extremists from the anti-Tepes government involved in this.]

—so that’s how it’s going to be! I was waiting for you to say that!

I respond back to him by hitting my left hand against my right fist!

“Of course! It’s the responsibility of the servants, no, it’s the responsibility of the Occult Research Club to protect Rias who is our master! Right, everyone!?”

[Of course!]

All of Occult Research Club members respond back to me! Saving Rias who is our club president makes us the Occult Research Club! Though I’m concerned about the person who is more dangerous than the anti-government group that Sensei just mentioned.

[But we can’t concentrate our forces just over here. You guys were assaulted over there once already. It will be enough for just the Gremory group and Irina to come here. The Sitri group, Griselda, Joker, and “Slash Dog” Tobio should remain on standby over there.]

This town was already assaulted the other day just like Sensei mentioned. We started to put barriers around the town and became very cautious towards those who will enter and exit this territory to make sure something like that won’t happen again.

Sensei must be worried to have not just the Gremory group but also the Sitri group sent elsewhere.

Sister Griselda replies to Sensei’s command.

“Understood. Dulio, I’m sorry for having you do this even though you just came to this town, but we’ll have you focus on defending here.”

—Dulio then raises his hand.

“You know I can just head to the Tepes’s town and shut them inside by causing bad weather~.”

……Dulio says while tilting his head. I’ve only known him for a very short time but I understand that he’s more of a natural airhead than Irina.

He just said something very insane, but he must be joking in his own way. Though, it feels like he will actually fly there and freeze the Vampire’s town if he is given an order to do so……

Sister Griselda hits Dulio’s head.

“Are you trying to make the relations between Heaven and the Vampires worse? Geez……”

You seem to have lots of difficulty, Sister Griselda……

Sensei continues while smiling.

[This side is certainly important, but that side is also important. Since we have several Longinus possessors, it’ll be better if we split them between both sides.]

—! I’m curious about what Sensei just said.

“Is there perhaps a Longinus possessor on our side over there?”

Sensei nods at my question.

[Yeah, Vali has sneaked into the Vampire’s territory. Joker and Slash Dog will be over there while the Two Heavenly Dragons will be over here. It’s improper to say this at a time like this, but as a Sacred Gear maniac, I’m just filled with interest since this is just too gorgeous.]

……So that guy Vali is over there. Why? Is it related to the Holy Grail? Maybe he got lured there by following the smell of the Evil Dragons. It’s possible if it’s him.

I started to think like that, but I catch a glimpse of Sona-kaichou who has her hand up.

“This is a good occasion. Can you please take my two new servants too?”

“Bennia and Rugal-san?”

I ask in such a way. Kaichou nods.

“Yes, both of them are still inexperienced to battle as a Devil. Also there’s a high chance that their powers will become very handy for this incident.”

Hmm, so something like building up experience for them? And both of their abilities will be handy for this Vampire’s incident? I know Bennia is a Grim Reaper, but Rugal-san’s ability is still a mystery.

Sensei puts his hand under his chin and shows a sign of approval by nodding.

[You’re right about that. Especially since Rugal seems like he would become an additional asset if something were to happen. If you’re planning to send him, then it’s not a bad thing……]

“Then please do take them with you.”

So Bennia and Rugal-san are also going to participate in the battle at Romania.

Sensei looks at Ravel.

[You stay there Ravel. This incident will be too harsh for you to come along since you are a guest. Even if you are Ise’s manager, we can’t have you come to a place where there may be terrorists hiding themselves. You can understand that, right?]

Ravel also nods at Sensei’s words.

“Yes. I am indeed worried about this, but please leave the Hyoudou residence and Kuou academy to me.”

She sure is an obedient girl, she really is. She responds without complaining.

Ravel certainly does support me and the Occult Research Club in many ways, but she’s not someone who we can take to a crucial scene. We are looking after this girl on behalf of the House of Phoenix. We can’t take her to dangerous places like that.

……W-Well, she does get dragged into it quite often….. I can’t help but feel sorry since my Dragon trait plays a big role in that.

Sensei looks around at us again.

[I’ll speak about the specific details once all of you get here. —Alright, once all of you are prepared, teleport to this place. I’ll make a teleportation magic-circle for your arrival within the Carmilla’s side. Alright, start moving.]


Everyone responds. —It’s our call to break into Romania. The members heading there are the Occult Research Club members, plus Bennia and Rugal-san. The other members will be on standby.

Rias, Kiba, please be safe until we get there!

“—A coup d’état huh. I wonder why the Gremory group gets dragged into so many events.”

I mumble to myself in my room.

After that, the meeting was over and all of us separated to get ready for it immediately.

I’m also preparing for this journey in my room. I put the minimal things I will be needing inside the travelling bag.

But a coup d’état…… For that to happen on the Vampire’s side when we were about to negotiate with them.

We seriously do attract weird things. ……Though I don’t know what to say since it seems like it has to do strongly with me……

I make a sigh. Then someone knocks on the door.

The one who enters my room is—Saji! It’s rare for him to come.

“Oh, Saji. Did you come to send me off?”

Saji nods by saying “Yeah”.

He puts on a confused look after sitting on my chair that comes with my desk.

“……For the Vampires to start a coup d’état. Seriously, lots of things sure do happen.”

“That’s what I just thought too. For this to happen while Rias is over there.”

“She went to ask about Gasper-kun’s secret right?”

“Yeah, though it seems like it’s not the right time now.”

From Rias’s report, it seems like her negotiation with the House of Vladi was progressing accordingly……

“Putting us aside, what’s going on with the Sitri group? For example Bennia and Rugal-san.”

I ask. Since they have new members, there must be some changes.

Saji says while resting his chin on his hand on the desk.

“In terms of the new formation, it’s almost completed. Well, something more important than that is actually happening within the Sitri group.”

“Hmm, what would that be?”

“The establishment of the school that Kaichou invested in. It’s decided that it’s going to be built officially next time.”

“School? You mean the one for the Rating Game? Amazing! If I’m right, it’s the one where any Devil can enroll regardless of Low-class or High-class, right?”

Yes, the Sitri group—to be accurate Sona-kaichou, her dream is to build a Rating Game school that anyone can attend. Becoming a teacher for that school is Saji’s dream.

“Yeah, the first one is finally progressing. Even Boss Sairaorg helped out, that’s why the plan has made big progress, you know?”

So Sairaorg-san helped Sona-kaichou. Oh yeah, Sairaorg-san’s mother was under the care of the hospital within the Sitri territory, so it won’t be weird for him to give his full support to Kaichou’s project.

“Though it seems like the establishment for the next school after that would happen very far from now…… Even so, we already started recruiting children regardless of their status, and we started to take in children with poor demonic powers as well. The parents already brought their children and are asking us to take them in.”

Even though Saji said that happily, I can’t feel any energy in his words.

Saji continues while sighing and putting on a complicated expression.

“……You know how I said my dream was to become a teacher? I started to feel scared since that dream will turn out to become a reality…… I’m skeptical if I can even become a proper teacher once that school gets built…… They say that I can’t attain the licence to become a teacher over there until I become a Mid-class Devil. But I’m still a Low-class Devil……”

That’s a weak thought coming from the Student Council member Saji Genshirou who is always running around the school in high spirits.

Saji narrows his eyes while resting his chin on his hand.

“Rather, I don’t even know what to teach the kids. Boss Sairaorg is in high spirits and is saying that he would be teaching martial arts to kids who have poor demonic powers. I......don’t know what to teach them……”

Saji who is in deep thought looks at his own palm.

“Even in the joint training with the Longinus possessors, I……was so pathetic that I couldn’t reach Balance Breaker.”

……Just like Saji said, we started training right away with Joker Dulio and Slash Dog Ikuse Tobio.

Dulio and Tobio-san, who are veterans, showed us their power which was beyond what we heard from rumours, so even I had a really hard time. Rather, we knew that we wouldn’t finish the training safely if we fought seriously, so we determined that we needed to alter our training.

For the training with Kiba, we both know our potential, so it was easy for us to maintain our training. If we are to train with those two from now on, we probably need to discuss this area together.

Saji also trained with us, but he couldn’t reach Balance Breaker.

“We just started. Don’t become so negative.”

I say that to Saji. He did seem like he was having a hard time training with the Longinus possessors but that will depend on how he does it in the future.

Saji bows his head down.

“……Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry; lately I’ve been rushing things. Sorry for making you listen to weird and gloomy things.”

I did hear about Saji’s concerns from Sona-kaichou.

[Saji is looking at your growth with envy, Ise-kun. So he can’t help but to compare himself to you who became a Devil at the same time as him and is starting to lose confidence…… Maybe the fact he's willing to become like you but is not able to is cornering him little by little.]

……Saji, I can’t say things to you lightly, but be proud of your own strength. You have your own strength.

I shake my head to the side and continue to talk.

“No, even I saw the areas I needed to improve on with the training with Dulio and Tobio-san. It’s just started. And I’m glad I heard about the school.”

I’m honestly happy that the ambition of the Sitri group is progressing well.

“Yeah, come and check out the school with everyone next time! By the time you guys come to visit, the construction of the school would have progressed even more.”

“I’m looking forward to it. ……I’ll definitely come with everyone.”

“Yeah, so bring Rias-senpai back. And also find out about Gasper-kun’s power.”

“Yeah, of course.”

—Then Saji half-closes his eyes and points at my luggage. It’s a porno magazine.

“That……isn’t needed over there, is it?”

“Eh? But I can’t survive without this……”

It’s just one porno magazine so please let me off the hook!

The members that will be heading to Romania gather at the centre of the magic-circle located under the Hyoudou residence.

Ravel, Sona-kaichou, Saji, Sister Griselda, Kuroka, Le Fay, and Ophis came down to the basement to send us off.

The destination of this magic-circle will be within the Carmilla’s territory. Apparently, Sensei prepared a teleportation magic-circle in their territory so we don’t have to go through the complicated route.

……To be honest, it makes me think that they should have done this before Rias and the other two departed…… They did arrive there using airplanes and such after all.

Oh well, this is an emergency summon. The Vampires allowed us to head directly to their main headquarters as an exception because they are feeling threatened.

We are dressed in a fashion where we are wearing warm clothing over our uniform. It’s apparently colder over there than the current Japan. It’s the right decision for us to wear it.

“Then we’ll be heading off.”

“Yes, we’ll be waiting to hear good news from you. Bennia, Rugal-san, I will entrust their support to you two.”

《Roger that.》


Grim Reaper girl and Rugal reply back to Kaichou.

Ravel who is my manager takes a step forward and puts on a worried face.


“Ravel, don’t worry. I’ll definitely come back with everyone—”

I was thinking of patting her head, but—

“Do you have your handkerchief and tissue? You may be asked to sign a document or a signboard, so please keep a pen in your pocket. And please make sure you can use a toothbrush anytime. Teeth are important for celebrities! The Sekiryuutei has a hard schedule, so please use your time wisely. And also—”

She starts to tell me things in detail about my appearance like how a mother would!

“It’s fine! I’m fully prepared to go! You sure are a worrisome girl, Ravel……”

Hahaha, it’s sure like Ravel. —Then Ravel passes me a single parcel.

“This is the Phoenix’s tear that was sent from Onii-sama. Apparently there are three of them inside. He sent it right away as soon as he found out you would be heading off to Romania, Ise-sama.”

“Eh, from……Raiser……-san huh.”

……Oioioi, shouldn’t he send these things to Rias? No, Rias isn’t here right now….. But why did he send it to me! I don’t know why, but why are the guys that I know trying to raise my impression of them……? Please stop!

I shake my head to get my mind straight and move my gaze to Kuroka and Le Fay.

“Kuroka, Le Fay, I’ll leave this place to you.”

“Nyahaha♪ Well, I’ll protect this house at all costs just for you -nya.”

“Please say hello to Vali-sama and Onii-sama if you were to meet them over there.”


I nod and then look towards Ophis at last. The Dragon God-sama who has Rassei on her head.

“Ise, the Evil Dragons are persistent.”

……Maybe Ophis somehow has a prediction of us encountering an Evil Dragon. I also have the same feeling.

“I know.”

I simply tell her that and say this to the members remaining here.

“Now then, the Occult Research Club will be heading to Romania!”

The teleportation light of the magic-circle Akeno-san is controlling grows stronger and flashes.

The destination we are heading to is Romania! So let’s go and have an extracurricular lesson!

Part 2

The place we arrived at after the flash faded is—a spacious area we haven’t seen before.

“Hey, you guys are here.”

When I look at the direction of the familiar voice, there is Azazel-sensei standing there.

Sensei says while walking towards us.

“Sorry to say this since you guys just arrived but we are moving away from here. I’ll explain it in detail inside the vehicle. Elmenhilde, I’ll ask you to guide us.”

“Very well. Everyone, glad you could come. —Though the only one we needed was Gasper Vladi……”

She looks at us as if we are a nuisance. Her sharp attitude and tongue never changes.

She continues bluntly without any concern about what’s going through our minds.

“I’m very sorry for asking you to do this even though you just came, but let me take you to the vehicle.”

After saying that, we leave the room we teleported into and walk up the stairs. Apparently, that room is located in the basement. I have felt the bitter cold ever since we arrived. That’s how I feel even while wearing warm clothing, so the temperature here must be quite low. We walk through a building constructed of rocks and arrive outside.

—It’s late at night when we come out. And the scenery is simply filled with snow.

So it’s already snowing here huh. Even though Romania follows the same season as Japan, this place is still much colder. And the territory of the Vampires is located in the depths of this mountain which is away from the human’s village. It’s only natural for this place to have a really low temperature.

Elmenhilde doesn’t even breathe out any white breath. Maybe she doesn’t feel cold since she’s a pure Vampire. While our Vampire-kun on the other hand is……

“I-It’s cold~……”

He’s shivering so much. ……Maybe the difference between pureblood and half-blood is displayed at times like these.

“Oh my……”

Asia releases a voice of amazement. I turn towards where she’s looking—and the scenery that spreads out in front of my eyes is the view of a castle town. The buildings are built in a way where they surround the splendid looking castle positioned in the centre.

Amazing, I never imagined such a splendid castle town would exist in the depths of the mountains. And I can even see modern looking buildings as well. Vampires may also be influenced by the current civilization of the humans.

Xenovia mutters while looking at the white castle town.

“So that’s the base of the Vampires that the Church has been looking for all these years. I didn’t even find a clue for this place back when I was a warrior of the Church, so I never even imagined coming to this place after turning into a Devil. It’s quite ironic.”

Well, that shows how much the relationship between each force has changed since back then.

It seems like the building we exited out of is a tower meant for surveillance which is located within the corner of this territory. A tower meant for noticing the intrusion of enemies from the outside. And they activated the magic-circle in the basement of that tower.

We left the tower and got into the two station wagon vehicles. The ones driving them are Sensei and Rossweisse-san. By the way, Rossweisse-san has a driving licence.

“…………I can’t come to understand the taste Devils have.”

Not just Elmenhilde, but the reaction the Vampires showed when they saw Rugal-san is that of shock. That’s because all of them are showing signs of hatred and fear. What on earth is Rugal-san exactly……?

Despite things like that happening, we parted ways with the Vampires from the Carmilla faction and left. Sensei then explains to us the situation inside the car.

“—! The new leader of Tepes is……Valerie!?”

I scream out due to the shock inside the car.

Of course. Even if there was a coup d’état, I never expected for the leader to be Gasper’s savior!


Gya-suke panics hard. Of course. Since the half-Vampire girl he’s been trying to save is the Head of Tepes. He probably never predicted it.

“For the leader of the Tepes faction that puts men above women to be a half-blood and furthermore a woman…… It’s clear that something quite dramatic is going on over there.”

Akeno-san says.

Yeah, I have the same opinion. There’s no way that the Vampires who serve the pureblood ancestor would choose a half-blood girl as their King. I know so much ever since I met Elmenhilde in Japan.

—That’s because they believe that in this world there are only pureblood Vampires and other beings.

Sensei says.

“The Khaos Brigade must have guided them from the shadows and created this situation. And the ones that allied with the Khaos Brigade is the anti-Tepes government group. They were blinded with their dissatisfaction towards the current government and the desire to lose their weakness through the use of the Holy Grail. That’s probably why they fell to the terrorists’ sweet words. The ones that sent the powered up Vampires towards the Carmilla faction were them as well.”

……If such a thing happened, won’t it be quite messy within the Tepes castle? Sensei then says, while my concern over Rias and Kiba increases.

“Looks like even the Tepes’s government side also couldn’t handle the anti-government group that teamed up with the terrorists which led them to seek help from the Carmilla faction. It must be a situation where Carmilla can’t ask for more since she can make the Tepes’s King indebted to her.”

Sensei continues with a sigh.

“And like I told you before through the communication, I decided to go to the Tepes’s side since I’m concerned over there as well. And it’ll be too much for me to handle alone. So I summoned all of you right away as well as bringing back Rias.”

Sensei says while scratching his head.

“I’m sorry, all of you. Looks like it’ll get quite messy. I’m planning to talk to them but keep in mind that we may have to battle. After all, even the Carmilla’s side are planning to settle down this coup d’état as well. Carmilla’s side are also willing to do this since they now know who they must give their retribution towards. The agents from the Carmilla’s side are being deployed so they can surround the Tepes’s town. So we are basically going inside such a place. We’ll grasp hold of the information from the inside and must break through to the centre of their base if the situation arises. ……If that guy is actually involved in this, then there’s a high possibility that this won’t end pretty.”

……Well, I kind of predicted that this will happen. Though the “guy” Sensei mentioned with disgust is really making me feel nervous……

I laugh while sighing.

“I kind of predicted that this will happen by the point when you summoned us here. We have a hundred percent encounter rate for getting involved in such situations. —Everyone came here prepared.”

The other members also strongly nod their head to my words.

Sensei smiles fearlessly when he sees that.

“Geez, I don’t know whether to feel reliable or feel sorry for you guys for getting used to such situations. –We will join up with Rias and Kiba, and if we can we will take Valerie with us. The current government of Tepes and the Carmilla’s side will deal with the rest.”

“……I will definitely save Valerie……!”

Gasper who is right next to me has eyes filled with strong determination.

I then say to Gya-suke while resting my hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t get so worked up. We can save her together.”

“Ise-senpai…… Yes!”

Alright, you sure have become a strong boy!

I’m in joy to see how my junior has grown. The station wagons pass over the big bridge that connects the Tepes’s territory and Carmilla’s territory.

The journey while transporting in the car ends after two hours, and we arrive at a gondola station that is located halfway up a certain mountain.

A gondola lift appears from the other side of the snow as we wait at the station.

Sensei says after confirming the door for the gondola lift opens.

“This is apparently one of the routes towards the Tepes castle town that the Carmilla faction was able to obtain. And it seems that the Tepes’s castle town is on the other side of this lift. …… And this gondola lift happens to be something special the Tepes faction prepared in order to the pass through many layers of barriers.”

We got into the gondola lift that came down.

The gondola lift starts to move and climbs up the snowy mountain late at night. There are only snowy mountains when we look out the window. Even with the eyes of Devils that work at night, there’s no point using them if the scenery doesn’t change at all.

Each of us is on standby within the gondola lift, but my eyes catch the sight of Xenovia who is taking a suspicious action.

She takes out a vocabulary notebook and starts to look through it.

“……Xenovia, what are you doing?”

Xenovia explains by showing me the vocabulary notebook when I asked.

“Huh? Oh, this? This is a vocabulary notebook. It’s something I’m using to learn difficult Japanese symbols and kanji.”

It really is. There are symbols and kanji written in the vocabulary notebook.

“Hmm. I never thought you would study using a vocabulary notebook. Were your test marks that bad?”

“I’m bad with Japanese language but I always get above the average mark.”

If I remember now, the members of ORC always get good marks. Even warriors such as Xenovia and Irina that are not familiar with society are passing their studies without much difficulty.

Xenovia says while flicking through the vocabulary notebook.

“I’ve found something I want to do. And in order to accomplish that I need knowledge. So I’m in the middle of studying hard.”

Something she wants to do? And she needs knowledge? Well, Xenovia is just new to society, but she is managing her studies at school…… So I tilt my head in wonder.

Asia who is sitting next to her tells me quietly.

“Xenovia-san became very keen in school events…… So she wants to enjoy her current situation as a student.”

That’s a really interesting story. If I think about it, Xenovia always participates in school events while having fun. It seems like she enjoyed the sports festival and the school festival to the fullest.

Irina appears and then tells Xenovia.

“Ufufu, if you are okay with me, then I can teach you Japanese language.”

However, Xenovia shows a sign of declining that offer by putting her hand in front of her.

“No, since you have shown that your knowledge of Japan is suspicious, Irina. It’s more certain that I would be able to learn more by studying by myself or asking Rias-buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou.”

Irina suddenly releases her displeased voice.

“W-What was that!? How rude!”

Xenovia says it while making a sigh.

“Last time you made a mistake in idiom compounds. “The survival of the fittest” is the right you have to eat barbecued meat regardless of being strong or weak, was it?—But apparently that wasn’t right, you know. There are similar words in other countries, but why did you make such a mistake in your own language……?”

T-That really is bad. Irina makes quite a big mistake because she has a weird misunderstanding about Japan.

Irina explains while looking away.

“Ugh…… I simply had a misunderstanding about that due to the parody with barbecue dishes!”

“……A self-proclaiming “raised in Japan” huh. I can only be amazed at you if you come this far.”

Irina has tears in her eyes and puffs her cheeks at Xenovia’s words.

“I-I’m not self-proclaiming! I was really born in Japan!”

“Yeah yeah, I got it. Ace of the Barbecued Dishes.”

“Ueen! Xenovia is picking on me, Asia-san!”

Irina cries on Asia.

“U-Umm……let’s study Japanese language together next time, Irina-san.”

“Why! Even you, Asia-san!?”

Irina gets even more shocked at Asia’s natural reply.

Hahaha, how should I put it, Xenovia and Irina’s quarrels make me smile when I watch them.

—I then ask Akeno-san who is gently laughing beside me.

“Oh yeah, Akeno-san, did you know about the school being built from the funds by the Sitri?”

“Yes, I have heard it from Sona-kaichou.”

Well, it’s natural for Akeno-san to hear it from Sona-kaichou.

Rossweisse-san joins our discussion.

“I’ve also heard about it. I even received an offer from Kaichou-san about becoming a teacher in that school.”

—! So she received an offer to become a teacher for that school huh!

“Seriously!? I-I didn’t know that……”

No, it’s plausible. Rossweisse-san is a magic user. It’s not weird for her to receive an offer from Sona-kaichou to become a teacher in her school to teach magic.

“And what kind of reply did you give her, Rossweisse-san?”

I ask. Rossweisse-san narrows her eyebrows while putting on a hard expression.

“I’m still thinking about it. I don’t have a reason to decline it after all. It’s true that I’m starting to enjoy teaching and being a teacher after becoming a member of staff at Kuou academy. So I’m planning to have a look at that school when it gets built. For that reason, I hope this incident gets settled smoothly……”

Yeah, in order to look at the school financed by the Sitri-group, we have to solve this incident first.

“Then after we return to Japan safely together, let’s go and have a look at that school.”

When I said that, Rossweisse-san nods with a smile.

“Yes, I would certainly love to do that.”

I’m finding it curious that Azazel-sensei who will usually join in such discussions is not joining this conversation—and instead is talking to Bennia and Rugal-san while looking out the window.

“—I see, so the realm of the dead is—”

《Well, it’s something my shitty father and Hades-sama would come up with—》

“—So, what’s going on in the industry of your world Rugal?”

“……I haven’t heard anything from them about what they intend to do with this matter. Most likely, my clan is planning to keep quiet and observe.”

“I see, certainly your clan is—”

Hmm, I’m curious about what they are discussing, but they will end up explaining everything to me from the beginning if I join their conversation and slow down their discussion.

Maybe I’ll just ask Sensei a bit about it afterwards. It will be good if I have the opportunity, but it seems like things will happen when we get there.

Each of us relaxed in our own way before entering their country.

Thirty minutes after riding the gondola lift—.

The place we arrived at after passing several mountains is the gondola station close to the Tepes’s castle town.

Several Vampires appear as soon as we exit the gondola lift. They ask us a question after confirming our identities.

“Former governor Azazel and the Gremory group, I presume? We are the ones sent from the Tepes faction.”

We nod silently. So they already know us. Well, it’s not like we came into this country illegally. They ask this while acting politely.

“Please come this way. Rias Gremory-sama is waiting at the Tepes’s main base.”

They sure are letting us go through easily for a place that just had a coup d’état.

So Rias is at the main base huh. I heard that she was at the House of Vladi…… She must have been captured after being taken there.

Their motive of taking us there……must be Sensei’s knowledge about Sacred Gears. Or is it……

Without having any time to think about it, they take us to the wagon that is outside the gondola station. There are luxurious ornaments on them. I’m guessing this is used for the victors that are from a noble family then?

In other words it came from the castle. So they’ll be taking us to the castle with this huh.

……I then realise that Bennia and Rugal-san are missing. Akeno-san whispers in my ear after I look around me.

“……Both of them are acting separately. Apparently, they will be gathering information with their own methods. We need to have our own escape route after all.”

Seriously? They disappeared without making a sound! Even without letting the Vampires from the Tepes faction notice them……

The Vampires also showed signs of panicking because our numbers don’t add up, so they call their superiors. Maybe it’s because they were given the order to take us as their first priority, so they urge us to get into the wagon reluctantly.

We nod to each other and got into the wagon—.

……Rias, Kiba, we’ll be able to see you very soon.

Part 3

The scenery we can observe of the town from the window during our journey makes it appear as if there haven’t been many changes.

The town is so quiet for a place where a coup d’état took place and the residents are walking within the town normally.

I thought there would be destroyed places within the town……but there isn’t a single sign indicating that.

Sensei says.

“They must have succeeded in the coup d’état with minimal movement and without making even the residents notice it. You can assume that the ones that rebelled already took care of the things within the government beforehand. ……They may have used the Holy Grail as the bait to take in several nobles within their group.”

……So they succeeded in the coup d’état quietly without making the residents notice it huh. So the King and those close to him had no choice but to escape.

……There must have been many traitors within their group. Or else the coup d’état wouldn’t have succeeded so smoothly and that is something even a high school student like myself can guess.

The wagon we are riding in passes through the town and is about to enter the Tepes castle.

The huge main gate of the castle gets lifted up and the wagon passes through.

The castle doesn’t even lose against the Gremory castle in terms of size. It has the old appearance of being made up of rocks, and it has the aura of evil beings residing in this castle.

When we exit the wagon from where it gets stationed, we get taken into the castle and now we are standing in front of the exaggerated double door.

……It certainly feels as though this is a double door that leads to the throne. There is a splendid looking relief of a monster carved into the door.

“Please wait here for a short while.”

The butler who guided us here says that and leaves.

A few minutes later, we can hear a familiar voice while we wait in front of the door.

“Ise! Everyone!”

Hearing my beloved’s voice, I turn to that direction and see Rias who is having a maid escort her! Kiba is also escorting her while walking behind her.

“Rias! Are you alright?”

I approach her. She puts on a smile and nods when I asked her.

Ah, she’s beautiful like always! So cute! I’m so glad! That nothing happened to Rias!

“Yes, somehow. ……Looks like you noticed about the coup d’état, Azazel.”

Sensei nods at Rias’s words.

“Yeah, I summoned them here thinking that something may have happened and brought them here. You don’t have any complaints, do you?”

Rias responds to Sensei’s question.

“You’re right. Even I was thinking how I should call everyone here. Except, I was imprisoned within this castle and I was in a state where I couldn’t take any action. And I didn’t even get to meet the King despite being invited here. While I was waiting, one of them said to me, “Please follow me since the guests have arrived”……so I came here.”

So while the coup d’état happened, nothing much happened to Rias huh. I look at Kiba.

“Looks like nothing happened to you guys, Kiba.”

Kiba shrugs his shoulders.

“We didn’t even get dragged into it so it let me down. I guess they aren’t bored enough to lay their hands on us while they were having a war within their faction. At least till now, that is.”

Kiba looks at the double door while saying that.

……I see, so they are planning to meet us at once since everyone has gathered here.

The soldiers that are standing on both sides of the door who are equipped with armour and swords from an old era say after seeing us.

“Now then, please come in to have your meeting with our new King—”

While saying that, they open the giant double door—. The door opens while making a heavy sound.

Sensei walks inside first and Rias walks in after him. We walk in after them.

A spacious room. There is a huge red carpet placed on the floor, and there’s a relief of the same beast that was on the double door threaded into it which is shining in gold.

At the end of the carpet—there is a throne placed on the highest floor of this room.

The one sitting on the throne is a young woman. There is a young man present a bit away from the throne. The man has a beautiful face like that of a doll, but the reason why he doesn’t feel as if he’s alive must be because he’s a pure-blood.

Within the spacious throne room, there are unexpectedly few numbers of Vampires besides the woman on the throne and the man near the throne, such as several soldiers and several of those wearing noble attires. —And like I imagined, the nobles here also have an appearance of those from mediaeval times.

……I was preparing for there to be more Vampires here and then they would surround us……however it’s unexpectedly quiet in here.

I see, so that’s why the coup d’état went smoothly. They had dug deep within the government. It means that they were prepared in overthrowing the throne.

……The Khaos Brigade probably helped them, but I never thought that they were doing things like this at places where we can’t check.

No, since this is the base of Vampires that distanced themselves from the other forces, they were able to progress this far with their plan without any interference.

I’m already feeling disgusted at the act of the terrorist organisations, but I fix my posture due to being in front of the throne.

The one sitting on the throne is a woman with a strong trait of sand colour in her blonde hair and has her hair tied—. She’s wearing a dress which isn’t luxurious at all and she has a gentle smile on her face.

She appears to be three or four years older than me. A shapely face. You may call her a beauty. Instead of having a crafted beauty of that of a complete doll like Elmenhilde, she has a beauty of a human appearance.

……She probably carries both the beauty of a Vampire and a human since she’s a half-blood.

Except—. I may have shown a lecherous face in joy if she was simply a beautiful woman. However……

Her two red eyes—are shallow. Eyes that lost light……

The woman with shallow eyes greets us.

“How do you do, everyone. My name is Valerie Tepes.”

Her smile—carries emptiness and pitifulness.

“Ah, umm, it’s been decided that I would be the current Head of the House of Tepes as well as the Queen. Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on.”

……Her voice is very light. However……Her gaze isn’t so clear that she’s not looking at a particular person properly. She then catches the sight of someone she knows and directs her gaze at him.

“Gasper, you have grown bigger.”

Valerie who gives her words to Gasper. Gasper……puts on a sad expression seeing her like that. But Gasper forcefully puts on a smile.

“Valerie…… I wanted to see you.”

“Me too. I really wanted to see you. Please come a bit closer to me.”

Valerie makes him come closer to her. Gasper approaches her. The soldiers and Vampires around her aren’t even trying to stop Gasper coming close to her.

Valerie mutters while hugging Gasper.

“……I’m glad you are doing okay.”

“Yup, even though I became a Devil……I’m doing fine.”

“Yes, I have heard. It seems like they are taking good care of you over there.”

“Yup, I also made friends and seniors. I’m not alone anymore.”

Gasper looks towards us. Valerie also smiles when she looks at us.

“Oh my……so all of you are Gasper’s friends. ……Ara?”

When Valerie looks towards a different direction,


She speaks in a language I never heard before and is talking to the space where there’s no one present.

……I, who have reincarnated to a Devil, can grasp hold of every language and hear them in the same language. But that’s not happening right now. She’s speaking in a language that I cannot think comes from this world.

The other members are also narrowing their eyebrows at the language being used. They probably can’t understand what she’s saying just like me.

She suddenly makes a bright face.

“Yes, you’re right. I also have the same opinion. Eh? …………But that’s still not…… ————. ————Is that true? Yes, you’re right…… ————.”

Gasper is showing a very worried face due to seeing his saviour talking to a space where there is nothing and no one present.

Sensei says it quietly.

“……Everyone, don’t look at that directly. You’ll get pulled away by the Holy Grail. Especially Asia, Xenovia, and Irina who come from the Church must look away.”

Maybe they realised what Sensei is trying to say immediately, so Asia and the other two look down to the floor.

I ask Sensei.

“What’s happening……?”

“……That’s the outcome of those being possessed by the Holy Grail. You’ll come to see things you should never see. I’ll explain it in detail afterwards.”

Then there’s a clap. The one who claps his hand is the young Vampire who is standing near Valerie.

“Valerie, it’s rude to be talking only to “those people”, you know? You must act as a Queen in a proper manner.”

Hearing the man say that, Valerie responds by saying “You are right” with a smile.

Valerie continues with a smile despite having shallow eyes.

“Ufufu, I’m very sorry, everyone. But it seems like I’ll be able to create a peaceful society for the Vampires as long as I reign as the Queen. I’m so looking forward to it. Even Gasper will be able to live here. No one will bully us ever again.”

……Regardless of whose perspective it is, you can clearly tell her words aren’t coming from the bottom of her heart and is being controlled by someone else’s favour.

……Valerie is definitely being used by the ones that started the coup d’état. Both her heart and Sacred Gear have been—.


Gasper can only shed tears at seeing the sight of his saviour.

Azazel-sensei glares at the young Vampire man.

“You sure did train her well. And you have a bad hobby to show that to us so boldly. What do you want to achieve by using her? Judging from how it looks, you must be the ringleader for this incident, right?”

The young man makes an evil grin with his doll-like face.

“If you are saying that I’m the ringleader, then I possibly may be. Oh, I still haven’t introduced myself. I come from the royal family of Tepes and am the fifth candidate to succeed the throne, Marius Tepes is my name. I am the mayor of the temporal government as well as the chief advisor for the Sacred Gear Research. Though the latter one would be my main occupation……but I was asked by my uncle. So I’m acting as the mayor temporarily. I’m also Valerie’s brother in terms of pedigree and I want to see how my cute little sister who is saddened about the future of the Tepes would change the world of the Vampires by standing next to her.”

He says that in a light manner. So he’s from a royal family!

I can understand that the thing he said about Valerie is a lie. That’s how much evil his cold smile carries.

Sensei then says.

“……You do know that we have been in contact with the Carmilla’s side? Was it okay for you to invite us here?”

Marius shrugs his shoulder.

“The new government has the new slogan of wanting to form friendly negotiations whether it’s Carmilla or the governor of the Fallen Angels—. Well, half of that was a joke. No, to be honest I don’t actually care that much about politics. I will leave those to my comrades that agreed with starting the coup d’état. Except, Queen Valerie wished to meet all of you, and I’m also interested in all of you as well. After all, I heard lots of rumours about all of you from the ones who supported us.”

“Well, let’s leave those things to the side for now. –Then I’ll ask you this question since you are the one behind all of this. Why did you start a coup d’état? Was it that bastard’s idea?”

Sensei moves to the main topic. He sure does ask lots of things without mercy…… Even the Vampires that are present here are panicking due to their discussion.

Marius answers Sensei’s question normally.

“I want to prepare an environment where I can do whatever I want with the Holy Grail. Valerie’s Holy Grail is a masterpiece that I can never get bored of, so I did many experiments with it. Yes, that’s actually the only reason behind it. For that reason, the previous King who happens to be my father and my older brothers were a nuisance so I had them leave. And by that “bastard” you mentioned, are you referring to that person……? But this action was something we started.”


…..What the.

So this country turned into a mess only for someone like him……!

Valerie simply puts on a smile even though she heard that. ……So he’s even controlling her feelings……!

Even the noble Vampires that are present here panic at his words.

“Your Highness, Marius! This is not something you should be saying here!”

“T-This is the audience room! E-Even if you are the temporal mayor of this country, we would need you to restrain yourself from saying anything more than that!”

“The ones you are talking to are the former governor of the Grigori and the heiress of the House of Gremory, so we will lose our place if they take your words as our whole standing!”

Those Vampires wearing noble attire start to panic and try to take back Marius’s bold words. Marius simply smirks and says this sarcastically, “I’m very sorry for that. I sure would love to have the role as a mayor taken away from me”.

What an attitude. And the situation where those around him can’t do anything after he showed that attitude isn’t normal either. Seems like this Marius is the one who has all the authority here after all.

I’m starting to burn inside due to my rage. Even my comrades are building hatred towards Marius and are glaring right at him.

“……This is horrible. This is too horrible.”

The kind hearted Asia starts to cry at this reality.

“……So you can’t release Valerie Tepes then?”

Rias asks, but Marius simply replies back by saying, “Obviously”.

“Trying to talk to him is useless, Rias-buchou.”

Xenovia puts on a cold expression she has never shown before and is trying to draw out Durandal from the different dimension. Xenovia is pissed!

“Let’s get rid of this guy and go home. This Vampire will only cause harm if we let him live.”

Xenovia doesn’t have a good impression towards Vampires. Her feelings must have exploded after seeing Marius’s true personality.

“Stop, Xenovia! ……He is the mayor after all.”

Rias calms her down.

Marius simply smiles naturally even though he is seeing Xenovia draw out her holy sword.

“I’m terrified. Then let me introduce all of you to my bodyguard. It’s also one of the reasons why I can act so mighty.”

Marius clicks his finger. Then chills pass through my body!


It feels as though the pores on my skin opened, and I can feel the cold feeling running through my body.

The feeling of having something very powerful targeting me. The pressure I’m feeling is telling me the danger of the situation I’m currently in.

Not just me, but all of the ORC members look at one point with a serious expression.

When I look there—there is a single tall man wearing a black coat leaning on the pillar.

His hair that is a mixture of black and blond hairs. His unique heterochromia where his right eye is gold and his left eye is black. The man clad in black looks down on the floor after glancing towards us once.

Kiba says it with a stern look while sweating.

“……One of them clearly has a power in a different league. Judging from his presence, he doesn’t seem like a Vampire……”

So Kiba also feels the same huh. Yeah, me too. He is dangerous. If we have to pick the most dangerous person within this throne room, then that will be him.

His quiet aura around his body is condensed with an unreal amount of dense aura.

……Even I can tell since I have been fighting with only strong foes.

—He is a strong opponent who is among the monster class.

Even Xenovia says while wiping off her sweat from her cheek.

“If that man was involved in the coup d’état, then of course they would succeed. It even makes me wonder if there is someone who can even withstand that thing among the current Vampires.”

While everyone is feeling pressured by the man clad in black, Ddraig speaks to me from within me.

[Of course he’s on a different level to all of you. He is someone that none of you can currently handle.]

……Ddraig, you know him?

[Yeah, I knew it the moment I saw him even though he has the form of a human. —The Crescent Circle Dragon, Crom Cruach. The Dragon that was said to be the strongest among all the Evil Dragons.]


……For real? So that is……one of the strongest Evil Dragons, Crom Cruach……!

I gasp. Since I fought the Evil Dragon Grendel, I can tell that the aura around that man is even more dangerous than that crazy Dragon……!

[Do not fight him at all costs. Even I thought you could fight the majority of enemies since you are still growing……but he’s a different story.]

……By the way, I want to ask but has he realised about us?

[Yeah, he must have understood that you are the Sekiryuutei.]

……I’m terrified. I need to hope that he won’t say “Let’s battle” afterwards.

How am I supposed to tell this to everyone else……?

Marius claps his hand once again.

“Let’s end here for today. We have your rooms prepared. Please stay here for a while everyone. Oh, that’s right. The current Head of the House of Vladi is also present at the basement of this castle, so all of you may want to meet him.”

The meeting ended there with those words of his, so we have no choice but to exit this room.

Marius Tepes—. I realised very well that he’s the ringleader of this coup d’état and that he’s a dangerous fellow within a few minutes of seeing him.

We left the throne room while having the man clad in black—Crom Cruach, within our sight—.

We are taken to the room they prepared for us after we left the throne room.

Sensei who is feeling unpleasant from his discussion with Marius mutters.

“……He’s a man that I find hard to believe is a Vampire.”

Rias also nods.

“Yes, you won’t find that many Vampires that will take action to satisfy his own greed over his blood and pride.”

Certainly that man called Marius is clearly different from Elmenhilde. I only heard him talk for a bit, but I did feel that he’s honest about his ambition.

Sensei narrows his eyes.

“That’s why fellows like him are dangerous. Since he can easily break the rules made by his clan after all. The coup d’état must also have started from there. And the one who went along with him were those nobles. Marius needed the cooperation of politicians for his own ambition. The politicians that agreed to his actions fulfilled the two desires of being strengthened by the Holy Grail and to get rid of the dissatisfaction they had towards the current government. It must have been easy for them to defeat the King’s side if they had the Evil Dragons that were revived by the Holy Grail with them. ……And the one who gave them such opportunity was “him”…… It’s something that was achievable with the terrorists and the rotten nobles since this country is shunned from the outside world.”

……A family feud that happened in the country that doesn’t have any contact with the other forces huh. And the terrorists got involved with them. And us that got dragged into it. Hmm, this is just filled with troubles!

I ask Rias while walking through the corridor.

“Where is the actual Head, the King of Tepes?”

I’m concerned to what happened to Marius’s father.

“…….He was fatally wounded and escaped from this territory.”

So he was wounded. It seems like there was quite a battle here. As long as that guy has that insanely dangerous Evil Dragon as his bodyguard, I can understand if the other side was helpless. I don’t know how strong the King of Tepes is, but they have no choice but to run if they had that thing as their opponent.

“Didn’t the King of Tepes’s side ask for any help besides the Carmilla’s faction?”

I ask just in case. Sensei breathes out as if he is grieving.

“Yeah, they probably haven’t. Since the Khaos Brigade was involved in the shadows, the other forces will strongly negotiate to allow themselves to come in to this country and that is something they don’t want right now. We were allowed to enter as an exception though.”

So they won’t ask for help from those besides the Vampires even if their country is at the risk of being in danger huh. I can only think that they are crazy if we come this far, but they may have their own kind of values…… So I don’t quite get them.

I then ask Azazel-sensei the question that bothered me in that audience room.

The thing about Valerie talking to the space where there was no one present.

“……Who was she talking to?”

Sensei says it while putting on serious eyes.

“……The dead from that world.”

The dead……huh?

“You mean……the souls of humans that went to hell, the realm of the dead, or the Underworld?”

The things I can only imagine are the souls of the dead…… Something like angry spirits and cursed spirits.

Sensei continues.

“If there are souls of humans, there are also souls of other beings……she was talking to beings whose origins you can’t tell nor what kind of state they were in.”

“I-I don’t get it……”

“Just think that she was talking to something you can’t really understand. …… Her mind has been contaminated quite a lot from overusing the Holy Grail,”

Her mind has been contaminated huh. I think I can understand that. ……She didn’t seem normal just from her look.

Rias nods at Sensei’s words.

“Yes, I realised that right away. –How Valerie Tepes’s heart and emotions weren’t normal.”

Yeah, I also think she was in the state as Rias described. Her eyes were shallow and her expression wasn’t natural.

“……What happened to Valerie……”

Gasper looks gloomy. The one who is the most shocked among us is him. He has been putting on a face as if he is about to cry ever since he saw Valerie’s face.

If it’s him from a bit before, then it won’t be weird for him to burst into tears in this situation.

Sensei then says.

“—It’s the Holy Grail. By being in contact with the principle of life, she is forcefully told about how the life and soul are made and what it really is, the more she uses the Sacred Gear. The information about life is so huge that we think it is endless. She takes in the mind and the concept of the dead, the living, and various other things as she uses the Holy Grail. Within her heart and soul that is. ……Many thoughts of other people come into her heart where corrosion occurs. ……It’s natural for her to become broken.”

……Thoughts of many individual coming into your soul…… My mind was about to go nuts when I was consumed with the rage of the previous Sekiryuuteis. It felt as though I would be controlled by the negative emotion.

Valerie—has been forced to get in contact with something much more powerful than that many times. In my case it was merely the fragments of the past Sekiryuuteis thoughts, but in her case it was things far beyond what I went through and had those things come into her heart.

“Then she is……”

Sensei breathes out at Rossweisse-san’s words.

“She is no longer in a normal state. Having the dead talk to her is only one of the traits. Talking to them while enjoying it proves that the contamination of her mind has already reached a critical stage. Marius must have made Valerie use the Holy Grail quite a lot. ……To the stage where she can revive the dead Evil Dragons to this world. There is a multitude of different ways of using it where it can be very serious and you can even abuse the power by using it.”

……In a critical stage huh. She did resurrect the brutal Evil Dragon Grendel and that Crom Cruach from before. I won’t even be able to imagine the environment she was in for being forced to resurrect Dragons of that calibre. So it won’t be weird if her mind collapsed by the end of all of it.

No, Gasper still came this far in order to save her. So we want to find a way to save her.

“Sensei, is there any way of saving her?”

I ask. Sensei puts his hand under his chin and starts to think.

“……First, we need to stop her from using the Holy Grail itself and—”

Sensei stops saying it till there.

That’s because he sensed the person walking from ahead of us.

……A middle-aged man with silver hair appears from the end of the corridor. He seems to be in his 40’s.


……I, no, we lost words from our mouth when we witness the clothing that man is wearing.

—That’s because he’s wearing the same Maou’s costume worn by Sirzechs-sama.

Except, the one this man is wearing doesn’t have a distinct crimson colour and instead it has a silver colour…… And his appearance resembles someone I know for some reason……

I can tell that he’s a Devil from the quality of the aura around his body. ……He possesses a bottomless and creepy type of aura……

Sensei—opens both his eyes wide and confronts the man with an expression filled with hatred.

As soon as the man sees us, he puts on an innocent smile used by people younger than his appearance.

“Oh? Oh my, what a coincidence.”

The man speaks to Sensei in a lighter manner than I imagined.

Sensei says as if spitting out all the rage he has inside him.

“…………It is you after all……!”

The man accepts that response very happily.

“Nhoho! It’s been a while♪ Uncle Azazel, looks like you are doing fine, hmm?”

……He appears older than Azazel-sensei……but he can change his appearance if he’s a Devil.

“……Azazel, who is he?”

It seems like Rias also doesn’t know him, so she’s asking Sensei.

“……Rizevim. Even if you are young, I’m sure you have heard this name from your parents. It’s a man who you should know if you are a Gremory.”

Hearing that name, Rias’s expression stiffens.

“—!! …………You must be joking……right?”

Rias who seems to be so shocked that her voice is shivering. ……What the, what’s up with this Rizevim thing?

Since others besides Sensei and Rias can’t recall that name, we are all in doubt. Sensei introduces that man to us.

“……I won’t forget this bastard’s name. Right, —Lilin? No, Rizevim Livan Lucifer!”


L, L, L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L, Lucifer~!?

Hey, hold on! A Lucifer! Why does the name of the Maou-sama appear here!? The one who can use that name is Sirzechs-sama and……

My brain thinks till there and comes up with one possible reason.

……I know one other guy who is allowed to use the name Lucifer.

The man called Rizevim Livan Lucifer lifts his mouth and smiles very happily.

“Don’t put on such a scary face. You’ll get old♪”

……The man is still speaking in a light manner.

I ask Sensei. I want to know whether this prediction I came up with is the truth.

“……Sensei, by Lucifer do you mean—”

“Yeah, he’s no doubt the real son who was born between the previous Lucifer and “Lilith”, who is said to be the beginning mother of all Devils. The one who is recorded in the Bible as “Lilin”. —And also the real grandfather of Vali who is called the strongest Hakuryuukou of all time.”

—! …………Vali’s grandpa…… Vali’s grandpa!!

And he also happens to be the son of the previous Lucifer!!

Yeah, I never thought about it, but Vali is the kin of the Lucifer which means he has a parent. It’s not like he was born from nothing. Vali certainly did say that he is the previous Lucifer’s great-grandson. In terms of pedigree it goes like this: Lucifer → The man in front of me → Vali’s dad → Vali.

It’s natural for him to have a relative. That’s why the ones I imagine when I hear the name Lucifer is Sirzechs-sama and Vali.

The silver colour of this man’s hair is identical to that of Vali’s and his appearance also reminds me of Vali. But I never thought he was Vali’s grandpa……

But why is Vali’s grandpa here? While there are many unanswered questions, Sensei says this right away.

“And he’s the current boss of the Khaos Brigade. It’s the so-called “bastard” I had been saying this whole time since we came here.”


All of us here are speechless hearing that! O-Obviously!

T-This old man is……the boss……of the current Khaos Brigaaaade!?

T-Then the new boss Euclid mentioned is……this man who happens to be Vali’s grandpa!?

……Everyone says that the Khaos Brigade helped the coup d’état for this Vampire’s incident. Is that why it won’t be weird for this old man to be here……?

No, even so, how is this…… Vali’s grandpa who happens to be the son of the previous Lucifer to be the boss of the Khaos Brigade. Certainly the Devils of the anti-government faction called the Old-Maou faction were affiliated with them……

Is this man taking action due to the hatred like Shalba Beelzebub……?

Rias mutters while we still have many unanswered questions left.

“In the past during the time when the kins of the previous Maou ruled the Underworld, Rizevim Livan Lucifer was counted as one of the Super Devils along with my brother Sirzechs Gremory and Ajuka Astaroth-sama.”

……Super Devils. I heard from Sensei that there are three Devils who are called in such way in the past. Because they had abilities that are far beyond the other Devils. They are irregular existences which make people question whether they are even Devils. That’s what the Super Devils are. In the current world of Devils, Sirzechs-sama and Ajuka Beelzebub-sama still exist since they are still active.

I heard one of the Super Devils hid himself……but you’re telling me he’s the last one……!?

Sensei says it with disgust.

“After his disappearance, the two Super Devils consisting of Sirzechs and Ajuka led the world of the current Devils. Well, he was originally one of the centered Devils within the former Maou-faction. There’s no way he’ll have the same opinion as Sirzechs and others who wish for peace and survival of their kind.”

Well, he even became the boss of the terrorists……

Sensei continues.

“For the man who hid himself during the Devil’s civil war between the old-government and the anti-government…… You are not going to tell me that this is your grudge towards the current Devil’s government like the old-Maou faction, right……?”

Rizevim makes a creepy laughter at Sensei’s words which echoes through the corridor.

“Uhyahyahyahya, well, I just returned because I have something I wanted to do now. Were you also doing alright, uncle Azazel? I hear that you are trying to make peace with all of the forces, right? I seriously want to support you for that~♪”

His manner of speech is filled with joke! Each of the words he has been saying since before carries no seriousness and is filled with ill will!

His easy-going manner of speech is making us lose our seriousness!

Rizevim moves his gaze to Rias.

“Crimson-hair missy, is your brother doing well?”

“……Do you have anything against my brother?”

“It’s not like I don’t. We are using the same name called Lucifer after all. Oh well, it’s not that important if you ask me. But it seems like I’ll be seeing him quite soon so say hi for me, will ya?”


Rias narrows her eyebrows at his words.

Everyone makes a stance since we now know who this opponent is, but Rizevim doesn’t take any stance to battle at all. He simply laughs seeing this situation.

“Well, I won’t take any action due to grudge or hatred like Shalba-kun or the other kins of the previous Maou. The politics for Devils should be enough with Sirzechs-kun and others, you know? I just want to do something else which isn’t related to those kinds of things, so I was doing things by using this organization, you know?”

Sensei says with hatred, veins appearing on his forehead.

“……It might be okay to punch you here and interfere with what you are doing……but this country is a neutral country which we still haven’t formed a proper alliance with. So I can’t lay my hand on you so easily. I’m sure you are receiving VIP treatment by giving false identity in the outer appearance, right?”

Rizevim laughs creepily at Sensei’s question.

“Uhyahyahyahyahya, yeah, that’s right. I am the investor for Marius-kun’s research and revolution. So I’m treated like a special guest from the temporary government. So it won’t be wise to lay your hands on me here. Though I don’t have any intention of losing as well, you know?”

—! From out of nowhere, small shadows appear behind this man without any presence.

……A short girl. She’s wearing a black dress and……hey!


I don’t know what to say upon seeing the girl.

—She looks exactly like Ophis.

Rizevim puts his hand on the head of the girl who looks exactly like Ophis.

“The mascot girl of our organisation we made by using the power stolen from Ophis, —Lilith-chan. Please get along with her~♪ I gave her my mummy’s name. Nice, right?”

……Just like I thought! Ophis’s power Cao Cao stole by using Samael! So the power that has been stolen turned into this girl!


Silent and emotionless. I can’t tell her emotions from her appearance which is more difficult to read than Ophis.

Rizevim then says.

“This girl is small but insanely strong since she is Ophis-chan, you know? She also happens to be my personal bodyguard~. While Euclid is away, she’s the one who protects me! This old man here is emotionally moved! Small girls being strong sure is filled with romance, right♪”

The unexplainable pressure which is being released from the girl. Just like Crom Cruach before, the atmosphere she is releasing is something to be feared.

……The strongest Evil Dragon, the son of the former Lucifer, and the other Ophis—.

Those who are insanely strong that surpasses my imagination have gathered to this castle!

“Now then, I’ll be passing through here since I have something to discuss with Marius-kun. Let’s be peaceful here~. This house belongs to the Vampires~. Fighting isn’t good~. An enclosed country where those who live there have so much pride is wonderful♪”

Rizevim who is having fun to his heart’s content walks past us while taking the other Ophis with him.

We……can only watch him walk past us without being able to do anything!

Sensei says to Rizevim while he disappears from in front of us.

“Rizevim, Vali is after you.”

“Oh yeah, if I remember now, the Grigori took him in and raised my Grandson-kun.”

Rizevim turns around and asks Sensei.

“Did he get a lil’ bit stronger? Though he was stronger than my foolish son who happens to be his father.”

“He’ll be able to take your head one day.”

Hearing that, he makes a big smile.

“Woah, as his grandpa, that makes me so happy that I want to cry.”

Then Rizevim moves his gaze to me. He narrows his eyes while having fun.

“The current Sekiryuutei, aye. The one and the only existence who has a premium value for having the power of Great Red and Ophis. —Wanna come to my side?”

—So he’s scouting me! Hell no!

“There’s no way I will.”

I decline right away! Rizevim smiles happily seeing my reaction.

“Oh my, that’s unfortunate♪”

Rizevim advances through the corridor as he leaves his creepy laughter behind. As he puts his hand back and waves to us—.

“If you are trying to start a coup d’état while teaming up with Carmilla, then come at us anytime♪ I’m really looking forward to it.”

The middle-aged man who speaks in an improper way till the very end, Rizevim.

—Then the sound of a huge destruction echoes through the corridor.

Sensei shows a rare side of him where he destroys the wall with his fist because he can’t suppress his anger.

“……Vali, I can’t help but understand how you feel.”

Tepes’s main castle has turned into a nest of monsters—.

After we moved to the room prepared for us, we decided to meet the Head of the House of Vladi, in other words Gasper’s father, who is in the basement.

Life.2 The Kins of the Dark Night

Part 1

It’s silent inside the castle and the only ones we come across are the maids who walked pass us and the soldiers that are on patrol.

We, the Occult Research Club members, are being guided by a maid to the underground room where Gasper’s father is enclosed.

Rias and Gasper are taken to the throne room because Valerie wants to see them while Sensei followed a Vampire with a high social status who seems to be someone under Marcus.

The former is probably a normal talk with Valerie. The latter however is probably because they want to ask Sensei about the knowledge he has with Sacred Gears.

……And we are told to be on standby here, but since the meeting with “Gasper papa” was approved, we decided to see him instead.

It’s inside the castle made from stones. We go down the stairs while the maid who is holding the light leads us.

We exit out to a spacious floor after we went down stairs quite a bit. There are many doors and the maid approaches one of them.

“This is the guest room where the Head of the House of Vladi is staying.”

A guest room, huh…… It’s quite a plain place for welcoming a noble…… I guess it’s better than a place which looks like a prison though.

The maid knocks on the door and informs the person inside by saying, “There are guests here to see you”. She opens the locked door and urges us to go inside.

We nod our heads to each other and enter the room.

The interior……of the room is much more gorgeous than I imagined. There is an expensive looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling. All of the furniture looks expensive.

I see, it certainly is a room that isn’t lacking for a noble to be locked in.

The person sitting on the sofa inside the room stands up after seeing us.

A young man with blond hair. He seems to be in his 30’s. He seems to be Gasper’s father, therefore he resembles him.

Akeno-san takes a step forward and greets him.

“How do you do, we are the servant Devils of Rias Gremory-sama. I am Rias Gremory-sama’s [Queen] and my name is Himejima Akeno. I thought I should give our greetings to you today, so we came here to see you.”

While Rias is absent, Akeno-san becomes the leader of our group. She’s acting in an elegant way where she isn’t rude to him.

The man nods his head once and urges her to sit on the sofa.

“Please sit down. –That, no, you came to discuss about Gasper, correct?”

Seems like he understands our business here immediately.

Akeno-san sits on the sofa, so we stood in a line behind her.

……He resembles Gasper, but he has a paler skin than Gasper so his beauty makes me feel as if he’s artificially made. He also doesn’t have a shadow. It means that he’s a pure-blood Vampire daddy.

Gasper’s dad speaks.

“I have spoken to Rias-sama already. We exchanged information regarding that. I was summoned to this castle while we were discussing how the Gremory and the Vladi should handle that thing……and it’s quite a pathetic thing to say, but I ended up getting locked into this room. I never imagined a coup d’état to happen this quietly and for King Tepes to retreat. It seems like his highness Marius’s group gave an order to bring Rias-sama here by using my son.”

His voice is quite calm despite explaining what had happened here. He doesn’t seem like he’s that agitated by it. I can even accept the impression that he has come to accept this situation he is in.

……But there’s something which has been bothering me since before.

About the word “that” he has been using from before.

I don’t want to imagine what he’s referring to, but is that……

“That, as in?”

“That……it seems like Gasper is functioning as a Devil. I was shocked when I heard that from Rias-sama to be honest.”

For a father to call his son “that” huh.

……That’s horrible. Even if there is discrimination between a pure-blood Vampires and half-blood Vampires, for him to call his son in such a way is……

“……As we thought, Gasper-kun’s mother is……”

When Akeno-san asks him in such a way, Gasper’s dad shakes his head.

“Yes, she has already passed away. Right after giving birth to that.”

“You are saying that it was a difficult childbirth?”

The Head of the House of Vladi changes his expression for the first time at Akeno-san’s question. He narrows his eyes and brings his eyebrows closer.

“……No, she died due to the shock.”


What does he mean by that? While everyone here is finding this suspicious, Gasper’s dad puts his hands together and speaks in fear.

“What was given birth from inside her was—something enveloped in a frightening aura.”


It seems like Akeno-san also can’t grasp hold of what the Head is trying to say. Same goes for us as well.

We can’t come to understand what his dad is trying to say at all.

I can’t help but think that there is a critical difference between the Gasper we know of and the Gasper he knows of.

The Head then says as if he’s barely able to let words come out of his mouth.

“……When that was born……it didn’t have the shape of a person. Something black and creepy that was squirming came out from his mother’s womb. Something that you can’t describe with words came out from the womb. Something that wasn’t a human or a Vampire or even a monster. His mother saw that with her own eyes and went insane, leading to her death.”


……H-Hold on a sec. What was that? Was that……really about Gasper……? And a black squirming thing…… It feels like he’s sharing a story about how he witnessed the birth of a monster.

Well, certainly the power that has been awakening in him lately……is an ability of black darkness.

The Head continues.

“The nurses and several servants who were present in that scene started to die one by one in a strange way.”

……A strange death. The ones who were present during the birth?

The Head then says one thing.

“They must have been cursed to death.”

……So he’s saying that they have been killed due to a curse.

“Gasper did? A curse?”

I couldn’t resist asking him, despite my action being beyond my standing. The Head answers me without being concerned about it that much.

“Yes, it must be a curse he used unconsciously. He turned into a form of a normal baby several hours after his birth, but by then, his mother had already died due to the shock.”

……Oi, are you serious?

That’s something beyond our imagination!

“Does Gasper-kun know about this?”

The Head shakes his head to the side at Akeno-san’s question.

“No, he wasn’t told about this. We don’t know what will trigger him into returning into his true form after all. I don’t want to carelessly stimulate him. ……Close relatives of mine who didn’t know about that incident found his time stopping Sacred Gear something uncomfortable to be near with. But for us who know about his true form, it is more terrifying than his ability to stop time.”

The Head says in a heavy tone while hiding his mouth with his hands.

“……Devils of Gremory, we can’t consider that as a Vampire nor a human…... We can only group him as a different being. We did treat him like a half-blood……but we don’t know whether that was the right decision. And we made him go to the outside world while we didn’t know about his true identity……”

I then say it to the Head who is putting on a very confused look.

“I don’t know how he was in the past. But Gasper is a Devil right now. He is our junior. Even if he were to have his body tainted in darkness—he is still our comrade.”

Koneko-chan also takes a step forward.

“……Gya-kun is my precious friend. He is the first friend I ever made who happens to be the same age as me.”

Koneko-chan…… This was something only she could say immediately since its Koneko-chan who gets along with Gasper more than anyone else.

The Head asks us.

“Didn’t all of you witness that true form?”

He must be referring to the Gasper who can control shadows and is tainted with darkness. All of us nod.

The Head smiles seeing that.

“……Like I thought, you people are the Gremory group. Rias-sama also said the same thing when I asked the same question.”

[If he isn’t a human or a Vampire, then Gasper is a Devil. After all, I reincarnated him as a Devil with my own hands. No matter what his true form is, he is no doubt a Devil of the Gremory group.]

He tells us how Rias answered him in such a way.

I......no, we all became emotional at Rias’s words.

The woman I love……our master……is the best after all!

The Head then says this while putting on a bit of a smile.

“…………That’s an emotion which is difficult for me to understand, but I see. If all of you are able to say that after witnessing that power, it means that I can come to the conclusion that he was saved by all of you if even just a bit.”

Our conversation continues a bit after that, but we can’t find out anything about Gasper’s true form.

The only thing which is clear is that they, the House of Vladi, aren’t pleased about Gasper’s existence. ……I think he talked to Rias in a way where the Gremory side will officially take full responsibility of him.

In other words, it means that there is no longer a place in this territory in which he can call his home.

The discussion ends, and the maid bows and reports it to us as we exit the underground.

“Hyoudou Issei-sama and Toujou Koneko-sama, her highness Valerie has requested for you.”

Koneko-chan and I look at each other.

……So this time it’s an invitation from Gasper’s saviour.

Before our departure, Ravel did say that a Sekiryuutei has hard schedules, so I can’t help but to agree that it’s true.

But there have been many things that have been bothering me since we came here—.

The place Koneko-chan and I get taken to is an indoor garden located on the higher floor of the castle.

It’s an enclosed place where there isn’t a single window and the only thing we can see and hear is the artificial light, the variety of flowers, and the peaceful water flowing by.

There is a table located in the centre of the garden in which Rias, Gasper, and Valerie are already sitting.

Koneko-chan and I sit on the unused chairs after the maid allows us to come in.

……I also sense the creepy pressure coming from beside me. When I look toward there I can see the man clad in black who was present at the throne room, Crom Cruach, who is leaning his back on the wall.


After he takes a single glance at us silently, he closes his eyes right away.

Valerie chuckles quietly.

“That person over there is my bodyguard. —His name is Crom Cruach-san.”

……You sure do have the strongest bodyguard you can ask for. Valerie has the Evil Dragon while the old man called Rizevim has the other Ophis next to them.

Even the bodyguard of a boss-class figure is something to be reckoned with. So it means we can’t make any wrong moves here huh. I had a simple plan where I would take Valerie by force if I had the chance as our worst scenario, but I can’t take that action if that thing is next to her……

A cup is placed in front of me and Valerie pours the tea for me.

Valerie says to me while smiling.

“I had Rias-sama tell me about the lifestyle Gasper had in Japan. I hear that Japan is a very peaceful country, Hyoudou Issei-san.”

I would need to reply to her politely, right……? Even if she is Gasper’s saviour, she is currently the leader of this country.

“Y-Yes. Japan has many delicious foods and entertainment, Valerie……I mean your highness.”

Valerie chuckles as if she’s finding it funny when I said that.

“You don’t have to speak to me so politely, Hyoudou Issei-san. I’m also asking Rias-sama to talk to me casually as well. Please call me Valerie.”

“Yes, you should do as she asked, Ise.”

Rias also says that.

If the person herself and Rias are allowing it, then I will.

“Yes, I understand, Valerie.”

“Ufufu, thank you.”

Except, her expression……her smile had shadows in them where she looks empty and it is painful to look at. So much that I can guess what kind of environment she has been living in—.

Valerie asks Koneko-chan.

“Toujou Koneko-san, you know many delicious sweets, correct? What kind of sweets are there in Japan?”

“Well, the ones I like are—”

Then our discussion which isn’t that important begins.

The daily lifestyle where nothing happens to us is something new and interesting for Valerie, so she asks us many questions due to the interest she has at places we never expected.

“I see. The reason why Gasper dresses like a girl is because I played with him by making him wear it when we were little. He was against it in the beginning, but he suddenly started wearing them on his own……ufufu♪”

“G-Geez! Valerie, you can’t tell them that!”

“Oh yes, did you fix your habit where you can’t go to sleep without holding a doll?”


“Ufufu, I guess not. That's just like Gasper.”

Both of their behaviours are something which puts us at peace. Gasper is also talking without holding back and they seem natural.

“How lucky. I also want to eat cakes in Japan. I’m sure they have a sacred taste in them. I prefer sweets over blood. Human blood must taste thicker, ufufu.”

Even though she has an atmosphere like she’s distant from the outside world, she is showing a similar response to a normal girl.

However—at times she talks to places where there is no one present.

“———Yes. ……———I know. ———However, that is……”

……She must be talking to the dead who aren’t visible to our eyes through the power of her Holy Grail.

Koneko-chan whispers to me.

“……There is a negative spiral of ki in the direction Valerie-san is talking towards. You won’t be able to see them with your eyes but even I can sense it due to its presence.”

So Koneko-chan became capable of sensing the presence of the unknown through the use of senjutsu. It’s amazing for her to grasp hold of the dead that were drawn by the power of the Holy Grail.

While I become amazed at Koneko-chan’s growth, Valerie suddenly looks up the ceiling.

She mutters with a sad face.

“……So Gasper has seen the sun before.”

“Yup. Since I have the power of a day-walker……but the same applies to you as well, Valerie.”

She makes a faint smile at Gasper’s words.

“You’re right. But I…..won’t be allowed to go out of here…… Even once will be fine, I want to drink tea with Gasper under the sun. Picnic is a very fun leisure, correct?”

……She has never gone out before huh. If I remember correctly, she has been imprisoned here since her birth. I’m sure she has been confined even more after her Holy Grail’s power awakened.

Even if living under the sun is nothing impressive to us, it must be something unusual for her.

Rias makes a smile after hearing that and makes a suggestion.

“If that’s the case, let’s have one together. Let’s go to the Japanese resorts with the members of the Occult Research Club and you, Valerie.”

To Rias’s suggestion, light returns to Valerie's eyes.

“Oh my, that will be wonderful. Having a picnic under the sun with everyone seems really fun.”

So this person can also make a wonderful smile like this as well huh.

……Yeah, she’s right. Rias is right! I got up from my chair energetically!

“Yeah, let’s go around the good places of Japan with everyone else! Gya-suke, you also know many good locations in Japan as well, right? You just have to show them to Valerie!”

Gasper makes a bright expression and nods his head many times to my words.

“Y-Yes! He’s right, Valerie! Let’s go to Japan together with me! It might be difficult since you just became a Queen……but once this entire ruckus settles down, you might get some free time! No, I’ll come to get you! Japan is filled with many kind people, there are lots of delicious foods, and the four seasons of Japan are always fascinating!”

I say it to Gasper with a teasing expression since Gasper is being more spirited than usual.

“Hahaha, that’s quite the enthusiasm coming from the shut-in Gasper.”

“G-Geez! Ise-senpai! P-Please don’t tease me~! I-I am suggesting this to Valerie really seriously here~!”

“That’s right, Senpai. Gya-kun is asking for a date for the first time in his life. So teasing him is not allowed.”

Oh my, even Koneko-chan says that!


Rias also laughs as if she’s finding it amusing.

That’s right, we just have to take her out of here somehow. She must be imprisoned by the Holy Grail. Even so—she still has the personality of a normal girl just like this!

So we simply need to have fun together and she will eventually have her mental state back to normal—.

While we are having our discussion with so much joy, a different voice comes and interrupts all of that.

“I wonder what all of you are so excited about.”

The one who enters the garden is—Marius Tepes. He walks towards us while putting on a fake smile. It amazes me because he seems like he’s built from a mass of evil intention that is wearing some clothing.

That instant, lights disappear from Valerie’s eyes. Valerie then answers him with an unnatural smile.

“Marius-oniisama. I was just talking to Gasper and Rias-sama.”

Marius greets us once again.

“Hello there. Sorry for my intrusion. Since I heard Valerie is meeting the guests, I thought I should show myself as well. Am I a bother?”

……He asks that to us on purpose.

I’m sure he is thinking that we are planning on doing something, so he came to check upon us.

Even Rias who had her usual smile until now responds with a sour look.

“No, you are not. I also caused a lot of trouble to you before due to my servant [Knight].”

Rias apologises for Xenovia’s actions once again.

Marius makes a bitter smile.

“No no, there are things those from the lower class can’t come to understand when they come into this world.”

He just shrugs his shoulder and didn’t make that much of a deal out of it.

“E-Excuse me!”

“What is it, Gasper Vladi?”

Gasper doesn’t even back down and ask him very forwardly.

“……Can you please release Valerie? I will do anything if it is something I can do. So please! Please don’t make Valerie suffer any more than this……”

……Well said. Lately, Gasper’s growth towards becoming a man is remarkable. He may become a nice guy with the most manliness among the Gremory boys in the future.

……Well, I can’t really imagine that happening.

Marius who was asked that starts to think while putting his hand under his chin.


He then answers like this as he smiles.

“Very well. I will release her.”

……That’s an unexpected answer! No, but……is this a……

Marius continues.

“Except, please give me some time. The political power just changed so having Valerie who just reigned as a Queen stepping down right away won’t look well. If you give us a bit of time, then I’ll hand Valerie to all of you.”

Marius says it to Valerie.

“Valerie, you may go to Japan. You may live over there peacefully with Gasper Vladi.”

“But the Holy Grail is……”

Marius smiles as he puts his hand on Valerie’s shoulder who is putting on a confused look.

“You don’t need to worry about it. You don’t have to use it any longer. You did fulfil a lot of your duty. So you may be “released” from the Holy Grail.”

“I-Is that true? Oh my, Gasper. It seems like I can go to Japan.”

“Yup! I’m so glad! T-This really is good news!”

The two childhood friends take each other’s hand in joy.

Gasper bows his head to Marius.

“Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”

“No, it’s okay. Fufufu.”

Towards Marius who is putting on a meaningful smile—me, Rias, and Koneko-chan keeps our mouth closed.

……You can’t just call this suspicious.

This is impossible. For him to let go of Valerie and the Holy Grail.

Just like me, Rias and Koneko-chan also realise that so they look at him with doubtful eyes.

Gasper and Valerie are simply in joy without even doubting Marius’s words.

—“Releasing” her, huh.

Words filled with bad premonition. While we feel dubious, the tea party with Valerie ends there.

Part 2

“Oh, it’s unexpectedly normal here huh, the town of Vampires that is.”

What spreads in front of my eyes is—an unfamiliar town covered in pure white snow. There are many buildings all lined up in front of me.

The group of five people consisting of Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, and I, came down to the castle town late at night for an observation.

Saying that, two days have passed since the tea party with Valerie and nothing particular has happened since then. So Rias suggested for us to go down and observe the castle town since we have so much time to spare in the guest room.

The one who came out are the five people I just named. For the remaining members; Sensei hasn’t returned since he was taken away by the Vampire’s Sacred Gear institute. Just like that, he hasn’t returned even once during the past two days. ……I’m sure nothing bad is going on, but I do wonder what Sensei is doing……

Rias and Akeno-san have been continuing their discussion with the Head of the House of Tepes in the basement for the past two days. Kiba is with them as their guard. Apparently Rias is continuing her discussion where she can formally take Gasper from the House of Vladi. Since it’s a discussion between the nobles of the Devils and Vampires, I hear that their discussion is progressing smoothly despite having different values on things.

Gasper himself is having a tea-party with Valerie together with Koneko-chan every day. Valerie who is the temporarily Queen has quite a lot of free time, so it makes us even more dubious instead.

……A Queen usually doesn’t have that much free time. Even more so under this situation where the coup d’état just ended. Even an idiot like me thinks a Queen needs to take action even more under this situation. She may be a puppet used for politics, but even so, I think they are giving their Queen too much freedom.

……I’m also concerned about the word “release” Marius said…… It just sounds like a bad omen no matter how I think about it. I’m also concerned because there hasn’t been any eye-catching movement in the past two days…..

It may be good to somehow take Valerie with us, but the fact about the Evil Dragon being next to her is……

No, I can’t remain scared about it. If I have to, it will be wise to take Valerie by force even if that means I have to fight the Evil Dragon.

I appreciate Ddraig’s warning but doing nothing while seeing her being in danger doesn’t seem right.

Now then, what am I supposed to do? We can’t remain in this country forever……

“Ise-san, is something wrong?”

Asia looks into my face.

“A-Ah, sorry. I was thinking a bit.”

I need to get my head straight. Rias went far to allow us to go out. So let’s just look around the town with this opportunity we are given.

—While I was thinking such things, we arrive at the shopping district.

The signboards for different kinds of shops are out, and it seems like there’s everything from a clothing shop to a general store. Looks like there are also restaurants. It’s possible to eat human food besides consuming blood for those who became a Vampire from a human. Except, the closer to a pure-blood you are, the more blood you have to consume.

But our Gasper happens to take more human food if you put it in ratios. Though it seems like he also needs to drink blood.

…….I tried to look around the shops but the reaction from those around us makes it difficult.

There are many of those who are looking at us.

“Seems like they know that we are outsiders.”

Xenovia says that.

Irina shrugs her shoulder.

“Even if this is a castle town, it’s still a world shut-in from the world outside. As I thought, those who came from outside must have a different vibe. You remember how we stood out when we went to foreign countries for our missions, Xenovia?”

“You are right. The obstacle faced by those raised in the Church would be the different cultures of the countries they are sent to for their missions.”

Yeah, both of them certainly did stand out when they first came to Japan. Well, they did dress like an agent so they probably didn’t have the intention of mixing in with Japan’s atmosphere.

Asia continues.

“I was also confused since there were many things I didn’t know about when I just arrived in Japan.”

Even Asia was shocked at many things till she became familiar with Japan. Not only about the food but also in terms of the living style. She was especially shocked at how convenient the home appliances are. Since she had a simple plain life, the culture shock she had must have been big.

Speaking of convenience, the residents here are also using transport methods such as cars and bikes. They walk outside normally once they exit the buildings. It’s a normal action since I hear that the majority of those living here turned into a Vampire from a human. They sure are convenient, the home appliances from the human world that is.

I had the impression that they were using horses for transport. I made an assumption that they hated other cultures since they took quite a distance from the other forces. The items and the appearance of the mediaeval Europe stood out inside the castle instead of the modern home appliances. Even the armour of the soldiers inside the castle had a middle-age look.

But the atmosphere of the town is different. I then come to witness modern things over here and there.

If I think about it, the Carmilla-faction also had a vehicle.

Just like the Devils of the Underworld, it seems the Vampires also have flexibility where they take in convenient things into their culture.

Well, the time when they are active is the opposite of the humans since they sleep during the day and are active at night.

Xenovia then breathes out.

“……I don’t like having myself followed by someone.”

Yeah, just like Xenovia said, there are several of those following us. They are the ones that have been dispatched from the castle to watch over us. I already know that since we were told about this from the beginning…… But like Xenovia said, having someone follow you sure does make you be bothered by it.

“It can’t be helped. Even if we were allowed to go out, we are guests that are supposed to be staying inside that castle.”

That’s what I say. Even they must be concerned as to what we will do outside. I’m sure they are watching us because we may start a stir with the residents and tell them unnecessary things.

Though I have no intention of doing such things.

My gaze then moves to Rossweisse-san. She’s looking at each of the shops all lined up with keen eyes.

“It was quite unexpected for you to come with us, Rossweisse-san.”

When I say that, Rossweisse-san answers me while putting her chest forward as if the action she took was the right decision.

“Of course. I’m a teacher from Kuou academy and all of you are my students. You can call this as my guidance. Coming into Romania is nothing more than an extracurricular lesson.”

Rossweisse-san is looking around the shops while her eyes are sparkling despite saying such bombastic things.

“……Hmm, looks there are some interesting shops here……”

Maybe the one who is enjoying the most coming out here is Rossweisse-san……

—Now, the situation of the town that Rias and the others told us to observe didn’t seem like there is any influence due to the coup d’état nor are the residents that are walking the streets showing any sign of confusion.

As we thought, they don’t know anything about the coup d’état. So the coup d’état actually happened silently while the King escaped without anyone knowing. But for the King to escape while leaving his people……

“Welcome, how about tea made from special herbs harvested from this area?”

Like that, there are shopkeepers who call out to us casually despite knowing that we are outsiders.

“As I thought, there are no discount shops around here…… I think it would be okay for a 100 yen shop to be popular in the world of Vampires as well……”

Rossweisse-san sighs as if she is grieving.

……S-So you were looking forward to that…… Just how much love and attachment do you have towards 100 yen shop......?

I was making such comments inside myself……but something shocking appears within my sight.

—The girl who is the other half of Ophis is sitting in front of a stand.


She’s staring at the products displayed on the stand. It looks like an accessory shop.

It seems like she’s looking at an accessory that has the shape of a red Dragon.

“……Umm, little girl, which one do you want to buy?”

It seems like the shop keeper of the stand is having a hard time with confronting the girl who is simply looking at his products silently.

The others also realise that the other half of Ophis, Lilith, is in front of them, so they are really surprised as well.

……I don’t feel any presence of suspicious people nearby. Did this girl come to buy something on her own……?

We look at each other while being confused and didn’t know what to do…… I then make my mind up after breathing out.

I went next to Lilith and pointed at a product.

“……Do you want this?”

When I ask, Lilith notices me and stares into my face.


She’s silent and she doesn’t give any response. I then tell the shopkeeper.

“I’ll buy this one.”

I buy the accessory of a red Dragon by using the money I can use in this country which was given to me by Rias.

I then hand that to Lilith.

“Here you go, see ya.”

I try to leave with everyone after saying that. Well, confronting her any longer than this seems dangerous, so I thought we should go elsewhere.

—However, someone pulls my clothes. When I look, I witness Lilith pulling on my clothes.

“……W-What is it?”

I ask, but the girl says this with no emotion on her face.

“……My stomach, empty.”

The girl who is the other half of Ophis eats the roll cabbage and the meat that have been twisted right in front of me.

We took this girl with us and couldn’t help ourselves but to enter the restaurant nearby.

There is Romanian food all lined up on the table. There is also other food from other countries which we can enjoy. Of course. Since those who became Vampires come from various parts of the world, the cooking here must also be multi-cultural.

I’m eating Japanese food that I’m really familiar with even though I’m looking forward to eating Romanian food. I never expected that I would be able to eat tofu in the country of Vampires…… I take a piece.

Ugh, it does have the shape of a tofu but the taste isn’t that good…… As I thought, it’s best to eat Japanese food in Japan.

Lilith takes the tofu into her mouth without any complaint.

“Is it good?”

I ask.

“……Not sure.”

The girl answers plainly. It’s messy around her mouth due to the crumbles of food and sauces.

“Oh, you have some sauce on your mouth.”

Asia wipes the sauce for her with a handkerchief.

“Okay, it’s all clean now.”

She continues to eat once her mouth has been wiped. ……And her mouth gets dirty again.

Xenovia who is watching this while resting her chin on her hand says this.

“So this is Ophis’s other half. ……What should we do? Is this a chance?”

By chance, she must mean if we can make her spill information about the new Khaos Brigade or maybe simply taking this girl somewhere.

Irina sighs while shrugging her shoulder.

“……I don’t think we should. We are being watched after all, so it seems like we’ll get ourselves into trouble if we make any weird moves on this girl. She is a member of the Khaos Brigade after all and she is considered as Ophis-san to everyone who doesn’t know the truth. Since the Ophis-san in the Hyoudou residence is treated as if she doesn’t exist, this girl here is “Ophis” from the view of every force.”

She’s right. The ones watching us also came inside the restaurant and are keeping their eyes on us while sitting far from us. So we can’t make any wrong moves. Furthermore, she seems to be insanely powerful so we won’t be able to handle her if she resists.

They are confident that this girl can’t be taken away by us, even if she is to encounter us or any other people.

“Well, simply eating with her should be fine.”

That’s the conclusion I came up with. We won’t get involved with her any more than this and simply finish this by having a meal together.

We are obviously going to allow ourselves to observe her. We also have a Dragon-God in our home and this girl happens to be the other half of Ophis.

Maybe her hunger is gone, so Lilith puts her fork down and suddenly starts to—sniff me.

She starts to sniff my body. ……Eh, am I smelly? That’s what I thought, so I start to smell myself……

Lilith then says it with few words.

“……Same smell as Lilith.”

She has no expression on her face, but she is however tilting her head. The similar way how Ophis tilts her head.

“……Ah, did Ophis’s smell get on me?”

I say that. I assumed she smelled the smell of Ophis, the real one, from my body.

“……Maybe you have her smell on right now, Ise-kun.”

That’s what Rossweisse-san says, but Lilith says this next.

“……Also the smell, of nostalgia. Red, big, a smell of Red Dragon.”


A red and big Dragon. She must mean Great Red.

My current body is made from borrowing a section of Great Red’s body. It’s not weird if she can smell Great Red from me. From the way she said that, it seems like she doesn’t know much about Great Red like the real Ophis does.

But I’m surprised. The real Ophis is very interested in Great Red, but even this girl recognises that Sekiryuushintei……

The relation between Ophis and Great Red must be more complex than I imagined.

I got my head clear and introduce ourselves to Lilith.

“I’m Hyoudou Issei. She’s Asia, the ones over there are Xenovia and Irina, and the one over there is Rossweisse-san.”

Asia and the others also greet her with a smile.

“……Hyoudou, Issei…..Issei……”

She says my name to remember it. Huh? Is my name a bit too hard to remember?

“You can just call me Ise.”

I say it in a friendly manner, but—


She becomes silent, and I witness the difference between her and Ophis. She has less expressions than Ophis. What did they do with the stolen power of Ophis and how did they use it? Those are the things I’m concerned about now.

Maybe she is satisfied, so the girl doesn’t say anything and stands up from her seat.

“What, are you going home?”

When I ask, Lilith doesn’t turn around but says,

“…………Rizevim, protect, Lilith’s duty.”

That’s what she simply says.

After we look at each other, we head back towards the castle after finishing our meal quickly.

Part 3

We, the group that went outside, return and talk with the other members since Azazel-sensei finally came back.

Sensei then talks to us.

“Oh, it’s you guys. I’ve just come back. ……So how was it outside?”

“It was normal. Like you said, they don’t seem to know anything about the coup d’état.”

—When I tell him my impression, Sensei mutters out saying, “Thought so”.

Gasper makes a rare action by talking to Sensei. He puts on a smile with a high tension—.

“Azazel-sensei, please listen to me! Marius-san promised me that he will release Valerie! I’m so glad~. With this, I can take Valerie to Japan!”

He reacts to Gasper’s reaction and words, so he looks at us right away.

“……Tell me, what happened?”

We tell Sensei about Valerie. We already heard about the discussion with the Head of the House of Vladi from Rias (we avoided telling Gasper about the information regarding his birth), but he seems like he has a good grasp of it already.

Sensei waves his hand to call me, Rias, and Akeno-san to the corner of the room.

Sensei says it in a small voice to make sure Gasper and Asia can’t hear us.

(I’m sure you guys know this already, but what he means by releasing her is……)

(Yes, as I thought, it’s something that isn’t good……)

Sensei nods to my words.

(He must be planning to take that, the Holy Grail, from her. From Valerie’s body that is. The Fallen Angel’s technology has been leaked outside. So it won’t be weird if they have the techniques to do that over here. After all, the ones behind them are the Khaos Brigade.)

……Pulling it out.

Asia who got her Twilight Healing pulled out flashes back in my head.

……That bastard Marius is planning to do the same thing. So he’s planning to make Gasper watch that happen……!

Rias burns in rage.

(……Since Marius used the word “releasing” her, I’m sure he’s planning to make his move very soon. We need to tell this to Gasper soon. ……That man, Marius Tepes, sure is a despicable Vampire……!)

Maybe she can’t forgive Marius who fooled her servant, so she must be feeling mad because she can’t let herself tell the truth to Gasper who is in so much joy. This is a problem she is facing since it’s Rias who is so kind.

I also have anger piling up inside me, but it’s not like we can do anything about it right now.

(But if the time comes, I want to take her with us by force. At this rate, it’s certain that something dangerous will happen for real.)

I say that with heat in my words.

Rias feels the same, so she shakes her head.

(I want to find a chance and leave this country together with her. I am having Bennia prepare an escape route just in case…… We need to rethink about this case.)

Yeah, we can’t just ignore this. What’s left is the timing……

We return to where everyone else is from the corner of the room. I shake my head and change the subject.

“By the way Sensei, what were you doing for the past two days?”

“……I was researching the Sacred Gears possessed by the half-blood Vampires. It seems like there are many half-bloods that are born with Sacred Gears lately. Though I don’t know the reason behind it.”

Half-blood Vampires who are Sacred Gear possessors huh. Gasper and Valerie are part of them as well.

……So the number of them are increasing. The half-blood Vampires that are Sacred Gear possessors……

Sensei continues.

“The problem lies in the fact that the knowledge regarding the Sacred Gears has increased among the researchers of the Vampire’s side. It seems like there are those that are trying to find out more about them on their own like Marius, but you can clearly see the areas they haven’t advanced to if you were to compare them to the research level of the Grigori. So I taught them things they should know.”

“……Is it okay? To do that at this time in the country where their government still isn’t stable due to the recent coup d’état…… And don’t Vampires hate that kind of treatment……?”

If things go wrong, I’m worried that the coup d’état faction that is currently controlling this country will use that information for their benefit. I also assume that Sensei’s advice will be something which isn’t necessary for them since they hate other forces coming into their problems.

Then Sensei says.

“The researchers that I spoke with are the ones that had been researching about the Sacred Gears even before the coup d’état. They were more willing to listen to what I had to say rather than taking their so called pride of Vampires as their priority. It also seemed like Marius was the one who mainly researched about the Holy Grail, so they didn’t have any intention of taking such direct rebellion. Well, that’s why I gave them the minimum information they should know. After all, this country is also showing signs of being in danger in terms of the Sacred Gears.”

“How is that so?”

Sensei answers with a complicated expression when I asked.

“—The Balance Breakers. You do know that Cao Cao leaked the information of how to reach Balance Breaker to every force, right?”

Irina says it as if she realised something.

“Oh, if the half-blood Vampires that are dissatisfied with the current situation were to go wild using their Sacred Gears……”

Sensei nods.

“That’s how it is. Escaping from the ones that bullied you using your Balance Breaker will be fine. It’s quite common for it to be used for revenge. The problem is for them to go wild without any care of their surroundings by being bewitched by the Balance Breakers. They did observe such signs of that happening after all. So they must have wanted to prepare a counter measure against Balance Breakers immediately. That’s why I taught them things related to such situations and also promised them about deployments from the Grigori’s side. Looks like this place also has the same troubles as the Devil’s side.”

So he promised his help to them huh. Seriously, Sensei sure is quick at moving when things get involved with Sacred Gears.

Xenovia makes a bitter smile.

“I knew that Azazel-sensei has a soft spot.”

Sensei scratches his head.

“……I want to retrieve as much information related to the Sacred Gears as I can. Under this situation where all these sorts of things which are impossible to predict are happening here, the most valuable thing during such times is information. Especially all these Balance Breaker bargain sales that are happening are something you couldn’t even imagine in the past. Anything will become valuable information.”

The way to reach Balance Breaker found by Cao Cao and the Hero faction—. So it has affected even a place this far. Well, it’s natural for people that want to test it to appear in a world where there is discrimination between pure-bloods and others if such information gets passed among the lower class folks.

On top of that, this society of Vampires has never sought for cooperation from other factions till now. So they ended up facing the threats of Balance Breakers that had been occurring internally by themselves.

If a Sacred Gear possessor that is a half-blood Vampire who is capable of using Balance Breaker is to come to the human world with bad intentions…… No, such people may have already hidden themselves within the towns of the human world…… But there’s no point in thinking about such things now.

“The Holy Grail—what disappoints me the most is that I couldn’t meet Valerie. ……I could have come up with a counter measure if I was able to check her even a bit……”

Sensei looks like he’s regretting it. Seems like the meeting between Sensei and Valerie wasn’t permitted. They probably don’t want to have someone who has rich knowledge about Sacred Gears checking the Holy Grail out.

I then ask another question I have doubts about.

“The Underworld……what is Sirzechs-sama planning to do regarding this incident? Sensei, you have already reported this to him, right?”

The son of the previous Lucifer that had helped the coup d’état faction of the Vampire Tepes’s side. –Rizevim’s existence must be something the Underworld cannot ignore. Especially inside the mind of Sirzechs-sama who uses the same name as him……

Sensei speaks while closing his eyes.

“……I reported to him about Rizevim just in case, but I still haven’t received any reply from the higher-ups of the Devils. What will happen if you add Rizevim to the situation when they were already in confusion due to Euclid being alive? It’s pretty much guaranteed that the situation over there is chaotic. So Sirzechs won’t be able to move even a muscle since he needs to come up with a counter measure. That’s how special the name “Lucifer” is. Especially now……since Rizevim who is the son of the previous Lucifer made his appearance. So it won’t be weird for the previous government supporters who have been hiding at the far end of the Underworld to take action.”

……Everyone became dead quiet at Sensei’s words.

Just how special a Lucifer is—. That’s also something I know despite my short time being a Devil . ……For the supporters of the previous government to come back once that old man makes his move again. Just what would happen to the Underworld……? Just recently, the current Devils including Sairaorg-san went to the trouble of taking down the Old-Maou faction that has been going wild while the Hero faction caused chaos……

—It means that there are those that find your so-called peace as a pain.

What Vali said to me back at the time when we fought the Evil-God Loki comes back to my memory.

…...As long as I find it a peace, it means that there is someone out there who is finding it a pain……


A sudden mysterious sensation strikes us who had just been having a discussion.

A feeling where this room became enveloped by a certain barrier—. It’s not a nasty feeling. That’s because I can feel a familiar aura.

—Then a magic-circle belonging to the Sitri shows up on the ceiling and someone sticks their head out from it upside down.

—It’s the Grim Reaper girl Bennia!

《Hello. It took quite some time to connect this place with the outside, but I’m glad we were able to manage it.》

Bennia who went to the market from the Gondola station without anyone knowing. She finally shows up. I couldn’t meet her at the castle town after all. Well, that’s natural, since we had people keep their eyes on us.

So the reason why she put the barrier on this room is so she can come here directly huh. Is this the escape route Rias spoke of? ……It hasn’t been noticed by the people in this castle, right……?

High school DxD v16 002-003.jpg

While we are doing this, something falls down from the magic-circle on the ceiling.

There is a cute scream which went “Kyaa” belonging to a girl along with the sound of something crashing onto the floor.

When I look, I witness Elmenhilde who failed in landing patting her hip. The one who comes falling down next is the huge man Rugal, but in his case, he landed perfectly. Lastly, Bennia flies down from the ceiling.

Seeing our faces which look like we had just seen something weird, Elmehilde stands up right away after noticing us and changes her attitude with a cough.

“How do you do, all of you? I’m glad all of you are doing fine.”

She greets us with a high attitude……but I’m frustrated since I thought she was a bit cute for failing to jump down properly!

“Elmenhilde, so you sneaked into this country.”

Elmenhilde makes a single nod to Rias’s words.

“Of course. I met Bennia-san who is standing over there when the agents and I were deciding on which route to take to come to this castle. —There is something I need to report.”

She changes her attitude and tells this to us with a serious face.

“—We received information that Marius Tepes’s faction is going to take action by moving onto the final phase of using the Holy Grail very shortly.”


Gasper’s face changes after hearing that.

Moving to the final phase……?

“The final phase……no, it can’t be.”

Elmenhilde says this at Sensei’s words.

“They are planning to take the Holy Grail out from Valerie Tepes in order to take complete control of this country. By increasing the power of the Holy Grail, they are trying to activate their plan of reconstructing the whole civilian population living in the castle town.”

……So they made their move after all……!

To extract the Holy Grail! And they are planning to take complete control of this country on top of that? And by reconstructing all of the civilians!

Sensei narrows his eyes by putting his hand on his chin.

“I already predicted the Holy Grail……but they are planning to change the civilians into Vampires that have no weaknesses? Is that even something you can call a Vampire?”

Elmenhilde also puts on a face filled with disgust.

“It truly is disgusting. They are trying to change them into some other creature that has the trait of Vampires using the Holy Grail after all. Those from Carmilla faction that have come into this country are about to start the plan together with the Tepes faction’s government to defeat the anti-faction group.”

So they are already in a phase where they are about to suppress down the coup d’état.

Gasper who has found out the truth all of a sudden……is shivering his small body and has a gloomy face.

“……Umm, what will happen if Valerie has her Holy Grail extracted from her……?”

“—She will die. They were already planning to extract the Holy Grail from her once it had made some growth and when their research had advanced. If the possessor dies, the Longinus will move onto the next host. In order to stop that from happening, they can extract the Sacred Gear from her and have it with them and use it without being concerned about having it disappear.”

Gasper breaks down on the floor after having Sensei tell him the truth.

“……N-No it can’t be, because Marius-san promised me that he would release her……and that he’ll allow her to go to Japan…… Were all of those things lies……?”

Rias embraces Gasper who has so many tears falling down from his eyes gently.

“You sure don’t find a despicable person like that so often. —I can only feel disgusted by him.”

Rias’s irises are filled with so much rage that it’s dangerous.

“Yes, as I thought, we need to save Valerie before the so-called release—”

Right before I was about to spit out my determination, a bright light shines from the window which even reaches inside the room.

It’s not morning. There’s still time till the sun rises.

We look out the window to check outside immediately.

—There is a huge wall of light that is covering the castle!

Is this……the light for a magic-circle?

Sensei clicks his tongue after seeing that.

“……So they made the first move! Most likely, the Carmilla faction’s move is already caught by them. They are planning to start the ritual to extract the Holy Grail at this time! This……has quite a lot of their own marks, but there’s no doubt it’s the mark which shows up when you try to take out the Longinus from the possessor!”

Damn it! So that bastard Marius has made his move already! If we don’t hurry, we won’t make it in time to save Valerie!

Elmenhilde then stands at the centre of the magic-circle that Bennia created which is connected to outside the castle.

“I will make my move together with my comrades from the outside. So all of you need to escape here immediately.”

Sensei then makes a sigh at Elmenhilde’s words.

“Are you still trying to avoid our intrusion in this matter even under this situation? There are also terrorists among the enemies. There’s no doubt that the Evil Dragons will appear, you know?”

Even under this situation, Elmenhilde makes a strong smile.

“Yes, the Vampires will solve the problem of Vampires—”

Elmenhilde closes her eyes after saying it till there.

“……That’s what I would like to say, but our Queen Carmilla has approved your help.”

She says that in a way as if dissatisfied about it. I don’t think we are in a situation where she has the leisure to approve of us or not……but they must have their own opinions and style. Though I feel like telling them that’s nonsense.

Elmenhilde then looks at Gasper.

“Gasper Vladi, do you wish to retrieve the Holy Grail, and Valerie Tepes?”

“Of course!”

Gasper answers like that without any pause. Elmenhilde makes a single nod upon hearing that.

“Very well. If Gasper Vladi wishes to go, then I will approve all of you to go with him. I will entrust all of you to guard him and aid him. Initially, our plan was to stop Valerie Tepes’s action by using Gasper Vladi anyway.”

That’s such an arrogant way to say it! This girl is even saying things like that under this situation……!

“Then farewell. I may be causing trouble for you, but please connect me outside.”

Elmenhilde asks Bennia to start the teleport magic-circle once again.

“That’s unexpected coming from you to leave this to us, you know?”

She said many things I want to argue back against, but she left the duty of retrieving Valerie without making much complaints. That’s why I asked since I became curious.

“I do acknowledge all of your strength.”

She makes a sarcastic smile, then from the magic-circle—she falls down.


I can hear her scream from the magic-circle…… Bennia then sticks her tongue out.

《The place I connected her to is the ceiling of some other house.》

……Oh my, so that girl is falling down again huh……

Gasper then makes a declaration with eyes filled with strong determination.

“—I’ll save her. I want to save Valerie! Everyone! Please! Please lend me all of your strength!”


……You sure have a manly face.

I then smile at my junior.

“Of course. That’s why we came here! Let’s go save Valerie!”

Xenovia also smiles fearlessly by carrying her Durandal.

“I’ll lend you my hand. You are my junior. So rely on your seniors. If it’s a power battle, then I’ll demonstrate it as much as you want, you know?”

Kiba continues after her.

“Then it seems like I need to do a technique battle. Just how much I can test my strength against the enhanced pureblood Vampires. As a Knight of Gremory, I sure would like to join this battle.”

Irina and Asia also take a step forward.

“Yeah, helping the first year makes us the second year students! I’m going to give a punishment to the bad Vampires as a representative of the Heaven!”

“Yes! I’ll do my best as well! I-If the time comes, I will call out pa, I mean Fafnir-san!”

Koneko-chan smiles while holding Gasper’s hand.

“……A friend of my friend is also my friend. Gya-kun, I will help too.”

Akeno-san then hugs Gasper gently.

“Ufufu, I will also help you.”

Then our master, Rias Gremory, declares it to Gasper very strongly!

“Let’s go, Gasper. The Gremory group, the Occult Research Club, does not neglect a club member who is in need of help!”

Gasper is about to burst into tears at how everyone is willing to fight for him but he endures it.

“Ise-senpai, Buchou, Koneko-chan, everyone…… Yes! I will do my best!”

Bennia and Rugal-san also say this.

《We’ll help as well. Right, brother Rugal?》

“……Yeah. Fulfilling Sona-dono’s order is what makes us the Sitri-group.”

While we are raising our spirits, Sensei and Rossweisse-san are talking a bit away from us.

“It sure is nice, to be a youngster that is. Right, Rossweisse-sensei?”

“But I am young as well. Well, I will be using my magic till I am satisfied.”

Since everyone has the same opinion, I lift my fist up-high.

“Alright, let’s move out together with the Occult Research Club and the two new members of the student council! Let’s show it to them, the strength of how we break through obstacles like the firepower idiots we are called!”


The Devils of the Kuou academy then head out!

Life.3 Let’s Have the Sunlight Together With Me

Part 1

By creating a special barrier within the guest room, we exchange conversation in secret.

As long as that magic-circle has been activated on such a big scale, the inside of this castle as well as the outside is in a pre-battle situation. In other words, it wouldn’t be weird for the coup d’état faction to attack this guest room at any moment.

“Well, since the government-faction that teamed up with the Carmilla-faction will be attacking this castle, I’m sure they will concentrate most of their man power for that purpose. But we still need to be cautious.”

That’s what Sensei says.

Like Sensei said, I can’t feel the presence of any soldiers heading towards our side at all.

Though you can already hear the sound of explosions and screams coming from the outside. ……It means that the battle has already begun.

Sensei takes out a single map and spreads it on the floor. It’s a handwritten map.

“It’s a map I sketched in secret. Take a look at this. There is a huge spacious area that is located really deep down in the castle. The basement is deep, but there are four main floors. The Tepes-faction performs their main ritual that is related to the Vampires on the lowest floor which happens to be a ritual area—. Since that magic-circle activated with this castle as the centre point, I have no doubt that they are performing the ritual to extract the Holy Grail on the lowest floor of this castle.”

“And the Khaos Brigade will be down there too, right?”

Xenovia says that and Sensei nods in agreement.

“The higher-ups who were involved with the coup d’état and their royal guards must be there right now. And the place we are heading towards would be there as well.”

Kiba then starts to put marks on the map.

“I got a fair grasp of the range that the soldiers here work at during the past two days in this castle. I think I can prepare a route to go down the basement without encountering that many soldiers just in case. What I mean by “just in case” is that since this isn’t a normal situation now, I am sure that the formations of the soldiers here have changed.”

Oh, so the reason why Kiba sometimes disappeared from the guest room during our time here is because he went to check out the castle. Since it’s Kiba who has god-speed, he didn’t get caught by the soldiers.

“Either way, the ones that we would be encountering are the strong foes that will be at the basement whether we like it or not.”

Kiba fearlessly smiles.

That’s how it will turn out. Since they are performing the important task of extracting the Holy Grail here, Marius and those around him with important roles would be there……along with that Evil Dragon.

So there will be plenty of strong foes in the path we are taking. Well, it does seem like a battle that the Gremory group would usually face.

I make a big sigh and scratch my head.

“We sure do get ourselves dragged into such situations often.”

Sensei puts his hand on my head.

“Well, that’s the reason why all of you made such remarkable growth and attained the firepower and the force to break through obstacles which is fitting for your growth.”

Sensei then says while looking at all of us.

“Our plan is to stop the Holy Grail from being extracted. I might be saying a cruel thing, but in the worst case scenario, we will still capture Marius even if it’s after the Holy Grail has been extracted. The other Vampires besides Marius with a high post……try to keep them alive as much as possible. —So the point is, you can eliminate the terrorists without any mercy. I will allow it. If you are put in a dangerous situation of being attacked by an Evil Dragon, then escaping with Valerie and the Holy Grail is an option too. Don’t push yourself to defeat it. I won’t go as far as to ask you to defeat an Evil Dragon.”

That’s simple and easy to understand. So if an Evil Dragon appears……we can run if we feel that it’s dangerous.

That Crom Cruach is someone I don’t want to fight at all costs. Even Ddraig warned me about him.

“I-I’m going to bring back Valerie!”

Gasper stands up and says that in high spirits.

Everyone sees that and puts on a good smile.

[Of course!]

Our words overlap each other! That’s how it is!

We stand up altogether and leave the guest room with much enthusiasm—.

We walk down the stairs towards the basement.

Thanks to Kiba making a route for us, we didn’t receive that much assault. As we suspected, the locations where the soldiers would normally be on standby has changed. Though we only had two easy battles till we got here.

We can hear the powerful noises of the battle happening outside. There was a lot of damage to the castle due to the battles occurring outside where their attacks have even reached the castle. Well, I doubt their attacks will reach here inside the basement, but the earthquake-like shock due from the battle outside echoes even in here.

After we walk down the stairs for a while, we exit out onto the first floor we reach.

An open space. It’s big enough that it will be alright even if we go a bit wild in here. Thanks to the lighting on the ceiling we can see till the furthest part of this floor. Though we can still see inside dark places due to being a Devil.

—Then there are lines of shadows belonging to a group of people. There are so many Vampire soldiers clad in armour that they can easily fill half of this floor. Every one of them has a weapon in their hands and their red eyes are glowing so intensely that it looks dangerous.

There are……more than a hundred of them. They are Vampires that were formerly human. Even though their traits as Vampires are weak compared to the pure-bloods, their physical ability is so extraordinary that a mere human cannot stand against them.

Sensei says while creating a spear of light in his hand.

“Now then, who wants to take them on? Since there will be stronger foes below this floor, I don’t want to waste unnecessary strength here.”

“Since you have a job to do once we reach the Holy Grail, we will be troubled if we have you waste your energy here, Azazel.”

Akeno-san says. Exactly. Since Sensei is someone who left the front-line, it may be better for him to stay behind us during group battles and command us instead.

Xenovia carries Durandal on her shoulder.

“I would like to release Durandal’s aura here as the signal for the start of our battle, but it would be better that I don’t, right?”

Rias nods.

“Yes, that is something you cannot use consecutively, right? If that’s the case, it would be better to use it against the Evil Dragons.”

See? That’s how it is. Xenovia sure does think like that all the time! When I thought she became skillful in using Ex-Durandal recently, she starts to behave in such a way!

Irina then warns Xenovia.

“Xenovia, use your head a bit. I thought you became capable of using techniques, but you ended up fighting with power again!”

Xenovia tilts her head.

“I can’t help it, since Kiba is with us, I can’t help but think that I don’t need to do complicated things.”

Kiba makes a deep sigh upon hearing that.

“……No, I’m going to repeat myself again, but that logic of yours is wrong, Xenovia…… Let’s have a meeting once we go back home……sigh.”

……I can only sympathise with Kiba who is the same [Knight] of the Gremory as her……

Irina apologies to Kiba on behalf of Xenovia.

“I’m sorry, Kiba-kun. Xenovia has been like this for a long time. If we lack in numbers, she’ll come forward to fill in the hole, but she’ll suddenly leave the spot if she knows we have enough people.”

Kiba nods as if he understands now.

“Yeah, I initially thought she was a calm person, but as the days go by, I've started to stop thinking of her as such a person……”

Xenovia makes an unpleasant face while signs of rage pop up on her forehead.

“You guys are so rude! Despite my actions, I’m using my head every day!”

That sure isn’t convincing! It might have worked if she said it when we first met her, but right now it doesn’t even sound plausible!

Rias says while putting her hand on her forehead.

“……Well then, what should we do about this situation we are in? Maybe it’s wise to have everyone here take them on.”

—Then two people take a step forward.

“…………This won’t be a problem.”

《Well, it means that we have to take them on then.》

It’s Rugal-san and Bennia!

“Bennia! Rugal-san! Won’t this be a bit difficult if it’s only the two of you?”

I have such worries—but Bennia materialises a scythe which is larger than her height within her hand from a different dimension.

《There wouldn’t be any point in you bringing us here if we didn’t do our job after all~》

She says that while her tone doesn’t sound too serious—and the small Grim Reaper girl leaps forward!

Rather than running towards them, she slides towards the group of Vampires! That’s a special trait of a Grim Reaper where she fights while leaving behind her shadows due to the incredible speed.

《Here’s the Grim Reaper girl coming through.》

While talking in a light manner, she creates many duplicates of herself and starts to play around with the soldiers! Even they can’t aim their swords at the opponent they are facing! Even if they swing their swords, they simply cut her duplicate; therefore they can’t even harm her at all.

Kiba sighs due to the amazement from seeing Bennia’s movements.

“……You can grasp hold of her shadow with your eyes, but it’s something created due to her incredible speed. It’s a movement where you can’t catch her that easily even if you were to try.”

So it means it’s the same characteristic as Kiba when he leaves behind his shadow due to his incredible speed.

You can follow her with your eyes. —But it’s something where you won’t be able to hit her directly since she can create a blind spot by making the shadow disappear.

In other words, she can do the same trick as Kiba. ......Is Kiba amazing for being able to make a movement similar to a Grim Reaper or is Bennia amazing for having a similar speed as Kiba who is a strong fighter? Though I can also come up with the conclusion that they are both amazing……

《You’ll die……anyone who sees my scythe will all die.》

Bennia slashes the soldiers with her scythe. However, there’s no sign of the soldiers being inflicted with wounds. But the ones slashed by Bennia’s scythe collapse without exception.

The soldiers stop moving as if they had their souls taken away.

Sensei says.

“It’s that death-scythe. Those slashed by that scythe don’t take any external wounds, but instead get their souls slashed. The amount of damage inflicted to your soul will be determined by the person’s strength…… Being able to take down the Vampire soldiers that have been enhanced by the Holy Grail with a single slash shows that Bennia’s potential is something to be reckoned with.”

We also had ourselves attacked with that scythe. Yeah, it was during the time we were assaulted by the Hero-faction in the Underworld. We fought a group of Grim Reapers dispatched by Hades.

“She has at least a strength that is beyond a Mid-class Devil. She does have better movements than those Grim Reapers we fought after the test.”

That is my honest opinion. Her movements are clearly quicker than those middle-level Grim Reapers we fought back then, and her slashes are also sharp.

Nothing more to be expected from the daughter of a famous Grim Reaper in the realm of the dead. Kiba is deeply moved.

“Her speed is also enhanced even further due to being a [Knight]. It’s a good compatibility with her nature. Xenovia, make sure you take a good look at her, okay?”

“……Is that sarcasm?”

Xenovia has her eyes half-shut. No, Xenovia’s movements are also fast. But in terms of speed, Bennia is above her. Though it’s a complete victory for Xenovia in terms of power.

While the Grim Reaper girl is slashing down her opponents, Rugal-san takes off his coat and drops it on the floor. You can easily see his well-trained body even from above his shirt.

“…………Here I come.”

After muttering that out, various parts of his body twitch and begin to grow bigger!

His shirt can’t withstand the change of his body that is getting buffer so it starts to tear up while making sounds.

There are sharp fangs growing out from Rugal-san’s mouth and a beast-like mouth is sticking out! His nails grow sharp and ash-coloured fur grew from his whole body!


The howl of a beast that echoes throughout the basement—.

It’s a howl that sounds just like a wolf! Even his shape has the form of a humanoid wolf!

Yes, what appears in front of our eyes is—an ash furred beast-man that morphed from a human! So Rugal-san is a Werewolf!?

Rugal-san who has just morphed starts to bend his neck.

[I’ll have myself fight as someone from the Sitri as well.]

There is panic within the Vampire soldiers after seeing Rugal-san who is making a stance against them!

“A Werewolf!?”

“Ku! So there was a Werewolf that reincarnated into a Devil!”

I can’t help but witness their gaze that carries their shock and hatred.

Rias then explains it to me who is confused.

“Since Vampires and Werewolves have been at war since ancient times, they both consider each other as their greatest enemies.”

I see. So the reason why the Vampires from the Carmilla-faction weren’t optimistic with Rugal-san back at the Carmilla’s territory is because they knew he was a Werewolf.

[I am quite used to battling Vampires. So I won’t hold back.]

Saying that, Rugal-san rushes forward and starts to tear up the soldiers as if they were simply paper! I heard this before, but Werewolves are ranked in the top-classes among the beast-men.

“Damn you!”

Even though the soldiers attack him with swords and spears—maybe it’s due to him being tough from the beginning or maybe it’s because of the trait as a [Rook] that has increased his toughness, but they can’t even make a single scratch on him. Instead their blades shatter.

《Brother Rugal is no ordinary Werewolf.》

Bennia says that while attacking.

Then marks appear on both of Rugal-san’s arms! It’s a mark that is identical to those magical equations. Once a fire is formed within Rugal-san’s hand, he simply smashes his fist into it!

A fire-punch! The Vampire soldiers get their whole body burned. It’s so hot that it even melts the armour they are wearing! I can tell that is quite a powerful magical fire!

“So he can also use magic!”

Bennia says to me who is in shock.

《He’s basically a hacked hybrid wolf-guy that was born between a famous witch and a Werewolf that is famous for its ash-coloured fur.》

What the heck is that!? So he’s a Werewolf who is both good in attacking and defending, on top of that he’s good at magic!?

“……Sona sure did make an incredible person into her [Rook].”

It also seems like Rias is shocked at Rugal-san’s traits! Even though he started his attack after Bennia who began attacking before him, he has already taken down more soldiers than her!

He enhances his attack and defence with his magic when it has already been increased due to his trait of being a [Rook]! He doesn’t even flinch against the enemies attack, therefore he’s still unscratched!

His movements are also wolf-like, swift and speedy. Even the opponents he hasn’t attacked—get taken down without anyone remaining by Bennia who is supporting him!

The two new faces of the Sitri-group are showing their reliable battle skills already! No wonder Sona-kaichou said they will become very handy in this land of Vampires!

—Then from behind us, we can hear footsteps from the stairs that lead back up to the surface. The others also realise that. An ominous aura. It’s most likely enemy reinforcements!

[Go on, Gremory-group. Bennia and I will take care of this.]

Rugal-san says that while tearing apart the enemies.

“We can entrust this place to you then?”

Bennia responds to Rias’s word as she swings her scythe.

《This is also the reason we were sent here. Showing the strength of us, the two newcomers, as well as buying time for the main force which will be all of you is our duty.》

[She probably wants us to get used to battle as a Devil immediately. Our master is quite strict.]

Despite saying that, you sure are showing reliable attacks! If it’s like this, then we can leave the enemy reinforcements to them too.

We nod to each other and walk across the battle field by running through their fights!

We then reach the stairs to the basement! Rias says while turning around.

“We’ll leave this place to the two of you, Bennia, Rugal!”

Bennia and Rugal-san give us a thumbs up.

We’ll entrust this place to you, Sitri’s new faces!

We then climb down the stairs in a rush—.

As we go down the stairs, Xenovia mutters.

“……The increase in battle force of the Sitri group is overwhelming. Won’t we have even more of a difficulty if we were to have another game with them?”

Sensei then says.

“In terms of overall balance in the game, Sona’s side is already above this group. If you simply focus on fire-power, then you’ll have a hard time for your future games, Rias.”

Rias breathes out.

“I know that. I have never once looked down on Sona.”

She’s right. We can never look down on Sona-kaichou. She even showed us that she can control both the Sitri group and the Gremory group in the battle against the group of magicians the other day.

As we go down the stairs, we come out into an open space again.

There are four spacious floors including the deepest floor within the basement of this castle. This is the second one.

The ones that stand in front of us are—.

“They are here. Just like the King said.”

“Yeah, the rumoured Gremory group.”

“They would be good opponents for us that have been strengthened.”

The Vampires are clearly displaying an atmosphere where they are above the rank of the soldiers we encountered on the previous floor. Instead of the soldier’s armour, they are wearing regular clothing, but the pressure coming out from their body isn’t comparable to the other soldiers at all.

“They must be the direct subordinates of the higher-ups of the coup d’état faction. They aren’t pure-bloods, but they are warriors that carry the traits of Vampires strongly.”

Sensei mutters.

So we have enhanced warriors next huh. Now then, who’s going to take them on?

“Either way, Balance Break.”

I wear my armour immediately. It’s probably a good time to wear this. The danger increases as we travel further down the stairs after all.

“Now then, what should we do? Oh yeah, Kiba.”

I give my suggestion to Kiba.

“How about we attack them together?”

Kiba makes a fearless smile.

“There’s no way I can decline after receiving an invitation from you. Okay, let’s dance together with the Sekiryuutei and the holy-demonic sword.”

Alright, let’s take this on with the male-duo.

—It happens when we take a step forward.

“We’ll take the—”

“—first move!”

The ones that run past us are—the duo of Xenovia and Irina! The ones who attack first are the warrior-duo from the Church side!

After they close the distance with the enemies, they start slashing towards the enemies by making a complicated attack by using their holy-sword and the mass produced holy-demonic sword!

“Ku! A holy-sword!”

The Vampire that just whined changes his body into mist and avoids the first strike. —But the strike from Xenovia and Irina doesn’t end there since a holy aura is emitted from their blades!

The male Vampire positioned at the rear morphs his body into a bat and just barely avoids the aura.

“Stretch out!”

Xenovia makes a second strike by changing the blade of Durandal into a whip to slash down the Vampire beside him.


That Vampire couldn’t dodge it and gets hit by it……but he doesn’t receive that much damage from the holy-sword.

Normally, Vampires are weak against holy attacks similar to Devils. Since he didn’t receive that much critical damage from it, it means that they have overcome their weakness due to the Holy Grail.

Xenovia and Irina sigh.

“Hmm, even though we swung our swords softly, I don’t feel good about Durandal not working properly on the Vampires. “

“But they are not opponents we can’t defeat. We can certainly win if we attack them again and again. …...The problem is that we can’t waste that much time.”

Yeah, what we found out right now is that even though they are enhanced Vampires, they are not a threat to us. Except, due to being enhanced by the Holy Grail, there’s no doubt that they are opponents that will be annoying to take on. By including the factors that we are confined in space in the basement and that we are in a situation where we can’t waste our energy, we have to avoid using flashy attacks and attack them with simple attacks instead.

“There’s an option for me to stay behind and fight……but the one downstairs is most likely—”

Kiba looks down to the floor—and it seems like he’s trying to look far below the floor.

Yeah, the one waiting for us downstairs is most likely the Evil Dragon. There’s a chance that it’s Crom Cruach or Lilith who is the other half of Ophis that is always besides Rizevim.

If we have to fight those two, then we will be in trouble if Kiba isn’t with us. ……We don’t even know if we can beat Crom Cruach, or if Ophis’s other half is also downstairs……

We don’t want to waste unnecessary strength here. —But there are several annoying opponents’ right in front of us.

Now then, what option do we have? While we are coming up with the best option we have, Koneko-chan takes a step forward.

“……Please leave this to me.”

Saying that, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breathe.

“……It seems like what Nee-sama taught me will come in handy here.”

Then shallow white light starts to appear around Koneko-chan’s body.

It starts to envelop Koneko-chan’s small body, and she also releases her touki as if she’s responding to it.

Koneko-chan has touki around her body and is emitting light from her body. The light eventually becomes massive and bigger. The light starts to mould into a shape.

……The one that appears once the light settles is……an Onee-san who looks like Kuroka!

She’s wearing a white kimono while she has cat-ears and two cat tails growing out!

That Onee-san speaks.

[By gathering the natural ki nearby, I made myself grow by force by synchronising it with my touki.]

Seriously!? T-This is Koneko-chan’s vooooice!

Rias says to me who is taken aback and speechless.

“That’s a senjutsu technique which allows Koneko to grow temporarily so she can use the nekomata’s power with her free will and it is done by taking in the ki outside into her body. —Koneko said it’s called Shirone-mode.”

So she forced herself to become an older woman through the use of senjutsu! And it’s called Shirone-mode!

M-More importantly! It’s huge! Her oppai are huge!

Her breasts have matured so much that you can tell from above her kimono! It’s about the same size as Kuroka! Ah, so when Koneko-chan matures, she’ll turn into a wonderful beauty like this!

Shirone-mode Koneko-chan goes ahead without making a sound just like a ghost.

When she swings her right hand to the side, what appears there is—a big wheel.

The wheel is covered in white flames.

[—Kasha. It’s one of the nekomata’s ability.]

Kasha! I know at least the name of that! Sensei then says.

“Kasha is a youkai that lures the dead to the other world and is called the other form of nekomata. For them who woke up from the dead and turned into Vampires, that flame would become the critical strike due to the technique’s trait. The problem is if it would work on them that have lost their weaknesses……”

Koneko-chan makes many kasha appear in the air and she makes them go flying towards the Vampire warriors that are standing in front of her!

High school DxD v16 155.jpg

The kasha spins in the air very fast and goes flying towards them very quickly!

“I've never seen such an attack, but something like this is—”

He looks down on her attack fearlessly—. Even if he dodges the kasha, it changes its course in the air where it finally grabs hold of the Vampire!


The Vampire turns into ashes while screaming in agony! Oh, one hit kill!

Her opponents are in shock after seeing that.

“W-Why!? Why did he burn!? We were supposed to have gained a body where fire won’t work on us!”

If they suddenly turn into ashes after they thought they overcame their weakness, then it’s natural for them to be shocked.

Koneko-chan says it mercilessly.

[It’s useless. That fire will not disappear until it burns out the dead. I changed the natural ki it took inside to a power of purification by using my senjutsu. It’s not about weaknesses. As long as you don’t change the reason and the principle of your existence, the fire will keep on burning all of you.]

—Power of purification.

So Koneko-chan gained such an ability with the training she had with Kuroka!

Sensei nods.

“……It’s basically the opposite of Saji’s cursed flame. His flames curse you for eternity with the negative power while hers purify and make you disappear with the positive power.”

The power to purify! Hmm, an ability fitting for Koneko-chan who is strict with lecherous things!

“Then we simply have to attack!”

One of the Vampires that gave up on dodging it tries to attack Koneko-chan directly!

—But, the moment his fist touches Koneko-chan, that Vampire turns to ashes immediately!

[……Right now I am the power of purification itself. You know you will disappear simply by touching me?]

Disappearing simply by touching her! It’s too amazing since its the power of purification!


I swallow my saliva and Sensei says to me.

“Even the evil you shouldn’t touch her, you know? You’ll get purified. That works effectively on those who have evil intentions. It will probably work on Evil Dragons too. Obviously the effectiveness will reflect on how well Koneko can use it…… But it seems like against these enhanced Vampires, they can’t even do anything against her.”

Yeah, just like Sensei said, the many kasha controlled by Koneko-chan begin to eliminate each of the enemies.


The last one standing turns into ashes and disappears as he screams.

Koneko-chan single-handedly took care of all the Vampire warriors!

After confirming that she took care of all of them, Koneko-chan breathes out. I can tell that she is tired.

“That was amazing, Koneko-chan! Oh, but I can’t touch you so light heartedly……”

Even though I rush to her side, I can’t touch Koneko-chan who is emitting out white light.

Koneko-chan then says it with a red face while wiggling her body.

[……Ise-senpai. ……I’ve grown bigger now.]

“Y-You certainly have……gotten bigger.”

Of course her height is taller, but her breasts especially grew the most! Uoo, so Koneko-chan is going to turn out to become a beautiful girl like this with such an amazing body in the future! Well, this is something I can’t help but to look forward to!

[……I can’t maintain this form for long, but one day I will definitely turn out like this and become your bride—]

The light around her disappears after she says it till there, so she returns to her usual loli girl form. She collapses on the floor all of a sudden as if she lost all of the energy in her.


Rias embraces Koneko-chan before she collapses.

“Good work, Koneko.”

Rias pats her head.

Anyway, that sure was an amazing growth, Koneko-chan. And the power of purification huh. If she trains harder, it seems like she can damage the Evil Dragons as well.

“It’s her first fight using that form. So she must have used up all of her stamina.”

Sensei gives his analysis.

But thanks to that, it seems like we can go through this area easily.

We then head down the stairs as we hold Koneko-chan.

Part 2


Just before we reach the floor below, I catch the presence of him.

……There is a familiar aura coming from downstairs.

This wave of evil aura. It’s so heavy and it feels as though it is gluing onto my skin.

When we open the door to the third floor of the basement, a very loud laughter echoes throughout the space.

[Guhahahahahaha! It hasn’t been that long, Ddraig-chaaaaaan!]

Black scales and silver eyes. It’s a giant Dragon!


Yes, the one who is on this floor is the Evil Dragon we fought during the magician’s assault!

[That’s right, it’s Grendel-sama who can’t help but slaughter all of youuuu!]

He emits his wave of evil intent which hasn’t changed from before towards us.

[Since they said I can fool around for a bit, I came here to continue from where we left off last time! Guhahahahahaha!]

……We ended up encountering someone I never wanted to see ever again!

As long as this guy is my opponent, there’s no point in staying in this armour. I have no choice but to use promotion!

“Ise, you still can’t promote to True [Queen] yet.”

Rias stops me right before I was about to say the chant.

“But, Rias! I know very well how strong he is! There’s no way I can go against him head on without using that form!”

“You should use your power against Crom Cruach or Rizevim Livan Lucifer who may be waiting for us after this. ……We have no choice but to fight him as a team.”

……Having this guy appear was outside of my prediction. Well, the Vampires of the Marius-faction may be connected to the Khaos Brigade, but I never predicted that this guy would come here since the impact that Crom Cruach and Lilith had towards me was too strong!

No, maybe I should have predicted it. This guy is a crazy Dragon whose only purpose for existing is to fight. So it isn’t weird for him to be in places where it would turn into a battlefield.

Rias gives her signal to everyone with her eyes.

……She must be saying we have to fight him as a team. Yeah, we should go at him as one. Or else, we probably can’t win!


The one who goes ahead first is me. I head towards him at high velocity by spreading out my Dragon wings.

[Oh, oh, oh! Yeah, that’s it! I can’t help but be happy since you simply come at me head on!]

Grendel laughs happily.

There is someone who catches up to my speed and lines up beside me. —It’s Kiba. Several dragon-knights appear near him. The things the knights are holding onto are the demonic-swords Kiba took from Siegfried!

Kiba puts his right hand into another dimension and takes out a single sword which happens to be a deadly dragon-slayer.

—Demon Emperor Sword Gram!

A sword which is called the most powerful dragon-slayer! My Ascalon didn’t give this guy that much effect, but what will happen if it’s Gram?

Xenovia and Irina come after us as if they are following us.

An attack by the four of us conducted at the same time!



Xenovia and Irina make a powerful swing with their Durandal and mass-produced holy-demonic sword respectively, but—.

[Too light!]

They can only make a mere scratch on Grendel’s body!

“……So it’s not enough unless I use that huge aura of Durandal to damage him……!”

Xenovia is biting her teeth hard due to the fact that her attack didn’t work on him.

No, there’s nothing wrong with Xenovia’s attack! This guy Grendel’s defence is insanely high! Even now—



I hit him on the face but he doesn’t even budge. It won’t work if it’s the normal Balance Breaker!


Irina spreads her white wings in the air and creates a huge light in her hand. She then shoots it like that. The torrent of light hits Grendel—.

[Guhahahahahaha! It merely burned me!]

He only received minor damage where it simply burned a bit of his skin.

It had quite the output, but it merely has that much effect since this guy is the opponent!

Kiba who found his blind spot unleashes his Gram!

“Take this!”

His sword that is engulfed by the wave of evil aura gets slashed towards Grendel! The dragon-knights that are following Kiba’s command also have their demonic-swords in their hands which they use to swing at the same time as him!

The dragon-knights’ demonic-swords slash up the Evil Dragon’s body and Kiba cuts Grendel head on where he cuts him from his shoulder to his flank—.

But there isn’t a wound that you can call critical. Blue blood bursts out from his body as well as smoke, but Grendel simply laughs fearlessly.

“—! You are saying that he only receives damage of this degree even with Gram!?”

The one who is the most shocked here is Kiba.

Grendel makes a disgusting laugh when he sees that.

[Guhahahahahahahaha! That hurts! You are pretty good, sword kid!]

“……This is bad, even though I can’t use it to its fullest; Gram which happens to be a dragon-slayer can only damage him that much.”

Even Kiba is putting on a bitter smile.

“That bastard is over-powered in terms of toughness. Like I thought, I need to become the True [Queen]……”

While I say that, arrows made from many attributes start to pierce through him.

If I follow where it came from with my eyes, I witness Rossweisse-san who has many magic-circles activated in the air.

—But she can’t inflict that much damage even with these magical attacks.

“Even the different sort of attributes don’t show any effect. ……No matter how much resistance Dragon’s scales have towards magic, this is too abnormal. He must have received an enhancement against magic on top of his original resistance.”

It must be like what Rossweisse-san said. This guy’s scales are too hard!

The fact of how I had to become True [Queen] to finally be able to punch him proves how insane this guy is.

“……Even though Ise isn’t fighting seriously, I sure hate having someone with a defence who doesn’t even flinch against our fire power.”

It seems like Xenovia is also in confusion. Irina then sighs.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can give effective damage to him since his hardness is too tough. Though it seems like the only thing in that Dragon’s eyes is Ise-kun……”

Yeah, that guy seems really interested in me. That’s because he is directing those dangerous looking eyes at only me.

[What’s wrong, Ddraig!? Come at me with full power! Turn into that crimson state of yoooooours! Or else you can’t even compete against meeeeee!]

……So he wishes for my True [Queen]. Oh well, I am starting to think that I should use that.

If he’s this hard, then we can’t inflict a decisive blow to him. I can promote to that form and create a path for us in order to retreat together with everyone!

When I decided on what I’ll do, Rias says this.

“There is one move in which we can deal critical damage to that Dragon.”

Akeno-san responds to Rias’s words.

“Rias, you must be planning on using that.”

“Yes, Akeno. I’m sure that is the only way. However, I need some time in order to use that. The chances for our victory will increase if we can buy time in order for me to increase my demonic-power.”

She must be speaking about that huge sphere made up from the power of destruction she showed in that training space before! That certainly did seem like it had an outrageous destructive power!

“That will be a piece of cake if it is what you desire, Rias.”

I respond to her. Kiba also lines up beside me.

“Yes, we can buy as much time as you desire.”

“Yeah, if Buchou has a plan, then we should entrust this to her. We can’t afford to waste our strength so recklessly here.”

“Let’s do this, Rias-san!”

Xenovia and Irina also agree to it.

“Then everyone. I ask for your cooperation.”

After Rias says that, she activates the magic-circle below her feet and starts to build up her demonic-power!

At the same time, the power of destruction starts to gather above her head. If that gets bigger, then it will probably turn into that huge sphere.

Alright, then we have to buy her time until then!

“Since I already created a barrier to protect Asia, Gasper, and Koneko, I’ll join too.”

Sensei takes his jacket off and lines up beside us.

The vanguards jump ahead after everyone gathers!

Xenovia and Irina do a combo attack from both the left side and the right side while I go hitting at him from the front! Kiba slashes him from his blind spot and Rossweisse-san releases her magic once she finds a chance.

[Interestinnnnnng! Bring it on! Just come and bring it oooooon!]

Grendel happily takes on the team attack from us where he shows swift movement which isn’t fitting for his huge body! As he takes on Rossweisse-san’s magical attack without even guarding it, he swipes away Xenovia and Irina that are trying to cut him by swinging his arms to the sides. Kiba attempts to cut him while aiming for his feet, but he makes a light jump and releases his flame towards Kiba who is beneath him!


Kiba slices it in half with Gram. I glide close to the floor to retrieve Kiba and retreat to the place where Xenovia and Irina are.

The moment I dropped Kiba, I touch him and Xenovia to transfer the multiplied power.

“Kiba, Xenovia! I’m going to transfer my power! So take it!”



The moment I transferred the power to them, Kiba and Xenovia’s aura increases!

“—Alright, this'll work!”

“Yeah, let’s go! Rapidly!”

Kiba and Xenovia grip onto their weapons once again and resume their attack on Grendel!

The two of them hold onto the “holy-demonic sword + Gram” and “Ex-Durandal” respectively—but they vanish completely and the only thing left is the sound of them cutting through the air!

[Oho! Fast! You guys are crazy fast!]

It seems like even Grendel can’t keep up with Kiba and Xenovia’s speed. It doesn’t even seem like his punch will touch them, so Kiba and Xenovia cut Grendel’s whole body without making a sound!

Many wounds show up on his black scales due to the sword attacks. In terms of the number of attacks and damage done, Kiba and Xenovia are leading him. Obviously it will be the end for Kiba if he gets hit by Grendel since he can’t allow himself to be hit due to his defence.

Even so, the reason why it doesn’t seem like Grendel’s attack will hit Kiba at all is because it doesn’t change the fact that we feel assured about Kiba and Xenovia’s high speed battle.

The reason why Xenovia can keep up with Kiba’s speed is due to the ability of Excalibur Rapidly. No one can stop the blade dance of the two [Knights] who have their speed further increased by Gift!

—The absolute sureness of Grendel’s attack not touching them!

[……What the, what is up with these guys speed……! My attacks won’t hit! Why doesn’t it hit!?]

Even Grendel is showing signs of having difficulty with Kiba and Xenovia’s attack.

There is smoke arising from the wounds on his body. Maybe the attack from “Gram + holy-demonic sword” and “Ex-Durandal” are building up the dragon-slayer’s effect……? Or is there a limit to his resistance against it?

After Grendel clicks his tongue, he jumps back, and makes his stomach bigger by sucking in a lot of air! He’s planning to breathe out fire! He must have given up on attacking individually and decided to attack all of us at once!

Kiba and Xenovia stand next to each other, they then swing their Gram and Durandal down respectively.

“Let’s do this, Xenovia.”

“Yeah, this is the time where we need to use our destructive power!”

The blades of Demonic Emperor Sword Gram and Ex-Durandal get covered with insane aura!

The two of them swing down their swords at the same time as Grendel breathes out his flame!

The wave created from the two legendary swords and a huge fireball created by the Evil Dragon hit each other head on! The moment the two attacks collide, the air vibrates which causes a violent shock that spreads throughout the field.

The wave made by those two takes out Grendel’s flame and envelops his huge body!


Grendel screams out! The two huge cannon-like attacks that came from Gram and Ex-Durandal! An opponent that is merely strong will go down with that single attack. But—the one we are facing right now isn’t an opponent that is merely strong.

After the attack caused by the wave ends, what appear in the aftermath is—Grendel who has smoke arising from his whole body.

—He’s standing up!

He has blue blood bursting out from all over his body, but he doesn’t show any sign of falling down and—.

He makes a heavy sound and drops his knee on the floor!

It’s working! The attack done by Kiba and Xenovia certainly went through to him! That attack must be quite amazing since that Grendel who is really tough is down on his knee!

“Please move aside!”

Akeno-san’s voice reaches us so we take our distance from Grendel. The three thunder-and-light that has the shape of a Dragon flies towards Grendel and has all of his body electrified!


Grendel gets paralysed! After the thunder-and-light ends, Grendel releases smoke from his mouth.

He still has his mouth shaped creepily.

[……That was good! It’s been awhile since I got wounded and paralysed this much! This is insanely entertaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaining!]

Even though he’s wounded all over his body, he stands up laughing despite his burns!

We the Occult Research Club are in shock after witnessing this!

“……He still stands even with that much damage……!”

“……He seems like he’s really enjoying it. So this Evil-Dragon will even accept death as he laughs huh……!”

“……No wonder people say you should avoid fighting them.”

Kiba, Xenovia, and Akeno-san stiffen their expressions at Grendel’s abnormal sense towards battles. This guy even enjoys his own death! I can’t keep up if we have a guy like this as our opponent!

“Then, eat this?”

Sensei creates a gigantic spear of light and releases it by aiming it towards Grendel’s stomach!

[Oho! Bring it on!]

Grendel tries to take it on upfront, but the spear of light scatters before it hits him and turns into many arrows of light which in turn attack him!

So many arrows hit Grendel’s stomach! Oh, a spear of light that can change its form! To be expected from the former Governor! He won’t simply shoot out a normal spear!

[Chi, such a cunning Fallen Angel!]

Grendel complains. He still has a fearless smile despite receiving so much damage to his body.

From there we exchange intense attack and defence against Grendel for a few minutes! All our attacks hit our opponent! But the battle where we can see no end to continues since he doesn’t back down. Even his powerful punches, kicks, and flames come at us—.

“—The solid shield!”

“—The wall that guards us!”

Rossweisse-san and Akeno-san makes a solid guard for us with their defense magic and the trait of a [Rook]!

[Guarding, guarding, and more guarding to shield yourselves! But you are too slow!]

He shows a swift move unfitting for his huge body size as he howls, so other members besides Sensei and Kiba who have god-speed take his hit and end up getting slammed to the floor and wall many times!


Asia’s healing reaches out to us right away where we avoid danger, but our stamina won’t return even though our wounds get healed. We can see that our mentality and stamina are getting grazed away as we receive his hits.

—Long term battle will be a disadvantage for us! As long as we don’t deal a decisive blow to him, he will push us back!

He doesn’t even get concerned at his own damage! This guy will keep on standing up unless we completely eliminate his soul! And he will continue to come at us!

It seems like we can manage this if Sensei and I become serious…… But there will be a hindrance after this if we don’t reserve our energy. But there’s no point if we end up dead……!

I at least want Sensei to go on ahead when he finds the chance……but Grendel makes a cunning attack by breathing out a wide-range fire and swinging his tail at times!

“Anyway, I’ll take one of your eyes.”

Sensei, who found an opening, throws his spear of light and it stabs deeply into Grendel’s left eye!

[Guo! Oooooooooooo!]

Grendel bursts out so much blue blood from one of his eyes! I assumed he would snap by having one of his eyes crushed, but he simply puts on a face filled with ecstasy.

[Alright! This is the stuff! A brawl to crush each other won’t happen if it doesn’t turn out like this! This is fine; it surely is turning into a battle to kill each other! So don’t regret even if one or two of you die, you shitty braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!]

……This guy’s switch turned on by receiving damage to his eye!

Or rather, I can only think that his attacks have become sharper and his tension rises as he is inflicted with wounds! I sure can’t handle this. A fight like this that is!

It happens when I was thinking what move I should take next.

“—Thank you. It’s alright now. My technique is completed.”

Rias’s voice reaches us.

When I turn around—I witness Rias who has made a giant sphere of destruction.

Rias sighs as she walks towards us with the sphere of destruction.

“I hate it that there are so many enemies where my attacks won’t work on them. However, I can’t show my miserable side to my own servants, can I? —That’s why I also made one. Something you would call a special move.”

“Everyone, get away! Move back behind Rias!”

Everyone moves away from Grendel at Akeno-san’s voice! We move back behind Rias.

“Blow away!”

Rias releases the giant sphere of destruction to the front!

The sphere moves slowly. In a velocity where I feel it is slow. But it is showing its power as it simply moves through the air since it trims away the floor.

[Huh? What the hell is that? It’s fricken slow!]

Even Grendel releases an idiotic voice at it.

But—, that sphere starts to have crimson and black aura swirl inside it.

……When I’m observing it to see what kind of effect it has, I can tell that Grendel’s body is being pulled little by little by it.

He also realises that his body is being pulled by the sphere and tries to resist, but it doesn’t work and his body stumbles making him take a few steps forward.

He even tries to resist by getting on his knees……but eventually his whole body moves.

[……Guo!? I’m being pulled!? Such power of attraction!]

Eventually Grendel gets in contact with the sphere.

Then Grendel’s solid black scales—shatter!


The Evil Dragon screams. The huge sphere of destruction covers the Evil Dragon’s body without mercy!

—! W-Wow! Grendel’s body starts to collapse!


Grendel clicks his tongue and tries to flee by expanding his wings, but the Dragon of holy-lightning attacks him!


Grendel collapses violently.

Akeno-san who has her Fallen Angel’s wings spread out puts on the smile of a sadist.

“Ara ara, you have to be eliminated here, you know?”

Rias says it while she brushes off her hair.

“There has been a change to my demonic-power due to the influence of Ise’s power. —I might as well name it the “Extinguish Star”. It’s a mass of destruction that eliminates all and it doesn’t have anything like attributes or weaknesses. –Blow away!”

The huge sphere of destruction increases its shine and envelops the Evil Dragon.

What’s left after the sphere of destruction disappears is—Grendel’s aftermath where he only has half of his head left.

It’s terrifying, but Grendel is still alive even when he lost his body!

He even has his disgusting smile despite having only half of his head.

[……I see. It’s exactly like what that bastard Euclid said. That the demonic-powers carried by the kin of the House of Bael can even trim down the Evil Dragon’s consciousness and soul. This really does work!]

Grendel starts to laugh loudly.

[Guhahahahaha! This is nothing since I only have to get a brand new body made again! After all, as long as my soul is safe, it’s possible for me to change my body no matter how many times! The Holy Grail sure is a convenient object!]

……Getting a brand new body? Seriously? So he can revive even in this state as long as his soul remains huh……


I then realise it. I see, I was also the same. Only my soul remained at the dimensional gap, but I returned with a brand new body. So you are telling me the Holy Grail can do the same feat……

Grendel still shows his fangs and laughs fearlessly despite his state.

[But guess what! It might be fun to keep on fighting in this state as weeeeeell! In other words, don’t you reckon the main match will start from here? It might be fun to disappear after biting as many opponents as possible! Guhahahahaha!]


Everyone backs down at seeing Grendel who shows no sign of losing interest in battling.

He’s still trying to fight in that condition……! It’s no longer about him being crazy! He isn’t sane! He isn’t normal!

Rias stands in front of us and creates a demonic-power of destruction within her hand.

“Even we don’t want to fight any longer. It’s better for an evil existence like you to get blown away. With my current power, I should be able to eliminate your soul as well. Even though I won’t be able to eliminate you completely, I should be able to stop you from reviving for a while.”

Rias tries to release the finishing blow—.

It happens then.

There is one individual who steps into this area—.

Everyone notices his presence and pressure so we look that way!

……The man who is clad in black is standing there. —Crom Cruach. The Dragon that is said to be the strongest amongst the Evil Dragons.

The man says it as he walks towards us.

“—Grendel. Stand back for now.”

Grendel notices the entrance of the man.

[—! So it’s you, Boss Crom. Chi! I was thinking how far I can go like this! Are you trying to get in my way!?]

“Either way, that body of yours won’t last that long. Hurry and get your body changed.”

[Shut uuuuuup! It was finally getting gooooood!]

Grendel still snaps even with his half remaining head. However, Crom Cruach simply gives a sharp glare at him.

“If you want your opinion to go through, then you must defeat me. —That’s how it will turn out, you know? Will you fight me? I won’t mind if it turns out like that.”


Not only us, but even Grendel becomes speechless at the man’s intensity.

After a moment of silence, Grendel speaks.

[Chi. I don’t plan to fight you here. If I have to, I want to do it when I’m in my best condition. Alright, I’ll change places with you.]

……That Grendel actually obeyed him.

It proves how great and how much strength that man possesses.


Then the man disappears immediately. We get shocked and look around us. Crom Cruach appears near Grendel—which is right in front of us without us noticing him.

When the man clicks his fingers, a teleportation magic-circle appears below Grendel.

He’s planning to teleport him!

Xenovia releases the aura from her holy sword as if she won’t let him get away, but it gets blocked by Crom Cruach.

While he disappears within the teleportation light, Grendel howls.

[Oi, you shitty brats! You guys sure don’t have luck. You guys won’t be able to defeat Boss Crom even if you go at him all together. Well, if you survive, then let’s fight again. A battle to death that is, you know? Guhahahahahahahahahahahaha!]

Saying only that, Grendel disappears due to the teleportation magic-circle.

Crom Cruach who still remains says it to us.

“I can’t have all of you go past here.”

……We make our stance. Looks like I have no choice but to turn into True [Queen]. Or else, it seems like we can’t even become his opponent!

It happens when I was about to chant. I can feel a strong presence descending down to this basement!

[—! He’s here, partner!]

Ddraig also reacts! The one who descended down here at high speed destroys the door violently and flies in here!

A flash arises within this spacious field! A bright flash swirls beside me. The one who is standing after the light disappears—is Vali! He’s already wearing his armour.

Vali stands next to me and gazes at Crom Cruach.

“You must be Crom Cruach.”

“Yes, indeed. The current Hakuryuukou.”

Both of them glare at each other speechlessly. An unexplainable battle of aura is emitting out of their bodies and it gets even thicker.

Sensei then says to Vali.

“Vali! You are late. You left the Carmilla’s territory before me, but why did you arrive late?”

It’s exactly like Sensei said. We were informed about Vali before we came here. And I was feeling doubt since he wasn’t here till now.

Then Vali says.

“A lot happened. I was interfered with on my way here. By that man from Lucifugus, Euclid Lucifugus that is.”


Euclid Lucifugus! Is the reason why Vali couldn’t come here till now is because he was facing that man?

Sensei asks him once again.

“Where are Bikou and the others?”

“……The group of Maverick Magicians, “Hexennacht”, was it? I got caught by the possessor of the Holy Cross who is affiliated with them. So they are taking on that woman.”

“So the Holy Cross is also officially cooperating with the Khaos Brigade as well…… I truly am disgusted to hear the relic being involved in such a situation. Now all of the holy relics among the Longinus are connected with the Khaos Brigade, God of the Bible……!”

Sensei spits it out as though he is truly disgusted.

……So even the Holy Cross possessor from Hexennacht is cooperating with Khaos Brigade! All of them such as the Holy Spear, the Holy Grail, and the Holy Cross are being misused!

……I even want one of them to come to our side! In order for that to happen, we can’t hand over the Holy Grail at all cost!

Vali asks me who is having new determination.

“—Hyoudou Issei, do you have the confidence to beat Crom Cruach?”

“Judging from the aura covering his body……I do realise that he’s insanely strong.”

“At this current point, he’s clearly above you.”

Yeah yeah, I pretty much thought so. I don’t know why, but having this guy tell me something I already know pisses me off.

“You can say that I have a chance to defeat him but at the same time I also don’t.”

……Now that’s rare. For this guy to rate himself low. That proves how strong the humanoid Dragon in front of us is.

Vali then continues.

“—But, I……have some business with the one who will probably be present at the place after this. So I don’t want to waste my energy as much as possible. ……I was after this Dragon as well, but that’s a different matter. Right now I need to meet the other one. That’s why—”

So Vali also doesn’t want to waste his energy. So he’s after Rizevim rather than Crom Cruach? The one who is supposed to be his grandfather. I did hear that he holds resentment towards him.

I do realise what Vali is trying to say.

“So you want to fight together?”

“You don’t want to?”

“No, that may not be a bad idea. I was having a hard time in order to save Gya-suke’s friend. The truth is I also don’t want to waste my stamina against this guy.”

I honestly don’t want to fight an Evil Dragon. Peace is the best. My body will be lost if I fight against a brutal Dragon like him.

There’s no way……I can allow something foolish such as to lose my body before having sex with Rias, Akeno-san, Xenovia, and Irina!

Vali smiles while not knowing what was going through my head.

“So we have an agreement.”

Yeah, we sure do. The last time was against Loki.

Sensei then says.

“……If these guys can’t beat him, then there’s nothing else we can do. Rias, we should recover our stamina that we wasted against the guys we fought before. Let’s leave this to the Two Heavenly Dragons. We will have these two use their power!”

“……I would want to fight alongside them, but it would be better if I take a little break in order to shoot that again. Either way, if the Two Heavenly Dragons are going wild, then our support will become a hindrance to them instead.”

Rias nods reluctantly to it.

After I confirm that, I start my chant. —This is the part where I will give my all!

“—I, the one to awaken am the Sekiryuutei who holds up the truth of the King up-high! Holding the infinite hope and indestructible dream and walking the road of righteousness! I will become the Emperor of the Crimson Dragon—”

“And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in deep Crimson light!”

My armour turns crimson and is overflowing with strength.

Alright, I’m fully prepared now! I’ll go at my fullest strength against Crom Cruach then!

That guy Vali……isn’t turning silver. Well, I did hear that form of his wastes more energy than this form of mine. So he must be thinking of using that against Rizevim if he has to use it.

“……I’m sorry, Hyoudou Issei. I can’t use Juggernaut Overdrive. Just before, I already wasted so much stamina that I can’t use it now.”

—! Seriously? So he already used up the stamina he needs to change into that form before he came here!

……T-Then, are you telling me he wasted that much stamina in the fight against Euclid……?

“Oh well, let’s somehow overthrow Crom Cruach then.”

……You may be overflowing with confidence, but I think my uneasiness increased instead.

Well, we still have the Two Heavenly Dragons gathered here now. I am sure that both our strengths have increased from the time against Loki!

Crom Cruach smiles happily seeing me and Vali stand next to each other.

“……This surely is amusing. For the Two Heavenly Dragons that had been fighting against each other to stand in front of me side by side. I won’t get a better opportunity than this. —So I’ll have myself enjoy this as well.”

The ki around the humanoid Dragon increased. ……He’s prepared to battle.

I jump ahead from the spot, move through the air in a zig zag, and release a kick from his side!


My kick which has its power increased along with my shout captures his flank—but he dodges it by doing a light step and releases his punch to my back!


I got myself punched in my back! I can feel plenty of shock even from above my crimson armour and got myself smashed to the floor!

……The damage isn’t that serious, but it carries so much impact just from a single jab which he did with his bare-hand! Isn’t this guy seriously the worst opponent to have?

—Then, Vali who went behind this man creates a magic-circle within his hand.

“—Take this.”

His incredible demonic-power is shot out like a cannon! The man makes a giant Dragon’s wing appear on his back and envelops his own body! So he’s planning to guard against the demonic-power attack with his wings!

Vali’s demonic-power hits his wings! Normal guys will simply be down with that! That’s how dense the attack was!

After the dust settles down, what I witness is a man who blocked the attack with his wings.

……From the looks of it, he didn’t take any damage at all. Even Vali makes a sarcastic response seeing that and says, “Oh my, oh my”.

Oh well, let’s make our next move then!

“Vali, I have a plan. Support me so my attacks will hit him.”

“Hou, that sounds interesting.”

Vali agrees to my suggestion.

After he agrees, Vali flies ahead where he closes the distance with Crom Cruach right away and starts an intense battle with him.

I fly close to the floor and point one of my cannons located in my left wing at him. I then transfer the power to Ascalon that's equipped in the left gauntlet! Next I increase the power of dragon-slayer and transfer it to the cannon!

Crimson Blaster that has the power of dragon-slayer added to it! It’s an attack that comes from only one cannon, but either way, I’ll see how far I can go with this attack!

To begin with, this is a technique I came up with as a counter measure against Grendel during my True [Queen] form. A technique I was originally planning to shoot against that rock hard Dragon! Though I need to shoot it while I focus my energy and keep my aim steady in order to prevent this basement from being destroyed.

Vali shoots a mass of demonic-power, but Crom Cruach simply swings his arm to the side without any effort and reflects it.

—Then, the bullet of demonic-power that got reflected starts to draw an arc in the air as if it has a mind of its own, and this time it flies ahead from his blind spot. So that guy Vali is controlling the bullet of demonic-power! He sure is skilful!

However, Crom Cruach even uses the force he creates from his spin kick to kick it away! But this is the part! He doesn’t have a proper stance since he has been blocking all of Vali’s attack!

I grab the cannon with my left hand! I send my power to the cannon!

“Crimson Blaster + Ascalon!”

[Fang Blast Booster!!]

The crimson aura that has been focused is shot out from the cannon and heads directly to the opponent!

I won’t be able to laugh if he has no damage, but how's that!?

Crom Cruach makes a giant Dragon’s wing grow out from his back once again and makes it cover his body rock solid!

My Crimson Blaster hits him! A cannon shot of aura where I didn’t hold back at all envelops the humanoid Evil Dragon.

After the flash that was created when it hit him settles down, what appear in front of my eyes is—.

Crom Cruach who has one of his giant wings torn from its roots! If I look carefully, there is crimson smoke coming out from the right side of his body. Due to the cannon shot, his skin is torn, and I can see black scales underneath it.

The skin of half of his face is also torn, and what became visible is a Dragon’s golden eyes and sharp fangs. Well, taking off one of his wings is a huge achievement. I’m so glad. For the technique I came up with as a countermeasure against Grendel to be so effective.

If it’s like this, I will be able to damage him the next time I fight Grendel.

……But I have realised it within this short battle.

—This guy is an opponent who is in a different league from me.

Even though it was a Crimson Blaster from one of my wings, he is still standing as if nothing happened even though he took a hit with the power of a dragon-slayer added to it……

So it’s exactly like Vali said. He’s an existence who’s clearly above me at this current point. I won’t even be able to become his opponent if I’m alone. He can even dodge the attack I just did.

“Putting that Sekiryuutei aside, I guess the Hakuryuukou still hasn’t unleashed his full strength yet. Why don’t you unleash it? ……No, maybe you can’t? Just before, you did say you didn’t want to waste your strength.”

I also question him by pointing my fingers at him.

“Why aren’t you also revealing your true form? You are originally a huge Dragon, right?”

Yes, I am sure that this guy is simply taking the form of a human. His real form must be a giant Dragon.

I can assume that he’s a Dragon who is the same size as old-man Tannin and Grendel.

Crom Cruach laughs with his nose.

“If you are asking me whether there is a difference in strength between my original form and this human form, then there isn’t much. This form is more convenient to use on small things. Though my original form is better in terms of intensity…… ……But that was a good attack. However, you still lack the firepower to break through me who is called the Darkness Dragon.”

……I also realise that really well. But even for me who is called a power idiot to be told that I “lack in firepower”. If that’s the case, I want to ask him how much power output I will need in order to fight him toe to toe.

Vali then says.

“Due to the interference of Christianity, I did hear you were destroyed due to the lack of the current people of your land believing in your existence, but I never thought you would get resurrected by the Holy Grail where you attained this much power.”

Crom Cruach puts on a dubious look at Vali’s words.

“Destroyed? No, putting the other Evil Dragons aside, I have never once been destroyed. Though it is true I left that land due to finding the intrusion of Christianity an annoyance.”

This time Vali tilts his head.

“You were never destroyed? Then what have you been doing till now? Don’t tell me you took Hyoudou Issei’s attack earlier without any enhancement and with only your natural body?”

Crom Cruach then gives a straight answer.

“—I simply went around observing the human world and the Underworld as a part of my training and experience.”

“—! So you were working hard training your body and intelligence in the Human world and the Underworld!”

It seems like Vali is really shocked. But—he simply laughs.

“Kukuku. Hahahahahahahaha. I see, no wonder they call you the Dragon that governs battles. Seems like there was a Dragon who craved for battle even more than myself. I presume the reason why you are with Rizevim is to fight strong foes, right?”

Crom Cruach smiles at Vali’s words.

“I want to see the place where Dragons would reach at the end.”

“So you are of a similar type as me. I’m even more interested in you now, Crom Cruach.”

……Similar types huh. I sure hate this. Guys who only think about battles…… I’m guessing this guy also takes no interest in women, right? No way, I really don’t like this!

And guys like that always end up taking interest in me! Give me a break already! I’m alright with simply having an ecchi and fun life with the Occult Research Club girls!

Well, putting that aside.

He didn’t get destroyed nor did he get enhanced by the Holy Grail. Then the reason why that attack worked is simply because he couldn’t overcome the power of dragon-slayer.

Ddraig then tells me.

[But, partner. He simply has damage to that degree with no enhancement at all. Despite the fact that you are in your crimson armour form. He sneaked into the Human world and the Underworld even after Albion and I were sealed into the Sacred Gears to continue training himself. To be honest, I can’t actually calculate how strong he is now. He hasn’t revived after being destroyed, and continued to live and train himself in this era. There is a chance that he has reached the Heavenly Dragon class. ……So it isn’t wise to battle him now.]

Even though you are saying that, we can’t progress further if we don’t defeat him, you know?

Shit……like I thought, I may have to fight him together with everyone. While having Vali fight under a good condition. Though my biggest concern is if he will actually listen to me……

Then I can hear the conversation of everyone behind me.

“So it’s useless even with Ise and Vali.”

“Looks like it, Xenovia. If it comes, even we have to go forward!”

“Of course, Irina.”

Looks like those two are eager to do this and aren’t even drawn back by the energy they wasted in the fight against Grendel.

“………So this is the feedback of using Gram in actual battle. To be in this state simply because I can’t fully use Gram……”

Kiba is breathing violently and his hands are shaking. He's even bleeding from his nose.

So the side effect of the Demonic Emperor Sword has shown up on his body already! We can’t force Kiba to overdo it now!

I want to let my comrades get through here while Vali and I make some opening, but Crom Cruach is proving to be a more superior guardsman than Grendel. He has his attention on all of us present here.

Asia says in a worrisome voice.

“For Ise-san and Vali-san to have a hard time in battle……!”

—Then, Sensei rests his hand on Asia’s shoulder.

“Chi, we can’t afford to waste any more time here! Asia!”


“We’ll use the last resort! Call him! Call Fafnir!”

—! Y-You are going to call him!? Will that Pantsu-bastard be useful under this situation!?

“Y-Yes! U-Understood!”

Asia agrees to it obediently and activates a magic-circle glowing in gold, the Dragon Gate.

“—Respond to my voice, the Golden King. Crawl on the ground and receive my reward! Please come out! Gigantis Dragon! Fafnir-san!”

She says the chant for the summoning, so the magic-circle glows even brighter.

The one who appears after the light flashes is a huge Dragon with golden scales.

This is the first thing the Dragon says.

[……Opantie time?]

—! Hmm, already from the start aye~. My mood is down already.

“No, it isn—, I-I mean it is! It is opantie time!”

Asia tries to say no but she then says yes!

“……What the, what happened!?”

Vali becomes curious so he turns around.

“D-Don’t be concerned about it, Vali! You shouldn’t be concerned about him!”

I feel like I can’t let Vali see it, so I try to stop him from turning around.

[Albion, do not listen to him! You will die, your heart will that is!]

Ddraig warns Albion.

[W-What do you mean, the red one……? Don’t tell me its breasts!? Is it breasts!? Haahaa……I can’t breathe……]

Albion seems like he’s in hyperventilation! Looks like they are having difficulties as well!

[N-No, it’s something else which is also horrible…… Fafnir is no longer the Fafnir we knew a long time ago!]

Ddraig sure says it in a cruel way! I see, so Fafnir-san from a long time ago was different!

Sensei says it to Fafnir.

“Fafnir! When I had a pact with you, there was an item I gave you right? There should also have been a replica of the magical bullet of Tathlum among them! Bring that out! Since we have Crom Cruach here, the object which comes from the same mythology as him should work!”

Hmm, so an item used for a pact. If I recall, I heard Sensei gave different sorts of things to Fafnir when he had a pact with him. It’s really supportive to have an item that can be used against Crom Cruach!

Fafnir responds to Sensei’s request.

[Okay. But, I, want a certain thing.]

“Pants right! Alright, Asia! Give your precious pants to him! If we can borrow Tathlum with that, then it’s a cheap bargain! Fuhahahaha! Back at the time when I had a pact with him, I gave him tons and loads of my collection! So Asia can use different sorts of legendary items simply with one pair of pants!”


Asia starts to look through her pochette and takes out a single pair of pants.

However, as soon as Fafnir sees the pants, he makes an unpleasant face.

What the, why are you feeling dissatisfied!? Aren’t Asia-chan’s pants treasures!?

[—No. I, am not in the mood to wear pants.]

A lot of the members here are shocked to hear his response and our eyes are about to pop out!

—So it’s not pants! Does it depend on his mood!?

“Seriously!? T-Then what on earth do you want!? Asia’s bra!?”

Sensei who is having the biggest shock of the day. Looks like that’s how unexpected this is for him!

“H-Hey Azazel! Asia is not a lingerie shop you know!? Her pants and bra aren’t things we can give so easily!”

“She is right! What do you think a maiden’s underwear is!?”

Rias and Akeno-san start criticising Azazel! The love those two have towards Asia who they adore like their little sister is very strong!

However, I come up with an idea!

“No, Sensei. If my prediction is right, then it has to be a pair of pants that she just wore! If I was Fafnir, that’s what I would choose!”

How about that, Fafnir!? The thing you want must be pants that are—.

[I want Asia-tan’s school swimsuit.]


T-That’s what he wants huh~. I sure can’t predict that~. You are such a perv~. I give up now~. Seriously, you should just get destroyed, you pervert Dragon King!

Except, this isn’t a beach or a local pool! This is the Vampire’s castle you know!? Even we haven’t brought a school swimsuit with us!

“You idiot! There’s no way we have a school swimsuit here—”

By talking over me, Asia lets out a shout mixed with her cries.

“I have it! I have brought it with me!”

A school swimsuit is taken out from a pochette! The charming point of it is her name “Asia” that is printed on it in hiragana! She also wore it when we were using the pool!


Everyone here is shocked to hear that! Why is a school swimsuit popping out from there!?

Xenovia grabs Asia by her shoulder and ask her seriously.

“Why, Asia!? Why do you have a school swimsuit in there!? Were you planning to have a swim!?”

Asia answers with a sad voice.

“……It’s because I was told to take it with me before I came here from Sona-kaichou.”

[Most likely, what Fafnir would request for his next treasure would be your school swimsuit, Asia-san. Back in that pool, the golden Dragon King had an abnormal gaze on you. There’s no mistake that the thing he wants the most right now is a school swimsuit. —So take it with you. It will surely come in handy.]

It’s back then. It’s back then when he said an utter rubbish thing which was, “I, want to drink the pool water that Asia-tan swam in”.

Since back then, this perverted Dragon King has been craving for Asia’s school swimsuit.

And Sona-kaichou saw that coming! She predicted it! She knew it!

Rias mumbles hard. Where she looks really jealous.

“……To be expected from Sona! To be able to read that far ahead……! Can I even surpass Sona!?”

Xenovia then releases a scream of admiration from beside her.

“To be expected from the student president! What calm and accurate advice!”

“I’m so going to admire Sona-kaichou~!”

Even Irina has tears flowing out from her eyes due to being emotionally moved.

What the heck. This sure is horrible! You know we are in the middle of a battle against a legendary Evil Dragon!?

“So Fafnir wants to have a swim.”

And it seems like Crom Cruach has a wrong misunderstanding~!

Rossweisse-san sighs.

“Now, there is nothing else I can say. –Simply one word, horrible.”

Yes, it truly is……

“I will give it to you!”

Asia who made her mind up hands her school swimsuit to Fafnir.

Fafnir brings his huge face closer and—.

[Asia-tan school swimsuit munch.]

He starts eating the school swimsuit—. He’s munching on it!

[Smooth, and fresh taste.]

I can’t stand this Dragon King anymore! Someone, bring a dragon-slayer which can actually kill him!

Albion’s voice becomes even more serious.

[……P-Pants……pants, bottom, butt! I am not a Ketsuryuukou……!]

[Get a grip! Get a hold of yourself, the white one!]

Ddraig tries to bring some sense back to Albion. Albion then says with a husky voice.

[……Listen, Ddraig. This isn’t the place to say it, but……]

[What is it, Albion?]

[—You are not the only one suffering from Oppai Dragon. I am also in pain.]

[—! Uu, the white one! Y-You have come to understand me……!?]

Huh, our Ddraig-san, for some reason starts crying due to being emotionally moved……

[Yeah, of course I have. Breasts and butts, why do we who were called the Two Heavenly Dragons have to suffer from such things this much? At one point I held a grudge against both you and Hyoudou Issei, but Hyoudou Issei and Vali aren’t the only ones at fault here. —Most likely it is that this era is bad for the Two Heavenly Dragons.]

[Uu, I know! I can understand that! Yes! This era is too bitter for us, the legendary Dragons! Even Fafnir is in that state!]

……Is it me or are those two having a mutual understanding with each other?

Both of them share their opinions with a teary voice.

[Yes, let’s have a discussion till our hearts are healed.]

[Yeah, that may be a good idea. ……I see, so I wasn’t the only one suffering.]

Huh, is it me, or does it seem like there’s a settlement of some sort happening between those two……?

“……They act as though me and Vali are at fault here.”

I make my argument just in case, but Ddraig’s speech towards me is cold.

[I’m sorry partner. Let me speak to Albion for a while. This discussion is really important for me right now.]

[Yes, I also want you to leave me alone for a while as well, Vali. There are things that only Dragons can come to understand.]

“I see……oh well. By the way, what’s up with that situation?”

Vali who is quick at thinking points his finger at Fafnir.

—The legendary Dragon that is eating a school swimsuit.

“Don’t ask. There are things even I have a hard time answering.”

Seriously, don’t ask me about it. I’ll cry…… I also need to give aftercare to Asia’s heart afterwards too. Our legendary Dragons make too much trouble.

Xenovia and Irina embrace Asia.

“……Since I have married Ise-san, I want five children. Ufufu, geez papa, for you to play “eroge” again, you really are a naughty papa……”

“Asia started to escape from realitttty! Uu, Asiaaaa!”

“Asia-san, get a grip of yourself! The wound you have isn’t serious!”

……Asia! I’ll punch Fafnir afterwards, so please endure it for now!

Fafnir who has finished munching opens his mouth wide.

[Aan. The surprise and shocking item of this week, now launching.]

What appears from his mouth after he says that is—a huge barrel like thing.

Sensei takes that in his hand and places it on his shoulder. It’s like a bazooka cannon.

“Fufufu, this is the replica of Tathlum. Now then, I’ll have myself shoot this to see how much it will work against Crom Cruach!”

Sensei aims at his target, and a bright shot comes out from the barrel!

After it gets shot out, it moves around in a zig-zag in the air as if it has the mind of its own where it eventually goes ahead flying towards Crom Cruach!

“Hou, Tathlum huh. It brings back memories. The magical bullet that will hit for certain. And it’s impossible to avoid it. Back in the past, it would have been a threatening thing for me. However, for my current self—”

Crom Cruach makes a stance with both his arms. —His arms get bulkier very violently, and they turn into the arms of a gigantic Dragon!

Against the replica bullet of Tathlum coming directly at him from the front, he makes a stance with the palm of his hands as if he wants to squash a fly.

The moment he tries to capture the bullet—the bullet of Tathlum changes its course and avoids being captured by Crom Cruach’s hands by going below him!

At the point of his chin where there is an opening—the bullet of Tathlum hits him while making a violent sound of explosion! At the same time a golden bright flash envelops the whole space around us!

Due to the brightness I close my eyes…..and what appears in my eyes after the flash disappears is an Evil Dragon who has explosive smoke coming out from his head.

……Did it work? The bullet of Tathlum has hit him perfectly. Now then, how much damage does he have?

What shows up after the smokes disappear is—Crom Cruach who has stopped the bullet of Tathlum by biting it with the huge mouth of a Dragon!

Sensei sighs as if he is shocked.

“……So he stopped it……”

After Crom Cruach spits the bullet of Tathlum to the ground, he changes the form of his face and arms back to that of a human.

The damage he got till now is merely on his clothes and his wing.

Crom Cruach speaks after taking a breath.

“…………It’s time. Looks like this is it.”

He turns around and leans on the wall nearby. His motivation to fight also disappears completely.

Vali who becomes dubious asks him.

“Are you going to quit?”

“I was told to buy time for at least ten minutes. —I sure would like to fight seriously the next time I meet you.”

After that, Crom Cruach stops talking and becomes silent. The intense battle we just had ends so abruptly as if it didn’t happen.

After we look at each other, we left the scene quickly.

He doesn’t even come after us.

When I take a little glance at him, he is gazing at Gasper……

……Evil Dragons, no, I think there are many things I can’t come to understand about Dragons.

Part 3

We go down the stairs.

“Valerie, I’ll be there soon!”

All of a sudden, Gasper is walking ahead of us. He must be feeling that Valerie will be right below.

When we go down the stairs even further, a huge door made of stone with gorgeous ornaments appears right in front of us.

We open the door grandly.

The interior is like a ritual place itself, so there are bookshelves full of creepy statues and scrolls at various parts of the room.


When we look towards the direction where we heard Valerie’s voice—there is a bed placed above the huge magic-circle that is drawn on the floor, and Valerie is laying above it.

The magic-circle is already emitting a creepy glow, and then the light starts to envelop Valerie.


Gasper screams out her name and approaches the magic-circle, but he cannot get closer to her due to the barrier blocking his way.

Gasper catches sight of a man—Marius, who is controlling the spell inside the magic-circle.

“Stop! Please stoooooop! Please don’t bully Valerie any more than this! Please release heeeeer!”

The bastard Marius shows a disgusting smile towards Gasper’s painful wish.

“Yes, that’s why I’m trying to “release” her. Look, very soon I will be able to take out the Holy Grail that has been eating up both her mind and soul~.”


She releases a very loud scream, and it looks like something is trying to appear from her body.


“We can’t cut it!”

Xenovia and Kiba try to cut through the barrier of the magic-circle, but they can’t even make a scratch.

I also try to punch the barrier by putting a lot of my energy into my fist, and then Marius says with a disgusting smile.

“Oh, please refrain from making unnecessary attacks. If it affects the spell, then both the Holy Grail and the possessor won’t remain safe. It’s also useless even if the former Governor has some plan. I have been in contact with this Holy Grail more than anyone, and have researched about it. I’m fully aware of the method to take it out more than anyone else.”

Sensei activates a small magic-circle within his palm and starts to check Marius’s spell, but he soon clicks with his tongue.

“Ku! This protection code is……the one that belongs to the God of the Bible! Why do you know a code which even I don’t know!? Is this also part of the information given to you by Rizevim!?”

Marius smiles at Sensei’s question.

“He shared a lot of information with me. Thanks to that, my research on the Holy Grail progressed even further where I was able to revive the evil creatures that were supposed to be dead back to this world. On top of that, it seems like Valerie’s Holy Grail has more outstanding aspects than all of the Holy Grail possessors till now. She’s especially splendid at getting rid of the weaknesses of creatures as much as possible.”

……So the reason why the Vampires were enhanced and the Evil Dragon's resistance to the dragon-slayer is due to Valerie being strong in that department.

Marius then stops the control of the spell.

“Fufufu, thanks to that, I have finished this safely.”

The spell of the magic-circle emits a strong light—enveloping Valerie!

……A memory which is like a nightmare flashes back in my head. ……It’s the same thing that happened to Asia when she had her Sacred Gear taken out from her by Raynare!

“I will use my dragon-shot then!”

Rias stops me as I make my stance!

“Stop, Ise! We won’t know what will happen if the spell goes wild by using a powerful attack recklessly!”

“B-But! We can’t allow this kind of thing to happen again……!”

I don’t want to see this kind of thing……!

While I can’t aim my fist to the target, what appears from Valerie’s body is—a small cup. A small cup glowing in gold—. That is the Holy Grail which happens to be one of the Longinus as well as a holy relic.


Valerie loses her sense of being alive completely by having her Sacred Gear taken out, so she lies down on the bed lifelessly.

Marius takes out the Holy Grail from Valerie and holds it up high.

“This is—the Longinus “Sephiroth Grail”. And it happens to be a masterpiece where it already comes with the requirement of unleashing Balance Breaker.”

……The magic-circle’s spell ends as well as the barrier which also disappears, so Gasper runs to Valerie’s side.

“…………This is strange. For taking out a Longinus, this is……”

Seeing this scene, only Sensei makes a strange expression. ……There seems to be something bothering him.

By embracing Valerie who is lifeless, Gasper calls out the name of his saviour.


Valerie opens her eyes as if she responded to his voice and looks straight into Gasper’s eyes.

Valerie strokes Gasper’s face who is crying.

“……You sure are a cry-baby, Gasper…… ……You have been crying all the time since you were little……but you have become stronger now, right……?”

Gasper takes her hand and cries out.

“……I’m sorry……I……wasn’t able to save you……”

“……No, you did save me…… At the very end……I was able to see you again Gasper….. ……My only friend……and family…… ……Hey, Gasper……”

“……What is it?”

Valerie looks up to the ceiling—.

No, she’s not looking at the ceiling. She must be gazing at the place even above that.

“……I really wanted…...to see the sun……and if I were……able to go on a picnic with everyone……”

“……You can see it. I will take you there. Let’s also go and have a picnic as well.”

……Are you telling me something like this has to happen again……?

Asia who can’t endure this situation hugs onto me. She is shaking very sadly. ……That’s because Asia also has experienced this before as well……

I……also have experienced this. I can’t endure looking at Gasper who is going through the same experience as I did……

After Valerie strokes Gasper’s cheek, she puts her hand on Gasper’s chest.

She says this as if she’s talking into him.

“……There is……your other self in here…… ……So I need to ask him for a wish for the very last time……”

She says it in a voice where it’s about to disappear.

“……I also wanted to speak to you too…… You are also Gasper as well, so you have to talk to everyone else as well…… ……There is a place for you where they will acknowledge you……”

Valerie’s hand loses strength and drops down.

“……I wish you can get along with everyone……”

Those were her final words.


Gasper shakes his head many times and hugs Valerie’s body.

……A scene which is too sad to see. But there is one person who takes an improper action by clapping under this situation.

Marius Tepes is putting on a smile as he holds the Holy Grail with one hand.

Marius then says it to Rias fearlessly.

“Rias Gremory-sama, please shoot me with your power of destruction.”

Rias has veins pop out on her forehead when she hears that and gathers so much demonic-power of destruction within her hand that it’s too dangerous.

“……Yes, I won’t hold myself back. Even I can’t endure this any longer.”

The demonic-power of destruction is shot towards Marius!

“Blow away!”

It’s so strong that it’s dangerous to take that on without guarding against it.

No, even a normal defence will be useless. That’s because you will be blown away along with your action of defending against it.

However, Marius shows no signs of taking such action, therefore he allows himself to be covered by the demonic-power of destruction.

……What’s left is the Holy Grail that is floating in the air and the lower half of his body. The upper half of his body has been extinguished completely.

It ended already……? That’s what I thought for a moment before the lower half of his body starts to build up muscle from the area where it is gone and starts to form a shape. What appears there after a while is Marius who is completely revived.

He looks exactly the same as before Rias blew him away with her demonic-power of destruction.

Marius moans while he takes the Holy Grail that is floating in the air into his hand again.

“Yes, please look. I also have the trait of being able to recover immediately. This is due to the Holy Grail that was pulled out from her body being able to unleash its power without any resistance like the time when it was inside the possessor. When I had my upper body blown away, I thought even my soul would be erased……but as long as a fraction of my soul remains within my lower body, it seems like I can revive from merely this much damage.”

……So this is the Holy Grail’s ability! He can still revive even though his upper body gets blown away!

……No wonder Grendel talks crap like “he can get a new body if his soul remains”.

Seeing this situation, someone claps. It’s neither us nor Marius.

From the dark places of this ritual area, many shadows appear.

“—Just as I thought.”

“Your regeneration ability has improved.”

“You are just like a Phoenix.”

The ones who show themselves are all middle age men or men who've reached past their middle age. Everyone behaves with dignity.

They are most likely pure-blood Vampires. They must be royalty or ones with closer standings. All of them must be the ones who sided with Marius.

Marius smiles at the appearances of these men.

“Oh if it isn’t my dear uncle. The preparations are set. What will you do? Do you want me to further strengthen you now?”

Marius asks. The men say it as if they are speaking to us.

“Vampires who are the eternal residents of night were beings with many weaknesses.”

“The sunlight, a cross, and holy water…… Despite being a more superior species than a human, we acknowledged their prosperity due to having those weaknesses.”

……Do they want to say that Vampires are the best?

I sigh as I listen to them, but they speak even more nonsense.

“We will recreate ourselves into a new being that will surpass Vampires by using the Holy Grail!”

“And by replacing the humans, we must conquer this world. By being conquered by us who are the superior beings, the humans will be able to receive their actual desire where they will become our livestock!”

……Livestock huh. I wonder how far they need to look down on others. Just like the blood lines of a small group of Devils, they can’t help themselves but to appear really important and look down on others.

One of the men sighs as if he is grieving. The higher-ups continue to speak.

“Even though we couldn’t help the increase of our livestock that has been left alone, it surely was a long time till we got here.”

“I agree. However, the world will change to the state which it was supposed to be now.”

“The only thing left is to eliminate the current King and Carmilla in order to start creating a new world. Then we can move onto the final phase of our plan where we will recreate all of the residents of this country.”

“Even though this country was able to get the Holy Grail, that King of ours was urging about maintaining the current situation and rejected the idea of the Vampire’s evolution. He was too much of a fool.”

Marius nods his head and directs his smile to us.

“—And so, well, the higher-ups that followed me have such opinions. I only care about continuing my research on the Holy Grail.”

……This guy is also crazy in his own way. For that purpose he brought the Khaos Brigade into this country, he stirred up all of these geezers, and then made them start a coup d’état.

All of this just for the sake for his own research on the Holy Grail—.

And he even killed Valerie who he deemed as worthless now.

Azazel-sensei narrows his eyes.

“……You guys sure are having a rough attitude right now, seriously. But you know, a Longinus is truly an outrageous masterpiece. Just having someone born with it can break the principle of this world.”

Sensei looks at me and Vali.

“……Me too?”

I point at myself. Sensei puts on an expression where he looks shocked.

“You might not have realised it, but you broke many kinds of principles.”

Well, that may be true if you put it that way……

“……Having people like you in possession of that Sacred Gear will be dangerous. I will have you hand that Holy Grail over to us. I will also allow a battle to start here depending on your answer.”

Rias warns Marius in such way.

“You people are also using the Sacred Gears and Longinus as you like too…… Don’t you think we can’t come to understand each other simply due to the differences in what we value and the culture we have?”

Sensei replies back to Marius’s words.

“Then I will have you hand that to us Grigori. The research about them is our speciality. We can do things from keeping it safe and even seal it away. If you really don’t want to, then you can even hand it to Odin or Zeus. Anyway, that thing is dangerous. Due to its traits, it’s something we need to keep our eyes on or keep it away. But I guess there’s no way you will listen even if I say this much.”

Even Sensei is smirking at his own words.

Marius simply makes a faint smile. Obviously there is no way he will hand the Holy Grail to us so honestly.

I also say it to him after taking a step forward.

“Just give it back to us already! We are all sick of your Vampire’s ideal, pride, and values! That Holy Grail is too dangerous to be used in your ideals!”

I can’t allow them to misuse it any longer! If we can’t talk some sense into them, then we have to take it by force!

While leaving me behind who is getting pumped up, the Vampires says it to Rias and Sensei.

“Sister of Maou and the former Governor of the Fallen Angels. Even the world of Devils has noble blood standing at the top while others simply follow them since the ancient times. That was how the truth was supposed to be.”

“Your kind also used the humans as your source to live. In our case our food happened to be the humans but we shared the same idea.”

“Rias Gremory-dono, since you are also a pure-blood noble, you should be able to understand us. The difference between the nobles and the other—”

《Fufufu……fufufufufufufufufufufufu……rubbish……this is too ridiculous……》

A creepy laughter echoes throughout this ritual area and interrupts the Vampires performances.

Everyone looks around the room and gathers their gaze at one point.

—It’s Gasper.

There’s a black aura coming out from his body and it eventually covers various parts of this room.

Gasper who stands up slowly has his eyes glowing dangerously which I can’t possibly think comes from this world and he uses them to glare at Marius and the higher-up Vampires.

《The nobles……and the other beings besides them……?》

The ritual area—eventually gets tainted with darkness.

There can’t possibly be anyone who can stop him here—.

《Show me the power of the so-called superior beings all of you are speaking about—》

Darkness……it's jet black……and dark…… The room gets swallowed by darkness where it consumes everything, and it turns into a field where you can’t sense even a glimpse of light.

There is also a change to Gasper who is the one that created this darkness.

His whole body gets covered in darkness which makes him lose the shape of a human, and he starts to take the form of a creature.

Both his arms gets longer and thicker where there are sharp claws growing out from them. His back gets bigger where many wings grow out from it. His legs also have reverse joints.

His head also forms into a shape that makes it appear like a Dragon. He has many sharp fangs growing out as well as a horn, and his red eyes glow very creepily.


A beast like howl echoes throughout this world of darkness—.

…...What appears there is huge creature that is about five metres tall and has an aura of darkness emitting out from its whole body.

……You are telling me this is Gasper’s true form……?

I—no, we, the Gremory group, can only watch as our body's shiver.

Vali is the only one who crosses his arms and watches silently……

“……This phenomenon is……”

Even Azazel-sensei who has rich knowledge of the Sacred Gears puts on serious eyes at this situation.

“T-This is……!”

“What on earth is this!?”

Even the Vampire’s higher-ups have their voice shaking at seeing that appearance.

Only Marius remains calm and looks at Gasper very carefully as if he’s trying to analyse him.

“……Please calm down, uncles. This must be the true form of Gasper Valdi that Euclid-dono reported to us about. However, there is nothing for all of you to fear about. It will be a laughing matter if we, the Vampires that have evolved, were to lose against a power possessed by a mere half-blood.”

The higher-ups who were told such can only nod their head strongly.

“I-I see. That’s right.”

“We are Vampires who have attained a transcended power due to the Holy Grail. For us who have moved to the next stage, we can’t possibly lose to a mere half-blood—”

Then one of the Vampires gets swallowed by a huge mouth which resembles that of a crocodile that was born from the darkness down below—.

《What was that about……the next stage?》

Gasper who is laughing hard……or should I say who he originally was.

From the various parts of the room, black creatures I have never seen before appear. A three headed-Dragon, a butterfly that has the form of a lizard, a creature that is like a Dragon and a flower, and a single eyed giant…… Such creatures appear from the various parts of this field of darkness and they start to walk towards the Vampires.

The Vampires are shaking after seeing this scenery. Only Marius is acting calm, but one of the men makes an angry expression and starts to create bugs and beasts from his body as well.

“A technique like that isn’t just your ability only! A mere beast born from the darkness can’t possibly —”

Swish. The man who just shouted out gets taken away by a bird monster.

He gets surrounded by monsters at the location he is taken to, and then—.


He gets eaten without being able to do anything—.

……What the heck is this. ……Gasper, are you doing this……? Can you even create terrifying things like this as well……?

So this is Gasper’s true power and also his true form—.

I can’t keep myself from shaking, but the monsters of darkness increase and corner the Vampires as they cover this field.

But the monsters don’t show any sign of hurting us.


“I-It can’t be! Our powers won’t work despite the fact that we evolved!”

“W-What is this!?”

“What on earth are you!?”

The Vampires resist desperately, but the monsters come back from the darkness no matter how many times they are defeated.

《Do you know why your Vampire’s powers aren’t working properly? That’s because I stopped your power that has been strengthened by the Holy Grail.》

He’s stopping their ability!? H-He can even do a feat like that!? T-Then it’s normal for those Vampire geezers to be having a hard time!

They finally get their legs caught, and then the darkness covers them to make sure they can’t change their body.

“Ku! A disgusting “imitation” from the human’s womb to gaaaaaa!”

“Don’t come any closer! You low liiiiiife! W-We have noble blood……and we have so much history and tradition that you can’t possibly imagine—”

《—Do it, eat them.》

The higher-ups of the Vampires get eaten by the monsters of the darkness with that signal.

Due to this extreme scene, Asia closes her eyes and blocks her ears.

After the higher-ups of the Vampires are all eaten by the monsters of the darkness, a single man starts to clap.

Marius is even putting on a face filled with confidence even while under this situation.

“Marvellous. Lately there have been many half-bloods born with abnormal powers. They are mostly Sacred Gear possessors……but you are very exceptional among them. I see that you have a potential that rivals the Holy Grail. How about it? Will you help me with my research?”

His ambition for his research must be insane since he can ask that under this situation.

But Gasper’s reaction is simply that of anger.

《…………You mean like what you did with Valerie?》

“Does it make you angry? Well, please hear me out. To begin with, the research about the Holy Grail is—”

A sound of the wind. Gasper stretched out his arm and swing it to the side.

Marius can’t react to it due to its speed and gets his left arm blown away.

“Oh, oh my…… You sure are rough. However, something as mere as this is pointless against my body that has been strengthened by the Holy Grail—“

But his left arm that is supposed to grow back doesn’t even though the Holy Grail is glowing in gold.

Even Marius becomes curious at this, so he tilts his head.

“…………Huh? What the. My arm isn’t growing back…… Did the power of the Holy Grail weaken? It can’t be. Then what on earth……”


Gasper swings his arm to the side with force again while being silent.

Marius jumps away from the spot and tries to dodge it, but a crocodile-like mouth appears from the ground again and bites on to his leg.

Gasper’s arm reaches him and destroys his right leg.


Marius falls on his buttocks.

“……So you took my leg this time. But this is nothing—”

Even though he makes the Holy Grail shine, his leg doesn’t heal. Even his arm that was blown away earlier hasn’t healed yet.

Even Marius starts to change his expression at this and speaks out his doubts.

“……Why? Why doesn’t it heal? Both my arm and leg! Why doesn’t it show any sign of healing yet!? There also isn’t a change of Vampire happening to me as well! Why can’t I morph into a bat, a bug, or even a beast!? Is this also because I have my whole ability stopped!? This can’t be happening! Unlike my uncles, I’m directly holding on to the Holy Grail so something like stopping my ability can’t be happening……”

He becomes shocked at seeing his wounds.

—That’s because his arm and leg are getting devoured by something black from his wound.

“……M-My wounds……are being violated by the darkness……? The darkness is stopping my regeneration……? No, something like this can’t be happening……! Are you telling me you are even beyond the Holy Grail?”

《What’s wrong? If you are going to regenerate yourself, then be quick. I can simply just blow that part away again.》

Gasper approaches him step by step.

Marius starts to panic, so he tries to calm Gasper down.

“W-Wait. Calm down. ……I know! How about I make a clone of Valerie for you with this Holy Grail! I can also use some method to find her soul! This isn’t a bad deal right? So go back to Japan by taking the clone with you. You should be satisfied with that!”

His words become something that ticks off Gasper even more. Gasper then says it with a small, but heavy tone.

《……Don’t speak anymore. The possibility of Valerie reviving and the reason for you to survive isn’t the same. –You should just die here.》

Gasper closes the distance even more. Marius tries to run away even by crawling on the floor.

There isn’t even a glimpse of the confidence he had earlier in his expression right now. Only his despair became stronger.

“G-Go away.”

He puts the Holy Grail forward and shouts towards Gasper.

“Go awaaaaay! You disgusting half-blooooooood!”

All of the monsters created within this space surround Marius.

Vali says one thing when he sees this.

“Rias Gremory, you will most likely have restrictions on using your servants in the near future. And I’m not talking about Hyoudou Issei but that. —Gasper Vladi is even more of a dangerous existence than Hyoudou Issei.”


Rias can’t say anything back to Vali.

Gasper stands in front of Marius and says this to him directly.

《—You are the only one I can’t allow to have even a fraction of your body left in this world. Have your soul devoured as well and die.》

Those words become the signal, so all of the monsters jump towards Marius. —In order to eat him.

“A, a, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Only his scream echoes throughout the room—.

Part 4

In the lowest floor of the basement, which happens to be a ritual area, the darkness field starts to disappear.

After all of the higher-ups that had to do with the coup d’état were consumed by the darkness, the darkness covering the whole place starts to disappear and the only thing remaining there is Gasper who turned into a monster.

Sensei rushes to Valerie’s aid as soon as Marius and the other Vampires died, and he activates a magic-circle to check her condition.

“……There is something that's been bugging me.”

Sensei has been feeling doubts about the result of this spell since before. Sensei who has been checking her body for a while stops his hand.

“……I see, looks like I can answer my suspicions.”

“What do you mean?”

Rias asks. Sensei then points at Valerie.

“It seems like this girl’s Holy Grail was a sub-species from the beginning. Another Holy Grail exists when there was originally supposed to be only one. So there is another Holy Grail inside this girl. I did find it weird. Even though it was an extraction for a Longinus, it was too quiet. In my research, I have come to the hypothesis that an extraction of a Longinus would be flashier.”


Everyone becomes shocked at Sensei’s words just now!

Seriously!? So her Longinus is a sub-species and there are two Holy Grails!?

“B-But, I thought there can’t be more than two of the same Longinus?”

I ask Sensei. This is what I was told at least. So it means the gauntlet of Sekiryuutei besides mine can’t exist at the same time.

Sensei nods.

“Yeah, that’s right. So this is what happened. I think it is a sub-species where the two of them are considered as one. Since nothing like this happened before, I need to check more thoroughly. —Anyway, she hasn’t died. After all, the remaining one miraculously remained in her body. So she will return to her original state if we return back what was stolen. ……Seriously, I can’t come to understand the Longinus possessors at all.”

At Sensei’s confession he made as he sighs—


Everyone makes a sigh of relief.

I’m so glad! So it’s not like Valerie died! Shit! Since that scene happened right in front of me again, I……I’m just glad…… I was about to hate how powerless I am to have Gasper and Valerie experience the same sadness as me.

“I’m so glad……”

Even Asia sheds tears of joy.

“Bring that Holy Grail to me.”

Sensei begins the spell to put the Holy Grail back into Valerie that was stolen by Marius.

However, for her to have possession of two Holy Grails……is it due to that influence that her mental state was really bad?

As I think such things—I give my gaze to Gasper who has turned into a black beast. The changed Gasper who watches the procedure of Valerie getting revived.


When I say that as I gulp down my saliva, Gasper laughs in a small tone.

《I thought you would have known, Sekiryuutei.》

Known……? What does he mean?

While leaving me who is finding that dubious aside, Rias asks him.

“……You are not Gasper, are you?”

《Yes. I am Gasper. Except, I can say that I am Gasper, but not Gasper. What possessed this boy when he was in his mother’s womb is a fraction of Balor’s consciousness that has been broken.》

Hearing that, Sensei changes his expression due to the shock.

“Balor!? You are telling me you are the Evil God Balor from the Irish mythology!?”

Balor? Evil God? There’s also the word Balor in Gasper’s Sacred Gear, right?

“Sensei, is there a relation between Gasper’s Sacred Gear and that God?”

I ask. Sensei answers me with excitement.

“……Balor is the most famous God to have the evil eyes. He’s also famous to be the God who controlled Crom Cruach. I hear that the Sacred Gear was named as “Forbidden Balor View” as a reference to him. ……But, I can’t believe that the actual Balor is actually residing in it. Is the reason why Tathlum from before didn’t respond to Balor was due to being a replica of it?”

《That’s why I’m telling you that I’m a fraction of Balor’s consciousness. I already lost my divinity and only my power of evil remained. The actual Balor was killed by the God Lugh after all. I am Balor but not Balor. I am “Gasper Vladi”. Sacred Gears sure are interesting things. They can possess anything from legendary Dragons and monsters to even the power of an Evil God. The God from the Bible who created the Sacred Gears truly must be a terrifying being.》

……I-I don’t get it, but it seems like Sensei does understand so he nods his head saying, “I get it now~”.

W-Well, I will ask him to explain it to me in a simpler way afterwards.

“What did you mean when you said I should have known just before?”

《When you went berserk, the kin of the Old Maou did get his time stopped for a moment right? That’s because I got myself linked with your sights. See, just like this—》


What I’m seeing now instantly changes. Hey, am I looking at……myself!? What appears in my sight is myself! Myself in my armor form!

《Just now, I changed my sights with yours. That’s why you can see that scenery through my eyes.》

……W-Wow…… S-So he can even do such a thing. If I think about it, I did hear that I used an ability that is like Gasper’s against Shalba when I went berserk using Juggernaut Drive at him. Though I thought that was a part of Sekiryuutei’s hidden powers…… So Gasper’s power awakened along with Sekiryuutei’s power.

—Ah, my sight went back to normal.

Kiba who has been listening to that beside me acts as though he is convinced.

“So that phenomenon back then was due to the fractional power of both Ise-kun and Gasper-kun’s……!? To be able to resonate with the Juggernaut Drive…… Is it something plausible since it’s the Two Heavenly Dragon and the Evil God that once controlled Crom Cruach……!?”

Leaving beside Kiba who is all but shaking, Xenovia and Irina approach Gasper timidly.

“A-Are you really Gasper?”

“You kinda became bigger……so I was scared.”

Both of them are already used to this form as if they had forgotten the fear they had just a moment ago. Well, even I became used to this appearance…… Since a lot happened, my senses are getting weird.

Gasper who doesn’t show any response to the two girls’ goofiness walks towards Valerie.

Gasper’s hand that is all changed starts to pat Valerie’s cheek that is lying down.

《For some reason, I felt that I needed to save this girl who is in possession of the Holy Grail. Very strongly, that is. That was a feeling different to my other self who is feeling indebted to her. ……Is this my gratitude towards her? I don’t know very well about it myself, but most likely, she had been using her power unconsciously even before it awakened completely. Even the fraction of Balor’s consciousness that became me is something she summoned by using the Holy Grail……and did she create me with it……?》

“You are saying that what gave birth to Gasper was Valerie when she was a child……? So the reason why Rias was able to reincarnate Gasper was due to the fraction of Balor that had lost its divinity…… And is the reason why Gasper was born with “Forbidden Balor View” due to being attracted by Balor’s power……? It sure is like a joke to have the actual being reside in it despite being something that was an imitation of it. Why didn’t Crom Cruach show any strong response to him just before? But, that is—”

It seems like Sensei is coming up with many ideas and is now muttering.

Gasper then tells Sensei.

《This form—is at least something created due to the fusion of the Sacred Gear and the Balor inside me. You can say this is the Balance Breaker, but also isn’t. Yeah. —I might as well call it the “Forbidden Invade Balor the Beast”.》

So you are giving it a name! There are times when something like a name is sent from the Sacred Gear to the brain……but if it’s someone who reaches the sub-species Balance Breaker, I did hear that they reject those names and put a name they thought up on their own.

Though the one who named my True [Queen] is Sairaorg-san.

Sensei looks at the condition Gasper is in once again and mutters.

“……This may be something which you can call as a Longinus class soon. No, it already is in a level where you can call it as such. It already became a Sacred Gear that is different to the “Forbidden Balor View”.”

Seriously!? So it will become the fourteenth one!? There has only been thirteen Longinus till now but it doesn’t mean that they are restricted to thirteen of them. It simply means that only thirteen of them have appeared in this world till now.

That’s why it isn’t weird for there to be a fourteenth one. But are you telling me that it’s Gasper……?

Rias asks Sensei as she breathes in.

“……Are you telling me it’s a new Longinus……?”

“Well, I will check for more details once I get back to Grigori.”

That’s what Sensei simply says.

—Then the darkness of Gasper who turned into a beast fades away.

《……Oh my, looks like I’m at my limit. I will leave the rest to all of you and sleep for a bit.》

The darkness starts to fade away, but as he returns to the usual Gasper, the other Gasper speaks as he smiles with a big beasty mouth of his.

《All of you from the Occult Research Club, I am an existence that will taint everything in darkness. However, I promise that I won’t hurt any of you at all costs. I did watch over all of you through my other self.》

The other Gasper looks around at all of us.

《Rias-buchou, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Yuuto-senpai, Asia-senpai, Xenovia-senpai, Irina-senpai, Ravel-san, Rossweisse-san, Azazel-sensei, and the Sekiryuutei—Ise-senpai. After all, all of you are my precious comrades—》

After he finishes saying that to us, the darkness completely disappears and Gasper falls on the spot unconscious.

Rias embraces Gasper who is back to his original form. She has tears in her eyes.

“……I know. I don’t care what you are. You are my servant after all. Right, Gasper……”

Seeing such an emotional scene, all the members here nod their heads while having teary eyes.

Yeah, Gasper is our precious comrade! He is my precious junior!

While I think that strongly, Sensei declares that the spell to revive Valerie is completed.

While emitting a bright flash, the Holy Grail that was stolen from Valerie returns to her body.

“She should open her eyes with this……”

Since Sensei says that, everyone watched over her…… But she shows no sign of waking up. Sensei becomes dubious and starts to check her.

“……That’s strange. She is breathing. But only her consciousness isn’t coming back……? Is there something else missing?”

Sensei tilts his head at this situation, but a voice belonging to a different person echoes.

“Ah, perhaps her consciousness that has been lost once already won’t return unless you put this back in her as well~.”

Vali makes an expression filled with rage at the appearance of that person.

“—I really wanted to see you, Rizevim Livan Lucifer!”

The one who appears in front of us is an old man who talks in a weird manner and with a foolish laughter.

And next to that old man— a single cup that resembles the Holy Grail floats in the air. Everyone opens their eyes wide seeing that!

The man—Rizevim continues to speak as he puts on a smirk.

High school DxD v16 237.jpg

“Yeah, the number of Holy Grails that Valerie-chan possesses is—three in total. So it’s a sub-species Longinus which is so extraordinary since it comes with three in one package~. I already allowed myself to extract one of them out before~. Though it seems like Marius-kun didn’t realise there were several of them~. It sure makes me laugh coming from a self-proclaimed researcher of the Holy Grails!”

—! There are three……Holy Grails!? And he already took one of them out!?

Rizevim who is laughing vulgarly stops and gives his greeting to Vali.

“Uncha♪ Uhyohyo~! It’s your grandpa Rizevim here you know~? Now then, our fun time will start from here~. So all the good kids listen to this old man here, okay☆”

—His evil intention is about to begin.

Life.4 Rizevim Livan Lucifer (The Son of the Morning Star)

The middle-aged man with silver hair has the Holy Grail float next to him. Standing next to him is a little girl—Ophis’ other half, Lilith.

That silver haired old man is putting on an evil smirk and gazing at Vali.

Vali himself has so much anger in his expression that I have never seen him like this before.

It’s my first time seeing him this angry. He was quite pissed when Kuroka and Sensei were defeated by Cao Cao……but right now he’s even more pissed.

Seeing Vali’s anger, Rizevim laughs.

“Uhyahyahyahya! This grandpa is about to have an orgasm by having my adorable grandson look at me with such eyes!”

Since we came this far, I’m interested to know what this old man did to Vali.

“Sensei, what happened between those two?”

Sensei says it with a serious expression.

“……He ordered his son, in other words Vali’s father, to “persecute Vali”.”


……What the heck. Did he tell his son to bully his own grandson……?

Maybe he heard us talking, so Rizevim makes an unpleasant face.

“I can’t ignore that~. You know I just gave precise advice to my idiotic son to “bully him if you are scared of him”? Well, if a Hakuryuukou was born among the kins of a Maou, then my idiotic son who was a wussy and had such fragile brain like tofu wouldn’t be able to endure it mentally~.”

To have a son who has exceptional talent, huh. I don’t quite understand since I haven’t become a parent yet, but does a person stop loving his own son and instead get jealous of him to the point where he gets scared of his son growing up, simply because he had more talent than him?

Rizevim starts to sneer.

“In the end, Vali-kyun couldn’t endure his dad’s treatment towards him so he ran away from home~♪ I hear that you were raised by Azazel-kun at the Grigori~. I’m so happy for you, since uncle Azazel is good at looking after people~.”

Sensei glares at Rizevim with hatred.

Vali then asks him.

“……This is pointless. Anyway, what happened to that man?”

“Huh? Oh, do you want to know what happened to your papa after that~? Uhyahyahyahya, I killed him! Because he was such a wuss~. It ticked me off when I saw him acting like that. So I ended up killing him☆ Oh, are you shocked~? Are you angry because your papa got killed~?”

Vali says it plainly to his grandfather who is talking in such a foolish manner.

“Not really. I was planning to kill him as well after all. —Except, this makes me happy.”

Vali’s aura around his whole body increases as it carries his will to fight.

“I wanted to kill you the most after all…… You are not someone who can call himself the Maou Lucifer that was called the “Morning Star”……!”

The glow of his white armour becomes even brighter.

Rizevim simply smiles happily after seeing that.

“……That’s nice. You have nice eyes. You raised him well, Azazel-chan. I can’t believe that my grandson, who was crying so much, grew into a youth who can give out such murderous intent, when I compare him now to the past~!”

Sensei who stops Vali from going at him asks Rizevim.

“……Rizevim, what are you planning to do with that Holy Grail? What are you planning to do by reviving the Evil Dragons?”

Yes, just what is Rizevim trying to accomplish with the Holy Grail? The reason why the Evil Dragons were revived is due to this guy and Euclid that controlled Marius from the shadows.

What are they trying to achieve by doing all of that?

Just what is the objective of the new Khaos Brigade—?

Rizevim says it proudly as he looks at the Holy Grail,

“Uhyahyahyahya, do you want to know? Sure, I’ll tell you as a special gift~. —This is something which happened a few months ago. A certain truth was brought to our “world”. –The “other world” that “we” didn’t know about. This is something that was speculated since long ago, but whose existence was finally proved~.”


Does Sensei have a clue about it? He glances at me for a bit……

Huh? Am I related to it……?

Rizevim continues while I’m feeling suspicious.

“You can understand what I’m saying right, Azazel-kun~? Yes, it happened when the Evil God Loki came to attack Japan and that’s when that possibility came into reality.”

Rizevim points at me.

“And you were the one who made it happen, Oppai Dragon-kun~♪ You came into contact with the Chichigami who happens to be a God from another world.”


C-Chichigami! I sure did get in contact with a fairy that serves Chichigami using pailingual during the fight against Loki! Yup, the fairy sure did say that the Chichigami is a God from another world!

Rizevim continues.

“Did you know that it’s an unknown God that has nothing to do with all the mythologies of this “world”? It’s not from the Bible, it’s not from the Norse mythology, it’s not from Hindu mythology, and it’s not from Japanese mythology. So a God who we don’t even know about and that comes from a world we don’t even have a clue about came in contact with this world. Among the researchers who researched about this other world, this was basically an incident that brought a revolution.”

……So that’s how it was. An unknown world and an unknown God. Our world is said to be composed of the human world, the Underworld, Heaven, and the other territories where other Gods from different mythologies live in.

So the world where Chichigami-sama lives is another world we don’t even know about huh.

Rizevim says it as he nods his head.

“So, this is what I thought. —Then how about I attack them? Like that!”

A-Attacking them!? Everyone’s impression regarding this situation changes with that one word.

Everyone continues to listen to what Rizevim has to say next.

“But the thing is, that’s not possible. The reason is due to the existence of an outrageous Dragon that is guarding the dimension of this “world”, making it hard to go to their world. Yes, I’m talking about Great Red-san.”

After speaking that much, Sensei shouts as if he understands something.

“……I see, you are after Great Red!”

Rizevim makes a really happy smile at seeing Sensei’s response.

“Correct! You sure are clever, Azazel-kun! I would like to reward you with a perfect mark! So I want to defeat Great Red-kun and break into their world.”

……Defeating Great Red!? Hey, this is getting really serious! So in order to enter the other world……he’s trying to beat that huge Dragon!

“But Great Red is of a greater existence. He’s insanely strong. He’s seriously strong. He’s ridiculously strong. Even if I try to pit Ophis against him to defeat him, that stupid brat Cao Cao halved the Dragon-God-chan, so the situation became bad. Then you may simply think we can just make the two existences that had split in half into one again, but it’s not that simple, you know?”

Lilith who is next to this man is emotionless. She shows no sign of moving.

Rizevim’s speech continues.

“Then, who will be the one that can defeat Great Red? Me? No way. I’ll get killed. Then should I steal Samael? If I do that, that geezer Hades will really snap, and furthermore, the curse will be so powerful that our armies of modified Evil Dragons may get wiped out. Then there’s only one option left. —How about I make the verse of the Apocalypse into a reality?”

He’s simply speaking gibberish, but only Sensei has a pale look.


Sensei speaks out a word I never heard before.

Rizevim makes a happy face again to Sensei’s answer and he looks like he’s really satisfied with it.

“That’s correct, Azazel-kun. Do you want a cushion? Or a trip to America? It sure is good to have someone who can answer my question. It’s worth the effort to talk. Yup, that’s it, Sekiryuushintei Great Red isn’t the only legendary creature recorded in the Apocalypse. —[Apocalyptic Beast] 666, don’t you reckon it will be a good match if I can pit that child, whose existence was hinted by the God from the Bible, against Great Red?”

I ask Sensei.

“What is this thing called Trihexa?”

“……Even you know that 666 is a bad omen number, right? The number of the beast. It’s about the monster that became the source for it. In the Apocalypse, it is spoken of together with Great Red.”

……So it’s a Great Red class monster! Even I had taken a glance and had read about the Apocalypse……so I do remember that there was a huge creepy looking monster standing next to Great Red.

Huh……so the source of 666 was the Trihexa!

Sensei continues to ask him a question.

“His existence was merely a possibility and all of the forces are still discussing where he may be at!”

“Nfufufu, guess what? He does exist. —As a result of looking deep into the principle of life using the Holy Grail, we finally found him at the end of the world which was forgotten by everyone. But the thing is, it seems like there was someone else who found 666-kun before us and put a strong seal on him. Who do you think it was? Hey, who do you think it was?”

Rizevim then says it while throwing his kiss to the Holy Grail.

“—It was the God from the Bible. That God sure was amazing. He found 666 even before any of us and put thousands of seals on him. Maybe that may have been the cause of death of the God from the Bible. After all, there were so many powerful seals that would be regarded as forbidden level that it wouldn’t be weird for a God to die after using those kinds of seals. So it’s a plausible story for the God from the Bible to vanish if he took part in the war between the Three Great Powers due to fatigue.”

So the God from the Bible found Trihexa that was merely a legend and sealed it without anyone knowing.

And sealing it to an insane level on top of it. And which may be the cause for the God from the Bible’s death……

That’s how much I could understand. But I can’t properly comprehend the detailed parts yet.

Sensei looks at the bed Valerie is sleeping on.

“So the spell Marius used just before was taken from the seal-spell used on 666!”

“Hell yeah! We are currently trying to unseal each of the seals desperately! Though it would have been easier if we had the Holy Spear to break the seal-spell into pieces. Well, the progress for it is going smoothly due to the cooperation from the Holy Grail and the Holy Cross.”

They are going to break the seal using the Holy Grail and the Holy Cross!? The holy relics really are being misused!

Rizevim then declares.

“That’s why~, we are going to revive 666-kun, and after we crush, destroy, and defeat Great Red, we will use the army of Evil Dragons and 666 to invade the other world! So I’m going trample down and eliminate every single God, monster, and the creatures of their world in order to make my own Utopia! Uhyahyahyahyahya~!”

Rizevim makes a disgusting laugh.

He then continues while putting on a smile filled with joy.

“Hmm, it gives me an orgasm simply by imagining it. So maybe something like this will be recorded in their mythology? Something that goes “The evil being that arrived from the other world brought an enormous beast and herds of Evil Dragons and brought disaster to this world—” maybe? After all, in this world, I’m merely someone who carries the blood of the previous Maou Lucifer. Except! Maybe I can become the one and only Great Maou-sama of the other world!?”

“So you made us go through all these troubles for some stupid crap like that!?”

I can’t help myself but to say my complaint to this old man who is speaking so happily.

That’s because I’m having myself listen to all these logic I can’t come to understand! That’s why I can’t help myself but to complain.

Rizevim then sighs.

“You sure are rude to call it stupid. Despite my motives, this is my aim that I have finally made. Devils are beings that live for so long but cannot come up with their dream so easily.”

I certainly did hear that before. Since Devils live for so long, they have a side where they lose their objectives easily; so it’s important for them to live accordingly with a plan. Even more so for those who reincarnated from humans and originally aimed to pursue their dreams quickly.

Rizevim then looks afar.

“You do know I was a self-indulgent person and had a lame life until I attained this wonderful dream of mine? Rather, what is it to be living? Is there even a thing called a dream? How can you attain an ambition? To begin with, what is a Devil? For a long time, I simply sat on my sofa drinking wine and thinking about issues that weren’t that important. Oh man, I can’t even call that having a life. I was simply an object that was capable of thinking. In terms of that, I’m actually jealous of the humans. I do hear that they are overflowing with ambitions. Well, it must be due to the difference of how species thinks.”

This time the old man makes a bright expression.

“Then Euclid brought an interesting thing to someone like me. —Ophis’s power, the Holy Grail, the proof about the other world, and finally 666. This old man here became so excited that it was unfitting for my age. For the first time in my life, my chest was beating so fast and my heart was thumping with excitement! So I revived the dead Evil Dragons in order to bring chaos to the world and go to the other world to go wiiiiiild!”

I then say it to the old man who is being all hyped-up like a little kid.

“There’s no way I can come to understand that! Why do you have to cause havoc in the other world!?”

This is a completely crazy dream of an old man! There’s not even any logic behind it! His ideal isn’t even comparable to that of Cao Cao!

Then the old man swings his finger to the side.

“Listen up, boy. Devils are beings that have to be evil, wicked, brutal, bad, scum, wrong, brute, and vicious. Copying what’s done by a hero? Hero? That is something that “justice” would do. You know, beings like humans and Angels? And what are we? You do know we are “evil” and “bad” existences? Then isn’t it obvious what we have to do?”

Rizevim suddenly directs his evil smile to us.

“No matter where we are, we have to kill every single person that we don’t like! That’s how it is. Aren’t Devils and Dragons supposed to be entities that take the bad role? So I’m going to cause havoc in this world as well as the other world using the Evil Dragons. I will break anything I don’t like and kill every single person I find a nuisance!”


This is absurd! I don’t care whether he is the son of Lucifer, I can’t allow something like his selfish desire to occur!

It seems like everyone from the Gremory-group feels the same way so they glare at Rizevim.

He then laughs after seeing that.

“Hahaha! I can’t stand it! What’s with those eyes!? Those sure aren’t the eyes of Devils. It’s good for nothing. ……Those are eyes of “justice”. Those are the eyes of heroes. You guys are hopeless. Especially the Sekiryuutei brat, do you even know what you are? You are a monstrous Dragon on top of being a dangerous Devil, you know?”

……I certainly had my body remade due to Great Red and Ophis’s power……but I have no plans to become a dangerous and evil entity at all!

At least I have never once thought of bringing chaos to this world!

“Will you harbour hatred towards me? Fine then, come at me. I have to welcome a friend of my grandson Vali.”

Rizevim waves his hand at me fearlessly.

“—Bring it, Heavenly Dragon-kun. If you are okay with this old man as your opponent, then I will take you on. Though I’m sorry for your opponent being an old man who has the mentality of a kid with an eighth grade syndrome!”

“Keep on saying that! I will, however, take that Holy Grail back!”

I leap forward and concentrate the aura to my hand in order to shoot the Dragon Shot.


Unexpectedly, Vali who has been releasing so much murderous intent since before isn’t planning to use this occasion to attack him.

“Ise, wait! That guy’s ability is—”

Sensei tries to stop me, but—

I shoot out my super huge Dragon Shot without being concerned about it!

The Dragon Shot released in my True [Queen] state! Now, how will you handle this!?

I try to observe what my opponent will do—but he shows no sign of moving at all!

He doesn’t even make any action to defend against it as the mass of aura hits him—.

But the moment it touches him, the Dragon Shot vanishes as if it was just an illusion!

“—! What’s the meaning of this……?”

I become suspicious at this result.

It did hit him. My Dragon Shot did indeed hit him directly from the best angle.

However, the moment it him, my Dragon Shot vanished as if it fulfilled its duty.

Sensei starts to speak as the shape of his mouth changes.

“……Listen up, Ise. That guy’s ability is the only irregular one among the Devils……and it’s called the [Sacred Gear Canceller]. Any type of special traits due to the Sacred Gears as well as all abilities enhanced due to Sacred Gears won’t work on him……! Not just your power of Sekiryuutei but even the power of Kiba’s holy-demonic sword won’t be able to give damage to him at all since they are both Sacred Gears……!”


All of the Gremory group are in shock after hearing that!

……The Sacred Gears' abilities……won’t work!? So does that mean it can nullify it!?

The Dragon Shot was enhanced by the Boosted Gear. Is that the reason why Rizevim doesn’t have a scratch even though he got hit by it……?

I still can’t come to believe what I just heard, but Kiba also jumps forward. He has the holy-demonic sword in his hand.


A single swing with lots of energy in it.

The moment the holy-demonic sword touches Rizevim, it vanishes without making a sound.

“—! So it’s useless against him……!”

Kiba who becomes shocked at seeing his holy-demonic sword shatter leaps back instantly.

“Uhyohyohyo, looks like even the irregular holy-demonic sword wasn’t able to damage me~.”

Rizevim simply laughs.

……No wonder Vali didn’t go at him recklessly. Right now he’s wearing the Divine Dividing Scale-mail. So it means he has to shoot while enhancing it with its power.

Since that will become a power shot out with the Sacred Gear and since it’s related to the Sacred Gear— he won’t be able to inflict damage to Rizevim!

Vali says it as he bites his teeth hard.

“……As I thought, even the power of the Heavenly Dragons going through irregular growth won’t work on him.”

Vali must have come up with that conclusion due to my attack. I guess he was observing to check whether my attack would work or not.

Just like me, Vali is also going through a different growth compared to the previous hosts of the Two Heavenly Dragons. He must have come to the conclusion that his attack too won’t work since my attacks didn’t work on him.

His expression is filled with frustration.

Seeing that, Rizevim deepens the evil smile on his face.

“Do you know why Sirzechs-kun’s group is made up of non-Sacred Gear possessors? Well, there are many reasons behind it. But the biggest reason among them is because they won’t be useful when they fight me head to head, you now? Now do you understand? I-T I-S I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E, okay? Thanks to that I can’t carelessly touch the Holy Grail directly though!”

As he says that, he makes the air within his hand become distorted, and puts away the Holy Grail that has been floating inside there. He must have put it away in a different dimension. He didn’t try to touch it directly with his hand.

……There certainly are no Sacred Gear possessors among Sirzechs-sama’s group.

I did find it weird. Even though they are such a powerful team, there isn’t a single Sacred Gear possessor among them.

……So that’s also the reason behind it huh. In order to stand up to this guy they purposely didn’t add a member with a Sacred Gear among them.

I even tasted the reason behind it just now. Regardless of being one of the Two Heavenly Dragons or a Longinus possessor, as long as it’s a Sacred Gear—.

The attacks won’t work on him……!!

“Then the holy-sword must work on you!”

Xenovia swings down her Ex-Durandal and sends the holy aura flying towards Rizevim!

Just the moment before it touches him—the small girl, Lilith, comes to the front and takes the holy aura head on.

Simply by putting her hand forward and swinging it to the side, Durandal’s powerful aura gets reflected!

……To be expected from Ophis’s other half! A half-assed attack won’t even stand a chance! If he has a bodyguard like her with him, what are we supposed to do!?

The Sacred Gears won’t work! Other attacks will simply get blocked by Lilith! And Rizevim himself must be a formidable opponent!

Rizevim smiles happily as he sees us trying hard to figure out how to retrieve the Holy Grail from him and starts to nod his head.

“—Well, let’s stop at this since there is something I want to show all of you.”

Rizevim clicks his finger. Then an image appears within the air of this ritual place.

It’s showing the vision of somewhere outside.

“Now then, do any of you know where that place is?”

Rizevim asks us as if he’s having fun. A vision of a place with snow falling. You can see something that seems to be a town.

……And you can observe the castle at the centre. Hey, isn’t this—

It seems like there are many of those among our members who share the same opinion as me.

“—The castle town of Carmilla’s side?”

When Rias says that, Rizevim makes a big nod with his head.

“Exactly, that surely is the Carmilla’s castle town!”

From the vision, we can’t observe any particular change, and the only thing we can see is a town covered in snow……

Rizevim then says it while putting his hand forward.

“Now then, what will happen now is something so fun that it should be broadcast live~. If I click my fingers now—”

Rizevim clicks his fingers as he says that.

“Something terrible will happen. Are you able to predict it? Destruction? Hmm, very close, but a bit different!”

We stay on alert but we can’t see any major changes in the vision…… Rizevim himself tilts his head and checks the vision several times since nothing is happening.

“Just wait a sec. Yup, it should be about now. Oh, look!”

Rizevim points with his finger.

—When I look carefully, one after another huge black things begin to fly above the snowy scenery.

……Is that a……Dragon!? A black Dragon! And it’s not just one or two of them! Many black Dragons that are releasing terrible auras start to appear in the Carmilla’s castle town!

The old man who is showing an evil smile gets hyped.

“Many mysterious black Dragons have appeared in that town! From here on those kids will go wild! Oh, they started breathing out fire already! It sure is wonderful!”

The scenery shown in the vision is—the town that is being attacked by Dragons!

How can this be!? Those black Dragons started attacking the Carmilla’s castle town!

“What is the meaning of this!? Rizevim!?”

Azazel-sensei questions him. Rizevim smiles evilly.

“It means that there are also Vampires among Carmilla’s side that fell for Tepes’s sweet word—in other words there are those that are craving for a body with no weaknesses. Those Vampires made a pact with us where they passed the Carmilla’s information to us in secret, so we enhanced their bodies. —But this is the important part!”

Rizevim continues as the black Dragons, the herd of Evil Dragons, cover the whole vision behind him.

“They had themselves enhanced so much that they come with a special bonus where they will turn into mass-produced Evil Dragons when I simply click my fingers!”


……Then that means the identity of those Evil Dragons is……

“T-Then this vision is……!”

Rizevim continues happily at Rias who gulps down.

“—They are the aftermath of the Vampires that take importance in their tradition and blood.”

I-It can’t be! So he modified them into that state while telling those who took their offer as an enhancement!?

“Well, they did say that the troubles caused by the Vampires would need to be handled by the Vampires. That’s why I thought it would be better for Vampires to destroy the towns of the Vampires~. Well, “former” Vampires that is!”

We can only become speechless at Rizevim’s confession.

……For the Carmilla’s side to be attacked by the Evil Dragons that were formerly Vampires…… Since most of their combatants are out here in order to supress the coup d’état, I’m guessing they don’t have any remarkable force over there, right? And they are the Vampires who detest getting help from outsiders. At this rate, that town will—.

To us who can only watch the vision where the snowy town is getting burned with a painful expression, another evil trick gets played on us—.

The ground shakes violently.

An earthquake……? That’s what everyone thought, but that shake happens again and eventually gets even bigger. It’s not the shake of an earthquake. It’s a shake where I can only think something big happened above here.

It must be a huge thing since the shock even came down to this basement……

“W-What is going on!?”

Rias looks up.

Rizevim bangs his hands together as if he just remembered something.

“Oh, I forgot to mention this. I’m sorry~. A special bonus gets activated here as well when I click my fingers.”

“—! Wait, this shake can’t be……!”

Rias comes up with an answer to this situation due to Rizevim’s words. Even I start to imagine for the worst!

Rizevim says it while putting on a disgusting smile.

“Yup, that is it. The enhanced Vampires of the Tepes side also turned into the mass-produced Evil Dragons and are causing havoc in this town due to my signal~♪”

—! I knew it, but this is serious……! This shake……is due to the destruction caused by the Vampires of the coup d’état faction that have now become Evil Dragons!

Rizevim makes another vision appear in the air.

What appears on it—is the world of Tepes in flames, just like the Carmilla’s castle town.

“……How can this be……!”

Sensei has his body shiver in anger.

Rizevim simply looks at the vision in joy.

“Oh my, they sure are going wild~. It will be but a matter of time until the town is annihilated.”

While we become speechless at seeing the disastrous state of both the Carmilla’s and Tepes’s town, Rizevim click his fingers once again.

Then, a gigantic magic-circle gets activated below our feet.

“Then, since all of you are concerned about it, how about we go and check them out?”

As he says that, the magic-circle releases a bright light—.

When I open my eyes—what appears is the night view. We are outside. We look around us.

—We see the Evil Dragons that are flying everywhere. They are spitting out enormous flames on the town!

The place we got teleported to is—one of the towers of the castle. It looks like we are on top of it.

This place allows us to see the whole town and castle as well as witness the destruction the Evil Dragons are causing!

Shit! This is horrible! There are flames and smoke everywhere, and basically all of the tall buildings are destroyed! The whole view that appears before my eyes is like a sea of fire!

“Ku……where did that bastard Rizevim go off to……?”

Sensei looks around. Vali shouts when he looks up the sky.


“Yahoo, Vali-kyun♪. Your grandpa will play with you☆. Your grandpa sure will be happy if you massage his shoulders!”

Rizevim who is flying in the sky simply waves his hand innocently while carrying Lilith who happens to be Ophis’ other half. Vali makes his wings of light appear and flies towards him.

“Hey, Vali!”

Sensei tries to stop him, but Vali who is in rage due to his actual grandpa’s provocation starts a battle in the air against Rizevim!

Sensei shouts out his anger.

“Shit! Looks like it can’t be helped since we are in this situation! Hey, Rias!”

Sensei says it as he points at the Evil Dragons that are causing destruction.

“We will split apart to eliminate the so-called mass produced Evil Dragons and evacuate the civilians! Even if the higher-ups were such bastards, the ones living here are not at fault! So we will rescue them!”

Rias makes a big nod with her head.

“Yes! Everyone, I will need you to work in pairs if possible! It will be Akeno and I, Yuuto and Rossweisse, Xenovia and Irina-san, and Ise, you should be okay by yourself right?”

“Of course!”

I respond to her! My crimson armour exists for that reason! I need to show that I can take on the likes of mass produced Evil Dragons!

Rias then looks at Xenovia, Irina, and Asia.

“Xenovia and Irina-san, please take Asia, and the unconscious Koneko and Gasper with you out of here for their safety.”

Sensei continues.

“Then go further past the east-gate. I’m sure there is an underground shelter there.”

Rias nods.

“Roger that. Then after this, we will use that place as the emergency shelter. So each of you must lead the civilians there! I will entrust the role of healing the civilians that have been wounded to you, Asia!”

“Roger that.”

“Leave it to us!”

Xenovia and Irina who respond to her carry Gasper and Koneko-chan respectively.

“Yes, I understand as well!”

Asia is also full of energy due to Rias’s suggestion.

Alright! The Gremory-group will be taking action once again to help the castle town that is in need of help right away! I won’t allow them to tell us not to interfere ever again! Even the civilians who are living here normally are getting dragged into the Evil Dragons' havoc! There’s no way I can allow this to happen!

Sensei also makes a spear of light and his black wings appear.

“I will also move on my own! Let’s do this, everyone!”


We scatter from that spot immediately—.


[Solid Impact Booster!!!]

As soon as I descended down to the castle town, I went to help the civilians that were being attacked by the Evil Dragons, and am currently defeating them one after another. Even just now I made my right arm thicker in order to punch one of them really hard!

My single strike can defeat the mass produced Evil Dragons. Geez, unless they have the strength of Grendel or Crom Cruach, I can still fight them while preserving my strength!

Even if that’s the case, I think they're strong enough. They at least have strength above that of a Mid-class Devil. The Occult Research Club members that have come here are all strong fighters that are capable of fighting and defeating enemies with the same strength as these mass-produced Evil Dragons without any worries.

The problem is the number of them. At this point, I've defeated four of them. And it seems like there will be more. ……Geez, I really do want to question how many Vampires from the anti-government faction received an upgrade through the use of the Holy Grail!

I shake my head to put on a proper attitude and tell the civilians that are running with a loud voice.

“There is a shelter past the east-gate! So please head there!”

“T-Thank you very much!”

The Vampire civilians head to the shelter as they thank me.

Next, I fly up into the sky and head to the next place.

The night sky with snow falling down. When I look down, I witness the agents from the Tepes and Carmilla’s side fighting against the Evil Dragons.

I support the Vampires that are having difficulty and release a strong hit to one of the Evil Dragon. The Evil Dragon simply falls to the earth. The Vampires can take care of the rest.

Alright, next—as I was about to head to the next place, a certain someone appears in front of me in mid-air.

A man with silver hair and a silver robe—. His fantasy-like silhouette shines under this night sky where snow falls.

“Oh, if this isn’t the Sekiryuutei.”

The man wearing the robe says that to me. I certainly do remember his face and voice.

“Euclid Lucifugus! Why did you appear in front of me?”

Yes, he was the master mind who assaulted Kuou academy and his name is Euclid Lucifugus who happens to be Grayfia-san’s younger brother!

He smiles when I ask him with a tone that carried my disgust and hatred towards him.

“Oh, when I came here after finishing my business, I happen to cross by you.”

……He must have come to join up with Rizevim. If I think about it, Vali did say he fought this guy before he came here.

Euclid looks down at the town in flames with his chilling eyes.

“But this sure is ironic. For the Vampires that have lost their weaknesses to assault their own homeland. They had pride in being Vampires while detesting the lifestyle of Vampires. And this is the result of it.”

“Didn’t this happen because you guys urged them to do this!?”

He sighs at my words.

“……This has been coming to my mind all the time. That the Longinus breaks the balance of a single important principle, the truth, and even the foundation of it. Yes, they give new “choices” to you. For both the possessors and the ones around them. They — simply chose that “choice”. Simply by doing that, they collapsed like this.”

………… He sure is someone who speaks of something I can’t come to understand……! I’m amazed that he can talk about his opinion in this dire situation!

He continues to speak to me who is getting even angrier.

“—This may be the result of you and the ones around you that have most likely chosen the new “choice”.”

“……Stop speaking nonsense……!”

I make my right arm into the Solid Impact type and release my fist towards Euclid.

Euclid takes off his silver robe and tries to take me head on.

“Very well. I will deem you as my opponent. This must also be fate. —Then I will show it to you as well. Come out, Boosted Gear!”


A familiar looking gauntlet appears on Euclid’s right arm! The Boosted Gear!?

“—! What the heck is that!?”

I’m in shock, but Euclid increases his aura while he makes a stance with the gauntlet.

“—Should I show you one more? Balance Break!”

While emitting red lights, Euclid gets engulfed by his aura. The red aura starts to form into armour……and what appears is a plate armour that looks identical to my Sacred Gear!

“…………Boosted Gear Scale-mail……!?”

Euclid says it to me who is really shocked.

“Yes. This is indeed the Boosted Gear Scale-mail. Though this is merely a replica of it.”

[A replica!? Absurd! There is no way you can copy this Sacred Gear! That is an impossible feat for even Azazel, you know!?]

Even Ddraig is in shock. Of course! Longinus is one of a kind! I was even told that two of the same kind can’t appear at once! And it also isn’t a three in one type like Valerie’s as well!

Ddraig asks.

[……You are telling me your research has advanced that far!? No, it’s impossible. This is an act that even surpasses the power of the God from the Bible!]

“Yes, that is correct. I couldn’t possibly make this from nothingness. Except, it will become a different story if I have something that became the base for it.”

Euclid points at me.

“Hyoudou Issei. Within the dimensional gap, you met with Great Red and attained its body. Then what happened to your body which became the base for it?”

“……That should have been destroyed!”

Yes, I was told from Ophis that my previous body that was poisoned by Samael’s poison became the base of my new body that is made from Great Red’s flesh.

Euclid then says.

“……What if even a fraction of your flesh was left behind? What if we collected that and salvaged both the information of the Sekiryuutei's soul and the Sacred Gear by using the Holy Grail?”

………………He must be joking.


Even Ddraig seems like he’s speechless.

Euclid continues to tell us who can’t say anything.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t copy Ddraig’s soul. However, it became possible to make this replica armour. Except, it became necessary to use several famous Dragons’ souls in order to use this Sacred Gear each time. Due to it being so powerful, the cost for it became the worst.”

The armour that Euclid is wearing has different designs in certain parts compared to mine. Except, when you look at it from any direction, it’s the Boosted Gear Scale-mail!

“—Now then, let’s have a battle between the Sekiryuuteis.”

Euclid makes his stance.

“Stop messing with me!”

I fly forward! There’s no way I will lose against this replica! I can’t be allowed to lose!

[Solid Impact Booster!!!!]

I then went to hit Euclid with the thick right arm of mine!

The moment of impact—.


That sound echoes from Euclid’s replica Sacred Gear and his aura increases dramatically!

……Euclid blocks my Solid Impact head on.

The shockwave of my attack blows away the snow around us for a moment, but it seems like Euclid hasn’t received that much damage from it.

Euclid then looks at my armour with keen eyes.

“Hmm, so this is what the crimson armour looks like up-close. I sure can’t make it appear like that—”


……Euclid’s fist thrusts into my stomach. An attack which breaks through my armour where it even reaches my flesh…… I……spit out the blood which came up from my throat.

Shit……are you telling me he’s using the power of the Sekiryuutei better than me……?

Euclid says it as my body bends in mid-air due to the intense pain.

“I have never once thought my power lacks even when compared to my sister Grayfia. —It does prove that the stronger the possessor of the Boosted Gear Scale-mail, the more the power will be increased.”

……So this is the difference in power between us……

……Grayfia-san is the strongest [Queen] whose strength is said to be at the level of a Maou. And a Devil with equal strength to her is wearing the Boosted Gear Scale-mail……

……Even though I’m wearing the armour form which has evolved……

“This can’t be happening!”

I fly forward once again and release my strike at Euclid!

However, all of my attacks get dodged, and he attacks me back with a counter!


[Star Sonic Booster!!!]

I close the distance with him right away, but he even dodges that attack as if he knew it was coming and I end up receiving a demonic-power attack to my back! My breath almost stops due to the impact……!

……Then how about this!?

I make the cannons appear from both my wings, I then aim for my target after I finish charging it!

“Crimson Blasteeeeeeeeeeeer!”

[Fang Blast Booster!!!]

My special attack! You won’t be able to endure it if you receive it head on, unless some miracle happens! And this time, it is the sky which is spacious unlike the small corridor where I had used it before; I have both the right and the left cannon active!

A huge crimson aura gets released from the cannon! He puts both his hands forward.


A large sound echoes from his replica Sacred Gear once again, and his demonic-power increases immediately !

“—Dragon Shot, was it?”

After he says that, he releases an aura that is a mixture of red and silver colour!

The two enormous auras collide high up in the sky of the castle town! A huge explosive sound echoes throughout the surrounding, and it causes a huge explosion up in the air!

After the cannon stops—what appears in front of me is Euclid who seems to be fine.

……My Crimson Blaster was nullified by being hit with an increased wave of demonic-power……!

I am in shock at this outcome. ……Can I even allow such a thing to happen……? For me who is wearing the crimson armour to have an equal attack power against the demonic-power that was shot out from the replica……

Despite him being in a regular Balance Breaker state, will there be this much difference simply due to having a different possessor……?

Even if that happens to be a replica……no, since my opponent is the one with replica, I……

I can’t hide my agitation……then Ddraig shouts.

[Stand up, partner. We simply can’t lose against this. After all, he is my, no, he is our imposter! The Two Heavenly Dragons are enough with just me and Albion!]

His voice carried intense rage and fearless confidence.

[No! Hyoudou Issei and I are the Sekiryuutei! We are enough with just uuuuuus!]


Ddraig’s shout. I……I…… Yeah. He’s right. I, no, we came this far together while going through many hard battles. We have survived till now! We……went through such situations together!

I then say it out loud while I put my left arm forward.

“I……am the Sekiryuutei! Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei who fights together with Ddraig! Ddraig and I can’t accept to lose against a fake!”

Ddraig continues after me who is shouting.

[That’s right! There is no way an imposter like you can understand us the Two Heavenly Dragons that are suffering due to breasts and butts! I was finally able to have an understanding with Albion! So there is no way a Heavenly Dragon besides us two is allowed to exist!]

Ddraig shouts while showing off……but do any of the things he just said have anything to do with this situation!? I say that inside myself—but suddenly, a change occurs to my armour.

—All of the jewels located on my armour give out a silver light!

T-This kind of phenomenon never happened before. The silver light, something that looks like Vali’s Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive—. It happens while I am thinking.

A really bright light engulfs my body. After the light diminishes, something appears from each of the jewels!

A small white object starts to fly out from it!

“Ddraig, a white thing appeared from the jewels!”

When I say that due to the shock, Ddraig also tells me with a shocked voice.

[Yeah, I’m also shocked right now. The moment I spit out what was in my mind just before, Albion’s thoughts flowed into me. The last time something like this happened was the time when we risked our lives to equip his jewel onto your right arm.]

He’s referring to the time when I fought Vali for the first time. I broke Vali’s armour back then and equipped a jewel which came out from his armour on my right arm.

The masterpiece which I started calling [Dividing Gear] turns the right gauntlet white, and we became capable of using Albion’s power—the power to half. Except, since the requirement and the risk to use it was too hard, I’ve been using it while treating it as something that needs to be sealed.

……This flying object that is about the size of my palm which has the shape of a small Dragon may be related to back then.

It seems like an inorganic thing rather than a living thing.

I can certainly sense Vali’s aura from these. Ddraig then says.

[……It appears like you can control them with your thoughts.]

Hmm, and will that use up my lifespan?

[No, the strange thing is that it only consumes your stamina and there is no risk for your life to be in danger.]

That’s good. So it will depend on my stamina. ……Well, my crimson armour is also extreme in terms of using up my stamina. Anyway, if I can do something about the enemy in front of me, then there’s nothing more to it!

Euclid then says.

“……Is that the power of Hakuryuukou you stole previously? Speaking of him, I requested Vali Lucifer for a fight just before, but no matter how good our battle became, Vali Lucifer didn’t show me his true strength—the Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive. So I asked him this. Why aren’t you changing into your serious form? Do you know how he replied to me?”


I can’t imagine it, but he then says it as if he’s using the exact words Vali said to him.

[The only Sekiryuutei I will use Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive against is Hyoudou Issei. My pride won’t allow myself to use it against a fraud Red Dragon such as you. You—are not the Sekiryuutei I want to fight against with everything I have.]


So he said such things……

My rival, huh. I don’t know why, but I should be feeling down to have a guy say such a thing about me, but I’m a bit happy to hear that, Vali.

I don’t want to be treated the same as the guy in front of me after all!

Well then, I’ll have myself use the power I stole from him. Though the shape of it changed quite a lot!

I start to learn how to use this strength by diving into my Sacred Gear. ……I see, this thing is amazing…… Depending on the way of how I use it, I can be quite a—.

Since I learnt how to use this ability, I start to imagine the small White Dragons moving. ……Will this be okay? I imagined them moving in a farfetched way……

[Yeah, give them your order, partner!]

Even Ddraig is saying that, so I will allow myself to use this new ability in a real battle immediately! At the same time, the number [X] appears on the jewel of my gauntlet.

“Go, my small flying Dragons!”

When I shout, several small White Dragons fly towards Euclid at high velocity!

They are much faster than I imagined! This sure is a good miscalculation!

The small Dragons that are flying in the sky on their own get deployed as if they are surrounding Euclid.

He also looks around him and it seems like he’s observing what the Dragons are going to do.

I release my Dragon Shot towards him!

“Eat this!”

A huge mass of demonic-power that gets shot from my hand! He dodges it swiftly, but—


A sound is made when the Dragon Shot hits the White Dragon, and it reflects the mass of demonic-power I shot by creating a wall of light!

And the shot that is reflected hits Euclid! Yeah, this is one of its abilities, reflect!

It can reflect an attack to a certain degree. And it just showed what will happen with my demonic-power. Well, it won’t be able to reflect attacks with too much destructive force and will break instead……

Euclid who couldn’t see that coming fixes his posture, but I continue to shoot out Dragon Shots at him in random!

“Go! Reflect Dragon Shoooooooooooooooot!”

My randomly shot attack heads towards Euclid! He hits them away with his gauntlet after finding the option to dodge them will be a bad idea—.


Without a moment to spare, the small Dragons fly around and start to pick up my Dragon Shots! The Reflected Dragon Shots hit Euclid!

The randomly shot Dragon Shots surround Euclid due to being reflected!

[Reflect] [Reflect][Reflect][Reflect][Reflect] [Reflect][Reflect]

My Dragon Shots starts to hit him due to the repetition of Reflect! My attacks have been dodged till just before, but he is definitely receiving damage if he is hit by them! It really does!


He can’t withstand it so he stops the option of dodging and hitting them back, and instead he changes his tactics to using his own attack to eliminate my Dragon Shots.

Yeah, that must be the best option. But Euclid. There is something I learnt when I fought Cao Cao!

So I change the direction—,


—of my Dragon Shots! My shot that is about to hit Euclid starts to evade before hitting him.


And hits him from his back after being reflected!

Euclid has red smoke rising from his whole body. His armour is already in a bad state.

……Well, my stamina is also at its limit. And the count that appeared on my jewel is already low. It has reached [II] already.

This doesn’t indicate the countdown for how long my armour can last, but instead is the number of times I can use the small Dragons. The more I use it, the smaller the number gets.

So it means I can’t use it too many times. So I need to finish this!

—Then Euclid’s demonic-power increases to an insane amount.

“……Looks like I can’t guard against it. If that’s the case, I will give you another huge one! Unlike your cannon, I don’t need to charge mine after all!”


For the third time, his replica Sacred Gear makes a sound and increases his aura tremendously.

Euclid releases the huge aura without a second to spare—.

That’s quite the thing. It will be dangerous being hit by that directly. But—.

I give orders to the small Dragons using my brainwaves! Then, they gather in front of me swiftly and line up in a line as if they are going to take that on!

Just as his attack is about to hit it. Then—.

[Divide!] [Divide!][Divide!][Divide!][Divide!][Divide!][Divide!][Divide!]

A sound which signifies the power being halved echoes, and it reduces the demonic-power shot from Euclid head on!

His demonic-power gets smaller each time it passes the small Dragons. By the time it reached me, his attack got reduced to a state where I can use my hand to hit it away and demolish it.


It seems like Euclid is in a daze after witnessing this.

This is the other ability of the small Dragons, Divide. This ability is the original power of Hakuryuukou. The object that can halve the power flies in the air by itself. There isn’t any other way to defend against attacks better than this!

The small Dragons vanish due to the damage received from Euclid’s demonic-power, but it’s not like they are completely gone. If I activate the ability again, they will come back.

However, if I think about it, this is originally Albion’s power. Then does that mean he has something to do with this ability to reflect……?

Rather, why did this ability show up all of a sudden? It’s not like it just awoke all of a sudden, right? I don’t think I had some growth either. Instead, it feels like the power flowed into me from Ddraig……

Ddraig then says.

[I’m not sure either. —But, ever since I spoke with Albion just before, it feels like it became lighter. My heart feels very light now! And also the feeling of being happy is spreading inside me. And since I received a mockery towards the Two Heavenly Dragons at such a time, I couldn’t stop myself from snapping. At that time, Albion’s consciousness flowed into me and said this.]

[We are the two of the only Two Heavenly Dragons—. Your pain is my pain, and my pain is your pain. We are not alone! So let’s break through pain together!]

—It seems like that’s what he said. Ddraig continues while his words carried his cries.

[I am not alone. —Now we are not afraid of breasts and butts.]

I can feel his dignity coming back to his words—.

……M-Maybe, due to the Two Heavenly Dragons having mutual understanding about the Oppai Dragon, it caused this phenomenon to occur……?

I-I don’t quite understand but, oh well, I’ll think about that afterwards.

Euclid smiles even under this situation. His armour starts to repair itself while emitting a red flash!

“Interesting. Interesting indeed. —This should be enough for a warm-up.”

The aura around Euclid increases again. And it isn’t an increase due to the replica Sacred Gear but due to the aura he originally has—.

That’s right. He did say he is equal to Grayfia-san. So the real fight starts from here huh……

Maybe he was simply observing my actions. After all, my one is the original. He wanted to observe my tricks and techniques, so it won’t be weird for him to make them into his own.

The fact is, I can only think that he was observing me very cautiously.

Damn. My stamina is about to run out. I’m entering the phase where I won’t be able to maintain my armour.

“More, show me the power of the Sekiryuutei even more—”

After he says till there, he stops.

That’s because an abnormal phenomenon is occurring where the whole area around here gets tainted in black. The town, the castle, the roads, the buildings, they are all getting tainted in darkness—.

I remember this phenomenon. Of course. That’s because the same thing happened downstairs—.

“……Is this Gasper!?”

When I say that while looking around me, the space right beside me starts to get distorted.

Then eventually, darkness starts to appear from the space and forms into a shape. —It’s Gasper who has the form of a beast.

Gasper says it while standing next to me.

《Ise-senpai, let me help you.》

“So you woke up huh.”

《Yeah. I heard about the situation from Asia-senpai. ……That’s why I can’t just sleep so nonchalantly.》

Gasper says that in a low-pitch voice where there is anger in his words. His eyes glow creepily in red.

This whole area, the whole castle town is getting engulfed in jet black darkness—.

……I can simply be speechless at seeing this. The scale of his ability is huge! So he can control the whole town with his darkness!? Just how far will his trait grow!? It’s such an abnormal ability that I can see why it will be a Longinus-class!

The mass-produced Evil Dragons that were going wild in the town get absorbed by the darkness that came up from the ground—.

It’s so overwhelming. Once Gasper’s eyes glows, the many Evil Dragons that are causing havoc in the town stop at the same time. And the darkness that Gasper is controlling starts to eliminate them.

But there are no casualties caused to the civilians. He is simply choosing only the Evil Dragons and is getting rid of them. Even the flames on the buildings get taken care off.

《I can’t endure having the power they attained from Valerie being misused any more than this.》

Gasper the Beast of Darkness catches the sight of Euclid with his eyes.

“Yeah, you sure are right about that!”

I also make my stance since I have the same opinion. My stamina will run out soon so I won’t be able to maintain my armour, but our victory won’t change if I have this Gasper with me.

I will defeat him and capture him. I’m going to prove Grayfia-san’s innocence by sending this guy to the Underworld!

Gasper and I try to go at him, but—


It’s the silver haired man who is coming our way—Rizevim Livan Lucifer.


When Rizevim stands next to Euclid, he looks around with a smile.

“It’s about time we retreat. Uhyahyahya, this darkness seriously is dangerous. It even attacked the Evil Dragons. So where is Crom Cruach?”

“I doubt he’s still here.”

“Oh my, he seriously acts free, that Evil Dragon-san that is. Uhyahyahyahya!”

Rizevim even laughs under this situation. Vali then comes here flying while having his wings of light shine.

“Rizevim! I’m not done with you yet!”

Rizevim starts laughing when he sees that.

“The thing is, my grandson is really persistent. So let’s head back. The town is destroyed quite a lot already, so we are heading back, Euclid-kun. So teleport us out of here by force♪”

Euclid activates a teleportation-type magic-circle in the air quickly.

I won’t let him get away! Vali, Gasper, and I, close our distance between them immediately!

“Hold on, Rizevim!”

“You also stay still, Euclid!”

《Give me back Valerie’s Holy Grail!》

However, the attacks shot from the three of us don’t touch Rizevim at all. They vaporise when they hit him as if nothing happened.

—The Sacred Gear Canceller!

Rizevim swings his finger to the side and is making a mockery of us.

“Too bad♪. Since those powers have something to do with the Sacred Gears, it won’t work on me, you know? See-ya♪ So please support us from now on as we are going to cause a huge terror! And I will be sure to bring the legendary Evil Dragons next time as well!”

Dammit! So the attacks involved with a Sacred Gear really don’t work on him!

The three of us here; Vali, Gasper, and I, are all Sacred Gear possessors! I never thought I would feel this frustrated……!

Rizevim makes his declaration while he disappears into the teleportation light.

“Oh, yeah. Our name. –“Qlippoth”, nice name right? It’s the exact opposite of the “Tree of Life Sephirot”. I named it since we are misusing the Holy Grail that represents the name of Sephirot. It also has the meaning of being the force of evil♪ Ciao☆”

Rizevim, Euclid, and Lilith disappear into the teleportation light—.

At the last moment, Lilith looks at me……

Vali shakes his body in rage due to the frustration.

“……My dream is to defeat Great Red…… Dammit. Is my dream the same as his then……!? No, I……I am……different than him!”

I think it’s my first time seeing Vali show so much emotion—.

That’s how much he despises him, that man that is.

No, even I think he is the worst type of guy.

Rizevim Livan Lucifer—.

That man is way too dangerous.

Gasper Balor

The Tepes’s castle town where Rizevim already left and the assault of the Vampires that turned into Evil Dragons ended—.

Gasper’s darkness is also gone……but the aftermath on this town is horrible.

Everything including the roads and the buildings have been completely demolished to a state where you can’t even distinguish them.

The agents that survived from the Tepes side and the Carmilla side are working hard in guiding the civilians to the shelter. At the underground shelter located further past the east-gate, the emergency squad that has it's work mainly done by Asia are working hard at healing the injured civilians.

I have returned to the castle to tag along with Gasper who has returned to his original state. ……The castle is in poor shape due to the attacks from the mass-produced Evil Dragons.

Then the girl that is sitting down on the floor exhausted appears in my sight. —It’s Elmenhilde.

“……No……I can’t believe there are traitors……and they turned into Evil Dragons......and now our homeland is…… ……Then what am I supposed to do……?”

She is muttering such things as if she's lost all hope.

……She must have been informed about the Carmilla’s castle town that had been attacked by the Evil Dragons from the female agents supporting her body. From what I was told from Sensei just before, apparently the Brave Saints from the Heaven’s side forced themselves there and took down the Evil Dragons.

I hear that the condition of the town over there is much worse than here. Sensei has the opinion that both the Tepes side and the Carmilla side will need quite some time to recover from this.

There are those in the Carmilla’s side that lost against the Holy Grail’s temptation, and they ended up turning into the Evil Dragons which then attacked their own town.

The reason why Marius started the ritual to extract the Holy Grail was due to Carmilla’s actions being leaked to them. And I think she found out about it from the agent’s report.

While not knowing what to say to her, Gasper returns from the basement of the castle. He is carrying Valerie on his back. We did teleport to the tower of the castle by Rizevim’s power from that basement, but Valerie didn’t come with us.

So Gasper went to bring her back alone.

It happens when I try to help out Gasper. There is someone who is standing in front of him.

—It’s Gasper’s dad.


The Head of the House of Vladi looks at Gasper silently.

Gasper declares it to him without stepping back.

“I am the servant Devil of Rias Gremory-sama! The [Bishop], Gasper!”

Gasper bows his head down.

“Thank you very much till now. But I won’t be coming back here ever again. And I will also take Valerie with me.”

When Gasper walks past his father, he tells him this.

“—Our house is in Japan.”

The Head of the House of Vladi shuts his eyes and doesn’t say anything—.

Even I am shaking with happiness at how manly my junior has become.

However, that became the last conversation between the son and the father.

Three hours have passed since the assault. It’s about time for the sun to rise.

It will be the time for the Vampires to sleep. The majority of the civilians will probably spend their time at the underground shelter till night.

The Occult Research Club along with Bennia and Rugal-san gathers at the main plaza at that time.

It appears that Bennia and Rugal-san came up to the surface to take down the Evil Dragons after the battle in the basement ended. They sure do finish their job thoroughly! To be expected from the Sitri group!

Vali……disappeared off to somewhere. I wonder where he went…… Vali’s expression where he looked really frustrated at the very end left a strong impression in me. Sensei said he will call him back afterwards.

Sensei says it after he looks at Valerie once again.

“As I thought, we need to retrieve the Holy Grail that was stolen from Rizevim in order to bring back Valerie’s consciousness. It was a sub-species Holy Grail that came with a three in one deal to begin with. It seems like she was just able to keep her consciousness even after Rizevim stole one of them……but her consciousness must have stopped completely after having the second one taken out. In order to fix this, we need to have her in her original state.”

Like I thought, we need to defeat Rizevim—in other words the new Khaos Brigade that calls themselves the “Qlippoth”.

I question him with my doubt.

“But why did he only take one Holy Grail when there were three of them?”

Unlike Marius, Rizevim knew that Valerie possessed a sub-species Holy Grail. So why didn’t he crave to take more than one? That’s what I feel suspicious about.

“……I can only come up with the conclusion that he did that in order to make the Vampires take action or for political reasons, but maybe having just one of them was enough for him—. No, he must have determined that using more than one of them will be hard to control. Judging from their words, even having just one of them will be capable of making it reach the Balance Breaker. Most likely during the time when Marius made Valerie use her power, only one Holy Grail was functioning. Valerie’s body wouldn’t be able to endure using more than two of them, so Valerie must have unconsciously kept down her powers. Well, we will be finding out the truth from now on.”

I see, so having just one of them is enough. So he must have determined that he won’t be able to control more than that. Well, they were able to enhance the Vampires simply with one of them—and they even managed to turn them into Evil Dragons, so it must have enough power.

And my other doubt. It’s about my new ability.

“Sensei, about my ability……”

I never thought Hakuryuukou’s power would appear in that way. At the same time, I lost the power to activate Dividing Gear. It changed to the small Dragons that reflect attacks after all.

Sensei tilts his head.

“……I should assume that it’s Ddraig’s new awakening rather than your evolution. Well, there is a high chance that the conversation between the Two Heavenly Dragons became the key factor. I should probably search more specifically about it. —And also regarding Vali as well.”

So he will need to resume his research for that as well huh. ……Like I thought, the Two Heavenly Dragons felt down because of me and they reconciled because of me.

Hmm, hmm, it sure is a weird thing. I don’t even know how to react to it! Well, I’ll end this here and be happy that Ddraig is doing well again!

Sensei says it while breathing out.

“Also about the replica Boosted Gear that Ise mentioned……I can assume that they were able to pull it off by doing many reckless things such as using the Artificial Sacred Gear, the clone techniques, the power of the Holy Grail, and other kinds of techniques. As long as Ddraig resides in Ise, it won’t be possible for two Boosted Gears to exist. So it really must be a replica. No, it’s more like an inferior copy of it. Except, I can come to the conclusion that it will give out the power more than its specs show if the user is powerful. The Replica Sacred Gear’s basic potential won’t be able to surpass the original Boosted Gear even if the world was to turn upside down.”

Sensei says so…… If that’s the case, it means the interior factor, which is me, is greatly inferior to Euclid. ……Well, I certainly can’t do anything without this Boosted Gear.

……I’m frustrated. I need to train more and close the gap between us as much as I can! Despite my appearance, I did receive Great Red’s and Ophis’s power! So I want to pull out that strength as much as possible!

Leaving me in thought aside, Gasper pats Valerie’s cheek gently.

“Thank you very much for looking after Valerie, Azazel-sensei.”

After Gasper gives his gratitude to Sensei, he stands up and looks around at everyone.

“……Rias-buchou, Ise-senpai. I have decided.”

Gasper declares it while showing strong and straight-forward eyes.

“—I will retrieve the Holy Grail.”

—! While being lit by the sunrise, our Vampire that happens to be a day-walker looks the most manly and dignified among all of us right now.

“I will become stronger than anyone and take back the Holy Grail……I will definitely save Valerie……and I want to start everything with Valerie from the beginning…… I will definitely save Valerie……I definitely will……!”

Even though his words get stuck in his throat as he tries to keep himself from not crying, he shouts.

“I will save Valerie!”

……This guy matured so quickly. He sure is putting on a manly face and saying a manly declaration.

I say it while I put my arms around his shoulder.

“Gasper, we will definitely retrieve the Holy Grail!”

“Yes! I will also defeat those people!”

That’s a nice face. That’s the face of a man.

To live for the woman who is his saviour. That sure is a manly aim!

This guy will surely get stronger.

That’s because—he is also a male of the Gremory just like Kiba and I.

It is decided that Valerie, who still hasn’t woken up, will be taken to the Grigori’s research institute, and we head towards the path back to Japan—.


About five days have passed since the terror that occurred in the castle towns of Tepes and Carmilla where both were nearly annihilated.

We came back to Japan and are waiting for how the forces of each of the mythologies will act. There is so much confusion going on in the Underworld, Heaven, and also among the Gods of other mythologies due to the appearance of Rizevim.

Of course. He is planning to bring chaos to the world by using the Evil Dragons as well as by planning to revive the legendary beast 666. He did say that his final plan is too attack the other world.

The Chief Gods of each of the mythologies deem this as the most dangerous situation of all time in their history.

I hear it’s decided that the forces allied with each other will cooperate in the measure against Rizevim Livan Lucifer and the “Qlippoth”.

This is about to turn into the first worldwide problem that will even surpass religions and our imagination—.

Since then, Rizevim and his men haven’t take any actions, but each of the forces and their crucial locations haven’t lowered their alert level yet.

It’s late at night, and various people gather at Kuou academy.

Occult Research Club members, Student Council members, Azazel-sensei, Sister Griselda, Joker Dulio, Slash Dog Ikuse Tobio-san, and also other members such as Sairaorg-san, Seegvaira Agares, the First Generation Sun Wukong, and even the Vali team are all here.

This really is an amazing gathering. I never imagined that the Vali team and the First-Gen Sun Wukong-geezer will be here as well. It feels as though all of the famous fighters of each faction that fight on the front-line are all here.

Rias asks once everyone looks at each other.

“……How are the higher-ups responding to this?”

Sensei then says.

“Since this incident isn’t something we can take lightly or ignore, even those who weren’t cooperating with us until now are agreeing to have a discussion over this.”

……I see, so even the VIPs of each mythology are feeling very cautious about the incident Rizevim caused this time.

Sensei then says.

“That bastard Rizevim is trying to cause chaos to both this world and the other world with his dangerous ideals. He did……cause such destruction at the Vampires territory that we can’t simply ignore.”

……There are victims within the Vampire’s side due to this terror at the Tepes castle.

They are trying to start something outrageous.

Sensei then sighs.

“There is even a radical opinion from a certain mythology where they won’t think twice about sending their military forces into this matter. Chief Gods such as Odin and Zeus are giving their warning to that mythology somehow……but I won’t know what will happen if terrorism greater than this incident continues even more. After all, the Evil Dragons that are deemed as dangerous from each mythology are causing havoc all at once. And the one that is leading them is the actual son of the previous Lucifer. Even those who saw the previous incident of the Underworld’s monster crises as merely something outside their bounds are feeling that this incident is a serious issue. —If 666 gets revived and starts a fight with Sekiryuushintei Great Red, the world may collapse due to their aftermath.”


Everyone becomes speechless at Sensei’s confession.

……If Great Red starts a battle with 666, the world may receive that much damage. Yeah, no wonder the higher-ups of each of the factions are making preparations!

The world may have received that much damage if Great Red and Ophis had a battle. However, that didn’t happen. The leaders of the Khaos Brigade till now had been deceiving Ophis and were using her, but they didn’t let her fight Great Red because they knew it was dangerous.

But it’s different now. Rizevim clearly did say that he will have Great Red and 666 fight each other in order to defeat that Sekiryuushintei. ……Even I can’t imagine what will happen to the dimensional gap if Great Red is gone but I can guess that there is definitely nothing good about it.

Rias continues after Sensei.

“The forces that weren’t that helpful till now, simply just observed this situation because their opinion was, “Since the Khaos Brigade is doing terrorist acts within the Three Great Powers as their main focus, the Three Great Powers should be the ones dealing with them”. However, even though he was hiding, I heard that the higher-ups of each faction know about the danger of the one called Rizevim Livan Lucifer. Since Rizevim became a terrorist while having such dangerous ideals……no one can simply ignore him now.”

So even the leaders of each mythology know that he is a crazy old man…… Well, he certainly was a crazy guy ever since first I met him.

Sensei makes a bitter smile.

“Don’t make such faces, everyone. It’s not like we are going to get attacked by the other forces. Except, the problem we have is that we ended up having an enemy we all have in common.”

Sister Griselda then says this.

“Michael-sama is also negotiating with the other forces as a representative of our God. ……There are many mythologies that are craving for our help. To add to that, there are forces whom have calmed themselves down due to Michael-sama’s instruction.”

To be expected from Michael-san! He sure is the leader of the Angels!

Sensei then puts one of his fingers up.

“And one more thing, there is a suggestion coming from the executives of each faction.”

Everyone pays attention to Sensei’s words.

“Since an incident happened where the territory of the two greatest factions of the Vampires got taken down, each of the factions will be feeling nervous from now on. Each of the mythologies will have at least one insanely strong God in their forces, but they have to worry about how people will view them, so they are not able to go out and take down the terrorists so easily. That’s why we are in need of a counter-terrorist team that consists of strong fighters that can fight Rizevim and his group head on while being able to move to such places right away.”

A counter-terrorist team! Yup, we really need them.

Hey, if he’s telling us this, then…… It seems like everyone beside me have also realised it due to having all of us gather here.

Sensei then says it while looking around us.

“That team will receive the right to act freely from each faction and it will suit us better the stronger they are. Yeah, all of you here had your names suggested for that counter-terrorist team with mixed background. The Devils, the Fallen Angel, the Angels, a Vampire, the Youkais, a Valkyrie, a Grim Reaper, a beast-man, a human, and finally the Dragons—. You can say you guys are in a different level despite being a mixed team. Furthermore, it will be really easy to have you guys move.”

The “Rookies Four”, Azazel-sensei, Slash Dog, Irina the reincarnated Angel, Griselda-san, Joker, the Dragon Kings, and the First Gen Sun Wukong. —A mixed team of so many strong people sent from various forces!

This team will surely have it easy when taking action, and furthermore it's really powerful!

It seems like the others aren’t showing any signs of being opposed about it.

“I agree with the joint. Since we are in this situation, we must cooperate with each other.”

Rias shows the sign of agreeing with it. All of us in her group also nod.

“It won’t be a problem. I will allow myself to fight alongside Rias and Hyoudou Issei.”

“I have no objection.”

“Me too. Though it seems like my role is to support everyone from the rear.”

Sairaorg-san, Sona-kaichou, and Seegvaira Agares also agree to it.

“I also have no objection aye~. It will be easy to work with the youngsters rather than doing this with just an old geezer like myself.”

Even the First Gen agrees. Wow, isn’t this going to be amazing since the First Gen will also be fighting!?

However, the Joker Dulio tilts his head saying “hmm”.

“What’s wrong? Does something bother you?”

Sensei asks.

“I just thought that we would need a name.”

Oh, a name. It sounds bombastic if we are simply called a counter-terrorist team.

—Then Koneko-chan mutters.


Everyone gazes at Koneko-chan’s muttering. Koneko-chan is surprised at having so much attention directed towards her. She then continues while feeling shy.

“Well, since it’s a mixed team consisted of different beings, that’s how I felt……”

Rias then asks.

“What does the [D×D] stand for? Does it stand for being a Dragon of Dragons like Great Red?”

“No, it can stand for Devils, also a Dragon, and the word “Fallen” of a Fallen Angel—like downfall.”

Koneko-chan answers.

I see, so it means [D×D] while pointing towards Devils, Dragons, and such.

Sensei nods his head.

“Well, we can also forcefully add any names starting with the letter “D”. Though it’s certain that we need a name. I see, [D×D] huh…… It may also be easy to remember it while having the meaning of protecting Great Red that is the [D×D]. I think that will be good, but how about you guys?”

Sensei asks everyone else.

“I think it will be okay as long as it’s not some weird name. I think it’s okay.”

Dulio gave his approval right away despite being the one asking about it.

“I don’t care what it will be called. Well, I will just leave this to the youngsters.”

Seems like the First Gen doesn’t care.

However, I have some worries due to the birth of this team.

“……Won’t there be people from other forces who will be unpleasant if a team like us takes some action?”

I ask that to Sensei. Even if the higher-ups gave us the approval, there will be those below them who will find our powers dangerous and become suspicious of us.

“Well, that’s something we can’t do anything about. But, there is no one apart from you guys who will fit this role. So yeah, I will appoint all of you to this important role.”

Sensei rests his hand on my shoulder and says this.

“—Oppai is justice. You are the Oppai Dragon. So let’s make it as a justice.”

“I-Is it really okay? Something like that……”

Sensei points at Rias’s breasts while putting on a smirk.

“Ise, look at Rias’s breasts.

“So then, don’t you think it’s justice?”


I stare at Rias’s oppai. Oh, the wonderful oppai. My girlfriend’s oppai. The best oppai there is. It’s round, soft, fresh, and that alone makes it justice!

Yup! For some reason I think I understand!

“Y-Yes! I think it’s justice!”

Sensei puts his hand around my shoulder.

“Alright! All of you are given an important task! So all of you need to be convinced with that! So what’s the justification of the counter-terrorist team [D×D]!?”

“Oppai is justice!”

I continue after Sensei!

Oppai is justice! That is fine! I can fight for peace solely for that reason! The oppai shines since it’s peace! Though everyone simply sighs with astonishment at me!

—Then after the mood changes, Sensei points at Dulio.

“The leader will be……Joker, you do it.”


Dulio can’t respond to the sudden decision, so he becomes silent for a moment—. After a pause, he shouts very loudly.

“Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!? M-M-Me!? Why!? No, no, no, seriously, why is it me!?”

He’s really shocked. Hmm, so Dulio is the type of person who gets troubled if he is given such a role.

Sensei then says it to Dulio.

“It will be bad appearance-wise for a Devil or a Fallen Angel to become the leader. From any perspective, you have an image of them being the villains. For that reason an Angel will have a good image and that will be good for us. There’s no loss for you to take the role. The biggest point will be that you are an Angel that reincarnated from a human. You will have a good image from the human’s points of view as well.”

Well, that’s certainly true. If we had to choose a leader among these people, then an Angel certainly has a good image.

“F-For that reason only……? N-No, I’m not good at such a role……”

Sister Griselda also says it to the troubled Dulio.

“Dulio, this is a very honorable role. You may be able to record your name in history, you know? So you should do it. No, do it. Since you have the role where you have an image of being the “trump card”, then you should do it.”

Dulio finally submits at her words with some intensity in it.

“……Ah, yes. Understood. I will do it!”

Dulio stands up front of everyone and greets us once again.

“Umm, that’s how it is so I will be the leader so please take care of me.”

Looks like it’s the birth of an unreliable leader, but since his strength and occupation is top notch, I will be expecting a lot from him from now on.

Sensei then looks at the First Gen.

“Will it be okay for you to become the sub-leader, First Gen? Though I’m terribly sorry for having you become second in command……”

“It’s okay. It’s natural for the young one to become the leader. So I will have myself act more as a symbol towards the enemies where they would feel afraid.”

Even the First Gen agrees with being a sub-leader.

This is amazing. So Joker will be the leader and Sun Wukong will be the sub-leader! This surely will be a group gathered with unbelievable people!


Sensei then says it to the Vali team that is listening to this discussion from the corner of the room.

“I will nominate you guys, the Vali team, to join this mixed-team in order to become the man-power against the plan Rizevim is trying to carry out. By doing that, I will try to get rid of even the tiniest distrust you guys have.”

Vali is seen as a threat for being involved with the “Khaos Brigade” in the past. By joining this mixed team, Sensei may be planning to weaken that threat others carry towards them.

Furthermore, having Vali join will make the team even stronger.

……Though it seems like there will be people dissatisfied with his participation. The fact is, the Agares lady is putting on a dissatisfied look.

Vali then asks the Dragon inside him.

“……Albion. That’s what Azazel is saying, but are you dissatisfied with teaming up with your nemesis?”

Albion says it with a voice where everyone can hear it.

[I don’t mind. By the way red one, this time let’s discuss about the battle a thousand years ago.]

[Yeah, I don’t mind. Hey, white one. Oh my, it sure is fun to talk about the past.]

……For some reason, it feels like these two are taking their discussion more importantly than the formation of this team.

“……You two are getting along quite well.”

Vali says it with a bit of a confused voice.

Albion then answers energetically.

[We are not afraid of breasts and buttocks if both of us are here. Right, red one?]

[Yeah, whether its oppai or hips, bring it on! We won’t lose to such things!]

Even Ddraig has become well!


They just said “Right~”! What’s up with the sudden change of the Two Heavenly Dragons’ personality!?

“……I never thought the destined fight between the Two Heavenly Dragons that has been going on for so long would end here for a reason as such…… You sure can’t predict what will happen.”

Sairaorg-san also says that while tilting his head.

……Yes, it seems like they got along due to me being the cause for it. Yeah, you sure can’t predict what will happen……

Sensei says it in an astonished voice.

“As a result, a change that has never been seen before happened to Ise. I don’t understand the growth of the current Two Heavenly Dragons anymore. Even I give up……I wonder if it’s related to breasts and butts.”

“Please don’t say that in such a shocked voice!”

I can’t help myself but to say that to Sensei. Well, even I don’t understand how those power-ups work!

“But isn’t it quite a serious matter that Vali Lucifer and his comrades were part of the Khaos Brigade?”

—Sona-kaichou asks Sensei while putting her hand up.

Sensei then says it while scratching his cheek.

“About that, that geezer Odin stood up to take Vali as his adopted son while knowing all about what he did.”


I’m surprised. I never thought that geezer Odin would suggest such a thing.

“Can’t it be you, Sensei? You are……the one who raised him, weren’t you?”

I ask him. Sensei shakes his head to the side.

“I’m someone who had the role of being the leader of the Angels that have fallen. I said this before but, Devils and Fallen Angels don’t have that good an image appearance-wise if you compare them to Angels and Gods from the other forces. I can’t help it since I have myself recorded as the villain in the Bible.”

Well, Devils and Fallen Angels certainly are villains most of the time.

Sensei then says to Vali.

“But it’s a different story if it’s Odin. That geezer is one of the old Gods. If Odin says he wants to take him in as his adopted son, then the Gods of Asgard and the Gods from the other forces aren’t able to complain against him that easily. Though it will come with a requirement and restriction, you will be able to move more freely. Vali, are you dissatisfied to become Odin’s son?”

Vali starts to think about Sensei’s question.

“I will cooperate when both sides will benefit from it. So I will act on my own other than that.”

He answers as such. Sensei then laughs.

“So I can take that as a “yes” then?”

Vali doesn’t give a direct answer, but he looks at Kuroka and Le Fay.

“......I will leave Kuroka and Le Fay here most of the time. Though I will summon them if we are in need of them. Kuroka, Le Fay, I will leave this place to you.”

“You can leave it to us –nya.”

Kuroka agrees to it while doing a salute. Oh, so it seems like this woman and Le Fay will be staying in the Hyoudou residence officially……

The Holy King Sword Collbrande wielder, Arthur, says this to his younger sister Le Fay.

“Le Fay.”

“Y-Yes, Onii-sama.”

“This is a good occasion. You should join this team. And also receive a pardon with this amnesty. —Also Sekiryuutei.”

Arthur looks at me.

“What is it?”

“If you don’t have a pact with a specific Magician, then can you please make a pact with this girl? If she makes a pact with you who is the hero of the Underworld, then she will be able to return home.”


So that’s his motive huh. If Le Fay joins this team, it will work quite a lot to justify her actions. So it may be possible to get rid of the worries Ravel had.

“I will think about it positively.”

When I say that, Arthur puts on a smile which carries his emotion and it’s something you rarely see. That’s because, unlike his usual cold smile, it feels like he’s actually smiling.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will definitely repay this gratitude to you.”

This time Sensei asks Kuroka.

“And the role Kuroka will have is……will it be okay with you being the house guest of the Hyoudou residence? If so, I will have you continue having a lifestyle where Rias and Ise will be keeping you under their watch. Will that be okay?”

“Yeah, the former Governor-san sure knows how to handle things –nya. That’s how it is, and since I became an official house guest, please do look after me from now on –nya.”

H-House guest huh…… She eats quite a lot. She says it’s okay since all those fats go straight to her oppai, but I sure would like it if she does her job which is worth the same amount as she eats.

First Gen then pokes Bikou.

“Bikou, I will summon you if it’s necessary~. I won’t allow you to decline it.”

“……I will keep that in mind. Geezer, make sure you don’t push yourself too much, okay? You know it will be stressful to have an Evil Dragon as an opponent against that old body of yours?”

“Well, I will enjoy it to a degree where I won’t get myself killed.”

I wonder if we can witness a scene where it will be the double Sun Wukong in action.

—Then I brought up another of my doubts to Sensei.

“I don’t mind about this team being organized, but how will we make our move from now on……?”

“You can act how you usually do. Don’t tell me you think all of you will act together all the time? It’s such a big group, so we can’t have all of you move that easily. Everyone has their own job to do after all. You can simply cooperate with those who can act right away when something happens by communicating with each other. This is a team for that reason. The thing is, we want to make a group of people that can cooperate officially.”

Well, that’s true.

It will be better for each side to act on their own most of the time. We can’t change our lifestyle all of a sudden.

That will be easier, and if it gets dangerous, we can simply team up.

First Gen then says it after taking a step forward.

“Now then. Are there any of you youngsters that want to get stronger?”

“—! What do you mean by that?”

First Gen answers Rias’s question with a wrinkled smile.

“I will train all of you from scratch. —There’s no point to have formed this team if each of you can’t at least defeat a High-class Devil and High-level Angel. I will eventually have each of you reach the strength of an Ultimate class.”


First Gen is going to train us! Evil Dragons certainly are powerful. Obviously it’s better to increase our strength. If First Generation Sun Wukong is the one guiding us, then there is nothing more we can ask for!

First Gen continues.

“Most likely, this team won’t just function for only against the Evil Dragons of this incident. Even in the future, it will turn into a team that will go against enemies outside this world.”

Sensei nods.

“Yeah, it’s just like First Gen said. I know that this [D×D] team will become the “trump card” of the world of supernatural beings as well as the world of humans.”

A trump card for both the world of supernatural beings and the humans huh.

First Gen then shakes his head.

“But if you ask me, all of you are still amateurs—no, amateurs that simply have flashy appearances. You won’t be able to beat the Evil Dragons with just that.”

Vali smiles fearlessly.

“I am aware that my Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive can reach even the Gods.”

“That’s true. It will definitely reach them. In terms of power output, you will reach the Gods from each faction. —But that’s it, right~? If you don’t have the stamina to maintain that, then it’s just a waste of your ability. How many minutes can you maintain your so-called Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive? Or maybe it will be in terms of seconds?”


Vali can’t argue back at the First Gen’s words. That form of his has such a high consumption rate after all.

If the enemy sees through Vali’s output, it won’t be weird for them to come up with a countermeasure against it and corner him.

Well, the only ones who can do that will be super strong foes.

The First Gen then continues to tell Vali.

“You won’t be able to defeat brutal Dragons like Crom Cruach in that state. You may be able to surpass Crom Cruach once with a single attack. But what will you do if you need a second one? Or can you even use the third one? If you ask me, both the White Dragon and the Red Dragon over there waste too much power.”

So harsh! Hmm, even I have the same opinion. Especially the stamina consumption of the True [Queen] is too high. I think my fighting style will change if I can somehow supress that down.

And my newly attained power. I want to be capable of controlling those small Dragons as freely as I like. There are so many things I need to do, seriously.

First Gen says it while looking around.

“—I will train you two, the Two Heavenly Dragons. I will teach you the way you must fight against the Evil Dragons from scratch. Especially the Longinus possessors and their Masters since they may end up fighting against God-class foes in the future, so I will train you to the point where you can even fight the Gods.”

“……We are fighting the Gods……?”

Sairaorg-san replies with a doubtful tone.

First Gen says it while spinning his pipe.

“There are so many more Gods that are aiming to take over the world than all of you are imagining~.”

First Gen makes a meaningful smile.

“Well, the first thing we need to be concerned about is the great villain we have right now—Rizevim Livan Lucifer. I always think that the ones born with a Longinus had this fate from the moment they were born.”

“……Fated with it?”

The First Gen answers my question straight forwardly.

“—The embodiment to destroy a God. I don’t think that the appearance of the Longinus is a bug in the system but more of an inevitable occurrence bound to happen to this world.”

The participating members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Team [D×D]:

Leader: Dulio Gesualdo. From the Heaven (The Longinus “Zenith Tempest”).

Sub-Leader: Sun Wukong (The First Gen changed his name back to fight in the front-line once again). From Mt Sumeru.

Technology Adviser + General Supervisor: Azazel. From the Underworld (Affiliated with Grigori and their former Governor).

Participating members:

• Sairaorg Bael’s group. From the Underworld (The Longinus “Regulus Nemea”).

• Seekvaira Agares’s group. From the Underworld.

• Rias Gremory’s group. From the Underworld (The Longinus “Boosted Gear”).

• Sona Sitri’s group. From the Underworld.

• The Brave Saints (Griselda Quarta and Irina). From the Heaven.

• Ikuse Tobio. Human (The Longinus possessor of “Canis Lykaon” from the Grigori).

• Sekiryuutei Ddraig. One of the Two Heavenly Dragons.

• The Gigantis Dragon Fafnir. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings.

• The Mischievous Dragon Yu-Long. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings.

• The Prison Dragon Vritra. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings.

Temporary members:

• Vali Lucifer’s team. The team mixed of the Devils, Youkais, humans, magicians, and monsters (The Longinus “Divine Dividing”).

• Hakuryuukou Albion. One of the Two Heavenly Dragons.

New Life

Since the formation of the team and what we will be doing from now on has basically been settled, [D×D] has been disbanded for now. Everyone left the old school building, and the only ones that have remained here are the members of the Occult Research Club.

“Ravel, that’s how it is. I— want to make a pact with Le Fay.”

“If that is what Ise-sama wishes, then we will go through with this pact thoroughly.”

—Like that, I was talking to my manager Ravel regarding my pact with Le Fay.

I wish to make a pact with that girl even if her past has been pardoned, despite not disappearing, due to the formation of the team. Even Ravel responded positively this time.

Yeah, looks like my pact with a magician will go smoothly! There are still many things ahead of me……but there’s no other choice but to overcome those obstacles. I will overcome each hardship, one by one!

Rias stands up, and then looks at the members.

“A team was formed, and since we have joined them, we can’t allow Rizevim Livan Lucifer’s violent acts to continue.”

Rias says it loudly after changing her mood.

“Not taking action after being treated as a fool doesn’t suit my style, so we’ll get stronger together with all of us!”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

We got into a proper mindset so we can start the training with the First Gen Sun Wukong and the others—.

True Longinus

“HAHAHA! You were unexpectedly fast. No, I take that back. —You were faster than I predicted. How was the realm of the dead, Cao Cao?”

“…………For the God himself that dropped me down there to ask my opinion about it, you really are a horrible God, Śakra-sama.”

“And where are Georg and Leonardo?”

“……Georg started researching about magic down in the realm of the dead. It seems like he won’t be coming back for a while. Leonardo is staying with Georg.”

“HAHAHA! Longinus possessors sure are guys that you can’t come to understand. Well, that’s alright. —Like I promised, I’ll return the Holy Spear.”

“By the way, did something happen over here?”

“—Good timing. How about you join them as well? I’ll talk to the other forces. Do it since you are a “human” that was chosen by the Holy Spear. —Slaying the Evil Dragons and a Lucifer that is.”

“……Evil Dragons……and a Lucifer, huh.”


It’s been a while. It’s Ishibumi. High School D×D has finally reached the 16th volume.

• Regarding Gasper:

Volume 16 was a story about “Gasper returning to his homeland”. Gasper who gradually matured as the story progresses. If you compare him to when he first showed up, I am sure that he has changed mentally. Well, in this volume his appearance also changed a lot……

It was hinted that he had insane quality since he has a mutation piece, but you were too strong, Gya-suke……

I call this state of his as Darkness Gasper or Gasper Balor.

His time freezing ability turned into a hacked level, he used a power of darkness that can engulf a whole town, he can give birth to mysterious creatures, and the Darkness Gasper’s physical stat is really high which makes him a complete monster.

But what I find the scariest is the fated meeting Rias has. Her talent to gather her servants is on par with her brother, or her fated meeting is that of a Maou-class.

• Regarding Ddraig and Albion:

—The Two Heavenly Dragons can understand each other! Like that, I reckon this volume is also about Ddraig and Albion coming to understand each other’s importance due to having the same fear.

If I think about it, it was long. Ddraig-san who initially watched over Ise who was fascinated with oppai. He gradually gets cornered by Ise’s oppai power, and ends up falling sick. But in this volume, he started showing signs of improvement by having a direct discussion with Albion who shared the same concern as him. The hidden theme of volume 16 is also the talk between Ddraig and Albion.

The fourth story arc is planned for pushing Ise’s growth due to Ddraig’s comeback.

Did you know that the scene where Ddraig gets cheered up by Albion is actually one of the emotional scenes of this volume?

• Regarding the heroines’ power-ups:

In volume 14, I wrote about the power-ups of Asia, Akeno, and Xenovia, that’s why I brought the new power of Rias and Koneko in this volume.

Rias’s new power of destruction is a one-hit kill special attack. It has so much power that even that Evil Dragon Grendel ended up in that state. It’s an attack suitable for real combat and it’s something she definitely can’t use in the Rating Game.

Koneko showed her power of purification and her temporarily growth. Her purification will certainly become handy in the fight against the Evil Dragons.

The remaining ones to have power-ups are Rossweisse and Irina. Obviously it’s planned for them to get a power-up.

• Regarding the appearance of Vali’s grandpa, Rizevim, and the villains:

The big boss of the story this time is Vali’s grandpa, also known as Rizevim Livan Lucifer!

He’s the true son of the previous Lucifer that had already passed away. The truth is, there is a scene where Vali talks about his origin (pedigree), and he confesses that he’s the great-grandson of the previous Lucifer. So that means he has a dad and grandpa, so his grandpa appeared as the mastermind. Just like you witnessed, he’s crazy and he will be causing havoc together with Euclid and the Evil Dragons from now on.

Euclid also showed up by being equipped with a copy of the Boosted Gear. I wanted to do the Sekiryuutei VS Fake Sekiryuutei battle for a long time, hence I wrote it this volume.

It’s planned for there to be more things written about Lilith, who is the other half of Ophis, from now on.

Regarding 666, he’s the “Beast” that appears in John’s Apocalypse alongside Great Red (the Red Dragon). Also, its name and the setting is D×D’s original.

• Regarding the return of the good-looking Holy Spear wielder:

I’m sure that those who read to the end were shocked, but finally, that man has also come back!

The owner of the Holy Spear who got sent the realm of the dead—Cao Cao, has come back from the depths of Hell.

He has come back in order to meet with Ise once again! Well, that’s a joke, but I’m hoping you will all look forward to how he will get involved in the story from now on.

However, a new guy starts to come closer to Ise once again…… I wrote till volume 16, but the truth is, it’s turning into a serious situation where the number of male characters that is interested in Ise is increasing to the same number of heroines that has feelings towards him.

• A team has finally been formed. And the name of it is [D×D]!

It’s decided that there will be a formation of a counter-team since the enemies of this volume is much more dangerous than before.

They did form a team, but due to the story’s progress, it will mainly be about Ise and the Gremory group which is no different from before. I’m thinking of having those who are the members of D×D appear in each volume. I’m thinking of having Ise and his comrades fight together with Dulio or the Bael team. I can’t suddenly do something like, “From now on, they will fight as one!”. The number of them are too much after all. Even if I want to write about them, it will be hard to explain due to the number of members, that’s why it’s planned to be basically about the Occult Research Club + a certain member.

Please think that they have formed a counter-terrorist team with the ones they have a bond with during the course of the story. If they were to fight with all their members, then it will only be at the climax of the fourth story arc.

Lastly, my gratitude. Miyama Zero-sama, Editor H-sama, I’m always under your care!

By the time this volume has been released, it will have entered the High School D×D’s fifth year anniversary since being published. I think that it became such a long running story thanks to all the support from you, the fans. So please do support me from now on!

Now then, the next volume will be Rossweisse’s main story! And the magicians will get involved there. Also, I will pick up about the school built together by the Sitri and the Bael as well.

Translator's Notes and References

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