High School DxD:Volume 17

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Novel Illustrations[edit]

Let’s protect this school together with everyone—.


Almost four months have passed since the Hyoudou residence was renovated into a super luxury house with six floors up and three floors down. Yet, we still continue to find new rooms and functions hidden throughout the house.

For example, I recently found out that there is a hidden room on the first basement floor. It was found in the basement where there was the audio-visual/training room and the huge bath. There was a dead-end in one of the corners of that floor, but, a few days ago, we found a hidden door.

According to Rias,

“This house was designed by a designer who is sponsored by Ajuka Beelzebub-sama. And that designer happens to be fond of creating hidden rooms in houses just like Ajuka-sama, hence the reason for there being even more hidden factors in this house.”

That was what she said.

Seriously? I wonder what other kinds of hidden things this house has……

In the end, that room was officially taken by Kuroka and Le Fay. They are in fact terrorists, so they came up with a good excuse that they should stay in the basement rather than on an above ground floor.

Now then, it was about the other hidden factor……and currently, we all happen to be experiencing that right now.

“This sure is a good bath.”

Next to me, Rias who is fully naked said that with a long breath while getting into the bath.

A door suddenly appeared in a corner of the huge bath. We couldn’t observe such a thing until a few days ago, but then a mysterious door suddenly appeared.

And what was behind the door, was another new bath.

It was larger than the bath we had been using till now, and things like the ceiling, the wall, and the equipment were made gorgeously, and even the ornaments were made in a flashy way.

There were also tropical plants which gave it an appearance of a jungle bath.

There was hot water pouring out from the mouth of a Dragon statue, and there were Gremory’s symbols on various parts of this new bath.

Rias was shocked at the appearance of a new bath, but made a suggestion.....

“Let’s have a bath together since we have this occasion”.

That was how Rias and I came to use this bath together. I paid attention to Rias’ oppai rather than observing this new bath! My eyes have been filled! I can’t ask for more!

“It was most likely made in a way for this to show up after some time. You know, since it's already winter, it must have been made in a way for this to appear exactly during this season.”

Rias said that while she looked around the hot bath.

Installations that show up after some time have passed huh…… Just how many secrets does the Hyoudou residence hold after going through renovation during summer……?

Even though I had so many questions, I couldn't help but be distracted. That was natural, as there were other people, besides us, who were taking a bath in here!

In the direction I was looking towards, I could see the Church-Trio talking cheerfully with each other, while washing each others backs!

“Your hair is beautiful just like I thought, Asia.”

Xenovia said that while washing Asia’s back.

“T-That’s not true……besides, there are times when I want to cut my hair short like yours, Xenovia-san.”

Asia said that while she blushes, but Xenovia shook her head, while she breathed out.

“You shouldn’t. Actually, please don’t. Long hair fits you the most, Asia.”

Irina who was washing Xenovia’s back said it after her.

“Oh, but you know that you also looked good when you had long hair, Xenovia?”

“You had long hair before, Xenovia-san?”

Xenovia answered Asia’s question.

“……It’s something in the past. I changed it to this short hairstyle I have now since I can move more freely with this. I had my hair caught by the enemy when I had a mission with Irina. I cut it short after that experience.”

Hmm, so Xenovia had long hair before huh. ……I really can’t imagine it, but she must have looked quite cute with it.

But seeing their breasts bounce, every time they use their hands to wash the other person’s back is wonderful! I was saving it inside my brain memory! Your brother is so happy that your oppai are getting more beautiful, Asia!

Irina then said it while stroking Xenovia’s hair.

“But you know, Ise-kun supposedly likes girls with long hair?”

After a pause, Xenovia spoke.

“…………I-Is that true? Maybe I should ask Rias-buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou if there is a demonic-power I can use to make my hair longer.”

The man himself, who is me, is eavesdropping on their conversation…… I’m okay with both long hair and short hair! Oh, but I can’t imagine girls like Rias, Asia, and Akeno-san having short hair. I think they look exceptionally good with long hair, and having long crimson hair is what makes Rias - Rias Gremory.

—I’m thinking about the length of the girls’ hair on my own, but then, Ravel’s angry voice reaches my ear.

“Geez, Kuroka-san ate the Minoya’s egg-rich pudding I kept in the fridge! I won’t forgive her! I definitely won’t!”

The angry Ravel and Koneko-chan are inside the small bathtub. There are bathtubs of different sizes in this bathroom.

Koneko-chan who has her cat ears down says it with an apologetic tone.

“I’m sorry, Ravel. I will make sure I tell Nee-sama. And I will buy you a new pudding.”

Ravel shook her head at seeing Koneko-chan who was really feeling bad about it.

“No…… It’s not something you should be apologising about, Koneko-san. I’m angry at Kuroka-san, so you don’t have to apologise to me!”

“……Even so……she is my sister after all……”

“Both of us sure are having difficulty since both of our siblings happen to be undisciplined.”

Ravel said that with a smile. ……She was talking about you, Raiser. But I reckon Raiser was now being a good older-brother figure to her. The attitude he had when I first met him was gone.

Having my two juniors getting along even more, sure does make me smile.

……I then happen to compare Ravel and Koneko-chan’s oppai…… No, I still have Koneko-chan’s matured appearance burnt in my memory! In the future, she will have a nice body like that! So I will be looking forward to it! Even if she was currently—

The bath bucket was thrown at my head!

“……I know that I can’t beat the current Ravel, so anyway, I decided to throw that at you.”

I received a harsh throw from Koneko-chan! To be expected from Koneko-chan! Like always, she sure can listen to what is going through my mind!

“……Please don’t stare at me that much, Ise-sama……”

Ravel said that while looking at me shyly. Well, I'll feel like staring at you even more if you say that, but I have no choice but to look elsewhere due to Koneko-chan’s powerful response!

But, if I look carefully, the tension Koneko-chan and Kuroka had before is disappearing. The part where Koneko-chan gave warnings to Kuroka had become a part of the Hyoudou residence scenery after all.

After forming the counter-terrorist team D×D, Kuroka and Le Fay have officially started living here, but, unexpectedly, they blended in here quickly. They were living here in the Hyoudou residence even before the formation of the team, so I guess it was bound to happen.

……Now then, once I get out of the bath, I’ll have a discussion with Le Fay and Ravel about my official pact with Le Fay. For now, I’m planning to have a five-year pact with her.

It wasn't an exaggeration to call Le Fay a good girl. Her abilities were outstanding as well. Simply having a one or two-year pact with her would be a waste, but, I wasn't ready for a ten-year pact, as I have no idea where I am going to end up in that amount of time.

So I felt that a five-year pact is just about right. But the one who came up with that was my talented manager, Ravel-chan. If you look at it from a Devil's perspective, who has long life spans, one year, five years, and ten years will be a short time, but, as someone who was reincarnated from a human, I do think that five years is a long time. So, after taking my situation into consideration, she decided upon this pact.

If it turned out that we could still benefit from each other, we can simply extend our pact; so I'll think about that when the time comes.

……For now, I’ll observe the girls breasts while relaxing inside the bath! This is the Shangri-La! It certainly is the Shangri-La!

“Ufufu, as I thought, having a bath together with everyone is so fun.”

—Akeno-san suddenly came next to me!

“Y-Yes. I-It sure is.”

Akeno-san happens to appear near me naturally so often. Hmm, Akeno-san’s oppai look tender like always and I can’t get enough of it!

I then felt the presence of someone coming close to me. It seemed like there was someone diving under the hot water.

When I looked carefully, it was Ophis. She was swimming around the bath while facing upwards.

“Ara ara, Ophis-chan. You shouldn’t dive inside the bath.”

Even though Akeno-san warned her, Ophis simply went past us. ……Dragon God-sama sure does what she likes. She sure seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest.

I did tell her about her other half, Lilith, but her reaction was quite dull.

She simply said:

“If it's Ise’s enemy, I want to do something about it. Causing trouble to a friend, I don’t want to do.”

That was simply what she said ……I’m happy that she takes importance of me. But it will be too sad to have a battle between the two Ophis……

I want to bring that Lilith to our side somehow. I only spoke to her once, but I am sure that she was simply being used by Rizevim and she was actually the same as Ophis on the inside.

I was sure that she was in the same situation as Ophis was when she was being used by the Old-Maou faction and the Hero-faction. If that’s the case, then I want to believe that there is a chance for my words to get through to her!

……I ended up thinking about serious matters despite being under this erotic situation! I came to realise that I can’t enjoy this mixed bath due to having so many things I’m concerned about!

No, no. For me, who is called the embodiment of sexual desire to act like this is—

While I shook my head, I witnessed Rias who was putting on a sad face.


Even though she had a cheerful face while watching everyone taking a bath together, she now had this gloomy face. I could kind of guess what she was thinking about.

“……Is it about Grayfia-san?”

When I asked, Rias puts on a smile after noticing me.

“……I’m sorry. Of course you would understand what I’m concerned about. Yes, you are right. I was thinking about Onee-sama.”

……I heard that Grayfia-san is still under a tight situation due to the appearance of her younger brother, Euclid. I heard that she was basically under a house-arrest situation at the Gremory castle.

Not only was she sent away from helping Sirzechs-sama’s public work, but she was also forbidden to work as a maid of the House of Gremory where she was isolated from the politics of the current Devil.

That was because the current higher-ups in the government still have doubts towards Grayfia-sama. Maybe she lied about her brother’s death and was deceiving Sirzechs-sama who is her husband? Maybe she has a connection to Rizevim? Those are some examples.

……There was no way for Grayfia-san of all people to do such things! She may be strict, but there’s no way for a woman like her with such a good smile to betray us!

Even if I, no, even if we feel that way, we won’t be able to get rid of the doubts the higher-ups have…… That’s how much of a threat and cautions the old Devils feel about the old Lucifer and the ones connected to him.

“You haven’t received any contact ever since then, right?”

When I asked, Rias nodded.

“……Since such a thing happened, the criticism the higher-ups have towards Onee-sama must be strong, and I can’t even get in contact with Onii-sama. ……Though Otou-sama and Okaa-sama are telling me not to worry about it……”


If Rias’ parents are with Grayfia-san, then we don't need to worry about her, as Millicas will be with her; I’m sure she won’t feel lonely.

But maybe she feels sad? That’s because her brother who she thought was dead is actually alive and is rebelling against all factions.

I don’t know……what is going through Euclid’s mind, but does he even realise how much sorrow his actions are causing to his sister and the ones around her?

No, he should have realised it and he was taking those action while being aware of it.

Knowing that, there was some emotion building inside me.

I then say it to Rias.

“……Grayfia-san’s brother. I’m sure he will probably, no, he will surely appear in front of me again.”

“Even though he’s a fraud, both of you are the Sekiryuutei after all, right?”

I nod at Rias.

He had a strong interest in my powers. That was probably because he wanted to master the Replica Boosted Gear’s ability.

Then he will definitely appear in front of me again. That was because, he most likely gains pleasure in trying to defeat the original with his replica.

……Bring it on. If I lose to the replica, then it will taint my title as a Sekiryuutei.

I declare it very strongly to Rias.

“—I will beat that man and bring him in front of Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san.”

The debt caused by the Sekiryuutei will be repaid by the Sekiryuutei—.

“I won’t lose to a fraud. I’m the real Sekiryuutei after all.”

I said that to Rias while I crunch my fist, while bringing it in front of my chest.


Rias approachesd me while her eyes get teary—but then!

I felt an incredible sensation on my back!

“Ufufu, you had such a manly face just now. My heart took a beat. Ise-kun with a manly face. ……It really did turn me on.”

Akeno-san hugged me from behind! Ah, Akeno-san’s soft skin which felt like it was absorbing me!

For an instant, Rias was outsmarted by Akeno-san, but she then retaliated!

“Hey, Akeno! Ise went far to make a declaration for me! Isn’t this a situation where I’m supposed to hug him!?”

“Ara ara, did you know eating him when you find a chance is what you call having an affair? Rias, you shouldn’t let your guard down, you know? Besides, it’s not like I’m the only one.”

After Akeno-san says that, Rias and I look around us—.

I don’t know when they came close to us, but Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Koneko-chan, Ravel, and even Ophis had surrounded us and were observing us!

Xenovia nodded her head strongly as if she was really impressed by it.

“I see, so even if Ise was seducing someone, we can still take him without being concerned about it. The battle of the two older girls is more helpful than any other strategy out there.”

Don’t try to learn such weird things! More like, I did not seduce anyone! I simply declared what was going through my mind to Rias directly!

“……Koneko-san, we may need a daring move to break through the wall of ranks.”

“……Ravel, I’m planning to go to the offensive side without holding back when I become bigger.”

Ravel and Koneko-chan were discussing something while having their eyes shine!

Wait a sec! I was being surrounded by naked beauties~! I-I-I was so scared that I was about to have an insane nosebleed! I want to take a very good look at everyone’s oppai one after another in a row, but it will be dangerous since it felt like I would die due to lack of blood by the time I looked around them for the third time! I’m already in a situation where I have Akeno-san’s oppai that are currently the highest treasure here being squashed on my back!

I want to hold my nose and try to calm myself down in order to enjoy this pleasure—.

I was about to take a big breath while tasting the sensation of Akeno-san’s oppai, but someone approached me.

It was Rossweisse-san who had a towel wrapped around her!

It was really rare for Rossweisse-san to have a bath while I’m inside. She wasn’t really fond of these kinds of thing; actually she was quite strict about it……

I can even tell her magnificent proportions even from above her towel.

Rossweisse-san said it to Rias while putting on a bit of a complicated look.

“……Rias-san, I have a favour.”

“Eh? Sure, but it’s rare for you to ask me for a favour.”

I agree. Just like Rias said, this might be my first time seeing Rossweisse-san ask Rias who is her Master for a favour.

But ever since we returned from Romania, I think I have seen her several times where she was being concerned about something.

“Will you listen to any kind of favour I ask you?”

“I don’t know what you wish to have from me, but I will grant it if it’s something which I am capable of granting. You are also my precious servant after all.”

After Rossweisse-san confirmed that, she took a big breath and moved her gaze towards me.

“……I understand. Ise-kun.”

“Eh? Y-Yes. M-Me?”

I pointed to myself. That was because she suddenly called my name.

While I put on a doubtful face, Rossweisse-san said this very forwardly while she blushed.

“—P-Please become my boyfriend.”


With those words, not only me, but everyone (minus Ophis) froze—.

Life.1 Praises During the Training![edit]

Part 1[edit]

November which was filled with excitement ended, and now it was December and the end of the semester was now approaching.

Even though it was December, what awaited us were the end of the semester exams.

……W-Well, we somehow finished that as well……

After we found out the results of our test, the ones who came up to my desk while putting on lewd faces were the two idiots, Matsuda and Motohama.

“How was it? E-N-D O-F T-H-E S-E-M-E-S-T-E-R T-E-S-T-S”

Matsuda asked me in such a manner. I answered while breathing out in agony.

“There was nothing to it. Well, quite average. Though I scored quite good in Japanese.”

The results for my tests were slightly above average.

Even though I took the test with this stupid brain of mine, having Rias and others look through my work every night showed results. To be honest, I would have been in a tight spot if they hadn’t helped me.

It seemed like Matsuda and Motohama have the same results as me.

“You’re right. Long story short, we end up getting average scores for these sort of things.”

“You can come to an agreement if we think that it’s better than getting failing marks.”

Matsuda and Motohama gave such comments about their results.

I on other hand……didn’t have time to study due to things like, the pact with a Magician and going to Romania. Though I wonder how I would have performed even if I studied for it……

I’m lucky that I have many smart comrades that help me with my studies. More like, the other ORC members were supposed to be in the same situation as me, so I kind of do resent them for being smarter than me!

—Then I heard the girls talking loudly from the corner of the room.

“Huh? Did something happen to the girls?”

When I looked that way, Asia noticed me and came to my side.

“Ise-san! Xenovia-san is amazing!”

Irina continued after her.

“It’s regarding the end of semester exams, and Xenovia got more than 90% average in her test!”

……S-Seriously!? Getting 90% is an amazing feat! Getting such a high score despite being a transfer student from overseas! I then find out that there was a subject where she got a perfect mark in.

...... Xenovia tends to be seen as an idiot, as she usually relies on brute force to solve problems; but her brain is really made different from mine.....I guess she tends to be a bit enthusiastic during battles.

Xenovia then said it without even being arrogant about it.

“I just wanted to test how much I can do. Though Japanese was the subject I scored a bit low in.”

I asked Asia about what Xenovia scored for Japanese, but she basically had the same mark as I did……! Japanese was the subject I scored the highest, so I was quite shocked right then! ……Even though I’m Japanese, it seemed like Xenovia would surpass me in it!

“I scored a bit lower than Xenovia and Asia-san.”

Irina said it as if she was embarrassed about it, but her average was still within the 80% zone! She was definitely smarter than me! Asia had continued to score within the upper 80% zone ever since the second semester’s mid-term exam!

……Even among the ORC members who are the same age as me, I’m doing the poorest……!

Then Kiryuu the glasses girl,

“It will be a nightmare if all of your children end up being like their father.”

—started teasing me like that! Don’t suddenly bring in the topic of children!

The Church-trio accepted what Kiryuu said normally and replied...

“That won’t be a problem since we can fix that by how they are raised and also with the environment they are in.”

“Yup yup, she’s exactly right.”

“They will grow up into good children if we give them love!”

There was no need for you guys to respond so normally! You girls do realise that what you just said is quite embarrassing!? If you take a look, you can see everyone in the classroom looking at me with weird eyes!

“Shit! This damn traitor!”

“You should get executed in front of these girls’ fans!”

Matsuda and Motohama who are putting on jealous looks started to punch me! Ouch! Dammit, what was that for!?

While I get myself pinned down with wrestling moves by the two idiots, Xenovia nods her head strongly.

“With this, I have got closer to my aim. Like I expected, I really should become serious in this.”

……Lately Xenovia had been acting strange quite often. Not only did she start studying seriously, but she has also been visiting Rias and Sona-kaichou to discuss something with them which she is keeping as a secret from us.

She sometimes took a break from club activities to help the student council. It’s not like she came to hate the ORC nor did it mean that she was feeling like she belonged with the Sitri group. Like she said, it has to do with this “aim” she just mentioned.

In order to make that “aim” come true, Xenovia had been working hard in school-related matters and was actively changing her lifestyle..

……I wonder what kind of “aim” Xenovia has. Even if I ask her, she won’t answer me and simply says “I can’t tell you yet”.

Apparently the only ones who know that answer are Rias, Akeno-san, Asia, Irina, and Sona-kaichou. Even if I ask Rias and others, the reply I get from them is “We can’t tell you until Xenovia reveals it”. Though Rias seemed like she was having fun.

I may be able to get an answer if I become persistent towards Asia and Irina, but I feel it will be rude if I become that persistent towards them. More like, even I don’t want to take such actions. So I’m planning to wait until Xenovia tells me.

Matsuda and Motohama who were finally feeling better then asked me.

“Oh yeah, Ise. What’s your plan for winter break?”

“It’s coming up soon. It’s about time, I want to hear some answers from you.”

……Winter break, huh. Yeah. With the end of the semester exams done, winter break is coming up soon.

“So what is your plan? Will you be able to go somewhere during winter break?”

Motohama asked me……

I apologised to him while putting on a regretful expression.

“No, I’m sorry. I really do want to hang out with you guys but it seems like there will be some ORC activities coming up. Furthermore, I can’t give you a clear answer until I ask Rias-buchou about it. There will most likely be club activities during the winter break.”

Same goes for our Devil’s job, but I’m also a part of the D×D. If “Qlippoth” were to make their move somewhere, then we must take action and head out. That is the important duty entrusted to the majority of ORC members.

Matsuda asks me another question.

“So you won’t be free during New Year’s Eve and the first three days of January then?”

If I remembered correctly, we made a prayer in the previous New Year’s Day which was “Please get us a girlfriend this year!”. ……I guess that dream of mine came true.

“……Hmm, I will most likely be free during those days but I’m still not sure yet.”

I gave such a vague answer to them while scratching the back of my head.

Even if I am a part of a counter-terrorist team, I do want to take days off during New Year’s……but to begin with, do Devils even celebrate the first three days of January?

Motohama sighs.

“You sure seem to be busy lately. You barely have time to hang out with us during our days off.”

Just like Motohama said, I had been training even during my days off…… If I didn’t use the time I had during weekends wisely, I won’t be able to fight properly if things were to happen.

Due to those things, I must be turning into a friend who Matsuda and Motohama can’t easily hang around with.

It won’t be weird if our friendship was lost, but these two still confront me as their friend. And I’m very grateful about that. I’m simply happy about that.

Matsuda then said it while making a pose as if he was about to take a picture with a camera.

“Maybe I should join the Photo-Club. I may be late joining in now, but I might make it in time for the competitions and such.”

Matsuda who’s hobby is to take photos. If he joined the Photo-Club, he may leave good results.

“Oh yeah, I’ll change the subject, but do you know about the rumours about people seeing Rossweisse-chan often in the library?”

Matsuda says that while he’s trying to remember about it.

……People saw Rossweisse-san at the library? I became dubious. At the same time I felt it had something to do with how Rossweisse-san had been acting lately.

Matsuda makes a gesture and said “Oh, I heard about it”.

“You mean about the rumour where she keeps on sighing while looking at the books, right? Hmm……I heard that she’s reading books related to the Holy Bible. Do you know anything about it, Ise?”

……Related to the Holy Bible? Well, we certainly have deep connections with things related to the Holy Bible. But, even though Rossweisse-san comes from the Norse Mythology, she’s a genius so she must have already read the Holy Bible. I’m sure she knows both about the Old Testament and the New Testament.

But why read the Holy Bible now……? Maybe she’s reconfirming about the Devils—or maybe the God from the Bible? Or maybe there was something she was finding curious about the teaching and the history, or maybe about the prognostication written in the Bible.

I could only reply by saying “No idea” to these guys while I tilt my head. I was amazed that a Devil was able to touch the books related to the Holy Bible. Oh, but it did seem like she knew magic to defend against such things, so I guess she was reading it after she made some chants. She did know a magic which allowed her to wield the holy-sword for a short time. But Rossweisse-san sure was being reckless.

Maybe it has something to do with the thing she said in the bathroom the other day……?

Matsuda then said to me.

“I thought you would know about it since you belong to the ORC…… Anyway Rossweisse-chan’s fans are quite worried about her, so if you can solve her problem, then do discuss it with the ORC members.”

“Yeah, I will.”

If we were able to solve Rossweisse-san’s worries, then we do want to solve it…… But will Rossweisse-san even tell us about it……? We certainly do support each other in terms of battle and our lifestyle, but we never have once had her talk to us about her worries.

While I tilt my head with a hard expression, Motohama asks me while he lifts up his glasses.

“Speaking about ORC, who will be the next president of the club? Rias-senpai won’t be able to retire if she doesn’t choose sometime around now right?”


I reacted slowly to Motohama’s words. ……Yeah, it’s already around that time of the year. Depending on the club you are in, they would choose the new captain/president before the second semester. Currently there are those in our class that have either become a captain or a president of certain clubs.

……It’s an obvious thing, but it’s also about time where there will be a change in ranks among the ORC.

Who will be the new president? I’m sitting there since I can’t even imagine it.

Not only do we have the matter about Rossweisse-san, but with the year coming to an end soon, I have a premonition that something is about to happen.

Part 2[edit]

It won’t be a bad idea to be concerned about the personal affairs of the ORC, but what’s harsh about being the Sekiryuutei is that there are more things I need to be concerned about.

There are many things my comrades and I need to do during the weekends when there are no school activities.

And what we need to take into our priority is—our personal training to strengthen ourselves. Training and practising.

We are now gathered at the training space that had been prepared for us below the Gremory territory.

While all of us scatter to different locations individually or in a group to train the areas we must polish, I……am facing against a white matter while I have my Boosted Gear activated.

What I mean by a white matter is that it’s like a First-Gen Sun Wukong’s shikigami like thing that was created from his hair and his youjutsu. It has a shape of a human and it’s acting as my training partner.

What the First-Gen geezer asked me to do is to “Attack my opponent with the gauntlet that had been powered up for a minute”. Except, I have to do this many times and not just once.

It may sound easy if I say it like that, but it isn’t that easy in reality. Hitting this thing after increasing my power is only the first part of my training.

I have to hit this thing ten times where I have increased my power for a minute, and all of those ten hits must have the same output.

……And this proves to be insanely hard. For me, it’s something which will be considered extremely hard to do.

Powering up and hitting it will be too simple. But if he asks me to hit it ten times consecutively with the same output, then the complexity will increase dramatically.

If my first powered-up attack has the output of 5, then I have to hit it ten times with the output of 5 as well so it means I need to give a total damage of 50 to that white shikigami.

……And I can’t seem to do this no matter how many times I do it. Say I hit this thing with the output of 5 for my first and second attack. But my third, my fourth, or my fifth attack happens to have an output of either a 4 or 6.

Even a single failure will result in the white shikigami saying, “You have failed. It will reset from one”. This shikigami was made by the First-Gen where it can calculate my attacks output. So it can calculate the damage I give it precisely.

……The reason why I’m doing this training is due to the weakness I have that the First-Gen pointed out.

—My Balance Break (or my Crimson armour form) state can’t last long.

In other words the way I use my power of the Sekiryuutei is rough. If I compare my state when I’m wearing the armour to the time when I first reached Balance Break, the time I can maintain its form has improved very rapidly. But still, there is a limit to that. I’m in a state where I don’t clearly know what my limit is and how many times I have to use my power of a certain level to have my armour disappear.

……According to the First-Gen, I had been releasing my own power and stamina without thinking about how much I had been using. I thought I had been fighting while controlling my own pace, but in reality, the First-Gen geezer said that I was maintaining it while I went with the flow of the situation I was in.

……I can’t find any excuse I can use against that claim. That’s because there were many situations I experienced which he could be mentioning about.

For that reason my current aim is to become capable of releasing my power as I want it to. If I am able to do this at all time, he said the time I can maintain my Crimson armour will improve in several folds.

I think so too. If I master how I use up my power, then I will be able to fight while knowing how long I can last for with the remaining power I have left in any situation. My attacks won’t work on the enemies that I would face in the future if I use up my power without thinking about it. Especially against Euclid who has that Replica Boosted Gear—.

This was what Azazel-sensei added to First-Gen’s opinion.

[The swirl created by Great Red and Ophis’s power that is inside you may become stable if you master the task the First-Gen gave you. Your life force is in a state where it turns between zero and infinite, so if you are able to stabilise it……you may progress to the next stage.]

The next stage—.

Everyone says that I’m the only existence to ever have received power from both Ophis and Great Red. But even now, not only can’t I master using it, but I also can’t come into contact with those powers.

If those powers are to be unlocked by the end of this training……then I certainly want to get my hands on those powers!

Since my opponents are those I won’t be able to let my guard down against, someone among us will definitely get sacrificed if I don’t have the power. And I don’t want that! I……no, we will survive and continue to have a peaceful school life!

I punch the First-Gen’s shikigami with high spirits, but……

“You have failed. The attack just now was 8. Restarting from the beginning.”

Ah…… Ah, I messed it up. I couldn’t help but to punch it while being worked up. This is my bad habit. I show what I’m feeling inside on my outer appearance. I lack in being calm.

I need to punch calmly even if I am getting heated up inside me. Well, I guess attacking heroically when I’m in a rage may be good.

—As I sighed, a white flash moves in a zig-zag above me. It’s Vali in his armoured state who is flying with his wings of light.

He also participates in our training sometimes……but the one who is being his opponent for this mock battle is none other than the First Gen Sun Wukong.

The white geezer who is short is evading Vali’s attack with minimal movements while sitting on the cloud, the Jindou Yun.

……Vali’s demonic-power and his magical attacks are being taken down with the Ryui Jingu Bang.

Vali. The Hakuryuukou who is said to be the strongest in history……being toyed around by a geezer who is a size of a kindergartener!

Though neither of them is being serious. If they fight seriously, then this battlefield will collapse even if this place is huge. But for him to block Vali’s attacks without moving much!

……The geezer is taking down Vali’s attack only by focusing a small amount of touki to the tip of the Ryui Jingu Bang. He isn’t covering his whole body with his touki.

Vali descends to the ground after the battle that lasted for several minutes. The First-Gen-geezer also comes down with him towards here.

Vali shrugs his shoulders.

“……This is frustrating, but my attacks sure aren’t landing on you.”

The geezer smiles while smoking a pipe.

“No-no, you certainly deserve to be called the Hakuryuukou. Even I will turn into ashes if I get hit by the attacks of you two, the Two Heavenly Dragons. You do know that the two of you are above me in terms of the attacks output?”

Even though he said that, it sure is terrifying to see none of the attacks being close to hitting him.

It may be true that Vali and I are above the geezer in terms of the power of our attacks. But it doesn’t feel like I can beat him.

The legendary Youkai who mastered youjutsu and senjutsu that Bikou mentioned of—. I’m sure First-Gen Sun Wukong is that existence.

First-Gen then says it to Vali and me.

“Basically what will become crucial is whether you two can increase your power to the level you need instantly during battles. Especially you two who have much higher stamina consumption than average fighters, having high amounts of energy being unleashed from your bodies at all times. So that will affect your activity during battles, you know? Both of you, the Sekiryuutei and the Hakuryuukou, are the battle forces that will become the key to your respective teams. It will be out of the question if you two lose the energy to fight at the most crucial time you need it.”

……In other words we need to keep down our consumption rate both during our normal state and the Balance Break state in order to increase our power in battles only huh. This means that both Vali and I must learn to better control our consumption rate in order to not waste our energy when fighting enemies.

…………No, that is something ridiculously hard to do! The moment the enemies attack hits us, and also the moment we release our attack. Being able to unleash our energy the moment we think is right is a severely hard thing to ask us to do! Even our opponent won’t be standing there waiting to get hit by us. So there will be times when I need to use feint attacks! There are also times when Kiba does that to me in our mock-battles where I receive his attack since I couldn’t put my guard up!

The delicate controlling of my powers which is currently assigned to me, the decision to when to use my power during the battles immediately that the First-Gen spoke of. Both of them are too hard for someone like me who has only started battling using superpowers for less than a year……!

But if I can master doing them, I will be able to bring out both my traits and power……

Vali on other hand is doing a harder training than me which is to fight the First-Gen. The bastard is already showing improvement in keeping his pace than before. Even from my eyes I can tell that he’s avoiding the consumption of unnecessary energy while only doing attacks that are necessary.

……That must come from his talent he was born with. It’s not something I can learn overnight. You can also say that he simply has more battle experience than me. Unlike me, this guy must have been using his powers by the time he was already aware of it.

First-Gen then adds.

“In terms of overall balance, the White one is superior by several folds. But in certain aspects, there are parts where the Red one is superior. In terms of simple attack power and direct speed, the Sekiryuutei wins.”

……I have the habit of charging ahead like an idiot, so he must be praising that part of me.

I think he praised me while including my Crimson Blaster. Except, Vali will surpass me in both speed and attack power if he uses his Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive.

I say it while breathing out.

“Even if you say that, Vali isn’t in his silver state so I can’t imagine myself beating him.”

Vali puts on self-mocking smile.

“As you know, my Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is difficult to use compared to your Crimson armour. You can say that you have better aspects than me since you can use your Crimson armour even during the training.”

Having my rival say that despite feeling awkward makes me happy……but in terms of deciding on things at crucial times, this guy is definitely above me. That’s what is frustrating.

The First-Gen says it after he smokes his pipe.

“Though the so-called Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is better than the Juggernaut Drive, they both have the same aspect of unleashing the user’s potential powers. In other words the stress it puts on your body is ridiculously high. Even though you got rid of more risks than the Juggernaut Drive, it’s not something you can use consecutively and maintain its form. —Hakuryuukou’s focus is to become capable of bringing out the necessary power at appropriate times. Well, likewise for the Sekiryuutei.”

First-Gen continues.

“Sekiryuutei’s ability is to boost and transfer the power while the Hakuryuukou’s ability is to divide and consume the power. —This is the so-called ability of the Longinus “Boosted Gear” and the Longinus “Divine Dividing” since ancient times. The fact is, the past hosts of the Two Heavenly Dragons fought while using these abilities. There were those that relied on the usage of their ability to fight in a unique way......but there wasn’t a single one of them who are going through unrealistic power ups like you two, you know?”

—Unrealistic power ups huh.

Vali is trying to bring out the Hakuryuukou’s power with his talent. While I……seem to strengthen my trait with the power of Oppais and also with the grace of Ophis and Great-Red.

……It sure has been unrealistic power-ups. I can only agree to that when I look back to the past events.

First-Gen then says it while looking towards me.

“We will continue with your training for controlling your powers but the problem is your Hakuryuukou’s power which is part of your unrealistic power-ups. Ddraig and Albion haven’t come back right?”

Yes, like the First-Gen said, Ddraig and Albion are currently dwelling deep within the Sacred Gears. Saying that, it has to do with my “Reflect” ability which appeared in the Romania incident the other day.

Apparently the “Reflect” ability I awakened was originally Albion’s ability when he was alive.

This was what Albion said before departing.

[When we, the Two Heavenly Dragons, were sealed into the Sacred Gears, many of our abilities we had while we had our bodies were taken away from us. ……There wasn’t a single time when our lost powers came back.]

The abilities when they still had their flesh—.

……The lost powers to appear with the mutual understanding between the Two Heavenly Dragons huh. For this phenomenon, this was what Azazel-sensei who is currently absent said the other day.

[……This is just my hypothesis, but maybe the God from the Bible didn’t get rid of the Two Heavenly Dragons powers completely. To seal the Two Heavenly Dragon’s abilities while having them come to understand each other as the key—is what I imagined.]

……To be honest, I don’t quite understand it. No, I do understand that “Reflect” was originally Albion’s power. I also understand that it was sealed. But I still don’t get why that ability came back simply from those two understanding each other.

…..Even if understanding each other was the key, the intention of the God from the Bible who made that the key to unlock the seal is still a mystery……

Well, it’s not like Ddraig and Albion are completely unsealed from it. Simply the “Reflect” ability came back at this point. And for now, the only one who can use it is me. The actual Hakuryuukou Vali still has yet to unlock that power.

Even if I did previously make the Hakuryuukou’s power into my own, it’s weird that I’m the only one who can use it so Ddraig and Albion have both sunk deep within the Sacred Gear to search about it. Believing that they may perhaps regain their powers they had when they still had their bodies—.

—But, Ddraig on other hand didn’t have any clue. After all, the fragment conscious of the past Sekiryuuteis that seemed to hold the key had moved to the afterlife so there wasn’t any way for him to ask them. It seems like he entered the territory where he can solve the mysteries related to Great Red and Ophis’s powers by going deep within the Boosted Gear. But Ddraig said he wouldn’t be able to enter that zone at this point.

Like that, the Two Heavenly Dragons decided to go deep within the Hakuryuukou’s Sacred Gear that still had the fragment conscious of the past possessors in it. Currently, Ddraig and Albion have linked their consciousnesses to each other where they both dived into the Divine Dividing.

Vali then says.

“It seems like Albion and Ddraig are facing unexpected difficulties. ……It seems like the past Hakuryuukous who they want to draw answers from have a harsh hatred towards Ddraig—or more like towards the Sekiryuutei. This obviously is different from their old hatred they had and it is the disagreement they have towards Hyoudou Issei.”

……I don’t know what to say against that…… The past Hakuryuukous created the “Victims of Sekiryuutei Association” inside his Sacred Gear so they continue to make their claim, even after Ddraig and Albion came to understand each other.

……No, it has turned into a situation where I don’t know what to say about it, and apparently their hatred they have towards me while in tears is so great that my apology won’t do any good……

……The butt. Is this the butts fault……!? But the one who made the name Ketsu-Ryuukou was that geezer Odin, you know!? I……do feel a bit bad about it though!

Hmm, maybe I have to apologise with Odin the geezer……?

Ddraig also transported his consciousness to the Hakuryuukou’s Sacred Gear where he is trying to seek answers from the past hosts……but he’s having difficulties even with Albion’s help.

I sure would like the Two Heavenly Dragons to somehow convince the past hosts to have their original abilities appear on our Sacred Gears……

The First-Gen geezer smiles while breathing out smoke.

“Looks like we can only wait for the good news. And if the Two Heavenly Dragons come back, it will be easier for the Sekiryuutei-boy to control his pace that he is having difficulties with.”


When I ask, the First-Gen says it while dropping the ashes in to the ashtray.

“If you find out about how you can hold back on your strength, then you will be able to fight right away while having Ddraig support you. By gaining experience and also by strengthening yourself by training every day, it will certainly become easier for you to tune your powers when the time comes. I won’t say something like asking you to control Sekiryuutei’s power all by yourself after coming this far. You can only prove yourself when you team up with Ddraig. But you also need to learn how to distribute your own power since it will put more burdens on Ddraig if you don’t. That’s why I gave you this training, you know?”

Oh, so this training also had that purpose too huh. ……I thought that I had to learn my Sacred Gear’s abilities all by myself.

You’re right. It makes me the current Sekiryuutei when I’m with Ddraig. ……Until Ddraig returns, I need to continue this training to lessen the burden Ddraig has to shoulder.

I make a new resolution. —Then Vali activates the magic-circle.

“I’ll be heading off. First-Gen, I ask for your assistance in the sparring again next time.”

Receiving such words, the First-Gen smiles sarcastically and replies back by saying “It sure does terrify me”.

Obviously Vali and I are not the only ones who are training in this field.

“Oh, it’s Ise.”

“Are you done with your training?”

Xenovia and Irina notice me who is walking towards them.

After I send off the First-Gen, I join up with the swordsman-group consisting of Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina that are training a bit away from where I was training. There’s also the demonic-power/magic group that consists of mainly Rias, Akeno-san, Rossweisse-san, and Asia. And finally the group that is looked after by Kuroka that consists of Koneko-chan and Gya-suke. We basically do our own training as our main, but we also have a team meeting where everyone gathers and joins.

Ravel isn’t here today. She’s currently having the final discussion with Le Fay at the Hyoudou residence. Normally it is something I should also be joining in, but Ravel sent me here and said she wants me to train as much as possible.

“Please leave this to me! I will call you when we really need you!”

The only thing I can do is to take the kind favour given to me from my capable manager.

Now then. We choose to wear jerseys during our training here, but the ones among us who fight on the front line have their clothing torn already.

Xenovia and Irina already have their clothing torn. That shows how much they were concentrated on their training.

Irina approaches me while flapping her Angel wings.

“Look at this Ise-kun!”

After Irina says that while flying swiftly in the air, she makes a pose in mid-air like an action hero.

Oh. I then realise the change in Irina. —She has four Angel wings!

“Irina, did the number of your Angel wings increase?”

When I said that, Irina says it boastfully while putting forward her chest.

“Ufufu, I received a call this morning from Heaven that my level as an Angel increased! And when I made my wings appear, this was what I got! Oh my, this surely must be a blessing bestowed to me from Michael-sama who watched over my daily prayers!”

Irina is making a prayer gesture while having her eyes sparkle.

I see, so Irina’s rank as an Angel increased huh. Well, if I think about it, we continuously had fierce battles. If we think about it properly, no one can complain if her rank rose. At this point, she made that much achievement and she also happens to be Michael-san’s Ace after all.

Xenovia nods as if she is amazed.

“So doesn’t this mean the power you can use as an Angel became much broader?”

Irina nods her head.

“That’s correct, Xenovia. It became much easier for me to get permission to use holy weapons that are kept in the Heaven. Until now, I needed to pass through several judges in order to get permission to use them, but now I can use them with less restriction!”

Hmm, such a thing became possible now huh. So Irina can summon items belonging to the Heaven now, huh.

Xenovia then uses her hand to cover her eyes.

“……So my friend who was being called the self-proclaiming Angel now started to go even higher……! There’s nothing more I can be proud of as your friend……!”

Xenovia says that with shaking voice......no, even you were calling her a self-proclaiming Angel, you know!?

“Geez Xenovia, stop crying! You are making me blush!”

Even Irina is accepting the praises while not responding to that nickname!

While looking at the passionate friendship these two share, I turn towards Kiba.

While having Gram that continues to release ominous evil aura front of him, Kiba has the holy-demonic swords appear within the whole surrounding. Kiba is in thought while having Gram in front of him.

“Hey, how’s the training going?”

When I ask, Kiba says it without looking away from Gram.

“I’m trying to control Gram by using the holy-demonic swords. Like how Excaliburs’ powers are used to control Durandal.”

Hmm, that seems like an interesting experiment.

Kiba continues.

“First I need to accept Gram’s curse and negativity with the demonic-power of my holy-demonic swords.”

“What will happen if you approve it?”

“The demonic power, which is the curse, will strengthen. But those areas become stable instead. Though, having the demonic power strengthen to keep it stable sure is a scary thing.”

Stabilising the demonic power, huh. Sounds like one of those phrases where “saying” that may be easy but “doing” the actual thing is hard.

Kiba says it while holding the holy-demonic sword within his hand.

“Even if I strengthen the demonic power to make it stable, I will end up covering it with the holy power of my holy-demonic sword. For example, it’s like putting a lid above the pot. The inside of the pot will burn with the use of fire. I just need to be careful so the boiled water doesn’t spill out and take out the specific ingredients I want to have much as I want.”

“……You make it sound easy but won’t that be something ridiculously hard to do?”

When I said that, Kiba smiles sarcastically.

“You are absolutely right. The power of the holy and the power of demonic. Making a slight mistake in the distribution of these two powers would cause all of the curse to reflect on me. No, in worst cases, it will also cause casualties to my comrades.”

So that’s the personal task Kiba assigned to himself huh. To cover Gram by using the power of “demonic” from the holy-demonic sword to stabilise it and to use the power of “holy” to cover it as a whole. The power will build up inside it so he will need to use it by letting the power out while being careful to prevent it from exploding.

It surely sounds easy if you simply say it in words. But you will need a high level of techniques, determination, and talent to do this.

I ask Kiba while putting on a smile.

“But you won’t fail in this, right?”

He puts on a fearless smile.

“Yeah, that’s my plan. If things go accordingly, I may be able to add some attributes to the blade. If that happens, I will be able to fight in a totally new way.”

“Being able to do attribute attacks, being able to use swords as your footpath, and being able to hide yourself among your troop of knights. You sure do use your Sacred Gears in many ways.”

The one who is able to use his Sacred Gear’s ability the most skilfully among us must be this guy. Saji is also turning into a skilful fighter, but it makes me think that his techniques are several levels below Kiba.

Kiba then makes such comment about himself.

“I lack in terms of flashiness among our group. So I won’t be able to survive unless I increase the amount of moves I can use against the enemies by finding their opening in their guards.”

I can’t believe you said that. You survived this far with those numbers of moves you have.

Kiba then asks me.

“So, how is your training going?”

“Well, okay I guess. I need to get the grasp of my training, but there are areas I can’t test myself without Ddraig.”

And that happens to be the newly found power of the Hakuryuukou I attained during my battle with Euclid. The small white Dragons that appeared from my jewels. My new power which has the ability to “reflect” and “divide”.

I started to train by actually using those powers, but it was halted when it was turning good due to Ddraig going deep into the Sacred Gear with Albion.

……Those abilities, they are quite the interesting things. Even things I’m imagining within my head are becoming possible, so if I can use it together with the trait of my True “Queen” then……

By the way, I decided to call those abilities the “Dividing Wyvern Fairy”. The one who named it is Rias. When Rias saw those abilities;

“You remind me of fairy chess since you keep on gaining new abilities, Ise.”

So the name has to do with that. The term fairy chess is one of the chess words and it refers to a chess game played with irregular rules. And since my growth is irregular itself, Rias said she can’t help but think in such a way. So I named it by adding the word “fairy” to the word wyvern which describes its appearance.

—Then a bright flash comes into my sight. When I look towards the source, I witness one Angel who is glowing brightly high up in the sky. He is spreading ten of his pure white coloured wings while he is holding onto a huge mass of fire within his right hand and a thick spear-like ice on his left hand. There is a thunder cloud above his head which is creating the thunder.

—Joker Dulio.

……An artificial thunder cloud which was made inside this field located in the basement. It’s something made by Dulio using his Sacred Gear’s ability.

His Sacred Gear can control weather to take control of fire, wind, water, and earth that exists in nature. So he can even create artificial clouds in places where there is no sky, just like that. The bright flash earlier must have been caused by striking down the thunder from that cloud.

The one who is in front of Dulio is—Saji who is wearing a black jersey. He is enveloped in black flames around his whole body and is facing off against Dulio.

Saji showed himself to our training field and joined our training by having a mock battle with me and Dulio.

The reason for him to do so is—to reach Balance Breaker.

Sona-kaichou suggested that he may reach Balance Breaker if he trains with Longinus possessors or with the Gremory group. So everyone is cooperating with him.

As long as we formed a team, the power up of our comrade surely is a desirable factor. Especially for Saji’s Balance Breaker since he carries the power of a Dragon King.

Kiba and I continue to observe Saji and Dulio’s battle for a while as we discuss about it, but finally, Dulio’s merciless attack of different attributes such as fire, ice, water, wind, and thunder vaporises Saji’s black flames. Saji then goes down.

It’s Dulio’s victory. Saji lost all hopes from midway through the battle so it became more of a one-sided fight where he had to defend himself.

……Saji’s abilities can be used in many ways where he would start from using his line which adds different effects while the black flames can be used for direct attacks or to create a wall of fire to nullify enemies’ attack. So Dulio either dodged or hit away those attacks and then stopped Saji’s movement.

Even if both of them aren’t in their Balance Breaker state, the difference between the two is quite obvious.

……I had a mock battle with Dulio several times as well……but he froze my legs and hand while he used wind to stop me from going at him in mid-air so he evaded all my attacks.

According to Irina:

“I hear that Joker has a personality where he rarely attacks the enemy first. If he plans on it, I’m sure he can even do amazing attacks……”

That’s what she said.

I feel the same as well and my comrades must also have realised that.

I can only think that Dulio is choosing difficult strategies in this training field where he chooses to attack his opponents when their guard is down after evading their attacks.

Kiba then says it from beside me.

“Maybe that’s Joker’s training. I’m sure he’s testing his own strength by purposely putting restrictions on himself. I did hear that he’s good at attacking in wide areas but isn’t that good in doing close-range attacks, so I guess he wants to overcome that.”

Joker Dulio who is said to be good in wide-range attacks due to his Sacred Gear’s traits which is to cause changes in weather. He did say it himself that he will be done for if he gets hit by me and Xenovia at close-range.

……To strengthen his movement for close-range. So that’s Dulio’s training huh.

—After Saji does his stretching after the battle to soften his muscles, he comes to our side.

“Man, I sure did lose that one. It’s still too early for me to lay an attack on the strongest “Brave Saint”, the Joker!”

He does seem like he is frustrated, but it’s not the Saji that I saw before I headed to Romania.

I spoke to him before I went to Romania, but the Saji back then seemed to be concerned about himself since he isn’t able to reach Balance Breaker.

I guess there was a change in his heart while I was dragged into some mess back in Romania.

Saji then says it after looking at us.

“Thanks for allowing me to use this place for training. Okay, I’m off to the “school” then!”

By the “school” Saji just mentioned, he’s referring to the Rating Game School that Sona-kaichou built where anyone can enrol in it. They haven’t scouted students yet, but there’s an open school day going on so parents that are interested in this school can bring their children from the whole Underworld.

It seems like people are continuing to visit there every day so the Sitri group is having a hard time due to having the duties as a Student Council as well.

I then say it to Saji.

“We’ll also be going there since Rias-buchou suggested that we should head over there during the weekends to help you guys out.”

Yeah, when Rias made a suggestion to help Sona-kaichou, we the Gremory group, Irina, and Ravel agreed to it.

Saji smiles hearing that.

“Yeah, that will be a great help. Man, we can’t handle all of it since this is a new thing for all of us. Also, Boss Sairaorg will come and help us from today and we called lecturers who would show demonstrations for us as well.”

I see, I’m happy that it’s going smoothly. But that shows how many children that can’t enrol in such schools and how many of them want to participate in the Rating Game in the future.

The career paths for the normal Devils are insanely narrow—.

That’s the situation of the Underworld and also the reality of it. It became a world of giving charity where only those with certain peerage and only those who were luckily picked up by a High-class Devil can participate in it.

“Alright then, I’ll be under your care again for the next time!”

Saji says that before he left and disappeared within the light of the magic-circle.

Dulio then descends from the sky. He takes a doughnut out from his pocket and takes a bite. Oh yeah, his hobby is to walk around while eating. The gourmet journey around the world.

“I can’t live without getting supplies of sweets.”

Joker, you sure do live freely……

Even though he’s like this, he’s the young leader of D×D.

Everyone else’s training is over as well, so it became the final meeting time of the day before we head back to our homes.

“—And so, that ends the report from the wizard-group. In other words, I still can’t shorten the charging time for my finishing move. Though Akeno is becoming capable of turning into a Fallen Angel without the bracelet.”

Our meeting then ends after receiving the reports from our Onee-samas.


Our leader Dulio…… is half asleep.

Even though he appears for the training every time, sleepiness conquerors him during meetings.

Irina speaks while making a posture to apologise to us.

“……Sister Griselda said it’s basically a miracle for him to show up to meetings like this all the time, so please forgive him!”

Rias breathes out and nods her head with a bitter smile.

“It’s fine, Irina. His strength is the real deal so we don’t doubt his strength nor will we warn him about it.”

Rias used to call Irina, “Irina-san”, but from the other day she started to call her without the honorifics. I don’t know what happened between these two, but there’s no need to speak to each other like strangers anymore.

Rias looks around us and changes the topic.

“I’m sure all of you are already aware that we will be helping Sona for the open school day for the school she built, but the truth is, a guest will be visiting the Hyoudou residence. She is a lecturer who will be having a special lecture for the students and their parents in that school. I heard that she decided to visit the Hyoudou residence abruptly.”

Hmm, I guess it’s the lecturer Saji mentioned. And that lecturer will visit my house? Why?

I become dubious but I realise someone gazing at me. When I look that way—I witness Rossweisse-san gazing at me.

She notices me too so she looks away immediately.

……W-What? The reason must be what she said to me the other day…..I guess.

—P-Please become my boyfriend.

She said such a thing to me! On top of that it was inside the bath while everyone was looking!

Nothing much happened since then……


But Rias is making a complicated expression towards me.


Akeno-san is also looking at me, Rossweisse-san, and Rias with a sad expression.

......W-What the heck is this situation……? The older girls became silent while putting on a not-so looking good expression!

I then hear the Church trio’s talking silently.

“……Look, Asia, Irina. The older girls made their move.”

“This means that Rossweisse-san also joined the battle as well, right?”

“……For Rias-oneesama and Akeno-san who are usually confident to act like this……”

“Asia, the older girls have their own kind of problems. Judging from how confused Akeno-fukubuchou is acting, I can make a deduction that there was an unexpected attack. ……This may be our chance.”

“Eh!? W-What are you planning to do, Xenovia……?”

“Irina, Asia, it means that a chance for us to break into the upper world which we couldn’t enter before has come.”

“B-But we need to respect Rias-oneesama’s standing……”

“No! We need to charge in ahead! There may be a chance for us to take him away and surround him!”

“N-No, we can’t do such a thing like taking him away! A-An Angel like myself can’t possibly do that……”

“There isn’t a slight persuasive power within the words of an erotic Angel like you. I hear that you wear no bra when you go to Ise’s room. You sure are full of fighting spirit, Irina.”

“T-That’s because……wearing no bra is for health reasons!”

“If you can only look away with such pathetic eyes, then it’s better for you to make your decision now. Alright, come closer Asia, Irina. Let’s form a circle. Alright, at times like this—”

For some reason the Church trio formed a circle and started to speak even more silently.

……B-But I never thought Irina wore no bra! I was wondering why her breasts bounced and moved quite a lot, but it’s natural to bounce like that if she didn’t wear a bra!

……I didn’t know how to respond, but Kuroka and Koneko-chan’s conversation also reaches my ear.

“I’m sure this is it. To bear his children by taking him from the side, —nya?”

“……Nee-sama, that’s vulgar.”

“You aren’t in a situation where you can say that leisurely, Shirone. You should also go on the offensive side. At this rate, you will continue to be treated as a child. Even the current you should be able to do a soft nyan-nyan for him after all ♪”


“Oh, you imagined a bit about it just now, right? You sure are erotic. Erotic indeed –nya.”

“I’m not erotic! I-I didn’t know how to respond to it!”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed for a Nekomata to be erotic, you know? You should also do things for him that you can only do while you are little ♪.”

“Geez, I don’t care about you anymore, Nee-sama! Gya-kun, let’s go over there!”

“……Eh? O-Okay.”

Oh my, seems like Koneko-chan took her distance and took Gasper with her after the sisters’ fight. Kuroka herself seems like she’s really enjoying it.

Kiba rests his hand on my shoulder while he puts on a smile.

“Do your best.”

……Yeah, I really don’t know what’s going on, but I certainly will do my best.

“……Munya, the Heaven’s Mont Blanc, much as I want……”

Dulio sleep talks. ……You sure do seem like you are having fun, leader!

Part 3[edit]

We returned to the Hyoudou residence after the training and started to prepare to welcome the lecturer.

First of all, I need to prepare tea in the VIP room we always use. Since it’s enough with just us who live in this house, Gasper and Kiba are taking a rest in their house.

We did sweat a lot since we just had training, so those who finished their duties first will go and take a bath quickly. I also allowed myself to take a bath first. After getting refreshed, I finished cleaning the VIP room with Xenovia and Irina.

Asia and Ravel are in charge of preparing snacks. They are baking homemade cookies quickly.

“Yum, yum.”

The one who takes a bite of the cookies is our mascot—Ophis. She’s also eating the cookies baked by Asia and Ravel deliciously.

We did finish most of the preparation to welcome the guest, so me, Xenovia, and Irina, are taking a rest in the living room located on the first floor.

“—Our guest has arrived. So let’s head to the teleportation room in the basement.”

Akeno-san came to call for us. We then headed to the basement to welcome our guest—.

We moved to the teleportation room in the basement.

Kuroka and Le Fay are on standby in their own room. The reason is due to Kuroka possibly making careless mistakes. Le Fay also left of her own decision since she thought it will be bad to have only Kuroka not join us. Obviously, Ophis won’t be here. So the Gremory group, Irina, and Ravel, that are living in this house are going to welcome the guest.

The floor of the teleportation room starts to shape a magic-circle with a Norse spell while making a bright glow.

As we watch the teleportation light becoming even brighter, Rias says this.

“You are the last person I am informing this to, but our guest who is coming now is Rossweisse’s grandmother. I hear that she’s also famous in the Norse world, the Asgard, as a skilful user of magic.”


I became shocked at this report so I look towards Rossweisse-san. Rossweisse-san is putting on a complicated look.

The glow of the teleportation circle becomes even stronger and then bursts—.

The one who appears after the flash disappears is an elderly woman wearing deep blue coloured robes. She has a fearless look and she appears to have the same height as Rossweisse-san. She has a good posture and looks slim overall. I wouldn't be able to tell she’s an elderly woman if I didn’t see her face.

After Rossweisse-san’s grandmother looks around at us, she speaks.

“Hello, all of you in Japan. Thank you for looking after my granddaughter who is standing over there.”

Her grandmother looks towards her. Rossweisse-san didn't look away, but she looks unpleasant. She isn’t welcoming her with warm arms, but she isn’t making a strong dissatisfaction to her visit either.

Rossweisse-san’s grandmother introduces herself to us.

“My name is Gondur. I am Rossweisse’s grandmother. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She shows her smile for the first time.

Her proper gesture doesn’t make me feel as though she is old, but she has a strong resemblance to Rossweisse-san when we first met her.

We took Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Gondur, to the VIP room. We prepared tea and snacks for her, and after we finished introducing each other:

“Just like that, Gondur-san will be participating in the Magician’s assembly that will take place in the Underworld of the Agares’s territory.”

—Rias explains to us.

Apparently skilful Magicians will meet at a certain town in Agares territory to discuss about a topic related to magic. Since those who aren’t even Devils are going to the town in the Underworld, it shows that quite a strong user of magic will be showing up. We are Devils and we also have the blessings of the Governor of the Fallen Angels and also Heaven; which allows us to go to various places freely, but that’s because it’s an exception. A mere human or a normal Magician won’t be able to go to the world of the Devils, the world of the Fallen Angels, and also Heaven. For a normal person, it’s an irregular world that far surpasses their perception. —A supernatural territory.

And the topic the skilled Magicians will be discussing will be about the very rare spells, an ancient magic, and also forbidden spells. Even the researchers of the research institute of the Devil’s side will be sent there, so it really is turning into an unusual party.

Rias then adds.

“This is also something we can’t tell anyone yet, but currently there are rapid increases of cases where each of the forces is facing a situation where a Magician in their forces who has knowledge about ancient magic or forbidden spells is disappearing.”


So such things are occurring. Does that perhaps involve that bastard Rizevim?

“So they are getting dragged into terrorism, then?”

When I ask, Rias doesn’t clearly say yes, but she doesn’t say no either.

“……Either the Maverick Magicians are acting on their own accord or the Khaos Brigade is behind this…… Either way, there is an increase of opinions among the Magicians that they want to have a meeting and trade their opinions.”

Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Gondur-san, who was being silent till now then says it slowly.

“This is also an information which hasn’t been leaked outside, but for this meeting, we are thinking about sealing the research theme we are investigating about, in other words information of the spells each of us are experts in.”

“So……you are planning to seal away your magic?”

Gondur-san nods at Ravel’s question.

“Basically it’s better to seal it until this incident gets solved rather than having some person we don’t know use our magic knowledge we spent our whole life strengthening.”

Well, you sure won’t be able to resist having your knowledge being misused. And if that happens to cause trouble for other people, they may be held responsible for any possible consequences. And things like forbidden spells has a dangerous ring to it, so there will be spells which will be too dangerous for it to get leaked outside.

Gondur-san continues.

“I hear that the Fallen Angel’s organisation—the Grigori, has plenty of research for anti-magic. So for these incidents that are currently happening, we are going to depend on the Fallen Angels sealing the research of our spells.”

……Speaking of the Grigori’s anti-magic, the person that appears in my mind is that stern looking tokusatsu leader…… No, I’m sure that he has been researching about it thoroughly, so I hope I can feel safe about it.

Gondur-san then says while holding her hands together.

“Even if we seal it ourselves, they would be able to break the seal by kidnapping us and then using hypnosis on us. Even if we ask other Magicians to seal it, there’s a concern that they will steal our magic research from us. If that’s the case, the research institute of the Fallen Angels will be a good common ground for us since they are currently gaining trust in the world of the supernaturals.”

Hmm, so the reputation of Azazel-sensei’s place is increasing in those regards huh. Well, they certainly had a strong impression of being the evil organisation prior to the alliance of the Three Great Powers. But now, they argue for peace and are also providing their techniques to everyone. They even promised the Vampires from the other day about cooperating in the research for the Sacred Gears. I’m sure they strengthened their trust by piling up those achievements. It sure is an amazing feat within this short time.

Gondur-san then says.

“—So before we seal our powers, we decided to trade our opinions. There are spell casters that rejected participating in the assembly……but it’s clear that there will be valuable discussion happening there. I also agreed to participate in it. And also, I received an invitation from Sona Sitri-san.”

Oh, so that connects to her taking the lecturer role for the rumoured school built in the Underworld huh.

Rias continues after that.

“That’s how it is. Gondur-san came to visit us due to the Magicians’ assembly and also for the role of a lecturer in the school Sona built.”

After that, we received the explanation of what she will be doing from now.

Gondur-san will be staying in this town for several days and will be going to the Underworld on the same day we don’t have school. This became possible because the day we have off overlapped with the day when there will be the Magicians’ assembly.

Everyone in this room understood the reason for her visit. I need to inform Kiba and Gasper afterwards.

After that, our discussion became more of a laid-back thing.

Rias then says.

“Rossweisse’s grandmother is also counted as one of the Valkyries.”

Oh, is that so!? Then I guess the reason why Rossweisse-san aimed to become a Valkyrie has to do with the influence of her grandmother.

“I told her many times that she isn’t suited for it since she is clumsy.”

Gondur-san said that harshly. Rossweisse-san cheeks turn red and she looks away.

Gondur-san puts her teacup down and then asks Rossweisse-san.

“Rose, there is only one reason why I came here. You do know the reason, correct?”

……So Rossweisse-san is called “Rose” huh.

“There is only one gentleman in this room. It is okay that I take him as the person you mentioned, yes?”

Gondur-san looks at me.

Rossweisse-san stands up and says it after taking a big breath.

“That’s correct. He is my boyfriend, Hyoudou Issei-kun is his name.”


……S-So that’s how it is…… So her confession the other day in the bathroom is connected here!

Is this that kind of situation? Something about telling her grandmother who is living in her homeland that she made a boyfriend kind of thing!?

Gondur-san then speaks.

“Rose, you left the house of your own accord, you turned into a Devil of your own accord, and you started working as a teacher in this human world of your own accord. ……You sure are a bad granddaughter for worrying me this much.”

“Ugh……that’s because……”

Rossweisse-san can’t argue back against her grandmother’s words.

Rias then defends her.

“Ooba-sama, that also has to do with me since I invited her. So please don’t only blame Rossweisse for this case.”

But Gondur-san doesn’t stop.

“You are misunderstanding me, Princess of Gremory. That isn’t that much of a problem. Well, strictly speaking, it is a problem. But I need to say this to my granddaughter who changes the way she lives with the situation she is in without even discussing it with me.”

“……This sure does make my ears sore.”

Xenovia mutters while munching on the cookies. Yeah, you need to listen to what this grandmother has to say very carefully.

Gondur-san realises that her tone is getting stronger, so she makes a single cough.

“Well, that should be fine. I also told my opinion about how Odin-sama forgot about you and left you here so I won’t blame you for that.”

Oh, so that Odin geezer got scolded by her huh. Well, even for a stupid old man like him, leaving behind his bodyguard Valkyrie is just too horrible. The Chief God of the Norse world needs to repent on his mistake!

Gondur-san then says it to Rossweisse-san.

“I’m worried about you. Even though you are good with studies and magic, you are clumsy, so it worries me if you can even take the role of a teacher in a Far East country like this without causing troubles…… That’s why I always told my granddaughter that I would feel safe if she has a boyfriend. Then she said she does have a boyfriend……”

……So that’s how it is. In order to not make her grandmother worry about her, she told her that she does have a boyfriend…… A-And that happens to be me……? No, since the visit of her grandmother became decided, she just chose me as her acting boyfriend in a rush, right!? Oh yeah, even though Rossweisse-san seems calm, she really does live while going with the flow of the situation she is in! If you ask me if she does act like one of the Gremory group members, then she indeed does…… Is it me or does Rias tend to gather those who gets influenced easily into her group……?

Rossweisse-san sits next to me and grabs onto my arm.

“Ise-kun is a man I can depend on. He’s also the legendary Sekiryuutei and someone who has a bright future since he is already a Mid-class Devil!”

I-I’m happy you are referring to me like that……

I then take a glimpse towards Rias—


She’s frozen cold while smiling! She’s shocked! Rather, it feels like she can’t resist this situation nor can she comprehend it which resulted in her brain halting!

“……I’m sorry! I will go and bring new tea!”

Akeno-san also left the room with a painful expression!

“I-I will go and help Akeno-sama!”

Ravel became concerned for Akeno-san and went after her!

However, Rossweisse-san and Gondur-san continue talking while making me sit in the middle.

“How long has it been since you two have been dating?”

“……T-Three months!”

“—So that means that it is okay for me to assume that you two have already done what a man and woman would do then?”

This granny is too bold in asking things! Even Rossweisse-san has a very stiff face now! But she somehow withstood it and says it with a shaking voice and a red face.

“……I-It’s……not like we are married yet or anything…… B-Besides! My strong protection for my chastity is what I was told from you granny……I mean grandmother!”

“I never said you couldn’t have such relations before marriage. I just told you not to get caught by bad boys and give yourself to them unnecessarily.”

Rossweisse-san who is holding onto my arm shouts with a country accent!

“E-Even I want to do erotic things with a boy!”

“That’s why I’m telling you to do it already!”

Oh, even the granny spoke with an accent!

Gondur-san who realised that the atmosphere of this room is heading towards the weird direction makes a cough once again.

“—I will permit relations between you two.”

Rossweisse-san can’t respond to her words and replies back with an idiotic voice.


“It isn’t “Huh?”. I said I will allow it. You have already shared your feelings with a man you fell in love with now, right? So go for a date next time.”

“W-Wait, b-but!”

Rossweisse-san suddenly panics.

But Gondur-san says it with her powerful eyes.

“—I will come and ask you about this in more detail the next time I come and see you. To both you—and your boyfriend. Thank you everyone for today. I will be taking my leave now.”

After saying that, Gondur-san leaves this place in order to head to the hotel Sona-kaichou prepared for her.

After her grandmother left, the atmosphere of this room became very serious.

Rias is still frozen. Asia is watching this situation in panic.

Rossweisse-san then holds my hand and begs with a red face.

“…………I’m sorry. I-It’s only for a short time, so please cooperate with me…… ……There’s no more turning back for me……!”

……So it’s decided that Rossweisse-san and I will be going on a date.

Life.2 The School of the Underworld![edit]

Part 1[edit]

The next day after Rossweisse-san’s grandmother came to visit the Hyoudou residence. I’m currently continuing with the final check for the pact between me and Le Fay.

Ravel who is my manager is sitting between us and she takes out a document and such from her personal magic-circle. I can only give her my gratitude for her swift work.

“Seriously, our pact certainly is going smoothly thanks to you, Ravel.”

When I said that, Ravel takes out an animal’s plate and candles which is used for the custom for this ritual (Apparently it’s a Chinese soft-shell turtle she got from a small restaurant).

“No, it’s because you were blessed with making a pact with someone capable like her which is the sole reason why this went smoothly.”

Receiving such praise, Le Fay starts to wriggle her body.

The document, which will be our contract, is written in Devil’s symbols. Quickly explaining the context of it, it’s written like one of those contracts you often see in the human world which goes: “I will make a pact with this person. After the pact, these are the sort of things I am allowed to do. And these are the things which I am not allowed to do”.

I spill my blood by cutting my palm with a knife. I use that blood to write my name in Devil’s symbols. Le Fay also uses her own blood to write her name in magical symbols.

With this, our pact is complete document wise. What’s left is the official ritual. Le Fay and I enter the pact-purpose magic-circle that is written with animal’s blood. We then chant the spell for the pact.

The magic-circle starts to emit a mysterious shine.

“In the name of I, Le Fay Pendragon, I shall make a wish to the “Pawn” of the Gremory-group, Hyoudou Issei. You shall make a pact with me, and become my sworn friend.”

The chants have been simplified quite a bit. Depending on the situation, you need to chant things like how we resulted in making the pact as well as the content of it. But this is a pact which is being done after Le Fay and I built trust between us, which in turn resulted in it being simplified.

I also chant out the words I had memorised.

“In the name of Hyoudou Issei, the “Pawn” of Rias Gremory’s group, I shall promise to make a pact with you, Le Fay Pendragon, right here. And umm, let’s get along from now as well.”

I bow my head down at the end like a Japanese person! Le Fay chuckles and also bows her head.

“Yes, let’s do get along.”

The Gremory’s symbol appears on mine and Le Fay's cheek while the magic-circle disappears while emitting out light due to fulfilling its duty.

……We really, really, did end this quite plainly, but was it really okay to end like this? I look towards Ravel and she is nodding her head. Looks like this is a success. Possibly due to the documents which have our signatures gaining some kind of power, the document is giving out a red light.

“……Can I presume that this has finished?”

I try to get Ravel’s confirmation just in case.

“Yes, you certainly can. With this, Ise-sama and Le Fay-san are partners in terms of business.”

Ravel tells me like that.

So this is it huh. We went through many documents, but it ended immediately when I found the person who I will make a pact with.

Now then, it’s okay that our pact is completed, but……

“So then, what should Le Fay and I do now?”

Our pact is completed, so should we research about magic like how a partner should?

Ravel then says after making a cough.

“That will depend on Le Fay-san. If she chooses to do experiments on magic from now, she will need to summon you after this, but if she chooses to do the experiment tomorrow, she can just summon you tomorrow.”

So it’s up to Le Fay then.

Ravel then adds.

“It’s a five year pact. If she shows good results within five years, then it will be a win-win situation for you, Ise-sama.”

“In other words we don’t have to do anything immediately.”

I said that, so Ravel nods.

Well, I guess we can conclude that we have made a pact. I hope I can show results within five years together with Le Fay…… Oh well, let’s do this while being laid back about it.

Ravel confirms that we have completed our pact safely and then starts to prepare tea. She prepares it by taking out a folding-type table and places the cups and tea on it.

“Let’s have tea to celebrate the success of the pact between you two.”

A tea party after the pact huh. A Devil’s pact has an ominous imagination in the human world but it’s unexpectedly done quite peacefully. It may be due to the Gremory being quite laid back…… Even I didn’t think of trying to make a pact while releasing a scary atmosphere. They say that the High-class Devils from ancient times are different depending on their household, but the Gremory’s really are peaceful.

After the pact, a fun tea party takes place between me, Ravel, and Le Fay.

After having several discussions, this is what Le Fay says.

“But I never imagined for Rossweisse-san’s grandmother to be the famous Gondur-san.”

“She’s famous, right?”

Le Fay nods her head when I asked.

“She’s famous for being a user of magic taught in the Norse region such as the rune-style, the fairy magic gandol-style, spiritual magic seiz-style.”

Ravel continues after her.

“Rossweisse-san is indeed using the rune-style along with a different kind of magic the “Valkyries” created. She did say that she is using magic while incorporating spells she simplified and thought about herself.”

Le Fay takes out a memo-pad from her pocket and shows a certain page. There are many magic-circles written on it. And I have seen those symbols before. —It’s what Rossweisse-san often uses.

“I just remembered how I wrote them down since she was using a rare kind of magic-circle. The magic Rossweisse-san uses must be something she taught to herself. She most likely incorporated magic she saw and heard into her own formula.”

“Is that a rare thing?”

When I ask, Le Fay shakes her head.

“No, it isn’t rare to find a Magician that comes up with their own kind of formula. If you are a Magician, you will have at least one formula that is suited for you. But the magic symbols incorporated into Rossweisse-san’s magic-circle is a very high level one. This formula incorporated into the magic-circle that Rossweisse-san uses is something she came up with on her own and it made me think of a formula I often see in Norse-style, but you realise that it’s something very precisely made if you take a good look at it.”

Le Fay says that while she points at the magic-circle drawn on her memo-pad……but for someone like myself who doesn’t have rich knowledge in magic is simply lost. Though I kinda came to understand magic symbols that symbolises attributes thanks to Ravel and Le Fay. But I become clueless immediately when it turns into detailed knowledge.

Ravel continues after Le Fay.

“Kuroka-san also said this. Rossweisse-san’s formula restrains down how much the magical power is consumed to its utmost limit, but it’s also something which strengthens both the offensive and defensive power positively. If you use the example of what the human world uses in their games, there will be a magic with the attack power of 50 where you need to use up 10MP, but Rossweisse uses her own original formula which requires her to only use up 5MP while having the same attack power.—That is what she said. So this is only capable for someone who is an expert user and also someone who only thinks this stunt is something easy to do.”

Le Fay also nods at Ravel’s words.

I see, that sure was easy to understand. So she decreases how much magical power she uses while keeping the attack power the same. …… Not only has Rossweisse been releasing different kinds of magical attacks without holding back as if it was nothing, but even each of those attacks has been shot while she kept down the consumption rate huh……

More importantly, that Kuroka, for her to use RPG as an example…… She has been using my game console while sneaking into my room after all. She continues to play games while I let her out of my sight.

Even Koneko-chan and Ravel are tagging along with her, so it isn’t rare for us to have a game competition with everyone living in the Hyoudou residence participating in it. Well, let’s leave that to the side for now.

……Instead, there is a single question I have regarding Rossweisse-san.

“……I understand that Rossweisse-san is quite a skilled fighter as someone who is in the same group as her. But why didn’t Rossweisse-san learn the same magic as her grandmother? Ignoring the rune-style and gandol-style, I also don’t think I have seen seiz-style that often as well.”

I had been taught about rune symbols and fairies from Rossweisse-san and I think she has incorporated them into her magic-circles. But I don’t remember Rossweisse-san using fairy gandol-style and such…… It certainly must be different to summoning. But I don’t remember her saying that she is good at using them.

I don’t think it’s weird for Rossweisse-san who is Gondur-san’s granddaughter to use all of rune, gandol, and seiz since her grandmother is a skilled Magician.

Ravel and Le Fay don’t give me a clear answer but simply look at each other after hearing my opinion. I guess it means that they are feeling that is a strange thing as well.

Hmm. I then tilt my head. Is it me, or have I been tilting my head often lately regarding Rossweisse-san? W-Well, it’s not weird for me to think about her after she said “Please become my boyfriend”.

Then Ravel says it after making a cough.

“By the way, Ise-sama, I heard that you will be going out with Rossweisse-san after this.”


……Yeah, it’s planned for me to go out with Rossweisse-san after my pact is completed. It turned into a situation where Rossweisse-san can’t turn back to what she said to her grandmother so it was decided that Rossweisse-san and I will go on a date. This happened all of a sudden after the incident yesterday.

During her grandmother’s stay in this town, Rossweisse-san asked me for it since she wants to show it to her grandmother.

……I can’t decline if Rossweisse-san is the one asking me, so I accepted the date with her since I have no plans from now till the training I have tonight.

Ravel who knows about this starts to become angry in a cute way.

“Going out with Rossweisse-san may be something you need to do in order to deepen the relation between the members of the Gremory group. But you also need to pay attention to Rias-sama and Akeno-sama! You really do!”

Ravel approaches her face and keeps on telling me that.

“……I think you would need to go on a date with both Rias-sama and Akeno-sama for the next occasion.”

Y-Yeah. I can’t agree with you more, Ravel-san…… Last night, Ravel went to calm down Akeno-san who left the VIP room.

Ravel then says it with a red face.

“…………I-I also want to go shopping with you, Ise-sama……”

My heart starts to beat faster at my manager who just said that while being a bit reserved!

“I will definitely go shopping together with you next time, Ravel. I will obviously go with Rias and Akeno-san as well—”

Before I finish my sentence, Le Fay naturally raises up her hand beside me.

“You too Le Fay. If it comes down to this then I will go shopping with everyone living in this house. Either way, all of us would need to go shopping at the end of the year, so I guess going somewhere at the beginning of the year won’t be a bad idea.”

I said that to them. The girls will most likely require to buy things during the New Year’s holiday more than the boys. Especially in the Hyoudou residence since there are more people living here this year.

Both Ravel and Le Fay react happily where they both say “Yay”.

“I, shall also go shopping.”

The Dragon God-sama that jumps out of the closet! Ophis, since when were you inside the closet!?

Oh, looks like I won’t have time to hang out with Matsuda and Motohama…… No, I will at least like to have a single day where I can hang out with those guys……though it seems like Kiba and Gasper will come as well.


I say to Ravel after giving much thought about it.

“……Ravel, I’m sorry but can you make me a schedule with precise times for me that includes my training for the New Year’s holiday? It seems like I won’t be able to act accordingly if I don’t decide on my plans carefully……”

Seriously, the Sekiryuutei sure does have busy schedules. I lately think that I’m the Sekiryuutei who has the busiest schedule in the whole history.

Part 2[edit]

After I completed my pact with Le Fay, I went to my room to get changed and am currently waiting at the entryway.

I found a pair of long boots already prepared in the entryway……but do these perhaps belong to Rossweisse-san? Well, I really can’t imagine her wearing them so I originally thought they belonged to Rias or Akeno-san.

Shortly after that, I sense the presence of someone walking down the stairs. When I turn that way—.

I witness Rossweisse-san who is wearing a coat and a short skirt!

………… Rossweisse-san who is wearing clothing that the girls that are my age wear is standing right in front of me. It’s not the Rossweisse-san I see all the time at home who always wears jerseys!

She has her silver hair done nicely and her lips are shiny, possibly because she put some lip cream on.

Yes, the Onee-san who looks so poor isn’t standing in front of me! Since she is wearing the same kind of clothes that girls her age wear……my heart starts to beat faster with a single look at her!


I don’t know what to say. Maybe because she realised my reaction, so Rossweisse-san starts to blush.

“……Please don’t suddenly act so strangely. It will make it harder for me to do this. Even I will dress in a fashion like this.”

Rossweisse-san seems to be regretting it a bit.

Oh, that was rude of me. But! Shocked isn’t the right word to describe how I am currently feeling towards how Rossweisse-san is dressed like a girl since I have seen her dress the way she usually does! Revolution! A revolution is happening right in front of me!

“I’m sorry, s-shall we get going then?”

It happens when I said that. I catch a glimpse of people within my sight.

When I look that way—Rias and Akeno-san appear from the corner of the corridor. Rias who is acting like how she usually does and Akeno-san who seems a bit sad.

Rias then says.

“You two need to be back by night. We will have a pre-meeting before we head to the Underworld.”

“ “Yes.” ”

Rossweisse-san and I replied back to her. Rias then suddenly puts on a bitter smile.

“I have told Xenovia and the others to not interfere with you two.”

Ah, it certainly does seem like they will come and follow us…… Maybe because she noticed me who thought about it, so Rias breathes out.

“I won’t follow you. Even if anything happens, I will trust the man I chose, and I won’t sway even if something happens. I certainly did worry about how Rossweisse was acting and I certainly did get shocked when she asked you to be her boyfriend. But I won’t be able to call myself Rias Gremory if I can’t even trust Ise.”

She smiles saying that. ……She’s such a good woman. She trusts me and her group from the bottom of her heart.

“However, I hope you go on a date with both me and Akeno.”

Rias winks while she says that.

“Of course. If you two are okay with me.”

“—Going on a date with Ise-kun!”

Akeno-san puts on a bright expression after getting my reply. I certainly will go out with you if it’s me you want. ……Except, I don’t know when that will happen since I have a busy schedule!

Like this, Rossweisse-san and I leave the house……

Even if I’m going out with Rossweisse-san, it doesn’t mean we will be staying in this town. Apparently Rossweisse-san wants to go to Tokyo, so we went on by public transport.

Approximately one hour after we went on a train to Tokyo from the nearest station, we arrive to Shinjuku station.

We change trains once more from there to head to the station which will be our destination—.

“……I wonder if she’s a model from overseas.”

“She’s amazingly beautiful……”

Inside the train, everyone is looking at Rossweisse-san. Of course. Anyone will look at her since she’s exceptionally beautiful. Except, since she’s also releasing an aura that beautiful girls carry which prevents people from approaching her, not a single person is coming to talk to her.

Rossweisse-san herself seems a bit embarrassed and is acting awkward since she’s gathering people’s attention.

“……If I wore either my jersey or suit, then I wouldn’t have found myself in this situation……”

Rossweisse-san starts to mumble.

“That’s not true. You will stand out wearing anything since you are cute.”

I simply told her my honest impression, but Rossweisse-san on the other hand is,


Blushing and her cheeks are red!

Hey hey hey hey, the usual Rossweisse-san would have replied back by saying “I will take that as a compliment”!?

The same goes for Akeno-san, but it’s not fair for them to behave like this when we are going out! Even I am having a hard time trying to keep the conversation going!

There was no conversation during the time inside the train, and we arrive at the destination fifteen minutes after that.

The station we arrived at is stationed a bit away from the city. She said she has business at the station building, so we arrive to the floor where everything is a 100-yen shop.

The moment we arrived to the floor, Rossweisse-san puts on a happy expression.

She starts to talk with a shaking voice and with a bright expression.

“……T-This is the huge 100-yen store for women that I had been dreaming about……the “Bella”! It means beautiful or a beauty in Italian, and this brand only has fashionable items for women all lined up! It’s famous for having a high grade item that really doesn’t look like a 100-yen item just by the look of it……oh, look! That plate looks very fashionable! Oh, that penholder has a beautiful shape which has no flaw to it! Oh, this one has an amazing amount of storage space even with this size……!”

……S-She started to take a look at the products while she left me behind. She’s so bright that I have never seen her like this. Just by looking at her like this makes me realise once again that she’s a girl who is about the same age as me.

……Except, her hobby is a bit off…… I never expected we would be coming to a 100-yen shop today, here in Tokyo. Due to the clothing she’s wearing right now, I thought we would be going to a more gorgeous and fashionable looking place……

“Please take a look at this, Ise-kun! This, this, and even this costs 100 yen! There isn’t even a single product which will cost 200 yen or 300 yen!”

Rossweisse-san is super excited right now. How should I put it? It’s making me think that she won’t be able to change this poor side of her.

But this personality of her really makes me think that it is Rossweisse-san after all.

“I couldn’t help but spend ten thousand yen for my shopping…… To be expected from Tokyo’s “Bella”. Terrifying indeed……”

Rossweisse-san moans while she looks inside her purse.

After doing some shopping, Rossweisse-san and I are taking a rest in terrace side of the café.

Ten thousand yen worth of 100 yen items. Basically, Rossweisse-san who had purchased one hundred products came to think that she had bought too many things. So she sent her items away using the courier agency nearby. It will arrive at my house by tomorrow. A huge chunk of them, that is.

……But it’s only worth ten thousand yen huh. She came all the way to Tokyo and purchased ten thousand yen worth of 100 yen items. ……I guess it’s alright since the girl herself seems like she’s satisfied. But I do wonder if it’s okay for a young girl to buy those sorts of things when we came all the way to Tokyo.

I started to worry about Rossweisse-san’s future from now on. She then talks to me.

“……D-Did I bore you? I-I’m sorry for finishing buying things while I was the only one all happy about it……”

Maybe it was due to myself putting on a complicated look, so Rossweisse-san says that to me while looking sad about it.

“Oh, not at all. I’m simply happy just being able to come to Tokyo with you, Rossweisse-san.”

That’s my honest feeling. It’s my first time going far alone with Rossweisse-san, so there’s new taste to it. I even had the opportunity to see the side of her I usually can’t see, so there’s no way that this is boring.

Rossweisse-san then says after drinking her coffee.

“……If I think about it, this is my first time being on a date with a man.”


I don’t know what to say after hearing such shocking truth. It even makes me feel honoured by it. It also makes me think if it was okay that I was her partner for her important first date.

“Was it really okay that it was me?”

I couldn’t help but ask. Kiba could have escorted her even better, and Azazel-sensei could have driven her to Tokyo with his sports car that he is so proud of. Compared to those two, the way I handle dates is quite ordinary.

Rossweisse-san continues to speak while feeling shy about it.

“I-If I was asked to choose one person to date among the men around me, then I would have chosen you, Ise-kun…… B-But please don’t misunderstand me! It’s “if”! “If” someone asked! This is merely a “what if” story!”

Rossweisse-san drinks her coffee while turning red. —She suddenly puts on a gloomy face after taking a breath.

“……I simply studied while I was living in my homeland…… The War Maidens, the Valkyrie, that were around me were having a heated discussion about amazing heroes that turned into the warriors of Valhalla…… While my classmates were wasting their time with the opposite sex, I simply gave it my all at studying in order to get closer to my aim.”

……It sure is a story that isn’t hard to imagine. I’m sure she continued to study while telling herself something in the lines of: “It’s filthy! It’s vulgar! You would join the loser group if you don’t study!”……

Rossweisse-san then looks afar.

“……I was able to become a Valkyrie due to putting all my time of youth for studying, but now I look back thinking that I should have played a bit back then.”

“What are you saying? You are still young. You are only older than me by a year or two, so from now on, no, from this point on you can just continue to spend your time of youth.”

Seriously, you are still too young! The people around her and also she herself forgets her actual age since she is a teacher, but since she’s still in her teens where she can still experience the time of her youth, I reckon that it’s still too early for her to say something someone old would say.

“It’s also amazing that you were a bodyguard of that geezer Odin who is the Chief God. Seriously, it’s amazing to have a history of working next to a Chief God from a mythology.”

Rossweisse-san’s unfortunate side does stand out, but if I think about it—no, I actually don’t need to think about it since her previous history and her abilities are amazing. I won’t be able to have a high position such as becoming the bodyguard of a Chief God, no matter how many times I am reborn into someone new.

“……Though he did leave me behind.”

Rossweisse-san became a bit depressed about it.

……I don’t know how to reply to that statement. Well, you can say that we became comrades thanks to that happening……

Rossweisse-san puts on a sad expression.

“……Also……I’m not someone who has achieved particularly high as you just said, Ise-kun.”

Saying that, Rossweisse-san takes out an emblem from her pocket. There are complicated looking symbols carved into it. ……A unique looking shape which has circles made up of rune symbols. Is this my first time seeing it……? No, I saw this last night. ……Yes, the symbols were carved into the magic-circle. Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Gondur-san, had the same thing.

Rossweisse-san continues on and says this.

“This is a unique symbol……a house crest, that had been passed through my family. The oldest child of the family inherits this symbol and gets it carved into their body and soul in order to pass it to the next generation. …..I am the oldest child, the oldest daughter to be specific, but I couldn’t……”

Rossweisse-san stops there and then says it after lowering her tone.

“……inherit this symbol.”

Rossweisse-san than tells me.

At the Norse region—Asgard, the Half-Gods that live there create and polish their unique magic, techniques, and tradition, that had been passed through their family where they have those aspects being carried on to the next generation as their priority. And they use that as the symbol to represent the inheritor when they have the generation change where they carve the emblem into their body and soul.

Rossweisse-san’s family is no different, so they had the next inheritor carry on the emblem at the time they need to inherit it. Rossweisse-san’s mother also inherited the house emblem, so it was planned for Rossweisse-san who is the oldest daughter to inherit it as well.

—But Rossweisse-san couldn’t inherit the emblem.

No matter how many times she performed the ritual to inherit it, the emblem didn’t get carved into Rossweisse-san’s body, soul, and magic-circle.

Rossweisse-san then says it while holding the emblem in her hand.

“……I don’t have any siblings, so my distant cousin inherited the emblem in the end. That child completed the ritual to inherit it immediately, and I remember it very well because no one such as myself or those around me could complain about it. ……I was originally bad at using the magic that is the expertise of the ones in my family…… I don’t know whether to say I had a bad compatibility with it, but I still can’t get used to spiritual magic seiz-style. I learnt how to use rune-style and gandol-style, but what shocked me the most was that I easily got used to the battle maiden’s offensive magic which is for battle purposes…… Currently, I have become the user with one of the most powerful offensive magic in my family…… Among my family who had been using all three of rune, gandol, and seiz, I was the only irregular one. I did get good compatibility with magic that my family barely used after all…… I was fortunate enough to become a Valkyrie……but the results that I had made are nothing compared to my grandmother during her prime……”

Rossweisse-san confesses that while feeling down.

……She had bad compatibility with magic that had been passed through her family, and instead her talent bloomed in different departments. Sairaorg-san passes through my mind in terms of similar situation, but it must be different since his family has an important role of being the Great King that has an important role in terms of being involved in the Underworld’s politics…… For me who was born in an ordinary family, the inheritance problem is something really difficult since I can’t get the grasp of it.

I also learned that she was bad at gathering the hero’s soul during the time when she was a Valkyrie. She had an unlucky situation till she was called by Odin the geezer.

But I do feel this was a fate. Maybe it was fated for her to come to the Gremory group that has heavy firepower. The Valkyrie that keeps on learning offensive magic! I can only think that Rias’s fated meeting all depends on that.

Rossweisse-san then says while blushing.

“……Spellcasters from my family had been good at communicating with the fairies and to use the spiritual magic. However, I was exceptional since I started to learn offensive magic like a sponge……so I started to become brighter than before since I became capable of improving my performance and reserving my energy. My father and mother’s response surpassed that of praising me and instead became astonished.”

I then say it while I scratch my cheek.

“B-But you did learn defensive magic when you returned to your homeland before.”

“Yes, that is true…… To put it short, my power has diverted away from that of my family’s. ……I had a vague thought of inheriting my family’s tradition when I was a child and to becoming a Valkyrie just like my grandmother was something that was natural to happen. Those around me also had high expectations for me. But that didn’t happen. What was supposed to happen didn’t happen. ……Even till this day, I don’t even know what to become and what to do. I had a sense of anxiety for my future ahead. So I did the job assigned to me properly and started to take money as a serious matter.”

She had talent. But it wasn’t a talent those around her were hoping for. However, since she was blessed with her ability, she was able to get a job. But she still can’t find the answer of what she really wants to do—.

The concern Rossweisse-san has is something that a capable person has. Before I thought she was similar to Sairaorg-san, but I guess the source of it is different.

Rossweisse-san continues while putting away the emblem.

“……None of my parents, the people of my clan, and my grandmother blamed me, and they still treat me normally. ……My family came to accept my situation right away by saying, “Well, there will be times when a child like her appears among a clan”. That does make me happy……but I may have been able to have a different lifestyle if they even gave me a single criticism. ……No, this lifestyle I’m currently having may be different too……”

Maybe the reason why she became a Devil was because she wanted to have a change.

“I really was happy when I was chosen as an escort of Odin-sama. ……He truly was a troublesome person, but I really did feel that it was a job worth doing. ……Though he did leave me behind.”

She was the only one capable of escorting him—this is something I heard afterwards. Rather, Rossweisse-san is the Valkyrie who had the longest duration of being his escort. Because of that, I hear that the other Valkyries are having a hard time.

Rossweisse-san looks up and looks back to her life as she sighs.

“……I graduated by skipping grades in my home town without enjoying my time of youth, yet I was unable to inherit my family’s emblem. Even though I didn’t make any particular results during my time as a Valkyrie, I was able to become Odin-sama’s escort. ……I came to Japan to escort Odin-sama and became a teacher in the human world after reincarnating to a Devil. ……Looking back again, I really don’t know what I can become and do since I’ve been going around in circles.”

Rossweisse-san laughs to herself. She certainly is going around in circles. There are ups and downs among the rest of the Gremory group members, so it really is a team that has a gathering of those who have some issues.

“……I certainly do feel like I need to apologise to my mother. I don’t think I lived up to her expectations……”

Rossweisse-san says that while looking down.

……It really does seem like she feels bad about how she couldn’t inherit her family’s emblem.

Rossweisse-san then looks at my face and apologises as if she realised something.

“......I’m sorry. I spoke so long about my life to you, Ise-kun…… I try to avoid talking about this even to those close to me…… ……I guess I wanted to share it with someone due to my grandmother’s arrival.”

“No, I don’t mind at all. Instead, it makes me happy because it feels like I came to know more about you, Rossweisse-san.”

Rossweisse-san rarely talks about herself. She did show me the side of her where she loves 100-yen shops and that she can’t handle alcohol much, but she doesn’t talk about herself. This date today seems like it will become a valuable thing.

Rossweisse-san then continues while being a bit embarrassed.

“I haven’t regretted becoming a Devil you know? The welfare programme of the Devil’s world is structured properly and my salary is very wonderful. The Gremory group is full with good people and the environment I’m currently in is also wonderful. ……Well, the Gremory group is full of surprises since we get dragged into many situations…… But having a lifestyle of being a teacher at Kuou academy is something more worth doing than I originally thought.”

“Is being a teacher fun?”

“Yes, I never thought teaching would be so fun.”

The rating Rossweisse-san gets from the students is high. Rossweisse-san who is a civics teacher is good at teaching and since she narrows the key points for the topic she is teaching, the classes she teaches score high marks in their tests. Furthermore, since her age isn’t that different to the students, she’s receiving popularity as a beautiful foreign teacher. She may warn people a lot and she may give strict opinions, but there are rarely students that oppose her and take her opinion seriously.

It seems like she is getting looked after by her senior teachers, and other teachers regard her highly since she is someone who can give her opinion to Azazel-sensei who is so strange.

Speaking of teachers…… I then speak the thing that goes through my mind.

“Will you take up Sona-kaichou’s offer?”

Yes, Rossweisse-san has received an offer to become a candidate for a teacher in the future at the school that was established by Sona-kaichou. She wants Rossweisse-san as a magic teacher.

“I’m still thinking about it. Obviously this isn’t something she’s asking me to decide just in a year or two…… First of all, since we are going to that school soon, I’ve decided to think about it as I observe there.”

Well, I guess so. It will be rude to change her mind after she takes the offer light heartedly. It’s certain that she needs to decide this after she observes the school with her own eyes. But she did also get asked to become the magic teacher from Sairaorg-san, so it proves how high people rate her.

“I still don’t know what I am capable of doing, but teaching is something I like doing. No, I came to like it. That’s why I’m looking forward to the upcoming event where we will be helping them.”

Rossweisse-san says that while she smiles.

Certainly a lot of things did happen in her life, but it seems like she’s trying to look towards the future as she currently is.

“I will also come and discuss with you if something happens. So please feel free to discuss anything with me even if it’s some complaints you have.”

“Then I will have you tag along with my shopping again. Doing 100-yen shopping with you wasn’t bad at all. And it will also become a good excuse towards my grandmother.”

Ahahahaha…… 100-yen shop again, huh…… No, that’s okay. I think it won’t be a bad idea to go watch movies or go somewhere for sightseeing. Oh well, since it seems like she’s enjoying herself, maybe this is okay too?

“—There’s not a single thing in which you are inferior to your grandmother.”


……A voice of another person. When I try to look for the one who said that with my eyes, I sense the presence of someone sitting on the chair behind me. ……He came behind me and I didn’t notice him. This feeling clearly doesn’t belong to someone against whom I can let my guard down.

Rossweisse-san also becomes alert instantly.

When I turn around, the person who is sitting behind me is—a young man with silver hair. A man in a suit with a handsome face. I know him. After all, he’s someone whom I fought in Romania.

The man—Euclid Lucifugus, greets us as he smiles.

“How do you do, Hyoudou Issei the Sekiryuutei, and also the former Valkyrie Rossweisse.”

……Why on earth is he here!? He showed himself in Tokyo during noon!

I want to activate my Sacred Gear, but there are people around me. I can’t start a fight here.

I glare at him while being cautious of him. He then chuckles.

“I haven’t come here today to see you, Hyoudou Issei. I have business with the person next to you.”

Euclid looks towards Rossweisse-san.

He then says it while he put his hand forward.

“I will be straightforward. —Rossweisse, will you come to our side?”


W-What the heck……! Is he recruiting her!? In a place like this!? And why Rossweisse-san!? Why is he only recruiting Rossweisse-san at a time like this? I have so many questions—and Rossweisse-san’s face turns pale.

……Does she have enough reason for him to recruit her?

“—Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is a number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.”

…………666? Euclid says it while putting his hand on his forehead.

“It’s a line from the Apocalypse. ……It sure does give a headache to a Devil if you say the line found in the Bible……”

……Even I got a headache simply by hearing that. A Devil shouldn’t read something like that all of a sudden!

Apocalypse…… The one from Book of Revelation that also cites about Great Red huh. Oh yeah, the Trihexa is mentioned there too.

He continues while looking at Rossweisse-san in her eyes.

“I hear that you wrote a certain essay during your time as student in Asgard. And the title of your essay was “Regarding the Beast of Apocalypse”.

……Seriously? So Rossweisse-san wrote about such things when she was a student back over there huh.


I then became convinced. It then links with the news of Rossweisse-san being seen at the library that Matsuda and Motohama mentioned. Rossweisse-san was reading books related to the Holy Bible. ……So that’s the reason huh. She most likely remembered about her essay when she heard the name of Trihexa in Romania.

Rossweisse-san then says with a shivering voice.

“I-I got rid of that because I couldn’t write a proper conclusion. What I submitted was a different essay. ……But why do you people know about it……?”

He puts on a disgusting smirk to her question.

“We are the ones that are gathering every single piece of information regarding Trihexa. Even if it’s an essay that had been disposed of in the past, we will go and pick it up even if that place is at the end of the earth.”

Rossweisse-san shakes in fear hearing that.

“……I'd spoken a bit about the content of that essay to my roommate back then. Don’t tell me you……!”

He shrugs his shoulders to Rossweisse-san’s question.

“We helped ourselves to search through her memories but we only obtained a fraction of the information. That’s why we changed our method to recruit you to our side directly.”

Rossweisse-san puts her right hand forward hearing that. Her eyes are already filled with the will to fight.

“……So you people assaulted her? You scum, I will take you down right here—”

Euclid laughs with his nose and looks around the place with his eyes. There are many of those that are looking at us with keen eyes due to us causing some ruckus. ……Fighting here will be a bad idea.

Rossweisse-san puts her hand down reluctantly. Yeah, that’s the right decision. If we attack him first, then he won’t hold back on fighting back while dragging the people around us in it.

Euclid gets up from his seat and bows his head down to the people around us.

“I’m sorry for causing a scene. I will be on my way now.”

As he walks past us, he mutters.

“……She’s safe. We didn’t take her as a hostage. Except—”

DxD v17 107.jpg

Euclid strokes Rossweisse-san’s hair with his hand.

“I want your ability. You are exceptional. More than you think. —And this beautiful silver hair. It’s exactly like……”


My hands move towards him without thinking. Euclid dodges my hand swiftly.

“Farewell, Sekiryuutei, Rossweisse. Let’s meet again. Please decide on the answer before then.”

Saying that, Euclid Lucifugus disappears into the crowd of people.

I……contacted Rias as soon as I took a breath—.

Part 3[edit]

Rossweisse-san and I returned to our house. Its evening and the members of ORC gathered in my room.

“……For him to appear in Tokyo. I was careless.”

Rias who heard about our encounter with Euclid is regretting her lack of awareness.

……This town has been assaulted once already, and since it was originally within the area of the Three Great Powers, the security over here has been raised. Of course Tokyo which is the capital city of Japan is receiving cooperation from each of the forces and they are putting their alert on (Mainly the group of supernatural organised by the higher ups of Japan is on alert as the main force).

Even so, he……appeared in front of us so daringly during daytime!

Irina says it while narrowing her eyes.

“……They are clearly different to the supernatural beings that have caused terrorism till now. The Qlippoth seems like they have no hesitations in leaving influence to the human world and causing casualties.”

It must be as Irina said. They are different to the terrorists we have been facing till now. The ones we have fought till now had a clear target and concentrated their attacks there. If it was the Old Maou faction, then they would have mainly attacked the Three Great Powers, and if it was the Hero faction they would have challenged the supernatural beings.

They, the Qlippoth, are different. In order to fulfil their aim, they would bare their evil intent to the humans and the human world. No, to any beings. All for the sake of fulfilling their desires—.

As a result, the world of Vampires was nearly annihilated.

If we had fought them there and had them summon the Evil Dragons…… Disaster won’t be enough to describe what the situation would have been like. Fatalities wouldn’t have been minimised to one or two hundred people……

……Were Rossweisse-san and my action careless……?

I’m hanging my head but then Rias says it to me.

“Ise, you shouldn’t let it get it to you. They are terrorists with powers. To be blunt, they could have appeared anywhere if they thought about it and having him appear and confront you during your private time was something that we never anticipated.”

Akeno-san continues after her.

“Yes, that action would pose more risk to them as well. Even if they could intrude into any of the major cities, it isn’t something they can do very often. If they do it once, then it would lead them to lose their second chance since we would strengthen the forces in that location. Unless they have to, they won’t make their move just yet.”

Like Akeno-san said, the alert level of Tokyo against the Qlippoth has become higher due to their appearance. No, the alert level was already high, but I hear that it has become even higher.

Ravel then moves her gaze towards Rossweisse-san.

“……They approached Rossweisse-san even to the extent to take that risk…… I presume this shows how much they take the essay written by Rossweisse-san during her time as a student as a crucial piece of information, correct?”

Rias continues after her.

“Judging from his words, it’s natural to think that there is a high chance for that essay to have so much value to them. It’s about time for Azazel to give us his usual call now, so let’s listen to what he has to say about it. Rossweisse, can you talk to Azazel about it?”


Rossweisse-san nods at Rias’s order. ……Rossweisse-san has been putting on a difficult expression ever since she met Euclid.

A few minutes later, we receive a regular call from Azazel-sensei. The truth is, Azazel-sensei isn’t here in this town right now. He returned to the Underworld and had been having an ongoing conversation with the researchers of the Grigori about the Sacred Gears, the other world, and the movement of Qlippoth for days.

Azazel-sensei’s face appears from the communication-type magic-circle. We explained the whole thing to him.

[……I see, so Rossweisse had been targeted.]

Sensei narrows his eyes while putting his hand under his chin.

[Do you all know about the incidents with how skilled Magicians are missing?]

We nod to that question. We heard about that from Rias and Gondur-san the other day.

[There’s one similarity between the incidents. —All of them are those that had been researching “the number of the beast”, 666. And they were researchers that had been investigating from another method to general one. Apparently the ones coming to the assembly were those kind of researchers.]


……I became speechless to Sensei’s report. ……There’s a clear connection now. According to Euclid, Rossweisse-san had written an essay regarding 666. And the Magicians that are missing share the similarity of having researched about 666—.

“In other words they are abducting Magicians that hold information about “the number of the beast”—Trihexa.”

Sensei nods to Rias’s words.

[You can imagine what kind of seal has been used if you know about the content of the Apocalypse and the God from the Bible. I did however conclude that there are 23 different powerful seals those guys from Qlippoth may have difficulty in unsealing. We are currently having a conference over here and are calculating how much time we have left till the 666 gets released by calculating from that information. We have no intention of letting those guys bring back 666, but we do need to prepare for the worst.]

……If 666 is brought back and fights against Great Red, what on earth will happen to this world……?

Sensei laughs loudly after seeing how uneasy we are feeling.

[It’s still too early to get depressed, youngsters. We are planning to have some “insurance” ready besides you all, just in case. I need to get ready for that soon, but I will discuss about this with all of you further in the future.]

Does Sensei have some kind of plan? It’s this man we are talking about. It feels as though he will have some “insurance” in a different way.

[Well, I don’t even know if I can even trust the answer we get by the end of this conference. We don’t even know what kind of influence the abducted Magicians will have on the seals after all.]

I wonder what on earth happened to those people that had been caught by them. This is Qlippoth we are talking about. I can only think they are using a wrong way to make those people do what they say.

Sensei then asks Rossweisse-san.

[I’ll just ask you one simple question. Rossweisse, how did you try to encode the number 666?]

Rossweisse-san opens her heavily shut lips.

“……I researched it by using the number “616” which has a different approach. I used that number to compare it with the documents and incidents that occurred within each forces as I made a numerical formula and technical formula.”

[—! …………I see, just as I thought.]

It seems like Sensei predicted most of what Rossweisse-san was going to say.

……What the, what’s with 616? Shouldn’t it be 666?

I’m full of suspicions but Sensei says it to me.

[When many of the researchers of Apocalypse were focusing on the number 666, one portion of the Magicians apparently used the different approach of using the number 616 to research about it. The ones that had been abducted for this incident all researched about the “number of the beast” by using the number “616”.]

The different approach! So there’s such a thing…… And one of the people who was researching that different approach is Rossweisse-san.

Sensei continues while he strokes his chin.

[The majority of the researchers don’t see the number “616” as the correct way. Even we, the Grigori, thought so. ……But seeing those guys make their move, did the God from the Bible make his seals against 666 by using the number “616”……?]

Sensei says that as if he’s talking to himself. Rather than explaining it to us, it seems like he’s speaking while he is getting shocked at his own hypothesis.

Maybe he realised that he'd spoken all of that out loud, so after he makes a cough, he says to Rossweisse-san.

[Alright, first of all, Rossweisse. Write everything you remember about the essay you wrote when you were a student on a piece of paper and send it here. I will check it here to see how much of it is related to 666.]

“……I have already written it since a while ago.”

Rossweisse-san puts a pile of reports which have difficult looking magic-symbols and formulas written on them on a small teleportation magic-circle and then sends them away. From the communication-type magic-circle, the reports appear within Azazel-sensei’s hand along with a flash. Looks like the transfer was a success.

Sensei says it to Rossweisse-san after he received the reports.

[But man, you sure are amazing. For you to research about the same thing as your grandmother naturally. I guess families are alike.]


I then realise one of the reason why Rossweisse-san has a complicated expression for the first time after hearing Sensei’s words.

The similarity between the Magicians that are being targeted for this incident is—the fact that they have been researching about 666. Likewise for the ones that will be gathering in the assembly which will take place in the Underworld. In other words, Rossweisse-san’s grandmother has also been……researching about 666.


That night, Rossweisse-san continued to put on a difficult looking expression and she never spoke after that.

Part 4[edit]

The “Rating Game school anyone can attend” which was the dream of the Sitri group, more specifically Sona-kaichou’s, was unexpectedly located within the Agares’s territory.

Normally, it wouldn’t have been weird for the school to be built in the Sitri’s territory, which belongs to the next heiress of the House of Sitri who was hoping for this to happen, but political issues had to get involved here too. Rather, it turned into quite a complicated situation.

Maybe the reason for Sona-kaichou building this school may have a bit of Serafall Leviathan-sama’s intention who is her sister? —Apparently there are those who are saying such things.

Obviously Leviathan-sama who is all supportive of Sona-kaichou was being positive about the establishment of this school.

However, this action will stimulate the politicians, the higher-ups with peerage that had been taking importance of the old bloodline. From their eyes, a “Rating Game school where anyone can enrol regardless of their rank” will be something which they would not like. Obviously there will be opinion and pressure which would be against this. If Leviathan-sama becomes stubborn and argues back at them, then it won’t be weird if they take her action as “Leviathan’s political action”.

The reason why Rias, the Gremory, couldn’t intervene in this matter was due to this reason. If the higher up takes this as the intention of the Gremory, in other words Sirzechs-sama, then they are assuming that the chances of dispute between the factions of Four Great Maou may get heated up.

In the end, Rias……could only help to the degree where she won’t get much attention.

I heard that Sona-kaichou seriously thought about abandoning this dreams of hers. Apparently doing something which would result in affecting her sister’s politic standing is something the next heiress of the House of Sitri shouldn’t do and is considered as a foolish act.

However, a saviour appeared.

“If that’s the case, we will become the middleman and build the school within our territory and do this seriously while paying attention to the higher-ups.”

—And the one who called out to them was the current Head of the House of Agares. To be expected from the person who has the job of the middleman. The trust the politicians from each of the Maou’s faction has towards the Arch Duke Agares is so great. He attained the support of the House of the Great King that stands at the top in terms of bloodline and built the first “Rating Game School anyone can attend to”.

That’s why we, the ORC (Gremory group + Irina + Ravel), are going to the Underworld to help out for the school experience day. We teleported several times after arriving at the Gremory castle and step foot into the Agares’s territory. It’s scheduled for us to help out for today and tomorrow so we will be staying over.

The place where the school was built is very close to the sky city Agreas which was the place where the Gremory group and the Bael group had the Rating Game.

Auros—that’s the name of the town. I hear it is one of the places which represents the Agares’s territory which is said to have the best agricultural products in the Underworld.

There are many civilians that make their living mainly by working as farmers, but the population over here isn’t that high. It won’t be weird for this town to develop by turning into a sightseeing location for tourists since it’s close to the sky city Agreas, which is the holy land for the Rating Game. But sadly, the town which acts as the sightseeing spot is located at the opposite side of this place while the sky town of Agreas is located between the two towns. Also, since tourists that come to see Agreas will spend their time enjoying the sky city, I hear that they rarely come down to the towns nearby.

In other words, this town is a quiet and peaceful place even though it’s close to the famous sky city.

The place we teleported to is the uppermost floor of the watchtower which is positioned at the centre of the town. The fields that produce different crops are spread around the town and you can also see lots of windmills that stand out. This place doesn’t stand out but it’s a peaceful and a quiet place.

I guess this town has a good environment for building a school.

The government official of this town who was waiting for us at front of the magic-circle takes us down the watchtower. The one who is waiting for us down the tower is—

“Hey, Hyoudou.”

It’s Saji.

It would seem normal for the town’s mayor to welcome us if Rias, who is a princess of Gremory, is to come to this town. Unfortunately, the mayor went to the Magician’s assembly that was mentioned before so he couldn’t come here. Rias also hasn’t come here for a public business, so she told the town mayor that “We don’t need a formal welcome”.

The government official passes his role to Saji and we proceeded into the town.

Crops, windmills, and European-style houses made from rocks. There isn’t even a single clattering noise you often hear in cities which shows how peaceful this town is.

Saji then says.

“Nice place, isn’t it? A country town of the Underworld! Though it doesn’t mean it isn’t famous at all. I heard there will be presentations and such at this town in order to allow the Magician’s assembly to commence. Apparently the first mayor of this town liked doing these sort of assemblies so this place turned into a place which is known to a certain group of people. Also, you can see the huge stage for the Rating Game, Agreas, nearby, so you can call this environment as the most suited place you can come up with.”

Saji’s voice is full of energy. I guess he likes this town. It certainly is a good town. It doesn’t seem like there will be any quarrels since it’s so peaceful.

“I sure would like to do cropping in a place like this.”

Asia looks around the town while she has her eyes sparkling. One of Asia’s dream is to live in a countryside. Lately even I’m thinking of living in a town like this while doing cropping with Asia.

Xenovia then continues.

“I also think it would be wonderful to do cropping with Asia. Our lives as Devils will be long. Maybe forgetting about being a swordswoman for once and do farming is a good idea. I’m sure Ise would say he’s going to live with Asia, so there won’t be any loss for me to tag along.”

So she’s saying that while having me follow Asia! Well, I do want to live with Asia in the countryside!

Irina also says it while she looks up the sky.

“Maybe I should also live in the countryside in the future? But it does seem hard for an Angel to live in the Underworld, so I guess it will interesting to help Ise-kun and Asia-san with farming when I receive a job to come to the Underworld.”

Looks like the Church-trio are already fascinated with this country town.

Rias and Akeno-san are chuckling.

“All of you, it is far too early to think about what you will do once you retire.”

Seriously, it really is. There’s no point to discuss about something which will happen who knows when. I’m sure we started to feel like this due to having been captivated with this scenery.

After a while following Saji and talking about such things, a newly constructed building appears at a southern part of the town.

All of us are in shock at seeing that building. —That’s because a school which looks identical is built there.

It looks a bit smaller than Kuou academy size-wise, but judging from the building which seems to be a gymnasium and also the location of the sportsground, the location of facilities seems to be based off our school.

On the gate of the school is a nameplate which has the words “Auros Academy” written on it in Devils symbols. So they used this town’s name for the school. I guess it’s an appropriate name. I’m sure noisy people won’t be quiet if they used the name of either Bael or Sitri.

We go through the school gate and then into the main building.

At the sportsground, there are already kids that are doing things like running and also competing by using their demonic-powers. Looking carefully, I can see the members of the Sitri group and the Bael group that are looking after the kids. Those kids must be participants of the experience day.

When we enter the main building, Sona-kaichou welcomes us at the entrance.

Saji then tells Kaichou.

“Kaichou, I have brought the members of the Occult Research Club.”

“Thank you, Saji. Please head to the location you are in charge of.”

Hearing that, Saji leaves here quickly as he says “Later” and waves his hand to us.

We look around the interior of this building. It sure does smell new. It proves that it was just made. I can see so many aspects which are based on Kuou academy such as the entrance and the interior of this building. Even though this is a new place to us, I can only think it’s something we have seen so many times.

Rias offers her hand with a smile and then says;

“Let me say this again, congratulations, Sona.”

Kaichou also smiles as she shakes Buchou’s hand.

“Thank you, Rias. This is still only the first school and the opening of this school is quite far away, though we were able to organise the experience day.”

Sona-kaichou says it as she stretches her hand towards the interior of the building.

“Now then, let me show you the inside.”

We then walked within the school interior as Kaichou leads us.

The children and their parents come and leave the corridor. From outside the classroom I can see the person from the Bael group who is acting as a lecturer and is teaching the kids something. The kids—are listening to their lecture while they put on a serious face. Their parents that are watching over them from the back of the classroom also have serious expressions. Either the Bael group member or the special lecturer that were called by Sona-kaichou are acting as the main lecturer while the Sitri group members are supporting them. Well, the members of the Sitri group are all students after all. They won't be able to go forward as lecturers. Also the voluntary staff that were gathered by Sona-kaichou are moving within the premises as if they were busy.

Most of the children here are around ten years old. In the human world, they would be around the age where they would be going to junior school. There were also those who are in their mid-10’s, but the kids that seem to be junior pupils are standing out.

“How many of them are here?”

Rias asks Kaichou.

“This is an experience day where people simply heard from rumours or from other people but the number of them that came here were more than what I imagined. There are most likely 150 children today. If we include their parents and siblings, then the number of people here will exceed 400.”

Wow, it’s so crowded in here! I see, so the number of children exceeded 100 today huh. But for this many people to come when they didn’t even do an official advertisement to gather new students…… They say that the Devil’s children are valuable, so that figure is outstanding if we take that in regards. There sure are many children who can’t attend school even though they want to…… It feels like I saw the dark part of the Devil’s world.

There are people who are with their children that become shocked at seeing me and Rias (Oppai Dragon and Switch Princess), but I keep myself down and merely wave my hand at them. I won’t be able to take a look around this school if an autograph and handshaking event starts here. But our reason for helping out here today has to do a lot with that.

In other words, you can say that it’s a special visit of the Rias Gremory’s group that is famous in the Underworld, and you can also say that it’s a surprise event that Sona-kaichou organised. I guess it’s more appropriate to call us the special guests. Obviously this help will be something that would please Sona-kaichou as well as a chance for Rias who wants to help her friend.

We walk through the corridor which connects to another building and enter the gymnasium where we can hear a voice which is full of energy.

“Listen up! In order to do a punch, you would need to bend your hips and release your fist directly forward as if you are punching with your whole body!”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The one who is teaching the kids how to throw a proper punch in the gymnasium is Sairaorg-san!

The children also throw punches at the same time as Sairaorg-san energetically even though they are facing difficulty.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Sairaorg-san who is also punching with the kids realises our presence. He stops his stance and shows a cheerful smile to us.

“Oh, so Rias and all of you came.”

Sairaorg-san then says it to the children.

“Look, it’s the Oppai Dragon and his comrades.”

The instant the kids hear those words, their attention shifts to us.

“Woooooow! It’s the Oppai Dragon~!”

“Switch Princess is also here!”

“Ah! The Dark Knight Fang is also here! Are they going to fight!?”

The kids gather around us.

The atmosphere turned into the Oppai Dragon’s event immediately!

“Oppai Dragon! Push the switch, the switch!”

“Please transform!”

The kids around us start to have a high tension. Sona-kaichou tries to calm them down by saying “Please don’t push and make a line”. But there’s no way she can stop the kids who got their switch turned on, so……

“Please leave this to me!”

The one who comes between me and the kids is the capable manager, Ravel! Oh, it’s my manager! She will surely quiet down this situation!—That’s what I thought.

“Please line up in a line for the autograph and handshake! Please also set up the tables and chairs! Please get in a line! Oppai Dragon won’t go anywhere! Rias-sama—please make a line for the Switch Princess! Okay then, Ise-sama, Rias-sama, here is a felt-tip pen!”

Ravel takes out the felt-tip pen quickly from her pocket and makes the children line up as she gives orders to us!

Under the command of the capable manager Ravel, the gymnasium turned into a place of doing such events immediately—.

After the end of the “Oppai Dragon” event that suddenly started, I move to a corner within the courtyard to take a rest. ……After that, I had no choice but to transform myself so I ended up putting on a show by using Balance Break. Since Kiba volunteered to take the opposite role to mine, I guess it was a good show for something which started abruptly. Well, I guess this is one of the jobs that is sought from us. Even the children were happy with this, so I guess it was okay.

The scenery I can see from the school’s courtyard. Even now, the children are receiving lessons from the lecturers where they are moving their body seriously and energetically.

From what I have seen till I came here, there are classes that teach how to use demonic-powers and also the basic principle behind magic. Seeing the kids that lack in demonic-powers seriously trying to face special powers reminded me of myself and Asia when we just turned into Devils.

I’m currently on my break. The other members went to respective lessons where they would support them. It’s also planned for me to be sent somewhere once my break ends.

“Hyoudou Issei.”

The one who comes to talk to me is—Sairaorg-san. He shows up while hanging a towel around his neck. Sona-kaichou and Shinra-fukukaichou are also with him. Maybe they are having a walk while having a discussion?

The three of them come next to me. Kaichou asks while looking around the school.

“Ise-kun, thank you very much for before. So, how is it? What do you think about this school?”

“It’s a nice place. The children that came to have a look are full with spirits and more importantly, the environment of this place is peaceful and it’s terrific.”

The children are really serious about this. I can hear their laughter at times, but I can see them listening to their lecturers during this whole time.

Shinra-fukubuchou then says.

“……Not only are there children who want to take Rating Game lessons here, but also children that had been declined to enter all sorts of educational institutes. Simply because they lack the ability and the demonic-power……there are children that had their future shut simply for coming from a lower-class family. If there are those who come from the upper-class family but have to quit the school by being cornered by those around them, there are also those who have the gift but don’t come from an upper-class family.”

……The kids here today must have complicated issues and came here with desperate feelings.

For Noble families that work as the higher ups and take importance of their bloodline, an institute that raises “Low-class” and “Untalented” Devils is something they won’t take very well.

There’s a chance that a Devil nurtured among them will be more powerful than the High-class Devils when their potential comes out. If that happens, such Devils will take the place of the noble Devils that represents the Underworld since what’s important in the current Devil’s world is strength.

That’s why there’s so much strong opposition towards building a school like this in which anyone can enrol in.

Sona-kaichou then mutters.

“……Japan is a wonderful country. Everyone has the right to learn. The country that you, Tsubaki, and the others were raised in, is a place which has better educational opportunities than the Underworld.”

……I guess so. I was never in a situation where I wasn’t able to attend school or not being able to learn even if I wanted to. The school existed as if it was a natural thing, and there were people that taught us as if it was a natural thing.

The children that came here today have been living without receiving the opportunities that I have been receiving naturally.

Sairaorg-san looks up at the school.

“The establishment of this school which has never been done before has a big meaning behind it. I hope one day that this example will spread to each of the territories. No, we must make sure of it.”

Sona-kaichou’s and Sairaorg-san’s eyes—are filled with strong determination. They really must want to increase a school like this. I’m sure these two are the sort of people who will actually turn what they have decided on into reality. No, I believe they will do it. They will make sure they are even a step closer to their dream.

Sairaorg-san then smiles as he crunches his fist.

“—I’m teaching them hand-to-hand combat.”

I then remember how Sairaorg-san was teaching them how to throw a punch back at the gymnasium.

“If they lack in talent, then they can use something else to make up for it. It can be wisdom. It can be strength. ……I’m in charge of strength. I’m teaching the children that have come for this experience day. Though it’s my first time doing something a teacher would do. I’m teaching them while reading a book which shows me an example of how to do this.”

His smile shows that he’s having fun. He really must be enjoying teaching the kids.

“They are taking this really seriously. Each child is throwing a punch seriously.”

“Yes, I also felt the same when I saw them.”

Sairaorg-san says it as he looks at his fist.

“This huge, rough and ugly fist of mine was something I trained in order to come this far. ……But, while I was teaching hand-to-hand combat to the children, I think I finally came to realise it. —Yes, I, who was born without the power of destruction, must have been born in order to teach them this. I may be exaggerating, but I felt I was blessed to find out that my fist has such value.”

……This person’s life was filled with such serious matters which you can’t explain in words. Since Sairaorg-san who had such life is smiling like this, he really must have found the worth to partake in this experience day.

Sona-kaichou looks at the school once more. It seems like she’s really proud of it.

“Let’s do our best. We haven’t even started yet. We are going to overcome different obstacles one after another.”

I never expected her to say something Rias usually would…… That shows how much passion she has in the establishment of this school.

I also declare it to Kaichou after I stood up.

“I will also stir up the tension here then!”

Today, I’m going to support this school as much as I can!

—Then, a weird scream reaches my ear. When we look that way, we see the children gathering in one spot. Even the children that are taking the lessons went there.

What the? What’s going on? I look towards there in doubt, but Kaichou, Shinra-senpai, and Sairaorg-san seem like they know what’s happening so they nod to each other while they say, “Looks like he has come”, and “Yeah”.

Kaichou and Sairaorg-san walk that way so I follow behind them, and then I find out why the kids are all gathered there.

The one who is standing at the centre is a man with ash-grey eyes and hair who has a handsome face. I recognise him. More like his face is burnt into my eyes.

—As one of my aims, that is.

“Hey, I’ve come to take a look.”

The man who puts his hand up as he realises our presence. The one who is putting on a refreshing smile is—Emperor Belial. The current Champion of the Rating Game! Sir Diehauser Belial!

Seriously?! The Champion showing up here is something I never imagined! I didn’t hear anything about this! Even I’m getting excited! So much that I want to get his autograph afterwards!

Sairaorg-san and Kaichou shake hands with the Champion.

“Diehauser-sama, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your visit here today.”

Sairaorg-san thanks him. The Champion smiles and looks around the campus.

“This is a nice school. And it also seems like talented students will gather here.”

“ “ “ “ “Emperor! Emperor!” ” ” ” ”

The kids are all excited. Of course. In this school which is full of children that want to learn about Rating Games, it’s natural if they became so crazed if the current Champ appears like this!

“……But man, it sure is amazing for the Champion himself to come for a visit.”

Shinra-senpai whispers into my ears at my mutterings.

“The truth is, there will be filming of a movie tomorrow at the sky city Agreas where Sir Diehauser Belial will be acting as the lead role. He came for a visit here on his way there.”

Hmm, the Champ’s film! I guess people will ask you to do many things and you also have to do many things when you become Champion. To be expected from the star since he can also appear in a film!

I wonder if I can do a lot of things once I become a Champ. Wait, I already appeared in a film…… Though I wasn’t the main character. Being the main character of a film has a nice ring to it!

The Champ says it to us as he looks at us directly.

“I will also help as much as I can. Having game-players with potential appear will be a wonderful thing.”

Emperor Belial also shakes my and Shinra-senpai’s hands! Ah, he seems like a good person! Being a Champ sure makes him elegant!

We had a sudden visit from the current Champion of the Rating Game, but I put my spirit up since I will be supporting a lesson.

The lesson outside—.

“—So, that was my performance as a “Pawn”.”

Once I transformed myself, I use promotion to show the traits of a “Pawn” to the children. I turned into a “Knight” to move around quickly. I turned into a “Bishop” to breath out a fire. And then I turned into a “Rook” to crush a giant rock.

The children paid attention to me as they gave me huge clap and cheers.

Once I was done with my performance, the lecturer starts his explanation.

“—Oppai Dragon-san, thank you for your performance. Like this, the trait of a “Pawn” is to use promotion and— ” The lecturer resumes the lesson. Since my job is done here, I turn back to normal and exit the room as I wave my hands to children.

Now then, that’s another class down for helping out. Well, the only thing I can do is to perform as the lecturer asks me to. My main job here is to use Balance Break and move around. Lessons that involves using “characters” are taken quite well from the children, therefore it is easier to do the lesson. The fact is, the children listen to the lecturer with enthusiasm when I perform during the explanation.

Now then, my next lesson is…… I move around as I look at the memo which has the schedule of lessons, but he appears within my sight.

“Alright, everyone? Among humans and hybrids of humans, they have special powers like this called the Sacred Gear which is different to the powers of a Devil.”

“ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ”

The one who is talking to the children at the corner of the sports ground is Saji. He’s giving them an explanation while activating his Sacred Gear on his right arm where it has many black snakes appear from it.

Once Saji finishes his performance using his Sacred Gear, another lecturer starts the explanation (The Sacred Gear possessor as well as the magic-swordsman of the Bael-group, Liban Crocell). Saji’s role in this lesson must be his performance using his Sacred Gear.

Saji who has finished his role catches sight of me. He puts his hand up and rushes in front of me.

“Hey, good job.”

When I say that, he replies back energetically by saying, “Yeah, you too”.

We talk as we walk towards the school building.

Saji mutters as he looks up at the school proudly.

“…………Hey, Hyoudou.”


He says as he scratches the back of his head while feeling embarrassed.

“……The children called me “sensei”. ……They called me “sensei” with a smile. Even though……I’m far from being one.”

Saji seems happy as he says it.

His dream is to become a teacher at the Rating Game School. He still hasn’t got the license to become a teacher, but he’s always full of spirits since he wants to get the license one day.

However, Saji must have found this experience day worth doing—no, I’m sure he came to realise his dream once more. That’s because his eyes right now are filled with energy.

“Hyoudou, I came to realise it once again after I looked after the children here several times. I will definitely become a teacher. Though I need to get a promotion and become a Middle-class Devil. But I definitely will become one. No matter how long it takes, I will definitely become one.”

“Yeah, if it’s you. Then you will be able to do it.”

When I said that from the bottom of my heart, Saji scratches his cheek in embarrassment.

—Then I came to hear lively voices. When I look that way, the ones gathered there are a group of children and the Church-trio.

“Bring out the Golden Dragon! The Golden Dragon!”

The children are saying that.

“Yes, I can do that.”

When Asia chants the summoning spell, it gives out a golden light, and that Dragon-King shows himself. A giant Dragon with golden scales. The children become even more excited with the appearance of the Dragon.

Asia says to that Dragon, Fafnir.

“Fafnir-san, will you please play with the children?”

This is what the perv says as he open his huge mouth.

[Sure. But, I, lack PP (Pantsu Points).]

……The so-called PP, also known as Pantsu Points, that bastard recently created is apparently the energy metre that functions inside him. It’s made up of Asia’s pants, and he suddenly loses strength once he lacks them. Oh man, he sure is screwing around!

Asia panics at Fafnir’s claim.

“P, PP……”

Asia starts to look through her bag even though she has a red face. No! Even I started to feel pity for her in such embarrassing scene. I try to run to her aid and stop this, but Asia takes out a pair of pants from her bag and hands it to Fafnir!

I’m sure she took this action and made a decision for the children.

Fafnir starts to—munch her pants.

The children start to break down in laughter.

“Wow, look at this Dragon! He’s eating a pair of pants!”

“Ahahahaha, he’s eating the pants!”

Aaaaaah! Asia looks lifeless like she’s about to fall! Xenovia and Irina catch her in their arms!

“……Ufufu, for some reason, I’m getting very tired lately.”

Xenovia and Irina take Asia’s hand who has a weak voice and then say with a loud voice.

“Asia! You did well! You shouldn’t let it get to you!”

“S-She’s right! It will be a good learning for students to have a pants-loving Dragon appear for this experience day!”

The children got onto the Dragon and it seems like they are having fun. Apart from his perverted nature, Fafnir is unexpectedly obedient so he must be suited to handle children. ……Though Asia has to pay the price for it since her worries won’t disappear……

“……Vritra often says that Fafnir has changed.”

Saji says beside me while he has his eyes half open. ……Yup, our Ddraig-san also said that a lot.

W-Well, I will leave Asia to Xenovia and Irina. Saji and I then went inside the school building. When we went past a certain classroom, we witness a lesson which is so popular that there are children even in the corridors.

Saji then says.

“Oh this, it’s the subject: Magic. It’s one of the subjects that is popular as the Rating Game lessons for this experience day. Lots of people want to partake in it for each experience day, so we had to increase the number of lecturers and lessons we will be having for these two subjects. The basic magic learning is really popular.”

Hmm, a magic lesson huh. It also caught my curiosity so I looked inside from outside the crowd.


“Sensei, please teach us more!”

I witness Rossweisse-san who is surrounded by the children.

“A fire came out! The fire did! It was small, but a fire came out!”

Looks like the children became capable of actually releasing fire after learning basic magic.

I then have a flashback. It happened when the “D×D” team was formed. After the formation of the team, this is what Sairaorg-san said to Rossweisse-san.

[Rias’s “Rook” Rossweisse, I want you to think about it once more. —Will you become the teacher of the school that we built in the Underworld?]

Yes, it was an offer from Sairaorg-san. Rossweisse-san who already received a similar offer from Sona-kaichou was being asked by Sairaorg-san as well.

[I’m not asking you to become one now. But it will be great if you can help out in the future.]

[……To teach magic to the Devils?]

Sairaorg-san continues to talk to Rossweisse-san who is in thought about it.

[It may sound weird. For a Devil that was the source of magic to learn magic. But it’s also true that there are Devils that are bad at using demonic-powers. There are also children who can’t use demonic-power like myself. That’s why I want to teach the foundation of magic to those children. Even if they can’t use demonic-power, there is a chance that they can use magic. Even if they couldn’t acquire magic, their knowledge behind it will become a powerful weapon to them. I don’t care after how many years it is. Will you take the role of a teacher?]

Rossweisse-san couldn’t give him an answer right away regarding it.

[You don’t have to give me the answer now. I will be happy if you would think deeply about it.]

Sairaorg-san didn’t say anything more back then and left. Rossweisse-san also didn’t decline it. Since she didn’t need to give her answer right away, I guess she’s going to think about it after she works at Kuou academy for a few years.

Behind the children that are all excited about it, I find a single boy who has a distance with other children and is desperately doing a chant as he put his hand forward. It seems like he’s desperate in trying to release magic……but there’s not a slight sign of it happening. That child looks familiar. In the past when there was a boy who was crying at the “Oppai Dragon” event that took place in the Underworld. Yes, I’m sure his name was Lirenkus. ……I see, so that kid also came here today. From what I can see, he seems to be facing difficulty in using magic. So much that there’s tears in his eyes due to the frustration.

“Oh my, this is a surprise.”

—And someone talks to me. When I turn around—it’s the silver hair lady, Gondur-san! Rossweisse-san’s grandmother is standing behind me. She came behind me without making a sound. To be expected from Rossweisse-san’s grandmother.

Maybe she somehow sensed it, so Rossweisse-san looks this way. She then makes a sound due to the surprise.

“G-Granny……grandmother, you were here?”

Gondur-san says it as she enters the room.

“I made a promise to become the special lecturer for this event. It sure will become a good leisure before the assembly tomorrow.”

I see, the rumoured assembly will take place tomorrow huh. So she wants to do the lecture today.

—Then, a small fairy-like creature which is emitting green aura appears within the classroom. The fairy flaps its wings to fly swiftly between the children and descend in the corner of the classroom.

Gondur-san is standing as a teacher and she pats the fairy gently. She caught the children’s attention immediately. Gondur-san speaks quietly as she put on a gentle expression.

“The source of magic— how did magic come to be? Does everyone know the reason?”

“I heard that it came from fortune telling and sorcery!”

Gondur-san nods with a happy face at that answer. She continues as she tells the children gently.

“Yes, that’s correct. Magic was born from fortune telling and charms. I want to know something about this, I want to be able to do something like this, I want to do this for that person, I want to do it for other person…… It’s something that was created by the Magicians that wished to help many people.”

Gondur-san’s speech is so smooth that the children, the adults, and even we have our ears opened.

“There certainly is superiority and inferiority in the current magic where there’s a clear distinction between them. But I want all of you to remember this first. —No matter what magic it is, it will definitely help the Magician and those around them. There’s no such thing as useless magic in this world.”

Her smile that is filled with affection is something I didn’t expect to see from Gondur-san who had a strict expression till now.

……There’s no such thing as useless magic in this world, huh. It sure is a nice phrase.

I then take a glimpse at Rossweisse-san and—it seems like she’s smiling a bit. ……I wonder how Rossweisse-san took Gondur-san’s words just now. I’m curious about it but Gondur-san continues.

“Now then, let’s end this topic here. Now, it may be abrupt, but how many of you here want to become friends with a fairy?”

“ “ “ “ “Me, me, me, me!” ” ” ” ”

The children put up their hand all at once. I was about to put my hand up but Saji rests his hand on my shoulder.

“Hyoudou, I also want to listen to her, but it’s about time we need to go to other locations.”

Oh, that’s right.

I really want to listen to what she’s going to say, but we still have duties we need to fulfill. Even though Saji and I feel regret in leaving this place, we left the scene in order to head to the next lesson.

Part 5[edit]

Later that night—.

After finishing the last programme of the day, the Gremory, the Sitri, and the lecturers entered dinner time where it became free time for each person after that. After having a last confirmation of what we will be doing tomorrow, it became time for a bath.

The building we are staying in is a building which is inside the school premises and is planned to be the student’s dormitory. The inside of the building already has quite the impressive equipment and there’s also a huge bath for people to use.

“Ah, it’s finally over……”

I’m inside the huge bath of the male’s dormitory.

Helping out for a whole day. I’m quite exhausted since I transformed so many times and moved around to various places today. Since I worked hard outside battle today, I’m exhausted even though I used the ordinary Balance Breaker.

Judging from the schedules, I will also be busy tomorrow. Even so, I feel like I need to work harder when I see those children taking the lessons seriously. I’m at least blessed in the environment I am in.

My life as a human may have ended, but luckily the one who picked me up as my kind master is the next heiress of the House of Gremory— my lovely Rias. It’s full of hardship and I have undergone many life and death situations. But I really do think I’m blessed in terms of the environment I am in. I also came to realise what’s going through the minds of nobles that take importance of their bloodline. Since there is the noble’s society who still take their bloodlines as priority, the gap between classes has yet to be fixed—.

Even if one wants to participate in the Rating Game, there are many that can’t participate in it. Normally a High-class Devil can participate in it (The old 72-pillars or reincarnated Devils that got a promotion and became independent). It’s very crucial for them to receive the Evil Pieces in order to build their group.

This school is made in order to have even a single person be able to go to such a world. They will mainly raise students and introduce them to High-class Devils as a candidate to be their servant. Even if there are nobles that hate Low-class Devils with fame, it’s also true that there are those in the upper-stream of the society that are seeking for potential pieces. The truth is, this school has support from trustable High-class Devils who have such intentions (There are High-class Devils that financed transport fees and accommodations for those who volunteered for this experience day). Well, it means that there are different kinds of Devils.

That’s why there’s a reason for this school. There will be demand. Reincarnated Devils that got promoted to High-class Devils won’t have such complaints. It’s okay as long as they are strong. There won’t be a problem if they are useful. There are plenty of chances for the students who get their potential brought out to be sent to a world where there will be challenges. —Sona-kaichou and Sairaorg-san said that as if they are sure of it.

Of course, this school doesn’t only exist to nurture Rating Game players but it also has the intention to raise those who can bring benefits to the Underworld. If the students that were raised here become capable to get the job or go to the industry they desire, then that will be a wonderful thing.

The school that is made to allow them to get a grasp of their dream—.

……I hope I can help even a bit.

When I was thinking such things, I hear the sound of the door to this bathroom being opened.

Oh, is it Kiba? Or is it Gya-suke? Or is it Saji? Or maybe it’s Rugal-san?

When I look that way to see who it is—.

“…………Is that you, Ise-kun?”

It’s Rossweisse-saaaaaan!

W-W-W-Why is Rossweisse-san inside the male’s bath!? The girl’s bath should be at the girl’s dormitory! For her to come all the way to the male’s bathtub……!

I can’t help but to look at her naked body even though I’m in a panic! You might imagine Rossweisse-san to be slim, but an incredible thing was under her clothes! Even though she has a slender body, her breasts are massive! Her beautiful legs that aren’t too skinny and have a nice shape!

Rias also has a proportion that looks like a work of art, but Rossweisse-san’s body makes you think of something sacred. Oh yeah, she’s a former half-God as well as a Valkyrie. It won’t be weird for her to have such a godly body!

Oh man, it makes me want to grope it……no! I say as soon as I look back in a panic.

“T-This is a boy’s bathtub, you know? Isn’t the girl’s bathtub at the girl’s dormitory?”

“I-It was supposed to be like that……but the hot water stopped coming out at the girl’s dormitory bath, so I was told to go to the boy’s bath…… I heard that no one would be using it now……”

The girl’s bathtub broke! So she was told to use this one since no one would be using it?

No, someone is using it! I was in the middle of my bath! There’s some misinformation right there!

I thought she’s going to leave—but then I start to hear the sound of the shower. When I look, I witness Rossweisse-san who is washing her body! Are you okay with me here?!

“……I’m thinking of having a quick bath since I don’t have time. Please don’t stare at me that much.”

Rossweisse-san continues to take a shower while being shy about it!

I thought Rossweisse-san would leave soon as she finished washing her body—but then the water went splash!

I look there slowly to find Rossweisse-san at the far part of the bathtub!

“T-The baths of the Underworld aren’t bad either.”

Since she asked me,

“Y-Yes……you are right.”

I reply back to her with a high tone!

“The magic lesson sure was popular.”

“I-It sure was. I couldn’t take a break since we didn’t have enough people.”

“B-But it seemed like the kids were having fun, you know?”

“……There was one child who couldn’t do the very basic magic which I’m worried about……”

She must be talking about Lirenkus. ……Hmm, demonic-power and magic are similar, but the requirements to activate them are different. I heard that you will have a hard time if you don’t get the hang of it. Even I’m finding it hard.



Then for a while, it became silent!

…….Having a bath alone with Rossweisse-san is something I didn’t anticipate, so our conversation can’t last since I’m so nervous!

“Please let me ask you a single question. Why were you researching about 666?”

Rossweisse-san looks down at my question and then starts to talk.

“……Ise-kun, you may be aware of it, but the existence of 666 was only stated and never confirmed. However, Great Red who also appears in the same Apocalypse exists. That’s what moved me to research it. Finding it was something impossible. But I wanted to find out what kind of entity 666 is, so I used the number 666 and 616 to research the documents related to it.”

Yes, just like Rossweisse-san said, 666 was an existence that was thought to “may have existed” from each of the factions, and no one knows where it is.

Rossweisse-san makes a bitter smile.

“……Though I didn’t get any answers. ……But maybe the answer behind the calculations and formula that I couldn’t solve possess a secret that those people are after.”

I asked Ophis about 666. It’s an existence that appears together with Great Red. I thought Ophis who is after Great Red may know something about it.

But the Dragon-God said,

“I, do not know much, about 666. I have never met it.”

She simply shook her head.

……Yeah. If Ophis knew how to defeat Great Red and the location of 666, then the Old-Maou faction and the Hero-faction would have asked her already and used it as their weapon. Ophis really hasn’t met 666.

Rossweisse-san then mutters.

“Hey, Ise-kun. If I ever get used by them……will you please kill me?”


……I became both shocked and sad at her request……I even feel mad.

I approach Rossweisse-san without any care and then tell her.

“……If I was to be used by them to hurt my comrades and cause trouble to this world, I would rather choose death. I won’t be able to endure everyone dying for someone like me……”

Her expression that’s filled with sadness—has eyes filled with strong determination. That instead makes me……sad and I can’t forgive it.

I tell Rossweisse-san directly.

“……Please don’t say such things. Don’t say things like “for someone like me” or “I would choose death”! Don’t say such things lightheartedly! There’s no reason for you to die!”

“But if I get caught by Euclid Lucifugus, I will definitely be used by him—”

I have a flashback of that guy who stroked Rossweisse-san’s silver hair.

I then bite my teeth hard and make a strong declaration to Rossweisse-san.

“I won’t hand you over to him.”

I take Rossweisse-san’s hand who is inside the bath and then continue.

“I won’t hand you over to him. If that guy appears in front of you again, I will definitely defeat him.”

High school DxD v17 002-003.jpg


I realise that Rossweisse-san has a red face even though she’s shocked so I let go of her hand!

W-What on earth am I doing in a naked state like this!? Approaching her while telling her that “I won’t hand you over” is more like a confession of love! Oh man, oh man, uwaah! I’m so embarrassed!

I become embarrassed at the action I just took!

Rossweisse-san softens her uneasy expression.

“Thank you, Ise-kun. But, I—”

Before she finishes her sentence, I hear the sound of the door to this bathroom being opened once again.

“Bath, bath.”

“Hmm, maybe the boy’s bath isn’t bad either!”

“Is anyone inside?”

“……Ise-senpai may be inside so if he looks at us with perverted eyes, it won’t be a problem if we punch him and then wash his back.”

“I-I will wash Ise-sama’s back!”

The Church-trio, Koneko-chan, and Ravel come in!

Their eyes catch sight of me and Rossweisse-san. The two of us are putting our bodies close to each other and are having a bath—that’s what it may seem like to their eyes.

Once the five of them get over their shock, they rush in while making an unpleasant face!

“ “ “ “ “I’m also going to have a bath!” ” ” ” ”

Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Koneko-chan, and Ravel jump into the bathtub energetically! Please be quiet inside the bath!

Anyway, the first day of helping out in the experience day became even noisy inside the bath!

Life.3 The Direction of the Evil Intent[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The second day for the Auros academy approaches.

I stayed the night yesterday in one of the rooms that was prepared for me. Maybe it’s because they haven’t finished all the preparations, but there was only a bunk bed, though I didn’t have any problem in terms of sleeping on it.

The ones that stayed the night in the boy’s dormitory are the boys from the ORC and the Student Council, as well as the male staff. There are fewer men than women here. The number of people staying in each room is roughly two people. We decided this by using a draw, and it was divided into Kiba + Gya-suke, and Saji + Rugal-san. I was the only one left. I have the room all to myself! I was happy at first, but the only thing inside the room was the bed so there was nothing I could do besides sleep.

That’s why I was sleeping in the room alone by myself……but when I woke up, I felt pressure on both sides of my bed.

When I look that way—I find Ravel on the right side! And Asia on the left! The two blondes are laying on the bed with me! H-How did it turn out like this on a bunk bed which isn’t that big when I was sleeping on the top bed! What happened during the night!? No, I didn’t realise this had happened!


Ravel who is still asleep. ……She’s sleeping comfortably while using my arm as her hug pillow.

……The soft sensation of her breast and thighs I can feel with my right arm! Seriously, she even has her leg around my body! And her sleepwear is priceless since the only clothing she’s wearing is a single shirt! This shirt is my old shirt that I can’t wear any more due to the size which is too small for me. In the past, Ravel said;

“Ise-sama, do you have a shirt which doesn’t fit you anymore?”

That’s what she asked, so I replied and said “I do”. I gave one of them to her since she said “If it’s okay, will you please give it to me”. And when I did……she showed up in front of me wearing such stimulating sleepwear!

……What she’s wearing under the shirt is……her panties only! From her shirt that is about to fall, what appears around her chest area are her breasts.

Asia-chan who is on my left side on the other hand is—wearing a seductive negligee which she was given to her by Rias recently! Since Asia looks up to the way Rias and Akeno-san act, she tries hard to use their actions as examples for her lifestyle. It’s okay to learn elegance from them. Being more aware of putting on make up and having more value in beauty is a wonderful value as a woman!

But to copy their erotic side is…… ……I guess it’s okay! Yup! Erotic Asia-chan is also okay!

“……Ise-sama, are you crying this early in the morning?”

Ravel wakes up as she rubs her eyes. Her white oppai are about to pop out from her open shirt!

“M-Morning, Ravel. I was shocked to find you on my bed.”

I said that while my eyes are directed towards her breast. Ravel says it as she tirelessly lean on me.

“……Yes, last night Xenovia-sama and Irina-sama took Asia-sama with them and I followed them since they were having a suspicious discussion. I then found them trying to get into the boy’s dormitory. I realised that they were trying to assault you while you slept.”

That Xenovia and Irina! So they even started to come for me even during my sleep! H-Hmm, but I do kind of want to experience that once! Nothing good happens when they take such actions though! They are so forceful that I falter at that action! Though there’s a side of me asking for more erotic situations to come at me!

However, I now have a doubt. Why is Ravel sleeping here? I’m feeling curious to this and Ravel sticks her tongue out adorably.

“I had a challenge with Xenovia-sama and Irina-sama where the winners will sleep with Ise-sama……the challenge was rock-paper-scissors. I won the challenge by gaining three victories first.”

Ah, so Ravel came here and slept with me after she defeated Xenovia and Irina……

“Then how about Asia?”

I look at Asia who is sleeping beside me. Ravel then says.

“Yes, Asia-sama also participated in the match and came here because she also won the challenge just like myself.”

So only two people were allowed to win huh. Well, there were just two spaces around me!

Ravel then starts to look sorry and starts wiggling her body.

“……Was I a nuisance? ……I’m sorry. I also wanted to……stay with Ise-sama sometimes too. I am your manager after all……”

A-Aaaaaaaah! Geez, she really is an adorable manager! I don’t know whether to call someone who will also follow me to my bed as a capable manager, but there’s no problem since she’s cute.

I say it as I pat Ravel’s head.

“Take care of me today as well. My manager.”

“Yes! Of course!”

Even I’m filled with high spirits after getting an energetic and lovely reply from her. —Then I hear Asia sleep talking.

“……Munya, that pant……is the one I’m giving to Ise-san so you can’t have them……you can’t eat them……”

……Is Fafnir perhaps appearing in her dream? Geez, for that guy to appear in her dream as well! She puts on a peaceful expression after I pat her head.

I was shocked from early this morning, but yeah, I will also give it my all today as well!

After breakfast. I was talking to Asia and Saji about a certain thing before the morning meeting (We gathered in the dining hall of the girl’s dormitory).

“……So Fafnir also went to the depth of Albion’s Sacred Gear huh.”

“Yes, apparently they are having a hard time convincing the remaining thoughts of the past Hakuryuukou-san. Fafnir-san appeared in my dream and said he will go to their side by sending his consciousness since Ddraig-san and Albion-san asked for him.”

And when she actually woke up from her dreams, Fafnir didn’t respond even though she called him, so she realised that it wasn’t a dream and that he really did go to help them out. ……So was Asia who was having a nightmare back then was actually seeing that in her dreams?

Saji also says it with a confused look.

“……I also had Vritra appear in my dream where he said “I will take my leave since the Two Heavenly Dragons took a rare action to ask me for help”. Since he didn’t show up when I woke up and called him, it made me realise that it wasn’t a dream. Even though I can use my Sacred Gear like usual, I’m facing trouble since there are areas I can’t control by myself.”

Ah, looks like Saji has areas he still has trouble with just like me. I also have areas which are hard to control right now due to Ddraig’s absence. That especially becomes clear for my True-“Queen”. My situation right now is the same as when the Maverick Magicians assaulted Kuou academy. I still can’t activate the “Dividing Wyvern Fairy” which I had just acquired. I even started to find out a good way to use that ability…… However, I really do wonder how hard it is to deal with the “Sekiryuutei’s Victim Association” since two Dragon Kings had to go to the depths of the Sacred Gear. ……Hmm, I do feel bad all of a sudden when I think that I’m the cause of it…… I need to trust the legendary Dragons for this case.

I then ask Saji.

“Oh yeah, aren’t the Bael group here today?”

“Just during the morning. It’s planned for them to join us after noon.”

“Do they have something else planned?”

When I ask, Saji points out the window of the dining hall. What lies towards the direction he is pointing is the sky city Agreas.

“You know how Emperor Belial will be being filmed over there? Boss Sairaorg and his servants will be helping them out by co-starring in the film. By the way, it seems like the heiress of the House of Agares will be at Agreas as well. They will be appearing in the film together with the Bael group.”

Hmm, so Sairaorg-san will also be appearing in the film which will be starring the Champion huh. I hear that Sairaorg-san had been receiving a lot of advice from the Champion. More importantly, Seegvaira Agares-san will also be at the sky city huh. The Rookies Four had gathered in this region!

Also, the rumoured Magician’s assembly will commence in this town today. I guess they will be discussing about their theme of research, 666, and such. Gondur-san who happens to be Rossweisse-san’s grandmother will be participating too. I wonder what they will be discussing.

—Then the four seniors consisting of Rias, Akeno-san, Sona-kaichou, and Shinra-fukukaichou enter the dining hall.

After the Sitri group hand over the documents, the schedules, to all of us, Sona-kaichou explains it to us.

“Now then, I will begin explaining about the second day.”

Like this, the second day of the experience of Auros academy begins!

ORC members went to teach the lessons they are in charge of and have scattered within the campus. This is what I learnt afterwards, but I will explain what each person is doing.

For example the Xenovia and Kiba pair.

They are participating in the lessons regarding the “Knight” at the sports ground (Including practical performances).

Xenovia explains to the children while she holds her sword with one hand.

“Listen up. A sword is like a mirror that reflects yourself. If you are hesitant, that will appear in your blade. You must wield your sword while having a calm mind. You also need to defeat the enemy before they take you down. Swing your sword down towards the enemy without any mercy, especially when they start to talk to you.”

Kiba also explains about the “Knight” from the opposite side of her.

“But it is dangerous to depend on your sword and wield it. A “Knight” is sought to have techniques more than anything else. And “speed” which is their trait. To move around the battlefield more than anyone else and to break the enemy’s formation. You need to find the time when they let their guard down and strike them accurately.”

The children are showing signs of interest towards those two who have different views.

The lesson Irina is in charge of as a special curriculum, is about “Angels”.

Angels are super rare in the Underworld. There are many children who haven’t seen an Angel before.

The Angel’s white wings and halo is something new and mysterious to the Devil children.

“Wow! She’s a real Angel!”

“This is what my dad told me! Bad children get taken away by the Angels!”

If there are children that are very interested in her, then there are also children that are a bit scared of her. Even if the alliance has been formed, the Angels are the symbol of fear towards the average Devil.

Irina explains passionately. While having her eyes shine.

“That isn’t true! Angels are beings that serve the Heaven and are the allies of everyone! Now then, lets us all pray! Amen! Also, I will be giving out the homemade bread as well! Your beliefs strengthen when you eat them!”

The missionary work by the self-proclaiming bakery Angel began, so the children’s parents started to give criticism. I later learn that the special curriculum of the subject “Angels” became quite chaotic.

Asia mainly was in charge of the knowledge she attained about exorcists during her time in Church, Gasper was in charge of the subject “Vampires”, Koneko-chan was in charge of the subject “Youkai”, and hence each of them was giving a special curriculum which they are related to. Gasper especially panicked since he had to appear in front of people and the children asked him questions.

Rossweisse-san continued to be in charge of the “Magic” lessons. This was popular like yesterday.

Now, Rias who is the president of the ORC and Akeno-san who is the vice-president are giving lecturers about “King” and “Queen” which can be considered as the most important lesson of them all.

“The relationship between the “King” and “Queen” of the group is very crucial within both private time and game time. By having them stay beside you all the time—”

This isn’t a lecture as a lecturer. Both Rias and Akeno-san are still young and there are still many things they need to learn. They were being humble and told me that they are still far from teaching anyone. For that reason, they are speaking as their seniors and are sharing as much knowledge and experience as they have gained till now.

Even so, it became a valuable discussion for the children who are listening to them very seriously.

ORC scattered through the campus and are doing the best they can.

The Student Council members have also gone to support the lecturers. The Student President and the Vice-president are mainly dealing with the parents, where they are giving them explanations.

There aren't many people, but both the ORC members and Student Council members are finding this worth doing even though we are so busy—.

On the other hand while everyone was doing their best in the lessons they are in charge of, I also started the “Oppai Dragon’s Question Corner” event along with my manager Ravel.

It’s an event where I answer each of the questions given to me by the kids. Many of the kids raise their hands up, so there are a ton of questions thrown at me.

So many questions are thrown at me, from a question anyone would feel curious about such as “How can I become stronger?” to a question I don’t know how to answer such as “What type of oppai do you like?”.

By the way, I answered energetically to the oppai question where my answer was: “They’re still oppai even if they're big or small!”. I hope this feeling of mine will get through to those boys!

After answering most of the questions, I asked the children a question of my own instead.

“Is there something all of you want to become?”

When I ask, one of the boys raises his hand energetically!

“I want to become Oppai Dragon!”

The children who are around him start responding lively by saying things like “Oppai Dragon is just over there!” and “I want to become one as well!” while having some laughs.

Other children also start to share their dream.

“I want to become the Champion of the Rating Game!”

“I want to work in the laboratory based in the Maou’s territory!”

“I want to become Maou-sama’s personal guard!”

The children talk about their dreams. ……There are things these kids want to become huh. Of course. They are kids so it’s natural for them to have a dream. There’s no difference between humans and Devils regarding this—.

“I want to become a student of this school.”

The children start saying “Me too!” and such when they heard that answer.

Yeah, that certainly must be the biggest aim these children have right now. No matter what kind of dream they have, no matter what kind of target they have, they won’t be able to get close to that chance if there isn’t a place to study which will fulfil their dream.

These children merely became able to reach the possibility. There are obstacles and trials they need to overcome in order to turn their dreams into reality.

I hope that all of these kids can attend this school—. Even though there’s no God, I can’t help but to make such a wish. When I look at the strong and serious eyes these kids have, I wish for that even more.

What I can do right here is……build up their spirits even a bit for their dream and aim. My duty is to make them wish even more that they want to attend this school.

“Alright, I will talk about the Devil’s job in the human world. Even though I look like this, I meet different kinds of customers pretty much every day.”

When I try to talk about the Devil’s job with confidence, the kids get really interested in it and start asking me things like “I’m really curious about the job in the human world!” and “Are there humans that use their soul as a price?”. For these kids, the information about the Devil’s job in the human world will become valuable knowledge. Well, this info is also taught to them in a specific lesson, but I guess I will feel happy if they listen to my story as a small chat. And if they end up becoming someone’s servant, then there will be A better chance that they will be moving around in the human world.

There are Devils who are active in the Underworld due to special reasons (old-man Tannin would be included here), but most of them will head to the human world if they become a servant.

Alright, I will talk about it by mixing the steps in making a pact with my funny experience. It happens when I was deciding on whether to talk about Mil-tan or Morisawa-san.

That instant—

A creepy chill runs through my body and I start to feel a sensation that stimulates my sixth sense.

Right after I felt a mysterious sensation, the Underworld’s unique purple sky—goes through a mysterious phenomenon where the sky turns white. ……What the, what happened!?

Due to the sudden incident, everyone within this campus looks up the sky and witnesses this phenomenon. The sky's purple colour starts to fade gradually and eventually the sky becomes pure white.

……What the heck is this? Is it some kind of event……it can’t be. I didn’t hear about this. Did they organise a special performance to be performed at the same time as the Magician’s assembly? No, we would certainly be informed about it beforehand. Did they have such a performance at the filming at Agreas? The scale of this is huge so they would need to seek for permission in order to do it.

Everyone starts panicking at the sudden phenomenon.

……There’s only one reason I can think of.

……There’s a gathering of Magicians that has researched Trihexa in this town and there’s a high chance for them to be abducted. And the one who will be doing the abduction is—

While I’m trying to understand this situation, the school broadcast reaches my ear.

[Will the students, families, and lecturers having the experience day please come inside the school building immediately. I repeat. Will the students, families, and lecturers having the experience day please come inside the school building immediately.]

Ravel and I can’t help but to expect the worst after hearing the emergency broadcast.

The ORC members and the Student Council members gather in the staffroom. We had the children and their parents that are becoming nervous gather at the gymnasium. In order to calm everyone down, the staff led by Shinra-fukukaichou went to gather the information.

Rias shakes her head to the side as she has the communication-type magic-circle activated.

“……It’s no use. I can’t make contact with the outside.”

Akeno-san who made a teleportation-type magic-circle on the floor also sighs.

“This doesn’t work either. We can’t teleport to a far away place.”

Seriously? To be in a situation where we can’t even contact or teleport outside…… I certainly encountered a situation similar to this several times. The first time is at the Togetsukiyou at Kyoto. The second time was right after the Mid-class promotion test. For both times, a mist appeared and we found ourselves in a different dimension. Though there are no mists this time, it certainly is similar to the incidents where a spell was cast on the whole space.

Then Koneko-chan with cat ears speaks.

“……I searched the ki around the area, but the trees and grasses outside aren’t fake. They are real.”

……So does that mean we were sent to a dimension where everything is fake?

Sona-kaichou says it while she has the teleportation-type magic-circle activated.

“I succeeded in connecting with Agreas and the town’s assembly hall. I will bring the vision up now.”

Then two 3D displays appear within the staffroom. The first one is showing Sairaorg-san who is at Agreas, and the other one shows Gondur-san who is at the town’s assembly hall.

This is what Sairaorg-san says first.

[What is happening?]

Gondur-san answers his question.

[We can presume that a barrier has been activated within this whole region. All of us are currently using creatures that serve us to measure the scale of this barrier. We have received a report that there’s a high chance that this town and Agreas are trapped in an ellipse-shaped barrier.]

……This whole region!? It seriously has a huge scale……

Gondur-san continues.

[On top of that, all of us Magicians have most of our magic sealed. Just like this.]

Gondur-san shows her forehead to us. A magic-circle that is releasing ominous light is drawn on her forehead. ……She has her magic sealed? Who on earth did that……? I have more doubts.

I became curious, so I concentrate the demonic-power to my hand. ……The aura gathers. Besides me, the Student Council members also check their demonic-power. Irina also checks if she can use her Angel’s power and she has no problem doing so. ……So the Devils and Angels can use their powers huh.

By the way, we checked whether the Sacred Gears and the Artificial Sacred Gears work here and they work fine.

“I can use my Magic.”

Rossweisse-san also didn’t have her powers sealed. Gondur-san mutters when she sees that.

[It seems like the seal is only limited to the Magicians here in this assembly hall. But to do this without having us sense even a slight presence……there sure is someone worthy of being feared.]

A seal that is only limited to the Magicians gathered at the assembly…… You can clearly tell that was their aim.

“You're telling me someone who can make such a bold and wide move is with the enemy……?”

Saji says that while putting on a sarcastic smile.

Kaichou mutters as she lifts up her glasses.

“……I can come up with a possible theory.”

Gondur-san also says it quietly as if she remembered something.

[—Yes, there is someone who can. The legendary Evil Dragon that was said to have controlled more than a thousand magic, —“Diabolism Thousand Dragon” Aži Dahāka. If it’s that famous Evil Dragon, then it must know a spell which can seal Magicians.]


Everyone becomes speechless at Gondur-san’s words. ……That’s because the name of the legendary Evil Dragon was brought up. We received a report that Evil Dragon had been resurrected. Vali did get assaulted by him after all.

The one that resurrected the Evil Dragon Aži Dahāka is the new Khaos Brigade—Qlippoth. The evil group that uses the power of the Holy Grail to resurrect Evil Dragons and even goes as far as to create mass-produced Evil Dragons……

So this white sky as well as the seals on Gondur-san and the other Magicians was the doing of Aži Dahāka huh.

“But the measure of this calibre…… Even if it’s the legendary Evil Dragon, I still can’t believe it can seal this vast region along with famous Magicians……”

Irina speaks her doubts. Certainly, being able to seal not only the territory but also all of the powerful Magicians exceeds our imagination, even if it is the doing of an enhanced Evil Dragon.

Kaichou says it while she looks towards me.

“But it will be a different story if it enhanced the effect of its spell.”

Then the one that passes my mind is Euclid.

“—The Replica Boosted Gear huh.”

That’s what I say. ……If he transferred the increased power of the Boosted Gear to the legendary Evil Dragon……it’s natural for the range of the ability to have expanded.

Gondur-san breathes out.

[The barrier that surrounds this whole region and the forbidden magic that restrains the Magicians over here. Both spells must have been activated while it was enhanced by it. Even if it’s a replica, the Longinus sure does show a power that far surpasses common sense.]

……I agree. That bastard, he sure is misusing the replica’s ability as he desires. I’m getting irritated since it feels like he’s using the Sekiryuutei’s ability without my permission. My anger towards him is simply increasing……!

…………No, hold on a sec. If that’s possible, the reverse will also be possible!

I give my suggestion.

“Then let’s do the opposite! I will use the Boosted Gear to increase the power of the de-spell for it!”

But Kaichou shakes her head to the side.

“They must be aware that we may take that action. We should presume that they may have a counter-spell towards it. ……If we try to break this situation carelessly, there’s a chance that a disaster will happen.”

……So the enemies are looking that far ahead huh. It certainly sounds possible. It seemed like that man Euclid is aware of both the merits and demerits of the Boosted Gear, so he must have prepared a plan towards any action I may take.

“It will be hard to deal with it if they keep on using that procedure.”

Akeno-san says with uneasiness. Kaichou answers her.

“It can’t be something which can be used as they want. It isn’t a genuine Sacred Gear after all, and from the report I was given, it requires a huge cost in order to use it. Except, judging from this barrier, the magic Aži Dahāka used has a complicated equation. Even if they enhanced the effect of it, it requires delicate maintenance. That’s because there’s a risk that the spell would go out of control and blow regardless of the power up being small or big. ……I can only think that Euclid Lucifugus is proficient in using the replica Boosted Gear.”

……For the replica user to be superior to the original user. The proof which shows the difference between the base stats of the hosts. Even if you have a powerful weapon, you won’t be able to bring out its true abilities if the one controlling it isn’t someone strong.

Kaichou smiles at me who is looking down.

“You know I’m not saying that you are inferior to him, Ise-kun? You have talent at using your Sacred Gear. ……Except, he must have a greater talent. The name of Lucifugus, the one that serves Lucifer as his right-hand man, is something to be reckoned with.”

Yes, I know. My opponent is the brother of Grayfia-san. Even though he’s rotten, he’s still the brother of the strongest “Queen”. It’s natural for him to be strong .

“We need to find the objective of the enemies first.”

Rias says. Gondur-san puts her hand on her chest.

[……Their first objective must be us. The Magicians that have researched a topic related to 666. So they are after us. But they also covered Agreas with a barrier. They may have some kind of intention.]

The sky city Agreas. Yes, they purposely covered this town and Agreas with an ellipse-shaped barrier. If they are after this town which currently has the Magicians, then they could have simply covered this town only with a sphere-shaped barrier. They must have a reason to why they also sealed Agreas.

“—The technology from the Old-Maou’s era.”

Ravel mutters. Kaichou also nods.

“The technology that comes from the Old-Maou’s era is used in Agreas. There are still areas we can’t decipher and the research institute belonging to Ajuka Beelzebub-sama is currently investigating the depth region of that island. Rizevim Livan Lucifer who is the son of the previous Lucifer must be after a certain something inside that island.”

Oh yeah, I did get an explanation like that from Sensei before our match against Bael.

The technology from the Old-Maou’s era…… Rizevim is the son of the previous Maou. So it won’t be weird if he becomes interested in the technology from that era.

Gondur-san starts to think as she put her hand under her chin.

[The legacy of the Old-Maou’s era—or it can be a type of weapon. And it’s most likely related to 666.]

“Or it can be one of the technologies that allows you to go to the other world.”

Everyone becomes quiet for a moment after Rias said that.

……I wonder if there’s such a big secret in that sky city. Well, simply being able to float and have a city on it makes me think it’s made up of many technologies. Though I hope it’s not a cliché where a weapon of mass destruction lies deep within there.

“They made a barrier of this scale, so won’t there be someone outside the barrier who can sense something strange is going on?”

That’s my question. If they can’t get in contact with a well-known city like Agreas, then it won’t be weird if the soldiers of the Agares territory are sent to investigate it after finding this situation strange. If they realise Qlippoth is behind this, then other members of D×D or powerful individuals of the Underworld will come to rescue us.

Sona-kaichou narrows her eyes.

“……They must already be aware that will happen if they make such bold moves like this. Most likely, there’s a chance that they have closed the connection with the outside world by distorting time and dimensions to make sure people outside won’t realise it.”

Rias continues.

“……Distorting space-time. Then one hour here will only be one minute outside…...it’s something I hear often when it’s related to the concerns of using magic, but this is something which is only possible if an experienced Magician made a proper preparation for it. ……I never thought we would be troubled this much when the Boosted Gear and an Evil Dragon that uses forbidden techniques gets involved.”

[Even so, using a spell of this calibre will definitely trim away your life. Even if he is a Dragon, it won’t be weird if it uses its life as a price.]

Gondur-san says that…… It must be the Holy Grail. The Evil Dragons can take reckless actions because of that. Even if it ends up destroying its body, it can simply have it fixed—. ……I’m not Gya-suke, but we certainly need to get that back. As long as that exists, those guys can even do crazy stunts like this!

……To control time and dimensions. It will be hard to make a counter-plan if they can even do this!

Rias says to me who is confused.

“Ever since the monster crisis that was caused by the Hero-faction, a device which has a protection wall installed that can block magic related to time and dimensions have been set up within the important institutes and locations of the Underworld. For example at places like, Lilith which is the capital city of the Maou territory and the main city of the Gremory territory. Obviously there are many layers of defence set-up around the Kuou academy which is the place we live. It especially has a more severe defence since the enemy has intruded there once already. But—”

Rias looks towards Sona-kaichou. Kaichou also nods.

“Yes, the device for the protection wall hasn’t been set-up in this town and Agreas yet. The schedule for the set-up at Agreas has been stalled on numerous occasions. That place is the holy land for the Rating Game as well as being the amusement institute and a tourist city. You need to shut down one of the functions there in order to put up that protection barrier. That became the cause of it and a portion of the city’s institute was reluctant towards the set-up of the protection wall device, hence the delay. ……And that happened to backfire today. Agreas is one of the sources of the Agreas territory’s budget. The current Arch-Duke was put between the two sides of the Agreas Tourist community and the army that wanted to set-up the device……looks like he will fall sick.”

……So the protection wall device was set-up late due to putting the amusement facilities as a priority……! No, each territory has their own way of doing things and I’m sure the Arch-Duke also was going through hard times. Even though he’s already stuck between each of the Maou’s factions as well as the Great-King’s faction that puts the bloodline as the main priority…… It sure does seem like the person with the job of being the middleman will fall sick……

Sona-kaichou makes a posture of putting her hand under her chin as if she’s thinking about something.

“……This happened before Agreas set-up the protection wall and the town nearby happened to have the assembly of the Magicians they are after. The barrier that covers only this town and Agreas…… I can’t let it slide as a coincidence. ……It scares me since it feels like there’s something behind all of this.”

Looks like Kaichou is starting to have doubts. We are really lucky Kaichou is with us since Azazel-sensei isn’t here right now.

One of the members of staff enters the staffroom while we are having a discussion about the enemies’ objectives. He opens the door violently and is breathing hard.

“……Did something happen?”

Rias asks while finding it suspicious.

The staff member points his finger up after he starts breathing normally.

“—A vision has appeared in the sky.”

All of us came out to the school ground at once.

When we look up—a vision of a crop that refreshes my mind appears within the whole sky and there are Devil’s symbols written there which reads “Please wait for a moment”. While all of us makes our stance after being alert at this, a mocking voice comes from the sky.

[Eh? The broadcast started already? Seriously? Hold on a sec~. This old man right here still hasn’t eaten his meal. But you are still telling me to appear? Fine, fine.]

……A familiar voice. I can only come up with one guy who has an easy-going attitude like this. I guess the other Gremory group members besides me also realised it after hearing this voice, so they look towards the sky with eyes filled with hatred.

The heart refreshing vision changes and a silver-hair middle-aged man appears in the sky.

—Rizevim Livan Lucifer!

He starts talking while making a wink.

[Ncha♪ Uhyahyahyahyahyahya! It’s everyone’s idol, the old man Rizevim☆. Hi there everyone, or rather long time no see! I guess terrible things are happening to all of you, so I decided to personally explain the situation since it will be weird if there isn’t one! You know how the scene where your enemy explains the situation to you is one of the most common cliché?]

He sure is an old man that gets on your nerves. I’m getting goosebumps and my hatred is building simply from hearing the way he talks.

[I’m sure all of you have kinda realised it, anyway, the truth is we covered this whole region with a barrier! Oh my, I’m sorry for surprising all of you from the get go!]

He doesn’t even feel bad about it despite saying that and is simply putting on an evil smile.

[The one who did that is one of our allies, Ladon-san from the Evil Dragon’s Army! He’s the guardian of the golden apples that was killed by the hero, the First-Gen Heracles!]

A giant creature appears behind him. ……A dragon-shaped tree……no, is it a Tree Dragon? The Evil Dragon Ladon which is giving out an evil aura. ……They are continuing to resurrect the legendary Evil Dragons…… We still haven’t defeated a single one of them yet!

[Well, like always, we resurrected it and turned it into a regeneration monster with our key item, the “Holy☆Grail”. The protection walls and barriers he uses have a severe defence. And also, with the help of Euclid-kun’s Longinus, we were able to cover the whole region!]

Euclid who is besides Rizevim appears on the vision. He has the Holy Grail in his hand.


Gasper who is standing next to me is biting his teeth hard while his eyes are giving a dangerous glow. This vision must be something hard to endure for him right now.

[And to all the people in that town! We have also put barrier around that town while sealing away the famous Magician’s magic. The one who sealed it is called the Evil Dragon amongst Evil Dragons! Aži Dahāka-san who can use a thousand magic! And the way he used his power was also magnificent! Of course the power of it has been enhanced by the use of the replica Boosted Gear!]

Another giant Dragon appears behind Rizevim. A three-headed Dragon. ……I can tell he has a dense and evil aura even from this vision. ……I heard that he is called equal to that Crom Cruach guy, right? I heard that he still went after the Vali-team even with a bloody body due to their attacks. ……To be honest, he’s a Dragon I don’t want to fight head on.

Rizevim continues happily.

[Now then, this place has been completely shut away from the outside world along with time, so the people outside haven’t realised it. The combo between the Evil Dragons and the Longinus sure is amazing~!]

After he makes an annoying laugh, he shrugs his shoulders.

[Why did I do this, you ask? The reason is simple♪. Since the Magicians over there didn’t cooperate with us, we’ve decided to blow them away altogether since it seems like they will get in our way!]

So they will just crush them if they can’t abduct them, huh. The way he does things is childish rather than being aggressive!

[Also, it will save us the trouble if we can steal a bit of Agreas’s technology! That’s because my papa and others were the ones that made them~. Don’t you think it is normally something I should inherit since I’m his son? Hey, don’t you think so?]

Rizevim narrows his eyes and points his finger at us.

[Uhyahyahyahya, I’m sure the D×D team which was formed to defeat us are over there too, right? Oh, we already received information about it beforehand. It does seem interesting, so shall we have a match? The armies of mass-produced Evil Dragons and the legendary Evil Dragon-sama will head over there—as well as the sky city. —In order to crush it. So try to stop them. Hey, really, try to stop them.]

Rizevim clicks his fingers. That instant, many giant purple fire pillars start to grow around the town!

What the heck is that!? Why are there so many fire-pillars appearing!?

“—Purple flames. An opponent who is hard to deal with sure did appear.”

When I look around after hearing a familiar voice—I witness Gondur-san. Looks like she came here from the assembly hall. Gondur-san looks up at the giant purple fire pillars with disgusted eyes. The fire pillar has the shape of a cross.

“……This is the “Incinerate Anthem”!”

Rias shouts as she looks up at the fire pillar.

“…...“Incinerate Anthem”! The Longinus possessor who is affiliated with the Maverick Magician’s group, “Hexennacht”!”

Gondur-san then says.

“The fire-pillar is built as if it is surrounding this town. That’s one of the replicas. There’s nothing but death for Devils that touches them and even the Magicians will turn into ashes. ……I did hear that she is helping the Khaos Brigade, but I never thought she would actually show up here……”

So on top of the Evil Dragons, the Longinus also participated in this terrorism!

Rizevim shakes his hand happily.

[That’s the gist of it, so do your best! We will commence our actions in three hours! Uhyahyahyahyahya!]

The vision ends there—.

……It turned into the worst scenario we can ask for……! We moved immediately in order to fight against this. I then look back.

Auros academy is behind me.

……The children’s smiles flashes in the back of my head. The children that shared their dreams, the children that have a goal. They will start learning many things at that place…… I can’t let those shit heads destroy this place before this school begins……!

……Fuck off, I won’t……let them destroy this school!

Part 2[edit]

We took action immediately.

First thing the ORC and Student Council members did was to lead the children, their parents, and the staff to the evacuation site. The evacuation site—is the basement of the school. Sona-kaichou made a very solid shelter deep under the basement of this school just in case something like this happened.

Seriously, all of us can only be shocked at how well-prepared Sona-kaichou is. Since there’s more than enough space at the area for refuge, we had the people of this town move there after explaining the situation we are in.

Currently, all of the school staff members within the school campus are leading the people to safety.

[I see, so you have already started evacuating them.]

Sairaorg-san sent the communication-type magic-circle to Rias, so Rias and I are talking to him. I’m guessing the reason why the vision is a bit blurry is due to the appearance of the Purple Flame’s cross affecting it.

Rias then says.

“Yes, the town isn’t that big so there weren’t many people there. We will have finished evacuating them to the underground shelter of the school before the three-hour time limit.”

[How is the progress with escaping from that town?]

Rias shakes her head to the side at Sairaorg-san’s question.

“There’s another barrier around this town besides the one covering the whole region which shunned us from the outside world. On top of that, the Purple Flame's cross have us completely surrounded. We tried to escape from here, and even if we blow away the double layers of shielding from the protection wall and the cross, it would be repaired immediately.”

The ones that attempted that were Xenovia and Rossweisse-san. We tried to destroy the barrier and the cross of fire using the attack of Ex-Durandal and Rossweisse-san’s offensive magic and de-spell magic. It could be destroyed, but it would then quickly repair itself so we couldn’t find any openings. If we can destroy them for at least ten seconds, we would be able to take the civilians outside……

Xenovia tried to go out of the barrier by digging through the ground……but apparently the cross of fire also goes deep into the ground.

In other words, we are out of ideas in terms of escaping from here. Having the Magicians get their magic sealed was a big loss. If they hadn’t had their magic sealed, we could have escaped the barrier around this town right away if we ignore the barrier around the region.

—They are preparing for it. By using the magic that wasn’t sealed, the Magicians gathered at the school’s basement shelter are currently attempting to make a teleportation magic-circle! The Magicians down there are all famous in those areas. That’s why this is a possible, yet crazy, way to do it.

Apparently the magic that can teleport the children and civilians outside this town will be ready if we buy them several hours, so our fight will last till the spell is completed. We simply need to protect this town from the Evil Dragons that will come to assault here.

Sairarog-san takes a breath.

[Same situation over here. We are able to destroy the barrier around Agreas, but it gets repaired immediately. We can’t evacuate the people in this city under these conditions. And also—it looks like we are surrounded by the Evil Dragons already.]

Sairaorg-san shows us one of the visions from outside.

—! Rias and I become speechless at the sight.

The whole sky is black. The sky city is covered in jet-black things.

Those black things……are herds of Evil Dragons! ……There are so many of them. The number of them is much more than one or two hundred.

……At the centre of the Evil Dragons is a three-headed Dragon. Its stationed right in front of Agreas while flapping six of its wings. ……Its shining black scales sometimes give off a purplish colour, so it stands out even among the herds of mass-produced Evil Dragons.

……So Aži Dahāka headed to Agreas. He’s an opponent that even the Vali-team struggled with. ……It's certain that you should avoid fighting him head on.

[The ones over here are us, the Bael group, Seegvaira Agares and her group, and also Diehauser-sama’s group. We won’t go down so easily.]

Sairaorg-san’s team, the Agares’s team, and Emperor Belial’s team are over there. They have more manpower than us.

[Seegvaira is acting as a temporal agent of the Arch-Duke and is giving orders at Agreas. She is doing fine. She took command of the city by convincing the hard headed geezers of the councils.]

The heiress of Agares. Since my first impression of her was fear, I still have an impression that she’s strict.

“……D×D was formed for situations like this, so I’m frustrated that we can’t help them.”

Sairaorg-san shows his strong smile to Rias who is looking frustrated.

[You’re wrong, Rias. —We are here. It’s better than none of us being here.]

Yeah. If we weren’t here, this place would have been in a worse situation.

Sairaorg-san says while looking at me directly.

[Hyoudou Issei, this is a situation we have to give our all. We must protect Agreas, that town, the children over there, and everyone else.]

“……Sairaorg-san, those kids have nothing to do with those guy’s ambition and 666, right?”


“They simply came here for their dreams, right?”


“—D×D needs to go all out to protect those children, right?”

[Yeah, of course. Protecting the hopes and dreams of the Underworld is the duty of us that formed the D×D. We can’t allow even a single child to get killed. And we can’t forgive even a single one of them. We will defeat all of those that come at us. As someone with power, that is our duty!]

……My heart is burning. Damn, it makes me happy.

I’m glad we teamed up—. I’m really glad that we formed the D×D team. I never thought having someone besides us fighting will make me feel this strong!

[We will definitely go there after we settle things over here. That’s why, you need to hold on!]

“Yes! Soon as we succeed in escaping from here, we will definitely go there and back you up!”

The battle—is closing in.

In order to have the final meeting before the battle which will have us on the defensive side, Rias and I head to the strategy room located in the underground shelter of the evacuation area.

As we progress through the corridor, we see a man and woman sitting on a long chair. They are most likely parents. ……I feel as if I have seen the woman before.

As soon as the man sees Rias, he approaches her and asks.

“……E-Excuse me. ……Princess Rias, what will happen to this place……”

He has an uneasy expression and voice. Rias says it as she smiles.

“There’s nothing to worry about. This shelter is sturdily made, so it can even endure the attacks of the terrorists. Since the teleportation magic-circle would be completed by then, we can escape from here safely.”

The couple softens their expressions hearing that.

The man then confesses.

“……My son……smiled. Since he wasn’t blessed with demonic-power from birth, my son had been living while being neglected by others. Even so……he’s our child that we were finally able to give birth to in more than a hundred years. We had been raising and supporting him, wishing that he would grow stronger.”


……So he’s in the same situation as Sairaorg-san.

The man continues.

“However, his peers can all control their demonic-powers as if it’s a natural thing…… My son stopped smiling ever since he realised he’s different from other children…… But, by coming here, our son……smiled. The last time he smiled was when he found out about the Oppai Dragon.”

The couple—confesses in sorrow.

……Parents that have a child that wasn’t blessed with demonic-powers. They must have lived in pain which I possibly can’t imagine. This school is turning into a kind of hope for these parents.

When I turn around after sensing a presence—I see a child and Rossweisse-san.

The child—is Lirenkus. Lirenkus says it with a bright voice as he jumps into his parents’ arms.

“Dad! Mum! Check this out!”

Lirenkus puts his hand forward and puts strength in them. Then, for an instant, a small fire actually lits.

Lirenkus reports it to his parents proudly.

“It’s fire magic! Look, the fire comes out!”

The man—his dad, becomes stunned for a moment, but then embraces his son with a smile.

“……Y-Yeah, well done.”

Many tears flow out of his dad’s eyes. His mum is crying behind him.

I’m sure this is something his parents wanted to see but couldn’t. Something normal parents and children experience. A single family that couldn’t. I’m sure they have finally reached this “normal” situation. I’m sure his parents couldn’t hold back their emotions after witnessing the growth of their child.

I then say it to Lirenkus.

“I’m certain that your name was Lirenkus. Last time, you came to my show.”

“Yup! Thank you very much for back then!”

His mum is shocked.

“You remembered him.”

I remembered as soon as Lirenkus came here. Back then, he came with his mum.

“See, I told you Oppai Dragon didn’t forget me!”

His mum says “You were right” with a smile to her son.

Rias then asks Lirenkus.

“Is this school fun?”

“Yup! Hey, do you think I can also become stronger?”

Lirenkus asks us. Rossweisse-san says it as she pats his head.

“You will definitely become stronger than me. Being able to challenge obstacles without giving up at your age is amazing. That’s why you need to continue believing in yourself, okay?”

“Yes! Rossweisse-sensei!”

Lirenkus replies energetically. The parents hold hands with their child and return to the room they have to wait in.

After we send them off, the three of us head to the strategy room.

Rossweisse-sans says it as she walks.

“……It seems like he has been practicing for the whole time. He said he wanted to continue practicing so his parents won’t cry any more.”

……That boy is also thinking about his parents. Despite being a kid, he must have wanted to get stronger for his parents.

Rossweisse-san puts on a smile.

“……Whatever the magic is, it will definitely become useful for the caster and other people. Useless magic doesn’t exist in this world.”

That—was something that Gondur-san, Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, said to the kids at the magic lesson. After Rossweisse-san says and thinks about that, she chuckles.

“These words I had been repeatedly told by my grandmother when I was a child. I may have understood it, but I may also not have. ……But I feel that I can finally understand the true meaning of my grandmother’s words.”

Maybe Rossweisse-san hasn’t realised it, but she has a refreshing expression.

Just as we see the strategy room, we find Sona-kaichou, Saji, and the children.

The children ask with uneasy expressions.

“Saji-sensei, will the scary Dragons come?”

“Is this school going to be gone?”

Saji smiles as he pats the children’s heads.

“There’s nothing to worry about. We will defeat all of the bad Dragons! It will be bad if all of you get hurt, so we will need all of you to stay here. That’s why wait here like good kids. Right, Kaichou?”

Kaichou says it as she smiles.

“Yes, he’s right. So all of you don’t need to worry about a thing, okay? Let me see. Please watch Oppai Dragon’s video here. By the time the video ends, the bad Dragons will be gone.”

Hearing that, the children show relief and walk to the evacuation area.

Saji then says it as he clinches his fist.

“……I won’t let them destroy it. There are many Devils that are seeking hope from this school. —This is also our dream.”

I walk towards him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, let’s protect it.”

Sona-kaichou and Rias also put on strong smiles and nod.

“Saji, it’s okay. We have survived many battles. We have continued protecting them. This time will be the same as then. —Let’s protect this town, and this school.”

“Yes, we can’t allow them to destroy it.”

After we confirm our thoughts, we enter the strategy room.

Part 3[edit]

Roughly around thirty minutes before the designated time, which is three hours, which the enemies announced.

We—the ORC members and Student Council members, returned to the school premises from the underground shelter. The enemies said three hours, but I doubt they would be faithful about it. We kept on being alert and had finished our preparation by the time two hours exceeded. And thirty minutes before the designated time—which is now, we moved up to the ground in order to prepare for battle.

Our battle will be quite simple.

Until the Magicians down in the basement complete creating a teleportation magic-circle, we need to protect this town—as well as this school. It will be a battle of defense.

Since Ravel is a non-combatant member, we had her wait in the shelter.

It happens when we are walking through the corridor in order to exit the room.

Asia stops all of a sudden as if something caught her attention. When I look that way—it was the wall of this corridor.

There are writings on the wall done by the children who experienced the experience day. There are messages written and pictures drawn.

[I want to become the Rating Game Champion.]

[I hope I can attend this school!]

[I’m happy I could meet Oppai Dragon!]

[I want to come here again!]

[I want to enrol in this school!]

There are innocent wishes written there.

Symbols and pictures I can’t even call good. They must have drawn what they thought while they experienced the experience day.

……I can’t keep back my feelings when I see this. It makes me feel that I need to protect this place even more. It feels as if everyone’s spirit has increased by seeing this.

Then I sense several people approaching us.

Men that are wearing soldiers' armour walk in front of us. Judging from their faces, they don’t seem like soldiers. Don’t tell me they are……

Kiba then says.

“……They are the children’s fathers and brothers.”

Yes, they are the children’s dads. Everyone looks like they have resolved themselves.

The dads take a step and say —

“We too will fight.”

“There are only few people of this town that can fight and I also heard that soldiers aren’t stationed here.”

“Having even a single more person must be better. There must definitely be things where we can also contribute besides fighting.”

“There may be residents that haven’t escaped yet.”

Like they said, we are the only combatants. So we won’t be able to take that much action. And if there really are residents who have yet to escape to safety, then it makes me wonder if we can even handle that as well.

Koneko-chan who uses senjutsu said that it became harder for her to sense delicate presence ever since the cross of fire surrounded the town. Koneko-chan said that maybe those purple flame pillars are interfering with her ability to search…… Because of that, there may be residents she couldn’t find.

Rias says it with a stern look.

“However, even if our opponents are mass-produced enemies, they are still Evil Dragons. They are not enemies we can take lightly. The legendary Evil Dragons will also be here. —This will be a battle to the death.”

She’s right. Our enemies are the terrorists. On top of that, they are the wicked herds of Evil Dragons—. We can’t guarantee our lives. We are going to fight while having our lives on the line as well.

Their will to fight doesn’t even waver after they heard Rias, and instead, they smiled.

“Even so, please allow us to fight, Princess Rias.”

“Mere Devils like us possibly can’t say something bold like we will protect Agreas and this town.”

“That’s why we will fight with one thing in our minds which is to protect this school.”

“This school which is like the children’s dream became our hope as well. That’s enough reason for us to risk our lives.”

……They are planning to put their lives on the line. For their children’s dreams. For their family’s hope. They are saying they will fight while risking their lives for them. —While they put on a great smile.

Rias keeps down her feelings and puts on a strong smile.

“……Looks like you won’t listen even if I say anything. Fine, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Rias looks around and says it strongly.

“All of you absolutely can’t die. All of you need to watch over your children’s future. That’s the reason why this school was built.”

“ “ “ “ “ “Understood!” ” ” ” ” ”

The dads roar with high spirits.

If they are willing to do this much, then we must protect this school at all costs. No, this is the obvious thing to do. We will defend this place without having a single casualty……!

We—then prepare for the battle to defend in a do-or-die spirit.

Part 4[edit]

What we see in the sky is a herd of black creatures. The black Evil Dragons continue to stay in the air as they surround the town. So those guys will attack all at once when the time comes huh. I can only feel chills when I think about it.

More than a hundred of them. The number far exceeds the number of mass-produced Dragons that showed up in Romania. They destroyed the town back then while having way less numbers of them.

Even the brave dads are pushed back after seeing the herds of Evil Dragons.

We exit the school campus, and we have a final confirmation before we head to our positions.

Sona-kaichou who came up with the plan takes a step forward and then says.

“From here, we will have this school as the centre point and spread out to all directions just like in the plan. Please stay in pairs most of the time and take down the enemies.”

We will scatter while having the school as the centre point to take down the Evil Dragons that are flying. These are the pairings.

“King” Rias + “Knight” Bennia.

“Knight” Kiba + “Queen” Shinra-fukukaichou.

“Knight” Xenovia + “Rook” Yura.

“Queen” Akeno-san + “Knight” Meguri-san.

Ace Irina + “Bishop” Hanakai-san.

“Rook” Rugal-san + “Bishop” Kusaka-san.

“Pawn” Saji + “Rook” Koneko-chan.

“Pawn” Hyoudou Issei (Me) + “Pawn” Nimura-san.

It’s basically firepower + defending or supporting. It’s formed in a way where both the vanguard and rearguard are active. Sona-kaichou and Gya-suke will take base at the school’s courtyard. Gasper will turn into darkness-mode while mass producing his beasts and the plan is to send them to all directions under Kaichou’s command.

We will have the reinforcement dads go around the houses and have them check if there are any residents left behind. Of course they will have to withstand to some degree the Evil Dragons' onslaught if they attack them. Though we are trying our best to have them not overdo it. In terms of battling, they are much inferior compared to us. It will be better to have them not battle as much as possible and instead avoid it.

Kaichou then says it to me.

“Ise-kun, please bring it out.”

I nod and make my familiar appear.

My familiar—Skithblathnir. It originally was the size of a model toy—but what appears from the magic-circle is Ryuuteimaru which is the size of a boat.

Rias then tells Asia.

“Asia, you will get on this and use it to move around the battlefield.”


The current Ryuuteimaru has quite the speed. It isn’t as fast as Kiba, but it’s possible to close the distance instantly if its a short distance.

“A Healer that moves through the battlefield will become an easy target, so like we planned, the one that will guard her is—”

Rias looks towards Rossweisse-san. Rossweisse-san takes a step forward.

“Yes, it will be me. I will support everyone from the rear and attack while becoming Asia-san’s shield.”

She’s fit for the role. She will guard Asia by using defensive magic, and if she is doing well, she can attack the enemy with a long-range attack from the top of Ryuuteimaru. Since she doesn’t need to move herself, she can use her stamina for attacking instead.


Kiba who is putting on a hard expression appears in my sight. ……He still doesn’t have full control of Gram. He’s still yet to try out the method of covering it with the holy-demonic sword. If that happens, this guy might overdo it. He isn’t someone who will listen to what we say.

I then whisper in Shinra-fukukaichou’s ear who is Kiba’s pairing partner.

(Fukukaichou, Kiba may overdo it, so please be alert and watch over him. He may wield Gram while trimming away his life. If it becomes serious, can you please stop him?)

Shinra-fukukaichou replies by saying “I understand” when I said that and nods. I then put on a lecherous smile and add this.

(This is your chance to raise his affection towards you. Please do your best.)

Since I thought this will become an opportunity for Fukukaichou who is crazy about Kiba, I gave such advice. Shinra-fukukaichou then turns red right away.

“W-W-W-Wwwwwwwwwwhat on earth are you saying!? I-I don’t……”

She panics. Oh, she’s acting so innocent. Rather, her eyes are swirling!


Kiba the man himself tilts his head in wonder.

I then hear the conversation of Sitri’s newbies—Bennia and Rugal-san. Bennia who is putting on a bitter smile and Rugal-san who is emotionless like always.

《We sure are unlucky to find ourselves in such crazy battles continuously after becoming part of this group.》

“……This is also fate.”

They certainly joined at a bad time……

Both of them supported the lessons of this school thoroughly. Bennia started a lecture regarding Grim Reapers while Rugal-san performed his battle-techniques that involves the mix of his hand-to-hand combat and magic.

For some reason I’m a bit relaxed.

We are done with our final confirmation, but then—a single magic-circle activates at the schoolyard. ……It’s a large communication-type magic-circle. It’s a formula the Magicians use.

A single person appears from the magic-circle.

The one that appears in the vision is a young woman that is wearing purple gothic-lolita clothing. A woman that is spinning around her purple gothic-patterned umbrella. She has an appearance of early 20's and looks like a doll. She has a mysterious beauty. Rather, I can’t help but feel that she’s covered in evil aura even from over the vision.

The woman introduces herself after smiling.

[How do you do, Devils. My name is Walburga, I’m one of the leaders of “Hexennacht”. Pleased to make your acquaintance♪]

I’m seeing this woman for the first time, but several people among our group put on serious expressions after hearing that name.

Sona-kaichou then mutters.

“……“Walburga the Purple Flames”. The possessor of the Longinus “Incinerate Anthem”……”


I become speechless. S-So this woman is the rumoured user of the Holy Cross!

Walburga continues while smiling.

[I came here with the Evil Dragons to burn all of you under Rizevim-ojisama’s command. It will be worth burning all of you if you get infatuated with me.”

Her squeaky voice is hurting my ears, but the creepy aura around her body doesn’t change. She seems to have a nasty personality unlike the way she talks……

[It’s about time for the battle to begin, so are all of you ready?]

All of us members glare at Walburga. Walburga acts scared on purpose seeing that.

[Iyaan, all of you sure are scaring me. The Devils are in a bad mood♪ Ufufu, it looks like this will turn out quite interesting♪]

—! I then get chills at seeing the evil smile she showed for a moment. ……Yeah, she is the type of woman that can kill people without a second thought. If I hold back—she will turn me into ashes.

Walburga says it as she looks around us.

[Which one of you is Rossweisse-san?]

……Rossweisse-san? Everyone looks that way, so she finds out which one of us is Rossweisse-san. Walburga then says it to Rossweisse-san.

[The thing is, I was told to bring you as harmless as I possibly can.]

“? From who?”

Walburga answers Rossweisse-san’s question while spinning around her umbrella.

[—From Euclid-san. He said he wants you. Iyaan, I’m so jealous that a handsome man is asking for you♪]

……So that guy wants Rossweisse-san that much huh. Does Rossweisse-san have that much potential……?

Rossweisse-san shakes her head to the side.

“I won’t go with you. I will fight.”

When she says that, Walburga replies with a smile and says “I thought so♪” as if she knew her answer.

She then lifts the side of her skirt and says her goodbye.

“Then everyone. Let’s have a great battle.”

Saying that, the magic-circle disappears.

……To show her face before the battle.

Xenovia says it with disgust.

“I know how people like her think very well. She definitely must be the type of person who enjoys looking at the faces of those whom she will kill. It makes me vomit.”

I see, she certainly carried that kind of atmosphere. She was looking around us while taking a good look at our faces.

Rias shows a strong smile despite the fact that she sighed when Walburga appeared.

“Everyone, are all of you ready? Now then, my adorable servants! Our opponents are the terrorists that have the mass-produced Evil Dragons with them! Just how many crises do you think we have overcome till now? This may also be a dangerous situation, but dying here is unforgivable!”

She says it to us in her usual manner.

“Let’s blow them away like we always do!”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The Gremory group plus Irina reply back to her energetically!

At the Sitri-side, Sona-kaichou tells them something.

“……If we are defeated, this school will most likely be destroyed without a trace. —There are dreams and hopes gathered here. There’s no reason for this place to be destroyed. So let’s protect it. That will be our reason to fight as someone that built this place.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The Sitri-group and the dads are also fired up!

We—then scatter out to our specific locations!

I activate Balance Breaker right away and arrive at the south-side of the school together with my partner, the “Pawn” Nimura-san. We take base at the brown crop field that already had its vegetables removed.


The beast’s roar that echoes through the sky—. The herd of Evil Dragons roared. It must be the signal that the designated three hours have passed.

The armies of Evil Dragons that are flying in the air came at us! I go straight ahead and defeat them one after another where they fall down to the crops. It’s so loud that the earth shakes as the giant Dragons land. My partner Nimura-san equips her leg armour Artificial Sacred Gear and starts kicking with her overflowing aura.

“Oryah! Despite this, I do some training!”

Nimura-san says that, and her hand-to-hand combat is improving as I watch her. Even her speed is amazing as her afterimages remain and it tells me that she has full control over her Sacred Gear.

Far away from us, there are violent shocks occurring. When I look that way sometimes, I can see the holy aura that reaches high up into sky and thunder raining down. Looks like everyone is going crazy!

Much further away—I can tell that many explosions I can’t possibly count are happening even from here. Sairaorg-san and others must be fighting there too.

—Then something appears from our shadow. It’s a giant creature made of darkness! It appears from underneath me and Nimura-san’s feet and it starts to take on the Evil Dragons.

Looks like Gasper is creating and sending his beasts of darkness from the school! The beasts of darkness attacks the Evil Dragons together with us!

It sure makes me feel stronger! —But I don’t think the number of Evil Dragons are decreasing! It will be good if he can use a darkness that covers the whole sky just like in Romania, but that drains his energy a lot and it isn’t something he can do many times or have it last for several minutes. The number of enemies are far greater than before. Gasper’s power is one of our keys in this battle of defense. Rather than having him unable to fight by having him push himself, Kaichou judged that it would be better if he just kept on creating and sending out his beasts of darkness.

Fourteen Evil Dragons come at us right ahead! I change the piece inside me to “Bishop” and have two cannons appear on my shoulders. The huge amount of aura is charged into my cannons.

—Welsh Blaster Dragon!

I will tune it so I don’t destroy the town but just defeat those guys!

“Alright, here I come!”

The two red auras that come out from the cannons engulf the army of mass-produced Evil Dragons and then blow! The army of Evil Dragons perish with the shot just now! That’s a good sign!

Even so, their attack shows no signs of stopping. I spread my Dragon wings and go ahead together with Nimura-san.

Roughly ten minutes pass.

It happens when there are piles of Evil Dragons that we defeated are lying around. From behind us, an explosive sound which can be heard even from here occurs!

When I look that way—I see a purple flame pillar that reaches high up the sky. ……It has the shape of a cross.

Walburga huh. That’s the southern part of the school! I’m sure the one in charge over there is Rias and Bennia!

I then hear a voice from the magical device in my ears which acts as an earphone. It’s Sona-kaichou’s voice.

[……The Holy Cross user has assaulted from the southern region. It will be hard for only Rias and Bennia to take her on. For now, narrow the area you must defend by forming a group of four. Everyone, for now please fall back—]

An explosive sound and a black flame interrupts Sona-kaichou! It isn’t the cross! Then what is it this time!?

We then hear Koneko-chan’s scream.

[This is Koneko who is in charge of Southwest region. ……Evil Dragons Grendel and Ladon have appeared.]


Grendel!? At this time…… No, he must have showed up because of a time like this! Longinus possessor from the South and legendary Evil Dragons from the Southwest!

Koneko-chan and Saji are in charge of the Southwest region! It’s impossible for those two to take on Grendel and another Evil Dragon!

Nimura-san and I look at each other and head towards Koneko-chan after confirming with each other.

When we arrived there, the school is in front of our eyes as well as danger. It’s a place where there are many windmills. But several windmills have been destroyed already and there is smoke arising from them.

A Dragon who has more evil aura than others realises that I am approaching it. It shows an evil grin and narrows its dangerous and glittering silver eyes.

[Hey, Sekiryuutei, it’s been a while! Here I am!]

Yeah, I know. It even makes me sick. This is my third time encountering him. And it makes me sick.

Where are Saji and Koneko-chan……? When I look around—I catch the sight of Koneko-chan and Saji that are battered already, but are confronting Grendel. Great. Looks like I made it in time.

I’m relieved but a tree that has a shape of a dragon appears before me. No, it’s the giant Tree-Dragon—. The part of its region which I presume is its face opens. That’s most likely its mouth. Then the shining red things located at the dent must be its eyes—.

It catches me within its sight and then a voice can be heard.

[This is my first time meeting you. “Insomniac Dragon” Ladon is my name. I’m mostly in charge of barriers and protection walls…..pleased to make your acquaintance.]

……So this guy is one of the main culprits behind this attack. And the one who covered this whole region with a barrier is this guy. If I remember right, he’s proficient in defending and sealing, right? He was apparently one of the trials the First-Gen Heracles had to face, but I think I heard that it got defeated by having Hydra’s poison thrown in its mouth. Sadly, I don’t carry a useful item like that, and even if I did, it probably got rid of its weakness through the power of the Holy Grail……

Grendel says it to us who are making a stance towards him.

[I heard, you know? You guys made a thing called school, right?]

He points its thick fingers towards there. He then says it as he makes more evil grin.

[If I try to destroy that, then all of you will have fun with me more seriously, right?]


……This bastard……! Just how much can he……!

Saji and I raise our anger at his words that’s trying to play with us! The four of us here which includes me, Koneko-chan, Saji, and Nimura-san, need to defeat him here! No, in the worst case scenario we have to hold him here till the Magicians complete their teleportation magic-circle! Of course we will beat him up as much as we can!

Grendel expands his wings and roars!

[Then, let’s start! Will I destroy that school or will you guys destroy me, let’s see which one does that firsssssst!]

He then blows air into his stomach immediately! He’s trying to breathe fire!

He—turns towards the school! He’s planning to shoot it out! This bastard is trying to shoot a giant fireball at the school!

“No you won’t!”

I try to smash him by moving to his side—but a barrier wraps around me! It feels as if I entered a giant bubble!

I look towards Ladon! The Tree-Dragon is releasing a black aura while glaring at me with its glittering red eyes!

Ku……! I fell for it! I showed a hole in my defence because Grendel’s fire took my attention! He put barrier on me then!

Nimura-san and Koneko-chan jump ahead to hit Ladon!


“Give Senpai back!”

Nimura-san’s powerful kick and Koneko-chan’s punch covered in touki! Both of them nail the target sharply—but the protection wall around Ladon blocks them as if they were nothing.

[It’s futile. A mere attack won’t break my barriers.]

It’s not that the attacks of those two are weak. Koneko-chan and Nimura-san’s attacks smash the mass-produced Evil Dragons. However, the barrier created by this Dragon blocks them completely!

I try to attack from inside the barrier—but it doesn’t even move! What the, what’s with this solid barrier!? My punch is powerful enough where it can blow away normal defensive magic-circle with ease!

Grendel yells at Ladon after seeing me caught inside the small barrier.

[Oioioioi, Ladon! Sekiryuutei is mine!]

He glares at his comrade with eyes filled with murderous intent. No, they probably don’t see each other as one. After all, I heard that Grendel even went against Aži Dahāka.

Ladon says it plainly as if he didn’t care.

[It shouldn’t be a problem. You had fun with this person several times already, correct? Sekiryuutei that is said to be focused with raw power as much as possible. I would like to test whether he can break through my barriers.]

Grendel glares sharply at him. While it turned into a situation where he would blow up in any second, Grendel steps back as he makes a sound with his tongue.

[Chi! That’s why I don’t like working with someone! Alright. Euclid will get noisy if Evil Dragons fight against each other. Then I’ll just take care of these guys. This is the only time I’m allowing this, got it, Ladon? I won’t take this request for the second time!]

Grendel leaves me and rushes towards Saji.

[Then I’ll take care of Vritra! Hey, Vritra-chaaaaaan!]

This is bad! He will be too much for the current Saji to handle himself! I try to have Koneko-chan and Nimura-san assist Saji—but both of them get cut off due to the attacks of the mass-produced Evil Dragons that are coming down from the sky!

……Looks like I have to do it! This isn’t the time to reserve my stamina!

—It’s time for my Crimson armour!

I then say the chant!

“—I, who is about to awaken am the Sekiryuutei who holds the truth of king up high! Holding infinite hope and unbreakable dreams, and walking the path of righteousness! I will become an Emperor of Crimson Dragon—”

“— And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in deep crimson light!”

A crimson glow emits from my armour and changes its shape! –At the same time I promoted, I break Ladon’s barrier!

The powerful barrier that engulfed me perishes with the single punch of my True-“Queen”!

Alright! In this form I will be able to break Ladon’s barrier or whatever he uses!

I try to go to Saji’s aide after kicking him once, but another barrier envelops me! And this time there are two or three layers of them!

Ladon’s eyes at the dent of its face shines mysteriously!

[I see, so this is the rumoured Crimson armour. It seems like it can destroy my barrier……but I wonder if it works with two or three layers of them?]

“I simply have to destroy them!”

I don’t care what it is, so I punch the barrier front of me first! —But, another barrier appears as soon as I break it and it stops me from escaping! Simply attacking this won’t be effective! He may be planning to have me use up my stamina by having me attack! Then I simply have to blow away Ladon from this position using my Crimson Blaster! But I’m not sure whether it can also break through the protection wall around him.

This is bad. This guy has the worst compatibility with me! For myself with firepower, there’s a risk for guys like this who make the attack go elsewhere seal my move completely! If I have at least Ddraig return, it will become a different story if I can use those wyverns while suppressing my consumption rate......!

Darkness Gasper’s beasts try to attack and destroy the barrier around me, and even if they succeed in making a crack, it gets repaired instantly. So their attacks lack criticality.

While I’m trying really hard to figure out how to deal with this situation, a dull sound reaches my ear. A sound as if a bone got crushed. When I look that way—I find Saji on the ground while he places his hand on his stomach!

Grendel has a posture where he looks like just did a kick. Did he receive a direct kick from him!?

Saji……has his black flames waver, and he’s trying to take the enemy head on by connecting the line to him. But having an exchange of blow with Grendel who is insanely strong in it is impossible unless you are the same power-type as him. No, this is Saji we are talking about. He must have dodged it. But Grendel is also fast. Grendel must have kicked Saji while following his move!

[Guhahahaha! What the, Vritra isn’t here? You probably could have continued if he was here, right? Well, someone like you who only combined other Sacred Gears can’t take me on, you know? Unless you have high offense and defence like the Sekiryuutei over there.]

Grendel laughs. Yeah, Saji doesn’t have Vritra with him now. In order to help Ddraig and Albion, he went into the depth of the Sacred Gear together with Fafnir.

After Grendel glances at Saji once, he walks towards the school. —But Saji doesn’t give up and stands in front of him.

“I won’t let you go there!”

He makes a wall with the black flame and surrounds Grendel in every direction. Grendel gets rid of them by simply swinging his arm. Even so, Saji continues to increase the number of lines and connects it to Grendel. He’s probably thinking that making Grendel’s power weaker as much as possible is a good idea.

“Nimura! Toujou-san! I’ll connect these lines to you two—”

Saji tries to connect his line to his comrades. He’s planning to connect that and change the Evil Dragon’s power to a power for Devils. If that’s possible, we can trim away the enemy’s power and make it our own. It will be throwing a rock and getting two birds……

[You are in the way, damn braaaaat!]

Grendel moves its gigantic body quickly and stops Saji’s movement! Grendel who came in front of Saji brings his foot up and then drops it!

Saji gets smashed to the ground! His body bounces several times as he rolls the ground!


Saji vomits loads of blood from his mouth. That attack is bad! He’s critically injured! Unless he gets healed immediately, Saji will……!

I open my cannons which are hidden inside my wings in order to save Saji! I then aim it at Ladon!

Ladon smirks.

[Oh my! That must be your special move, correct? Very well! Shoot me! I will definitely block it!]

“Keep on saying that, shithead!”

I send my aura to the cannons and build up the energy! Koneko-chan and Nimura-san continue to defeat the mass-produced Evil Dragons while trying to approach Saji!

“Genshirou-senpai! Please run! Geez, move it, all of you!”

“……We can’t allow you to die here!”

Both of them try to rescue him desperately! Me too! I’ll destroy these barriers and will go to him right away!

I confirm that the cannons have the energy charge from inside the barrier. I then release it towards Ladon!

“Goooooooo! Crimson Blasteeeeeer!”

A huge amount of crimson aura gets released! It destroys the barriers around me with ease and is heading towards Ladon! The moment it hits the barrier which he activated, the crimson aura makes an explosive sound while making a bright flash!

What lies behind the explosion after the wave of aura settles—is the Evil Dragon Ladon who has smoke coming from his body but is still alive!

……There are parts on his body that have been blown away, but his main body is unhurt…..!

I become speechless after realising once again how hard the Evil Dragons are. I don’t know what to say. All of them are rock solid! The Gremory-group that has high fire-powers are being treated like kids!

For the third time, barriers envelop my body in many layers! ……This again!?

Ladon laughs quietly.

[Good attack. I never thought it would penetrate my protection walls…… But my body is also quite hard, you know? My body isn’t as solid as Grendel, but I will be harder if I include my barriers.]

……So this is our enemy huh. Someone who is more powerful than him is waiting for us. It’s over for us if Crom Cruach appears here. We will have to fall back and regroup with others to attack him if he does. Though the question is, how far can we go…… No, our current aim is to defend this place. You can say it’s our victory if the teleportation magic-circle is completed. Well, even if we succeed in letting the residents escape from this town, we can’t avoid fighting these guys unless the barrier around this whole region disappears……

While Ladon and I fight, Grendel continues to move towards the school!

We can’t let him go! He will destroy that school with joy! We can’t let him destroy that school!

That place is filled with the children’s dreams……!

My friend who stands up while being in battered state appears in my sight.

“……I won’t let you!”

Saji whose body is covered in blood pushes himself to stand and he connects many lines to Grendel’s body! He tries to stop him by pulling the lines—but Grendel simply puts on a fearless smile.

[What the! A weak power like thaaaaaat! Do you think you can pull my body with something like that? Guhahahahaha! Futile futileeeeee! Damn grunt!]

Grendel shakes his body and rolls over! Saji gets pulled and gets thrown up the air! Grendel tries to release his punch by swinging it down! Saji tries to make a shield of fire after he thinks that getting hit by it is bad—but his timing was slow, so he receives the sharp punch to his body!

The sharp sound reaches my ears and Saji gets smashed to the ground. His body bounced on the ground violently and smashed into the windmill! The windmill gets destroyed due to the impact.

Saji—stands up weakly from the rubble. His face is covered in blood, he has blood coming out from his mouth, and his right arm is bent the wrong way.

“……I won’t let you destroy……the school……that place is……that place is…….”

He starts to repeat on saying that quietly.

Maybe he lost interest in the battered Saji, so Grendel ignores him and heads towards the school.

Darkness Gasper’s beasts charge towards Grendel, but he doesn’t even take them on seriously and defeats them!

Saji……stands desperately with his shaking legs and tries to pull Grendel with the lines. —But that was also useless. Saji couldn’t overpower Grendel’s charge and falls.

Even though he’s getting dragged on the floor and is being covered in dirt, he doesn’t let go off the lines—.

“……I won’t let you go, I absolutely won’t……”

No matter how many times he gets smashed by Grendel’s tail, he doesn’t let go off the lines—.

Seeing him……I couldn’t keep down my emotion.

Saji’s words flash back to my memories.

—…………Hey, Hyoudou.

—……The children call me “Sensei”. ……They call me “Sensei” with a smile. Even though I’m……far from being one.

—Hyoudou, I came to realise it once again after engaging with the children here.

—I will definitely become a “teacher”.

—Though I need to promote to a Mid-class Devil first.

—But, I definitely will.

You idiot……! You……! You are still trying to protect that school……even after being in that condition……!

Yeah, I know, Saji! What’s in your head right now are the children’s smiles, right? You have to do it after you saw those smiles! You have to move! Of course you would resist even if that means death!

But at this rate, Saji will really die!

I hit the barriers while having tears in my eyes. I continue to hit it! Ladon’s barriers that continue to repair no matter how many times I destroy them!

My friend, my important friend! He’s fighting while putting his life on the line! He’s standing up even though he’s in a serious condition! Why do I have to be sealed inside a pathetic thing like this!?

Ladon simply laughs.

[Oh, you are good. Such overwhelming power. At this rate, you will break through my barrier. —However, that boy and that school can’t be saved.]

Grendel laughs loudly. He lifts his feet and he’s about to stomp Saji!

[Guhahahahaha! Too baaaaaad! This is the end for you! Guhahahahahahahahahaha! And it’s decided that school will be crushed as weeeeeell!]

The moment his foot is about to stomp Saji—.

Someone picks up the fallen Saji and evades Grendel’s stomp.

There are several people that are facing Grendel—the children’s dads.

There’s also some I know among them. —It’s Lirenkus’s dad.

“You are……Lirenkus’s dad!”

“……There are no residents in this area! We will assist you! We will buy you as much time as possible, so please reorganise your formation……”

Koneko-chan and Nimura-san finally get away from the mass-produced Evil Dragon’s assault and arrive at where Saji is. They fall back after picking him up.

The dads stand in front of Grendel boldly!

“B-Bring it! Damn Evil Dragon!”

“We won’t let you go to that school!”

The dads don’t flee from Grendel even though their bodies are shaking in fear.

Grendel laughs lively after seeing that.

[What the heck. Mere grunts trying to interfere with my fun? Geez, grunts should die as grunnnnnnts!]

Grendel sucks in air to his stomach and breathes out fire! The dads’ activate the defence magic-circle, but they get shattered and blown away by the force!

“Please run! At this rate, all of you will be killed!”

Even though I screamed at them, the dads faced Grendel although they were covered in wounds!

Before the fight, I had a little chat with Lirenkus’s dad.

Lirenkus’s dad took out a badge from his pocket and showed it to me. —It’s an Oppai Dragon merchandise.

[There was something my son took an interest to. It’s the Oppai Dragon. The reincarnated Devil, Ise Gremory, cooperates with many of his comrades and defeats the enemy. The main character who is usually goofy, fights while putting his life on the line. My son became addicted to your program. He became captivated by it……]

Lirenkus’s dad looked up at the school and smiled.

[When we heard about this school, this was what Lirenkus said with a bright expression.]

—I want to attend this school! I will attend this school and become a Devil that fights for others!

[……I was happy. My son……shared his dream with us. My son who usually shunned himself. Lirenkus who wasn’t blessed with talent. He attained a dream…… You have no idea how amazing this is! That boy learned magic. He was able to use magic. My son could do something! ……For my wife and me, it was something which felt like a dream……]

As he showed me his smile, he said this to me—.

[For my family, this school is our hope. It’s our dream. So we can’t allow it to be destroyed. We can’t allow it to get destroyed! Even at the cost of my life, I'll protect my son’s dream even if a little.]

Grendel’s fireball hits the dads without mercy. It makes a violent explosion—.

Lirenkus’s dad who gets blown up in the air and gets smashed to the floor without being able to do anything.

Lirenkus’s dad who gets blown close to me—has his armour cracked, and blood spurting from his whole body.

Lirenkus’s dad apologises to me.

“……I’m sorry. I could only do this much for you……”

I shout while I shake my head.

“Please get a hold of yourself! You have a duty where you have to watch over his future. Don’t die! Asiaaaaaa!”

I shout Asia’s name! We need her healing power! Please heal Saji and the dads! We can’t allow these brave warriors that tried to protect this school die!

They have to survive. They need to survive for the children that will attend this school!

I then hear Asia’s desperate voice through device.

[I’m sorry, Ise-san! Other people were also injured……please hold on a bit longer!]

……When I look around, I can hear lots of explosion, impact, and earth tremoring from afar. Everyone is defending this place desperately…… Everyone is standing up even if they are injured……!

……If I’m the only one being caught in a barrier without being able to do anything……I won’t be able to look at everyone else in their faces!

I then prepare for shooting Crimson Blaster once again! Ladon simply laughs fearlessly.

[I see, so you will shoot it once more? Very well. Then I shall take you on once again. Though the result will be the same!]

Stop saying rubbish! —But, the mass-produced Evil Dragons are gathering while we are doing this, so the four of us and the dads have been completely surrounded.

……Even if I’m able to breakthrough here and escape, Saji and the dads…… I’m not sure whether they will survive!

……Anyone, anyone is fine. There will be a chance if someone comes to our aid!

“……I must use it here!”

Koneko-chan becomes determined and is charging her ki. She must be planning to use “Shirone mode”. That’s her last resort. If she uses that, there’s a chance that she will faint.

A situation where we find ourselves helpless. The situation of the battle here is getting worse. It happens when I was biting my teeth hard due to the frustration—.

One of the Evil Dragons surrounding us jumps up high. No, that’s wrong. I become dubious at the way it jumped unnaturally.

That Evil Dragon wasn’t the only one that did a weird jump. They start to get pushed up one after another. Yes, I find myself in a situation where the giant Evil Dragons are getting thrown up into the sky. Such strange phenomenon is approaching me.

What appears in my sight—is a very dense touki.

I finally understand. The mass-produced Evil Dragons were punched into the air.

That person. That man. He opens the path by blowing away the giant Evil Dragons with his fist only……!

That man appears manly while he beats the Evil Dragons. While having a golden lion accompany him—.

Sairaorg Bael appears as he defeats the Evil Dragons……!

Seeing that, Grendel laughs.

[Oioioi, who’s that bastard that’s smashing the Evil Dragon grunts?]

Ladon answers.

[He’s most likely Sairaorg Bael of the House of the Great King. I heard that he had poor demonic-power since birth. Apparently he fought equally with the Sekiryuutei over there, only with his bare hands.]

While piling up the Evil Dragons he defeated, Sairaorg-san arrives to our place.

“—Looks like I made it just in time.”

I man cry at his words.


“Yeah, I’m sorry for arriving late. We've got the advantage in the battle up at Agreas. So they sent me here. I came here by force using my touki to go past the Holy Cross’s flames.”

I see, so they have the upper hand up there! My spirits build up simply by hearing that!

No, thanks to this man coming here, I……!

Sairaorg-san directs his fighting spirit towards Grendel and Ladon.

“I hear that you are after that school.”

Everyone here including myself devoted ourselves to protect this town and school.

—But this man is showing more battle spirits than all of us.

The Devil called Sairaorg Bael is right here who is glaring at the Evil Dragons, Grendel and Ladon—.

“I won’t allow you……! —I will have you die, Evil Dragons!”

Our counterattack starts here!

Life.4 The Youth Devil[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Sairaorg-san who is facing Grendel.

Grendel laughs fearlessly. No, he’s building up his tension in joy.

[Guhahahaha! I heard that there is a Great King Bael who swings his fist like an idiot, so were they speaking truthfully?]

“Evil Dragon Grendel. I have heard about you. I heard that you are an evil spirit that enjoys even death.”

[Guhahaha! I never thought the Great King of Devils would call me an evil spirit! I don’t care about such things. The problem is whether you can fight me or not!]

Sairaorg-san says this to Grendel who has an evil aura coming out of his body.

“—Then come at me.”

The giant Evil Dragon’s fist gets released towards Sairaorg-san! He came head on! Sairaorg-san doesn’t dodge but takes it on purpose! His body that is covered in touki is more than tough since he has iron-like defence, so he even endures Grendel’s powerful hit!

The man, Sairaorg-san, then strikes back!


Sairaorg-san who has jumped up releases his punch which is covered in touki towards Grendel’s face! The impact and shock created by the collision vibrates the air violently.

While having blue blood come out of his mouth, Grendel laughs as if he’s seriously happy.

[Oho♪. ……Seriously. I never thought there was a Devil who fights with only his body and uses hand-to-hand combat……! And he even manages to hit back……!]

Grendel who is shaking in joy yells at Ladon.

[—Ladon! I’ll take this guy. Yeah, let me. This guy is a shitty Devil that I will have major fun to toy with! Who besides me will blow this guy away!?]

Grendel directs his will to fight towards Sairaorg-san. Ladon shakes his head in astonishment—. But a communication-type magic-circle appears around the ears of the two Evil Dragons. Devil symbols appear on it, and it seems like it’s telling them something.

……From the looks of it, I’m guessing that Euclid is giving orders to those two.

[I will have myself fight here! It has just become gooooood!]

Looks like Grendel is arguing back to the one he’s talking to.

Then Ladon sighs. The barrier around me suddenly disappears.

This is what Ladon says with an unpleasant voice.

[……Very well. I will head there then.]

Saying that, Ladon makes a teleportation magic-circle, the Dragon Gate, appear below his feet—. After looking at me once, he disappears within the light after saying “So then, farewell”.

……He ran away? No, did he go to Agreas? I heard that the Devils have an advantage over there. He may have been summoned as reinforcement. It seems like they called Grendel as well, but I guess he probably declined…… Grendel remained here solely to fight us.

I became free so I moved next to Sairaorg-san and say to him.

“He’s an opponent who will be too much for you to handle alone, Sairaorg-san!”

Sairaorg-san nods.

“Yeah, I understood that while we exchanged punches. —But it’s a different story if I were to team up with you, right?”


……My body shakes from the bottom of my heart at those words. My body is getting heated up with excitement.

There’s no way I can say no if this man says this to me!

—Oh man. I can team up with this man and fight!

The feeling of joy swirls inside my body and it builds up my battling spirits!

“Yes, I’m honoured. Let’s beat this persistent Evil Dragon together!”

“Fufufu, you sure know the right words to say. This is a good start to wear the lion’s cloth.”

Sairaorg-san stands next to the golden lion, Regulus. He then says it as he points at Grendel!

“—Evil Dragon Grendel, I determine you as a sworn enemy of the Underworld! Reguluuuuuus!”

[Yes sir!]

Regulus then starts to emit golden lights! This phenomenon—I know it! Sairaorg-san than howls loudly!

“My lion! King of Nemea! You, who has been called Shishiou! Answer my howl and turn into my armouuuuuur!”

This whole region then shakes. It blows away the surroundings, then Sairaorg-san and the lion burst!

[Balance Break!]

“Balance Breakeeeeeer!”

It appears while flashing the surroundings with bright golden light.

—The Great King covered in a golden armour.

This is Sairaorg-san and Regulus’s Balance Breaker— “Regulus Rey Leather Rex”!

He stands next to me while emitting an explosive amount of touki. ……He was my enemy back then. But it’s different now. He’s a dependable comrade with whom I will defeat the shithead in front of me!

Grendel simply laughs lively by seeing myself covered in crimson armour and Sairaorg-san covered in the golden armour.

[—That’s it. I won’t be able to have fun in killing you if you don’t become like this!]

That instant, Sairaorg-san and I went ahead to hit him at the same time, but Grendel takes us head on. Sairaorg-san and my punch hit towards Grendel, but he blocks it by crossing his arm!

A powerful shock vibrates the surrounding and our double punch breaks through his guard. He becomes shocked the moment he had his guard broken, but he becomes happy as he puts on a taunting smile!

Sairaorg-san and Grendel start a brawl where it doesn’t feel like there’s any size difference! The Shishiou’s fist reaches the Evil Dragon’s face while Grendel’s punch strikes Sairaorg-san’s whole body! Each of them hit each other in their vital spots. They punch, they gouge, they kick, they hit, and they punch each other again!

Even though their blood taints the surrounding, even though you can hear dull sounds from their bodies, the Shishiou and the Evil Dragon doesn’t feel like they will stop their barbaric bout!

Both of them are the embodiment of power. There’s not a single technique, demonic-power, or magic involved. Simply a clash of power vs power!

A clash of spirits between the pure power-types where no one can get involved!

…………I have to join in……! I’m also the Sekiryuutei that is called a power-type! I won’t do something like not joining in when I’m present!

After exhaling the air once, I charge towards Grendel! I succeed in punching the side of his face and joining in this hellish fight!

Sairaorg-san smiles once, and then we start to attack Grendel at the same time!

My punch and my kick lands on Grendel, but at the same time, I get hit by his powerful attacks! Even if I get slammed to the ground, even if I get thrown up to the air, there’s no way I can stop after starting this fight!

Sairaorg-san and I simply punch and kick the Evil Dragon that is the embodiment of brute strength itself! This is a fight of overwhelming the enemy. We simply need to overwhelm him. We are attacking to oppress Grendel, to make him go down by hitting, hitting, and hitting him even more. There aren’t any tactics involved. Even if my armour gets cracked, even if my body is crying out in pain, we simply continue to punch and kick Grendel like idiots!

Eventually Grendel changes his smirk into that of distress!

“ “Ha!” ”

Sairaorg-san and my punch land sharply into Grendel’s face at the same time!

He gets pushed back—and falls onto his knee. Grendel starts to breathe heavily. He couldn’t have breathed any air properly during our exchange of blows. Even if he’s an Evil Dragon, his limit will come if he continues to receive attacks which stops him from taking a rest.

[……Guhahahaha! Amazing, amazing indeed! You two are trying to corner me with simple close-combat! Most of the ones that fight me discard the option to fight me head on and use traps instead!]

Sairaorg-san says it to Grendel who is laughing while coughing out blood.

“I’m sorry. This is the only thing I can do. —I came this far with this.”

Grendel becomes so happy that he starts to shiver at his words. He tries to fix his posture by falling back once! The sound of him biting something at the back of his fangs—. His body then starts to heal.

—Phoenix’s tear. Of course they have it!

Grendel makes his stomach larger! He’s planning to release his fireball! Sairaorg-san and I split by going in opposite directions and kick his stomach from the sides. Grendel jumps by a margin and dodges. He then releases many fire balls which are directed at us!

I avoid getting hit by it immediately and dodge his attacks, but Sairaorg-san—takes it head on and destroys the fireball with his punch covered in touki! To be expected from the man who talks with his fist! A single punch can destroy the Evil Dragon’s fireball!

After the fireballs are gone—Grendel who is supposed to be there is gone. When I search for his presence—I find him up in the air! He comes down at us at high velocity!


Sairaorg-san doesn’t even flinch at Grendel’s assault. He stands strongly on the ground with his legs without any second thoughts, and then tries to prepare for a punch! But it will be too much for him to handle that alone! I descend behind Sairaorg-san and touch his back! —I will transfer this power to him!


My boosted power flows into Sairaorg-san and I succeed in increasing his touki dramatically! Sairaorg-san puts so much touki into his fist that it blows away his surroundings, he then—releases his punch at Grendel that is coming at us!

His uppercut which is filled with touki hits Grendel’s face. He has blood bursting out from every hole in his face and slams to the floor violently!

[Guhahahahaha! It isn’t over yeeeeet!]

I close the distance as he tries to stand up while laughing, and release my kick which has been boosted! Grendel who received my kick stumbles and breaks his posture!

Even so, he stands on his feet without falling and wipes the blood dripping from his mouth with his hand. He’s putting on a smile as if he’s really happy. ……Like usual, he must love battles so much.

[……That was strong. The punch of the next heir of the Great King who’s over there. Not just my body, but even my soul gets damaged every time I get hit by it. ……Though it’s a weird way to say that my soul hurts. But my body hurts from the core that my consciousness almost flies away. I’m sure I’m not wrong.]

……You are telling me Sairaorg-san’s punch isn’t just reaching Grendel’s body but also his soul? Touki which is said to be the increased life force. Sairaorg-san’s attacks which is filled with them. It seems like its effective against Grendel more than I imagined that he’s actually receiving damage.

Sairaorg-san crunches his fist.

“I see. You are much harder than I heard you were.”

Maybe Sairaorg-san also realised how hard Grendel is. But this man smiles instead.

“No, it isn’t something where my attacks won’t work. If I hit together with the Sekiryuutei, then it’s possible to land another punch above it!”

Yeah. He’s exactly right! I also feel the same. Even though he’s hard like always, I don’t feel as much threat at Grendel’s defense like I did before!

It must be due to myself trusting the attack power of the next Great King besides me. Absolute destructive power which is different to Rias’s power of destruction—. I know because I tasted that myself.

—With Sairaorg-san and my punch, we can overcome this guy!

Grendel lessens his creepy smile, and after he bends his neck while making a noise—he comes at us! He’s attacking head on like usual! He comes hitting at us directly, stubbornly! We also start our assault!

Just before both sides were about to clash head on—he jumps and leaps above us! Grendel who went up into the air releases his fireball at us that are right below him! Sairaorg-san and I ignore the fireball and jump to the sky! This heat is nothing! What can this fire even do! I can’t show it! I can’t show myself backing away while I’m standing next to this man called Sairaorg Bael!

—I’m not allowed to show my pathetic side to this man who had a brawl with me!

We overcame Grendel’s fire and punch his stomach at the same time! I release my giant arm of that Solid Impact punch! Sairaorg-san releases his touki punch!

The moment it hits him, it makes a sound so massive that it may have echoed through this whole region!

So much amount of blood comes out of Grendel’s mouth!

This time, he received critical damage! No matter how solid he is, no matter how hard he is, that attack just now definitely worked!

—This time, we can finally defeat this guy!

It happens when I was screaming in joy inside my head for our victory—.

A giant fire pillar appears next to me—. A purple flame. It has a shape of a cross—.

When the fire disappears, I see Sairaorg-san who is burned all over his body and has smoke coming out of him.


Sairaorg-san falls on the spot silently.

……He was attacked!? Why!? Why did that purple fire appear here!?

I become shocked at the sudden attack. And it seems like this was an unexpected turn of events for Koneko-chan and Nimura-san as well, so they don’t know how to respond! I look around myself!

I then hear loud laughter! From the sky! When I look up—I see someone above the magic-circle above the air!

“Ohohohoho, I’m sorry for that. I couldn’t help but to use an even stronger cross.”

Walburga of the Purple Flame!? Why is that Magician here!? She should be at the Southern region—wasn't she supposed to be fighting Rias and the others!?

I have so many questions, but the fallen Grendel stands up and criticises Walburga who is in the air.

[Oioioi, don’t butt in! Damn Magician!]

“Oh my. But, weren’t you having a hard time? I sure would like some gratitude.”

……Jesus Christ! To be on the verge of danger in a place like this!

Sairaorg-san who is on the ground has smoke arising from his body and he doesn’t show any sign of moving. ……This is bad since that cross of fire is a holy relic! It’s not simply a venomous poison for us Devils but more of an instant kill weapon! Though he avoided being extinguished thanks to his touki, there’s no doubt he has serious damage even if his armour has strong resistance towards projectile weapons since he got hit by it directly! And he most likely got hit by the cross of fire which is more powerful than the ones surrounding the region. If we don’t heal him immediately……this person will……!

Then something which is black appears within my sight! I become alert thinking that it’s a new Evil Dragon, but it’s actually Gasper who became one with the darkness!

《I’m sorry, Ise-senpai! She started flying around the battlefield causing disruption!》

Gasper says that. What the. So this witch has been moving around in the air on that magic-circle of hers! If she goes around to each location where my comrades are fighting and uses that cross of hers, our duty of protecting this place will fail! Well, that must be that woman’s plan!

“Ufufufu, I’m here, cute looking Vampire-boy. Big sis is over here♪”

Walburga leaves this place as if she’s provoking Gasper! She escaped while doing some skipping in the air!

I then say it to Gasper.

“Gasper! Since Sairaorg-san and I have our hands full, you will be the one who needs to take her on! So stop her!”

《I know! I don’t know whether they will be of any help to you, but I will leave several beasts here! Stop, Holy Cross user!》

After Gasper leaves several beasts of darkness over here, he goes after Walburga and leaves from here!

Grendel complains as he fixes his posture.

[Ke! Never mind. The annoying speed of you two is gone with this!]

He jumps up carelessly! He—stomps on the fallen Sairaorg-san!

“Damn yooooou!”

I rage, but he continues to stomp on Sairaorg-san with disgust!

[Killing each other in a brawl is good—but I love torturing people to death even moooooooooooooooore! Guhahahahaha! What’s wrong!? Show me that punch you're so proud ooooooooof!]

I can’t keep down my anger so I try to close our distance and kick Grendel, but he responds to my move immediately and jumps up!

I run to Sairaorg-san’s side. I become speechless seeing him…… He has horrible burns on his face, he has both of his legs broken due to getting stomped, he has his left arm bent the wrong way, and he has blood bursting out from his whole body.

……Critical damage. He can’t fight any more. ……Shit. For this man to become in this state……with a cowardly attack like that……!

I embrace Sairaorg-san and I have tears flowing out due to the frustration.

“……Don’t cry.”

When I look at his face after hearing his voice, I see Sairaorg-san has his eyes open.


Sairaorg-san leaves me and tries to stand up.

His armour is shattered, his whole body is burnt, but this man tries to stand up gradually with his shaking body even though his pride was shattered—.

Blood bursts from all over his body, and while he spits out the blackish red substances from his mouth, the heir of the House of the Great King moves his body slowly,

That’s because there is an Evil Dragon he must defeat standing in front of him—.

He stands with his heroic eyes where there isn’t a slight shadow in them—.

I then remember the discussion I had with Sairaorg-san.

—This huge, rough and ugly fist of mine was something I trained in order to come this far.

“I must not fall……!”

—But, while I was teaching hand-to-hand combat to the children, I think I finally came to realise it.

Grendel laughs seeing him.

[Is that building that important? For the next heir of the House of the Great King to protect a single thing called school with his life…… You are just showing how foolish you are!]

Sairaorg-san walks ahead step by step even if blood is spouting out from his whole body.

He then says it with a voice that carries his will to fight.

“—There’s a school which has a value of risking my life……!”

—Yes, I, who was born without the power of destruction, must have been born in order to teach them this.

“……I……have come this far while having sacrificed many things. ……But that’s enough…… I will be fine with the only one who couldn’t learn.”

That man who finally stands in front of Grendel makes a stance with his fist.

“My days of punching through loneliness are over. —That is the place where the ones that will be teaching and the ones that will be learning shall gather.”

To his fist—a phenomenon of white light appears.

“……Even though my fist doesn’t carry the power of destruction, I will destroy you……! My name is Sairaorg Bael……! The next heir of the House of the Great King Bael!”

Sairaorg-san who can barely move anymore jumps ahead!

Even though Grendel doesn’t have much stamina left, he takes him head on! Sairaorg-san puts all the touki he has into his right hand and goes hitting towards Grendel! Grendel doesn’t have the time to dodge it and receives the hit—but he counters it by slamming Sairaorg-san to the ground!

While Sairaorg-san lays down on the ground, Grendel wavers his body.

The Evil Dragon who has realised that he has received more damage than he imagined shakes his head and says it as he puts on a smile filled with ecstasy.

[……Chi! This sure can’t be helped! Guhahahaha!]

A communication-type magic-circle appears near his ear who is laughing aloud. After hearing something through the magic-circle, Grendel changes his expression into that of great anger.

[You are telling me to fall back here!? You must be kidding me— ……Damn it, I keep on telling you to stop using the Holy Grail for your advantage……]

After saying that, he makes a sound with his tongue. ……Did someone like Euclid force him to listen?

A magic-circle appears near him. — The Dragon Gate! He’s planning to escape!

Grendel laughs as he walks towards the Dragon Gate.

[I will be leaving then! After I get my body tuned, I will come to fight all of you again, okay? Guhahahahaha! If I have the Holy Grail, I will able to have fun in shit loads of figggggghts!]

I jump ahead to stop him from escaping!

“Wait, Grendel!”

But the Dragon Gate starts to strengthen its bright light and its getting ready for him to teleport away!

Dammit……! God dammit……! Are we letting him get away again? Will he come and attack us again? Just how many times should we let Grendel escape!?

But Grendel who is walking towards the Dragon Gate stops—.

That’s because there’s someone who is grabbing him by the tail.

“—I won’t let you escape……!”

Sairaorg-san who is in a state that is impossible for him to stand is holding tightly onto Grendel’s tail—.

Grendel becomes shocked at the reality he is seeing.

[——!? Y-Yooou!]

Grendel starts to stomp Sairaorg-san with his giant feet! His expression is filled with anger—and also fear.

[You’re too persistent! You damn Deviiiiiil!]

I think there’s a sign of impatience in the Evil Dragon Grendel’s voice.

No matter how you look at this, he has the upper hand. He’s at an advantage. Sairaorg-san’s body already surpassed it's limits, so he shouldn’t be able to stand up.

Even so, I don’t think he will let go off his tail. I don’t even think he will let loose of his grip.

Sairaorg-san who still has the will to fight in his eyes puts on a fearless smile.

“……Fu, fufu…… Hyoudou Issei, it seems my personality of not giving up……has also been certified by the Evil Dragon that is famous for being persistent.”

Sairaorg-san stands up slowly while grabbing onto his tail—.

He shouldn’t be able to move his legs any more. But the Shishiou continues to move with his spirits—.


Sairaorg-san endures the pain and shouts out with his soul. —And he finally makes his stance in front of Grendel.

Seeing that, the mighty Grendel—backs away for the first time. The man who can’t possibly move any more. The man who is supposed to be dying. Without lowering his battle spirits, no, by increasing his battle spirits he stands in front of Grendel.

[…………! You piece of shiiiiiit! ……Y-You’re trying to stand up again……!? Why are you standing up again!?]

Sairaorg-san says it with his eyes filled with the will to fight.

“—In order to destroy you.”


The words said by a dying man. The words which can be taken as no more than nonsense sound so plausible that it makes the Evil Dragon fear.

Sairaorg-san then says.

“Hyoudou Issei, I won’t be able to take him down by myself. Let’s finish this together.”

I answer back in delight.

“Yes! Sairaorg-san! Let’s end this!”

I jump forward and prepare for Crimson Blaster! Sairaorg-san is still holding onto his tail tightly.


With a single shout, Sairaorg-san throws Grendel’s gigantic body up the air while holding his tail! I release an explosive amount of aura at him!

My Crimson Blaster hits him! Looks like Grendel doesn’t have the time to dodge my attack in mid-air now. He falls together with the sound of explosion.

Below my sight, there’s one man who is getting ready. I then have a flashback of Sairaorg-san teaching the kids how to punch at the gymnasium.

—Listen up! In order to do a punch, you would need to bend your hips and release your fist directly forward as if you are punching with your whole body!

“……That’s right, Sairaorg-san……!”

In front of me who said that in tears, the Shishiou’s punch hits sharply, but accurately at the Evil Dragon Grendel who is the embodiment of brute power—.

Grendel vomits out what seems like the remaining blood he has left inside his body and slams down on the ground.

Grendel who shows no sign of moving now says it with a voice that sounds like it will disappear.

[……Dammit…… ……S-Seriously…… ……M-Me……? Just like the time with that destruction princess…… I……am defeated by the bloodlines that carries the power of destruction…… ……This must be a joke……dammit……why……am I……]

After confirming that the tough Evil Dragon has stopped moving, Koneko-chan jumps ahead.

“……I will try the jutsu I trained with Nee-sama!”

Saying that, Koneko-chan gathers the ki from the surrounding and by tuning it together with her touki, she makes a phenomenon occur where the light starts to emit from her body! That’s the “Shirone mode”!

Koneko-chan who has changed into a seductive older woman makes the kasha appear and they surround Grendel as if it’s drawing some kind of symbol.

When Koneko-chan makes a sign with one hand, the kasha starts to spin and a white magic-circle is created while having Grendel in the middle of it!

“……I will seal the Evil Dragon’s soul! Ise-senpai, please give me one of the jewels on your armour!”

By having Koneko-chan urging me to do so, I take off one of the jewels on my armour by force immediately and throw it towards Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan who catches it throws it towards Grendel who is at the centre of the magic-circle and she makes a sign with her hands again!

“Evil Dragon Grendel! That soul, let it rest between the gouge of everlasting darkness and flashing light!”

The moment she says the chant—. The light of the magic-circle strengthens and it flashes this area.

When the light settles, what I witness is—a mass of dirt that has crumbled which has the shape of Grendel and the jewel which is giving a dark green glow.

Koneko-chan says it after taking a breath due to the relief.

“……I talked with Nee-sama. Having them repair their bodies with the Holy Grail won’t end this. So then we should just seal their souls instead. Since there is a technique among the practical use of senjutsu that seals the opponents life force we had been practising it. But that will be impossible with just me. I then received advice from Nee-sama that it may be possible through the use of the Sekiryuutei’s jewel…… I ended up using it during the actual battle without any practice, but it looks like we managed it somehow.”

And she managed to seal him huh. That’s amazing Koneko-chan! Certainly, if you do something about their soul, then they won’t be able to revive with the use of the Holy Grail. The reason why they are persistent is due to the fact that they can revive even with just a fragment of their soul. More importantly, their body turns into dirt when they get their soul extracted huh……

……No, can we really seal them with just this? Koneko-chan gives me, who is feeling uneasy, additional information.

“Once we return, let’s hand this to the Heaven or someone and have them put many layers of barriers on it. This time we will have it sealed in a powerful barrier which prevents it from having his instinct leak out.”

I see, that way, it will certainly seem like Grendel who is sealed won’t be able to come out. Oh, so this is the countermeasure against the Evil Dragons. This way, we don’t need to worry about the Evil Dragons we defeat to get resurrected by the Holy Grail.

Amazing. With Koneko-chan and Kuroka, we don’t need to worry about the aftermath of the Evil Dragons hunt!

The sealing of Grendel finishes and Koneko-chan returns to her normal form—but maybe the fatigue got to her, so she falls on the spot. Nimura-san supports her……but we can’t stay here for long since Saji and the dads are also injured.

I go and lift Sairaorg-san who has fallen down.


“……I’m okay……”

Even though he can’t move his body properly, Sairaorg-san shows me his smile.

……We defeated Grendel. A complete victory. We finally won against that persistent Evil Dragon! We were able to defeat him without letting him escape thanks to this man’s tenacity.

Sairaorg-san smiles with his swollen face.

“……The children of the Underworld are the treasure of us Devils. So let’s protect them together.”


Crime Force Dragon, —Grendel. We finally succeeded in defeating him. This will be the first achievement of D×D—.

After that, the injured people get healed by Asia and Rossweisse-san who were able to come here. No one had any life threatening injuries, but we did consume a lot of our stamina. Apparently the other members that were fighting elsewhere were having a rough battle like here as well.

We then receive orders from Sona-kaichou right after this.

—She tells all of us to fall back and gather around the school.

That’s the proof that the new teleportation magic-circle that is being made by Gondur-san and the Magicians is almost complete.

Part 2[edit]

We arrive right in front of the school as we take down the Evil Dragons that come at us. I witness my comrades struggling with their fight.

“You're late, Ise-kun!”

“You are exactly like a protagonist of a story since you arrive at the climax!”

Kiba and Xenovia are cutting down the Evil Dragons while breathing heavily. Kiba’s face……looks really bad. He must have used Gram. I realised it right away since Shinra-fukukaichou is looking at me with eyes filled with sorrow.

The members that start to gather here have their clothes torn and are putting on tired faces probably due to the intense battles they went through. Gasper is the only one who isn’t here. He still must be after Walburga and is flying around the sky of this town.

Rias approaches Sairaorg-san who has just had his wounds healed.

“Sairaorg-san! You came!”

“Yeah, since we have the advantage up at Agreas.”

I give thumbs up at Rias and my comrades.

“……We completely defeated Grendel!”

Everyone jumps in joy hearing that. Koneko-chan shows the jewel to explain the whole thing. This is what Irina says after hearing the story.

“I understand. Once we get through this crisis, I will talk to Michael-sama about it.”

After that, we started defending in front of the school. We sealed the school and its region with Sona-kaichou’s water-barrier (which has been enhanced with my power), so it’s strong enough to resist the Evil Dragon’s fireballs if their attacks were to come. We prepared hunting traps in various places nearby, and the traps will activate simply by having them approach it.

Obviously we will be fighting the mass-produced Evil Dragons head on. We will be having our comrades who have used up a lot of their stamina and the parents of the children assist us from behind while the ones who still have some stamina left face the Evil Dragons.

The swordsman group consisting of Kiba, Xenovia, Irina, the “Knight” Meguri-san and Bennia starts slashing the enemies while supporting each other and the “Rook” group that consists of Rossweisse-san, Rugal-san, and Yura blocks the enemies range attack and counters them so they are displaying good team play. Shinra-fukukaichou’s counter-type Sacred Gear has also evolved to the level where multiple of them appear at the same time and reflect the enemies attack.

“……I will have you perish!”

The kasha of Koneko-chan in Shirone-mode is the most effective. The Evil Dragons turn to ashes without being able to do anything. Her purification power is basically a one-hit kill attack. —However, she won’t be able to maintain that form for long since she’s breathing heavily. The “Pawn” Nimura-san supports Koneko-chan.


“Eat this!”

People like Rias and Sairaorg-san who can easily take on multiple enemies alone are taking down the enemies quickly. Akeno-san uses her defensive magic and thunder+light attack to give strong support to the two of them.

“Oryah! The next person I need to transfer my power to is—”

I fight by flying around the battlefield while knocking down the Evil Dragons and boost up my power to transfer it to my comrades. The one who mainly orders me to transfer my power to someone is Sona-kaichou.

“Ise-kun! Please transfer your power to one of the swordsman!”

Kaichou gives accurate orders to us while she maintains her water-barrier. The one who protects Kaichou is Saji who has serious damage and the two “Bishops” consisting of Hanakai-san and Kusaka-san.

“I must heal……!”

And the one who works hard and the one who supports us a lot is the healer, Asia. Even though the fatigue is showing up on her the most, she still continues to send her healing light to her comrades.

While we are having such an intensive battle, a very bright light starts coming from the school.

……That’s the light of the teleportation! The magic-circle gradually starts to expand where it covers the whole school. If we use this, we can send the civilians in this town outside! After that, we need to continue fighting until the barrier around this region disappears! It may become a battle where we will use up a lot of our stamina, but it doesn’t mean this barrier will last forever. According to Kaichou and Gondur-san, there’s a limit to this barrier even if it was made by the vicious Evil Dragon. ……We simply need to withstand this situation until their spells run out.

That’s what’s going through my mind, but everyone becomes dubious since the teleportation doesn’t begin at all.

The magic-circle starts to give a strange glow and it makes a single ray of light go beaming in a weird direction!

As we become shocked at the phenomenon that is different to that of teleportation, we move our eyes towards the direction the light went flying towards!

—We can see the sky city Agreas afar.

While the expanding teleportation magic-circle continues to send rays of light towards Agreas, loud laughter echoes through the surroundings.

What we see after looking up is—that Purple Flame Walburga! Gasper also arrives after her but it seems he couldn’t finish her off and had her run around.

Walburga continues to laugh while placing her hand on her mouth.

“Ohohoho, too bad. Attacking this place and Agreas was just a camouflage.”

Sona-kaichou then says.

“—I’m now convinced. So what all of you were actually after was Agreas itself, correct? That’s the floating island that has existed since the era of the Old Maou. The current government, more specifically Ajuka Beelzebub-sama’s researchers, are still investigating that island. The Old Maou—in other words Rizevim Livan Lucifer who is the son of the previous Lucifer, is seeking that island.”

“Ohohoho, to be expected from the heiress of the House of Sitri. Yes, that’s exactly right. Rizevim-ojisama seems to be very interested in that floating island itself. So we decided to have at it by using this method. —By using the teleportation magic-circle of the famous Magicians gathered in this town. There’s a Magician who is connected with us among them! We had the magic-circle that was made by all of the Magicians get tuned right before it activated and have it aim towards Agreas! Looks like our plan was a success.”

……Damn it! There was a traitor among the Magicians!?

As I become shocked, Rias who is next to me says it with a bitter expression.

“……So you had all of this planned from the start. ……To surround this whole region at a time like this and to have an assembly in this town was all done in order to teleport Agreas outside……!”

……They won’t be able to take Agreas if they did it normally. That’s why they put a barrier around this whole region. But they wouldn’t be able to steal Agreas with just that. That’s why they used the assembly of the experienced Magicians that had been researching about 666. They sent their spy among the Magician’s assembly. And if they manage to seal a portion of the Magicians’ magic and seal them here, this is the kind of discussion they will have.

—Lets create a new kind of magic-circle that is big enough to teleport the residents of this town outside.

As a result, they made that and it worked. ……Until the last second before it activated, the spy who is also a Magician changed a section of the spell. The changed spell—releases the teleportation light towards Agreas!

Agreas that can be seen far away gets covered in the teleportation light.

Sona-kaichou then looks around the Student Council members. Hanakai-san and Kusaka-san of the Student Council react quickly and run down to the underground shelter. They must have gone down to check what’s happening down there.

……But I also have come to understand the situation. The reason why they waited three hours was because they knew it would take that much time to complete the teleportation magic-circle.

This was all a setup to steal Agreas! Just how deep are they connected with the Underworld!?

Rias realises this and she crunches her fist tightly.

“……There are still many Devils that support the previous Maou. Especially the name of Lucifer is still great. If the son of the previous Maou appears, then it won’t be weird for someone who would help him without a second thought to appear.”

Sona-kaichou then says.

“What are you planning to do with that island? No, what exactly is there in Agreas?”

Walburga looks towards Agreas.

Agreas……gets enveloped by the teleportation light and it eventually disappears! ……The whole sky city got teleported! So they altered the spell on Agreas so that city alone can go out of the barrier!

“That is—”

It happens when Walburga was trying to explain in joy—. A communication-type magic-circle appears around her ear. Walburga listens to what she’s hearing—but she suddenly stops smiling and looks up!


Walburga is in shock! When we also look up—there’s a crack on the white sky! That is proof that something happened to this giant barrier that is covering this whole region!

The crack gradually gets bigger and the barrier starts breaking!

Eventually the Underworld’s unique purple sky can be seen!

—The barrier is destroyed!

Who was it!? Who did that!? We are the only ones inside! Someone most likely attacked and destroyed the barrier from the outside! Just who on earth broke the barrier—.

A single flash descends in front of us like a shooting star. That flash impales the school yard.

We become deeply shocked at seeing the object that is impaled on the school yard!

—True Longinus!

……Seriously!? Why did that spear come down!? That thing’s possessor is already……!

Everyone becomes speechless seeing that!

Even though we wait, the owner of the spear doesn’t show up. Then the Holy Spear disappears by teleportation!

Walburga then sighs.

“……I never expected to see this kind of event here. But it’s already too late.”

Walburga then clicks her finger. —Then the remaining mass-produced Evil Dragons gather at once and they surround the school. Even though we took many of them down, it seems like there are still hundreds of them……

……So they will continue to attack us even after their plan succeeded!

Walburga says it while putting on an evil smile.

“I love to annihilate things. I know that all of you are tired, but please continue playing with me a bit longer♪”

She says that with a mocking attitude while she swings down her umbrella. That became the signal and the mass-produced Evil Dragons descended towards us at once!

Sairaorg-san who has healed his injuries used up a lot of his stamina but he pushes himself and moves.

“Let’s do this, Rias, Sona! This shame will be passed down to our descendents if we can’t stop them!”

“ “Yes!” ”

Rias and Kaichou respond at the same time.

I also fly up into the air in order to take down the mass-produced Evil Dragons—but something which I can’t ignore appears within my sight! Walburga—directs her hands towards the school!

That instant, —the cross of fire arises within the school yard! She blows away a section of the school!

“The school! Doooooon’t!”

Sona-kaichou’s scream-like voice. Kaichou runs towards the school yard! That’s reckless! Is Kaichou trying to take on the relic’s fire by herself!? She will perish if she does that! She isn’t the usual Kaichou who is always calm.

……The school, the school which is her long-time dream is getting burned right in front of her. She doesn’t want that to happen so much that she can’t resist. Kaichou who is always quiet and who always gives accurate commands is becoming emotional and is heading towards the school yard.

It will be too dangerous to let Kaichou go alone!

“I will go with her!”

Saying that, Rossweisse-san activates the magic-circle in the air and then goes. She catches up to Kaichou right away and they arrive at the school yard. She then starts the spell to create defence-type magic-circles and barriers!

Walburga’s flames go on the assault!

The purple flames attack Rossweisse-san and Kaichou! It seems like the two of them somehow block with their defence-type magic-circle……but the strength of the fire is so strong that the magic-circle gradually crumbles! At this rate, they will be burned by it soon!

“Aim for that witch!”

Rias’s command! We, her servants, change our target from the Evil Dragons to Walburga and head towards her, but the witch makes the purple flame appear around her as if its surrounding her!

“Ohohohoho! Those flames will give critical damage to Devils simply by touching them!”

If we can’t carelessly touch them, then we need to destroy them with long-range attacks! The ones capable of long-range attacks such as me and Xenovia get ready for it by raising our aura! But the mass-produced Evil Dragons come at us as if they are trying to get in our way! Shit! At this rate, these guys will act as her wall and our attacks won’t reach her!

While we are having a hard time battling, Walburga doesn’t rest her hand and continues to shoot the crosses of fire at the school yard! Kaichou and Rossweisse-san’s magic-circle starts to crumble after receiving two or three of Walburga’s attack! They are in a situation where receiving another attack from her will put them in a dangerous situation, but Walburga shoots more crosses of fire! Walburga has already shot by the time we overcome the Evil Dragons and reach her!

The purple flames are about to hit Kaichou and Rossweisse-san—.

But the cross stops right in front of them. That’s because there’s someone who is standing in front of those two and received the cross.

—Saji who has black flames covering his body is standing there.

Saji acted as Kaichou’s shield and he gets burnt by the holy relic’s fire! The black flames couldn’t kill off the purple flames so it continues to burn Saji!


Saji screams out in agony!

“Run! Saji, you will get killed at this rate!”

Kaichou shouts, but Saji doesn’t move away and he continues to give it his all to suppress the cross's fire!

Saji……starts to speak out while having his whole body burnt!

“……I wanted to become like Hyoudou.”

Saji continues while the black fire gradually starts to weaken.

“……Hyoudou and I are “Pawns” that became one around the same time…… He’s so perverted, indecent, and insanely lecherous……but he’s a guy who always gives his all and always goes ahead for his comrades or someone……”

The purple flame……starts to cover him.

“I wanted to become a man like Hyoudou who is strong and on whom people would depend on. But, even if I get a step closer to him, Hyoudou goes five or ten steps ahead of me. No matter how much I train myself, he continues to surpass me by miles. The moment when I realised it and went “Ah, I won’t ever be able to surpass him”……I……became so frustrated with myself.”

Fighting spirit returns back to Saji’s eyes. The black flames……start to increase gradually!

“—I can’t become like Hyoudou. But there’s something I can do. I found something what I want to do!”

Saji shouts from the bottom of his heart—.

“I……! I will become a “teacher”! Those children! I’m going to teach the students who would attend that school! I will teach them that there’s something only they are capable of doing!”

Behind Saji—, Kaichou is crying. She must have realised it. That the readiness of her servants and her own dream has become Saji’s dream itself.

Walburga laughs with delight when she hears that.

“Ohohohohohohoho! It’s useless! That’s because that school will be burned, burned, and even more burned by me right this instant! Now then, let’s burn it♪”

Walburga puts her hand forward in order to increase the output of the cross. That instant.

Next to Saji—a giant black snake appears! —It’s Vritra!

[Sorry for coming late, my other half.]

“Vritra!? You returned from the depth of the Sacred Gear!?”

Vritra smiles fearlessly while having his eyes glow at Saji’s words.

[Yeah, I did. But you know, my other self. It seems like you have matured quite a lot while I was away.]

“……Yeah, it feels like I can do it now. Since I lifted the weight on me.”

Saji mutters that. A suspicious looking aura starts to envelop Saji’s body! I have……seen that before! Yeah, it’s the same phenomenon that occurred when Kiba became a holy-demonic sword wielder, when the Hero-faction enhanced their Sacred Gear, and when I wore the Boosted Gear Scale-mail!

Vritra then howls!

[Relic user! Do not underestimate my black flame!]

“Yeah, let’s do this, Vritra! I sure did waste time in reaching it, but I can do it now! With you, I—”

[My other self. I have waited so long for you to realise it! Now, let’s show them! The power of my evil flames which made me be called the “Prison Dragon”!]

Saji and Vritra get covered in black aura, and the jet-black flames starts to wrap around their bodies!

[ “Balance Break!!” ]

The black aura explodes, and the one that appears is my pal that is covered in jet-black armour! He has lots of tentacles-like things growing out from his armour and they have jet-black flames ignited.

DxD v17 273.jpg

Saji who has just reached Balance Breaker shouts.

[—“Malebolge Vritra Promotion”. I—no, we who are like the flames of Hell. Which one is stronger between our black flames and your purifying purple flames? Let’s have a battle to decide it!]

Saji’s voice is mixed with Vritra’s. Now I understand, those two fused! They were able to reach it because the thoughts of those two became one! So there’s also a Balance Breaker like this!?

Rias then says.

“Malebolge! It’s the floor which is one floor above the deepest floor in Hell. It’s said to be the place where those who have evil minds and have committed sins get sent to!”

Saji makes the cross of purple flames vanish with ease and jumps towards Walburga!

The Evil Dragons attack him—but the many tentacles on Saji’s armour captures them! The moment they are caught by the tentacles, the Evil Dragons get all of their aura sucked out and they turn to dust.

So many curses which are visible with my eyes appear around Saji and they spread through the whole atmosphere!

Shinra-fukukaichou says it fearfully.

“……The Balance Breaker which has that many curses……! You will get cursed to death if you approach it carelessly!”

The fact is, the mass-produced Evil Dragons are continuing to fall down to the ground by being cursed by it!

[Your purple flames and my black flames! Let’s decide which one is superior!]

“Interesting, interesting indeed!”

Saji and Walburga who happily accepts his challenge start a battle of fire versus fire up in the air!

I want to help—but there are still many mass-produced Evil Dragons left! Fine! Then I will tag along with this battle to annihilate all of you!

I raise up my spirit, but I hear Asia say with a loud voice!

“—! I sensed Fafnir-san’s aura! He has most likely returned with Ddraig-san and the others from the depth of the Sacred Gear!”

Oh, so that’s what’s going on! The return of Vritra means that the other Dragons have returned too.

My jewels also starts to turn on and off. I can feel Ddraig’s instinct!

[Yeah, I’ve returned, partner.]

Oh! I was waiting for you, partner! So, how was it?

[Leave it to me. Also, we were somehow able to convince them. Anyway, let’s have some discussion after we break through this situation.]

All right! Then let’s finish this quickly!

Asia opens the Dragon Gate to summon Fafnir!

“—Answer my voice, Golden King. Crawl on the ground, and you shall receive my reward! Please come out! Gigantis Dragon! Fafnir-san!”

After her summoning chants ends, the Dragon Gate makes the glow even stronger and then explodes!

The one who appears along with a golden aura is—Fafnir who is wearing a chef’s hat! ……Wait, a chef’s hat!? Why the heck is he wearing that!?

Then a BGM which isn’t fit for this situation starts. The BGM reminds me of the cooking show you often see on TV at noon.

Fafnir opens its large mouth.

[Hello, and welcome to Fafnir’s three minutes cooking]

Fafnir says something which makes me think there’s something wrong with his head and makes a kitchen appear next to him! Why did a kitchen appear!? I can’t stop retaliating to him! While the only thing I can do is just watch him, this is what he says.

[Today’s dish is “Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants”.]

……Leaving us aside who are all speechless, Fafnir shows us the flip board with the ingredients written on it.

[These are the ingredients]

○Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants


 Asia-tan’s pants

 Onions(sliced) ×1

 Garlic(sliced) ×1

 Olive oil

 Red Capsicum(sliced) ×1

 Salt & Pepper (small quantity)

 Baking Powder

…………????? My brain can’t catch up to this. W-What is he planning to do? But I do know something perverted is going to happen! I-Isn’t this just too insane!?





We are full of questions. When I take a look, I witness the mass-produced Evil Dragons have stopped their attack and are watching this while tilting their heads in wonder! Seriously!? These guys stopped their attack for this!?

Fafnir stands in front of the kitchen and he starts to chop the ingredients he prepared while having his eyes glow.

[First, you chop the ingredients besides the pants.]

He then says this to Asia next.

[Asia-tan, give me your pants.]


It seems like Asia had only the option to agree to this and this is what Fafnir says while he takes the pants from her.

[Just like this, the ingredients must come from the farm right away. It is very, fresh, and new. After you have a good sniff at the pants, you put powder over it.]

……He sniffs the pants right in front of us and he starts putting the powder over it……

He then puts those pants in a frying pan filled with oil!

[You put it in right away in order to have it fried.]

The sound of the oil boiling echoes throughout the battlefield. During this time, everyone besides Saji and Walburga stops their movements and all of us simply watch this. Even the mass-produced Evil Dragons are—. Huh? For some reason there are several Evil Dragons who are unexpectedly interested in this! What the, are you telling me that this cooking has some effect that charms the Evil Dragon!?

Fafnir takes out the pants from the oil as if he thought it’s the right time to do so. He places the fried pants on the plate with the ingredients he finely chopped before. He then says this proudly.

[It is done. My-style, the “Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants”.]


—Several Evil Dragons that are watching him start to give him a clap!

Fafnir then puts the Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants in front of him!

[Now then, I will dig in. Bite and gulp.]

He gives his impression after he puts it in his mouth and starts chewing on it.

[—I want you to stay as you are.]


Several Evil Dragons that were watching him—start crying! ……What the. What do you have to do in order to make this happen!?

Asia then falls! Xenovia holds her!

“Asia, get a hold of yourself! You need to stay strong!”

“……I want to become a crab.”

“No, that’s wrong Asia! That phrase is supposed to be “I want to become a tool”!”

Irina becomes surprised at the conversation between those two.

“Xenovia! You sure know a lot! I really do admire you! To be expected from the excellent student who scored an average of 90% for the end of the semester exam!”


I-I really don’t know what’s going on here, but its certain that the Evil Dragons have stopped their attack for a moment. Can Fafnir’s weird space also stop mass-produced Evil Dragon as well!?

……Oh well. I’ll stop thinking about the hard stuff. By the way, Ddraig. I want to confirm this with you, but, were you able to convince the past Hakuryuukous?

[……Y-Yeah, k-kind of…..]

……It sure does feel like a vague answer.

[……I-I do have the records of it just in case, so you should watch it…… Though it isn’t something I would recommend……]

……I-I don’t mind so just show it to me.

I close my eyes and search deep into the Sacred Gear. Then Ddraig shows me the recording of the past Hakuryuukous.

The faces of the past Hakuryuukous with smiley faces appear in the recording.

[Hello, the current Sekiryuutei. We are the remaining thoughts of the previous Hakuryuukous.]

They are so sociable! You really did succeed in convincing them!

[We couldn’t help but feel very dissatisfied at the actions you have caused.]

Yes, I’m sorry! I need to sincerely apologise about that. Well, since this is a recording, I won’t be able to give them my response.

[For that reason, we created the Victims Association……but it seems like we lacked information.]

So they are going to disband the association huh. Oh man, I really am grateful about that!

While I feel relieved by it, a man who looks stronger than others says this.

[We were able to reach the truth thanks to Fafnir.]


I heard a name that makes me feel uneasy just now…… That feeling of uneasiness changes to words and it comes to my ears.

[—Yes, the wonderfulness of panties.]



I become speechless. My mind freezes, but they continue to talk while putting on an expression as if they know the truth.

[All of us had a common connection where all of us have a lot of interest in the buttocks of the opposite sex.]

……There sure was a Hakuryuukou-senpai inside my jewel who said that buttocks are also nice.

[However, in front of the Hakuryuukou, we had no choice but to deny that.]

[—Having a fetish for the Hakuryuukou is unacceptable.]

[However, Fafnir showed it to us. —An extreme gem, Asia-tan’s pants.]

—The Hakuryuukou-senpai spreads open Asia’s pants!

He has it spread above his head as if he’s holding a divine item—.

[We were notified that in the current world, a cloth which covers the buttocks wonderfully like this exists.]

[Its shape, its role, and its hipline when it is worn on the buttocks—no, the bum.]




The past Hakuryuukou starts to repeat the word hipline with a fluent accent……

[Thanks to that wonderful treasure, we learned painfully that we were lying to ourselves.]

[We heard that the past Sekiryuuteis vanished while saying “Zoom zoom iyaan”.]

[Then we shall say this to declare our peace to you.]

They put their arms around each other and shout this with a refreshing expression.

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [—Asia-tan’s pants, sniff sniff.] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]



……And you call this convincing them, Ddraig-san?

[……………………There are also things even I can’t understand.]

Ddraig says that with a tired voice. Yeah, I can somehow imagine you recording this with astonished eyes. Even if they were able to overcome breasts and butts, this is just too……!

I did hear that they were having a hard time convincing them, but I never expected them to convince them with Fafnir’s pants theory…… This is horrible, seriously horrible.

I wonder what’s going through Vali’s mind right now……

Fafnir then says.

[It will be good if everyone can have peace with Asia-tan’s pants. I, think so. —I wish that to happen. Cute pants are a symbol of peace, the world’s treasure.]

My comrades—are all either covering their faces or look fed up with it! Asia the main girl herself is still laying down!

Rias then says it while shaking her head.

“……There’s definitely something wrong with the Two Heavenly Dragons of this era……”

—I’m included as well!?

I’m sorry! I’m basically the main cause of having Rias being called the Switch Princess! So this phenomenon basically started because of me, didn’t it!? No, I want to think that it’s Fafnir’s fault! Or else I won’t be able to cope with this!

Ddraig then says this at last.

[—That’s the end of it. With this……we can use Hakuryuukou’s power……!]

……I see, so we can use it huh. Yeah yeah, I got it. Yup yup, thank you for that!

“However, being able to stop the Evil Dragons……you sure can’t tell what the Two Heavenly Dragons and the Dragon Kings are capable of doing.”

—A familiar voice reaches us! A red flash passes past us and it descends at the school yard where Kaichou and Rossweisse-san are at!


The red flash blows Kaichou away and envelops Rossweisse-san. ……The one who is standing there after the light settles is Euclid Lucifugus who is wearing the Replica Boosted Gear!

So that bastard decided to appear at a time like this huh!

He—is holding onto Rossweisse-san! Even if Rossweisse-san tries to resist him, she can’t get away from him because he’s holding onto her tightly.

“How do you do, D×D.”


He shrugs his shoulder when I shouted.

“Hello there—Sekiryuutei.”

He then starts to say utter rubbish while he holds onto Rossweisse-san.

“We, the Qlippoth, will be using Rossweisse and that island wisely. Now then. Since the teleportation of Agreas is over, I would want to leave this place since the Underworld’s army will be heading here after they realise the strange activity happening in this region. But I guess you won’t let me do that.”

All of us move quickly and made a formation where we surround him.

“Of course we won’t! Release Rossweisse-san!”

Rias also releases her anger.

“I need to capture you and send you to Onii-sama and Onee-sama!”

That’s right. It’s exactly what Rias said. I will take him to Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san! Grayfia-san……is still being suspected because of this guy! I will end that crap right here!

Euclid simply laughs.

“That sure scares me. Then I shall resist a bit.”

He clicks his finger. Then the Evil Dragons that stopped due to Fafnir’s strange phenomenon get their sense back and resume their attack on us!

But my comrades declare it with courage!

“We can’t whine! I’m sure it will feel bad if we get beaten at the very end!”

Irina flaps her wings that has changed to four wings!

“Of course, Irina!”

Xenovia grips her Durandal again!

“I will also do my best! Fafnir-san, please lend me your power!”

[Of course, I will support Asia-tan.]

Asia and Fafnir try to go all out for the climax.

“Ise-kun, Buchou, we will leave Rossweisse-san to you!”

Kiba goes and slashes at the enemies with Shinra-fukukaichou after he says that!

Rias and I get closer to Euclid once again. —And a magic arrow starts flying at Euclid!

When I look at the direction from where it came—I witness Gondur-san! She looks really exhausted, but she puts her hand forward while her body is moving side to side.

“My granddaughter……I will have her back!”

Gondur-san shows her strong will.

Euclid then says.

“Our comrades have caused ruckus down below, correct? I judge that you have so much fatigue due to dealing with it.”

Rossweisse-san screams at her grandmother.

“Granny! Stop! You can’t move any more because you used up all of your power, right!?”

I see. So she used up her magical-power due to fighting the traitorous Magicians that are connected to these guys down in the basement. The traitorous Magicians were probably skilled Magicians as well, so Gondur-san must have fought quite recklessly.

Gondur-san increases her voice to her granddaughter’s words.

“……Be quiet. I can at least save you!”

Euclid takes a breath in astonishment.

“I’m sorry, but even if you are Magician, you have no hope in opposing me in that condition.”

Euclid who says that activates a magic-circle below his feet! Is he planning to teleport while holding onto Rossweisse-san!?

We make our stance but Gondur-san brings out the last power she has to shoot out the magic-arrows at Euclid’s magic-circle! That moment, Euclid’s magic-circle starts to wave and go in a different direction as if some error occurred, and at the last moment it explodes! The teleportation stopped!

“……Teleportation seal. Oh my, you sure did a cunning move.”

After Euclid says that with hatred, he tries to escape by having the Dragon wings appear! Euclid flies with insane speed! That bastard is trying to run away since he can’t teleport huh!

Rias and I try to go after him, but Gondur-san who falls on the ground says this to us.

“……Sekiryuutei-dono, Princess Rias. ……Please, please save my granddaughter Rossweisse. Please, I beg you.”

Rias and I say this with a smile.

“Yes, of course we will.”

“She’s our comrade who we are all proud of.”

……Rossweisse-san is our important comrade! We will save her! Definitely!

Rias and I nod at each other and fly up into the sky!

When I chase after Euclid with Rias—we find Euclid waiting for us quite far ahead.

Euclid points down while holding onto Rossweisse-san.

He must be telling us to come down. He sure is full of it.

Rias and I descend. It’s a wasteland that is far away from the farming area. I look around myself but I can’t see any building or people. I guess it won’t be a problem if I go a bit reckless over here.

I say it to Euclid who faces us once again.

“Grayfia-san’s brother, Euclid! ……What are you thinking? Why did you appear at this time? On top of that, as a terrorist! Is this a rebellion to the current government of the Devils?”

I want to confirm his intention once again. Even if he’s the mastermind of the terrorist, he’s still Grayfia-san’s little brother.

Euclid then says.

“……There are many reasons, Hyoudou Issei. My dissatisfaction towards the current government and questions I have towards my sister. I questioned myself during so much time. Hyoudou Issei, please answer me. —What is a Devil?”

I can’t simply answer the sudden question.

Euclid also nods when he sees my reaction.

“You can’t give me a proper answer. I’m the same too.”

“……Are you telling me Rizevim’s ideology pushed you forward?”

“Everyone has their own kind of ideals. But I have judged that that person’s ideal is necessary for me.”

Euclid then makes a deep sigh.

“I have thought that it is most important for “Devils” to be a “Devil” towards the humans and the other forces. That simply means that we have to be more evil than any creatures and beings. Regarding this, I have the same thought as Rizevim-sama. However, from here on, it will be my own answer.”

Euclid spreads his arm.

“—I will show all of the forces what “Devils” are by using Rizevim. I will make them realise it. I want them to realise just how brutal and dangerous the evil species called “Devils” are. For me, I don’t care about ruling and politics. No, that is the same for Rizevim-sama. —At the final stage, I want to show what “Devils” are to the human world as well.”

……So this guy is also acting for a reason which doesn’t make sense……!

What does he mean by showing others what Devils are……!?

The smiles of the children I interacted with at that school flashes back in my head.

Are the children of the Underworld who don’t know anything involved with this…..? Hey, are they……?

I distort my face at Euclid’s words.

“……Are you trying to have the Devils distance themselves with all of the other forces and the human world……!?”

Euclid looks afar.

“My sister……I admired her. Even though she’s a woman, she was stronger than anyone and she was more courageous than anyone. She was my pride itself. I even believed that supporting my sister was the path I lived for. But that sister of mine rebelled against working for “Lucifer” and gave her heart to the abnormal species that can’t be called a Devil. Rias Gremory, can you imagine just how shocked I was and how it crumbled my values?”

Euclid then points at me.

“The balance of my heart was broken for a long time and both my mind and body were in a state which was no different to that of a corpse. But I came to this conclusion after finding about you, Hyoudou Issei, who acted as he liked and brought new atmosphere to the Underworld.”

Euclid looks up. He looks somehow bright.

“—“Ah, yes. I should also live as I like”—.”


He realised that he should live as he like after seeing me……? What the heck is that! I can’t understand what this guy has been saying since the beginning!

Rias says it with a voice that carries her anger.

“You are telling me this is what you wanted!?”

Euclid seems like he doesn’t really care.

“It was a simple thought. For the Devils to have a hero—. Children see that hero and get influenced. But that doesn’t seem like a Devil. If that’s the case, I came to the conclusion that I want to show the children what a “Devil” is.”

“You are telling me that the “Devil” you are speaking of is Rizevim!? Don’t start saying utter crap after appearing after so long!”

Rias continues to speak with rage. Her expression is filled with tears and rage.

“……You are twisted! Our species itself is in a dangerous situation, yet, you crave for chaos instead of peace……!”

Euclid tilts his head at Rias’s words.

“Twisted. Rias Gremory, from where to where is it twisted? My actions? Or the annihilation of the Maous that wasn’t supposed to happen? Our existence is supposed to be the “Extra”, the deviated beings, just like in the Bible and documents relate to it—the exceptional beings. The irregular beings like your brother and Ajuka Beelzebub was born possibly due to the corruption of our mythology. No, we probably aren’t the “Devils from the Holy Bible” any more.”


He’s going to show what “Devils” are to the children? And my action became the trigger for his actions……?

I shake my head.

“So you performed your exaggerated ambitions in such ways huh…… But—”

Yeah, but it’s different. Their ambition and their dream has nothing to do with those children!

“Those kids have nothing to do with it! Either way, aren’t you trying to destroy the current Underworld!? If so, then I have to stop you!”

Euclid makes a faint smile when he sees my aura exiting out from my crimson armour.

“Yes, that’s how you are supposed to be. A hero needs to protect something recklessly. Unlike Rizevim-sama, I won’t deny a hero from the start. That’s why you are fitted to be my opponent!”

Rias then asks.

“Then what was your purpose for targeting Rossweisse? Is it because she seems capable of reaching 666’s secret? Even so, wasn’t that a reckless action for you to appear in Tokyo while knowing the danger you put yourself in?”

Yes, it’s exactly what Rias says. No matter what reason he had, appearing in Tokyo itself to recruit Rossweisse-san to his group was a daring move. Aren’t sneaking into cities something you need to be cautious of doing if you're a terrorist? Once your plans get revealed, it will be harder to sneak in the next time. And sneaking in while knowing that doesn’t seem like you have any sanity unless you have a good reason to do so.

He says it while he looks at Rossweisse-san.

“……This person is intelligent. She also has potential. If she comes to our side, we can use her wisely. After all, what she was researching wasn’t the method to unseal 666 but the opposite. —It was to put a seal on it.”


Rias and I become shocked hearing that!

Rossweisse-san’s rumoured essay wasn’t about unsealing 666 but to seal it……?

Euclid continues while he stroke Rossweisse-san’s hair.

“Also……Rossweisse resembles her. She really does resemble her.”

Rias asks him while putting on a doubtful expression.

“……Who does she resemble?”

“—My sister Grayfia.”


Rias, Rossweisse-san, and I become speechless at his confession. ……He says that she resembles her, but their faces don’t look alike. Though their silver hair and the atmosphere they carry may be similar……

Euclid continues while putting on a faint smile.

“……This person may become my sister. That’s very important.”


……Yeah, I finally understand. ……When I first met him, he said “Tell my sister”.

……He, Euclid, is……chasing after Grayfia-san’s shadow……?

Perhaps the actions he took till now and his insane words are all connected to Grayfia-san?

That’s because he came to Tokyo while taking the risk to see Rossweisse-san simply because she resembles her…… That alone proves that he……

Rias suddenly puts on a sad expression.

“……Euclid Lucifugus. You……your heart is already……”

“? What are you saying? I’m still sane.”

Euclid sighs and looks at me—no, he looks at Ddraig and then says.

“Sekiryuutei Ddraig, how about it? —Won’t you come to this jewel?”

Ddraig replies to him so everyone can hear.

[Are you telling me to change sides?]

“Yes. I can use you better than all of the past Sekiryuuteis. I can bring out your power more than Hyoudou Issei who is over there. I can become the personification of the Heavenly Dragon Ddraig without using a fake power called the crimson armour. —Even the Juggernaut Drive.”

[I see…… If it’s you, you probably can bring out more than my full power.]

“Exactly. I am stronger than Hyoudou Issei after all.”

[……Yeah, my current partner is the weakest in history. Not only can’t he use his power properly yet, he also has the bad habit of putting his attention to useless things. I’m full of pain since he’s so obsessed about breasts.]

……Is it me or are you saying whatever you like with this opportunity? No, I’m sure you have so much stress you are keeping inside!

—But, Ddraig tells him.

[However, he’s much better than you. No, he’s much better than any previous hosts. This is what I want to say. He’s a good partner.]

……You sure do say nice things. Well, I wasn’t worried one bit.

Euclid shrugs his shoulder and starts laughing.

“Fuhahahaha, then how about I do this!”

Euclid clicks his finger. Then a small magic-circle appears within his hand and then disappears.

Next moment—a sound of explosion echoes from far behind me.

……It came from the direction where the school is……! Seriously……!? Rias, Rossweisse-san, and I become speechless.

He says it plainly.

“Since it’s all of you that are naïve we are talking about here. You captured the traitorous Magicians alive, correct? I put some trap in their bodies. —I decided for them to explode if something happens. Look, the school all of you were taking care of has been destroyed. All of the hardships you went through went down in vain.”


“……You scum……”

Me and Rias shake in anger. He continues without any care.

“But, isn’t it okay? It’s a pathetic school which only gathers children of the Low-class Devils. Did you know? The school that High-class Devils attend to and it’s a school only a chosen pure blood can attend? Obviously the ones teaching them also come from High-class households. Their institute incorporates the latest technology to the highest level while teaching them in a manner to take importance of the tradition. The students attend that school in order to make connections with other households. That becomes the absolute foundation for their future. In order to make them become recognisable in the high society, the high stream school will become a good insurance.”

He says it with an astonished voice.

“Does that school hold that much value? Are you telling me a High-class Devil will attend there? No matter how much they study there, the result you would get at best is having them get middle-low or low-high class jobs.”


……Even so, what about it? That school……everyone is seeing their dream in it. Everyone has hope in it. This guy doesn’t know how valuable that is……!

I walk towards him while releasing aura from my whole body.

“……I’m glad you were scum. Since you are Grayfia-san’s brother, I thought you were helping Rizevim after thinking really hard about it.”

From all of the jewels on my crimson armour, the Wyvern flies out. Thanks to Ddraig coming back, its function also came back.

“If you were opposing us while having complicated feelings, I would be a bit troubled in whether I can beat you with my fist when I had to finish you off…… I’m really glad that you are an insane scum……! I won’t hold back! I will beat you today and take you to Grayfia-san!”

I stand in front of him while having a huge amount of aura come out of me! Yeah, this guy is one guy I can’t forgive! I won’t be able to keep myself calm unless I beat him personally!

As a Sekiryuutei! As someone who look up to Grayfia-san! As Rossweisse-san’s comrade!

I then say it to Rias.

“Please get away from me. I will finish this quickly.”


I say it while putting on strong eyes to her who is feeling uneasy.

“I won’t lose anymore. I will defeat this guy.”

Maybe she realised that I won’t change my mind, so Rias takes a step back. Euclid also puts a rope made from demonic-power on Rossweisse-san and releases her.

This will be the second battle between the real Sekiryuutei and the replica Sekiryuutei. In terms of base power, he is far above me even if he is using a replica. He’s also bringing out the Sekiryuutei’s power better than me.

But, I won’t lose to that guy—.

“I will take Rossweisse-san back.”

“You won’t be able to. She will show her true strength by having me use her.”

I say it clearly to him who answered calmly.

“She’s too good for you. She’s my precious comrade. I won’t let you do as you like!”

Rossweisse-san says it with a determined expression.

“Please defeat me and this man!”

……Rossweisse-san. I already told you back then.

“I won’t do that, ever. I will save you and defeat just that guy—. That’s it.”

He says it as he looks at the Wyvern flying around me.

“I had a hard time thanks to that, but, oh well, this time I will fight without taking you lightly.”

Saying that, he increases the wave of his demonic-power right away! His aura increases rapidly to a quantity where it can destroy this whole area! The ground below his feet also cracks open widely and there are holes in the ground.

……That sure is an amazing amount of demonic-power. If you get hit by that directly, even a High-class Devil will perish. This is him being serious.

But, I don’t know why. I think he’s far inferior to Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san. Even though he’s showing such amazing power right in front of me.

……Putting his power aside, his existence itself is too shallow. That’s why I can’t feel this is something great.

……Oh well, I’m also shallow myself. Still I guess I’m better than him.

“Then, here I come!”

Euclid puts his hand forward and increases his demonic-power.


The sound which signifies the increase of power echoes from the Replica Sacred Gear and it increases his aura even more where he shoots that out right away! Explosive amount of torrents of aura!

Even I won’t be safe if I get hit by that. —But I move my Wyverns and make them line up in a row front of me.

Euclid’s demonic-power engulfs my Wyverns. That instant.

[Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!]

The Wyverns makes a sound that signifies the dividing of the attack, and his attack decreases every time it passes through my Wyvern. By the time it reaches me, it should be weak enough where I can simply swing my arm to destroy it.

However, since I already showed that to him last time, Euclid should be aware of this. He moves right after he shot it out and he closes the distance between us! Euclid has demonic-power charged into his fist despite moving at high velocity!

I shoot out my Dragon Shot immediately. Euclid reacts to it right away and dodges it—. But there’s one Wyvern behind him!


My Dragon Shot changes its course at the same time as the sound that signifies it has been reflected! Another Wyvern reacts to it and reflects it again! With the second reflect, my Dragon Shot is back on its original course and is heading straight towards Euclid!

Even so, Euclid moves his body to dodge it! He releases his fist covered in aura at me as he dodges my attack! His dense punch is enough to destroy my armour if I get hit by it!

I change my arm into that of Solid Impact in order to increase my defense!

He then smiles fearlessly.

“It’s futile! You won’t be able to stop my fist simply with that!”

Euclid’s brutal strike—lands on my arms that is in a cross guard position!

A strike that even shocks the core of my body! But—my arms are still in a guarding position. Euclid becomes stiff for a moment to this reality. He must have stopped because something he didn’t expect happened.

I didn’t ignore this chance and I give a powerful punch to his face while having my arm in Solid Impact mode!

Euclid gets blown back violently! His replica armour is badly destroyed!

He asks me while moving his body weakly.

“……What’s the meaning of this? My fist was superior to your aura. Guarding it should have been impossible. ……But the moment I hit you, I felt that your power had risen.”

He sure has sharp eyes. He really does observe me carefully.

Next to me—is a flying red Wyvern. It seems like Euclid became shocked seeing that.

“……! Are you telling me that red Wyvern……can also use the Sekiryuutei’s power!?”

Yes, this is the ability I created. Ever since I attained the Wyverns, I was searching for a way to use it. I understood it can use Divide and Reflect. But, this is what I thought.

—If this was a Sekiryuutei’s Wyvern, then the way I can battle will change.

Then this is what Ddraig said.

[Then how about you try it? If it’s the current you, then you should be able to get the knack of it.]

I gave my best in order to make the red Wyvern a reality, just like Ddraig suggested. Though I had to halt my training mid-way when I was a step closer to attaining it due to Ddraig tagging along with Albion…… Thanks to Ddraig convincing the past Hakuryuukous over at Albion’s place, I was able to get a positive proof. So my imagination turned into reality.

The Wyverns that fly around me. They're changing their colour on their own between red and white. I can change its power between the power of Sekiryuutei and the power of Hakuryuukou with just my thought.

After finding this out, Euclid shakes his head as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

“……Absurd. To make the power of Hakuryuukou you released……into the power of Sekiryuutei……!”

“You won’t be able to do this with a replica, right? Also, this is you who is smart we are talking about. You can predict what will happen next right?”

“……Are you planning to combine the power of red and white!?”

That’s right. I will change the Wyverns depending on the situation! If it’s you, you can understand what that means right!?

I go forward together with my Wyverns! I sent several Wyverns towards him before I reach him! He tries to repeatedly shoot his demonic-power while he dodges it to the side! I made the Wyverns line up in a line and change them into red!

“I won’t lose to you anymore!”

I randomly shoot out my Dragons Shots!

[Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!]

My attacks passes through the red Wyverns and they increase its output! My Dragon Shots that became massive takes out the aura he shot out and they continue to fly ahead!

Euclid flies up and dodges my attack. But the moment my Dragon Shots hit the white Wyverns I sent ahead beforehand—.

[Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!]

They all get reflected and they go after Euclid who went up the sky to dodge it! Euclid dodges several Dragon Shots, but he receives one of them ahead and his armour gets blown away.

Now then, Ddraig. Let’s end this.

[Yeah, let’s go.]

Red Wyverns gather around me and they start to boost my power.

[Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!]

The red Wyverns attach onto me and they transfer their power to me right away!

[Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!]


……My aura increases to its maximum output. My crimson aura continues to emit bright light and starts to envelop the surroundings. My power that has increased to an excessive level changes the power of Sekiryuutei into that of an irregular one.

The chest and stomach area of my armour starts to move while making a sound and the appearance changes. I have—something that is meant to shoot out something.

This is exactly the same thing as the one I had when I used Juggernaut Drive and Great Red.

[Yeah, this is my final trick and the forbidden attack the Boosted Gear has. The particles of dream we were able to turn into reality because we were able to have a mutual understanding with Albion. —It’s the Longinus Smasher!]

I move the direction of my body towards Euclid and start charging my aura. I can understand that an insane amount of aura which even scares me is gathered to my stomach.

There’s no way I can release this towards the ground. So I can only shoot by having my enemy move in the sky.

Maybe Euclid also sensed the danger of it, so he tries to escape from here!

“……It does frustrate me but I can’t afford to get hit by it!”

Euclid tries to run away, but his body gets captured by magic ropes!

“Do you think you can escape safely after saying all the things you liked to me? Also your demonic-power has lots of useless aspects despite being powerful. I enhanced that rope by removing the useless parts.”

It’s Rossweisse-san! Rossweisse-san removed the ropes he put on her by herself and instead put it on Euclid! She even changed it into her own taste instantly! Rossweisse-san sure is cunning!

“……To be expected from the woman I came to take a liking to!”

The bastard Euclid can even say things like that under this situation! Geez!

He removes the magic ropes by force but he was already too late. I already finished charging.

Ddraig then tells him.

[—Euclid Lucifugus. One Sekiryuutei is enough in this world. It is necessary for you to be defeated by us.]

That’s right. The Sekiryuutei—!

“One Sekiryuutei is enough!”

A massive amount of aura is shot out from my stomach by answering my shout!

[Longinus Smasher!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Vast amount of aura which taints the whole sky in a crimson colour envelops Euclid—.

The silver haired man who is on the ground—.

He got his armour completely destroyed by receiving my Longinus Smasher and received critical damage. ……He has blood coming out from his whole body.

He looks up at the sky emotionlessly as if he can’t believe he was defeated.

The sky—is still tainted in crimson due to the influence of my Longinus Smasher.

……It’s crazy. The aura even remains in the sky huh.

[Don’t use it repeatedly, okay? That’s one of the forbidden powers that can even change the environment depending on the way you use it. Furthermore, a strong fatigue will hit you simply with a single use.]

That’s scary. Yeah, I understand. I will use it with caution but only if a time like that comes. ……I really did get my whole stamina drained after all…… I’m barely able to stand……

Rias calls the army after she confirms the safety of our comrades with the communication-type magic-circle. It’s regarding Auros, Agreas, and also to capture Euclid.

He……Euclid doesn’t show any sign of running away as if he lost the will to fight.

Euclid says it while he observes the crimson sky.

“……Sister, do you really like “red” that much? I……also became “red”, you know?”

New Life[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Auros where we are recovering from the aftermath of the battle.

The town……has scars left behind by the Evil Dragons in various places. The area around the school is especially bad. It’s hard to find a house or crop field that isn’t damaged.

The school itself……is partially destroyed due to Euclid’s attack. ……We had it destroyed at the very end. But I guess it was fortunate that it didn’t get completely destroyed.

The Underworld’s soldiers that came to the aid are investigating and removing the rubble both at the school and town. Three hours passed inside here, but apparently only three minutes passed outside. They really did change the time difference of the space inside and outside where the one hour here was one minute outside……

The mastermind, Euclid, was teleported to the Maou’s territory earlier. He had a provoking smirk till the very end. ……Oh well, we will leave the rest to Sirzechs-sama.

The Witch of the Holy Cross, Walburga, retreated right away together with Aži Dahāka and the remaining mass-produced Evil Dragons by using the teleportation magic-circle. ……The relic user will become a threat to the Devils. We won’t be able to endure it if we don’t build a countermeasure against it……

Saji and Sairaorg-san who are really exhausted, and the children’s dads who fought together with us were teleported to the hospital by having the medics take them after they had their external wounds healed by Asia. Their lives aren’t at risk, but apparently they would need to stay in the hospital for a while.

……Saji, Sairaorg-san, the dads, and everyone else fought for the school while giving their all. Thanks to them, the children are safe. Not a single child that is called our hope was hurt. That……is something we can all be proud of.

Saji who has just reached Balance Breaker was so exhausted that he fainted once he deactivated his armour. ……He already had to fight Grendel, so he hit his limit a long time ago.

The children’s parents and the civilians of this town are coming up to the surface.

“They sure got us badly.”

When I turn around after hearing a familiar voice—I see Azazel-sensei standing there.

“Sorry I couldn’t partake in this battle.”

I shake my head to the side.

“No, we also didn’t think that it would turn out like this as well……”

They stole the whole of Agreas swiftly. From what I heard, all the civilians of that city got teleported outside. In other words, they left while taking just the city.

I then ask Sensei.

“What are they seeking……from the sky city?”

Agreas which is said to be using the technology of the Old Maou era. There are still unknown aspects which can’t be solved in it. Sona-kaichou and others say that Rizevim who is the son of the former Lucifer might know the secret behind it.

Sensei then says it as he sighs.

“……I wonder if it either has a gigantic weapon or it has the ability to transform. ……Ajuka Beelzebub who was in charge of that place may know something. We should probably ask him.”

It seems like Sensei also has no clue about it.

……Though I hope it isn’t something like a gigantic transforming robot.

Their aim is Agreas and 666. Yeah, Euclid also spoke about Rossweisse-san’s essay.

Maybe Sensei also thought the same so he mentions that as well.

“I was able to clarify Rossweisse’s essay to a certain degree.”

“……The method to seal 666, right?”

“Oh, Euclid already mentioned it to you? Yeah, that’s it. Rossweisse’s essay wasn’t about how to unseal 666, but to reach the seal of 666 itself. She truly is a genius. Back then, she decided to research it mostly due to being interested in it, and she reached the possibility.”

……Not unsealing it, but to seal it huh. So that means that even if 666 was to get unsealed, we can put a new seal on it if Rossweisse-san’s essay turns into something.

Sensei then says.

“……From now on, her analysing spell will hold the key. They would be after Rossweisse from now on as well. I never imagined that Rossweisse would be our trump card. You really can’t tell what will happen in life.”

Sensei sighs. He’s exactly right. Rossweisse-san may be the key which will turn the tables around. Seriously, my comrades are all amazing people……

Sensei then starts messing my hair up with his hand.

“I will tell you the message from Śakra. —It’s decided that the one who will succeed the First-Gen Sun Wukong, who was the vanguard against the Khaos Brigade under Śakra’s command, is Cao Cao.”

—! ……I see, so that guy really did return. That spear…… That man was the one that broke the barrier. ……It feels like I would be meeting him quite soon.

“By the way, don’t let your guard down just because you got a complete victory from Euclid. You won’t be able to beat Crom Cruach and the others if you can’t drag out the Sekiryuutei’s power even more. Oh well, I’m sure you would be able to pull it off somehow.”

I sure want to hold confidence in myself since Sensei is saying that.

……Hey, Ddraig. I will become even stronger, okay? Those guys are trying to destroy things they shouldn’t as well.

……I definitely won’t forgive them.

Ddraig laughs fearlessly.

[Yeah, no doubt. We can cause a ruckus together. That’s why we are the Sekiryuutei.]

I can do it. As long as I have Ddraig and my comrades, I can become even stronger—.

While I make a new determination, Sensei's eyes turn serious besides me.

“……What’s left now is whether we can find out who is the one that called this to happen.”

……That one that called this to happen. Yeah, it’s really strange for the situations to go in the favour of the enemy. We were able to secure the sole survivor of the Magicians that altered the teleportation magic-circle and teleported Agreas elsewhere. The one that survived because the explosive spell on that Magician was unstable.

The fact about the terror in Agreas didn’t involve the space it was in and the time of that place. The fact about the experienced Magicians being gathered over here. I’m sure both of these are related. Or else they couldn’t have made such a daring move like teleporting Agreas by using the teleportation magic-circle. And the way they were cautious in sealing the spell of the Magicians such as Gondur-san.

I can only assume that they progressed their plan while measuring the strength of us, the D×D.

……There’s someone who knows a lot about the Underworld’s situation who is leaking information to them.

—It means that there are those who find peace painful.

Vali’s words cross my mind all of a sudden.

Then Dulio comes rushing towards us while breathing heavily.

“Ah! I’m sorry for being late! How should I put it……I will just do my best in taking care of the aftermath of this battle!”

Looks like even the Heaven’s trump card couldn’t respond to an incident that lasted for only three minutes.

I head to the temporary tent which is built in the schoolyard.

The members that have relatively minor wounds are taking a rest there. Maybe Asia has finished healing the injured, so she’s taking a rest there. Gya-suke possibly has become exhausted since he continued to create the beasts of darkness, so he’s sleeping while sitting on the chair.

I also sit on one of the chairs and take a break.

I then say it after taking a big breath.

“……I know that the winter holiday is coming up, but the second semester sure was full of commotion. Seriously, ever since the summer holiday ended, all these crises have happened like crazy……”

Within less than four months, I encountered situations where I thought I would actually die. ……Ah, I actually died once physically if I think about it. Aren’t I dying once every semester!? At this rate, I would die again during the third semester so it scares me. And I can’t even take that as a joke!

Rias then speaks out her decision.

“—Let’s have a gathering during the winter holidays.”

“You mean have a training camp for the winter holidays? With the D×D members?”

“I really do want all of you to take a break since we are in a busy time of the year, but we are being sought for help from a certain place before the winter holidays.”

“From where?”

“—The Church. I can also say the Heavens, I guess.”

The Heavens! ……Will it be safe for a Devil to go there? Ah, Xenovia went there temporarily to have Durandal repaired.

But I sure am looking forward to it since I haven’t been to Heaven yet. ……So it’s the Kingdom of Heaven, right? It sure is a strange feeling since we will be going there even though we are alive and are Devils.

Rias then smiles.

“Looks like we will be spending time with the Angels for the end of the year. I will be deciding more about it with Irina and Sister Griselda.”

Hmm, I’m sure looking forward to it. —Then Xenovia returns from the basement.

“Ah, I finally found you. So you were here, Buchou.”

“Is something wrong, Xenovia?”

Xenovia nods and she says it while looking around all of us, the Gremory group.

“Yeah, I thought this would be the right time I tell everyone. Since Ise is also here, this will be a good timing.”

What the? Is something happening? Irina also stands next to Xenovia while putting her chest forward and says “Ehen!”.

Xenovia then says.

“I heard there will be an election happening once we enter the third semester to decide the Student President.”

Yeah. The election will happen soon as we enter the third semester.

“Yeah, Sona-kaichou and Shinra-fukukaichou will be graduating after all. So they would need to choose new Student Council members. ……Wait, don’t tell me you’re……”

I reach a certain conclusion! More like she’s crossing her arm in confidence!

Xenovia declares it while pointing up.

“Ise, I will run for the election. —I want to become the Student Council President.”


“ “ “ “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?” ” ” ”

Kiba, Koneko-chan, Ravel, and I, become so shocked! Leaving aside the sleeping Gasper, it seems like Rias, Akeno-san, Asia, and Rossweisse-san knew this judging from their behaviour!

Wait wait wait wait! I could never have predicted that she will run for the Presidency! Ah! So that’s why she became enthusiastic at studying and school activities!

Rias then says.

“We were also shocked when she came to consult with us. I never predicted that Xenovia wanted to become the Student Council President…… The reason why she started becoming keen towards school matters lately was due to this reason.”

Xenovia continues while nodding her head.

“I’m planning to participate in the election campaign. ……I guess I would leave the ORC, but I have an ambition where I want to become the Student Council President. So I ask for your approval.”


I-It seems like something crazy will happen. That Xenovia……is running for Presidency! There’s no way I could have ever guessed her to appear for becoming the successor of Sona-kaichou! I ask Rias.

“I-Is it really okay? For Xenovia to leave the ORC?”

She is still a member of the Gremory group and we have been acting while using the ORC as the centre of it.

Rias nods.

“Yes, I think it's okay. Since the fact about her being part of the Gremory group won’t change. I’m sure a school that will be run by Xenovia will be interesting.

Oh my, you sure are easy going! I-Is it really okay~?

Rias then tells everyone.

“We still have some days left so let’s make a plan before the winter holidays.”

Asia forgets about her fatigue and hugs Xenovia.

“Xenovia-san, I will help you as well!”

Irina also hugs onto Xenovia.

“Count me in as well! I’m quite good with religious propagation and religious proclamation!”

“Yeah, I’m also fairly good with religious propagation! I will become the Student Council President!”

“ “ “Yeah!” ” ”

Irina, Xenovia, and Asia are hyped!

I-I think those things are different. Oh yeah, so the Church-trio will be helping with Xenovia’s election huh. Well, I will help as well. Oh man, I really am surprised.

I then take a glimpse at Rias. She says this while putting on a bit of a sad expression.

“……Our graduation is just right ahead as soon as we enter the third semester. The ORC would also need to have a new Club President.”

“Have you decided on who it will be?”

I ask, but she puts her finger on her lips and winks at me.

“It’s still a secret. Though I have already chosen who it is together with Akeno.”

They did huh. I’m also becoming curious about it.

But seriously, there’s going to be so many types of generation changes happening huh…… Both the ORC and Student Council.

Rias then tells everyone after she claps her hand.

“Now then, let’s do some more work before the winter holidays. First, we need to take care of this place.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Everyone replies and resumes their work. —Irina then pulls my sleeve. She looks rather happy.

“By the way, Ise-kun. It’s almost the promised season.”


I can only put a dumbfounded expression to Irina’s smile. But she continues without caring about it.

“…………I believe that you will remember our promise that we made when we were young♪”

Part 2[edit]

“This place would be fine.”

Gondur-san activates the magic-circle at the corner of the school premises. Gondur-san who has used up so much power due to this incident needs to be checked at the Underworld’s hospital. She should have let the medics take her, but she said she can go there by herself so she’s activating her personal magic-circle.

Me and Rossweisse-san are sending her off.



Gondur-san and Rossweisse-san aren’t having that much conversation. While we are under the bizarre atmosphere, we sense several presences heading our way. When I look that way, it was the children. Lirenkus is also among them.



The children says that with a sad expression to Rossweisse-san and Gondur-san.

“Sensei, is it true that you are leaving?”

“Won’t you come to this school anymore?”

“Please teach me more of your magic, Sensei!”

“I want to be capable of using magic!”

Gondur-san says it while patting the children’s head.

“I will come here again. And Rossweisse-sensei will definitely come here one day as well.”

The children put on a bright expression hearing that.

Gondur-san says it to Rossweisse-san directly.

“Rose, the path you have walked and the wisdom you have learned wasn’t wrong even if it was different to our household. See for yourself.”

There are children who are putting on a smile—.

“These children’s smiles are the results of the path you took. This is something you were able to do because of the current you. Have more pride in yourself. —Rose, you are my granddaughter and I'm proud of you.”

Hearing that, Rossweisse-san covers her mouth and is holding back her emotion desperately. Even so, tears are flowing out from her eyes.

“………………Yes, thank you very much.”

Seeing that, Gondur-san strengthened the magical power for the teleportation. She’s just about to teleport, but she says this as if she just remembered it.

“Now then, I will be on my way. Ah, that’s right.”

Gondur-san looks at me and then winks.

“Mr. Boyfriend, please take care of Rossweisse.”

“Wait, I’m not……”

I try to shake my head to the side, but Gondur-san says this with a smile.

“I can feel most assured if I leave her to you.”

Leaving those words behind, Gondur-san disappears into the teleportation light.


I-It sure did become a weird send off…… When I look to my side while putting on a bitter smile, I witness Rossweisse-san with a very red face.

“U-Umm, Rossweisse-san?”

When I talk to her, she replies back with a red face.

“......Y-Y……You looked heroic. A-A-Also……I was happy back then. For coming after me……”

“Of course I would. I will definitely rescue you, Rossweisse-san.”

When I say that—she looks down and mutters.

“……N-Next time……let’s go to a……two-hundred yen shop. No, will you please go with me?”

T-Two hundred yen shop huh…… Well, that sure is like her. I say it while putting on a smile.


Rossweisse-san suddenly puts on a smile. But the children around her start picking on her while putting on taunting expressions.

“Are you going to kiss? Hey, are you going to kiss him?”

“Oppai Dragon is going to kiss someone besides the Switch Princess!”

Rossweisse-san panics and says this with an accent.

“I won’t do such shameless things like kissing!”

It sure is like Rossweisse-san.

Part 3[edit]

After I sent Gondur-san off, Rias and I are removing the school building’s rubble while we are helping with the restoration of the town.

……We are finally alone together. For some reason, too many things happened, so I couldn’t ask Rias out for a single date.

……But I want to get closer to her even more.


After I take a breath, I say it to Rias who is carrying a huge piece of rubble using her demonic-power.

“……U-Umm, it’s really hard for me to say this, but…… I mean, I kind of decided to do this but…… No, I want to get your approval and……”

My tone is high. Rias becomes suspicious of me.

“Is something wrong?”

……Tell her, Hyoudou Issei! If I can’t progress our relationship, how can I call myself the Sekiryuutei! I have been deciding to do this for a while! If I don’t say it here, I won’t know when I can find the next opportunity to say it!

I scold myself, but I open my trembling mouth.

“……During our private times, can I talk to you casually? ……Well, I want to talk normally with Rias.”

Hearing that, Rias—drops the huge piece of rubble. Maybe she didn’t predict this, so she looked dazzled.

—But then she starts putting on emotional eyes and nods her head.

“—! Yes.”

……I’m so glad! I say it once again while I make a victory pose inside myself.

“Thank you, Rias.”

“No, I’m also happy. Ise, I love you.”

Rias and I take each other’s hand. I then say this to her while we are staring at each other.

“I love you too.”

Oh yeah, I’m finally able to talk to her casually! I was scared to talk to her casually since she is older and since she’s my Master. Even so, since we confessed our feelings to each other, I thought it would be okay to talk casually with each other. No, I had the strong desire to talk to her casually.

I’m glad I said that. That’s because, I……love this person……! I wanted to shorten the distance between us as much as I can.

While it became moody—I hear someone’s cough.

When I turn around due to the shock together with Rias, we witness Sona-kaichou standing there.

She saw us!? Did Kaichou see all of that just now!?

Rias and I let go of our hands due to the embarrassment!

Sona-kaichou simply says this.

“Do you want me to build a memorial for you two here?”

“ “We don’t need it!” ”

Rias and I can’t help but give such an answer.


“Hello, Euclid.”

“How do you do, Sirzechs-sama. No, my dear brother. I never expected for you to come and see me.”

“……There’s so much I want to say to you. But I want to ask you just one thing. —Why?”

“……My sister……had you. I……had nothing. That’s simply it. ……Though it seems like your other brother isn’t a failure like myself.”

“He was strong, right? He’s a brother whom I can be proud of.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be your pride.”

“…………Are you also interested in the other world?”

“……I am not interested in it. I simply wanted to experience “chaos”. Brother, I want to ask you one thing. —What is a “Devil” to you?”

“They're living beings, known as “Devils”. Even though we have different values, we are a species that know both good and evil, just like the humans do.”

“……Brother, you really are naïve.”


“Uhyahyahyahya, thanks to you, we were able to get our hands on that whole sky city.”

“……For Devils, the name “Lucifer” is absolute.”

“If there are sharp minded ones among them, then they would realise there is a traitor among the Devils involved in this incident. But this truly is a hilarious story. —For the traitor to be none other than that super popular player, “Emperor” Belial!”

“I……simply want to fulfil my true King’s wishes.”

“So what is this wish you want to fulfil by using me? Mr. Champion?”

“……I want to investigate a certain incident that had been erased by the current government and the Heaven.”

“Hmm, I wonder what that may be. Sounds interesting.”

“That town which is under the territory of Rias Gremory was previously the territory of my relative. But that person had been erased after getting involved with a certain government. The ones suspected to be involved in it are—several people related to the Church which were led by the father of Shidou Irina who is the Ace of the Angel’s leader, Michael.”


Hello, it’s Ishibumi! It’s finally volume 17! I wrote the story using the school in the Underworld as the stage! For this volume, I also picked up on the settings I used earlier, so I wonder how many of them all of you remember? This volume mainly picked up the plot of volume 10.

Now then I will start my explanation like always!

●Rossweisse’s story

This time, I was finally able to give her the spotlight and explain about her past as well as her hidden potential. Since it’s a Rossweisse’s main volume, I thought so hard on how to make her get along with Ise, and after I discussed with the main editor, we decided to put her in a position where “She likes Ise, but she will approach him from a step behind”. Since she’s among the older girls group, I would end up writing the same thing if she shows the same reaction as Rias and Akeno. From now on, I guess she would interact with Ise in her own way while other girls aren’t there. Maybe that would be even harder……

But the D×D heroines sure has a high rate of being abducted. No, maybe it’s the heroine’s requirement to have them get kidnapped!?

●Ise’s super one-hit kill move, the Longinus Smasher

The one-hit kill move which was finally unlocked. It’s normally a move which can only be used during Juggernaut Drive mode. But as a result of Ise evolving in a way different to the usual Sekiryuuteis, he was able to make it happen. It has a deadly attack power and the use for it will be limited since it can also affect the environment. By the way, in terms of image it’s the Guyver’s Mega Smasher and Gundam Virsago Chest-Break’s Triple Mega Sonic Cannon. I sure do have lots of Gundam X parodies.

Oh yeah, it’s about the Wyverns, but they are also the parodies of Psycho Gundam Mk.II’s Reflector Bits. Rather, they are the Funnels.

●The girls that hold the key

Since we now know that Rossweisse is trying to create a seal-spell against 666, her priority has increased. From now on, her powers will also become the key. And Koneko has also started learning a sealing technique against the Evil Dragons by using the application of senjutsu. If we also include Rias’s one-hit kill move here, don’t you think the girls have become a lot stronger? By the way how the story will progress from now on, both Irina and Xenovia will get their spotlight while attaining a new power as well.

●Xenovia’s election and ORC’s generation change

Xenovia’s suspicious action that has started from the previous volume was for her to run in the election for Presidency. The truth is, I have decided to have Xenovia run for Presidency for quite a while. I also have chosen the new Club President and the new Club Vice-president for quite a while. Please look forward to the upcoming story regarding those areas. I’m sure it will shock you quite a bit.

●Regarding Euclid

Euclid started to speak out about his sister Grayfia in this volume. You should slightly be able to see his sister-complex side from volume 14 which was his first appearance. He also has been beaten badly by Ise as well. Will he end just like this!?

●The traitorous(?) Emperor

What Emperor Belial said at the end actually is taken from volume 3, so if there is anyone curious about it, do check it (It’s regarding the person who was in charge of Rias’s territory previously).

The territory of Rias’s dad’s “Bishop” which was the place the young Akeno entered is different to the town where Kuou academy is located in, so please be careful. Sir Agrippa isn’t the previous person in charge of Kuou town.

●The Ultimate items for Dragons, Asia-tan’s panties!

Just like Rias’s breasts, her panties are the ultimate item which can bring out the Two Heavenly Dragon’s power even more. Also, you cannot copy Head-Chef Fafnir’s cooking!

●Saji’s Balance Breaker

He finally reached it. But since it turned into an armour, he must also get a strong influence from Ise as well. I will put more detail about its abilities in the story which is to come.

Asia and Shinra-fukukaichou also need to reach it soon as well. I have already decided on what their abilities will be.

●The name of the town

The name of the town Ise lives in still hasn’t appeared yet. I also came this far without giving it a name, but it made me think I should. That’s why I decided to call it “Kuou town”. The town finally gets a name after seventeen volumes!

And a bit of a report.

The truth is, I fell sick on September of last year. I had hernia on my hips and nerve pain on my ischial bone, so currently I have a hard time writing in my previous posture. Since I couldn’t sit on the chair, I even had to write this volume 17 while laying down. Since I wrote while being careful of my hips, I had to write in one-third of my usual speed and it affected my work in so many ways. From now on, I’m planning to write while being cautious of my body by taking treatment and having a rest. I will continue to write while trying to keep the main story from delaying.

Now for my thanks. Miyama-Zero-sama, main editor H-sama, I certainly am under your care always!

Thanks to both of you, my series received lots of expansion such as the anime, the game, and other types of merchandises where I even receive lots of samples of it. There’s so many merchandises than I could have imagined, and since I couldn’t put all of them in my room, I had to put them in a spare room. However, I have a faint hope of having Ise and Vali in their armour forms getting a figure or figma of it……is it really an impossible dream!?

Now then, the next volume is Irina main volume! Emperor Belial mentioned something which was quite troubling, so I wonder what will happen…… Xenovia and Asia seems like they will get involved as well, so the Church-trio will definitely show some action! I want to go with the Occult Research Club + Heaven members for volume 18! It’s planned for the leader Dulio to have some action as well! And Irina-chan should power up from being a self-proclaiming Angel into a real Angel! Please look forward to it!

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