High School DxD:Volume 16 New Life

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New Life[edit]

Since the formation of the team and what we will be doing from now on has basically been settled, [D×D] has been disbanded for now. Everyone left the old school building, and the only ones that have remained here are the members of the Occult Research Club.

“Ravel, that’s how it is. I— want to make a pact with Le Fay.”

“If that is what Ise-sama wishes, then we will go through with this pact thoroughly.”

—Like that, I was talking to my manager Ravel regarding my pact with Le Fay.

I wish to make a pact with that girl even if her past has been pardoned, despite not disappearing, due to the formation of the team. Even Ravel responded positively this time.

Yeah, looks like my pact with a magician will go smoothly! There are still many things ahead of me……but there’s no other choice but to overcome those obstacles. I will overcome each hardship, one by one!

Rias stands up, and then looks at the members.

“A team was formed, and since we have joined them, we can’t allow Rizevim Livan Lucifer’s violent acts to continue.”

Rias says it loudly after changing her mood.

“Not taking action after being treated as a fool doesn’t suit my style, so we’ll get stronger together with all of us!”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

We got into a proper mindset so we can start the training with the First Gen Sun Wukong and the others—.

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