High School DxD:Volume 18

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Novel Illustrations[edit]


[Switch Princess, I have come to rescue you.]

[……Oppai Dragon, I believed you would come for me.]

Inside the dark room the video of the tokusatsu film is being projected on a large screen. Truth is, this happens to be my room. There’s a projector set up inside my room and the screen projecting the video appears when a single button is pushed. ……I know that having equipment like this is too much for an high school student, but Rias had this installed when the Hyoudou residence went through renovation for “just in case”. There’s also a cinema installed in the training room, which is located on the first basement floor. And today……she said she wanted to have a moody atmosphere, so we decided to have fun watching the film in my room. We are watching it while making the room dark.

The film we are now watching is the “Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon”. The House of Gremory, which holds the copyrights of the series, receives the newest episode, yet to be broadcast, from the video company itself. It then gets sent to me, so I sometimes watch it like this.

……Now, the one I’m watching it with is....

“...You come to rescue me even in the video.”

...Rias, who is sitting between my legs and leaning her body against mine.

Yeah, I’m watching “Oppai Dragon” alone with Rias right now.

The time we have spent together has been really limited ever since “Qlippoth” started their assault, so my interactions with Rias are limited to the rare free time I have in my otherwise busy days. ……W-Well, we do sleep together but that’s merely a part of our usual daily life, something I think it’s different from the private time I can have with her…… On top of that, going faraway while it's not related to our job is difficult, as we would have to ask and receive permission from a lot of people. The one with the social standing of the Sekiryuutei and the heiress of the House of Gremory are even busier right now since we are currently fighting against the Qlippoth.

And now it's one of the rare occasions in which we can finally spend some time alone together.

……“The time for us two”. Ah, there’s a nice vibe to it…… I’m finally able to talk to her casually. A lot happened within the past one year, but I think I can put my mind at ease and forget everything that happened so far, since I’m currently spending some of my time alone with Rias like this!

I’m shedding tears of joy while the screen, which is displaying the “Oppai Dragon” show, is currently showing its golden scene, the one in which the Oppai Dragon showed up and saved Switch-Princess.

Just like Rias said, I have also saved Rias the same way before. That’s because I’m Rias Gremory’s “Pawn”, her servant Devil, and also her—.

When I look down on a whim—there are oppai right there! ……I don’t know how to put it, but my eyes are glued towards her breasts and, due to the darkness and the good atmosphere created, I can’t pay any more attention to the video playing in front of me. So my right hand is moving towards her breast!

……A bit more. If I move my hand a bit more, then I can grope it…… ……No, we are having such a good atmosphere, so I can’t do such a thing while watching the tokusatsu program……! I can't kill this sweet atmosphere by doing such a lecherous thing! I’m also sure Rias will get mad at me for killing the mood if I touch her oppai now, when the atmosphere is turning so good!

I calm myself down and try to pull my right hand away, but Rias suddenly grabs that hand of mine.

I then feel an extremely soft sensation with my hand!

R-Rias……grabbed my hand when I was trying to pull it away, and she placed my hand on her breast! On top of that, she puts it through her open shirt! I can feel her raw breassssst! My whole hand sinked onto a circular object, so my right hand is enjoying her oppai! Ah, Rias’s oppai is so soft! I can’t resist myself any more since I can also feel her body temperature.

I’m having a breast-parade inside my head despite being confused due to Rias’s sudden action! Rias looks at me with emotional eyes and mutters.

“……Don’t stop.”

—! ……What is she saying……! I-I don’t need to stop!? So it is okay for me to grope her breast?

“A-Are you sure?”

When I ask her while my heart is beating fast, she simply replies back “……Yes, please”. —She puts on a determined expression. Rias and I both can’t hear the sound from the “Oppai Dragon” video any more. We simply hear our hearts beating in unison.

I strengthen my right hand which is holding her breast a bit. As I start feeling the sensation of a woman’s soft body, Rias also lets out a seductive voice at the same time where she went “……Ah”.

…… She makes such a lovely voice which will, turn on a guy I……I!

My face and her face get closer in this dark room—.

My body gets hotter, and when I am about to go beast-mode—a loud and noisy sound echoes throughout the room.

—It came from the clock which has the alarm turned on.

Hearing that, Rias and I get away from each other as if we just woke up from our dream!



Both of us become silent while our cheeks are turning red.

Even Rias who is always progressive to me starts showing a really girlish attitude when the situation turns like this. That side of her is insanely cute and lovely…… So I want to save this side of her inside my head! No, I already have saved it!

A short time later, we hear a knock on the door and Ravel comes in.

“Pardon me. Ise-sama, it’s about time—”

Ravel catches sight of Rias sitting between my legs. She suddenly turns red and starts apologizing!

“……M-My apologies! U-Umm……”

Looks like she thinks she has been a nuisance. This girl pays a lot of attention to such things. Since she takes care of the private time between me and Rias, she must have though she bothered us.

“Ah, oh……man.”

I don’t know how to react so I scratch the back of my head.

Rias chuckles and then takes a deep breath. Her face doesn’t even have a glimpse of the face she had a few moments earlier. She is returned to her “Buchou-mode”.

“It can’t be helped. It’s the end of the year and Christmas is coming up soon. Our time is valuable.”

She moves away from me after saying that—.


She returns back to me right away and kisses me softly on my lips.

“Doing this much would be okay, right?”

She gives me a wink! S-She kissed me while I had my guard down! Ah, I’m so happy! This alone is enough for me! ……No, I can’t be like this since I’m aiming to become an Harem King! If I can go past this point the next time, it definitely won’t be a bad thing!


“Ise-kun! Rias-san!”

The one who now enters my room is Irina.

“Hurry, it’s almost time for the Christmas project! Let’s have a quick discussion about it right now!”

Looks like we don’t have more time to spend in such a sweet fashion together today.

Yeah, the winter event is going to start!

Life.1 Even Devils Celebrate Christmas![edit]

Part 1[edit]

The second trimester’s closing ceremony—.

Since the speech taking place in the gymnasium ended, all of us returned to our classroom. I chatted with Matsuda, Motohama and the four girls (Asia, Xenovia, Irina and Kiryuu) until our homeroom teacher returned.

“So you will be busy for the New Year holidays huh, Ise.”

I can only earnestly apologise to Matsuda, who said that while sighing.

“Sorry. It looks like I can’t make time due to the club and such after all. We are still talking about the new formation of the club. We’ll end up having an hard time from the start of the New Year if we don’t discuss about it now. Right, everyone?”

I dragged the Church-trio into our discussion while giving them a wink.

“Y-Yes. I-I’m sure we, the second years, will have to be the ones working hard, and Irina-san will also officially join the club.”

Yeah, as Asia said, Irina will officially join the ORC. Until now Irina was planning to build her own club, one in where she would help the students. But in the end no one came to join her club. Therefore, due to that and to the fact the ORC will also have two members leaving the club since they will be graduating, she made up her mind and decided to join our club.

Xenovia will also leave our club if she wins the elections and becomes Student Council President. ……Well, whether she will be leaving or not only depends on how well she performs in the upcoming election.

“The two seniors will be leaving the club and since they have been taking care of me till now I decided to settle down in this club after spending so much time there and also because I will soon become a third year student.”

Irina is nodding. ……Well, there will be a limit on how much she can do with her club by trying to gather members. Irina already has the reputation among the students of our school of being “cute but weird”. So it will be hard for her to gather members. You can say that it’s the right decision for her to join our club at this time.

Motohama then asks.

“Have the new Club President and Vice-president been chosen?”

The ORC members nod at his question.

It’s about time they tell us. We have yet to find out who will become the Club President and Club Vice-president and I, more than the rest, wonder who the new Club President will be.

Matsuda looks at Xenovia.

“I’m more surprised about Xenovia-chan choosing to become a candidate for the Student President. Rather, the entire Kuou academy is talking about it.”

Yeah, as Matsuda said, the news about Xenovia running for the Student Council President seat are spreading throughout the school. After all, Xenovia has officially volunteered to run for the Presidency after the incident which occurred at Auros academy. The school also approved it, hence Xenovia officially joined the candidates.

“I’m going to make a detailed plan for my election during the winter holidays. I would need to start acting right after New Year's."

Xenovia is on high spirits. She's putting on a serious expression while holding a reference book in her hands.

“I’ll also help you for your election. It will be interesting if Xenovia-chi becomes the Student President.”

Kiryuu says that as she finds it amusing. ……In her case, even though she wants to help Xenovia as her friend and out of kindness, she must also be thinking that a Student Council run by Xenovia will make the school more interesting. I also can’t imagine Kuou Academy's Student Council being led by Xenovia.

“So Ise and others are busy after all.”

Matsuda takes a breath after saying that.

“Ah man, and here I was thinking that the three of us would have another video session especially made to celebrate the New Year.”

“……DVD huh. I……would rather not.”

I feel pretty tired while saying so. Matsuda narrows his eyebrows finding my answer suspicious so he asks “Why?”……

Truth is, I had a rare experience last time. An experience that made me feel like to not watch DVDs with dudes for a while.

Why, do you ask? Well, this is what Vali said not long ago, when he suddenly showed up at my house.

“Hyoudou Issei. I came here after Azazel told me to, so can you show me a video that'll make me sexually aroused?”

The Hakuryuukou-sama,rumoured to be the strongest in history, said that! Azazel-sensei definitely said something weird to Vali, whose personality won't ever let him say such a thing on his own accord.

Apparently, this is what Azazel-sensei said to Vali.

[Listen up, Vali. If you wish to attain a power which surpasses your imagination, you should try to get hints from Ise. He attained a mysterious power which I named the Breast-power. If you want to understand a power which is neither a demonic-power or a Dragon’s power, how about you pay attention to Ise’s life style who is a fellow Heavenly Dragon like you?]

—That’s what he said.

As a result Vali, who pursues strength wholeheartedly, came to my place while being serious about it.

No no no, even if I did attain the power called Breast-power, he’s asking too much from me when he asks me to watch a porno DVD with my rival and discuss about it!

In the end I couldn’t reject Vali’s approach when he said “Show me the video”, therefore the two of us — no, the Two Heavenly Dragons ended up watching a porno DVD together, you know!?

While the video was playing, all we could see were women screaming out things like “iyaan” and “aan” and so Vali—

“So, which part of this should I pay attention to? Her breasts? Her buttocks?”

—asked me such a thing while putting on a serious face!

I then ended up explaining to him what was being played on the screen in the most detailed fashion when I said: “Ehm, this is called nurse uniform. And what’s she's doing right now is cosplaying. And there are guys who get aroused by such situations”! Then that bastard started thinking seriously about it and said: “Nurse uniform. Cosplay…… How should I use these to increase the Dragon’s power?”!

There was no way that would happen a situation in where two youngsters would start talking about each other’s fetish after getting excited. So my explanation about porno DVD's kept going until morning, a time during which I thoroughly explained them.

……In the end he went home after sayingd something I couldn’t comprehend, as he said: “I don’t really understand, but I understood that Hyoudou Issei researched this thoroughly. It must be the result of researching hard into it. There sure are many unknown factors regarding the Dragon’s power”. He left after saying something which made me feel uneasy “I’ll be back”……!

Due to such a thing happening, I started to feel unwilling to watch porn DVDs with other boys for a while.

Motohama asks while he shakes his head.

“In my case, I wanted to play the new eroge I got my hands on, the “Child-making Princess of the Absolute Holy Castle” together……but it seems like it’s useless.”

—! ……Wh……at……?

Even I, who showed difficulties regarding the issue about a porno DVD, bit the bait of Motohama’s eroge.

“I-Is it the eroge that has high ratings among those who bought it!?”

It’s an eroge whose story is about a wandering swordsman who ends up staying at a certain castle and starts getting along with the princesses of that castle while doing naughty stuff to them! The plot has mysteries and it becomes even more of a mystery the more you play it, which makes the game more entertaining. The visuals are depicting beautiful girls. The setting is also excellent. And it’s said that the sequence of events you have to go through in order to make the princesses fall for you is also appropriate as well as emotional!

“Yeah. I was somehow able to get it. I thought even Ise who has unusually been passionate about princesses and girls from socially high class families lately would be overjoyed with this.”

T-That sure is something I can’t resist! Like Motohama said — I can’t resist the words “Princess”, “Girl from high class family”, and “Older girl”. I take interest in such a title and genre. ……Maybe I turned like this since I’m currently dating Rias……! No, I’m sure I have been in this state because I have been crazy about Rias.

Xenovia who is next to me and who heard that becomes interested in it.

“……Hmm, eroge huh. You sure have my interest.”

Irina agrees.

“On top of that, a princess genre one! ……It sure does seem like it will tell us about Ise-kun’s type of girls!”

Geez, I don’t want to play an eroge while having the girls order me around ever again! Please let me play it alone and quietly!

Kiryuu changes the topic while having her eyes shine.

“Putting that aside, it’s almost Christmas.”

Yeah, today—is the 20th of December hence the closing ceremony. So there’s few days left before Christmas.

The glasses-girl suddenly puts on a lecherous face.

“Hyoudou, I wonder what kind of present you will get this year.”

……W-What’s with that face of yours which is definitely expecting a lecherous answer from me…… Rather, did you tell some rubbish to them!? When I look at the Church-trio while feeling uneasy, I witness Xenovia with glittering eyes while Asia and Irina are looking down with red faces!

Xenovia rests her hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, Kiryuu told me about it. I heard that Christmas in Japan isn’t about spending time with your family but a day in which a boy and girl that get along spend time together to make babies. On top of that, I heard that in that day Heaven will bestow you a child right away. Japan’s Christmas sure is a wonderful day for those who want a baby.”

Stop saying such things while giving me a thumbs up! C-Certainly in Japan a lot of couples spend time together during Christmas! But, it’s not like that will turn into making babies……well, actually you can kinda say that it’s making babies……

Asia and Irina say so while wiggling their bodies.

“……If I were to use Japanese Christmas as an example, I will be Ise-san’s present itself, yes……? I-I will happily hand myself to you if you are fine with me……!”

“……I was shocked to find how Christmas in Japan changed during the time I was away, but it’s not like I can’t understand handing yourself as a present as a Christian, and if that’s what Ise-kun desires……I-I think I need to give you a present……!”

The three of them are misunderstanding the whole thing! Well, I’m certainly happy if they are going to hand themselves as a present to me! B-But it isn’t good for them to have a misunderstanding about Japan’s culture!

“Kiryuu! I have been telling you to stop teaching them weird things!”

Even though I said that to her, the bitch simply puts on a lecherous smirk! Damn you, Kiryuu! Unexpectedly, she may be my biggest enemy! No, she is my natural enemy!

Matsuda and Motohama glare at me with eyes filled with hatred, so they shout while shedding tears.

“Ugh, Ise you dumb ass! I hope your manhood rots and falls off!”

“Eating beauties as much as you want huh! No wonder you won’t need porno and eroge since you have sacred and sexual nights everyday just like what you see in erogeee!”

They put their arms around each other and say it while crying like mad!

“ “We won’t lend you both the porno DVD and the eroge!” ”

……Ah, looks like I won’t be able to play “Child-making Princess of the Absolute Holy Castle” during the winter holidays……

Like this, the closing ceremony for the second trimester ended.

Now then, let’s enter the winter holidays!

—On the evening of the closing ceremony day we, the ORC members, gathered in the VIP room that's located at the uppermost floor of the Hyoudou residence.

Rossweisse-san and Azazel-sensei, who have finished their duties after the closing ceremony, have also come. And Sister Griselda who is leading the staff from Heaven within this region has also arrived.

Since the members that are able to gather here are all here, Irina acts as a representative for all of us and tells us the main reason for this gathering.

“For that reason, we are going to hand out presents to all of the people of Kuou-town during the Christmas period!”

Yes, the Three Great Powers made a certain project for Christmas while having us, Team D×D, as the main workers.

Rias then continues from there.

“This town is the symbol of the peace among the Three Great Powers and it is one of our important locations. More than that, though, this town is an important place for the people living here. We have been using this soil for most of the time so it's natural for us to celebrate Christmas with and for the residents.”

Irina also nods.

“She’s right! Heaven and the Underworld will work together in order to hand out presents to all the people in this town! The ones that will be handing them out are——”

Irina looks at us. I then say it.

“It will be run by Team D×D, mainly by us huh.”

“Exactly! Obviously we will be handing out the present while we dress up as Santa Claus just like in a Christmas manner!”

—Like that, we are currently organising such a project. A lot happened in this town in the past year. That also includes huge incidents during which it wouldn’t have been weird if the whole town would have been wiped out. We were somehow able to prevent that from happening……but it’s also true that we have been causing a lot of trouble for the residents of this town without realising it. Should we just change our main base to avoid that,then? Even if we end up doing so, moving away won’t be that simple. Having set this much equipment here already, we don’t have the flexibility nor we are in a condition in which we can that easily move to another place.

Then maybe the least we can do is to hand out presents to the residents for Christmas? Such opinions were brought by the youths. Obviously each of the forces decided to approve that opinion of ours and to give us their full financial support. Since we have been causing trouble for all the residents every day, we also contributed with our own pocket money. We should at least do this much.

And there are all kinds of presents. We wanted to research and list the things the residents would want beforehand, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time. So we decided to give mainly presents that would please the most the person receiving it; presents that wouldn’t harm or be offensive to them. If they were little girls, we would hand them out a Magical Girl clothing set. For the working daddies, it would be things like a tie or a voucher for getting a massage. If we give them an high class present, they might think something is off and rumours might spread worldwide. So the suggestion earlier was the safe zone according to Sensei.

“Well, we should keep it to the level where this would remain as a local legend of this town.”

Sensei added such comment.

Now then, everyone became quite hyped after hearing about this plan. After all, you won’t have that easily a chance where you would become Santa Claus and hand out presents. It’s totally different from playing the role of Santa Claus for your part-time job which involves standing in front of the shop you're working for.

Are Devils even allowed to dress up as Santa Claus? Furthermore, can we even experience such a tradition of the Christianity? Even though we had such questions, we made up our minds and decided to do this by thinking “Doing this for a change is okay”. Well, I really do think that doing this for a change is good.

“Ufufu, this over here is the Santa Claus costume.”

The sample of the Santa Claus costume for girls that Akeno-san prepared is here. A costume with the color contrast of red and white. Xenovia asks Irina while taking that to her hand.

“Are we going to prepare a reindeer?”

“Can reindeers even fly?”

When Irina asks Sister Griselda, she answers by saying “We will cast magic on them to make them fly”. Wow, so we can see the reindeers pulling a cargo and having a leash on them during the night of the sky?

“It’s an honour to be able to become Santa Claus.”

“But I do feel bad since it seems like we are stealing Santa Claus’s job. This is pretty much interfering with their business, right?”

Xenovia and Irina start laughing while imagining as if Santa Claus even exists.

“Hold on, there’s no way Santa Claus exists in the first place—”

I try to finish my sentence, but the two of them answer at the same time while putting on a shocked face.

“ “? But he does exist?” ”


They say it as if that’s the natural answer. ……Aren’t your parents the ones who dress up as Santa Claus? I know that what I’m saying lacks of imagination, but that’s the truth…… There’s no way Santa Claus exists—

I then ask Rias.

“……Eh? He exists?”

She’s putting on a smile.

“Yes, he does. Well, speaking about that will turn this into a different topic so I will refrain from explaining it.”

Seriously!? Santa-san exists!? W-Well, Devils and Angels exist, so it won’t be weird if Santa Claus exists too! But I had been living for seventeen years, yet I have never met him even once! I never received a present from him!

“……So Santa-san never came to lecherous children.”

I received a harsh comment from Koneko-chan! I guess so! He sure doesn't come to lecherous children! I’m sorry that I was craving for porno DVDs and magazines since when I was a grade school student!

Even though I was repenting for my actions inside me, Rias continues without noticing me.

“Christmas is also the time the Devils profit. We will also have a meeting regarding that, so my servants will need to gather back here again.”

[Roger that.]

The Gremory group responds. Kiba then tells me.

“Even in terms of Devils’ jobs, Christmas would be a busy time.”

Apparently devils receive many requests every year from residents who spend their Christmas alone. And the number of requests goes up a dozen times more than the usual number sent to us. I do feel that summoning a Devil during Christmas is a bad act, but I’m sure they are either bored or lonely so they get to the point of summoning a Devil to ease their boredom and loneliness. I can also understand that! You normally would prefer to spend Christmas with your girlfriend!

“We have to visit our customers who made Christmas's day free to summon us.”

It’s just as Rias said. ……Yeah, I did want to spend time with Rias, but at this rate, it looks like I have to postpone it this year. The present project for Christmas and the Devils’ jobs would seem enough to kill me.

I then say to Kiba.

“You will probably get summoned by elder women. Are you planning to cook them the food you are so proud of?”

“I had lots of requests like that last year. ……Though I do think that it will be good to spend this Christmas with my friend.”

Kiba suddenly puts on emotional eyes. He said that while brushing!

“I’m planning to bake a cake. ……I kind of want to have you eat it as well, Ise-kun.”

Why the heck do you want to do that for me!? An handsome guy shouldn’t put on his face the expression of a maiden's!

“Haven’t I always told you that you should say that to girls!? Alright, I’ll call Shinra-fukukaichou and have her invite you!”

I sent a mail regarding Kiba to Shinra-fukukaichou whom I exchanged e-mails with!

I’ll send her a safe mail which goes: [Kiba is planning to bake a cake, so would you like one?]

Kiba panics hearing that!

“W-Why does Shinra-fukukaichou's name pop out here? Why are you trying to have me meet with Shinra-fukukaichou so often lately?”

I have to make him walk on the right path! At this rate, he’ll head to the wrong path, a thing which scares me! And if a woman is by his side, I’m sure he will stop being reckless. This guy……tries to do reckless things even more than me. Just like how he’s trying to use his Gram and also during battles when he gambles on his safety. As a result, he succeeds thanks to his techniques……but even so, he may face a difficult situation.

……Though it will be weird for me to say it since I too charge ahead without thinking twice. But still, I don’t want to see my pal being put in a life or death situation and then die. For that reason, it’s necessary that there's someone by his side, supporting him. And a woman definitely fits the role. I’m sure the very place a man can return to is a woman’s side. That’s one of the facts I know very well after I started dating Rias. Since I have a strong feeling of wanting to return to Rias’s side alive, I came to think of a way to keep myself alive.

Just like that, I am working hard to have Kiba and Shinra-fukukaichou become an official couple (Sona-kaichou and the Sitri girls are with me in this). Though they haven’t become a couple yet.

“Oh yeah, the Sitri-side can’t join this conversation till the last moment, right?”

I ask Sensei. Sona-kaichou and her group also said that they will join the Christmas project, but the timing was bad so they couldn’t join this meeting. So they will basically join the project without having a word in the preparation process.

“Yeah, they are in middle of repairing and reconstructing Auros. Even if they can fix it with the use of demonic-powers, they will need to equip that place with equipment which will prevent future incidents from happening there. They are going to re-plan the whole construction there.”

Auros academy was partially destroyed due to Qlippoth’s assault. It turned to be necessary to look over the equipment installed at the country town, so the soldiers are currently stationed over there to guard it. After that, the anti-terrorist protection wall will be put on there once again and it certainly will be more powerful than before…… But our opponents aren’t someone to be taken lightly, so we won’t know what will happen if they attack again. Well, I doubt they would make their assault right away yet. Apparently they took in the residents that were sent out of the floating island.

Even though such a thing happened, the number of applicants for the academy’s experience day has risen dramatically. I hear that there are bookings for several years ahead already, so it does show how much impact that incident caused to the Underworld.

“That incident was broadcasted to the Underworld as urgent news. [Youth Devils showed great performance against the terrorists. They protected the academy filled with dreams and hopes!]. If such things appear on the news and in the newspapers, you would gain attention whether you like it or not. Especially you guys, that are the reincarnated Devils, and Sairaorg, who lacks demonic-powers, made a big brawl against the legendary Evil Dragon. This is pretty much an heroic tale among the Low-class and Mid-class Devils.”

Like Sensei said, the children’s dads that survived that battle and saw the battles with their own eyes spoke of what they saw to the media while being hyped about it. The Auros academy became so famous that there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know about it since the viewers throughout the Underworld who saw the broadcast became greatly interested in it. For that reason, the Sitri-group can’t show up since they have to handle the media’s reports and applications.

……On the opposite side, the criticism we received for having Agreas taken is also strong. We received harsh comments from the fans and noble players of the Rating Game for having the holy-land of the Rating Game taken. Also, the media of the Underworld are talking about the hypothesis behind the mastermind of the "stealing Agreas plan" every day. Also due to the battle of Auros, the Devils are currently in a state where they have both hope and sense of insecurity.

……Well, the same goes for us. Since we haven’t received any contacts from Maou Ajuka Beelzebub-sama who apparently knows about the secret hidden in Agreas. I can’t help but to have a bad premonition depending on what that island really is……

Even so, we won’t be able to go forward if we're simply concerned about that. So the upcoming Christmas project will become a good change. Even though we are the counter-terrorist team, I reckon organising some surprise like this for other people is a good activity.

I also want to have a mock-battle with Saji soon. He only reached Balance Breaker recently, so he’s saying that he still lacks in maintaining it. But I did feel what kind of ability it has with my own skin. I guess it’s probably because his one is the same Dragon-armour type like my one.

Sensei then says as he puts on a bitter smile.

“You guys sure do work hard. Using your own body to work, going to school, joining a project like this one, and accomplishing your own job. I can’t help but to praise you guys despite being still young.”

We certainly have been doing a lot of things like Sensei said. But those with strength need to use their power for others. That’s what I think. ……I don’t want to……see someone getting hurt without doing anything about it.

After that, we started the meeting for the upcoming plan and then checked the costumes for the upcoming day. The girls are mainly talking about Santa’s costume while being hyped over it.

Sensei then naturally asks Rias who is reading a document.

“Rias, how is Grayfia doing?”

Having being asked about her sister-in-law, she narrows her eyes.

“……She’s in a state I really can’t explain.”

Currently, Grayfia-san is interrogating Euclid Lucifugus who is her real brother. I do think the situation where his actual sister is able to interrogate him is unbelievable to happen. But it happened because Euclid chose who he wants to be interrogated by. —He said he wants it to be his older sister, Grayfia-san.

……Geez, he sure has a strong sister-complex. To have some time to talk with his sister after he gets caught. Maybe from his perspective, is he happy that he lost against us?

Obviously the Underworld’s army showed signs of dissatisfaction to Euclid’s request. But thanks to the approval of the higher-up—Sirzechs-sama, the interrogation between siblings became possible.

“I heard that the man himself is in a very good mood. He really must be enjoying talking to his sister. But I heard that the interrogation by Onee-sama is so harsh that it doesn’t make you think she’s interrogating her own brother.”

Rias says. If Grayfia-san shows mercy to him here, then it would basically make the higher-ups that are suspicious of her think that “Lucifugus that was the right-hand of the previous Maou is planning to overthrow the Underworld”. So interacting with Euclid without bringing out her emotion would be a proof of her loyalty to the Maou and to the current government.

……Though in reality, it seems like she is giving harsh interrogation to her own brother without even the slightest mercy…… There’s no way you would be safe if you make that Grayfia-san angry. It scares me so much……

Sensei then continues.

“From what he told Grayfia—it seems like the new Khaos Brigade, the Qlippoth, has several hiding places. Each faction have sent their agents to those locations already. It’s about time they attack them. I received a report from Shamhaza that he already gave his order to “eliminate” them.”

……Euclid spoke about the headquarters to his sister. Maybe Grayfia-san’s interrogation worked. Or maybe he confessed because he’s up to something. We still aren’t sure about it. ……It could be both reasons.

Speaking about him, apparently the fake Boosted Gear he was in possession of was destroyed. According to Sensei, it was apparently programmed to destroy itself if Euclid was defeated. Apparently it vanished without leaving a trace.

I then say to Sensei.

“There’s no way Rizevim will simply get caught with this, right?”

“Obviously. The ones hiding at their secret base would be their weakest soldiers and magicians that were working with them. Their main forces must have moved to Agares already. And the whereabouts of Agares itself are still unknown……”

……So their current base is that floating island. Well, that’s a whole city itself so it can certainly be quite a remarkable base. There must have been quite a lot of food, materials, and varieties of weapons stored there. If they were to use them, we will struggle against them.

“I wonder where an enormous floating island like that disappeared off to.”

Sensei puts his hand under his chin when I asked.

“Maybe it’s putting on a camouflage by blending itself within the scenery. Obviously by using a spell which won’t get caught by us.”

A camouflage, huh. It might unexpectedly be floating above this town……won’t be it. Moreover, we don’t even know if it can teleport itself completely into the human world. No, if it’s those guys then it’s possible.

“Regarding Ajuka and his servants that know the details of Agreas. Apparently it’s hard to get in contact with them. From what I hear, they are having a hard time of their own because they are being pestered by some noisy bunch.”

I guess the Maou Beelzebub-sama also has many enemies. So having management over the games wasn’t the only thing he was doing……

“……Sensei, did you take any notice regarding the Agreas?”

Sensei smiles happily when I asked. Ah, this is the face he puts when he found something.

“……I guess. Though there’s no stop to it if I tell you it now. I’ll let you hear my hypothesis once we receive an official report from Ajuka.”

……I wonder what’s hidden in that floating island.

—Then Griselda tells all of us once she took a look at the clock.

“First of all, we will take all of you to Heaven after this. Our plan once we get there is to have a discussion about the content of the project—which is confirming what’s inside the presents, and receiving Michael-sama’s greetings before the New Year.”

—! It’s finally here! We are finally entering Heaven! Devils going to Heaven—something unreal like that is going to happen! Oh man, I can’t thank the peace treaty between the Three Great Powers enough! I was curious about it. Since the Underworld was like that, then how will Heaven where Angels reside be like? It sure has been on my mind! Just what kind of world exists above the sky!?

“Alright, then give my greetings to Michael.”

Sensei simply waves his hand at us and showed no sign of coming with us.

“Aren’t you going to Heaven too? —Oh, I guess it’s more appropriate to ask if you are not going back.”

Sensei sighs.

“You think I can just return to that place now? Well, I don’t mind going if they allow me to destroy my old institute over there.”

Sensei leaves after saying that.

“Alright, let’s head to Heaven using the magic-circle in the basement!”

At Rias’s command, we move down to the basement of the Hyoudou residence—

Now then, Heaven here we come!

What was drawn in the teleportation room of the basement wasn’t the usual magic-circle written in Devil’s symbols.

Irina and Sister Griselda start to chant something you would find in a Bible while making a posture as if they were praying. ……Hmm, seeing that all the Devils here including myself are getting headaches shows that it may be a phrase from the Bible……

We receive a halo, limited to DxD members, beforehand just in case so we can move within Heaven. When I put the halo above my head—it starts to float and shine. Wow, it feels as if I’ve become an Angel!

With this, even if other species besides the Angels move within Heaven it won’t affect the “system” left by the God that much. It would be troublesome if those who know about the absence of God or someone who would give bad influence to the system walks past the gate. You are able to avoid that from happening by putting on a halo.

Our ID and such are registered in our halo. So it's custom made for each and every one of us. I need to make sure I don’t lose it……

Its thanks to the shared technologies between the Grigori and the Devil’s side that they were able to have such a major change in their technology. If the peace didn’t happen, then an item such as this which allows us to enter and exit Heaven wouldn’t have been made. You could also say that it indicates that there wouldn’t be people like Asia who will experience unfortunate fate. ……Yeah, we can’t repeat a tragedy like that any more.

The ones that are acting happy by putting this halo on are—Asia and Xenovia.

“Asia! I-It feels like I’ve become an Angel!”

“Yes! It’s such an honour!”

Yeah, the two of them are pure followers and they look up to Angels. So these halos are something they couldn’t resist. They have such bright expressions.

Irina then tells the two.

“So then. Let’s do our prayers with the three of us to celebrate this occasion before we enter Heaven!”



They do their usual pose they do with the three of them! While putting a halo above their head that is!

“ “Ah, lord!” ”

The Angel Asia huh. I’m sure it would suit her……! Just imagining so it makes my face grin.

……But an item that allows the DxD to enter Heaven huh. That means that they prepared it beforehand just in case something happens in Heaven. ……So it means they are concerned about the possibility of the Heaven being attacked.

While that was going through my mind, a huge door appears in the teleportation room. It looks so magnificent and it appears as though it is made from chalk. The door opens while making a loud sound.

“Here, please come in.”

Sister Griselda urges us to pass through the door. Irina enters before us.

“Hurry! Everyone! This is an elevator for the Angels! Don’t hesitate and come in!”

Irina is in high spirits. She’s taking this Christmas project more seriously than any of us. It seems like she’s really happy about being able to serve everyone in this town as an Angel and also appears to have pride in doing so.

Once the rest of us pass through the elevator door, a white space appears in front of us. Then the golden symbol below our feet glows!

I suddenly feel my body float! I experience a sensation where it feels like I have my whole body thrown up in the sky!

That instant, the scenery around me changes and a very bright light dims upon us. When I look around—we find ourselves above the clouds! When I look up, a large, white, and bright ceiling is above us!

……Did we get teleported from the Hyoudou residence’s basement instantly? It means that we came up here in the elevator at the same time the symbols below our feet glowed.

Rias and Akeno-san look calm compared to me and Asia who are astonished by this.

The giant gate opens before we can get surprised by it!

Sister Griselda and Irina then tell us while facing their back towards the opening gate.

“ “Welcome to Heaven.” ”

The giant gate—when we passed through the front gate of Heaven, what lays behind it is a white stone paved path, buildings that are aligned which are made from stones, buildings that are floating in the sky, and Angels that have pure white wings that are moving within! How should I put it? It’s so bright!

It’s also due to the fact that the sky is glowing white, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling as though the Angels, the buildings, and even the path we are walking on are glowing!

There isn’t even a speck of dust on this path. The Angels that walk past us looks at us as if they find us curious. If there are those that realise our identities, there are also those that don’t.

Sister Griselda who is leading us gives an explanation to us.

“There are total of seven levels in Heaven. This is the first floor—the place which is called the First Heaven. The highest floor, Seventh Heaven, used to be the location where God resided. What remains there now is just the “system” that represented God. The Sacred Gears “system” is over there as well.”

I certainly heard that from Irina beforehand. The First Heaven is the place where the Angels work and it’s pretty much like a front-line base. Irina and Sister Griselda also mainly work here. I’m guessing they come back to this place when they have to return to Heaven.

Irina then says it while pointing at the building that’s floating in the air (It’s built on top of the clouds!).

“Ah! That building! That’s the place where Michael-sama’s Brave Saints gather! I also show up there quite often!”

Hmm, it’s quite fancy to have a building that’s floating in the air as your quarters.

Irina then gives us a further explanation. She points directly up.

“Michael-sama and the other Seraphs are at the Sixth Heaven. That’s where the main headquarters of Heaven are based at. Well, the lowest ranking Angels including myself mainly come here—the frontline base of First Heaven.”

So Michael-san is in Sixth Heaven. That means that’s the place we are heading to.

Rias says while looking around with keen eyes.

“I was told that the structures of the floor changed quite drastically compared to before.”

“I’m sure Azazel-sensei—the Grigori were living at Fifth Heaven before falling.”

Xenovia continues after her. Sister Griselda nods.

“Yes, it’s said that the Fifth Heaven where the Grigori’s lived when they were Angels was temporarily their camp. Currently it is a floor with many research institutes. The “Brave Saints” cards were also created there.”

Hmm, so the place where Sensei lived now has a laboratory where they create Brave Saint’s cards huh. I sense some kind of link between the two.

Like that, we arrive at the elevator which will take us to higher the floors while walking and looking around like tourists. We get a strict check from the security Angels and go through many thick doors in order to get onto the similar elevator as before to go further up.

Massive doors appear as we go higher and we continue forth by going through them. This may be a hassle, but these are needed in order to make even a sturdier security in Heaven. It appears that there is a door and security check for every floor. I guess you would need a lot of privilege in order to go to the higher floors.

We weren’t able to have a look at Second Heaven and Third Heaven. Unlike First Heaven, we moved towards the elevator as soon as we passed through the gate.

Sister Griselda explains to us who weren’t able to have a look down there.

“Heaven which is commonly referred to exists in Third Heaven. It’s the largest floor. It’s so vast that it is said you can’t tell where the end is. I’m sorry but the souls down there may be stimulated if Devils like you go there. Therefore we wanted to restrict you from visiting down there.”

So the general Heaven is at Third Heaven huh. We already came up to Fourth Heaven. It kind of feels weird when I’m told that we just bypassed the general Heaven. On top of that we are Devils, so that makes us Devils who went past Heaven. —That phrase alone makes it sound cool. But the fact is we haven’t seen the general Heaven. It’s the resting soil of souls that came here so they wouldn’t want to meet Devils.

Well, apparently the number of Heavens is equal to the number of mythologies. So I guess this is the Heaven of the “Catholic religion”. I guess this Heaven is the living land of Angels that served under the God from the Bible.

“Fourth Heaven is also known as Eden’s Garden. I guess the story of Adam and Eve is famous for it.”

Irina tells us. Eden’s Garden! I wonder if it’s a paradise-like place? I would love to see it but we ended up passing through that as well and continue going up.

Fifth Heaven really was a place with many laboratory like buildings. There are also buildings that look like those modern human ones which gave it a new feeling to it. I’m starting to have an interest in this place knowing the fact that it’s the former workplace of Sensei…..but the place we are heading to is above this place.

It happens when we enter the elevator which connects to Sixth Heaven. Sister gives us further explanation as if she just remembered.

“Regarding the rules of Heaven……this place isn’t strong towards the evil as the human world and the Underworld.”

She then says this while putting her index finger up.

“In other words, its very fragile against evil.”

Well, they are Angels after all. So having evil intents would be a taboo. Even Irina has her wings lit black and white to things besides erotic things. It even makes me shocked to the degree where I say “You can even fall with just that!?”.

“……To put it simply, Ise-senpai needs to refrain from having his usual pervert thoughts.”

I don’t have any words to throw back to Koneko-chan’s harsh comment!

“Yes! I will promise not to think of lewd things as much as possible!”

There’s no way I can do a perverted things in Heaven!

Once we go up to Sixth Heaven, a gate and door which is even larger than before appears! No matter where I look at simple walls and even the gates are so large that it’s more than one-hundred meters tall! A huge gate as such opens slowly and we pass through it. ……The gate is so thick that it makes you think it’s a wall! If you have to come up with someone who can manage to destroy this, than it will only be possible for those with strength of a God-class. Even I don’t have a technique which can puncture a hole in this thing. Maybe its even impossible for Crimson Blaster to break this gate? A gate which makes me think like that exists in this Sixth Heaven.

Once I pass through the gate, what appears ahead is a shrine-like building giving out a golden shine.

And the whole building itself is emanating a sacred wave which makes me realise how lucky I am to see such a thing! It has so much light density that a Devil can suffer great damage and even be eliminated just by seeing that! No, the fact remains that we are still alive even after seeing that! That’s just how grand and sacred it appears.

Sister Griselda explains to us as we walk on the path that leads to that building.

“That’s the current core of Heaven where the Seraphs reside at—the “Zebel”. We also call that building as such. The floor above this place— Seventh Heaven which is the highest floor is an area which only the Seraphs can enter.”


That’s the core of Heaven where Michael-san resides! And for us to be able to step inside of it……! If I think about it, I haven’t even been able of sightseeing the place where our Maou-sama of the Underworld works at. And now I find myself suddenly coming this far in Heaven.

—That’s what was going through my mind. But Sister Griselda and Irina turned in a different direction during our course and are now getting further away from the road leading to the entrance of “Zebel”.

“Truth is Zebel is currently going through interior construction therefore the Seraphs are at different locations. Michael-sama is waiting this way.”

Sister goes forward while saying that.

That building is going through construction, huh. ……Perhaps they are strengthening the interior in order to be ready for any terrorist act?

Several minutes after going forward we find ourselves in what appears to be a middle court. There are many varieties of flowers blossomed in different colours and there’s also water flowing. Therefore it appears like a garden.

We then find a certain individual sitting at a table at the terrace, in a small hut. As soon as he sees us, he gets up and shows a gentle smile at us.

“Hello everyone. It’s been awhile.”

The handsome man with golden wings—it’s Michael-san! The leader of Heaven! The legendary Chief Angel! The last time we met him while standing this close was the sports day held between the Three Great Powers.

“It sure has been a while, Michael-sama. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us on this occasion.”

The members of the ORC also greet him politely, while having Rias says that as our representative. We need to make sure to not be rude! We have been invited to a crucial location of the place above the skies while representing the Devils after all.

He then urges us to sit. Michael-san then questions us as we sit.

“What’s your impression of Heaven?”

“How should I put it. It feels divine……”

That’s my honest opinion.

“It’s a wonderful place. If human souls really do come here after their death, then it really must be a paradise.”

Rias says such a thing. She also had her eyes glued towards the rare sight of Heaven and observed it with keen eyes.

“Well, the majority of the deceased go to Hell.”

Michael-san gives such Heaven joke! I don’t even know if I should laugh at it!

“Please don’t be too stiff. There isn’t anything here……but please make yourselves at home.”

When Michael-san raises his hand, an Angel woman (she’s really adorable!) pours tea for us. Angels and Devils having tea together in Heaven isn’t something you would experience quite often.

“Please let me thank you once more for your hard work this year. —It sure was a year filled with so many shocking events. However, it’s also true that if all of you weren’t present, then the current situation for Heaven and the Underworld would never have happened. Having tea together like this with Devils in Heaven is something you simply couldn’t have imagined last year. All of this is now possible only thanks to the efforts of the young ones such as yourselves, efforts which will avoid the risk the next generation will lose their lives in battles. I thank you once again.”

It’s such an honour getting praised by the Chief-Angel!

“I believe you have visited here previously, Xenovia.”

“Yes, Michael-sama. That happened back at the time when I came here to get my Durandal repaired when it was destroyed by the leader of the Hero-faction.”

Among the legendary items possessed by the Church, Heaven is keeping and also repairing items that could be used in the human world. The combined holy-sword of Durandal and Excalibur had been sent to this place to get maintained after each battle. Seeing the sword sent here in the morning and coming back in the afternoon back to Xenovia’s side is something we have seen quite often. The fusion of legendary Holy-swords is still in the trial-phase, therefore Heaven must want to search through many aspects of it.

After that we move onto the discussion of the Christmas project of which Michael-san showed us the schedule and the project’s contents. We exchanged opinions and discussed about how we should give the presents out.

“It’s about time the person who came up with this project will arrive on the scene where this project will take place. I guess it will be enough to simply have a final confirmation with him. I’m sure all of you are busy so it may be better to confirm the details of this project and return back to your position.”

Saying that, Michael-san ends the discussion for the Christmas project.

I see, so it’s about time the person who started this project will arrive in the human world, at Kuou town.

After confirming the Christmas project, we bring out a single round object.

“And this is—the jewel which has Grendel’s soul sealed within.”

Like I said, this has the soul of Grendel that we defeated when we were defending Auros academy. We came to Heaven after listening to our comrades opinion in order to have Heaven check on it and secure it.

Evil Dragons are very persistent. Even if we manage to seal their souls in these jewels, there’s still a chance their consciousness will leak out. Therefore Azazel-sensei said that we should leave these things to Heaven which specialises in these departments.

Michael-sama then says it after he receives the jewel.

“We shall examine and keep this away while cooperating with the Grigori.”

Alright, things will be okay with this.

Our discussion with Michael-san ends and while we continue to have a tea party under a peaceful atmosphere, a voice can be heard.


A woman’s voice with a long vowel. When I look that way—I find a beauty with a gentle smile and wavy blonde hair! The number of wings growing out from her back is the same as Michael-san. She appears while wearing a Santa costume.

“Oh, if it isn’t Gabriel.”


Michael-san and Sister Griselda says the name of that beauty.

Yes, this person is none other than the most beautiful woman in Heaven! Gabriel-san, one of the Four Great Seraphs! Her beauty is too bright for my eyes! Furthermore, you can tell how glamorous her body is even though she's wearing a Santa costume, which isn’t showing much of her skin! Ah, her breasts are so huge that they're so fascinating! Those breasts of hers definitely must be filled with compassion and good fortune!

“Oh my~, Griselda-chan and everyone are here. Especially the Devils here who I haven’t met since the sports day. How are all of you doing?”

Gabriel-san who notices us greets us politely. The instant she bows her head down, her enormous breasts bounce! Is it me or are those breasts of hers shining in the light!?

I guess if it’s the breasts of a Seraph,they must be filled with holy power. I can’t stop but think as such!

That instant, a circle drawn with many layers of Angel’s symbols appears around me! It’s not a magic-circle. It must be symbols used by Angels.

“—!? W-What the!? Why are there barrier like things!?”

I become shocked at the sudden appearance of the barriers but Michael-san makes a bitter smile.

“I’m sorry. That’s a system which activates automatically when your evil passion appears more than necessary in Heaven. –You can say it’s a device which prevents you from falling. It normally activates when an Angel has his or her worldly desires increased, to restrain them……but it looks like it also activated on the Sekiryuutei.”

A falling prevention device! So he’s saying it activated by responding to my evil passion! So that means I would be in a risk of falling if I was an Angel?

“……Ise-senpai has been staring at Gabriel-sama’s breasts with lewd eyes.”

I once again received a harsh comment from Koneko-chan! Yes! I sure had my mind distracted by Gabriel-san’s breasts!

Gabriel-san herself isn’t showing any sign of concern and instead shows her smile at me.

“Oh my~, this Devil-san sure is naughty. That’s a no-no, okay? Bad♪”

I get my forehead hit by her index finger. ……Aaah, she sure does give you a punishment in such an adorable way!

I’m getting all hyped but the barrier strenghtens even more to the degree that something which sounds like an alarm starts to echo!

“It seems like the security has increased……”

Even Asia is troubled by this situation.

“……Geez, Ise, calm yourself down.”

And it seems like even Rias is also astonished by my reaction.

S-Sorry! For showing such embarrassment! I don’t know why but Gabriel-san’s breasts has activated something inside me very violently! How should I put it? It’s been a while since I felt like this!

That’s how godly her breasts are!

“Oh, if it isn’t Ise-dono and others.”

When I turn around after hearing a familiar voice—I see Joker Dulio. He comes to our side with a big smile.

“Dulio, have you finished your walk?”

Dulio bows his head at Michael-san’s question.

“Ah, hi there. And sorry for asking for a time to get some air at a time like this……”

“Since it’s a time like this, breaks are something definitely needed from time to time. And I believe you will be helping with the Christmas project, Dulio?”

“Yes, of course. I’m good at giving out presents.”

Oh, I thought he wouldn’t participate since he didn’t show himself. So Dulio will also be joining the Christmas project.

—Then Sister Griselda changes the subject by asking Michael-san.

“Michael-sama. Maybe it will be good to notify them about that case?”

Michael-san nods.

“You’re right. It’s not like they are unrelated to it. The truth is there are incidents involving the staff of the Church whom is being attacked.”


……The staff of the Church is being attacked? It suddenly turned into a fishy atmosphere.

Everyone puts on a serious face at that report and becomes alert to what he has to say. Michael-san continues.

“Not only are there fatal casualties among the leaders of the Vatican, but there are also those being killed among those with important positions in other branches. We are still investigating the incidents in order to find more accurate information, but it seems like there are presences of Evil Dragons being caught. So it’s most likely—”

“Qlippoth, correct?”

Rias continues after him. Michael-san also nods.

“Yes, so please be alert. Since we don’t know what their objective is, we will end up getting hurt if we lower our guard. —They are good at checkmating you by using traps.”

……The presence of Evil Dragons huh. And the Qlippoth attacking those related to the Church…… Well, it’s not weird if they do such things since they are terrorists…… But we don’t know what their aim is. Indiscriminate terrorism? That also sounds plausible……

While feeling uneasy from what I just heard, we return to the human world after ending our discussion with Michael-san and Gabriel-san.

Part 2[edit]

We returned from Heaven and climbed up the stairs from the basement of the Hyoudou residence (We parted with Sister Griselda in Heaven). I then hear people's laughter coming from the living room.

When we went there - since everyone curious—we found my mum speaking to a middle-aged man. He’s a brown haired man wearing priest’s clothing. ……He looks familiar. More like I have seen the very same hair colour as his……

The man shows a gentle smile when he notices us. His expression says that he knows me.

“Sorry to disappoint but I’m already here.”


“Oh, my Angel! Are you doing okay?”

Irina and the man embrace each other! That’s right! Now I remember! No wonder he looked familiar!

This person is Irina’s dad!

Irina also hugs her dad happily.

“Of course! Papa, are you doing fine as well?”

“Of course.”

My mum then tells me as she watches the two of them happily.

“Ise. This person is Irina-chan’s father. Do you still remember him? I was shocked to see him since he returned so abruptly.”

Irina’s dad offered his hand to me.

“Hello there, Hyoudou Issei-kun. Do you still remember me?”

“My memory is vague but I kind of remember you. Sorry, my memory of you is poor since I was too little back then……”

“Oh no, not at all. Both you and Irina were little back then. It can’t be helped if your memory is vague.”

The Shidou family lived close by. Irina’s dad often brought snacks and juice to us when I visited Irina’s home to play with her. I remember how kind he was. Her mum was also a kind person. Oh yeah. Irina’s mum is running a Japanese restaurant business in England. They say that both Irina’s parents know about her reincarnating into an Angel. That part is clearly different from the Hyoudou family. I……haven’t confessed to my parents that I have been reincarnated into a Devil yet.

Irina’s dad then says with a big smile.

“It has been planned that I will work with Irina-chan for this project but let’s discuss about that afterwards. I have brought you souvenirs.”

We then came to realise it.

I see, so the person who came up with the Christmas project is……Irina’s dad!

Like this, we all ate dinner while having talks filled with laughter.

The heroic story of Irina we heard from Irina’s dad during dinner was so funny that Irina’s face turned red since it mostly was a story of a father praising his daughter.

“Geez! Papa, you even talked about my embarrassing history in front of Ise-kun’s parents!”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. I would be satisfied if I can talk about how adorable you are but I couldn’t help myself”

Irina is enraged by this. Even the side of her making a face like that is cute. It’s rare to see Irina angry like this. That point alone makes me think how valuable it is to be able to see a new side of her when she is having dinner with her dad.

“Oh, so you guys came back from Heaven.”

Azazel-sensei returned back to the Hyoudou residence.

“You must be Irina’s father. I am Azazel.”

“Oh if this isn’t……the former Governor. How do you do. I am Shidou, I have role of both the pastor and agent of the Protestant Church. Irina sure has been under your care……”

Sensei and Irina’s dad exchange a handshake. From Irina’s dad perspective Sensei would be the former Governor of the Fallen Angel’s organisation and a teacher in the school her daughter is enrolled at.

Since Azazel-sensei came to the VIP room again, Irina’s dad says this after making a cough.

“Let me introduce myself again. My name is Shidou Touji, the one who came up with this Christmas project. I am the pastor of the Protestant Church of England.”

“Did you know that my papa was an exorcist in a past?”

Irina adds. So a pastor huh. If I remember right, you call a male churchman a father for Catholicism and a pastor for Protestantism. Huh? Wasn’t a pastor a teacher and not a churchman? Well, they do say that the way they are called and their teaching itself changes for each teaching. Except, unlike priests, pastors can marry.

“That’s how it is, so for today we will just confirm what we must do for this project,go through the reason why I started it, and then prepare for the actual day to come.”

From there we get explained from Irina’s dad of how he came up with this idea and the points we must be cautious about. Well, it's something that was already explained beforehand so it was easy to understand what he had to say. The reason why he came up with this project is basically a way to show gratitude to the people living here and to put it even more bluntly, a compensation fee for causing them inconveniences.

What shocked me the most from his explanation is that Irina’s dad is office chief of the protestant side! Apparently he has a role in a certain branch. ……He’s a VIP! The reason why he doesn’t have any guards is because he declined to have them follow him since this land is a familiar place for him.

Irina’s dad, who finished explaining a quick run-through for this Christmas project, starts looking through his baggage after saying “Oh yeah, I have a gift”.

What he takes out is a—doorknob. ……A doorknob. Why a doorknob? While everyone puts on a puzzled look while staring at the doorknob, Irina’s dad explains while he changes it with the doorknob of the VIP room’s door.

“It will work anywhere so please attach it to a door. For example this room’s door. You remove the doorknob of this door, replace it with this one, and then when you open the door—”

What appears within our line of sight is—a spacious unfamiliar room! What the. Even though he opened the door from inside the VIP room, what we see isn’t the corridor but an unknown room!

The room has a size of twenty tatami mats……no, even more. It may be bigger than my room which went through renovation. There are statues of Angels, portraits of the prophets, and ornaments which looks like they will bring fortunes decorated inside the room. It gives off the vibe Devils will receive damage simply by entering it.

What’s standing out the most is the huge bed located at the centre of the room, a bed which comes with a canopy!

There is no other furniture other than the bed, the chairs, a table, and a clock. But man, I can’t keep myself from sensing a mysterious vibe radiating from here. How should I put it? It feels the same as when I encounter a priest or a feeling similar to the power of light of the Angels……

Irina’s dad says it to us who are observing the room with suspicion.

“This is a special room, a room created in a way that doesn't cause problems for an Angel and a Devil should they make babies in here. This doorknob will connect it to a customised alternative space.”


Everyone is shocked at his words! O-Of course! Obviously! So this room which is giving out a holy vibe……is a room which is even okay for a Devil and an Angel to make babies……!

Irina’s dad grabs her by her shoulders and declares it very loudly!

“Irina-chan, don’t hold back in deepening your love with Ise-kun inside this room!”


Irina screams in astonishment when she hears her father saying such a thing,something she couldn’t have possibly predicted!

Leaving us dumbfounded and unable to respond to this, Irina’s dad starts to tell his story in tears.

“……Uuu, I gave up on being able to have grandchildren when Irina-chan reincarnated into an Angel……! I was about to abandon my dream for the sake of our beliefs……! And thanks to the kindness of the Seraph Michael-sama, I was given the opportunity to become a grandfather……! Ah, this must also be the lord’s love! Amen!”

Her dad who started doing prayers started to repeat the kind words of Michael-san.

[The Angel Irina, and Hyoudou Issei-kun. There won’t be any problem whatever you two do in there. Please try out many things in there. Both of you are young, man and woman. So everything will be a challenge and turn into a good experience. I presume there are such beliefs.]


……W-What kind of beliefs are those!? A room in where we can do anything we want!? Ah, oh, I do remember Irina and Xenovia talking about this and that. About Michael-san coming up with ideas for Irina. ……Though I never guessed that they would actually use all the technologies Heaven had to offer in order to invent this……! I thought that Heaven, more precisely Michael-san, would use their technology more seriously unlike the Grigori and the Underworld who are using it for strange purposes! But that wasn’t the case! Even Heaven turned to use its technology in an abnormal way, coming to create a doorknob leading to a baby-making room! Even the Angels are putting too much effort for funny, yet weird, things!

Irina’s dad whose face is covered in tears places his hand on my shoulder.

“……Ise-kun, I place my grandchildren in your hands.”

“U-Umm, e-excuse me……”

Even if you suddenly bring the word grandchildren into the discussion……I don’t know how I am supposed to react…… But Irina’s dad doesn’t realise that I’m getting confused so he simply nods by himself.

“Yup yup! I don’t mind either a boy or a girl! No, in fact I want to see lots of my grandchildren by having you two put so much effort in making babies! Ah, if it’s a girl then she will probably become lovely like Irina-chan…… Since she will become a child of an Angel, she will turn out to be a very angel-like girl? I guess it will become courageous like a Dragon if it’s a boy……”

……Ah, his mind went to the world of his own. This habit of his is exactly like Irina’s! They really are daughter and father! His bad side has been passed on to Irina!

After hearing this, Irina—

“You dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy! Papa you dummy! Michael-sama! For all people, why did you have to give it to papa!? I can’t stand this anymore! Ise-kun will hate me now!”

She hides herself at the corner of the VIP room. I can feel your pain, Irina. This must be hard to endure. And to have her own dad bring it! What kind of humiliating play is this!?

“……This kind of room is revolutionary.”

“Once you enter this room, there’s only one thing you need to do……”

The ones that are really interested in this room are Rias and Akeno-san!

“……It may be a room which I don’t want Nee-sama to find out about.”

“It sure does seem like she won’t let Ise-sama off till he gets dried up once she takes him inside.”

Even Koneko-chan and Ravel are saying disturbing things!

“Let’s borrow it next time, Asia.”

“…..I-It’s a room we have to prepare ourselves for!”

I can also see Xenovia and Asia who are full of energy!

“…………Oh my! I have my head full of indecent things! It’s too early for me! It’s too early I say!”

It seems like Rossweisse-san is shaking her head while her face is beet-red!

The one who rests his hand on my shoulder, noticing how troubled on how to react to this situation I am, is—Azazel-sensei. He’s putting on such a lecherous face!

“You did it Ise! You won’t find a situation where a Devil or a Dragon can make love to an Angel without making them fall so often! Man, you womaniser!”

“Eh……I-I am……?”

I can only put on a bitter smile but Sensei puts on a puzzled look when he sees my face.


He starts to speak after a pause.

“……Hmm, I did have a vague feeling about it……”

Sensei scratches his cheek.

“……W-What is it?”

Sensei sighs at me who asked him a question out to curiosity.

“Your sexual desire sure did become weak ever since you started dating Rias. Before you would have been craving for perverted things……but maybe it's because you became a riajuu, now I don’t feel as much lust from you as before.”


……He can’t sense any lust……? From me……?

“……T-The sexual desire……?”

“Have you been using dress break or pailingual during battles lately? Though it isn’t something you should be using so often.”

“N-No, I haven’t used them.”

When he puts it that way, I certainly haven’t used them even if my opponents happened to be women…… The last time I used it was……against Jeanne from the Hero-faction I think. During the assaults of the magicians, they attacked us without women as they were cautious of my abilities.

Maybe Sensei finds it weird, so he asks me.

“Hmm? You didn’t use it against Walburga of the Purple Flames? She’s a woman ain't she? Couldn’t you have predicted her moves if you used pailingual on her?”

“…………!? ……I-I didn’t use it on her……”

Oh my god! I just found out! Back then at that place! I was against Walburga back then! She was fighting against Saji but I sure was there! ……Couldn’t I have supported Saji by activating my pailingual……? Why couldn’t I come up with that idea? Was it because I saw that awful cooking class done by Fafnir? No, if it was the me from a bit in the past I would still have spoken to the breasts even after witnessing such thing.

—It’s because there are oppai ahead.

Both my hands are shaking. It’s because I finally found that little change in me.

Sensei says it to me with a worried voice.

“……Oioioi, seriously? One of your strengths is your sexual desire that appears even during battles. Isn’t that how you survived all those life-and-death situations till now? Well, the opponent was a skilled Magician and also the possessor of a relic, the Longinus. There was a high chance that it wouldn’t have worked. I see, so you didn’t use your pailingual.”

……I didn’t. Even the thought of not working didn’t cross my mind so I didn’t use pailingual on her, If it was me from a bit before, wouldn’t I have thought something in the lines of “I will read through their mind if the opponent is a woman!”?

“Well, that may be one sign of your growth, but……there are guys who become weak after getting themselves a woman. Well, I think you will be fine…… Everyone has their eyes on your actions. So including your sexual desire, expand and improve your abilities to the fullest.”

……Have I become satisfied by getting a girlfriend? Absurd! I, who have been called the embodiment of sexual desire possibly can’t cool down just with getting a girlfriend……! The road to become a Harem King is still far away and I haven’t even got laid yet! You are saying I cooled down simply because of that!?

……It won’t be weird for guys my age all over the world to have at least one girlfriend! Isn’t it, a natural thing for me to have a girlfriend!? There is a huge difference between my current and my past environment! I also don’t recall I abandoned my stance to crave for a woman’s body either! ……I don’t remember doing such a thing……

Sensei puts his hand on my head who is feeling down.

“Well, don’t feel so bad. You can simply increase your sexual desire again. Let’s see……did you meet Gabriel up there?”

“Y-Yes. I did meet her.”

Sensei puts on a lewd face again.

“Her breasts. They were amazing, weren't they?”

“Yes! They sure were amazing!”

Oh man, those sure were amazing! They were so godly, they felt like they had some unknown power in them. So I couldn’t help myself but stare at those!

Sensei starts talking seriously.

“Those things……made my wings go black and white since I imagined about touching those when I was in Heaven. No man has ever seen or touched Gabriel’s breasts. According to the female Angels that saw them—they described them as the finest breasts out there.”

—The finest breasts.

Such wonderful praise! I would love to see such breasts at least once!

“I even think that it wouldn’t have been bad if I had fallen by touching those.”

I can understand his feeling! Even if I was born as an Angel, I wouldn't have mind falling if I had touched the finest breast!


It feels like something I have forgotten is coming back to me just by remembering about Gabriel-san’s breasts.

Sensei also smiles seeing me.

“That’s a good lewd face you are putting on. Looks like what you received from Heaven wasn’t nothing. Ise, if you want to resurrect your sexual desire from before, you can only accomplish it by wishing to see breasts of that caliber. And by seeing those breast you may find an answer. If it’s you who has been allowed to enter Heaven, then you might be able to fulfill the dream which I couldn’t.”

Sensei puts his hand around me and whispers to my ear.

“—Ise, aim for the number one breasts in Heaven.”

“Y-Yes! I will definitely see Gabriel-san’s breasts one day!”

The teacher and student embrace each other in tears!

Leaving the girls who are captivated by the baby-making room behind, me and Sensei exchange a passionate hug between lewd guys.

There was the issue about the baby-making room, but we ended up having a quick discussion about the future meetings once Irina’s dad left. It was mainly about the time allocation for our training and Devil’s work. By the way Irina’s dad was asked out by Sensei.

“Office-chief Shidou! Do you want to come with me to a shop run by my subordinates?”

“Is it okay? Oh my, I was just thinking about going somewhere since I haven’t come to this town for a while.”

“Then this will be a good time. —Do you like tits?”

“Yes, I love them.”

“Then there’s no problem! Seriously, you sure are a horny pastor! Let’s go, to the night town of Kuou!”

“Hahaha! Irina-chan, keep this is a secret from your mother, okay?”

They disappeared into the night of this town after having such a discussion! Azazel-sensei’s diplomacy at night not only is given to that geezer Odin, but also those related to Christianity! The face of Irina’s dad who said he loves breasts looked lively! He is an outrageous lewd geezer! Xenovia went as far as to say things like “To be expected from Irina’s father. He does look lewd”.

……Oh well, let’s put that aside for now. Though I also wanted to go with them.

Just like I thought, I checked my schedule and found out that I won’t have time to hang out with Matsuda and Motohama. Furthermore, we don’t know when Qlippoth might strike. So I wouldn't have had any time to hang out with my friends from the beginning.

“Now then, we’ll stop here for today. Good job everyone.”

Our duty for today ends with Rias’s words which signify the end of the discussions for today. Today has been a busy day since we went to Heaven to have a meeting about Christmas and also having Irina’s dad come. Being affiliated with DxD sure makes your life packed with events.

……Then something crossed my mind all of a sudden so I ask Koneko-chan who is washing the teacups.

“……Hey, Koneko-chan. Did I lose my lewdness?”

“……You still are lewd.”

Koneko-chan answers immediately.


If that’s what Koneko-chan says, then it must mean I’m still lewd. But Koneko-chan adds.



“Your lewd face looks much calmer than before.”


…………Even Koneko-chan who has sharp instinct towards my lewdness is saying that my sexual desire has weakened from before.

……I guess I need to think about it. It scares me to think that it would affect me from now on if my source of power has weakened. Hmm, what should I do? Should I talk to Rias about it?

When I was thinking such, Rias speaks to me.

“Ise, do you have a minute?”

“……What’s wrong?”

“Yes, the truth is I received a call from my house so I will have to return to my castle now.”

A call from the House of Gremory? So she will be returning to her castle temporarily huh.

“Does that mean something happened?”

Rias tilts her head when I asked.

“……It sounded like it’s not much of a good news. Think about the season we are in. It won’t be weird for anything to happen. I was just thinking about seeing Onee-sama so I will be going back for a short time. I will be back by tomorrow night.”

……She would tell me directly if things were really serious and the fact that she has to return means that they want to inform her of something which can’t be revealed to the public. I’m worried about what actually happened but I feel relieved that she can go and meet Grayfia-san.

“Roger that. Then we will do the rest of the cleanup. —Give my greetings to Grayfia-san.”

When I say that, she smiles back to me saying “Okay, I sure will. Thanks”.

Part 3[edit]

Late that night—

“……Hmm, Ise……do you think I have a baby inside me with this……? I’m worried that I don't, so one more time……”

I can hear such seductive sleep talk from besides me!

Akeno-san who is sleeping while she’s wrapped around me! Since Rias isn’t here tonight, I ended up sleeping with Asia and Akeno-san!

Due to Rias’s absence, Akeno-san snuck into my bed while wearing a see-through negligee! I won’t be able to sleep if she sleeptalks like that right beside me!

What kind of dream exactly are you having Akeno-san!? What am I doing inside your dream!?

I’m so curious of it that I don’t think I can sleep! Rather I'm feeling the soft sensation of a woman’s body all over my body! And I can’t move an inch if she is clinging onto me like this!

So I hug Akeno-san tightly, and—

“……Aaan, Ise……”

She strengthens her hug and says such things in her sleep so it makes it even harder for me to move!

Umm! Umm! How can I lead this defenceless Akeno-san to act to my liking!?

I ended up using my brain so no answer comes out for that question. Suddenly, someone pokes me.

Asia? Even though I turned around thinking it was her, I find her sleeping. Then when I look around trying to find out who it is—


Xenovia appears while putting her body over me! She uses her finger to tell me to be quiet.

(X-Xenovia. Something happened late this night?)

I ask with a low voice to avoid waking up Akeno-san and Asia.

(……Rias-buchou returned to the Underworld temporarily, right?)

(Y-Yeah. She returned to check on Grayfia-san and also because there was an urgent call for her.)

(……And Asia?)

(Fast asleep.)

(……I see, she certainly is sleeping. Both Asia and Akeno-fukubuchou.)

Xenovia confirms that both of them are sleeping. This is what she says.

(Come with me. There’s something I want to show you.)

I somehow manage to escape Akeno-san's embrace without waking and I leave the room while following Xenovia.

We left the room and arrived in front of Xenovia’s room which is a floor above my room. ……Coming to Xenovia’s room late at night huh. What is she plotting?

“Now, Ise. Open it.”


Xenovia sure is saying weird things. She’s asking me to open the door leading to her own room.

I turn the doorknob like she ordered. Then—what appears to my sight is that baby-making room from before!

“Wha! Isn’t this!?”

I ask Xenovia but I end up entering the room after she pushes me from behind!

Then a sound of the door being closed follows! I try to turn the doorknob immediately but I couldn’t do it due to an unknown power which is coming from the other side of the door!

“H-Hey! Xenovia! What’s the meaning of this!?”

Xenovia tells the confused me from the outside.

DxD 18 069.png

“I thought we should use it since they went through all the trouble to give it to us. Prepare yourself, Ise. Your partner is waiting.”

……My partner is waiting? When I turn around and look behind after finding it suspicious—

“………..Hello, Ise-kun.”

There’s Irina who is wearing a negligee while having her hair down!

Irina then says to me shyly while looking down.

“……Umm, umm……”

Irina has a high tone of voice right now and uses her shaking legs to walk to the corner of the bed and sit there.

“……Don’t you want to come here and have a small chat?”

…………E-Even if you say that! T-To talk when she says it that way in a room like this room while she's dressed up like that!

But I can’t go back. So the only thing I can do is go forward……?

After I gulp down my saliva, I walk to my bed. ……Even though it’s a bed, I feel pathetic at myself for sitting a bit away from Irina.



Both of us become silent. What were Xenovia's intentions when she made me come here? More like, what intentions does Irina have by being here?

……Though I do think there’s a simple explanation behind it. But it’s too daring so I’m really confused. No, it’s because we were introduced to this room just earlier you know? I never expected I would step foot in here in the same day!

And this room is for an Angel and Devil…… T-That means Michael-san made it for me and Irina. And for Irina and me who are the main two beings in here!

I then take a glimpse of Irina beside me. She’s wearing a negligee. Usually she wears normal pyjamas but today she’s wearing a negligee similar to the ones worn by Rias and Akeno-san. ……Obviously it's see-through! It’s so transparent that I can’t see her wearing a bra and……not only can I see her round breasts but also the tip of it! Oh yeah, now I remember that she’s often in a state where she wears no bra! No, more importantly her breasts have a nice shape, her body has no useless fat because she’s a warrior, and furthermore she has a nice curve……!

……Phew. I need to calm down. The mood is important. Even if I were to turn into a wild animal, going at her right away won’t be a good thing at all. What we need to do first is have a proper conversation.

……Oh yeah, talking about that will be good. This is a good chance. I might as well say it.

“Oh yeah, I remembered about the Christmas promise we made when we were kids.”

I say that to Irina. Hearing that, Irina looks at me as if she isn’t shy anymore.

“—We will defeat Santa together and share his presents! Right?”

When I say that, Irina is in such joy that she puts on a big smile.

“So you remembered. I thought I was the only one who remembered it and that you had already forgotten that promise.”

Irina even has her eyes all wet. Looks like she’s happy that I remembered our promise.

“Well, I did forget it. But I started to remember it while we were preparing for Christmas.”

Yeah, that’s the gist of it. I started to get a flashback while I was working with Irina which in turn brought my memories back. Oh yeah, when I was a kid I made a promise with my childhood friend, in this case Irina, during the cold time of the year.

Irina starts to chuckle because she remembers it.

“Yeah, we certainly were innocent back then, or should I say we were clueless…… We sure did come up with so many reckless ideas. I sure had fun back then when I played like a boy with you and even thought like one.”

I do think that I did lots of reckless things with Irina when I was little. I completely mistook Irina for a boy so I played and took her to places girls wouldn’t definitely be happy to go to.

“We sure often went to places like the forest of a park which is outside the town and also destroyed shrines.”

“Yup. We even took an insect catcher with us and rode our bicycles to somewhere far as well.”

“You say far but we were kids so the furthest we could go was the next town……”

“But it was so fun since it felt like we entered a new world.”

“Yeah, like those sweets we bought from the candy-store of an unfamiliar town. I still remember the taste of it.”

“Yup! We certainly did eat things like lettuce-jirou and Micchan the octopus.”

Oh man, I can’t believe it’s this easy to remember. I sure did play a lot with Irina. Maybe it’s because she was one of the few around my age in my neighbourhood, so it feels like we did all sorts of things together. Even our memories of Christmas are so childish. They're filled with cluelessness and recklessness.

I then open up to her as I talk to her.

“Sorry that I didn’t know you were a girl. But I did think of you who was a child my age in this neighbourhood who would also do reckless things with me as an important friend……”

Irina suddenly looks down when I said that.

“…………A friend, huh.”

Irina mutters in such way! Ah, looks like I failed! I should rephrase it!

“N-No, I meant a childhood friend! Sorry……even though I’m the only one who shares the time of our childhood with you.”

—But Irina chuckles and looks up the ceiling.

“Speaking about that, I had Rias-san ask me about it.”

Apparently Rias asked Irina.

—Can you please tell me about Ise when he was a child?

“I was sure that she was jealous of me for being the only one who knew about your childhood, Ise-kun. So I naturally started having more conversations with Rias-san. By the time I realised it, she started calling me “Irina”.”

Ah, so that’s how the two of them started getting along while calling each other by their given names without feeling reserved. So the two of them have become close by sharing the story of my childhood huh.

Irina starts to speak with a serious face.

“The truth is Rias-san has been the person who I wasn’t able to get along with the most among the ORC members. That’s because she would have been someone I couldn’t possible coexist with since I’m from the Church side, you know? She’s—the heiress of the House of Gremory, a high-class Devil. She’s a genuine princess so I felt that the world she lives in is way different from mine who is a normal warrior of the Church. So it was kind of hard to interact with her. Though it’s true that it was easy getting along with Asia-san and Xenovia who are also from the Church.”

……So she had such reasons. Even though it seems like they are getting along living together at a glance, there are different opinions from each person. It’s just that I didn’t realise it.

But Irina then smiles.

“But I started to find out as I started speaking to Rias-san. Oh, she’s also a girl just like me. She would smile. Become sad. She would get angry. And also become happy…… Even though she’s older than me by a year, I started to feel that she’s also a girl of my age very strongly. Then I started having more discussions with her. From being someone I can’t interact with, she became my precious comrade then my friend.”

……So the relation between Rias and Irina started changing and developed when I didn’t realise it.

Irina turns red.

“……I came to realise one more thing once again as I got close to Rias-san. As I started to talk about Ise-kun’s childhood to Rias-san, I started to think……“I don’t want to talk anymore than this” and “I want to keep this memory to myself”……”

Irina—came close to me. Even though I sat a bit away from her, Irina shortened the distance between us without me noticing it.

“Ah, now I understand, without noticing, I—”

Irina takes my hand.


I become confused. That’s because Irina suddenly shortened the distance between us and took my hand!

Irina takes my hand slowly—and brings it towards her breast. My fingers! My palm! It’s feeling a soft sensation! My whole hand is glued onto Irina’s breast!

Ah, Irina’s soft breassssst! Not only it is smooth, but the feeling of this Angel’s skin under my hand is violently stunning my brain!

Irina puts on an emotional eye and starts putting on a seductive face. I never thought that a girl who acts so innocent all the time can put on such a hot face……!

“……Looks like my wings won’t glitter even after doing this much.”

Like Irina said, the wings on her back are—still white! Usually Irina’s wings turn white and black when she does erotic things like these. ……So this room really does allow a Devil and Angel to do it……?

Irina—then pushes me down! I lay down on the bed. Irina then positions herself in a way in which it looks like she is on top of me. Her negligee is falling off and her developed body is basically exposed. Her long brown hair falls onto my face and something which smells nice stimulates my nose. ……This smell of shampoo coming from her hair sure does break my mind……!

Irina then mutters with a sad face.

“So in here I can do naughty things with Ise-kun……”

Irina’s face comes closer to my face slowly. At this rate, Irina and I will—

I then hear a sound of the door being opened when I swallowed my saliva.

When I take a quick look, I can see eyes from the gap created by the opened door……and there are several of them! They are in a state where they are showing half of their faces from the other side of the door and their eyes are directed at us. I can also hear their conversation.

“……Irina, you have grown……I can’t stop myself from crying……!”

“……Xenovia-san, is Irina-san really going to……!”

It's Xenovia and Asia!

“……This room is simply indecent.”

“Even though you say that, you are desperately staring at them.”

There’s even Koneko-chan and Kuroka!

“……Lately I have been talking to Rias about it. Just how can we stop our junior’s aggressive approach?”

“……Indecent……it’s so lewd……”

That must be Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san (in her accent-mode)!

“……It seems like the schedule will collapse if I don’t manage this room as well.”

“Awawawaw……s-so Angels also make room like this!”

Ravel and Le Fay are watching as well!?

“Ise, are you breeding?”

Even Ophis is there! You can’t say something like breeding!

“A-All of yoooooou! What are you girls peeping for!?”

I can’t resist from saying that! Irina also returns to her own calm state and starts to fix her clothes in panic. But then Irina starts to blurt out in laughter.

“……I can now understand how Rias-san feels. This is quite impossible to do.”

After Irina says that, she then asks everyone.

“Geez, all of you. Do all of you want to take a look around this room?”

Like this, the sightseeing of the baby-making room commenced.

I understood at that time that even though it was hard to tell, this room comes with a bathroom and a fridge. On top of that the bed can spin. Even the pillows can glow in seven different colours……

Michael-san, you put unnecessary technology in this room……

Part 4[edit]

The next day—

After training the whole morning, we spent the afternoon working on the Christmas project.

Me, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse-san, and Irina’s dad went to a train station which is two stations away from the one in our town.

We came to check the presents for the project in different places of this town, like the large electronic stores and the bookstores, since they have better selections than the ones in Kuou town.

We checked which ones are popular and also asked the store clerks about the products's specs. All of us decided that we will use this occasion to choose a portion of the presents we have decided to give out for Christmas. I guess receiving a present which is quite new and useful will make the ones receiving it happier. It’s a shame that we couldn’t research what the residents wanted……

“I’m very sorry for having all of you spend your precious time on this.”

Irina’s dad apologises to us.

“Oh no, it was actually a good change for once.”

“He’s right, Irina’s dad. Usually our job is to train, so coming this far was a good experience.”

Xenovia sure did learn how to speak smoothly all of a sudden! I guess this is something she acquired after aiming to become the student president. ……Oh crap, it feels like Xenovia will become more normal than me! Since she’s potentially different from me, she will turn into a talented girl after she learns a bit! It feels like it was so long ago when she was called a muscle-brain swordswoman! No, I do still think that she only relies power during battles!

Irina then says after confirming the memo she wrote.

“Next we will be checking the costumes. Let’s head to the store which has cosplay costumes.”

Irina leads us after saying that.

A Santa costume huh. Looks like they are keen on it since the majority of them are girls. To be honest I don’t think there’s a difference in a Santa’s costume. But when I said that—

“Looking at the places which sell them will turn to be a good example!”

That’s what they said. Hmm, they already had a look at the costume since they received a sample of it already so they can use that as a specimen…… Understanding girls’ minds is difficult.

As we walk, Rossweisse-san suddenly asks me.

“B-By the way Ise-kun. I-I’m asking this is one of the examples, but……please be aware that this is an example, okay?”

Rossweisse-san asks shyly after saying that.

“From Ise-kun’s perspective, for a costume worn by women……should it be those authentic trousers or……a skirt?”

Trousers or skirt, huh. Well, if a woman is to wear them, then—

“I’m all for the skirt! And if it happens to be a miniskirt I might get excited over it! ……So I think a skirt will definitely suit Rossweisse-san for the Santa costume.”

When I said that, Rossweisse-san turns red.

“—! G-Geez! Y-You shouldn’t say such things to a girl without thinking about it, like that!”

S-She’s angry at me! And with her accent that is! But she then coughs and mutters.

“I-I see. A skirt, a skirt. ……Will it make my legs look slim……and I don’t think I can make it in time if I prepare for it now……or should I deceive it by using magic? But Granny said I won’t be able to deceive a boy’s eyes even if I do that—”

……Ever since the battle at Auros Academy, Rossweisse-san also started asking about my preferences. Though she’s saying that she’s asking for my opinion as an example……

During our way to the shop, though, it started to rain. It turned into heavy rain quickly so we went to a summer house located at the park nearby in order to take shelter.

We didn’t bring any umbrellas with us.

“Let’s wait until it stops.”

Since Rossweisse-san said that all of us agreed to her suggestion.

“If Joker Dulio was with us he could have easily controlled the rain in one go……”

Xenovia said that sarcastically……but we shouldn’t recklessly control the weather. It may be possible for Dulio but I don’t think he would recklessly do that unless it’s an emergency.

While all of us wait at the summer house, we can hear the sound of someone walking through the rain.

When I look forward— I see that a man who isn’t using an umbrella is standing under the rain. A man— with long black hair. When we look at what the man is holding onto, our alert level rises to the maximum.

……It’s because he’s holding onto a sword giving out an ominous feeling.


Xenovia says that as she brings out the Ex-Durandal from the different dimension. ……Even if it’s raining, this is still a park used by civilians. And it’s during daytime. So taking excessive action will result in having unneeded attention onto us! Anyhow we cannot allow to simply be defeated by him, whose murderous intent directed at us is the real deal!

We ready our stances at him but there’s one person among us who is really shocked at the appearance of the man.

Irina’s dad has his whole body shaking while looking at the man, as if he can’t believe his eyes.

“……I-It can’t be……! Why are you……!?”

Irina’s dad says it with a shaking voice. The man—puts on a creepy big smile.

“……It’s been a while. Shidou-san. ……Or should I call you the “Office-Chief” Shidou now?”

The man increases the wave of the sword he’s holding onto as he walks towards us! That aura coming from him isn’t normal. It has something which won’t bring us nothing good if we approach him carelessly!

Irina’s dad shouts after he takes a step forward.

“So it is you, Yaegaki-kun……!”

“Yes, I was given this opportunity. I came to deliver judgement to you.”

That instant—. The man leaps forward! I followed his movement with my eyes and used my whole body to feel his presence!

The man—shortened the distance between us without making any sound and slashed his sword at us from the side! We reacted immediately. Irina moved Asia and her dad to the rear. Xenovia and I blocked the enemy’s attack using our holy-sword and gauntlet respectively. Xenovia and I get our defence increased very high thanks to Rossweisse-san's defence-magic.

We can still feel the extreme destruction of its attack even with our enhanced defence……! Maybe it’s because I’m not wearing my armour, but I get pushed back by the impact from his sword! Xenovia withstood the impact on the spot even after receiving it and started to exchange sword blows with the man!

Xenovia attained high speed due to the holy-sword’s trait. Slashes which can’t be seen with the naked eye are aimed at the man—but the man responds to Xenovia’s attack by blocking it and then attacking her back!

—! He can even exchange blows on par with Xenovia! Xenovia, who has the trait of destruction in each of her attacks. But it’s as if the man can oversee it. He doesn’t get hit by her attacks and easily shortens his distance with her by overcoming it! Xenovia also doesn’t receive any critical damage as she evades it by an inch. But different parts of her clothes are torn. Her attacks filled with destruction which are evaded by the man create holes in the ground of this park, blowing the ground away.


Irina shoots arrows of light from the rear but the man takes them down with his sword while he’s taking on Xenovia!

I also use Balance Break right away. I try to find a chance to shoot my Dragon-Shot……but it looks like the man is no ordinary assassin. I can’t find the slightest opening. Even while he’s exchanging blows with Xenovia, he’s still paying attention to me and Rossweisse-san so we are in a situation in which we can’t break his guard down.

Xenovia shouts.

“This slash! It’s something learnt by an Exorcist. ……You must be a warrior from the Church, are you not?”

The man makes a cold smile at Xenovia’s question.

“Indeed, though it’s more precise to say “former”.”

Irina who took her dad to the rear shouts as she makes a stance with a mass-produced holy-sword.

“Hey, you! Why are you after papa!?”

He makes a creepy laughter, “kukuku”, when he witnesses Irina’s white wings.

“……So your daughter is an Angel, huh? Seriously, this must be mercy given to you from Heaven. Are you telling me this is the reward you received by killing me and her……!”

This man’s murderous intent—his hatred increases. ……Killed him and her? What does he mean……?

Irina’s dad seems like he understood something hearing that.

“Don’t tell me the one who killed Smith and Todoroki……and the other members back then was you……!?”

The man blurts out in laughter.

“……You are the only one left, Office-Chief Shidou.”

Even though he’s fighting Xenovia, his attention is now aimed towards Irina’s dad. I can feel a very strong aura of hatred coming from him. No, what’s coming out from him is his anger itself. You can say his whole body is enveloped by it. Just how much hatred does he have towards Irina’s father?

I stand between the two and ask the man.

“Hold on! I don’t know what’s going on but what’s your reason for attacking another person all of a sudden!?”

“……Can you step aside? This is revenge. If I kill that man I can finally lower my hatred by even the slightest.”

……Revenge? Irina’s dad also puts on a sad face and doesn’t deny it.

The man moves his eyes at me and puts on a serious face.

“Sekiryuutei, huh. Looks like I have no choice but to release the power of this sword. ……This whole surrounding has been turned into an isolated area after all.”

Saying that, the man concentrates on the sword he’s holding onto. That instant, the ominous aura coming from the blade increases drastically and distorts the space around him! The rain pouring on the man evaporates before touching him.

From the sword held by the man, an enormous and very black evil thing starts to take physical form. What appears from the sword is –— a large eight headed Dragon! It’s shedding tears of blood from its eyes and its large mouth which is wide open is showing its sharp fangs.

……A Dragon grew out from a sword……! A gigantic eight headed giant dragon emerged from that sword! It’s over ten metres in length! Each of the heads moves as if each of them has a mind of its own.

Irina’s dad becomes speechless.

“——! ……Yaegaki-kun, t-that sword……!”

The man, the swordsman called Yaegaki, strokes the blade which has eight heads growing out from it.

“……Divine Spiritual Sword “Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi”. Well, right now it’s been altered and looks like this.”

— Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi!

I’ve heard about it! I’m sure it’s the Japanese holy-sword. From what I heard the sword was currently broken and it was in the middle of being repaired…… But it’s the first time I hear that a Dragon is residing in it! Rather, this ominous feeling isn’t that of a holy-sword but more of a demonic-sword!

Ddraig who has been quiet till now tells me.

[……Partner, that’s an Evil Dragon.]

—Evil Dragon!

I guessed so. That evil aura is so dangerous that I can only think of an Evil Dragon.

[The Evil Dragon resided in that sword. And this poisonous aura……]

Looks like Ddraig is familiar with this aura……

Irina then shouts.

“Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi was supposed to be broken and was in middle of restoration!”

“That’s why it was repaired. Though it has changed a lot…… The sword which appeared to be possessed by Yamato-no-Orochi.Don’t you think this is sarcastic and is wonderful?”

Yaegaki then says it at us.

“My hatred and the evil intent of the legendary Evil Dragon, “Venom Blood Dragon” Yamata-no-Orochi, possessed in this sword— I shall use this to give punishment to all of you!”

Saying that, Yaegaki slashes the sword possessed by the Evil Dragon with all his might!

The eight heads come at us! Maybe it’s because each of them has a mind of its own, so each head stretches out from the sword and comes at each of us!


Rossweisse-san activates the defence magic-circle to block the Evil Dragon’s head charging at her but she gets pushed back due of not being able to withstand its power!

The head which is after Xenovia is trying to attack her violently by showing its fangs to bite her to death!


Xenovia crushes the head with a single slash of her holy-sword by jumping to the rear—but the head regenerates immediately!

“—! The head regenerated!?”

I didn’t have time to be shocked as there is another head coming at me at high speed! Ddraig shouts inside me!

[Partner! The poison of Yamata-no-Orochi is dangerous! Do not touch its fangs or poison at all costs!]

Poison—. Samael flashes back in my mind but I doubt the poison it's as powerful as his. But it’s still the poison of an Evil Dragon. There’s no way I can just simply receive its attack head on!

I gather aura to my right arm and shoot the mass of aura at it immediately!

—A massive Dragon-Shot!

Several heads of Yamata-no-Orochi get blown away when being hit by my attack made up of demonic-power. –But they regenerate as if nothing happened!

There’s no end to this! Should I aim for the wielder!? When I look at the enemy I can see the Evil Dragon’s head around the man as if it’s protecting him. ……So he already predicted we will aim for him huh!

Well, with the endurance of these Dragon’s heads, we can easily blow them away! I simply need to blow all of them away in a single shot!


I make Dividing Wyvern Fairies appear from each of my jewels. When I give my command to them, the Wyverns fly in random directions in the air and surround the man. The Wyverns will attack the enemy at high speed at times. Well, they usually dodge it though.

But the preparation is set. With this I can reflect and boost my Dragon Shots to defeat the enemies instantly!


Asia shouts out my name. I know why. ……She’s telling me to not push myself.

Yeah, I did unlock the Longinus Smasher in my previous fight with Euclid. That effect is still remaining in me. ……Due to that attack being too powerful and dangerous, I used up the majority of my Dragon’s power. In other words boosting up my power by using the Wyverns will put too much stress on me. Using boost in Balance Breaker state would be fine for my stamina but using Wyverns on top of boosting would be pretty hard in my current state.

According to Ddraig I would need to wait a month for it to be fully charged. So it means using Wyverns in my perfect condition and also using Longinus Smasher would still take time. One shot per month. Should I say this is an expensive deal or a cheap deal? Well, it will depend on the situation but for my current self it's quite good. I did unlock such a strong attack. But there will be no point if I can’t use it when I’m in danger!

I shoot out my Dragon Shot lightly! The bullet of demonic-power gets reflected by one of the Wyverns and changes its course! One of the Evil Dragon’s heads let its guard down but another head responds to it and bites it down!

If several heads acts on their own like that, it means they can support each other and replace the fallen heads. And it feels like the Evil Dragon is starting to respond better to our actions! Rossweisse-san’s arrows of ice made by her magic are also dodged and Xenovia’s strike are evaded! My rapid Dragon Shots also get taken down by its massive flamethrower!


A suspicious scenery appears before my eyes. One of the heads—digs into the ground!

I have a bad feeling so I shout at Asia!

“Asiaaaaaa! Summon Fafniiiiiir!”

Asia tries to draw the Dragon Gate immediately but I can see the Evil Dragon moving through the ground as it pushes the ground up!

“I won’t let you!”

Xenovia releases aura from her holy-sword. The holy aura perfectly slices the Evil Dragon that is moving through the ground! —But it’s still moving at rapid speed despite being hit!

[Partner! If it has a powerful thought an Evil Dragon taking a physical form can still move even if it gets its head cut off!]

—! Damn it! The direction that head is moving towards! It’s heading towards Asia and Irina’s dad! Asia’s summon won’t make it in time!

Xenovia and I assessed the situation right away so we try to head their way. But several Yamata-no-Orochi’s heads stretch forward and block our path!

“ “You’re in the way!” ”

We eliminate the heads forcefully. —But the man makes a mad laughter!

“Hahahahahahahaha! My anger and Cleria’s revenge! I shall purify it with your soul!”

The Evil Dragon’s head which comes out from the ground! Rossweisse-san sends her magic-circle in front of it!

“I won’t let you!”

That magic hits right before the Evil Dragon hits Asia and Irina’s dad. The Evil Dragon’s head crumbles. But one of its fangs flies towards them—which grazes Irina’s dad on his shoulder.


Irina's dad receives damage on his shoulder. Asia tries to heal the wound immediately—but the man, Yaegaki, becomes so happy that he has tears flowing from his eyes.

“……This is fine. This is how it should be. Yeah, suffer. Suffer so much.”

Even the wound should be healed by Asia’s Sacred Gear, Irina’s dad falls on his knees and his body shakes violently.

—The poison!


Irina panics at her dad’s change but stands in front of Yaegaki right away!

“……How dare you attack papa?!”

Seeing Irina shiver in anger the man makes a satisfied expression.

“……That’s it. Do you understand? That’s anger. The emotion carried by those who had their loved ones hurt. Even if you are an Angel, you can’t hold down your rage due to having your family hurt, can you?”


Irina can’t argue back. The man simply puts on a evil smile.

—! An aura belonging to someone else approaches this place. When I look that way I witness Akeno-san, Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Gasper!

“We came flying here because we received a report about a dangerous aura being detected!”

The ORC is all here. The man falls back seeing that. He jumps to the rear and takes his distance.

“……Staying any longer would have myself exposed.”

Saying that, the man shouts towards Irina’s dad.

“Office-Chief! I will definitely take my revenge on you, Heaven, and the House of Bael! I will never forgive you all! Absolutely not!”

We try to reach him right away but a teleportation magic-circle appears below his feet instantly.

As he disappears into the light, the man says it at us.

“—The paradise called Kuou town you are living in is the result world of many sacrifices. The Devil who inherited that town and also carries the blood of the House of Bael as well as her servants. Remember that well.”

I came to a conclusion after seeing the emblem drawn on the magic-circle. That teleportation magic-circle—belongs to Qlippoth. The man—is an assassin sent by Qlippoth.

Life.2 The Forbidden[edit]

Part 1[edit]

After we were assaulted in the that town we went to, we took Irina’s dad who was injured in the battle to the medical facility of the Church-side located at Kuoh town by jumping there through a magic-circle.

Irina’s dad was subjected to a full medical check right away. The injuries he suffered were promptly healed by Asia’s ability. —The real problem, though, is the Evil Dragon’s poison which was injected into his body when his shoulder was grazed by the dragon's fangs.

The members of D×D gathered at the medical facility.

Irina……is looking down while sitting on a chair. She isn’t in shock due to the assault. It appears that Irina received a deep scar in her heart for not being able to protect her dad.

“……I couldn’t protect papa…… ……Papa was overjoyed when I became an Angel but I couldn’t……protect papa……”


Asia is sitting beside Irina and is looking after her.

Xenovia on the other hand……didn’t approach Irina.

“I might yell at Irina for how she’s acting now. But that will be a painful experience for her right now. Then it’s better for Asia to stick by her instead.”

—So that’s why she left this matter into Asia’s hands. There’s a special connection only existing between Xenovia and Irina. So she must have thought that staying beside Irina isn’t her place right now. So she isn’t confronting her on purpose. I think that’s Xenovia’s kindness.

……An assault straight after leaving Kuou town, huh. Seriously, you really can’t tell when and where they will attack you……

Two people approached us who are gathered in front of the room Irina’s dad is in. —It’s Rias and Azazel-sensei.

“I’m sorry for not being present at such a crucial time.”

“I’ve heard the details. We are currently having a discussion with the Church-side regarding the countermeasures against Qlippoth and the antidote for Officer-chief Shidou.”

Sensei then disappears far into the corridor.

Sister Griselda and the doctor come out of the room while I was talking to Rias about what happened on the crime scene.

“……There’s a poison which is thought to belong to an Evil Dragon present inside the Officer-chief’s body at this moment.”

Hearing that, Ddraig speaks out so everyone can hear.

[Yamata-no-Orochi’s poison, huh. That’s troublesome. It isn’t as poisonous as Samael’s poison but it’s still very lethal. If we leave him like this then he will die within a few days as the poison will even taint his soul. There are very few spell-casters or institutes that are able to cure him.]

Sister nods at Ddraig’s clear words.

“Yes, for that reason we are planning to take Officer-chief to Heaven. If it’s Heaven’s antidote, then it should be able to cure him even if it’s Yamata-no-Orochi’s poison. —Except.”


“Sister opens the door to the room when I asked.

“Apparently there’s something the Officer-chief wants to tell to all of you.”

After we looked at each other’s face we enter his room—


Irina jumps into her dad’s arms after seeing him laying on the bed.

“……I’m sorry. Even though I was chosen by Michael-sama……even though I became an Angel, I couldn’t protect you……”

Irina’s dad embraces his daughter who is in tears and is apologising with love.

“Hahaha, it isn’t Irina-chan’s fault. And please stop with the attitude as if I’m going to die. I will be receiving treatment in Heaven after this so don’t worry about me.”

Irina’s dad cheers her up as if he’s comforting her. ……Maybe it’s because of the poison inside his body, but the sweat on his face is showing pretty clearly how much pain he's suffering. ……There are parts of his skin that have changed and turned blackish. There is a tube which is connected to his arm so some kind of fluid must be in use to prevent the poison from spreading. But I guess it’s basically throwing water on a heated rock.

Irina’s dad opens his mouth after looking around us.

“……There’s something I need to discuss before I go to Heaven. It’s regarding that man who attacked us earlier.”

……The man, the one who has hold of the Ama-no-murakumo-no-tsurugi which is possessed by Yamata-no-Orochi.

“……His name is Yaegaki Masaomi. He was a skilled warrior of the Church, and previously my subordinate.”

“……When you say that “he was previously”, then what is he currently……?”

Irina’s dad answers Rias’s question.

“He already passed away. ……It’s because the Church executed him.”


Everyone becomes shocked at this! So that person is dead? Then how was he there? I question myself but I found the answer right away. —The Holy Grail. If you use the Holy Grail then that’s the answer. That man was revived with the use of the Holy Grail. That holy-sword must have been upgraded by using the Holy Grail to have the Evil Dragon possess it after it was stolen.

Irina’s dad continues.

“……All of you are aware about the reports saying priests of the Church are being attacked, correct?”

We all nod at his question. We received that report from Michael-san in Heaven.

“It must be his doing. He has enough motives to do it. And the ones that were killed were all my former comrades.”


What we are hearing right now is a shocking revelation so all of us are speechless. ……But there’s one thing I’m concerned about. It sounded like that man called Yaegaki knows about Kuou town. ……Irina’s dad was previously living at Kuou town. So this isn’t unrelated.

Irina’s dad then stops. Then, Rias says this after taking a breath.

“The truth is that those from the House of Bael are being attacked right now.”


We became even more shocked! So there’s a serious incident happening on that side as well! Not only me, but all the others are also shocked!

“……Isn’t that Sairaorg-san’s house?”

Rias nods when I ask.

“……There aren’t any victims among those from the House of Bael itself, but those close to the current Head who are the politicians of the Great King faction’s are being attacked. There are already those that have been killed.”

……Oh man. So something serious like that is happening elsewhere.

“The Church-side is being attacked and there are victims from the Devil’s side already……”

When Kiba mutters, Irina’s dad speaks while looking at the ceiling.

“This is no coincidence. The contact he made with earlier basically implies he is involved in all of them. Like I mentioned earlier he has enough reasons to do all of this.”

Rias asks.

“……What happened in this town exactly? I was told that the Devil who was in charge of this place was a relative of the House of Bael—basically it was in charge of someone from my mother’s family’s side, and I was only told that Devil was dismissed from its duty after causing a stir with the Church.”

Irina’s dad was shocked to hear that, but also seems convinced at what he just heard.

“……I see, so that’s how it is told on your side. ……Likewise, that’s how it is explained on our side. ……So you haven’t been told what exactly happened at Kuou town from your father or your brother then?”

“……I don’t think my father knows. He isn’t someone who would hide such things from me…… My brother……has his standing so I’m not sure. Except, there will be a messenger sent from the House of Bael’s side to the House of Gremory’s side after this…… It feels as though they are going to reveal the whole situation since they can’t keep this a secret anymore, even more so before it gets revealed to the public. I’ve just returned to come take my servants back with me.”

“……I see. So they are going to talk about it too. It will be better to hear all that from the House of Great-King’s side then. Except, let me share a bit about it. He……Yaegaki-kun fell in love with……a high-class female Devil who was in charge of Kuou town back then.”

Even though Irina’s dad is in a painful condition due to having poison circulating in his body, he covers his mouth and starts to shed many tears.

“The high-class female Devil was someone from the House of Belial’s branch family. Her name was Cleria Belial. ……We tore them apart at Kuou town…… ……I won’t be able to complain even if he was to shred me into pieces and kill me……! I’ve definitely done something deserving death anyway……! ……Yaegaki-kun, I’m sorry……! I’m so sorry……!”

Irina’s dad is mourning. Looks like the truth Irina’s dad is carrying inside him is going to be something which will surpass our wildest expectations—

Part 2[edit]

After Irina’s dad was taken to Heaven, we teleported to the Gremory castle through the magic-circle located in the Hyoudou residence basement.

The ones who are here are all the members of the Gremory group plus Irina. We had Ravel wait for us back at home. We thought it would be better to only let the people who will be involved in this matter to come. It appears that what we are going to hear is something which will have the Bael, no, the Gremory involved.

During our way to the reception room where the messenger of the House of Bael is waiting, I ask Rias a question in a low voice.

“……Rias, can you tell me one thing?”

She nods.

“Rias, did you know about the Devil called Cleria Belial?”

“……No, I was only told that the previous Devil in charge of that town was someone from the Great-King Belial’s branch family. That was also what was written on the documents and I even met that Devil face to face to hear that Devil’s experience at Kuou town. ……So all of this was a setup.”


So all the information Rias was told beforehand was made up. Though there’s no mistake that something terrible happened on that land. And Belial…… That means she’s a relative of the Rating Game’s Champion, Diehauser Belial-san, right? ……Geez, for us to be told the truth to what happened at Kuou town at such time. Is it a bad timing or good timing? I don’t know which is it.

……That person called Yaegaki called Rias a Devil who carries the blood of Bael. It seems like he knows about us. I guess Rizevim who revived him with the Holy Grail explained what happened after his death—and told him about Rias who is the new master of that land.

We advance through the corridor and finally reach the reception room.

Rias knocks on the door and says “Father, I have arrived”. We then hear Rias’s dad replying back to her saying “Come in”.

Rias opens the door and after she bows she goes in.

We follow after her and enter the room. The reception room has splendid looking sofas and tables equipped with ornaments as well as a fireplace.

“I’m glad you are all here.”

Rias’s Dad stands up and welcomes us. The one sitting on the sofa—is a middle-aged man. He’s wearing a noble’s attire. He has purple eyes and black hair. His eyes look peaceful, yet they carry the strength of someone who has no openings. ……He’s giving out a strong atmosphere of dignity from his whole body.

……I can understand it from the behaviour of Rias’s dad. This man is someone who stands in a higher authority than Rias’s dad.

The man puts on a firm smile.

“Hello there, Princess Rias.”

Rias’s Dad then tells his daughter.

“Rias, you must greet him. This person is—the first Head of House of Bael.”


Not only Rias, but all of us are in shock hearing that! He’s the first Head of……House of Bael!? Not the current Head……but the first! So he’s the one who became the origin of Devils called “Bael”!

The middle-aged man who is in fact the first Head of the House of Bael greets Rias once again.

“Nice to meet you, Princess Rias. My name is Zekrum Bael. Well, it will be enough for you to look in the Bible or read documents related to it to know about me.”

“……Hello there, I have heard about you……from the documents.”

Even Rias is a bit astonished at the appearance of the first Bael. She most likely didn’t expect this. We all thought that the messenger of Bael who would be coming here would be a subordinate of the current Head or his servant. Instead the one who appeared is super big shot, the first Bael! Of course we are shocked! Even I’m speechless!

The first Bael’s gaze moves to us, Rias’s servants.

“The Gremory group. I have heard about your achievements. I heard that you also get along with Sairaorg of our household……so let me thank all of you.”

The first Bael greets us politely then moves onto the main topic.

“Princess Rias, what you want to hear from me is……regarding the previous master of that town, correct?”

Rias who is in shock nods after taking a breath.

“……Yes. The enemies……one of the people helping “Qlippoth” said he will “take his vengeance on Heaven and the Bael”.”

Hearing that, the first Bael narrows his eyes.

“Hmm, where should I begin……”

Irina takes a step forward and says to the first Bael.

“Please. Tell us. My papa……I mean my father, was also apparently involved in it. Right now he is being targeted by that terrorist. Please tell us what happened at that town!”

The first Bael must have realised Irina’s identity—that she’s an Angel.

“……You are an Angel? When you mean involved, I presume he was an agent sent from the Church back then? Is it perhaps the human called Shidou?”

“Yes, my name is Shidou Irina. Shidou Touji is my father.”

Hearing that name the first Bael takes a big breath.

“……This must be fate then. Oh my, so much is happening after it became Sairaorg’s era. ……Let me ask you first. Do you know the connection between us and that land?”

Rias nods.

“Yes, it’s currently being governed by the Gremory, but I was told that previously it was a shared territory between the House of Bael and the House of Gremory.”

I heard that for the first time. Before Rias. No, even much before then it was a territory of both the Bael and Gremory?

“The majority of the places all of you are using now had our clan involved since ancient times. Though it was mainly controlled by the Gremory. Likewise for Kuou academy. —But there was one time when that location was appointed to sons or daughters of the nobles for a short period in order to let them gather experience. That girl was also among them.”

The first Great-King starts speaking quietly with a low-tone, which anyhow carried dignity.

—Kuou town was governed by a girl who hailed from the branch family of the high-class Devil clan, the House of Belial.

The Devil who was the predecessor of Rias. It was already different from what Rias has been told. Apparently, that girl was a cousin of the Game champion Diehauser Belial.

The first Bael continues.

“Cleria’s management was going accordingly. It showed signs like any other towns managed by a high-class Devil. But due to many coincidences, Cleria started a relationship with an human. No, I won’t blame her for that. A Devil having a relationship with an human isn’t rare since ancient times.”

The first adds.

—They are merely an existence with shorter life spans than us. For long living Devils, they are a suitable playmate to kill time for a short period.

But the first Bael’s eyes becomes serious.

“……Except, it will be a different matter if the human comes from the Church’s side.”

The first Bael catches sight of Irina.

“If it’s now, having an Angel present at this scene is allowed. But back then, not only having a meeting between Devils and those from the Church was impossible, but romance between the two was something unheard of. It would have been alright if you made those from the Church fall and use them as sex tools. However, proper romance was considered a taboo. ……Until six months ago, having these members present in such a meeting was impossible……seriously, there sure were many incidents that changed our values greatly ever since we entered this year.”

The first Bael made a sour look. Irina then questions him.

“……So the woman from Belial and the warrior of the Church was……”

“We could never allow such thing. Both sides tried to convince them of their different standpoints. —But their relation was already serious. Cleria……wasn’t doing it for pleasure, but had herself involved in a serious relationship with him which was wrong. Allowing that would mean giving an exception. So we decided to split them apart by using force. Likewise, from the Church side. Ironically, at that time we united even though we were foes. In order to protect each of our rules. Fufufu, don’t you reckon that both side are sinful beings?”

……All of us are speechless. ……Seriously, for such things to have happened behind the scenes at the town where I’m living at while I was present……

Rias then asks.

“So both of them have……passed away. ……You killed them, correct?”

The first Bael speaks plainly.

“It resulted as such in the end. We tried to convince her till the very end. —But the Church-side couldn’t stand the situation…..no, it may have been our side which took action first, but both sides solver each of their problems on their own.”

As a result the Devil who was managing that territory was temporarily absent. Even the Servant Devils that were protecting their master were either killed off or were sent to a remote area in the Underworld after receiving many “rewards”.

The Church side also had its staff reassigned since they had to terminate the irregularity that appeared amongst them. All of those affiliated with the Church based at Kuou Town, including Irina’s Dad, and those that were involved with the incident were sent overseas. Some of them were promoted as a reward. And some broke down because of the doubts born due to their own sense of justice or because they started doubting their beliefs in God due to having their hands tainted with the blood of their comrade.

From what the first Bael said, Michael-san most likely wasn’t informed about this and only a few among the Church know about this. Even people like Freed who was an ex-warrior of the Church and Balba Galilei didn’t know about what had happened in that territory. So I’m assuming the first Bael’s story is accurate.

……Though due to that incident, people affiliated with the Church disappeared from that town and this resulted in the Fallen Angels using that chance to enter that territory……

……But seriously, it’s such a cruel story which makes your negative emotion appear. Love between a Devil and human……it certainly does make you think they should have allowed it, but I am fully aware that the world of High-class Devils is something which surpasses my imagination. Especially when thinking of the Underworld before the peace treaty was made. ……From the perspective of nobles that take importance of their pride and blood relation, that incident certainly must have been a negative factor they would want to erase.

……It sure is a story that makes you burn with rage……but I have another emotion in me instead. ……If that incident didn’t appear Rias wouldn’t have come to my town nor would I have met Asia. We did meet in the end, but if the incident between that man and the woman from the Belial didn’t happen…… ……It sure does make me have mixed feelings about it.


Asia also looks sad as well as she's having mixed feelings too. That’s how she looks like right now. Maybe, no, I am certain that she’s having the same feelings as me right now. The tragedy of that swordsman and the Belial woman is heartbreaking, and I even want to make a complaint to the House of Bael as well as the Church for leaving the source of all this. But the fun days we have been experiencing became possible because of that incident……

——The paradise called Kuou Town all of you are living in is the world made from many sacrifices.

……What that man said before he left hits us hard.

After hearing the first Bael’s story, Rias’s Dad, the current Head of Gremory, puts his hand under his chin quietly.

“……This is something I am hearing for the first time. I never imagined such an incident happened in my daughter’s territory…… We certainly had our faults for leaving that territory in the hands of the Bael till it became my daughter’s turn, but we have maintained that land together, even if that may have been in name only. I definitely wanted to have this brought out to me.”

It feels as though he is a bit dissatisfied. The first Bael continues without being concerned.

“I apologise for twisting the past and handing that land to Princess Rias. But it’s a land which had such a thing occur. If we didn’t find the successor quickly there would be suspicions.”

Rias’s Dad closes his eyes.

“And a talented youth would have been ideal……correct? My daughter is the sister of Maou Lucifer. She also carries the blood of House of Bael. So you assumed she would be worthy enough to erase what had actually happened on the land?”

The first Bael makes a shallow smile.

“Even if the truth is revealed like now, it would be easy enough to cover the past by building many achievements if it’s a talented youth. —That’s what we thought, but the youth was so talented that the land turned into the place of peace among the Three Great Powers. So it resulted in gaining enough achievements to cover the past.”

……Certainly his aim was right on the spot. No, it nailed perfectly. Even now Rias is continuing to build splendid achievements. She became so famous that she’s considered as one of the big rookies. It would be bad to say this, but even if that incident gets revealed to the public, it wouldn’t be enough to shatter the achievements she has made. That land already has turned into a special area where the Three Great Powers would cooperate. Even if the past incident is revealed, it won’t be weird for people to think it's “too late already”.

However, Rias shakes her head and says it to the first Bael.

“I won’t say anything about hiding it from me since it would have the politics back then involved in this matter. But, why—”

Rias tries to continue by keeping her anger down much as possible. But the first Bael says what Rias was going to say.

“Why did we twist the truth? Why didn’t we tell the truth? Even to go far as to lie to Lord Gremory— Is that what you want to ask?”

Rias closes her mouth in dissatisfaction since he said the things she wanted to say.

The first Bael says it without caring.

“I have told Sirzechs-dono. If he didn’t tell you then that must be his affection of “love” towards you. You won’t be able to deny that. He didn’t want to give negative information and increase the hardships of his adorable sister. Don’t you think so? I will apologise for troubling him between Bael’s will and his love towards his sister. But I would like to praise him for his good choice to live up to expectations of both sides.”

Maybe that lit her fire. So Rias strengthens her words.

“But…… But! That truth has broken out now and for that reason that land became the target of the terrorists! If we knew about it beforehand, then……we might have been able to come up with a countermeasure. We might have been able to prevent casualties from both the Underworld-side and the Church-side……”

Hearing that, the first Bael laughs lively.

“Hahahaha, so young. Likewise with our Sairaorg and the son of the previous Lucifer-sama, Rizevim-bocchan. To act for a reason like humans.”

Then, the first Bael moves his gaze—at me.



He called me unexpectedly. The first Bael says it with a smile on his face.

“—How about you become a Maou in the future?”


……I don’t know how to respond to the unexpected word I just heard. The first Bael continues.

“With your popularity, it may turn interesting if you become a Maou.”

“S-Someone like me couldn't possibly become a Maou……”

The image of Maou I have in my head is Sirzechs-sama. To become like him is—

—But the first Bael says it straightforwardly.

“—You can. It’s a position which even our Sairaorg can aim for.”

“Even” our Sairaorg, huh.

“……Sairaorg-san is the next heir, isn’t he?”

The first Bael nods at my question.

“Yes, Sairaorg certainly is the next heir. He’s talented and even the people of our territory love him. —But I’m planning to make his younger brother the next Head. Once Sairaorg becomes the Head, we must have him become a Maou or get a position which comes after that once we give him several achievements.”

The first Bael says that clearly to everyone here.

“—Even now, and even in the past, the one who will become the successor of the main family for the Great-King Bael will be the one that has the power of destruction.”

……The seat to become the next Head which Sairaorg-san attained with his strength. So it’s just “temporary”……! He’s saying that——the one who shall inherit the title of Great King will be the one who has the power of destruction.

Then, I have the flashback of the discussion I had with Sairaorg-san. The man who battled me using fist with all he had. The one who used his body to fight the Evil Dragons in order to protect Auros Academy, and in order to protect the children’s dream. Even though he lacked in demonic-power, he’s a man who compensated that with something else in order to move forward……!

“……Don’t know why, but it sounds like Great King's title is greater than Maou one.”

I said that to the first Bael with a negative meaning.


Rias warns me. —But the first simply smiles.

“Princess Rias, it's okay. —Because that’s the way it is.”

……So he won’t even deny it.

“The ones who supported the Devils of the Underworld after the death of the previous Maou-samas’ weren’t the Maou’s clan but the House of the Great King. Maou is nothing more than a “symbol”.”

He even said a Maou is a “symbol”. For this Devil who had been living since ancient time, the current Maous’ are merely children to him.

“Obviously there is no value in a mere “symbol”. We needed a Devil with strength and charisma. In terms of that Sirzechs-dono and Ajuka-dono were ideal. They took their positions while understanding that very well. They even know how to have a mutual relation with the Great King’s side. From our point of view they are an ideal role model for a Maou.”

There’s something I am feeling when the first Bael is speaking without hesitation. For ancient Devils who are old, they tend to not care about lives and they tend to be emotionless. That’s what I was told at least. Even Rizevim said himself that he was basically like a robot until Euclid pushed him. Since he lived so long his value for other people's lives was poor.

But there are irregulars. For example Mephisto Pheles-san who is the chairman of the Magician’s organization. Even the first Bael who is in front of me doesn’t feel “empty”. He is filled with ambition. ……Devils who can do many things and has to do many things may make you feel that they are still active even if they have aged.

When I had such feeling, the first Bael continues after a small laugh.

“I heard that Rizevim-bocchan and the lost son of Lucifugus said it to you. —To be evil. ……Fufufufu, they are indeed young.”

After he looks around us, the first Bael says it while giving out strong eyes like that of Sairaorg-san.

“I would want all of you who will become the centre of the young generation. The real Devils refer to kins of High-class Devils that has been foretold since ancient times. Others besides that are “servants” and not real Devils. Such are the “commoners” and “reincarnated ones”. Being evil or not will change with the perspectives of humans and other forces. I don’t see the need to become evil. To keep the society of nobles continuing for eternity is what a “Devil” should do.”

……It certainly does feel like a word coming from the man standing at the top of the House of Great King who takes importance of old teachings. I see. So Devil only refers to pureblood nobles. So he’s denying the existence of us and normal Devils that live in the Underworld. But the fact about there’s no need for Devils to be evil is……something I agree with.

……There’s one more thing I understand.

The face of the first Bael when he spoke out his mind resembled Sairaorg-san. It made me realise painfully that he’s Sairaorg-san’s ancestor. Even if they have different thoughts, they are both Bael. ……No, not just Sairaorg-san. He even resembles someone close by—

The first Bael stands after taking a breath.

“……Hmm, looks like I’m being influenced by the young ones since I just spoke out my thoughts which is unfitting for my age. I apologise. I was only planning to talk about the situation regarding Kuou Town…… Looks like I made all of you listen to the long speech of an old man.”

The first Bael makes a bitter smile. He then says this.

“Regarding the incident in which there are casualties from the Bael-faction. Normally, we would prefer to send someone from our side but for this time I shall leave it to the D×D. It appears that there is someone who is observing how the Bael will move. We judged that taking action carelessly would be a bad move.”

……He sure is taking extra cautions.

The first Bael then says.

“……I am sorry that I kept quiet about that town. —I shall take my leave now.”

“Zekrum-sama, let me send you off.”

Rias’s Dad gives his hand but he declines the offer.

When he walks past us, Rias says to the first Bael.

“I……love Hyoudou Issei who is standing here.”


I become emotional……at the unexpected confession from Rias. Rias……Rias……!

She even said that without any fear even though she was just told such a story from someone who stands above her……!

The first Bael lifts his smile.

“Yes, that’s fine. I won’t deny romance between different species now.”

The first Bael looks at me this time.

Alright, I will also shout that I like Rias—— I’m filled with spirits, but—

“Hyoudou Issei-kun. It appears you want to say something to me too. But let’s refrain from talking here anymore than this.”

The first Bael rests his hand on my shoulder.

“—You need to become a High-class Devil. It won’t be too late to talk after that. If you manage to promote then come to my castle along with Princess Rias. I will serve you a piecake made from the special apples of the territory of Bael. And also, I don’t hate you or Sairaorg much as the current Head of our house. Instead, I feel you two are doing well. But I’m an old Devil. I won’t seek for a change now.”

The first Bael leaves the scene after saying this.

“You should definitely retrieve Agreas. Even more so if you are planning to become a High-class Devil.”

……An indescribable atmosphere flows after the first Bael left. ……Even though he said he’s an old Devil, he is still lively like a young one. So even if he lived for ten thousand years, he can still shine without getting dull if you have something you are shouldering and have an aim you want to fulfil, huh.

Normally, I would have wanted to make a complaint, but it feels as if I was pushed back by the first Bael’s intensity.

“So that’s the first Bael. He seems to have a fanatical view……but he would still acknowledge even if he denies it huh. He’s also different from the Old-Maou faction. ……The top of the Great-King faction huh.”

It appears there’s something going in Xenovia’s mind as well.

“……He was scary and he had some pressure in him. But he seems much better than the Vampire’s nobles.”

Looks like Gasper felt something too. I’m sure he must have compared him to the pureblood Vampires that are in his homeland.

Rias’s Dad who is standing next to me says it to me.

“I’m sure there were things you couldn’t say to him, but your feeling have most likely reached him.”

Rias’s Dad says to me like how a father would say to his son.

“Ise-kun, remember it very well. That man is the actual man standing at the top of the Great-King faction. You can say that the political influence he has is greater than Sirzechs. After all, he is a man who has been watching over the Underworld ever since the birth of Devils. The years he has lived are far different to us. If the Four Great Maous such as Sirzechs and others are the light of the Devils than that man called Zekrum Bael-sama is the shadow of the Devils.”

……The man standing at the top of Great-King faction. And he appears to have a stronger influence than Sirzechs-sama.

Rias then mutters.

“……What was started by the Great-King shall be solved by the one who carries the blood of the Great-King. I guess that’s the reason why I was chosen as the successor of that land.”

I then reach a conclusion. Oh, I see. It’s natural for me to feel a resemblance between the face and attitude of the first Bael and not only just Sairaorg-san, but also someone close to me.

That person is also someone who would be considered as an ancestor for even Rias—

Part 3[edit]

We had a discussion with Rias’s Dad regarding the future of Kuou Town after we heard the story from the first Bael. What we need to do first is to overcome the danger that will fall on us. We came to the conclusion that we can try to solve what happened in the past after that.

The House of Belial who couldn’t reveal it to the public despite knowing the truth (Though it appears that the ones who know about the truth are the previous Head and a small group of them. Others are told that Cleria of the branch family committed a crime). Rias’s Dad is going to negotiate with the House of Belial to have them explain the situation to us. And it seems like the House of the Great King Bael won’t be stopping him from taking that action. Since the first Bael came to the House of Gremory of his own accord, the current Head and those that serve under him can’t intervene.

Well, that man called Yaegaki Masaomi probably won’t back down. His action to attack those related to Bael means that we can’t ignore the possibility of Rias being targeted. So we need to be on alert.

We returned to Kuou Town after leaving the Gremory castle. We told everyone including Azazel-sensei of what we have heard from the first Bael. Sensei also put on a complicated look, but he just said one thing.

“……I do feel that they should have trusted Rias more and shared this with her……but since it was before the peace treaty, unavoidable incidents like this happened quite often.”

He didn’t say much but I think Sensei has experienced a lot himself.

Sensei also says this to Rias.

“Rias, don’t blame Sirzechs. He’s a soft brat. You can also say he’s acting too much like a brother to you. —But due to his mutual relation with the Great King Faction, this town was probably the only territory he could hand to you. But this town is a good place. The Kuou Academy. And also the other institutes. I think Sirzechs gave as much support as he could.”

Rias says.

“I know. I have experienced good times till now in this town. Without having any discomfort. ……And I realised that was Onii-sama’s love towards me once again. Even if the crimes committed in the past were altered and even if he couldn’t tell me the truth……I don’t have even the slightest right to blame my brother.”

The current Kuou Academy must have been prepared for Rias by Sirzechs-sama. In order to have her experience a peaceful high school life without any troubles—

The next day, we moved to First Heaven where Irina’s Dad was taken to. Hearing Irina’s Dad’s story who was the key person of that incident after we heard the story from the Bael was part of our reason. Irina’s Dad also wants to hand something to us.

The medical facility of First Heaven was a mix of modern and fantasy contracture. It’s a place with mixed culture just like the Underworld since there’re things like the electronic devices from the human world and a floating bed.

We got let into Irina’s Dad’s room. Even though the incident happened yesterday it appears that the poison has weakened quite a lot. He looks better and the black symptoms that appeared on his body have lessened. I become relieved since his treatment is going positively.

We explain to Irina’s dad of what we have heard in the Underworld. Irina’s dad simply stayed quiet and listened to our report.

Irina’s dad who lifted his upper body up tells everyone.

“……We continued to convince Yaegaki-kun to the very end. Our general logic back then……no, even now we think that a romance between a Devil and the followers of the Church is unforgivable. And even if she happened to be someone from a branch family, she was still a Devil from the House of Belial…… So we would turn the whole Belial itself into our enemies. And the current Belial is no other than……”

“The Champion of Rating Game, Diehauser Belial——. His strength is said to rival that of the Maous.”

Irina’s dad nods his head at Rias’s words.

“……If we failed to convince him, Emperor Belial himself would show up. If that happened it wouldn’t be a mere quarrel. ……But it appeared the Devil’s side had the same opinion. ——So a Devil from the Bael’s faction came to us.”

——We shall cooperate. We also want to settle this quietly.

It was the same for the Devil’s side as they also didn’t want to start a war. So the Church-side——Irina’s dad and his comrades made a temporary alliance with the Bael-faction in the shadows. This is also what the First Bael said.

As a result, they succeeded in eliminating the “rebels” secretly without having outsiders find out.

Irina’s dad then tells Irina with a sad face.

“……Irina-chan, daddy’s hands are very tainted. They're so dirty that I can’t call myself the father of you, Irina-chan, who is an Angel…… ……I’m sorry I kept it as a secret. We moved to England because daddy was incompetent. If I had done better than you wouldn’t have had to separate from Ise-kun…… I’m really sorry.”

Irina shakes her head at her dad who is apologising to her.

“……Please stop, papa. I’m also……a warrior. I can understand that you didn’t have another option back then…… ……You were also in pain right, papa? So you don’t need to apologise…… I will protect you. Even if you caused a sin in the past, I will still protect you. –—Because we are family.”


Irina’s dad covers his eyes with his hands at his daughter’s words. Xenovia who is also from the same warrior background as Irina has her eyes closed.

……Even I had Rias tell me “not to get involved” with the Church when I met Asia for the first time.

Rias tells Irina’s dad.

“The incident in the past……even if each side had their reasons it was still a sad tragedy. But as long as he is borrowing Qlippoth’s strength and is causing terrorism, we cannot leave him be. ——We will stop him. Whatever the outcome will be, the tragedy and sorrow will increase if we don’t stop him now.”

We responded by nodding our head at Rias’s strong determination.

Hearing that, Irina’s dad wipes his tears and tells Irina.

“The truth is, my Angel. Daddy didn’t come back just for the Christmas project. I came because there’s something I want to give you.”

Saying that, Irina’s dad takes out a large suitcase which was positioned next to the bed. He urges Irina to open it. What lies under the suitcase is——

“This is—”

Irina takes out what was inside. It’s……a single sword which is giving out a quiet wave of holy aura.

Irina’s dad then says.

“The wielder of Durandal, the paladin Roland. The sword wield by Olivier who was Roland’s childhood friend as well as his best friend—— Hauteclere.”

——The holy sword Hauteclere!

The sword which belonged to the best friend of Durandal’s wielder! For some reason I sense some kind of fate due to Xenovia and Irina’s relationship!

Irina’s dad continues.

“The sword which is said to be only touchable by those with pure hearts. The trait of it is to purify even those that are cut by it. From the results of its trait, it was determined that Irina-chan is most qualified for it. Of course it has to do with your particles being enhanced by turning into an Angel. The researchers also said it activated because you have been a long partner to Xenovia-san who holds Durandal.”

Having him say that, Irina and Xenovia looked at each other. Irina having become capable of touching that sword implies that she has attained the factor to wield it.

Irina’s dad then says.

“……Irina. Please stop Yaegaki-kun with this sword.”

Having received the holy sword, Irina nods with determined eyes.

“Papa……thank you! I will stop that person!”

Irina’s dad finally shows his smile.

After having several more discussions with him, all of us leave the room since we have seen him and finished informing our report to him

Then Irina’s dad says it to me.

“……I’m sorry but can Ise-kun stay? There’s something I need to speak to him about.”

Having him say that, I look at Rias to get her approval and remained in the room.

The room where there’s only the two of us. Irina’s dad speaks after a pause.

“……Ise-kun, Irina-chan won’t be able to live like a normal girl due to her trait after becoming an Angel. On top of that she’s the Ace of Michael-sama. She won’t be able to become a normal girl again.”

……Irina doesn’t show it, but an Ace of Michael-san is an amazing role. It may be a heavy burden for Irina who is only seventeen years old.

Irina’s dad smiles after saying the harsh reality.

“—But she was given an exception. She was allowed to act like a girl only in front of you.”

Irina’s dad takes my hand and begs.

“Ise-kun, I beg you, please take care of Irina. That girl……has been raised while being exposed to the thoughts of the Church……since she was young. There are many things she doesn’t know as a girl. I want you to make her feel it. If it’s you and Irina, I believe you two will get along while surpassing the ideology and your standings.”


Irina’s dad has an endless amount of tear drops pouring from his eyes.

“……Why couldn’t I say something so simple like that to Yaegaki-kun and her…… Even if it was against our teaching…… Why couldn’t I……do anything……”

I put my hands over his hand. I then tell Irina’s dad.

“Uncle, I…… Whoever Irina may be, I think of her as my important childhood friend……and as an important girl. So I will continue to smile together with Irina.”

Countless numbers of tear drops fall from Irina’s dad’s eyes.

“……Thank you…… Thank you……”

Yeah, even if I may be a Devil and Irina may be a Angel, I will definitely continue to smile together with her.

“Ise-kun, can I have a second?”

When I exited the room I took a break at the resting room of First Heaven when Irina came to ask for me.

At the rooftop of a tall building. You can examine the scenery of First Heaven from there. Seriously, even if this place may be the frontline base of the Angels, there are many buildings just like the city of the human’s world and the Underworld. There’s floating buildings up in the sky. Even if I may be wearing an artificial halo, it makes me wonder if even I can become an Angel and have such illusion. Well, being an Angel won’t suit someone lewd like me.

Irina asks me while I lean against the handrail.

“Hey, Ise-kun. Do you remember what I talked to you about recently? About how I started to understand Rias-san more.”

“Yeah, the story where the two of you started getting along by talking about my childhood, right?”

“Ever since I returned to that town, not only did I get along with Rias-san and Xenovia who was my former comrade, I also started to get along with Asia-san, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Kiba-kun, Gasper-kun, Rossweisse-san, Ravel-san, Kiryuu-san, and everyone else at school. Yes, I even got along with the Dragon God Ophis-san.”

Yup, Irina certainly does open up with different sorts of people so quickly. She even talked to that unapproachable Arthur of the Vali team in a carefree attitude. I think that’s also a different kind of talent.

“I know. Irina, you sure do get along with different kinds of people without distinguishing them. Even I want to learn how to naturally approach people like you.”

But Irina puts on a gloomy face.

“……To be honest I’m full of worries inside me where I go, “Can I get along with this person?”, you know? But I’m Michael-sama’s Ace. I need to be able to confront others without distinguishing them. I……need to make Michael-sama’s compassion into real form as possible.”

To personify as Michael-san’s Ace, huh.

“……But there’s one thing I've come to question. If I had remained in that town together with Xenovia back then, would I have become a Devil……and would I be different from now. I start to wonder if I could have got along with the ORC members even more.”

……A possible future like that may have been possible.

“Ise-kun is a Devil and I’m an Angel. Until recently both of us were humans. But we are different kinds now.”

I was actually a human till April and Irina was also a human till summer.

……We are different kinds, huh. I think Irina is concerned about the tragedy that happened in the past at Kuou town. The happening between different kinds——. She may have compared that with herself, an Angel, and me, a Devil.

“Yeah, but even so. Even if you are an Angel, I don’t care. It doesn’t change the fact that you are my childhood friend and there’s no way the fact of you being my classmate at Kuou academy will change either.”

I said that to Irina directly to her face. Since I learned about that incident I wanted to say this to her no matter what——.

“—There’s no such thing as a forbidden thing between me and you. No, even if it was forbidden, I’m still your childhood friend. If you are in danger I will definitely save you.”

Irina turns red and becomes happy hearing that. But she suddenly looks down.

“……If both Rias-san and I get in danger, who will you save?”

“I will save both. That’s why I’m desperately trying to get stronger.”

I answer right away. Of course. I will save both Rias and Irina. Of course I will. They are both important to me—. It doesn’t matter whether I’m a Devil or she’s an Angel.

Irina’s voice starts shaking.

“……That was unfair of me. ……I still asked because I wanted to play you even though I knew you would say that. But……right now, I really wanted to hear that……!”

She’s crying…… I hug Irina without saying anything.

“I will answer what you asked just before. Even if you did turn into a Devil back then and even if you are an Angel right now, our relationship wouldn’t change. ——No matter what happens from now, I’ll remain as your ally.”

Irina starts crying even more. She tightens her hug and her voice starts shaking.

“……The one who was unfair was you, Ise-kun. If you say something like that……I can’t hold it…… ……I won’t be able to leave you……!”

“Then stay. ——Lets smile together again.”

“……Yes. ……Yup!”

It should be okay for a Devil and an Angel to stay together forever.

We are living in an era where such a situation is now possible——.

Part 4[edit]

While Rias, Akeno-san, and Irina left us to have a discussion with Griselda-san who came from the human world, the remaining ORC members are resting at the open space area, a place similar to a park, of First Heaven.

There Asia experiments whether she can summon the four new Dragons she made pacts with. Asia then says it to four black Dragons.

“Alright then, Anselmus-san, Cyril-san, Gregorios-san, and Simeon-san. Please behave when you are here in Heaven. It seems like the Angels want to have a quick check through all of you so please follow their instructions. They said there won’t be anything scary happening so there’s nothing to worry about.”





Several Angels who appeared to be researchers start their investigations on the Evil Dragons summoned by Asia in a frightened manner.

Xenovia says with amazement when she sees that.

“……Even if they are mass-produced, she can still control the Evil Dragons.”

Yeah, the pantsu cooking class which was done by Fafnir succeeded in changing the hearts of four Evil Dragons of all people!

Mainly the Evil Dragons that were in tears and applauding by seeing the cooking show approached Asia after the battle of Auros academy. What was shocking was how their evil intents were completely gone from them. It’s something still fresh in my memory since even Azazel-sensei was dumbfounded by this.

……Asia who can even tame Evil Dragons. ……Looks like something amazing is happening. Just look at those relieved eyes the Evil Dragons are showing towards Asia……! Asia is stroking the Evil Dragons with the smile of a Holy maiden. By the way, it seems like she took their names from the historical prophets of Christianity. A prophets’ name for the Evil Dragons! Is it respect or disrespect……

Koneko-chan then says.

“……From what I heard, Asia-senpai’s name is spreading fast in the world of the Dragons. As the girl who made a pact with Fafnir.”

Seriously? Dragons are well-known to not get involved with the world's dynamics. Isn’t it an amazing feat being able to to get their attention……?

Kiba continues.

“From what I heard from Azazel-sensei, Asia-san’s fame is being spread among the Dragons by taming the Evil Dragons. That’s because only beings like the Wicked Gods and the Evil Gods were the ones able to tame the Evil Dragons in the past.”

……You are saying Asia possess potential like that of a God!? So she exceeded my expectations and has reached the Gods zones……?

Rossweisse-san also says.

“Right now Rizevim is doing what a Wicked God and Evil Gods would do…… Even so, it means that Asia-san’s talent as a Dragon tamer is exceptional.”

It seems like her name will be recorded in the future as a legendary Dragon-tamer…… No, I think she’s doing something amazing already.

Azazel-sensei also asked for Asia’s assistance for his research about the mass-produced Evil Dragons.

……Well, Rossweisse-san who praised Asia is also amazing herself. Rossweisse-san’s essay which she wrote in the past regarding 666’s seal is currently being investigated. Apparently she is coming up with the spell formula together with the Grigori right now. If this continues it will be one of a powerful trump card, so Sensei said we can get the upper hand against Qlippoth. ……Obviously it’s unknown of how much it would work if the seal gets completely removed. So the research from here on would be the key.

Then Xenovia says.

“……I’m envious of you, Asia.”

Xenovia looks at the Evil Dragons with envy. Asia turns red.

“I-It’s nothing much…… How about you also learn the spell to make a pact with a Dragon together with me, Xenovia-san?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. Asia gets loved by everyone. The way you get loved by everyone makes me want it as well.”

“Xenovia-san is much more a charming person than me!”

Xenovia smiles at Asia’s words.

“Thank you. But I don’t think I can win the election which will begin right after the new year if I don’t polish myself even more.”

Yeah, the presidential election will start very soon! Many things happened so I tend to forget about school matters.

I then tell Xenovia.

“That reminds me. A member of the current student council is also participating in the election. ……I think Saji volunteered as Vice-president. He did say that it suits him better to support the Student President as a Vice-President than being a Student President himself.”

It made me feel he’s a genuinely supportive guy. But I guess it means that he knows that position will allow him to bring out his true strength even more.

Irina continues.

“I think the person who volunteered to become the President was the “Bishop” Hanakai Momo-san. It seems like she will gain strong support from the students due to her solid views and for her past achievement of supporting the student council from the shadows.”

She doesn’t stand out much but she has always been standing next to Kaichou and has been observing the student council. It seems like she will stand in Xenovia’s way in the election as her rival.

Xenovia then says.

“There are several candidates from the common students as well. There will be many rivals.”

She says that but her eyes are burning with fire!

Maybe she became curious. So Irina asks Xenovia.

“……If someone other than a Devil wins, how will the student council function? Especially about our true identity. …..Will we inform that person just in case?”

Kiba continues.

“Apparently Rias-buchou and Sona-kaichou have many things in mind about that. Well, including that part it seems like this upcoming election will become interesting.”

Just like Kiba, I am also looking forward to it. I obviously want Xenovia to win. It sure does make me keen on finding out who will be the successor of the current student council that is led by Sona-kaichou!

Asia jumps into Xenovia’s arms.

“I will also help you, Xenovia-san!”

Irina also wraps her arm around Xenovia’s arm!

“Same here! I will definitely make you win! First of all, let’s discuss about the details of the manifesto and the pamphlets we will be handing out before the new year!”

Xenovia becomes emotional when she hears that.

“Sob…..I sure do have good friends! It’s so reassuring that it makes me cry!”



“Yeah, Asia, Irina!”

“ “ “Amen!” ” ”

Wow, the Church-trio are giving their prayers to Heaven!

Kiba shows a peaceful smile.

“I guess we will also be cheering them on. As fellow club members and group members.”

“We sure will.”

Koneko-chan nods.

—I suddenly become curious so I decided to ask.

“Hey, Kiba, Koneko-chan. What happened with both of your Magician’s pact?”

I made a pact with Le Fay but what’s going on with others? I did hear things like temporary pacts but what’s the real deal? Lately I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t ask. So here I am asking them now.

“I made a temporary pact.”

“……Same here. And same goes for Akeno-san. Buchou, Asia-senpai, Xenovia-senpai, Gyaa-kun, and Rossweisse-san hasn’t decided yet.”

That’s what Kiba and Koneko-chan said.

Ah, so Kiba and Koneko-chan made a temporary pact huh. I knew that Akeno-san made a temporary pact aswell. But others haven’t decided yet, huh.

I ask them since I became even more curious.

“So, what are your Magicians like?”

“My Magician is a boy. Even though he seems to be a grade school boy, he skipped grades. He’s quite young but is gifted.”

“……My Magician is a girl who is the same age as me. She’s quite the outgoing one.”

Kiba’s Magician is a guy! Choose a girl! And he happens to be a grade school boy…… And Koneko-chan’s Magician is an outgoing girl. If she’s the same age as her that makes her a first year. I am curious about her…… By the way, Akeno-san said she made a pact with a quiet girl.

Yup. I really do want to talk about our Magicians with everyone next time. But since my Magician is Le Fay who is a gifted girl, it seems like she will make achievements without my help and that makes me feel bad. If Ravel was here then she would be angry at me if I said that. Ravel is currently waiting for us in the human world.

……It happens when I thought Rias and others are a bit late while I looked at my watch.

—! Heaven gets shaken violently!

An earthquake!? That’s what I initially thought but this place is above the sky! So the earth can’t shake! Others also became suspicious so we look around us! Even the Angels looking at Asia’s Evil Dragons and the Angels walking by also make shocked faces! Heaven being shaken must be something even the Angels never anticipated!

Then many Angel’s symbols appear while flashing on the whole sky which informs us something has happened!

“—What the!?”

The security Angel rush towards us who are in shock.

“……The Evil Dragon, the Qlippoth has attacked us……!”

We tremble with fear hearing that—

Life.3 D×D Also Launches To Heaven[edit]

Part 1[edit]

We, the D×D, gather in the strategy control room located in First Heaven. Rias, Akeno-san, Irina, Sister Griselda, and the Brave Saints that were present in First Heaven surround the table.

What is on the centre of the table is a holographic vision which shows the situation of each level.

……The Evil Dragons really are rampaging in Heaven! Second Heaven, Third Heaven, and Fourth Heaven have been attacked by the enemies who are engaged in a furious battle with the soldiers of the Angels.

“It appears the enemies have made their way in from Third Heaven which is the resting place of the souls!”

One of the Brave Saints gives such a report. On the vision——an enormous sky city appears! I know that Third Heaven is the most spacious location of Heaven, but the enemies intruded while bringing the floating island from the Underworld! Herds of Evil Dragons appears from Agreas! It really has turned into their nest!

What also appears in the vision are strong foes we have faced before!

“……Ladon, Walburga, and even Crom Cruach!”

The ones that are in the vision are Ladon and Walburga, the witch who uses the Holy Cross, who are taking down the Angels! They are causing destruction in Heaven as they like!

Crom Cruach is the only one who simply dodges the Angels attacks and isn’t that assertive in attacking them. ……He’s simply battling as if he’s just doing his share of work while being uninterested in all of this.

I then give my opinion at the vision I am currently seeing.

“Just how on earth did Qlippoth intruded into Heaven……? They can’t just force their way in here like they did in the Underworld, right?”

Aren’t there limited ways through which you can enter Heaven? I did hear that there aren’t as many ways as for the Underworld.

I spoke my doubts and a familiar face appears in one of the visions positioned at the corner of the table.

[——Most likely from the realm of the dead.]

It’s Azazel-sensei who is currently on earth! Rias asks him.

“Azazel, how is the situation over there?”

[Not good. The entrance to Heaven has been shut down from this side as well. So we can’t send reinforcements.]

Yeah, just as Sensei said, the gate which connects the human world and Heaven has been shut! We can’t open it from this side and now from their side.

[So you haven’t found out the reason behind this?]

Sister Griselda shakes her head at Sensei’s question.

“No. Right now the Seraphs are trying to figure out the cause of this but for the most they are concentrating on keeping down the influence this will cause on Seventh Heaven…… Likewise the whole elevator in Heaven has stopped functioning.”

The higher-ups of Heaven are strengthening the protecting barrier on Seventh Heaven, the highest floor with the “system”, due to this unexpected situation. After all, it will be our defeat if they intrude that floor. Obviously the Sacred Gears but also the sources of the teachings as well as Heaven may collapse. If that happens……! I don’t even want to imagine it!

“Sensei! By realm of the dead, you mean……”

I ask Sensei.

[If you were to enter Heaven then there will be very few ways. You would either go through the main gate like how you guys did, or you get accepted there as a follower of the Church after your death. And the other option is to go up there in another way.]

Sister Griselda realises something after hearing that.

“——Limbo and Purgatory!"

Sensei nods.

[Yeah, they are different from Heaven and Hell. It’s the place where followers go after their death. Limbo and Purgatory were prepared for the deceased with special circumstances. ……This is just my hypothesis but there is a chance that bastard Hades who is the God of the realm of the dead either knew or made an entrance to Limbo and Purgatory.]

One Angel then appears with a report!

“Reporting! The door of Purgatory which leads to Third Heaven had been destroyed!”

——! So Sensei’s hypothesis turned out to be true!

……Damn. So that skeleton God gets involved here……! So that God is cooperating with Qlippoth? It’s possible! That God hates the Devils and the Fallen Angels! So he would also hate Heaven which belongs to the different force! Even if the core leader of Qlippoth is the son of the former Lucifer, it seems like he would help the terrorists just in order to get us!

Sister Griselda then says.

“……We received a report that Apophis, one of the legendary Evil Dragons that was most likely revived by the Holy Grail, had descended to the realm of the dead.”

Rias puts her hand under her chin.

“According to the legends Apophis is one of the Dragons who had strong relations with the realm of the dead—and Hell. It wouldn’t be surprising for it to descend to the realm of the dead……but I do wonder if Hades will cooperate without any reward. He did an evil deed and had Onii-sama and Azazel warn him that “there won’t be next time” just recently……”

Hades enraged Sirzechs-sama and Azazel-sensei by helping the Hero-faction. I heard Michael-san was quite angry as well. I think it’s thoughtless of him to do an evil deed so easily like this for the second time.

Sensei then says.

[……From the new info we had Euclid spit out, there are legendary Evil Dragons which had been resurrected while Rizevim’s manipulation isn’t working. Those three Evil Dragons would be Crom Cruach, Aži Dahāka, and Apophis. All of them are monsters. He said that……they made deals with Rizevim.]


[Yes, Rias. ——He told them “I will release you if you take my conditions”. I couldn’t find out about the deals in detail but those deals are most likely to be “make a pact with any God-class beings regardless of the forces they are from”. I don’t know about the other two but Apophis has made a pact with Hades at least. I’m judging that——Rizevim gained a way into Heaven from Hades through Apophis.]

…………That’s unforgivable……!

I shout at Sensei.

“S-So what!? So Qlippoth would make an excuse by saying “Apophis and others were released” or even say that “they escaped on their own” so making a pact with others was done on their own as well!? And Hades would also make an excuse that he made a pact with a runaway Evil Dragon and he hasn’t cooperated with the Qlippoth!? There’s no way such an excuse would be allowed! This is totally insane!”

Sensei narrows his eyes at me who is in a rage.

[……I know. ——It’s frustrating but this isn’t the time to be questioning them. We are thinking of trying to open Heaven’s gate from this side somehow. So I want your side to try and open it as well.]

The Brave Saints nod at Sensei’s words and move out.

“What are their motives……?”

Xenovia says while narrowing her eyes.

“Are they after the “system” which is on the uppermost floor?”

Asia says that but Sensei shakes his head.

[They won’t be able to get there so easily. Normally no one besides the Seraphs can step a foot in there. If an irregular one enters then he gets teleported to a different location. You can even go so far as to call that a work of God due to receiving a really powerful teleportation. Even still, we don’t know what they will do. It’s natural for Michael and others to strengthen the guard on the uppermost floor.]

“Sounds like you have experienced it.”

When I say that Sensei shrugs his shoulder.

[Well, when I stepped foot in there before without the God’s permission I was sent away to some remote place on the human’s world. I just wanted to take a tiny bit of a look at the Sacred Gear system but that God was so stingy……]

“Then Qlippoth’s aim would be Sixth Heaven where Heaven’s main base is located?”

I say the next possible target but Sensei also rejected that.

[……Go there for what? To exterminate the Seraphs? Well, it would be a great achievement for them if they can pull that off, but Rizevim and the Evil Dragons will also receive casualties if they face off against them.]

“So there is a floor they are after?”

[Yeah, even if it’s them, there is a limit to the floor they can advance to with their current manpower. ……It could be Third Heaven, Fourth Heaven, or it’s even possible that it’s Second Heaven where it’s the place those related to the Babel’s tower are imprisoned in…..]

“What about Fifth Heaven where you were located in the past? Isn’t that a research institute right now?”

[So you think they will go and take the Brave Saints’ cards? Well, it’s not like they aren’t interested in it. There should be research being done currently in that place though.]

Sensei asks Sister Griselda.

[……Griselda, what’s the current situation with the tree of life located on Third Heaven and the tree of wisdom located on Fourth Heaven?]

“……Both of the trees are present but they haven’t borne fruit for a while. The fruits stopped nurturing ever since the lord passed away.”

Sensei starts to think after hearing that.


I ask with suspicion but Sensei starts mumbling to himself.

[Qlippoth, the one which is located on the opposite side of the tree of life. That’s what they call themselves. It won’t be weird for them go after it. Unsealing the 666 would go much smoother and quicker with that fruit…… It’s possible that they would use that as a tool to negotiate with the Gods from other forces that have evil intents……]

A certain vision appears on the table while we still don’t know the motives of the enemies.

——That man with the Amano-murakumo-no-tsurugi stepped foot inside Fifth Heaven of the area where the laboratory is located at!

Sister Griselda put on a serious look when she sees that.

“…………This is bad. Currently Chief-officer Shidou went up to Fifth Heaven in order to get his treatment for the final-phase of removing the poison!”


Everyone becomes shocked at hearing that!

Irina screams after seeing the vision.


Yeah, this is bad! The enemy is after Irina’s dad! At this rate that man called Yaegaki will certainly——

Rias tells everyone!

“——Let’s move out! Either way we can’t just stay here doing nothing! We are the anti-terrorist team, the D×D! We will cooperate with the Angels and defeat the Evil Dragons as we climb up!”

Rias tells Irina.

“Irina, you go ahead to Fifth Heaven! We will open the path for you!”

Irina covers her mouth with her hands to those strong supporting words from Rias and then nods.

“Yes! I am the Ace of Michael-sama! I will defeat the Evil Dragons and rescue Papa!”

Alright! I don’t know what the enemies are after but our aim is clear! We will rescue Irina’s dad while taking down the enemies that come at us!

[I will also send reinforcements once Heaven’s gate opens! You guys stay tough!]

Everyone answers back at Sensei’s words and says “roger!”!

The battle to guard Heaven now begins!

Part 2[edit]

To reach Fifth Heaven we need to go through the gate of each floor. But the enemies that intruded from Third Heaven have seized the gate connecting to Second Heaven and Fourth Heaven from there. And they even seized the rear gate of Fourth Heaven! That means we have them intruded from Second Heaven to Fifth Heaven! Since Second Heaven is close to First Heaven, which is the front line base where the army of Angels are ,located, they're somehow enduring it. But the Sisters and others are seeing that Qlippoth is having a big advantage from Third Heaven to Fifth Heaven. Sixth Heaven which is the main base of the Angels hasn’t allowed any intruders in thanks to notable Angels such as Michael-san and several Seraphs that are on standby there. I also heard a report that one of the Seraphs went down to Fifth Heaven with several of his subordinates.

But there are clearly more enemies than during the battle in Auros. We can’t also get any reinforcements since the gate which connects to the human world has been shut down. So we have to fight the Evil Dragons with the forces we currently have in Heaven.

We charge from the front gate of Second Heaven and run through the battlefield since we aim to head to Third Heaven. The elevator which connects each floor has been closed. So in order to go to the higher floors we need to go through those floors directly.

Second Heaven is the world conquered by darkness. This place is mainly made to observe the stars and I have also heard it’s a place where Angels that have committed sins are imprisoned in.

This endless darkness world almost make you think this isn’t Heaven. Except, it’s not as dark as a planetarium where the shimmering of the stars will reach you. Well, since we are Devils our eyes will still work fine even inside darkness!

“Get lost!”


We proceed while taking down the Evil Dragons! On our way we witness the Brave Saints making a formation to counter the herds of Evil Dragons!

“Let’s do it! Brave Saints, formation! Formation! Full House!”

“ “ “ “ “ “Sir!” ” ” ” ”

The card numbers that answered the order appear in the sky and glow! That instant, enormous amounts of power of light envelop the Brave Saints whose strong aura even reaches us!

The Brave Saints that became the played cards jump into the herds of Evil Dragons and wipe them out instantly! Their power is not an ordinary one a single attack of theirs can take down a dozen of Evil Dragons! Even mass-produced Evil Dragons will have quite the power. An attack which can take down a significant number of them is something to be reckoned with! That’s the trait of Brave Saints! Their ability increases drastically if they are given a role based on the playing cards of pokers and trump cards.

One of the Brave Saints in the air shouts at his comrades.

“Move with the same suit! We will strengthen the playing cards to wipe them out at once!”

“ “ “ “ “Straight flush!” ” ” ” “

Another strong playing hand pierces the herds of Evil Dragons and takes them down!

Sister Griselda stops and tells us.

“I will stay here and give orders!”

Sister cheers the Brave Saints as she says that.

“Be careful at using consecutive use of strong hands! Your stamina and power of light will drain fast!”

We answered Sister’s wish and continue to go ahead!

It happens when we get really close to the gate that leads to Third Heaven. A shadow giving out an evil presence appears within this darkness and stands in our way.

[Oh my, it’s been awhile.]

A creepy creature which has a shape of many branches of trees overlapped. A tree that has a shape of a Dragon——no, it’s the Evil Dragon Ladon!

Around him is an army of Evil Dragons. The Evil Dragons have completely blocked our path to the gate!

[I would like you to play with me for a while.]

Ladon says it in such a foolish manner of speech……but it seems like he’s serious. The thick and dark aura around his body increases. His red eyes glow within the dark! That instant, something that appears to be a soap bubble envelops us!

——It’s his barrier!

It’s an annoying substance since it keeps on coming back no matter how many times you destroy it! I had an hard time in the last battle due to this! This time it isn’t just me but also my comrades get enveloped!


“This thing!”

Kiba and Xenovia destroy the barrier with their swords——but it repairs immediately so we can’t escape! Looks like it will become a nuisance like before! This time we have a technique-type Kiba and a one-hit kill Rias! I doubt we can’t break past this but it’s a fight against time right now! If we spend too much time on this guy, then Irina’s dad will——

Just like what was going through my mind, Irina who is acting hasty wields the sword she received from her dad.

“You! You are in the way! If I don’t be quick! Papa will—!”

But Ladon’s barrier revives no matter how many times it is destroyed so there’s no end to this!

“Then we need to destroy it along with him.”

Rias makes her hand glow mysteriously! She’s planning to create her Extinguish Star! That will certainly be able to blow away Ladon along with his barriers. But there’s no way he will let her do that!

[No you won’t.]

Ladon’s eyes glow mysteriously and he envelops Rias’s hand within his barrier! The power of destruction disappears right away! This guy really is the natural enemy of power-types! He seals you immediately!

Then there’s no holding back!

It happens when I was about to chant to wear my crimson armour—

A single light falls between us and Ladon!

That moment, the barrier covering us disappears and it doesn’t come back!

Our eyes gather to the front. A spear which is giving out an holy wave appears in my sight.

“——Concentrating heavily on powers like usual? Right, Sekiryuutei, and the Gremory group.”


We become shocked at the appearance of that man. A single young man wearing Chinese clothing takes out the spear which is giving out a holy wave. He stands in front of Ladon while tapping his shoulder with his spear.

Ladon narrows his red eyes.

[——So it will turn out like this here. A Holy Spear……]

Yeah, what appeared in front of us is the Holy Spear! One of the Longinus, the True Longinus! In the previous battle defending Auros Academy that spear also appeared from nowhere!

And this time the man who is the wielder of the spear has showed up!

“——Cao Cao!”

I shout out the man’s name!

The one who appears in front of is the former leader of the Hero-faction——Cao Cao! After he lost against us he was taken down to the realm of the dead. I did hear he climbed up from the realm of the dead on his own and became Śakra’s vanguard.

I shout at him.

“……Why are you here!?”

Cao Cao has an eye-patch on the eye I crushed. He shows his irritating smile at me.

“——I thought I would join the Evil Dragon hunt. I came here from the gate of Purgatory just like they did.”

……You are telling me he found a path connected to Purgatory when he was at Hades’s place?

Cao Cao spins his spear around and directs the tip of it towards Ladon.

Ladon gives a creepy laugh.

[……So the man who is famous for being the candidate of the strongest Longinus possessor has appeared.]

Cao Cao then says.

“I shall take care of this Evil Dragon. But Sekiryuutei. You are a——hero, right? Then you should defeat the leader of the villains. Just like how you defeated me.”

Cao Cao then moves the tip of his spear towards the gate.


Seeing that, Ladon laughs.

[Oh my oh my……for the Holy Spear-user to take their place.]

……I agree with that. I’m not Ladon but I never thought this man would say that!

Rias then gives me an order.

“Ise! Asia and Xenovia, take Irina ahead! We will take care of things here!”

Cao Cao says it after her.

“Exactly. Someone who disappeared once came back and took the fight from nowhere. This sure is a treat for me.”


……Damn. I guess this is what you call a passing buck! Certainly if this guy, Rias, and others join forces then they will be able to take care of Ladon and the Evil Dragons!

I look at Asia, Xenovia, and Irina. The three of them are convinced and nod……but I then tell Cao Cao.

“……I won’t let you off the hook if you are beaten after making such an entrance.”

He releases a torrent of light towards the herd of Evil Dragons while smirking. Right after that the herds of Evil Dragons are blown away at once along with a massive explosion! ……The spear has unimaginable potential like usual!

Cao Cao says it fearlessly while spinning his spear.

“The reason I lost was due to my own weakness since I didn’t walk my path as a human. I don’t need Medusa’s eye or the Chaos Break. ——I just need my spear and my pride as a hero and a human. I promised myself I won’t let my guard down against Dragons any more.”

……That sure is scary. The reason I won against him is because of he himself, who created his own weakness by relying on a power that wasn't his own. The creepiness I can sense from him now is stronger than before.

“Rias! Everyone! I’ll leave the rest to you!”

I say that to everyone and run ahead together with Asia, Xenovia, and Irina!

When I went past Cao Cao, he says to me so only I can hear.

“——Yeah, it has always the “humans”'s task to defeat the irregular beings.”

Fake Hero[edit]

Right after Cao Cao's showed up, Asia, Xenovia and Irina headed towards the gate to leave while I, Kiba, began to fight off a large number of evil dragons with the help of the others. The ones who remained behind with me were Rias-buchou, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Gasper, Rossweisse-sensei, as well as the owner of the holy spear, Cao Cao.

Cao Cao and Ladon began to fight. Wielding the holy spear, he released a holy wave at Ladon. If one was to take a direct blow from the holy spear, not even if the one was a high class devil would be able to withstand it. However, just before the attack could hit Ladon, it seemed to have been stopped by something and was eliminated. There seemed to be some sort of barrier protecting Ladon’s body. The self-protection barrier of this dragon was quite troublesome. Although Ladon only made a slight move, he was able to endure an attack from the holy spear, which showed that his defensive barrier was quite extraordinary. Ladon bursted into laughter.

“I never imagined that I would meet the owner of the holy spear…it seems that I really am quite lucky to have been revived, for I am able to see something from the legends in front of me.”

Cao Cao shrugged his shoulders.

“Yes, that’s great. It’s your second time dying, so you should have a good farewell ceremony.”

This man is, as always, just talking. Ladon put on a rather disturbing smile.

“Well then, let me show you something interesting.”

Ladon then moved his foot to make a magic circle, a dragon gate! Does he intend to summon more dragons out here!? The dragon gate started to emit a deep green light! Seeing this, Rossweisse-sensei cried out in surprise

“T-This dragon is incredible!”

The aura coming through the gate left all of us stunned. That’s right, in the green light which started to disperse was —- a massive dragon covered in black scales.

“RRROOAARRR~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!!!”

It even caused the air around it to tremble. Emerging from the magic circle was the dragon Grendel.

But there was more than just one dragon! There were three dragons! There are actually three of Grendel?! Everyone, including myself, was shocked at the appearance of those Evil Dragons! On top of that, it was a complete surprise that there would be three of them! With three other Evil Dragons now on his side, Ladon said with a sneer

“How? They were manufactured having Grendel as the reference dragon. Although they’re still being adjusted, they’re looking quite good aren’t they?”

…To think that there was such a thing. Their technology has already reached a level letting them reproduce several copies of Grendel?! However, we could see that these three Grendel didn't have the consciousness of the actual Grendel. There was absolutely nothing that can be felt from them differently for Ladon who stood behind them. …Because there were now four legendary Evil Dragons as our opponents, we could do nothing but stop and stare with bated breath. —However, only one man showed a defiant smile. It was Cao Cao. Cao Cao declared to Rias-buchou that he would defeat those Evil Dragons.

“Rias Gremory, that guy over there has some unusual barrier covering his body, and on top of that, there’s also three of Grendel.”

As he said that, we understood that even our strongest attack was no match for Ladon’s barrier. There were also three Grendels against us, so the situation was rather bleak.

“I know that ordinary attacks will not be effective against his barrier.”

Hearing Buchou say this, Cao Cao made a bitter smile.

“For someone called the Ruin Princess, you’re don't seem to have much confidence.”

“Thank you for the compliment. I don’t know why all my opponents are legendary figures, so sometimes I’m not confident.”

“That’s not like you at all, you’re Hyoudou Issei’s partner so you should be more confident.”

Cao Cao said in a slightly accusing tone to Buchou.

“I’ll make an opening in that guy’s defence…the rest is up to you.”

Buchou made a confused expression. One thing was certain. This was a favourable situation for us. This former enemy’s plans did not seem excessively strange, but Buchou was suspicious of him anyway.

“… Are you doing this to help me? Is Indra gaining something from this? You seem quite confident. Or is it because you’re looking down on me?”

Cao Cao shook his head.

“No. Both now and in the past, I look at you with respect. —Even you are enemies to be feared.”

From the expression in his eyes, it didn't seem as though he was lying.

“Yet, opponents such as this should be taken care of by the current hero, I…who was once a fallen man. It is too early to make new excuses. When the holy spear comes from behind, be glad.”

Rias-Buchou sighed.

“Indeed, I don’t like your view at all. But, if the holy spear were to be used—this would be our chance.”

Buchou actually approved of Cao Cao’s suggestion! Cao Cao then stood beside me.

“Kiba, can your legs run any further?”

“Of course they can.”

“That’s good, although it may be mass produced, that is still the legendary evil dragon Grendel. Even at a normal level, its flames will turn anything to ashes.”

I released Gram from where it was stored and held it while it released a dark aura. Cao Cao directed his eyes in the direction of my demonic sword. …He was definitely thinking about something. After all, his partner Siegfried was the original owner of this sword. I paid no attention to his gaze though, and made a holy sword which enclosed Gram inside it. …This was the same method that I had used before to control it. Although this won’t solve the problem, it is still better than nothing and it'll be good for a short while. If I were to release a vast amount of aura, my energy would be drained. However, this is inevitable. I have been well aware of this from the start.

“It’s an interesting approach. But, is your value dependent on the demonic sword?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“—That’s good, no matter what the situation is, you come up with something. Does your calibre live up to the name of the Gremory household though?”

Seeing my technique, perhaps he saw that there might be other ways to use Gram. His skills were indeed a level above mine. With just a glance he is able to deduce that. He deliberately won’t tell me, which is proof that he's testing me. He naturally placed his spear over his shoulder with a graceful movement, and then speaks to me.

“Gremory household member, I will charge in. Don’t let him get away when he’s weak.”

“You think I’ll let it get away when it’s exposed? You seem fairly confident about this. Are you going to reveal his weakness?”

After Ladon’s provocative actions, he was grinning with pleasure.

“That’s an interesting idea, but aiming at a dragon’s weakness is not a hero’s skill.”

In response, a flash of light and seven orbs emerged behind him! This was the holy spear’s Balance Breaker. Although I had only seen it once before, it was actually a rather quiet Balance Breaker, yet it could instil immense fear in others at the same time. The seven orbs began floating around him. Each of the orbs had its own ability. I recalled how we almost suffered a total defeat by it. But he was now our ally, and that made me feel both relieved and fearful at the same time. I tightened my grip on Gram and made a stance as I prepared to engage in combat against the Evil Dragons. Akeno-san spread her Fallen Angel wings, Gasper transformed into the form of a dark beast and Koneko-chan used her senjutsu to make her body grow into a more mature form. One by one, everyone was starting to get serious.

The three copies of Grendel blocked the path in front of Ladon. Their massive bodies were protected by an orange magical barrier. It seemed as though Ladon had increased the strength of his defensive barrier. Originally, Grendel would only have been protected by its hard scales, but there was now an added layer of defence. While being on alert against the Evil Dragons, we each locked onto our respective targets. After a brief moment of silence—. At the front was – Gasper. Emerging from the darkness there was a beast which headed towards Grendel (A). On my right hand side — he began to attack. Although his charge was easily evaded, Koneko-chan leapt out from within the darkness of the beast and closed the distance in an instant to punch Grendel in the abdomen with a fist imbued with senjutsu! The sound of the blow reverberated throughout the surroundings! Grendel’s body wavered slightly. Having confirmed that, Koneko-chan shouted to everyone

“It works! Their bodies are far inferior to that of the real Grendel!”

Everyone’s morale was boosted! Indeed, if the confrontation with Grendel continued, even if there were three of them, there is a way to defeat them! I stood in front of another Grendel (B) and began slashing it! I mixed my slashes with a few feints in my onslaught! Although it has a large body, its swift movements were just like the real thing — but my sixth sense is telling me that its reactions are slow,like a block of wood! They are slow enough that even my false strikes land an hit. It swung its fist towards me but only caught my afterimage, as I moved well in advance. This was because I had already moved right behind it and released a demonic attack! Known as the most powerful demonic sword which could even kill dragons, it left behind a massive wound! The cloned dragon let out a cry of pain. Sorry but I will not hold back. Evil Dragons – when you are my opponents, I will find your weaknesses! I shoved my sword deep into the back of the dragon! At the same time, Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san cried out



In response to each other, Akeno-san flew towards the centre of the sky and gathered lightning on her fingertips, while Rossweisse-san drew a magic circle! I retracted my blade, and Grendel moved to increase our distance.

“Go! Holy Lightning!”

Akeno-san’s massive lightning strike fell towards the cloned dragon—

“Lightning, burn this Evil Dragon!”

Rossweisse-san’s thunder magic struck at the same time! This was a combo of the demonic sword and lightning! Even if they had been strengthened by the Holy Grail, Gram’s aura would spread inside the dragon and kill it. On top of that, Akeno-san and Rossweissse-san released another powerful dual lightning strike. Due to the damage from that lightning attack and the dragon slaying effect which had spread inside it, Grendel's clone spurted out a mouthful of blood. …This was confirmation of what Koneko-chan said. These Grendel were very easy to dispose of. Even with Ladon’s powerful magical barrier, these were easy opponents to defeat.

“I’m flying!”

The battle between the other Grendel (A) and Rias-buchou was well under way. Koneko-chan’s power surrounded the dragon and purified its four limbs. Gasper in his dark beast form was assaulting him from the front.

<< A mere evil dragon, it’s nothing against me! >>

A fist came from Gasper’s side and slammed into the massive body of Grendel which couldn’t withstand its momentum and staggered backwards. Gasper’s strike seemed to be quite the heavy blow, since it caused the evil dragon to spurt out blue blood from its mouth. Grendel tried to evade the next strike, but Gasper manipulated the shadow of the large Evil Dragon by pulling it towards him, and then unleashed another fist upon him! Not too long ago, it was completely unimaginable that Gasper could display such strength against an opponent! The reason was actually quite simple. It was because Gasper recently trained with Issei. He was influenced by Issei to train in melee combat. He had already shown the results of his training in just ten minutes. The way he used his fists was the same as Issei. Issei, Gasper is being influenced by you more and more! Gasper continued beating the evil dragon non-stop, while on the ground, Rias-buchou’s destructive magic mercilessly wounded its body. Even though it had tough scales, it was no match against the destructive power of her magic. This was already demonstrated the time that we were in the vampire’s castle. All that was left now was Grendel (C) and Ladon.


Cao Cao moved like he was dancing to avoid the barrage of attacks. Now was the time to counter-attack with the holy spear. It looked like a game of tag between little kids and an Evil Dragon was going on. Even when the opponent let out a massive blast of flames, a small amount of light from the spear was able to easily counter it. —At the same time, the seven orbs began attacking Ladon’s barrier. Ladon looked around at the sky, and his red eyes began to show impatience as they followed the random motion of the orbs.

“…Damn it.”

Ladon was displeased because, even if he tried to capture the orbs within barriers of his own, each of the orbs’ special properties prevented him from doing so. The spear shaped orb was able to break the barrier, or perhaps it was the orb which allowed things to escape. Sometimes the orbs bounced off the barrier which caused Grendel to be damaged. Grendel seemed to be disturbed by the attack on the barrier and moved away, which created a big opening where my comrades and I attacked. Ladon simply couldn't keep up with Cao Cao.

“What’s wrong, Ladon? You can’t even catch a mere human?”

Ladon clicked his tongue in response to Cao Cao’s sneering. The Ladon who was so relaxed before now was no more. Cao Cao’s swift movements allowed him to brush past Grendel (C) and then continue on towards Ladon. He then used his holy spear to make continuous thrusts. He was fast, yet there were no wasteful movements in his continuous attacks. However, Ladon’s barrier was still protecting him. Although the barrier was still holding back the holy spear’s attacks, for a brief moment, the barrier disappeared…

“Hehe, what a shame. Even though your attacks are so fast, they won't be able to touch me.”

Cao Cao’s expression did not change. He was attacking from all directions. His face…seemed to show a slight grin. I couldn't help but look at Cao Cao — their battle was now up in the air.

“I won’t let you get in their way!”

Everyone surrounded the evil dragons instead of being “observers” and began helping out. They really are quite reliable. With Grendel still as my opponent, it was time to finish it off. Grendel (B) which was struck by lightning still stood back up, so I extracted from it the aura of Gram which was still inside and then used it to raise the power of my sword to prepare for a final attack! I concentrated on controlling its power. …If I got distracted, I could lose control and it could cost me my own life. If I keep doing this, I don’t know when I might die. If it’s for my friends, I can die even now, but today I cannot die no matter what!

With the enhanced power of Gram’s aura, I rushed towards the enemy. Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san followed me on both sides, and unleashed their attacks upon Grendel (B). Akeno-san’s lightning paralysed Grendel (B) briefly, and then Rossweisse-san froze its feet, preventing it from moving at all. Now it was my turn — I released the power of Gram’s energy directly at him! Just as I was about to strike Grendel, I removed the holy-demonic sword which had enclosed Gram and swung it down! An ominous aura encased the entire blade, and I made a deep cut into its body. I then switched to Blade Blacksmith to summon an army of dragon knights, and they endlessly assaulted the evil dragon. After confirming that the Evil Dragon had been slain by my dragon knights, I snapped my fingers.

“—It’s exploding from the inside.”

Gram’s aura which was inside Grendel (B) released a large amount of energy! But, thanks to the dragon knights, the dark aura that was contained in Grendel did not leak out. Moreover, the dragon killing aura burned not only the inside, but the entire body of the Evil Dragon. After a cracking noise was heard, blue blood gushed out from the wounds left by the dragon knights. This was my most effective technique against Evil Dragons. Because it's such a brutal attack, I don’t want to give it a name…but nonetheless, it is effective. Grendel’s (B) body split apart and it perished immediately.

“…Such a powerful attack is unprecedented from Kiba.”

Even Rossweisse-san agreed. I…will no longer hesitate if an Evil Dragon is my opponent, otherwise my comrades may get hurt. This is indeed a brutal war. So, I made a promise with Issei. — That no matter what happens, we will definitely help each other, so that we can all live together. To keep this promise, I will use any means possible to eliminate my enemies. That's what I think about whenever I’m on the battlefield. However, this was already decided. These Grendels were not as strong as the real Grendel. Their defensive ability, agility and offensive ability were all several times lower than the original. However, compared to the other mass produced Evil Dragons, they were much stronger. After the defeat of Grendel (B), it seemed as though the fight against Grendel (A) was nearly finished.


Gasper roared as he fiercely bit Grendel’s (A) shoulder, and then created a beast from the darkness which went into its body. Of course, with the attack on the dragon’s shoulder and the dark beast inside, its body burst open. Grendel’s (A) upper body was blown apart as a result of Gasper’s attack. Gasper’s body was soaked and covered with blue blood but he didn’t mind and kept beating the dragon, causing Grendel (A) to fall to the ground as it tried to spit flames from its mouth.

“The final blow!”

Rias-buchou’s destructive magic and Koneko-chan’s attack hurtled towards Grendel (A)! Grendel (A) was helpless, and was turned to dust.

The Grendel (C) which had been rampaging against Cao Cao accumulated severe injuries from the holy spear which caused it to kneel down.

“Give up.”

Akeno-san and Rossweisse-san released another synchronised attack. Akeno-san made three dragons with her Holy Lightning and directed them towards the Evil Dragon! Rossweisse-san used her magic to tie up the Evil Dragon with a rope-like aura. Unable to move, Grendel (C) was attacked by three dragons of lightning—. After enormous flashes of lightning and crackling noises, Grendel (C) vanished into the light. The three Grendel were now defeated! Although we had Cao Cao’s support, being able to defeat three legendary Evil Dragons was quite an accomplishment. I — have become stronger.

The battle between Cao Cao and Ladon seemed to have entered a stalemate, as neither side appeared to have caused significant damage to the other, but — Cao Cao began to smile.

“—There’s an opening, go fly.”

Ladon’s enormous body – started floating all of a sudden, and flew upwards! Because of what just happened, Ladon was quite surprised. This was because an orb was attached to one of Ladon’s legs. It was probably hidden underground in advance, so that when Ladon stepped on it, it would activate causing him to fly up.

“Hmm! —T-This is!? An orb which can make others float!?”

That’s right, it was the orb which had flying abilities. …It was a surprise that it could even make opponents fly though! Cao Cao laughed

“Didn’t I tell you? Targeting an opponent’s weakness is not a hero’s skill, but deceiving opponents is.”

However, even though Ladon was thrown into the air, he had a relaxed expression.

“Well, even if I am thrown into the air, my barrier is still active!”

—No, it should stop now. And then, Rias-buchou released some sort of magic from her hands.

“Let’s attack together! I’ll start with this”

Following buchou’s orders, everyone launched ranged attacks at the airborne Ladon. I used my holy-demonic swords to fire waves of energy continuously. But, Ladon still had a defensive barrier on, thus all our attacks were blocked. Although there were several times when the barrier disappeared…he was still unharmed. Ladon let out a loud laugh.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is quite a relentless assault! But! Even if the barrier weakens, I’m still unscathed, no matter how many times you try!”

Cao Cao made a sly smile. —Then, Cao Cao pointed his spear downwards and fired a massive amount of light from his holy spear! I didn’t know what he was planning, but there was now a large hole beneath Ladon.

“—No, that’s enough. You, are dead.”

In an instant, Ladon disappeared from the sky. It was almost like an instant teleportation! Did he escape? I immediately started looking around in all directions! His presence could still be felt! After looking around — everyone’s gaze was directed to one spot. That’s right, it was the hole that Cao Cao had made just earlier. Ladon could be heard from inside the hole. We all gathered around the hole, and looked down. The Evil Dragon had been transported there! Next to Ladon was a floating orb.

“—!? Teleportation!? So you had the ability to transport your opponent! But, why did you teleport me?! My barrier won’t disappear—“

At the same time, Cao Cao moved the transportation orb to his side

“When the Gremory household members attacked you while in the air, I moved my orb in as well. Against such a wave of attacks, the barrier would disappear, and it's going to take some time for it to rematerialise. I already confirmed this when I was attacking you. —As long as there is a gap of just 0.1 seconds, I can easily send one of my orbs into the barrier next to you. Even for a legendary Evil Dragon like you, over a short distance, I can still transport you.”

…When we all attacked at once, he sent one of his orbs close to the barrier…then, so that when the barrier disappeared — he didn’t miss the opportunity and sent the orb inside the barrier…! If he made the hole first then it would have been suspicious. So he sent his opponent flying into the air first so he could prepare—. Cao Cao said to Rias-buchou

“Come, Rias Gremory. Your enemy is in this hole. You can use all your strength to defeat him. Even if my holy spear can’t defeat Ladon, with your destructive magic, it’s possible to defeat him.”

After hearing Cao Cao’s suggestion, Buchou began concentrating her magic. She was preparing an attack which could completely destroy the opponent. From inside the hole, Ladon shouted.

“All this hole can do is prevent me from moving…!”

The hole was just large enough to hold Ladon’s body. Towards the bottom of the hole, Cao Cao said

“I am just a “weak” human who is not yet ready to become a legend. —You are stuck in this hole. Can you survive after sustaining damage from the destruction magic of Rias Gremory?”

“Humph! Damn it! How absurd…!”

…What a scary man. He was using his abilities with such precise control. He was able to predict the actions of the Evil Dragons, and at the same time manipulate the situation in his favour. …We were able to defeat such an opponent…was it just a fluke? Ladon’s head appeared in the midst of a huge wave of crimson and black magic. Even in the best case, his barrier would not stand a chance against such powerful magic.

“This is the end! Ladon! Disappear!”

Buchou’s massive ball of destruction magic—descended into the hole.

“Damn you, holy spear wielder, Gremory household. Damn you all—!”

Those were the final words of the evil dragon—. Nothing more than ashes were left after Ladon was vanquished by Buchou’s Extinguished Star of Destruction.

“—Koneko! Quickly use your sealing magic!”

“Yes, Buchou!”

As Koneko-chan replied, she made a magic circle. She took out one of the Sekiryuutei’s gems that she received from Issei. She then sealed the soul of Ladon inside it. By using her power on top of that of the gem, Ladon should be completely sealed. After having fought with the Evil Dragons, the holy spear wielder sighed as he looked up at the sky—.

“Indeed, it’s not as exciting as Vali or Issei…I want to experience no mercy, an overwhelming force, a fight with no limits.”

In his eyes, there were only two dragons who were worthy opponents.


After passing through the gate, I arrived at third heaven — one of the levels Heaven is composed of. Because I had just arrived here, no one noticed. There was a white path which was leading down to a single door. If I took that path, I should be able to go to ‘heaven’, but I didn’t have time for a tour right now! I must continue! When the next door was in sight, someone called out to me —

“Oh hohohohoho ♪ Hello ~ ~ ~ ♪ I’m already here”

The witch was dressed as a gothic lolita!


That’s right, it was Walburga of the purple flames! But she’s in heaven right now! Then, another figure gracefully appeared before me.

“Today, Crom also came.”

Next to Walburga was — a man dressed in a black suit.


The man who didn’t speak, I was familiar with him. This was because I fought him once in the country of the vampires. — Evil dragon, Crom Cruach! The legendary dragon who fought in a human form! This evil dragon was able to fight evenly matched against Vali and I. Walburga laughed.

“Ahhahahaha ♪ Today, the two of us will be your opponents!”

…Having come here, I did not want to fight against these two! But, it doesn’t seem like they’ll let me get past them for free!

“There’s only one option here.”

Xenovia and Irina got into position! I was also about to get ready, but—

“Ara Ara, Looks like you’re in some trouble.”

The one who said so jokingly — Joker Dulio! He flew over with his wings! Oh! To meet him again here! Dulio flew to my side. Walburga smiled seeing the appearance of Dulio.

“Oh wow ♪ are you Joker? Oooh lala, to meet such incredible people—I say, did you come to Third Heaven to find evil dragons?”

Walburga asked Dulio. Indeed, after coming to Third Heaven, there weren’t any evil dragons around! There were a large number of them in Second Heaven, but almost none here! Dulio scratched his head.

“Ah, oh that. There’s currently a battle there. — there’s not much left though.”

Dulio pointed into the distance, far away there were thunder clouds, and flashes of lightning. Asia looked in the opposite direction. I also turned my head that way — indeed, in the distance was an immense tornado, and some dark shadows being sucked into it. …Thunderclouds and tornadoes were being used to carry out a large scale attack. …In other words, he was the one who did all that…! While I was fighting those evil dragons, others escaped. And most of the evil dragons have been defeated by Dulio’s sacred gear…. Once again, I realise that this man is strong! In times of crisis in heaven, as the brave saint’s Joker, his power was used the most. Hearing this, Walburga narrowed her eyes. Her eyes appeared to be happy, yet also vigilant.

“Ooohlalala, this was beyond my imagination”

Joker stood beside me. …Truly, it was quite reassuring. Because he was such a powerful man, and he was on our side! And also our leader! Dulio said to Walburga

“…This is Heaven. Peace must be maintained. Don’t you think the souls here are cute? After their lives on earth, they came here so they could live peacefully.” Even though you are joking, the look in your eyes – it's serious. Previously, Dulio once said to me

“Say, Issei. I think religion is very important.”

He then continued

“People like you and I are strong, but, aren’t the rest just weak humans? For people like that, I think something to believe in is a must. As long as there is faith, there is someone watching over them, doesn’t that make them happy?”

Dulio looked towards the sky, with a solemn expression.

“But, God no longer exists…”

He was also aware of the truth. He said to me with open arms

“That’s why, I think that if angels can take the place of God then everyone will be just fine.”

What Sister Griselda once said to me, came into my mind. She told me about Dulio.

“Dulio is a war orphan. After being involved in a certain country’s civil war, his parents died. He had been living under the care of the church, and during that time he awakened the power of his sacred gear. Because he possessed one of the most powerful sacred gears, his life changed dramatically.”

After awakening his power, Dulio was removed from the church to undergo training in one of the church’s institutions as a soldier. Despite his own wishes, he was trained due to his remarkable talent showed at a young age. She continued talking.

“In the church’s institutions, there were children with innate talent, but also those with none. Because everyone was in the same situation… Dulio would call everyone “brother” or “sister”, and loved them like family.”

The children in those institutions… most of them died before becoming adults. The children with no talent, were killed while trying to obtain power. Dulio saw all this through his own eyes. Dulio went on. …His eyes looked sorrowful.

“In this world, there is a lot of delicious food. There are a lot of people who would want to eat it but can’t.”

Dulio…he travelled around the world, tasted food, experimented with it, so that he could recreate it in the church. After countless failures, he was finally able to make these dishes for the children in the church — for the children who couldn’t leave. So that… So that at least the children could eat delicious food, Dulio travelled around the world.

“There are many people in the world. But, these children… after eating such delicious food, seemed to be truly happy. At least I think so.”

He said so with a smile on his face—but, it was a sad smile.

“The main reason why he became Joker… was to reach the souls of children in Heaven. As the reincarnated angel Joker, he was able to set foot there. Hyoudou Issei, those children…”

Griselda-san continued with tears running down her cheek.

“Dulio, as the strongest within the church—and also one of its most kind youths. That child, was too kind.”

Dulio opened his wings, and the confrontation with Walburga and Crom Cruach began.

“I’m sorry, I cannot allow you to go any further. Inside — my brothers and sisters do not want any more painful memories, this is the place where they can be free, so that’s why you will not disturb them.”

Dulio showed a smile, but, his body was releasing a powerful presence.

“—It makes sense that an angel would be protecting Heaven.”

In the next moment, Walburga’s eyes shined with a strange light! Pillars of purple flame appeared all around Dulio, and slowly surrounded him! But, Dulio didn’t show the slightest concern, and simply waved his hand. The purple flames instantly froze! The pillar of flames became a pillar of ice. Dulio said to Irina

“Alright, Ace Irina. Advance, and quickly open the door.”

“Joker-sama! I have—”

Joker shook his head at the battle-ready Irina and Xenovia. “These are formidable enemies, I will find a way. …I am their opponent.”

Indeed, right now we must go quickly. …if we use our energy here, we don’t know if we’ll be able to save Irina’s father. Anyway, in front of us were eight serpent-men, and Rizevim hasn’t shown up yet either! But, they didn’t seem to be my opponent.

“I wish to fight against the Sekiryuutei one more time!”

Crom Cruach narrowed the distance between us! And started attacking me at close range! Whilst dodging his punches and kicks, I decided, and began the chant for Cardinal Crimson!

“—I, who is about to awaken, am the Sekiryuutei who holds the truth of the king up high! Holding the infinite hopes and unbreakable dreams, walking the path of righteousness! I, will become the emperor of the crimson dragon—!” “And I will lead you to the path of Heaven glowing in deep crimson light—!”

A deep crimson light enveloped me, and my armour gradually changed to crimson! My power was increased! But—

[“Ah, that’s right, partner. Hold up. The energy expended using Longinus Smasher has not been restored yet. If we try to go past the limit, it’ll just end with an explosion!”]

…I know that, Ddraig! Is the “exploration” over already? I asked Ddraig. Because Ddraig and Albion were working together to regain their abilities they possessed when they were alive, they opened up the channel between the two sacred gears and were exploring the depths of the sacred gear. So, even the power of God’s holy book and the seal could be explored. Ddraig sometimes dived into the depths of the sacred gear, along with Albion, to explore the seal. In fact, they should show some results soon. Ddraig said

[“…Almost. Though this is awful timing, but, in order to keep up, I’ll dive back into the sacred gear.”]

Oh, come on, partner. Ddraig said that one of his abilities when he was alive could be effective against Rizevim! At the same time as I was talking to Ddraig, I was still fighting with Crom Cruach! If I land a hit, he comes right back at me! And that guy just struck a blow…! If I get hit I’ll be sent flying back and may lose consciousness from the shock and damage! If I was hit by a combo, my armour will be crushed to pieces! My crimson armour was already covered with cracks all over! In the instant he hit, I used [Rook] to defend … but, he didn’t flinch! This evil dragon is still the same, he is very good at close combat! Even in the midst of an intense battle, he still smiled!

Xenovia and Irina raised their swords to show their support, but, that bastard Crom Cruach was able to knock away the holy swords with a single punch! Even the duo of Xenovia and Irina was caught off guard! —But, fighting against two more opponents created an opening! Just as I was about to fire a dragonshot — in between me and the evil dragon, a flame cross appeared, and blocked the way! However, the one who was angrier than anyone else — was Crom Cruach.

“—Don’t get in my way, witch!”

Crom Cruach roared at his supposed partner Walburga. The witch simply laughed loudly.

“Haha, you dislike it. I was just trying to help you ♪.”

Seeing the laughing Walburga, Crom Cruach stopped fighting. He said in disdain

“…Because of this, I don’t like complicated battles. In fact, I’d most like…”

Whilst in a battle with ice and fire against Dulio, she said

“You really think that? Because of this, big brother Crom lost his master, and even had a difficult time right?”

Hearing this, the evil dragon looked down, shook his head, and walked off in a completely unexpected direction.

“…You’re on your own now. I’ll wait for you to get killed.”

Even Walburga was surprised at what Crom Cruach just said. It wasn’t serious, it was just a joke, but now he looked completely unmotivated.

“Lies! Now is not the time to be sulking, we have to fight together right?”

“I can’t work together with a witch who looks down on dragons. If you’re dead, it just means I’ll be fighting against the Sekiryuutei and Joker right?”

The helpless witch sighed deeply.

“…Grendel is good, the charcoal dragon (Aži Dahāka??) is good, Apo (Apophis primordial dark dragon) is good, you are good, and all these dragons are hard to understand.”


The evil dragon which lost its will to fight stayed silent. Walburga was now alone. I pointed my arm towards her, and the sword wielding duo also pointed their swords towards her. Including Joker, there were four opponents against her. Also, our healer Asia was also with us. …Without too much trouble, we should be able to take her on. Walburga covered her entire body with flames, thus protecting herself! However, Dulio sent all of his icicles at once to attack her! Walburga made a wry smile.

“…Haha, I haven’t used my balance breaker yet…. But, today I’m very tired, so I’ll be leaving.”

The witch also seemed to have lost her motivation. In the battle at Auros Academy, when I went after Euclid after he abducted Rosseweisse-san, she used her balance breaker. Even though I heard that it wasn’t a bad fight, but against a dragon’s power—in balance breaker, using her sacred gear without balance breaker would make it difficult for her, thus after giving up the fight, she was no longer serious and her only option was to retreat. In other words, from the very beginning she was never serious in the fight. Gasper in his dark state had a good fight, but that witch seems more interested in messing around on the battlefield. Sona-kaichou had commented on Walburga.

“She will fight while she has the advantage, but in a situation where it is evenly matched or at a disadvantage, she will definitely not fight for a long time.”

Walburga shifted her feet and made a magic circle. It looks like Sona-kaichou’s assessment of her was right. Dulio smiled after seeing Walburga’s attempt to escape, then clicked his fingers. Then, thunderclouds began to gather over her! He intends to release it right below!

“Here, this is a gift.”

With that, Dulio unleashed the lightning! At the same time, all around Walburga were countless icicles! Walburga’s lips quivered, and she suddenly released a large amount of purples flames!

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Walburga used the purples flames to dissolve the icicles everywhere, and the lightning which came from above — Walburga threw her parasol into the air, so that, when the lightning struck, she insulated herself. However, one of the icicles was able to scratch her clothing! Although I was able to see Walburga’s white skin, she disappeared into the light. She was already prepared to escape. Just before she disappeared, she had stuck out her tongue and given us the middle finger. …This was because Dulio was there, but her body language did not translate to that of revenge.

…The situation after the witch disappeared. The evil dragon who took a brief glance — Crom Cruach, since his partnership with the witch was now over, the atmosphere became tense again. …and the fight continued! Dulio looked like he was full of energy and the evil dragon made a wry smile.

“Aha, hahahaha. Compared to the user of the flame cross, this evil dragon would be more troublesome, and even more powerful. She was annoying — but, you won’t let me go will you?”

Of course, the evil dragon did not nod.

“The Sekiryuutei and Heaven’s Joker, as opponents, it’s a rare combination. Against such strong opponents and in such a situation, I have no reason to retreat.”

“Aha, a battle maniac? I really don’t want to compare you with Vali-san…”

And then, Dulio — made a suggestion.

“Evil dragon Crom-san. —If it’s just me, will that make you unsatisfied? Don’t look at me like that, I have also defeated many dragons.”

…Dulio plans to take him on by himself! Crom Cruach made a fearless smile.

“So you say. —I can’t see a single opening in you. So you plan to let the Sekiryuutei and the others go ahead first. Haha, fine. I’ll let Joker the dragon slayer entertain me.”

They locked their eyes onto each other. Without letting his eyes wander from his opponent, Dulio said to me

“Well then, it has been decided. Now, go. —I’ll need my balance breaker. Although it is banned from use in Heaven, this is an urgent matter.”

…Dulio, is planning to go all out! I and the church trio silently agreed, and decided to go ahead! Forget about two against one, it was now one on one…! Certainly, the opponent isn’t just a simple dragon. In comparison to Walburga, this is a much stronger legendary evil dragon! Suddenly, Dulio said to Asia

“Yes, Asia-chan.”

“Yes, yes.”

An innocent smile appeared on Dulio’s face.

“Next time, shall I take you to the institution where you grew up? Of course,with Issei-san beside you and your friends will all go together. —Everyone really cares about you.”

…Did Dulio look into where Asia was born…? Hearing his words, Asia covered her mouth with her hands and looked very emotional. Dulio raised his index finger and said

“My rules. The children who grew up in church facilities are all my brothers and sisters. So, Asia-chan and Xenovia-chan are like my little sisters. That’s why, brother must try his best.”

Having said this, Dulio opened his ten wings and engaged Crom Cruach.

“—Go now, Issei-san. Leave Crom Cruach to me. Because I am not only Joker, I am also the leader of ‘DxD’, so, I should also show my handsome side right?”

…Really, why are guys who are my partners…! Without turning my head I said to Dulio

“Dulio, don’t die. Indeed, you really are a nice guy.”

Dulio — our leader waved his hand back as a response. —Guys who are my comrades, they’re all stupid and try to play the handsome guy. A fierce battle had started behind me, but I picked up the pace and raced forward!

Life.4 Burn, Holy-sword![edit]

After I went through the gate of Third Heaven, I rushed into Fourth Heaven — The Garden of Eden. Looking ahead, the scenery was filled with bright colours, and it was full of flowers and trees. The distant hills and the forest also looked beautiful. As I approached the gate to Fifth Heaven — two figures came into view. One of them was a man holding an aura emitting sword — Yaegaki. The other person who was beside him — Irina’s father. He brought him out from the Fifth Heaven!

“Father, Papa!?” Yaegaki ignored the surprised Irina, who came to the level of The Garden of Eden after me.

“…I wanted to come here, to exact my revenge in this place called ‘paradise’.”

Yaegaki grabbed Irina’s father by his hair.

“What’s wrong, Touji? What do you think of the believer’s ultimate wish — to die in Eden? I think it’s too generous.”

Irina’s father did not seem like he fully recovered from the poison, and he was enduring the pain of the poison, he said:

“……Yaegaki-kun, if you kill only me, will that dissolve your grudge?”

Hearing him say this, Irina’s expression immediately changed!

“Dad!? How can you say that!?”

“Irina, if I can use my life to save this man’s soul…then it’s a worthwhile trade.”

Irina’s father…wishes to sacrifice himself, to end this man’s revenge, and terrorising actions! However, something like this! How can I sit idly by with this kind of thing! Irina’s father, he — shed a tear.

“…Yaegaki-kun, I really regret it. Not only that, the others who sanctioned it, they must also have such regret…”

After he heard this emotional speech

“So what! So what! Did you think I would forgive you!? How can I possibly forgive you huh!”

He swung his sword, and the aura released made a massive hole in the ground.

The man shouted to the sky:

“I loved her! And she loved me! We…even if we were different, we still loved each other! We loved each other!”

The evil sword was already responding to his cries, and eight dragon heads emerged from his sword! Compared to before, the heads had now grown enormous! Is their power dependent on the wielder's feelings?

“…Or perhaps, it has turned into something like a Sacred Gear.”

Ddraig had said…you mean that: Through the evil dragon in the sword, it gradually turned into something akin to a Sacred Gear…!

“Because it's something similar to a Sacred Gear, it can also be classified as a ‘Sacred Gear’.”

Even so, we must stop him. He can’t have any more…hatred! Yaegaki-kun raised his sword towards Irina’s father!


He let out a strange roar, swinging the sword of the evil dragon! Yamata-no-Orochi breathed out a dark and poisonous aura towards Irina’s father! Yaegaki’s mind and body had been taken over by the sword, and his body became shrouded in a dark aura.

“Won’t let you aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”

I opened my dragon wings, and flew at high speed straight ahead! One of the eight dragon heads opened its mouth, and was about to crush Irina’s father with its fangs, then two holy sword wielders flew from behind me to him! In cooperation, they chopped off one of the dragon’s heads — this was Xenovia and Irina’s cross attack. With their help, I was able to successfully rescue Irina’s father! Carrying him, I moved him a fair distance away then descended to drop him down.

“Please, watch from here — we’ll settle this!”

I said, and was about to fly off—


Irina’s father called to me, and pleaded to me:

“…Please…stop him…!”


I replied, and flew forward. The severed head regenerated, and it now had eight heads once again. And all at once, they turned towards me, and flames erupted from their mouths!

I summoned cannons on my back, and fired them at once!

“Crimson Blasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” “Fang Blast Booster!!!!”

A huge red aura countered and dissipated the flames of the eight-headed dragon. …Whilst attacking, I thought of something. …If, in the past there was a meeting between a devil and a human, like Rias and I… …If, we were also forbidden from seeing each other, then it would be a situation like this… …Well, I, I would definitely be the same as him, running away, fighting. Tears...started running down my cheeks inside my helmet as I continued flying towards him. …I fell in love, Rias Gremory. …I swore, that I would be with Rias Gremory forever. I was fighting a dragon head, and crying tearfully at the same time —

“You…are not wrong! But! But! Even if you do such a thing! …it won’t help anyone…you will only have, sadness…”

Using Ex-Durandal to block the dragon’s blows was Xenovia, whose face was covered in tears.

“Durandal…! Let’s settle this…!”

Irina was standing beside Xenovia, with a determined look in her eyes which were full of tears.

“Hauteclaire…if you recognise me as your master, then I beg of you, please lend me your strength! Lend me enough strength to save dad, the strength to help everyone, as well as — the strength liberated from this evil dragon so that I can borrow it haaaaaaaaaaa!”

The two holy swords resonated with each other — and a holy aura continuously rose from the blades. The holy swords swelled in size, then finally became two pillars of light which extended into the sky.

“…Lord, I beg you. I truly beg you…!”

Asia summoned Fafnir, and next to the dragon king she also sent her prayer towards the sky.

I attacked with a heavy punch!

“Ascalon! It’s time for this holy sword to go!”

The dragon slaying holy sword appeared out of my left gauntlet! That man’s body was enveloped in an evil aura with eight heads, while its opponents Xenovia and Irina who were fighting it — a devil and an angel who were shedding tears.

“……Can I be an angel…?”

Facing me, Xenovia and Irina released their sword's holy auras, swallowing him within them — suddenly, I saw a ghost, a woman who gently hugged him — Yaegaki was slumped over on the ground — the power of the evil dragon which had taken control of him disappeared into the ground. Ddraig said

“…Yamata-no-Orochi’s power is gone…no, its resurrection is uncertain. In any case, there isn’t any power of an evil dragon left in the sword. How terrifying, it must be that angel’s sword—.”

Irina’s Hauteclaire, it’s said to be able to purify the opponent’s sword. Coming into contact with his Kusanagi sword, it wiped out all its evil energy…this is Irina’s new ability…although I think that Xenovia’s Ex-Durandal and my Ascalon helped amplify the effect, but the power to purify was only from Hauteclaire. Lying on the ground, Yaegaki said to me

“…I…also loved a female devil.”

He continued, in a low voice,

“…Perhaps, someone will try to come between you and her. Even if that happens…you need to—”

I said without hesitation

“—Protect. Even if the entire world is against my relationship with Rias, even if there are great enemies or obstacles, I will overcome anything to protect her.”

That’s right. I already decided that I would stay by her side. Even if powerful enemies or obstacles would oppose us, I will face them head on and overcome them. Yaegaki then shifted his gaze to Irina.

“—So, a devil like you, you were able to help heaven’s side?”

This confusion was unnecessary.

“Well, of course. I have no connection to the angel’s side. Not long ago it was agreed — if you don’t want to leave, then stay.”

There was no reason to leave. Just like this. It’s a happy life. This is not good. —Because we were allowed to do so. Yaegaki — wept silently.

“…Is that so. It’s really… you and I are the same… except, what we wanted wasn’t allowed…”

He held out his hand to me. Ah, this is good. I, I and this person — we understand each other. Indeed. Even though it was in a different time, the situations we encountered are similar. Because, we both fell in love with women of another race —

“…In that case, we can definitely understand each other. You and I, you and I —”

Wanting to hold my hand, Yaegaki wanted to get up.

“…Ah, so that’s how—”


A dull sound reached my ears. Just as we were about to grab hold each other’s hands, something flew from the side — and made a hole through Yaegaki’s chest. Yaegaki’s upper body had a large hole through it. He made a single “Urgh”,spat out a mouthful of blood and then he fell.

“Woo hahahaha! Ah, oh no.”

An unpleasant laughter echoed throughout the surrounding area. This laughter is familiar. Yes, I couldn’t possibly forget. I turned my head to the direction the laughter was coming from, and all I could see was a silver-haired middle-aged man, who showed a hideous smile. I bellowed out this bastard’s name!


This shitty old bastard flippantly raised his hand.

“Yo ♪ I came to check it out, the beautiful revenge comedy which turned into a touching scene. And in the middle of it I step in!”

Xenovia held the fatally wounded Yaegaki in her arms. Irina helped her father on her shoulder, and set him down beside Yaegaki.


Yaegaki made a slight smile towards Irina’s father.

“…Having no connection, that’s good.”

Asia quickly ran over, and released a healing glow. However, his wound did not heal…was it because his body was revived with the holy grail, or did he — resist the healing.

“…This is too sad…!”

Asia’s eyes became watery. He still smiled slightly.

“…You cry for me? …Really, you really are gentle…”

Slowly, and gradually, his body began to break down. His body was breaking from bottom to top —

“Ah, I would want—in this day and age…to meet you again…”

And so, his body turned to dust. ………Seeing this, even I…yet…we were still about to understand each other. No, we already understood each other. At the very end…! I pounded at the ground with my fist. —However, Rizevim simply appeared bored and sighed.

“Whatever, he was good at doing his job, what happened between Bael and the church side is now public, and as the user of Kusanagi — he is no longer needed.”

…Every single word he said annoyed me. This man’s voice, and attitude, was irritating from beginning to end. In a deep voice that even I thought was scary, I asked him…

“……Why, did you have to kill him?”

He laughed and grinned wildly.

“Oh no? Are you angry? Oops, my opponent is cranky; the Sekiryuutei should be more relaxed! Anyway, he was already a dead man. It’s no big deal even if I do kill him. Oooh how scary!”

“…Don’t joke around. Why, do you have to do such things…to Vali, or the children of the underworld…”

No matter who, everyone just wants themselves to be happier…so why does he…does this guy, have to burn everything to the ground…? Rizevim nonchalantly replied

“Hmm — it’s because, it’s to make an old man like me happy.”

…ah ah, yes. So that’s how it is. …I was livid. I seriously cannot understand how this guy thinks.

“Vali. Hmph, I can totally understand how you feel now. It is so. It’s like this.”

My whole body began releasing a burning and furious aura, whilst standing in front of him.

“Rizevim, you’d be much better off dead…!”

A crimson aura was bursting out, I…made up my mind to beat this bastard up! I absolutely won’t forgive you! I absolutely will destroy you!

“Oh wow, those eyes and that look reminds me of Vali…!”

Seeing my attitude, this bastard looked overjoyed!

“Hmm how scary! Well then, how about this old man has a spar with you?”

Rizevim stretched his fingers, accepting my challenge.

“I dare you!”

I flew forward! I rapidly closed the distance, and aimed at the face that I hated —

Just as I was about to hit him, he gently touched my armour. In that instant, power slowly faded from my body. My armour instantly vanished, leaving just my bare skin exposed!

“Useless. The power you gain from your sacred gear is ineffective against this old man. You forgot?”

—Sacred gears are ineffective! Just a touch, and he would be able to remove my armour!

“Hah, Lucifer’s fist! How’s that name?”

He said so jokingly, as he gave me a punch. It hit me deep in the abdomen.

“…Woo hah.”

…I couldn’t resist the pain, and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood…damn, I haven’t had a punch hit me directly for a while…! My whole body was feeling pain! Then on top of that he added a kick, and sent me flying! After I bounced on the ground a few times, I got back up, and wore my armour again!

Even though I was injured, I flew back, and fired out a beam of demonic energy — but that bastard simply touched it with his hand, and my dragon shot disappeared! As long as power is used through a Sacred Gear, even a projectile of demonic energy will be ineffective! After that his figure suddenly disappeared and just as suddenly appeared right in front of me.

“I am the son of Lucifer. Even without my Sacred Gear Canceller, I am still powerful. “Hya, Lucifer’s kick ♪”

My armour was released as soon as he kicked me, resulting in a strong blow to my backside! …The impact made me choke! Indeed, this is a pain that I haven’t tasted in a long time! I recalled my previous battles. No, not now! Compared to the pain I'm feeling now, what I felt in the past is completely different! It doesn’t matter, my enemy right now is stronger than me!

After Asia’s healing aura was sent over, my wounds were completely healed…next, it’s up to you!

“Ha!” “In that case!”

Xenovia and Irina directed their swords towards Lucifer, but they had just defeated Yamata-no-Orochi, and shortly before that they released a lot of their energy, so the duo’s stamina had not fully recovered yet! Faced with attacks from two holy swords — he used his two fingers to block their attacks!

“A little devil girl and angel attacking me simultaneously! How cool! But but, with this kind of attack, there’s no way you can hit this old man yo!”

He radiated demonic energy from his hands, and sent the duo flying!

“Xenovia! Irina!”

Seeing her friends being injured, Asia sent them a healing aura! I moved closer to him again, so that I could fire a single blast at him from zero distance — however, he simply touched it, and my armour was dissolved for the third time! I was then hit by a shot of magical energy! …An indescribable pain spread throughout my body, and fresh blood was sprayed out of my body! If this continued, I’ll collapse because of blood loss!

“…Damn, I have to at least land one hit…!”

I once again reformed my armour, and shakily staggered up on my feet. Rizevim “uh uh uh” was shaking his fingers.

“Wearing that armour, that’s a no no. Why, isn’t it pointless? It’s pointless, because—”

He moved his face closer to mine, and said while clearly laughing

“Without your armour, you’re just a shitty devil pawn.”

……What trash, I already understood that. Even so, I’ll still give you a beating…! If I could release that power…! Ddraig, you need to hurry!

“Ise!” “Ise-kun!”

Xenovia and Irina although wounded, still picked up their holy swords, and faced Rizevim!

“Durandal and Hauteclaire! Ah, being attacked by these two swords makes me feel nostalgic! When there was Excalibur, that really was…really fun ♪”

Rizevim moved his body sideways slightly, and evaded the fierce slashes of the sword duo! Just how contemptuous is this son of a devil! His light movements are far better than mine!

“Just need to land one hit…!”

With blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, Xenovia was still slashing at high speed, with an incredible destructive power! Although she occasionally used the mimicry ability, he was still able to predict and avoid her slashes! Eventually, it changed into a blade in the shape of a whip which was stopped by his bare hands. Xenovia was pulled closer then took a kick to the stomach!

“Uh ah…!”

Taking the impact of the kick, Xenovia was sent flying a far distance!

“Xenovia! How dare you!”

Irina increased the holy aura output of Hauteclaire, and slashed it down towards Rizevim. However he stretched his hand and that power was no more.

“To be honest, your technique isn’t bad. Really. In order to defeat Yamato-no-Orochi, you expended too much energy though. But, even if you didn’t it’s not enough.”

After Rizevim said so, he snatched the holy sword from Irina’s hands, then thrust his hand into her abdomen.

“…Ha ha!”

Irina, like Xenovia was sent flying with a sudden kick.

“……How did it come to this.”

Because of the effect of the poison, all Irina’s father could do was watch all this happening. I also want to get back up, and face him—

“Hey, I’m behind you.”

He was right behind me! Light generated by magic was gathering behind me! With a loud booming noise, I was blasted by it completely, and collapsed…


…My armour was destroyed, and my consciousness was fading…! I was facing down on the floor…this is bad, clearly getting this kind of injury should be painful, but it was dull…and slow. Probably because of my excessive blood loss, my limbs were all numb… I laid on the floor. In my blurred vision, I could only see Rizevim gradually approaching Asia.

“How should I address this lady? Do you want to play with this old man?”

Rizevim continued to get closer. In front of Asia — a Gold Dragon blocked his way.

“—Asia-chan, I’m here to protect you.”

“Oh yeah, a Dragon King. You stand in my way? That’s very interesting. Do you need to play a game with me?”

Rizevim chanted a magic spell against Fafnir. Fafnir didn’t even bat an eyelid, stood in front of Asia, and took the attack head on. The dragon king took a direct hit. Even if he had tough skin, used as a shield, he was spewing fresh blood. Asia immediately began treating his wound. Perhaps Fafnir thought that acting as a shield was interesting, as Rizevim continuously fired magic bullets!

Fafnir knew that Asia was behind him, so retreating wasn’t an option for him, and he took all the attacks head on. …The Dragon King’s body was smoking. Almost his whole body had been burned by Rizevim’s magic. Rizevim’s shots became smaller, but they increased in frequency. Taking even one hit, most people would be severely injured. Even if he is a sturdy Dragon King — Fafnir had taken all of Rizevim’s attacks! Asia got up and ran, she wanted to let herself be the target. But Fafnir used his tail to block her path silently telling her to stay still. If Asia left Fafnir’s side, that man would happily shoot her down. Fafnir also understood this. In any case, he just needed to protect Asia from all attacks —

“Fafnir-san! Please hurry and escape! If you keep going like this…!”

Asia cried out loud. Even if she’s accepting the protection of this Dragon King, she must be crying on the inside. Fafnir, in his usual tone said

“Never mind, this old dragon, needs to protect Asia-chan.”

Witnessing such a scene, Rizevim laughed uncontrollably

“Hm hahahaha! Truly commendable! For the sake of protecting your female master, this mighty Dragon King would disregard himself! But but, just because I see this it doesn’t mean I’ll be lenient! In fact this is interesting so I’ll attack even harder!”

The intensity of his magic increased! Fafnir’s entire body — sustained injuries that even Asia could not heal.

“Stop! Run! Please!”

No matter how loud Asia cried, Fafnir just said one thing

“To protect, Asia-chan.”

“…Why, do you have to go so far for me…”

Fafnir, while being attacked by a barrage of magic bullets said

“…The girl who smiled at me, Asia-chan was the first — so that’s why, I need to protect. This dragon, is willing to devote himself to Asia-chan.”

…… …You actually believed that… …To begin with, you had such determination, to stand in front of Asia… Fafnir’s mouth was dripping with blood, but he continued

“…This dragon, only had a strong and large body, and was more powerful than other dragons. Before he knew it, he had become a Dragon King. He doesn’t have the pride of other dragons. But, to be able to protect a girl — that is definitely, the pride of this Dragon King.”


Asia, hearing this Dragon King’s determination, could only cover her mouth and begin sobbing.

“…Please…you don’t have to stand in front of me anymore…”

The Dragon King definitely wouldn’t listen to her. Asia couldn’t take it and pushed aside Fafnir’s tail, and stood in front of Rizevim. Now she was protecting Fafnir. The son of Lucifer laughed as he saw this.

“Hehahahaha. You deserve praise. You dare to stand in front of me!”

“…Enough, please stop…! Why, do you have to go so far with these things…?”

“It is simply because I am the son of Satan. If I don’t do bad things then I’ll just be a fake right?”

Asia said with great emotion

“…I, and my friends are a big family, we just want a peaceful life…! Doing such horrible things, will just create hatred, and cause people to get hurt…”

“Mmm Hmm, that’s true. I have to do horrible things. I have to be hated. To cause people to get hurt — so, what about it?”

A “Pwack” sound was clearly heard. He hit Asia.


Asia fell to the ground. This scene…was enough to ignite something in my heart. …This bastard, actually……hit Asia…! …Originally, my strength was already depleted, but I automatically got up! …Dear Asia, was hit. How can I just lay down here…! Aarrgh, this bastard, is truly the scum of the scum! — I couldn’t hold back giving this guy a punch yaaarrrrghhh!

“Asia!” “…You bastard, you dared to hit Asia…!” “Asia…Damn…!”

Xenovia, I, Irina, everyone who saw Asia in danger had the same look in their eyes! To me, Asia is…an important person! She’s never allowed to get hurt! I got up a bit, Rizevim laughed and said

“Hehahaha, everyone’s face has changed. Oh no, did you favourite character get sent flying? If I keep going, will you get angrier?”

This bastard pointed his hand towards Asia who was lying on the ground! He wants to fire magic!

“Stop! You son of a bitch!”

I was fuming…and got up! He hit Asia…my precious family member, how could I lie there! I won’t forgive you! You hurt Asia and her family —!

“I definitely won’t forgive you ———!”

I yelled out — and suddenly felt a cold chill behind me. …In my field of vision, I could feel an extremely scary and dangerous aura being released from a single place. Even if his whole body was bleeding, Fafnir was giving a deadly glare to his opponent.

“…You are not allowed to bully Asia-chan…You are not allowed to bully Asia-chan!”

I could feel the immense pressure released from Fafnir’s entire body! …What happened to that guy…?

“Hehahaha, you are indeed a Dragon King. Even with your body like that, your pressure is incredible. You didn’t seriously ask —”

Rizevim wasn’t allowed to finish, Fafnir suddenly flew up high, opened his massive jaws and dived down! His strength should have already been depleted. Clearly when he was protecting Asia, he should have used all his power. Even so, the Golden Dragon glowed with fierce eyes and charged towards the son of Lucifer!

“You made Asia cry…! You made Asia cry…!”

From the shadow beneath Rizevim’s feet appeared a very small figure — it was Ophis’s spawn Lilith!

Lilith stood in front of Rizevim, and made a line of defensive barriers — Fafnir’s charge hit and crushed barriers under his teeth, and was slowly, slowly approaching Rizevim! Lilith cancelled her barrier, and directly hit Fafnir’s face! A loud noise echoed through the sky, but the Dragon King seemed unaffected. He swept with a horizontal kick, and sent Lilith flying! What a brutal attack! Although Lilith was unscathed, the fact that she was sent flying is true! Before Lilith could get ready again, Fafnir faced Rizevim and blasted out a massive fireball! Rizevim moved slightly and used his magic to dampen the flames — but the Golden Dragon King was no longer in front of him! He flew up into the air! Fafnir’s massive body was strange with wings; he flew high up into the air, and then aimed his teeth at Rizevim below!

What came out of his mouth — were swords with powerful auras, spears, and other weapons! What he expelled were all legendary weapons! Rizevim used magic to deflect the falling weapons, but the weapons that bounced off changed their trajectory and flew back towards him! Rizevim was surrounded by flaming or ice swords, spears of lightning, aura releasing axes, and countless other weapons which flew towards him! But, the attack didn’t just consist of legendary weapons, Fafnir was also charging towards him at a blinding speed! Even with the magic attack of the weapons — the Dragon King was charging as if berserk! His eyes were burning with anger…!

“Hehahaha! What is this, to make me feel such pressure!”

To Fafnir who was charging straight towards him, Rizevim released and fired a large expanding ball of magic! It was an extremely large amount of magic! If hit by that directly, Fafnir would surely…! But, the Golden Dragon King who was charging at such high speed should be able to dodge — in a flash, Fafnir collided into Rizevim’s magic — and didn’t come out! Just before the magic had hit, Fafnir had disappeared. It was like a mirage — that’s right, it was an illusion! It’s a feint! “—! It was actually an illusion!? So it was an effect of the legendary weapons you have!” Rizevim became aware of his carelessness, and looked around. Then, an enormous figure from behind Rizevim Livan Lucifer charged towards him! When Rizevim created a defensive barrier — the Dragon King opened his mouth wide and crushed the magic circle with his jaws, then continued charging towards the son of Satan! Wham! — That dull noise echoed.

“……Hoo! Deceptive…!?”

Fafnir’s charge, had slashed Rizevim from his left shoulder downwards —

“The guy who made Asia cry, I will not let you go lightly!”

Fafnir’s suicidal charge — to Rizevim, it seems like it had exceeded his expectations. His demonic smile and attitude from before disappeared, leaving an astonished expression. This Dragon King’s determination — Known as the Dragon King Fafnir, the anger burning in his eyes was scary.

“Unforgivable! Unforgivable! Unforgivable!”

Fafnir immediately began the chase! Rizevim tried to escape, but Fafnir was stubbornly chasing him! …This, is really quite tenacious! Without completely defeating his opponent he will not let go, such passion made my head feel tight…!

— That guy only did one thing. He hurt Asia. That one thing was enough to make the Golden Dragon King “Outrage”. I recalled the words that my teacher once said. — we must not offend the dragons, such a phrase has been used since ancient times — “Outrage”, what is it? Even a low level dragon, if offended, would make you understand the meaning of "Outrage". Dragons are creatures that should not be angered. A dragon’s “Outrage”. Rizevim is experiencing it. Fafnir’s anger. As a fellow dragon who watched, I couldn’t help but feel a little chill. The emotionless Lilith frowned slightly in the eyes of the enraged Fafnir. “……Rizevim, this dragon, and Lilith are a flavour.” Hearing her words, Rizevim seemed to understand what was said. He used magic to retrieve his severed limb back to his side, then reattached it.

“…Indeed, that is…Ophis’s ‘friend’ is quite troublesome. Because she is the original Dragon God’s ‘friend’ which cannot exist. Nice, I’ve seen something good. I should remember this.”

His expression was different to that of before, giving off a serious feeling. —Then, Ddraig inside me said

“Partner! We have Fafnir to thank for that! It’s time for me to begin! —The power I released, you should currently be able to use it!”

Somewhat late, Ddraig. The reason was because Asia was hit. But, that’s good. I want to beat this guy up at the peak of my mood yaaaarrrghhh! I wore my red armour, and seeing it he simply laughed.

“Hohahahaha! It’s that again! I’ve already told you it’s useless useless useless!”

I take his words and fly forward. The same as before, I go for a head on attack! Rizevim grinned, and prepared to engage me!

“As long as your power has anything to do with a Sacred Gear — it’ll be useless!”

He extended his hand to touch my armour — despite the fact that my armour was gone, I still had my gauntlet left! I continued using all my strength to punch Rizevim’s face! A new voice sounded from my gem!


He took the blow straight on, and due to the impact of the hit he was sent flying backwards! Rizevim fell to the ground.

“……How, this is…”

He said with a tone of disbelief, rubbing his face while lying down. It looks like blood from his nose had been sprayed all over his face. I slowly approached him as he lay on the ground, pulled him up by his hair, then punched his face again. He tumbled onto the ground again, still in disbelief. As I walked over to him I said

“—This is one of Ddraig’s abilities when he was alive, ‘Penetrate’. The power of my attack was transmitted directly to your body.”

That’s right, this is Ddraig’s retrieved power. Ddraig’s abilities — “Boost”, “Transfer”, and “Penetrate”. Rizevim lifted the upper half of his body, whilst shivering.

“…Using the power of ‘Penetrate’, to bypass my ‘Sacred Gear Canceller’…? How is that possible! My ‘Sacred Gear Canceller’! No matter what Sacred Gear, no matter what divine instrument, all of them! All—of—them, become ineffective—”

Before he could continue his words, I punched him in the face again. In order to better release the power of the dragon, I dragonified both my arms and legs.


…Perhaps my strength stayed the same, with each punch, the body took the impact, and seemed to be falling. But he couldn’t fall. I kept giving him a few more punches, harder! I take a step closer to the weakened Rizevim — then start with a punch, then a kick, then a punch, another punch, a kick!

“Ke! He! …How’s this, this. How’s this, and this!?” “A normal dragon, a normal Sacred Gear were not able to penetrate your body before.”

In order to defeat Euclid, I had used Longinus Smasher, and since then I have slowly been recovering. So I’m not in my normal state.

“But now, I have the ‘Penetrate’ ability, which will defeat you.”

I stumbled back a tad. As if Rizevim thought of something, he suddenly started laughing.

“……So that’s how it was, it was like that it was like that…! That’s it, the endless dream of someone…! That is, Vali…that’s why you’re so keen! That’s how you feel!”

Rizevim yelled. Ddraig said in a voice that he could hear

“Son of Lucifer. You think you’re his enemy? Even the God of the Bible revered their power — dragons. Whether it’s me, or the Hakuryuukou, or Fafnir, you can’t underestimate us — I could, if I wanted, have destroyed the world a few times over with just brute force. But I haven’t done so, because compared to you, my life is more enjoyable like this.”

Ddraig had once told me “—Angels, devils, they once ruined my fun.” Rizevim listened, as he wiped blood off his face.

“…That was when the three main factions were still at war, the two heavenly dragons said things like that to God and Satan.”

I then declared

“I made up my mind — to become a harem king, whether you’re Satan’s son, or a god, I’ll beat them all! I need to be together with Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Irina and Xenovia to live a fun and happy life!”

As I said that to him, there was reassurance behind me.

“Ise!” “Ise-kun!”

Rias, Kiba! Everyone had rushed over here! Even Cao Cao was here!

“Yo. We caught up.”

Dulio was also here! His opponent Crom Cruach, was actually here as well! Rizevim, upon seeing all the members of “DxD” gathered, laughed at himself.

“Hehahaha! So everyone’s here. Then I’ll say…alas, the manufactured Grendel and Ladon-sama were defeated? How scary, the breakthrough of ‘DxD’!”

Between the confrontation between us and the other side, a third party’s voice descended from the sky.

“—Hohoho, how dare you say such things in heaven, truly the Sekiryuutei.”

Everyone’s gaze shifted to a single point — it was Archangel Michael who was flying down from the sky!


The surprised Irina said. Michael said

“I came late. The issue with the seal in Heaven has now been resolved. They have been manipulating Heaven’s various gates, we believe they are using the forbidden technique of Aži Dahāka. Without affecting the ‘system’ we tried to resolve the issue…but my comrade who helped me, at the highest level — Seventh Heaven made a high level of protection, so that even if I no longer exist, evil forces will not be able to invade.”

Michael turned to face Rizevim.

“Next is you. Long time no see. Wasn’t the last time we met during the previous war? Seeing as you’ve set foot into Heaven’s territory, would you please cooperate…although saying so, it looks like you’ve already been beaten.”

Michael’s expression — became rather cold.

“But, I will not show mercy.”

Michael raised his hand to the sky, and in mid-air — appeared an immensely large spear of light! …If one was to be hit by that gigantic spear of light, any kind of devil’s life would be in danger! Michael mercilessly lowered his hand. The gigantic spear of light flew towards Rizevim! In the instant that it hit, a large amount of light was released in an explosion! Michael immediately erected a barrier, to protect us from the impact of the explosion. That was not the case for Rizevim, he took a head on strike from that gigantic spear of light.

“Ha—hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!”

Several more explosions occurred within the Garden of Eden, so that even the landscape significantly changed. In the midst of the explosions, that guy kept laughing continuously. —Then, in the centre of the explosions caused by the spear of light, appeared twelve black pillars. They expanded and then bent…like wings. No, this is— After the assault from the spears of light stopped, I saw Rizevim standing in the centre of where the explosions were with twelve black wings spread out. The shape of his wings were familiar. That’s right, it was from when the three factions made peace. My rival — Vali, he had these black wings! It was Lucifer’s…black wings! Rizevim survived the attack of light. With his wings coming out of his back, he rested his hand on his chin.

“Oh no, what should I say…ah, yes — so sorry. I really underestimated you. Oh no, because it’s been a few thousand years, a few thousand years without exercising much, my shoulders are a bit sore.”

As Rizevim said that while scratching his head, he then let out a sigh — and gave a callous look that I had not seen before.

“The fun ends here. I — no, as the son of Lucifer, you are the enemy of my dreams.”

…Whether it’s his tone, or the heavy pressure that he was releasing, he was completely different…! His body, the guilty pleasure on his face, his impression and even his atmosphere had changed. However, I still said with disdain

“—So what. Even if you are serious now, you’ve already committed evil deeds, and will the deeds committed now change the future? So, why don’t you come down here, and end it now.”

—However, Rizevim shook his head.

“No, this time we’ll be leaving — I’ve already achieved what I came for.”

As he spoke, he took out an object.

“—That is!”

Michael had an extremely surprised expression! Rizevim was holding two fruits.

“This is the fruit of wisdom and the fruit of life.”

—Hey! Are those, the fruits written about in the Bible!? Why would this guy be holding them!? Didn’t they cease to exist a long time ago!?

“How can that be! The tree should no longer bear any fruit!”

Irina said exactly what was on my mind. Rizevim stroked the fruit in his hand and said

“Hmm, it no longer bears fruit — but, if it was ‘preserved’, then that’s another matter.”

He smiled and continued

“My mother Lilith, is the Lilith who was recorded in the Bible. In the past, when my mother was human, she lived in the Garden of Eden. She was also known as Adam’s first wife.”

I know that. I remember she was Adam’s ex-wife. Not Ophis’s spawn Lilith, but the real Lilith. Rizevim continued further

“…When I was little, I often heard my mother Lilith say: ‘I am carrying God, I have hidden the fruit of wisdom and the fruit of life somewhere’, she was rather conceited. But what was the truth? I tried to find it…it existed. Although they had long withered, the energy which was lost…”

Michael interrupted Rizevim and said

“You’ll use the holy grail to restore them? But, where in heaven was it hidden? I never perceived them all these years.”

“—In purgatory. The depths of purgatory. Hidden in the secret passage to Hades.”

…Hold on. Purgatory…has a passage to the underworld? Then, that means that there was no reason to attack Heaven— Perhaps guessing my thoughts, Rizevim said

“There was also a passage to Heaven, so after I took the fruits I also came over to take a look.”

—A passage. Just because there was a passage to Heaven, he came here and attacked…! This guy really is the embodiment of evil…! I ran all the way here just because this guy was such an annoying bastard!


Everyone silently stood in front of him with a great sense of morale — however, a small figure stood in front of him.

“…Rizevim, I will protect.”

—Lilith. She looked exactly the same as Ophis, which dampened my will to fight. Because Lilith was standing in the middle, Rizevim sighed.

“…I easily got to have fun, children lose interest once they take a step back.”

A magic circle began to glow beneath his feet.

“This old guy is leaving now. I had a lot of fun — Hyoudou Issei, till we meet again.”

You’re not getting away! Although I wanted to say that, I don’t have any remaining strength, I also have anaemia, and can barely stand any more. The others who could still move wanted to attack, but because Lilith was in the way, they had the same complicated expression as me. Michael could not attack, also because Lilith was there, and also because an evil dragon slowly got closer — Crom Cruach was close enough that his shadow was visible. Seeing this, it was either a draw with Dulio, or a winner had not yet been decided.

“Lilith, Crom, we’re going back.”

Rizevim said to Crom Cruach who had arrived here. However, that guy didn’t respond.


In response to Rizevim’s question, the evil dragon simply rejected the invitation with silence.

“Fine then, that’s alright.”

Rizevim shook his head, as he was about to disappear into the light, I finally gave him these words

“Rizevim — the one to defeat you will not be me, it will be Vali. That fact will never change.”

Rizevim — just as he was about to disappear - revealed a smile which looked forward to it.

Next Life[edit]

After Rizevim and the rest disappeared, I could finally let out a sigh of relief in Fourth Heaven. Now it was just Irina’s father who was urgently sent to Fifth Heaven’s medical facilities. I hope he’ll be able to detoxify the poison as soon as possible…. The evil dragons that appeared along with Rizevim also disappeared. …It looks like Heaven suffered a lot of damage. But fortunately the ‘system’ does not seem to be affected. Michael thanked Cao Cao

“We highly appreciate your help in Heaven.”

“I never imagined that I’d be able to enter Heaven. —Nevertheless, I have still sinned. Also every time I do something, it’s thanks to information from Hades.”

Everyone who heard that news was shocked. …Hades provided information? But, did Hades also know about the secret passage between Heaven and the Underworld that Qlippoth used?

“…Hades thought that would make it fair. Or is he just having fun?”

Rias muttered to herself. Michael did not have a reply, but continued speaking to Cao Cao

“You were the one chosen by the holy spear. As long as you are not an enemy, then I will not be hostile.”

“Hohoho, the holy spear was used to pierce through Jesus though. As the Archangel you really are quite accepting.”

Cao Cao turned around to leave.

“See you another time.”

Seeing that he was about to leave, I called out to him


There’s something I need to confirm with him.

“…Are you an enemy? Or are you a member of ‘Khaos Brigade?”

Cao Cao looked up at the sky and spoke

“…At the least, I’m no longer a part of ‘Khaos Brigade’. Currently I’m a part of Indra’s vanguard. But, the previous vanguard was the first generation Monkey King, and I was behind the scenes. I’m responsible for some inside matters which cannot be made public. I currently have no intention to harm you.”

Rias then said

“You’ve done so many bad things, yet Indra still keeps you by his side. I really don’t know what he’s thinking. Do I need to list the several breaches of the treaty?”

Cao Cao shrugged.

“There’s no point in telling me. I’m just with Indra because he saved my life on a whim. …I think that in my present position, I can’t relate to my past ambitions and dreams, which is ironic as I was once a member of ‘Khaos Brigade’.”

“It seems you don’t understand the meaning of reflection.”

Kiba frowned. Cao Cao took a deep breath.

“…You said, reflect. From my viewpoint, should I be reflecting on fighting against creatures? Or do you mean I should swear myself to revenge? …Is a fight between humans and creatures ‘justice’ or is it ‘evil’? Currently I am simply powerless, satisfied and unable to answer any questions, an ethereal empty shell.”

…He hasn’t changed, he is just talking nonsense. Rias asked again

“What about the other users of Sacred Gears?”

“Georg and Leonardo? Hoho, they’re still with Hades. Georg and him…Hoho, they’re in the Realm of the Dead researching the magic of the grim reapers. He was sent to a magician who was famous when he was alive, and he quickly got stuck into the research of magic.”

…He actually became something like that. Those heroes truly are puzzling guys.

Cao Cao continued speaking.

“He told me that they had no plans to return to this side. I truly cannot understand the values of magicians. Leonardo also seems to enjoy the atmosphere there, he’s the same as Georg and doesn’t have any intention of coming back.”

Cao Cao shifted his spear to his shoulder then said sarcastically

“…Only I, only I still want to linger in this world, so that’s why I came back. — If you want to punish me then feel free to do so. If I am currently your object of hatred. Although, I have no intention of dying easily….”

…His words were provocative to me, but I knew he would be fighting back with his full strength.

“…Can I trust you? Besides, what reason do you have to come back here? You’re not here for revenge or atonement right?”

When I asked, he turned to look somewhere far away.

“…I, need to become some kind of person. For what reason, was I born with this spear? I simply live to find the answer to this.”

This guy just said a heap of nonsense.

“The search for myself. Something that you would not do.” “In the end, I wished to discover myself, and that led me to the result I have here.”

He’s just downright troublesome! I’d prefer for him not to attack us!

“If you decide to follow up on your search for self, what would you do?”

Hearing Kiba’s question, he shook his head.

“…This follow up…does not exist. My dream, has already been destroyed by the Sekiryuutei once. My next dream is —.”

Speaking of that, Cao Cao turned to me.

“To defeat the Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei. I think that, if I will be able to defeat you, I will be able to fully revive. Today — no, once again, I’m not sure about it.”

……. So he means that I will be his enemy. But, if I dared to attack, it would be that simple. Cao Cao had probably finished talking, and waved his hand in preparation to leave.

“Goodbye for now. Indra ordered me to attack the evil dragons and assist you, so you could say its fate that we met again.”

Rias asked a final question

“Allow me to ask one more question. If Indra ordered you and I to fight then what would you do?”

“…Exactly that. All I can say is, Hyoudou Issei, next time, when we fight, I won’t have Medusa’s eye or Samael, I will be using my own power to challenge you.”

“Well, I won’t use anything like Samael’s poison, and will definitely defeat you.”

Cao Cao and I smiled fearlessly at the same time. He glanced at me, then turned around to leave. Seeing this scene, Xenovia began whispering “Say Irina…Lately I’m seriously starting to get worried about the number of men who are targeting Ise….”

“Well… in that case, it will no longer be sufficient to count the number on both hands….”[1]

Irina began counting with her fingers.

“…Really, I’m serious.”

I really have nothing to say. …No, she makes it sound like I have a problem. But, it’s because other guys have also passionately invited me, I couldn’t help but to give responses like that! Is it that bad!?

A passionate reply can make a man become even more passionate with you!? — This time, a shadow moved away from the Angels’ troops and came towards me. Soon, Crom Cruach had moved in front of me. The evil dragon quietly faced me and asked

“…You, are a dragon? Or are you a devil?”

…This guy asked me quite a perplexing question.

“That, I do not know….”

I could only scratch my face and answer him. So he bluntly said

“My dream is to see where dragons will end up.”

He grabbed my face, and seriously asked

“You, are you the answer that I’m looking for?”

“No, I don’t know….”

I didn’t know how to answer him, but he seemed to be aggressive.

“—Fight with me once”.

“Huh…? Now, fight now?”

I was really surprised! I said that, right now we’ve already finished fighting! Everyone became serious again at the possibility that Crom Cruach and I would begin fighting! I’m already tired! —Then again, would this evil dragon listen to my reason…? Both of us were silent for a while. The evil dragon was the first to speak

“…A no, is it?”

“…Wait, let me rest for a while, can you do that?”

So, I just tentatively asked that…. The evil dragon was quiet for a while, then suddenly changed his posture, and turned around to leave.

“……Then I’ll be going.”

…No way. He actually agreed! Seeing his response, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat surprised!

“You’re going back to Qlippoth?”

I asked, but he shook his head.

“No, I’ve already lost interest in that. I might as well give myself a change. I’m already used to the human world.”

As he finished talking, he spread his black wings, and flew off into the distance. …Although the fact that he had now left was good, but who knows where he plans to go from Heaven. Whatever, based on what he said, he’ll probably be forced to land….[2] Michael did not do anything about Crom Cruach’s actions which confused me though, but Irina smiled.

“Irina, well played. You are indeed my Ace.”

Having received such praise from her much respected Archangel, Irina began to blush. Suddenly, it seemed like Irina had thought of something, and she turned to Michael to ask

“Michael-sama, although this question may be a bit overdue….”

“What is it?”

“— Why did you choose me to be your Ace?”

This was actually quite an interesting question. I’d always been curious. Why did Michael choose Irina to be his own Ace?

“Hoho, so it was about this.”

Michael clapped his hands. Then he raised one finger and asked back

“In the human world, when you open the packaging and box of a new deck of cards, what is the first card that you see?”

“…The ace of spades.”

Koneko-chan answered first. That’s right, the first card you should see is the ace of spades. Michael seemed to be in deep thought.

“That’s right. My idea was that this person should embody the reincarnation of an angel — someone who represents the ‘Brave Saints’. Angel Irina, you have a pure heart, you’re honest and sincere, and you are a devout believer from the bottom of your heart. Also, you’re able to get along with anyone. That’s why you’re the person who is most suited to being the representative of the Angels.”

…So it had that sort of meaning to it. The title of Ace, was not only because of Irina’s personality, but also because of Michael’s expectations. Michael then continued to Irina

“If you would please from now on, continue to uphold the image of the ‘Royal Users (Brave Saints)’.”

Hearing this, Irina was moved to tears, and continuously nodded.

“Yes! I will do my best to show my loyalty! Amen!”

Now everything was finally finished. Dulio who was sitting on the ground had fallen asleep. I heard that he had used his Balance Breaker against Crom Cruach. He was able to seriously fight against that evil dragon and be able to return, I truly admire him. No, although I previously believed that he would come back, I didn’t think he would be completely fine and uninjured! Though his enemy did not seem to have any fatal injuries either. But even so, he certainly deserves to be our leader!

…A wave of fatigue suddenly hit me, and I laid down on the floor and looked up at the sky. But, the power of [Penetrate]. Besides my current power, there was no other way. To be able to transmit my strength directly. But just defeating Rizevim is not enough…. However, if this ability could be transferred to others, then it will completely change how we fight. I suddenly thought… this ability, could it be used on the system[3]? To penetrate through the many layers of special protection in Heaven. Just when I was thinking of that, I heard the voice of the most beautiful woman in Heaven.

“Everyone! Michael-sama! How do you do?”

It was Gabriel who had gone over to the human world for a business trip and had quickly rushed back over. She had incredible allure due to her huge oppai[4], which occasionally bounced. …Her oppai[4]! I would be so happy to be able to see them! …Ah! I suddenly thought of it! What would happen if I transferred the power of [Penetrate] to use through my eyes!? What’s there to wait for! It’s time to try it out! I transferred the power of [Penetrate]…and concentrated it to my eyes! Then —

The clothing of the ladies within my field of vision…were transparent! Transparent! Traaannnssspppaaarrreeennnttt[5]! Rias’s oppai! Akeno-san’s oppai! Xenovia’s oppai! Even Irina’s oppai could be seen! My eyes are seeing everything, nothing can get in the way between my eyes and oppai! This, this is the power of [Penetrate]!

This, Ahhhhh it really is too good! I took advantage of this situation, to move my eyes over to Gabriel-san! What came into my vision was — shape, width, the colour of the areolae, size, roundness, only everything together can make one feel like these were the oppai of an angel! This, this… this perfect balance…! Of all I have known, this is the best… no, this is already unmatched! These, these oppai actually existed all this time! Aaahh, Azazel-sensei! I, finally! I finally saw it! The most beautiful oppai in Heaven!

“Hoho, so those are the most beautiful oppai in Heaven! Thank you! Thank you!”

Right now I could only pray in tears! Because I was a devil praying, even if it was bad, even if I had a headache, it still does not matter! —Those, can already be called God’s oppai! That’s right, I’ll do that! Sensei, my, my perverseness hasn’t decreased! Because, I have already learnt how to use my new ability!


Ddraig, do you feel helpless!? As I was crying of happiness, last time’s Heavenly device began alerting and surrounded me in Angelic symbols! The system to prevent indecent thoughts activated again! Everyone’s attention focused on me. …They must be thinking, that at a time like this I’m thinking of something perverted.


Koneko-chan opened her eyes halfway and remained silent. Everyone simply laughed helplessly.

“Koneko-chan…? No, it’s not, this thing! There’s a reason!”

“…Senpai, you really are a big pervert. When we get home we need to have a reflection meeting.”

Yes, I’m sorry, Koneko-sama….


Part 1[edit]

[[[[[[[[[[Merry Christmas!]]]]]]]]]]]

I was in the Occult Research Club room with the Student Council and all the members made a toast together. Even Kuroka and Le Fay were here. After the battle in Heaven Christmas peacefully came along, and the presents had already been distributed. I am currently enjoying a slightly late Christmas. Right after the battle in Heaven, I returned to First Heaven, waved goodbye then left. Asia and the others who could move went to help treat the wounded angels, who had been fighting till the last minute. Fortunately the door leading to Heaven was open, so reinforcements from the human world were able to make it. …Fafnir, who showed us incredible determination, was treated by Asia while in a deep slumber. It was said that his consciousness might not return easily. But he is not dead, so one day he’ll awaken. Asia was also relieved after hearing this. This time, he showed me the determination of a dragon. Just to protect Asia, he fought without any fear of death. …Since his mouth is always filled with pants, I think he’s quite a strange guy. But anyway, he is a Dragon King whose brilliance is incomparable.

Since he needed to be observed after the detoxification of poison, Irina’s father was unable to force himself. So he passed the responsibility of distributing the presents onto his daughter. Several times more enthusiastic and hardworking than her father, Irina truly was a good daughter. I am currently in the Hyoudou mansion with everyone. Dulio and Griselda-san had also come down here too. As everyone was celebrating, Rias and Akeno-san came out.

“Everyone, we all worked hard in the battle this Christmas.”

Rias expressed her sympathy then continued

“Everyone, please listen. Akeno and I have some important news to tell.”

Akeno-san maintained her slight smile and said

“Ara, although it might be somewhat sudden right now, but Rias and I decided to do this specifically at Christmas.”

She nodded in confirmation then said

“—We’d now like to announce the new Occult Research Club President and Vice-President.”

—! Not only the members of the Occult Research Club but also the Student Council members were surprised. Only Sona-kaichou was the one who already knew, and she simply kept smiling. Rias then continued

“As the President of the Occult Research Club for three years, during that time I’ve taken extra care, to ensure that the next generation will follow strict principles. I hope that the next President and the members will be able to remember this one thing. When there is flexibility, the Occult Research Club will definitely become better.”

Then, Rias cleared her throat. Finally, she announced the new promotions

“The new president is Asia, the Vice-President is Kiba.”

—Really, so it is actually like this! I had long expected this for Kiba. So, it is not surprising for this guy to be promoted. But, Asia actually became the president! This surely exceeded my expectations! Because Asia also did not expect this, she was surprised and could only cover her mouth with her hands. Rias continued further

“The reason I chose Asia, was because I felt that she will most likely be the person fit to renew the Occult Research Club. I think she can take our club activities into a different direction…imagining what would happen is very interesting.”

After that, Akeno-san stated her reason for choosing Kiba.

“I chose Kiba-kun, simply because I thought that both the President and Vice-President have been female for this past generation…. Although there are several reasons for that, I think that he will be a male role model for the school. This is what I also discussed with Rias.”

“Although we agreed on the next Vice-President to be male, until the very end I was deciding whether to choose Ise or Kiba. But considering that Ise’s future will be quite intense, and we cannot neglect club activities, I decided that Kiba would be the Vice-President.”

…So that’s how it was, that was the reason. The reason why Asia was chosen was because she could take the Occult Research Club in a new direction. Choosing Kiba was for future growth and communication between the other male students. …Although I thought that, since he is a handsome guy, male students will hate him, while female students will be attracted to him! Rias asked the two people

“Now, do you two accept this?”

“I don’t have a problem. I think this is fair.”

Kiba immediately answered. Asia — seemed to be lost in thought.

“…Ah! I, I, I, I, I…this! “I can’t?”

Rias saw that Asia was flustered and even her voice had changed, so she gave her a glass of water then asked again. After Asia finished the glass of water, and had calmed down a bit, she said

“No, it can’t be! I’m not the best…. I think that someone lively like Ise, Irina, or perhaps the serious Koneko-chan, or Ravel-san would be more suitable, I’m afraid that a shy person like me, can’t do well….”

I smiled slightly at Asia.

“That’s not true. In that case I’ll help you. Also, with Asia as the President, it will definitely become better! I think that [‘Ah, this is for dear Buchou’] has made me work hard for two years consecutively! That, to me is very important!”

Hmm! Just thinking about it, if Asia was the President, I would definitely be filled with energy this year! Ahh, for my dear Asia-Buchou, I would be prepared to do anything!

Hearing what I said, Rias smiled.

“Ara ara, I think Ise would do that. This is also one of the reasons for the decision.”

Kiba said to Asia and the other members

“I have decided, as long as this is entrusted to me, I will try my best to support Asia and everyone.”

Xenovia put her hand on Asia’s shoulder.

“Asia, this is a good opportunity. I think it’s worth a shot. Being the President of the Occult Research Club is an opportunity, which will probably not come by a second time.”

“Mmhmm! For Asia, I will definitely work hard!”

Irina also showed her agreement.

“…Asia-buchou, I think that sounds good.”

“Yes! If it’s for Asia-senpai……-buchou, I will do my best!”

“I have no objections.”

It looks like Koneko-chan, Gya-suke, and Ravel also approved.

“This is good, Asia as President!”

Saji also agreed.

“I think this is right. It looks interesting.”

“Mmhmm, Kiba as the Vice-President is also good.”

The Sitri side also seemed to agree. Then, it is done! All that was left now was Asia’s decision. Asia thought about it for a moment, then smiled and answered

“…I understand. Then I’ll accept the position! Everyone, in the next year, please work with me as the new President.”

Everyone responded loudly and bowed to Asia. [[[[[[[Yes, Buchou!]]]]]]] Asia-buchou was now official! It was great! It seems that next year the Occult Research Club will be relaxed and happy! Rias began rubbing her shoulders.

“…Ah, this feeling, it’s like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.”

“Ara ara, me too. It’s time to hand this over to the younger people.”

It looks like Akeno-san and Rias felt the same way. Then Sona-kaichou and Tsubaki-fukukaichou spoke

“So, next time, the four of us will have a tea party.”

What she said sounded like something an old lady would say! She was totally out of it! Koneko-chan had a mouth full of cake, then suddenly remembered something

“In that case…how do I address Rias-buchou now….”

Ah, I see. Since Asia is now the President, Rias…becomes what? I don’t know! I always just call her Rias so it doesn’t matter, but what would the others call her? Rias blinked, and then said to Koneko-chan and Kiba

“I see. You can call me [Onee][6] or [Ane][6] can’t you?”

But, Koneko-chan calmly said

“I can’t call you Rias-buchou? I’m used to saying that….”

Rias seemed a bit surprised, then found it really funny and started laughing

“So that’s it. It’s a sudden change, but that’s fine then. But don’t forget that Asia is your new President.”

It looks like there will be two people I’ll be calling Buchou. After the celebrations. Rias and I had inadvertently moved into a corner of the room together. I said to Rias

“Rias, before…in front of the first generation Bael, I couldn’t say this. I—.”

Rias placed her finger over my lips and smiled.

“Hahaha, its fine. You don’t need to say it. I understand. —I love you, Ise.”

“I do too, Rias.”

…Yaegaki, I, I have…decided that the rest of my life will be peaceful, and stable. For that, I will fight. I thought that to myself, and raised the glass in my hand towards the sky.

Part 2[edit]

I went outside to buy a few things. Someone came along with me — it was Irina. After I finished my shopping at the convenience store, we talked about our promise.

“About the Christmas promise, what should I do?”

“Hmm, it was a childhood promise, but it was to attack Santa Claus. A little drastic huh.”


I couldn’t help giggling. How would we really go and attack Santa Claus. Although it was an unwitting childhood promise, just thinking about it was quite a ridiculous thing. But I think the only reason why a child could come up with such an idea, was so that they could get more presents. —As I was thinking, something came down from the sky.

“—It’s snow.”

It was starting to snow! The timing looked like it was a coincidence.

“I didn’t think it’d actually be a white Christmas…. The weather forecast had clearly stated that tonight would be clear with occasional clouds.”

I looked towards the sky. Hahaha, although a lot of things happened, if this is a reward, it should be enough.

DxD 18 003-004.jpg

“—Hey, Ise”

Irina suddenly called to me.

“Hm? What is it? —.”

As soon as I turned my head around — Irina’s lips were placed onto mine.


………, as it had happened so suddenly, my…mind went completely blank. Irina’s face was red from blushing, after that she turned around in a circle and I gently flicked my tongue.

“—An angel’s kiss! It was because the scenery was so beautiful. People would naturally want to be kissed like this.”


…No, that’s not it, although I did think that this night scenery was beautiful…! An angel smiling in the snow was an even more beautiful sight! So, so this, is, is, is, is her kiss!? Irina then continued and said

“In fact this is my second time. Although the first one was Ise-kun too.”

“Huh? But I don’t remember that happening…”

I really couldn’t remember it happening! When did we kiss!? No matter how hard I thought, I couldn’t recall it! Irina said with a mischievous smile

“Ahmm, of course! It’s because when we were kids, Ise-kun came to sleep over at my house and I stole a kiss from you.”

No way! When we were kids? …That’s what she said, then, my first kiss was…! Suddenly, a figure that everybody would know of appeared in front of a slightly smiling Irina and I!

“Good for you! Relationships are a good thing!”

The one wearing a Santa Claus outfit was — Azazel-sensei! Wondering why he didn’t attend the party, I didn’t imagine he would appear like this!

“Ahahahahaha! I heard from it from Shidou Touji! That when you two were kids you decided to fight together against Santa, to get more presents right? This is an interesting thing, it would have been better if you told me earlier! If you defeat me, then this bag of presents will be yours! Well now, what will you do?”

Irina’s father, he actually knew about our promise! No, this comes first, Azazel-sensei is Santa! Irina and I looked at each other. We laughed at the same time.

“Ha, hahaha.”

“Hahahaha! Really, sensei — you’re nothing like Santa. Fine, I guess we might as well fulfill our promise!”

Irina and I faced sensei — Santa prepared his stance!

“Hmm, what I wished for, Ise-kun! Let me see a little bit of your power!”

Irina and I rushed in together! Santa attacked me head on and said at the same time

“Ise! Irina! You are the young people of the next generation. You should enjoy your time now as much as you can. This is a great experience for you. Devils, angels and fallen angels can have fun all together in this town. This fact is more important than anything else!”

…Sensei! Your words are amazing! I’m touched! Although I tried to grab sensei’s bag a few times, he was always just a bit faster than me!

“Good, it’s about time I use my real power!”

Just after I said so.

“I will also fight.”

The small Dragon God had come running out, and joined in with us! Seeing this, sensei was really surprised, and it was almost like his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head!

“Even Ophis is here! Hey hey, this is a little unfair…”

No, no, this is the Santa that kids would dream about!

“Great, now, Irina, Ophis! Let’s defeat Santa together and get the presents!”

“Hahaha. Hm!” “Ho.”

I, Irina and Ophis charged together towards the fallen angel of Christmas. —Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Boss x Boss[edit]

“Azazel, I wouldn’t have used the hotline to contact you for anything else. Regarding Agreas’s secret, I think it would be best to make it clear.”

“…It looks like the problem is getting worse, Sirzechs?”

“Inside Agreas is stored the technology used to make [Evil Pieces], a technology which contained the essential crystals of the highest quality. Since Agreas has currently been taken away, making new [Evil Pieces] is not possible. Currently the number of unused sets of Evil pieces I have is less than a thousand.”

“…If that’s the case, then the number of devils that can be reincarnated will be limited. Indeed, the situation has taken a turn for the worse. Speaking of which, the [Royal Users (Brave Saints)] also uses the same materials but they can only use their existing inventory of materials…. Even if we could maintain the reincarnation system, without the materials making these things would be meaningless…. Angels are fine though. The reincarnation system has not been in place for very long, so it wouldn’t be an issue even if it was abolished. The problem is —.”

“That’s correct. The [Evil Pieces] are deeply embedded into the underworld’s life and culture, and are very important to their values. If it were removed—.”

“…The foundations of the devil world may be shaken. …But I don’t think that [Qlippoth’s] aim is more than just this.”

“The essential materials for reincarnation are in Agreas. On top of that there’s the Holy Grail and Evil Dragons—. …The cards they’re holding now have become exceedingly dangerous. So presumably, he wants to revive 666 and invade another world….”

“…The unrest of the Church has slowly begun to surface. Have you heard about it? The exorcists who have questioned the reason behind the treaty of the three factions. Peace means that there will be no need to hunt devils. The vampires also appear to be starting to accept peace. There are those who harbour concerns on the value of what’s happening. Who knows what would happen if they’re discontent and suspicion of Heaven reaches the top brass.”

“Hmm. So you’re saying that every opposing organisation is raising this issue within the Vatican. I heard that one of the masterminds behind this was the previous wielder of Durandal.”

“…The original Durandal has already been assimilated…. This is bad. That guy’s compatibility with Durandal was extremely high. If he were to get his hands on Ex-Durandal then—.”

“…Qlippoth is supporting them from the shadows.”

“Sirzechs. Rizevim thinks simply. To say that he is naïve would not be an overstatement. —But it seems like the vampires view him as an ally, other smaller evil forces see him as an ally, he is a rare instigator. In a sense, his existence in the human world could be more threatening than a legendary God of War or a God of Destruction. He is the most troublesome person.”

“…He’s an example of the opposite of our dear Ise-kun. Rizevim’s inciting conflict behind our backs.”

“…Did you find out about the devils who are supporting Rizevim?”

“No, I haven’t. Nothing has come out of asking Euclid, and it looks like he hasn’t told Euclid’s supporters about his disappearance. Qlippoth should know, after taking Agreas.”

“But the investigation is still ongoing right?”

“…We’ve already narrowed it down to a few people. …But one of them is someone that I do not want to imagine.”

“…Given his life’s achievements and status, I’m having an ominous feeling about this. The Old Maou Faction would really want to see their desires come true. The Hero Faction is doing things at its own pace. …Qlippoth is doing something evil. —No, this is the type of people they are gathering.”

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust[edit]

“Really, Raiser-oniisama. It’s not even dawn yet, what are you doing? It’s rare to be able to enjoy Christmas, for a devil it’s a very valuable experience.”

“Devils shouldn’t be joining in the Church’s rituals! You won’t become a noble high-class devil like this, you know? You haven’t contacted me very often lately. You know I currently have to go to that Sekiryuutei kid just to ask about how you’re doing? This is not normal!”

“Okay okay, I know that onii-sama has a good relationship with Ise-sama. —Well, what did you want to tell me?”

“Hoho, indeed. In fact. Stay calm and listen to me! My return to the rating game has been decided!”

“Wow! Congratulations. Although you were home for a while, I was worried about how that would turn out.”

“Don’t mention that! Fine, whatever. The opponent for my return is a big name that will really surprise you!”

“—Who is it?”

“The champion! Emperor Belial will be the opponent for my return!”

“That’s amazing! I didn’t imagine that would happen!”

“I know right? This is an extraordinary honour! I’ve had bad luck ever since that Sekiryuutei kid defeated me. Since my opponent is the champion, this is the ultimate opportunity! Although I probably can’t win, it should be an interesting match for the spectators and organisers, which will showcase my revival!”

“Ahaha, then, I will come to support you.”

“No, you should work hard with your studies. I heard that Rias is almost graduating right? Then your strength will be needed. Don’t worry, you can watch the recording of it afterwards. It will be good learning material for Rias or your future husband.”

“M-Mou! Stop teasing me!”

“Hahahahaha! —Then how is it going between you and the Sekiryuutei?”

“Well, umm…. It’s—.”


Long-time no see! It’s Ishibumi. DxD finally has 18 volumes, this is Irina’s one! Although they were already childhood sweethearts, but I think that Irina is now in a good position. Holy sword Hauteclaire! Because she is the partner of Xenovia who has Durandal, I think that this is the most suitable weapon, so please look forward to her future involvement.

  • Issei gained the power to hit Rizevim! One of Ddraig’s abilities when he was alive was discovered [Penetrate]. By penetrating through, his power is directly transmitted. When using it, it can ignore barriers, and directly send the power through, but, because it was recently discovered, it can only do so much. But, it is currently an ability which can be used to attack Rizevim. However, when fighting Rizevim, it’s already sufficient. Although it was because he was surprised, Rizevim still had no way of stopping it.
  • Asia is the new President! And also Fafnir’s [Outrage]! Asia has become the new President of the Occult Research Club. A lot of the people involved had already predicted that Asia would become the new President, and now it is official. The author himself couldn’t imagine that Issei did not become the President or the Vice-President. It’s because the new President is someone everyone likes and is easy to understand, so, that’s why I thought that Asia was most suited to take the position of President. Also if Asia is the new President, you get the feeling that you won’t know what will happen next, that’s something to look forward to, so everyone please support the new President. Also, because the outraged dragon is gradually waking up, people won’t be able to look away. Then there’s Fafnir’s actions. In the previous volume, he just ate Asia’s panties and that was it, so I wanted him to have some interesting scenes this time. This was also a good opportunity to restate his reason and pride as a Dragon King, while he was almost near [Outrage], imagining if Fafnir was really angry would be quite scary, and I tried to write that down. Fighting while full of obsession and anger was good, as anyone fighting against it, would be given a fright.
  • The determination of the Gremory males, and the liveliness of the Gremory females. Kiba and Gasper’s way of fighting was relentless. This was able to show their determination. They had to fight against a large number of strong enemies. They had a “don’t know when someone might be sacrificed” attitude which made the males merciless. The opponents are guys who will be willing do anything, so there was no need to hold back. The girls also had Grendel as their opponent. Although these Grendels were weaker than what Issei and Dulio were fighting, they are still quite strong. For Rias to be able to defeat Ladon, the females have become stronger. Honestly speaking, this generation of young devils (The four novice kings) are extraordinary people, which is very exciting.
  • Cao Cao’s Resurrection. The last volume was the just the appearance of the holy spear, now this time it’s the actual person who has appeared! It’s still the same, this guy keeps on saying it so even the author thinks that he is ‘very strong’. So, in this volume he is just a supporting character. Indeed, even among the owners of Sacred Gears, this guy is one of the strongest. He has also been influenced by Issei to discard unnecessary things, so it will feel like he is reverting back, and he can become a powerful contender. He is not a part of [DxD]. But his current position feels like it would fit his style.
  • The leader – Dulio. Dulio finally took on his role as the leader of [DxD]. He brilliantly repelled Walburga, and was the opponent of Crom Cruach. Of course, he was not at an advantage or disadvantage, he could only stay level. Even this was surprising though. The true nature of his balance breaker will be shown later on so stay tuned. Walburga’s balance breaker will also have to wait.
  • Next are the acknowledgements. Miyama-Zero-san, Executive Editor H-san, you’re helping me every time! In particular, I don’t even know how many times I’ve caused trouble for Editor-san, so I can only apologise. …Actually, after having more volumes, the number of things to think about has increased, so, I’ll have to spend more time. In order to meet expectations, I’ll try my best to finish quickly.
  • Actually, there’s something I have to say. Fujimi Shobo’s new website [fantasia BEYOND] has been set up. It’s going to have online novels. This time, my new series has already been published on there. The item is a renewal of my previous work [SLASH/DOG]. If the person is already a reader of DxD, they may find some errors, as it uses the same template and world as DxD. Although there is no direct link between them, it’s the story of HighSchool DxD that happened a few years ago. It’s about a young Tobio Ikuse, how he got a Sacred Gear, and encountered the Grigori — Azazel. I plan to describe the story thus far. Because it’s the same world as DxD, it’s a story of the past, so of course, some of the characters appearing in DxD will be there. However, this story is a separate work, and will not have any effect on DxD, so even without reading DxD it can be enjoyed. But, I think that if you know about both, it will probably make you laugh. So, if you’re interested then please head over to Fujimi Shobo’s bookstore HP. A previous work which had stopped is now starting production again…so my workload is increasing. Please have patience.
  • What’s next! At last! It’s now moving into the third term! Moreover, it will be Xenovia’s volume, and the Student Council election! So in the end, did Xenovia become the Student Council President!? The Occult Research Club’s new President Asia will begin working!

So, what will happen to [DxD] next!?

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Irina is counting both the men and the women who are targeting Ise.
  2. Suggesting that the angels or some other party will force him to land and leave.
  3. Referring to the system which prevents angels from falling or alerts others when the angel may fall – activated earlier in the volume when Ise saw Gabriel for the first time.
  4. 4.0 4.1 The first time “乳” was used which is a more proper term for ‘breast’ whereas the second time “咪咪” was used which is a slang term also meaning ‘meow’.
  5. The intended effect here is an echoing voice which grows longer in duration.
  6. 6.0 6.1 Onee is older sister. Ane is also older sister. Ane would be used when referring to one’s older sister whereas onee would be used to address one’s older sister. Obviously, they are not sisters but this term is essentially used to address those older than you. The Chinese translation uses [姐] and [姐姐] as there is nothing in its vocabulary for this Japanese distinction.

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