High School DxD:Volume 18 Life 4

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Life.4 Burn, Holy-sword![edit]

After I went through the gate of Third Heaven, I rushed into Fourth Heaven — The Garden of Eden. Looking ahead, the scenery was filled with bright colours, and it was full of flowers and trees. The distant hills and the forest also looked beautiful. As I approached the gate to Fifth Heaven — two figures came into view. One of them was a man holding an aura emitting sword — Yaegaki. The other person who was beside him — Irina’s father. He brought him out from the Fifth Heaven!

“Father, Papa!?” Yaegaki ignored the surprised Irina, who came to the level of The Garden of Eden after me.

“…I wanted to come here, to exact my revenge in this place called ‘paradise’.”

Yaegaki grabbed Irina’s father by his hair.

“What’s wrong, Touji? What do you think of the believer’s ultimate wish — to die in Eden? I think it’s too generous.”

Irina’s father did not seem like he fully recovered from the poison, and he was enduring the pain of the poison, he said:

“……Yaegaki-kun, if you kill only me, will that dissolve your grudge?”

Hearing him say this, Irina’s expression immediately changed!

“Dad!? How can you say that!?”

“Irina, if I can use my life to save this man’s soul…then it’s a worthwhile trade.”

Irina’s father…wishes to sacrifice himself, to end this man’s revenge, and terrorising actions! However, something like this! How can I sit idly by with this kind of thing! Irina’s father, he — shed a tear.

“…Yaegaki-kun, I really regret it. Not only that, the others who sanctioned it, they must also have such regret…”

After he heard this emotional speech

“So what! So what! Did you think I would forgive you!? How can I possibly forgive you huh!”

He swung his sword, and the aura released made a massive hole in the ground.

The man shouted to the sky:

“I loved her! And she loved me! We…even if we were different, we still loved each other! We loved each other!”

The evil sword was already responding to his cries, and eight dragon heads emerged from his sword! Compared to before, the heads had now grown enormous! Is their power dependent on the wielder's feelings?

“…Or perhaps, it has turned into something like a Sacred Gear.”

Ddraig had said…you mean that: Through the evil dragon in the sword, it gradually turned into something akin to a Sacred Gear…!

“Because it's something similar to a Sacred Gear, it can also be classified as a ‘Sacred Gear’.”

Even so, we must stop him. He can’t have any more…hatred! Yaegaki-kun raised his sword towards Irina’s father!


He let out a strange roar, swinging the sword of the evil dragon! Yamata-no-Orochi breathed out a dark and poisonous aura towards Irina’s father! Yaegaki’s mind and body had been taken over by the sword, and his body became shrouded in a dark aura.

“Won’t let you aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”

I opened my dragon wings, and flew at high speed straight ahead! One of the eight dragon heads opened its mouth, and was about to crush Irina’s father with its fangs, then two holy sword wielders flew from behind me to him! In cooperation, they chopped off one of the dragon’s heads — this was Xenovia and Irina’s cross attack. With their help, I was able to successfully rescue Irina’s father! Carrying him, I moved him a fair distance away then descended to drop him down.

“Please, watch from here — we’ll settle this!”

I said, and was about to fly off—


Irina’s father called to me, and pleaded to me:

“…Please…stop him…!”


I replied, and flew forward. The severed head regenerated, and it now had eight heads once again. And all at once, they turned towards me, and flames erupted from their mouths!

I summoned cannons on my back, and fired them at once!

“Crimson Blasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” “Fang Blast Booster!!!!”

A huge red aura countered and dissipated the flames of the eight-headed dragon. …Whilst attacking, I thought of something. …If, in the past there was a meeting between a devil and a human, like Rias and I… …If, we were also forbidden from seeing each other, then it would be a situation like this… …Well, I, I would definitely be the same as him, running away, fighting. Tears...started running down my cheeks inside my helmet as I continued flying towards him. …I fell in love, Rias Gremory. …I swore, that I would be with Rias Gremory forever. I was fighting a dragon head, and crying tearfully at the same time —

“You…are not wrong! But! But! Even if you do such a thing! …it won’t help anyone…you will only have, sadness…”

Using Ex-Durandal to block the dragon’s blows was Xenovia, whose face was covered in tears.

“Durandal…! Let’s settle this…!”

Irina was standing beside Xenovia, with a determined look in her eyes which were full of tears.

“Hauteclaire…if you recognise me as your master, then I beg of you, please lend me your strength! Lend me enough strength to save dad, the strength to help everyone, as well as — the strength liberated from this evil dragon so that I can borrow it haaaaaaaaaaa!”

The two holy swords resonated with each other — and a holy aura continuously rose from the blades. The holy swords swelled in size, then finally became two pillars of light which extended into the sky.

“…Lord, I beg you. I truly beg you…!”

Asia summoned Fafnir, and next to the dragon king she also sent her prayer towards the sky.

I attacked with a heavy punch!

“Ascalon! It’s time for this holy sword to go!”

The dragon slaying holy sword appeared out of my left gauntlet! That man’s body was enveloped in an evil aura with eight heads, while its opponents Xenovia and Irina who were fighting it — a devil and an angel who were shedding tears.

“……Can I be an angel…?”

Facing me, Xenovia and Irina released their sword's holy auras, swallowing him within them — suddenly, I saw a ghost, a woman who gently hugged him — Yaegaki was slumped over on the ground — the power of the evil dragon which had taken control of him disappeared into the ground. Ddraig said

“…Yamata-no-Orochi’s power is gone…no, its resurrection is uncertain. In any case, there isn’t any power of an evil dragon left in the sword. How terrifying, it must be that angel’s sword—.”

Irina’s Hauteclaire, it’s said to be able to purify the opponent’s sword. Coming into contact with his Kusanagi sword, it wiped out all its evil energy…this is Irina’s new ability…although I think that Xenovia’s Ex-Durandal and my Ascalon helped amplify the effect, but the power to purify was only from Hauteclaire. Lying on the ground, Yaegaki said to me

“…I…also loved a female devil.”

He continued, in a low voice,

“…Perhaps, someone will try to come between you and her. Even if that happens…you need to—”

I said without hesitation

“—Protect. Even if the entire world is against my relationship with Rias, even if there are great enemies or obstacles, I will overcome anything to protect her.”

That’s right. I already decided that I would stay by her side. Even if powerful enemies or obstacles would oppose us, I will face them head on and overcome them. Yaegaki then shifted his gaze to Irina.

“—So, a devil like you, you were able to help heaven’s side?”

This confusion was unnecessary.

“Well, of course. I have no connection to the angel’s side. Not long ago it was agreed — if you don’t want to leave, then stay.”

There was no reason to leave. Just like this. It’s a happy life. This is not good. —Because we were allowed to do so. Yaegaki — wept silently.

“…Is that so. It’s really… you and I are the same… except, what we wanted wasn’t allowed…”

He held out his hand to me. Ah, this is good. I, I and this person — we understand each other. Indeed. Even though it was in a different time, the situations we encountered are similar. Because, we both fell in love with women of another race —

“…In that case, we can definitely understand each other. You and I, you and I —”

Wanting to hold my hand, Yaegaki wanted to get up.

“…Ah, so that’s how—”


A dull sound reached my ears. Just as we were about to grab hold each other’s hands, something flew from the side — and made a hole through Yaegaki’s chest. Yaegaki’s upper body had a large hole through it. He made a single “Urgh”,spat out a mouthful of blood and then he fell.

“Woo hahahaha! Ah, oh no.”

An unpleasant laughter echoed throughout the surrounding area. This laughter is familiar. Yes, I couldn’t possibly forget. I turned my head to the direction the laughter was coming from, and all I could see was a silver-haired middle-aged man, who showed a hideous smile. I bellowed out this bastard’s name!


This shitty old bastard flippantly raised his hand.

“Yo ♪ I came to check it out, the beautiful revenge comedy which turned into a touching scene. And in the middle of it I step in!”

Xenovia held the fatally wounded Yaegaki in her arms. Irina helped her father on her shoulder, and set him down beside Yaegaki.


Yaegaki made a slight smile towards Irina’s father.

“…Having no connection, that’s good.”

Asia quickly ran over, and released a healing glow. However, his wound did not heal…was it because his body was revived with the holy grail, or did he — resist the healing.

“…This is too sad…!”

Asia’s eyes became watery. He still smiled slightly.

“…You cry for me? …Really, you really are gentle…”

Slowly, and gradually, his body began to break down. His body was breaking from bottom to top —

“Ah, I would want—in this day and age…to meet you again…”

And so, his body turned to dust. ………Seeing this, even I…yet…we were still about to understand each other. No, we already understood each other. At the very end…! I pounded at the ground with my fist. —However, Rizevim simply appeared bored and sighed.

“Whatever, he was good at doing his job, what happened between Bael and the church side is now public, and as the user of Kusanagi — he is no longer needed.”

…Every single word he said annoyed me. This man’s voice, and attitude, was irritating from beginning to end. In a deep voice that even I thought was scary, I asked him…

“……Why, did you have to kill him?”

He laughed and grinned wildly.

“Oh no? Are you angry? Oops, my opponent is cranky; the Sekiryuutei should be more relaxed! Anyway, he was already a dead man. It’s no big deal even if I do kill him. Oooh how scary!”

“…Don’t joke around. Why, do you have to do such things…to Vali, or the children of the underworld…”

No matter who, everyone just wants themselves to be happier…so why does he…does this guy, have to burn everything to the ground…? Rizevim nonchalantly replied

“Hmm — it’s because, it’s to make an old man like me happy.”

…ah ah, yes. So that’s how it is. …I was livid. I seriously cannot understand how this guy thinks.

“Vali. Hmph, I can totally understand how you feel now. It is so. It’s like this.”

My whole body began releasing a burning and furious aura, whilst standing in front of him.

“Rizevim, you’d be much better off dead…!”

A crimson aura was bursting out, I…made up my mind to beat this bastard up! I absolutely won’t forgive you! I absolutely will destroy you!

“Oh wow, those eyes and that look reminds me of Vali…!”

Seeing my attitude, this bastard looked overjoyed!

“Hmm how scary! Well then, how about this old man has a spar with you?”

Rizevim stretched his fingers, accepting my challenge.

“I dare you!”

I flew forward! I rapidly closed the distance, and aimed at the face that I hated —

Just as I was about to hit him, he gently touched my armour. In that instant, power slowly faded from my body. My armour instantly vanished, leaving just my bare skin exposed!

“Useless. The power you gain from your sacred gear is ineffective against this old man. You forgot?”

—Sacred gears are ineffective! Just a touch, and he would be able to remove my armour!

“Hah, Lucifer’s fist! How’s that name?”

He said so jokingly, as he gave me a punch. It hit me deep in the abdomen.

“…Woo hah.”

…I couldn’t resist the pain, and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood…damn, I haven’t had a punch hit me directly for a while…! My whole body was feeling pain! Then on top of that he added a kick, and sent me flying! After I bounced on the ground a few times, I got back up, and wore my armour again!

Even though I was injured, I flew back, and fired out a beam of demonic energy — but that bastard simply touched it with his hand, and my dragon shot disappeared! As long as power is used through a Sacred Gear, even a projectile of demonic energy will be ineffective! After that his figure suddenly disappeared and just as suddenly appeared right in front of me.

“I am the son of Lucifer. Even without my Sacred Gear Canceller, I am still powerful. “Hya, Lucifer’s kick ♪”

My armour was released as soon as he kicked me, resulting in a strong blow to my backside! …The impact made me choke! Indeed, this is a pain that I haven’t tasted in a long time! I recalled my previous battles. No, not now! Compared to the pain I'm feeling now, what I felt in the past is completely different! It doesn’t matter, my enemy right now is stronger than me!

After Asia’s healing aura was sent over, my wounds were completely healed…next, it’s up to you!

“Ha!” “In that case!”

Xenovia and Irina directed their swords towards Lucifer, but they had just defeated Yamata-no-Orochi, and shortly before that they released a lot of their energy, so the duo’s stamina had not fully recovered yet! Faced with attacks from two holy swords — he used his two fingers to block their attacks!

“A little devil girl and angel attacking me simultaneously! How cool! But but, with this kind of attack, there’s no way you can hit this old man yo!”

He radiated demonic energy from his hands, and sent the duo flying!

“Xenovia! Irina!”

Seeing her friends being injured, Asia sent them a healing aura! I moved closer to him again, so that I could fire a single blast at him from zero distance — however, he simply touched it, and my armour was dissolved for the third time! I was then hit by a shot of magical energy! …An indescribable pain spread throughout my body, and fresh blood was sprayed out of my body! If this continued, I’ll collapse because of blood loss!

“…Damn, I have to at least land one hit…!”

I once again reformed my armour, and shakily staggered up on my feet. Rizevim “uh uh uh” was shaking his fingers.

“Wearing that armour, that’s a no no. Why, isn’t it pointless? It’s pointless, because—”

He moved his face closer to mine, and said while clearly laughing

“Without your armour, you’re just a shitty devil pawn.”

……What trash, I already understood that. Even so, I’ll still give you a beating…! If I could release that power…! Ddraig, you need to hurry!

“Ise!” “Ise-kun!”

Xenovia and Irina although wounded, still picked up their holy swords, and faced Rizevim!

“Durandal and Hauteclaire! Ah, being attacked by these two swords makes me feel nostalgic! When there was Excalibur, that really was…really fun ♪”

Rizevim moved his body sideways slightly, and evaded the fierce slashes of the sword duo! Just how contemptuous is this son of a devil! His light movements are far better than mine!

“Just need to land one hit…!”

With blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, Xenovia was still slashing at high speed, with an incredible destructive power! Although she occasionally used the mimicry ability, he was still able to predict and avoid her slashes! Eventually, it changed into a blade in the shape of a whip which was stopped by his bare hands. Xenovia was pulled closer then took a kick to the stomach!

“Uh ah…!”

Taking the impact of the kick, Xenovia was sent flying a far distance!

“Xenovia! How dare you!”

Irina increased the holy aura output of Hauteclaire, and slashed it down towards Rizevim. However he stretched his hand and that power was no more.

“To be honest, your technique isn’t bad. Really. In order to defeat Yamato-no-Orochi, you expended too much energy though. But, even if you didn’t it’s not enough.”

After Rizevim said so, he snatched the holy sword from Irina’s hands, then thrust his hand into her abdomen.

“…Ha ha!”

Irina, like Xenovia was sent flying with a sudden kick.

“……How did it come to this.”

Because of the effect of the poison, all Irina’s father could do was watch all this happening. I also want to get back up, and face him—

“Hey, I’m behind you.”

He was right behind me! Light generated by magic was gathering behind me! With a loud booming noise, I was blasted by it completely, and collapsed…


…My armour was destroyed, and my consciousness was fading…! I was facing down on the floor…this is bad, clearly getting this kind of injury should be painful, but it was dull…and slow. Probably because of my excessive blood loss, my limbs were all numb… I laid on the floor. In my blurred vision, I could only see Rizevim gradually approaching Asia.

“How should I address this lady? Do you want to play with this old man?”

Rizevim continued to get closer. In front of Asia — a Gold Dragon blocked his way.

“—Asia-chan, I’m here to protect you.”

“Oh yeah, a Dragon King. You stand in my way? That’s very interesting. Do you need to play a game with me?”

Rizevim chanted a magic spell against Fafnir. Fafnir didn’t even bat an eyelid, stood in front of Asia, and took the attack head on. The dragon king took a direct hit. Even if he had tough skin, used as a shield, he was spewing fresh blood. Asia immediately began treating his wound. Perhaps Fafnir thought that acting as a shield was interesting, as Rizevim continuously fired magic bullets!

Fafnir knew that Asia was behind him, so retreating wasn’t an option for him, and he took all the attacks head on. …The Dragon King’s body was smoking. Almost his whole body had been burned by Rizevim’s magic. Rizevim’s shots became smaller, but they increased in frequency. Taking even one hit, most people would be severely injured. Even if he is a sturdy Dragon King — Fafnir had taken all of Rizevim’s attacks! Asia got up and ran, she wanted to let herself be the target. But Fafnir used his tail to block her path silently telling her to stay still. If Asia left Fafnir’s side, that man would happily shoot her down. Fafnir also understood this. In any case, he just needed to protect Asia from all attacks —

“Fafnir-san! Please hurry and escape! If you keep going like this…!”

Asia cried out loud. Even if she’s accepting the protection of this Dragon King, she must be crying on the inside. Fafnir, in his usual tone said

“Never mind, this old dragon, needs to protect Asia-chan.”

Witnessing such a scene, Rizevim laughed uncontrollably

“Hm hahahaha! Truly commendable! For the sake of protecting your female master, this mighty Dragon King would disregard himself! But but, just because I see this it doesn’t mean I’ll be lenient! In fact this is interesting so I’ll attack even harder!”

The intensity of his magic increased! Fafnir’s entire body — sustained injuries that even Asia could not heal.

“Stop! Run! Please!”

No matter how loud Asia cried, Fafnir just said one thing

“To protect, Asia-chan.”

“…Why, do you have to go so far for me…”

Fafnir, while being attacked by a barrage of magic bullets said

“…The girl who smiled at me, Asia-chan was the first — so that’s why, I need to protect. This dragon, is willing to devote himself to Asia-chan.”

…… …You actually believed that… …To begin with, you had such determination, to stand in front of Asia… Fafnir’s mouth was dripping with blood, but he continued

“…This dragon, only had a strong and large body, and was more powerful than other dragons. Before he knew it, he had become a Dragon King. He doesn’t have the pride of other dragons. But, to be able to protect a girl — that is definitely, the pride of this Dragon King.”


Asia, hearing this Dragon King’s determination, could only cover her mouth and begin sobbing.

“…Please…you don’t have to stand in front of me anymore…”

The Dragon King definitely wouldn’t listen to her. Asia couldn’t take it and pushed aside Fafnir’s tail, and stood in front of Rizevim. Now she was protecting Fafnir. The son of Lucifer laughed as he saw this.

“Hehahahaha. You deserve praise. You dare to stand in front of me!”

“…Enough, please stop…! Why, do you have to go so far with these things…?”

“It is simply because I am the son of Satan. If I don’t do bad things then I’ll just be a fake right?”

Asia said with great emotion

“…I, and my friends are a big family, we just want a peaceful life…! Doing such horrible things, will just create hatred, and cause people to get hurt…”

“Mmm Hmm, that’s true. I have to do horrible things. I have to be hated. To cause people to get hurt — so, what about it?”

A “Pwack” sound was clearly heard. He hit Asia.


Asia fell to the ground. This scene…was enough to ignite something in my heart. …This bastard, actually……hit Asia…! …Originally, my strength was already depleted, but I automatically got up! …Dear Asia, was hit. How can I just lay down here…! Aarrgh, this bastard, is truly the scum of the scum! — I couldn’t hold back giving this guy a punch yaaarrrrghhh!

“Asia!” “…You bastard, you dared to hit Asia…!” “Asia…Damn…!”

Xenovia, I, Irina, everyone who saw Asia in danger had the same look in their eyes! To me, Asia is…an important person! She’s never allowed to get hurt! I got up a bit, Rizevim laughed and said

“Hehahaha, everyone’s face has changed. Oh no, did you favourite character get sent flying? If I keep going, will you get angrier?”

This bastard pointed his hand towards Asia who was lying on the ground! He wants to fire magic!

“Stop! You son of a bitch!”

I was fuming…and got up! He hit Asia…my precious family member, how could I lie there! I won’t forgive you! You hurt Asia and her family —!

“I definitely won’t forgive you ———!”

I yelled out — and suddenly felt a cold chill behind me. …In my field of vision, I could feel an extremely scary and dangerous aura being released from a single place. Even if his whole body was bleeding, Fafnir was giving a deadly glare to his opponent.

“…You are not allowed to bully Asia-chan…You are not allowed to bully Asia-chan!”

I could feel the immense pressure released from Fafnir’s entire body! …What happened to that guy…?

“Hehahaha, you are indeed a Dragon King. Even with your body like that, your pressure is incredible. You didn’t seriously ask —”

Rizevim wasn’t allowed to finish, Fafnir suddenly flew up high, opened his massive jaws and dived down! His strength should have already been depleted. Clearly when he was protecting Asia, he should have used all his power. Even so, the Golden Dragon glowed with fierce eyes and charged towards the son of Lucifer!

“You made Asia cry…! You made Asia cry…!”

From the shadow beneath Rizevim’s feet appeared a very small figure — it was Ophis’s spawn Lilith!

Lilith stood in front of Rizevim, and made a line of defensive barriers — Fafnir’s charge hit and crushed barriers under his teeth, and was slowly, slowly approaching Rizevim! Lilith cancelled her barrier, and directly hit Fafnir’s face! A loud noise echoed through the sky, but the Dragon King seemed unaffected. He swept with a horizontal kick, and sent Lilith flying! What a brutal attack! Although Lilith was unscathed, the fact that she was sent flying is true! Before Lilith could get ready again, Fafnir faced Rizevim and blasted out a massive fireball! Rizevim moved slightly and used his magic to dampen the flames — but the Golden Dragon King was no longer in front of him! He flew up into the air! Fafnir’s massive body was strange with wings; he flew high up into the air, and then aimed his teeth at Rizevim below!

What came out of his mouth — were swords with powerful auras, spears, and other weapons! What he expelled were all legendary weapons! Rizevim used magic to deflect the falling weapons, but the weapons that bounced off changed their trajectory and flew back towards him! Rizevim was surrounded by flaming or ice swords, spears of lightning, aura releasing axes, and countless other weapons which flew towards him! But, the attack didn’t just consist of legendary weapons, Fafnir was also charging towards him at a blinding speed! Even with the magic attack of the weapons — the Dragon King was charging as if berserk! His eyes were burning with anger…!

“Hehahaha! What is this, to make me feel such pressure!”

To Fafnir who was charging straight towards him, Rizevim released and fired a large expanding ball of magic! It was an extremely large amount of magic! If hit by that directly, Fafnir would surely…! But, the Golden Dragon King who was charging at such high speed should be able to dodge — in a flash, Fafnir collided into Rizevim’s magic — and didn’t come out! Just before the magic had hit, Fafnir had disappeared. It was like a mirage — that’s right, it was an illusion! It’s a feint! “—! It was actually an illusion!? So it was an effect of the legendary weapons you have!” Rizevim became aware of his carelessness, and looked around. Then, an enormous figure from behind Rizevim Livan Lucifer charged towards him! When Rizevim created a defensive barrier — the Dragon King opened his mouth wide and crushed the magic circle with his jaws, then continued charging towards the son of Satan! Wham! — That dull noise echoed.

“……Hoo! Deceptive…!?”

Fafnir’s charge, had slashed Rizevim from his left shoulder downwards —

“The guy who made Asia cry, I will not let you go lightly!”

Fafnir’s suicidal charge — to Rizevim, it seems like it had exceeded his expectations. His demonic smile and attitude from before disappeared, leaving an astonished expression. This Dragon King’s determination — Known as the Dragon King Fafnir, the anger burning in his eyes was scary.

“Unforgivable! Unforgivable! Unforgivable!”

Fafnir immediately began the chase! Rizevim tried to escape, but Fafnir was stubbornly chasing him! …This, is really quite tenacious! Without completely defeating his opponent he will not let go, such passion made my head feel tight…!

— That guy only did one thing. He hurt Asia. That one thing was enough to make the Golden Dragon King “Outrage”. I recalled the words that my teacher once said. — we must not offend the dragons, such a phrase has been used since ancient times — “Outrage”, what is it? Even a low level dragon, if offended, would make you understand the meaning of "Outrage". Dragons are creatures that should not be angered. A dragon’s “Outrage”. Rizevim is experiencing it. Fafnir’s anger. As a fellow dragon who watched, I couldn’t help but feel a little chill. The emotionless Lilith frowned slightly in the eyes of the enraged Fafnir. “……Rizevim, this dragon, and Lilith are a flavour.” Hearing her words, Rizevim seemed to understand what was said. He used magic to retrieve his severed limb back to his side, then reattached it.

“…Indeed, that is…Ophis’s ‘friend’ is quite troublesome. Because she is the original Dragon God’s ‘friend’ which cannot exist. Nice, I’ve seen something good. I should remember this.”

His expression was different to that of before, giving off a serious feeling. —Then, Ddraig inside me said

“Partner! We have Fafnir to thank for that! It’s time for me to begin! —The power I released, you should currently be able to use it!”

Somewhat late, Ddraig. The reason was because Asia was hit. But, that’s good. I want to beat this guy up at the peak of my mood yaaaarrrghhh! I wore my red armour, and seeing it he simply laughed.

“Hohahahaha! It’s that again! I’ve already told you it’s useless useless useless!”

I take his words and fly forward. The same as before, I go for a head on attack! Rizevim grinned, and prepared to engage me!

“As long as your power has anything to do with a Sacred Gear — it’ll be useless!”

He extended his hand to touch my armour — despite the fact that my armour was gone, I still had my gauntlet left! I continued using all my strength to punch Rizevim’s face! A new voice sounded from my gem!


He took the blow straight on, and due to the impact of the hit he was sent flying backwards! Rizevim fell to the ground.

“……How, this is…”

He said with a tone of disbelief, rubbing his face while lying down. It looks like blood from his nose had been sprayed all over his face. I slowly approached him as he lay on the ground, pulled him up by his hair, then punched his face again. He tumbled onto the ground again, still in disbelief. As I walked over to him I said

“—This is one of Ddraig’s abilities when he was alive, ‘Penetrate’. The power of my attack was transmitted directly to your body.”

That’s right, this is Ddraig’s retrieved power. Ddraig’s abilities — “Boost”, “Transfer”, and “Penetrate”. Rizevim lifted the upper half of his body, whilst shivering.

“…Using the power of ‘Penetrate’, to bypass my ‘Sacred Gear Canceller’…? How is that possible! My ‘Sacred Gear Canceller’! No matter what Sacred Gear, no matter what divine instrument, all of them! All—of—them, become ineffective—”

Before he could continue his words, I punched him in the face again. In order to better release the power of the dragon, I dragonified both my arms and legs.


…Perhaps my strength stayed the same, with each punch, the body took the impact, and seemed to be falling. But he couldn’t fall. I kept giving him a few more punches, harder! I take a step closer to the weakened Rizevim — then start with a punch, then a kick, then a punch, another punch, a kick!

“Ke! He! …How’s this, this. How’s this, and this!?” “A normal dragon, a normal Sacred Gear were not able to penetrate your body before.”

In order to defeat Euclid, I had used Longinus Smasher, and since then I have slowly been recovering. So I’m not in my normal state.

“But now, I have the ‘Penetrate’ ability, which will defeat you.”

I stumbled back a tad. As if Rizevim thought of something, he suddenly started laughing.

“……So that’s how it was, it was like that it was like that…! That’s it, the endless dream of someone…! That is, Vali…that’s why you’re so keen! That’s how you feel!”

Rizevim yelled. Ddraig said in a voice that he could hear

“Son of Lucifer. You think you’re his enemy? Even the God of the Bible revered their power — dragons. Whether it’s me, or the Hakuryuukou, or Fafnir, you can’t underestimate us — I could, if I wanted, have destroyed the world a few times over with just brute force. But I haven’t done so, because compared to you, my life is more enjoyable like this.”

Ddraig had once told me “—Angels, devils, they once ruined my fun.” Rizevim listened, as he wiped blood off his face.

“…That was when the three main factions were still at war, the two heavenly dragons said things like that to God and Satan.”

I then declared

“I made up my mind — to become a harem king, whether you’re Satan’s son, or a god, I’ll beat them all! I need to be together with Rias, Asia, Akeno-san, Irina and Xenovia to live a fun and happy life!”

As I said that to him, there was reassurance behind me.

“Ise!” “Ise-kun!”

Rias, Kiba! Everyone had rushed over here! Even Cao Cao was here!

“Yo. We caught up.”

Dulio was also here! His opponent Crom Cruach, was actually here as well! Rizevim, upon seeing all the members of “DxD” gathered, laughed at himself.

“Hehahaha! So everyone’s here. Then I’ll say…alas, the manufactured Grendel and Ladon-sama were defeated? How scary, the breakthrough of ‘DxD’!”

Between the confrontation between us and the other side, a third party’s voice descended from the sky.

“—Hohoho, how dare you say such things in heaven, truly the Sekiryuutei.”

Everyone’s gaze shifted to a single point — it was Archangel Michael who was flying down from the sky!


The surprised Irina said. Michael said

“I came late. The issue with the seal in Heaven has now been resolved. They have been manipulating Heaven’s various gates, we believe they are using the forbidden technique of Aži Dahāka. Without affecting the ‘system’ we tried to resolve the issue…but my comrade who helped me, at the highest level — Seventh Heaven made a high level of protection, so that even if I no longer exist, evil forces will not be able to invade.”

Michael turned to face Rizevim.

“Next is you. Long time no see. Wasn’t the last time we met during the previous war? Seeing as you’ve set foot into Heaven’s territory, would you please cooperate…although saying so, it looks like you’ve already been beaten.”

Michael’s expression — became rather cold.

“But, I will not show mercy.”

Michael raised his hand to the sky, and in mid-air — appeared an immensely large spear of light! …If one was to be hit by that gigantic spear of light, any kind of devil’s life would be in danger! Michael mercilessly lowered his hand. The gigantic spear of light flew towards Rizevim! In the instant that it hit, a large amount of light was released in an explosion! Michael immediately erected a barrier, to protect us from the impact of the explosion. That was not the case for Rizevim, he took a head on strike from that gigantic spear of light.

“Ha—hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!”

Several more explosions occurred within the Garden of Eden, so that even the landscape significantly changed. In the midst of the explosions, that guy kept laughing continuously. —Then, in the centre of the explosions caused by the spear of light, appeared twelve black pillars. They expanded and then bent…like wings. No, this is— After the assault from the spears of light stopped, I saw Rizevim standing in the centre of where the explosions were with twelve black wings spread out. The shape of his wings were familiar. That’s right, it was from when the three factions made peace. My rival — Vali, he had these black wings! It was Lucifer’s…black wings! Rizevim survived the attack of light. With his wings coming out of his back, he rested his hand on his chin.

“Oh no, what should I say…ah, yes — so sorry. I really underestimated you. Oh no, because it’s been a few thousand years, a few thousand years without exercising much, my shoulders are a bit sore.”

As Rizevim said that while scratching his head, he then let out a sigh — and gave a callous look that I had not seen before.

“The fun ends here. I — no, as the son of Lucifer, you are the enemy of my dreams.”

…Whether it’s his tone, or the heavy pressure that he was releasing, he was completely different…! His body, the guilty pleasure on his face, his impression and even his atmosphere had changed. However, I still said with disdain

“—So what. Even if you are serious now, you’ve already committed evil deeds, and will the deeds committed now change the future? So, why don’t you come down here, and end it now.”

—However, Rizevim shook his head.

“No, this time we’ll be leaving — I’ve already achieved what I came for.”

As he spoke, he took out an object.

“—That is!”

Michael had an extremely surprised expression! Rizevim was holding two fruits.

“This is the fruit of wisdom and the fruit of life.”

—Hey! Are those, the fruits written about in the Bible!? Why would this guy be holding them!? Didn’t they cease to exist a long time ago!?

“How can that be! The tree should no longer bear any fruit!”

Irina said exactly what was on my mind. Rizevim stroked the fruit in his hand and said

“Hmm, it no longer bears fruit — but, if it was ‘preserved’, then that’s another matter.”

He smiled and continued

“My mother Lilith, is the Lilith who was recorded in the Bible. In the past, when my mother was human, she lived in the Garden of Eden. She was also known as Adam’s first wife.”

I know that. I remember she was Adam’s ex-wife. Not Ophis’s spawn Lilith, but the real Lilith. Rizevim continued further

“…When I was little, I often heard my mother Lilith say: ‘I am carrying God, I have hidden the fruit of wisdom and the fruit of life somewhere’, she was rather conceited. But what was the truth? I tried to find it…it existed. Although they had long withered, the energy which was lost…”

Michael interrupted Rizevim and said

“You’ll use the holy grail to restore them? But, where in heaven was it hidden? I never perceived them all these years.”

“—In purgatory. The depths of purgatory. Hidden in the secret passage to Hades.”

…Hold on. Purgatory…has a passage to the underworld? Then, that means that there was no reason to attack Heaven— Perhaps guessing my thoughts, Rizevim said

“There was also a passage to Heaven, so after I took the fruits I also came over to take a look.”

—A passage. Just because there was a passage to Heaven, he came here and attacked…! This guy really is the embodiment of evil…! I ran all the way here just because this guy was such an annoying bastard!


Everyone silently stood in front of him with a great sense of morale — however, a small figure stood in front of him.

“…Rizevim, I will protect.”

—Lilith. She looked exactly the same as Ophis, which dampened my will to fight. Because Lilith was standing in the middle, Rizevim sighed.

“…I easily got to have fun, children lose interest once they take a step back.”

A magic circle began to glow beneath his feet.

“This old guy is leaving now. I had a lot of fun — Hyoudou Issei, till we meet again.”

You’re not getting away! Although I wanted to say that, I don’t have any remaining strength, I also have anaemia, and can barely stand any more. The others who could still move wanted to attack, but because Lilith was in the way, they had the same complicated expression as me. Michael could not attack, also because Lilith was there, and also because an evil dragon slowly got closer — Crom Cruach was close enough that his shadow was visible. Seeing this, it was either a draw with Dulio, or a winner had not yet been decided.

“Lilith, Crom, we’re going back.”

Rizevim said to Crom Cruach who had arrived here. However, that guy didn’t respond.


In response to Rizevim’s question, the evil dragon simply rejected the invitation with silence.

“Fine then, that’s alright.”

Rizevim shook his head, as he was about to disappear into the light, I finally gave him these words

“Rizevim — the one to defeat you will not be me, it will be Vali. That fact will never change.”

Rizevim — just as he was about to disappear - revealed a smile which looked forward to it.

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