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Life.1 Praises During the Training![edit]

Part 1[edit]

November which was filled with excitement ended, and now it was December and the end of the semester was now approaching.

Even though it was December, what awaited us were the end of the semester exams.

……W-Well, we somehow finished that as well……

After we found out the results of our test, the ones who came up to my desk while putting on lewd faces were the two idiots, Matsuda and Motohama.

“How was it? E-N-D O-F T-H-E S-E-M-E-S-T-E-R T-E-S-T-S”

Matsuda asked me in such a manner. I answered while breathing out in agony.

“There was nothing to it. Well, quite average. Though I scored quite good in Japanese.”

The results for my tests were slightly above average.

Even though I took the test with this stupid brain of mine, having Rias and others look through my work every night showed results. To be honest, I would have been in a tight spot if they hadn’t helped me.

It seemed like Matsuda and Motohama have the same results as me.

“You’re right. Long story short, we end up getting average scores for these sort of things.”

“You can come to an agreement if we think that it’s better than getting failing marks.”

Matsuda and Motohama gave such comments about their results.

I on other hand……didn’t have time to study due to things like, the pact with a Magician and going to Romania. Though I wonder how I would have performed even if I studied for it……

I’m lucky that I have many smart comrades that help me with my studies. More like, the other ORC members were supposed to be in the same situation as me, so I kind of do resent them for being smarter than me!

—Then I heard the girls talking loudly from the corner of the room.

“Huh? Did something happen to the girls?”

When I looked that way, Asia noticed me and came to my side.

“Ise-san! Xenovia-san is amazing!”

Irina continued after her.

“It’s regarding the end of semester exams, and Xenovia got more than 90% average in her test!”

……S-Seriously!? Getting 90% is an amazing feat! Getting such a high score despite being a transfer student from overseas! I then find out that there was a subject where she got a perfect mark in.

...... Xenovia tends to be seen as an idiot, as she usually relies on brute force to solve problems; but her brain is really made different from mine.....I guess she tends to be a bit enthusiastic during battles.

Xenovia then said it without even being arrogant about it.

“I just wanted to test how much I can do. Though Japanese was the subject I scored a bit low in.”

I asked Asia about what Xenovia scored for Japanese, but she basically had the same mark as I did……! Japanese was the subject I scored the highest, so I was quite shocked right then! ……Even though I’m Japanese, it seemed like Xenovia would surpass me in it!

“I scored a bit lower than Xenovia and Asia-san.”

Irina said it as if she was embarrassed about it, but her average was still within the 80% zone! She was definitely smarter than me! Asia had continued to score within the upper 80% zone ever since the second semester’s mid-term exam!

……Even among the ORC members who are the same age as me, I’m doing the poorest……!

Then Kiryuu the glasses girl,

“It will be a nightmare if all of your children end up being like their father.”

—started teasing me like that! Don’t suddenly bring in the topic of children!

The Church-trio accepted what Kiryuu said normally and replied...

“That won’t be a problem since we can fix that by how they are raised and also with the environment they are in.”

“Yup yup, she’s exactly right.”

“They will grow up into good children if we give them love!”

There was no need for you guys to respond so normally! You girls do realise that what you just said is quite embarrassing!? If you take a look, you can see everyone in the classroom looking at me with weird eyes!

“Shit! This damn traitor!”

“You should get executed in front of these girls’ fans!”

Matsuda and Motohama who are putting on jealous looks started to punch me! Ouch! Dammit, what was that for!?

While I get myself pinned down with wrestling moves by the two idiots, Xenovia nods her head strongly.

“With this, I have got closer to my aim. Like I expected, I really should become serious in this.”

……Lately Xenovia had been acting strange quite often. Not only did she start studying seriously, but she has also been visiting Rias and Sona-kaichou to discuss something with them which she is keeping as a secret from us.

She sometimes took a break from club activities to help the student council. It’s not like she came to hate the ORC nor did it mean that she was feeling like she belonged with the Sitri group. Like she said, it has to do with this “aim” she just mentioned.

In order to make that “aim” come true, Xenovia had been working hard in school-related matters and was actively changing her lifestyle..

……I wonder what kind of “aim” Xenovia has. Even if I ask her, she won’t answer me and simply says “I can’t tell you yet”.

Apparently the only ones who know that answer are Rias, Akeno-san, Asia, Irina, and Sona-kaichou. Even if I ask Rias and others, the reply I get from them is “We can’t tell you until Xenovia reveals it”. Though Rias seemed like she was having fun.

I may be able to get an answer if I become persistent towards Asia and Irina, but I feel it will be rude if I become that persistent towards them. More like, even I don’t want to take such actions. So I’m planning to wait until Xenovia tells me.

Matsuda and Motohama who were finally feeling better then asked me.

“Oh yeah, Ise. What’s your plan for winter break?”

“It’s coming up soon. It’s about time, I want to hear some answers from you.”

……Winter break, huh. Yeah. With the end of the semester exams done, winter break is coming up soon.

“So what is your plan? Will you be able to go somewhere during winter break?”

Motohama asked me……

I apologised to him while putting on a regretful expression.

“No, I’m sorry. I really do want to hang out with you guys but it seems like there will be some ORC activities coming up. Furthermore, I can’t give you a clear answer until I ask Rias-buchou about it. There will most likely be club activities during the winter break.”

Same goes for our Devil’s job, but I’m also a part of the D×D. If “Qlippoth” were to make their move somewhere, then we must take action and head out. That is the important duty entrusted to the majority of ORC members.

Matsuda asks me another question.

“So you won’t be free during New Year’s Eve and the first three days of January then?”

If I remembered correctly, we made a prayer in the previous New Year’s Day which was “Please get us a girlfriend this year!”. ……I guess that dream of mine came true.

“……Hmm, I will most likely be free during those days but I’m still not sure yet.”

I gave such a vague answer to them while scratching the back of my head.

Even if I am a part of a counter-terrorist team, I do want to take days off during New Year’s……but to begin with, do Devils even celebrate the first three days of January?

Motohama sighs.

“You sure seem to be busy lately. You barely have time to hang out with us during our days off.”

Just like Motohama said, I had been training even during my days off…… If I didn’t use the time I had during weekends wisely, I won’t be able to fight properly if things were to happen.

Due to those things, I must be turning into a friend who Matsuda and Motohama can’t easily hang around with.

It won’t be weird if our friendship was lost, but these two still confront me as their friend. And I’m very grateful about that. I’m simply happy about that.

Matsuda then said it while making a pose as if he was about to take a picture with a camera.

“Maybe I should join the Photo-Club. I may be late joining in now, but I might make it in time for the competitions and such.”

Matsuda who’s hobby is to take photos. If he joined the Photo-Club, he may leave good results.

“Oh yeah, I’ll change the subject, but do you know about the rumours about people seeing Rossweisse-chan often in the library?”

Matsuda says that while he’s trying to remember about it.

……People saw Rossweisse-san at the library? I became dubious. At the same time I felt it had something to do with how Rossweisse-san had been acting lately.

Matsuda makes a gesture and said “Oh, I heard about it”.

“You mean about the rumour where she keeps on sighing while looking at the books, right? Hmm……I heard that she’s reading books related to the Holy Bible. Do you know anything about it, Ise?”

……Related to the Holy Bible? Well, we certainly have deep connections with things related to the Holy Bible. But, even though Rossweisse-san comes from the Norse Mythology, she’s a genius so she must have already read the Holy Bible. I’m sure she knows both about the Old Testament and the New Testament.

But why read the Holy Bible now……? Maybe she’s reconfirming about the Devils—or maybe the God from the Bible? Or maybe there was something she was finding curious about the teaching and the history, or maybe about the prognostication written in the Bible.

I could only reply by saying “No idea” to these guys while I tilt my head. I was amazed that a Devil was able to touch the books related to the Holy Bible. Oh, but it did seem like she knew magic to defend against such things, so I guess she was reading it after she made some chants. She did know a magic which allowed her to wield the holy-sword for a short time. But Rossweisse-san sure was being reckless.

Maybe it has something to do with the thing she said in the bathroom the other day……?

Matsuda then said to me.

“I thought you would know about it since you belong to the ORC…… Anyway Rossweisse-chan’s fans are quite worried about her, so if you can solve her problem, then do discuss it with the ORC members.”

“Yeah, I will.”

If we were able to solve Rossweisse-san’s worries, then we do want to solve it…… But will Rossweisse-san even tell us about it……? We certainly do support each other in terms of battle and our lifestyle, but we never have once had her talk to us about her worries.

While I tilt my head with a hard expression, Motohama asks me while he lifts up his glasses.

“Speaking about ORC, who will be the next president of the club? Rias-senpai won’t be able to retire if she doesn’t choose sometime around now right?”


I reacted slowly to Motohama’s words. ……Yeah, it’s already around that time of the year. Depending on the club you are in, they would choose the new captain/president before the second semester. Currently there are those in our class that have either become a captain or a president of certain clubs.

……It’s an obvious thing, but it’s also about time where there will be a change in ranks among the ORC.

Who will be the new president? I’m sitting there since I can’t even imagine it.

Not only do we have the matter about Rossweisse-san, but with the year coming to an end soon, I have a premonition that something is about to happen.

Part 2[edit]

It won’t be a bad idea to be concerned about the personal affairs of the ORC, but what’s harsh about being the Sekiryuutei is that there are more things I need to be concerned about.

There are many things my comrades and I need to do during the weekends when there are no school activities.

And what we need to take into our priority is—our personal training to strengthen ourselves. Training and practising.

We are now gathered at the training space that had been prepared for us below the Gremory territory.

While all of us scatter to different locations individually or in a group to train the areas we must polish, I……am facing against a white matter while I have my Boosted Gear activated.

What I mean by a white matter is that it’s like a First-Gen Sun Wukong’s shikigami like thing that was created from his hair and his youjutsu. It has a shape of a human and it’s acting as my training partner.

What the First-Gen geezer asked me to do is to “Attack my opponent with the gauntlet that had been powered up for a minute”. Except, I have to do this many times and not just once.

It may sound easy if I say it like that, but it isn’t that easy in reality. Hitting this thing after increasing my power is only the first part of my training.

I have to hit this thing ten times where I have increased my power for a minute, and all of those ten hits must have the same output.

……And this proves to be insanely hard. For me, it’s something which will be considered extremely hard to do.

Powering up and hitting it will be too simple. But if he asks me to hit it ten times consecutively with the same output, then the complexity will increase dramatically.

If my first powered-up attack has the output of 5, then I have to hit it ten times with the output of 5 as well so it means I need to give a total damage of 50 to that white shikigami.

……And I can’t seem to do this no matter how many times I do it. Say I hit this thing with the output of 5 for my first and second attack. But my third, my fourth, or my fifth attack happens to have an output of either a 4 or 6.

Even a single failure will result in the white shikigami saying, “You have failed. It will reset from one”. This shikigami was made by the First-Gen where it can calculate my attacks output. So it can calculate the damage I give it precisely.

……The reason why I’m doing this training is due to the weakness I have that the First-Gen pointed out.

—My Balance Break (or my Crimson armour form) state can’t last long.

In other words the way I use my power of the Sekiryuutei is rough. If I compare my state when I’m wearing the armour to the time when I first reached Balance Break, the time I can maintain its form has improved very rapidly. But still, there is a limit to that. I’m in a state where I don’t clearly know what my limit is and how many times I have to use my power of a certain level to have my armour disappear.

……According to the First-Gen, I had been releasing my own power and stamina without thinking about how much I had been using. I thought I had been fighting while controlling my own pace, but in reality, the First-Gen geezer said that I was maintaining it while I went with the flow of the situation I was in.

……I can’t find any excuse I can use against that claim. That’s because there were many situations I experienced which he could be mentioning about.

For that reason my current aim is to become capable of releasing my power as I want it to. If I am able to do this at all time, he said the time I can maintain my Crimson armour will improve in several folds.

I think so too. If I master how I use up my power, then I will be able to fight while knowing how long I can last for with the remaining power I have left in any situation. My attacks won’t work on the enemies that I would face in the future if I use up my power without thinking about it. Especially against Euclid who has that Replica Boosted Gear—.

This was what Azazel-sensei added to First-Gen’s opinion.

[The swirl created by Great Red and Ophis’s power that is inside you may become stable if you master the task the First-Gen gave you. Your life force is in a state where it turns between zero and infinite, so if you are able to stabilise it……you may progress to the next stage.]

The next stage—.

Everyone says that I’m the only existence to ever have received power from both Ophis and Great Red. But even now, not only can’t I master using it, but I also can’t come into contact with those powers.

If those powers are to be unlocked by the end of this training……then I certainly want to get my hands on those powers!

Since my opponents are those I won’t be able to let my guard down against, someone among us will definitely get sacrificed if I don’t have the power. And I don’t want that! I……no, we will survive and continue to have a peaceful school life!

I punch the First-Gen’s shikigami with high spirits, but……

“You have failed. The attack just now was 8. Restarting from the beginning.”

Ah…… Ah, I messed it up. I couldn’t help but to punch it while being worked up. This is my bad habit. I show what I’m feeling inside on my outer appearance. I lack in being calm.

I need to punch calmly even if I am getting heated up inside me. Well, I guess attacking heroically when I’m in a rage may be good.

—As I sighed, a white flash moves in a zig-zag above me. It’s Vali in his armoured state who is flying with his wings of light.

He also participates in our training sometimes……but the one who is being his opponent for this mock battle is none other than the First Gen Sun Wukong.

The white geezer who is short is evading Vali’s attack with minimal movements while sitting on the cloud, the Jindou Yun.

……Vali’s demonic-power and his magical attacks are being taken down with the Ryui Jingu Bang.

Vali. The Hakuryuukou who is said to be the strongest in history……being toyed around by a geezer who is a size of a kindergartener!

Though neither of them is being serious. If they fight seriously, then this battlefield will collapse even if this place is huge. But for him to block Vali’s attacks without moving much!

……The geezer is taking down Vali’s attack only by focusing a small amount of touki to the tip of the Ryui Jingu Bang. He isn’t covering his whole body with his touki.

Vali descends to the ground after the battle that lasted for several minutes. The First-Gen-geezer also comes down with him towards here.

Vali shrugs his shoulders.

“……This is frustrating, but my attacks sure aren’t landing on you.”

The geezer smiles while smoking a pipe.

“No-no, you certainly deserve to be called the Hakuryuukou. Even I will turn into ashes if I get hit by the attacks of you two, the Two Heavenly Dragons. You do know that the two of you are above me in terms of the attacks output?”

Even though he said that, it sure is terrifying to see none of the attacks being close to hitting him.

It may be true that Vali and I are above the geezer in terms of the power of our attacks. But it doesn’t feel like I can beat him.

The legendary Youkai who mastered youjutsu and senjutsu that Bikou mentioned of—. I’m sure First-Gen Sun Wukong is that existence.

First-Gen then says it to Vali and me.

“Basically what will become crucial is whether you two can increase your power to the level you need instantly during battles. Especially you two who have much higher stamina consumption than average fighters, having high amounts of energy being unleashed from your bodies at all times. So that will affect your activity during battles, you know? Both of you, the Sekiryuutei and the Hakuryuukou, are the battle forces that will become the key to your respective teams. It will be out of the question if you two lose the energy to fight at the most crucial time you need it.”

……In other words we need to keep down our consumption rate both during our normal state and the Balance Break state in order to increase our power in battles only huh. This means that both Vali and I must learn to better control our consumption rate in order to not waste our energy when fighting enemies.

…………No, that is something ridiculously hard to do! The moment the enemies attack hits us, and also the moment we release our attack. Being able to unleash our energy the moment we think is right is a severely hard thing to ask us to do! Even our opponent won’t be standing there waiting to get hit by us. So there will be times when I need to use feint attacks! There are also times when Kiba does that to me in our mock-battles where I receive his attack since I couldn’t put my guard up!

The delicate controlling of my powers which is currently assigned to me, the decision to when to use my power during the battles immediately that the First-Gen spoke of. Both of them are too hard for someone like me who has only started battling using superpowers for less than a year……!

But if I can master doing them, I will be able to bring out both my traits and power……

Vali on other hand is doing a harder training than me which is to fight the First-Gen. The bastard is already showing improvement in keeping his pace than before. Even from my eyes I can tell that he’s avoiding the consumption of unnecessary energy while only doing attacks that are necessary.

……That must come from his talent he was born with. It’s not something I can learn overnight. You can also say that he simply has more battle experience than me. Unlike me, this guy must have been using his powers by the time he was already aware of it.

First-Gen then adds.

“In terms of overall balance, the White one is superior by several folds. But in certain aspects, there are parts where the Red one is superior. In terms of simple attack power and direct speed, the Sekiryuutei wins.”

……I have the habit of charging ahead like an idiot, so he must be praising that part of me.

I think he praised me while including my Crimson Blaster. Except, Vali will surpass me in both speed and attack power if he uses his Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive.

I say it while breathing out.

“Even if you say that, Vali isn’t in his silver state so I can’t imagine myself beating him.”

Vali puts on self-mocking smile.

“As you know, my Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is difficult to use compared to your Crimson armour. You can say that you have better aspects than me since you can use your Crimson armour even during the training.”

Having my rival say that despite feeling awkward makes me happy……but in terms of deciding on things at crucial times, this guy is definitely above me. That’s what is frustrating.

The First-Gen says it after he smokes his pipe.

“Though the so-called Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive is better than the Juggernaut Drive, they both have the same aspect of unleashing the user’s potential powers. In other words the stress it puts on your body is ridiculously high. Even though you got rid of more risks than the Juggernaut Drive, it’s not something you can use consecutively and maintain its form. —Hakuryuukou’s focus is to become capable of bringing out the necessary power at appropriate times. Well, likewise for the Sekiryuutei.”

First-Gen continues.

“Sekiryuutei’s ability is to boost and transfer the power while the Hakuryuukou’s ability is to divide and consume the power. —This is the so-called ability of the Longinus “Boosted Gear” and the Longinus “Divine Dividing” since ancient times. The fact is, the past hosts of the Two Heavenly Dragons fought while using these abilities. There were those that relied on the usage of their ability to fight in a unique way......but there wasn’t a single one of them who are going through unrealistic power ups like you two, you know?”

—Unrealistic power ups huh.

Vali is trying to bring out the Hakuryuukou’s power with his talent. While I……seem to strengthen my trait with the power of Oppais and also with the grace of Ophis and Great-Red.

……It sure has been unrealistic power-ups. I can only agree to that when I look back to the past events.

First-Gen then says it while looking towards me.

“We will continue with your training for controlling your powers but the problem is your Hakuryuukou’s power which is part of your unrealistic power-ups. Ddraig and Albion haven’t come back right?”

Yes, like the First-Gen said, Ddraig and Albion are currently dwelling deep within the Sacred Gears. Saying that, it has to do with my “Reflect” ability which appeared in the Romania incident the other day.

Apparently the “Reflect” ability I awakened was originally Albion’s ability when he was alive.

This was what Albion said before departing.

[When we, the Two Heavenly Dragons, were sealed into the Sacred Gears, many of our abilities we had while we had our bodies were taken away from us. ……There wasn’t a single time when our lost powers came back.]

The abilities when they still had their flesh—.

……The lost powers to appear with the mutual understanding between the Two Heavenly Dragons huh. For this phenomenon, this was what Azazel-sensei who is currently absent said the other day.

[……This is just my hypothesis, but maybe the God from the Bible didn’t get rid of the Two Heavenly Dragons powers completely. To seal the Two Heavenly Dragon’s abilities while having them come to understand each other as the key—is what I imagined.]

……To be honest, I don’t quite understand it. No, I do understand that “Reflect” was originally Albion’s power. I also understand that it was sealed. But I still don’t get why that ability came back simply from those two understanding each other.

…..Even if understanding each other was the key, the intention of the God from the Bible who made that the key to unlock the seal is still a mystery……

Well, it’s not like Ddraig and Albion are completely unsealed from it. Simply the “Reflect” ability came back at this point. And for now, the only one who can use it is me. The actual Hakuryuukou Vali still has yet to unlock that power.

Even if I did previously make the Hakuryuukou’s power into my own, it’s weird that I’m the only one who can use it so Ddraig and Albion have both sunk deep within the Sacred Gear to search about it. Believing that they may perhaps regain their powers they had when they still had their bodies—.

—But, Ddraig on other hand didn’t have any clue. After all, the fragment conscious of the past Sekiryuuteis that seemed to hold the key had moved to the afterlife so there wasn’t any way for him to ask them. It seems like he entered the territory where he can solve the mysteries related to Great Red and Ophis’s powers by going deep within the Boosted Gear. But Ddraig said he wouldn’t be able to enter that zone at this point.

Like that, the Two Heavenly Dragons decided to go deep within the Hakuryuukou’s Sacred Gear that still had the fragment conscious of the past possessors in it. Currently, Ddraig and Albion have linked their consciousnesses to each other where they both dived into the Divine Dividing.

Vali then says.

“It seems like Albion and Ddraig are facing unexpected difficulties. ……It seems like the past Hakuryuukous who they want to draw answers from have a harsh hatred towards Ddraig—or more like towards the Sekiryuutei. This obviously is different from their old hatred they had and it is the disagreement they have towards Hyoudou Issei.”

……I don’t know what to say against that…… The past Hakuryuukous created the “Victims of Sekiryuutei Association” inside his Sacred Gear so they continue to make their claim, even after Ddraig and Albion came to understand each other.

……No, it has turned into a situation where I don’t know what to say about it, and apparently their hatred they have towards me while in tears is so great that my apology won’t do any good……

……The butt. Is this the butts fault……!? But the one who made the name Ketsu-Ryuukou was that geezer Odin, you know!? I……do feel a bit bad about it though!

Hmm, maybe I have to apologise with Odin the geezer……?

Ddraig also transported his consciousness to the Hakuryuukou’s Sacred Gear where he is trying to seek answers from the past hosts……but he’s having difficulties even with Albion’s help.

I sure would like the Two Heavenly Dragons to somehow convince the past hosts to have their original abilities appear on our Sacred Gears……

The First-Gen geezer smiles while breathing out smoke.

“Looks like we can only wait for the good news. And if the Two Heavenly Dragons come back, it will be easier for the Sekiryuutei-boy to control his pace that he is having difficulties with.”


When I ask, the First-Gen says it while dropping the ashes in to the ashtray.

“If you find out about how you can hold back on your strength, then you will be able to fight right away while having Ddraig support you. By gaining experience and also by strengthening yourself by training every day, it will certainly become easier for you to tune your powers when the time comes. I won’t say something like asking you to control Sekiryuutei’s power all by yourself after coming this far. You can only prove yourself when you team up with Ddraig. But you also need to learn how to distribute your own power since it will put more burdens on Ddraig if you don’t. That’s why I gave you this training, you know?”

Oh, so this training also had that purpose too huh. ……I thought that I had to learn my Sacred Gear’s abilities all by myself.

You’re right. It makes me the current Sekiryuutei when I’m with Ddraig. ……Until Ddraig returns, I need to continue this training to lessen the burden Ddraig has to shoulder.

I make a new resolution. —Then Vali activates the magic-circle.

“I’ll be heading off. First-Gen, I ask for your assistance in the sparring again next time.”

Receiving such words, the First-Gen smiles sarcastically and replies back by saying “It sure does terrify me”.

Obviously Vali and I are not the only ones who are training in this field.

“Oh, it’s Ise.”

“Are you done with your training?”

Xenovia and Irina notice me who is walking towards them.

After I send off the First-Gen, I join up with the swordsman-group consisting of Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina that are training a bit away from where I was training. There’s also the demonic-power/magic group that consists of mainly Rias, Akeno-san, Rossweisse-san, and Asia. And finally the group that is looked after by Kuroka that consists of Koneko-chan and Gya-suke. We basically do our own training as our main, but we also have a team meeting where everyone gathers and joins.

Ravel isn’t here today. She’s currently having the final discussion with Le Fay at the Hyoudou residence. Normally it is something I should also be joining in, but Ravel sent me here and said she wants me to train as much as possible.

“Please leave this to me! I will call you when we really need you!”

The only thing I can do is to take the kind favour given to me from my capable manager.

Now then. We choose to wear jerseys during our training here, but the ones among us who fight on the front line have their clothing torn already.

Xenovia and Irina already have their clothing torn. That shows how much they were concentrated on their training.

Irina approaches me while flapping her Angel wings.

“Look at this Ise-kun!”

After Irina says that while flying swiftly in the air, she makes a pose in mid-air like an action hero.

Oh. I then realise the change in Irina. —She has four Angel wings!

“Irina, did the number of your Angel wings increase?”

When I said that, Irina says it boastfully while putting forward her chest.

“Ufufu, I received a call this morning from Heaven that my level as an Angel increased! And when I made my wings appear, this was what I got! Oh my, this surely must be a blessing bestowed to me from Michael-sama who watched over my daily prayers!”

Irina is making a prayer gesture while having her eyes sparkle.

I see, so Irina’s rank as an Angel increased huh. Well, if I think about it, we continuously had fierce battles. If we think about it properly, no one can complain if her rank rose. At this point, she made that much achievement and she also happens to be Michael-san’s Ace after all.

Xenovia nods as if she is amazed.

“So doesn’t this mean the power you can use as an Angel became much broader?”

Irina nods her head.

“That’s correct, Xenovia. It became much easier for me to get permission to use holy weapons that are kept in the Heaven. Until now, I needed to pass through several judges in order to get permission to use them, but now I can use them with less restriction!”

Hmm, such a thing became possible now huh. So Irina can summon items belonging to the Heaven now, huh.

Xenovia then uses her hand to cover her eyes.

“……So my friend who was being called the self-proclaiming Angel now started to go even higher……! There’s nothing more I can be proud of as your friend……!”

Xenovia says that with shaking voice......no, even you were calling her a self-proclaiming Angel, you know!?

“Geez Xenovia, stop crying! You are making me blush!”

Even Irina is accepting the praises while not responding to that nickname!

While looking at the passionate friendship these two share, I turn towards Kiba.

While having Gram that continues to release ominous evil aura front of him, Kiba has the holy-demonic swords appear within the whole surrounding. Kiba is in thought while having Gram in front of him.

“Hey, how’s the training going?”

When I ask, Kiba says it without looking away from Gram.

“I’m trying to control Gram by using the holy-demonic swords. Like how Excaliburs’ powers are used to control Durandal.”

Hmm, that seems like an interesting experiment.

Kiba continues.

“First I need to accept Gram’s curse and negativity with the demonic-power of my holy-demonic swords.”

“What will happen if you approve it?”

“The demonic power, which is the curse, will strengthen. But those areas become stable instead. Though, having the demonic power strengthen to keep it stable sure is a scary thing.”

Stabilising the demonic power, huh. Sounds like one of those phrases where “saying” that may be easy but “doing” the actual thing is hard.

Kiba says it while holding the holy-demonic sword within his hand.

“Even if I strengthen the demonic power to make it stable, I will end up covering it with the holy power of my holy-demonic sword. For example, it’s like putting a lid above the pot. The inside of the pot will burn with the use of fire. I just need to be careful so the boiled water doesn’t spill out and take out the specific ingredients I want to have much as I want.”

“……You make it sound easy but won’t that be something ridiculously hard to do?”

When I said that, Kiba smiles sarcastically.

“You are absolutely right. The power of the holy and the power of demonic. Making a slight mistake in the distribution of these two powers would cause all of the curse to reflect on me. No, in worst cases, it will also cause casualties to my comrades.”

So that’s the personal task Kiba assigned to himself huh. To cover Gram by using the power of “demonic” from the holy-demonic sword to stabilise it and to use the power of “holy” to cover it as a whole. The power will build up inside it so he will need to use it by letting the power out while being careful to prevent it from exploding.

It surely sounds easy if you simply say it in words. But you will need a high level of techniques, determination, and talent to do this.

I ask Kiba while putting on a smile.

“But you won’t fail in this, right?”

He puts on a fearless smile.

“Yeah, that’s my plan. If things go accordingly, I may be able to add some attributes to the blade. If that happens, I will be able to fight in a totally new way.”

“Being able to do attribute attacks, being able to use swords as your footpath, and being able to hide yourself among your troop of knights. You sure do use your Sacred Gears in many ways.”

The one who is able to use his Sacred Gear’s ability the most skilfully among us must be this guy. Saji is also turning into a skilful fighter, but it makes me think that his techniques are several levels below Kiba.

Kiba then makes such comment about himself.

“I lack in terms of flashiness among our group. So I won’t be able to survive unless I increase the amount of moves I can use against the enemies by finding their opening in their guards.”

I can’t believe you said that. You survived this far with those numbers of moves you have.

Kiba then asks me.

“So, how is your training going?”

“Well, okay I guess. I need to get the grasp of my training, but there are areas I can’t test myself without Ddraig.”

And that happens to be the newly found power of the Hakuryuukou I attained during my battle with Euclid. The small white Dragons that appeared from my jewels. My new power which has the ability to “reflect” and “divide”.

I started to train by actually using those powers, but it was halted when it was turning good due to Ddraig going deep into the Sacred Gear with Albion.

……Those abilities, they are quite the interesting things. Even things I’m imagining within my head are becoming possible, so if I can use it together with the trait of my True “Queen” then……

By the way, I decided to call those abilities the “Dividing Wyvern Fairy”. The one who named it is Rias. When Rias saw those abilities;

“You remind me of fairy chess since you keep on gaining new abilities, Ise.”

So the name has to do with that. The term fairy chess is one of the chess words and it refers to a chess game played with irregular rules. And since my growth is irregular itself, Rias said she can’t help but think in such a way. So I named it by adding the word “fairy” to the word wyvern which describes its appearance.

—Then a bright flash comes into my sight. When I look towards the source, I witness one Angel who is glowing brightly high up in the sky. He is spreading ten of his pure white coloured wings while he is holding onto a huge mass of fire within his right hand and a thick spear-like ice on his left hand. There is a thunder cloud above his head which is creating the thunder.

—Joker Dulio.

……An artificial thunder cloud which was made inside this field located in the basement. It’s something made by Dulio using his Sacred Gear’s ability.

His Sacred Gear can control weather to take control of fire, wind, water, and earth that exists in nature. So he can even create artificial clouds in places where there is no sky, just like that. The bright flash earlier must have been caused by striking down the thunder from that cloud.

The one who is in front of Dulio is—Saji who is wearing a black jersey. He is enveloped in black flames around his whole body and is facing off against Dulio.

Saji showed himself to our training field and joined our training by having a mock battle with me and Dulio.

The reason for him to do so is—to reach Balance Breaker.

Sona-kaichou suggested that he may reach Balance Breaker if he trains with Longinus possessors or with the Gremory group. So everyone is cooperating with him.

As long as we formed a team, the power up of our comrade surely is a desirable factor. Especially for Saji’s Balance Breaker since he carries the power of a Dragon King.

Kiba and I continue to observe Saji and Dulio’s battle for a while as we discuss about it, but finally, Dulio’s merciless attack of different attributes such as fire, ice, water, wind, and thunder vaporises Saji’s black flames. Saji then goes down.

It’s Dulio’s victory. Saji lost all hopes from midway through the battle so it became more of a one-sided fight where he had to defend himself.

……Saji’s abilities can be used in many ways where he would start from using his line which adds different effects while the black flames can be used for direct attacks or to create a wall of fire to nullify enemies’ attack. So Dulio either dodged or hit away those attacks and then stopped Saji’s movement.

Even if both of them aren’t in their Balance Breaker state, the difference between the two is quite obvious.

……I had a mock battle with Dulio several times as well……but he froze my legs and hand while he used wind to stop me from going at him in mid-air so he evaded all my attacks.

According to Irina:

“I hear that Joker has a personality where he rarely attacks the enemy first. If he plans on it, I’m sure he can even do amazing attacks……”

That’s what she said.

I feel the same as well and my comrades must also have realised that.

I can only think that Dulio is choosing difficult strategies in this training field where he chooses to attack his opponents when their guard is down after evading their attacks.

Kiba then says it from beside me.

“Maybe that’s Joker’s training. I’m sure he’s testing his own strength by purposely putting restrictions on himself. I did hear that he’s good at attacking in wide areas but isn’t that good in doing close-range attacks, so I guess he wants to overcome that.”

Joker Dulio who is said to be good in wide-range attacks due to his Sacred Gear’s traits which is to cause changes in weather. He did say it himself that he will be done for if he gets hit by me and Xenovia at close-range.

……To strengthen his movement for close-range. So that’s Dulio’s training huh.

—After Saji does his stretching after the battle to soften his muscles, he comes to our side.

“Man, I sure did lose that one. It’s still too early for me to lay an attack on the strongest “Brave Saint”, the Joker!”

He does seem like he is frustrated, but it’s not the Saji that I saw before I headed to Romania.

I spoke to him before I went to Romania, but the Saji back then seemed to be concerned about himself since he isn’t able to reach Balance Breaker.

I guess there was a change in his heart while I was dragged into some mess back in Romania.

Saji then says it after looking at us.

“Thanks for allowing me to use this place for training. Okay, I’m off to the “school” then!”

By the “school” Saji just mentioned, he’s referring to the Rating Game School that Sona-kaichou built where anyone can enrol in it. They haven’t scouted students yet, but there’s an open school day going on so parents that are interested in this school can bring their children from the whole Underworld.

It seems like people are continuing to visit there every day so the Sitri group is having a hard time due to having the duties as a Student Council as well.

I then say it to Saji.

“We’ll also be going there since Rias-buchou suggested that we should head over there during the weekends to help you guys out.”

Yeah, when Rias made a suggestion to help Sona-kaichou, we the Gremory group, Irina, and Ravel agreed to it.

Saji smiles hearing that.

“Yeah, that will be a great help. Man, we can’t handle all of it since this is a new thing for all of us. Also, Boss Sairaorg will come and help us from today and we called lecturers who would show demonstrations for us as well.”

I see, I’m happy that it’s going smoothly. But that shows how many children that can’t enrol in such schools and how many of them want to participate in the Rating Game in the future.

The career paths for the normal Devils are insanely narrow—.

That’s the situation of the Underworld and also the reality of it. It became a world of giving charity where only those with certain peerage and only those who were luckily picked up by a High-class Devil can participate in it.

“Alright then, I’ll be under your care again for the next time!”

Saji says that before he left and disappeared within the light of the magic-circle.

Dulio then descends from the sky. He takes a doughnut out from his pocket and takes a bite. Oh yeah, his hobby is to walk around while eating. The gourmet journey around the world.

“I can’t live without getting supplies of sweets.”

Joker, you sure do live freely……

Even though he’s like this, he’s the young leader of D×D.

Everyone else’s training is over as well, so it became the final meeting time of the day before we head back to our homes.

“—And so, that ends the report from the wizard-group. In other words, I still can’t shorten the charging time for my finishing move. Though Akeno is becoming capable of turning into a Fallen Angel without the bracelet.”

Our meeting then ends after receiving the reports from our Onee-samas.


Our leader Dulio…… is half asleep.

Even though he appears for the training every time, sleepiness conquerors him during meetings.

Irina speaks while making a posture to apologise to us.

“……Sister Griselda said it’s basically a miracle for him to show up to meetings like this all the time, so please forgive him!”

Rias breathes out and nods her head with a bitter smile.

“It’s fine, Irina. His strength is the real deal so we don’t doubt his strength nor will we warn him about it.”

Rias used to call Irina, “Irina-san”, but from the other day she started to call her without the honorifics. I don’t know what happened between these two, but there’s no need to speak to each other like strangers anymore.

Rias looks around us and changes the topic.

“I’m sure all of you are already aware that we will be helping Sona for the open school day for the school she built, but the truth is, a guest will be visiting the Hyoudou residence. She is a lecturer who will be having a special lecture for the students and their parents in that school. I heard that she decided to visit the Hyoudou residence abruptly.”

Hmm, I guess it’s the lecturer Saji mentioned. And that lecturer will visit my house? Why?

I become dubious but I realise someone gazing at me. When I look that way—I witness Rossweisse-san gazing at me.

She notices me too so she looks away immediately.

……W-What? The reason must be what she said to me the other day…..I guess.

—P-Please become my boyfriend.

She said such a thing to me! On top of that it was inside the bath while everyone was looking!

Nothing much happened since then……


But Rias is making a complicated expression towards me.


Akeno-san is also looking at me, Rossweisse-san, and Rias with a sad expression.

......W-What the heck is this situation……? The older girls became silent while putting on a not-so looking good expression!

I then hear the Church trio’s talking silently.

“……Look, Asia, Irina. The older girls made their move.”

“This means that Rossweisse-san also joined the battle as well, right?”

“……For Rias-oneesama and Akeno-san who are usually confident to act like this……”

“Asia, the older girls have their own kind of problems. Judging from how confused Akeno-fukubuchou is acting, I can make a deduction that there was an unexpected attack. ……This may be our chance.”

“Eh!? W-What are you planning to do, Xenovia……?”

“Irina, Asia, it means that a chance for us to break into the upper world which we couldn’t enter before has come.”

“B-But we need to respect Rias-oneesama’s standing……”

“No! We need to charge in ahead! There may be a chance for us to take him away and surround him!”

“N-No, we can’t do such a thing like taking him away! A-An Angel like myself can’t possibly do that……”

“There isn’t a slight persuasive power within the words of an erotic Angel like you. I hear that you wear no bra when you go to Ise’s room. You sure are full of fighting spirit, Irina.”

“T-That’s because……wearing no bra is for health reasons!”

“If you can only look away with such pathetic eyes, then it’s better for you to make your decision now. Alright, come closer Asia, Irina. Let’s form a circle. Alright, at times like this—”

For some reason the Church trio formed a circle and started to speak even more silently.

……B-But I never thought Irina wore no bra! I was wondering why her breasts bounced and moved quite a lot, but it’s natural to bounce like that if she didn’t wear a bra!

……I didn’t know how to respond, but Kuroka and Koneko-chan’s conversation also reaches my ear.

“I’m sure this is it. To bear his children by taking him from the side, —nya?”

“……Nee-sama, that’s vulgar.”

“You aren’t in a situation where you can say that leisurely, Shirone. You should also go on the offensive side. At this rate, you will continue to be treated as a child. Even the current you should be able to do a soft nyan-nyan for him after all ♪”


“Oh, you imagined a bit about it just now, right? You sure are erotic. Erotic indeed –nya.”

“I’m not erotic! I-I didn’t know how to respond to it!”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed for a Nekomata to be erotic, you know? You should also do things for him that you can only do while you are little ♪.”

“Geez, I don’t care about you anymore, Nee-sama! Gya-kun, let’s go over there!”

“……Eh? O-Okay.”

Oh my, seems like Koneko-chan took her distance and took Gasper with her after the sisters’ fight. Kuroka herself seems like she’s really enjoying it.

Kiba rests his hand on my shoulder while he puts on a smile.

“Do your best.”

……Yeah, I really don’t know what’s going on, but I certainly will do my best.

“……Munya, the Heaven’s Mont Blanc, much as I want……”

Dulio sleep talks. ……You sure do seem like you are having fun, leader!

Part 3[edit]

We returned to the Hyoudou residence after the training and started to prepare to welcome the lecturer.

First of all, I need to prepare tea in the VIP room we always use. Since it’s enough with just us who live in this house, Gasper and Kiba are taking a rest in their house.

We did sweat a lot since we just had training, so those who finished their duties first will go and take a bath quickly. I also allowed myself to take a bath first. After getting refreshed, I finished cleaning the VIP room with Xenovia and Irina.

Asia and Ravel are in charge of preparing snacks. They are baking homemade cookies quickly.

“Yum, yum.”

The one who takes a bite of the cookies is our mascot—Ophis. She’s also eating the cookies baked by Asia and Ravel deliciously.

We did finish most of the preparation to welcome the guest, so me, Xenovia, and Irina, are taking a rest in the living room located on the first floor.

“—Our guest has arrived. So let’s head to the teleportation room in the basement.”

Akeno-san came to call for us. We then headed to the basement to welcome our guest—.

We moved to the teleportation room in the basement.

Kuroka and Le Fay are on standby in their own room. The reason is due to Kuroka possibly making careless mistakes. Le Fay also left of her own decision since she thought it will be bad to have only Kuroka not join us. Obviously, Ophis won’t be here. So the Gremory group, Irina, and Ravel, that are living in this house are going to welcome the guest.

The floor of the teleportation room starts to shape a magic-circle with a Norse spell while making a bright glow.

As we watch the teleportation light becoming even brighter, Rias says this.

“You are the last person I am informing this to, but our guest who is coming now is Rossweisse’s grandmother. I hear that she’s also famous in the Norse world, the Asgard, as a skilful user of magic.”


I became shocked at this report so I look towards Rossweisse-san. Rossweisse-san is putting on a complicated look.

The glow of the teleportation circle becomes even stronger and then bursts—.

The one who appears after the flash disappears is an elderly woman wearing deep blue coloured robes. She has a fearless look and she appears to have the same height as Rossweisse-san. She has a good posture and looks slim overall. I wouldn't be able to tell she’s an elderly woman if I didn’t see her face.

After Rossweisse-san’s grandmother looks around at us, she speaks.

“Hello, all of you in Japan. Thank you for looking after my granddaughter who is standing over there.”

Her grandmother looks towards her. Rossweisse-san didn't look away, but she looks unpleasant. She isn’t welcoming her with warm arms, but she isn’t making a strong dissatisfaction to her visit either.

Rossweisse-san’s grandmother introduces herself to us.

“My name is Gondur. I am Rossweisse’s grandmother. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She shows her smile for the first time.

Her proper gesture doesn’t make me feel as though she is old, but she has a strong resemblance to Rossweisse-san when we first met her.

We took Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Gondur, to the VIP room. We prepared tea and snacks for her, and after we finished introducing each other:

“Just like that, Gondur-san will be participating in the Magician’s assembly that will take place in the Underworld of the Agares’s territory.”

—Rias explains to us.

Apparently skilful Magicians will meet at a certain town in Agares territory to discuss about a topic related to magic. Since those who aren’t even Devils are going to the town in the Underworld, it shows that quite a strong user of magic will be showing up. We are Devils and we also have the blessings of the Governor of the Fallen Angels and also Heaven; which allows us to go to various places freely, but that’s because it’s an exception. A mere human or a normal Magician won’t be able to go to the world of the Devils, the world of the Fallen Angels, and also Heaven. For a normal person, it’s an irregular world that far surpasses their perception. —A supernatural territory.

And the topic the skilled Magicians will be discussing will be about the very rare spells, an ancient magic, and also forbidden spells. Even the researchers of the research institute of the Devil’s side will be sent there, so it really is turning into an unusual party.

Rias then adds.

“This is also something we can’t tell anyone yet, but currently there are rapid increases of cases where each of the forces is facing a situation where a Magician in their forces who has knowledge about ancient magic or forbidden spells is disappearing.”


So such things are occurring. Does that perhaps involve that bastard Rizevim?

“So they are getting dragged into terrorism, then?”

When I ask, Rias doesn’t clearly say yes, but she doesn’t say no either.

“……Either the Maverick Magicians are acting on their own accord or the Khaos Brigade is behind this…… Either way, there is an increase of opinions among the Magicians that they want to have a meeting and trade their opinions.”

Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, Gondur-san, who was being silent till now then says it slowly.

“This is also an information which hasn’t been leaked outside, but for this meeting, we are thinking about sealing the research theme we are investigating about, in other words information of the spells each of us are experts in.”

“So……you are planning to seal away your magic?”

Gondur-san nods at Ravel’s question.

“Basically it’s better to seal it until this incident gets solved rather than having some person we don’t know use our magic knowledge we spent our whole life strengthening.”

Well, you sure won’t be able to resist having your knowledge being misused. And if that happens to cause trouble for other people, they may be held responsible for any possible consequences. And things like forbidden spells has a dangerous ring to it, so there will be spells which will be too dangerous for it to get leaked outside.

Gondur-san continues.

“I hear that the Fallen Angel’s organisation—the Grigori, has plenty of research for anti-magic. So for these incidents that are currently happening, we are going to depend on the Fallen Angels sealing the research of our spells.”

……Speaking of the Grigori’s anti-magic, the person that appears in my mind is that stern looking tokusatsu leader…… No, I’m sure that he has been researching about it thoroughly, so I hope I can feel safe about it.

Gondur-san then says while holding her hands together.

“Even if we seal it ourselves, they would be able to break the seal by kidnapping us and then using hypnosis on us. Even if we ask other Magicians to seal it, there’s a concern that they will steal our magic research from us. If that’s the case, the research institute of the Fallen Angels will be a good common ground for us since they are currently gaining trust in the world of the supernaturals.”

Hmm, so the reputation of Azazel-sensei’s place is increasing in those regards huh. Well, they certainly had a strong impression of being the evil organisation prior to the alliance of the Three Great Powers. But now, they argue for peace and are also providing their techniques to everyone. They even promised the Vampires from the other day about cooperating in the research for the Sacred Gears. I’m sure they strengthened their trust by piling up those achievements. It sure is an amazing feat within this short time.

Gondur-san then says.

“—So before we seal our powers, we decided to trade our opinions. There are spell casters that rejected participating in the assembly……but it’s clear that there will be valuable discussion happening there. I also agreed to participate in it. And also, I received an invitation from Sona Sitri-san.”

Oh, so that connects to her taking the lecturer role for the rumoured school built in the Underworld huh.

Rias continues after that.

“That’s how it is. Gondur-san came to visit us due to the Magicians’ assembly and also for the role of a lecturer in the school Sona built.”

After that, we received the explanation of what she will be doing from now.

Gondur-san will be staying in this town for several days and will be going to the Underworld on the same day we don’t have school. This became possible because the day we have off overlapped with the day when there will be the Magicians’ assembly.

Everyone in this room understood the reason for her visit. I need to inform Kiba and Gasper afterwards.

After that, our discussion became more of a laid-back thing.

Rias then says.

“Rossweisse’s grandmother is also counted as one of the Valkyries.”

Oh, is that so!? Then I guess the reason why Rossweisse-san aimed to become a Valkyrie has to do with the influence of her grandmother.

“I told her many times that she isn’t suited for it since she is clumsy.”

Gondur-san said that harshly. Rossweisse-san cheeks turn red and she looks away.

Gondur-san puts her teacup down and then asks Rossweisse-san.

“Rose, there is only one reason why I came here. You do know the reason, correct?”

……So Rossweisse-san is called “Rose” huh.

“There is only one gentleman in this room. It is okay that I take him as the person you mentioned, yes?”

Gondur-san looks at me.

Rossweisse-san stands up and says it after taking a big breath.

“That’s correct. He is my boyfriend, Hyoudou Issei-kun is his name.”


……S-So that’s how it is…… So her confession the other day in the bathroom is connected here!

Is this that kind of situation? Something about telling her grandmother who is living in her homeland that she made a boyfriend kind of thing!?

Gondur-san then speaks.

“Rose, you left the house of your own accord, you turned into a Devil of your own accord, and you started working as a teacher in this human world of your own accord. ……You sure are a bad granddaughter for worrying me this much.”

“Ugh……that’s because……”

Rossweisse-san can’t argue back against her grandmother’s words.

Rias then defends her.

“Ooba-sama, that also has to do with me since I invited her. So please don’t only blame Rossweisse for this case.”

But Gondur-san doesn’t stop.

“You are misunderstanding me, Princess of Gremory. That isn’t that much of a problem. Well, strictly speaking, it is a problem. But I need to say this to my granddaughter who changes the way she lives with the situation she is in without even discussing it with me.”

“……This sure does make my ears sore.”

Xenovia mutters while munching on the cookies. Yeah, you need to listen to what this grandmother has to say very carefully.

Gondur-san realises that her tone is getting stronger, so she makes a single cough.

“Well, that should be fine. I also told my opinion about how Odin-sama forgot about you and left you here so I won’t blame you for that.”

Oh, so that Odin geezer got scolded by her huh. Well, even for a stupid old man like him, leaving behind his bodyguard Valkyrie is just too horrible. The Chief God of the Norse world needs to repent on his mistake!

Gondur-san then says it to Rossweisse-san.

“I’m worried about you. Even though you are good with studies and magic, you are clumsy, so it worries me if you can even take the role of a teacher in a Far East country like this without causing troubles…… That’s why I always told my granddaughter that I would feel safe if she has a boyfriend. Then she said she does have a boyfriend……”

……So that’s how it is. In order to not make her grandmother worry about her, she told her that she does have a boyfriend…… A-And that happens to be me……? No, since the visit of her grandmother became decided, she just chose me as her acting boyfriend in a rush, right!? Oh yeah, even though Rossweisse-san seems calm, she really does live while going with the flow of the situation she is in! If you ask me if she does act like one of the Gremory group members, then she indeed does…… Is it me or does Rias tend to gather those who gets influenced easily into her group……?

Rossweisse-san sits next to me and grabs onto my arm.

“Ise-kun is a man I can depend on. He’s also the legendary Sekiryuutei and someone who has a bright future since he is already a Mid-class Devil!”

I-I’m happy you are referring to me like that……

I then take a glimpse towards Rias—


She’s frozen cold while smiling! She’s shocked! Rather, it feels like she can’t resist this situation nor can she comprehend it which resulted in her brain halting!

“……I’m sorry! I will go and bring new tea!”

Akeno-san also left the room with a painful expression!

“I-I will go and help Akeno-sama!”

Ravel became concerned for Akeno-san and went after her!

However, Rossweisse-san and Gondur-san continue talking while making me sit in the middle.

“How long has it been since you two have been dating?”

“……T-Three months!”

“—So that means that it is okay for me to assume that you two have already done what a man and woman would do then?”

This granny is too bold in asking things! Even Rossweisse-san has a very stiff face now! But she somehow withstood it and says it with a shaking voice and a red face.

“……I-It’s……not like we are married yet or anything…… B-Besides! My strong protection for my chastity is what I was told from you granny……I mean grandmother!”

“I never said you couldn’t have such relations before marriage. I just told you not to get caught by bad boys and give yourself to them unnecessarily.”

Rossweisse-san who is holding onto my arm shouts with a country accent!

“E-Even I want to do erotic things with a boy!”

“That’s why I’m telling you to do it already!”

Oh, even the granny spoke with an accent!

Gondur-san who realised that the atmosphere of this room is heading towards the weird direction makes a cough once again.

“—I will permit relations between you two.”

Rossweisse-san can’t respond to her words and replies back with an idiotic voice.


“It isn’t “Huh?”. I said I will allow it. You have already shared your feelings with a man you fell in love with now, right? So go for a date next time.”

“W-Wait, b-but!”

Rossweisse-san suddenly panics.

But Gondur-san says it with her powerful eyes.

“—I will come and ask you about this in more detail the next time I come and see you. To both you—and your boyfriend. Thank you everyone for today. I will be taking my leave now.”

After saying that, Gondur-san leaves this place in order to head to the hotel Sona-kaichou prepared for her.

After her grandmother left, the atmosphere of this room became very serious.

Rias is still frozen. Asia is watching this situation in panic.

Rossweisse-san then holds my hand and begs with a red face.

“…………I’m sorry. I-It’s only for a short time, so please cooperate with me…… ……There’s no more turning back for me……!”

……So it’s decided that Rossweisse-san and I will be going on a date.

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