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Part 1[edit]

[[[[[[[[[[Merry Christmas!]]]]]]]]]]]

I was in the Occult Research Club room with the Student Council and all the members made a toast together. Even Kuroka and Le Fay were here. After the battle in Heaven Christmas peacefully came along, and the presents had already been distributed. I am currently enjoying a slightly late Christmas. Right after the battle in Heaven, I returned to First Heaven, waved goodbye then left. Asia and the others who could move went to help treat the wounded angels, who had been fighting till the last minute. Fortunately the door leading to Heaven was open, so reinforcements from the human world were able to make it. …Fafnir, who showed us incredible determination, was treated by Asia while in a deep slumber. It was said that his consciousness might not return easily. But he is not dead, so one day he’ll awaken. Asia was also relieved after hearing this. This time, he showed me the determination of a dragon. Just to protect Asia, he fought without any fear of death. …Since his mouth is always filled with pants, I think he’s quite a strange guy. But anyway, he is a Dragon King whose brilliance is incomparable.

Since he needed to be observed after the detoxification of poison, Irina’s father was unable to force himself. So he passed the responsibility of distributing the presents onto his daughter. Several times more enthusiastic and hardworking than her father, Irina truly was a good daughter. I am currently in the Hyoudou mansion with everyone. Dulio and Griselda-san had also come down here too. As everyone was celebrating, Rias and Akeno-san came out.

“Everyone, we all worked hard in the battle this Christmas.”

Rias expressed her sympathy then continued

“Everyone, please listen. Akeno and I have some important news to tell.”

Akeno-san maintained her slight smile and said

“Ara, although it might be somewhat sudden right now, but Rias and I decided to do this specifically at Christmas.”

She nodded in confirmation then said

“—We’d now like to announce the new Occult Research Club President and Vice-President.”

—! Not only the members of the Occult Research Club but also the Student Council members were surprised. Only Sona-kaichou was the one who already knew, and she simply kept smiling. Rias then continued

“As the President of the Occult Research Club for three years, during that time I’ve taken extra care, to ensure that the next generation will follow strict principles. I hope that the next President and the members will be able to remember this one thing. When there is flexibility, the Occult Research Club will definitely become better.”

Then, Rias cleared her throat. Finally, she announced the new promotions

“The new president is Asia, the Vice-President is Kiba.”

—Really, so it is actually like this! I had long expected this for Kiba. So, it is not surprising for this guy to be promoted. But, Asia actually became the president! This surely exceeded my expectations! Because Asia also did not expect this, she was surprised and could only cover her mouth with her hands. Rias continued further

“The reason I chose Asia, was because I felt that she will most likely be the person fit to renew the Occult Research Club. I think she can take our club activities into a different direction…imagining what would happen is very interesting.”

After that, Akeno-san stated her reason for choosing Kiba.

“I chose Kiba-kun, simply because I thought that both the President and Vice-President have been female for this past generation…. Although there are several reasons for that, I think that he will be a male role model for the school. This is what I also discussed with Rias.”

“Although we agreed on the next Vice-President to be male, until the very end I was deciding whether to choose Ise or Kiba. But considering that Ise’s future will be quite intense, and we cannot neglect club activities, I decided that Kiba would be the Vice-President.”

…So that’s how it was, that was the reason. The reason why Asia was chosen was because she could take the Occult Research Club in a new direction. Choosing Kiba was for future growth and communication between the other male students. …Although I thought that, since he is a handsome guy, male students will hate him, while female students will be attracted to him! Rias asked the two people

“Now, do you two accept this?”

“I don’t have a problem. I think this is fair.”

Kiba immediately answered. Asia — seemed to be lost in thought.

“…Ah! I, I, I, I, I…this! “I can’t?”

Rias saw that Asia was flustered and even her voice had changed, so she gave her a glass of water then asked again. After Asia finished the glass of water, and had calmed down a bit, she said

“No, it can’t be! I’m not the best…. I think that someone lively like Ise, Irina, or perhaps the serious Koneko-chan, or Ravel-san would be more suitable, I’m afraid that a shy person like me, can’t do well….”

I smiled slightly at Asia.

“That’s not true. In that case I’ll help you. Also, with Asia as the President, it will definitely become better! I think that [‘Ah, this is for dear Buchou’] has made me work hard for two years consecutively! That, to me is very important!”

Hmm! Just thinking about it, if Asia was the President, I would definitely be filled with energy this year! Ahh, for my dear Asia-Buchou, I would be prepared to do anything!

Hearing what I said, Rias smiled.

“Ara ara, I think Ise would do that. This is also one of the reasons for the decision.”

Kiba said to Asia and the other members

“I have decided, as long as this is entrusted to me, I will try my best to support Asia and everyone.”

Xenovia put her hand on Asia’s shoulder.

“Asia, this is a good opportunity. I think it’s worth a shot. Being the President of the Occult Research Club is an opportunity, which will probably not come by a second time.”

“Mmhmm! For Asia, I will definitely work hard!”

Irina also showed her agreement.

“…Asia-buchou, I think that sounds good.”

“Yes! If it’s for Asia-senpai……-buchou, I will do my best!”

“I have no objections.”

It looks like Koneko-chan, Gya-suke, and Ravel also approved.

“This is good, Asia as President!”

Saji also agreed.

“I think this is right. It looks interesting.”

“Mmhmm, Kiba as the Vice-President is also good.”

The Sitri side also seemed to agree. Then, it is done! All that was left now was Asia’s decision. Asia thought about it for a moment, then smiled and answered

“…I understand. Then I’ll accept the position! Everyone, in the next year, please work with me as the new President.”

Everyone responded loudly and bowed to Asia. [[[[[[[Yes, Buchou!]]]]]]] Asia-buchou was now official! It was great! It seems that next year the Occult Research Club will be relaxed and happy! Rias began rubbing her shoulders.

“…Ah, this feeling, it’s like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.”

“Ara ara, me too. It’s time to hand this over to the younger people.”

It looks like Akeno-san and Rias felt the same way. Then Sona-kaichou and Tsubaki-fukukaichou spoke

“So, next time, the four of us will have a tea party.”

What she said sounded like something an old lady would say! She was totally out of it! Koneko-chan had a mouth full of cake, then suddenly remembered something

“In that case…how do I address Rias-buchou now….”

Ah, I see. Since Asia is now the President, Rias…becomes what? I don’t know! I always just call her Rias so it doesn’t matter, but what would the others call her? Rias blinked, and then said to Koneko-chan and Kiba

“I see. You can call me [Onee][1] or [Ane][1] can’t you?”

But, Koneko-chan calmly said

“I can’t call you Rias-buchou? I’m used to saying that….”

Rias seemed a bit surprised, then found it really funny and started laughing

“So that’s it. It’s a sudden change, but that’s fine then. But don’t forget that Asia is your new President.”

It looks like there will be two people I’ll be calling Buchou. After the celebrations. Rias and I had inadvertently moved into a corner of the room together. I said to Rias

“Rias, before…in front of the first generation Bael, I couldn’t say this. I—.”

Rias placed her finger over my lips and smiled.

“Hahaha, its fine. You don’t need to say it. I understand. —I love you, Ise.”

“I do too, Rias.”

…Yaegaki, I, I have…decided that the rest of my life will be peaceful, and stable. For that, I will fight. I thought that to myself, and raised the glass in my hand towards the sky.

Part 2[edit]

I went outside to buy a few things. Someone came along with me — it was Irina. After I finished my shopping at the convenience store, we talked about our promise.

“About the Christmas promise, what should I do?”

“Hmm, it was a childhood promise, but it was to attack Santa Claus. A little drastic huh.”


I couldn’t help giggling. How would we really go and attack Santa Claus. Although it was an unwitting childhood promise, just thinking about it was quite a ridiculous thing. But I think the only reason why a child could come up with such an idea, was so that they could get more presents. —As I was thinking, something came down from the sky.

“—It’s snow.”

It was starting to snow! The timing looked like it was a coincidence.

“I didn’t think it’d actually be a white Christmas…. The weather forecast had clearly stated that tonight would be clear with occasional clouds.”

I looked towards the sky. Hahaha, although a lot of things happened, if this is a reward, it should be enough.

DxD 18 003-004.jpg

“—Hey, Ise”

Irina suddenly called to me.

“Hm? What is it? —.”

As soon as I turned my head around — Irina’s lips were placed onto mine.


………, as it had happened so suddenly, my…mind went completely blank. Irina’s face was red from blushing, after that she turned around in a circle and I gently flicked my tongue.

“—An angel’s kiss! It was because the scenery was so beautiful. People would naturally want to be kissed like this.”


…No, that’s not it, although I did think that this night scenery was beautiful…! An angel smiling in the snow was an even more beautiful sight! So, so this, is, is, is, is her kiss!? Irina then continued and said

“In fact this is my second time. Although the first one was Ise-kun too.”

“Huh? But I don’t remember that happening…”

I really couldn’t remember it happening! When did we kiss!? No matter how hard I thought, I couldn’t recall it! Irina said with a mischievous smile

“Ahmm, of course! It’s because when we were kids, Ise-kun came to sleep over at my house and I stole a kiss from you.”

No way! When we were kids? …That’s what she said, then, my first kiss was…! Suddenly, a figure that everybody would know of appeared in front of a slightly smiling Irina and I!

“Good for you! Relationships are a good thing!”

The one wearing a Santa Claus outfit was — Azazel-sensei! Wondering why he didn’t attend the party, I didn’t imagine he would appear like this!

“Ahahahahaha! I heard from it from Shidou Touji! That when you two were kids you decided to fight together against Santa, to get more presents right? This is an interesting thing, it would have been better if you told me earlier! If you defeat me, then this bag of presents will be yours! Well now, what will you do?”

Irina’s father, he actually knew about our promise! No, this comes first, Azazel-sensei is Santa! Irina and I looked at each other. We laughed at the same time.

“Ha, hahaha.”

“Hahahaha! Really, sensei — you’re nothing like Santa. Fine, I guess we might as well fulfill our promise!”

Irina and I faced sensei — Santa prepared his stance!

“Hmm, what I wished for, Ise-kun! Let me see a little bit of your power!”

Irina and I rushed in together! Santa attacked me head on and said at the same time

“Ise! Irina! You are the young people of the next generation. You should enjoy your time now as much as you can. This is a great experience for you. Devils, angels and fallen angels can have fun all together in this town. This fact is more important than anything else!”

…Sensei! Your words are amazing! I’m touched! Although I tried to grab sensei’s bag a few times, he was always just a bit faster than me!

“Good, it’s about time I use my real power!”

Just after I said so.

“I will also fight.”

The small Dragon God had come running out, and joined in with us! Seeing this, sensei was really surprised, and it was almost like his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head!

“Even Ophis is here! Hey hey, this is a little unfair…”

No, no, this is the Santa that kids would dream about!

“Great, now, Irina, Ophis! Let’s defeat Santa together and get the presents!”

“Hahaha. Hm!” “Ho.”

I, Irina and Ophis charged together towards the fallen angel of Christmas. —Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Onee is older sister. Ane is also older sister. Ane would be used when referring to one’s older sister whereas onee would be used to address one’s older sister. Obviously, they are not sisters but this term is essentially used to address those older than you. The Chinese translation uses [姐] and [姐姐] as there is nothing in its vocabulary for this Japanese distinction.

Thanks jopjopjop for the correction.

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