High School DxD:Volume 17 Life 4

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Life.4 The Youth Devil[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Sairaorg-san who is facing Grendel.

Grendel laughs fearlessly. No, he’s building up his tension in joy.

[Guhahahaha! I heard that there is a Great King Bael who swings his fist like an idiot, so were they speaking truthfully?]

“Evil Dragon Grendel. I have heard about you. I heard that you are an evil spirit that enjoys even death.”

[Guhahaha! I never thought the Great King of Devils would call me an evil spirit! I don’t care about such things. The problem is whether you can fight me or not!]

Sairaorg-san says this to Grendel who has an evil aura coming out of his body.

“—Then come at me.”

The giant Evil Dragon’s fist gets released towards Sairaorg-san! He came head on! Sairaorg-san doesn’t dodge but takes it on purpose! His body that is covered in touki is more than tough since he has iron-like defence, so he even endures Grendel’s powerful hit!

The man, Sairaorg-san, then strikes back!


Sairaorg-san who has jumped up releases his punch which is covered in touki towards Grendel’s face! The impact and shock created by the collision vibrates the air violently.

While having blue blood come out of his mouth, Grendel laughs as if he’s seriously happy.

[Oho♪. ……Seriously. I never thought there was a Devil who fights with only his body and uses hand-to-hand combat……! And he even manages to hit back……!]

Grendel who is shaking in joy yells at Ladon.

[—Ladon! I’ll take this guy. Yeah, let me. This guy is a shitty Devil that I will have major fun to toy with! Who besides me will blow this guy away!?]

Grendel directs his will to fight towards Sairaorg-san. Ladon shakes his head in astonishment—. But a communication-type magic-circle appears around the ears of the two Evil Dragons. Devil symbols appear on it, and it seems like it’s telling them something.

……From the looks of it, I’m guessing that Euclid is giving orders to those two.

[I will have myself fight here! It has just become gooooood!]

Looks like Grendel is arguing back to the one he’s talking to.

Then Ladon sighs. The barrier around me suddenly disappears.

This is what Ladon says with an unpleasant voice.

[……Very well. I will head there then.]

Saying that, Ladon makes a teleportation magic-circle, the Dragon Gate, appear below his feet—. After looking at me once, he disappears within the light after saying “So then, farewell”.

……He ran away? No, did he go to Agreas? I heard that the Devils have an advantage over there. He may have been summoned as reinforcement. It seems like they called Grendel as well, but I guess he probably declined…… Grendel remained here solely to fight us.

I became free so I moved next to Sairaorg-san and say to him.

“He’s an opponent who will be too much for you to handle alone, Sairaorg-san!”

Sairaorg-san nods.

“Yeah, I understood that while we exchanged punches. —But it’s a different story if I were to team up with you, right?”


……My body shakes from the bottom of my heart at those words. My body is getting heated up with excitement.

There’s no way I can say no if this man says this to me!

—Oh man. I can team up with this man and fight!

The feeling of joy swirls inside my body and it builds up my battling spirits!

“Yes, I’m honoured. Let’s beat this persistent Evil Dragon together!”

“Fufufu, you sure know the right words to say. This is a good start to wear the lion’s cloth.”

Sairaorg-san stands next to the golden lion, Regulus. He then says it as he points at Grendel!

“—Evil Dragon Grendel, I determine you as a sworn enemy of the Underworld! Reguluuuuuus!”

[Yes sir!]

Regulus then starts to emit golden lights! This phenomenon—I know it! Sairaorg-san than howls loudly!

“My lion! King of Nemea! You, who has been called Shishiou! Answer my howl and turn into my armouuuuuur!”

This whole region then shakes. It blows away the surroundings, then Sairaorg-san and the lion burst!

[Balance Break!]

“Balance Breakeeeeeer!”

It appears while flashing the surroundings with bright golden light.

—The Great King covered in a golden armour.

This is Sairaorg-san and Regulus’s Balance Breaker— “Regulus Rey Leather Rex”!

He stands next to me while emitting an explosive amount of touki. ……He was my enemy back then. But it’s different now. He’s a dependable comrade with whom I will defeat the shithead in front of me!

Grendel simply laughs lively by seeing myself covered in crimson armour and Sairaorg-san covered in the golden armour.

[—That’s it. I won’t be able to have fun in killing you if you don’t become like this!]

That instant, Sairaorg-san and I went ahead to hit him at the same time, but Grendel takes us head on. Sairaorg-san and my punch hit towards Grendel, but he blocks it by crossing his arm!

A powerful shock vibrates the surrounding and our double punch breaks through his guard. He becomes shocked the moment he had his guard broken, but he becomes happy as he puts on a taunting smile!

Sairaorg-san and Grendel start a brawl where it doesn’t feel like there’s any size difference! The Shishiou’s fist reaches the Evil Dragon’s face while Grendel’s punch strikes Sairaorg-san’s whole body! Each of them hit each other in their vital spots. They punch, they gouge, they kick, they hit, and they punch each other again!

Even though their blood taints the surrounding, even though you can hear dull sounds from their bodies, the Shishiou and the Evil Dragon doesn’t feel like they will stop their barbaric bout!

Both of them are the embodiment of power. There’s not a single technique, demonic-power, or magic involved. Simply a clash of power vs power!

A clash of spirits between the pure power-types where no one can get involved!

…………I have to join in……! I’m also the Sekiryuutei that is called a power-type! I won’t do something like not joining in when I’m present!

After exhaling the air once, I charge towards Grendel! I succeed in punching the side of his face and joining in this hellish fight!

Sairaorg-san smiles once, and then we start to attack Grendel at the same time!

My punch and my kick lands on Grendel, but at the same time, I get hit by his powerful attacks! Even if I get slammed to the ground, even if I get thrown up to the air, there’s no way I can stop after starting this fight!

Sairaorg-san and I simply punch and kick the Evil Dragon that is the embodiment of brute strength itself! This is a fight of overwhelming the enemy. We simply need to overwhelm him. We are attacking to oppress Grendel, to make him go down by hitting, hitting, and hitting him even more. There aren’t any tactics involved. Even if my armour gets cracked, even if my body is crying out in pain, we simply continue to punch and kick Grendel like idiots!

Eventually Grendel changes his smirk into that of distress!

“ “Ha!” ”

Sairaorg-san and my punch land sharply into Grendel’s face at the same time!

He gets pushed back—and falls onto his knee. Grendel starts to breathe heavily. He couldn’t have breathed any air properly during our exchange of blows. Even if he’s an Evil Dragon, his limit will come if he continues to receive attacks which stops him from taking a rest.

[……Guhahahaha! Amazing, amazing indeed! You two are trying to corner me with simple close-combat! Most of the ones that fight me discard the option to fight me head on and use traps instead!]

Sairaorg-san says it to Grendel who is laughing while coughing out blood.

“I’m sorry. This is the only thing I can do. —I came this far with this.”

Grendel becomes so happy that he starts to shiver at his words. He tries to fix his posture by falling back once! The sound of him biting something at the back of his fangs—. His body then starts to heal.

—Phoenix’s tear. Of course they have it!

Grendel makes his stomach larger! He’s planning to release his fireball! Sairaorg-san and I split by going in opposite directions and kick his stomach from the sides. Grendel jumps by a margin and dodges. He then releases many fire balls which are directed at us!

I avoid getting hit by it immediately and dodge his attacks, but Sairaorg-san—takes it head on and destroys the fireball with his punch covered in touki! To be expected from the man who talks with his fist! A single punch can destroy the Evil Dragon’s fireball!

After the fireballs are gone—Grendel who is supposed to be there is gone. When I search for his presence—I find him up in the air! He comes down at us at high velocity!


Sairaorg-san doesn’t even flinch at Grendel’s assault. He stands strongly on the ground with his legs without any second thoughts, and then tries to prepare for a punch! But it will be too much for him to handle that alone! I descend behind Sairaorg-san and touch his back! —I will transfer this power to him!


My boosted power flows into Sairaorg-san and I succeed in increasing his touki dramatically! Sairaorg-san puts so much touki into his fist that it blows away his surroundings, he then—releases his punch at Grendel that is coming at us!

His uppercut which is filled with touki hits Grendel’s face. He has blood bursting out from every hole in his face and slams to the floor violently!

[Guhahahahaha! It isn’t over yeeeeet!]

I close the distance as he tries to stand up while laughing, and release my kick which has been boosted! Grendel who received my kick stumbles and breaks his posture!

Even so, he stands on his feet without falling and wipes the blood dripping from his mouth with his hand. He’s putting on a smile as if he’s really happy. ……Like usual, he must love battles so much.

[……That was strong. The punch of the next heir of the Great King who’s over there. Not just my body, but even my soul gets damaged every time I get hit by it. ……Though it’s a weird way to say that my soul hurts. But my body hurts from the core that my consciousness almost flies away. I’m sure I’m not wrong.]

……You are telling me Sairaorg-san’s punch isn’t just reaching Grendel’s body but also his soul? Touki which is said to be the increased life force. Sairaorg-san’s attacks which is filled with them. It seems like its effective against Grendel more than I imagined that he’s actually receiving damage.

Sairaorg-san crunches his fist.

“I see. You are much harder than I heard you were.”

Maybe Sairaorg-san also realised how hard Grendel is. But this man smiles instead.

“No, it isn’t something where my attacks won’t work. If I hit together with the Sekiryuutei, then it’s possible to land another punch above it!”

Yeah. He’s exactly right! I also feel the same. Even though he’s hard like always, I don’t feel as much threat at Grendel’s defense like I did before!

It must be due to myself trusting the attack power of the next Great King besides me. Absolute destructive power which is different to Rias’s power of destruction—. I know because I tasted that myself.

—With Sairaorg-san and my punch, we can overcome this guy!

Grendel lessens his creepy smile, and after he bends his neck while making a noise—he comes at us! He’s attacking head on like usual! He comes hitting at us directly, stubbornly! We also start our assault!

Just before both sides were about to clash head on—he jumps and leaps above us! Grendel who went up into the air releases his fireball at us that are right below him! Sairaorg-san and I ignore the fireball and jump to the sky! This heat is nothing! What can this fire even do! I can’t show it! I can’t show myself backing away while I’m standing next to this man called Sairaorg Bael!

—I’m not allowed to show my pathetic side to this man who had a brawl with me!

We overcame Grendel’s fire and punch his stomach at the same time! I release my giant arm of that Solid Impact punch! Sairaorg-san releases his touki punch!

The moment it hits him, it makes a sound so massive that it may have echoed through this whole region!

So much amount of blood comes out of Grendel’s mouth!

This time, he received critical damage! No matter how solid he is, no matter how hard he is, that attack just now definitely worked!

—This time, we can finally defeat this guy!

It happens when I was screaming in joy inside my head for our victory—.

A giant fire pillar appears next to me—. A purple flame. It has a shape of a cross—.

When the fire disappears, I see Sairaorg-san who is burned all over his body and has smoke coming out of him.


Sairaorg-san falls on the spot silently.

……He was attacked!? Why!? Why did that purple fire appear here!?

I become shocked at the sudden attack. And it seems like this was an unexpected turn of events for Koneko-chan and Nimura-san as well, so they don’t know how to respond! I look around myself!

I then hear loud laughter! From the sky! When I look up—I see someone above the magic-circle above the air!

“Ohohohoho, I’m sorry for that. I couldn’t help but to use an even stronger cross.”

Walburga of the Purple Flame!? Why is that Magician here!? She should be at the Southern region—wasn't she supposed to be fighting Rias and the others!?

I have so many questions, but the fallen Grendel stands up and criticises Walburga who is in the air.

[Oioioi, don’t butt in! Damn Magician!]

“Oh my. But, weren’t you having a hard time? I sure would like some gratitude.”

……Jesus Christ! To be on the verge of danger in a place like this!

Sairaorg-san who is on the ground has smoke arising from his body and he doesn’t show any sign of moving. ……This is bad since that cross of fire is a holy relic! It’s not simply a venomous poison for us Devils but more of an instant kill weapon! Though he avoided being extinguished thanks to his touki, there’s no doubt he has serious damage even if his armour has strong resistance towards projectile weapons since he got hit by it directly! And he most likely got hit by the cross of fire which is more powerful than the ones surrounding the region. If we don’t heal him immediately……this person will……!

Then something which is black appears within my sight! I become alert thinking that it’s a new Evil Dragon, but it’s actually Gasper who became one with the darkness!

《I’m sorry, Ise-senpai! She started flying around the battlefield causing disruption!》

Gasper says that. What the. So this witch has been moving around in the air on that magic-circle of hers! If she goes around to each location where my comrades are fighting and uses that cross of hers, our duty of protecting this place will fail! Well, that must be that woman’s plan!

“Ufufufu, I’m here, cute looking Vampire-boy. Big sis is over here♪”

Walburga leaves this place as if she’s provoking Gasper! She escaped while doing some skipping in the air!

I then say it to Gasper.

“Gasper! Since Sairaorg-san and I have our hands full, you will be the one who needs to take her on! So stop her!”

《I know! I don’t know whether they will be of any help to you, but I will leave several beasts here! Stop, Holy Cross user!》

After Gasper leaves several beasts of darkness over here, he goes after Walburga and leaves from here!

Grendel complains as he fixes his posture.

[Ke! Never mind. The annoying speed of you two is gone with this!]

He jumps up carelessly! He—stomps on the fallen Sairaorg-san!

“Damn yooooou!”

I rage, but he continues to stomp on Sairaorg-san with disgust!

[Killing each other in a brawl is good—but I love torturing people to death even moooooooooooooooore! Guhahahahaha! What’s wrong!? Show me that punch you're so proud ooooooooof!]

I can’t keep down my anger so I try to close our distance and kick Grendel, but he responds to my move immediately and jumps up!

I run to Sairaorg-san’s side. I become speechless seeing him…… He has horrible burns on his face, he has both of his legs broken due to getting stomped, he has his left arm bent the wrong way, and he has blood bursting out from his whole body.

……Critical damage. He can’t fight any more. ……Shit. For this man to become in this state……with a cowardly attack like that……!

I embrace Sairaorg-san and I have tears flowing out due to the frustration.

“……Don’t cry.”

When I look at his face after hearing his voice, I see Sairaorg-san has his eyes open.


Sairaorg-san leaves me and tries to stand up.

His armour is shattered, his whole body is burnt, but this man tries to stand up gradually with his shaking body even though his pride was shattered—.

Blood bursts from all over his body, and while he spits out the blackish red substances from his mouth, the heir of the House of the Great King moves his body slowly,

That’s because there is an Evil Dragon he must defeat standing in front of him—.

He stands with his heroic eyes where there isn’t a slight shadow in them—.

I then remember the discussion I had with Sairaorg-san.

—This huge, rough and ugly fist of mine was something I trained in order to come this far.

“I must not fall……!”

—But, while I was teaching hand-to-hand combat to the children, I think I finally came to realise it.

Grendel laughs seeing him.

[Is that building that important? For the next heir of the House of the Great King to protect a single thing called school with his life…… You are just showing how foolish you are!]

Sairaorg-san walks ahead step by step even if blood is spouting out from his whole body.

He then says it with a voice that carries his will to fight.

“—There’s a school which has a value of risking my life……!”

—Yes, I, who was born without the power of destruction, must have been born in order to teach them this.

“……I……have come this far while having sacrificed many things. ……But that’s enough…… I will be fine with the only one who couldn’t learn.”

That man who finally stands in front of Grendel makes a stance with his fist.

“My days of punching through loneliness are over. —That is the place where the ones that will be teaching and the ones that will be learning shall gather.”

To his fist—a phenomenon of white light appears.

“……Even though my fist doesn’t carry the power of destruction, I will destroy you……! My name is Sairaorg Bael……! The next heir of the House of the Great King Bael!”

Sairaorg-san who can barely move anymore jumps ahead!

Even though Grendel doesn’t have much stamina left, he takes him head on! Sairaorg-san puts all the touki he has into his right hand and goes hitting towards Grendel! Grendel doesn’t have the time to dodge it and receives the hit—but he counters it by slamming Sairaorg-san to the ground!

While Sairaorg-san lays down on the ground, Grendel wavers his body.

The Evil Dragon who has realised that he has received more damage than he imagined shakes his head and says it as he puts on a smile filled with ecstasy.

[……Chi! This sure can’t be helped! Guhahahaha!]

A communication-type magic-circle appears near his ear who is laughing aloud. After hearing something through the magic-circle, Grendel changes his expression into that of great anger.

[You are telling me to fall back here!? You must be kidding me— ……Damn it, I keep on telling you to stop using the Holy Grail for your advantage……]

After saying that, he makes a sound with his tongue. ……Did someone like Euclid force him to listen?

A magic-circle appears near him. — The Dragon Gate! He’s planning to escape!

Grendel laughs as he walks towards the Dragon Gate.

[I will be leaving then! After I get my body tuned, I will come to fight all of you again, okay? Guhahahahaha! If I have the Holy Grail, I will able to have fun in shit loads of figggggghts!]

I jump ahead to stop him from escaping!

“Wait, Grendel!”

But the Dragon Gate starts to strengthen its bright light and its getting ready for him to teleport away!

Dammit……! God dammit……! Are we letting him get away again? Will he come and attack us again? Just how many times should we let Grendel escape!?

But Grendel who is walking towards the Dragon Gate stops—.

That’s because there’s someone who is grabbing him by the tail.

“—I won’t let you escape……!”

Sairaorg-san who is in a state that is impossible for him to stand is holding tightly onto Grendel’s tail—.

Grendel becomes shocked at the reality he is seeing.

[——!? Y-Yooou!]

Grendel starts to stomp Sairaorg-san with his giant feet! His expression is filled with anger—and also fear.

[You’re too persistent! You damn Deviiiiiil!]

I think there’s a sign of impatience in the Evil Dragon Grendel’s voice.

No matter how you look at this, he has the upper hand. He’s at an advantage. Sairaorg-san’s body already surpassed it's limits, so he shouldn’t be able to stand up.

Even so, I don’t think he will let go off his tail. I don’t even think he will let loose of his grip.

Sairaorg-san who still has the will to fight in his eyes puts on a fearless smile.

“……Fu, fufu…… Hyoudou Issei, it seems my personality of not giving up……has also been certified by the Evil Dragon that is famous for being persistent.”

Sairaorg-san stands up slowly while grabbing onto his tail—.

He shouldn’t be able to move his legs any more. But the Shishiou continues to move with his spirits—.


Sairaorg-san endures the pain and shouts out with his soul. —And he finally makes his stance in front of Grendel.

Seeing that, the mighty Grendel—backs away for the first time. The man who can’t possibly move any more. The man who is supposed to be dying. Without lowering his battle spirits, no, by increasing his battle spirits he stands in front of Grendel.

[…………! You piece of shiiiiiit! ……Y-You’re trying to stand up again……!? Why are you standing up again!?]

Sairaorg-san says it with his eyes filled with the will to fight.

“—In order to destroy you.”


The words said by a dying man. The words which can be taken as no more than nonsense sound so plausible that it makes the Evil Dragon fear.

Sairaorg-san then says.

“Hyoudou Issei, I won’t be able to take him down by myself. Let’s finish this together.”

I answer back in delight.

“Yes! Sairaorg-san! Let’s end this!”

I jump forward and prepare for Crimson Blaster! Sairaorg-san is still holding onto his tail tightly.


With a single shout, Sairaorg-san throws Grendel’s gigantic body up the air while holding his tail! I release an explosive amount of aura at him!

My Crimson Blaster hits him! Looks like Grendel doesn’t have the time to dodge my attack in mid-air now. He falls together with the sound of explosion.

Below my sight, there’s one man who is getting ready. I then have a flashback of Sairaorg-san teaching the kids how to punch at the gymnasium.

—Listen up! In order to do a punch, you would need to bend your hips and release your fist directly forward as if you are punching with your whole body!

“……That’s right, Sairaorg-san……!”

In front of me who said that in tears, the Shishiou’s punch hits sharply, but accurately at the Evil Dragon Grendel who is the embodiment of brute power—.

Grendel vomits out what seems like the remaining blood he has left inside his body and slams down on the ground.

Grendel who shows no sign of moving now says it with a voice that sounds like it will disappear.

[……Dammit…… ……S-Seriously…… ……M-Me……? Just like the time with that destruction princess…… I……am defeated by the bloodlines that carries the power of destruction…… ……This must be a joke……dammit……why……am I……]

After confirming that the tough Evil Dragon has stopped moving, Koneko-chan jumps ahead.

“……I will try the jutsu I trained with Nee-sama!”

Saying that, Koneko-chan gathers the ki from the surrounding and by tuning it together with her touki, she makes a phenomenon occur where the light starts to emit from her body! That’s the “Shirone mode”!

Koneko-chan who has changed into a seductive older woman makes the kasha appear and they surround Grendel as if it’s drawing some kind of symbol.

When Koneko-chan makes a sign with one hand, the kasha starts to spin and a white magic-circle is created while having Grendel in the middle of it!

“……I will seal the Evil Dragon’s soul! Ise-senpai, please give me one of the jewels on your armour!”

By having Koneko-chan urging me to do so, I take off one of the jewels on my armour by force immediately and throw it towards Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan who catches it throws it towards Grendel who is at the centre of the magic-circle and she makes a sign with her hands again!

“Evil Dragon Grendel! That soul, let it rest between the gouge of everlasting darkness and flashing light!”

The moment she says the chant—. The light of the magic-circle strengthens and it flashes this area.

When the light settles, what I witness is—a mass of dirt that has crumbled which has the shape of Grendel and the jewel which is giving a dark green glow.

Koneko-chan says it after taking a breath due to the relief.

“……I talked with Nee-sama. Having them repair their bodies with the Holy Grail won’t end this. So then we should just seal their souls instead. Since there is a technique among the practical use of senjutsu that seals the opponents life force we had been practising it. But that will be impossible with just me. I then received advice from Nee-sama that it may be possible through the use of the Sekiryuutei’s jewel…… I ended up using it during the actual battle without any practice, but it looks like we managed it somehow.”

And she managed to seal him huh. That’s amazing Koneko-chan! Certainly, if you do something about their soul, then they won’t be able to revive with the use of the Holy Grail. The reason why they are persistent is due to the fact that they can revive even with just a fragment of their soul. More importantly, their body turns into dirt when they get their soul extracted huh……

……No, can we really seal them with just this? Koneko-chan gives me, who is feeling uneasy, additional information.

“Once we return, let’s hand this to the Heaven or someone and have them put many layers of barriers on it. This time we will have it sealed in a powerful barrier which prevents it from having his instinct leak out.”

I see, that way, it will certainly seem like Grendel who is sealed won’t be able to come out. Oh, so this is the countermeasure against the Evil Dragons. This way, we don’t need to worry about the Evil Dragons we defeat to get resurrected by the Holy Grail.

Amazing. With Koneko-chan and Kuroka, we don’t need to worry about the aftermath of the Evil Dragons hunt!

The sealing of Grendel finishes and Koneko-chan returns to her normal form—but maybe the fatigue got to her, so she falls on the spot. Nimura-san supports her……but we can’t stay here for long since Saji and the dads are also injured.

I go and lift Sairaorg-san who has fallen down.


“……I’m okay……”

Even though he can’t move his body properly, Sairaorg-san shows me his smile.

……We defeated Grendel. A complete victory. We finally won against that persistent Evil Dragon! We were able to defeat him without letting him escape thanks to this man’s tenacity.

Sairaorg-san smiles with his swollen face.

“……The children of the Underworld are the treasure of us Devils. So let’s protect them together.”


Crime Force Dragon, —Grendel. We finally succeeded in defeating him. This will be the first achievement of D×D—.

After that, the injured people get healed by Asia and Rossweisse-san who were able to come here. No one had any life threatening injuries, but we did consume a lot of our stamina. Apparently the other members that were fighting elsewhere were having a rough battle like here as well.

We then receive orders from Sona-kaichou right after this.

—She tells all of us to fall back and gather around the school.

That’s the proof that the new teleportation magic-circle that is being made by Gondur-san and the Magicians is almost complete.

Part 2[edit]

We arrive right in front of the school as we take down the Evil Dragons that come at us. I witness my comrades struggling with their fight.

“You're late, Ise-kun!”

“You are exactly like a protagonist of a story since you arrive at the climax!”

Kiba and Xenovia are cutting down the Evil Dragons while breathing heavily. Kiba’s face……looks really bad. He must have used Gram. I realised it right away since Shinra-fukukaichou is looking at me with eyes filled with sorrow.

The members that start to gather here have their clothes torn and are putting on tired faces probably due to the intense battles they went through. Gasper is the only one who isn’t here. He still must be after Walburga and is flying around the sky of this town.

Rias approaches Sairaorg-san who has just had his wounds healed.

“Sairaorg-san! You came!”

“Yeah, since we have the advantage up at Agreas.”

I give thumbs up at Rias and my comrades.

“……We completely defeated Grendel!”

Everyone jumps in joy hearing that. Koneko-chan shows the jewel to explain the whole thing. This is what Irina says after hearing the story.

“I understand. Once we get through this crisis, I will talk to Michael-sama about it.”

After that, we started defending in front of the school. We sealed the school and its region with Sona-kaichou’s water-barrier (which has been enhanced with my power), so it’s strong enough to resist the Evil Dragon’s fireballs if their attacks were to come. We prepared hunting traps in various places nearby, and the traps will activate simply by having them approach it.

Obviously we will be fighting the mass-produced Evil Dragons head on. We will be having our comrades who have used up a lot of their stamina and the parents of the children assist us from behind while the ones who still have some stamina left face the Evil Dragons.

The swordsman group consisting of Kiba, Xenovia, Irina, the “Knight” Meguri-san and Bennia starts slashing the enemies while supporting each other and the “Rook” group that consists of Rossweisse-san, Rugal-san, and Yura blocks the enemies range attack and counters them so they are displaying good team play. Shinra-fukukaichou’s counter-type Sacred Gear has also evolved to the level where multiple of them appear at the same time and reflect the enemies attack.

“……I will have you perish!”

The kasha of Koneko-chan in Shirone-mode is the most effective. The Evil Dragons turn to ashes without being able to do anything. Her purification power is basically a one-hit kill attack. —However, she won’t be able to maintain that form for long since she’s breathing heavily. The “Pawn” Nimura-san supports Koneko-chan.


“Eat this!”

People like Rias and Sairaorg-san who can easily take on multiple enemies alone are taking down the enemies quickly. Akeno-san uses her defensive magic and thunder+light attack to give strong support to the two of them.

“Oryah! The next person I need to transfer my power to is—”

I fight by flying around the battlefield while knocking down the Evil Dragons and boost up my power to transfer it to my comrades. The one who mainly orders me to transfer my power to someone is Sona-kaichou.

“Ise-kun! Please transfer your power to one of the swordsman!”

Kaichou gives accurate orders to us while she maintains her water-barrier. The one who protects Kaichou is Saji who has serious damage and the two “Bishops” consisting of Hanakai-san and Kusaka-san.

“I must heal……!”

And the one who works hard and the one who supports us a lot is the healer, Asia. Even though the fatigue is showing up on her the most, she still continues to send her healing light to her comrades.

While we are having such an intensive battle, a very bright light starts coming from the school.

……That’s the light of the teleportation! The magic-circle gradually starts to expand where it covers the whole school. If we use this, we can send the civilians in this town outside! After that, we need to continue fighting until the barrier around this region disappears! It may become a battle where we will use up a lot of our stamina, but it doesn’t mean this barrier will last forever. According to Kaichou and Gondur-san, there’s a limit to this barrier even if it was made by the vicious Evil Dragon. ……We simply need to withstand this situation until their spells run out.

That’s what’s going through my mind, but everyone becomes dubious since the teleportation doesn’t begin at all.

The magic-circle starts to give a strange glow and it makes a single ray of light go beaming in a weird direction!

As we become shocked at the phenomenon that is different to that of teleportation, we move our eyes towards the direction the light went flying towards!

—We can see the sky city Agreas afar.

While the expanding teleportation magic-circle continues to send rays of light towards Agreas, loud laughter echoes through the surroundings.

What we see after looking up is—that Purple Flame Walburga! Gasper also arrives after her but it seems he couldn’t finish her off and had her run around.

Walburga continues to laugh while placing her hand on her mouth.

“Ohohoho, too bad. Attacking this place and Agreas was just a camouflage.”

Sona-kaichou then says.

“—I’m now convinced. So what all of you were actually after was Agreas itself, correct? That’s the floating island that has existed since the era of the Old Maou. The current government, more specifically Ajuka Beelzebub-sama’s researchers, are still investigating that island. The Old Maou—in other words Rizevim Livan Lucifer who is the son of the previous Lucifer, is seeking that island.”

“Ohohoho, to be expected from the heiress of the House of Sitri. Yes, that’s exactly right. Rizevim-ojisama seems to be very interested in that floating island itself. So we decided to have at it by using this method. —By using the teleportation magic-circle of the famous Magicians gathered in this town. There’s a Magician who is connected with us among them! We had the magic-circle that was made by all of the Magicians get tuned right before it activated and have it aim towards Agreas! Looks like our plan was a success.”

……Damn it! There was a traitor among the Magicians!?

As I become shocked, Rias who is next to me says it with a bitter expression.

“……So you had all of this planned from the start. ……To surround this whole region at a time like this and to have an assembly in this town was all done in order to teleport Agreas outside……!”

……They won’t be able to take Agreas if they did it normally. That’s why they put a barrier around this whole region. But they wouldn’t be able to steal Agreas with just that. That’s why they used the assembly of the experienced Magicians that had been researching about 666. They sent their spy among the Magician’s assembly. And if they manage to seal a portion of the Magicians’ magic and seal them here, this is the kind of discussion they will have.

—Lets create a new kind of magic-circle that is big enough to teleport the residents of this town outside.

As a result, they made that and it worked. ……Until the last second before it activated, the spy who is also a Magician changed a section of the spell. The changed spell—releases the teleportation light towards Agreas!

Agreas that can be seen far away gets covered in the teleportation light.

Sona-kaichou then looks around the Student Council members. Hanakai-san and Kusaka-san of the Student Council react quickly and run down to the underground shelter. They must have gone down to check what’s happening down there.

……But I also have come to understand the situation. The reason why they waited three hours was because they knew it would take that much time to complete the teleportation magic-circle.

This was all a setup to steal Agreas! Just how deep are they connected with the Underworld!?

Rias realises this and she crunches her fist tightly.

“……There are still many Devils that support the previous Maou. Especially the name of Lucifer is still great. If the son of the previous Maou appears, then it won’t be weird for someone who would help him without a second thought to appear.”

Sona-kaichou then says.

“What are you planning to do with that island? No, what exactly is there in Agreas?”

Walburga looks towards Agreas.

Agreas……gets enveloped by the teleportation light and it eventually disappears! ……The whole sky city got teleported! So they altered the spell on Agreas so that city alone can go out of the barrier!

“That is—”

It happens when Walburga was trying to explain in joy—. A communication-type magic-circle appears around her ear. Walburga listens to what she’s hearing—but she suddenly stops smiling and looks up!


Walburga is in shock! When we also look up—there’s a crack on the white sky! That is proof that something happened to this giant barrier that is covering this whole region!

The crack gradually gets bigger and the barrier starts breaking!

Eventually the Underworld’s unique purple sky can be seen!

—The barrier is destroyed!

Who was it!? Who did that!? We are the only ones inside! Someone most likely attacked and destroyed the barrier from the outside! Just who on earth broke the barrier—.

A single flash descends in front of us like a shooting star. That flash impales the school yard.

We become deeply shocked at seeing the object that is impaled on the school yard!

—True Longinus!

……Seriously!? Why did that spear come down!? That thing’s possessor is already……!

Everyone becomes speechless seeing that!

Even though we wait, the owner of the spear doesn’t show up. Then the Holy Spear disappears by teleportation!

Walburga then sighs.

“……I never expected to see this kind of event here. But it’s already too late.”

Walburga then clicks her finger. —Then the remaining mass-produced Evil Dragons gather at once and they surround the school. Even though we took many of them down, it seems like there are still hundreds of them……

……So they will continue to attack us even after their plan succeeded!

Walburga says it while putting on an evil smile.

“I love to annihilate things. I know that all of you are tired, but please continue playing with me a bit longer♪”

She says that with a mocking attitude while she swings down her umbrella. That became the signal and the mass-produced Evil Dragons descended towards us at once!

Sairaorg-san who has healed his injuries used up a lot of his stamina but he pushes himself and moves.

“Let’s do this, Rias, Sona! This shame will be passed down to our descendents if we can’t stop them!”

“ “Yes!” ”

Rias and Kaichou respond at the same time.

I also fly up into the air in order to take down the mass-produced Evil Dragons—but something which I can’t ignore appears within my sight! Walburga—directs her hands towards the school!

That instant, —the cross of fire arises within the school yard! She blows away a section of the school!

“The school! Doooooon’t!”

Sona-kaichou’s scream-like voice. Kaichou runs towards the school yard! That’s reckless! Is Kaichou trying to take on the relic’s fire by herself!? She will perish if she does that! She isn’t the usual Kaichou who is always calm.

……The school, the school which is her long-time dream is getting burned right in front of her. She doesn’t want that to happen so much that she can’t resist. Kaichou who is always quiet and who always gives accurate commands is becoming emotional and is heading towards the school yard.

It will be too dangerous to let Kaichou go alone!

“I will go with her!”

Saying that, Rossweisse-san activates the magic-circle in the air and then goes. She catches up to Kaichou right away and they arrive at the school yard. She then starts the spell to create defence-type magic-circles and barriers!

Walburga’s flames go on the assault!

The purple flames attack Rossweisse-san and Kaichou! It seems like the two of them somehow block with their defence-type magic-circle……but the strength of the fire is so strong that the magic-circle gradually crumbles! At this rate, they will be burned by it soon!

“Aim for that witch!”

Rias’s command! We, her servants, change our target from the Evil Dragons to Walburga and head towards her, but the witch makes the purple flame appear around her as if its surrounding her!

“Ohohohoho! Those flames will give critical damage to Devils simply by touching them!”

If we can’t carelessly touch them, then we need to destroy them with long-range attacks! The ones capable of long-range attacks such as me and Xenovia get ready for it by raising our aura! But the mass-produced Evil Dragons come at us as if they are trying to get in our way! Shit! At this rate, these guys will act as her wall and our attacks won’t reach her!

While we are having a hard time battling, Walburga doesn’t rest her hand and continues to shoot the crosses of fire at the school yard! Kaichou and Rossweisse-san’s magic-circle starts to crumble after receiving two or three of Walburga’s attack! They are in a situation where receiving another attack from her will put them in a dangerous situation, but Walburga shoots more crosses of fire! Walburga has already shot by the time we overcome the Evil Dragons and reach her!

The purple flames are about to hit Kaichou and Rossweisse-san—.

But the cross stops right in front of them. That’s because there’s someone who is standing in front of those two and received the cross.

—Saji who has black flames covering his body is standing there.

Saji acted as Kaichou’s shield and he gets burnt by the holy relic’s fire! The black flames couldn’t kill off the purple flames so it continues to burn Saji!


Saji screams out in agony!

“Run! Saji, you will get killed at this rate!”

Kaichou shouts, but Saji doesn’t move away and he continues to give it his all to suppress the cross's fire!

Saji……starts to speak out while having his whole body burnt!

“……I wanted to become like Hyoudou.”

Saji continues while the black fire gradually starts to weaken.

“……Hyoudou and I are “Pawns” that became one around the same time…… He’s so perverted, indecent, and insanely lecherous……but he’s a guy who always gives his all and always goes ahead for his comrades or someone……”

The purple flame……starts to cover him.

“I wanted to become a man like Hyoudou who is strong and on whom people would depend on. But, even if I get a step closer to him, Hyoudou goes five or ten steps ahead of me. No matter how much I train myself, he continues to surpass me by miles. The moment when I realised it and went “Ah, I won’t ever be able to surpass him”……I……became so frustrated with myself.”

Fighting spirit returns back to Saji’s eyes. The black flames……start to increase gradually!

“—I can’t become like Hyoudou. But there’s something I can do. I found something what I want to do!”

Saji shouts from the bottom of his heart—.

“I……! I will become a “teacher”! Those children! I’m going to teach the students who would attend that school! I will teach them that there’s something only they are capable of doing!”

Behind Saji—, Kaichou is crying. She must have realised it. That the readiness of her servants and her own dream has become Saji’s dream itself.

Walburga laughs with delight when she hears that.

“Ohohohohohohoho! It’s useless! That’s because that school will be burned, burned, and even more burned by me right this instant! Now then, let’s burn it♪”

Walburga puts her hand forward in order to increase the output of the cross. That instant.

Next to Saji—a giant black snake appears! —It’s Vritra!

[Sorry for coming late, my other half.]

“Vritra!? You returned from the depth of the Sacred Gear!?”

Vritra smiles fearlessly while having his eyes glow at Saji’s words.

[Yeah, I did. But you know, my other self. It seems like you have matured quite a lot while I was away.]

“……Yeah, it feels like I can do it now. Since I lifted the weight on me.”

Saji mutters that. A suspicious looking aura starts to envelop Saji’s body! I have……seen that before! Yeah, it’s the same phenomenon that occurred when Kiba became a holy-demonic sword wielder, when the Hero-faction enhanced their Sacred Gear, and when I wore the Boosted Gear Scale-mail!

Vritra then howls!

[Relic user! Do not underestimate my black flame!]

“Yeah, let’s do this, Vritra! I sure did waste time in reaching it, but I can do it now! With you, I—”

[My other self. I have waited so long for you to realise it! Now, let’s show them! The power of my evil flames which made me be called the “Prison Dragon”!]

Saji and Vritra get covered in black aura, and the jet-black flames starts to wrap around their bodies!

[ “Balance Break!!” ]

The black aura explodes, and the one that appears is my pal that is covered in jet-black armour! He has lots of tentacles-like things growing out from his armour and they have jet-black flames ignited.

DxD v17 273.jpg

Saji who has just reached Balance Breaker shouts.

[—“Malebolge Vritra Promotion”. I—no, we who are like the flames of Hell. Which one is stronger between our black flames and your purifying purple flames? Let’s have a battle to decide it!]

Saji’s voice is mixed with Vritra’s. Now I understand, those two fused! They were able to reach it because the thoughts of those two became one! So there’s also a Balance Breaker like this!?

Rias then says.

“Malebolge! It’s the floor which is one floor above the deepest floor in Hell. It’s said to be the place where those who have evil minds and have committed sins get sent to!”

Saji makes the cross of purple flames vanish with ease and jumps towards Walburga!

The Evil Dragons attack him—but the many tentacles on Saji’s armour captures them! The moment they are caught by the tentacles, the Evil Dragons get all of their aura sucked out and they turn to dust.

So many curses which are visible with my eyes appear around Saji and they spread through the whole atmosphere!

Shinra-fukukaichou says it fearfully.

“……The Balance Breaker which has that many curses……! You will get cursed to death if you approach it carelessly!”

The fact is, the mass-produced Evil Dragons are continuing to fall down to the ground by being cursed by it!

[Your purple flames and my black flames! Let’s decide which one is superior!]

“Interesting, interesting indeed!”

Saji and Walburga who happily accepts his challenge start a battle of fire versus fire up in the air!

I want to help—but there are still many mass-produced Evil Dragons left! Fine! Then I will tag along with this battle to annihilate all of you!

I raise up my spirit, but I hear Asia say with a loud voice!

“—! I sensed Fafnir-san’s aura! He has most likely returned with Ddraig-san and the others from the depth of the Sacred Gear!”

Oh, so that’s what’s going on! The return of Vritra means that the other Dragons have returned too.

My jewels also starts to turn on and off. I can feel Ddraig’s instinct!

[Yeah, I’ve returned, partner.]

Oh! I was waiting for you, partner! So, how was it?

[Leave it to me. Also, we were somehow able to convince them. Anyway, let’s have some discussion after we break through this situation.]

All right! Then let’s finish this quickly!

Asia opens the Dragon Gate to summon Fafnir!

“—Answer my voice, Golden King. Crawl on the ground, and you shall receive my reward! Please come out! Gigantis Dragon! Fafnir-san!”

After her summoning chants ends, the Dragon Gate makes the glow even stronger and then explodes!

The one who appears along with a golden aura is—Fafnir who is wearing a chef’s hat! ……Wait, a chef’s hat!? Why the heck is he wearing that!?

Then a BGM which isn’t fit for this situation starts. The BGM reminds me of the cooking show you often see on TV at noon.

Fafnir opens its large mouth.

[Hello, and welcome to Fafnir’s three minutes cooking]

Fafnir says something which makes me think there’s something wrong with his head and makes a kitchen appear next to him! Why did a kitchen appear!? I can’t stop retaliating to him! While the only thing I can do is just watch him, this is what he says.

[Today’s dish is “Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants”.]

……Leaving us aside who are all speechless, Fafnir shows us the flip board with the ingredients written on it.

[These are the ingredients]

○Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants


 Asia-tan’s pants

 Onions(sliced) ×1

 Garlic(sliced) ×1

 Olive oil

 Red Capsicum(sliced) ×1

 Salt & Pepper (small quantity)

 Baking Powder

…………????? My brain can’t catch up to this. W-What is he planning to do? But I do know something perverted is going to happen! I-Isn’t this just too insane!?





We are full of questions. When I take a look, I witness the mass-produced Evil Dragons have stopped their attack and are watching this while tilting their heads in wonder! Seriously!? These guys stopped their attack for this!?

Fafnir stands in front of the kitchen and he starts to chop the ingredients he prepared while having his eyes glow.

[First, you chop the ingredients besides the pants.]

He then says this to Asia next.

[Asia-tan, give me your pants.]


It seems like Asia had only the option to agree to this and this is what Fafnir says while he takes the pants from her.

[Just like this, the ingredients must come from the farm right away. It is very, fresh, and new. After you have a good sniff at the pants, you put powder over it.]

……He sniffs the pants right in front of us and he starts putting the powder over it……

He then puts those pants in a frying pan filled with oil!

[You put it in right away in order to have it fried.]

The sound of the oil boiling echoes throughout the battlefield. During this time, everyone besides Saji and Walburga stops their movements and all of us simply watch this. Even the mass-produced Evil Dragons are—. Huh? For some reason there are several Evil Dragons who are unexpectedly interested in this! What the, are you telling me that this cooking has some effect that charms the Evil Dragon!?

Fafnir takes out the pants from the oil as if he thought it’s the right time to do so. He places the fried pants on the plate with the ingredients he finely chopped before. He then says this proudly.

[It is done. My-style, the “Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants”.]


—Several Evil Dragons that are watching him start to give him a clap!

Fafnir then puts the Diavola Asia-tan’s Fried Pants in front of him!

[Now then, I will dig in. Bite and gulp.]

He gives his impression after he puts it in his mouth and starts chewing on it.

[—I want you to stay as you are.]


Several Evil Dragons that were watching him—start crying! ……What the. What do you have to do in order to make this happen!?

Asia then falls! Xenovia holds her!

“Asia, get a hold of yourself! You need to stay strong!”

“……I want to become a crab.”

“No, that’s wrong Asia! That phrase is supposed to be “I want to become a tool”!”

Irina becomes surprised at the conversation between those two.

“Xenovia! You sure know a lot! I really do admire you! To be expected from the excellent student who scored an average of 90% for the end of the semester exam!”


I-I really don’t know what’s going on here, but its certain that the Evil Dragons have stopped their attack for a moment. Can Fafnir’s weird space also stop mass-produced Evil Dragon as well!?

……Oh well. I’ll stop thinking about the hard stuff. By the way, Ddraig. I want to confirm this with you, but, were you able to convince the past Hakuryuukous?

[……Y-Yeah, k-kind of…..]

……It sure does feel like a vague answer.

[……I-I do have the records of it just in case, so you should watch it…… Though it isn’t something I would recommend……]

……I-I don’t mind so just show it to me.

I close my eyes and search deep into the Sacred Gear. Then Ddraig shows me the recording of the past Hakuryuukous.

The faces of the past Hakuryuukous with smiley faces appear in the recording.

[Hello, the current Sekiryuutei. We are the remaining thoughts of the previous Hakuryuukous.]

They are so sociable! You really did succeed in convincing them!

[We couldn’t help but feel very dissatisfied at the actions you have caused.]

Yes, I’m sorry! I need to sincerely apologise about that. Well, since this is a recording, I won’t be able to give them my response.

[For that reason, we created the Victims Association……but it seems like we lacked information.]

So they are going to disband the association huh. Oh man, I really am grateful about that!

While I feel relieved by it, a man who looks stronger than others says this.

[We were able to reach the truth thanks to Fafnir.]


I heard a name that makes me feel uneasy just now…… That feeling of uneasiness changes to words and it comes to my ears.

[—Yes, the wonderfulness of panties.]



I become speechless. My mind freezes, but they continue to talk while putting on an expression as if they know the truth.

[All of us had a common connection where all of us have a lot of interest in the buttocks of the opposite sex.]

……There sure was a Hakuryuukou-senpai inside my jewel who said that buttocks are also nice.

[However, in front of the Hakuryuukou, we had no choice but to deny that.]

[—Having a fetish for the Hakuryuukou is unacceptable.]

[However, Fafnir showed it to us. —An extreme gem, Asia-tan’s pants.]

—The Hakuryuukou-senpai spreads open Asia’s pants!

He has it spread above his head as if he’s holding a divine item—.

[We were notified that in the current world, a cloth which covers the buttocks wonderfully like this exists.]

[Its shape, its role, and its hipline when it is worn on the buttocks—no, the bum.]




The past Hakuryuukou starts to repeat the word hipline with a fluent accent……

[Thanks to that wonderful treasure, we learned painfully that we were lying to ourselves.]

[We heard that the past Sekiryuuteis vanished while saying “Zoom zoom iyaan”.]

[Then we shall say this to declare our peace to you.]

They put their arms around each other and shout this with a refreshing expression.

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [—Asia-tan’s pants, sniff sniff.] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]



……And you call this convincing them, Ddraig-san?

[……………………There are also things even I can’t understand.]

Ddraig says that with a tired voice. Yeah, I can somehow imagine you recording this with astonished eyes. Even if they were able to overcome breasts and butts, this is just too……!

I did hear that they were having a hard time convincing them, but I never expected them to convince them with Fafnir’s pants theory…… This is horrible, seriously horrible.

I wonder what’s going through Vali’s mind right now……

Fafnir then says.

[It will be good if everyone can have peace with Asia-tan’s pants. I, think so. —I wish that to happen. Cute pants are a symbol of peace, the world’s treasure.]

My comrades—are all either covering their faces or look fed up with it! Asia the main girl herself is still laying down!

Rias then says it while shaking her head.

“……There’s definitely something wrong with the Two Heavenly Dragons of this era……”

—I’m included as well!?

I’m sorry! I’m basically the main cause of having Rias being called the Switch Princess! So this phenomenon basically started because of me, didn’t it!? No, I want to think that it’s Fafnir’s fault! Or else I won’t be able to cope with this!

Ddraig then says this at last.

[—That’s the end of it. With this……we can use Hakuryuukou’s power……!]

……I see, so we can use it huh. Yeah yeah, I got it. Yup yup, thank you for that!

“However, being able to stop the Evil Dragons……you sure can’t tell what the Two Heavenly Dragons and the Dragon Kings are capable of doing.”

—A familiar voice reaches us! A red flash passes past us and it descends at the school yard where Kaichou and Rossweisse-san are at!


The red flash blows Kaichou away and envelops Rossweisse-san. ……The one who is standing there after the light settles is Euclid Lucifugus who is wearing the Replica Boosted Gear!

So that bastard decided to appear at a time like this huh!

He—is holding onto Rossweisse-san! Even if Rossweisse-san tries to resist him, she can’t get away from him because he’s holding onto her tightly.

“How do you do, D×D.”


He shrugs his shoulder when I shouted.

“Hello there—Sekiryuutei.”

He then starts to say utter rubbish while he holds onto Rossweisse-san.

“We, the Qlippoth, will be using Rossweisse and that island wisely. Now then. Since the teleportation of Agreas is over, I would want to leave this place since the Underworld’s army will be heading here after they realise the strange activity happening in this region. But I guess you won’t let me do that.”

All of us move quickly and made a formation where we surround him.

“Of course we won’t! Release Rossweisse-san!”

Rias also releases her anger.

“I need to capture you and send you to Onii-sama and Onee-sama!”

That’s right. It’s exactly what Rias said. I will take him to Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san! Grayfia-san……is still being suspected because of this guy! I will end that crap right here!

Euclid simply laughs.

“That sure scares me. Then I shall resist a bit.”

He clicks his finger. Then the Evil Dragons that stopped due to Fafnir’s strange phenomenon get their sense back and resume their attack on us!

But my comrades declare it with courage!

“We can’t whine! I’m sure it will feel bad if we get beaten at the very end!”

Irina flaps her wings that has changed to four wings!

“Of course, Irina!”

Xenovia grips her Durandal again!

“I will also do my best! Fafnir-san, please lend me your power!”

[Of course, I will support Asia-tan.]

Asia and Fafnir try to go all out for the climax.

“Ise-kun, Buchou, we will leave Rossweisse-san to you!”

Kiba goes and slashes at the enemies with Shinra-fukukaichou after he says that!

Rias and I get closer to Euclid once again. —And a magic arrow starts flying at Euclid!

When I look at the direction from where it came—I witness Gondur-san! She looks really exhausted, but she puts her hand forward while her body is moving side to side.

“My granddaughter……I will have her back!”

Gondur-san shows her strong will.

Euclid then says.

“Our comrades have caused ruckus down below, correct? I judge that you have so much fatigue due to dealing with it.”

Rossweisse-san screams at her grandmother.

“Granny! Stop! You can’t move any more because you used up all of your power, right!?”

I see. So she used up her magical-power due to fighting the traitorous Magicians that are connected to these guys down in the basement. The traitorous Magicians were probably skilled Magicians as well, so Gondur-san must have fought quite recklessly.

Gondur-san increases her voice to her granddaughter’s words.

“……Be quiet. I can at least save you!”

Euclid takes a breath in astonishment.

“I’m sorry, but even if you are Magician, you have no hope in opposing me in that condition.”

Euclid who says that activates a magic-circle below his feet! Is he planning to teleport while holding onto Rossweisse-san!?

We make our stance but Gondur-san brings out the last power she has to shoot out the magic-arrows at Euclid’s magic-circle! That moment, Euclid’s magic-circle starts to wave and go in a different direction as if some error occurred, and at the last moment it explodes! The teleportation stopped!

“……Teleportation seal. Oh my, you sure did a cunning move.”

After Euclid says that with hatred, he tries to escape by having the Dragon wings appear! Euclid flies with insane speed! That bastard is trying to run away since he can’t teleport huh!

Rias and I try to go after him, but Gondur-san who falls on the ground says this to us.

“……Sekiryuutei-dono, Princess Rias. ……Please, please save my granddaughter Rossweisse. Please, I beg you.”

Rias and I say this with a smile.

“Yes, of course we will.”

“She’s our comrade who we are all proud of.”

……Rossweisse-san is our important comrade! We will save her! Definitely!

Rias and I nod at each other and fly up into the sky!

When I chase after Euclid with Rias—we find Euclid waiting for us quite far ahead.

Euclid points down while holding onto Rossweisse-san.

He must be telling us to come down. He sure is full of it.

Rias and I descend. It’s a wasteland that is far away from the farming area. I look around myself but I can’t see any building or people. I guess it won’t be a problem if I go a bit reckless over here.

I say it to Euclid who faces us once again.

“Grayfia-san’s brother, Euclid! ……What are you thinking? Why did you appear at this time? On top of that, as a terrorist! Is this a rebellion to the current government of the Devils?”

I want to confirm his intention once again. Even if he’s the mastermind of the terrorist, he’s still Grayfia-san’s little brother.

Euclid then says.

“……There are many reasons, Hyoudou Issei. My dissatisfaction towards the current government and questions I have towards my sister. I questioned myself during so much time. Hyoudou Issei, please answer me. —What is a Devil?”

I can’t simply answer the sudden question.

Euclid also nods when he sees my reaction.

“You can’t give me a proper answer. I’m the same too.”

“……Are you telling me Rizevim’s ideology pushed you forward?”

“Everyone has their own kind of ideals. But I have judged that that person’s ideal is necessary for me.”

Euclid then makes a deep sigh.

“I have thought that it is most important for “Devils” to be a “Devil” towards the humans and the other forces. That simply means that we have to be more evil than any creatures and beings. Regarding this, I have the same thought as Rizevim-sama. However, from here on, it will be my own answer.”

Euclid spreads his arm.

“—I will show all of the forces what “Devils” are by using Rizevim. I will make them realise it. I want them to realise just how brutal and dangerous the evil species called “Devils” are. For me, I don’t care about ruling and politics. No, that is the same for Rizevim-sama. —At the final stage, I want to show what “Devils” are to the human world as well.”

……So this guy is also acting for a reason which doesn’t make sense……!

What does he mean by showing others what Devils are……!?

The smiles of the children I interacted with at that school flashes back in my head.

Are the children of the Underworld who don’t know anything involved with this…..? Hey, are they……?

I distort my face at Euclid’s words.

“……Are you trying to have the Devils distance themselves with all of the other forces and the human world……!?”

Euclid looks afar.

“My sister……I admired her. Even though she’s a woman, she was stronger than anyone and she was more courageous than anyone. She was my pride itself. I even believed that supporting my sister was the path I lived for. But that sister of mine rebelled against working for “Lucifer” and gave her heart to the abnormal species that can’t be called a Devil. Rias Gremory, can you imagine just how shocked I was and how it crumbled my values?”

Euclid then points at me.

“The balance of my heart was broken for a long time and both my mind and body were in a state which was no different to that of a corpse. But I came to this conclusion after finding about you, Hyoudou Issei, who acted as he liked and brought new atmosphere to the Underworld.”

Euclid looks up. He looks somehow bright.

“—“Ah, yes. I should also live as I like”—.”


He realised that he should live as he like after seeing me……? What the heck is that! I can’t understand what this guy has been saying since the beginning!

Rias says it with a voice that carries her anger.

“You are telling me this is what you wanted!?”

Euclid seems like he doesn’t really care.

“It was a simple thought. For the Devils to have a hero—. Children see that hero and get influenced. But that doesn’t seem like a Devil. If that’s the case, I came to the conclusion that I want to show the children what a “Devil” is.”

“You are telling me that the “Devil” you are speaking of is Rizevim!? Don’t start saying utter crap after appearing after so long!”

Rias continues to speak with rage. Her expression is filled with tears and rage.

“……You are twisted! Our species itself is in a dangerous situation, yet, you crave for chaos instead of peace……!”

Euclid tilts his head at Rias’s words.

“Twisted. Rias Gremory, from where to where is it twisted? My actions? Or the annihilation of the Maous that wasn’t supposed to happen? Our existence is supposed to be the “Extra”, the deviated beings, just like in the Bible and documents relate to it—the exceptional beings. The irregular beings like your brother and Ajuka Beelzebub was born possibly due to the corruption of our mythology. No, we probably aren’t the “Devils from the Holy Bible” any more.”


He’s going to show what “Devils” are to the children? And my action became the trigger for his actions……?

I shake my head.

“So you performed your exaggerated ambitions in such ways huh…… But—”

Yeah, but it’s different. Their ambition and their dream has nothing to do with those children!

“Those kids have nothing to do with it! Either way, aren’t you trying to destroy the current Underworld!? If so, then I have to stop you!”

Euclid makes a faint smile when he sees my aura exiting out from my crimson armour.

“Yes, that’s how you are supposed to be. A hero needs to protect something recklessly. Unlike Rizevim-sama, I won’t deny a hero from the start. That’s why you are fitted to be my opponent!”

Rias then asks.

“Then what was your purpose for targeting Rossweisse? Is it because she seems capable of reaching 666’s secret? Even so, wasn’t that a reckless action for you to appear in Tokyo while knowing the danger you put yourself in?”

Yes, it’s exactly what Rias says. No matter what reason he had, appearing in Tokyo itself to recruit Rossweisse-san to his group was a daring move. Aren’t sneaking into cities something you need to be cautious of doing if you're a terrorist? Once your plans get revealed, it will be harder to sneak in the next time. And sneaking in while knowing that doesn’t seem like you have any sanity unless you have a good reason to do so.

He says it while he looks at Rossweisse-san.

“……This person is intelligent. She also has potential. If she comes to our side, we can use her wisely. After all, what she was researching wasn’t the method to unseal 666 but the opposite. —It was to put a seal on it.”


Rias and I become shocked hearing that!

Rossweisse-san’s rumoured essay wasn’t about unsealing 666 but to seal it……?

Euclid continues while he stroke Rossweisse-san’s hair.

“Also……Rossweisse resembles her. She really does resemble her.”

Rias asks him while putting on a doubtful expression.

“……Who does she resemble?”

“—My sister Grayfia.”


Rias, Rossweisse-san, and I become speechless at his confession. ……He says that she resembles her, but their faces don’t look alike. Though their silver hair and the atmosphere they carry may be similar……

Euclid continues while putting on a faint smile.

“……This person may become my sister. That’s very important.”


……Yeah, I finally understand. ……When I first met him, he said “Tell my sister”.

……He, Euclid, is……chasing after Grayfia-san’s shadow……?

Perhaps the actions he took till now and his insane words are all connected to Grayfia-san?

That’s because he came to Tokyo while taking the risk to see Rossweisse-san simply because she resembles her…… That alone proves that he……

Rias suddenly puts on a sad expression.

“……Euclid Lucifugus. You……your heart is already……”

“? What are you saying? I’m still sane.”

Euclid sighs and looks at me—no, he looks at Ddraig and then says.

“Sekiryuutei Ddraig, how about it? —Won’t you come to this jewel?”

Ddraig replies to him so everyone can hear.

[Are you telling me to change sides?]

“Yes. I can use you better than all of the past Sekiryuuteis. I can bring out your power more than Hyoudou Issei who is over there. I can become the personification of the Heavenly Dragon Ddraig without using a fake power called the crimson armour. —Even the Juggernaut Drive.”

[I see…… If it’s you, you probably can bring out more than my full power.]

“Exactly. I am stronger than Hyoudou Issei after all.”

[……Yeah, my current partner is the weakest in history. Not only can’t he use his power properly yet, he also has the bad habit of putting his attention to useless things. I’m full of pain since he’s so obsessed about breasts.]

……Is it me or are you saying whatever you like with this opportunity? No, I’m sure you have so much stress you are keeping inside!

—But, Ddraig tells him.

[However, he’s much better than you. No, he’s much better than any previous hosts. This is what I want to say. He’s a good partner.]

……You sure do say nice things. Well, I wasn’t worried one bit.

Euclid shrugs his shoulder and starts laughing.

“Fuhahahaha, then how about I do this!”

Euclid clicks his finger. Then a small magic-circle appears within his hand and then disappears.

Next moment—a sound of explosion echoes from far behind me.

……It came from the direction where the school is……! Seriously……!? Rias, Rossweisse-san, and I become speechless.

He says it plainly.

“Since it’s all of you that are naïve we are talking about here. You captured the traitorous Magicians alive, correct? I put some trap in their bodies. —I decided for them to explode if something happens. Look, the school all of you were taking care of has been destroyed. All of the hardships you went through went down in vain.”


“……You scum……”

Me and Rias shake in anger. He continues without any care.

“But, isn’t it okay? It’s a pathetic school which only gathers children of the Low-class Devils. Did you know? The school that High-class Devils attend to and it’s a school only a chosen pure blood can attend? Obviously the ones teaching them also come from High-class households. Their institute incorporates the latest technology to the highest level while teaching them in a manner to take importance of the tradition. The students attend that school in order to make connections with other households. That becomes the absolute foundation for their future. In order to make them become recognisable in the high society, the high stream school will become a good insurance.”

He says it with an astonished voice.

“Does that school hold that much value? Are you telling me a High-class Devil will attend there? No matter how much they study there, the result you would get at best is having them get middle-low or low-high class jobs.”


……Even so, what about it? That school……everyone is seeing their dream in it. Everyone has hope in it. This guy doesn’t know how valuable that is……!

I walk towards him while releasing aura from my whole body.

“……I’m glad you were scum. Since you are Grayfia-san’s brother, I thought you were helping Rizevim after thinking really hard about it.”

From all of the jewels on my crimson armour, the Wyvern flies out. Thanks to Ddraig coming back, its function also came back.

“If you were opposing us while having complicated feelings, I would be a bit troubled in whether I can beat you with my fist when I had to finish you off…… I’m really glad that you are an insane scum……! I won’t hold back! I will beat you today and take you to Grayfia-san!”

I stand in front of him while having a huge amount of aura come out of me! Yeah, this guy is one guy I can’t forgive! I won’t be able to keep myself calm unless I beat him personally!

As a Sekiryuutei! As someone who look up to Grayfia-san! As Rossweisse-san’s comrade!

I then say it to Rias.

“Please get away from me. I will finish this quickly.”


I say it while putting on strong eyes to her who is feeling uneasy.

“I won’t lose anymore. I will defeat this guy.”

Maybe she realised that I won’t change my mind, so Rias takes a step back. Euclid also puts a rope made from demonic-power on Rossweisse-san and releases her.

This will be the second battle between the real Sekiryuutei and the replica Sekiryuutei. In terms of base power, he is far above me even if he is using a replica. He’s also bringing out the Sekiryuutei’s power better than me.

But, I won’t lose to that guy—.

“I will take Rossweisse-san back.”

“You won’t be able to. She will show her true strength by having me use her.”

I say it clearly to him who answered calmly.

“She’s too good for you. She’s my precious comrade. I won’t let you do as you like!”

Rossweisse-san says it with a determined expression.

“Please defeat me and this man!”

……Rossweisse-san. I already told you back then.

“I won’t do that, ever. I will save you and defeat just that guy—. That’s it.”

He says it as he looks at the Wyvern flying around me.

“I had a hard time thanks to that, but, oh well, this time I will fight without taking you lightly.”

Saying that, he increases the wave of his demonic-power right away! His aura increases rapidly to a quantity where it can destroy this whole area! The ground below his feet also cracks open widely and there are holes in the ground.

……That sure is an amazing amount of demonic-power. If you get hit by that directly, even a High-class Devil will perish. This is him being serious.

But, I don’t know why. I think he’s far inferior to Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san. Even though he’s showing such amazing power right in front of me.

……Putting his power aside, his existence itself is too shallow. That’s why I can’t feel this is something great.

……Oh well, I’m also shallow myself. Still I guess I’m better than him.

“Then, here I come!”

Euclid puts his hand forward and increases his demonic-power.


The sound which signifies the increase of power echoes from the Replica Sacred Gear and it increases his aura even more where he shoots that out right away! Explosive amount of torrents of aura!

Even I won’t be safe if I get hit by that. —But I move my Wyverns and make them line up in a row front of me.

Euclid’s demonic-power engulfs my Wyverns. That instant.

[Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!]

The Wyverns makes a sound that signifies the dividing of the attack, and his attack decreases every time it passes through my Wyvern. By the time it reaches me, it should be weak enough where I can simply swing my arm to destroy it.

However, since I already showed that to him last time, Euclid should be aware of this. He moves right after he shot it out and he closes the distance between us! Euclid has demonic-power charged into his fist despite moving at high velocity!

I shoot out my Dragon Shot immediately. Euclid reacts to it right away and dodges it—. But there’s one Wyvern behind him!


My Dragon Shot changes its course at the same time as the sound that signifies it has been reflected! Another Wyvern reacts to it and reflects it again! With the second reflect, my Dragon Shot is back on its original course and is heading straight towards Euclid!

Even so, Euclid moves his body to dodge it! He releases his fist covered in aura at me as he dodges my attack! His dense punch is enough to destroy my armour if I get hit by it!

I change my arm into that of Solid Impact in order to increase my defense!

He then smiles fearlessly.

“It’s futile! You won’t be able to stop my fist simply with that!”

Euclid’s brutal strike—lands on my arms that is in a cross guard position!

A strike that even shocks the core of my body! But—my arms are still in a guarding position. Euclid becomes stiff for a moment to this reality. He must have stopped because something he didn’t expect happened.

I didn’t ignore this chance and I give a powerful punch to his face while having my arm in Solid Impact mode!

Euclid gets blown back violently! His replica armour is badly destroyed!

He asks me while moving his body weakly.

“……What’s the meaning of this? My fist was superior to your aura. Guarding it should have been impossible. ……But the moment I hit you, I felt that your power had risen.”

He sure has sharp eyes. He really does observe me carefully.

Next to me—is a flying red Wyvern. It seems like Euclid became shocked seeing that.

“……! Are you telling me that red Wyvern……can also use the Sekiryuutei’s power!?”

Yes, this is the ability I created. Ever since I attained the Wyverns, I was searching for a way to use it. I understood it can use Divide and Reflect. But, this is what I thought.

—If this was a Sekiryuutei’s Wyvern, then the way I can battle will change.

Then this is what Ddraig said.

[Then how about you try it? If it’s the current you, then you should be able to get the knack of it.]

I gave my best in order to make the red Wyvern a reality, just like Ddraig suggested. Though I had to halt my training mid-way when I was a step closer to attaining it due to Ddraig tagging along with Albion…… Thanks to Ddraig convincing the past Hakuryuukous over at Albion’s place, I was able to get a positive proof. So my imagination turned into reality.

The Wyverns that fly around me. They're changing their colour on their own between red and white. I can change its power between the power of Sekiryuutei and the power of Hakuryuukou with just my thought.

After finding this out, Euclid shakes his head as if he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

“……Absurd. To make the power of Hakuryuukou you released……into the power of Sekiryuutei……!”

“You won’t be able to do this with a replica, right? Also, this is you who is smart we are talking about. You can predict what will happen next right?”

“……Are you planning to combine the power of red and white!?”

That’s right. I will change the Wyverns depending on the situation! If it’s you, you can understand what that means right!?

I go forward together with my Wyverns! I sent several Wyverns towards him before I reach him! He tries to repeatedly shoot his demonic-power while he dodges it to the side! I made the Wyverns line up in a line and change them into red!

“I won’t lose to you anymore!”

I randomly shoot out my Dragons Shots!

[Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!]

My attacks passes through the red Wyverns and they increase its output! My Dragon Shots that became massive takes out the aura he shot out and they continue to fly ahead!

Euclid flies up and dodges my attack. But the moment my Dragon Shots hit the white Wyverns I sent ahead beforehand—.

[Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!] [Reflect!]

They all get reflected and they go after Euclid who went up the sky to dodge it! Euclid dodges several Dragon Shots, but he receives one of them ahead and his armour gets blown away.

Now then, Ddraig. Let’s end this.

[Yeah, let’s go.]

Red Wyverns gather around me and they start to boost my power.

[Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!] [Boost!!]

The red Wyverns attach onto me and they transfer their power to me right away!

[Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!] [Transfer!]


……My aura increases to its maximum output. My crimson aura continues to emit bright light and starts to envelop the surroundings. My power that has increased to an excessive level changes the power of Sekiryuutei into that of an irregular one.

The chest and stomach area of my armour starts to move while making a sound and the appearance changes. I have—something that is meant to shoot out something.

This is exactly the same thing as the one I had when I used Juggernaut Drive and Great Red.

[Yeah, this is my final trick and the forbidden attack the Boosted Gear has. The particles of dream we were able to turn into reality because we were able to have a mutual understanding with Albion. —It’s the Longinus Smasher!]

I move the direction of my body towards Euclid and start charging my aura. I can understand that an insane amount of aura which even scares me is gathered to my stomach.

There’s no way I can release this towards the ground. So I can only shoot by having my enemy move in the sky.

Maybe Euclid also sensed the danger of it, so he tries to escape from here!

“……It does frustrate me but I can’t afford to get hit by it!”

Euclid tries to run away, but his body gets captured by magic ropes!

“Do you think you can escape safely after saying all the things you liked to me? Also your demonic-power has lots of useless aspects despite being powerful. I enhanced that rope by removing the useless parts.”

It’s Rossweisse-san! Rossweisse-san removed the ropes he put on her by herself and instead put it on Euclid! She even changed it into her own taste instantly! Rossweisse-san sure is cunning!

“……To be expected from the woman I came to take a liking to!”

The bastard Euclid can even say things like that under this situation! Geez!

He removes the magic ropes by force but he was already too late. I already finished charging.

Ddraig then tells him.

[—Euclid Lucifugus. One Sekiryuutei is enough in this world. It is necessary for you to be defeated by us.]

That’s right. The Sekiryuutei—!

“One Sekiryuutei is enough!”

A massive amount of aura is shot out from my stomach by answering my shout!

[Longinus Smasher!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Vast amount of aura which taints the whole sky in a crimson colour envelops Euclid—.

The silver haired man who is on the ground—.

He got his armour completely destroyed by receiving my Longinus Smasher and received critical damage. ……He has blood coming out from his whole body.

He looks up at the sky emotionlessly as if he can’t believe he was defeated.

The sky—is still tainted in crimson due to the influence of my Longinus Smasher.

……It’s crazy. The aura even remains in the sky huh.

[Don’t use it repeatedly, okay? That’s one of the forbidden powers that can even change the environment depending on the way you use it. Furthermore, a strong fatigue will hit you simply with a single use.]

That’s scary. Yeah, I understand. I will use it with caution but only if a time like that comes. ……I really did get my whole stamina drained after all…… I’m barely able to stand……

Rias calls the army after she confirms the safety of our comrades with the communication-type magic-circle. It’s regarding Auros, Agreas, and also to capture Euclid.

He……Euclid doesn’t show any sign of running away as if he lost the will to fight.

Euclid says it while he observes the crimson sky.

“……Sister, do you really like “red” that much? I……also became “red”, you know?”

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