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The last boss of this book is the “Dragon-King of Darkness Black Satan” who holds a grudge against the main character. It’s going to end with a fierce fight where the main character uses his ultimate technique, “Chaos of Shot”, and the last boss uses “Dark Breath Type 0” where the last boss gets defeated. At the end, the main character and the heroine fly up the sky heading for their love.

This is how this book will be.

Hahaha, I spoiled it for those who read the afterword first!

It’s a lie. I’m sorry. No one like that will appear in this book.

I got carried away because there are those who read the afterword first. And I’m not regretting it.

Hello, it’s Ishibumi Ichiei. How was “High School D×D”, also called “D×D”?

I’m feeling nervous because it’s been two years since I last published a book. Possibly due to being nervous, my hand started shaking so the afterword begun with a suspicious introduction.

For those who are reading my book for the first time may think, “What’s wrong with this author? Oppai, oppai! Which Oppai-planet did you come from!?”.

And for those people who had read my work previously will be like “Huh? This is written by the horror author Ishibumi, right? What happened to him –oppai?”, so it may have been a shocking book for some of you.

Many things happen to adults, you know. Well, please think that I changed my writing-style.

This time, the story will be very lively and erotic overall.

That’s because the editor in charge said, “Let’s make the main character into a lecherous guy”……

It was fun writing it! I was also having fun doing it.

The main characters of harem series are usually the skinny ones, or guys with a strong sense of justice but who lack in these departments, so I made the main character into a guy who loves girls and is really stupid.

The story is also from Ise’s perspective, so I made it in a way where the reader will be like, “No. That’s wrong. Think a little bit”.

Ise isn’t smart like all of you so he is super dumb, so please watch over him with warm eyes.

Well, it seems like there are a few more pages left for the afterword, so I will talk about the outline of this series.

High school DxD’s genre is school-life/love-comedy/battle/fantasy, and it's about how Hyoudou Issei rises up. It’s long but I’m sure those people who have read this already know the names of the genres.

The main character is Ise. The secondary-main character and the main heroine is Rias-buchou. And Asia is the other heroine. It’s a story about the main character and the two heroines.

Basically, this story will revolve around these three where Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Akeno-san causes destruction.

The Occult Research Club members, the servant-Devils of Rias Gremory, uses the Kuou academy as their base and does their job as Devils while they make a slapstick, fighting Angels and Fallen Angels, and getting in contact with legendary beasts and items! Well, that’s the plan.

The concept of this series is that “love, dream and battles are also part of being a youth!”.

Devils and Angels are the main theme, so during the story, names of those from myths and legend will appear, but this series is written where it won't be restricted by them.

In other words, the events written in the bible and non-fiction books are just used for references and the author, that is me, writes it freely with an original story.

Just think that the majority of things related to Angels and Devils are made up in D×D. Well, there’s no way that the word [Evil Pieces] will appear in the bible.

The war between the three factions: Devils, God, and Fallen Angels, has ended few hundred years ago, and the story revolves around the Devils and Angels after that war.

It starts off from where most of the famous Angels and Devils have already passed away.

Well, there are other things in my mind. For example bringing stuff from Norse mythology and also from Japanese youkai. Basically it’s a setting where anything is possible.

I’m sure that there are those who hold both doubts and hopes for Rias-buchou’s servants after reading this volume.

For example who is the other [Bishop] that Buchou already has?

I have already decided with my editor to make that person appear as the story progresses, so I’m sure that person will appear if this series continues on.

Also, will the other “Pieces” be filled up? Buchou has 1 [Knight] and 1 [Rook] piece left. Similar to the [Bishop], I will fill this in if this series continues.

Huh? It’s not explained well?

No, no. I already have them prepared so I just need the support of everyone.

The release of volume 2 will be decided on the sales of volume 1, but “High school DxD” will get more erotic if it goes on. Mainly Rias-buchou and Asia.

In volume 2, I’m planning to do a really amazing part. I mean, amazing.

But it might end in a dream.

So please support me if you are looking forward to Buchou’s oppai.

Now to my thanks.

To my former editor in charge who brought this discussion to me, K-sama. And to the current editor in charge who has been by my side the whole time, H-sama. Thank you very much for looking after me. Thanks to that, “High School DxD” has been released. I want to say it to the both of you again. Thank you very much.

To Miyama-zero-san who did the illustrations.

Thank you for the beautiful illustrations. I was moved because Buchou and Asia were drawn just like I imagined. Sorry for making you really busy with the designs of the uniform and the appearance of the characters.

And to the authors who debuted at the same time as me!

I have really made you guys worried! Thank you for cheering me up every time we went drinking! Thanks to that, I’m back in action!

And to my friends!

Sorry for troubling you guys! I somehow managed to release a book! Thanks for cheering me up last year! Let’s go out to eat next time.

My thanks ends here.

Thank you to my editor, the authors, and my friends! Thank you very much. I will work hard so this series will continue on.

Oh, and I also do a blog. I started it last year, so please feel free to visit any time. Well, I only talk about Pokemon and Gundam.....

Well, I’m thinking that it will be good if I can sometime talk about D×D.

Ichibumi Ichiei’s blog “イチブイ(Ichibui)”.


Lastly there’s something I want to say to a certain person.

It’s only few lines, so please forgive me.

To my father, who passed away when I was preparing for volume 1.

Dad, I was able to release my book safely.

Sorry for making you worry.

Ishibumi Ichiei

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