High School DxD:Volume 16 True Longinus

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True Longinus[edit]

“HAHAHA! You were unexpectedly fast. No, I take that back. —You were faster than I predicted. How was the realm of the dead, Cao Cao?”

“…………For the God himself that dropped me down there to ask my opinion about it, you really are a horrible God, Śakra-sama.”

“And where are Georg and Leonardo?”

“……Georg started researching about magic down in the realm of the dead. It seems like he won’t be coming back for a while. Leonardo is staying with Georg.”

“HAHAHA! Longinus possessors sure are guys that you can’t come to understand. Well, that’s alright. —Like I promised, I’ll return the Holy Spear.”

“By the way, did something happen over here?”

“—Good timing. How about you join them as well? I’ll talk to the other forces. Do it since you are a “human” that was chosen by the Holy Spear. —Slaying the Evil Dragons and a Lucifer that is.”

“……Evil Dragons……and a Lucifer, huh.”

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