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I — Azazel am currently in the remote countryside of a certain country.

At this end of the year, I was at a certain small stream holding something like a fishing rod. ……Although I do enjoy fishing…I don’t feel like fishing right now.

The reason — is here.

Sitting next to me and holding a fishing rod was a boy who had a slight smile on his face. His hair was green and black, roughly fourteen to fifteen years old, had normal features but was a handsome boy—.

“……You don’t like fishing?”

The boy asked me.

“……Not really, though in the past I did spend a few years on it.”

That was a lie. Fallen Angels have an eternal life, there was a period when I spent a lot of my time trying to practice and gain experience in fishing.

Hearing my response, the boy made a bitter smile

“Eh, my enthusiasm has already faded. But, a long time ago I once did have enthusiasm…”

After that brief conversation, it was silent again.

……I’d already kept this up for a few hours now. Seeing as so much time has been spent on this, there should be at least some results from fishing…. Unfortunately though, there are no fish in this stream. Even so, the boy still seemed interested in fishing here.

The boy suddenly broke the silence and said

“Known as the most sinister of all Fallen Angels, you are also their leader, yet you actually try to spread peace around the world. This is such a joke. If Indra knew about this he would surely be laughing. ……Or would he smile and say something?”

Then I asked the boy about my main concern

“There’s only one thing I wish to ask you. After it happens, can you please stop the beast?”

Hearing this, the boy looked surprised.

“666. Is that all right? Isn’t it a divine beast from your mythology?”

“The only one who can stop him now is you.”

After I said that, the boy smirked and replied

“Ophis is not here. Great Red naturally won’t accept. …the only one left then is me.”

The boy smiled wryly at me, then asked

“I heard that one of the young dragons on your side is able to communicate?”

“…Even if it was possible I don’t want to use it. As I don’t know what will happen.”

“A difficult request with unreasonable conditions. This isn’t really negotiating.”

……I understand. In my position, this boy…… this god is not a person like me. I understood that but I still came to ask him anyways.

“If there is anything that you want, as long as it is within my power, whatever it is I’ll satisfy your request. If necessary, I’ll go ask Odin and Zeus too. Even my life doesn’t matter, I’d give it to you. I only need to stop the destruction of this world. Only this.”

Hearing my words, the boy laughed loudly.

“Ahahaha, hearing such contradiction[1] is too interesting!”

—But then the boy spoke in a direct manner

“—There’s no need. Whether it’s Odin or Zeus, or your life, I have no interest in it. If there was something I did want it would be — Ophis. Or rare cases like Sirzechs Lucifer, Ajuka Beelzebub as well. I want these people who can pose a threat to me, Fallen Angel-san.”

What this god said, I…… didn’t know how to respond. After assessing my reaction, the boy showed a mischievous smile.

“I was joking. An incomplete Ophis or a devil who has no will to fight, does not make me interested.”

The boy said as he got up.

“—Then I’ll do it. Fight with this beast, if he wants to invade another world, I will stop it. —But everything else is just an interference. Whether it’s something that’s happening now, or something that will happen in the future, it has nothing to do with me. Even if it’s Rizevim Livan Lucifer or the Evil Dragons. I will only lend you a hand if worst comes to worst. ……Are you satisfied with that?”

……That’s enough. That’s already more than enough. In the chance that the worst case scenario does comes true, there’ll be insurance — from this god.

If he’s willing to lend even a bit of his strength, then no matter what kind of help it would be highly appreciated.

“…Yes, that makes me feel at ease. I sincerely thank you—”

“There is no need. This was my original mission. —To destroy everything.”

The one who interrupted me, was that boy — from the stream which shouldn’t even have a single fish, he reeled in a massive fish which radiated a divine splendour.

……Could this god see something that even my eyes couldn’t see?

However, this is not surprising. The atmosphere that this god exudes — makes me feel some kind of immeasurable power.

“I understand. I won’t have any more doubts about you. —God of Destruction, Shiva.”

This boy — the God of Destruction showed an eloquent smile.

Considering the worst case scenario, the representatives here were Shemhaza and I, Sirzechs, and Michael who would make an immense deal for this ‘insurance’.

“We will need a sufficiently strong ‘backing’. Though Odin and Zeus are already very powerful. Considering the worst possible situation — Trihexa revives, defeats Great Red, and all our forces are also slightly decreased.”

“So, Azazel…… you want it?”

“……That’s right, Michael. If the worst case scenario becomes a reality, we need people who are able to stop it. The only one who can do it right now is—Sirzechs, you know right?”

“Are you talking about the God of Destruction Shiva?”

If nobody is able to control Great Red during the battle, and Ophis’s power has weakened a lot, then there is no one who can stop Rizevim’s plan to revive Trihexa and also the Evil Dragons. Although there may be hope if all the forces are united…but as a result, the God-class people of each mythology will have to make some sacrifices. If even one of the Gods with responsibility over the human world went missing, the consequences on the world would be hard to imagine.

In that case, the power to defeat Qlippoth is still necessary. The destructive power of certain people. —If I had to list a person with whom I was very close to, then it would be — Shiva.

Although there are still many uncertain points, by providing all the information and conditions that we had to offer, he finally agreed. The results of this can’t be ignored. The aftermath of this matter was entrusted to Shiva. This might at least be able to avoid the worst case scenario—.

Shiva used one finger to touch the large fish he had caught. After that, the struggling fish calmed down.

Shiva said to me

“—Azazel, you’ve shown me your will to die. You’d best be careful. A man who preaches peace is always an unsightly existence. Yet you’ve come here to speak with me about ill omens. Your talents are quite impressive.”

……I’m well aware of the risks. Nevertheless, I want to do everything within my power. ……Eh, not too long ago, this would’ve been dangerous, I still committed a taboo…….

“If you really believe in that faith, even Fallen Angels are able to reincarnate right?”

I asked wryly, and Shiva simply shrugged.

For the wages of sin is death — The Bible <<Romans 6:23>>

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The boy mentioned that Azazel who was the leader of the Fallen Angels is supposed to be evil and sinister thus he finds it amusing that Azazel is begging so desperately.
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