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Hi everyone, I’m Ishibumi. As agreed, the fourth chapter is about Ravel → Gasper → Rossweisse → Irina → and Xenovia as the heroine (+α). I was finally able to have an in-depth description of the group. I was wondering if she would be able to take on the role of the heroine. I’m sorry that a character which was introduced a few years ago has taken a few years to develop. I sincerely thank the fans who have stayed on til now from the bottom of my heart. Anyway, I’ll move onto the commentary of volume nineteen now.

About Xenovia

I hesitated on whether to make her cute or cool. But I thought that I would go with the latter. Not only was she running as a candidate for the Student Council President, she also surpassed the previous wielder of Durandal, so this was the solution to her own style. I’m very happy to be able to write about her relationship with Griselda. My editor also praised the relationship between those two who are like sisters. But one of the most difficult parts was on where to insert their dialogue. Similar to life, it needed to have Xenovia’s style of speech, which I thought about for a long time, but it wasn’t like a politician’s election so I wrote something which would suit her style. But what happens after Xenovia becomes the President of the new Student Council; even the author himself is quite excited by imagining it.

Kiba, Gasper and Dulio

Holding dark expressions and being troubled before the final were the two people Kiba and Gasper. Doing something like that without a break first in the climax, I was a bit worried as the author. Both of these people have had a certain relationship with the Church, so there was a settlement by using His Eminence Strada. The boys of the Gremory household need to be protected by girls. And then Dulio. Like last time, he was on the front lines as the leader. He’s a guy who is more naïve than Issei. I always thought that his character went well with soap bubbles, so I tried to make one of his skills together with his character.

The two giants of the Church

This time, three of the Church’s leaders debuted, but within those, Ewald Cristaldi and Vasco Strada perhaps felt too powerful. This volume brought up the topic of the holy swords, so naturally, the wielders of Excalibur and Durandal also had to be mentioned. The two wielders of those holy swords appeared here. The topic this time was to put Team [DxD] against a topic as serious/heavy as humanity, but because it was so serious, it didn’t suit the story of this work, thus it was changed to [Challenge from the incredible previous holy sword wielders] which was simple and easy to understand. Afterwards, the character/role of His Eminence Strada was naturally formed. The sentence [Chikara is power] reflects that old man very well. If Cristaldi and Strada were actually using the original holy-swords...or if they were in their primes, then... I guess a reckless plot was possible because they were just a guest character.

The truth is, since this volume was centred around the Church, I originally had an idea to have Freed resurrected by the use of the Holy Grail and had him merge with a Evil Dragon in order to cause destruction. But since he left the story smoothly already, I had him stay that way without touching him.

About Top Secret

This volume’s last chapter about the monitoring of the game used a video recording…and as everyone saw, it contained a lot of secrets. The last Dragon King Tiamat finally appeared. What will happen to Ravel and Raiser in the end? Diehauser’s lines, and Ajuka’s appearance is also a hint, so you can enjoy imagining what will happen while you wait for the next book to come out.

Next time’s fourth chapter will also be the climax, with the final battle beginning. The hints/foreshadowing so far, the remaining formidable enemies, and the legendary evil dragons will all appear, so please stay tuned. As the content will be related to Rizevim, Vali will become the male protagonist of next volume. However, the previous volume about Heaven, and this volume about the Church’s warriors was originally supposed to be in the fifth to seventh volumes after the alliance of the Three Factions in volume four, but now 18 and 19 have come out….

Here, I thank everyone who has always taken care of me. Miyama Zero, editor H. Perhaps because of the impact of increased workload, it’s always night time when I finish writing so I give you trouble every time. I sincerely apologise to all the relevant personnel. After this, I will work hard with writing.

Now then, we will finally enter the 20th volume in the next volume-- but before that, a new series, 'High School DxD DX', will commenceǃ This series will be a compilation of only the DxD short stories and it was finally separated thanks to the support of all of you, the fans. So the plan from now is to have DxD continue in the form of the main story and the DX (compilation of short story). With this, uncompiled short stories may reduce quite a lot. If there are short stories which you would like to see published, then please send your opinion to the editorial department since it would be a good example.

Regarding the DX volume 1 which all of you are curious about. It will include the Onsen trip story (mixed bath with Grayfia) as the main focus as well as the story which first introduced Sister Griselda and originally written story. Since the main story will enter the climax and will become serious, it would be great if you will read the DX volume which is a combination of the romance-comedy and the daily lives in order to balance it out.

That's how it is, so it will be great if you can support the High School DxD main story and the DX volumes.

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