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New Life[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Auros where we are recovering from the aftermath of the battle.

The town……has scars left behind by the Evil Dragons in various places. The area around the school is especially bad. It’s hard to find a house or crop field that isn’t damaged.

The school itself……is partially destroyed due to Euclid’s attack. ……We had it destroyed at the very end. But I guess it was fortunate that it didn’t get completely destroyed.

The Underworld’s soldiers that came to the aid are investigating and removing the rubble both at the school and town. Three hours passed inside here, but apparently only three minutes passed outside. They really did change the time difference of the space inside and outside where the one hour here was one minute outside……

The mastermind, Euclid, was teleported to the Maou’s territory earlier. He had a provoking smirk till the very end. ……Oh well, we will leave the rest to Sirzechs-sama.

The Witch of the Holy Cross, Walburga, retreated right away together with Aži Dahāka and the remaining mass-produced Evil Dragons by using the teleportation magic-circle. ……The relic user will become a threat to the Devils. We won’t be able to endure it if we don’t build a countermeasure against it……

Saji and Sairaorg-san who are really exhausted, and the children’s dads who fought together with us were teleported to the hospital by having the medics take them after they had their external wounds healed by Asia. Their lives aren’t at risk, but apparently they would need to stay in the hospital for a while.

……Saji, Sairaorg-san, the dads, and everyone else fought for the school while giving their all. Thanks to them, the children are safe. Not a single child that is called our hope was hurt. That……is something we can all be proud of.

Saji who has just reached Balance Breaker was so exhausted that he fainted once he deactivated his armour. ……He already had to fight Grendel, so he hit his limit a long time ago.

The children’s parents and the civilians of this town are coming up to the surface.

“They sure got us badly.”

When I turn around after hearing a familiar voice—I see Azazel-sensei standing there.

“Sorry I couldn’t partake in this battle.”

I shake my head to the side.

“No, we also didn’t think that it would turn out like this as well……”

They stole the whole of Agreas swiftly. From what I heard, all the civilians of that city got teleported outside. In other words, they left while taking just the city.

I then ask Sensei.

“What are they seeking……from the sky city?”

Agreas which is said to be using the technology of the Old Maou era. There are still unknown aspects which can’t be solved in it. Sona-kaichou and others say that Rizevim who is the son of the former Lucifer might know the secret behind it.

Sensei then says it as he sighs.

“……I wonder if it either has a gigantic weapon or it has the ability to transform. ……Ajuka Beelzebub who was in charge of that place may know something. We should probably ask him.”

It seems like Sensei also has no clue about it.

……Though I hope it isn’t something like a gigantic transforming robot.

Their aim is Agreas and 666. Yeah, Euclid also spoke about Rossweisse-san’s essay.

Maybe Sensei also thought the same so he mentions that as well.

“I was able to clarify Rossweisse’s essay to a certain degree.”

“……The method to seal 666, right?”

“Oh, Euclid already mentioned it to you? Yeah, that’s it. Rossweisse’s essay wasn’t about how to unseal 666, but to reach the seal of 666 itself. She truly is a genius. Back then, she decided to research it mostly due to being interested in it, and she reached the possibility.”

……Not unsealing it, but to seal it huh. So that means that even if 666 was to get unsealed, we can put a new seal on it if Rossweisse-san’s essay turns into something.

Sensei then says.

“……From now on, her analysing spell will hold the key. They would be after Rossweisse from now on as well. I never imagined that Rossweisse would be our trump card. You really can’t tell what will happen in life.”

Sensei sighs. He’s exactly right. Rossweisse-san may be the key which will turn the tables around. Seriously, my comrades are all amazing people……

Sensei then starts messing my hair up with his hand.

“I will tell you the message from Śakra. —It’s decided that the one who will succeed the First-Gen Sun Wukong, who was the vanguard against the Khaos Brigade under Śakra’s command, is Cao Cao.”

—! ……I see, so that guy really did return. That spear…… That man was the one that broke the barrier. ……It feels like I would be meeting him quite soon.

“By the way, don’t let your guard down just because you got a complete victory from Euclid. You won’t be able to beat Crom Cruach and the others if you can’t drag out the Sekiryuutei’s power even more. Oh well, I’m sure you would be able to pull it off somehow.”

I sure want to hold confidence in myself since Sensei is saying that.

……Hey, Ddraig. I will become even stronger, okay? Those guys are trying to destroy things they shouldn’t as well.

……I definitely won’t forgive them.

Ddraig laughs fearlessly.

[Yeah, no doubt. We can cause a ruckus together. That’s why we are the Sekiryuutei.]

I can do it. As long as I have Ddraig and my comrades, I can become even stronger—.

While I make a new determination, Sensei's eyes turn serious besides me.

“……What’s left now is whether we can find out who is the one that called this to happen.”

……That one that called this to happen. Yeah, it’s really strange for the situations to go in the favour of the enemy. We were able to secure the sole survivor of the Magicians that altered the teleportation magic-circle and teleported Agreas elsewhere. The one that survived because the explosive spell on that Magician was unstable.

The fact about the terror in Agreas didn’t involve the space it was in and the time of that place. The fact about the experienced Magicians being gathered over here. I’m sure both of these are related. Or else they couldn’t have made such a daring move like teleporting Agreas by using the teleportation magic-circle. And the way they were cautious in sealing the spell of the Magicians such as Gondur-san.

I can only assume that they progressed their plan while measuring the strength of us, the D×D.

……There’s someone who knows a lot about the Underworld’s situation who is leaking information to them.

—It means that there are those who find peace painful.

Vali’s words cross my mind all of a sudden.

Then Dulio comes rushing towards us while breathing heavily.

“Ah! I’m sorry for being late! How should I put it……I will just do my best in taking care of the aftermath of this battle!”

Looks like even the Heaven’s trump card couldn’t respond to an incident that lasted for only three minutes.

I head to the temporary tent which is built in the schoolyard.

The members that have relatively minor wounds are taking a rest there. Maybe Asia has finished healing the injured, so she’s taking a rest there. Gya-suke possibly has become exhausted since he continued to create the beasts of darkness, so he’s sleeping while sitting on the chair.

I also sit on one of the chairs and take a break.

I then say it after taking a big breath.

“……I know that the winter holiday is coming up, but the second semester sure was full of commotion. Seriously, ever since the summer holiday ended, all these crises have happened like crazy……”

Within less than four months, I encountered situations where I thought I would actually die. ……Ah, I actually died once physically if I think about it. Aren’t I dying once every semester!? At this rate, I would die again during the third semester so it scares me. And I can’t even take that as a joke!

Rias then speaks out her decision.

“—Let’s have a gathering during the winter holidays.”

“You mean have a training camp for the winter holidays? With the D×D members?”

“I really do want all of you to take a break since we are in a busy time of the year, but we are being sought for help from a certain place before the winter holidays.”

“From where?”

“—The Church. I can also say the Heavens, I guess.”

The Heavens! ……Will it be safe for a Devil to go there? Ah, Xenovia went there temporarily to have Durandal repaired.

But I sure am looking forward to it since I haven’t been to Heaven yet. ……So it’s the Kingdom of Heaven, right? It sure is a strange feeling since we will be going there even though we are alive and are Devils.

Rias then smiles.

“Looks like we will be spending time with the Angels for the end of the year. I will be deciding more about it with Irina and Sister Griselda.”

Hmm, I’m sure looking forward to it. —Then Xenovia returns from the basement.

“Ah, I finally found you. So you were here, Buchou.”

“Is something wrong, Xenovia?”

Xenovia nods and she says it while looking around all of us, the Gremory group.

“Yeah, I thought this would be the right time I tell everyone. Since Ise is also here, this will be a good timing.”

What the? Is something happening? Irina also stands next to Xenovia while putting her chest forward and says “Ehen!”.

Xenovia then says.

“I heard there will be an election happening once we enter the third semester to decide the Student President.”

Yeah. The election will happen soon as we enter the third semester.

“Yeah, Sona-kaichou and Shinra-fukukaichou will be graduating after all. So they would need to choose new Student Council members. ……Wait, don’t tell me you’re……”

I reach a certain conclusion! More like she’s crossing her arm in confidence!

Xenovia declares it while pointing up.

“Ise, I will run for the election. —I want to become the Student Council President.”


“ “ “ “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?” ” ” ”

Kiba, Koneko-chan, Ravel, and I, become so shocked! Leaving aside the sleeping Gasper, it seems like Rias, Akeno-san, Asia, and Rossweisse-san knew this judging from their behaviour!

Wait wait wait wait! I could never have predicted that she will run for the Presidency! Ah! So that’s why she became enthusiastic at studying and school activities!

Rias then says.

“We were also shocked when she came to consult with us. I never predicted that Xenovia wanted to become the Student Council President…… The reason why she started becoming keen towards school matters lately was due to this reason.”

Xenovia continues while nodding her head.

“I’m planning to participate in the election campaign. ……I guess I would leave the ORC, but I have an ambition where I want to become the Student Council President. So I ask for your approval.”


I-It seems like something crazy will happen. That Xenovia……is running for Presidency! There’s no way I could have ever guessed her to appear for becoming the successor of Sona-kaichou! I ask Rias.

“I-Is it really okay? For Xenovia to leave the ORC?”

She is still a member of the Gremory group and we have been acting while using the ORC as the centre of it.

Rias nods.

“Yes, I think it's okay. Since the fact about her being part of the Gremory group won’t change. I’m sure a school that will be run by Xenovia will be interesting.

Oh my, you sure are easy going! I-Is it really okay~?

Rias then tells everyone.

“We still have some days left so let’s make a plan before the winter holidays.”

Asia forgets about her fatigue and hugs Xenovia.

“Xenovia-san, I will help you as well!”

Irina also hugs onto Xenovia.

“Count me in as well! I’m quite good with religious propagation and religious proclamation!”

“Yeah, I’m also fairly good with religious propagation! I will become the Student Council President!”

“ “ “Yeah!” ” ”

Irina, Xenovia, and Asia are hyped!

I-I think those things are different. Oh yeah, so the Church-trio will be helping with Xenovia’s election huh. Well, I will help as well. Oh man, I really am surprised.

I then take a glimpse at Rias. She says this while putting on a bit of a sad expression.

“……Our graduation is just right ahead as soon as we enter the third semester. The ORC would also need to have a new Club President.”

“Have you decided on who it will be?”

I ask, but she puts her finger on her lips and winks at me.

“It’s still a secret. Though I have already chosen who it is together with Akeno.”

They did huh. I’m also becoming curious about it.

But seriously, there’s going to be so many types of generation changes happening huh…… Both the ORC and Student Council.

Rias then tells everyone after she claps her hand.

“Now then, let’s do some more work before the winter holidays. First, we need to take care of this place.”

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “Yes!” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Everyone replies and resumes their work. —Irina then pulls my sleeve. She looks rather happy.

“By the way, Ise-kun. It’s almost the promised season.”


I can only put a dumbfounded expression to Irina’s smile. But she continues without caring about it.

“…………I believe that you will remember our promise that we made when we were young♪”

Part 2[edit]

“This place would be fine.”

Gondur-san activates the magic-circle at the corner of the school premises. Gondur-san who has used up so much power due to this incident needs to be checked at the Underworld’s hospital. She should have let the medics take her, but she said she can go there by herself so she’s activating her personal magic-circle.

Me and Rossweisse-san are sending her off.



Gondur-san and Rossweisse-san aren’t having that much conversation. While we are under the bizarre atmosphere, we sense several presences heading our way. When I look that way, it was the children. Lirenkus is also among them.



The children says that with a sad expression to Rossweisse-san and Gondur-san.

“Sensei, is it true that you are leaving?”

“Won’t you come to this school anymore?”

“Please teach me more of your magic, Sensei!”

“I want to be capable of using magic!”

Gondur-san says it while patting the children’s head.

“I will come here again. And Rossweisse-sensei will definitely come here one day as well.”

The children put on a bright expression hearing that.

Gondur-san says it to Rossweisse-san directly.

“Rose, the path you have walked and the wisdom you have learned wasn’t wrong even if it was different to our household. See for yourself.”

There are children who are putting on a smile—.

“These children’s smiles are the results of the path you took. This is something you were able to do because of the current you. Have more pride in yourself. —Rose, you are my granddaughter and I'm proud of you.”

Hearing that, Rossweisse-san covers her mouth and is holding back her emotion desperately. Even so, tears are flowing out from her eyes.

“………………Yes, thank you very much.”

Seeing that, Gondur-san strengthened the magical power for the teleportation. She’s just about to teleport, but she says this as if she just remembered it.

“Now then, I will be on my way. Ah, that’s right.”

Gondur-san looks at me and then winks.

“Mr. Boyfriend, please take care of Rossweisse.”

“Wait, I’m not……”

I try to shake my head to the side, but Gondur-san says this with a smile.

“I can feel most assured if I leave her to you.”

Leaving those words behind, Gondur-san disappears into the teleportation light.


I-It sure did become a weird send off…… When I look to my side while putting on a bitter smile, I witness Rossweisse-san with a very red face.

“U-Umm, Rossweisse-san?”

When I talk to her, she replies back with a red face.

“......Y-Y……You looked heroic. A-A-Also……I was happy back then. For coming after me……”

“Of course I would. I will definitely rescue you, Rossweisse-san.”

When I say that—she looks down and mutters.

“……N-Next time……let’s go to a……two-hundred yen shop. No, will you please go with me?”

T-Two hundred yen shop huh…… Well, that sure is like her. I say it while putting on a smile.


Rossweisse-san suddenly puts on a smile. But the children around her start picking on her while putting on taunting expressions.

“Are you going to kiss? Hey, are you going to kiss him?”

“Oppai Dragon is going to kiss someone besides the Switch Princess!”

Rossweisse-san panics and says this with an accent.

“I won’t do such shameless things like kissing!”

It sure is like Rossweisse-san.

Part 3[edit]

After I sent Gondur-san off, Rias and I are removing the school building’s rubble while we are helping with the restoration of the town.

……We are finally alone together. For some reason, too many things happened, so I couldn’t ask Rias out for a single date.

……But I want to get closer to her even more.


After I take a breath, I say it to Rias who is carrying a huge piece of rubble using her demonic-power.

“……U-Umm, it’s really hard for me to say this, but…… I mean, I kind of decided to do this but…… No, I want to get your approval and……”

My tone is high. Rias becomes suspicious of me.

“Is something wrong?”

……Tell her, Hyoudou Issei! If I can’t progress our relationship, how can I call myself the Sekiryuutei! I have been deciding to do this for a while! If I don’t say it here, I won’t know when I can find the next opportunity to say it!

I scold myself, but I open my trembling mouth.

“……During our private times, can I talk to you casually? ……Well, I want to talk normally with Rias.”

Hearing that, Rias—drops the huge piece of rubble. Maybe she didn’t predict this, so she looked dazzled.

—But then she starts putting on emotional eyes and nods her head.

“—! Yes.”

……I’m so glad! I say it once again while I make a victory pose inside myself.

“Thank you, Rias.”

“No, I’m also happy. Ise, I love you.”

Rias and I take each other’s hand. I then say this to her while we are staring at each other.

“I love you too.”

Oh yeah, I’m finally able to talk to her casually! I was scared to talk to her casually since she is older and since she’s my Master. Even so, since we confessed our feelings to each other, I thought it would be okay to talk casually with each other. No, I had the strong desire to talk to her casually.

I’m glad I said that. That’s because, I……love this person……! I wanted to shorten the distance between us as much as I can.

While it became moody—I hear someone’s cough.

When I turn around due to the shock together with Rias, we witness Sona-kaichou standing there.

She saw us!? Did Kaichou see all of that just now!?

Rias and I let go of our hands due to the embarrassment!

Sona-kaichou simply says this.

“Do you want me to build a memorial for you two here?”

“ “We don’t need it!” ”

Rias and I can’t help but give such an answer.

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