High School DxD:Volume 18 BossxBoss

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Boss x Boss[edit]

“Azazel, I wouldn’t have used the hotline to contact you for anything else. Regarding Agreas’s secret, I think it would be best to make it clear.”

“…It looks like the problem is getting worse, Sirzechs?”

“Inside Agreas is stored the technology used to make [Evil Pieces], a technology which contained the essential crystals of the highest quality. Since Agreas has currently been taken away, making new [Evil Pieces] is not possible. Currently the number of unused sets of Evil pieces I have is less than a thousand.”

“…If that’s the case, then the number of devils that can be reincarnated will be limited. Indeed, the situation has taken a turn for the worse. Speaking of which, the [Royal Users (Brave Saints)] also uses the same materials but they can only use their existing inventory of materials…. Even if we could maintain the reincarnation system, without the materials making these things would be meaningless…. Angels are fine though. The reincarnation system has not been in place for very long, so it wouldn’t be an issue even if it was abolished. The problem is —.”

“That’s correct. The [Evil Pieces] are deeply embedded into the underworld’s life and culture, and are very important to their values. If it were removed—.”

“…The foundations of the devil world may be shaken. …But I don’t think that [Qlippoth’s] aim is more than just this.”

“The essential materials for reincarnation are in Agreas. On top of that there’s the Holy Grail and Evil Dragons—. …The cards they’re holding now have become exceedingly dangerous. So presumably, he wants to revive 666 and invade another world….”

“…The unrest of the Church has slowly begun to surface. Have you heard about it? The exorcists who have questioned the reason behind the treaty of the three factions. Peace means that there will be no need to hunt devils. The vampires also appear to be starting to accept peace. There are those who harbour concerns on the value of what’s happening. Who knows what would happen if they’re discontent and suspicion of Heaven reaches the top brass.”

“Hmm. So you’re saying that every opposing organisation is raising this issue within the Vatican. I heard that one of the masterminds behind this was the previous wielder of Durandal.”

“…The original Durandal has already been assimilated…. This is bad. That guy’s compatibility with Durandal was extremely high. If he were to get his hands on Ex-Durandal then—.”

“…Qlippoth is supporting them from the shadows.”

“Sirzechs. Rizevim thinks simply. To say that he is naïve would not be an overstatement. —But it seems like the vampires view him as an ally, other smaller evil forces see him as an ally, he is a rare instigator. In a sense, his existence in the human world could be more threatening than a legendary God of War or a God of Destruction. He is the most troublesome person.”

“…He’s an example of the opposite of our dear Ise-kun. Rizevim’s inciting conflict behind our backs.”

“…Did you find out about the devils who are supporting Rizevim?”

“No, I haven’t. Nothing has come out of asking Euclid, and it looks like he hasn’t told Euclid’s supporters about his disappearance. Qlippoth should know, after taking Agreas.”

“But the investigation is still ongoing right?”

“…We’ve already narrowed it down to a few people. …But one of them is someone that I do not want to imagine.”

“…Given his life’s achievements and status, I’m having an ominous feeling about this. The Old Maou Faction would really want to see their desires come true. The Hero Faction is doing things at its own pace. …Qlippoth is doing something evil. —No, this is the type of people they are gathering.”

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