High School DxD:Volume 18 Afterword

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Long-time no see! It’s Ishibumi. DxD finally has 18 volumes, this is Irina’s one! Although they were already childhood sweethearts, but I think that Irina is now in a good position. Holy sword Hauteclaire! Because she is the partner of Xenovia who has Durandal, I think that this is the most suitable weapon, so please look forward to her future involvement.

  • Issei gained the power to hit Rizevim! One of Ddraig’s abilities when he was alive was discovered [Penetrate]. By penetrating through, his power is directly transmitted. When using it, it can ignore barriers, and directly send the power through, but, because it was recently discovered, it can only do so much. But, it is currently an ability which can be used to attack Rizevim. However, when fighting Rizevim, it’s already sufficient. Although it was because he was surprised, Rizevim still had no way of stopping it.
  • Asia is the new President! And also Fafnir’s [Outrage]! Asia has become the new President of the Occult Research Club. A lot of the people involved had already predicted that Asia would become the new President, and now it is official. The author himself couldn’t imagine that Issei did not become the President or the Vice-President. It’s because the new President is someone everyone likes and is easy to understand, so, that’s why I thought that Asia was most suited to take the position of President. Also if Asia is the new President, you get the feeling that you won’t know what will happen next, that’s something to look forward to, so everyone please support the new President. Also, because the outraged dragon is gradually waking up, people won’t be able to look away. Then there’s Fafnir’s actions. In the previous volume, he just ate Asia’s panties and that was it, so I wanted him to have some interesting scenes this time. This was also a good opportunity to restate his reason and pride as a Dragon King, while he was almost near [Outrage], imagining if Fafnir was really angry would be quite scary, and I tried to write that down. Fighting while full of obsession and anger was good, as anyone fighting against it, would be given a fright.
  • The determination of the Gremory males, and the liveliness of the Gremory females. Kiba and Gasper’s way of fighting was relentless. This was able to show their determination. They had to fight against a large number of strong enemies. They had a “don’t know when someone might be sacrificed” attitude which made the males merciless. The opponents are guys who will be willing do anything, so there was no need to hold back. The girls also had Grendel as their opponent. Although these Grendels were weaker than what Issei and Dulio were fighting, they are still quite strong. For Rias to be able to defeat Ladon, the females have become stronger. Honestly speaking, this generation of young devils (The four novice kings) are extraordinary people, which is very exciting.
  • Cao Cao’s Resurrection. The last volume was the just the appearance of the holy spear, now this time it’s the actual person who has appeared! It’s still the same, this guy keeps on saying it so even the author thinks that he is ‘very strong’. So, in this volume he is just a supporting character. Indeed, even among the owners of Sacred Gears, this guy is one of the strongest. He has also been influenced by Issei to discard unnecessary things, so it will feel like he is reverting back, and he can become a powerful contender. He is not a part of [DxD]. But his current position feels like it would fit his style.
  • The leader – Dulio. Dulio finally took on his role as the leader of [DxD]. He brilliantly repelled Walburga, and was the opponent of Crom Cruach. Of course, he was not at an advantage or disadvantage, he could only stay level. Even this was surprising though. The true nature of his balance breaker will be shown later on so stay tuned. Walburga’s balance breaker will also have to wait.
  • Next are the acknowledgements. Miyama-Zero-san, Executive Editor H-san, you’re helping me every time! In particular, I don’t even know how many times I’ve caused trouble for Editor-san, so I can only apologise. …Actually, after having more volumes, the number of things to think about has increased, so, I’ll have to spend more time. In order to meet expectations, I’ll try my best to finish quickly.
  • Actually, there’s something I have to say. Fujimi Shobo’s new website [fantasia BEYOND] has been set up. It’s going to have online novels. This time, my new series has already been published on there. The item is a renewal of my previous work [SLASH/DOG]. If the person is already a reader of DxD, they may find some errors, as it uses the same template and world as DxD. Although there is no direct link between them, it’s the story of HighSchool DxD that happened a few years ago. It’s about a young Tobio Ikuse, how he got a Sacred Gear, and encountered the Grigori — Azazel. I plan to describe the story thus far. Because it’s the same world as DxD, it’s a story of the past, so of course, some of the characters appearing in DxD will be there. However, this story is a separate work, and will not have any effect on DxD, so even without reading DxD it can be enjoyed. But, I think that if you know about both, it will probably make you laugh. So, if you’re interested then please head over to Fujimi Shobo’s bookstore HP. A previous work which had stopped is now starting production again…so my workload is increasing. Please have patience.
  • What’s next! At last! It’s now moving into the third term! Moreover, it will be Xenovia’s volume, and the Student Council election! So in the end, did Xenovia become the Student Council President!? The Occult Research Club’s new President Asia will begin working!

So, what will happen to [DxD] next!?

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