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Life.3 The Direction of the Evil Intent[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The second day for the Auros academy approaches.

I stayed the night yesterday in one of the rooms that was prepared for me. Maybe it’s because they haven’t finished all the preparations, but there was only a bunk bed, though I didn’t have any problem in terms of sleeping on it.

The ones that stayed the night in the boy’s dormitory are the boys from the ORC and the Student Council, as well as the male staff. There are fewer men than women here. The number of people staying in each room is roughly two people. We decided this by using a draw, and it was divided into Kiba + Gya-suke, and Saji + Rugal-san. I was the only one left. I have the room all to myself! I was happy at first, but the only thing inside the room was the bed so there was nothing I could do besides sleep.

That’s why I was sleeping in the room alone by myself……but when I woke up, I felt pressure on both sides of my bed.

When I look that way—I find Ravel on the right side! And Asia on the left! The two blondes are laying on the bed with me! H-How did it turn out like this on a bunk bed which isn’t that big when I was sleeping on the top bed! What happened during the night!? No, I didn’t realise this had happened!


Ravel who is still asleep. ……She’s sleeping comfortably while using my arm as her hug pillow.

……The soft sensation of her breast and thighs I can feel with my right arm! Seriously, she even has her leg around my body! And her sleepwear is priceless since the only clothing she’s wearing is a single shirt! This shirt is my old shirt that I can’t wear any more due to the size which is too small for me. In the past, Ravel said;

“Ise-sama, do you have a shirt which doesn’t fit you anymore?”

That’s what she asked, so I replied and said “I do”. I gave one of them to her since she said “If it’s okay, will you please give it to me”. And when I did……she showed up in front of me wearing such stimulating sleepwear!

……What she’s wearing under the shirt is……her panties only! From her shirt that is about to fall, what appears around her chest area are her breasts.

Asia-chan who is on my left side on the other hand is—wearing a seductive negligee which she was given to her by Rias recently! Since Asia looks up to the way Rias and Akeno-san act, she tries hard to use their actions as examples for her lifestyle. It’s okay to learn elegance from them. Being more aware of putting on make up and having more value in beauty is a wonderful value as a woman!

But to copy their erotic side is…… ……I guess it’s okay! Yup! Erotic Asia-chan is also okay!

“……Ise-sama, are you crying this early in the morning?”

Ravel wakes up as she rubs her eyes. Her white oppai are about to pop out from her open shirt!

“M-Morning, Ravel. I was shocked to find you on my bed.”

I said that while my eyes are directed towards her breast. Ravel says it as she tirelessly lean on me.

“……Yes, last night Xenovia-sama and Irina-sama took Asia-sama with them and I followed them since they were having a suspicious discussion. I then found them trying to get into the boy’s dormitory. I realised that they were trying to assault you while you slept.”

That Xenovia and Irina! So they even started to come for me even during my sleep! H-Hmm, but I do kind of want to experience that once! Nothing good happens when they take such actions though! They are so forceful that I falter at that action! Though there’s a side of me asking for more erotic situations to come at me!

However, I now have a doubt. Why is Ravel sleeping here? I’m feeling curious to this and Ravel sticks her tongue out adorably.

“I had a challenge with Xenovia-sama and Irina-sama where the winners will sleep with Ise-sama……the challenge was rock-paper-scissors. I won the challenge by gaining three victories first.”

Ah, so Ravel came here and slept with me after she defeated Xenovia and Irina……

“Then how about Asia?”

I look at Asia who is sleeping beside me. Ravel then says.

“Yes, Asia-sama also participated in the match and came here because she also won the challenge just like myself.”

So only two people were allowed to win huh. Well, there were just two spaces around me!

Ravel then starts to look sorry and starts wiggling her body.

“……Was I a nuisance? ……I’m sorry. I also wanted to……stay with Ise-sama sometimes too. I am your manager after all……”

A-Aaaaaaaah! Geez, she really is an adorable manager! I don’t know whether to call someone who will also follow me to my bed as a capable manager, but there’s no problem since she’s cute.

I say it as I pat Ravel’s head.

“Take care of me today as well. My manager.”

“Yes! Of course!”

Even I’m filled with high spirits after getting an energetic and lovely reply from her. —Then I hear Asia sleep talking.

“……Munya, that pant……is the one I’m giving to Ise-san so you can’t have them……you can’t eat them……”

……Is Fafnir perhaps appearing in her dream? Geez, for that guy to appear in her dream as well! She puts on a peaceful expression after I pat her head.

I was shocked from early this morning, but yeah, I will also give it my all today as well!

After breakfast. I was talking to Asia and Saji about a certain thing before the morning meeting (We gathered in the dining hall of the girl’s dormitory).

“……So Fafnir also went to the depth of Albion’s Sacred Gear huh.”

“Yes, apparently they are having a hard time convincing the remaining thoughts of the past Hakuryuukou-san. Fafnir-san appeared in my dream and said he will go to their side by sending his consciousness since Ddraig-san and Albion-san asked for him.”

And when she actually woke up from her dreams, Fafnir didn’t respond even though she called him, so she realised that it wasn’t a dream and that he really did go to help them out. ……So was Asia who was having a nightmare back then was actually seeing that in her dreams?

Saji also says it with a confused look.

“……I also had Vritra appear in my dream where he said “I will take my leave since the Two Heavenly Dragons took a rare action to ask me for help”. Since he didn’t show up when I woke up and called him, it made me realise that it wasn’t a dream. Even though I can use my Sacred Gear like usual, I’m facing trouble since there are areas I can’t control by myself.”

Ah, looks like Saji has areas he still has trouble with just like me. I also have areas which are hard to control right now due to Ddraig’s absence. That especially becomes clear for my True-“Queen”. My situation right now is the same as when the Maverick Magicians assaulted Kuou academy. I still can’t activate the “Dividing Wyvern Fairy” which I had just acquired. I even started to find out a good way to use that ability…… However, I really do wonder how hard it is to deal with the “Sekiryuutei’s Victim Association” since two Dragon Kings had to go to the depths of the Sacred Gear. ……Hmm, I do feel bad all of a sudden when I think that I’m the cause of it…… I need to trust the legendary Dragons for this case.

I then ask Saji.

“Oh yeah, aren’t the Bael group here today?”

“Just during the morning. It’s planned for them to join us after noon.”

“Do they have something else planned?”

When I ask, Saji points out the window of the dining hall. What lies towards the direction he is pointing is the sky city Agreas.

“You know how Emperor Belial will be being filmed over there? Boss Sairaorg and his servants will be helping them out by co-starring in the film. By the way, it seems like the heiress of the House of Agares will be at Agreas as well. They will be appearing in the film together with the Bael group.”

Hmm, so Sairaorg-san will also be appearing in the film which will be starring the Champion huh. I hear that Sairaorg-san had been receiving a lot of advice from the Champion. More importantly, Seegvaira Agares-san will also be at the sky city huh. The Rookies Four had gathered in this region!

Also, the rumoured Magician’s assembly will commence in this town today. I guess they will be discussing about their theme of research, 666, and such. Gondur-san who happens to be Rossweisse-san’s grandmother will be participating too. I wonder what they will be discussing.

—Then the four seniors consisting of Rias, Akeno-san, Sona-kaichou, and Shinra-fukukaichou enter the dining hall.

After the Sitri group hand over the documents, the schedules, to all of us, Sona-kaichou explains it to us.

“Now then, I will begin explaining about the second day.”

Like this, the second day of the experience of Auros academy begins!

ORC members went to teach the lessons they are in charge of and have scattered within the campus. This is what I learnt afterwards, but I will explain what each person is doing.

For example the Xenovia and Kiba pair.

They are participating in the lessons regarding the “Knight” at the sports ground (Including practical performances).

Xenovia explains to the children while she holds her sword with one hand.

“Listen up. A sword is like a mirror that reflects yourself. If you are hesitant, that will appear in your blade. You must wield your sword while having a calm mind. You also need to defeat the enemy before they take you down. Swing your sword down towards the enemy without any mercy, especially when they start to talk to you.”

Kiba also explains about the “Knight” from the opposite side of her.

“But it is dangerous to depend on your sword and wield it. A “Knight” is sought to have techniques more than anything else. And “speed” which is their trait. To move around the battlefield more than anyone else and to break the enemy’s formation. You need to find the time when they let their guard down and strike them accurately.”

The children are showing signs of interest towards those two who have different views.

The lesson Irina is in charge of as a special curriculum, is about “Angels”.

Angels are super rare in the Underworld. There are many children who haven’t seen an Angel before.

The Angel’s white wings and halo is something new and mysterious to the Devil children.

“Wow! She’s a real Angel!”

“This is what my dad told me! Bad children get taken away by the Angels!”

If there are children that are very interested in her, then there are also children that are a bit scared of her. Even if the alliance has been formed, the Angels are the symbol of fear towards the average Devil.

Irina explains passionately. While having her eyes shine.

“That isn’t true! Angels are beings that serve the Heaven and are the allies of everyone! Now then, lets us all pray! Amen! Also, I will be giving out the homemade bread as well! Your beliefs strengthen when you eat them!”

The missionary work by the self-proclaiming bakery Angel began, so the children’s parents started to give criticism. I later learn that the special curriculum of the subject “Angels” became quite chaotic.

Asia mainly was in charge of the knowledge she attained about exorcists during her time in Church, Gasper was in charge of the subject “Vampires”, Koneko-chan was in charge of the subject “Youkai”, and hence each of them was giving a special curriculum which they are related to. Gasper especially panicked since he had to appear in front of people and the children asked him questions.

Rossweisse-san continued to be in charge of the “Magic” lessons. This was popular like yesterday.

Now, Rias who is the president of the ORC and Akeno-san who is the vice-president are giving lecturers about “King” and “Queen” which can be considered as the most important lesson of them all.

“The relationship between the “King” and “Queen” of the group is very crucial within both private time and game time. By having them stay beside you all the time—”

This isn’t a lecture as a lecturer. Both Rias and Akeno-san are still young and there are still many things they need to learn. They were being humble and told me that they are still far from teaching anyone. For that reason, they are speaking as their seniors and are sharing as much knowledge and experience as they have gained till now.

Even so, it became a valuable discussion for the children who are listening to them very seriously.

ORC scattered through the campus and are doing the best they can.

The Student Council members have also gone to support the lecturers. The Student President and the Vice-president are mainly dealing with the parents, where they are giving them explanations.

There aren't many people, but both the ORC members and Student Council members are finding this worth doing even though we are so busy—.

On the other hand while everyone was doing their best in the lessons they are in charge of, I also started the “Oppai Dragon’s Question Corner” event along with my manager Ravel.

It’s an event where I answer each of the questions given to me by the kids. Many of the kids raise their hands up, so there are a ton of questions thrown at me.

So many questions are thrown at me, from a question anyone would feel curious about such as “How can I become stronger?” to a question I don’t know how to answer such as “What type of oppai do you like?”.

By the way, I answered energetically to the oppai question where my answer was: “They’re still oppai even if they're big or small!”. I hope this feeling of mine will get through to those boys!

After answering most of the questions, I asked the children a question of my own instead.

“Is there something all of you want to become?”

When I ask, one of the boys raises his hand energetically!

“I want to become Oppai Dragon!”

The children who are around him start responding lively by saying things like “Oppai Dragon is just over there!” and “I want to become one as well!” while having some laughs.

Other children also start to share their dream.

“I want to become the Champion of the Rating Game!”

“I want to work in the laboratory based in the Maou’s territory!”

“I want to become Maou-sama’s personal guard!”

The children talk about their dreams. ……There are things these kids want to become huh. Of course. They are kids so it’s natural for them to have a dream. There’s no difference between humans and Devils regarding this—.

“I want to become a student of this school.”

The children start saying “Me too!” and such when they heard that answer.

Yeah, that certainly must be the biggest aim these children have right now. No matter what kind of dream they have, no matter what kind of target they have, they won’t be able to get close to that chance if there isn’t a place to study which will fulfil their dream.

These children merely became able to reach the possibility. There are obstacles and trials they need to overcome in order to turn their dreams into reality.

I hope that all of these kids can attend this school—. Even though there’s no God, I can’t help but to make such a wish. When I look at the strong and serious eyes these kids have, I wish for that even more.

What I can do right here is……build up their spirits even a bit for their dream and aim. My duty is to make them wish even more that they want to attend this school.

“Alright, I will talk about the Devil’s job in the human world. Even though I look like this, I meet different kinds of customers pretty much every day.”

When I try to talk about the Devil’s job with confidence, the kids get really interested in it and start asking me things like “I’m really curious about the job in the human world!” and “Are there humans that use their soul as a price?”. For these kids, the information about the Devil’s job in the human world will become valuable knowledge. Well, this info is also taught to them in a specific lesson, but I guess I will feel happy if they listen to my story as a small chat. And if they end up becoming someone’s servant, then there will be A better chance that they will be moving around in the human world.

There are Devils who are active in the Underworld due to special reasons (old-man Tannin would be included here), but most of them will head to the human world if they become a servant.

Alright, I will talk about it by mixing the steps in making a pact with my funny experience. It happens when I was deciding on whether to talk about Mil-tan or Morisawa-san.

That instant—

A creepy chill runs through my body and I start to feel a sensation that stimulates my sixth sense.

Right after I felt a mysterious sensation, the Underworld’s unique purple sky—goes through a mysterious phenomenon where the sky turns white. ……What the, what happened!?

Due to the sudden incident, everyone within this campus looks up the sky and witnesses this phenomenon. The sky's purple colour starts to fade gradually and eventually the sky becomes pure white.

……What the heck is this? Is it some kind of event……it can’t be. I didn’t hear about this. Did they organise a special performance to be performed at the same time as the Magician’s assembly? No, we would certainly be informed about it beforehand. Did they have such a performance at the filming at Agreas? The scale of this is huge so they would need to seek for permission in order to do it.

Everyone starts panicking at the sudden phenomenon.

……There’s only one reason I can think of.

……There’s a gathering of Magicians that has researched Trihexa in this town and there’s a high chance for them to be abducted. And the one who will be doing the abduction is—

While I’m trying to understand this situation, the school broadcast reaches my ear.

[Will the students, families, and lecturers having the experience day please come inside the school building immediately. I repeat. Will the students, families, and lecturers having the experience day please come inside the school building immediately.]

Ravel and I can’t help but to expect the worst after hearing the emergency broadcast.

The ORC members and the Student Council members gather in the staffroom. We had the children and their parents that are becoming nervous gather at the gymnasium. In order to calm everyone down, the staff led by Shinra-fukukaichou went to gather the information.

Rias shakes her head to the side as she has the communication-type magic-circle activated.

“……It’s no use. I can’t make contact with the outside.”

Akeno-san who made a teleportation-type magic-circle on the floor also sighs.

“This doesn’t work either. We can’t teleport to a far away place.”

Seriously? To be in a situation where we can’t even contact or teleport outside…… I certainly encountered a situation similar to this several times. The first time is at the Togetsukiyou at Kyoto. The second time was right after the Mid-class promotion test. For both times, a mist appeared and we found ourselves in a different dimension. Though there are no mists this time, it certainly is similar to the incidents where a spell was cast on the whole space.

Then Koneko-chan with cat ears speaks.

“……I searched the ki around the area, but the trees and grasses outside aren’t fake. They are real.”

……So does that mean we were sent to a dimension where everything is fake?

Sona-kaichou says it while she has the teleportation-type magic-circle activated.

“I succeeded in connecting with Agreas and the town’s assembly hall. I will bring the vision up now.”

Then two 3D displays appear within the staffroom. The first one is showing Sairaorg-san who is at Agreas, and the other one shows Gondur-san who is at the town’s assembly hall.

This is what Sairaorg-san says first.

[What is happening?]

Gondur-san answers his question.

[We can presume that a barrier has been activated within this whole region. All of us are currently using creatures that serve us to measure the scale of this barrier. We have received a report that there’s a high chance that this town and Agreas are trapped in an ellipse-shaped barrier.]

……This whole region!? It seriously has a huge scale……

Gondur-san continues.

[On top of that, all of us Magicians have most of our magic sealed. Just like this.]

Gondur-san shows her forehead to us. A magic-circle that is releasing ominous light is drawn on her forehead. ……She has her magic sealed? Who on earth did that……? I have more doubts.

I became curious, so I concentrate the demonic-power to my hand. ……The aura gathers. Besides me, the Student Council members also check their demonic-power. Irina also checks if she can use her Angel’s power and she has no problem doing so. ……So the Devils and Angels can use their powers huh.

By the way, we checked whether the Sacred Gears and the Artificial Sacred Gears work here and they work fine.

“I can use my Magic.”

Rossweisse-san also didn’t have her powers sealed. Gondur-san mutters when she sees that.

[It seems like the seal is only limited to the Magicians here in this assembly hall. But to do this without having us sense even a slight presence……there sure is someone worthy of being feared.]

A seal that is only limited to the Magicians gathered at the assembly…… You can clearly tell that was their aim.

“You're telling me someone who can make such a bold and wide move is with the enemy……?”

Saji says that while putting on a sarcastic smile.

Kaichou mutters as she lifts up her glasses.

“……I can come up with a possible theory.”

Gondur-san also says it quietly as if she remembered something.

[—Yes, there is someone who can. The legendary Evil Dragon that was said to have controlled more than a thousand magic, —“Diabolism Thousand Dragon” Aži Dahāka. If it’s that famous Evil Dragon, then it must know a spell which can seal Magicians.]


Everyone becomes speechless at Gondur-san’s words. ……That’s because the name of the legendary Evil Dragon was brought up. We received a report that Evil Dragon had been resurrected. Vali did get assaulted by him after all.

The one that resurrected the Evil Dragon Aži Dahāka is the new Khaos Brigade—Qlippoth. The evil group that uses the power of the Holy Grail to resurrect Evil Dragons and even goes as far as to create mass-produced Evil Dragons……

So this white sky as well as the seals on Gondur-san and the other Magicians was the doing of Aži Dahāka huh.

“But the measure of this calibre…… Even if it’s the legendary Evil Dragon, I still can’t believe it can seal this vast region along with famous Magicians……”

Irina speaks her doubts. Certainly, being able to seal not only the territory but also all of the powerful Magicians exceeds our imagination, even if it is the doing of an enhanced Evil Dragon.

Kaichou says it while she looks towards me.

“But it will be a different story if it enhanced the effect of its spell.”

Then the one that passes my mind is Euclid.

“—The Replica Boosted Gear huh.”

That’s what I say. ……If he transferred the increased power of the Boosted Gear to the legendary Evil Dragon……it’s natural for the range of the ability to have expanded.

Gondur-san breathes out.

[The barrier that surrounds this whole region and the forbidden magic that restrains the Magicians over here. Both spells must have been activated while it was enhanced by it. Even if it’s a replica, the Longinus sure does show a power that far surpasses common sense.]

……I agree. That bastard, he sure is misusing the replica’s ability as he desires. I’m getting irritated since it feels like he’s using the Sekiryuutei’s ability without my permission. My anger towards him is simply increasing……!

…………No, hold on a sec. If that’s possible, the reverse will also be possible!

I give my suggestion.

“Then let’s do the opposite! I will use the Boosted Gear to increase the power of the de-spell for it!”

But Kaichou shakes her head to the side.

“They must be aware that we may take that action. We should presume that they may have a counter-spell towards it. ……If we try to break this situation carelessly, there’s a chance that a disaster will happen.”

……So the enemies are looking that far ahead huh. It certainly sounds possible. It seemed like that man Euclid is aware of both the merits and demerits of the Boosted Gear, so he must have prepared a plan towards any action I may take.

“It will be hard to deal with it if they keep on using that procedure.”

Akeno-san says with uneasiness. Kaichou answers her.

“It can’t be something which can be used as they want. It isn’t a genuine Sacred Gear after all, and from the report I was given, it requires a huge cost in order to use it. Except, judging from this barrier, the magic Aži Dahāka used has a complicated equation. Even if they enhanced the effect of it, it requires delicate maintenance. That’s because there’s a risk that the spell would go out of control and blow regardless of the power up being small or big. ……I can only think that Euclid Lucifugus is proficient in using the replica Boosted Gear.”

……For the replica user to be superior to the original user. The proof which shows the difference between the base stats of the hosts. Even if you have a powerful weapon, you won’t be able to bring out its true abilities if the one controlling it isn’t someone strong.

Kaichou smiles at me who is looking down.

“You know I’m not saying that you are inferior to him, Ise-kun? You have talent at using your Sacred Gear. ……Except, he must have a greater talent. The name of Lucifugus, the one that serves Lucifer as his right-hand man, is something to be reckoned with.”

Yes, I know. My opponent is the brother of Grayfia-san. Even though he’s rotten, he’s still the brother of the strongest “Queen”. It’s natural for him to be strong .

“We need to find the objective of the enemies first.”

Rias says. Gondur-san puts her hand on her chest.

[……Their first objective must be us. The Magicians that have researched a topic related to 666. So they are after us. But they also covered Agreas with a barrier. They may have some kind of intention.]

The sky city Agreas. Yes, they purposely covered this town and Agreas with an ellipse-shaped barrier. If they are after this town which currently has the Magicians, then they could have simply covered this town only with a sphere-shaped barrier. They must have a reason to why they also sealed Agreas.

“—The technology from the Old-Maou’s era.”

Ravel mutters. Kaichou also nods.

“The technology that comes from the Old-Maou’s era is used in Agreas. There are still areas we can’t decipher and the research institute belonging to Ajuka Beelzebub-sama is currently investigating the depth region of that island. Rizevim Livan Lucifer who is the son of the previous Lucifer must be after a certain something inside that island.”

Oh yeah, I did get an explanation like that from Sensei before our match against Bael.

The technology from the Old-Maou’s era…… Rizevim is the son of the previous Maou. So it won’t be weird if he becomes interested in the technology from that era.

Gondur-san starts to think as she put her hand under her chin.

[The legacy of the Old-Maou’s era—or it can be a type of weapon. And it’s most likely related to 666.]

“Or it can be one of the technologies that allows you to go to the other world.”

Everyone becomes quiet for a moment after Rias said that.

……I wonder if there’s such a big secret in that sky city. Well, simply being able to float and have a city on it makes me think it’s made up of many technologies. Though I hope it’s not a cliché where a weapon of mass destruction lies deep within there.

“They made a barrier of this scale, so won’t there be someone outside the barrier who can sense something strange is going on?”

That’s my question. If they can’t get in contact with a well-known city like Agreas, then it won’t be weird if the soldiers of the Agares territory are sent to investigate it after finding this situation strange. If they realise Qlippoth is behind this, then other members of D×D or powerful individuals of the Underworld will come to rescue us.

Sona-kaichou narrows her eyes.

“……They must already be aware that will happen if they make such bold moves like this. Most likely, there’s a chance that they have closed the connection with the outside world by distorting time and dimensions to make sure people outside won’t realise it.”

Rias continues.

“……Distorting space-time. Then one hour here will only be one minute outside…...it’s something I hear often when it’s related to the concerns of using magic, but this is something which is only possible if an experienced Magician made a proper preparation for it. ……I never thought we would be troubled this much when the Boosted Gear and an Evil Dragon that uses forbidden techniques gets involved.”

[Even so, using a spell of this calibre will definitely trim away your life. Even if he is a Dragon, it won’t be weird if it uses its life as a price.]

Gondur-san says that…… It must be the Holy Grail. The Evil Dragons can take reckless actions because of that. Even if it ends up destroying its body, it can simply have it fixed—. ……I’m not Gya-suke, but we certainly need to get that back. As long as that exists, those guys can even do crazy stunts like this!

……To control time and dimensions. It will be hard to make a counter-plan if they can even do this!

Rias says to me who is confused.

“Ever since the monster crisis that was caused by the Hero-faction, a device which has a protection wall installed that can block magic related to time and dimensions have been set up within the important institutes and locations of the Underworld. For example at places like, Lilith which is the capital city of the Maou territory and the main city of the Gremory territory. Obviously there are many layers of defence set-up around the Kuou academy which is the place we live. It especially has a more severe defence since the enemy has intruded there once already. But—”

Rias looks towards Sona-kaichou. Kaichou also nods.

“Yes, the device for the protection wall hasn’t been set-up in this town and Agreas yet. The schedule for the set-up at Agreas has been stalled on numerous occasions. That place is the holy land for the Rating Game as well as being the amusement institute and a tourist city. You need to shut down one of the functions there in order to put up that protection barrier. That became the cause of it and a portion of the city’s institute was reluctant towards the set-up of the protection wall device, hence the delay. ……And that happened to backfire today. Agreas is one of the sources of the Agreas territory’s budget. The current Arch-Duke was put between the two sides of the Agreas Tourist community and the army that wanted to set-up the device……looks like he will fall sick.”

……So the protection wall device was set-up late due to putting the amusement facilities as a priority……! No, each territory has their own way of doing things and I’m sure the Arch-Duke also was going through hard times. Even though he’s already stuck between each of the Maou’s factions as well as the Great-King’s faction that puts the bloodline as the main priority…… It sure does seem like the person with the job of being the middleman will fall sick……

Sona-kaichou makes a posture of putting her hand under her chin as if she’s thinking about something.

“……This happened before Agreas set-up the protection wall and the town nearby happened to have the assembly of the Magicians they are after. The barrier that covers only this town and Agreas…… I can’t let it slide as a coincidence. ……It scares me since it feels like there’s something behind all of this.”

Looks like Kaichou is starting to have doubts. We are really lucky Kaichou is with us since Azazel-sensei isn’t here right now.

One of the members of staff enters the staffroom while we are having a discussion about the enemies’ objectives. He opens the door violently and is breathing hard.

“……Did something happen?”

Rias asks while finding it suspicious.

The staff member points his finger up after he starts breathing normally.

“—A vision has appeared in the sky.”

All of us came out to the school ground at once.

When we look up—a vision of a crop that refreshes my mind appears within the whole sky and there are Devil’s symbols written there which reads “Please wait for a moment”. While all of us makes our stance after being alert at this, a mocking voice comes from the sky.

[Eh? The broadcast started already? Seriously? Hold on a sec~. This old man right here still hasn’t eaten his meal. But you are still telling me to appear? Fine, fine.]

……A familiar voice. I can only come up with one guy who has an easy-going attitude like this. I guess the other Gremory group members besides me also realised it after hearing this voice, so they look towards the sky with eyes filled with hatred.

The heart refreshing vision changes and a silver-hair middle-aged man appears in the sky.

—Rizevim Livan Lucifer!

He starts talking while making a wink.

[Ncha♪ Uhyahyahyahyahyahya! It’s everyone’s idol, the old man Rizevim☆. Hi there everyone, or rather long time no see! I guess terrible things are happening to all of you, so I decided to personally explain the situation since it will be weird if there isn’t one! You know how the scene where your enemy explains the situation to you is one of the most common cliché?]

He sure is an old man that gets on your nerves. I’m getting goosebumps and my hatred is building simply from hearing the way he talks.

[I’m sure all of you have kinda realised it, anyway, the truth is we covered this whole region with a barrier! Oh my, I’m sorry for surprising all of you from the get go!]

He doesn’t even feel bad about it despite saying that and is simply putting on an evil smile.

[The one who did that is one of our allies, Ladon-san from the Evil Dragon’s Army! He’s the guardian of the golden apples that was killed by the hero, the First-Gen Heracles!]

A giant creature appears behind him. ……A dragon-shaped tree……no, is it a Tree Dragon? The Evil Dragon Ladon which is giving out an evil aura. ……They are continuing to resurrect the legendary Evil Dragons…… We still haven’t defeated a single one of them yet!

[Well, like always, we resurrected it and turned it into a regeneration monster with our key item, the “Holy☆Grail”. The protection walls and barriers he uses have a severe defence. And also, with the help of Euclid-kun’s Longinus, we were able to cover the whole region!]

Euclid who is besides Rizevim appears on the vision. He has the Holy Grail in his hand.


Gasper who is standing next to me is biting his teeth hard while his eyes are giving a dangerous glow. This vision must be something hard to endure for him right now.

[And to all the people in that town! We have also put barrier around that town while sealing away the famous Magician’s magic. The one who sealed it is called the Evil Dragon amongst Evil Dragons! Aži Dahāka-san who can use a thousand magic! And the way he used his power was also magnificent! Of course the power of it has been enhanced by the use of the replica Boosted Gear!]

Another giant Dragon appears behind Rizevim. A three-headed Dragon. ……I can tell he has a dense and evil aura even from this vision. ……I heard that he is called equal to that Crom Cruach guy, right? I heard that he still went after the Vali-team even with a bloody body due to their attacks. ……To be honest, he’s a Dragon I don’t want to fight head on.

Rizevim continues happily.

[Now then, this place has been completely shut away from the outside world along with time, so the people outside haven’t realised it. The combo between the Evil Dragons and the Longinus sure is amazing~!]

After he makes an annoying laugh, he shrugs his shoulders.

[Why did I do this, you ask? The reason is simple♪. Since the Magicians over there didn’t cooperate with us, we’ve decided to blow them away altogether since it seems like they will get in our way!]

So they will just crush them if they can’t abduct them, huh. The way he does things is childish rather than being aggressive!

[Also, it will save us the trouble if we can steal a bit of Agreas’s technology! That’s because my papa and others were the ones that made them~. Don’t you think it is normally something I should inherit since I’m his son? Hey, don’t you think so?]

Rizevim narrows his eyes and points his finger at us.

[Uhyahyahyahya, I’m sure the D×D team which was formed to defeat us are over there too, right? Oh, we already received information about it beforehand. It does seem interesting, so shall we have a match? The armies of mass-produced Evil Dragons and the legendary Evil Dragon-sama will head over there—as well as the sky city. —In order to crush it. So try to stop them. Hey, really, try to stop them.]

Rizevim clicks his fingers. That instant, many giant purple fire pillars start to grow around the town!

What the heck is that!? Why are there so many fire-pillars appearing!?

“—Purple flames. An opponent who is hard to deal with sure did appear.”

When I look around after hearing a familiar voice—I witness Gondur-san. Looks like she came here from the assembly hall. Gondur-san looks up at the giant purple fire pillars with disgusted eyes. The fire pillar has the shape of a cross.

“……This is the “Incinerate Anthem”!”

Rias shouts as she looks up at the fire pillar.

“…...“Incinerate Anthem”! The Longinus possessor who is affiliated with the Maverick Magician’s group, “Hexennacht”!”

Gondur-san then says.

“The fire-pillar is built as if it is surrounding this town. That’s one of the replicas. There’s nothing but death for Devils that touches them and even the Magicians will turn into ashes. ……I did hear that she is helping the Khaos Brigade, but I never thought she would actually show up here……”

So on top of the Evil Dragons, the Longinus also participated in this terrorism!

Rizevim shakes his hand happily.

[That’s the gist of it, so do your best! We will commence our actions in three hours! Uhyahyahyahyahya!]

The vision ends there—.

……It turned into the worst scenario we can ask for……! We moved immediately in order to fight against this. I then look back.

Auros academy is behind me.

……The children’s smiles flashes in the back of my head. The children that shared their dreams, the children that have a goal. They will start learning many things at that place…… I can’t let those shit heads destroy this place before this school begins……!

……Fuck off, I won’t……let them destroy this school!

Part 2[edit]

We took action immediately.

First thing the ORC and Student Council members did was to lead the children, their parents, and the staff to the evacuation site. The evacuation site—is the basement of the school. Sona-kaichou made a very solid shelter deep under the basement of this school just in case something like this happened.

Seriously, all of us can only be shocked at how well-prepared Sona-kaichou is. Since there’s more than enough space at the area for refuge, we had the people of this town move there after explaining the situation we are in.

Currently, all of the school staff members within the school campus are leading the people to safety.

[I see, so you have already started evacuating them.]

Sairaorg-san sent the communication-type magic-circle to Rias, so Rias and I are talking to him. I’m guessing the reason why the vision is a bit blurry is due to the appearance of the Purple Flame’s cross affecting it.

Rias then says.

“Yes, the town isn’t that big so there weren’t many people there. We will have finished evacuating them to the underground shelter of the school before the three-hour time limit.”

[How is the progress with escaping from that town?]

Rias shakes her head to the side at Sairaorg-san’s question.

“There’s another barrier around this town besides the one covering the whole region which shunned us from the outside world. On top of that, the Purple Flame's cross have us completely surrounded. We tried to escape from here, and even if we blow away the double layers of shielding from the protection wall and the cross, it would be repaired immediately.”

The ones that attempted that were Xenovia and Rossweisse-san. We tried to destroy the barrier and the cross of fire using the attack of Ex-Durandal and Rossweisse-san’s offensive magic and de-spell magic. It could be destroyed, but it would then quickly repair itself so we couldn’t find any openings. If we can destroy them for at least ten seconds, we would be able to take the civilians outside……

Xenovia tried to go out of the barrier by digging through the ground……but apparently the cross of fire also goes deep into the ground.

In other words, we are out of ideas in terms of escaping from here. Having the Magicians get their magic sealed was a big loss. If they hadn’t had their magic sealed, we could have escaped the barrier around this town right away if we ignore the barrier around the region.

—They are preparing for it. By using the magic that wasn’t sealed, the Magicians gathered at the school’s basement shelter are currently attempting to make a teleportation magic-circle! The Magicians down there are all famous in those areas. That’s why this is a possible, yet crazy, way to do it.

Apparently the magic that can teleport the children and civilians outside this town will be ready if we buy them several hours, so our fight will last till the spell is completed. We simply need to protect this town from the Evil Dragons that will come to assault here.

Sairarog-san takes a breath.

[Same situation over here. We are able to destroy the barrier around Agreas, but it gets repaired immediately. We can’t evacuate the people in this city under these conditions. And also—it looks like we are surrounded by the Evil Dragons already.]

Sairaorg-san shows us one of the visions from outside.

—! Rias and I become speechless at the sight.

The whole sky is black. The sky city is covered in jet-black things.

Those black things……are herds of Evil Dragons! ……There are so many of them. The number of them is much more than one or two hundred.

……At the centre of the Evil Dragons is a three-headed Dragon. Its stationed right in front of Agreas while flapping six of its wings. ……Its shining black scales sometimes give off a purplish colour, so it stands out even among the herds of mass-produced Evil Dragons.

……So Aži Dahāka headed to Agreas. He’s an opponent that even the Vali-team struggled with. ……It's certain that you should avoid fighting him head on.

[The ones over here are us, the Bael group, Seegvaira Agares and her group, and also Diehauser-sama’s group. We won’t go down so easily.]

Sairaorg-san’s team, the Agares’s team, and Emperor Belial’s team are over there. They have more manpower than us.

[Seegvaira is acting as a temporal agent of the Arch-Duke and is giving orders at Agreas. She is doing fine. She took command of the city by convincing the hard headed geezers of the councils.]

The heiress of Agares. Since my first impression of her was fear, I still have an impression that she’s strict.

“……D×D was formed for situations like this, so I’m frustrated that we can’t help them.”

Sairaorg-san shows his strong smile to Rias who is looking frustrated.

[You’re wrong, Rias. —We are here. It’s better than none of us being here.]

Yeah. If we weren’t here, this place would have been in a worse situation.

Sairaorg-san says while looking at me directly.

[Hyoudou Issei, this is a situation we have to give our all. We must protect Agreas, that town, the children over there, and everyone else.]

“……Sairaorg-san, those kids have nothing to do with those guy’s ambition and 666, right?”


“They simply came here for their dreams, right?”


“—D×D needs to go all out to protect those children, right?”

[Yeah, of course. Protecting the hopes and dreams of the Underworld is the duty of us that formed the D×D. We can’t allow even a single child to get killed. And we can’t forgive even a single one of them. We will defeat all of those that come at us. As someone with power, that is our duty!]

……My heart is burning. Damn, it makes me happy.

I’m glad we teamed up—. I’m really glad that we formed the D×D team. I never thought having someone besides us fighting will make me feel this strong!

[We will definitely go there after we settle things over here. That’s why, you need to hold on!]

“Yes! Soon as we succeed in escaping from here, we will definitely go there and back you up!”

The battle—is closing in.

In order to have the final meeting before the battle which will have us on the defensive side, Rias and I head to the strategy room located in the underground shelter of the evacuation area.

As we progress through the corridor, we see a man and woman sitting on a long chair. They are most likely parents. ……I feel as if I have seen the woman before.

As soon as the man sees Rias, he approaches her and asks.

“……E-Excuse me. ……Princess Rias, what will happen to this place……”

He has an uneasy expression and voice. Rias says it as she smiles.

“There’s nothing to worry about. This shelter is sturdily made, so it can even endure the attacks of the terrorists. Since the teleportation magic-circle would be completed by then, we can escape from here safely.”

The couple softens their expressions hearing that.

The man then confesses.

“……My son……smiled. Since he wasn’t blessed with demonic-power from birth, my son had been living while being neglected by others. Even so……he’s our child that we were finally able to give birth to in more than a hundred years. We had been raising and supporting him, wishing that he would grow stronger.”


……So he’s in the same situation as Sairaorg-san.

The man continues.

“However, his peers can all control their demonic-powers as if it’s a natural thing…… My son stopped smiling ever since he realised he’s different from other children…… But, by coming here, our son……smiled. The last time he smiled was when he found out about the Oppai Dragon.”

The couple—confesses in sorrow.

……Parents that have a child that wasn’t blessed with demonic-powers. They must have lived in pain which I possibly can’t imagine. This school is turning into a kind of hope for these parents.

When I turn around after sensing a presence—I see a child and Rossweisse-san.

The child—is Lirenkus. Lirenkus says it with a bright voice as he jumps into his parents’ arms.

“Dad! Mum! Check this out!”

Lirenkus puts his hand forward and puts strength in them. Then, for an instant, a small fire actually lits.

Lirenkus reports it to his parents proudly.

“It’s fire magic! Look, the fire comes out!”

The man—his dad, becomes stunned for a moment, but then embraces his son with a smile.

“……Y-Yeah, well done.”

Many tears flow out of his dad’s eyes. His mum is crying behind him.

I’m sure this is something his parents wanted to see but couldn’t. Something normal parents and children experience. A single family that couldn’t. I’m sure they have finally reached this “normal” situation. I’m sure his parents couldn’t hold back their emotions after witnessing the growth of their child.

I then say it to Lirenkus.

“I’m certain that your name was Lirenkus. Last time, you came to my show.”

“Yup! Thank you very much for back then!”

His mum is shocked.

“You remembered him.”

I remembered as soon as Lirenkus came here. Back then, he came with his mum.

“See, I told you Oppai Dragon didn’t forget me!”

His mum says “You were right” with a smile to her son.

Rias then asks Lirenkus.

“Is this school fun?”

“Yup! Hey, do you think I can also become stronger?”

Lirenkus asks us. Rossweisse-san says it as she pats his head.

“You will definitely become stronger than me. Being able to challenge obstacles without giving up at your age is amazing. That’s why you need to continue believing in yourself, okay?”

“Yes! Rossweisse-sensei!”

Lirenkus replies energetically. The parents hold hands with their child and return to the room they have to wait in.

After we send them off, the three of us head to the strategy room.

Rossweisse-sans says it as she walks.

“……It seems like he has been practicing for the whole time. He said he wanted to continue practicing so his parents won’t cry any more.”

……That boy is also thinking about his parents. Despite being a kid, he must have wanted to get stronger for his parents.

Rossweisse-san puts on a smile.

“……Whatever the magic is, it will definitely become useful for the caster and other people. Useless magic doesn’t exist in this world.”

That—was something that Gondur-san, Rossweisse-san’s grandmother, said to the kids at the magic lesson. After Rossweisse-san says and thinks about that, she chuckles.

“These words I had been repeatedly told by my grandmother when I was a child. I may have understood it, but I may also not have. ……But I feel that I can finally understand the true meaning of my grandmother’s words.”

Maybe Rossweisse-san hasn’t realised it, but she has a refreshing expression.

Just as we see the strategy room, we find Sona-kaichou, Saji, and the children.

The children ask with uneasy expressions.

“Saji-sensei, will the scary Dragons come?”

“Is this school going to be gone?”

Saji smiles as he pats the children’s heads.

“There’s nothing to worry about. We will defeat all of the bad Dragons! It will be bad if all of you get hurt, so we will need all of you to stay here. That’s why wait here like good kids. Right, Kaichou?”

Kaichou says it as she smiles.

“Yes, he’s right. So all of you don’t need to worry about a thing, okay? Let me see. Please watch Oppai Dragon’s video here. By the time the video ends, the bad Dragons will be gone.”

Hearing that, the children show relief and walk to the evacuation area.

Saji then says it as he clinches his fist.

“……I won’t let them destroy it. There are many Devils that are seeking hope from this school. —This is also our dream.”

I walk towards him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, let’s protect it.”

Sona-kaichou and Rias also put on strong smiles and nod.

“Saji, it’s okay. We have survived many battles. We have continued protecting them. This time will be the same as then. —Let’s protect this town, and this school.”

“Yes, we can’t allow them to destroy it.”

After we confirm our thoughts, we enter the strategy room.

Part 3[edit]

Roughly around thirty minutes before the designated time, which is three hours, which the enemies announced.

We—the ORC members and Student Council members, returned to the school premises from the underground shelter. The enemies said three hours, but I doubt they would be faithful about it. We kept on being alert and had finished our preparation by the time two hours exceeded. And thirty minutes before the designated time—which is now, we moved up to the ground in order to prepare for battle.

Our battle will be quite simple.

Until the Magicians down in the basement complete creating a teleportation magic-circle, we need to protect this town—as well as this school. It will be a battle of defense.

Since Ravel is a non-combatant member, we had her wait in the shelter.

It happens when we are walking through the corridor in order to exit the room.

Asia stops all of a sudden as if something caught her attention. When I look that way—it was the wall of this corridor.

There are writings on the wall done by the children who experienced the experience day. There are messages written and pictures drawn.

[I want to become the Rating Game Champion.]

[I hope I can attend this school!]

[I’m happy I could meet Oppai Dragon!]

[I want to come here again!]

[I want to enrol in this school!]

There are innocent wishes written there.

Symbols and pictures I can’t even call good. They must have drawn what they thought while they experienced the experience day.

……I can’t keep back my feelings when I see this. It makes me feel that I need to protect this place even more. It feels as if everyone’s spirit has increased by seeing this.

Then I sense several people approaching us.

Men that are wearing soldiers' armour walk in front of us. Judging from their faces, they don’t seem like soldiers. Don’t tell me they are……

Kiba then says.

“……They are the children’s fathers and brothers.”

Yes, they are the children’s dads. Everyone looks like they have resolved themselves.

The dads take a step and say —

“We too will fight.”

“There are only few people of this town that can fight and I also heard that soldiers aren’t stationed here.”

“Having even a single more person must be better. There must definitely be things where we can also contribute besides fighting.”

“There may be residents that haven’t escaped yet.”

Like they said, we are the only combatants. So we won’t be able to take that much action. And if there really are residents who have yet to escape to safety, then it makes me wonder if we can even handle that as well.

Koneko-chan who uses senjutsu said that it became harder for her to sense delicate presence ever since the cross of fire surrounded the town. Koneko-chan said that maybe those purple flame pillars are interfering with her ability to search…… Because of that, there may be residents she couldn’t find.

Rias says it with a stern look.

“However, even if our opponents are mass-produced enemies, they are still Evil Dragons. They are not enemies we can take lightly. The legendary Evil Dragons will also be here. —This will be a battle to the death.”

She’s right. Our enemies are the terrorists. On top of that, they are the wicked herds of Evil Dragons—. We can’t guarantee our lives. We are going to fight while having our lives on the line as well.

Their will to fight doesn’t even waver after they heard Rias, and instead, they smiled.

“Even so, please allow us to fight, Princess Rias.”

“Mere Devils like us possibly can’t say something bold like we will protect Agreas and this town.”

“That’s why we will fight with one thing in our minds which is to protect this school.”

“This school which is like the children’s dream became our hope as well. That’s enough reason for us to risk our lives.”

……They are planning to put their lives on the line. For their children’s dreams. For their family’s hope. They are saying they will fight while risking their lives for them. —While they put on a great smile.

Rias keeps down her feelings and puts on a strong smile.

“……Looks like you won’t listen even if I say anything. Fine, but you have to promise me one thing.”

Rias looks around and says it strongly.

“All of you absolutely can’t die. All of you need to watch over your children’s future. That’s the reason why this school was built.”

“ “ “ “ “ “Understood!” ” ” ” ” ”

The dads roar with high spirits.

If they are willing to do this much, then we must protect this school at all costs. No, this is the obvious thing to do. We will defend this place without having a single casualty……!

We—then prepare for the battle to defend in a do-or-die spirit.

Part 4[edit]

What we see in the sky is a herd of black creatures. The black Evil Dragons continue to stay in the air as they surround the town. So those guys will attack all at once when the time comes huh. I can only feel chills when I think about it.

More than a hundred of them. The number far exceeds the number of mass-produced Dragons that showed up in Romania. They destroyed the town back then while having way less numbers of them.

Even the brave dads are pushed back after seeing the herds of Evil Dragons.

We exit the school campus, and we have a final confirmation before we head to our positions.

Sona-kaichou who came up with the plan takes a step forward and then says.

“From here, we will have this school as the centre point and spread out to all directions just like in the plan. Please stay in pairs most of the time and take down the enemies.”

We will scatter while having the school as the centre point to take down the Evil Dragons that are flying. These are the pairings.

“King” Rias + “Knight” Bennia.

“Knight” Kiba + “Queen” Shinra-fukukaichou.

“Knight” Xenovia + “Rook” Yura.

“Queen” Akeno-san + “Knight” Meguri-san.

Ace Irina + “Bishop” Hanakai-san.

“Rook” Rugal-san + “Bishop” Kusaka-san.

“Pawn” Saji + “Rook” Koneko-chan.

“Pawn” Hyoudou Issei (Me) + “Pawn” Nimura-san.

It’s basically firepower + defending or supporting. It’s formed in a way where both the vanguard and rearguard are active. Sona-kaichou and Gya-suke will take base at the school’s courtyard. Gasper will turn into darkness-mode while mass producing his beasts and the plan is to send them to all directions under Kaichou’s command.

We will have the reinforcement dads go around the houses and have them check if there are any residents left behind. Of course they will have to withstand to some degree the Evil Dragons' onslaught if they attack them. Though we are trying our best to have them not overdo it. In terms of battling, they are much inferior compared to us. It will be better to have them not battle as much as possible and instead avoid it.

Kaichou then says it to me.

“Ise-kun, please bring it out.”

I nod and make my familiar appear.

My familiar—Skithblathnir. It originally was the size of a model toy—but what appears from the magic-circle is Ryuuteimaru which is the size of a boat.

Rias then tells Asia.

“Asia, you will get on this and use it to move around the battlefield.”


The current Ryuuteimaru has quite the speed. It isn’t as fast as Kiba, but it’s possible to close the distance instantly if its a short distance.

“A Healer that moves through the battlefield will become an easy target, so like we planned, the one that will guard her is—”

Rias looks towards Rossweisse-san. Rossweisse-san takes a step forward.

“Yes, it will be me. I will support everyone from the rear and attack while becoming Asia-san’s shield.”

She’s fit for the role. She will guard Asia by using defensive magic, and if she is doing well, she can attack the enemy with a long-range attack from the top of Ryuuteimaru. Since she doesn’t need to move herself, she can use her stamina for attacking instead.


Kiba who is putting on a hard expression appears in my sight. ……He still doesn’t have full control of Gram. He’s still yet to try out the method of covering it with the holy-demonic sword. If that happens, this guy might overdo it. He isn’t someone who will listen to what we say.

I then whisper in Shinra-fukukaichou’s ear who is Kiba’s pairing partner.

(Fukukaichou, Kiba may overdo it, so please be alert and watch over him. He may wield Gram while trimming away his life. If it becomes serious, can you please stop him?)

Shinra-fukukaichou replies by saying “I understand” when I said that and nods. I then put on a lecherous smile and add this.

(This is your chance to raise his affection towards you. Please do your best.)

Since I thought this will become an opportunity for Fukukaichou who is crazy about Kiba, I gave such advice. Shinra-fukukaichou then turns red right away.

“W-W-W-Wwwwwwwwwwhat on earth are you saying!? I-I don’t……”

She panics. Oh, she’s acting so innocent. Rather, her eyes are swirling!


Kiba the man himself tilts his head in wonder.

I then hear the conversation of Sitri’s newbies—Bennia and Rugal-san. Bennia who is putting on a bitter smile and Rugal-san who is emotionless like always.

《We sure are unlucky to find ourselves in such crazy battles continuously after becoming part of this group.》

“……This is also fate.”

They certainly joined at a bad time……

Both of them supported the lessons of this school thoroughly. Bennia started a lecture regarding Grim Reapers while Rugal-san performed his battle-techniques that involves the mix of his hand-to-hand combat and magic.

For some reason I’m a bit relaxed.

We are done with our final confirmation, but then—a single magic-circle activates at the schoolyard. ……It’s a large communication-type magic-circle. It’s a formula the Magicians use.

A single person appears from the magic-circle.

The one that appears in the vision is a young woman that is wearing purple gothic-lolita clothing. A woman that is spinning around her purple gothic-patterned umbrella. She has an appearance of early 20's and looks like a doll. She has a mysterious beauty. Rather, I can’t help but feel that she’s covered in evil aura even from over the vision.

The woman introduces herself after smiling.

[How do you do, Devils. My name is Walburga, I’m one of the leaders of “Hexennacht”. Pleased to make your acquaintance♪]

I’m seeing this woman for the first time, but several people among our group put on serious expressions after hearing that name.

Sona-kaichou then mutters.

“……“Walburga the Purple Flames”. The possessor of the Longinus “Incinerate Anthem”……”


I become speechless. S-So this woman is the rumoured user of the Holy Cross!

Walburga continues while smiling.

[I came here with the Evil Dragons to burn all of you under Rizevim-ojisama’s command. It will be worth burning all of you if you get infatuated with me.”

Her squeaky voice is hurting my ears, but the creepy aura around her body doesn’t change. She seems to have a nasty personality unlike the way she talks……

[It’s about time for the battle to begin, so are all of you ready?]

All of us members glare at Walburga. Walburga acts scared on purpose seeing that.

[Iyaan, all of you sure are scaring me. The Devils are in a bad mood♪ Ufufu, it looks like this will turn out quite interesting♪]

—! I then get chills at seeing the evil smile she showed for a moment. ……Yeah, she is the type of woman that can kill people without a second thought. If I hold back—she will turn me into ashes.

Walburga says it as she looks around us.

[Which one of you is Rossweisse-san?]

……Rossweisse-san? Everyone looks that way, so she finds out which one of us is Rossweisse-san. Walburga then says it to Rossweisse-san.

[The thing is, I was told to bring you as harmless as I possibly can.]

“? From who?”

Walburga answers Rossweisse-san’s question while spinning around her umbrella.

[—From Euclid-san. He said he wants you. Iyaan, I’m so jealous that a handsome man is asking for you♪]

……So that guy wants Rossweisse-san that much huh. Does Rossweisse-san have that much potential……?

Rossweisse-san shakes her head to the side.

“I won’t go with you. I will fight.”

When she says that, Walburga replies with a smile and says “I thought so♪” as if she knew her answer.

She then lifts the side of her skirt and says her goodbye.

“Then everyone. Let’s have a great battle.”

Saying that, the magic-circle disappears.

……To show her face before the battle.

Xenovia says it with disgust.

“I know how people like her think very well. She definitely must be the type of person who enjoys looking at the faces of those whom she will kill. It makes me vomit.”

I see, she certainly carried that kind of atmosphere. She was looking around us while taking a good look at our faces.

Rias shows a strong smile despite the fact that she sighed when Walburga appeared.

“Everyone, are all of you ready? Now then, my adorable servants! Our opponents are the terrorists that have the mass-produced Evil Dragons with them! Just how many crises do you think we have overcome till now? This may also be a dangerous situation, but dying here is unforgivable!”

She says it to us in her usual manner.

“Let’s blow them away like we always do!”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The Gremory group plus Irina reply back to her energetically!

At the Sitri-side, Sona-kaichou tells them something.

“……If we are defeated, this school will most likely be destroyed without a trace. —There are dreams and hopes gathered here. There’s no reason for this place to be destroyed. So let’s protect it. That will be our reason to fight as someone that built this place.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The Sitri-group and the dads are also fired up!

We—then scatter out to our specific locations!

I activate Balance Breaker right away and arrive at the south-side of the school together with my partner, the “Pawn” Nimura-san. We take base at the brown crop field that already had its vegetables removed.


The beast’s roar that echoes through the sky—. The herd of Evil Dragons roared. It must be the signal that the designated three hours have passed.

The armies of Evil Dragons that are flying in the air came at us! I go straight ahead and defeat them one after another where they fall down to the crops. It’s so loud that the earth shakes as the giant Dragons land. My partner Nimura-san equips her leg armour Artificial Sacred Gear and starts kicking with her overflowing aura.

“Oryah! Despite this, I do some training!”

Nimura-san says that, and her hand-to-hand combat is improving as I watch her. Even her speed is amazing as her afterimages remain and it tells me that she has full control over her Sacred Gear.

Far away from us, there are violent shocks occurring. When I look that way sometimes, I can see the holy aura that reaches high up into sky and thunder raining down. Looks like everyone is going crazy!

Much further away—I can tell that many explosions I can’t possibly count are happening even from here. Sairaorg-san and others must be fighting there too.

—Then something appears from our shadow. It’s a giant creature made of darkness! It appears from underneath me and Nimura-san’s feet and it starts to take on the Evil Dragons.

Looks like Gasper is creating and sending his beasts of darkness from the school! The beasts of darkness attacks the Evil Dragons together with us!

It sure makes me feel stronger! —But I don’t think the number of Evil Dragons are decreasing! It will be good if he can use a darkness that covers the whole sky just like in Romania, but that drains his energy a lot and it isn’t something he can do many times or have it last for several minutes. The number of enemies are far greater than before. Gasper’s power is one of our keys in this battle of defense. Rather than having him unable to fight by having him push himself, Kaichou judged that it would be better if he just kept on creating and sending out his beasts of darkness.

Fourteen Evil Dragons come at us right ahead! I change the piece inside me to “Bishop” and have two cannons appear on my shoulders. The huge amount of aura is charged into my cannons.

—Welsh Blaster Dragon!

I will tune it so I don’t destroy the town but just defeat those guys!

“Alright, here I come!”

The two red auras that come out from the cannons engulf the army of mass-produced Evil Dragons and then blow! The army of Evil Dragons perish with the shot just now! That’s a good sign!

Even so, their attack shows no signs of stopping. I spread my Dragon wings and go ahead together with Nimura-san.

Roughly ten minutes pass.

It happens when there are piles of Evil Dragons that we defeated are lying around. From behind us, an explosive sound which can be heard even from here occurs!

When I look that way—I see a purple flame pillar that reaches high up the sky. ……It has the shape of a cross.

Walburga huh. That’s the southern part of the school! I’m sure the one in charge over there is Rias and Bennia!

I then hear a voice from the magical device in my ears which acts as an earphone. It’s Sona-kaichou’s voice.

[……The Holy Cross user has assaulted from the southern region. It will be hard for only Rias and Bennia to take her on. For now, narrow the area you must defend by forming a group of four. Everyone, for now please fall back—]

An explosive sound and a black flame interrupts Sona-kaichou! It isn’t the cross! Then what is it this time!?

We then hear Koneko-chan’s scream.

[This is Koneko who is in charge of Southwest region. ……Evil Dragons Grendel and Ladon have appeared.]


Grendel!? At this time…… No, he must have showed up because of a time like this! Longinus possessor from the South and legendary Evil Dragons from the Southwest!

Koneko-chan and Saji are in charge of the Southwest region! It’s impossible for those two to take on Grendel and another Evil Dragon!

Nimura-san and I look at each other and head towards Koneko-chan after confirming with each other.

When we arrived there, the school is in front of our eyes as well as danger. It’s a place where there are many windmills. But several windmills have been destroyed already and there is smoke arising from them.

A Dragon who has more evil aura than others realises that I am approaching it. It shows an evil grin and narrows its dangerous and glittering silver eyes.

[Hey, Sekiryuutei, it’s been a while! Here I am!]

Yeah, I know. It even makes me sick. This is my third time encountering him. And it makes me sick.

Where are Saji and Koneko-chan……? When I look around—I catch the sight of Koneko-chan and Saji that are battered already, but are confronting Grendel. Great. Looks like I made it in time.

I’m relieved but a tree that has a shape of a dragon appears before me. No, it’s the giant Tree-Dragon—. The part of its region which I presume is its face opens. That’s most likely its mouth. Then the shining red things located at the dent must be its eyes—.

It catches me within its sight and then a voice can be heard.

[This is my first time meeting you. “Insomniac Dragon” Ladon is my name. I’m mostly in charge of barriers and protection walls…..pleased to make your acquaintance.]

……So this guy is one of the main culprits behind this attack. And the one who covered this whole region with a barrier is this guy. If I remember right, he’s proficient in defending and sealing, right? He was apparently one of the trials the First-Gen Heracles had to face, but I think I heard that it got defeated by having Hydra’s poison thrown in its mouth. Sadly, I don’t carry a useful item like that, and even if I did, it probably got rid of its weakness through the power of the Holy Grail……

Grendel says it to us who are making a stance towards him.

[I heard, you know? You guys made a thing called school, right?]

He points its thick fingers towards there. He then says it as he makes more evil grin.

[If I try to destroy that, then all of you will have fun with me more seriously, right?]


……This bastard……! Just how much can he……!

Saji and I raise our anger at his words that’s trying to play with us! The four of us here which includes me, Koneko-chan, Saji, and Nimura-san, need to defeat him here! No, in the worst case scenario we have to hold him here till the Magicians complete their teleportation magic-circle! Of course we will beat him up as much as we can!

Grendel expands his wings and roars!

[Then, let’s start! Will I destroy that school or will you guys destroy me, let’s see which one does that firsssssst!]

He then blows air into his stomach immediately! He’s trying to breathe fire!

He—turns towards the school! He’s planning to shoot it out! This bastard is trying to shoot a giant fireball at the school!

“No you won’t!”

I try to smash him by moving to his side—but a barrier wraps around me! It feels as if I entered a giant bubble!

I look towards Ladon! The Tree-Dragon is releasing a black aura while glaring at me with its glittering red eyes!

Ku……! I fell for it! I showed a hole in my defence because Grendel’s fire took my attention! He put barrier on me then!

Nimura-san and Koneko-chan jump ahead to hit Ladon!


“Give Senpai back!”

Nimura-san’s powerful kick and Koneko-chan’s punch covered in touki! Both of them nail the target sharply—but the protection wall around Ladon blocks them as if they were nothing.

[It’s futile. A mere attack won’t break my barriers.]

It’s not that the attacks of those two are weak. Koneko-chan and Nimura-san’s attacks smash the mass-produced Evil Dragons. However, the barrier created by this Dragon blocks them completely!

I try to attack from inside the barrier—but it doesn’t even move! What the, what’s with this solid barrier!? My punch is powerful enough where it can blow away normal defensive magic-circle with ease!

Grendel yells at Ladon after seeing me caught inside the small barrier.

[Oioioioi, Ladon! Sekiryuutei is mine!]

He glares at his comrade with eyes filled with murderous intent. No, they probably don’t see each other as one. After all, I heard that Grendel even went against Aži Dahāka.

Ladon says it plainly as if he didn’t care.

[It shouldn’t be a problem. You had fun with this person several times already, correct? Sekiryuutei that is said to be focused with raw power as much as possible. I would like to test whether he can break through my barriers.]

Grendel glares sharply at him. While it turned into a situation where he would blow up in any second, Grendel steps back as he makes a sound with his tongue.

[Chi! That’s why I don’t like working with someone! Alright. Euclid will get noisy if Evil Dragons fight against each other. Then I’ll just take care of these guys. This is the only time I’m allowing this, got it, Ladon? I won’t take this request for the second time!]

Grendel leaves me and rushes towards Saji.

[Then I’ll take care of Vritra! Hey, Vritra-chaaaaaan!]

This is bad! He will be too much for the current Saji to handle himself! I try to have Koneko-chan and Nimura-san assist Saji—but both of them get cut off due to the attacks of the mass-produced Evil Dragons that are coming down from the sky!

……Looks like I have to do it! This isn’t the time to reserve my stamina!

—It’s time for my Crimson armour!

I then say the chant!

“—I, who is about to awaken am the Sekiryuutei who holds the truth of king up high! Holding infinite hope and unbreakable dreams, and walking the path of righteousness! I will become an Emperor of Crimson Dragon—”

“— And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in deep crimson light!”

A crimson glow emits from my armour and changes its shape! –At the same time I promoted, I break Ladon’s barrier!

The powerful barrier that engulfed me perishes with the single punch of my True-“Queen”!

Alright! In this form I will be able to break Ladon’s barrier or whatever he uses!

I try to go to Saji’s aide after kicking him once, but another barrier envelops me! And this time there are two or three layers of them!

Ladon’s eyes at the dent of its face shines mysteriously!

[I see, so this is the rumoured Crimson armour. It seems like it can destroy my barrier……but I wonder if it works with two or three layers of them?]

“I simply have to destroy them!”

I don’t care what it is, so I punch the barrier front of me first! —But, another barrier appears as soon as I break it and it stops me from escaping! Simply attacking this won’t be effective! He may be planning to have me use up my stamina by having me attack! Then I simply have to blow away Ladon from this position using my Crimson Blaster! But I’m not sure whether it can also break through the protection wall around him.

This is bad. This guy has the worst compatibility with me! For myself with firepower, there’s a risk for guys like this who make the attack go elsewhere seal my move completely! If I have at least Ddraig return, it will become a different story if I can use those wyverns while suppressing my consumption rate......!

Darkness Gasper’s beasts try to attack and destroy the barrier around me, and even if they succeed in making a crack, it gets repaired instantly. So their attacks lack criticality.

While I’m trying really hard to figure out how to deal with this situation, a dull sound reaches my ear. A sound as if a bone got crushed. When I look that way—I find Saji on the ground while he places his hand on his stomach!

Grendel has a posture where he looks like just did a kick. Did he receive a direct kick from him!?

Saji……has his black flames waver, and he’s trying to take the enemy head on by connecting the line to him. But having an exchange of blow with Grendel who is insanely strong in it is impossible unless you are the same power-type as him. No, this is Saji we are talking about. He must have dodged it. But Grendel is also fast. Grendel must have kicked Saji while following his move!

[Guhahahaha! What the, Vritra isn’t here? You probably could have continued if he was here, right? Well, someone like you who only combined other Sacred Gears can’t take me on, you know? Unless you have high offense and defence like the Sekiryuutei over there.]

Grendel laughs. Yeah, Saji doesn’t have Vritra with him now. In order to help Ddraig and Albion, he went into the depth of the Sacred Gear together with Fafnir.

After Grendel glances at Saji once, he walks towards the school. —But Saji doesn’t give up and stands in front of him.

“I won’t let you go there!”

He makes a wall with the black flame and surrounds Grendel in every direction. Grendel gets rid of them by simply swinging his arm. Even so, Saji continues to increase the number of lines and connects it to Grendel. He’s probably thinking that making Grendel’s power weaker as much as possible is a good idea.

“Nimura! Toujou-san! I’ll connect these lines to you two—”

Saji tries to connect his line to his comrades. He’s planning to connect that and change the Evil Dragon’s power to a power for Devils. If that’s possible, we can trim away the enemy’s power and make it our own. It will be throwing a rock and getting two birds……

[You are in the way, damn braaaaat!]

Grendel moves its gigantic body quickly and stops Saji’s movement! Grendel who came in front of Saji brings his foot up and then drops it!

Saji gets smashed to the ground! His body bounces several times as he rolls the ground!


Saji vomits loads of blood from his mouth. That attack is bad! He’s critically injured! Unless he gets healed immediately, Saji will……!

I open my cannons which are hidden inside my wings in order to save Saji! I then aim it at Ladon!

Ladon smirks.

[Oh my! That must be your special move, correct? Very well! Shoot me! I will definitely block it!]

“Keep on saying that, shithead!”

I send my aura to the cannons and build up the energy! Koneko-chan and Nimura-san continue to defeat the mass-produced Evil Dragons while trying to approach Saji!

“Genshirou-senpai! Please run! Geez, move it, all of you!”

“……We can’t allow you to die here!”

Both of them try to rescue him desperately! Me too! I’ll destroy these barriers and will go to him right away!

I confirm that the cannons have the energy charge from inside the barrier. I then release it towards Ladon!

“Goooooooo! Crimson Blasteeeeeer!”

A huge amount of crimson aura gets released! It destroys the barriers around me with ease and is heading towards Ladon! The moment it hits the barrier which he activated, the crimson aura makes an explosive sound while making a bright flash!

What lies behind the explosion after the wave of aura settles—is the Evil Dragon Ladon who has smoke coming from his body but is still alive!

……There are parts on his body that have been blown away, but his main body is unhurt…..!

I become speechless after realising once again how hard the Evil Dragons are. I don’t know what to say. All of them are rock solid! The Gremory-group that has high fire-powers are being treated like kids!

For the third time, barriers envelop my body in many layers! ……This again!?

Ladon laughs quietly.

[Good attack. I never thought it would penetrate my protection walls…… But my body is also quite hard, you know? My body isn’t as solid as Grendel, but I will be harder if I include my barriers.]

……So this is our enemy huh. Someone who is more powerful than him is waiting for us. It’s over for us if Crom Cruach appears here. We will have to fall back and regroup with others to attack him if he does. Though the question is, how far can we go…… No, our current aim is to defend this place. You can say it’s our victory if the teleportation magic-circle is completed. Well, even if we succeed in letting the residents escape from this town, we can’t avoid fighting these guys unless the barrier around this whole region disappears……

While Ladon and I fight, Grendel continues to move towards the school!

We can’t let him go! He will destroy that school with joy! We can’t let him destroy that school!

That place is filled with the children’s dreams……!

My friend who stands up while being in battered state appears in my sight.

“……I won’t let you!”

Saji whose body is covered in blood pushes himself to stand and he connects many lines to Grendel’s body! He tries to stop him by pulling the lines—but Grendel simply puts on a fearless smile.

[What the! A weak power like thaaaaaat! Do you think you can pull my body with something like that? Guhahahahaha! Futile futileeeeee! Damn grunt!]

Grendel shakes his body and rolls over! Saji gets pulled and gets thrown up the air! Grendel tries to release his punch by swinging it down! Saji tries to make a shield of fire after he thinks that getting hit by it is bad—but his timing was slow, so he receives the sharp punch to his body!

The sharp sound reaches my ears and Saji gets smashed to the ground. His body bounced on the ground violently and smashed into the windmill! The windmill gets destroyed due to the impact.

Saji—stands up weakly from the rubble. His face is covered in blood, he has blood coming out from his mouth, and his right arm is bent the wrong way.

“……I won’t let you destroy……the school……that place is……that place is…….”

He starts to repeat on saying that quietly.

Maybe he lost interest in the battered Saji, so Grendel ignores him and heads towards the school.

Darkness Gasper’s beasts charge towards Grendel, but he doesn’t even take them on seriously and defeats them!

Saji……stands desperately with his shaking legs and tries to pull Grendel with the lines. —But that was also useless. Saji couldn’t overpower Grendel’s charge and falls.

Even though he’s getting dragged on the floor and is being covered in dirt, he doesn’t let go off the lines—.

“……I won’t let you go, I absolutely won’t……”

No matter how many times he gets smashed by Grendel’s tail, he doesn’t let go off the lines—.

Seeing him……I couldn’t keep down my emotion.

Saji’s words flash back to my memories.

—…………Hey, Hyoudou.

—……The children call me “Sensei”. ……They call me “Sensei” with a smile. Even though I’m……far from being one.

—Hyoudou, I came to realise it once again after engaging with the children here.

—I will definitely become a “teacher”.

—Though I need to promote to a Mid-class Devil first.

—But, I definitely will.

You idiot……! You……! You are still trying to protect that school……even after being in that condition……!

Yeah, I know, Saji! What’s in your head right now are the children’s smiles, right? You have to do it after you saw those smiles! You have to move! Of course you would resist even if that means death!

But at this rate, Saji will really die!

I hit the barriers while having tears in my eyes. I continue to hit it! Ladon’s barriers that continue to repair no matter how many times I destroy them!

My friend, my important friend! He’s fighting while putting his life on the line! He’s standing up even though he’s in a serious condition! Why do I have to be sealed inside a pathetic thing like this!?

Ladon simply laughs.

[Oh, you are good. Such overwhelming power. At this rate, you will break through my barrier. —However, that boy and that school can’t be saved.]

Grendel laughs loudly. He lifts his feet and he’s about to stomp Saji!

[Guhahahahaha! Too baaaaaad! This is the end for you! Guhahahahahahahahahaha! And it’s decided that school will be crushed as weeeeeell!]

The moment his foot is about to stomp Saji—.

Someone picks up the fallen Saji and evades Grendel’s stomp.

There are several people that are facing Grendel—the children’s dads.

There’s also some I know among them. —It’s Lirenkus’s dad.

“You are……Lirenkus’s dad!”

“……There are no residents in this area! We will assist you! We will buy you as much time as possible, so please reorganise your formation……”

Koneko-chan and Nimura-san finally get away from the mass-produced Evil Dragon’s assault and arrive at where Saji is. They fall back after picking him up.

The dads stand in front of Grendel boldly!

“B-Bring it! Damn Evil Dragon!”

“We won’t let you go to that school!”

The dads don’t flee from Grendel even though their bodies are shaking in fear.

Grendel laughs lively after seeing that.

[What the heck. Mere grunts trying to interfere with my fun? Geez, grunts should die as grunnnnnnts!]

Grendel sucks in air to his stomach and breathes out fire! The dads’ activate the defence magic-circle, but they get shattered and blown away by the force!

“Please run! At this rate, all of you will be killed!”

Even though I screamed at them, the dads faced Grendel although they were covered in wounds!

Before the fight, I had a little chat with Lirenkus’s dad.

Lirenkus’s dad took out a badge from his pocket and showed it to me. —It’s an Oppai Dragon merchandise.

[There was something my son took an interest to. It’s the Oppai Dragon. The reincarnated Devil, Ise Gremory, cooperates with many of his comrades and defeats the enemy. The main character who is usually goofy, fights while putting his life on the line. My son became addicted to your program. He became captivated by it……]

Lirenkus’s dad looked up at the school and smiled.

[When we heard about this school, this was what Lirenkus said with a bright expression.]

—I want to attend this school! I will attend this school and become a Devil that fights for others!

[……I was happy. My son……shared his dream with us. My son who usually shunned himself. Lirenkus who wasn’t blessed with talent. He attained a dream…… You have no idea how amazing this is! That boy learned magic. He was able to use magic. My son could do something! ……For my wife and me, it was something which felt like a dream……]

As he showed me his smile, he said this to me—.

[For my family, this school is our hope. It’s our dream. So we can’t allow it to be destroyed. We can’t allow it to get destroyed! Even at the cost of my life, I'll protect my son’s dream even if a little.]

Grendel’s fireball hits the dads without mercy. It makes a violent explosion—.

Lirenkus’s dad who gets blown up in the air and gets smashed to the floor without being able to do anything.

Lirenkus’s dad who gets blown close to me—has his armour cracked, and blood spurting from his whole body.

Lirenkus’s dad apologises to me.

“……I’m sorry. I could only do this much for you……”

I shout while I shake my head.

“Please get a hold of yourself! You have a duty where you have to watch over his future. Don’t die! Asiaaaaaa!”

I shout Asia’s name! We need her healing power! Please heal Saji and the dads! We can’t allow these brave warriors that tried to protect this school die!

They have to survive. They need to survive for the children that will attend this school!

I then hear Asia’s desperate voice through device.

[I’m sorry, Ise-san! Other people were also injured……please hold on a bit longer!]

……When I look around, I can hear lots of explosion, impact, and earth tremoring from afar. Everyone is defending this place desperately…… Everyone is standing up even if they are injured……!

……If I’m the only one being caught in a barrier without being able to do anything……I won’t be able to look at everyone else in their faces!

I then prepare for shooting Crimson Blaster once again! Ladon simply laughs fearlessly.

[I see, so you will shoot it once more? Very well. Then I shall take you on once again. Though the result will be the same!]

Stop saying rubbish! —But, the mass-produced Evil Dragons are gathering while we are doing this, so the four of us and the dads have been completely surrounded.

……Even if I’m able to breakthrough here and escape, Saji and the dads…… I’m not sure whether they will survive!

……Anyone, anyone is fine. There will be a chance if someone comes to our aid!

“……I must use it here!”

Koneko-chan becomes determined and is charging her ki. She must be planning to use “Shirone mode”. That’s her last resort. If she uses that, there’s a chance that she will faint.

A situation where we find ourselves helpless. The situation of the battle here is getting worse. It happens when I was biting my teeth hard due to the frustration—.

One of the Evil Dragons surrounding us jumps up high. No, that’s wrong. I become dubious at the way it jumped unnaturally.

That Evil Dragon wasn’t the only one that did a weird jump. They start to get pushed up one after another. Yes, I find myself in a situation where the giant Evil Dragons are getting thrown up into the sky. Such strange phenomenon is approaching me.

What appears in my sight—is a very dense touki.

I finally understand. The mass-produced Evil Dragons were punched into the air.

That person. That man. He opens the path by blowing away the giant Evil Dragons with his fist only……!

That man appears manly while he beats the Evil Dragons. While having a golden lion accompany him—.

Sairaorg Bael appears as he defeats the Evil Dragons……!

Seeing that, Grendel laughs.

[Oioioi, who’s that bastard that’s smashing the Evil Dragon grunts?]

Ladon answers.

[He’s most likely Sairaorg Bael of the House of the Great King. I heard that he had poor demonic-power since birth. Apparently he fought equally with the Sekiryuutei over there, only with his bare hands.]

While piling up the Evil Dragons he defeated, Sairaorg-san arrives to our place.

“—Looks like I made it just in time.”

I man cry at his words.


“Yeah, I’m sorry for arriving late. We've got the advantage in the battle up at Agreas. So they sent me here. I came here by force using my touki to go past the Holy Cross’s flames.”

I see, so they have the upper hand up there! My spirits build up simply by hearing that!

No, thanks to this man coming here, I……!

Sairaorg-san directs his fighting spirit towards Grendel and Ladon.

“I hear that you are after that school.”

Everyone here including myself devoted ourselves to protect this town and school.

—But this man is showing more battle spirits than all of us.

The Devil called Sairaorg Bael is right here who is glaring at the Evil Dragons, Grendel and Ladon—.

“I won’t allow you……! —I will have you die, Evil Dragons!”

Our counterattack starts here!

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