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Life.2 Various Decisive Battles![edit]

Part 1[edit]

That night—.

The members of [DxD] were gathered in the VIP room of the Hyoudou household. Gathered here at the location which was also our base were the Occult Research Club, as well as the Student Council, Sister Griselda, Dulio and others.

[…I’m terribly sorry. To have you repeatedly get involved in matters related to us….]

Michael-san was communicating via a three dimensional projection from a magic circle. The first thing that came out of Michael-san’s mouth was an apology. It was probably because of last time’s incident in Heaven and this time’s matter with the Church’s rebellion.

[Their request is to have a battle against [DxD]. And they especially hope to have a fight against you guys in Kuoh town.]

Michael-san said.

“Why do they want it here…?”

Azazel-sensei replied to my question.

“…This is the birthplace of the alliance between the people from various factions. They probably have very complicated feelings about this place. Then, you guys also currently have an inseparable relationship to this matter. It’s also a bit like revenge, but, from their perspective, [DxD] is definitely an extremely complex and hated opponent.”

So it means that if there was no alliance, the job of the exorcists wouldn’t be restricted. We’ve been related to the incident with Kokabiel as well as the Peace Treaty between the Three Factions, and more importantly, we’re members of [DxD] which stands as a symbol of the alliance. …I see, so that’s why they say that there’s no more suitable enemy for the Church’s rebellion than us.

Sister Griselda said

“…The people involved in this rebellion are mostly…those whose families were killed by Devils or Vampires, or those who have had their lives destroyed by those people. In the past, they wanted revenge or to prevent a recurrence of the tragedy which had befallen the Church’s warriors—. When the Three Factions formed an alliance, the greatest opposition to it was from them or the high ranking officials of the Church supporting them.”

…Those who saw the lives of their loved ones taken away by the Devils or Vampires, they couldn’t accept the alliance. This rebellion was started with this sentiment as its core…. There was an indescribable feeling in my heart….

Irina said with a sorrowful expression

“Although some of them have defected to join other organisations, most of them are still devout followers of Christianity. …Although they believe in God, they’re still unsatisfied.”

“…It’s said that their displeasure finally erupted. That’s the reason behind the rebellion…”

Irina nodded after hearing what I said.

Sensei said with a sigh

“…To be blunt, this incident is an internal strife. Although I really want to call upon the members of [DxD], Seekvaira Agares and Sairaorg Bael for assistance, protecting their own territory is their obligation. It would be best to say that if we were going up against Qlippoth, then that would be the time to call over the heirs of the Great King and Archduke families, and that side’s old men in the upper echelons estimate that it will be complicated again….”

That…could be possible. Although an alliance was formed, the Underworld’s side might not stop blaming Heaven’s side for this incident, and if even the heirs of the Great King and Archduke family were sent over as well, those stubborn seniors definitely won’t be pleased. Simply by explaining the situation to them, Seekvaira Agares and Sairaorg Bael would probably come to help out, but just as Sensei said, maintaining their own territory is extremely important. There’s also the need to guard against Qlippoth who may take advantage of this rebellion to attack the Underworld.

Michael-san said with a serious look

[…The fundamental reason for this is because our management is poor. I will use our power—.]

“Hold on, don’t act so rashly.”

Sensei interrupted Michael-san.

“Michael, you should be a symbol of Heaven. I think that giving strict orders is also the responsibility of a leader. —But, this matter is what you’d call a conflict. Even if there are complicated reasons, using force to coerce people won’t solve the problem. Since it’s like this, this incident should be handled cleanly.”

[But, Azazel. Handing this matter over entirely to [DxD] is….]

“I’m slightly worried. I don’t think Strada or Cristaldi would put all their burdens onto their students just to start this rebellion. That is to say, they’re using so many people who have trained as warriors, who probably think like this. As someone who has always directed people, how much have you noticed?”

[…I’ve watched them grow up, and I’m certain that they are all devout believers. They are very innocent people, and they deeply care about humanity. That’s why I believe that their way of thinking is very direct, they won’t go around in loops….]

…They said that this rebellion was being led by the high ranking members of the Church. It looks like Azazel-sensei and Michael-san seemed to have realised what those people were thinking. So, this was just a pointless argument which was slightly irrational…. There was also that boy—. To be at the top at such a young age was certainly surprising, but at the same time, the fact that he is also the mastermind behind the rebellion was quite concerning…. Perhaps, he could be the key to this situation?

Then, Michael-san spoke as if he had read what was on my mind.

[…There is also the young Cardinal, Teodoro Legrenzi, who has the greatest abilities among the ‘Miracle Children’. That’s the reason why he has been given that position at such a young age.]

…’Miracle Children’? Everyone except me seemed to know about it. Sensei explained to me

“…’Miracle Children’, they are the hybrid of Angels and humans.”

—! …So it was that. The hybrid of Angels and humans whose existence was originally thought to be impossible. If Angels had desires, then they would fall. In relation to humans, a vast number of Angels became immersed in ecstasy with them, turning into Fallen Angels. The majority of Fallen Angels in the Grigori were former angels who fell because of their desires. But only through special ceremonies and certain enchantments were Angels able to engage in lovemaking with humans. At that time, both sides won’t indulge in lust, but only pure love XXOO. …I’ve thought about it in the past, that if it was myself, I definitely would’ve thought about something perverted, so that would probably be out of the question, but anyway, Angel and human hybrids actually exist.

Michael-san suddenly asked while looking at Irina and me

[…Although asking at this time is probably a bit inappropriate, did you use it? Last time’s room. I never imagined that I’d be looking forward to it….]

――! A-Asking this kind of inappropriate question at such a time, Archangel-sama! Both Irina’s and my face were completely red. What exactly were you looking forward to, Archangel-sama!?

But Irina actually endured the shame and responded to her superior!

“I-It’s only a matter of time!”

What kinds of words are you saying!? You’re telling me it’s only a matter of time!? Where does your self-confidence come from!? C-Could Irina be talking about all the things that she did to me after Christmas!? That girl Irina, ever since she received that doorknob, she’s been calculating my moves wherever I go! For example, when I went to an empty room upstairs in the Hyoudou household to construct a model, as soon as I walked through the door, I had somehow entered that baby-making room from last time![1] Irina had calculated my actions beforehand, and changed the doorknob to become the ‘The baby-making room’s doorknob’! Then Irina said things like this as soon as I entered!

“Ara, Ise-kun. What is it? If you have any problems, I’ll help you solve them! …T-This not a problem right? I think that if we’re in here, Michael-sama won’t be able to see…. …W-We’re childhood friends after all, s-so kissing is only natural…going a step further, isn’t strange right…? B-Because, we’re childhood friends…”

There was more to it besides talking, sometimes wearing a swimming suit, sometimes wearing gym clothes, she would ask me to come over! A-Although it really made me feel appreciative…, because of the surprise, sometimes I would loudly scream [Waa!] when things related to the doorknob occurred. In the end, even when I was in the bathroom, I began to keep a close eye on the bathroom’s doorknob! I should at least have some freedom when I’m trying to use the toilet!

Most recently, Asia and Xenovia began to borrow the baby-making room, making it a shared object. Sometimes, if I opened a door with my guard down, I would see the Church Trio wearing all sorts of costumes, with drinks and snacks laid out like a cosplay pub awaiting me! At that time, their greeting would even become [Welcome!]![2]

Hence, I always inspected the doorknob before going through a door every time now. …Although I really appreciate them doing these sorts of things, when the Church Trio creates such situations and uses such methods to tempt me, I don’t know how I should react! It’s too difficult for an inexperienced young male like me!

[That would be good.]

After hearing Irina’s report, Michael-san was nodding with satisfaction! This is somewhat off-topic, Archangel and your Ace!

Disregarding the confused me, Sensei said

“That’s the situation. I’m sorry, please accept the challenge of those guys. Basically, help clean things up with Heaven and the Church. I’m sorry for making you draw the short straw.[3]

Not only sensei, but even Michael-san was expressing his deepest apologies saying [I’m very sorry.]. Seeing as both of these people who acted as leaders were showing such expressions whilst making this request, it left us with no other choice.

Rias calmly smiled.

“At that time, not only were we fighting against Kokabiel, we were also involved in the matter. Even if we don’t have the assistance of Seekvaira Agares or Sairaorg Bael, it won’t be a problem. The most important thing is that, since we’ve received a challenge, we need to accept it.”

Sona-zenkaichou stood next to Rias, saying

“We also accept this challenge. As long as we’re attending classes at this town’s school, this is not something that can be ignored. In addition, we were also involved in the fight with Kokabiel and the meeting of the Three Factions.”

Irina also raised her hand with a bitter expression.

“Michael-sama, can I join in? As one of Rias-san’s companions—.”

[Of course. You also need to work hard, Irina. Blame me for being useless….]

Michael-san truly seemed to be ashamed, but Dulio laughed loudly and shook his head.

“Ah, I said you don’t need to worry Michael-sama. Things like this can happen. To change something it means that, at the same time, there will be a sacrifice, so there are definitely people who will be unhappy.”

Hearing this, Sister Griselda couldn’t help saying

“You actually said something that’s fitting for a leader…you’ve grown up, Dulio.”

“Nee-san, if you give me even more positive feedback then I’ll be very happy….”

Dulio gloomily said. N-No, I think that your opinion showed the qualities of a leader!

“So not only Irina, but Dulio and Griselda-san as well?”

Hearing my question, both Dulio and Sister Griselda expressed their agreement.

“That’s right, with me and Dulio included, those from Heaven’s side who work here, and everyone on the Church’s side supporting us as well. This also shows that there are a lot of people who support the alliance.”


…Those words sound very reassuring. Yes, there were people who recognised the alliance even within the Church! There were also people like that among the Devils and Fallen Angels…, so there were definitely also people who recognised and agreed with peace in the other factions! Exactly because of this, we formed [DxD]!

By now, I’ve certainly come to understand just how important these things are.

“Azazel, what about Vali’s Team?”

Rias asked Azazel about Vali’s current situation.

“Couldn’t be contacted. They’re probably acting on their own. But with the current situation, if they were involved, it would actually become more troublesome.”

“Hmm, I’m worried about asking. If he comes along, it may turn into a real fight.”

“Kuroka and Le Fay are at your place, if you want to use them, just let them know. Don’t let them turn into leeches.”

That’s right. Besides Le Fay who helps out the Hyoudou household by doing housework, the complete freeloader Kuroka doesn’t help out at all when things happen! That bad cat, every time I tell her this, she says [Then you can use my body as payment nya♪] then undresses to hug me…although it does make me very happy! But this time I have to make her work hard! …Although I’m saying this, I really want her to use her body as payment!

Sensei summarised the matter at hand.

“Well, let me sum up. This time, the people who will accept the rebellion group’s request for a challenge are Rias’s group, Sona’s group, and [DxD]’s [Brave Saints] group. There should be no problems there. I will head over to the other side to let Seekvaira Agares and Sairaorg Bael know about the current situation.”

That’s easy to understand. We’ll be using the members who are close to Kuoh town to handle this matter.

“Also, I will have Slash Dog to act as support behind the scenes. Well, if it’s him then he should do his job well.”

—Sensei said. Oh, Ikuse-san will be responsible for working behind the scenes. So even if Qlippoth were to appear in the midst of this, it shouldn’t turn into a dangerous situation.

After things had settled down, Sister Griselda said

“Although saying this might be a bit vague, His Eminence Strada and His Eminence Cristaldi’s true strength is like twice that of Dulio’s.”

…This information wouldn’t make people happy! That old man and that ossan[4] are on the level of Dulio times two! They were respectively the former wielders of Durandal and Excalibur, they were also known to be the best, but I didn’t expect this!

Dulio smiled as he patted me on the back.

“Ah, hahaha. Ise-kun, that old man and ossan are extremely strong, we need to be careful.”

…Aw, [DxD] is really unlucky. However, fighting against allies, I still felt a sense of hesitation. …Differing values between each species. The effect of the internal strife. Although I’m currently a devil, I was previously a human. Perhaps from the moment that I changed species…in their perspective, I became someone that shouldn't exist….

…I glanced over at the worrisome Swordsman Trio. Whether it was Xenovia, Irina or Kiba, their faces all showed very complicated expressions.

After receiving the challenge, we began to decide on the day.

The challenge would be — in three days’ time.

Part 2[edit]

Having said that, although it was only a few days, a lot of things happened between the members of the Gremory household.

Two days later, someone came to visit us — it was Tannin-ossan! This was a surprise visitor!

Tannin-ossan in his mini-dragon form had travelled here via magic circle to the Hyoudou house’s underground. As soon as ossan arrived he said

“In fact, I came here for your assistance.”

That’s right, ossan who I rarely see came here for our assistance. I heard that it was about something related to a rare dragon race.

Ossan explained to us

“My role is mainly for the sake of the dragons that come from the human world seeking peace…. And there’s one in particular called [Spectre Dragon] which is a rare species. It recently laid eggs.”

Oh, laid eggs. That’s a cause for celebration.

—While I was nodding as I listened to him, another person beside me was startled. Then everyone also jumped in surprise.

Rias frantically said

“—Spectre Dragon!? I heard that there were very few of them left.”

In other words, it is a very rare species of dragon.

Tannin-ossan expressed his agreement.

“That’s right. That’s why the egg which has been laid provides a lot of hope. …However, the incubation and hatching of [Spectre Dragon] eggs are very difficult. In particular, the Underworld’s environment has a bad effect on the egg of a [Spectre Dragon]. If this goes on, the egg may decay before it is able to hatch.”

That is not a good thing. …Ah, I think I have an idea for the reason why ossan came here.

Ossan continued

“I would like to ask of you, Rias, to borrow and use the area under Kuoh town.”

Oh, I see. But there are often enemies who attack here, so I can’t say that it’s very peaceful.

“Is that alright? Qlippoth might be keeping an eye on this place right?”

Hearing my question, ossan scratched his chin with his finger.

“Hmm, it’s because I couldn’t find a more suitable place in the human world than here. If it was anywhere else, then I can’t guarantee that Qlippoth won’t go after the egg. In that case, I think that since we know there are dangers, until the time that the egg hatches, it would be best to keep the egg at a secret location deep underground, protected by several layers of magical barriers.”

Rias then asked

“How long will it take to hatch?”

“If it’s in the human world, it should be faster than expected. The Spectre Dragon’s egg has already been in a location which is not ideal prior to this.”

In that case, it would be best to move the egg over here as soon as possible. Otherwise, the environment of the Underworld may have an adverse effect on the child.

After hearing this, Rias spoke to express her agreement

“I understand. Then we will do our best to protect it.”

“I’m sorry. Thanks in advance.”

After both sides agreed, all that was left was to wait for the person who would be bringing the egg over.

After waiting for a while, the silhouette of a person illuminated by light from the magic circle appeared, holding a large egg which glowed with a shining lustre.


It was a man wearing a black coat, silently holding the egg. We were shocked to see him!

“—! Crom Cruach! Why is it you!?”

I pointed at the man with my finger as I called out his name! I never imagined that the person bringing the Spectre Dragon egg over would be this legendary evil dragon! As soon as this person was seen, everyone assumed a battle stance!

However, Tannin-ossan shouted [Slow down.] and moved in between us. Ossan scratched his face then told us something which was very surprising.

“…Hmm, it’s a long story…but Crom Cruach is currently my guest.”


I yelled out loud! W-Who would’ve thought! T-This evil dragon, would actually stay under ossan’s command!

The evil dragon didn’t even care about our surprised stares, and calmly said

“…I’m currently being taken care of by Tannin. This is simply in return for that.”

…N-N-N-No. Come on, everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is strange! Tannin-ossan is providing him with food, clothing and shelter, in return for him to transport the egg, and then coming to our place! All of this seems like a lie!

Tannin-ossan spoke again

“Crom Cruach is an evil dragon. He was also previously serving under Evil God Balor[5]. But he is also a pure dragon. I think that since he is a dragon, then there is a way to understand each other.”

Crom Cruach silently nodded. …Ara, that is to say that he fled from Heaven to the Underworld, then encountered Tannin-ossan, and those two were able to get along?

[Although he seems to be better than the other evil dragons, you should still be careful.]

Ddraig reminded Tannin.

“Hmm, I’ll keep that in mind. But—.”

Tannin-ossan turned his gaze towards Crom. Then Crom Cruach — spoke about the unthinkable, he came to my place for our mascot, to confront Ophis!

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! This could turn into a disaster! There exists nothing more frightening than the meeting between an unsurpassed evil dragon and pure Dragon God in this world! If things aren’t handled well, this house will even be blown apart aaaaaaaahh!

Crom Cruach ignored us with an expressionless face, placed the egg on the floor, and then made a battle stance towards Ophis.

“Ophis. Fight with me.”

The Dragon God-sama held a banana in one hand and said to him

“I, made a promise with Ise that I would not fight. Impossible.”

Crom Cruach didn’t expect that he would be rejected so quickly, and widened his eyes in surprise.

“…Really? Then, what needs to be done for it to be possible?”

“Don’t know.”


After speaking, Crom Cruach fell silent, and picked the egg up again. Ophis very curiously kept touching the egg.

…H-How, what was going on in this puzzling situation…. The evil dragon appeared, challenged Ophis, was rejected, and then he accepted that…?

Tannin-ossan found it very funny and laughed [Kukuku.]….

“You see, there’s nothing to worry about.”

…This, I don’t know what to say about it. I totally can’t understand what this evil dragon Crom Cruach is thinking! This guy’s way of thinking is even more difficult to understand than Ophis!

—Speaking of which, Tannin-ossan was not surprised to see Ophis.

“Ossan, you know Ophis….”

I wanted to confirm, then ossan immediately nodded.

“Hmm. Maou-dono[6] told me about it. I won’t tell anyone. Just knowing that the Dragon God is here with you, I can rest assured.”

That really is quite a relief. As much as possible, I didn’t want Ophis to come into contact with other things. She was very dangerous to begin with, so I didn’t want her to become any more conspicuous.

Then Tannin-ossan began to talk about Crom Cruach.

“…Crom Cruach’s eyes, they have seen too many things which have occurred in the human world. I also have not been sealed, and even now I continue to watch the world. I feel like I can understand his feelings. As the times change, human culture changes, good and evil change, accompanied by the change in devils…after watching this for years, even if you are a powerful dragon, your values will waver.”

…These words were quite convincing. In fact, it looks like Ophis has only had little contact with us, yet she has become like this now. …All those who are called dragons, perhaps the stronger they are, the purer they are. However, there are also those like Grendel, dragons who are rotten to their core.

Tannin-ossan continued

“Anyway, Crom Cruach appears to be interested in my observations of dragons over time. There have been a lot of species of dragons which I’ve brought over. I’m sorry, Hyoudou Issei, members of the Gremory household, I hope that you don’t publicise this matter. I want to continue watching him for some time.”

…Perhaps Tannin-ossan wants to find something from this evil dragon. For even ossan to say this, one could guess that he hopes to get something out of it. Ossan was my mentor. After sharing such a bond, I wouldn’t doubt him.

“I know. I trust you ossan. After all ossan, you’re the Dragon King that I think is ideal.”

Hearing what I just said, ossan timidly scratched his face.

Rias followed by saying

“Understood. Please entrust the Spectre Dragon’s egg to us. If we find that there are any signs of decay then we’ll contact you straight away.”

Hearing what Rias said, ossan replied

“I’m very grateful.”

Like that, the unexpected visit was peacefully concluded. The location for the egg’s safekeeping was chosen to be the underground space below Kuoh town which was the most difficult to access. …However, just knowing that there’s hope for us to have a mutual understanding with evil dragons is an achievement. Although I think that this is mostly thanks to Tannin-ossan’s idea…. Even so, it’s possible to talk with Crom Cruach. I believe that it’s also possible for us to have a mutual understanding with the warriors of the Church’s rebellion.

This event makes me have a strong feeling about it.

Part 3[edit]

A day later—.

The showdown against the Church’s warriors was tomorrow. On this day, Xenovia was using one of the classrooms in the old school building, within which she was deciding what her Election Day speech would be about.

After the discussion with the New Occult Research Club, Asia and I had somehow ended up at this classroom.

“Um-, the reason I’m running in the Student Council Election is….”

Xenovia was slowly reading her speech, almost about to put it down. Irina and Kiryuu were next to her holding the speech in one hand as they discussed their opinions on it.

“I think that, compared to the usual conventions, perhaps being a bit bold, using humour is also feasible.”

“I think that an action style would be even better than trying comedy. Prepare a target, and then Xenovia will slice it cleanly in half! It’s sure to catch people’s attention!”

…Kiryuu and Irina were both talking about something. Xenovia wasn’t paying any attention to them and simply stared at her speech.

Asia also joined into their conversation, thus turning it into a decent election discussion. The main point of that day’s speech, the importance of commitment, a predetermined order to speak about things, everyone put in their best effort to contribute with their ideas. After most things had been settled, we took a break.

I walked up to Kiryuu who was preparing tea, and spoke to her.

“Hey, Kiryuu.”

“What, you’re so serious. It’s not really like you.”

I think that she already knows the truth right now, so I wanted to ask her.

“…A devil is here at this school as the Student Council President, isn’t it a bit strange?”

The school at which a devil is the Student Council President—. That was Kuoh Academy. The majority of students went about their daily lives not knowing a single thing about this. I suddenly wanted to know what Kiryuu thought after she had learned about the truth.

After all, she was currently helping Xenovia in her campaign for Student Council President. This also means that the next President could possibly be a devil.

Kiryuu sighed.

“Speaking of which, you know, the existence of devils itself is something which defies common sense. Really, this magic stuff is way too exaggerated.”

That…was what was said. From what she said, it was certain that she didn’t know what to say.

Kiryuu held her chin with her fingers and after some thought she said

“But, that stuff…. There’s no reason why it can’t be possible right? There are one or two such schools yet Hanakai and Xenovia aren’t trying to confine or eat us, they’re not dictating the school, nor are they trying to lure us into darkness right? That being the case, isn’t there no difference between us and any other ordinary student? Humans and devils may be different species, but they quintessentially still follow the same principles and values as human society. We should say that we need to be stronger, or that we should be thankful. Anyway, perhaps the devils that are powerful in comparison to humans will come to protect us in a dire situation. I think that is highly possible.”


…So this is what she thought, what she just said…left me feeling amazed.

Kiryuu continued.

“In addition, both Xenovia and Asia are my friends. Even if I know about their identity, nothing has changed. At least I think so. Besides, I also thought that you never stopped being a pervert. This doesn’t matter, I will still continue here as a student.”

She must have said what she truly felt in her heart. Although you have to keep in mind that she was able to accept the truth to begin with. But I think that there’s no doubt that she meant what she just said.

Because of this. I believe that what she just said was a gesture of kindness to accept me, in which case we….

…Not good, my eyes are wet. It’s because I’ve recently been thinking about the reason for the existence of devils, and too many things like conflicts have been happening.

I don’t know if Kiryuu had noticed my current appearance, but she made a mischievous looking smile then poked my face with her finger.

“What are you hesitating about. It’s not like you at all. So I’ll say this to you. I recognize you and Asia.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“You’re overthinking things. People can be good or bad, devils are the same, isn’t that so? It’s the same no matter where you are in this world, right? I don’t want to say this to you as a Japanese person, but you’re looking at things too pessimistically.”

Kiryuu spoke normally, but to me right now, such ordinary words were making me feel incredible joy. I felt moved by the fact that she called me a Japanese person.

“For that, thank you so much. I feel like you’ve helped me up.”

“This is too exaggerated.”

Kiryuu smiled wryly. I made another request of her.

“Xenovia will be depending on you then.”

Kiryuu puffed out her chest and did made a thumbs up pose.

“Leave it to me. I’ll do my best.”

Ah, in this regard you’re full of enthusiasm. These were the words that Kiryuu said to me.

—I was formerly a human who is now a devil. I live in Kuoh town, I’m a student of Kuoh Academy, and most importantly, I look forward to peace. I only want to live a peaceful life. Nothing more.

I want to hold this feeling in my heart, as I take on tomorrow’s battle.

That day late at night, I was alone in the underground swimming pool of the Hyoudou household.

The battle was tomorrow, so I came to the pool to perform my final preparations. I wasn’t wearing armour, with only a bare upper body, I had released my dragon wings and I was flying above the pool. I was floating in mid-air, silently allowing energy to wrap itself around my body.

This is what I’ve recently been doing, mental purification. Although training the body isn’t bad, training the mind shouldn’t be neglected. This is because it can allow a person to quietly think about a lot of things. Meditating while flying in mid-air is even better. I dimmed the room’s lights down to their lowest setting, as this environment made it the easiest to concentrate.

…Flying was previously quite difficult, but now I could do it even without wearing my armour. Speaking of which, I meant that I wasn’t using a devils’ wings, they were dragon wings. Although I’m able to bring out my devil wings, my compatibility with dragon wings seems much better, as I didn’t think that I’d be able to fly so easily.

…Currently I was able to use my dragon wings without wearing my armour. This means that my current body is no longer the same as the body I had before. This, I already understood very well. But each time I realised that my body had changed without me noticing, I couldn’t help thinking about it.

…My previous body has already been destroyed as a result of Samael’s poison. My current body was born from the flesh of Great Red. Of course, Ophis also helped make my body function like a human’s…but most of it was still a dragon’s body. After that I reincarnated as a devil again…. Although my body has changed, my mind hasn’t, it really is quite a strange feeling. Although Azazel-sensei replaced a part of his body with a mechanical part, I still don’t feel that it’s very useful. Right now, the only change in my body that I could feel was that I had dragon wings on my back.

Ddraig said

[Your body was made by Great Red, and it has also inherited Ophis’s power. It will probably bring about an unprecedented change, and it may also contain an unbelievable hidden potential.]

In other words, even a dragon didn’t know what would become of it in the future.

[Ah, yes. This thing, although it is worrying, it is also interesting. No, just let it be. To this day, we’ve overcome an innumerable number of crises.]

I listened to him as he talked about this. …No, but peace comes first. It would be the best if everyone could understand each other….

[Whether it’s a human, a devil or a dragon, their upbringing will be different, and so will their values and experiences. There will naturally be some disagreements. You can only hope the grudges between each species won’t grow even larger.]

Hmm, although you can say that, we’re always going against other people. Thinking about these things is inevitable…. Although peace and an alliance have been achieved, there will still be places where disarray arises, and it will unknowingly accumulate until it breaks out…. And I think that in principle, the [Khaos Brigade]’s Old Maou Faction, Hero Faction, Qlippoth, and this current situation are all the same….

“This is what you may call peace, but there are people who have suffered as a result….”

What Vali said to me has constantly been on my mind. It’ll probably be something that I’ll continue to ponder about….

I quickly patted my face. …I’ve got to cheer up. After all, the battle was tomorrow.

“We accepted the challenge. Simply put, it’s a conflict. I — don’t want everything I’ve done till now to be wrong, so we accepted their challenge!”

Yes, that’s it! What I’ve been fighting for isn’t wrong! I need to sustain this belief when I take on tomorrow’s challenge!

[This is fine, it’s too early for a kid like you to start doubting your own path. Say that after you’ve lived another hundred years. If you need to question your own path, it’s not too late to do it later.]

Oh yeah, Ddraig. I must first continue without regrets. I need to take the path that I believe in to the end! Because I’m going to become a harem king!

After I had steeled my determination, I moved over to the side of the pool. Then, it seemed like someone entered the pool.

“Huh? Ise?”

It was Xenovia who was wearing only a T-shirt.

“So it’s you. What are you still doing here so late?”

Xenovia made a wry smile when she heard my question.

“Nothing really, I just wanted to come here. I wanted to go for a swim. Did I disturb you?”

“Of course not, I was just about to leave.”

“I see.”

After saying this, Xenovia headed over to the diving platform — then haughtily took off her T-shirt! She was wearing nothing underneath so she was completely naked! Not even wearing underwear!

Her tight and curvaceous body, which was well proportioned, was visible in the dim lighting! The shape of her oppai was so beautiful!

“—Hey, you swim naked!?”

Although I said that with sarcasm, Xenovia didn’t care at all, and climbed onto the diving platform to make a diving pose! My gaze was attracted to her bottom, and then Xenovia jumped in!

She was swimming through the pool freestyle. Then Xenovia said to me

“Swimming nude feels very unrestrictive you know? Sometimes I come here by myself late at night for a swim!”

Xenovia swam around three laps in the spacious pool, and then lifted her head out at the edge of the pool.



She suddenly asked me seriously

“…I, can surpass them right? Surpass Sona-kaichou, and His Excellency Strada right?”

The opponents that Xenovia had to beat. Both of them were strong opponents.

Xenovia continued

“I…I’ve always thought that, if it’s going to be done, then it has to be able to surpass the predecessor. Whether it’s as a warrior, or as a student of Kuoh Academy.”

Although she was saying the things that made her feel uneasy, her eyes possessed a strong determination. This was proof that she had the mentality of ‘if I’m going to do it, I’ve got to win’.

“That reminds me, I haven’t asked. The reason why you want to become the Student Council President.”

Although things had already progressed to this stage, I still asked this question. Because this girl wasn’t the type to speak about it with initiative. She was the type who didn’t discuss things beforehand, the type who would decide on things without you knowing.

Xenovia became silent for a while, then answered

“…This is the first school that I’ve attended since I was born. Since I started attending school here, I’ve never felt bored. Chatting with classmates during class, in breaks, club activities, class activities, school trips, all of them are very new and exciting to me, I’m truly very happy. Ise, I, really like this school. I truly think that it’s possible to have such a meaningful place in this world. So, I…want to give something back in return. No, I want to leave something behind at this school. That’s why I naturally thought about becoming the Student Council President, to give my all for the school.”

…I see. She really likes Kuoh Academy. Indeed, this girl is always so active at this school. She enjoys anything that she does. No matter whether it’s attending class, engaging in activities or chatting during breaks. Xenovia’s always been doing her best to enjoy all this.

Speaking of which, Xenovia seemed to have understood something.

“…Oh, now I get it. It would be good to say this to everyone. There’s basically nothing difficult to understand in this situation. Regardless of what’s said, there’s still the battle—.”

Xenovia looked up towards the ceiling. It looked like she had reached some sort of conclusion.

Suddenly, Xenovia extended her hand out and said to me

“Ise, pull me up.”

I sighed, thinking to myself “Alright” and extended my hand out. —In that instant! Xenovia grabbed onto my hand and forcibly pulled me over!

“H-Hey! Suddenly—.”

I was caught off guard and got dragged into the pool! As I was about to emerge from the water, just when I was about to object against Xenovia, my mouth was suddenly blocked.

——Xenovia was hugging onto me as she kissed me.

I maintained the position that I was in, and didn’t resist—. Xenovia revealed a strange smile as she moved her lips away from mine.

“…Ahahaha, that’s the second kiss. Ise, I’m serious. Whether it’s for the Student Council President, for the battle, and of course for love.”

Xenovia kept hugging onto me in the water. As she was currently completely naked, the sensation of her body was transmitted directly onto mine…the feeling of her oppai were amazing! Hey, what am I doing in the pool this late at night!? No, although I’m very happy, I can’t let the other girls see this! It doesn’t look like we’re having a secret rendezvous!

Xenovia looked at me with moist eyes and said

“The reason I was able to choose this way of life, is all thanks to Rias-zenbuchou, Asia, Irina, as well as other friends and people. But there are so many things that I want to do, only because I have you by my side, Ise. I was able to have such happiness in my life together with you. And I’ve gradually been reaching my goal. You’re the first, and you should also be the last man to give me such things. —When you become [King], Ise. I’ll follow you.”


…This girl, unabashedly said something like that which would make people happy.

“Hmm, I’m definitely going to become [King] one day. If you want to follow me then feel free to do so. But, I’m not as skilled as Rias, so it will probably make things hard for you, you know?”

“That’s what I want. To start from the beginning and experience each step. That sounds quite interesting.”

This is exactly something you’d say, Xenovia! Since you’ve said that, it would be good if I took Asia, you and Ravel, the four of us together, with me when I become independent.

Xenovia held my face with both her hands. She was probably imitating Sister Griselda whom she admired.

“…Yes. Ise, you’ve found your own path, to surpass Juggernaut Drive. I need to discover my path….”

After Xenovia muttered to herself for a while, she seemed to have understood something again, and then she began to swim again.

“I’m feeling motivated. I’m going to swim another lap. You go up first, Ise.”

H-H-Hey, forcible pulling me into the pool and forcibly kissing me—.

But, seeing her happy, I’ll leave it at that. It seems like Xenovia had widened her perspective, and completely let things go like me.

But, Xenovia. About what you said, I’m truly happy. Because you said that you were really happy living together with me.

Say, Vali. There are also people who have felt happiness as a result of my peace, you know?

After I climbed up from the pool, I shouted to Xenovia

“Hey, the battle is tomorrow! Be more appropriate!”

Xenovia waved to me from the pool in response.

“You two are actually having a secret rendezvous! This is too devious!”

After hearing that, I was suddenly hugged by someone from behind — it was Irina! A feeling like soft marshmallows pressed onto my back! Oppai! And this feeling…they were nude! Irina embraced me and moved around to my front — she had let her hair down, and was only wearing a pair of panties!

Irina puffed out her cheeks and said

“…I saw you and Xenovia doing something.”

“Ah! Uh, t-that was….”

“You’re going to take Xenovia with you?”

She really was eavesdropping on our conversation just then. I scratched my face and thought….

“T-That isn’t certain yet.”

“Then, won’t I be together with you in the future, Ise-kun?”

“Irina, you’re an angel right? Y-You want to, suppose that after hundreds of years you’ll have a respectable position, by which time it might not be convenient to see each other….”

After all, she was Michael-san’s Ace. In the future, Irina was definitely going to become someone of great ability.

Irina moved back slightly, but moved her face closer. She said to me with moist eyes

“In a sense, childhood friends are more important than girlfriends or peerage members….”

“G-Girlfriend…you’re saying even more important than Rias?”

“Although you may not think so Ise-kun, I think that childhood friends are more important than girlfriends. So I’ll do for you whatever Rias does, and I’ll go even further than that.”

She hugged me again, and said such stimulating words! Her wings also began to flicker as she said that! Does doing this count as starting to have thoughts which could make her fall!? Irina’s oppai which were pressed against my chest changed shape, and I was currently in a state of high alert! The sensation of an Angel’s delicate skin was pressed against me — this sensual feeling put me in a trance.

Irina placed her head against my chest and said

“…That, do you want to go over to that room like this? I want to help improve your morale before the battle, Ise-kun….”

…I *gulp* swallowed my saliva. …Irina you! Ever since Christmas, your words have been so provocative aaaaah! I want to! I want to go to that room! I really want to take you there like this!

But while my mind was filled with these thoughts, Xenovia suddenly emerged from the pool and came into my view! Xenovia came up from the side of the pool, and came straight towards us.

“I also want to boost our morale! Irina! Lend that room to me! I reserved Ise earlier than you!”

What do you mean reserved!? You mean that!? D-Doing that thing!?

Irina’s face swelled up again when she heard this!

“Not—possible! That’s something Michael-sama gave to me! It’s my and darling’s love nest! It’s fine to use it for Ise-kun together with Xenovia and Asia, but if it’s only for you by yourself, you’ll probably stay in it for a week and won’t return it to me Xenovia!”

“Of course! Lend me Ise for ten days! I want to discover all the possibilities in there!”

“I said it’s not possible so it’s not possible!”

Irina was tightly holding onto my arm, she didn’t plan on letting go! Xenovia, unwilling to yield, hugged onto my other arm! Ahh, both of my arms felt the unparalleled soft sensation of a female’s body! Their surging, soft and tender oppai wrapped around both of my hands, I was overcome with unsurpassed happiness!

Both of them had very large oppai, I could really feel their incredible texture, this was truly beyond words!

“Ise-kun belongs to me as my childhood friend! He’s my darling, darling!”

“No—He’s the person that I reserved! Only I call him darling!”

Both of them hugged onto me as sparks continuously flew between them! Then, when I didn’t know what to do, another person hugged me from behind.

“…Ise-san, you need to get some rest~.”

…It was a sleepy and confused Asia. H-Hey, you came here half-asleep…? In front of Asia who couldn’t possibly be here, I decided that I needed Xenovia and Irina.

I persuaded Xenovia and Irina, and then picked Asia up like a sleeping princess.

“Sleep? I can’t leave Asia near the pool.”

After I said that, Asia dreamily said to me

“…Wet, not possible without water…Ise-san, splashing me~.”

“Alright, let’s go back.”

“…Splashing me~swimming together~.”

Ah, my Asia-chan is so cute. Asia who was sleeping really was adorable. I swear to support the new Buchou! From the beautiful Rias-buchou to the cute Asia-buchou, it really was a great succession!

Xenovia and Irina looked at the sleeping Asia then looked at each other — then laughed “Heehee”.

“Well. Since Asia-buchou said so, there’s no other way then.”

“Hmm. Asia-buchou’s orders must be followed.”

The two of them agreed. Being able to quickly reconcile was one of the good things about these two. —But, they clung onto my body again.

“Well, I’m going to sleep in Ise-kun’s room tonight. Be careful not to wake Rias-zenbuchou when you go to sleep though.”

“Yeah! Then we’ll go and sleep with Ise and Asia on the same bed!”

No way! I have to sleep together with Rias, Asia, Xenovia and Irina! B-But, they probably won’t listen even if I say something….

“Fine, on another note, we need to win tomorrow. We can do it.”

Hearing what I said, Xenovia and Irina both made confident smiles.

Fine, although quite a few things happened in the pool, I also have to cheer up.

I had a good feeling about tomorrow’s battle.

…Although that was what I thought, I woke up on the floor next to the bed. Not only Xenovia, but even Irina was rolling around on the bed, thus I was kicked off—.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. This is referring to the ‘baby-making room’ introduced in Volume 18 Life.1, which could also be interpreted as ‘erotic room’.
  2. Irasshaimase! A phrase often used in shops and restaurant to greet a customer. It has the meaning of “welcome” or “may I help you?”
  3. Draw the short straw: To be randomly/unluckily/unfairly selected to do a certain task which is usually unwanted.
  4. Ossan: An informal version of “ojisan”. It means “uncle” or “middle-aged man”.
  5. Balor is a god from Irish mythology who is associated with drought or decay.
  6. –dono: Honorific like “Lord” or “Master” which is more respectful than –sama.
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