High School DxD:Volume 18 Ashestoashes Dusttodust

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Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust[edit]

“Really, Raiser-oniisama. It’s not even dawn yet, what are you doing? It’s rare to be able to enjoy Christmas, for a devil it’s a very valuable experience.”

“Devils shouldn’t be joining in the Church’s rituals! You won’t become a noble high-class devil like this, you know? You haven’t contacted me very often lately. You know I currently have to go to that Sekiryuutei kid just to ask about how you’re doing? This is not normal!”

“Okay okay, I know that onii-sama has a good relationship with Ise-sama. —Well, what did you want to tell me?”

“Hoho, indeed. In fact. Stay calm and listen to me! My return to the rating game has been decided!”

“Wow! Congratulations. Although you were home for a while, I was worried about how that would turn out.”

“Don’t mention that! Fine, whatever. The opponent for my return is a big name that will really surprise you!”

“—Who is it?”

“The champion! Emperor Belial will be the opponent for my return!”

“That’s amazing! I didn’t imagine that would happen!”

“I know right? This is an extraordinary honour! I’ve had bad luck ever since that Sekiryuutei kid defeated me. Since my opponent is the champion, this is the ultimate opportunity! Although I probably can’t win, it should be an interesting match for the spectators and organisers, which will showcase my revival!”

“Ahaha, then, I will come to support you.”

“No, you should work hard with your studies. I heard that Rias is almost graduating right? Then your strength will be needed. Don’t worry, you can watch the recording of it afterwards. It will be good learning material for Rias or your future husband.”

“M-Mou! Stop teasing me!”

“Hahahahaha! —Then how is it going between you and the Sekiryuutei?”

“Well, umm…. It’s—.”

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