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— New Year’s Day.

Including me, Hyoudou Issei, all the members of the Occult Research Club celebrated the New Year, then after deciding on which places to go to, we set out early in the morning.

And our destination was—.

“Ise! Long time no see!”

A girl with blonde hair and a tail — Kunou appeared in front of the Torii [1] of the shrine. That’s right, this New Year we came to visit Kyoto — Fushimi Inari Taisha [2]. Because it was the New Year, everyone was worried that it would be crowded, so we used a magic circle to teleport here in an instant. Um, the number of Torii here is still the same which feels quite scary [3]. In order not to be disturbed by other people, Kunou and I had set up a barrier with the effect of keeping people away.

“Hey—, Kunou. I came here to pay my respects.”

“Uh-huh! The main god here, the god Ukanomitama [4] will definitely be happy.”

After paying our respects, a friendly onee-san with the appearance of a fox appeared from inside the shrine! This lovely nine-tailed fox youkai was the leader of the youkai in Kyoto—.

“Everyone has travelled so far to visit, welcome.”

It was Kunou’s mother Yasaka-san! Mmm—, indeed, she’s so beautiful! Her oppai are so large that I can’t help looking! It’s been a treat for my eyes since the New Year started. It just makes me want to bow down and pray.

After Yasaka-san greeted us, Rias sincerely greeted her

“I had, always wanted the chance to greet you. But due to various reasons, I never had the chance, so I took the opportunity to greet you during this New Year’s visit.”[5]

Rias was currently wearing a long-sleeved kimono! Her long crimson hair was tied together, and she gave off an elegant atmosphere. Not only Rias, but Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Irina, Rosseweisse-san, and Ravel were also wearing long-sleeved kimonos. By the way, Gya-suke was also dressed like them….

Me, Kiba and Xenovia were dressed normally. The three of us had agreed.

“““Going to Fushimi Inari? It would be best to wear clothing which is easier to walk in.”””

This answer was very much like the style of a front-line soldier. After all, speaking of Fushimi Inari Taisha, it was almost like mountain hiking.

Originally I was going to invite Azazel-sensei, Kuroka and Le Fay to come along as well, but sensei said that he had to meet with several important people and thus couldn’t come. Kuroka was sitting under a warm table in the Hyoudou household early in the morning of the New Year, eating rice cakes and mandarins to enjoy her leisurely life. Le Fay was accompanying (or said she was being held with) her.

Sensei later sent us some pictures, when he was drunk, where Azazel-sensei with a naked upper body was dancing with Zeus from Olympus, as well as an extremely hilarious scene of Michael-san, along with the God of the North Odin-oyaji [6] who was given a beating when he extended his hand towards Serafall Leviathan’s behind, and also dressed up as Satan Red was Sirzechs-sama who was being scolded by a drunk Grayfia-san. A luxury gathering on New Year’s Day, scenes which were not normally seen were sent one after the other to us. It was simply too incredible. These things were definitely not the respectful images of God-class people that were normally seen…. And Rias had her hand over her forehead, with a complicated expression for the New Year….

However, seeing Grayfia-san being amidst those people, I felt relieved. Although it looked like a drunken mess, it showed me that she had at least recovered a bit and was back to being somewhat more relaxed.

“…It seems it was Azazel and the other Gods who invited her. He said that it was that time of year, so they needed to celebrate the New Year, which really helped out my sister-in-law.”

After saying that, Rias seemed relieved. She had been worried about Grayfia-san’s situation from the bottom of her heart. After all, although Grayfia-san’s younger brother was still alive, it had provoked a lot of unrest in the underworld.

“Uh-huh, I will do my best to welcome you!”

Kunou looked very happy. She had also visited the Hyoudou household before…. That was when she was called to discuss the matters relating to the shrine and met Phis [7].

“Phis didn’t come?”

Kunou looked around at the people who were here. Phis [8] — that was Ophis. Because of their meeting, they had developed a good relationship. As we couldn’t explain Ophis’s body, I had introduced her as a young dragon girl named ‘Phis’.

I scratched my cheek, then immediately started thinking of an excuse.

“Ah…. Ah that’s right, Phis said that she should stay home…she has a cold. So she’s resting. She really wanted to see Kunou though.”

After all, we couldn’t bring Ophis out. Right now she was probably with Kuroka and Le Fay playing games. Kunou seemed a little disheartened after hearing this, but she quickly regained her spirits.

“I heard that a dragon’s cold is quite troublesome. I’ll go and prepare a special Kyoto remedy, just wait a moment!”

With that said, Kunou quickly ran off towards the shrine. …She was probably going home to get the medicine right? She really thought of Ophis as her friend. That was a rather good thing.

Seeing Kunou, Yasaka-san showed a pleased smile.

“Ufufu, Sekiryuutei-sama, you seem to have got closer to my Kunou, which is quite fortunate.”

“No, no, that’s not it. Back then, it was just a courtesy for us to take care of your child, as you helped us out during the crisis in the Underworld.”

After all, Yasaka-san helped us out when the Underworld was going through a crisis. She made an alluring smile — then leaned in next to my ear! …The fragrance which made its way into my nostrils was something out of this world…! H-How did t-this fragrance make my mind so excited that I was paralysed…I-Is this, what they call, the fragrant charm of a mature woman…!?

“Sekiryuutei-sama, for the time being, can you wait until Kunou grows into an adult? If you can’t wait, you could have me live with you…. Ufufufu. After all, Kunou once pestered me about having brothers and sisters. Not to mention that I haven’t had a young man’s bare skin for a while….”

Yasaka-san’s slender and delicate white fingers slid across my chin…! Her attractive gaze and provocative voice stimulated my male instinct—. It was only the beginning of the New Year and this onee-san had already captivated me!

However, Kunou had returned quickly and interjected

“Okaa-sama [9]! Your joke has gone too far! I got him first!”

Kunou tightly hugged onto my leg. Her extremely cute expression was meant to deter Yasaka-san.

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“Hahaha. Truly an obsessive child. At this age you have some ‘feminine’ charm. Perhaps there’s some resemblance to being a woman.”

Seeing her daughter’s actions, Yasaka-san showed a calm smile.

“…Even in Kyoto I can’t stay relaxed.”

Next to me, Rias sighed. —Then, Yasaka-san clapped her hands together, and asked Rias

“Gossip aside, Sekiryuutei’s legal wife-sama, about the previous matter, do you have an answer?”

“Yes, there is no reason for me to refuse it.”

I asked Rias who was smiling as she replied

“…W-W-What happened?”

“Oh, Kunou will be starting middle school at Kuoh Academy in the coming year. The preparations have already been made.”

—!? The sudden news left me at a loss for words! It was too unbelievable! It was so unexpected, that something like that would happen!

Seeing me surprised and speechless, Kunou proudly raised her arm and said

“Ahem, it’s about time for me to go to learn about the human world. You could say that I want to go to a school which doesn’t have any problems for youkai! So after asking mother, I just had to ask the legal wife Rias-sama!”

That is to say, Kunou will be coming to Kuoh Academy this spring. After all, the school had many people secretly studying there. From youkai to devils, there were all sorts of people. The most special people were probably the Occult Research Club and the Student Council’s members. Not only were there devils, there were also angels, youkai, Valkyrie, a werewolf but even a female grim reaper showed up….

…In true spirit of the New Year, it looks like there will be a lot of new things happening. …Which also means an approaching departure.

Rias and Akeno-san, will be graduating in around two months…. New people arriving, also means their predecessors will be departing. Although this is the natural course of things, I don’t look forward to it and it’s only the first month of the year.

“Yes, O…phis will be very happy.”

I should tell Ophis when we get back. While her face will certainly remain emotionless, she’ll definitely be happy on the inside.

“Uh-huh! I look forward to seeing Phis again!”

After Kunou’s enthusiastic reply, I released the barrier and returned to normal space. We began climbing towards the top of Fushimi Inari Taisha again.

After reaching halfway, we saw some familiar faces in Kyoto.

“Ara ara, Rias, you finally came here as well.”

It was Sona-kaichou and her household! Those girls were also wearing long-sleeved kimonos. …But only the Grim Reaper girl Bennia was wearing a jacket.

“You know, Sona. I heard you were coming to Kyoto, but I didn’t imagine that I’d meet you here.”

Rias had encountered a good friend early in the New Year, and those two stood there while talking.

“It looks like they got here about ten minutes before the Gremory household.” said Kunou.

I see, so they got here just a bit earlier than us.

“Yo, Ise.”

Saji greeted me.

“Yo, Saji. Happy New Year. You also came here to pray for the New Year?”

“Ah, it’s great fun. Fushimi Inari Taisha is our fourth stop, after that we plan on going to two other places before heading back. A part of the New Year means us devils coming out, which is well deserved.”

As he said, Kyoto is a sightseeing spot for devils during part of the New Year — especially the devils who are part of ‘DxD’ as many places open up to them. The Gods that each shrine is dedicated to expressed their consent. Because of this, even though it’s not the school excursion, we were still able to come here.

Then again, the Sitri group also came to Kyoto during the New Year for some sightseeing. This isn’t too bad. We planned to quietly celebrate the New Year at the Hyoudou home after we got back from our trip.

“What, you’re going to wish to be elected Vice-President?”

Hearing me joke about him, Saji laughed.

Suddenly glancing over, Xenovia and the Sitri group’s [Bishop] Momo Hanakai-san were staring. There seemed to be a silent tension between those two . This was inevitable. After all, they were competing for the position of Student Council President, in other words, rivals.

“I won’t lose to you, Xenovia-san”

“Ah, Momo. I also, will definitely win.”

The two were shaking hands. Hmm, a declaration of rivalry is fine. It felt like they were full of competitive spirit. But speaking of that, Xenovia, when did she start calling Hanakai-san by her given name…? It seems like the Gremory and Sitri girls frequently spoke to each other, when the boys didn’t even know about it.

Hearing the conversation of the two girls, Saji shrugged.

“So on my side, besides me; the others are here to pray for the election. Well, if the Gods here really do show compassion to devils, then we need to thank them. See you, I need to head back down now.”

After that, the Sitri group began walking down the hill. There were people besides Saji and Hanakai-san who also wanted to be elected in the Student Council. But they didn’t have much chance, so the election would definitely be able to determine…. In other words, the closest competition in the Student Council election, would be between Xenovia and Hanakai-san for the position of President.

Next, we should also continue heading up towards the top of the shrine.

—Just as I was about to start walking, someone hugged onto my arm. It was Irina. It looked like she was in a very good mood, so much so that she was even humming a tune.

“Hum, Kyoto at this time of year is really nice. Darling ♪”

…D-Darling. …That’s right, since the beginning of winter, Irina’s attitude towards me has completely changed, sometimes she would call me ‘Darling ♪’ and she became even more clingy than before! She suddenly started learning how to cook, planned to take baths with me, and if there was any opportunity, she would sneak into my bed at night! A-Although it made me happy, it made me feel even more troubled. Everything else aside, just ‘Darling’ alone was enough to make my entire body go numb!

“…S-Say, Irina.”

“What is it ~, Darling?”

Irina’s voice was sweet. …Her voice made me hesitate on how I should respond.

“Why…why have you recently started calling me ‘Darling’?”

I worked up the courage to ask. I wanted to confirm it.

“Annoying. You certainly are, Ise-kun. Hee hee ♪”

Hee hee ♪—was what she said! I roughly understand…that I’ve become ‘Darling’?

“Just calling me Ise normally is fine. Otherwise, it feels like my brain will melt…”

Because my mind really will melt so I hope that she can stop. ‘Darling’ is just too nauseating. It already no longer has the same meaning as before….

I carefully but clearly told her. Whereas Irina looked like — she had been struck down, her expression could immediately be seen.

“H-How can you…How could Ise-kun say that…! And when I kissed you was it just for fun!?”

Why would she bring that up! Why would you say that here!? Everyone around here were just ordinary people headed to the shrine!?

“Hey, hey. You don’t need to say that so loudly!”

I nervously tried to calm Irina down, next to me Xenovia sighed while saying

“Irina, just a kiss has turned you into a lover, you’re too impatient. After all, Rias-zenbuchou [10] and Asia have already kissed Ise, and they did it more passionately than compared to Irina.”

Xenovia said tiredly in response to her friend.

Uh, ah, Irina and I kissed on Christmas…. It was after that that Irina’s attitude changed. What can I say, it seemed like she was always staring at me with an affectionate gaze.

But Irina didn’t continue her frustration, and instead made a stance to pray.

“I don’t care! The forbidden love between Ise-kun and I will continue! Even if there’s an obstacle between us, there’ll be no problems as long as we have love!”

U-Uh, even her eyes were sparkling…! It was just the beginning of the year and things were already in full swing.

“That reminds me, I haven’t prayed yet.”

“Ah, I as well.”

“““Ah, dear Lord.”””

Xenovia and Irina as well as Asia, those three began praying!

“What a devoted prayer! I also need to try!”

“Hahaha, everyone is rather interesting. Also…”

Even Kunou and Yasaka-san started copying the Church trio!

…Why did this happen at Fushimi Inari Taisha during the New Year…? I simply couldn’t understand.

These trivial things continued as we went on, and I finally reached the shrine at the summit, where I then put my hands together to make a wish.

My wish is…for everyone to be healthy! That was first! Then I want to be able to make my harem in peace! That was very, very important! The third is ecchi! I hope that this year I’ll be able to encounter many ecchi pleasures! If a few of my wishes could be granted then that would be the best!

Next to me, the sound of talking and praying wafted into my ears.

“…When you wish, you need to give your own address and given name clearly to the God, wouldn’t that be better? Do you understand, Gya-kun?”

“Eh?! I-I didn’t know Koneko-chan! N-Need to do it again!”

After being asked by Koneko-chan, Gya-suke hurriedly started wishing for the second time.

“Oh well, Gya-suke. The shrines have several different factions, this one is Inari [11] focused, so it’s best to make a related wish. But, I will probably come here during my school trip in autumn, so I can make another wish then.”

“Ah, I’m really looking forward to the school trip! Although Kyoto in winter is nice, I also want to have a good tour of Kyoto during autumn!”

Ravel exclaimed, with both her eyes sparkling.

That’s right. Koneko-chan, Gasper and Ravel will be second year students starting this spring, and they have a school trip during autumn. How scary, they’ll be going to Kyoto just like Rias and I did. …Although they probably won’t be attacked like I was….

“I made a wish, I hope that Fafnir-san can recover quickly.”

Asia said Fafnir fought with the determination to die for the sake of protecting Asia against Rizevim, after exhausting all his power, he entered a state of temporary hibernation. …He showed a dragon’s ‘Outrage’—. When he put all his effort into protecting the people important to him, that sight has already been engraved into my mind. Recover quickly, Golden Dragon King.

Even you, are an important partner to me. My eyes suddenly focused to the side, where Xenovia was praying.

“What did you wish for?”

Xenovia kept her eyes closed, and replied

“…This year, I will definitely have Ise’s children.”

“H-Hey! Wishing to have a baby will not come true! Anyway, what is your wish…?”

Seeing my expression, Xenovia laughed.

“Hahaha, I was half-joking. —Ah, I was hoping to have a smooth election. Even though I’m not sure if this God will grant the wishes of a devil.”

Well at this time, it’s only natural for her to wish for this.

“Still, you do want to win with your own strength right?”

Hearing my words, Xenovia smiled confidently.

“Of course. Victory or defeat, it’s only meaningful if you put in your best effort.”

Her face showed an expression of determination.

Incredible! Such an admirable expression. Xenovia was planning to go all out for the Student Council elections from the start of the New Year. This was the usual Xenovia who feared nothing!

After praying, Xenovia turned to me — and suddenly grabbed my face with both her hands!

“Well, give me good luck.”

Then, her face leaned closer to mine — and our lips overlapped with each other Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!? It was such an unexpected development, which made me too surprised, and I subconsciously stepped back! B-B-B-B-Be-Because! S-Suddenly it became like this! So suddenly — she just kissed me!

Everyone else was also startled and astonished by it!

“—! W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-Wh-Wh-Wh-What did you do!”

I completely panicked! I was certain that my face was completely red!

Xenovia slid her finger over her lips, and laughed with amusement.

“Haha, it looks like you have many weaknesses, Ise. For my wish to be elected president to come true, I’ll accept that kiss.”

…Using a kiss to make a wish! What is this! Really! The New Year had just begun and this had happened…! Did the wish I just made take effect this quickly?! I should first thank the God here, right?! No, I hope that I’ll have an even more passionate and romantic kiss! Ah, although the surprise was very much like Xenovia’s style!

“Irina, how does it feel? I should also try calling Ise ‘Darling’.”

Xenovia made a ‘V’-sign [12] at Irina.


Irina’s eyes were full of tears and she frowned all of a sudden!

From behind her, Rias’s sigh could be heard followed by Akeno-san’s voice.

“…Now, it looks like it won’t be as easy as last year.”

“Ara, let’s hope you can take the lead from the other girls, I’m looking forward to it, you know?”

Just like this, with a New Year — the third trimester was about to begin!

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Torii: Traditional Japanese gate usually situated near the entrance to a shrine.
  2. Fushimi Inari Taisha: Head shrine of the god Inari, in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto.
  3. Fushimi Inari Taisha has many Torii lined up leading to the inner shrine.
  4. Ukanomitama is a kami associated with agriculture and sometimes with Inari, the kami of foxes.
  5. This is called Hatsumōde, where people visit shrines during the first few days of the New Year to make wishes for the that year and other such things.
  6. Oyaji: Old man.
  7. This is referring to events in the short story “Worship☆Dragon-God Girl
  8. Kunou has shortened Ophis’s name to “フィス”. Ophis’s full name is “オーフィス”. This takes out the ‘O’ sound leaving just ‘fisu’.
  9. Okaa-sama: Respectful way of addressing one’s mother.
  10. –zenbuchou: - former buchou.
  11. Inari: Inari Okami is the Japanese kami of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and Sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success.
  12. V-sign: ‘peace’ sign using two fingers.
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