High School DxD:Volume 16 Afterword

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It’s been a while. It’s Ishibumi. High School D×D has finally reached the 16th volume.

• Regarding Gasper:

Volume 16 was a story about “Gasper returning to his homeland”. Gasper who gradually matured as the story progresses. If you compare him to when he first showed up, I am sure that he has changed mentally. Well, in this volume his appearance also changed a lot……

It was hinted that he had insane quality since he has a mutation piece, but you were too strong, Gya-suke……

I call this state of his as Darkness Gasper or Gasper Balor.

His time freezing ability turned into a hacked level, he used a power of darkness that can engulf a whole town, he can give birth to mysterious creatures, and the Darkness Gasper’s physical stat is really high which makes him a complete monster.

But what I find the scariest is the fated meeting Rias has. Her talent to gather her servants is on par with her brother, or her fated meeting is that of a Maou-class.

• Regarding Ddraig and Albion:

—The Two Heavenly Dragons can understand each other! Like that, I reckon this volume is also about Ddraig and Albion coming to understand each other’s importance due to having the same fear.

If I think about it, it was long. Ddraig-san who initially watched over Ise who was fascinated with oppai. He gradually gets cornered by Ise’s oppai power, and ends up falling sick. But in this volume, he started showing signs of improvement by having a direct discussion with Albion who shared the same concern as him. The hidden theme of volume 16 is also the talk between Ddraig and Albion.

The fourth story arc is planned for pushing Ise’s growth due to Ddraig’s comeback.

Did you know that the scene where Ddraig gets cheered up by Albion is actually one of the emotional scenes of this volume?

• Regarding the heroines’ power-ups:

In volume 14, I wrote about the power-ups of Asia, Akeno, and Xenovia, that’s why I brought the new power of Rias and Koneko in this volume.

Rias’s new power of destruction is a one-hit kill special attack. It has so much power that even that Evil Dragon Grendel ended up in that state. It’s an attack suitable for real combat and it’s something she definitely can’t use in the Rating Game.

Koneko showed her power of purification and her temporarily growth. Her purification will certainly become handy in the fight against the Evil Dragons.

The remaining ones to have power-ups are Rossweisse and Irina. Obviously it’s planned for them to get a power-up.

• Regarding the appearance of Vali’s grandpa, Rizevim, and the villains:

The big boss of the story this time is Vali’s grandpa, also known as Rizevim Livan Lucifer!

He’s the true son of the previous Lucifer that had already passed away. The truth is, there is a scene where Vali talks about his origin (pedigree), and he confesses that he’s the great-grandson of the previous Lucifer. So that means he has a dad and grandpa, so his grandpa appeared as the mastermind. Just like you witnessed, he’s crazy and he will be causing havoc together with Euclid and the Evil Dragons from now on.

Euclid also showed up by being equipped with a copy of the Boosted Gear. I wanted to do the Sekiryuutei VS Fake Sekiryuutei battle for a long time, hence I wrote it this volume.

It’s planned for there to be more things written about Lilith, who is the other half of Ophis, from now on.

Regarding 666, he’s the “Beast” that appears in John’s Apocalypse alongside Great Red (the Red Dragon). Also, its name and the setting is D×D’s original.

• Regarding the return of the good-looking Holy Spear wielder:

I’m sure that those who read to the end were shocked, but finally, that man has also come back!

The owner of the Holy Spear who got sent the realm of the dead—Cao Cao, has come back from the depths of Hell.

He has come back in order to meet with Ise once again! Well, that’s a joke, but I’m hoping you will all look forward to how he will get involved in the story from now on.

However, a new guy starts to come closer to Ise once again…… I wrote till volume 16, but the truth is, it’s turning into a serious situation where the number of male characters that is interested in Ise is increasing to the same number of heroines that has feelings towards him.

• A team has finally been formed. And the name of it is [D×D]!

It’s decided that there will be a formation of a counter-team since the enemies of this volume is much more dangerous than before.

They did form a team, but due to the story’s progress, it will mainly be about Ise and the Gremory group which is no different from before. I’m thinking of having those who are the members of D×D appear in each volume. I’m thinking of having Ise and his comrades fight together with Dulio or the Bael team. I can’t suddenly do something like, “From now on, they will fight as one!”. The number of them are too much after all. Even if I want to write about them, it will be hard to explain due to the number of members, that’s why it’s planned to be basically about the Occult Research Club + a certain member.

Please think that they have formed a counter-terrorist team with the ones they have a bond with during the course of the story. If they were to fight with all their members, then it will only be at the climax of the fourth story arc.

Lastly, my gratitude. Miyama Zero-sama, Editor H-sama, I’m always under your care!

By the time this volume has been released, it will have entered the High School D×D’s fifth year anniversary since being published. I think that it became such a long running story thanks to all the support from you, the fans. So please do support me from now on!

Now then, the next volume will be Rossweisse’s main story! And the magicians will get involved there. Also, I will pick up about the school built together by the Sitri and the Bael as well.

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