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Next Life[edit]

After Rizevim and the rest disappeared, I could finally let out a sigh of relief in Fourth Heaven. Now it was just Irina’s father who was urgently sent to Fifth Heaven’s medical facilities. I hope he’ll be able to detoxify the poison as soon as possible…. The evil dragons that appeared along with Rizevim also disappeared. …It looks like Heaven suffered a lot of damage. But fortunately the ‘system’ does not seem to be affected. Michael thanked Cao Cao

“We highly appreciate your help in Heaven.”

“I never imagined that I’d be able to enter Heaven. —Nevertheless, I have still sinned. Also every time I do something, it’s thanks to information from Hades.”

Everyone who heard that news was shocked. …Hades provided information? But, did Hades also know about the secret passage between Heaven and the Underworld that Qlippoth used?

“…Hades thought that would make it fair. Or is he just having fun?”

Rias muttered to herself. Michael did not have a reply, but continued speaking to Cao Cao

“You were the one chosen by the holy spear. As long as you are not an enemy, then I will not be hostile.”

“Hohoho, the holy spear was used to pierce through Jesus though. As the Archangel you really are quite accepting.”

Cao Cao turned around to leave.

“See you another time.”

Seeing that he was about to leave, I called out to him


There’s something I need to confirm with him.

“…Are you an enemy? Or are you a member of ‘Khaos Brigade?”

Cao Cao looked up at the sky and spoke

“…At the least, I’m no longer a part of ‘Khaos Brigade’. Currently I’m a part of Indra’s vanguard. But, the previous vanguard was the first generation Monkey King, and I was behind the scenes. I’m responsible for some inside matters which cannot be made public. I currently have no intention to harm you.”

Rias then said

“You’ve done so many bad things, yet Indra still keeps you by his side. I really don’t know what he’s thinking. Do I need to list the several breaches of the treaty?”

Cao Cao shrugged.

“There’s no point in telling me. I’m just with Indra because he saved my life on a whim. …I think that in my present position, I can’t relate to my past ambitions and dreams, which is ironic as I was once a member of ‘Khaos Brigade’.”

“It seems you don’t understand the meaning of reflection.”

Kiba frowned. Cao Cao took a deep breath.

“…You said, reflect. From my viewpoint, should I be reflecting on fighting against creatures? Or do you mean I should swear myself to revenge? …Is a fight between humans and creatures ‘justice’ or is it ‘evil’? Currently I am simply powerless, satisfied and unable to answer any questions, an ethereal empty shell.”

…He hasn’t changed, he is just talking nonsense. Rias asked again

“What about the other users of Sacred Gears?”

“Georg and Leonardo? Hoho, they’re still with Hades. Georg and him…Hoho, they’re in the Realm of the Dead researching the magic of the grim reapers. He was sent to a magician who was famous when he was alive, and he quickly got stuck into the research of magic.”

…He actually became something like that. Those heroes truly are puzzling guys.

Cao Cao continued speaking.

“He told me that they had no plans to return to this side. I truly cannot understand the values of magicians. Leonardo also seems to enjoy the atmosphere there, he’s the same as Georg and doesn’t have any intention of coming back.”

Cao Cao shifted his spear to his shoulder then said sarcastically

“…Only I, only I still want to linger in this world, so that’s why I came back. — If you want to punish me then feel free to do so. If I am currently your object of hatred. Although, I have no intention of dying easily….”

…His words were provocative to me, but I knew he would be fighting back with his full strength.

“…Can I trust you? Besides, what reason do you have to come back here? You’re not here for revenge or atonement right?”

When I asked, he turned to look somewhere far away.

“…I, need to become some kind of person. For what reason, was I born with this spear? I simply live to find the answer to this.”

This guy just said a heap of nonsense.

“The search for myself. Something that you would not do.” “In the end, I wished to discover myself, and that led me to the result I have here.”

He’s just downright troublesome! I’d prefer for him not to attack us!

“If you decide to follow up on your search for self, what would you do?”

Hearing Kiba’s question, he shook his head.

“…This follow up…does not exist. My dream, has already been destroyed by the Sekiryuutei once. My next dream is —.”

Speaking of that, Cao Cao turned to me.

“To defeat the Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei. I think that, if I will be able to defeat you, I will be able to fully revive. Today — no, once again, I’m not sure about it.”

……. So he means that I will be his enemy. But, if I dared to attack, it would be that simple. Cao Cao had probably finished talking, and waved his hand in preparation to leave.

“Goodbye for now. Indra ordered me to attack the evil dragons and assist you, so you could say its fate that we met again.”

Rias asked a final question

“Allow me to ask one more question. If Indra ordered you and I to fight then what would you do?”

“…Exactly that. All I can say is, Hyoudou Issei, next time, when we fight, I won’t have Medusa’s eye or Samael, I will be using my own power to challenge you.”

“Well, I won’t use anything like Samael’s poison, and will definitely defeat you.”

Cao Cao and I smiled fearlessly at the same time. He glanced at me, then turned around to leave. Seeing this scene, Xenovia began whispering “Say Irina…Lately I’m seriously starting to get worried about the number of men who are targeting Ise….”

“Well… in that case, it will no longer be sufficient to count the number on both hands….”[1]

Irina began counting with her fingers.

“…Really, I’m serious.”

I really have nothing to say. …No, she makes it sound like I have a problem. But, it’s because other guys have also passionately invited me, I couldn’t help but to give responses like that! Is it that bad!?

A passionate reply can make a man become even more passionate with you!? — This time, a shadow moved away from the Angels’ troops and came towards me. Soon, Crom Cruach had moved in front of me. The evil dragon quietly faced me and asked

“…You, are a dragon? Or are you a devil?”

…This guy asked me quite a perplexing question.

“That, I do not know….”

I could only scratch my face and answer him. So he bluntly said

“My dream is to see where dragons will end up.”

He grabbed my face, and seriously asked

“You, are you the answer that I’m looking for?”

“No, I don’t know….”

I didn’t know how to answer him, but he seemed to be aggressive.

“—Fight with me once”.

“Huh…? Now, fight now?”

I was really surprised! I said that, right now we’ve already finished fighting! Everyone became serious again at the possibility that Crom Cruach and I would begin fighting! I’m already tired! —Then again, would this evil dragon listen to my reason…? Both of us were silent for a while. The evil dragon was the first to speak

“…A no, is it?”

“…Wait, let me rest for a while, can you do that?”

So, I just tentatively asked that…. The evil dragon was quiet for a while, then suddenly changed his posture, and turned around to leave.

“……Then I’ll be going.”

…No way. He actually agreed! Seeing his response, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat surprised!

“You’re going back to Qlippoth?”

I asked, but he shook his head.

“No, I’ve already lost interest in that. I might as well give myself a change. I’m already used to the human world.”

As he finished talking, he spread his black wings, and flew off into the distance. …Although the fact that he had now left was good, but who knows where he plans to go from Heaven. Whatever, based on what he said, he’ll probably be forced to land….[2] Michael did not do anything about Crom Cruach’s actions which confused me though, but Irina smiled.

“Irina, well played. You are indeed my Ace.”

Having received such praise from her much respected Archangel, Irina began to blush. Suddenly, it seemed like Irina had thought of something, and she turned to Michael to ask

“Michael-sama, although this question may be a bit overdue….”

“What is it?”

“— Why did you choose me to be your Ace?”

This was actually quite an interesting question. I’d always been curious. Why did Michael choose Irina to be his own Ace?

“Hoho, so it was about this.”

Michael clapped his hands. Then he raised one finger and asked back

“In the human world, when you open the packaging and box of a new deck of cards, what is the first card that you see?”

“…The ace of spades.”

Koneko-chan answered first. That’s right, the first card you should see is the ace of spades. Michael seemed to be in deep thought.

“That’s right. My idea was that this person should embody the reincarnation of an angel — someone who represents the ‘Brave Saints’. Angel Irina, you have a pure heart, you’re honest and sincere, and you are a devout believer from the bottom of your heart. Also, you’re able to get along with anyone. That’s why you’re the person who is most suited to being the representative of the Angels.”

…So it had that sort of meaning to it. The title of Ace, was not only because of Irina’s personality, but also because of Michael’s expectations. Michael then continued to Irina

“If you would please from now on, continue to uphold the image of the ‘Royal Users (Brave Saints)’.”

Hearing this, Irina was moved to tears, and continuously nodded.

“Yes! I will do my best to show my loyalty! Amen!”

Now everything was finally finished. Dulio who was sitting on the ground had fallen asleep. I heard that he had used his Balance Breaker against Crom Cruach. He was able to seriously fight against that evil dragon and be able to return, I truly admire him. No, although I previously believed that he would come back, I didn’t think he would be completely fine and uninjured! Though his enemy did not seem to have any fatal injuries either. But even so, he certainly deserves to be our leader!

…A wave of fatigue suddenly hit me, and I laid down on the floor and looked up at the sky. But, the power of [Penetrate]. Besides my current power, there was no other way. To be able to transmit my strength directly. But just defeating Rizevim is not enough…. However, if this ability could be transferred to others, then it will completely change how we fight. I suddenly thought… this ability, could it be used on the system[3]? To penetrate through the many layers of special protection in Heaven. Just when I was thinking of that, I heard the voice of the most beautiful woman in Heaven.

“Everyone! Michael-sama! How do you do?”

It was Gabriel who had gone over to the human world for a business trip and had quickly rushed back over. She had incredible allure due to her huge oppai[4], which occasionally bounced. …Her oppai[4]! I would be so happy to be able to see them! …Ah! I suddenly thought of it! What would happen if I transferred the power of [Penetrate] to use through my eyes!? What’s there to wait for! It’s time to try it out! I transferred the power of [Penetrate]…and concentrated it to my eyes! Then —

The clothing of the ladies within my field of vision…were transparent! Transparent! Traaannnssspppaaarrreeennnttt[5]! Rias’s oppai! Akeno-san’s oppai! Xenovia’s oppai! Even Irina’s oppai could be seen! My eyes are seeing everything, nothing can get in the way between my eyes and oppai! This, this is the power of [Penetrate]!

This, Ahhhhh it really is too good! I took advantage of this situation, to move my eyes over to Gabriel-san! What came into my vision was — shape, width, the colour of the areolae, size, roundness, only everything together can make one feel like these were the oppai of an angel! This, this… this perfect balance…! Of all I have known, this is the best… no, this is already unmatched! These, these oppai actually existed all this time! Aaahh, Azazel-sensei! I, finally! I finally saw it! The most beautiful oppai in Heaven!

“Hoho, so those are the most beautiful oppai in Heaven! Thank you! Thank you!”

Right now I could only pray in tears! Because I was a devil praying, even if it was bad, even if I had a headache, it still does not matter! —Those, can already be called God’s oppai! That’s right, I’ll do that! Sensei, my, my perverseness hasn’t decreased! Because, I have already learnt how to use my new ability!


Ddraig, do you feel helpless!? As I was crying of happiness, last time’s Heavenly device began alerting and surrounded me in Angelic symbols! The system to prevent indecent thoughts activated again! Everyone’s attention focused on me. …They must be thinking, that at a time like this I’m thinking of something perverted.


Koneko-chan opened her eyes halfway and remained silent. Everyone simply laughed helplessly.

“Koneko-chan…? No, it’s not, this thing! There’s a reason!”

“…Senpai, you really are a big pervert. When we get home we need to have a reflection meeting.”

Yes, I’m sorry, Koneko-sama….

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Irina is counting both the men and the women who are targeting Ise.
  2. Suggesting that the angels or some other party will force him to land and leave.
  3. Referring to the system which prevents angels from falling or alerts others when the angel may fall – activated earlier in the volume when Ise saw Gabriel for the first time.
  4. 4.0 4.1 The first time “乳” was used which is a more proper term for ‘breast’ whereas the second time “咪咪” was used which is a slang term also meaning ‘meow’.
  5. The intended effect here is an echoing voice which grows longer in duration.

Thanks luislock and jopjopjop for some corrections!

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