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About five days have passed since the terror that occurred in the castle towns of Tepes and Carmilla where both were nearly annihilated.

We came back to Japan and are waiting for how the forces of each of the mythologies will act. There is so much confusion going on in the Underworld, Heaven, and also among the Gods of other mythologies due to the appearance of Rizevim.

Of course. He is planning to bring chaos to the world by using the Evil Dragons as well as by planning to revive the legendary beast 666. He did say that his final plan is too attack the other world.

The Chief Gods of each of the mythologies deem this as the most dangerous situation of all time in their history.

I hear it’s decided that the forces allied with each other will cooperate in the measure against Rizevim Livan Lucifer and the “Qlippoth”.

This is about to turn into the first worldwide problem that will even surpass religions and our imagination—.

Since then, Rizevim and his men haven’t take any actions, but each of the forces and their crucial locations haven’t lowered their alert level yet.

It’s late at night, and various people gather at Kuou academy.

Occult Research Club members, Student Council members, Azazel-sensei, Sister Griselda, Joker Dulio, Slash Dog Ikuse Tobio-san, and also other members such as Sairaorg-san, Seegvaira Agares, the First Generation Sun Wukong, and even the Vali team are all here.

This really is an amazing gathering. I never imagined that the Vali team and the First-Gen Sun Wukong-geezer will be here as well. It feels as though all of the famous fighters of each faction that fight on the front-line are all here.

Rias asks once everyone looks at each other.

“……How are the higher-ups responding to this?”

Sensei then says.

“Since this incident isn’t something we can take lightly or ignore, even those who weren’t cooperating with us until now are agreeing to have a discussion over this.”

……I see, so even the VIPs of each mythology are feeling very cautious about the incident Rizevim caused this time.

Sensei then says.

“That bastard Rizevim is trying to cause chaos to both this world and the other world with his dangerous ideals. He did……cause such destruction at the Vampires territory that we can’t simply ignore.”

……There are victims within the Vampire’s side due to this terror at the Tepes castle.

They are trying to start something outrageous.

Sensei then sighs.

“There is even a radical opinion from a certain mythology where they won’t think twice about sending their military forces into this matter. Chief Gods such as Odin and Zeus are giving their warning to that mythology somehow……but I won’t know what will happen if terrorism greater than this incident continues even more. After all, the Evil Dragons that are deemed as dangerous from each mythology are causing havoc all at once. And the one that is leading them is the actual son of the previous Lucifer. Even those who saw the previous incident of the Underworld’s monster crises as merely something outside their bounds are feeling that this incident is a serious issue. —If 666 gets revived and starts a fight with Sekiryuushintei Great Red, the world may collapse due to their aftermath.”


Everyone becomes speechless at Sensei’s confession.

……If Great Red starts a battle with 666, the world may receive that much damage. Yeah, no wonder the higher-ups of each of the factions are making preparations!

The world may have received that much damage if Great Red and Ophis had a battle. However, that didn’t happen. The leaders of the Khaos Brigade till now had been deceiving Ophis and were using her, but they didn’t let her fight Great Red because they knew it was dangerous.

But it’s different now. Rizevim clearly did say that he will have Great Red and 666 fight each other in order to defeat that Sekiryuushintei. ……Even I can’t imagine what will happen to the dimensional gap if Great Red is gone but I can guess that there is definitely nothing good about it.

Rias continues after Sensei.

“The forces that weren’t that helpful till now, simply just observed this situation because their opinion was, “Since the Khaos Brigade is doing terrorist acts within the Three Great Powers as their main focus, the Three Great Powers should be the ones dealing with them”. However, even though he was hiding, I heard that the higher-ups of each faction know about the danger of the one called Rizevim Livan Lucifer. Since Rizevim became a terrorist while having such dangerous ideals……no one can simply ignore him now.”

So even the leaders of each mythology know that he is a crazy old man…… Well, he certainly was a crazy guy ever since first I met him.

Sensei makes a bitter smile.

“Don’t make such faces, everyone. It’s not like we are going to get attacked by the other forces. Except, the problem we have is that we ended up having an enemy we all have in common.”

Sister Griselda then says this.

“Michael-sama is also negotiating with the other forces as a representative of our God. ……There are many mythologies that are craving for our help. To add to that, there are forces whom have calmed themselves down due to Michael-sama’s instruction.”

To be expected from Michael-san! He sure is the leader of the Angels!

Sensei then puts one of his fingers up.

“And one more thing, there is a suggestion coming from the executives of each faction.”

Everyone pays attention to Sensei’s words.

“Since an incident happened where the territory of the two greatest factions of the Vampires got taken down, each of the factions will be feeling nervous from now on. Each of the mythologies will have at least one insanely strong God in their forces, but they have to worry about how people will view them, so they are not able to go out and take down the terrorists so easily. That’s why we are in need of a counter-terrorist team that consists of strong fighters that can fight Rizevim and his group head on while being able to move to such places right away.”

A counter-terrorist team! Yup, we really need them.

Hey, if he’s telling us this, then…… It seems like everyone beside me have also realised it due to having all of us gather here.

Sensei then says it while looking around us.

“That team will receive the right to act freely from each faction and it will suit us better the stronger they are. Yeah, all of you here had your names suggested for that counter-terrorist team with mixed background. The Devils, the Fallen Angel, the Angels, a Vampire, the Youkais, a Valkyrie, a Grim Reaper, a beast-man, a human, and finally the Dragons—. You can say you guys are in a different level despite being a mixed team. Furthermore, it will be really easy to have you guys move.”

The “Rookies Four”, Azazel-sensei, Slash Dog, Irina the reincarnated Angel, Griselda-san, Joker, the Dragon Kings, and the First Gen Sun Wukong. —A mixed team of so many strong people sent from various forces!

This team will surely have it easy when taking action, and furthermore it's really powerful!

It seems like the others aren’t showing any signs of being opposed about it.

“I agree with the joint. Since we are in this situation, we must cooperate with each other.”

Rias shows the sign of agreeing with it. All of us in her group also nod.

“It won’t be a problem. I will allow myself to fight alongside Rias and Hyoudou Issei.”

“I have no objection.”

“Me too. Though it seems like my role is to support everyone from the rear.”

Sairaorg-san, Sona-kaichou, and Seegvaira Agares also agree to it.

“I also have no objection aye~. It will be easy to work with the youngsters rather than doing this with just an old geezer like myself.”

Even the First Gen agrees. Wow, isn’t this going to be amazing since the First Gen will also be fighting!?

However, the Joker Dulio tilts his head saying “hmm”.

“What’s wrong? Does something bother you?”

Sensei asks.

“I just thought that we would need a name.”

Oh, a name. It sounds bombastic if we are simply called a counter-terrorist team.

—Then Koneko-chan mutters.


Everyone gazes at Koneko-chan’s muttering. Koneko-chan is surprised at having so much attention directed towards her. She then continues while feeling shy.

“Well, since it’s a mixed team consisted of different beings, that’s how I felt……”

Rias then asks.

“What does the [D×D] stand for? Does it stand for being a Dragon of Dragons like Great Red?”

“No, it can stand for Devils, also a Dragon, and the word “Fallen” of a Fallen Angel—like downfall.”

Koneko-chan answers.

I see, so it means [D×D] while pointing towards Devils, Dragons, and such.

Sensei nods his head.

“Well, we can also forcefully add any names starting with the letter “D”. Though it’s certain that we need a name. I see, [D×D] huh…… It may also be easy to remember it while having the meaning of protecting Great Red that is the [D×D]. I think that will be good, but how about you guys?”

Sensei asks everyone else.

“I think it will be okay as long as it’s not some weird name. I think it’s okay.”

Dulio gave his approval right away despite being the one asking about it.

“I don’t care what it will be called. Well, I will just leave this to the youngsters.”

Seems like the First Gen doesn’t care.

However, I have some worries due to the birth of this team.

“……Won’t there be people from other forces who will be unpleasant if a team like us takes some action?”

I ask that to Sensei. Even if the higher-ups gave us the approval, there will be those below them who will find our powers dangerous and become suspicious of us.

“Well, that’s something we can’t do anything about. But, there is no one apart from you guys who will fit this role. So yeah, I will appoint all of you to this important role.”

Sensei rests his hand on my shoulder and says this.

“—Oppai is justice. You are the Oppai Dragon. So let’s make it as a justice.”

“I-Is it really okay? Something like that……”

Sensei points at Rias’s breasts while putting on a smirk.

“Ise, look at Rias’s breasts.

“So then, don’t you think it’s justice?”


I stare at Rias’s oppai. Oh, the wonderful oppai. My girlfriend’s oppai. The best oppai there is. It’s round, soft, fresh, and that alone makes it justice!

Yup! For some reason I think I understand!

“Y-Yes! I think it’s justice!”

Sensei puts his hand around my shoulder.

“Alright! All of you are given an important task! So all of you need to be convinced with that! So what’s the justification of the counter-terrorist team [D×D]!?”

“Oppai is justice!”

I continue after Sensei!

Oppai is justice! That is fine! I can fight for peace solely for that reason! The oppai shines since it’s peace! Though everyone simply sighs with astonishment at me!

—Then after the mood changes, Sensei points at Dulio.

“The leader will be……Joker, you do it.”


Dulio can’t respond to the sudden decision, so he becomes silent for a moment—. After a pause, he shouts very loudly.

“Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!? M-M-Me!? Why!? No, no, no, seriously, why is it me!?”

He’s really shocked. Hmm, so Dulio is the type of person who gets troubled if he is given such a role.

Sensei then says it to Dulio.

“It will be bad appearance-wise for a Devil or a Fallen Angel to become the leader. From any perspective, you have an image of them being the villains. For that reason an Angel will have a good image and that will be good for us. There’s no loss for you to take the role. The biggest point will be that you are an Angel that reincarnated from a human. You will have a good image from the human’s points of view as well.”

Well, that’s certainly true. If we had to choose a leader among these people, then an Angel certainly has a good image.

“F-For that reason only……? N-No, I’m not good at such a role……”

Sister Griselda also says it to the troubled Dulio.

“Dulio, this is a very honorable role. You may be able to record your name in history, you know? So you should do it. No, do it. Since you have the role where you have an image of being the “trump card”, then you should do it.”

Dulio finally submits at her words with some intensity in it.

“……Ah, yes. Understood. I will do it!”

Dulio stands up front of everyone and greets us once again.

“Umm, that’s how it is so I will be the leader so please take care of me.”

Looks like it’s the birth of an unreliable leader, but since his strength and occupation is top notch, I will be expecting a lot from him from now on.

Sensei then looks at the First Gen.

“Will it be okay for you to become the sub-leader, First Gen? Though I’m terribly sorry for having you become second in command……”

“It’s okay. It’s natural for the young one to become the leader. So I will have myself act more as a symbol towards the enemies where they would feel afraid.”

Even the First Gen agrees with being a sub-leader.

This is amazing. So Joker will be the leader and Sun Wukong will be the sub-leader! This surely will be a group gathered with unbelievable people!


Sensei then says it to the Vali team that is listening to this discussion from the corner of the room.

“I will nominate you guys, the Vali team, to join this mixed-team in order to become the man-power against the plan Rizevim is trying to carry out. By doing that, I will try to get rid of even the tiniest distrust you guys have.”

Vali is seen as a threat for being involved with the “Khaos Brigade” in the past. By joining this mixed team, Sensei may be planning to weaken that threat others carry towards them.

Furthermore, having Vali join will make the team even stronger.

……Though it seems like there will be people dissatisfied with his participation. The fact is, the Agares lady is putting on a dissatisfied look.

Vali then asks the Dragon inside him.

“……Albion. That’s what Azazel is saying, but are you dissatisfied with teaming up with your nemesis?”

Albion says it with a voice where everyone can hear it.

[I don’t mind. By the way red one, this time let’s discuss about the battle a thousand years ago.]

[Yeah, I don’t mind. Hey, white one. Oh my, it sure is fun to talk about the past.]

……For some reason, it feels like these two are taking their discussion more importantly than the formation of this team.

“……You two are getting along quite well.”

Vali says it with a bit of a confused voice.

Albion then answers energetically.

[We are not afraid of breasts and buttocks if both of us are here. Right, red one?]

[Yeah, whether its oppai or hips, bring it on! We won’t lose to such things!]

Even Ddraig has become well!


They just said “Right~”! What’s up with the sudden change of the Two Heavenly Dragons’ personality!?

“……I never thought the destined fight between the Two Heavenly Dragons that has been going on for so long would end here for a reason as such…… You sure can’t predict what will happen.”

Sairaorg-san also says that while tilting his head.

……Yes, it seems like they got along due to me being the cause for it. Yeah, you sure can’t predict what will happen……

Sensei says it in an astonished voice.

“As a result, a change that has never been seen before happened to Ise. I don’t understand the growth of the current Two Heavenly Dragons anymore. Even I give up……I wonder if it’s related to breasts and butts.”

“Please don’t say that in such a shocked voice!”

I can’t help myself but to say that to Sensei. Well, even I don’t understand how those power-ups work!

“But isn’t it quite a serious matter that Vali Lucifer and his comrades were part of the Khaos Brigade?”

—Sona-kaichou asks Sensei while putting her hand up.

Sensei then says it while scratching his cheek.

“About that, that geezer Odin stood up to take Vali as his adopted son while knowing all about what he did.”


I’m surprised. I never thought that geezer Odin would suggest such a thing.

“Can’t it be you, Sensei? You are……the one who raised him, weren’t you?”

I ask him. Sensei shakes his head to the side.

“I’m someone who had the role of being the leader of the Angels that have fallen. I said this before but, Devils and Fallen Angels don’t have that good an image appearance-wise if you compare them to Angels and Gods from the other forces. I can’t help it since I have myself recorded as the villain in the Bible.”

Well, Devils and Fallen Angels certainly are villains most of the time.

Sensei then says to Vali.

“But it’s a different story if it’s Odin. That geezer is one of the old Gods. If Odin says he wants to take him in as his adopted son, then the Gods of Asgard and the Gods from the other forces aren’t able to complain against him that easily. Though it will come with a requirement and restriction, you will be able to move more freely. Vali, are you dissatisfied to become Odin’s son?”

Vali starts to think about Sensei’s question.

“I will cooperate when both sides will benefit from it. So I will act on my own other than that.”

He answers as such. Sensei then laughs.

“So I can take that as a “yes” then?”

Vali doesn’t give a direct answer, but he looks at Kuroka and Le Fay.

“......I will leave Kuroka and Le Fay here most of the time. Though I will summon them if we are in need of them. Kuroka, Le Fay, I will leave this place to you.”

“You can leave it to us –nya.”

Kuroka agrees to it while doing a salute. Oh, so it seems like this woman and Le Fay will be staying in the Hyoudou residence officially……

The Holy King Sword Collbrande wielder, Arthur, says this to his younger sister Le Fay.

“Le Fay.”

“Y-Yes, Onii-sama.”

“This is a good occasion. You should join this team. And also receive a pardon with this amnesty. —Also Sekiryuutei.”

Arthur looks at me.

“What is it?”

“If you don’t have a pact with a specific Magician, then can you please make a pact with this girl? If she makes a pact with you who is the hero of the Underworld, then she will be able to return home.”


So that’s his motive huh. If Le Fay joins this team, it will work quite a lot to justify her actions. So it may be possible to get rid of the worries Ravel had.

“I will think about it positively.”

When I say that, Arthur puts on a smile which carries his emotion and it’s something you rarely see. That’s because, unlike his usual cold smile, it feels like he’s actually smiling.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will definitely repay this gratitude to you.”

This time Sensei asks Kuroka.

“And the role Kuroka will have is……will it be okay with you being the house guest of the Hyoudou residence? If so, I will have you continue having a lifestyle where Rias and Ise will be keeping you under their watch. Will that be okay?”

“Yeah, the former Governor-san sure knows how to handle things –nya. That’s how it is, and since I became an official house guest, please do look after me from now on –nya.”

H-House guest huh…… She eats quite a lot. She says it’s okay since all those fats go straight to her oppai, but I sure would like it if she does her job which is worth the same amount as she eats.

First Gen then pokes Bikou.

“Bikou, I will summon you if it’s necessary~. I won’t allow you to decline it.”

“……I will keep that in mind. Geezer, make sure you don’t push yourself too much, okay? You know it will be stressful to have an Evil Dragon as an opponent against that old body of yours?”

“Well, I will enjoy it to a degree where I won’t get myself killed.”

I wonder if we can witness a scene where it will be the double Sun Wukong in action.

—Then I brought up another of my doubts to Sensei.

“I don’t mind about this team being organized, but how will we make our move from now on……?”

“You can act how you usually do. Don’t tell me you think all of you will act together all the time? It’s such a big group, so we can’t have all of you move that easily. Everyone has their own job to do after all. You can simply cooperate with those who can act right away when something happens by communicating with each other. This is a team for that reason. The thing is, we want to make a group of people that can cooperate officially.”

Well, that’s true.

It will be better for each side to act on their own most of the time. We can’t change our lifestyle all of a sudden.

That will be easier, and if it gets dangerous, we can simply team up.

First Gen then says it after taking a step forward.

“Now then. Are there any of you youngsters that want to get stronger?”

“—! What do you mean by that?”

First Gen answers Rias’s question with a wrinkled smile.

“I will train all of you from scratch. —There’s no point to have formed this team if each of you can’t at least defeat a High-class Devil and High-level Angel. I will eventually have each of you reach the strength of an Ultimate class.”


First Gen is going to train us! Evil Dragons certainly are powerful. Obviously it’s better to increase our strength. If First Generation Sun Wukong is the one guiding us, then there is nothing more we can ask for!

First Gen continues.

“Most likely, this team won’t just function for only against the Evil Dragons of this incident. Even in the future, it will turn into a team that will go against enemies outside this world.”

Sensei nods.

“Yeah, it’s just like First Gen said. I know that this [D×D] team will become the “trump card” of the world of supernatural beings as well as the world of humans.”

A trump card for both the world of supernatural beings and the humans huh.

First Gen then shakes his head.

“But if you ask me, all of you are still amateurs—no, amateurs that simply have flashy appearances. You won’t be able to beat the Evil Dragons with just that.”

Vali smiles fearlessly.

“I am aware that my Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive can reach even the Gods.”

“That’s true. It will definitely reach them. In terms of power output, you will reach the Gods from each faction. —But that’s it, right~? If you don’t have the stamina to maintain that, then it’s just a waste of your ability. How many minutes can you maintain your so-called Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive? Or maybe it will be in terms of seconds?”


Vali can’t argue back at the First Gen’s words. That form of his has such a high consumption rate after all.

If the enemy sees through Vali’s output, it won’t be weird for them to come up with a countermeasure against it and corner him.

Well, the only ones who can do that will be super strong foes.

The First Gen then continues to tell Vali.

“You won’t be able to defeat brutal Dragons like Crom Cruach in that state. You may be able to surpass Crom Cruach once with a single attack. But what will you do if you need a second one? Or can you even use the third one? If you ask me, both the White Dragon and the Red Dragon over there waste too much power.”

So harsh! Hmm, even I have the same opinion. Especially the stamina consumption of the True [Queen] is too high. I think my fighting style will change if I can somehow supress that down.

And my newly attained power. I want to be capable of controlling those small Dragons as freely as I like. There are so many things I need to do, seriously.

First Gen says it while looking around.

“—I will train you two, the Two Heavenly Dragons. I will teach you the way you must fight against the Evil Dragons from scratch. Especially the Longinus possessors and their Masters since they may end up fighting against God-class foes in the future, so I will train you to the point where you can even fight the Gods.”

“……We are fighting the Gods……?”

Sairaorg-san replies with a doubtful tone.

First Gen says it while spinning his pipe.

“There are so many more Gods that are aiming to take over the world than all of you are imagining~.”

First Gen makes a meaningful smile.

“Well, the first thing we need to be concerned about is the great villain we have right now—Rizevim Livan Lucifer. I always think that the ones born with a Longinus had this fate from the moment they were born.”

“……Fated with it?”

The First Gen answers my question straight forwardly.

“—The embodiment to destroy a God. I don’t think that the appearance of the Longinus is a bug in the system but more of an inevitable occurrence bound to happen to this world.”

The participating members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Team [D×D]:

Leader: Dulio Gesualdo. From the Heaven (The Longinus “Zenith Tempest”).

Sub-Leader: Sun Wukong (The First Gen changed his name back to fight in the front-line once again). From Mt Sumeru.

Technology Adviser + General Supervisor: Azazel. From the Underworld (Affiliated with Grigori and their former Governor).

Participating members:

• Sairaorg Bael’s group. From the Underworld (The Longinus “Regulus Nemea”).

• Seekvaira Agares’s group. From the Underworld.

• Rias Gremory’s group. From the Underworld (The Longinus “Boosted Gear”).

• Sona Sitri’s group. From the Underworld.

• The Brave Saints (Griselda Quarta and Irina). From the Heaven.

• Ikuse Tobio. Human (The Longinus possessor of “Canis Lykaon” from the Grigori).

• Sekiryuutei Ddraig. One of the Two Heavenly Dragons.

• The Gigantis Dragon Fafnir. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings.

• The Mischievous Dragon Yu-Long. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings.

• The Prison Dragon Vritra. One of the Five Great Dragon Kings.

Temporary members:

• Vali Lucifer’s team. The team mixed of the Devils, Youkais, humans, magicians, and monsters (The Longinus “Divine Dividing”).

• Hakuryuukou Albion. One of the Two Heavenly Dragons.

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