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Life.1 I Quit Being a Human[edit]

Part 1[edit]



It’s an tsundere voice alarm clock, but it doesn’t have a function to actually wake its owner up in bed. Instead, said owner had just seen a nightmare and fell to the floor.

That's me.

…It's the worst way to wake up.

I had that awful dream again.

Lately, I’ve been having the same dream, where Yuuma-chan kills me.

But since I’m still alive, it had to be a dream.

“Wake up! Ise!”

Just like every morning, Mum’s voice comes from downstairs.

“I know! I'm up now!”

After giving her a quick reply, I pick myself up from the floor.


My day's off to a bad start again. I feel so down…

I put on my uniform while heaving a deep sigh.

Part 2[edit]

“I’m off then.”

I yawn as I leave the house.

During the walk to school, I can’t help but close my eyes due to the sunlight. Aaah, it's so annoying.

Lately, I've been starting to feel weak under the sun.

It feels like the sunlight is piercing through my skin and I can’t stand it.

Anyways, the morning sunshine isn't any good to me. I can’t get myself up in the morning at all.

Since I haven't been able to wake up lately, my mum has been waking me up every day.

On the other hand, I become more nocturnal. There's something inside me that rises up and makes my anxiety rise.

I’ve completely become a night person.

It’s weird.

Something's wrong. I often stay up late, but it used to be a miracle if I managed to stay up till 1 o'clock.

But lately, I can easily stay up till 3 or 4 o'clock. Also, I've been going to sleep after sunrise, and that's been my daily routine as of now.

I’m not addicted to online games nor am I addicted to night shows.

…What’s happening to me?

Is my brain trying to avoid sleeping so I don’t have to see that dream where my girlfriend kills me?

…Well, that’s what I personally think, so that can’t be it. It’s natural for the body to feel the need to sleep.

The feeling I have at night, —I think it’s something completely different from before.

I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel pumped and I feel something mysterious rising from the depths of my body.

So I went out at night to test it. My walking pace increased, and my heart shook with joy when I blended in with the darkness of the night.

I dashed out at night on a whim and to my surprise I had incredible speed.

If I joined the track team, I could easily become the main runner. Also, I don’t run out of stamina. In fact, I have so much that I can do a full marathon as if it was just a simple jog.

I became over-confident and when I tried sprinting during the day, it was so horrible that I thought my stamina at night was just a dream. No, it’s an average speed for a high-schooler, but there's a huge difference when comparing my night-self and my day-self.

I become weird at night.

That might sound like something a weirdo would say, but this feeling I have at night of being unleashed and the excitement I have is changing me into someone different.

Uggh…like I thought, the sunlight is giving me a hard time…

Unlike at night, I become totally weak during the day.

No matter how much I think about it, there's something definitely wrong with me.

I can't help but think that I've changed ever since that day I went on a date with Yuuma-chan.

Part 3[edit]

A private school. Kuoh Academy.

That’s the school I attend.

It’s a co-ed school right now, but since it used to be a girls' school until a couple of years ago, there's more girls than boys.

As the grades go down, the number of boys increase, but overall girls outnumber the boys.

I’m a second year high school student, and the ratio of girls to boys in my class is 7 to 3. For third year students, it’s 8 to 2.

Even now, the girls have far more authority than boys, and the majority of the students in the Student Council are girls, with the Student President being a girl as well.

It’s a school where boys can’t stand tall, but even knowing that I still joined this school.

It’s a simple story.

This place has more girls. That alone is a wonderful thing!

The only reason why I was able to pass the entrance exams, which is said to be really hard, is due to my perverted guts.

I want to be surrounded by girls as I study—-

For that reason alone, I'm currently attending Kuoh.

What’s wrong with that!?

What’s wrong with being a pervert!?

It’s my life! I won’t let anyone argue against me! I’m going to build a harem here!

And so, that was my mission when I first started attending.

But now I feel depressed. I was naïve for thinking I could make 2 or 3 girlfriends here with the majority of students being girls.

Only one group of good-looking guys are popular, and girls don’t even look at me. To be more precise, they ignore me like trash lying on the floor.


This wasn’t my plan!

Nonsense! In my plan, I was supposed to get my first girlfriend straight after I entered this school!

After that, I'd have broken up with her and started dating a new girl, and by the time I graduated, heaps of girls were supposed to fight over me in a Battle Royale!

A-At this rate, my plans will end up being a long gone dream!

Wait, isn't it already a dream!?

What was wrong with it!? Was it the era I was born in? The law? Or…is there something wrong with me…?

Uwaaaaaaah! I don’t want to even think about it!

This is pretty much what goes through my mind every day.

I arrived at my classroom while heaving a big sigh, and sat down in my chair.

“Hey, buddy. How was the DVD I lent you? It was some good stuff, wasn’t it?”

The bald head guy speaking to me is my first buddy, Matsuda. He might look like a sportsman, but he's just a pervert who makes sexually harassing comments every day.

He was a sports-boy during his time in junior high where he broke multiple records, but he’s in the Photo-Club now. He's really open about his ambition of wanting to take photos of every part of girls' bodies.

His nickname is the “Perverted Baldy” and the “Sexual Harassing Paparazzi”.

“Fu…the wind sure was strong this morning. Thanks to that, I was able to get a good view of the girls’ panties.”

The guy with the glasses who's trying to act cool is my second buddy, Motohama. He has a special ability called Scouter that lets him get the numerical values of the girls’ measurements through his glasses. Along with a special body where his power level plummets when he takes his glasses off.

His nickname is the “Perverted Glasses” and the “Three-size Scouter”. These two are my evil buddies.

Seriously, seeing these guys' faces in the morning really makes me feel down. I feel sick.

“I got some nice stuff”.

Matsuda opens his bag, and lets out the things inside without any hesitation.

The books and DVDs being piled up on my desk all have suggestive titles.


A small scream comes from a girl far away from us.

Well, of course she'd react like that. After all, something like this is happening this early.

What I hear next from the girls are discriminating comments like “You guys are the worst~” and “Go die, you filthy scumbags”.

“Shut it! This is how we entertain ourselves! Girls and kids should look away and keep away! Or else, I'll rape all of you inside my head!”

Your words are vulgar as always, Matsuda-kun.

Not long ago I would've went, “Wow, where did you get these treasures from?!” with sparkling eyes at everything piled on my desk, but since I've been feeling terrible every morning lately I’m not in the mood.

Matsuda sighed as he looked at my dull face.

“Hey, hey, hey, why you look so down when you have all this treasure in front of you?”

“You haven’t been in the mood lately. It’s really weird, you're like a completely different person.”

Motohama also said while he poked at his glasses with a bored expression.

“I mean I want to go, “Wow! Where'd you get these from!? Are you trying to lure me into depravity!?”. But I’ve been lacking the energy to lately.”

“You sick or something? No, that couldn't be it. There's no way that you, the manifestation of all sexual desires, would ever get sick.”

Motohama made a rude remark. Honestly, he's just plain rude.

Then Matsuda did a hand gesture as if he realised something.

“Oh, is this a side effect of that imaginary girlfriend delusion you've been talking about? Yuuma-chan, was it?”

“…Do you guys seriously not remember her?”

Both of them gave me a sympathetic look in response.

“Like we said before, we seriously don’t know who you're talking about. You really should get a check-up. Right, Motohama?”

“Yeah, I’m going to say this again, but we've never met a girl named Yuuma-chan.”

…They always act like this every time I ask them about Yuuma-chan.

I thought they were just teasing me at first.

But after talking to them seriously, I found out that wasn’t the case.

I definitely remember introducing her to them. They were saying things like “How come a beauty like her is Ise’s girlfrieeeeend!?” and “The world must be having a system error...Ise, you haven’t done anything illegal, have you?” and kept on making rude comments.

I remember getting cocky and telling them, “You guys should get girlfriends as well”.

I remember it very clearly.

But they don’t remember it. No, they don't have any memory of her at all.

It’s as if Amano Yuuma never existed.

It’s as if the time I spent with Yuuma-chan never happened. Like those two said, it feels like I just imagined it.

On top of that, they showed me I had no record of her phone number or mail address on my phone.

Was it deleted from the memory? Did someone delete it? That can’t be! There’s no way I would delete it, so who did!?

I called the number I had memorised, but it wasn’t currently in use.

So does that mean she never existed? Was it just all in my imagination? Something that crazy isn’t possible…

I want to deny it, but apart from my memory, there's no evidence to prove she existed.

If I think about it, I didn't know where she lived since she went to another school. I found the school where they wore the same uniform as her, so I asked some students there about her.

But there wasn’t a single student there that fit her description.

So who was my girlfriend?

Who was I dating?

So has the dream I’ve been having just some fantasy I made up?

Was I telling Matsuda and Motohama about my dream as if it was all real?

What am I, a pervert?

I distinctly remember her face, you know?

…There’s something off about all of this.

Like the strange strength I get at night, something is definitely wrong.

But what is it?

While I’m thinking about the past incidents, Matsuda rests his hand on my shoulder.

“Well, we're in the middle of our youth so some weird stuff like that can happen to us. Okay then, you guys come over to my place after school. Let’s watch my secret collection together.”

“That’s an excellent idea Matsuda-kun, you should definitely invite Ise-kun as well.”

“Of course I'm going to invite him Motohama-kun, we're high school boys who operate on sexual desires. If we don’t do anything perverted, it'd be disrespectful to the parents who gave birth to us.”

The two of them smirk lecherously.

Perverts. No matter how you look at them, they're just some perverted creeps. Sadly, I'm also one of them.

Well, never mind. I also live for stuff like this.

“Okay then! Today, we won’t hold back! We’ll get some soda and chips while watching porn DVDs!”

I say because I can’t be bothered to think.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! That’s definitely the Ise we know!”

“That’s the spirit. We need to enjoy our youth even more.”

Matsuda and Motohama are starting to get excited.

I'll put the incident about Yuuma-chan on hold.

I need to take a break sometimes as well! For today, I'll forget about that and get hooked into porn like how boys our age do!

It happened after we made plans for the afternoon.

There was a crimson colour that caught my attention.

A brilliant crimson colour—

The schoolyard can be seen from the classroom window. My eyes were glued towards a certain girl.

The girl with crimson red hair. Our school idol whose beauty is beyond a normal human's. Her slim proportions weren't the shape of a Japanese girl's.

Of course, she isn’t Japanese after all. I heard people say that she's from Northern Europe.

It seems like she's attending a Japanese high school due to her father’s work.

Anyone would have their heart stolen by her after witnessing her beauty.

Rias Gremory.

She's a third year student, so that makes her my senior.

When I realise it, everyone including me were staring at her as well, both boys and girls. Matsuda and Motohama were also starting at her.

This happens every morning. Everyone looks at her when she walks past them. Some people stop walking, others stop talking, just about everyone turns around to gaze at her.

The wind gently blows her crimson hair as everyone watches her.

Her long crimson hair which comes down to her hips makes her surroundings look like it’s coloured in crimson when the wind blows her hair.

Her beautiful skin, which is white as snow, is remarkable.


That’s the only way to describe her in one word. In fact, its the only word you need to describe her.

I was also fascinated by her beauty and noble atmosphere.

I'm so fascinated by her that I always stop what I'm doing every time I see her.

But lately, the way I see her has changed.

She's definitely beautiful, but she's too beautiful.

I've started to feel a little bit scared of her beauty and fear her from the bottom of my heart.

I don’t know why I've started feeling this way, but its been like this ever since Yuuma-chan’s disappearance.

Then, her eyes move. Her clear blue eyes grasp hold of me.


I feel as if my heart's being grabbed by her.

What's this feeling? It’s like that feeling you get when someone superior to you is standing in front of you…

She narrows her blue eyes, and it seems like she's smiling.

Is she looking at me?

That can’t be. I don’t have any connection to her.

Then, I suddenly remember something from the dream I had.

At the end of the dream, there was a person with crimson hair who spoke to me.

The one who seemed to be gentle, yet also cold.

While I'm comparing her to the person from my dream, she's already out of my sight.

Part 4[edit]

“I seriously wanna grope some tits!”

I’m hugging Matsuda who couldn’t stop crying as all of us watched the last video from our porn DVD marathon.

After leaving school, we started watching porn with high spirits. We were all happy and excited when we started, but as we watched more we began to get depressed instead, because the question “Why don’t we have girlfriends?” came into our minds. I felt like crying after we had a serious talk about it.

Matsuda hadn’t stopped crying since 3 movies back.

Motohama's trying to act cool, but tears are flowing from his eyes behind his glasses.

Half an hour ago, Motohama said in a quiet voice, “…A girl asked me to meet her behind the gym...that was my first time getting mugged by a girl…”, so even I was about to cry after hearing that.

I wonder what three boys who're all glum while watching porn look like?

Apparently, the answer is three unpopular guys.

Damn it, I feel like hating this world after thinking that there's guys my age having sex with girls right now.

As I thought about that, the last film ended, and it was already dark outside.

When I looked at my watch, it was already 10 o’clock. I already told my parents that I’m at Matsuda’s place, but they'll worry about me if I stay here any longer, and also I'll be late for school tomorrow.

“Anyways, I’ll get going now”.

After I said that, all of us stood up and started packing up.

“See ya.”

After we split from Matsuda at the entrance, Motohama and I headed home.

“It’s a beautiful night. On nights like these, it's normal to feel like watching porn.”

Motohama said some weird crap while he looked at the sky and gave a big sigh.

He looked really down.

Well by tomorrow both Motohama and Matsuda will return to their usual selves.

“See ya tomorrow.”

“Yeah, sweet dreams.”

I split up with Motohama on my way home, but he didn’t seem energetic when he waved to me.

I'll probably send him a text message afterwards to cheer him up.

A few minutes pass by after I split up with Motohama.

I’m heading home, but the energy flowing within me is rising.

It’s a symptom of the “overflowing with energy at night” thing.

Like I thought, there's definitely something wrong with me.

This isn’t a normal occurrence since my senses have improved drastically as well.

My eyes and ears have became especially good. I can even hear conversations from inside other people’s houses and see the street even if it’s night.

This is really weird, since I can even see clearly in complete darkness!

It feels like these abilities have become quite strong lately.

That’s because this chilly feeling I'm having right now is the real deal!

From these chills, I can feel that someone's been watching me for a while now.

I can feel a mysterious atmosphere ahead of me.

I'm shaking so much, and it only gets worse.

It’s a man wearing a suit, glaring at me with fierce eyes.

It feels like I'll freeze up just by looking into his eyes.

Isn’t this what you call bloodthirsty?

I can definitely feel hostility from him. No, this is something more dangerous, this is definitely bloodthrist!

The man walks closer, silently. He’s coming towards me! So he is after me!

A pervert!? A dangerous guy!? Am I in trouble!?

This is bad! I still haven't stopped shaking!

Why did I have to encounter some dangerous guy on my way home!?

“This is rare. To meet someone like you in a place like this.”


What's he saying?

No no, it isn't weird if crazy people like him start spouting nonsense.

So he's a dangerous guy after all!

Oh shit! What should I do if he takes out a knife!?

I don’t know any self-defence martial arts, nor have I ever been in a fight before!

I-I know!

My abilities which power up during night! That’s it! I can use it to run away from here!

Walking backwards, I put some distance between us.

The guy who's releasing a perverted atmosphere starts to walk towards me.

“Trying to run away? Tell me, who's your Master? It must be someone with either a very low rank or a weird hobby to choose this place as a territory. So, who is it?”

I don’t even know what the hell you're talking about!


I turn around and sprint at full speed.

Fast. I’m insanely fast. It’s weird for me to say this, but my speed during night is insane.

I just continue to run while going through different streets.

I keep on running and eventually head into unfamiliar streets.

I haven’t gotten out of breath yet. I can keep on running. If that’s the case, then I’m going to run until he can’t catch up to me!

After about 15 minutes, I come into an open area.

—It’s a park.

I stop running, and walk instead.

I walk up to the water fountain while taking a deep breath.

I look around the park under the street lamp. Something feels mysterious about this place.

—I know this place.

I remember this park…

That’s right. This is the last place I visited on my date with Yuuma-chan!

Man, what a coincidence, or should I call it a miracle?

Did I come here unconsciously? That can’t be…


I feel chills on my back.

I feel that…someone's behind me.

I slowly turn around, and a black feather drops in front of me.

Is it a crow's feather? No, this isn’t.

“Did you think I’d let you escape? This is why lowly beings are a pain to handle.”

The person in front of me is a man wearing a suit with black wings growing from his back.

It’s the dangerous guy from before.

…An angel? No no, this isn’t some fairy tale, so those can’t be!?

Is it cosplay? It looks too real for cosplay. Are those r-real wings? No way!

“Tell me the name of your Master. It’s a hindrance to be bothered by your kind. For that, we will…… Wait, are you a “Stray”? If you have no Master, then that will explain the worried expression on your face.”

The suspicious guy is mumbling to himself. Don’t make stuff up on your own!

This situation is serious, but I suddenly remember the incident I had in my dream.

The dream about that date. At the very end of that dream, I was killed by Yuuma-chan right in front of this water fountain.

Yeah, by the Yuuma-chan who had black wings.

And there's a guy with black wings in front of me…Is this that thing where a dream becomes reality?

Hey hey, how did a hot chick turn into a guy!?

No, that’s not important! What’s important is what's going on right now!

If this is going according to that dream, then the next thing that'll happen to me is—

“Hmph. I don’t feel any presence of your Master nor your comrades. Neither do I not see anything that is trying to hide its presence either. Also there's no magic-circle appearing here. According to the current situation, you are a “Stray”, so it won’t be a problem if I kill you.”

The guy who just said some scary stuff raises his hand.

No matter how you look at it, his hand is directed towards me!

I can hear a noise. I know this phenomenon.

Something that looks like light starts to gather in his hand. Hold on a sec, this fantasy stuff should just stay in my dream!

The light then shapes itself into something resembling a spear.

A spear—

So it is a spear!

I was pierced in my stomach by that thing in my dream, and I went through hell!

—I’m going to get killed!

By the time I realise it, it's already pierced my stomach.

Then something comes out of my mouth.


Lots of blood comes out of my mouth, followed by an intense pain.

It hurts. It hurts so much!

I fall down on my knees on the spot. I can feel my insides burning.

The pain spreads throughout my body, and it hurts so much that I can’t stand it.

Intense…that doesn't even begin to describe this pain!

I try to pull out the spear with my hand, but the pain spreads to my hand as soon as I touch it. It’s hot. Scorching hot. There's burn marks on the places that touched it.


I start to whine. It hurts. It hurts so much!

Since my hand is in this state, is the spear burning my insides?

When I thought about that, the pain increased. So this is how it feels like to be burnt from the inside?

My tears aren’t stopping due to the intense pain.

Step, step. Then there's the sound of footsteps coming towards me.

I look up, and the mysterious man makes another spear in his hand.

“It must hurt since light is poisonous to beings like you. Getting hit by it will result in fatal injuries. I thought this weakened spear would be enough to kill you, but your body is tougher than I thought. So, I'll strike you again. But this time, I'll put a bit more strength into it. Now you're done for.”

Is he trying to finish me off!? I'll be killed if I get hit by that thing again!

As I'm thinking, I start to remember the dream I had.


The brilliant crimson colour will…

No, there's no way she'll help me. That was a dream. So is this a dream as well?

If it’s a dream, then please help me. Even if it’s a dream, I don’t want to be in this situation!


When I thought I heard the sound of the wind, an explosion materialises in front of me.

When I look up, there's smoke coming from that man’s palm. There's blood spilling out of his hand.

“Don’t you dare touch him.”

A woman walks past me.

Crimson hair. I can tell who it is, even just from her back.

It’s that person I saw in my dream—

I wasn’t able to see her face in that dream. But now I’m certain that she's the one.

“…Crimson hair… You must be a woman from the House of Gremory……”

The man glares at the crimson-haired woman with eyes full of hatred.

“My name is Rias Gremory. How are you doing, Fallen Angel-san? If you are trying to hurt this boy, then I won’t hold back.“

Rias Gremory.

Yes, she's the senior student at my school. The beauty with crimson hair.

“……Fufu. Well, well, so this boy belongs to you. This town must also be a part of your territory then. Well then, I'll apologise for today, but I advise you not to let your servant loose. People like me might slay him while having a walk.”

“Thanks for the advice. Since this town is under my surveillance, if you get in my way then I won’t hold back.”

“I'll say the same to you, heiress of the House of Gremory. My name is Dohnaseek. I hope we won’t meet again.”

The man spreads his black wings, and his body starts to float. He then flies up into the sky.

The man glares at Rias-senpai and me once more, then disappears into the sky.[1]

So is it safe now…?

I feel a bit relieved, but my vision's getting blurry, and it feels like I'm about to pass out.

Huh? Isn’t this bad? This is definitely bad, right?

“Ara, are you about to faint? This is certainly a fatal wound. It can’t be helped. Hey, where is your house—”

Senpai speaks to me as I fall down, but I can’t hear what she's saying.

Then, I lose conciousness.

Part 5[edit]


When I woke up, it was morning.

What's the meaning of this?

…Did I have another bad dream?

That had to be a dream, but it felt too real.

Now here I am, lying in my bed.

I was woken by my yandere voiced alarm clock. Looks like I was dreaming after all.

This time it wasn’t Yuuma-chan, but a weird guy who was chasing after me. But they both had black wings.

I shook my head.

Pull yourself together, me. Why do I keep on having these weird dreams?

If I remember correctly, I went to school yesterday and it was normal as usual. After school, I went to Matsuda’s house and had a porno marathon with him and Motohama.

Then I returned home. On my way home, I was attacked by a weird person with wings—

Then I realised the unusual state I was in.

—I’m naked.

I didn’t have anything on me.

What the hell is this? I don’t even have my underwear on!

I’m completely naked!

I don’t remember why. I don’t even remember coming home. Am I going senile this young?

I also don’t have a habit of sleeping naked either.



I heard a sweet voice.

Then I carefully looked beside me.


There's a crimson haired girl sleeping next to me.

And she’s naked… Her snow-like white skin is too bright for my eyes.

Her skin looks very smooth and it’s very bad for my eyes.

No matter how you look at her, it’s Senpai. Our academy’s Idol. Her crimson hair scattered over the pillow looks extremely beautiful.

Rias Gremory-senpai.

Huh? Wait, Huh?

Calm down, me. Oh yeah, at times like this it’s good to count prime numbers to calm down.

2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23……[2]


I can’t! I can’t calm down!

Why am I sleeping with Rias-senpai!?

What happened!? What happened!?

No, what did I do!? Did I do something!?

I don’t remember! I don’t remember one bit!

Why!? I have to remember what I did! No! Why am I in this situation!?

Did I have sex with Senpai!?

Eh? Do people lose their virginity like this!?

No way! That’s impossible!

Remember, me! Try to remember those valuable memories, me!

What did I do!? What kind of stuff was I able to do!?

My head is about to explode due to the confusion, but I get cornered in the next moment.

“Ise! Wake-up! It’s already time for school!”

“Okaa-san, is Ise still in his room?"[3]

“Seems so Otou-san, his shoes are in the entrance so he came home last night. Geez! Staying at a friend's house so late! On top of that, being late for school! That, I won’t forgive!”[4]

My parents' conversation downstairs can even be heard up here.

Then it was followed by footsteps coming up the stairs. The footsteps carried the sound of anger, different from her usual footsteps.

Mum’s on her way!

Wait! Hold on a sec!

If she sees me like this, then that would be really bad!

“Wait! I’m already awake! I'm getting up now!”

“Geez! I won’t forgive you any more! We need to have a little talk about this!”

Mum’s pissed!

She’s coming! Mum's coming to my room!

There's no way I can let her see what's going on!

Unn… Is it morning?”


Senpai is wiping her eyes beside me!

She woke up! She woke up!


The door bursts open. At the same time, Senpai also lifts her upper body up.

My eyes and mum’s eyes meet each other. She looks mad. She looks very mad!

“Good morning.”

Senpai greets my mum with a smile.

Mum’s eyes move from me to Senpai.

Then, mum’s face froze. She moves her eyes to me again.

I avoid making eye contact.

HSDxD vol 01 057.jpg


While using a machine like voice, she closed the door slowly.

After a moment, I heard the loud noise of her feet rushing down the stairs.

“O-O-O-O-Oooooo! Otou-san!”

“What’s wrong Okaa-san? You look like you just saw a ghost? Was Ise doing something perverted this early again?”

“Seeeeeeee, sexxxxxxxxxx!! Ise did it~! With a foreigner~!!”

“—!? O-Okaa-san!? Okaa-san, what happened!?”

“It's internationaaaal~! Ise did it!!”

“Okaa-san!? Okaa-san!? Calm down!! Okaa-saaaaan!”

I can only cover my face with both my hands.

It's easy to imagine what’s going on downstairs.

How could this happen? There’s definitely going to be a family discussion after this!

What kind of excuse can I use to explain what's going on!?

“Your family is quite lively in the morning.”

Senpai got up from my bed and went to pick up her uniform from my desk.

A naked Senpai. The naked body of a beautiful girl.

…Ummm, you know I can see pretty much everything…

Her small hips. Her long white legs. Her thighs. Her nicely shaped butt.

And her breasts which are quite enormous……

I can even see her nipples clearly!

Why aren’t you hiding them!? Why aren’t you showing any attempt of hiding them!?

If I had Motohama’s “Three-size Scouter”, I could have easily gotten her measurements accurately.

Right now, I’m regretting the fact that I don’t have that ability.

But I know one thing. I've seen lots of women's naked bodies from magazines and videos, but the beauty of Senpai’s body is much greater than them.

How should I put it? A work of art perhaps? It looks like one of those nude body paintings or statues shown at the museum with perfect shape and curves.

Perfect. The only thing I can say is that “This beauty was still amazing even after she stripped”.

But staring at her is making me feel bad.

I can’t become a complete pervert.


I can’t help but say it.

“What is it?”

“B-Breasts…I can see everything!”

I said it while looking away from her. I want to take a look, but that’s that. I have to endure it.

“If you want to look, then go ahead.”

Senpai says that daringly while putting on her uniform, putting on a smirk.


Japanese words like that exist!?

An electrical shock went through my body!

Tears are falling from my eyes from hearing that phrase you never learn about in school.

I’m deeply moved by that beautiful phrase.

“Is your stomach all right?”

Senpai asks me.


I touch my stomach while watching Senpai get dressed.

“You were stabbed yesterday.”


With that statement, I was sufficiently alert.

…That’s right, I was stabbed by a guy with wings at the park yesterday.

I was stabbed by a spear that looked like it was made up of light.

But there aren’t any marks left on my stomach. I was sure there was a hole… That's wasn't the type of wound that heals within a day. There was so much blood coming out of it.

That wasn’t a dream? Or was it a dream?

“By the way, what happened yesterday wasn’t a dream.”

…Senpai says it as if she read my mind.

“I-I was sure I was wounded…”

“I healed you. It was critical, but thanks to your strong body, it was healable with my power in a night. I shared some of my demonic powers with you by embracing you while we were naked. I was able to do it because we're from the same clan.”

What is…she saying?

Huh? Hugged each other while naked?


Wait, does that mean…!

“It’s all right, I’m still a virgin.”

She says it as if she reread my mind.

Ah, is that so. For some reason I felt relieved.

Should I feel relieved?

“Don’t make a weird face like that. This world is surrounded by much more mysterious things that you can't even imagine.”

Senpai approaches me while in her underwear. She starts to pat my cheek with her slim fingers.

My face gets red. I can't help blushing since a beauty like her is doing it.

“I'm Rias Gremory. I'm a Devil.”


Huh? Is that a joke? I’m not really sure…

“And I'm your Master. Nice to meet you, Hyoudou Issei-kun. May I call you Ise?”

…but her devilish smile looks real.

Part 6[edit]


To my grandpa in heaven.

Right now, in our home, a beauty is drinking miso soup next to me.

“These are very delicious, Okaa-sama.”

“Y-Yeah. T-Thank you very much.”

Both my parents who are sitting across from me have weird expressions on their faces.

Grandpa, how can I fix this awkward mood?

It’s my first time eating breakfast in this weird atmosphere, and I’m not sure what to do in this situation.

“Ise, it's the meal that Okaa-sama made. Come on now, eat it.”

Senpai says with elegance. She’s acting like an older sister.


I quickly replied and started to throw the food into my mouth.

“Don’t eat it so vulgarly. Eat slowly so you can taste the food. This is the precious food that Okaa-sama made for us.”

Senpai wipes my mouth with her handkerchief.

What is this? What kind of situation am I in?


Dad spoke to me in a trembling voice.

You look quite nervous Dad, so am I.

“W-Where did this lady c-come from?”

After hearing that, Senpai put her chopstick down and bows her head.

“…Oh my, I apologise for not introducing myself… I've brought shame to the House of Gremory. Please allow me to introduce myself. Okaa-sama and Otou-sama, my name is Rias Gremory. I attend the same Academy as Hyoudou Issei-kun. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”[6][7]

Senpai smiles. Dad responds with a weird face.

“I-Is that so… T-That’s amazing. Hahaha! Are you a foreigner? Your Japanese is very good.”

“Yes. Due to my father’s work, I've been living in Japan for a long time.”

Oh. Looks like dad is convinced.

But it seems like mum, who's sitting beside him, isn’t.

“It's Rias…-san correct?”

“Yes, Okaa-sama.”

“What kind of relationship do you have with Ise?”


That’s a good question, it can explain the whole situation from earlier.

Mum is curious about her answer, but Senpai just continues to smile.

“We're just a senior and a junior who are quite close to each other, Okaa-sama.”

“That’s a lie!”

Mum rejects the answer immediately.

Of course, she would. That excuse won’t work, Senpai. Since she saw what happened earlier, that excuse won’t work!

“Be-, be-, bbbbbbbecause! On the bed!”

“Ise said he has nightmares, so I was just sleeping with him.”

“Just sleeping together!? B-Both of you were naked!”

“Nowadays, people sleep naked when they sleep together, Okaa-sama.”

That’s a huge lie. You're terrific, Senpai.

But mum becomes quiet at her words.

“I-Is that so…? So people sleep together naked nowadays.”

Mum!? Is that all right!? You're okay with that!?

Then I realise that mum’s eyes look weird. They seem empty as if she was possessed by something.

After that Senpai whispers in my ear.

“…I’m sorry. It looked like it would become troublesome, so I used my powers.”


Then I remember what she said earlier.

—I'm a Devil.

…Devil. Then this is also because of a Devil's power?

Senpai resumes eating her breakfast. When I checked, dad also had hollow eyes. Did she use her power on him as well…?

A Devil.

What's going on?

Part 7[edit]

Morning walk to school.

I’m walking towards school, but having a hard time because of the way the other students are looking at me.

It's inevitable.

Next to me is our school’s idol, Gremory-senpai.

And I'm carrying her bag next to her like a servant.

“Why is someone like him…”

“Why is someone vulgar like him next to Rias-oneesama…”

I can hear the screams of both boys and girls coming from every direction.

There's some students who've fainted from shock.

Seriously!? Is it that bad for me to walk beside Senpai!?

We walk through the school gate, and I split with Senpai at the entrance.

“I'll send someone to get you. Let’s meet again later.”

She says with a smile.

Send someone? What does she mean?

I’m not quite sure, but I headed towards my classroom.

When I opened the door, everyone stared at me.

Well that's to be expected, since I was with Rias-senpai.


Someone hits me on the back of my head. When I turned around, Matsuda was standing there with Motohama beside him.

“Give me an explanation!”

Matsuda shouted while crying. From his expression, I can guess what he wants to say.

“Just yesterday, we were the “Unpopular Alliance” comrades!”

“Ise, first of all explain to us. What happened after we split?”

Unlike Matsuda who was furious, Motohama was acting all calm as he fixed his glasses, although his eyes were really sharp. Both of you are scaring me.

But instead I laughed, and then asked them with a confident voice!

“Guys, have you ever seen a pair of real tits before?”

With that one sentence, both of them trembled in fear.

Part 8[edit]

After school.

“Hi. How are you doing?”

I look at the male student, who came to see me, through half-lidded eyes.

The guy in front of me is our school’s number 1 best looking prince, Kiba Yuuto.

He captured the hearts of the girls in our school with this smile of his. By the way, he’s in the same year as me. Though he’s from a different class.

You can hear girls screaming with joy from the classroom and the corridor. Shut up. It’s so damn noisy in here.

“So what business do you have here?”

I reply to him in a dismissive tone voice, but Kiba responds without breaking his smile.

“I came here by the order of Rias Gremory-senpai.”


With that one statement, I immediately understand why he is here.

I see, so he's the person Senpai told me she would send.

“……OK OK, so what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to follow me.”


This time it’s the girls' screams.

“No, for Hyoudou and Kiba-kun to walk besides each other!”

“You will get infected, Kiba-kun!”

“I won’t agree with the Kiba-kun×Hyoudou pair!”

“No, maybe its Hyoudou×Kiba-kun pair!?”

They are saying some weird crap.

Shut up. Seriously shut up.

“Ah, all right.”

I agreed to follow him.

I will say this beforehand. I hate good looking guys.

I followed Kiba, who is already walking ahead of me.

“H-Hey, Ise!”

Matsuda shouts my name.

“Don’t worry, friend. I’m not going to have a fight.”

That’s right. You don’t have to worry about me, pal.

“What are you going to do with this DVD, “Me, the Molester, and the Udon”!?”

Matsuda says it out loud while holding the DVD up high.

I then look out the window.

I followed Kiba, and the place we end up at is the back of the school building.

In this place, which is surrounded by trees, there is a building called the old school building.

Apparently it was used a long time ago, and there is no sign of people here. It’s so creepy that it is listed in one of “the seven wonders of school”.

The building looks very old and is made from wood, but there aren’t any broken windows and it’s hard to tell if there are any broken parts from its appearance.

It’s old, but it isn’t that bad.

“Buchou is here.”[8]

Kiba says.


Is he talking about Senpai? Huh? Buchou?

Did Senpai belong to a particular club? Does this mean he is part of that club as well?

It’s getting even more mysterious. Oh well, as long as I follow this guy, I will be able to meet with Senpai.

We entered the two story high building, and went up the stairs. We went further into the building.

Even the corridor looks clean. It seems like even the rooms that aren’t used don’t have a single speck dust in them.

When you think about old buildings, you expect it to be full of insects, spider webs, and dust. But I haven’t seen any yet.

So they must be cleaning this building quite often.

While I was thinking about these kinds of things, we seem to have reached our destination. Kiba stops in front of a particular classroom.

I was shocked by the sign on the door that read—

[Occult Research Club]

Occult Research Club!?

Just reading that name makes me wonder. I’m not saying that the club sounds weird.

But thinking that Rias-senpai is the member of the Occult Research Club is……

“Buchou, I have brought him.”

Kiba waits for the approval through the wooden door. Then Senpai replies.

“Yes, come in.”

Looks like Senpai is inside here.

Kiba opens the door and I'm shocked when I follow him into the room.

There are weird signs and words in every area of the classroom.

The floor. The walls and the ceiling. They are all covered with weird signs.

And the one which stands out the most is the circle drawn at the center of the room.

It looks like a magic-circle that takes up most of the space in this room.

I can feel something creepy and weird from it.

There are also a couple of sofas and desks in the room.

Hmm? There is someone sitting on one of the sofas. It’s a girl with a small build……

I know her. I know that girl!

That’s the girl from 1st year, Toujou Koneko-chan!

She’s from 1st year, but she looks like an elementary student because of her childish face and small body!

She’s quite popular amongst a certain groups of guys. She’s popular amongst the girls as well and is treated as a mascot for being cute.

She is eating youkan quietly.[9] She always has a sleepy expression.

HSDxD vol 01 075.jpg

If I remember correctly, she is said to be “very” emotionless.

She realises we entered, and our eyes meet.

“This is Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

Next Kiba introduces her to me. Toujou Koneko-chan bows her head.

“Ah, nice to meet you.”

I also bow my head. After the greetings, she continues to eat her youkan.

Hmm. It’s just like the rumour says. Maybe she is a girl who doesn’t talk much.


This is the sound of water flowing coming from the back of the room. Is it the sound of a shower?

Then I realise there is a shower curtain at the back of the room. There was also a shadow on the curtain.

It's the shadow of a girl. There is a girl taking a shower.

Huh!? A shower!?

This classroom comes with a shower!?


Then there is the sound of the shower stopping.

“Buchou, take this.”

Huh? There is someone else besides her?

I hear a girl's voice that doesn't belong to Senpai.

“Thank you, Akeno.”

Looks like Senpai is changing behind the curtain.

I start to blush after remembering what happened this morning.

Senpai, you sure had an impressive body. Looks like I won’t be needing porn for a while.

“……What a lecherous face.”

Someone mutters. When I look in the direction of the voice, it’s Toujou Koneko-chan.

I look at her, but the little first year student is just eating youkan.

……Is that so. So I have a lecherous face. I’m sorry then.


Then the curtain opens. The one standing there is Senpai in her uniform.

She looks seductive with her wet hair. She looks at me, then smiles.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t take a shower last night because I stayed the night at your place, so I took a shower now.”

Ah, is that so?

But what’s bugging me is that there is a shower in this room.

Then I look behind Senpai.

There is someone behind her…… Are you serious!

I’m so shocked that I lose my words.

Black-hair in a ponytail! The ponytail, which is said to be nearly extinct! The person who is said to be the last person with a ponytail at our school!

That pretty face, which is always smiling! The person with a Japanese atmosphere! The one who is called Yamato Nadeshiko even though she is a student, and also one of our school idols, Himejima Akeno-senpai![10]

The person who, along with Rias-senpai, is said to be one of the “Two Great Onee-samas”!

The person who is idolised by both male and female students!

“Ara ara. Hello, my name is Himejima Akeno. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She introduces herself politely with a smile. Her voice sounds fascinating.

“O-Oh. My name is Hyoudou Issei. N-Nice to meet you too!”

Even though I’m nervous, I greeted her.

After Rias-senpai confirms that we finished introducing each other, she starts talking.

“Looks like everyone is here. Hyoudou Issei-kun. No, let me call you Ise.”


“We, the Occult Research Club, welcome you.”

“Eh, ah yes.”

“As a Devil.”


Dad and Mum. Looks like I’m in for something big.

“Here’s your tea.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I’m sitting on a sofa, and Himejima-senpai has made tea for me.

I drink it quickly.

“It tastes good.”

“Ara ara. Thank you very much.”

Himejima-senpai starts laughing very happily by saying “Ufufu”.

Kiba, Koneko-chan, Rias-senpai and I are sitting on the sofas surrounding the table.

“Akeno, you sit over here as well.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Himejima-senpai sits next to Rias-senpai.

Then everyone looks at me.

W-What is it…… I’m getting nervous if everyone looks at me in a small place like this……

Then Rias-senpai speaks.

“I will get to the point right away. We are all Devils.”

Y-You definitely did get to the point right away.

“Your expression says that you don’t believe what I am saying. Well, that can’t be helped. You did see the man with black wings last night, didn’t you?”

She’s right.

If that wasn’t a dream, then I did really see that.

“That’s a Fallen Angel. They are former Angels who served God, but they are beings who have fallen to hell because they had evil intentions. They are also the enemy of us Devils.”

So now we are talking about a Fallen Angel.

Looks like we are entering a fantasy genre.

“We, the Devils, have been at war with the Fallen Angels since ancient times. We have been fighting over the possession of the Underworld, which is also known as Hell in the human world. The Underworld is split into two areas, one for Devils and one for Fallen Angels. The Devils form pacts with humans and receive their sacrifices and increase their strength. The Fallen Angels on the other hand control humans to eliminate Devils. At this point the Angels come in to destroy these two races on God's orders, which creates the three forces. This has been going on since ancient times.”

“No no, Senpai. That kind of story is hard to take in by a normal student like myself. Is this what members of an Occult Research Club do?”

So this conversation has been the club activity then.

“The Occult Research Club is just a camouflage. It’s my hobby. It’s actually a gathering place for us Devils.”

……Hold on, this is part of the club activity right?

“—Amano Yuuma”

Hearing that name, I open my eyes in shock.

Where did she hear that name?

“That day, you were on a date with Amano Yuuma, right?”

“……If you are joking around, then can you please stop now? I don’t want to talk about this here.”

There is anger in my voice.

That’s because that topic is like a taboo to me now.

When I talked about it before, no one believed me, and no one remembered her.

Everyone said it must have been a dream. That it was my hallucination. Nobody believed me and no one remembered her existence.

I don’t know where she heard the story from, but I won’t accept it if she says that it is all occult. Instead, I will be mad.

“She existed. For certain.”

Rias-senpai says that clearly.

“Well, it looks like she tried to erase all of the evidence around you.”

Rias-senpai clicks her finger, and Himejima-senpai takes out a photo.

I am speechless after seeing who is in that photo.

“This is her, right? Amano Yuuma-chan.”

Yeah, the person on the photo is my girlfriend who I wasn’t able to find anywhere.

I had taken a picture of her with my mobile phone, but it had disappeared.

The photo is a clear picture of her, and there are black wings growing from her back.

“This girl is……no, this is a Fallen Angel. She’s the same kind as the one that attacked you last night.”

……A Fallen Angel? Yuuma-chan is a Fallen Angel?

Rias-senpai continues.

“This Fallen Angel came in contact with you to accomplish a certain goal. After she accomplished it, she got rid of any record and evidence regarding herself.”


“Yes. To kill you.”


W-What the hell!!

“W-Why did she have to kill me!?”

“Calm down, Ise. It couldn’t be helped...... No, you were just unlucky. There are possessors who weren’t killed……”

“What do you mean, unlucky!”

Is she saying that I was just unlucky to be killed by Yuuma-chan that day!?


Killed? But I’m still alive? I’m still here like before.

“That day, you went on a date with her and then went to the park, where you were killed with Spear of Light.”

“But I’m still alive! More than that, why was I targeted!?”

Yeah. There aren’t any reasons for me to be targeted by her.

Why do I have to be targeted by the Fallen Angels!?

“The reason why she approached you is so she could check if there is a dangerous thing inside you. She must have received a weak response from it. That’s why she took her time checking you. Then she confirmed it. That you were a human who possessed a Sacred Gear —-”

Sacred Gear—.

I was familiar with that term.

—Sorry. You were a threat to us, so we decided to get rid of you early. If you want to hold a grudge, then hate the God who put the Sacred Gear inside you.

That’s what Yuuma-chan said at that time.

So there’s a Sacred Gear inside my body……?

Kiba then speaks.

“Sacred Gear is an irregular power that is bestowed to certain humans. For example, most of the people whose names are recorded in history are said to be possessors of a Sacred Gear. They used the power of their Sacred Gear to record their name in history.”

“Presently, there are people who possess Sacred Gears within their bodies. You know those people who play an important role worldwide? Most of those people possess a Sacred Gear.”

Himejima-senpai continues after Kiba.

Rias-senpai then continues to explain.

“Most of the Sacred Gears have functions that are only usable in the human society. But there are exceptional Sacred Gears that are a threat to us, the Devils, and Fallen Angels. Ise, raise your hand.”

Eh? I have to raise my hand? Why?

“Do it quickly.”

Rias-senpai urges me to do it.

So I raise my left arm.

“Close your eyes and imagine the strongest thing that comes to mind.”

“S-Strongest being……? Son Goku from Dragon Ball……?”

“Then imagine it, and imagine that person in a particular pose where he looks the strongest.”


I imagined Goku when he is shooting his Kamehameha.

Is this alright?

“Lower your arm slowly and stand up.”

I get up from the sofa and lower my arm.

“Now mimic the pose of that person. You have to imagine it strongly, okay? You cannot hold back.”


There are people around me, and I have to copy Goku doing Kamehameha at this age!?

I’m too embarrassed to do it!

Just because I’m closing my eyes doesn’t mean that no one will laugh at me!

“Hurry and do it.”

Rias-senpai urges me again.

Ooooooi! Are you serious! Do I seriously have to do it!?

Shit! Then look! It’s Hyoudou Issei’s first and last time doing Kamehameha!


I said it while I had both my opened hands stuck together and pushed them forward at chest height. This is the Kamehameha pose.

“Now, open your eyes. In this place which is filled with demonic power, the Sacred Gear will be able to appear more easily.”

I open my eyes just like Rias-senpai tells me to.


My left arm glowed.


What is this!? What is this!?

Can I pull off Kamehameha now!?

The light starts to take form and covers my left arm.

After the light disappears, my left arm is covered in a red gauntlet.

It’s equipped with a flashy looking object. It looks like a very fine and realistic cosplay item.

The part that covers the back of my hand has a gem-like object embedded in it.

Actually, it looks more like a jewel instead of a just a gem.

“What the hell is thiiiiiiiis!!?”

I screamed. I’m really shocked.

Obviously! What is this!? I thought I did a Kamehameha, but instead I got an item on my arm that looks like something Henshin Heroes use!

Uwaah, what is this!?

“That’s a Sacred Gear. And it belongs to you. Once it appears, you can use it anywhere and anytime as you will.”


T-This red gauntlet is a Sacred Gear……?


I still can’t believe it. I shot a Kamehameha and I……I……

“The Fallen Angel, Amano Yuuma, saw your Sacred Gear as a threat and therefore killed you.”

……So the thing about Yuuma-chan and the Sacred Gear was all real.

Then the part where I was killed by her was real too.......?

So how am I alive?

“You called me when you were on the verge of death. I was summoned through this paper.”

Rias-senpai pulls out a single leaflet.

I know that leaflet.

When I was waiting for Yuuma-chan at the meeting spot, one of the people giving out leaflets gave me one.

It’s a leaflet with a weird magic circle and a catchphrase that reads, “We will grant your wish!”

If I look carefully, the magic circle on the leaflet is the same as the big magic circle on the floor.

“This is one of the leaflets we give out. This magic circle is used to summon us Devils. These days there aren’t many people who would draw this circle to summon us. So we give these leaflets to people who look like they would summon Devils. This magic-circle is safe and easy to use. That day, one of our familiars was disguised as a human and was handing them out in the business district. You got it at that time, Ise. After you were attacked by the Fallen Angel, you called me while you were on the verge of death. You wished so hard that it summoned me. Usually my servants like Akeno and the others would be the ones to be summoned.”

That time I was impaled by the Spear of Light……so I wished really hard.

When my hand was covered in blood, the thing that came to mind was crimson.

I strongly craved for the girl with crimson hair, Rias Gremory.

So then, the person with red hair that appeared at the end of that dream—no, the one that appeared at the end of that incident really was Senpai.

“When I was summoned and saw you, I knew right away that you were a Sacred Gear possessor and that you were attacked by a Fallen Angel. But there was a problem. Ise, you were on the brink of death. Not just Devils, but humans also die if impaled by a Fallen Angels spear of light. Ise, you were in that kind of condition. So I decided to save your life.”

Save my life?

So Senpai was the one who helped me?

So that’s why I’m alive.

“Although, as a Devil. Ise, you were reborn as a Devil of mine, Rias Gremory’s servant. As my servant Devil.”


At that moment, wings sprout from the backs of everyone around me.

They're different from the black wings of Fallen Angels, their wings are like bat wings.


And with that I also feel some kind of sensation on my back.

Looking over my shoulder, I see the same black wings protruding from my back.

……Are you serious?

I’m a Devil? Did I quit being a human?

“Let's introduce everyone anew. Yuuto.”

Kiba smiles at me after Rias-senpai calls his name.

“My name is Kiba Yuuto. As you already know, I'm a second year like you, Hyoudou Issei-kun. Umm, I’m a Devil too. Nice to meet you.”

“……First year. ……Toujou Koneko. Pleased to make your acquaintance. ……I’m a Devil too.”

Toujou Koneko-chan bows her head.

“My name is Himejima Akeno, and I’m in third year. I’m also the vice-president of this Occult Research Club. Nice to meet you. Even though I’m like this, I’m also a Devil. Ufufu.”

Himejima-senpai bows her head very politely.

Lastly, it’s Rias-senpai.

She waves her crimson hair and says it very directly.

“And I’m their master as well as being a Devil from the House of Gremory, Rias Gremory. My house holds the rank of a Duke. Let’s get along from now on, Ise.”

Looks like I’m in a really unthinkable situation.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Senpai - Senior
  2. Counting prime numbers - A method used by Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, to calm himself down.
  3. Okaa-san - It usually means "Mother" but in Japan the husband also can address this way to their wife.
  4. Otou-san - It usually means "Father" but in Japan the wife also can address this way to their husband.
  5. Expression of gratitude before meal
  6. Otou-sama - A very polite way to address your father and father-in-law
  7. Okaa-sama - A very polite way to address your mother and mother-in-law
  8. Buchou - Club President
  9. Youkan - Japanese treat
  10. Yamato Nadeshiko - A term used for the ideal Japanese woman

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