High School DxD:Volume 2

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Novel Illustrations[edit]

I want to protect that person.

It's not about the contract or constraint.

That person needs to stand strong while wavering her crimson hair.

That's the person whom I have come to admire.

So lend me your strength - Heavenly Red Dragon-san.


I’m Hyoudou Issei. People call me “Ise”.

I’m a 2nd year high school student. Unfortunately, I’m not a “normal high school student”.

That’s because I happen to be a Devil. No, I’m serious. I was reincarnated into a Devil.

Well, that’s not important right now. Just think of me as a high school Devil.

That’s what I am, but I don’t know what to do with the situation happening right in front of me.

For some reason, I’m in a place that looks like a chapel. There are familiar faces around me.

“Damn it! For Ise to get married!”

“It’s some kind of mistake! This is some kind of conspiracy!”

The bald headed Matsuda, and Motohama who wears glasses. My two evil pals are speaking to me with an envious look.

“Ise! I want my first grandchild to be a girl!”

“Sob, you have grown! You were a worthless child whose only pride was his desire to have sex!”

Both my parents are crying. Stop saying such things!

I’m wearing a white tuxedo.

It’s like a wedding scene. Wait, this is a wedding scene.

Even a wedding song is being played within the chapel.

Mine!? Is it my wedding!?

I become astonished at this sudden and shocking situation, then what about my bride? Who is my bride?

“Ise, you can’t look around so restlessly.”

A familiar voice comes from beside me.Upon looking I see lovely Rias Gremory-buchou standing right next to me.She has her crimson hair down to her hips.

Besides being the one who turned me into a Devil, she also happens to be a High-class Devil who holds a peerage. I'm a servant Devil of her.

More than that, she looks so gorgeous in her wedding dress that I can’t look at her directly. Sob, Buchou, you look so beautiful!

Buchou, in such clothing, is standing right beside me! So that means she’s my——.

“Rias-sama! You look so beautiful!”

“Aaah, Rias-oneesama! Why on earth are you marrying a guy like that!?”

Screams like this can be heard from various parts of the chapel. So no one will praise me huh……

I-I see, so this is Rias-buchou and my wedding!

I can’t believe it. Buchou and I got into that sort of relationship without me even realising, and our relationship has progressed this far.

Ah, I don’t really get it, but if I can marry Buchou whom I admire, then there’s no problem at all!

“At all times, thee—”

The geezer priest is apparently saying the wedding vows, but my head is filled with other things.

Marriage = husband and wife. Husband and wife = family. Family = children. Children = making babies. Making babies = sexual relations. Sexual relations = husband and wife love affair. Husband and wife love affair = starts from the first night of marriage. ……First night of marriage……

The first night of our marriage!?

[Come here, Ise.]

Buchou is laying on the bed naked in my imagination.

This means that I can, right? I mean, we are husband and wife after all, so we need to make a family.

A child is a must when you start a family. And to make a child, we need to do a certain thing. And that certain thing, is sex.


I can have sex with Buchou!!

Reaching that conclusion, my mind became full of excitement and I wasn’t able to stop myself from imagining lots of naughty stuff.

I see, so the reason why I didn’t have any luck with these kinds of things in the past is because it was for this day. For tonight!

A-Am I going to be able to finish the task until the end safely!?

N-No, if it’s about knowledge, then I am an expert! I have been simulating it every day in my head!

In other words, I'm an ace-pilot in mock battles! I'm an elite who only needs to taste real battle!

“Now, you may kiss the bride.”


Yeah, that’s it, now I remember! This is the first thing I have to do!

A kiss in a chapel! A kiss with Buchou!

When I look to my side, Buchou has her eyes closed and her face is approaching mine!

Can I!? I can right!? Alright! Alright! Buchou’s lips are mine!

Her lips look so soft. The lipstick makes them sparkle, my head feels like it’s about to spin around.

And soon, this will belong to me! I can’t stop myself from being excited when I think about it!

While breathing hard from my nose, I stick my lips forward and gradually approach Buchou——.

[Looks like you're having fun, shitty brat.]


A mysterious voice echoed within my head.

It was a low and impactful voice. It was an unfamiliar voice, but I somehow felt as though I knew it. A voice that had always been close to me……

[That’s right. I'm right beside you.]

……Who is this?

I look around, and the chapel is nowhere to be seen now.

Buchou, who was right next to me is also gone. Everyone including my parents and friends are gone as well!

Rather, where am I? I’m losing all my senses. I lost my sense of balance and touch.

I lost my sense of sight and hearing as well.

It’s pitch-black in front of me. Darkness. I can’t hear anything with my ears. It's silent.

……What is this?

Buchou! Dad! Mum! Matsuda! Motohama!

I shout the names of those I'm close with inside my heart, but there's no reply. What's happening to me?

Whose voice is that?

[It’s mine.]


The sound didn’t come out from my mouth, but I’m really shocked within my heart.

Of course. Anyone will be scared if a gigantic monster appears right in front of them.

It has big eyes. The colour of its eyes is red, like blood. A jaw that comes up to its ears, with lots of sharp fangs growing out of it.

There is a thick horn lining up on its forehead, and the scales that cover its body is red like magma.

It has thick arms and legs like those of a gigantic tree. The claws look very sharp and terrifying.

More than that, its pair of wings that are spread out make this giant monster look even bigger.

In front of me there is……a gigantic monster……and out of all the things I know, the thing that resembles it the most is a——.


It seems like it knows what I’m thinking even though I can’t speak, and it seems like the monster, a dragon, which is in front of me lifts its mouth up a bit.

[That’s it. That’s the right deduction. I've been trying to talk to you the whole time. But, since you were really weak, my words couldn't reach you until now. Finally. Finally, I am able to appear before you.]

……What is this guy saying? I don’t get it.

Appear? He has been trying to talk to me the whole time? I don’t know. I don’t know about it! What? Is he trying to eat me?

[Eat? Eat you who seems to taste awful? As if I would. That’s not it. I just wanted to introduce myself to my partner alongside whom I will be fighting along from now on.]

Partner? Hold on a second. I don’t even know what you are talking about!

Dragon! Who are you——.

[You already realised it, haven’t you? You probably thought about it. Yeah, that’s right. I'm exactly what you think I am. Let’s talk again. Aye, partner.]

When I look at my left arm, it’s covered in red scales and it looks very abnormal because it has really sharp claws growing out from it.

Life.1 I Work as a Devil[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I open my eyes to a familiar ceiling above me.

Aah, so that was a dream.

Apparently, I was having a pleasant dream, but later it turned into a nightmare. It had a great start. My wedding with Buchou, whom I look up to. It was so good until.....

My heart is beating fast. Anyone would feel the same if they had the same dream. I’m breathing faster too.

I lift my upper body upright and wipe the sweat on my forehead with my hand. Wow! So much sweat. I’m shocked at the amount of of it.

At the same time, I realise that I used my left arm to wipe it.

That last scene…… that Red Dragon …… I just can’t come to believe it since it had too many fantasy elements in it.

Though it turned into a monster’s arm at the end of my dream, there’s nothing wrong with my left arm.

But I do understand that there is something possessed within this arm.

I look at the clock. It’s 4:30 am…… It’s still early.

I take a deep breath and then get back inside my bed—. No, that isn’t it!

I remember now! It's time! I get out of bed and get ready.

When I look outside the window, there is a red-haired beauty, Rias Gremory-buchou, she is wearing a red jersey and is standing at the gate.

She's a senior and a school idol at the high school I go to. She's also the president of the Occult Research Club that I am part of, and her real identity is a Devil.

She looks this way with her blue eyes after she realises that I’m looking at her.

——Hurry up.

She mouthed while smiling.

“I’m coming now!”

I change from my pyjamas into a jersey immediately and left the room to do morning training.

Part 2[edit]

“Ze~ha~, ze~ha~.”

“Hey, don’t run so miserably. Otherwise I'll add 10 more laps of dashing afterwards.”

I’m running in the residential area, losing my breath.

Buchou, who is riding a bicycle behind me, fires me up without hesitation. You are strict like always.

About a month ago, I was reincarnated from a human into a Devil. I became Buchou’s — Rias Gremory-sama’s — servant Devil.

Devils are beings that get summoned by humans, who then grant their wish in exchange for a price. They do that kind of work on a daily basis. Buchou is no exception.

I have been working daily as Buchou’s servant Devil and am walking towards my goal, one step at a time.

What's my goal? That’s obvious!

“I’m going to become the Harem-King…… ze~ha~……”

The words slipped out from my mouth while running.

“That’s right. And for that, you need to start from daily basic training. You have to become stronger, even by a little.”

Yes, Buchou. I know that.

I’m currently a newborn Devil, but if I earn achievements and get promoted, then I can receive a peerage. If that happens, I can have my own servants just like Buchou. That’s right! I’m going to make lots of girls into my servant Devils, and I’m going to make my dream come true!

For that, I need to get stronger just like Buchou said. Strength is absolute in the world of Devils. Simply put, the stronger you are, the higher you can aim.

Well, you can rise up with knowledge, trading skills, and other kind of skills, but I have no talent in those areas at the moment.

So nothing will start unless I increase my stamina. That’s why I'm currently training every day.

But Buchou is a Spartan instructor. [1]

“For my servant to be weak is something I can’t forgive.”

So she shows no mercy during my morning training.

She makes me run approximately 20km, and after that makes me do over 100 laps of dashes. She also has me do various muscle training exercises. I don’t even want to count how many of them I've done.

Devils are the residents of night that unleash their powers during this time. I thought that it was better to train at night rather than in the morning, but apparently that isn’t the case. According to Buchou, training under sunlight, which we are weak against, makes us mentally stronger as well.

I have been suffering from muscle pain every day, but getting used to it is a scary thing and it doesn’t hurt like it did in the beginning.

Lately, I have been able to do them quite easily. It’s proof that I have been improving daily. After all, I’m in a good state in physical education class. My short sprint record has shortened, and it isn’t that tiring to do long distance sprints any more.


I stop running when I arrive at the park, which is the goal. I’m sweating all over my body……

“Good job. Now, we’ll move on to the dashes.”

The Oni-Buchou’s smile is so dazzling. [2]

Part 3[edit]

“Your ability has more meaning when you have a good foundation.”

“Yes…… 65……”

I started doing push-ups at the park after I completed the morning marathon and dashes.

Buchou is sitting on my back. The feeling of her soft buttocks is superb, but I have no time to enjoy it since my arms are crying in pain.

No, actually, the feeling of her buttocks is the best!



I had my butt slapped by Buchou…… My voice slipped out of my mouth. I’m not a masochist either……

“You are having dirty thoughts. The movement of your hips is lecherous.”

“…… T-That’s…… 68…… T-Thinking that you are horse riding on me…… 69…… is making my guts as a horse into the max gear…… 70!”

High school dxd 000c.jpg

“Talking while doing push-ups. You seem to have grown, Ise. Should I add another hundred?”

Buchou said something impossible while smiling. I will die. I will be in a state of near-death if that happens.

“Hmm, it should be about time that she gets here……”

“Huh? Who’s coming?”

When I asked her, I heard a familiar voice that said, “Excuse me”.

I look towards the direction that the voice came from while staying in the push-up posture——.

“Ise-san, Buchou-san! I’m sorry for being late…… hauu!”

The blonde haired girl — Asia — trips over.

“Ise-san, here’s your tea.”

“Y-Yeah, thanks.”

I’m taking a break while sipping on the tea Asia gives me. After the push-ups, I did muscle training for my stomach and back so my whole body is hurting.

“Asia, why are you here?”

When I asked, the blonde beauty’s cheeks became red.

“I heard that Ise-san and Buchou-san are doing training here every morning…… so I wanted to be of help to Ise-san. Though I was only able to prepare tea today.”

Asia…… You are such a wonderful girl! I'm deeply moved!

“Uuu, Asia! I’m deeply moved by your kindness, Asia! Aaah, I never expected that there would come a day when a girl would say that to me!”

I sip my tea while crying with joy.

Asia is a former sister who has blonde hair and green eyes. “Former” means that she isn’t a sister any more. Right now she is a devil of the Gremory group.

Last month, she was involved in an incident that resulted in her being killed by a Fallen Angel. Asia died, but thanks to Buchou’s power, she was reincarnated as a Devil.

The Fallen Angels are the evil Angels mentioned in the Bible and novels. Their trait is their black wings, I think.

They are the archenemies of Devils and are always fighting with them. Last month, I was also involved in their fight. At that time, I realised how weak I was, so I started training like this to get stronger. I don’t want Asia to go through that sadness ever again.

Our master, Buchou, seems to be thinking about something while drinking green tea.

“What’s wrong, Buchou?”

When I asked her, she came back to her senses and coughed.

“No, it’s nothing. More than that, it’s good timing. I decided to have it done today, so let’s head over to your house now.”

Huh? Why? My house? Good timing? What are we going to do at my house?

“It’s about time that the luggage arrives.”

I would come to know what she meant 10 minutes later.

Part 4[edit]

“……T-This is?”

My eyebrows are twitching after seeing the boxes that are placed in front of the entrance of my home.

What are these? These boxes don’t even have the name of the sender. I have a mysterious feeling about this. There aren’t any bombs inside them, right……?

“Now then, Ise. Carry these to the room.” Buchou said this to me while I made a confused face.

“Huh? Carry? I have to carry these to…… my house!?”

“Yes, these are Asia’s belongings. Carrying them is what a gentleman would do, right?”


“These are Asia’s belongings!?”

I’m in deep shock, but then Buchou says something even more shocking.

“Yes, starting today, Asia will be living in your house.”

Family meeting——.

Among all the famous meetings, conferences, and assemblies of the world, it’s considered among the top ranks for the place of negotiations.

The words of the parents, who hold the authority, are the biggest factor for deciding outcomes. The way we, the children, negotiate is the key to this.

But my parents, who are supposed to have the authority, are down on their knees when in front of Buchou.

Maybe Buchou’s eyes, that have power which can’t be seen with their eyes, are making them act that way.

“Okaa-sama, Otou-sama, because of this situation, will you allow Asia Argento to stay here?”

Buchou gave my parents a reckless order elegantly and cheerfully.

The two of them whisper in each other's ears while staring at Asia.

……Huh, they are also looking at me.

My dad coughs once then asks Asia a question.

“Asia……-san, was it?”

“Yes, Ise-san’s Otou-sama.”

Asia responded back with a nervous face.

“O-Otou-sama…… Ku…… I don’t know how to put it, but having beautiful foreign girls call me “Otou-sama” repeatedly sure does ring a bell in my heart…… in a good way.”

It seems like my dad is getting emotional.

Getting called “Otou-sama” by two young beautiful girls will obviously make him happy.

Even I’m confident that I would fall for it if two beautiful girls called me “Onii-chan”.


My mum pokes my dad. My dad comes back to his senses.

“A-Ahem! Even if you want to stay here, our stupid son is an embodiment of sexual desire. It’s unfortunate, but isn’t it better for you to stay in a house where there is a girl? I would be too ashamed if something were to happen.”

This shitty dad doesn’t hold back on his own son. An embodiment of sexual desire…… I feel bad because he isn’t that far off.

But what my dad just said is logical, it would be better to make her stay in a house where there’s also a girl. Even my mum is right beside him and agreeing, saying “Yeah, that’s right”.

If a beautiful blonde girl stays with me who has so much sexual desire, you don’t know what might happen. It would become a worldwide problem. My parents probably wanted to say that.

But I won’t do anything! I’m sure not trusted at all, huh……

By the way, I haven’t told them that Asia and I are Devils, and that Asia was used by a Fallen Angel. Even if I told them, they wouldn’t believe me, and it’s better for my mum and dad to not get involved with Devils.

We left out lots of stuff while explaining the situation to them, and also included some things we made up.

Buchou doesn’t seem to be affected by my parent’s refusal and continues to negotiate with a smile.

“Then what about if Asia becomes your daughter, then?”

W-What do you mean with that profound word…… Buchou……?

“What do you mean?”

“Otou-sama, Asia believes in Ise very much. Very much. It’s the same for me as well. Ise does lack a bit of intelligence and is very straightforward, but he is not a fool. Instead, he has such a burning soul that he would walk towards any obstacle and try to overcome it. Both Asia and I are drawn to that part of Ise. Especially Asia. Isn’t that right, Asia?”

“Y-Yes! Ise-san saved me by risking his life. He is my life saviour. He also helps me a lot at school. Even in class, he……”

Then Asia starts happily explaining how I’m helping her out at school every day while putting on a big smile.

She even tells them minor things and over-exaggerates them.

Uooooo……, I’m so embarrassed that I want to run away from this place.

My parents are like, “Oh, our Ise did?” and “For him to be useful to others”, and they seem like they aren’t dissatisfied with what they are hearing. Well, any parent would be happy if their child was being praised.

Then Buchou gives them the final push.

“What if this home-stay is also bride training, then?”


What is that!? Dad, mum, and I shout out very loudly. Asia is like, “?”, and is putting on a confused look.


Then there are loads of tears flowing out of dad’s eyes. He then speaks while wiping his tears.

“……Since Ise is like this, I was sure that I would never see grandchildren. I was always depressed that I had to worry about Ise living by himself even after I get very old……”

What…… Otou-sama suddenly started to speak his thoughts…… Rather, what’s with that irresponsible future map that you created for your own son?

My mum is wiping her tears beside him. Wait, you are crying too!?

“I also thought that Ise would never get a bride. It’s because he’s Ise. The stupid son. I tried raising him so he wouldn’t become a shame to society, but that all turned out to be a waste since he's turned out this way. If I could go back to the past, I would convince my younger self by telling her that, “Be careful since that son of yours will turn into a worthless son who hides lecherous DVDs inside his plastic model box hidden in his locker”.”

Uwaaaaaa! My secret porn location! Mum knows!?

My dad holds Asia’s hand.

“Asia-san! He’s a worthless son like this, but can I leave him to you?”

“You are wrong……, Ise-san isn’t a worthless person. He's a very wonderful person.”

Asia doesn’t realise what my dad is getting at and smiles.

My mum, who saw that, broke down by crying out loud. What is this? What drama am I watching?

“Rias-san! We will look after Asia Argento-san in this house!”

Buchou smiles after hearing dad’s approval.

“Thank you very much, Otou-sama. Ise. I will leave Asia’s care to you from now on. Asia, you will be staying here with Ise. So make sure not to be impolite. Get along with Ise’s parents.”

“Is it really alright? Won’t it…… be a burden…… if I stay……?”

“To get familiar with Japanese culture and lifestyle, it’s best to stay with the people from that country. When I asked you who among our club members you wanted to live with the most, you did say Ise without a second thought, right?” Buchou replied to the confused Asia.

Oh I see, so that’s the reason. Asia is staying at Rias-buchou’s place. She's borrowing one of the rooms in the old school building that Buchou, Asia, and I go to.

“Y-Yes. I indeed said that, but……”

“It’s fine, Asia-san! Get used to Japan at our house! You might stay here permanently after all!”

Dad, you really are trying to make Asia my wife, huh……

“See, even Otou-sama is saying this.”

Though Asia was confused, she finally smiles when she sees Buchou smiling.

“I understand, Buchou-san. There were things I didn’t quite understand, but I will be in your care, Ise-san, and Ise-san’s Otou-sama and Okaa-sama.”

…… You've been perfectly deceived, Dad, Mum…… Surely, the thing about my “bride” is a perfect blow to them……

Like this, it’s been decided that Asia will be living with me.

“……Bride, huh.”

I got very anxious of Buchou who was making a sad face at that time.

Part 5[edit]

A few days have passed since Asia started living in my house.

“The weather’s nice today. Ise-san, we are playing softball for physical education today. It’s my first time so I’m excited.”

Asia is happily walking towards the school. I’m walking next to her.

I never thought that a day would come when I would be able to walk to school every day with a beauty.

The students who go to the same school as us are looking at us with intense eyes.

“Why is Asia-san walking from the same direction as Hyoudou……”

“Impossible…… what’s going on……?”

“It must be some kind of mistake, not just Rias-oneesama, but even Asia-san……”

Just like that, I can hear the scream-like words from other students. Well, that’s natural. This situation would seem impossible for anyone who knows me.

I, who was just an unpopular perverted student, am now suddenly getting along with the school's idols. I'm also walking to school every day with the new blonde student everyone has been talking about since arriving. From other people’s view, this is an unbelievable situation.

There were some students who confessed to Asia because they were like “If Hyoudou can, so can I!”, but they were rejected immediately.

Because of that, there are those who hold a grudge against me. Even now, there are people looking at me with eyes filled with hatred.

Other guys must think I’m playing around with the beauty’s body. It’s not as simple as they think, but that’s okay.

Fufu. This is fun in its own way. Even if it’s a misunderstanding, they think I’m popular with girls. Oh yeah! That’s it! Just get jealous of me, boys!

I’m still going to rise higher! Fuhahahaha!

“Was there something that looks funny?”

Oh. Asia looks at my face with a worried look. When a beauty’s face is right in front of me, it makes me blush…… Looks like I’m still young.

“N-No, it’s nothing. By the way Asia, are there any problems at school? Are you getting along with other girls?”

Those are the things I’m most concerned about.

A former Sister has just transferred to our school. Since her lifestyle was far different from ours, she might feel lost in school life.

At times like this, I will definitely help her, however what’s most important is for her to be supported by other girls. I think she is getting along with the girls from the Occult Research Club, but I’m concerned about her interaction with the other classmates. I don’t think she is getting bullied for not being used to this lifestyle…… But I can’t stop myself from being worried about it.

Nothing like that is happening as far as I can tell, but she might be bullied when I’m not there.

However Asia smiles which comes from the bottom of her heart which then rejects my concern about her.

“Everyone is very kind towards me. They are teaching me a lot of things so I would get familiar with Japan. I also made lots of friends. I was also invited to go shopping with them.”

That’s good to hear. Looks like her relationship with the other classmates is going well. Now, one of my concerns is gone.

While talking about that, we arrive at school and then go towards the classroom.

Now with the problem of Asia’s school life settled, the remaining problem is—

“Asia-chan! Good morning!”

“Good morning, Asia-san. Your blonde hair is shining today as well.”

As soon as we arrive in the class, the bald headed guy Matsuda, and the guy wearing glasses Motohama, approach Asia. These two are my pals. They are famous for being perverted, along with me.

“Good morning Matsuda-san, Motohama-san.”

The two of them get emotional after getting greeted by Asia.

“This is the thing, isn’t it, Motohama-kun?”

“That’s right, Matsuda-kun. Getting greeted by having a beauty say “good morning” gives life to us this morning.”

……Like usual, they feel happy about minor things. But until recently I was probably the same as them.

Fufufu, having this much confidence sure does change people—.



When I was acting cool, Motohama punches me in my stomach.

“W-What was that for, baldy!?”

I argued against him but he continues to laugh and kicks my leg.

It really hurts! What is this idiot doing!?

“Hahaha. Ise-kun. I heard about it.”

“Heard what.”

“I hear that you walk to school with Asia-chan every day, right?”

“W-What about it?”

“That’s weird. Why? Why do you two come to the school from the same direction? I wonder why?”

Hmm. I don’t know where he heard it from, but it looks like he heard the rumours about me and Asia as well.

I lift my lips and put on a lecherous smile. I then say it.

“Listen, Matsuda, Motohama. There is a wall between me and you two which you guys definitely can’t overcome. This can’t be helped.”

“W-What are you getting all proud of!?”

“T-That’s right, Ise. Just because you get along with Asia-chan—”

I then give a finishing blow. I also put on an expression of victory.

“I live with Asia. Under one roof. Right, Asia?”

“Yes. I am being taken care of at Ise-san’s house.”


Both of them got quiet after seeing Asia answer with a smile. It looks like they are speechless.

Fu. Fuhahahaha! Hahahaha!

I won! I won!

“It’s a lie!”

Matsuda denies it strongly. He’s even crying. They are tears of jealousy. Fuhahaha! Cry! Scream! And die!

“I-Impossible…… Ise living with a blonde beauty in the same house……? That can’t be……the law of this world will collapse……”

Motohama fixes the position of his glasses with his shaking hand.

He’s also trembling even though he’s desperately trying to act calm.

“T-Then do you even get woken up by Asia-chan in the morning!?”

Matsuda’s question. How miserable.

“Asia, looks like I made you wake me up today as well.”

“Because Ise-san is such a sleepy head. Ufufu.”

Ah, Matsuda drops on the floor.

“Does she even refill the plates for you……?”

This time, Motohama asks.

“Mum also praised that you are a thoughtful girl, Asia.”

“Oh my……you are making me blush.”

Asia blushes while putting her hand on her cheek.

I looked at her with confidence, and a smile.

Seeing that, Motohama glares right at me through his glasses and it looks like he’s about to shed tears of blood.

Man, having my friend being jealous of me sure is scary. Seriously, life sure can be turned upside down with a single change.

Just being friendly with one beauty is enough for guys to get a happy life.

Yeah, even if all the girls in the class will come to hate me, I’m all right as long as Asia is on my side.

Ah, that’s not good. My aim is to get a peerage and become a great Devil, and then make lots of beauties into my servant.

Then I have to become a guy that girls will like. But it seems like I won’t be able to get along with girls……

“You! You actually know lots of cute girls, don’t you!? Rias-senpai! Akeno-senpai! They are the “Two Great Onee-samas” of our academy, you know!? Then our school’s small idol, Toujou Koneko-chan, and now the blonde beauty that just transferred, Asia-chan! This is wrong! It’s so unfair that I’m about to break!”

Matsuda whines while holding his head down. Cry as much as you want, my friend.

Just like he said, I’m getting along with several beauties lately.

Especially Asia, whom I walk to school with. And it seems like I’m being adored by Rias-senpai and Akeno-senpai as well……

Yeah. I’m in the winners’ group now. Definitely in a winner’s group. This might be the best point of my life. I’ll have to enjoy it so that I don’t regret it afterwards.

While I’m thinking about that, Motohama fixes his glasses calmly.

“Ise, I don’t think introducing a single girl to us will be a bad thing. No, I mean, please introduce us to someone. I beg you. Please.”

Motohama says it while putting his face close to mine. He says it with a low tone, however it has so much intensity to it.

But introducing…… The only beauties I talk to are the ones Matsuda just mentioned.

In other words, I don’t have any connections with other girls. Rather, they don’t even take me seriously.

It’s a harsh reality. It means that I don’t have ties with human girls. The girls I get along with are all Devils…… Well, even though they are Devils, they are all cute so it’s not a problem.

Hmm? Yeah, that’s right. Well, it’s not like I don’t know someone. There is one person that I know of.

I took my mobile phone out and check for the name. Yup, I have it. This should be okay.

“Hold on a sec.”

I made my two pals and Asia wait here for a bit, and then went to the corner of the room so I can get an approval from the said person.

We talked for a few minutes, but it seems like that person is okay with it. That’s good.

“Well, I found one person that’s okay with meeting you guys. That person will also bring friends as well. This is the number of the person I can introduce you guys to. Contact that person through mail first. That way, you guys will feel happier.”

“Thank you!”

Matsuda who was down on the floor until a moment ago grabs my mobile phone.

Hey hey, that’s a quick change! Until a second ago he was crying, this guy truly is……

The two of them copies the number into their phones.

“Thank you so much, Ise-sama! I will never forget this debt!”

“Yeah, let’s do a triple date next time! Just wait! We will also make a girlfriend instantly!”

The two of them are giving a good smile. It seems like they are experiencing happiness, or rather, the inside of their head is in party-mode.

“So, what kind of person is she? She’s a beauty right?”

Matsuda asks about the appearance of the person I just introduced. I answer while scratching my cheek.

“Umm, yeah, she’s a “maiden”. That, I’m sure of.”

“Maiden……w-wonderful……that’s really wonderful, Ise-kun!”

“Man, we just can’t thank you enough Ise-sensei.”

These guys are just pathetic. They keep on changing their attitudes. No, I would have been like them if I hadn’t met with Buchou and Asia.

I’m sorry for having all the fun, guys. Matsuda asks me once again with a smiley face.

“Oh Ise-kun. By the way, why is “Mil-tan” called Mil-tan?”

I will like for you guys to ask him yourself. Even I don’t know the reason.

Part 6[edit]

That night.

I’m pedalling my bike in the residential area.


I pedal my bike with all my strength.

When we reached the designated area, Asia who is sitting behind me puts the leaflet into the mail box.

“It’s done.”


I started pedalling my bicycle again after I confirm that Asia is sitting behind me.

The leaflet we just put in that house is a convenient item used to summon us Devils. Normally, you need to draw a magic-circle to summon a Devil, but in this century, there aren’t that many humans who are willing to draw a magic-circle to summon Devils.

More like there aren’t that many humans who believe in Devils in the current era. I also didn’t until recently.

Therefore, the Devil’s society that was in a tight situation created a leaflet with a magic-circle on it which can summon Devils more easily.

Each Devil stamps on their own personal magic-circle onto the leaflet, and just like ordinary advertisements, they write an advertisement phrase on it.

This leaflet is nothing to those that are satisfied with their lifestyles, but to those that are craving for something, it has a magic cast on it so they will want to use it.

We appear in front of humans who will become our contractors through the magic-circle. We grant their wish in exchange for a price. That’s how it works. So this is the current method used to summon Devils.

And handing this leaflet out is the first job of the servant Devils. This became a customary practice for a temporarily time. We use a Devil’s portable device to find humans with a strong greed, and put the leaflet into their mailbox and then move onto the next location. Repeating this is a Devil’s job.

Well, I have finished the job of handing out leaflets already. The reason why I am doing this is—.

“……Ise-san, is it really alright? To help me hand out the leaflets……”

“Yeah, it’s not a problem.”

Yes, I’m assisting Asia in handing out the leaflets. So like this, I continue to pedal the bicycle.

“Asia, you don’t know how to get on a bike right? Then someone has to ride the bike for you.”

“Uu, I’m sorry. I never had a chance to get on a bike…… But if it’s walking……”

“I can’t let you do that even more. I’m worried about you, Asia.”

That’s my true feeling. It’s not about whether she can ride a bicycle or not, but more of the fact that I can’t let Asia run around in an unfamiliar environment.

She had just come to Japan from Northern Europe last month. She doesn’t know that much about Japanese culture.

She gained the ability to understand Japanese after becoming a Devil, but it’s a different story if it's to adapt to this lifestyle. I’m teaching her starting from the basics, but there are still many things that make me worry about her.

On top of that, Asia is kind to anyone and doesn’t know how the world goes around. You won’t know what kind of bad things will fall upon her.

So I ended up suggesting to Buchou after thinking about it.

“I will help Asia with handing out the leaflets!”

Buchou gladly accepted my request. Thank you very much, Buchou!

Like that, I’m supporting Asia. So I have been going around the residential area at night on my bicycle together with her.

“Look Asia. That’s a shrine. We're Devils, so we can’t enter it.”

I talked about a certain shrine when we went pass it.

“Yes. Devils aren’t allowed to go to places where spirits gather and the local God lives, yes? It’s hard for me to understand Japanese “Shinto Gods” because I’m a Christian……”

It will be hard for her, who has been raised under a single religion, to understand the Japanese culture. That’s what Buchou told me.

So I started to teach Asia things about the place we live in while we hand out leaflets.

“Ah! Over there. It’s closed now but that bakery shop sells good bread. You want to go buy some next time?”

“Yes! Japanese breads are sweet, so I love them!”

Even a normal conversation is fun. A date at night. That’s the best!

I always wanted to ride a bicycle with a girl sitting behind me like this.

“Ise-san, have you watched the film “Roman Holiday”?”

Asia asks me.

Roman Holiday? Oh yeah, I think it’s a film.

“It’s an old film right? No, sorry. I haven’t watched it.”

“Is that so—”

Asia sounds a bit sad to my answer.

“But what about that film?”

“……It’s always have been my admiration. It was just like this…… However they were riding a bike in the film. Even so I…… Ufufu.”

Huh? She sounds really happy right now. Even her arms that are across my hips got stronger.

I’m not really sure, but oh well. If Asia is happy then that will be good enough.

The wind tonight also feels good.

Part 7[edit]

“We are back!”

Asia and I had finished handing out the leaflets and returned to the club room.

The unused old school building located behind the school. One of the rooms on the third floor is the room for the Occult Research Club and also the gathering place for the Gremory group.

“Ara ara, good work. I'll make some green tea now.”

The first one to welcome us back is the vice-president of our club as well as the staff officer of Rias-buchou, Himejima Akeno-san. She is my senior, a third year student and is a Japanese beauty with long silky black hair who is always smiling. She is also a person that wears a pony-tail hair-style, which is rare among the current teens.

Along with Buchou, she is known as one of the “Two Great Onee-samas” of our school and is popular among both boys and girls with the popularity of an idol.

“Hey, how was the date at night?”

The guy who is sending out a smile at me is Kiba Yuuto, the good looking guy. He is the Handsome-prince who has captured the hearts of most of the girls in our school. He is my enemy since I hate good looking guys.

“It was obviously the best.”

I put my thumbs up towards Kiba.

“……Illicit sexual relationship late at night.”

The one who just said a harsh thing to me is the small build first year student, Toujou Koneko-chan. At first glance, she only looks like a grade school student but because she’s a loli girl, she is popular in our academy for being our school mascot.

Asia and I walk towards Buchou, who is sitting on the sofa. Our [King], Rias-buchou. Even tonight, your crimson hair is beautiful like always.

“Buchou. We are back.”

I reported to her, but Buchou is looking towards a certain direction while being dazed. Is she thinking about something? She even makes a deep sigh.

Asia who is next to me also looks in the direction Buchou is looking towards.

“Buchou, we are back!”

This time, I raised my voice. Buchou heard me and came back to her senses.

“I-I’m sorry. I was dazed for a bit. Good work, Ise, Asia.”

Lately, It seems that Buchou is thinking about something often. When she orders us to do something, she does it with elegance like usual, but other than that, her mind goes off to somewhere else. I think the number of times she has sighed increased as well.

She possibly has some serious concerns that we possibly won't be able to understand. Well, she is a High-class Devil, after all.

So these are the members of the Occult Research Club and also the members of the Gremory group. Other than me, everyone else is super popular at school. Well, I’m famous for being a perv. Hahaha, I feel like apologising since I feel I’m in the wrong place.

Buchou then says it after confirming that Asia and I have arrived.

“Now then, I will have Asia make her début as a Devil starting tonight.”

Oh! Seriously!?


I say it to Asia who is puzzled.

“Asia, you will be having your actual début as a Devil tonight! You are going to a contractors place through the magic-circle!”


Asia points to herself while panicking.

“Right, Buchou?”

Buchou nods to my question.

“Yes. Handing out the leaflets will end today. If I let it go on forever, it seems that the date between you two will continue even further.”

Uwa. Please stop bullying your servants, Buchou. I’m feeling a bit embarrassed if Buchou says that to me.

Like the same time as my debut, Buchou draws the magic-circle of the Gremory-clan on Asia’s palm. Thanks to that, you will be able to transport through the magic-circle.

“Akeno, check whether Asia has enough demonic-power to transport through the magic-circle.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Akeno-san put her hand on Asia’s forehead after Buchou orders her. A faint light appears from her finger tips, and it seems like she is reading something.

“We had the incident with Ise before, so we need to check properly. Though I don’t think there will be a same problem.”

I feel down after hearing Buchou’s worry.

That’s right. My debut as a Devil was awful. To use the magic-circle, you need a little bit of demonic-power. But I didn’t even have that little bit of demonic-power at all.

Thanks to that, I couldn’t transport through the magic-circle and I have to use a bicycle to go to the client, which is something no one has done before. Even now, I have to visit the clients by bicycle. This is hard to endure……

“Buchou, it’s okay. There’s no problem at all. More like, she has the most demonic-power after Buchou and me. Her potential capacity for her demonic-power is very good.”

Buchou smiles at Akeno-san’s report.

“That’s good news. She can use her power as a [Bishop] to the fullest.”

The [Bishop] Buchou just mentioned is Asia's role as a Devil.

The current Devils have rules that are based on the game of chess, of the human’s world, for their servants. The Devil who is a master is a [King], and below them are the [Queen], the [Rooks], the [Bishops], the [Knights], and the [Pawns].

The system for the servant Devils that the current Devils uses, the [Evil Piece].

Previously, Buchou and others told me that long time ago, many Devils died against the War with God and the Fallen Angels, and this system was created to increase the forces of the Devils with having only small numbers of underlings in order to keep the balance against the other factions.

Each piece has its own traits that boost up the ability of a servant Devil.

Of course, by having Buchou as our leader who is also our master, we also have certain roles.

Akeno-san is a [Queen], Kiba is a [Knight], Koneko-chan is a [Rook], Asia is a [Bishop] and I am a [Pawn]!

At first glance, [Pawn] seems weak, but depending on the way you use it, it can even take down a [King]! That’s what Buchou told me! I have to believe that since I am aiming to become the “Strongest Pawn”.

Going back to the topic, since Asia has high demonic-power, she has no problem transporting through the magic-circle.

Yup, looks like Asia began from a good start. I’m also satisfied with that.

Then Asia will also get along with her client and— .

Then I started to feel uneasy.

……What will happen to Asia who is kind to anyone and who doesn’t know how the world goes around when she gets summoned by someone with lots of greed……?

Case 1

“Oh, what a cute Devil-san! Oh yeah! Please show me your panties! Please also show me your breasts!”

……That’s bad.

Case 2

“Beautiful Devil-chan! Let me grope your oppai as much as I want in exchange for my life!”


Case 3

“I will give you my life, so let me have sex with you till the night ends!”


“Ise, are you crying?”

Buchou looks into my face with a worried look.

“Buchou, no. It’s a no!”

I shake my head to the side while having tears flow from my eyes.

It’s a no. That’s right, no! It’s Asia that we are talking about!? There’s no way Asia is able to decline when some guy she hasn’t met asks her a lecherous order!

Asia who is serious and passionate about her work will try to accomplish it, even sacrificing her own body!

“Buchou! I feel uneasy if Asia goes alone~! If Asia~! I can’t stand it if some weirdo asks some sick wish to Asia!”

Buchou seems a bit troubled after I approached her while crying.

“Ise, a request which is too lecherous for the Devils they summoned doesn’t come to the servant Devils of the Gremory-clan. There are humans who request those kinds of wishes, so there are Devils who take those clients as their profession and requests like that goes to them. The jobs we take are safe, you know? Even Devils have areas that they are professional at.”

“Buchou, you are telling the truth right? That’s the truth, right? But still, I feel super uneasy!”

Buchou sighs after seeing me so worried about it.

“Alright. For a short time, I’ll put you with Asia to support her. Are you satisfied with that?”

“T-Thank you very much! Asia! Let me handle the pervs! Asia, you can just make the contract normally!”


I take Asia’s hand, and make a sigh of relief.

Asia herself looks worried that she is causing trouble for me, but that’s okay. I need to protect Asia. I even made a promise with Buchou, I’m also worried about Asia.

I might be over protective towards her, but I want to look after her until she says, “I can do it by myself!”.

You have to do these kinds of things until they get annoyed with you. I will protect Asia even if it makes her hate me.

“So then, if a request comes, Asia, you will transport through the magic-circle by taking Ise with you.”

“Yes, I understand. Buchou.”

After she confirms it, the big magic-circle on the floor glows.

Akeno-san who is in charge of the magic-circle starts to read the Devil’s letters that appeared in a section of the magic-circle.

“Ara ara, there is a client trying to summon us, who wants to wish something that even Asia-chan can handle.”

Hearing Akeno-san’s report, Buchou smiles.

“That’s very convenient. Asia can supply the demonic-power needed for teleporting through the magic-circle, and she can also support Ise who lacks demonic-power as well. Let’s do it then.”

Hmm, I was the one who is supposed to help her, but it looks like I’m the one needing the help…… That’s okay. I just need to watch over Asia doing her first job!

“Let’s go, Asia!”

“Yes, Ise-san!”

Asia and I went towards the centre of the magic-circle after getting our spirits up.

Part 8[edit]

I returned home late at night with Asia.

Asia finished her first job safely. Unlike my debut, it went smoothly.

“I’m sorry, I will take the bath first then.”

Saying that, Asia heads towards the bathroom. She can’t stop smiling because she has accomplished her first job.

I also went to my room to rest. Ah, both my mind and body is worn, just like every night.

After Asia finished her job, we went back to the club room and reported to Buchou, and finished our job as a Devil for the night. I have concerns for Buchou who had a sad face……

Being concerned about Buchou is good, but it will be my turn to have a bath after Asia is done.

Using the same bath a girl was in…… I know I shouldn’t think about lecherous things, but I’m that age when I have to. So there is a part of me getting excited about it.

No, no! I shake my head very hard and tried to get rid of the ill thoughts.

I need to protect Asia! If I get excited about Asia, then that makes me the worst kind of person!

Perv! What a perv I am! Shit! I wish I have the mind of a hermit just for now!

Yes! To get rid of my ill thoughts I will sit while crossing my legs! I sat on the floor and closed my eyes to calm my spirit.

I’m not lecherous. I’m not a pervert. I’m a being that protects Asia. I’m living with Asia but I can’t think about naughty stuff. Namu namu namu.

Ouch! Then I got a headache! Oh yeah! Why am I praying!? I’m a Devil! I take damage if I pray! I almost terminated myself!

Damn it! What am I doing!? Wait, what am I doing in my own room……?


Then the floor on my room glows. The light is forming into a circular shape, and a familiar symbol appears on it.

—This is the mark of our group!

The Gremory group’s magic-circle. Who is it? I mean, why my room? Is someone trying to teleport to my room!?

The magic-circle makes a big glow that lit up the whole room, and a person appears from it.

It’s the silhouette of a girl. A girl with crimson hair—.


The one that appears from the magic-circle is none other than Rias-buchou. But why is she in my room?

She seems to have the face of those cornered. Her expression is the same as the one she had back in the clubroom.

Buchou approaches me soon as she sees me. Then she says something shocking to me.

“Make love to me.”

…………Excuse me? My mind went blank because of the sudden thing. What did she say just now? Did I go deaf?

Buchou says it again to make sure I heard it since I have a confused look.

“I want you to take my virginity. Immediately.”

Buchou’s Japanese is stimulating as always.

Life.2 I Pick a Fight[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Hurry, go to the bed. I will get ready for it now.”

Buchou hassles me while taking her uniform off!

H-Hold on! What is this!? What’s happening!? My mind can’t catch up to Buchou’s actions!


She takes her skirt off and her underwear becomes visible! Guha! Her pure white panties are so bright! Her beautiful long legs are excellent like always! She still has thighs that you want to touch a lot!

She then reaches for her bra!

“B-Buchou! This is—!?”

I’m panicking. Of course! Obviously! Even a horny student like me will get confused if Buchou suddenly appears and says something like “Let’s have sex” and starts taking her clothes off!


She finally takes her shirt off! Her oppai that are supported by the bra are visible! I can’t take my eyes off her white and huge breasts!

Buchou who only has her panties on, takes a huge breath, and then walks towards me.

“Ise, aren’t I good enough?”

“N-No! Absolutely not!”

“I thought about all sorts of things, but this is the only method left.”

Method for what!? I can’t see where this is leading to!?

“If there is evidence, then they can’t complain about it. The only person close to me who is able to do it with me is you.”

Me!? I’m not really sure, but have I been chosen to be her first time!?

It’s an honour! That’s what I want to say but I don’t have the confidence to say it!

“……Yuuto won’t do. He is a pure knight. He would decline it for sure. That’s why you were the only one possible, Ise.”

I won over Kiba!? Uhahaha! I don’t know what’s going on, but for that part I can be proud! I won against you handsome!

“……There are things you still lack in, but you seem to have the potential.”

Buchou’s fingertip touches my cheek. My heart is beating. I feel something mysterious running through my body!

“You are the only one who would do it as soon as I ask and will go till the end.”


Buchou approaches me. I have myself pushed down onto the bed. Buchou horse rides on me. The place where her buttocks and thighs are touching is my important part!

Her crimson hair falls down on my body. The smell of her crimson hair excites me.


The sound of the bra being unhooked. The second coming of Buchou’s oppai! Her beautiful pink nipples are already erect.

Her breasts bounces with her slight movements. This has too many destructive powers!

This is my second contact with this breast! I never thought that I will be able to see it again on this bed!

“This is your first time, right Ise? Or do you already have experience?”

“I-It’s my first time!”

“I see. It’s my first time as well, so let’s do it till the end even if both of us have no experience. It’s all right, it’s very simple. You just have to put it inside here.”

Buchou touches her important part with her finger. It’s so stimulating that my brain is about to burst!

Then Buchou takes my right hand and……!

High school dxd 059.jpg


My right hand which was grasped by Buchou is placed on top of her oppai! I can feel a really soft sensation on all five fingers while it sinks in! It's a guy's thing to concentrate their thoughts and sensations on their right hand at times like this!


I know that there is an insane amount of blood bursting out from my nose.

T-The sensation of the oppai that I dreamed so much about! Crap, my head is about to burst because of this amazing situation! But if I have to describe this sensation, then it’s like a pudding that won’t crumble! Or the best quality marshmallow! No, you still can’t describe this sensation with expressions like that! You absolutely can’tttttt!

“Do you realise it?”

Buchou says that to me with a charming voice.

“I’m also nervous. You can tell by my heart beat right?”

Now that you mention it, I can feel her heart beating fast through her soft oppai that I’m touching with my right hand. If I look carefully, her pure white skin starts to turn red.

……B-Buchou is also nervous? So Buchou who usually acts with elegance gets nervous for her first time as well huh.

Then Buchou starts to strip my clothes off! Uwaaaaaah! I’m getting stripped naked by a giiiiiirl!

“B-But! I-I don’t actually have the confidence!”

I accidentally made a whiny voice because I’m so nervous! Well, obviously! That’s because I really am a virginnnnnn!

Buchou gets her face close to mine and says it.

“Are you trying to embarrass me?”


With that comment, my brain blows. I know it’s the sound indicating that I can’t hold my instinct back anymore.

I grab Buchou by her shoulders and put her down against my bed!

On my bed. There is a fully naked girl below me. She’s saying that I can do her! Make your determination, Hyoudou Issei! I’m not really sure, but my time has come! I have to do it!

Wait, is this really all right!? But I can’t control myself if the beauty I admire says things like this to me!

After I gulped down my spit and took a deep breath, I lean my body against Buchou—.


Then the floor of my room flashes once again. W-What is it!?

Seeing that, Buchou sighs.

“……Looks like I was a bit late……”

Buchou stares at the magic circle with disgust. The symbol on the magic circle is—Gremory group?

Who is it? Kiba? Akeno-san? Koneko-chan?

Wait, no matter who it is, getting caught in this situation is baaaaaad!!

But my prediction was wrong, and the person who appears from the magic-circle is a silver haired woman. Her clothes look like that of a maid. Is she a maid?

The beautiful silver-haired maid speaks silently after seeing me and Buchou.

“Are you trying to break the agreement by doing something like this?”

The maid says it plainly as if she is astonished. Buchou twitches her eyebrows hearing that.

“If I don’t go this far, both Otou-sama and Onii-sama won’t listen to me right?”

“Both Sirzechs-sama and the master will become sad after they find out that you tried to give your purity to some lowly person like this.”

Master? S-Sirzechs-sama? Who is it? From what Buchou said, is it her father and her brother? So Buchou has a brother.

But lowly…… She’s talking about me right? I feel a bit shocked if someone I just met calls me that.

Hearing the maid woman say that, Buchou becomes unpleasant immediately.

“My purity is mine only. What’s wrong with giving it to someone whom I acknowledged? Also don’t call my cute servant lowly. Even if it’s you, I won’t forgive you, Grayfia.”

B-Buchouuuuu! I’m so moved because you became mad for me!

The woman called Grayfia picks up Buchou’s bra.

“Anyway, you are the next heiress of the House of Gremory, so please don’t show your skin to a man recklessly. Even more so if you are in the middle of this situation.”

She then puts the bra on Buchou’s body.

The woman looks at me. She then bows her head down.

“How do you do. I’m a maid that serves the House of Gremory. My name is Grayfia. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

I received a polite introduction from her. I feel a bit awkward because I was called a lowly person when I first saw her, but if I look carefully she’s quite a beauty. If she’s human then she will be in her early 20’s.

She seems like a calm and collected person, and her silver hair that is shining looks beautiful. She has her hair split into three strings, which are then knotted with each other. Grayfia-san huh, I think older woman are also quite good……


Buchou pinches me because I’m gazing at Grayfia-san. It hurts, Buchou.

“Grayfia, did you come here of your own accord? Or because the household sent you? ……Or is it Onii-sama?”

Buchou makes an unpleasant face. Somehow she’s acting like girls her age. This is a new side of her I haven’t seen.

“All of them.”

Grayfia-san answers like that. Hearing that, Buchou sighs as if she is giving up.

“Is that so? You, who is brother’s [Queen], came to the human world personally. So it can only be one thing. I understand.”

Buchou picks her clothes up. She puts her arm through her clothes. Her wonderful naked body is getting covered.

“I’m sorry, Ise. Let’s make it so that the thing from earlier never happened. I wasn’t thinking straight either. Let’s forget about today’s incident.”

……Ah, so it’s over then. W-Well, I don’t know what’s going on either…… But I know that I will definitely regret it afterwards.

“Ise? Wait, is this person?”

Hmm? Grayfia-looks at me with a shocked expression. I never expected a cool woman like her to be this shocked.

“Yes, Hyoudou Issei. My [Pawn]. The user of the [Boosted Gear].”

“……[Boosted Gear], the one possessed by the Emperor of Dragons……”

What is it? Suddenly Grayfia-san starts to look at me as if she’s looking at something extraordinary.

“Grayfia, let’s go back to my room. I will listen to what you have to say over there. Akeno can also attend, right?”

“The “Priestess of Thunder”? I don’t mind. It’s a must for High-class Devils to have their [Queen] by their side all the time.”

“Very well. Ise.”

Buchou calls me. She walks towards me and then she—.


Buchou’s lip touches my cheek. …………Wow. Uoooooooooooo!

I got kissed on the cheeeeeeeek!!

“Please forgive me for today with this. I troubled you a lot. Let’s meet again in the clubroom tomorrow.”

She gives me a farewell and disappears in the magic-circle together with Grayfia-san.

……I’m the only one left in the room now. I’m standing there dazzled while touching the cheek where I was kissed.

“Ise-san! I finished using the shower!”

I heard Asia’s voice soon after that.

Part 2[edit]

Next morning. Asia and I are walking towards school.

I rub my eyes since I wasn’t able to get a single bit of sleep.

Damn it. Damn itttttttttt!

I regretted it about last night! I regretted so much! I was suffering inside my bed!

The feeling of the oppai in my hand, and the image of Buchou’s naked body burned into my eyes has impacted both my mind and soul!

So I got up at night and started to do lot of lecherous things by myself! For the whole night! I had to pleasure myself because I had so much hornyness within my body since she stopped right before doing it! That’s why I’m flat out tired from the morning!

“Are you okay?”

Asia asks me with a worried voice. I feel like I know how dirty I am when I get stared at by her innocent eyes!

I’m sorry Asia. I was doing something you shouldn’t know about while you weren’t looking. I can’t tell her that Buchou wanted to have sex with me last night no matter what.

“You didn’t do the morning training today, so I thought your body was hurt.”

Asia seems like she is very worried. I’m very sorry.

The morning training was cancelled today. I received a call early this morning from Buchou, and she cancelled it by saying “Can we cancel it today”.

Well, I can’t do training with Buchou herself in this state……

I’m walking towards the classroom while my legs are moving very slowly. Then—.


Matsuda is running towards me with an extremely pissed face from the end of the corridor.

Ah! It’s about that!


From the other direction Motohama is running really fast.

Both of them got ready to do a lariat on me! I have nowhere to run since we are in the corridor!


Ugah! Both of their lariats hit my neck. It hurts idiots!

I coughed while touching my neck.

“D-Don’t fuck with meeeee!”

Matsuda shouts.

“Ise! You bastard!”

Motohama grabs me by my collar and glares at me with eyes filled with murderous intent.

“Seriously, what is it?”

I acted like I didn’t know what they are on about, but it doesn’t stop them from being pissed at me.

“Don’t fuck around! Fuck! What the heck was that!? He looked like those really strong guys from a martial arts manga! And why was he wearing Gothic Lolita clothes!? Is that an ultimate weapon!?”

Matsuda complains to me while crying. Looks like the two of them met him yesterday.

It seems like the impact of “Mil-tan” was too much for them.

Mil-tan— a regular customer of mine as a Devil. My contractor.

He is a girl born from a man that has the body of the world’s strongest person, and he looks up to mahou-shoujo. His charming point is his Gothic Lolita outfit and the cat ears he wears.

You may think this information doesn’t make any sense, but I can’t help it if this is the truth.

The heart of a maiden, and a body of a man! That’s the only explanation I have.

“Not only that! He also brought some friends! He made a gathering of some sorts! There were couple of those who looked like “Mil-tan”! I was so scared! I thought I was going to get killed!”

Damn. So there are more of them…… Just thinking about it gives me shivers and nightmares. Where do “Mil-tan series” get produced from……? Yeah, I definitely don’t want to meet them……

“They were going on about the world of magic! Whaaaaaat the fuck is the “World of Magic Serabenia”!? I don’t know any shit like thaaaaaat!”

Matsuda-kun continues to complain to me while shaking my body violently.

“In my case, they were telling me about how to defeat the “Dark Creatures” if I ever encounter one…… Apparently you can kill them by using a special item which is made by mixing the salt from the sea of the dead and a flower that only appears at night called “Moonlight flower”, and then burn them to make a powder…… No matter how you think about it, a punch from Mil-tan would be enough to kill any living thing in this world……”

Motohama says it to me while holding his head down.

I-I see, looks like these two have went through hell.

“Congratulations. Now you can beat the “Dark creatures” whenever you encounter one.”

After I said that, Matsuda and Motohama does a double brain buster on me.

Part 3[edit]

“Buchou’s problem? Maybe it has something to do with the House of Gremory.”

Kiba says that to me while we are walking towards the clubroom located in the old school building.

I met with Kiba while I was on my way to the clubroom along with Asia. So I asked Kiba about how Buchou is acting strange lately, but it seems like Kiba also doesn’t know the reason why.

“Akeno-san would know, right?”

Kiba nods at my question.

“Akeno-san is Buchou’s most trusted servant, so she obviously would know.”

I know that asking Buchou about her problem is rude, but I became concerned about her since I was involved in it last night.

But I don’t feel like talking about last night with anyone. I mean, it will cause an uproar if I do.

Well, never mind. Anyway, if there is a thing I can help her with then I will.

When we arrived to front of the door, Kiba notice something.

“……For me to finally realise the presence here……”

Kiba puts on a serious face by narrowing his eyes. Huh? What is it?

I open the door without any concerns.

Inside the room are Buchou, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, and—. The silver haired maid Grayfia-san! She sure does act calm.

Buchou has a very unpleasant face. Akeno-san is smiling like usual, but she has cold vibe.

Koneko-chan is sitting on a chair at the corner quietly. It seems like she doesn’t want to get involved with others much as possible.

The room has an atmosphere where no one is talking.

Kiba quietly says “Oh my” from behind me. The three of us goes inside the room but none of the members are talking to us like they always do.

That’s how tense the atmosphere of this room is.

Asia is also feeling uneasy so she holds onto my sleeve with an uneasy face. I pat on her head to comfort her and to make her feel safe.

Buchou speaks after looking at each of us.

“Looks like everyone is here. Before we start the club, there’s something I need to tell all of you.”

“Ojou-sama, do you want me to explain the situation?”

Buchou rejects Grayfia-san’s offer by waving her hand.

“The truth is—”

It happens exactly when Buchou speaks. The magic-circle on the floor glows.

Eh……? Teleportation? But all of the people from Gremory group are here. So is it a Devil who serves the House of Gremory just like Grayfia-san?

After this, I realise that my guess is way off from the correct answer, and I will come to realise that I still lack knowledge as a Devil.

The symbol of the Gremory drawn on the magic-circle changes into an unfamiliar pattern.

—! What is this!? Isn’t this the Gremory’s magic-circle?


That’s what Kiba who is close to me says. Phoenix? T-Then it isn’t a Gremory!

The light shines through the room and a person appears from the magic-circle.


Flames come out from the magic-circle, and the room gets flowed with heat. Hot! Sparks are burning my skin.

There is a silhouette of a man inside the flames. When he swings his arm across to the side, the flames disappear.

“Fuu, it’s been a while since I came to the human’s world.”

The one standing there is a man wearing a red suit. Since he’s wearing his suit casually, he didn’t have a tie and his shirt is opened till his chest. He looks like he’s in his early 20’s.

He’s handsome but he seems more of the bad boy type. He has his hands inside his pockets.

Somehow, he looks like a host. More like, is he a host-Devil? His good looking face kind of pisses me off. If Kiba is the gentle type, then this guy is the wild type.

The guy looks around the room, and then smirks after finding Buchou.

“My lovely Rias. I came to see you.”

……M-My lovely Rias? This guy, what kind of relation does he have with Buchou?

Buchou is looking at him with her eyes half closed. It doesn’t seem like she is welcoming this guy. But the guy doesn’t seem to care and approaches Buchou.

“Now then, Rias. Let’s go and take a look at the ceremony hall. The date of the ceremony is decided so we need to check it before then.”

What a frivolous guy…… From which household is this Devil from? Kiba said Phoenix earlier……

The guy grabs Buchou’s arm. W-What a rude guy!

High school dxd 087.jpg

“……Let go of me, Riser.”

Buchou says that with a deep and serious voice while shaking the guys hand off. Uwah, her voice sounds really scary…… She’s really pissed off!

The guy called Riser doesn’t seem to care about having his hand shook off and is just smirking.

Somehow, his slight movement is ticking me off. I’m starting to get pissed.

I then say this to him.

“Hey, you. You are being rude to Buchou. Actually, what’s with that attitude towards a girl?”

I said it clearly to him. The guy looks at me, and starts looking at me as if he is looking at some trash. This bastard is pissing me off even more!

“Ah? Who are you?”

He said it with a displeased voice. It’s totally different from the sweet voice he has towards Buchou. Nggh, he’s clearly looking down on me. I can feel his hatred towards me. But I will say what I have to!

“I am the servant Devil of Rias Gremory-sama! I’m the [Pawn], Hyoudou Issei.”

I said it to him! I even told him my name! How’s that host-Devil!

“Hmm. Ah, okay.”


I slipped after he makes a dull reaction. Ugh……Somehow I feel hurt by that kind of reaction. So you don’t care about me. Is that right?

“I mean, who the heck are you?”

The guy seems a bit surprised by my question.

“……Oh? Rias, you haven’t mentioned me to your servants? I mean, are there guys who don’t know me? A reincarnated Devil? Even so.”

“I didn’t tell them because there was no need.”

“Oh my, harsh like always. Hahaha……”

The guy starts laughing. Then Grayfia-san comes into the discussion.

“Hyoudou Issei-sama.”


“This person is Riser Phoenix-sama. He’s a pure-blood High-class Devil, and the third son of the House of Phoenix.”

Grayfia-san explains it to me about this guy.

Yeah, so he’s a High-class Devil from the House of Phoenix. So he holds a peerage then. Isn’t that a legendary creature that appears in books and is said to be a fire bird or immortal bird……? So there are things similar to it among the Devils.

So how does a guy like that related to Buchou? A friend? Or is he some childhood friend?

But soon, I found out the true reason that far surpasses my prediction.

“And he is the husband of the next heiress of the House of Gremory.”

……Hm? H-H-Husband....? The next heiress……she’s talking about Buchou right……?

“He is engaged to Rias-ojousama.”


Huh? E-E-E-E-E-E-Engageeeeeed!?


I screamed because of the shocking revelation. This bastard is Rias-buchou’s fiancé.

Part 4[edit]

“The tea made by Rias’s [Queen] is superb.”

“Thank you very much.”

The guy who praises Akeno-san’s tea, —Riser. Akeno-san is also smiling, but she doesn’t say her usual “Ara ara” and “Ufufu”. I feel a bit scared……

Buchou who is sitting on the sofa. Riser who carelessly sat next to her and is holding her shoulder. Buchou keeps on shaking his hands off, but the bastard keeps on touching her hair, hands and shoulders. That guy is way too close to her!

We, her servants, are sitting away from the two High-class Devils and can only look at them.

Ku…… Just looking at him pisses me off! He keeps on touching her body! If he starts touching her legs, I’m seriously going to jump at him! I also want to touch those thighs of hers as well!

Ah, if I think about it I already know the sensation of Buchou’s oppai. Does that make me more amazing since I know the sensation of those breasts even before him who is her fiancé?

Fufufu, yeah. I am. I have already seen her naked body twice. Fufufu. So it’s my win then!? Nuhahaha!

“U-Umm, Ise-san. Did something good happen?”

Asia who is next to me, asks with a worried face.

Huh!? I made a victory declaration in my mind against Riser.

“……Indecent thinking is prohibited.”

Koneko-chan gives me her harsh words again. Ungh, does this girl have some power that allows her to read my mind?

“Ise-kun, in any case you should wipe your drool.”

Kiba gives me a handkerchief with a refreshing smile.

“I-It’s none of your business!”

I tried to wipe my drool with my sleeve, but Asia wipes it for me with her handkerchief.

“It’s almost time to eat snacks, so you drooled thinking about it, correct?”

Ugh. My heart hurts because she said that with a smile. This girl probably doesn’t know that I was thinking about naughty stuff.

“Thank you, Asia.”

I’m sorry Asia. I thanked her, while apologising to her in my heart.

Then at that time—.

“Stop it already!”

Buchou’s angry voice echoes through the room.

When I look, Buchou got up from the sofa and is glaring sharply at Riser. Riser on the other hand is smirking like usual.

“Riser! I told you before! I will not marry you!”

“Yeah, I heard that before. But Rias, that won’t do, you know? I think the situation of your household is quite serious.”

“That’s none of your concern! If I’m the next heiress for the House of Gremory, then I will choose who will become my husband! My father, brother, and everyone in the clan are rushing it! Also it was a promise that I will be free until I graduate from university of the human world!”

“That’s right. You will basically be free. You can go to college and you can do whatever you like with your servants. But your Otou-sama and Sirzechs-sama are worried. They are afraid that your household will become extinct. We lost a great number of pure-blood Devils in the last war. Even if the war has ended, our rivalry with the Fallen Angels and God hasn’t ended yet. It’s not rare for the successors of pure-blood Devil to get killed in the worthless battle against them, which leads to the household becoming extinct. So for a pure-blood Devil that are also happens to be a High-class Devil, getting together would be the obvious solution for the forces of Devils. A pure-blood High-class Devil. Even you know that these children will be important from now on, right?”

Buchou and Riser start to argue about something I don’t get. But even an idiot like me knows that they are discussing an important thing about the World of Devils.

Buchou becomes quiet when Riser started a serious topic. Though her sharp eyes haven’t changed. Riser continues to talk after drinking the tea.

“The newly produced Devils—. The ones like your servants, the reincarnated Devils, are expanding in terms of strength but that would make us, the High-class Devils with old history background, lose our place. There are old nobles who gets close to the reincarnated Devils because they are very powerful. Well, that might be alright. The newly produced Devils are also important for our future. But we can’t allow the pure-blood Devils to go extinct right? You and I were chosen in order to prevent the pure-bloods from going extinct. My house is safe because I have my older brothers. But there are only two siblings in your house. And your brother is someone who left the house. Then there would only be you, Rias, who can inherit the House of Gremory. If you don’t take a husband, the House of Gremory will go extinct in your generation. Are you trying to crush the household that has been continuing for a very long time? Because of the past war, there is not even half the number of Devils who were referred as “72 pillars”. This marriage has the future of the Devils on the line.”

……It seems like the discussion is getting really serious……

The “72 pillars”, I was told about it from Kiba before.

A long time ago there were 72 Devils that held a peerage, and each clan had dozens of armies, but most of them died in the war. Buchou’s clan are one of the important pure-blood Devils that survived the war.

I was pissed when Riser kept on saying engagement, but listening to the whole story makes it seem very complicated.

Pure-blood Devils, in other words Buchou and Riser. A pure Devil. It means their parents are also pure-blood Devils. A real Devil. Asia and I will be categorised as reincarnated Devils then.

A rule from ancient time, huh. Then my opinion won’t mean a thing huh……

But it’s alright. I will just agree with Buchou’s decision. Of course that’s after hearing her true feelings.

“I’m not going to crush my house. And I am willing to take a husband.”

Hearing Buchou, Riser makes a big smile.

“Oh, to be expected from Rias! Then let’s—”

“But I won’t marry you, Riser. I will marry the one I acknowledge. Even the Devils from the old noble house have the right to choose.”

Buchou talks over Riser and says it clearly.

Hearing that, Riser suddenly becomes unpleasant. His eyes become sharper and he even makes a noise with his tongue.

“……You know, Rias. I’m also a Devil who carries the name of House of Phoenix behind me. I can’t let that name get tarnished. I didn’t even want to come to a small old building like this in the human world. Rather, I don’t like the human world that much. The fire and wind of this world is filthy. For a Devil like me who rules fire and wind, I can’t stand it!”


There are flames around Riser. There are small bits of fire around the room.

“I will take you back to the underworld, even if I have to burn all of your servants.”


His hostility and killing intent fills the room. The pressure from Riser’s body come right at me, no, at us.

I feel something cold on my back, and it feels like all the hair on my body is about to stand. The killing intent directed by a High-class Devil. This is bad! My hands and body are trembling.

Asia hugs my arm because she got scared. Yeah, Asia won’t be able to withstand this atmosphere. I feel the uneasiness like the time when I fought that Fallen Angel, no, it’s even worse.

Kiba and Koneko-chan aren’t trembling but they are getting ready to fight any time.

Buchou makes a stance against Riser, and there are red aura coming out of her body.

Riser also starts covering his body with fire. Intense heat fills the room. Hot…… That fire, it’s obvious that we will get turned to ash if we get hit by that! I can feel the same strength of demonic-power as Buchou from his flames!

Buchou is stronger than the Fallen Angel I beat…… If I can sense the same strength from him, does it mean that Riser is a Devil who is incredibly strong?

The flame gathers around Riser’s back and forms into wings of flame. Exactly like a fire bird.

The atmosphere is intense. But there is one person who interfered calmly. –It’s Grayfia-san.

“Ojou-sama, Riser-sama, please calm down. If both of you were to continue, then I won’t be quiet about it. For Sirzechs-sama’s honour, I won’t hold back.”

Buchou and Riser both make a serious face after hearing Grayfia-san’s quiet and intense voice. It seems like they are scared of her.

Riser calms the flames around his body and sighs while shaking his head.

“……To be told that by the “Strongest Queen”, even I would be scared…… I definitely wouldn’t want to fight the people from Sirzech-sama’s group, which is known to be made up of monsters.”

So Buchou’s brother has that much influential power huh. I also didn’t know that Grayfia-san is that strong. I don’t even feel any killing intent coming from her at all.

Buchou also stops her red demonic-power and disbands her battle position. Looks like we avoided the worst case scenario.

Seeing that both Buchou and Riser have no intention to fight, Grayfia-san speaks.

“Master, Sirzechs-sama, and those from the House of Phoenix knew it would turn out like this. To tell you the truth this was to be the last discussion meeting. Everyone knew that it wouldn’t be solved, so they decided to make a last resort.”

“Last resort? What do you mean, Grayfia?”

“Ojou-sama, if you wish to push your opinion forward, then how about you settle it by having a [Rating Game] against Riser-sama?


Buchou becomes speechless hearing Grayfia-san. She seems to be very shocked.

[Rating Game]? I think I heard about it before……

“It’s a game that is played by the Devils with peerage, and they compete by making their servants battle.”

Kiba explains it to me because I have a confused look.

Oh, I think I remember about it. It’s a battle amongst Devils where you use your servants, [Pawn], [Knight], [Bishop], [Rook], and [Queen].

I heard that your strength in the game reflects greatly in your social standing among other Devils. But wasn’t that game only played by mature aged Devils, and Buchou who isn’t at the mature age can’t participate in it?

Grayfia-san continues her explanation and answers my questions.

“Just as you know, Ojou-sama, only mature aged Devils can participate in official [Rating Game]. But if it’s an unofficial match between pure-blood Devils, even immature Devils can participate. However, in this case—”

“When it involves the family and household problems.”

Buchou continues to talk while making a sigh.

“In other words Otou-sama and the others decided to have a game as a last resort if I was to decline, right? ……Just how far are they intending to interfere with my life to feel satisfied......!”

Buchou is really ticked off. Uwah……I can feel her urge to kill! Scary……

“Then Ojou-sama, you are saying you would also decline to participate in the game?”

“No, I won’t, since this is a chance. Alright then. Let’s settle this with a game, Riser.”

Riser smirks after Buchou’s provocative words.

“Hee, so you're accepting it. I don’t mind. But I’m already a matured Devil and I have already participated in the official game. Right now I have won most of the games. Even so, you still want to play, Rias?”

Riser replied back with an even more provocative words. Buchou sends back a fearless smile.

“I will. I will blow you away, Riser!”

“Fine. If you win, do whatever you like. But if I win, you will marry me immediately.”

Both of them glares at each other. They are both glaring at each other with scary eyes. Oh, their glares are so intense that a Low-class Devil like myself can’t butt in!

“Understood. I, Grayfia, have confirmed both sides opinion. I will be in charge of the game between the two household. Is that okay?”



Buchou and Riser both agrees to Grayfia-san’s approval.

“Understood. I will inform the two households then.”

Grayfia-san bows her head after confirming.

Wow, it has turned into a serious situation! Game! So I will be participating in it as well! Riser looks at me and then smirks. He then makes a smirk which pisses me off.

“Hey, Rias. Would the ones here be your servants?”

Buchou twitches her eyes at his words.

“So what?”

Riser starts laughing after Buchou answers him as if he finds it amusing.

“Then this match will be a laugh. Only your [Queen], the “Priestess of Thunder” can fight on par with my adorable servants.”

Saying that, Riser clicks his fingers, and the magic-circle on the floor glows.

The magic-circle has the same emblem of Phoenix that Riser appeared from. Then shadows appears from the magic-circle.

One, two, three……s-shit……

I got speechless after I saw the number of shadows that appears from the magic-circle.

“Well, these are my cute servants.”

Around Riser who said that, 15 people that seems to be his servants gathers around him.

There’s a person in armour that seems to be a [Knight]. There’s also a person wearing a hood that seems to be a magician.

Full members! Just like in real chess, you can have a maximum number of 15 servant Devils under your control.

It seems like High-class Devils receive 15 [Evil Pieces] from the Satans. You can form a master and servant relationship by using it to those who you want to make as your servant.

If the person you wish to make your servant has high potential capacities, then the chess consumption can be doubled.

That’s why there are cases where there is only 1 [Rook] or 1 [Knight].

Buchou also had the same incident. That is me. You can get a maximum of 8 [Pawns], but Buchou used all 8 pieces on me because there is an extremely fiendish thing within me.

That’s why there are High-class Devils that doesn’t have 15 servants. But Riser has the maximum number of 15 servants.

It’s a magnificent view to see all 16 Devils including the [King].

We only have one of each of [King], [Queen], [Rook], [Bishop], [Knight], and [Pawn]. So that makes it a 6 versus 16!? I got shocked by this fact.

No, I’m sorry. There’s something else on my mind. I mean, I can’t help it! What is this!?

—They’re all girls!

The knight and the magician I mentioned earlier are also girls! A girl wearing a Chinese dress! Two girls with beast ears! Two girls with identical face that seems to be twins! A loli girl! Two older girls with nice bodies! A Yamato Nadeshiko like girl wearing a kimono! There’s also a girl wearing a dress who looks like a European princess! A wild looking older woman who is carrying a sword on her back! There’s also a girl wearing a dancer’s outfit! There’s also a mysterious woman wearing a mask that hides half of her face!

They are all beautiful woman or beautiful young girls!! An army of beauty actually exist!?

Electricity runs through my body!

……! I see, so that’s what it is! This guy, Riser, has actually done it!

Every guy's dream, —a harem! The High-class Devil who turned harem into reality! Riser Phoenix! What a person…… What a guy……

“H-Hey, Rias…… This servant-kun over here is crying a lot while looking at me.”

Riser said it while looking at me. He seems to be really freaked out by me.

Buchou places her hand on her forehead when she sees me.

“This boy’s dream is to have a harem. I think he was moved after looking at your servants.”

Yup yup. That’s exactly right. I’m crying because I saw my dream, my objective, right in front of me.

Ah, what a lucky guy. They are all girls.


“Riser-sama, this person is freaking me out~.”

Riser’s girls make a disgusted face while looking at me. Damn it! Fuck you all!

Riser calms them while patting their bodies.

“Don’t say that, my cute girls. Looking up to upper stream folks is what a lowly ones does. Let’s show them how passionate we are.”

Saying that, Riser starts to have a tongue kiss with one of the girls!

Uwah! He’s making noise by moving his tongue around!

Buchou seems like she didn’t care.


The girl is making a sweet voice while putting her legs around Riser’s! Ugh, it’s also affecting my crotch!


Next to me, Asia has her face turn red and has her brain blow. This view must be too strong for Asia.

Riser takes his mouth away while there is a thread of saliva, and then starts to tongue kiss another girl! Don’t start the 2nd round in here!

I mean, you can actually do those kinds of things with your servants!? So we can! Shit! So if I work hard I can become like this one day!

Riser who finished his 2nd tongue kiss smirks while looking down at me.

—You will never be able to do this.

I feel like this bastard is saying that to me.

“You will never be able to do this.”

“Don’t say what I think you were saying! Damn it! Boosted Gear!”

I have my head full with rage and am super jealous, so I put my left hand up in the air, and then shouted.

While emitting red lights, the thing that is possessed in my left arm shows itself. A red gauntlet which has a mark of a dragon engraved in it, — [Boosted Gear]. It’s a masterpiece Sacred Gear that gives enormous power to the possessor.

I point my finger at Riser and then tell him.

“A womaniser like you isn’t good enough to be with Buchou!”

“Huh? Weren’t you looking up to the so-called womaniser?”

Ugh! He got right at the point!

“S-Shut up! That’s different with the thing about Buchou! At this rate, you will continue to flirt with other girls even after you marry Buchou!”

“Heroes love women. That’s a saying in the human world, right? A good phrase indeed. But this is just a close relationship with my servants. Aren’t you also getting adored by Rias?”

T-That’s true…… But somehow I can’t forgive him! A hate towards a similar type as me? Ugggh, does it mean I’m still a kid since I’m getting irritated the more I come to know?

“Hero my ass! You are just a bird guy! Fire bird Phoenix? Hahaha! That’s the same as Yakitori!” [3]

Riser puts a furious expression at my provocation.

“Yakitori!? Y-You Low-class Deeeeevil! Don’t get ahead of yourself! That’s not the way you talk to a High-class Devil! Rias, what’s going on with your discipline towards your servants!?”

Buchou just looks away and says “Like I care”.

“Hey Yakitori-guy! I will just beat the crap out of you with my Boosted Gear!”

My Boosted Gear that I am so proud of! It doubles my power every 10 seconds, and after a while, I can even defeat a God!

“We don’t need to have a game! I will just take you all down, right here, right now!”


The sound came from the jewel located on the gauntlet, and at the same time my body gets overflowed with strength! It’s the proof that my power has doubled! My strike that even defeated the Fallen Angel, taste it with your own body!

I was full of spirits, but Riser just sighs.

“Mira. Do it.”

“Yes, Riser-sama.”

Riser gives an order to his servant. She is small just like Koneko-chan and has a childish face.

She takes out a stick that martial artists use and makes a battle posture after swinging her stick around.

Hmm, I don’t feel like fighting such a small girl, but if I knock her stick away she will probably back down—.

That’s what I thought, but suddenly my body feel lighter. It feels like my body is floating.

Huh? The floor is—.


A loud noise comes to my ears.

…………Ouch…… Pain passes through my whole body. ……What happened?


I’m in agony due to the pain in my stomach. Ouch...... My stomach? Was I hit in my stomach……?


Asia comes to my side and she put her hands on my stomach. Instantly, a green light envelops around my body. A warm feeling takes the pain in my stomach away.

It’s the healing power that Asia possesses. It’s a Sacred Gear that can even heal Devils that doesn’t even have the divine protection of God.

However, due to this, Asia was targeted by a Fallen Angel before……

More importantly, what happened to me? I know that I’m down on the floor. When I look around, there is a desk broken in half and stuff spread around the floor.

When I look towards Riser, the girl who has her stick aimed forward put her stick away.

……So I got hit. I couldn’t see it. Does it mean I received a damage without realising it? So I was hit towards the desk……

Riser walks towards me, and says it to my ears while crouching down.

“You are weak.”

—! That word carves a deep scar in my heart.

“The one who you just fought is my [Pawn] Mira. She’s the weakest out of my servants, but she has more battle experience and has more talent as a Devil than you. Boosted Gear? Huh.”

Riser starts knocking on my Sacred Gear and starts laughing with his nose.

“This is certainly one of the invincible and dangerous Sacred Gears. By how you use it, not only me, but you can also defeat a Satan and God. There were quite a number of possessors who had that before. But there haven’t been any cases where it defeated a God or Satan. Do you know what this means?”

Riser then laughs really loudly.

“It means that this Sacred Gear is imperfect, and the possessors were also bunch of weaklings that couldn’t use it! You are no exception! How do you say this in the human world again? ……Yes, “Pearls before swine”. Fuhahaha! Yeah, pearls before swine! It’s about you! Rias’s [Pawn]-kun!”

Riser starts slapping my head while laughing so loud.

…………Damn it! I got so mortified that I clenched my teeth. I wanted to talk back but I can’t. It’s the truth that I am weak. I even lost to a girl smaller than me just now. I couldn’t even see her attack. I’m disappointed in myself!

“But the match would be interesting if you were to get used to it.”

Riser put his hand on his chin, and it seems like he thought of something.

“Rias, how about we have a match in 10 days? We could do it now, but that wouldn't be interesting.”

“……Are you giving me a handicap.”

“Are you against it? Is it humiliating? [Rating Game] isn’t something simple that you can win with only your feelings. If you can’t use your servant’s power to the fullest, then you will lose immediately. So it’s not weird for you to train with your servants for your first [Rating Game]. I have seen Devils who lost without using their power to the fullest countless of times, no matter how great their potential and power was.”

Buchou doesn’t complain and listened quietly to what Riser’s said.

When Riser directs his palm towards the ground, the magic-circle starts to glow.

“—10 days. If it’s you, then you should be able to improve your servants.”

He then looks at me.

“Don’t be a disgrace to Rias, Rias’s [Pawn]. Your blow is Rias’s blow.”


I understood immediately that his words carries his concern towards Buchou.

“Rias, the next time we meet will be at the game.”

Saying that, Riser disappears in the light of the magic-circle along with his servants.

Part 5[edit]


I was desperate in keeping my anger and regret within myself while lying down on my bed.

After that, the club activity; Devil’s job, was cancelled. Buchou went deep inside the old school building together with Akeno-san.

It seems like they are having a strategy meeting. It looks like they are making strategies for the [Rating game]. This will be Buchou’s first match. Of course she wants to cancel the club activity to build a strategy.

―In 10 days.

That’s too soon. I wonder if we can gather the factors needed to defeat Riser and his servants within that time.

Well, it won’t change much if a [Pawn] like myself says it. More than that, I showed off in front of Buchou and provoked Riser only to get beaten down by a small girl……

Uwaaaaah! Just remembering it makes me want to die because of the embarrassment and regret that I have!

……Sigh. I’m so weak.

I then look at my left arm. The absolute power which is possessed in here. [Boosted Gear] which increases the power to no limits.

But it has many weak points. That’s me, who is vulnerable.

In other words “Pearl before swine”. Just like Riser said.

Shit! I’m so weak……

Harem-king. My dream. The Devil who accomplished making a harem. Riser. What’s the difference between us?

“Ah, shit!”

I got up from the bed and then start to mess my hair up.

Buchou said she still didn’t want to get married. She said she didn’t want to get married if her husband is Riser. She chose to battle Riser in order to break off the engagement.

I don’t know much about their household and relation between High-class Devils issues because it’s too complicated, but I will only fight for Buchou’s sake!

I have a debt of gratitude towards Buchou. A lot in fact. I want to fight for Buchou. I need to support Buchou!

Okay! From tomorrow morning I will start my training again! More like training for the whole day!

I can skip school if I tell Buchou. I’m going to spend my next 10 days on training.

I will contact Kiba so I can learn how to use swords.

I will ask Akeno-san how to use demonic-powers as well. I will learn close combat from Koneko-chan!

Yup! I have decided! My decision is made! I will train for the next 10 days!

I started to feel a bit at ease after making my decision. Hmm, I will go and have a bath now.

I went downstairs and got ready to take a bath. I went inside the bathroom while feeling fired up and then took my clothes off quickly.

After I take a bath, I will talk to Asia about tomorrow.


It happens when I open the door.


“What the……”

Asia and I meet inside the bathroom.

A naked me—

And a naked Asia—!!

A blonde haired beauty is standing fully naked in front of me! What luck! No no no, I mean accident!

She was inside!?

Since I was thinking about many things, I forgot to check if anyone is inside!

Asia’s body is wet because she was taking a shower.

Her blonde hair which is wet with hot water is glued onto her soft looking white skin. I-It’s sexy.

More than that, you have nice proportions……Asia……

Her tight hips. Your small buttock is so lovely, damn it!

Her thighs aren’t too skinny nor too fat, just the right size for me.

If I see these thighs when she wears a skirt, I will be down on my knees.

And her oppai which you can’t possibly know when she wears her clothes. It’s not small, and it isn’t that bad!

Asia……I’m glad you have grown this much…… No, it’s not the time for being emotional! Why on earth am I staring at her body!?

Shit! Why don’t I have a three-size scouter! This is my second time regretting it!

Next time I will seriously ask Motohama to teach me that ability! That's the ultimate power! Isn’t it more impressive than my Sacred Gear!?

That’s not it! I shouldn’t be staring at her anymore!

I-I need to protect her! I need to make sure she can live safely! That’s what I promised myself!

And yet I got excited by looking at her naked body—



If I look carefully, Asia’s gaze is moving down towards my crotch.


Asia! It’s too early for you to look at—.


I was too late covering my partner.


And the one who screamed is me.

What am I doing!? I accidentally screamed! I mean it’s embarrassing to have my partner exposed to a girl!


Asia’s whole body starts to go really red, and she looks away.

Hey hey, don’t forget to hide your private parts, Asia! I can see everything! Is my thing so astonishing that you forgot to hide your private parts!?

Thinking carefully, this will be her first time seeing a guy’s thing since she was a Sister. The word astonishing won’t even describe how she is feeling right now.

In the worst case, it might become a trauma for her. Oh my, what have I done to this poor child!

“S-Sorry! I-I will leave now!”

I turned around on the spot so I can leave the bathroom. However—

Asia grabs my wrist as if she is trying to stop me from leaving.

W-What’s going on, Asia-chan!?

“…………I-I’m sorry. It was……my first time seeing a boy’s…… I’m sorry……”

I couldn’t hear what she said because she said it while mumbling. Don’t push yourself.

“N-No, I’m sorry too…… I came in without checking…… I’m sorry, I saw a lot of your……”

I apologised as well. I’m the one at fault here. I came in without checking who was inside the bath.

I should have checked even if it wasn’t locked. After all, we got an additional new family member.

But I saved the image of Asia’s naked body within my memory. Forgive me if I start remembering this afterwards.

“No, I understand…… Everyone told me about the rule when you have a bath in Japan, s-so I’m all right……”

Asia says it shyly.

Huh? S-She was told? Rule? Japanese rule for what?

“In Japan, I heard that there is the thing called having a bath together…… That you get to know each other by having a bath together……”


W-Who was it!? Who told Asia this wonderful……no! Who told Asia this weird information!?

No, that’s not a mistake. There certainly is a thing like that in Japan. But that’s only between the same genders!

Asia continues while having her cheeks go red.

“……I-I was told……to do this with someone I want to form a special relationship with…… I-I don’t mind if its Ise-san……no, I want to deepen my relation with Ise-san even more…… That’s why will you have a bath together with me……?”


So much blood comes out from my nose. Lately it has been happening a lot!

…………Wait. It will be dangerous if it stays like this any longer, Asia.

I-I’m also a guy. I will lose myself if I hear a magic word like that! This girl doesn’t know what will happen to me if I did.

I mean, Asia believes in me from the bottom of her heart. If I become a wolf and push her down—.


I can’t do that! No, I want to! But I can’t!

I mean, it’s this girl! It seems like she will forgive me even if I do her!

I can’t do something like that to someone innocent like her!


This is the situation I longed for! It was stopped just before the good stuff with Buchou! This is revenge! I know that! But why do I feel so guilty when it’s with Asia!?

Pushing her down is easy. I can do it now with this flow and get a feeling of enjoyment.

But the problem is after that. I know I will regret it very much.

I probably won’t forgive myself for the rest of my life. It won’t be a problem if it happens after we build that sort of relationship, but Asia and I aren’t in that kind of relationship yet!

Last time with Buchou, I went along with the flow, but now I have to control myself!

Simply having a physical relationship will hurt both of us! I need to protect Asia!

I can’t lose myself! I have to endure it!

I turned around to Asia after making up my mind. I grab onto her shoulders and then opened my mouth.

But Asia’s skin is soooooft!

“Asia! Listen carefully, I will tell you about having a bath together! More importantly, since you are a girl, if a guy enters the bathroom then you have to make sure you defend—”

I kept my ambition inside myself desperately while being confused. I need to tell her the action she must take when she encounters a guy in the bathroom—.


The door suddenly opens.

“Asia-chan. I will leave the towel here—”

My “Okaa-sama” appears.

It seems like she is trying to put the towel on top of the washing machine, but she froze her posture after seeing me and Asia together.

……Holy shit. I can’t make any excuses, since we don’t have our clothes on!

No matter how you look at us, we only look like a guy and a girl that is trying to have sex!

Mum leaves the bathroom while moving like a robot. Then, my mum shouts.

“O-Otou-san~! W-We are going to have a grandchild~!”

I got out of the bathroom while being naked. I used both my hands to hide my face. There is one thing I was thinking about while I’m running towards my room.

Someone, please kill me!

Part 6[edit]

The next morning.

I called Asia into my room. We are sitting opposite each other in a seiza posture. [4]

“Listen up, Asia-san.”

“Yes, Ise-san.”

“Guys are wolves. You will be eaten if you approach them carelessly.”

“……Men are werewolves? That is scary……I sure won’t be able to walk outside during the full moon then.....”

Asia takes what I had said seriously. I got a headache. ……Man, I’m seriously getting a headache.

The day after the bathroom incident, I started to give a lecture to Asia about how dangerous guys are.

This girl is too defenceless. Well, it’s not like Asia had an ordinary life, so it can’t be helped if she is a bit different.

But, I have to tell her how guys my age are dangerous, and that girls like her that isn’t careful will become their prey easily. If I don’t, she won’t be able to have a safe school life.

Well, if there are guys like that who approaches Asia, then I will beat the crap out of them.

No, that won’t be enough. I need to teach her how her purity is something very important to her.

However, shouldn’t it be girls teaching these things to other girls……?

By the way, after that incident, my parents went to a discount store which is opened even at night. They bought baby clothes and baby toys while putting on a big smile.

No matter how much I explained to them, they simply said things like, “Don’t worry, I know about it. Shotgun marriage are accepted nowadays. Oh my, I sure would like a girl for my first grandchild!”, or, “So I ‘m going to become a grandpa…… If it’s a boy then I have to buy him a new carp streamer. Looks like my family has become “international” now. Maybe I should learn how to speak English.”

It’s useless. My family is worthless.

Now, getting back to the part where guys are dangerous. I say it to Asia again.

“That’s not it, Asia. Guy’s around my age……guys in their teens are very interested in girls. It’s not an exaggeration if I were to say that they are always thinking about girls. Actually, we think about naughty stuff every few seconds. If there are days when we see a panty-shot, then that will be a day to celebrate for us. By the way, panty-shot is a phenomenon where we get a glimpse of girl’s panties from under their skirt.”

“Do you also think about naughty stuff as well, Ise-san?”

“Yeah, of course. I’m also perverted. You know that very well, right Asia?”


Asia replied with a smile. There’s a crack in my heart from her carefree smile.

I see, so she knows I’m perverted.

“Y-Yeah, I’m perverted. Guys like that are really scary. That’s why guys like that drag pure girls like you into a dark place and do something very bad.”

“Something very bad?”

Asia tilts her head adorably. Man, each of her actions is damn cute.

“T-They touch your body! Then they touch your body again! Then again they touch your body! In other words they do indecent actions towards girls! It’s dangerous, right? Scary, right?”

“Yes, I’m scared. But if I am in danger, Ise-san will come and save me.”

Asia smiles and answers me like she actually means it.

—My eyes are getting hot.

Like I thought, she truly believes in me. I’m emotionally moved.

No, no. I’m getting off topic. It’s not the time to be emotional. I then continued after making a cough.

“But Asia, you have to increase your awareness as a girl. I’m really scared because you don’t doubt other people.”

“You are scared, Ise-san?”

“Yeah, I am. If some guys do something to you when I’m not looking, then I might kill those guys. I’m that worried about you, Asia.”

I told her seriously and sincerely. Asia is listening to me seriously as well since I’m putting on a serious face.

What I told her is my actual feeling. If someone ever deceives and hurts Asia, then I won’t hold back even if that person is a human. I’m a Devil. I also possess an insane Sacred Gear. Even if I’m far superior to a human, I won’t hold back my anger.

Even if Buchou tries to kill me, I will still beat the crap out of that guy. That’s how important Asia is to me.

Is it because she’s a girl? That is part of it. Because I like her? That is also the part of it.

But more than that, I changed her life drastically. I changed her life that she could have finished as a Sister to a life that is the complete opposite of it. I made her into a Devil because of my own justice. —No, my own selfishness. At that time, that may have been the best solution. However I……

Buchou isn’t blaming me since she said to me, “I wanted to make her into my servant, so you don’t have to be concerned about it, Ise”. But that’s won’t be enough.

I need to look after her so she can live peacefully. For the rest of my life, that is.

I, Hyoudou Issei, need to protect Asia Argento for the rest of my life. Obviously, I will also protect Buchou, but protecting Asia may be similar yet a bit different.

Yeah, I need to think about it carefully again.

“Protecting Buchou”. I like Buchou as a girl, but I want to protect her since I also look up to her. It’s similar to how a samurai serves his master.

You can say that it’s a similar feeling of a subordinate of a person who is aiming to reach the top.

“Protecting Asia”. I like Asia as a girl. However, I think it’s more like how a brother wants to protect his adorable little sister.

That’s why I’m chasing away guys very strictly that are trying to get close to Asia.

Well, since I don’t have a sister, I don’t know if it’s similar or not.

Except, I also want Asia to get stronger as well. So I can have a lifestyle where I can always laugh with her.

“I understand. I would definitely not do anything that would trouble you, Ise-san. That’s why, please teach me a more.”

“Yeah, I know. But I think it’s better to be taught by a girl rather than a person of the opposite sex like me. I will also talk to Buchou and Akeno-san, so just get used to the current lifestyle bit by bit.”


Phew. I sigh.

Looks like it will work. Anyway, I will talk to the girls from Occult Research Club once I get to school.

Obviously, I will tell them while hiding the fact about the bathroom incident.

Then Asia asks me a question.

“U-Umm……Ise-san, there’s one question I want to ask you.”

Asia got shy and her face got red. What is it? So abruptly.

“I-If the bath incident……happened with Buchou-san instead of me……would you have had a bath with her……?”


I got speechless at a question I didn’t expect to hear. I never expected Asia to ask me a question like this. But Asia has a serious face even though her face is red.

Huh? Huh? Why did she ask me a question like that? I don’t get it.

Why did Buchou come into the topic? However, even if Buchou was at that scene, and she said the same thing Asia did……

“Ise, come over here. I will wash your back. Ufufu, are you feeling nervous? It’s alright, you are my cute servant so you can leave everything to me.”

Buchou’s slim white fingers touches my back. I started getting excited.

“Here, turn around. Ara? Ufufu. Even though you are feeling nervous, this thing down here is being so honest. It’s just like you, Ise.”

Buchou’s hand reaches between my legs, and then—.


Huh!? Oh shit I was imagining something bad. Ah! There’s blood flowing out of my nose!

B-But if Buchou did say that to me, I won’t know what to do!

“Can I wash your oppai, Buchou!?”

I may ask her that without feeling scared. I can also imagine Buchou allowing me to touch it while smiling.

Damn it! This imagination alone would be enough for using it for those kind of things!

I look at Asia, and her eyes are teary.

“So that’s it, isn’t it? Then it’s okay if it’s Buchou-san? Sob……it’s okay. I know. I knew about it. I already knew about it. But still, sob……”

She’s crying! Asia is crying! Why!? How!?

I start to panic after seeing her.

“Geez, what are you two doing, early in the morning?”

A familiar voice. When I turn around, Buchou is sighing while wavering her crimson hair.


“A lover’s quarrel in the morning? You two are so close like always.”

“N-No, t-this is!”

“Hurry, let’s go. Get ready for lodging.”

Go? Where? Wait, lodging!? Buchou answers me with a smile.

“We will go to the mountain to train.”

Part 7[edit]


I’m inhaling a lot of air while carrying a crazy number of bags.



I can hear someone’s echo. Damn it, it must be a mountain hiker. They sure are having fun.

Right now, I’m in the mountains. We were brought here by Buchou, after she said we were going to train.

Buchou who suddenly came to my house this morning, made me and Asia pack our stuff. The other members were already gathered and we came here by teleporting from the magic-circle.

The weather is so good that the sky is clear. The surrounding is filled with trees, and you can hear the cries of the birds. In terms of viewing the mountain, it’s incredible.

But the problem is this slope. Every step I take drains my stamina away. And a lot of my sweat falls onto the ground.

“Hurry, Ise. Quick.”

Buchou, who is way ahead of me, urges me. Beside Buchou is Asia. She is looking at me with a worried expression.

“……I will help as well.”

“It’s okay, since Ise won’t be able to get stronger if he can’t do this much.”

I can hear the two talking. Thank you Asia. And Buchou, you are cruel like always.

……More importantly, carrying this much luggage is impossible. Buchou, they are too heavy……

I have a huge piece of luggage on my back. I also have other bags on my shoulders. They are my bags and Buchou’s bags. I also have Akeno-san’s bag as well.

Apparently this is also part of the training. I think I’m going to die before I reach the destination. What’s inside this luggage?

“Buchou, I gathered some herbs. Let’s use it for the meal tonight.”

Kiba says that while walking past me with a cool expression. He’s also carrying a huge piece of luggage on his back. I lost my words when I saw him walk up the mountains without any difficulty.

He has quite the amount of stamina since he also went to gather some herbs during our way here.

“……See you later.”

Then Koneko-chan who is carrying more luggage than me walks past me! Guha! Superhuman girl show her talent! Damn, I can’t lose to them!


I then went up the mountain at full throttle! Haahaaha! Shit I’m going to die! I’m seriously going to die!

While repeating something like this over and over again, we reach the mansion.

Part 8[edit]

This mansion made from wood belongs to the House of Gremory.

Usually it is hidden by blending in with the scenery from humans by using demonic-powers, but it has appeared since we will be using it. I can smell the scent of wood after getting inside.

I went to the living room to put the bags away, and slept on the floor after drinking a glass of water. The girls went upstairs to get changed into a clothing where they can move easier.

“I will also go and get changed.”

Kiba went to a room located on the first floor carrying a blue jersey.

High school dxd 119.jpg

“Don’t peek.”

Kiba says something messed up jokingly.

“I will seriously punch you, bastard!”

I didn’t have the strength to stand, so I glared at him with eyes filled with killing intent.

Geez, if girls from our school saw us, then they will cause an uproar again. It’s already bad since the BL pairing of “Me x Kiba” and “Kiba x Me” are getting popular lately. [5]

It got popular because it was the “Beauty and the Beast” pairing. I don’t understand what’s going on in their heads. Wait, that means that I’m the beast. I won’t forgive them!

I got changed at the empty room after I rested for a bit, and my stamina restored a bit as well. Even the empty room comes with bed and equipment necessary for everyday use. But it doesn’t come with a television.

By the time I finished getting changed, everyone has already gathered in the living room. Buchou who is wearing a red jersey smiles and says it after she sees me.

“Now then let’s start our training outside right away.”

Life.3 I Started My Training[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Lesson 1: Sword training with Kiba.

“Yo, ha.”

“Orya! Oryaaa!”

I was sword training with Kiba and I swung down the bokuto at him.

Kiba evades my attack smoothly. No matter how much force I apply to my swings, it doesn't seem like it will hit Kiba.


Kiba hit away my bokuto again.

“That’s not it. Don’t just look at the opponent’s sword movements but also widen your line of vision so you can pay see both the opponent and the surroundings.”

It’s not that simple as he says, so the more I practiced with Kiba, the more I realise the difference in strength between us.

Like I thought, since he's a [Knight], Kiba’s techniques are overwhelming. He beat me with minimal movements. He has practiced for a longer time, has more battle experience, and more than that, his talent at using a sword is much better than me.

“We are not done yet. Here I come!”

I realised once again on this day about how Kiba’s sword technique is amazing.

Lesson 2: Demonic-power training with Akeno-san.

“That’s not it. You gather the demonic-power by drifting the aura that covers your whole body. You have to concentrate and feel the wave of demonic-power.”

I can’t even gather demonic-power into my hand at all, even if Akeno-san who is wearing a black jersey is the one teaching thoroughly.

Gunnnn...... Concentrate! I need to concentrate hard! I have to gather the demonic-power in my hand while imagining of creating something!

“I did it!”

Asia who is wearing a white jersey has gathered a mass of demonic-power in her hands. A light green coloured demonic-power. So Asia’s demonic-power is green. It’s beautiful.

“Ara ara. So Asia-chan has talent in using demonic-powers after all.”

Asia’s cheeks got red after Akeno-san give her complimented to her.

Ngh...... I on other hand is the complete opposite. Even the letter "D" for demonic-power hasn't appeared. I somehow made a really small sphere of demonic-power, but it's not big like Asia’s one that has the size of a softball, instead it has a size of a grain of rice.

............Well, if Asia can get stronger then that’s fine.

I-I have the ultimate Sacred Gear anyway! Hahaha!

“Now lets change those demonic-power into fire, water and lightning. You can make this by imagining it, however, it will be easier for beginners to actually move fire and water using their demonic-power.”

Akeno-san sends her demonic-power into the water inside the water bottle.


The water that received the demonic-power formed into the shape of a spike and ripped the water bottle from the inside.

Wow, that’s amazing.

“Asia-chan, I want you to copy what I just did next. Ise-kun, I want you to continue on to concentrating your demonic-powers. The source of demonic-power is imagination. Anyway it’s important to materialize what you imagined.”

Hmm. Imagining huh. To materialize what you imagine in your head......

“It may be easier to materialize what you are good at and what you always imagine more quickly.”

That’s what you say, Akeno-san. It's not like I--

Hmm? I see, something I’m good at and something I always think about huh. Ah, then does that mean that wild idea of mine is also possible?

“Akeno-san, do you have a minute?”

If I can make something I always think about into reality......

Then I may become invincible! Wow, that’s awesome! Even I think this idea of mine is great!

After Akeno-san goes blank, she smiles at me while saying, "Ufufu, that sure is something you would come up with, Ise-kun”.

Oh! So this may be possible then?

Akeno-san went back to the mansion. She brings something and puts it in front of me.

--She brought loads of onions, carrots, and potatoes.

They are the ingredients for curry.

“Now then, Ise-kun. During our stay here, I want you to strip all of these off with your demonic-power.”

Ah, I get it. I understand what Akeno-san is trying to say and what she wants me to do.

Looks like it will be a bumpy road ahead.

Lesson 3: Sparring with Koneko-chan.



Gufu! Today I succeeded in getting pushed into a big tree for the tenth time. No, that’s not it.

I got blown away by Koneko-chan’s punch once again! Ku! I'm frustrated!


A loli girl who is wearing a yellow jersey gives her harsh words to me.

Shit, I’m so shocked! I felt it with the incident with Riser, but getting beaten by a small girl is quite a shocking experience for me.

Koneko-chan is a Devil girl who is good at doing throwing moves, pinning moves, and other kind of martial arts. She’s insanely strong with the mix of a [Rook]'s traits of super strength and super high defense. She’s also keen because she has a small body, so if I look away she will immediately be right in front of me and give a blow to my body.

She's holding back quite a lot, but it still hurts if I'm hit by her.

“......You have to aim at the centre of the body when you give a blow where you hit with accuracy and also by thrusting your blow deep into the opponent’s body.”

Even if she says that, it will be hard for a newbie like me to even land my hit on the opponent.

Koneko-chan starts to whirl her arm around and pointed her fist at me.

“......Now then, we'll have another round.”

Looks like I’ll be killed.

Lesson 4: With Buchou!

“Hey, Ise! Keep on going!”


I'm currently climbing up a very steep mountain with a big rock tied to my back. On top of that, Buchou is sitting on top off the rock.

I'm repeating a procedure where I climb down the mountain path, and then up the mountain path. The mountain path with no walking path is really exhausting.

By the time my legs got numb after I did dozens of laps, Buchou finally forgives me by saying, "Okay, we are done with this".

“Next is muscle training. We will go with push ups.”


She’s an Oni. An Oni-Buchou!

I lack the basic ability most, so I have way more training than the other club members. Also for a [Pawn] who has to run around the battlefield the most, increasing your strength and stamina is an absolute requirement.


Buchou mercilessly puts a rock on my backwhen I'm in the posture for doing a push up. Demonic-power truly is useful because you can lift a rock up in the air with ease. If only she used that to carry the luggage......



Then Buchou sits on top of the rock. A slight force impacts my body......

“Now then, the three-hundred reps of push ups. Let’s start.”


I would have already died a hundred times if I wasn't a Devil.

Part 2[edit]

“Uoooo! It's delicioooous! It’s really delicious!”

We are having our dinner after finishing a day of training.

We have an extravagance of food on the table. The herbs that Kiba collected earlier was used for spices.

The meat dish. Apparently it's the boar Buchou hunted. It's my first time eating boar meat, however it tastes good because it doesn't have any strange tastes to it!

The fish dish. It seems like Buchou was also the one that caught these fish. The simply cooked fish with salts sprinkled on them taste good as well!

There are also different types of food on the table.

“Ara ara. We still have more food left so eat as much as you want.”

The one who refills my rice is Akeno-san. Rather, these foods are handmade by Akeno-san!

Kaaaa! It’s good! It’s really good!

Everyone's digging into the food. We are all seriously tired from the training after all and that’s why I can fill my stomach with lots of food.

Most of the things inside the luggage were equipment used for cooking. It was worth carrying all that luggage desperately from that hard mountain path if I got to eat delicious food like this!

I probably shouldn’t say it out loud about how Koneko-chan is eating a lot of food quickly.

“Akeno-san, you are the best! I'd even want you as my wife!”

“Ufufu, you are embarrassing me.”

Akeno-san smiles while she puts her hand on her cheek. You look so good in that Japanese apron.

“......I also made this soup.”

Huh! The one who is looking sad beside me is Asia. She looks like she's sulking.

The onion soup that is on the table. Apparently Asia was the one who made it.

She probably feels down because I only praised Akeno-san’s food.

I get the bowl and drink the soup with one sip. Yup, it’s good!

“It’s good Asia! It’s the best! Give me another one!”

“It is!? I’m so glad...... Then now I can become Ise-san's......”

“Hmmm? I couldn’t hear the last part. What was that?”

“N-No, it’s nothing!”

Asia waves her hand while her face becomes red. Huh? What was she trying to say?

“Now, Ise. From today’s training what have you found out?”

Buchou asks me after drinking green tea.

I put my chopsticks down and give her my honest answer.

“......I am the weakest among us.”

“Yes. That’s for sure.”

I feel like crying after she answers plainly.

“Akeno, Yuuto, and Koneko have lots of battle experience even though they have not participated in the game, so they can fight if they get used to it. But you and Asia basically don't have any experience yet. Even so, Asia’s healing ability and your Boosted Gear is something that can’t be ignored. Even the enemy knows that. I want you to have at least the power to run away from the enemy.”

“Run......? Is it that hard?”

Buchou nods at my question.

“Running away is also a part of the strategy. Retreating to form a new formation is also a professional way of battling. There are ways to win a match like that. However, running away with your back facing an enemy is something quite hard. If it’s an enemy with roughly the same strength as you, it is easy, but showing your back to an enemy who is far superior to you is basically asking them to kill you. So being able to run away from such enemy will also be a part of your strength. So I have to teach you and Asia the time you have to run away. Of course, I will also teach you how to fight the enemy head on.”

“Roger that.”


Asia and I reply to Buchou at the same time.

It's unavoidable that Asia got involved in this fight since she became a member of the Gremory group.

......I also need to have the power to protect Asia as well. In the worst case I will have to become Asia’s shield. That is the resolution I need to have.

“Let’s take a bath after the meal. It’s an outdoor bath, so it’s wonderful.”

--! With Buchou’s words I started to think about naughty stuff!

Bath!? Outdoor bath!? The open air bath!?

If it’s an outdoor bath, then it’s a place to peek! Peeking is the right way for an outdoor bath! Yeah, it’s a sin not to peek if you are born as a man!

“I’m not going to peek, Ise-kun.”

Kiba says that beforehand with a smile.

“Idiot! D-Don't blurt it out!”

“Oh, Ise. Do you want to peek at us while we are taking a bath?”

Everyone looks at me after Buchou’s question.

Uwa. I feel awkward. ......I feel like apologising for being a perv.

But Buchou chuckles.

“Then how about you bathe with us? I don’t mind.”


I can feel electricity running through my body! Ku! Buchou Japanese is stunning like always! I feel like crying all the time because of it!

“How about you, Akeno?”

“I don’t mind if it’s Ise-kun. Ufufu. I might want to wash a gentleman’s back.”

Akeno-san gives her approval with a smile! I totally want her to wash my baaaaaack!

Absurd! It’s okay then!? It’s really okay!?

How unguarded can the girls from this club get!?

“How about you, Asia? You should be all right if it's your beloved Ise, right?”

Asia got red and became quiet after Buchou’s question, but she eventually makes a small nod with her head.

Uwah! I never thought a situation like this would happen to me!? W-WWWWWWW-What should I do!? I! I! I’m confident that I will have to bend my body forward the whole time!

“Lastly Koneko? How about it?”


She rejects me!? N-No, my sensation's paralysed for a moment, but this is a natural response from an ordinary girl!

“Then it’s a no. Too bad, Ise.”

Buchou chuckles with a naughty expression.

What...... I feel as though they raised my hopes up, then dropped me to the depths of the abyss.

Because of the shocking conclusion, my sight turns black.

Sob, I was so close...... So having a situation which is like a dream is hard to make into a reality after all. Then it looks like I have to peek--.

“......If you peek, then I will hold a grudge against you forever.”

Guha! Koneko-chan says that to me first! Shit! It’s a no after all! I had my hopes up!

“Ise-kun, let’s have a naked bath together. I will wash your back.”

“Shuuuuuut up! I'll seriously kill you, Kibaaaa!”

My shout of anger echoes throughout the mansion.

Part 3[edit]

Training Day 2.

When I woke up in the morning, what awaited me was the intense pain of muscle aches. That’s because I also trained at night.

“There's a training planned for tonight as well. We are the residents of night after all.”

Buchou said.

The training was much harder than the training I do every morning. It has a few times more training than the one I did in the morning. Even if a Devil is much stronger at night, I would still die if I train both during the day and the night.

I was already in a bad mood because I had to share the room with Kiba. When I heard the girls' voices having fun from upstairs, I regretted being born as a guy.

Then in the morning for day 2, it was study time.

We gathered at the living room, and they apparently decided to teach me and Asia about Devils' knowledge.

Therefore they were teaching me some weird names that were hard to remember. Because I was taught things that I don’t even understand, my brain was about to get fried.

When they pumped quite a decent amount of information, Kiba asks me a question.

“Our greatest enemy. The Angels led by God. What is the name given to the highest rank Angels? Also the ones among them?”

“Ummm, it’s "Seraphim", right? The members are......Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and......hmm, Uriel?”


Phew...... So it’s correct. I remembered that they all have an “-el” at the end of their name, so somehow I remembered them all.

“Next are our “Satans"-sama. What are the names of the “Four Great Satans”?”

“Sure! Piece of Cake! I’m planning to meet them when I get a peerage! So I remembered all their names perfectly! Lucifer-sama, Beelzebub-sama, and Asmodeus-sama! And lastly the female Satan-sama that I look up to, Leviathan-sama!”


“I’m definitely going to meet Leviathan-sama!”

I heard from Buchou. That the person standing at the top of the female Devils is the Satan Leviathan-sama.

I also heard that she is a very beautiful Satan-sama! I was also told that I could meet her if I'm lucky! Ku! I can’t wait!

How beautiful will she be? Since she is a Satan-sama, she must be very beautiful......

Haa...... I really want to meet her.

“Then next, I will ask you to say the names of the leaders of the Fallen Angels that you hate the most, Ise-kun.”

Here it comes. The names of those Fallen Angels I totally hate......

The Fallen Angels have more leaders than the other factions. And their names are complicated......

But I remember the names of the top two.

“The main group of the Fallen Angel is called “Grigori”. The name of the Governor is “Azazel” and the name of the Vice-governor is “Shemhaza”. I know completely up to here. And the name of the leaders are...... Armaros......Baraqiel......Tamiel...... Ah, and, hmmm, huh? Bene-something and C-C-Cociane......?”

“Benemue, Kokabiel and Shariel. You have to remember them properly. This is also the basics. It’s the same as remembering the names of the prime minister and the vice-prime minister of Japan as well as the leaders of the surrounding countries.”

How can I!? They have too many leaders! Two is enough! What are the jobs of the other leaders, then!?

Man, that’s why Fallen Angels are such a pain. I can't come to like them. They are probably scum anyway.

Also they watch over the “Children of God”, in other words the “Sacred Gear” possessors twenty-four seven.

That’s also the reason why I was attacked and why Asia was killed once.

The Fallen Angels made a group to research the Sacred Gears. They invite beneficial Sacred Gear possessors to their group or take their Sacred Gears for themselves.

If they aren’t beneficial then they kill them on the spot. Seriously, they are the biggest scum ever.

They even kill those possessors that do not know about their own Sacred Gear. That’s how it was for me.

They seem to be the greatest enemy of the Devils, so I won’t hold back on them. I won’t hold back on those guys who did such a terrible thing to Asia!

Like this, I was taught about the Angels and the Fallen Angels. It’s becoming quite useful to know.

I need to remember especially about the relation between the Devils and other factions since they are important.

Then next, Asia starts her lesson.

“Cough. Then now, I, Asia Argento will explain about the basics of the exorcists.”

Oh. Clap-clap. I give a clap to Asia who is about to speak in front of everyone.

Ah, she turns red. Thank you very much for such a cute response.

“U-Umm. From the place I used to belonged to, there were two types of exorcists.”

“Two types?”

Asia nods at my question.

“The first type are the ones that appears in films and novels. The father reads a section of the book, then he uses the holy water to get rid of the Devil from the person’s body. They are the exorcists on the "surface" . So the exorcists on the "behind" are the ones that are a threat to us.”

Buchou continues from where Asia left off.

“Ise, you have also met him before, but the greatest threat to Devils are exorcists who received the divine protection from a God or the Fallen Angels. We have been fighting against them for a very long time behind the scenes. They come to destroy us with the power of light received from the Angels, and with their physical bodies that they trained to the uttermost limits.”

Then I remembered the crazy priest boy from before.

He was a crazy exorcist with white hair. He not only kills Devils but also those who have connections to a Devil. To tell the truth, he's the type of person I don’t want to meet ever again.

While I was thinking about it, Asia takes out loads of stuff from her bag.

Buchou picks up a small bottle with water inside it with her fingers and is holding it as if she is touching something disgusting.

“Now I will talk about the traits of holy water and the Bible. First of all, the holy water. It will be very terrible if a Devil touches it.”

“That’s true, so you can’t touch it as well, Asia. Your skin will get harmed.”

“Sob, that’s right...... I can’t touch the holy water any more......”

Asia gets shocked after hearing Buchou’s comment. Well, she is a Devil after all.

“I will tell you how to make one afterwards. I don’t know if it will be useful but there are a couple of ways to make them.”

Maybe this is her strong field, so Asia continues to talk energetically.

Yo, Devil priestess! She'll probably cry if I say such a thing. I need to control myself.

“Next is the Bible. I have been reading it every day since I was a child. But I’m in trouble now because it gives me a pain in the head even if I only read a sentence of it.”

“You are a Devil.”

“You are a Devil after all.”

“.......A Devil.”

“Ufufu, Devils receive intense damage.”

“Sob, I can’t read the Bible any more!”

Asia starts to have teary eyes after everyone points it out to her.

I heard from Buchou before. We Devils suffer greatly if someone reads out the Bible to us.

I haven’t experienced it yet, but I may suffer because of boredom if someone read it out to me.

Wait, so that means Asia has been reading the Bible. If she continues she might die one day!

“However, this is my favourite phrase...... Oh God. Please forgive a sinful person like myself who can’t read the Bible--au!”

She received damage again by praying to God.

Please God, just ignore this child’s prayer.

Like this, after we finished our morning study session we went onto our evening training.

Part 4[edit]

There were a few things I found out while training like this with everyone for several days in this mountain.

I have no talent in using swords.

I have no talent in martial arts.

I have no talent in demonic-power.

And the most crucial one is that I am insanely weak.

I realize how small I am the more I train with the others.

--I won’t be useful in the game.

Yeah, I don’t have a healing ability like Asia.

What I’m doing all right is peeling off the vegetables. Well, that is also a part of the training.

I’m......so weak and so useless.

Part 5[edit]

That night at the mansion.

I’m looking at the ceiling while lying down on my bed. A week has passed since we came to the mountains.

It’s been training from morning to night. We also repeated many offense and defense formations, as well as combinations that we may use for the upcoming game.

I look towards Kiba who is sleeping on the bed besides mine. He’s sleeping peacefully.

……Kiba is amazing. I realize the difference between us the more we train together.

I’ll probably never beat Kiba in a sword fight. The skills he attained with his own talent and loads of training.

I don’t have either. If I train hard from now on, will I have swordsmanship on par with Kiba? After how many years will that be? No, after how many decades? No, maybe I won’t reach his level in eternity.


In demonic-power training. Asia keeps on improving hers besides me. She starts to master using fire, water, and lightning, despite it being small. But I on other hand can only make a mass of demonic-power that is the size of a grain of rice.


Ah, damn it!

I can’t resist it any longer, so I got up from the bed slowly and headed towards the kitchen. When I was drinking a cup of water—.

“Ara? You're awake?”

Buchou’s voice came from the living room. When I look, there is Buchou who is sitting by the table.

“Ah, Buchou. Hello.”

“Why are you so stiff? Good timing, let’s talk for a bit.”

The tealight makes a faint glow on top of the table. Devils can see at night, even if there are no lights. Thanks to that, we were able to train even at night. Then this candle is used probably for looks then.

I then sit opposite of Buchou where we have the table between us.

Buchou is wearing a red negligee while wearing glasses and tying her crimson hair into a ponytail.

“Huh? Buchou, do you have bad eyesight?”

“Oh, this? It’s just for looks. I can think more clearly while having my glasses on. Fufufu, this is the proof that I have been in the human’s world for so long.”

Buchou chuckles. Even Buchou with glasses looked beautiful…… More like, she also looks wonderful when she wears a negligee!

On the table there are loads of papers that looks like a map and battle formation. ……Was she making a plan by herself at night?

Buchou closes the notebook with different strategies written on it.

“……To be honest, the only thing I will get by reading this is to have a peace of mind.”

Buchou says it while making a sigh.

“Why is that?”

“If the opponent is another High-class Devil, then we could fight by reading this. This book is written with lots of research. But that isn’t the problem.”

“? Then what’s wrong?”

“Riser himself. No, the biggest problem is that our opponent is the Phoenix.”

Buchou takes out a book after answering me and puts it on the table. She then points out at the opened page. There is a picture of a fire bird with its wings spread wide open heroically.

“A long time ago the mystical beast, Phoenix, was looked upon by humans as a bird that governs life. It was so looked upon that it left its legend in many countries in the human world where it’s told that the tears of the Phoenix can heal any wounds, and the blood that flows within its body can give eternal youth to those that drink it.”

But there was also another clan that is different from the mystical beast Phoenix. They are the Devils that had the rank of Marquis, and were counted as one of the “72 pillars”. The “Phoenix” from the Devils' side.

“The humans named the Devils' Phoenix as “Phenex” to distinguish it from the mystical beast Phoenix, however the mystical beast Phoenix has the same ability as Riser’s clan. —In other words immortality. That’s the opponent we must fight against.”

Immortal!? H-Hold on!

“That’s cheating! I mean being immortal is basically being invincible!”

“Yes. They are basically invincible. Even if you attack them, their wounds will heal right away. Their flames won’t even leave a bone left. Eight wins and two losses. This is the record that Riser has at the official “Rating Game”. He fought ten times and won eight matches. He lost two of the matches on purpose as kindness to one of the households he is close to. In reality he won all of his matches. He already became a candidate to obtain a title in the official game.”

……What. I lost the words from my mouth.

I now understand what Buchou meant by “problem”. —It’s Riser! She is thinking of a way to beat that bastard!

“I felt something uneasy when I heard that Riser was chosen as my fiancé. Yes, I think Otou-sama and the others chose him in case something like this was to happen. They chose Riser so I will have no choice but to marry him. Even if it becomes a match between households, they knew that there was no way for me to win. In chess you would say they tricked me. A swindle.”

No matter how strong Buchou is, her parents knew that there was no way that Buchou could beat someone immortal. That’s unfair! Then no matter whose daughter it is, they can’t avoid getting married.

“When the Rating Game became popular, the ones who climbed up the most is the House of Phoenix. There weren’t that many battles among Devils until the game was introduced. In a game where the [King] also participates, the strength of Phoenix became clearer. The House of Phoenix is the leading group among the strongest class. —Immortal. Devils realized how terrifying this power was for the first time.”

If they are immortal, then they can resurrect no matter how many times they are defeated. The other Devils have limits to their powers unlike the Phoenix, so they would get defeated once they get exhausted. Uwa! They are so insanely strong that it’s unfair!

—And that is our opponent!

Even if we defeat Riser’s servants, the beauties army, it doesn’t mean anything if we don’t defeat Riser. No, the question is, can we even defeat him? It won’t be a fight where they planned to cheat to beat us, would it?

Buchou chuckles after looking at my serious face.

“You know, it’s not like we can’t defeat Riser?”

“Are you serious!?”

“Yes. There are two ways you can defeat him. One is to beat him down with incredible power and the other one is to keep on taking him down until his mind crushes. The first method requires the strength of a God-class. The second one is to save our stamina until Riser gets his mind crushed. Even if his body is immortal where he can resurrect his body many times, his mind isn’t immortal. His mind will definitely tire down every time we defeat him. It’s our win if we completely crush down the Phoenix’s mind. Then he will stop resurrecting and he will fall. Well, the easiest way is to defeat him with a power that is on par with God that crushes him down with one strike which takes down both his body and mind.”

……Won’t both methods need a lot of effort to pull it off? Is it even possible to do something like that in our first battle? No, we have to do it.

In other words we have to fight until he says “I resurrected so much that I lost the will to fight, so please forgive me”.

Oh yeah, I will ask her the question that has been bothering me this whole time.


“What is it?”

“Why do you hate Riser……no, more like, why are you against this marriage?”

Buchou sighs at my question.

Certainly Riser seems like scum and is quite the womanizer, but I think she can’t reject this arrangement if you think about Buchou’s house problem.

“……I’m a “Gremory”.”

“Huh? W-Well, you certainly are……”

“No. I didn’t re-introduce myself. I’m a Devil from the House of Gremory, and that name will follow me to wherever I go.”

Oh, I think I get it.

“Do you hate it?”

“I feel proud of it. However, this is also something that is a burden to me. Everyone looks at me as Rias from the Gremory. I can’t have them look at me simply as Rias. That’s why I’m enjoying my life in the human world. They don’t know about the Gremory the Devil. Everyone looks at me as who I am. I really like that feeling. I never felt something like this in the Devils' society, and I never will now on as well. The only time I can enjoy my life as myself is when I’m in the human world.”

Buchou has a distant look. She also has very sad eyes.

She told me a story of the world that I can never imagine. I’m Hyoudou Issei, and I never felt anything to my name. I am myself; I’m just the son of my mum and my dad.

Right now, wherever I go, people looks at me as “Hyoudou Issei” as an individual. Buchou has been spending her life while carrying the name of Gremory on her back. That will be the same from now on.

“I want to be with someone who will love me as Rias without the fact that I’m a Gremory. That’s my small dream I have…… Unfortunately, Riser only looks at me as Rias from the Gremory. And he loves me as Rias from the Gremory. That’s why I hate it. But still, the pride of being a Gremory is very important. My feelings may be complicated, but I want to cherish this small dream I have.”

So Buchou wants to be loved as “Rias” and not as “Rias Gremory” from the opposite sex…… That’s what you call a maiden's feelings huh.

But there’s no doubt that Buchou is feeling complicated because of her house's problems.

Hmm, I don’t understand both the feelings of a girl and the structure of the Devils' society, so I don’t know what to say to her……

“I like Buchou as Buchou.”

I just said what I thought. But Buchou stares at me in wonder.

“I don’t know anything about Gremory or about the Devils' world, but to me Rias-buchou is Rias-buchou…… Nggh, I don’t understand all the complicated stuff but to me the usual Buchou is the best!”

I said everything I can think of with a smile.

Hahaha, I can’t even say things that sound romantic.

……Hey, Buchou-sama? I don’t know why but Buchou has her cheeks red.

“B-Buchou? D-Did I say something weird?”

I ask her with a dubious voice, but Buchou shakes her head where she says, “I-It’s nothing!” while panicking.

What? Did something happen? Well, I’ll leave that aside.

“But having an opponent like that for the genius Buchou’s first match, it certainly will be a hard obstacle, right?”

“I don’t actually like the word “genius”?”

Buchou answers me still with a red face.

“Why is that?”

“A talent that is given by heaven……it feels like it’s a gift given by God so I don’t feel good. My talent is born from the roots of the House of Gremory that has been passed down to the generations. I inherited that trait as a Devil. I never thought that I received it as a gift from God, and that’s impossible. My power belongs to me and the House of Gremory. That’s why I won’t lose. I will win if I have to fight. I have to win.”

Buchou says it to me as if she was saying it to herself.

Amazing. Buchou is really strong. Compared to that I…… I……

“Buchou, I’m worthless. I have been useless……since I got here.”

Buchou makes a dubious expression while looking at me said that in a weak voice.


“I think I’ve gotten stronger since I came here and trained with everyone, but more than that……I felt the difference between us. If I do sword training, I realised how amazing Kiba is and realised that “I won’t be able to become a swordsman like Kiba”…… When I do the training for using demonic-power, I realise how superior Akeno-san is while Asia is improving her demonic-powers…… And I can’t do anything…… I’m fine as long as I have my Boosted Gear! I acted tough by thinking like that……”

I have so many tears flowing out from my eyes without realising it.

I’m frustrated, just frustrated. The more I train, the more I realise how weak I am.

—I have no talent for battle.

I have come to realise it.

“I found out that I was the weakest…… I also found out that……I’m the most useless…… I realised it means nothing if I’m the one with the ultimate Sacred Gear. That’s why I was laughed at by Riser back then, right? “Pearl before swine", certainly a fitting phrase for me.”

I start to shed lots of tears in front of Buchou. I’m having so much tears from my eyes due to this frustration that it makes me look pathetic. Even my nose is dripping.

Buchou stands up and sits next to me.



Buchou hugs me gently. She starts to pat my head many times.

“You want confidence, right? Okay, I will give you confidence. But now, you have to rest your body and mind. I will be with you until you feel like sleeping.”

That time I didn’t know what she meant. Except, Buchou’s warmth is healing my soul.

That is enough for now.

Part 6[edit]

“Use your Boosted Gear, Ise.”

Next day. Buchou says that to me before the start of the training.

She is allowing me to use my Sacred Gear that I was forbidden to use since I got into the mountains. She is allowing me to use it now……but what does she want me to do with my Sacred Gear?

“It should be okay to have Yuuto as the opponent.”


Kiba comes forward after Buchou urges him. He stands in front of me. Hey, is she telling me to fight Kiba!?

“Ise, activate your Sacred Gear before the mock battle. Let’s see……we will start the battle two minutes after you activate your Sacred Gear.”


I make my Boosted Gear appear on my left arm just like Buchou orders me to.



The Sacred Gear makes a sound at my words, and I can feel the power coming into my body. With this my power has doubled.

Ten seconds later.


My power doubles again. The power I can feel from my Sacred Gear runs through my body.

It’s all right that my power is getting doubled, but there are things that I need to keep in mind when I use my Boosted Gear.

You may think there are no limits to my powers increasing, but the truth is that isn’t the case. Once I activated my Boosted Gear to see how far I can increase my power but after a few minutes I fainted. The reason is simple. My body can’t handle the power as it increases more. When I asked Buchou afterwards,

“For example think that you are a truck. What will happen if you carry more package than the truck can carry? It won’t move right? That’s how it is.”

That’s how she explained to me.

The package equals my powers that are doubling. If the quantity of package keeps on doubling, then the truck will decrease in speed and by the end it won’t move.

So in other words if the power gets too big, then it puts stress on my body. That’s why I fainted. My body which is a vessel won’t be able to withstand the increased power.

That’s what happened when I activated it for a few minutes. The jewel in the gauntlet made a sound which said [Burst], then my body got heavier and it felt like all my senses froze.

Even if there are no limits to the Sacred Gear, the user which is me in this case does have limits. That’s my Sacred Gear’s weakness.

Well, it’s more like my weakness. It’s not the Sacred Gear’s fault.

I got my twelfth power up after Buchou ordered me to power up. Then Buchou orders me to “Stop” my Sacred Gear’s power up.

“Let’s do this, Boosted Gear!”


This sound also represents the stop of the power up and acts as a stopper.

Once the power up stops, I can fight with that increased power for a certain time. The length of time I can use it depends on my action during the power up. The more I move, and the more I attack, it minimises the time. This also affects my stamina, and if I’m in a tired state, then the time will also be shorter. One of the ways to use this Sacred Gear is that I don’t receive any damage.

Yeah, that’s why my current state where I have no damage and have full stamina is the best time to use the ability of my Boosted Gear.

My power is increasing while during the boost, but it is unstable compared to the time when I stop the boost to use the power up for a limited time. If I move around too much, there are risks that it may change me back to my normal self. For that reason, it’s better to stop the boost then use the power up.

It will be wise to run around and hide while getting a boost.

Now, my power is in an unthinkable state because of the two minutes boost. The power I feel within my body isn’t normal.

“Ise, I want you to fight Yuuto in that state. Yuuto, I will ask you to be his opponent.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Kiba makes his stance by pointing his bokuto toward me after Buchou ordered him.

“Ise, do you want to use a sword? Or do you want to fight with bare hands?”

Buchou asks me how I will be fighting.

Hmm, even if I have a bokuto, I won’t be able to use it……

“I will fight bare handed!”

“Very well. Now then, I’ll ask the both of you to start.”

I also make a stance against Kiba. Well, it’s a newbie’s stance.


Kiba suddenly disappears from my sight! Oh crap! The trait of [Knight] is speed! Kiba has god-speed! Once I lose sight of him, I will receive the attack—.


Kiba’s swing came down at me, but I guard it by using my arm. Yes! I can withstand this!


Kiba makes a shocked expression. He let his guard down! I punch towards Kiba who stopped moving.


Kiba’s body disappears just before I hit him, and my punches cut through the air. Crap! He dodged it!

Where’s Kiba? I try to chase him by looking around. ……He’s gone! If he isn’t in front of me or to my left or right, then he’s behind me!

However, I don’t see Kiba when I turned around.

! Above me!? When I look up, Kiba is coming down with his bokuto aimed downwards.


I heard a nasty sound! Guhaaa! I receive a blow on my head. It huuuuurts!


I don’t have time to touch the part I was hit and I release a kick towards Kiba who just landed on the ground.


He dodged it again! Shit! It won’t hit at all! If my opponent is a [Knight], then will I have a hard time with their speed!?

“Ise! Shoot with block of demonic-power! When you form a block of demonic-power, shoot it with a shape you imagine the most!”

Buchou gives me an order.

A block of demonic-power? I have to do it here? I don’t know if it will hit but there’s no other choice! I will obey Buchou’s order.

I gathered the demonic-power flowing within my body and concentrated it into my palm. There is a block of demonic-power that is the size of a rice ball. Small like usual!

I then shoot it towards Kiba! That instant, I wasn’t able to believe what I saw.


It’s huge! The magic ball that had the size of a rice ball got bigger when I shot it! It reached the size of a huge rock! This!? I get it! It’s the power of the Boosted Gear! The huge block of magic got closer to Kiba. The velocity was quite fast as well.


Kiba dodges it easily. Well that’s not surprising. Oh, but it won’t mean anything if it doesn’t hit. That’s what I thought, but soon I got rid of that thought.

The demonic-power ball that missed its target went towards the mountain next to the one we are on, and—.


The mountain blows up while making a huge sound and blast!!

Eh! Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeh!?

……A single shot of demonic-power I shot out blew away a single mountain……The mountain has a huge hole in it. It changes the view of it.

……Eh? Are you for real? It actually blew it up? It’s a mountain, you know? A mountain.

Because of the sudden turn of events, I didn’t know what to say.


The gauntlet made a sound and I can also feel the power leaving my body at the same time. Looks like the time I’m powered up for is finished.

Then I lost all of my strength at once. It feels like my insides became empty. Seems like I used up my demonic-power.

“I’ll have both of you stop it there.”

Buchou ends me and Kiba’s spar. Kiba also put his bokuto down. I also sit on the ground as if I lost my strength.

T-The mountain disappeared.

My heart is beating with that fact. D-Did I do that? I still can’t believe it. A-An attack like that actually came out from my hand……

“Good job you two. Now I will hear your impression. Yuuto, how was it?”

Kiba answers Buchou’s question.

“Yes. To tell the truth I’m astonished. I tried to finish the spar with the first strike.”

Eh? The first strike as in the one I was able to block?

“But I couldn’t break through Ise-kun’s guard. I was focused into breaking through it. I also tried to knock him down in my second strike by hitting his head from above the air, but that failed as well.”

Kiba answers it while laughing out “Hahaha” with a refreshing expression. Kiba put his bokuto to the front to show it to everyone.

……That bokuto is already broken.

“I strengthened the bokuto with demonic-power, but it couldn’t give that much damage to Ise-kun because his body was too hard. If we continued, I would only have the option to run around because I wouldn’t have my weapon.”

“Thank you, Yuuto. That’s how it is, Ise.”

That’s how it is? Is this the thing she told me yesterday when she said, “I’ll give you confidence”?

“Ise. You said to me that you were “the weakest and have no talent”, right?”


“That’s half correct. You, who hasn’t activated your Sacred Gear, is weak. However, you become a totally different person if you use the power of the Boosted Gear.”

Buchou points at the mountain that was blown away.

“That attack is one of a High-class Devil. If that hits, most people will be blown away.”

Are you serious!? Well it certainly does seem like an attack that could blow most beings.

“Your body which went through basic training became a vessel that can handle a Sacred Gear that increases the power drastically. Even now, your body is strong enough to handle the power increase. I told you before, right? You can become the strongest as long as you improve your basics. The higher your initial strength is, the more the power can increase. The basic stamina rises from “1” to “2”. Even something like that would become a big factor for you to become strong.”


My power is amazing……?

I still can’t believe in myself and Buchou says it with confidence to me.

“You are the key to the game. Ise’s attack becomes the factor that decides the outcome of the battle. If it was only you fighting, then it would be scary because you would have your guard down while powering up. However, this battle is a team battle. You will have your comrades that will support you. Trust in us. Then, you will become strong as well as us. We can win this!”

—Become stronger. Me?

“Let’s show it to those that looked down on you. It doesn’t matter if the opponent is Phoenix or not. We need to teach them very strictly in how strong Rias Gremory and her servants are!”


Everyone replies to her with a strong voice. That’s right! I have Buchou and everyone with me!

I will become strong! I will become stronger along with everyone!

I will defeat Riser Phoenix!

After having new-found determination, the mountain training went through smoothly.

Then we reached the day for the decisive battle.

Life.4 The Decisive Battle Begins![edit]

Part 1[edit]

On the day of the decisive battle.

“I’m ready.”

I’m getting fired up in my room.

Right now, it’s 10 o’clock at night. The decisive battle will start in two hours, at exactly 12am.

Today our job as a Devil is off. We went home straight after school. That’s because we may end up wasting our stamina.

We plan to meet up at the club room 30 minutes prior to the match, so I can only stay here for about 90 minutes. But still, I feel the most relaxed here in my own room. So I want to stay here as long as I can.

If I go there, I will feel nervous whether I like it or not. Ah, I feel more nervous than the time I was waiting for my entrance exam results to our academy……

I’m wearing my uniform. I thought this will be the most fitting clothing for this. Rather, should I prepare clothing for battle purpose? When I asked that to Buchou,

“If my group has a uniform, then it has to be the uniform of Kuou academy. We are the members of the Occult Research Club after all.”

Buchou replied like that to me with a smile.

That’s why my battle uniform will be my school uniform. Well, if I was doing martial arts I could have prepared a dougi.

There are lots of banana peels near me. I ate all of them already, and that technique that I have been practicing ever since camp is almost completed.

I can do this. I can do this! My new ultimate technique!


Someone knocks on the door. Huh? Is it Asia?

“Ise-san, may I come in?”

“Yeah, sure.”

I get a bit shocked when I witness the clothing that Asia is wearing.

That’s because she is wearing a nun outfit. Obviously she doesn’t have her Rosario hanging around her neck. She also doesn’t have her veil on her head.

“Asia that outfit……”

“Y-Yes. When I asked Buchou-san, she told me, “Wear something that you feel the most comfortable in”. I thought about it a lot, and I found out that this outfit is the easiest for me to move around in. ……I’m not a Christian anymore, but I haven’t forgotten my beliefs. Even though I’m a Devil now……”

Is that so? This girl must have thought deeply about it.

I’m sure that you need a lot of guts to appear in a nun’s outfit for a battle between Devils, but if that’s what Asia chose then I don’t have any complaints. Buchou will also allow it with a smile.

“Yeah. You look the most natural in a nun’s outfit. You also look good in our school uniform, but you were dressed in that outfit when I first met you. Yeah, you look great.”

“Thank you very much.”

Asia makes a very happy face when I praise her.

“U-Umm, Ise-san?”

Asia suddenly becomes hesitant. What’s up with her?

“Can I sit beside you?”

“Y-Yeah. Sure.”

Asia approaches me who am sitting on my bed and then she sits beside me. She then hugs onto my arm tightly.

“W-What’s wrong?”

I panic, but I can feel her shaking through my arm.

“……I can’t stop shaking when I think that there is a scary battle waiting for us. But if Ise-san is with me, I will be okay.”


“Ehehe. I’m not scared if I’m with Ise-san after all. ……Can I stay like this until we leave?”


“……Can I stay with you forever from now on?”

“Yeah, we will always be together.”

I hold on to Asia’s hand gently and we stay like this till we left the house. After that, I didn’t feel nervous anymore and Asia’s shaking has also stopped.

Part 2[edit]

Around 11.40pm at night—.

The other club members and I have gathered in the old school building. We are waiting in our most relaxing positions. Everyone except Asia is wearing their uniform.

Kiba is equipped with a gauntlet on his hands and has some armour on his lower leg. He has his swords against the wall.

Koneko-chan is sitting on the chair and is reading a book. On her hands, she is wearing gloves that allow her fingers to be seen. It’s one of those gloves that martial artists wear. It looks pretty intense if a girl with a loli face wears it.

Akeno-san and Buchou are drinking green tea elegantly. Just to be expected from our Onee-samas, they sure are calm……

Asia and I sit on the chair quietly while we wait for the time to come.

Ten minutes prior to the match, the magic-circle glows and Grayfia-san appears from it.

“Is everyone ready? It’s ten minutes before the match.”

Everyone stands up after Grayfia-san confirms us. Grayfia-san then starts to explain about the battle.

“When it becomes the time to start the battle, you will be teleported to the battlefield through this magic-circle. The location of the place is in a different dimension used for battles. You may fight with all your power. It’s a disposable space so feel free to fight to your satisfaction.”

I see. A battle purpose field, huh. So Devils can prepare something like that as well.

Indeed if we fight somewhere in the humans' world or Devils' world, we can’t avoid destruction. So it means that we need a place where we won’t harm anything no matter what we do.

But leaving that aside, there’s something that I’m concerned about.

“Hey, Buchou?”

“What is it?”

“Buchou, you also have another [Bishop], right? Where is that person?”

Yes, that’s what Buchou told me before she reincarnated Asia. She told me she already has another [Bishop]—.

She told me that the [Bishop] is doing another mission, but why isn’t the [Bishop] here under this serious situation?

After I asked the question, everyone except me and Asia acts weird. It seems like I asked something I shouldn’t have. It feels like the atmosphere in this room has changed. All of them are keeping their mouth closed.

“Unfortunately, the other [Bishop] can’t participate. Though there will be a time when I will talk about that in the near future.”

Buchou says that to me without looking at me in the eyes.

Seems like there’s something complicated about this matter. I probably should stop asking about this topic now.

But what’s so important that the [Bishop] can’t appear for its Master’s important match? I can’t get rid of my suspicions. Grayfia-san then speaks under this weird atmosphere.

“This “Rating Game” battle will also be viewed by members of both households from a different location through broadcast.”

Are you serious? So they will be watching us? So they are going to view us like VIP members, huh. They sure must be having fun. Since Buchou’s parents are watching this as well, I can’t show them an unsightly scene.

“Satan Lucifer-sama will also be viewing this battle. Please do not forget about it.”

Satan!? Satan-sama!? Wow, that makes me nervous. Even the one standing above us is paying attention to this match!? Buchou then makes a shocked face.

“Onii-sama is? ……I see, so Onii-sama is also going to view this battle.”

……Huh? I think I heard it wrong. What did Buchou just say? O-Onii-sama……? I got confused so I put my hand up and ask.

“U-Umm, Buchou, you just called Satan-sama “Onii-sama”……? Did I hear wrong?”

But Kiba answers me straight away.

“No, Buchou’s brother is indeed the Satan-sama.”


“M-Maoooooou!!? Buchou’s Onii-sama is Satan-sama!?”


Buchou confirms it straight away.

Are you serious!? Seriously!? No, wait. But Buchou is part of the “Gremory clan”, isn’t she? I think her last name is different from any of the Satan’s last name……

Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus. It doesn’t match with any of their last names.

“Are you confused because Buchou’s family name is different to the names of Satan-samas'?”

Kiba guesses what I’m thinking. It’s a bummer but he has it correct.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Kiba starts to explain after I admit it reluctantly.

“In the previous Great War, the Satan-samas were in a critical condition and have passed away a long time ago. But there would be no Devils if there aren’t any Satan-samas. That’s why—”

The Devils decided to keep the names of the Satans and let it be inherited to the ones with enormous powers. So the current Four Great Satans are the Ultimate-class Devils that are the successors of the first generation Satans that has inherited their names.

So that’s how it is. Then “Lucifer” and “Beelzebub” isn’t a personal name but more like a managerial position.

“To tell you the truth, out of the three factions of the God, the Fallen Angels and the Devils, the Devils have the least power. We are actually in a tight spot but we are still safe because the current Satan-samas have powers equal to those of the previous Satan-samas.”

……So the Devils' society is just somehow managing, huh……

I’m pretty shocked to hear that the Satan-samas that have their names recorded in the books you find in the libraries are already dead.

“So Buchou’s brother was chosen to be a Satan from the Ultimate-class Devils then?”

Kiba nods at my question.

“Sirzechs Lucifer—who is also known as the “Crimson Satan”. He is Buchou’s brother and the most powerful Satan-sama.”

—Sirzechs Lucifer.

Not a “Gremory” but a “Lucifer” huh. So he isn’t referred by his family name any more like Buchou is.

“……So that’s why Buchou needs to inherit her household.”

It can’t be helped since her brother became a Satan. Her brother has to carry the world of the Devils on his back. Amazing. Even Buchou’s family is amazing……

“It’s about time. Everyone, please head to the magic-circle.”

We gather to the magic-circle after Grayfia-san urges us to.

“Also, once you get transported, you cannot use the magic-circle until the game ends.”

So we can only return here after the outcome.

The magic-circle’s symbol changes to another one which is not that of the Gremory’s and it starts to emit lights. It’s also not the symbol of the House of Phoenix. Perhaps it’s the one used for the game?

While I was thinking about it, the light covers us and the teleportation begins.

Part 3[edit]

……When I open my eyes.

……Huh? I tilt my head when I witness the view. Obviously. Because this place is the clubroom.

What the, did the teleportation fail? But everyone besides me and Asia are calm and they aren't even shocked about this situation we are in.

Also Grayfia-san is gone. Don’t tell me she teleported just by herself?


[Hello everyone. I am Grayfia, a maid from the House of Gremory and today I will be the arbiter of the Rating match between the House of Gremory and the House of Phoenix.]

School broadcast? It’s Grayfia-san’s voice.

[In the name of my Master, Sirzechs Lucifer, I will be keeping my eye on this match. By using both Rias-sama and Riser-sama’s opinion, we created this battlefield which is a replica of the school, Kuou academy, which Rias-sama attends to in the human world.]

What! T-Then this clubroom is a replica? It’s exactly the same! The location of the furniture and even the scratches on the wall is the exact same so it really has a high reproduction of the real thing!

Oh, hold on. If I look out of the window, the sky is white. It’s supposed to be very dark since it’s midnight. So did they make a replica of the school in this world of white?

Just how extraordinary can the power of Devils be!?

[The location where both teams were transported will be their “base”. Rias-sama’s “base” would be the Occult Research Cub’s clubroom located in the old school building. Riser-sama’s “base” would be the Student Council’s room located in the new building. For the [Pawns] to use “promotion”, please head to the enemy’s base to do it.]

That’s me! So I can’t promote unless I go to the enemy’s base. Due to the trait of my role, using “promotion” is absolutely necessary.

Similar to the actual chess, “promotion” is a special move you are able to do if the [Pawn] reaches the furthest part of the enemy’s base. I can change into any pieces besides the [King] piece.

So I have to reach the enemy’s base no matter what. Student Council room, huh. It’s at the corner of the highest floor in the school building. I have to head there!

Likewise, Riser’s [Pawns] can promote if they get here. Unlike us, where I am the only [Pawn], they have 8 [Pawns]. If they all turn into [Queen], we are in deep shit!

[Queen] is the ultimate piece. It’s certain that we will be in danger if they are to promote.

It’s normal for [Pawns] to be sent first so they can take down each other. Does that means I have to take down 8 beautiful girls of [Pawns] all by myself……? Wow, I have rough roads ahead of me.

“Everyone, will you all please put this transceiver in your ears.”

Akeno-san gives everyone an earphone type transceiver.

Buchou says it while putting it in her ears,

“At the battlefield, we will be using this to communicate with each other.”

So we will receive the orders through this transceiver huh. This is an important item. I need to make sure I don’t break it.

[Now it’s the time for the commencement of the battle. Also, this match will continue till dawn in the humans time. So, Game starts now.]


The school bell rings. So this is the ring to signify the start of the match huh.

Like this, our first “Rating Game” begins!

Part 4[edit]

“First we have to take down Riser’s [Pawns]. It will be troublesome if they all promote into [Queen].”

Buchou says it while sitting on the sofa. She’s quite confident.

Akeno-san starts to prepare tea. U-Umm, we are in a middle of a match, you know……?

“B-Buchou, you seem pretty calm……”

“Ise, the battle just started. The “Rating Game” is originally a game that doesn’t finish in a short time. There are times when it becomes a “blitz”, but mostly it’s a game that takes very long. Just like the actual chess game.”

I-Is that how it’s played? I thought it will be like those battles you often see in films…… Something like those “ultimate fight between monsters” types of things.

“The “Rating Game” has a meaning only if you use the battlefield to the fullest. Usually the base would be a fortress, a castle or even a tower. There are forests and rivers between the two bases and we battle using those areas. This time the school is our stage. Yuuto.”


Kiba spreads a map on the table after Buchou urges him. Wow, the whole map of our school.

It’s divided into grids and there are English alphabets and numbers on it. Oh I get it.

It’s broken into grid that is similar to a chessboard.

Buchou draws a circle around the old school building and the new school building with a red pen. Oh, I see. She marked our base and the enemy’s base.

“There’s a forest near our base. It’s safe to assume that this is also our territory. In other words the new school building would be Riser’s territory. It’s quite possible that there will be an ambush when you enter their territory. The school field is visible from the new school building. So it’s dangerous to pass through here.”

She is right. The school field is visible from the new school building’s windows. Once we enter the battlefield, it’s impossible to teleport using the magic-circle. So it’s impossible to teleport from the old school building to the new school building. So we have to use our feet to move around then. Well, we can use our wings to fly, but we will become a sitting ducks. Also, I can’t fly yet.

“Then do we have to go through the sports ground to get to the new school building?”

Buchou chuckles at my question.

“Normally, yes. But the enemy will also know that. So he’ll have his servant positioned at the sports ground. …… He’ll have his [Knight] or [Rook] positioned at one of the clubrooms located in the sports ground. No, if it’s a sports ground, you will need a person with “mobility”. So he’ll have one [Knight] and three [Pawns], a total of four servants positioned here. Then he’ll have control of the whole sports ground.”

Then Kiba says his thoughts.

“Buchou, it’s about the gym near the old school building. Shouldn’t we occupy this location first? If we capture it here then we will have a route to the new school building. The gym is a passage to both of the buildings so we could also restrain the enemy’s movements.”

Buchou nods at Kiba’s opinion.

“Yes, I also have the same opinion. First we will capture the gym. ……In terms of location, the opponent may have his [Rook] positioned there. Since it’s inside a building, it would be better to use the [Rook] with destructive power over [Knight] with mobility.”

……Wow, they started to talk about the strategy in a way that I don’t understand! W-Well, I’ll just follow the order! I just need to make sure that I don’t cause any trouble for them.

“……Yuuto and Koneko, you two set a trap in the forest. Take another map with you and make sure you mark the places where you set the trap in. I will make a copy afterwards and hand it to everyone.”



Koneko-chan and Kiba leaves the room straight away and takes a map and a weird looking tool box with them.

“Everyone else will be on standby until they finish setting up the trap. Oh, Akeno.”


“After Yuuto and Koneko returns, can you cast illusions and mists around the forest and the sky? Obviously a trap that only reacts to Riser’s group. That’s how the start of the match will be like, though it seems like this battle will become intense midway through it. So I’ll leave the issue regarding the mists and the illusions to you, Akeno.”

“I understand, Buchou.”

Akeno-san confirms. The strategy has already begun. Both Asia and I don’t know what we are supposed to do.

“U-Umm, Buchou? What am I supposed to do?”

I think it’s bad if I don’t do anything. I want to do something!

“Yes. Ise, you are a [Pawn] so you have to use “promotion”.”


I reply to her energetically. Buchou waves her hand towards me. Hmm? What is it?

“Sit here.”

I sit next to Buchou because she told me to. She then points at her lap.

“Lay down here.”

—! W-Wait, is that……the legendary “lap pillow”!?

I-I can really……use that white legs of yours……am I really allowed to do it!?

“I-I will be in your care!”

I unconsciously bow my head to Buchou politely.

Gulp…… I start to put my head on Buchou’s lap slowly while gulping down my saliva.


I can feel a really soft sensation on my cheek. Ooooooooh! Why are you so soft, Buchou!? My head is about to explode because I'm having lots of physical contacts with Buchou!! Her actions towards me are too great for someone like me who am going through that age!

I want to grind my cheek on her lap, but I think my heart will stop!


I have tears on my eyes without even noticing it.

Lap pillow. Out of all the things I want to get done by a girl, it’s definitely among the “Top 10”. And right now it became a reality……

I can’t stop the tears that are falling from my eyes. Man, what am I doing in the middle of an important match?

But a perverted student like me who has no luck with girls is getting this sweet treatment. Oh, mum and dad, thanks for giving birth to me!

Buchou sighs while looking at me.

“Geez. Why are you crying?”

High school dxd 181.jpg

“Sob, getting a “lap pillow” from Buchou, I’m so moved that the tears won’t stop. I will never forget this sensation. Sob, I’m happy that I was born.”

“If it’s just “lap pillow”, then I will give it to you again. You seriously are an overreacting boy.”

What!? T-This is absurd!? You will!? Why is Buchou so nice to me!? No, that’s not important now! So something like that is possible!?

Yes, I’ll ask her myself next time! Aah, my school life is so wonderful! I’m totally in a league over Motohama and Matsuda! Now I feel sorry for them. I just need to hope that their life will get better.

Ah! Asia is looking at me with teary eyes! And she is making a weird face. Huh? Is she angry? Why? She looks very unpleasant……


Buchou then puts her hand on my forehead.

“……I unlocked a small portion of the seal that I had cast on you.”

“Huh? Seal?”

The moment I say out the doubt I had, there is a big change in my body.


At the same time, I can feel a power growing within me. What is this? Amazing, it feels different than the power up that I get from my Boosted Gear. If that is a power I receive from elsewhere, then this power up is coming from within me and it feels comfortable.

What is this—? Buchou then says it my ear while I find it suspicious.

“Do you remember? The talk about where I used all my eight pieces of [Pawns] to reincarnate you?”


“At that time, your strength as a Devil was low so I had to put a limit on your power as a [Pawn]. You, who just reincarnated from human, didn’t have a body that could endure the power of eight pieces of [Pawns]. To put it simply, you would be the strongest after Akeno, so you needed to attain more power or else your body would break. So I just unsealed a bit of the seal.”

Unsealing it—. Then this power that is flowing within my body is my natural power.

“That training was meant to have you cope with the power of Boosted Gear and the [Pawn]. Though there are areas you still lack in.”

So there was actually a meaning to that harsh training! I’m glad that I went through that training by training hard!


Buchou then starts to pat my head. Aah, it feels so nice to have Onee-sama pat my head.

Is it me or is Asia looking at me with sharp eyes?

“Listen up, Ise. You have to beat your opponent even if they are girls, okay? You can’t hold back. They won’t hold back against you.”

“Y-Yes, I understand!”

“That’s a good boy. Use the “promotion” to change into [Queen]. The battle will change if you promote into the [Queen] that possess the strongest power.”

“But it feels weird for me, who am a guy, to turn into a [Queen].”

Buchou makes a small laugh at my opinion.

“It’s just a name for a role in chess, so you don’t have to think too deeply about it. We are already at a disadvantage by having fewer members than Riser. So you have to prepare yourself to work over the limit. If we lose even a single person, our situation will get even harder.”

Buchou already thought about our roles carefully and has already made a plan for our move......

The battle can be settled if I charge up my demonic-power with my Sacred Gear and shoot it to the new school building......though it won’t be that simple, right? The opponent may also foresee such method, and they may have a counter-measure against it.

Also there is a limit to my attack which has powered up, and since I’m bad at using demonic-powers, I can’t do something like wasting it. If I have to do it, it will be safer to promote to [Queen] first, that way you can guarantee the power of the attack.

Yeah, I will just go forward while believing in Buchou and my comrades!

“Buchou! I will definitely make you win!”

That’s what I thought from the bottom of my heart. My true feeling. Yes, it’s better to tell her my actual feelings.

Buchou smiles after hearing that.

“Yes, I will be relying on you. My adorable, Ise.”

I will definitely make Buchou win! I won’t give Buchou to a jerk like that!

Like that, I was having fun with Buchou’s lap until Kiba and Koneko-chan got back.

Thanks to that, I’m fully pumped!

Part 5[edit]


I raise my spirit in front of the old school building.

Next to me is Koneko-chan. She will be my partner for the next plan.

“Okay then, Ise, Koneko. You won’t be able to avoid the battle once you get into the gym. Move accordingly like we discussed. That location will be an important place.”

Buchou sent us off at the entrance. Koneko-chan nods at Buchou.

“Yes, I will.”

Our target is the gym. We need to win the battle that will be awaits us. The ones that will be heading there is me and Koneko-chan. We are not allowed to fail. Yeah, we can't lose. I can’t retire without even using “promotion”!

“Then I will be going as well.”

Kiba is getting ready to go by placing his sword to his hip.

“Yuuto, move accordingly like we discussed.”

“Roger that.”

“Asia will be on standby with me. But we will be going after we get a signal from Ise and the others. You definitely cannot be taken down. It will be over if we lose our healer.”


Asia also replies energetically even though she is nervous.

Asia’s ability to heal is our lifeline. Because of that ability of hers, we are capable of doing things that is a bit recklessly for our strategy.

Our winning factor is to protect Buchou who is our [King] and also Asia.

“Akeno, I trust you to move when you think it's the right time.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

The strongest servant, Akeno-san. According to Buchou, the outcome will be decided with her move.

I will be relying on your ultimate move that is hidden behind that smiling face of yours!

Buchou steps forward after she checks everyone.

“Now then, my adorable servants. Are you ready? We can’t turn back now. Our enemy is Riser, who is said to be a genius from the immortal House of the Phoenix with a promised career. Now then! Let’s go and blow them away!”


All of us replies together and heads off!

Me, Koneko-chan, and Kiba leaves the old school building!

“Ise-san! Everyone! Please do your best!”

I can hear Asia cheering for us from behind. We raise our hand and wave at her.

Now, there’s no more turning back Hyoudou Issei! I will have to be resolved and move straight ahead!

We run towards the gym. During our way towards the gym, Kiba leaves us to head to a different direction. It’s in our plan for Kiba to leave us at a certain point.

“Then I will be waiting for you ahead!”

“Yeah, you just do that!”

We split up after saying our good byes. He will do his job, and I will do mine!

I went towards the gym along with Koneko-chan.

Since the main entrance is connected to the new school building, we can’t enter from there. That’s because our intrusion will be caught by them.

We need to go in from the other door located on the opposite side of the gym. We went there and turn the door knob. It’s opened. It’s not locked.

But this gym, even the appearance of it looks like the actual thing. It’s the same with the old school building where it looks like the real thing. I will believe it if they tell me afterwards that “the stage took place at the real Kuou academy”.

We come into the back platform from the back door. Since the curtain isn’t down, the inside is visible.

I try to look at the court from the corner of the platform, but then Koneko-chan mutters.

“……Presence. Enemy.”

—! Even before I can get shocked at hearing that, a loud voice echoes within the gymnasium.

“We know you are there, servants of Gremory! We watched you coming inside.”

The voice of a woman. Riser’s servants! So they saw us coming inside!

Then there is no need for us to hide ourselves.

Koneko-chan and I show ourselves to them by appearing at the platform boldly. There are four female Devils standing at the court.

The woman with a china dress, the twins and also—

There is the loli girl who knocked me down with a stick. I never thought I will meet her this quickly……

If I remember right, the woman with the china dress is the [Rook]. The twins are the [Pawns]. And the small girl is also a [Pawn]. I know it because we were explained about the enemies while having the photo of them shown to us at the clubroom before we came here.

Three [Pawns] and one [Rook]…… We are also a [Pawn] and a [Rook], though their numbers are double of ours.

Though due to our plan, we can’t avoid this battle.

“Boosted Gear, standby.”


The Boost begins. Yeah! I’m going to do it!

“……I will leave the [Pawns] to you, Ise-senpai. I will take care of the [Rook].”


Both Koneko-chan and I stand in front of our opponent. The china dress woman makes a kung fu stance and the small girl makes a stance with her stick.

Lastly, the twin girls grabs their chainsaws with a smile –hey, a chainsaw!?


The chainsaws starts while making a dangerous sound.

Wow! Are you serious!? Girls aren’t allowed to carry dangerous things like that!

“Disassembling time♪”

High school dxd 000d.jpg

Both of the twins say that happily!

Hey! You can’t say things like that with a bright voice!

More like, I don’t want to be disassembled! It will be bad if I get hit by those chainsaws!


Koneko-chan and the china dress woman have already begun their fight a bit further away from us.

It looks like a martial arts match because of all the punches they are throwing at each other! Each hit looks powerful since both of them are [Rooks]. I think Koneko-chan is at an advantage because of her small build, which allows her to move more freely. But the china dress woman is also moving swiftly while doing tricky attacks.


The [Pawn] girl spins the stick professionally while making a sound. If my memory is right, I think her name is Mira.

Then I get a nasty flashback. I acted all mighty and ended up getting hit by that stick without doing anything. ……I don’t want to lose ever again!

“Split, split, split, split, split!”

The twins come right at me while grinding their chainsaws to the floor! The chainsaws are making sparkles and they swing them at me!


I can hear a nasty sound near my ear. Wow! That’s dangerous! I was just able to dodge it!

I tackle one of the twins with my shoulder and put some distance between us. If it’s a simple move like this, then the Boosted Gear won’t reset. If I get too carried away and attack them, the power will return to the original state!


A sound of something being pointed at me from behind.


I also dodge this attack by a margin as well. The stick passes through my armpit sharply! It’s an attack from the girl called Mira! I dodged it this time!

My body can move more than I thought! It was because of the training and also because Buchou unsealed some of the power of the [Pawn] pieces inside me!

I can do this! I can actually do this! I have confidence in my own power.

When I showed some confidence, the chainsaw grazes my cheek! From the pain I felt, it’s certainly bleeding. When I look carefully, my uniform is cut in different places. Ugh, looks like I’m in a pretty dangerous situation.


The second power up!

The girls still doesn’t hesitate to attack me during the boost! But—.

Yo! Haa!

I dodge the attacks that are coming from above me by moving my body to the side, and I dodge the attacks coming from the side by jumping and ducking down! I guard the attacks of the stick that is coming from the front by crossing my arms!

Yeah! I overcame all of their attacks! How’s that, dammit!?

“Ah, geez! This is so frustrating~!”

“Why isn’t it hitting him!?”

The chainsaw twins seem pissed so they start to step on the floor violently.

“……I can’t break through his guard.”

Looks like the stick girl is also irritated that her attacks aren’t hitting me effectively.

Too bad. I also trained like hell as well. I won’t be able to face Buchou and the others if I lose instantly!


Here it is! My third boost! It’s here!

“Let’s do it, my Sacred Gear-kun!”


I will fight them in this state! My whole body is getting overflowed with power! A powered-up state for a temporarily time! I won’t waste it even for a bit!

“I will take care of you two first!”

I run towards one of the twins. Fast! It may be weird coming from me but that’s a good dash!

The opponents can’t react to my movements for a slight moment. She swings her chainsaw after she realises the situation she is in, but my fist has already reached her!


One of the twin [Pawns] went flying with my hit.

“You! How dare you hit my Onee-chan!”

The little sister of the girl I just hit aims her chainsaw towards me, but I twist my body and hit the girl! The younger sister of the chainsaw twin falls down to the floor.


The stick girl with a childish face thrust her stick towards me! I will make sure it works this time!



I cut down her stick with my karate chop. Ouch! The stick is harder than I thought!

I hit away the girl who just lost her weapon without a moment to spare!


The young girl rolls on the floor while making a scream.


The sound of the china dress woman. When I look, the china dress woman has her hands on the floor and Koneko-chan is still maintaining her fighting stance.

Wow. I can tell that Koneko-chan is at an advantage by the looks of it.

“Geez! If we lose to a guy like him, Riser-sama will get mad at us!”

One of the chainsaw girls fixes her position and makes a negative comment.

“We will definitely dissemble you into pieces!”

The twin turns on their chainsaws once again.

Fufufu, you won’t be able to act in such way any longer. I already accomplished the necessary conditions for activating my ultimate technique.

“Take this! My new ultimate technique! Dress Break!”

Click! At the same time I click my fingers, the chainsaw twins and the stick girl's clothes gets blown away.

Yes, even their underclothes are blown to pieces! The white curvy bodies of the girls are exposed right in front of me.

Wow, all three of them still need some growth, but this is also wonderful in its own way!

Bubah! Lots of blood bursts out of my nose while I make a laugh loudly.


Their scream echoes within the gym. All three of them ducks down to the floor and are trying to hide their private parts.

“Ahahahahaha! How’s that!? This is my technique! And the name of it is “Dress Break”! I just kept on imaging the girl’s clothing getting blown away into pieces! I spent all of the talent I have in making a technique that will make all of the girls naked!”

Yes, you can say I spent all of my talent I have in using my demonic-power for this reason! I don’t have talent at using demonic-power in the first place. So I just turned what I’m good at imagining into reality by using up all of the talent I have.

This was all for this scenery I am seeing! Hahaha! Look, I stripped down the girls naked!

That’s why I peeled all of the fruits and vegetables with not my hands or a knife, but with my demonic-powers only! I peeled the vegetables and fruits till I would lose my mind.

The activation requirement is that I have to touch my opponents. Then I send them my demonic-power that is filled with strong imagination. And this is the result.

“You are the worst! You are the enemy of every woman!”

“Beast! You sex fiend!”

The chainsaw twins starts to bad mouth me while having tears in their eyes. I will gladly accept those words.

“......I misjudged you.”

STAB. Koneko-chan’s muttering I heard from far away impales my heart….. Then I heard a sound from the transceiver I have on my ear.

[Ise, Koneko. Can you hear me? It’s me.]

Buchou’s voice. It seems like Koneko-chan also heard it.

“Yes! Both Koneko-chan and I are safe! More like we are doing well right now!”

[That’s good to hear. But Akeno’s preparation is also completed! I want you two to move accordingly with the plan!]

Buchou’s order! I nod after exchanging a glance with Koneko-chan.


Koneko-chan and I went to the central entrance while ignoring the girls who are down on the floor.

“Are you running away!? This location is supposed to be a crucial place!”

Riser’s servants become shocked by our actions.

Yeah, you are right. This certainly is a crucial place. A location that connects the old school building with the new school building. In chess, it will be the “centre”. It’s apparently very important. That’s why both sides came here! To obtain this place!

That’s why there is a meaning to this! To make this place as our decoy!

Koneko-chan and I leaves from the central entrance.


An instant flash. Then—.


A huge lightning falls down onto the gym with a sound.

When the lightning stops, the gym that is supposed to be in front of us gets wiped out.


Akeno-san’s voice.

When I turn around, I can see Akeno-san with a smiley face that is flying through the air with her black wings spread. She has her right hand raised upwards. And her hand is sparkling with electricity.

[Riser Phoenix-sama’s three [Pawns] and one [Rook] retire!]

Grayfia-san’s voice who is the arbiter echoes through the battlefield.

Wait, so with that attack just now, the enemies Koneko-chan and I were fighting got defeated!?

Are you serious!? With that one attack!? Oh yeah, I heard this from Kiba before.

“The “Priestess of Lightning”, that’s Akeno-san’s nickname. Since Buchou isn’t the age where she can play in the official matches, not many people know about Akeno-san, but she is famous among certain group of people.”

P-Priestess of Lightning…… That’s terrifying. I will definitely die if I get punished with that attack!

……Yup, I will make sure I don’t make Akeno-san angry.

“We did it, Koneko-chan.”

I try to put my hand on her shoulder, but she avoids me.

“……Please don’t touch me……”

She says that with a scorn voice and she’s glaring at me.

Ugh, that reaction saddens me. Well, it can’t be helped for any girl to be alarmed at me if they saw a technique like that.

“Hahaha, don’t worry. I won’t use it on my comrades.”

“……Even so, it is a very low technique.”

Oh my. Looks like she hates me for real now……

[Everyone, can you hear me? Akeno did a perfect attack and finished it. With this, the first phase of our plan is completed.]

I can hear Buchou’s voice from the transceiver I have in my ears. She sounds really happy.

Buchou’s plan.

That is to destroy the gymnasium that was thought to be a crucial point. Also destroying it along with Riser’s servants.

Koneko-chan and I went through the back door of the gym to enter, but we did this act while knowing that the enemies were watching us. We needed to have them battle us by making the opponent come into the gym as well. We simply needed to flee after we fight them for a certain time.

After that, Akeno-san destroyed the gym with her lightning from the sky.

We were a bait to make the enemy come inside the cage. Then we, the bait, left the cage and destroyed it along with the prey.

Buchou’s plan has succeeded! To throw aside the important location and use it to attack is something to be reckoned with! Defeating one [Rook] and three [Pawns] was a big plus! We still haven’t lost any of our members, so we started off with a good start!

[That lightning takes time to charge it to use for the second time after she uses it. So using it continuously is impossible. Though the enemy still has a greater number than us. We will also head out as soon as Akeno’s demonic-power recovers, so I will leave the rest to each of you till then. So please move on to the next phase!]


So Buchou and Asia are heading out. Me and Koneko-chan’s next move is……to regroup with Kiba and defeat the enemy located at the sports court!

It happens then.


A sudden explosive sound is made nearby. When I look at where the sound came from—.


Koneko-chan is lying on the floor a bit away from me while smokes arise from her. I went to her quickly and hold her!

Koneko-chan’s uniform is torn as if she was dragged into a bomb. There are parts of her uniform that are gone. Don’t tell me that explosive sound before is……


An unknown voice. When I look up, there is a shadow up in the air flying with its wings spread. It’s a woman dressed up as a mage and wearing her hood. It’s Riser’s servant! So Riser’s servant did this to Koneko-chan! I’m sure that is Riser’s [Queen]! The sudden appearance of the strongest servant!

“Fufufu. When you hunt a prey, the best time to take them down is when the prey accomplished something because that’s the time when the prey is the most vulnerable. It’s enough for us to “sacrifice” many of our pieces in order to take down one of you. Your group has a small number of members to begin with. That alone will be enough to give a huge damage to your group, right? Even if you defeat us, you cannot defeat Riser-sama. It’s useless to resist.”

The magician woman laughs as if she finds it amusing.

“……Ise-senpai…… Akeno-senpai……”

High school dxd 203.jpg

Koneko-chan speaks with a voice that is about to disappear.

“……I’m sorry ……I wanted to be of more use to Buchou and everyone……”

“Y-You don’t have to apologise! We were doing our job! It’s not a problem! Just wait, once Asia arrives, she can heal you—“

Koneko-chan’s body gets enveloped with light. The body starts to fade and then it disappears from here.


[Rias Gremory-sama’s [Rook] retires.]

A cruel announcement.

Buchou explained it to me before. When we take a certain amount of damage and get into a condition where we can no longer fight, we retire and get teleported out of the battlefield by force. The destination is a place with medical equipment.

That’s why it’s alright even if we're hurt badly. It’s not like we will die. So Riser’s servants that Akeno-san defeated and Koneko-chan were teleported there.

I know. I know that in my head. This is a match. But still I……I!

I can feel the weight disappear from my arms. ……Damn it. Damn it!

My body shakes with anger.

“Come down heeeeeere! I’ll be your opponent!”

I ignored about the next plan and started provoking the enemy who defeated Koneko-chan. Even I know it’s a foolish act.

But I still can’t forgive her. Koneko-chan was crying just before she disappeared. She was crying because of regrets!

She was still able to fight! Shit! If I had realised it much earlier, I may have been able to save Koneko-chan! I was getting ahead of myself because the first plan succeeded!

“Fufufu. What a noisy [Pawn] boy. Do you want to explode like that girl from before?”

The mage put her hands towards me! I’m going to get shot!

“Ara ara. I will be your opponent. Riser Phoenix-sama’s [Queen], Yubelluna-san. Or should I call you the “Bomb Queen”?”

Akeno-san comes between us as if she is trying to protect me.

“I don’t like that name because of its bad taste, “Priestess of Lightning”. Though I was hoping I can fight you.”

“Ise-kun, meet up with Yuuto-kun. I will take care of here.”


I try to convince her but Akeno-san shows a serious face to me for the first time. My heart races. I can feel the extreme pressure from her.

“Ise-kun. You have your own role, correct? Go then. This matter here is my job.”

That’s right. I might just be a burden to Akeno-san. I need to focus on what I need to accomplish.

Akeno-san smiles at me who am biting down my teeth hard.

“It’s okay. I will avenge Koneko-chan. I will defeat this [Queen] with everything I have!”

—! A golden aura covers Akeno-san’s body! I can tell how powerful she is just by looking at it. Akeno-san’s demonic-power that is. The strongest person in our group, our [Queen]!

“Akeno-san! I will leave this place to you!”

After I say that, I turn around and head towards the sports court where Kiba is waiting for me.

Right after that, a violent roar of lightning and explosions echoes from behind me.

The battle changes from the opening to the mid-game—.

Life.5 High Praises During the Decisive Battle[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It happens during my way to the sports court where Kiba is waiting for me.

[Riser Phoenix-sama’s three [Pawns] retire.]

It’s the announcement! Three of Riser’s [Pawns] were defeated!?

Who did it? I’m still on my way to the destination, Akeno-san is battling the [Queen], and Buchou and Asia are on their way here……so it must be Kiba!

With this, seven of their pieces have been defeated. With this, they have nine members left including Riser. We only have five members left with Koneko-chan gone. It’s a situation where we still can’t let our guard down!

—! Someone grabs my arm while I’m on my way to the court! An enemy!? I make my stance, but the one who is holding my arm is Kiba. He’s putting on a refreshing smile like always.

“Oh, it’s you.”


Kiba is observing the sports court from behind the storage room which is a blind spot from the court.

“Sorry, Kiba. Koneko-chan is……”

“I know it since I heard the announcement as well. She must be feeling regrets. I never knew what she was always thinking about, but she was really pumped for this match. She was working hard when we were setting the traps in the forest.”

“......Let’s win.”

“Of course, Ise-kun.”

We hit our knuckles together. Kiba pisses me off during our normal school life, but he is the most dependable ally in terms of battle.

Occult Research Club’s male pair! If we don’t show guts right here, then we will look totally uncool in front of the girls.

“Also, was it you who defeated the enemy [Pawns]?”

Kiba nods at my question.

“Yeah. The clubroom located at the sports court is an important location. So it’s natural that there are lots of enemies. I somehow managed to lure the [Pawns] that were keeping their eyes over there and took them down. But the person in charge of this location is quite calm and hasn’t responded to my provocation. Well, it seems like she used the [Pawns] to watch my attacks. Seems like Riser Phoenix likes to battle by sacrificing his servants. It’s something only he is able to pull off because of his immortality and the number of servants he has.”

Kiba is smiling, but his eyes aren’t.

“The enemies who are in charge of here are one [Knight], one [Rook], and one [Bishop]. Three pieces in total.”

“……That’s a severe defence.”

“Well, that’s how much they are keeping up their guard for this place. Against our intrusion here, that is. Since we eliminated the gym, they will put more strength here.”

The two routes that were seen as a path to the bases. The route from the gym and the route from the sports court that is behind the new school building. Buchou chose to destroy one path, so the only place they need to guard is this sports court.

So it will be natural for them to increase the strength here. Well, because of our plan earlier, it ended by making their [Queen] come to the front lines……

Looks like the battle at this place will be more intense than the one at the gym. Ugh, I’m getting a bit nervous!

“Are you nervous?”

Kiba asks me with a smile. It makes my face red.

“O-Of course! I basically have no battle experience! And now I’m here in an actual battle. I would be a grunt compared to you who is full of battle experience.”

I have the powerful Boosted Gear. That will be enough for me to be a threat.

But the wielder, which is me, is still a newbie in terms of battle. It’s like a waste of treasure.

But still, I want to fight for Buchou. I want to do something for Buchou.

Even if I’m a weakling on this battlefield, I won’t go down without a fight. If I’m going to get defeated, I will at least take many opponents down along with me.


While I try to make my determination strong, Kiba shows me his hand.

—! Kiba’s hands are shaking.

“Ise-kun, you said I have a lot of battle experience. That’s certainly true. But it’s my first time participating in the Rating Game. A serious battle between Devils. Even if this match is a special case, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a serious fight. We get involved in Devils fights, whether we like it or not. And this is our first game. We can’t show them even a slight opening in our guard. This is a match where we have to give it all we got as Buchou’s servant Devils. It’s something that will be important even in the future. I feel delighted and also scared. I don’t want to forget the feeling of my hands' shaking. This feeling of being nervous, this intense atmosphere, I want to feel everything and turn it into my experience. Let’s become stronger together, Ise-kun.”

Kiba……has been thinking that much about this match…… Like I thought, in terms of battle he’s—.

“Then let’s do a combination that would make the girls get aroused.”

“Hahaha! Does it mean that I’m the one who goes from “behind”?”

“Dumbass! If it’s sticking in, then it’s my job! I mean, no! Die, handsome!”

I totally got dragged into his pace! Ugh, what am I doing?

Then I hear a loud voice of a brave woman.

“I’m the [Knight] of Riser Phoenix-sama, Karlamine! I've become bored of trying to sniff through each other’s strategy! Rias Gremory’s [Knight]! I challenge you to a duel!”

At the baseball court. There is a woman cladded in armour who is standing at the centre of it daringly.

What a bold female [Knight]! She can’t complain if someone shoots her from the back!

Fu. Kiba who is standing next to me laughs.

“Since she introduced herself, I can’t hide myself both as a [Knight] and as a swordsman.”

After he mutters that out, he leaves from behind the storage room.

He then walks straight to the baseball court.

“That idiot.”

Even though I’m complaining, I also follow after Kiba by heading there from the front.

—He looks cool.

That’s what I thought after observing Kiba from his back.

“I’m the [Knight] of Rias Gremory, Kiba Yuuto.”

“I’m the [Pawn], Hyoudou Issei!”

Kiba and I named ourselves to Riser’s [Knight], Carlamaine. The female knight then makes a happy face.

“I’m happy that there are warriors like you two in Rias Gremory’s group. Coming out here directly from the front. That’s something people with normal sanity won’t do.”

So we don’t have normal sanity, huh.

“But I love idiots like you two. Now then, let’s begin.”

Carlamaine draws her sword out from the sheath. Kiba also gets ready to draw his sword out.

“The match between [Knights]. I have been waiting for this. Personally I would like to fight in an intense sword fight.”

Kiba’s aggressive words. Oh my, Kiba is making a really lively smile!

“Well said! Rias Gremory’s [Knight]!”

Carlamaine starts to slash as if she is dancing.


The swords hit each other making sparks! They both have god speed because they are [Knights]!

They started their battle! Exchanges of swords that I can’t follow with my eyes. They both keep on appearing and disappearing due to their high speed!

So what am I supposed to do? ......Hmm, I will be killing the tension if I help Kiba. No matter how you look at it, this is a one on one fight.

Hmm, maybe I should give him cheers like, “Go Kiba!” or “You can do it Kiba”.

“You seem bored.”


When I look at the direction where the voice came from, there is a woman wearing a mask that just covers half of her face.

I’m certain this woman is a [Rook].

Then another person came while complaining.

“Geez, this only seems like a mud fight since both of them only thinks about swords, swords and swords. Carlamaine was making a bitter face when the [Pawns] were being sacrificed, so does she hate the battle strategy planned by her Master who happens to be her [King]? Furthermore, when I thought I found a cute boy, he also happens to be a sword freak so I can’t stand this.”

There is also a beautiful girl who is wearing a dress like the ones worn by western princesses. I think she is Riser’s [Bishop]. She has a drill shaped hairstyle on both sides. She seems like a real princess. Wow! I’m surrounded by the Devils that are in charge of this place!

The [Bishop] princess looks at me with weird eyes. W-What is it?

“Hmm. So this boy is the [Pawn] that Rias Gremory adores? Does that person have bad taste in looking at gentleman?”

She then starts to say rude things. Ku! She has a bad tongue even though she has a cute face!

I take my distance from where I was standing and make a fighting stance against the two.

“Boosted Gear standby!”


The Sacred Gear power up starts. I have to leave the [Knight] to Kiba, and take care of these two! But the [Bishop] girl just sighs.

“I’m not going to be your opponent. Isabella, why don’t you be his opponent?”

The masked woman who is called Isabella nods obediently. The girl wearing a dress moves away from us after she got a confirmation from Isabella, and is looking at us from a distance.

Eh!? The drill-roll haired girl isn’t fighting!?

“I was planning to in the first place. Now then, let’s fight since we are both bored.”

“Ah, yeah. That’s okay, but isn’t that [Bishop] going to fight?”

It’s my question to her. That’s because this is supposed to be an important fight, right? Even I don’t know how to react if she decides to withdraw from a fight like this……

Hearing that question, Isabella-san the mask woman, put her hand on her forehead and make a troubled face.

“Ah, don’t worry about her. That girl is special. She will be mostly observing for this fight as well.”

“W-What the hell is that!?”

Words slips out from my mouth. Seriously, can’t you make a better excuse than “watching”!? This is supposed to be an important battle!

“She is—. No, that person is Ravel Phoenix. Riser-sama’s little sister. She became Riser-sama’s servant by using a special method, but she is Riser-sama’s actual sister.”


That beautiful girl? That bird guy’s? Huh? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!

The bird bastard’s sister waves her hand with a smile at me as if she realised that I’m in shock to find the truth.

…………Hey, is that even allowed? He put his sister in his group and made her participate in the battle!?

“According to Riser-sama, “Having your sister in your harem has a significant meaning. You know the significant view of having your close relatives? You know how there are people who look up to and also get jealous about it? Well, I’m not into little sisters, so I have her in my group as fashion.”.”

……So that bird guy is really a perv and also a dumb-ass! But I think I know the feeling of having your little sister in your harem! Little sisters are good! I also wanted one!

No, that’s not it! Fine then! So that girl is his sister, and she won't fight me huh!

“Now, here I come! Rias Gremory’s [Pawn]!”


When I thought that the [Rook] Isabella came forward, a really sharp punch passes through my cheek!

Uwah! Lucky I dodged the attack by instinct!

“I see. So you can dodge a punch like this. Sorry. I was looking down on you a bit. I’ll put one gear, no, I will increase by two gears then!”

Isabella makes a suspicious move while moving her body. But—.


She starts to attack from unpredictable angles and places! Wow! When I thought that I dodged her attack which she did by bending her arm, it came back again like a whip!

Is this one of those flicker jabs you see in boxing!? It will definitely hurt if I get hit by it!

I can’t attack unless I have my Boosted Gear to a certain degree! For now I have to dodge! I dodge the attacks like mad and then—



I suddenly feel an intense pain in my stomach. A kick. I was kicked! I was too focused on her punches so I didn’t pay attention to her legs……! I became unbalanced, and more punches came at my face!

Lots of her flicker jabs hits my face. It hurts! This is seriously bad!


Ku! I’m sure that was my fifth boost! This will be enough if my opponent is a [Pawn], but this isn’t enough to defeat a [Rook]! In terms of piece value, [Rook] is the next highest after [Queen]! I won’t be able to take her down with half-assed attacks!

I cross my arms to guard against her punches. Her punches are heavy even with my guard on! I will retire right away if I continue to receive these hits!

I step back when she withdrew her fist!

The enemy’s attack stops. But she is still moving. I won’t know when she will attack again.

I’m glad that I sparred with Kiba and Koneko-chan. That proved to be very useful. That’s because it gave me the sense to know when the opponent will stop attacking. Buchou also told me how to run so I was able to dodge the attacks just now. Then the [Rook] Isabella smiles.

“I was taking you lightly. To tell you the truth, I thought I got you when my kick hit you…… Looks like Rias Gremory has been training you well. Especially your stamina is magnificent.”

Stamina……? Did I do something amazing?

“In a serious battle, the most important thing is the stamina. Even idiots can fight. But you need stamina to continue for a few minutes. Battles consume lots of stamina and concentration. Just dodging the attack requires quite an amount of effort. So being able to do it till now means that you have been training your body a lot.”


My heart becomes full. The bitter training. The shouts which made Buchou seem like a Devil.

I was forced to run from the morning, and even had to carry rocks on my back in the mountain path. I thought I was going to die.

It even made me think if those were necessary. But Buchou stayed by my side from morning to dawn. Then my eyes got teary. I start to shed some tears pathetically in front of the enemy.


Buchou! I am able to fight! I am standing!

Everything that you have done for me is showing results!

I can’t lose. I won’t lose! I will definitely make Buchou win! This woman! I will defeat this [Rook] who is right in front of me!

“……Looks like I said something unnecessary. I felt your pressure increase.”

“[Rook] Isabella. I am the weakest and the least experienced member in Rias Gremory-sama’s group. But still I will defeat you!”

It happens when I made my resolve.


I heard the sound of the wind. When I look, I witness Kiba’s darkness sword dispersing.

—Holy Eraser.

A Sacred Gear where a darkness sword devours light and its blade is engulfed by darkness. It’s Kiba’s Sacred Gear, but it looks like a part of it was blown away by the enemy [Knight].

“Unfortunately, your Sacred Gear won’t work on me.”

Carlamaine’s sword is covered in flames. A flame sword? So the darkness sword got beaten by that huh.

But Kiba doesn’t seem bothered by it, and instead makes a smirk.

“Then I will also tell you this. Unfortunately, this isn’t everything of my Sacred Gear.”

“What? Nonsense. [Knight] of Gremory, it’s unsightly for a swordsman to……”


After Kiba says that with a small voice, there is something gathering in the blade-less sword.

Huh? It feels like it has gotten cold…… Chills starts to gather around here.

When I was feeling something like that, Kiba’s sword starts to freeze. The ice starts to pile up and it takes the shape of a sword.


At the same time with the sound of ice breaking, Kiba’s sword forms into a blade of ice.

“In front of this sword, “Flame Delete”, all types of fire will disappear.”

—I-Ice sword!?

Hey, hey, hey, hey! The darkness sword isn’t the only weapon of Kiba's!?

Everyone except Kiba has a shocked expression. That’s obvious. Is it even possible!?

“A-Absurd! Are you telling me that you have two Sacred Gears!?”

Carlamaine swings her flame sword to the side! She has an impatient look.


The instant Carlamaine’s sword touches Kiba’s sword, the flame sword starts to freeze and turn into a solid. Then—.

It makes a sound and breaks. Then it disappears.

But she doesn’t stop attacking. As soon as she throws away her sword, she takes a short sword from her hip. She then put her sword up and shouts.

“We are the members of the all mighty House of Phoenix that rule over fire and wind! Taste it! The whirlwind of fire!”


There is a wind of fire around the baseball court with Carlamaine and Kiba in the middle of it. The hot wind is burning my skin.

“That Carlamaine. Has she forgotten that her allies are here as well!?”

Isabella comments, while using her arm to guard her face.

Kiba’s ice sword starts to melt after receiving the wind of fire. Even so, Kiba still doesn’t seem to be bothered.

“I see, you are trying to burn us with the whirlwind of fire…… But.”

Kiba put his blade-less sword in front of him. He then says it with a strong voice.



The wind is getting sucked into Kiba’s sword while making a large noise. The wind stops within few seconds, and the baseball ground becomes silent.

“Replenish Calm”. It’s been a while since I last showed more than two demonic swords for one battle.”

There is a unique looking blade in Kiba’s sword. There is a mysterious whirlwind in the middle of the blade. The winds were sucked in there?

He can even make that kind of sword as well!?

“……Multiple Sacred Gears. Are you a Sacred Gear possessor who takes the weapons of other Sacred Gear users and makes it their own?”

Kiba shakes his head at Carlamaine’s question.

“I don’t have multiple Sacred Gears. I also don’t take the Sacred Gears of others and make them my own. I created it.”


“Yes. “Sword Birth”. I can make any type of demonic swords. That is the name of my Sacred Gear and its true ability.”

Multiple swords appear from the ground when he put his hand downwards! There are swords with different shapes. Even the blades are different! From Kiba’s words, all of them must be demonic swords!


—Here it comes!

One hundred and fifty seconds exact! Now I’m also ready!

—When you form a block of demonic-power, shoot it with a shape you imagine the most.

What Buchou said comes back to my mind. The easiest way for shooting a block of power for me is how the main character of “Dragon Ball”, “Son Goku”, shoots “Kamehameha”!

“Boosted Gear! Explode!”


A massive load of energy waves gathers on both my hands.

I spread my arms across and put them together! I imagine how I will shoot it, and then shoot it out by feeling the energy flowing within me!

But I need to hold back. The power that destroyed the mountain is bad. It may affect Buchou’s strategy if I destroy the school building. I shoot it while holding back—.

My special move! “Dragon Shot”!

I scream the name of my special move inside myself since the enemy may predict what I’m about to do by hearing it.


A mass of demonic-power gets released from my hands.


I get pushed back because of its power. I continue to look at the “Dragon Shot” even though I get myself pushed back!

It’s huge!

Even if you compare it to my body, it’s about five times the size of my height. And that is heading towards my opponent really fast. My target is Riser’s [Rook].

Buchou told me that in a “Rating Game”, [Rooks] are the most troublesome ones.

Their attacks and defences gets higher.

These are the [Rooks] traits and that is what their most terrifying aspect is. It’s normal to give the role of [Rook] to someone with high attack and defence, but it is also used in a different way.

You can also give a role of [Rook] to someone with high speed or high demonic-power.

People who fight using demonic-power tends to have weak physical builds. So they used the trait to overcome their weakness. So if you give the role of [Rook] to someone with fast legs, they will turn into all-rounder type with fast legs, high defence and high attack.

Furthermore, [Rook] has a special ability similar to the “promotion” of a [Pawn].

—The “Castling”.

They can change the position of themselves with the [King] immediately. Buchou told me this is the most troublesome technique. It doesn’t do anything after “Checkmate”, but swapping the position of the [King] and [Rook] is certainly powerful. Increasing their strong points or covering their weak points is up to the Master. There are so many ways of using the pieces.

That’s why I will take on the [Rook] Isabella.

“Isabella! Don’t take it! Dodge!”

Riser’s [Knight], Carlamaine shouts. Isabella who was trying to take the attack before changes her action by evading it.


Isabella just dodges my attack. My Dragon Shot that misses the target went far away. It’s heading for the tennis court.

The next moment—.


The sound of the ground rumbling! A red glow of light and whirlwind hit us!

I look at the Dragon Shot that had hit the tennis court and I can’t believe what I am seeing.

—It’s gone! The tennis court along with the surrounding sports grounds is gone!

Did it get blown away!? With my attack!? Even if it is a replica, the school looks totally different from before! There isn’t even a trace left of the tennis court! Instead there is a huge crater! I hold back, yet this destructive power!?

I realise it once again. My Sacred Gear is abnormal!

“Isabella! Defeat that [Pawn]! That boy! That Sacred Gear has the power to change the outcome of the battle!”

By following the shouts of Carlamaine, Riser’s [Rook] Isabella locked-on at me.

“Affirmative! Boosted Gear! It will become a big threat if we allow him to use “promotion”! I will take him down before that happens!”

It’s different from before, Isabella! My current attack power is that of a High-class Devil!

The enemy came rushing in at me, starting to kick and punch. I guard them, and put strength in my left arm!


My knuckle went towards Isabella. She crosses her arms and guards, but……


My heavy blow breaks the guard and sends the masked [Rook] flying!

Yes! I touched her! I can use it now!

“Burst! Dress Break!”

POP! That moment, Isabella’s clothes gets blown away. Her naked body becomes visible. Wow, those are huge oppais! It’s really good since her body is tight! I have saved it in my brain's memory!

“What! What is this!?”

Isabella reacts by hiding her private parts. Well of course you will react that way!

Here it is! Without wasting anytime, I put forward the small block of demonic-power that I created with my right hand! What I imagine is a block of demonic-power launching from my hand! I shoot it towards the enemy!



The mass of demonic-power that has been powered up significantly with the gauntlet went forward!

“Ku! With a move like this!”

The waves of demonic-power cover the naked Isabella’s body.


A big shock-wave spread throughout the area. When it calms down, Isabella who is on the ground starts to get covered with light. She starts to fade away and disappear from this place.


The effect of Boosted Gear runs out. Then—.

[Riser Phoenix-sama’s [Rook] retires.]

I heard the announcement of Grayfia-san.

“Hell yeaaaaaah!!”

I shout with joy because I defeated a [Rook].

I can fight! I can fight because of you, Buchou!

Part 2[edit]

I try to inhale some air after the fight with Isabella.

……I used quite a lot of stamina and demonic-power. In terms of demonic-power, I used my potential energy within me, so the stronger the attack the more exhausted I will get.

I guess it will be good if I can release two more shots of demonic-power which has the same strength is the one I just shot. No, after my second shot, there's a threat that my demonic-power will run out and I may faint due to it. I need to think that I only have one more shot left.

Riser’s [Knight], Carlamaine, smirks after losing Isabella.

“Apparently both Isabella and I have been taking that [Pawn] and the Boosted Gear lightly. Just like I thought, I shouldn’t take him as an ordinary [Pawn].”

The enemy praises me. This doesn’t feel bad at all. I feel a bit happy.

“But it’s an awful attack. No, I should say it’s a scary attack. B-Blowing away a woman’s clothes……”

“Yeah, I’m truly sorry. I will apologise as well. I’m sorry for our Ise-kun being a lecher.”

Like that, Kiba apologises to Carlamaine. ……Why are you apologising? I feel complicated.

Carlamaine says it while holding the short sword with the other hand.

“But a demonic sword wielder……what fortune. I may have a destiny of meeting swordsmen who wield special swords.”

Kiba seems quite interested after hearing that.

“Hmm, so there is someone besides me who uses demonic swords?”

“No, it wasn’t a demonic sword. It was a holy sword.”


Everyone here realises how Kiba’s expression changes after hearing that.

Instantly there is a load of killing intent coming out from Kiba.

Wow. What killing intent! It feels really cold. My whole body feels cold.

Kiba asks with a low voice while having cold eyes.

“Tell me about that holy sword wielder.”

……What intense force. He has the same level of hostility as Buchou when she’s pissed.

Holy sword? What does that have to do with Kiba?

“Hmm, seems like that swordsman has some connection to you. But since we are swordsmen, talking would be rude. I will answer you with my sword!”

“……Is that right. ……If your mouth can move, then it won’t be a problem even if you turn into a state where you are on the verge of death.”


There is killing intent between the two. The killing intents are so strong that it is making me shake as well.

Kiba! What happened to you!? Your usual refreshing smile is gone!?

Someone approaches me while I’m feeling nervous at Kiba’s change.

“So it’s here.”

“Huh? Where’s Isabella-neesan?”

“Don’t tell me she was defeated?”

Lots of Riser’s servant girls starts to gather.

I remember their faces. There are two [Pawns], one [Bishop], and one [Knight] here……hey, it’s the gathering of the remaining servants!

What the. Are they trying to pull off a massive battle here!? There are only me and Kiba from our group!?

Akeno-san is probably still fighting the enemy [Queen]. There are still lightning in the sky.

Buchou and Asia are…… Yeah, what happened to those two? They should be moving ahead from the base according to the plan……

“Hey, the [Pawn]-kun over there.”

Riser’s girl calls me. What is it?

“Riser-sama said he’s going to fight your princess one-on-one. See there.”

The girl points very high at the sky. When I look in that direction, there is a shadow with fire wings and a shadow with black wings above the rooftop of the new school building.

No matter how I look at it, the person with black wings clearly has a crimson hair! That is Buchou!

[Ise-san! Can you hear me, Ise-san!?]

Asia’s voice comes out from the transceiver.

“Asia! What happened? Is it about Buchou?”

[Yes. Right now I’m with Buchou-san on the school rooftop. The opponent, Riser-san, challenged Buchou to a duel and Buchou-san accepted it! Thanks to that we were able to get into the school building without any problem……]

……What kind of thing is happening?

I’m making a clueless face, and Riser’s sister comes to talk to me with a slim grin.

“Seems like Onii-sama made a challenge since Rias-sama was doing well in the battle unexpectedly. It would have been our win if we fought normally, so he gave her pity. At this rate, she will be defeated before you fight him.”

His sister starts laughing by putting her hand on her mouth where the sound of her laughter went as “Hohoho”. I’m starting to get pissed!

“Buchou is strong! Akeno-san will also come here as soon as she defeats the [Queen]! Kiba will also defeat all of the servants here with his demonic swords combo! I will also use my Boosted Gear and……”

“The “Crimson-hair Ruin-princess”, “Priestess of Lightning”, “Sword Birth”, and “Boosted Gear”. Just hearing the names gives me chills. But your opponent is the “immortal bird”. No matter what kind of power you have, it means nothing against the immortal bird.”

“But the “Phoenix” also has weak points!”

His sister laughs at my argument with her nose.

“Are you going to beat him until he loses the will to fight? Or are you going to defeat him with a strike that rivals God? Are you trying to win this match? That’s a laugh.”

“Why is it!?”

“That’s because there was no chance for Rias-sama to win from the beginning. That’s how much despair the thing “immortal” is to you.”

Riser’s sister makes a click with her fingers.

The servant Devils surrounds me.

“Carlamaine. I will leave that [Knight] boy to you, but if you lose we won’t fight in one-on-one. We will defeat him together. Or are you trying to lower the name of Phoenix?”

Carlamaine agrees to Riser’s sisters words reluctantly.



The one who steps forward is a woman with a wild appearance. She is carrying a sword on her back.

“She is Onii-sama’s other [Knight]. Unlike Carlamaine over there, she doesn’t have any of that “honour of a knight”. She will defeat her opponent. Just like that.”

The woman called Sieris draws her sword from her back…… It’s a big sword. It’s really wide. Will I die if I get cut by that thing?

“But she can do the finishing. Ni and Li.”



The one who responds to her words are two girls with beast ears. I think they are [Pawns].

“They are female beast warriors. Their hand to hand combat is remarkable you know.”


The two beast girls disappear from my sight! Then I receive a blow on my stomach and head!


Without a time to whine, I start to receive blows in my legs, arms, shoulders, back. Everywhere in my body!

I-I can’t see their fists! What speed!

“B-Boosted Gear!”


The boost starts! But the enemy’s attack increases more.

“Ni! Li! Boosted Gear is a Sacred Gear that doubles the power every ten seconds! From how the chainsaw twins, Ile and Nel, were defeated, you won’t be able to take him after he gets his third boost! Finish the fight within twenty seconds. Due to his Sacred Gear ability, he can’t fight when he increases his boosts! He will just run away! Aim for his legs! Also don’t touch his hands! It seems like that person has a shameless move that blows away clothes by touching his opponents!”

After hearing that, the twins make an expression of fear.

“That’s low!”


Shut up! What’s wrong with it!? What’s wrong with obtaining a move that strips down girls naked!?

“It’s vulgar to think with your lower body!”

“What’s wrong with thinking with my lower body!? I’m a guy!!”

Well it may be pointless talking back at them.

But Riser’s sister, she understands my weakness very well!


Ouch! Shit! They are aiming for my legs now! They low kicked me in my calves!

Does a beast girl’s kick hurt this much!? Are their basic physical bodies high because they are beasts!?

I can’t attack recklessly while the Boosted Gear is doubling my power! Starting from one where I don’t have any time to spare will be the worst scenario! I have to run and evade……



Another low kick! It hurts! It’s not only that! My legs are shaking because of the pain! With this, I can’t run away—.


I receive a heavy punch in my face. My blood comes out. Blood. Blood! From my mouth and nose!

Tears starts to come out because of the pain!

“Ise-kun! Shit!”

When Kiba sees my situation, he holds the sword with two hands and starts slashing so he can defeat Carlamaine quickly!

“Carlamaine! Hold it for another ten seconds! I know that you can’t win against that [Knight]! But we will be able to defeat the Dragon-user shortly! Keep that [Knight] busy!”

Riser’s sister laughs with enjoyment. Are you just observing like a king!? She truly is a bitch!


Finally, my legs can’t move anymore. My knee hit the ground. ……Crap. I don’t have any strength left in my legs. My head starts to get heavy as well. I take too much damage……

Shit! If I faint now, I will retire! I don’t want that! I don’t want to lose while not being of help to Buchou!


A shock-wave shakes the whole field! I look up because I thought it might be, and it was Buchou and Riser fighting. They are clashing against each other by using their crimson demonic-power and fire demonic-power up in the air.

Riser doesn’t even have a scratch. Even his clothes aren’t ripped.

And Buchou on the other hand has some parts of her uniform burnt. I think she is breathing heavily as well.

—That’s because there is no chance for Rias-sama to win from the beginning. That’s how much despair the thing “immortal” is to you.

The thing that Riser’s sister said earlier crosses my mind.

……Lose? Us? Buchou is?

What will happen if we lose? Then Buchou will……with him……

That! That I won't forgive!

I have to stand. I have to stand even if my body gets turned into meat.

Is it because I like her? That’s part of it. Love is a part of it.

But more than that, I have to protect her.

I want to protect that person.

It's not about the contract or constraint.

That person needs to stand strong while wavering her crimson hair.

That’s Buchou. That's the person who I came to admire.

Buchou told me she doesn’t want him. Buchou told me to fight.

Then I— I just have to fight.

—Hey Red Dragon Emperor-san. Answer me if you can hear me.

“Give me strength! Boosted Gear!”

[Dragon Booster!!]

My Sacred Gear makes a red light.

It’s not enough. This isn’t enough! I want more strength!

“More! That time it was Asia! Now it’s Buchou! Answer my feelings! Boosted Geeeeeear!”

[Dragon Booster second Liberation!!]

The gauntlet makes a sound that I have never heard before, and there is a change to my left arm.

The red aura covers my left arm, and it shapes into something. The gauntlet starts to change its shape and form.

When the aura disappears, the Boosted Gear—

“......It changed?”

The gauntlet, which was said to be a crystallisation of insane power, changed into a new form. The jewel that is on the hand part of the gauntlet also shows up on my arm. Therefore it has changed the overlook of it.

……Huh? What is this—? I’m wondering about it, and the jewel sends the information to my head.


……So that’s how I use my new power…… A smirk appears on my face, naturally on its own.

I can, we can still get stronger!


I put all my strength to my legs and got up! Haha, I can hear screams from various places in my body! But keep moving for a bit more, my body! And—

I sprint! I sprint towards Kiba!

“Release your Sacred Geeeeeear!”

Kiba seems confused at my shout. But he put his sword on the ground and howls highly!

“Sword Birth!”


The ground glows, and lots of demonic swords appears. It’s here!

I thrust my fist on the glowing ground and shout!

“Boosted Gear! The second ability!”

With the power I increased with my Sacred Gear, I send the power to the ground! There is only one target! Kiba’s ability to create demonic swords!

“Boosted Gear Gift!”



The sound of metal rumbling violently echoes through the area.

All of the sports court becomes a sea of swords. There are different shapes of swords in various places where the blades are directed towards the sky. The whole area becomes like a display area of demonic swords.

All of them are the demonic swords created by Kiba.

—The second power, “Boosted Gear Gift”.

The effect is to send the power that I boosted with the gauntlet to other people or objects and increase its power drastically. I sent my power to Kiba’s demonic swords through the ground. And this is the result.

It increased the power of creating demonic swords and the area around us became a field of blades.


“Are you telling me this is also the power of the Dragon……?”

Riser’s servants blurt out their anguish. That can't be helped. Their bodies are penetrated by the many sharp swords that are sticking out from the ground.

Then their body starts to glow and disappear from the battlefield.

—They are retiring!

[Riser Phoenix-sama’s two [Pawns], two [Knights], and one [Bishop], retire.]


I make a victory pose after hearing Grayfia-san’s announcement.

With that attack, it took down a large number of their servants!

I can do it! We can do it! With this new power, “Gift”, Buchou, Akeno-san and Kiba’s power will increase! Oh yeah! We can even enhance Asia’s healing ability!

Yes, with this new ability we can defeat Riser!

“Ise-kun. I’m surprised. This power……”

Kiba looks around at the various demonic swords with an awestruck look. He seems surprised since his ability did more effects than he thought.

“Yeah, Kiba. I used the gauntlet to strengthen your—”

That instant, an announcement which we can’t believe is revealed.

[Rias Gremory-sama’s [Queen] retires.]



Kiba and I can’t believe our ears. Of course! I can’t believe it!

A-Akeno-san…… That can’t be! Akeno-san is the strongest out of us—


The ground vibrateS violently and I hear a familiar noise. The sound came from where Kiba is. When I look in that direction timidly, I lost my words.

Kiba—. Our [Knight] is on the ground with smoke coming out from his body.

There is blood around him. Even without any time reaching him, his body gets covered with light and he disappears.

[Rias Gremory-sama’s [Knight] retires.]

Another unbelievable announcement echoes through the field.

I can only stand there in a daze with the continued outcome of unexpected events……

Part 3[edit]

I’m the only one out in the athletic fields, which were flooded with both the enemies and my comrade.


The world of demonic swords that is covering the sports ground. But by losing its master, the demonic swords make a sound and start to shatter one by one.

The fragments of demonic swords that float in the air of the sports ground while making a silver glow. It’s making a magical atmosphere due to the sparkling lights. All of the demonic swords disappears from the sports ground within few seconds.


Without a second to spare, I catch a glimpse of a shadow up in the air. When I look up, there is a magician with a hood.

—It’s Riser’s [Queen]!

She is supposed to be fighting Akeno-san! But only Akeno-san retired!? It doesn’t seem like the enemy received any wounds! What is going on! It’s not possible for Akeno-san to lose without achieving anything!

“The [Knight], eliminated.”

Riser’s [Queen] makes derisive laughter while saying that cold word. That moment, I snap.

“Were you the one who did in Kiba and Akeno-san!?”

That explosion! Yeah, Koneko-chan also retired because of that explosion created from the demonic-power! Damn it! She even took Kiba!

“Come down here! Akeno-san! Koneko-chan! And Kiba! I will avenge them! Come down! I will take you down with my Sacred Gear so come doooooown!”

I put my fist upwards and provoke the [Queen]. The [Queen] looks at me with a grin and flies off towards the new school building rooftop with her black wings as if she lost interest in me.

“Wait! I said wait, damn it!”

I chase after the [Queen] with my anger! I won’t let you go! Like hell I will! Buchou is there! Asia is also there! I won’t let you hurt any of my comrades anymore! I won’t let yoooooou!



There is no strength in my legs, and I fall. I try to get up quickly, but there isn’t any power left in my body……! My body won’t move because it’s shaking like mad……!

Even I know it. My stamina has hit its limit—.

I lasted this long because Buchou trained me, but this will be the outcome if someone like me, with no battle experience, fights this long. My heart beat is pulsing really fast as well. I’m also breathing hard.

The damage is getting worse and it looks bad. I’m about to lose my mind because my face, arms, legs, and stomach hurts.

I also can't think straight because I lost my comrades right in front of me. This is probably because I just witnessed the situation that made me feel as if my heart got ripped out from my body.

—But I have to stand.

What moves me even under this situation is my duty where I have to go to where Buchou is.


I shout out really loudly so I can put my spirit up. It seems like there is a bit of energy left in my legs. Then I can stand!

I stand up slowly and I manage to face the direction of the school building. Yeah, I need to go to the rooftop.

When I was thinking of going, someone speaks to me.

“Are you still going to continue to fight?”

When I turn around, Riser’s sister comes down from the sky with her wings of fire.

……She wasn’t eliminated with the demonic swords? Did she evade it by flying? If I think about it, the announcement said only one [Bishop] retired.

I make a stance against her but she shrugs her shoulders.

“I’m not going to fight any more. Because no matter how you think about it, it’s your group’s loss.”

“Shut up. Neither me or Buchou have fallen yet.”

“The power of the Dragon from earlier. It certainly was something tremendous. To transfer the power you boosted to the person you choose. I think it’s an abnormal power and thinking of Rias-sama’s power of destruction and “Priestess of Lightning” power’s rising scares me. That power would be a threat to the High-class Devils in the Rating Game in the future. —But it’s your group’s loss for this battle.”

“……Is it because Phoenix is immortal?”

“That’s part of it but also because both you and Rias-sama barely have any stamina left, correct? Even if you can heal any wounds, you can’t heal stamina. In this situation you will lose because you will get even more worn out. Also—”

Riser’s sister takes out a small bottle…… What is that? Is it holy water? It can’t be.

“—Phoenix’s Tear. Have you heard of it? This is it. Our tears can heal all types of injuries.”

Phoenix’s Tears!? Buchou told me about it at the camp in the mountain.

But is it even allowed!?

“Don’t say it’s cheating. Your group also has a person who possesses the “Twilight Healing”, correct?”

She says it as if she read my mind.

“And it even is in the rule book that “Only two Devils participating in the Rating Game can use it”. It was restricted because it was too powerful. Well, that would be natural. In our case our [Queen] and myself was in possession of it. That’s why our [Queen] was able to defeat the “Priestess of Lightning”. Also our tears are sold for high prices. Thanks to that, the House of Phoenix is very wealthy. Only good things happened since the game was created. Immortality and tears, this certainly is our age.”

Riser’s sister starts to speak proudly.

Phoenix’s Tear. ……N-No, if the opponent can heal during battle then even Akeno-san will…… It won’t go anywhere if I just think about the negatives.

I make up my mind again and walk towards the building.

“H-Hold on! Are you ignoring me!? You are going to lose anyway so it’s safer to stay here with me!?”

“Shut up. Just talk to yourself bird-girl. If you get close to me I will strip you naked.”

Riser’s sister makes a stance to defend herself. Yeah, since she is a girl, that’s the right response.

I move towards the building. After a while, I heard a shrill voice from behind.

Part 4[edit]

I got into the building from the back door and am running through the corridor. My goal is the rooftop! To Buchou’s side!

HEARTBEAT. There is a change of “trait” inside me. I have met the criteria since I got into the enemy base!

“Promotion! [Queen]!”

I can feel power within my body. I run thorough the corridor! But—.


I fell violently in the corridor. I have lost the sense of feeling in my legs. I know the reason for it. My stamina hit the limit, right? Even if I gained a new ability, I don’t have the stamina to use it.

Even so, I still have to stand. I have to go to the rooftop even if I have to crawl.

Akeno-san’s gone. Koneko-chan’s gone. Kiba’s gone.

All of my comrades disappeared from this field. I’m the only member left that can protect Buchou! I have to persistently go to the rooftop!

I don’t want to lose! I can’t lose! Buchou! I will make you win, Buchou!

I stand and fall. I stand and fall again…… I continue to move up as I keep on repeating that.

I’m heading towards Buchou while I shed tears, drool, and blood—.

I then come to see the door to the rooftop! I open the door vigorously without taking a breath!


Buchou and Riser are confronting each other. Asia is looking at them nervously from a distance. Good. They are both safe.

But Buchou is inhaling her breath painfully. Her beautiful crimson hair is messed up and her uniform is torn. I then inhale a large amount of air and,

“Buchoooooooou! Hyoudou Issei, here at your seeeeeervice!”

I say it out loudly so everyone on the rooftop can hear me. Everyone’s gazes are directed at me.



Buchou and Asia makes a shout of joy.

Hehehe, now I’m here! I can’t let the girls wait!

“The Dragon-brat, huh. That Ravel, she let him pass huh.”

Riser makes a sound with his tongue. It seems like his sister is going through a rebellious age. Thanks to that I got here safely.

Then Riser’s [Queen] comes down next to him.

“Riser-sama. Should I take care of the [Pawn] boy and the [Bishop] girl? Also, the power of the [Pawn] boy could be troublesome. His ability to get rid of what his opponents wear—”

Riser stops his [Queen] who stepped forward with his hand.

“It would be troublesome if he gets rid of the flame that covers my body? I wonder about that. From that ability and from Rias’s [Pawn]’s personality, it probably only has an effect on women. I will be their opponent. Then they will also be convinced.”

......What the hell is that? “It’s the last part so I will let them do what they want” , is that what he’s trying to say?

He also understands the ability of my “Dress break” completely. Yeah, it only has an effect on girls. I made it by imaging it like that. I don’t want to see a guy’s naked body nor do I want to touch it.

Well, it does have the power to peel off fruits and vegetables skins, but it doesn’t show any effect besides girls.

“Don’t mess around Riser!”

The angered Buchou shoots her demonic-power ball at Riser’s face! He doesn’t even dodge it and receives it on his face.

Ah, his face is blown away! Yes! While I was making a sign of joy, fire appears from the part of his blown face and starts to form a shape.

Riser’s face returns to its original shape since the flame turns into his face and hair. Riser starts to twitch his neck as if nothing happened.


This is the regeneration ability of the fire bird, Phoenix……

“Rias, resign. You will make your Otou-sama and Sirzechs-sama who are watching from another place look bad. You have no more choices. Everyone already has foreseen the outcome. —It’s checkmate, Rias.”

Riser says it as if he can see the outcome. But Buchou just glares at him.

“Shut your mouth, Riser. I won’t give up! They knew the outcome? I have no more choices? Me, the [King], is still active you know?”

Buchou laughs fearlessly.

Yeah! If Buchou says that then I can continue to fight! It’s not over yet! We are going to turn the table now! I went to Buchou’s side and stand between Riser and her.


When I called Asia, she looks at Riser and his [Queen] nervously, and then she comes to me.

Both Riser and his [Queen] don’t even try to shoot Asia who is moving towards me.

I kind of imagined they wouldn’t, but for them to have this much confidence!

Asia starts to heal mine and Buchou’s wounds. When Asia’s hand touches me and Buchou, our body starts to get surrounded by a shade of green light.

……The pain disappears from my body as if the earlier pain was just my imagination. My swollen face starts to heal and my numb legs returns back to normal slowly.

But my stamina doesn’t return. Even if the wounds healed, the stamina hasn’t……huh……

“Asia, stay back after you heal us.”


Asia puts on a shocked face. Her expression tells me that she didn’t imagine for me to say that to her.

“If Asia stays, then you can heal me and Buchou. You are like our lifeline.”

Asia has a sad face and it seems like she wants to say something. But she closes her lips and steps back. This is right. If Asia is safe—.


What!? I hear Asia’s scream. What comes into my eyes is the unfamiliar magic-circle below Asia’s foot. It seems like it is restricting Asia from moving.

“Sorry about that. It would make you guys seem pathetic if it takes too long. I could have taken that girl down but…… I just made sure you guys can’t heal any more. That magic-circle can only be unsealed if my [Queen] is defeated.”

Riser says that plainly. The opponent's [Queen] is putting her hand forward and her fingers are glowing.

I see, so that [Queen] is restricting Asia……

Shit! Asia is one of our last trump cards!

But I don’t have the time to complain! The last battle!

“Buchou. The battle continues right?”

“Yes it does!”

Buchou sounds as if she hasn’t given up yet! Yeah! We can still do it!

“But only me, Buchou and Asia are left. And Asia is captured. He on the other hand is immortal. He also has two servants as well. The situation is the worst.”

I make a grin and say it out loudly.

“But I won’t give up. I’m dumb so I don’t know anything about “foreseen” or “checkmate”. But I can still fight. I can continue fighting as long as I can crunch my fist!”

“Well said! Ise, let’s defeat Riser together!”

“Yes Buchou!”

Buchou orders me proudly like usual.

You heard right, Boosted Gear!? My Master gave me an order! It’s simple. I just need to beat the guy in front of me.

Yeah, just that!

“Let’s go!”


That is the sound that I shouldn’t have listened to.

When the jewel makes that sound, my body feels heavy instantly and it feels like my body stopped working—. My consciousness is fading! No! Anything but that!

I fall to the ground and vomit what is coming out of my mouth.

—It’s a vomit of blood.

I realise it when I see that. I realise that my insides are at their limit as well.

The light disappears from the jewel. That’s because, me, the possessor, has reached the limit and so it has stopped functioning.

……I don’t have any injuries…… I can still fight……

Riser says it to me who am on the ground:

“The Boosted Gear’s ability exhausts the possessor more than you can imagine. Doubling your power is something very abnormal. The burden it puts on the body is several times higher than the ordinary Sacred Gear. You have been running around the battlefield fighting my servants and continued using the Boosted Gear. —Rias’s [Pawn], you already reached your limit a long time ago.”

……Not yet. Even if you say that, even if that is true, I can still……

Buchou who is next to me makes a sad face. I’m sorry for making you worry. It’s not a problem. I will stand up now. I will.

I put strength in my legs and got up. How many times have I fell down and got up now?

“Buchou let’s go!”

I went running towards Riser.

Part 5[edit]


Intense pain strikes me.

I lost count of how many times I received this intense pain today. ……I went down on the ground countless of times. I look so uncool……

Buchou……, let’s win. I will definitely win.

Buchou is already on her knees and isn’t trying to stand up.

Buchou ran out of her demonic-power. She blew Riser away countless times, but Riser kept on resurrecting and spreading his fire. As if nothing happened.

I need to protect Buchou and Asia…… I’m the only one who can protect those two now……



Riser’s fist went deep into my stomach, and he twists his fist to make it go deeper.


Bloods comes out of my mouth. ......So I can cough out blood even though I already spat out so much blood before......

My eyes become blurry...... I shake my head so I can make my eyes clear.

It’s alright...... I will win...... I will defeat this Riser......and will present you with victory, Buchou......

Then you will smile, right......?

If you and Asia will laugh then I......

Yeah, ......Buchou...... ......Thank you for training me......

I can still stand because of you......

......I will win. I’m a [Pawn] ......

I will become the strongest [Pawn]. Yeah, the strongest—.


The fist went in to my face. It feels like it’s moving at slow motion the moment it hits me.

......I can still fight......, Buchou......

......I will keep the promise......

I will win......


The battle progress to its climax.

I understand it. I, Rias Gremory, have no more moves. In other words, checkmate.

Now, there is not a single person on my-side who any strength left.

But that boy continues to stand up.


He is the only one who continues to move forward towards Riser even under this situation.

However, it's over. The punch from Riser earlier has finished Ise.

Seeing that boy fall backwards, my body rushes towards him unconsciously.

Ise's body that I am holding onto is bloody and is covered with sweat, so he's in terrible condition. Even so, I still loved this boy.

“......Ise, you did very well. It’s all right now. Good job.”

I whispered to him gently, but he tries to get up by getting away from me.

“It’s all right now! Ise!”

He pushes my hands away, and tries to get up.

He takes a step, and another step without saying anything.

It's a bizarre view which has so much intensity in it.

Everyone is watching him while holding their breath.

The opponent, Riser, also approaches him expressionlessly.


If I let this continue, I will lose Ise!

My adorable servant. My Ise. I'm still planning to adore him even more, so I don’t want to lose him in a place like this!

I went between Ise and Riser, and stood in front of Ise.

“Ise! Stop! Can’t you listen to my——”

I said it till there, and swallowed my words.

Of course.

This...... He is...... Ise......you are......

Ise has already lost consciousness.

Both his eyes are hollow and he has his mouth still open. Even so, he continues to move forward while crunching his fists that are shaking......

“.......You are still planning to fight even though you are in this state......”

I have tears on my cheeks without realising it. I reach my hand towards this adorable boy’s cheek.

His cheeks are swollen, and I can't sense anything from his cheeks that usually gives strength to me.

“......You dummy.”

I hug Ise who tries to move forward.

“Good job, Ise.”

When I said those words, strength disappears from his body, and he fell to the ground.

I hugged his body and laid him on my lap. You did say that you wanted a lap pillow......

——Buchou! I will definitely make you win!

Ise hasn't barely learned how to use his demonic-powers, yet he continues to move forward with all his might within the battlefield. He barely has any battle experience.

He should have been scared. There should have been times where he almost lost his life......

——I won’t give up. I’m dumb, so I don’t know anything about “foreseen” or “checkmate”. However, I can still fight. I will continue to fight till the end as long as I can crunch my fists!

He continued to fight for me even though his fists got this swollen......

He always did. He was always smiling. He was always doing his best and he continues to fight for me.

I was almost about to lose Ise forever.

“Thank you, Akeno, Yuuto, Koneko, Asia and......Ise. Thank you for fighting for someone worthless like myself.”

After I pat Ise’s head gently, I say it to Riser.

“It’s my loss. I resign.”

My first Rating Game.

It starts from a bitter and a painful defeat.

I will never forget this defeat.

End Game[edit]

Red——. I'm having a red dream.

Something makes a sudden complaint to me within myself.

It's saying that the power I am using now isn’t its real strength.

Who said that? The Sacred Gear? Something which is inside me?

He moves its lips while shaking its scorching fire.

[If you are like that, you will never get strong.]

I hear something like that in my mind.

It's not something I thought inside my head. It came from deep within my heart...... No, it came from my left arm......

[You are an abnormal being who possesses a Dragon within you. Don’t show such a miserable state. The “White guy” will laugh at you.]

Are you that Dragon that appeared in that dream? Was that new power up because of you?

[Yeah, that's what you desired, what I desired, and what the “White guy” desired. That’s why you went into a new phase.]

Desire? What are you saying......?

I mean who the heck is the “White guy”!?

[He will appear before you sooner or later. Yeah, he and I are destined to fight. Oh yeah, by the way, it's about my power. I will teach you how to use its real power.]

What are you saying?

......What on earth are you......?

[Welsh-Dragon, Ddraig. Hyoudou Issei, I’m the one inside of your left arm.]


[Losing may be all right. If you don’t die, losing can become your strength. However, it only means something if you win the next fight. Lose then win. Then continue to win. If you do that, you will meet him.]

So what’s going to happen between me and “him”......?

[You will know soon enough. Get stronger for that coming day. I will give you my power any time you want. However, keep it in your mind that it will come with a sacrifice of something great. I will give you something that is worth the sacrifice. You can show it to those who laughed at you. The existence of a “Dragon” that is.]

Life∞ vs Power∞ I Came to Keep My Promise![edit]

Part 1[edit]

When I wake up, there is a familiar ceiling above me.

——It’s my room.

……Why am I here?

I try to remember desperately of what happened.

……I was supposed to be having a match. The [Rating Game] between Buchou and Riser. The stage was the replica of the school I go to.

Our base was the old school building, and I was running through the battlefield along with Kiba and Koneko-chan, aiming towards the enemy’s base which was the new school building.

Koneko-chan fell, Kiba fell, Akeno-san fell, and then——.

Then I got my mind straight.

What happened to Buchou!? The match!? The outcome!? Did we defeat Riser!? Why—am I here?

When I got my upper body up.

“It looks like you are awake.”

The woman next to me speaks to me. The silver haired maid, Grayfia-san.

“Grayfia-san! The match? What happened to Buchou!?”

“Riser-sama won the match. Rias-ojousama resigned.”

——! I-It can’t be…… I got speechless. I don’t know what to say.

Did I lose? Was I beaten by Riser?


I’m such a shameful and useless guy……

I acted so big and I couldn’t do anything and went down right in front of Buchou……

I’m weak…… Why am I so weak……? Even Asia could have continued to live as a human if I was a bit stronger back then.

Even for Buchou, if I could have used my Sacred Gear even more effectively, it wouldn’t have ended like this……

I can’t stop myself from crying. Even if Grayfia-san is next to me, I didn’t stop myself from crying. I’m so frustrated. I feel so shameful at myself. I’m so weak. And I’m so pathetic……

“Currently, the engagement party for Ojou-sama and Riser-sama is taking place. It’s at the assembly hall in the Underworld that was prepared by the House of Gremory.”

“……Where are Kiba and the others?”

“They went to escort Ojou-sama. The only ones who aren’t at the hall who are related to them are Issei-sama and Asia-sama.”

Asia? So Asia didn’t go.

“Due to Rias-sama’s wish, Asia-sama stayed here with me taking care of you, Issei-sama. She went downstairs to get a new towel for you.”

I see. So Buchou left Asia by my side for me……

Looks like I made her worry about me.

Buchou…… Engagement…… It’s probably the middle of the party right now……

“……Can’t you come to agree with this?”

That’s how Grayfia-san asked me.

“Yes. Even if the battle is over, I can’t come to accept it.”

“You do know that Rias-ojousama obeyed the family’s decision?”

“I understand that! I know that! Even so I—”

I can’t agree with something Buchou is against! I don’t want to see Buchou who has to obey her parents against her will! That bastard! I don’t want to hand Buchou to a bastard like that!

I understand it. This is jealousy. I’m feeling really jealous towards that bastard as a same guy! I don’t want to hand over Buchou to someone like him!


Suddenly, Grayfia-san laughs quietly. It’s my first time seeing her smile. She always seems cold and calm......

“You are a very interesting person. For a long time I have seen many Devils, however it is my first time seeing someone like you who shows what you are thinking with your face, and acts accordingly to what you believes in. My master, Sirzechs-sama, was watching your effort in the battle from another place and said that you were “interesting” you know?”

High school dxd 269.jpg

Seriously? Maou-sama thinks about me like that? If Buchou’s brother who is also the king of Devils calls me “interesting”, I don’t know how to respond to that.

Grayfia-san takes out a single paper. There is a magic-circle written on it.

“This magic-circle allows you teleport to the hall of the engagement party of the House of Gremory and House of Phoenix.”


W-Why does she have something me this!?

“I have a message from Sirzechs-sama for you.”

She pauses for a second, and then speaks with a serious face.

“[If you want to save my sister, barge into the hall]. That’s what he said. There is also another magic-circle on the back of the paper. Please use it when you take back Ojou-sama. I am definitely sure that it will be useful to you. ”


I don’t know how to respond. Grayfia-san leaves the paper with magic-circle in my hand, and she then stands up and tries to leave my room.

“When you were sleeping, I felt a very enormous power within you, Issei-sama. The Dragon is the only being that didn’t form an alliance with either God, the Devils, or the Fallen Angels. If it’s that dreadful power, then—”

Grayfia-san stops there and left my room.

I’m left alone in my room. ……There’s no need to think about it.

I got up from my bed and I went to find something to wear. I then found the new uniform on my table.

……So the old one got torn and damaged that badly in that battle. Did someone prepare this for me? Was it Grayfia-san? Or Buchou? Whoever it is, I thank you.

It happens when I put my uniform on and grabbed the paper. The door opens, and Asia comes in.

“——! Ise-san!”

As soon as Asia sees me, Asia drops the towel and bucket of water on the floor. She then jumps into my arms.

Wow. Asia, what’s wrong……? I will feel embarrassed if you suddenly hug me like this.

“Thank god. I’m so glad. You slept for two days even when your wounds healed…… I thought you were never going to open your eyes again…… Ise-san……”

Asia starts to cry in my arms. Oh man, I made her cry again.

I try to calm her down while patting her head.

More importantly, I was sleeping for two days……? So two days had passed since we lost the match huh.

“Asia, listen to me. I’m going to Buchou’s side now.”


She seems very shocked at what I had just said. She seems to know what I’m about to do.

“……It’s not……to celebrate it……yes?”

“Yeah, I’m going to take back Buchou. It’s not a problem. I got my hands on a ticket to go to the hall.”

“I’m going too!”

Asia said it without a second thought. She has a serious face. Oh man……

“You can’t. You stay here Asia.”

“I don’t want to! I can fight along with you, Ise-san! I learned how to use my demonic-powers! I don’t want to just be protected any more!”

Asia grabs my hand.

It feels like she is saying that she doesn’t want to be away from me. No, that’s what she must mean.

“No. You will stay, Asia. I will bring Buchou back. You know, something like this is Boosted Gear's expertise. It’s all right. I will beat up Riser easily and—”

“It isn’t all right!”

Asia raises her voice. Her voice is mixed with her cries.

There are tears that are coming out from her green irises, and she has a very sad face.

“……You will get bloody, battered, and mushy again…… Are you going to go through all that pain again……? I don’t want to see Ise-san in that state ever again……”

I received critical injuries when I took Asia back from the Fallen Angel and the group of Stray Exorcists. I also got battered in the battle against Riser.

I probably would have died if I didn’t get healed by Asia.

I can even imagine Asia crying while healing me.

I will probably continue to make this girl go through sadness even from now on.

I imagined a bit about the future like that.

While putting on a big smile, I grabbed Asia’s hand.

“I won’t die. Absolutely. I promise. Remember how I was alive when I saved you? That’s why I will be okay. I will not die. I will live, and will stay with you even from now on.”

Asia nods while wiping her tears.

“……Then please promise me one more thing.”


“Please definitely come back with Buchou-san.”

Asia says that to me with a smile.

“Yeah, of course.”

When I answered her like that, Asia smiles really happily.

Oh I remember now. There’s something I want to ask Asia.

“Asia, the truth is—”

When I told Asia the circumstances I’m in, she agrees to it and went to her room to bring a certain thing.

Now, the only thing left is…… I close my eyes, and talk within my heart.

(Oi, come out if you can hear me. You are there, aren’t you? Welsh Dragon Ddraig! If you are there, I need to talk to you. Come out!)

Shortly after I called out to him, a creepy laugh echoes within me.

[Yeah, what is it brat? What business do you have with me?]

Part 2[edit]


I teleported to an unfamiliar place with the magic-circle Grayfia-san gave me. I thought that I couldn’t transport because I lack demonic-power, however it seems like it worked, possibly because this magic-circle may be special.

I look around the place I appeared in. It’s a very spacious corridor. On the wall there are rows of candles that is lined up till the end of the building.

Oh, there is also a huge portrait of a man with crimson hair on the wall. Is it Buchou’s relative?

Oh, I don’t have the time to be wasting here. I walk towards the direction where I can hear noises.

Then there is a gigantic door that is opened. There are huge engravings on the door. ……Is it a model of some kind of mystical beast? Well, that isn’t important right now.

When I looked inside from the door, there are lots of Devils who are dressed up and are having a good time. These kinds of things are similar to the high society parties of humans. Well, I had never been in one though. Somehow, I imagined it to be like this.

I look at the Devils slowly to try and find familiar faces.

However, it certainly is a spacious hall. Isn’t it bigger than the school field? The ceiling is really high up. The enormously gigantic chandelier is also amazing. So this is the hall people from Buchou’s household organised. Oh my, rich people sure are amazing. I want to get my peerage quickly and become someone important.

When I was thinking something like that, a crimson colour appears to my eye.

A woman who has her crimson hair tied up—. She is wearing a red dress. I knew it with a single glance. Of course. That’s because, she is the person I admire——.


By the time I realise it, I had called out to Buchou so loud that it echoes throughout the hall. It gathers the attention of the Devils around me, and Buchou also looks towards my way.

That moment, I didn’t miss the glimpse of Buchou who opens her eyes wide and shed a single drop of tear.

I also realise that she moves her lips saying “Ise”.

The bastard Riser, who is next to Buchou, also notices me. That jerk is trying to show off by wearing a fancy tuxedo! I then declare it after taking a big breath.

“To all the High-class Devils here! And Buchou’s brother, Satan-sama! My name is Hyoudou Issei from Kuou Academy! I have arrived to take back Buchou, Rias Gremory-sama!”

The hall becomes even noisier.

Without any care about them, I walk towards Buchou and Riser.

“Hey, you! Do you know where this——”

A person who seems to be a guard comes to stop me. However, there are those who comes in to stop the guards as well.

“Ise-kun! Leave this to us!”

It’s Kiba. It’s Kiba who is wearing a white tuxedo.

“……You are late.”

A small build girl who is wearing a dress comes in to stop the guards as well.

“Ara ara, so you finally showed up.”

Akeno-san who is wearing an expensive looking kimono is also present. All of them are stopping those who are trying to get in my way.

“Thank you.”

I thanked them quietly and went towards Riser confidently. When I faced him upfront, I say it straight at him.

“Buchou—Rias Gremory-sama’s virginity belongs to me!!”


Riser makes a face that you can’t explain with words.

“What’s the meaning of this, Riser?”

“Hey, Lady Rias. What’s the meaning of this?”

Relatives and authorised people are making unsettled faces and they are panicking. So the Devils, just like humans, gets confused when they face unexpected things huh.

“It’s an event that I organised.”

That moment, a man with crimson-hair who was sitting at the far back walks towards us. It’s the person who was drawn in the portrait at the corridor. He seems to resemble Buchou……


Buchou called this man that. Wait, Onii-samaaaaaaaa!?

T-Then this person is the…… S,S,S,S,Satan Sirzechs Lucifer-sama!?

“I wanted to see the power of the Dragon, so I asked Grayfia.”

“S-Sirzechs-sama!? You can’t do something irresponsible like this!”

I don’t know who’s relative he is, but a middle-aged man is panicking.

“It should be fine. The [Rating Game] from last time was very entertaining. But it was a bit disadvantage for my little sister who had no game experience to face off against Riser-kun who is a prodigy from the House of Phoenix.”

“……So Sirzechs-sama, you are saying that the last game wasn’t fair?”

“No, no, not at all. If a Satan such as myself says such things, then I would be making the old nobles look bad. The connection between the High-class Devils is important after all.”

Satan-sama says it with a smile. From the way he spoke, is he aiding Buchou?

“Then, Sirzechs. What do you want to do about it?”

A middle-aged man with crimson hair asks Satan-sama. Crimson hair……is it Buchou’s father!?

“Father. I want to make my cute little sister’s engagement party into a flashy one. Dragon versus Phoenix. Don’t you think it’s the ultimate event? To stir up the party by having a battle between legendary creatures. There aren’t any entertainment which can surpass this.”

Everyone in the hall becomes silent with Satan-sama’s words. Sirzechs-sama then looks at me.

“Dragon user-kun. You have our permission. Riser, can you show your power once more right in front of Rias and I?”

Hearing Satan-sama’s wish, Riser makes a fearless smile.

“Very well. There is no way I can decline if Sirzechs-sama asks me. This Riser will show his last performance before getting married!”

……Looks like he is eager to do this. With this, the stage for the battle between us is set.

Only thing left is for me to win! I’m raising my spirit, and Satan-sama asks me.

“Dragon user-kun, what prize do you want when you win the match?”


“What are you saying!?”

The relatives starts criticising at Sirzechs-sama’s offer. However—.

“He’s a Devil, so we need to give him something fitting for it since we are asking him to do something for us. Now then. I can give you anything. A peerage? Or the most beautiful woman?”

Satan-sama asks me while ignoring the voices of others around him.


That is the best offer I can ask for. My dream lies in there. A peerage. And the most beautiful woman. With one word I can have either of it. However, I have already decided on what I will wish for.

“I ask you to give me Rias Gremory-sama back.”

Satan-sama makes a very happy face when I answer him without any pause.

“Very well. If you win, you may take Rias with you.”

With this conversation, it’s decided that the battle between Riser and I will commence in this hall.

“Thank you very much.”

I bow my head to Satan-sama who went back to the end of the hall.

Part 3[edit]

The centre of the hall was cleared in a hurry.

The Devils in the hall are standing around the space, watching with keen eyes. The club members are sitting in the same place as Buchou. Satan-sama is also next to Buchou.

On the other hand, at the House of Phoenix side, their relatives, their servants, and Riser’s sister are sitting there.

And Riser and I are confronting each other at the centre of the space. So this must be a Devil's ring then. I already have my Boosted Gear on my left arm. Riser has a confident face.

“Please start!”

The Devil male who is in charge of the battle gave a call for the start of the match. The battle starts! There’s no more turning back! Yeah, I just have to win! But before that happens!

Riser who has his fire wings out points at my gauntlet.

“All of your ability is already cracked. A Sacred Gear that keeps on doubling the power of the user, the [Boosted Gear]. Also it seems like you gained a new ability that can transfer the multiplied power into an object or your allies.”

So he knows about the ability of [Boosted Gear Gift].

Yeah, I expected it. Also, “Gift” is a million times stronger if I fight with my allies. I make a big grin towards Buchou.

“Buchou. I will finish it in 10 seconds.”


Buchou makes a doubtful face. It’s all right. I will show it to you now.

“You sure talk big for saying that you will finish it in 10 seconds. Then I will finish you off in 5 seconds. It won’t be like last time, Rias’ [Pawn]!”

Riser Phoenix! I’m going to crush you down with everything I got!

“Buchou! Please allow me to use “Promotion” here!”

Buchou nods at my request.


I heard the noise within me. This feeling is the approval from Buchou who is allowing me to use “Promotion”.

“[Promotion]! [Queen]!”

I then promoted to the ultimate piece! I can feel the power that is coming from within me! The start of the battle will be the climax! Here’s the next one! Let’s go, Red Dragon Emperor! Let’s go, my Sacred Gear!


I shout towards Buchou.

“I don’t have talent for swords like Kiba! I’m not a genius like Akeno-san at using demonic-power! I don’t have a crazy strength like Koneko-chan, nor do I have a healing power like Asia! Even still, I will become the “Strongest Pawn”!”

I promise. I promise you Buchou!

“For you, I will even beat God! With this Boosted Gear! My only weapon! I will make sure that I will protect you!”

I will definitely protect you and become stronger along with my comrades!

“Shiiiiiine!! Over Boost!!”

[Welsh Dragon over booster!!!]

The jewel in the gauntlet releases a red light.

The red light shines throughout the entire hall. A deep crimson colour aura covers me.

—This power.

—Your power is flowing into me.

[Yeah, use it. However, only for 10 seconds. Your body can’t endure more than that.]

I know that, Red Dragon-san. I will settle it in 10 seconds!

[That’s right. With 10 seconds you will—]

Yeah, if I have 10 seconds I can—.

“We can take him down!!”

I leap forward while emitting a red aura.

My body is equipped with a red armour. A plate-armour that has the motif of a Dragon.

The whole armour has a sharp shape. The gauntlet I always have on my left arm also is equipped to my right arm.

The jewel that was present on the gauntlet also appears on both my arms, shoulders, knees and the middle of the torso.

On the back there is something like a rocket booster propulsion.

“An armour!? You made the power of Sekiryuutei shape into a physical form!?”

Riser is shocked. His comment is acute.

Well, I do look like a small red Dragon. Even my face is covered by the armour.

“This is the power of the Emperor of Dragons! The Balance Breaker, [Boosted Gear Scale Mail]! —If you want to stop me, go and ask Satan-sama! After all, it seems like this is the “The Hated Forbidden Technique”!”

The scale-mail’s ability is to releases a destructive power for 10 seconds.

Once released, I will be invincible for 10 seconds.

However, there is a big risk. 10 seconds after unleashing this ability, I won’t be able to use my Sacred Gear for three days. That’s how the red Dragon—Ddraig, explained to me. So it’s a sink or swim invincible mode.


The count starts. Since this is activated, there’s no time to spare!

I will end this right away, Riser Phoenix!

I lift a little gap between my hands while bringing them close, and then created a mass of demonic-power between my hands.

I shoot it towards Riser right away.

The demonic-power created from the palm of my hand got enormous and went towards Riser!

What an enormous amount of demonic-power! It’s so huge that it takes up about half the size of this hall. Even I, who shot it, is shocked!

“It’s enormous!’

Since it was so big that it betrayed Riser’s prediction, he chooses to evade it instead of taking it.

—This is the chance!


The countdown has already started. I know. Don’t rush me!

I jump towards the place where Riser will possibly run to.

The propeller located on the back of the armour releases a demonic-power. That instant, it releases an explosive speed!

Because of the G force, I can’t move my body, however it reduces the distance between me and Riser.

Since I’m coming towards the place he ran to in an insane speed, Riser puts on a shocked face, and he makes a stance while not having any counter measure for it.

I will attack here! Well that’s what I like to say, but without doing anything I—.


I crashed into the wall. Such a disappointment! That was a chance!

When I crashed, I guarded with both my arms so I don’t have any damages. However, there is a huge hole in the wall.

Wow amazing! Both my body and the armour aren’t damaged, despite crashing into the wall in that insane speed! With this hard armour, doesn’t it guarantee that my opponent will receive a critical damage if I simply crash into them with an insane speed?


8 seconds left!

I got up and shook off the fragments of the wall and confronted Riser again.

Riser becomes more vigilant than before after seeing my attacks.

His body starts to get covered in a rainbow colour aura. I can feel his enormous demonic-power with my skin.

“Shitty Sekiryuutei brat! Sorry but I won’t hold back! I don’t want to admit it, but right now you are a monster! In front of your master, Rias, peeeeeerish!”

A giant pair of wings of fire appears on Riser’s back who was howling. There’s a whirlwind of fire surrounding him and the hall is surrounded by an intense fire.

It’s so strong that even the Devils who are within this hall starts to create a barrier to protect themselves. It must mean that there won’t be a bone left if you get hit by that.

“Fire bird and Fenghuang! The hell fire of our clan that was praised as being that of a Phoenix! Taste it with your own body and turn into ashes!”

Riser who is covered in flames rushes towards me really fast. There is an insane amount of flames right in front of me.

The silhouette resembles a gigantic fire bird.

The intense mass of fire that are created from his wings. Will it be bad if I touch it?

[The fire of the immortal bird Phoenix can also leave a scratch on the scale of Dragons. It isn’t a good idea to continue being hit by it.]

Is that so, Ddraig?

But I can’t do that. That person is looking.

I will stop that attack while Buchou is looking at me!

“There’s no way that I will perish from a crappy fire like yours!”

I run towards him while shouting! The propeller on my back releases fires made up of demonic-power!


When both of our fists hit each other's face, it shakes the whole hall because of the impact created from our powers clashing. At the centre of the hall, Riser and I started exchanging punches.

Guu! I get struck by a heavy impact every time I get hit by his attack!

Then a hot flame attacks me! It’s hot! Shit! It’s so freaking hot! The temperature of the flame I feel from Riser’s fist. If I didn’t have this armour on, then it may not have left a bone for real.

I’m scared! I want to leave here! I don’t want to die! The more fists I exchange with Riser, the more I realised the difference between our actual powers.

When I remove this armour, the power difference between Riser and I will be that of an ant and an elephant. After all, I’m just a mere Lower-class Devil and he’s a High-class Devil. Maybe he realised I’m feeling scared, so Riser smirks.

“Are you scared!? Are you afraid of me!? Of course! You are merely a trash if you didn’t have a Boosted Gear! If you didn’t have that armour, then you would have perished before my fist reached you! That’s right! If you take that gauntlet off, then you have no value!”

He’s saying whatever he feels like! But he’s right! If you take this gauntlet away from me, then I will be nothing!


The serious battle between Devils. Fear struck my whole body. I don’t want to experience something scary like this!


I pull out a certain thing that I was hiding in a section of my gauntlet.


My fist hit right into Riser’s face with a cross-counter. Riser bends back.

“That won’t work on—”


There are a lot of blood coming out from Riser’s mouth. My hit was critical against Riser.

Of course. After all, I am holding onto this with my hand.

I open my hand, and show what I’m holding onto to Riser!

“A cross!? You have a cross!?”

Riser is shocked. I can even hear screams from the Devils inside this hall.

That’s right, an item that Devils are weak against. The cross. I punched Riser while holding onto it.

It’s the thing I borrowed from Asia. I got it from her on my way here which I hid it away.


“I punched you while increasing the effect of the cross with my Sacred Gear. A holy attack that has increased drastically can even be used against High-class Devils. Even if you are the immortal bird Phoenix, you won’t be able to heal this attack that easily, right?”

“Absurd! Crosses bring intense suffering to Devils! Even if you wear a Dragon’s armour, touching it is absolutely foolish—.”

That instant, Riser notices the change on my left arm for the first time. You won’t notice my left arm is only a section of the Dragon’s armour that is covering my whole body, but you will be able notice it if you take a good look at it.

The difference between the whole armour that looks like it is made up of inorganic material, and my left arm that is continuously giving out a pulse.

“……Did you give your……left arm to the Dragon residing in the gauntlet……? So that’s the reason for your insane powers……!”

“Yeah, that’s right. I gave my left arm in order to use this power for a temporary period. My left arm is the arm of an actual Dragon. That’s why a cross doesn’t work on me.”

Changing my left arm was the sacrifice needed to use Ddraig’s absolute powers. I gave my left arm so I could fight on par with Riser. The gauntlet became a part of my left arm.

“If you do that, then your left arm won’t return to normal! Do you know that!?”

“What about it?”


The countdown is decreasing while we are talking about useless things.

“Buchou will come back just with one arm of someone like me, you know? It’s a pretty cheap deal, don’t you think?”

Riser's eyes changes after hearing what I just said.

“You are crazy…… So that’s why you can hit punches without any hesitation…… You are scary. I have become scared of you for real, for the first time. And for that!”

Both of Riser’s wings turns into a bigger flame.

“I’m going to beat you with everything I have!”

Fire bird—. He rushes towards me while the surroundings are engulfed by fire.

I won’t lose! I will not lose!



I put all my power to the cross I’m holding on to! One hit! I will put everything I have into this cross! Riser’s fist! And my fist! They crash against each other!


The clash between two incredible powers. A flash created from the collision blinds my eyes!

I can also feel the sensation of the things I’m wearing disappears. The same feeling you have when you take your rain coat off when you get home on a rainy day. It’s similar to that.

At the same time I can feel the heat that is surrounding my body. It’s hot like crazy! Until before I didn’t feel anything hot like this!

When I got my sight back I realised the change in me.

–The armour is gone!

The armour of a Red Dragon that was covering my whole body disappeared! Unprotected body. The only thing left is my left arm of a Dragon.

My cross that seemed to have been knocked off during the previous attack is lying on the floor a bit away from me.

Hey Dragon Emperor! What’s the meaning of this!?

It hasn’t been 10 seconds yet! Why has the armour disappeared!? Wait, are you telling me the price I paid only let me use it this much!?

[No. The price you paid to attain my power was enough. But your basic stats are too low to control my powers. You lack training.]

……Damn it! I trained that much with everyone and yet I’m lacking it!?

[That was nothing compared to the long-life a Devil. A training of Devils means something if you train for dozens of years.]

Ah, dammit! I don’t need things like that now!?

Give me the armour one more time! What do I have to pay this time!? My eyes!? My legs!? I will give you anything!

[Using the second armour in this short time is impossible for you now.]

……Is that because I am weak……? Shit, why do I look so uncool at crucial times……?

That was the only thing someone useless like me could do!

[The moment the power of the armour disappeared, I transferred a bit of the power to the jewel. You can overwhelm Riser Phoenix for a short time, but that’s it. To beat those from Phoenix clan—.]

I have to beat him down hundreds of times or eliminate him with absolute power.

[Yeah. Sadly, you won’t be able to beat him many times with the current power of the gauntlet. Even the multiplied power is far from close to the “absolute power”. You don’t have either of the two.]


I was grabbed strongly by my collar. –It’s Riser. I got lifted up from the ground while having my neck choked.

Riser chokes me strongly while smirking. It’s painful……

“I praise you for doing this well for a [Pawn]. You really did well. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to do this well. The power of the Dragon user, I was able to taste that with my own body. If you had a year, no six months for you to get used to your Dragon's power I would have lost.”

……He doesn’t seem to be joking. He has a serious face.

If it’s only six months……then wait for the marriage for another six months! That’s what I want to say.

Riser’s clothes and body are worn. Like I thought, even for Riser who had a very high regeneration ability, the rate to heal the damage from holy attacks is taking long.

His wings of fire are smaller than before. So he received quite a lot of damage from me……

“There’s nothing you should feel ashamed about. I will train you after I become Rias’ groom. You will become a strong Devil.”

Shut up! That’s none of your business!

“Now, it’s about time I put you to sleep. You will lose consciousness for a short while. By the time you wake up, the ceremony would have finished safely. You don’t want to suffer any more than this, right? I’m not a sadist, so I will end this right away.”

Riser puts on a face that he has confirmed his victory. I’m going to lose? No, that will be unforgivable.

— Please definitely come back with Buchou-san.

Yeah I know Asia.

—First of all, aim to become the strongest [Pawn].

Yes, I know Buchou!

Let’s go home together. Akeno-san, Kiba, Koneko-chan, Asia, and I are all waiting for your return!

That’s why—.

I take out a small object from my pocket.

“To extinguish fire you need water, right!?”

The thing I’m holding on to is a small bottle that contains holy water. This was the other thing I prepared before I came here.

An item that doesn’t have that much effect against High-class Devils. If the Devils here in the hall sees this, then they will have just laughed with their nose. However, Riser’s face turns pale.

That’s right. What do I possess in my left arm? What ability does my left arm have?

Answer me, Riser Phoenix!

“Damn it!”

Riser’s hand that is choking me becomes even stronger. Ku, my throat is about to get crushed……but before that!

I open the lid and sprinkled the holy water on Riser.

I then multiplied the effect of the holy water! To the level that the High-class Devils can’t ignore!

“Boosted Gear Gift!”


The multiplied power flows from my gauntlet to the holy water on Riser’s body.


It was too late by the time Riser realised my attack. The transferred power multiplied the effects of the holy water on Riser’s body.


The sound of the water vaporising from fire echoes throughout the whole hall.

Riser’s wings of fire starts to look weird because he can’t maintain its form.

The holy water burns Riser’s body insanely. There is smoke coming out of his whole body.

I got out from his grip and take my distance while holding onto my throat. Man, he choked me really hard!


Riser starts to writhe with the effect of the holy water.

“……Is he going to die?”

[No, even if the effect of the holy water has increased, it won’t be simple to kill someone from the Phoenix clan.]

Is that right, Ddraig?

[However, the effect of the holy water extinguishes a lot of their stamina and their force of will. Even if it’s a Phoenix who can come back to life from ashes, losing a great amount of stamina and force of will is— He won’t be able to recover his emotional strength right away.]


The smoke that is coming out from Riser’s body weakens. What’s left is Riser who has a worn out body and clothes.

I pick up the cross from the ground with my Dragon arm. I hold it tight and put my power in it. I also sprinkled the second holy water I was hiding on my hand.

“Asia told me this. That Devils are weak against the cross and the holy water. So increasing the ability of both of them at the same time would give enormous damage to Devils, right?”


Riser who is suffering from the effect of the holy water makes a scared face after seeing my next move.

I look around Riser and his surroundings. There is nothing except Riser. Yeah, there’s no problem.

“Kiba told me this. To widen my line of sight and look towards the enemy and its surroundings.”

I gather all of the demonic-power in my body at one point. I then changed it to a Dragon's power, and transfer it to the holy water and cross.


With this, the holy attack gained incredible powers.

“Akeno-san told me this. To gather the demonic-power that flows throughout your whole body. To concentrate and feel the wave of the demonic-power. Yeah, even an idiot like me can feel it, Akeno-san.”

I then changed my stance so I can hit my opponent.

“Koneko-chan told me this. When you hit someone, aim at the middle of the body and nail it deep into their body accurately!”

They were all the things I learned from the training. Yeah everyone. I remembered them all. They all became useful.

I’m going to take back Buchou with the power of everyone!

When I aimed my fist at Riser, he starts to panic.

“H-Hold on! Do you even know what you are doing!? This engagement is important and necessary for the future of Devils! It’s not something a Devil brat like you can butt into!”

“I don’t know anything complicated. But there’s something I remember vaguely when I lost against you and became unconscious. –Buchou was crying. She was crying! And she was also crying before! That reason is enough for me to beat the shit out of you—!”


My fist that has the cross and the effects of the holy water nails deeply and accurately into his stomach!


Riser takes a few steps backwards while coughing blood.

“For me to lose like this……”

He said that and falls on the ground.

He doesn’t stand up after that.

Part 4[edit]

I glance at Riser who doesn’t seem to show any movements and then I walk towards Buchou.

Then someone gets in my way. Its Riser’s sister.

She glares at me silently and seems like she wants to complain to me.

I point my Dragon arm towards her and then say,

“If you have a complaint, then come to me. I will take you on any time!”

Riser’s sister backs down because of my intensity and makes a path for me.

I went past Riser’s sister and stand in front of Buchou. I say it to her while smiling.

“Buchou, let’s go home.”


I then look at the person next to Buchou.

It’s a dandy man with crimson hair. It’s Buchou’s father. I walk in front of him and bow my head down. Then I say it clearly.

“I will take back Buchou, Rias Gremory-sama. I’m very sorry for my actions. But I will be taking Buchou with me.”

Buchou’s father doesn’t say anything and closes his eyes.

Satan-sama who is supposed to be sitting next to him isn’t there and is gone.

I want to thank him…… I will, the next time I see him—.

I take Buchou’s hand.

I then take out the magic-circle that Grayfia-san gave me. I think she told me to use the magic-circle on the other side of the teleporting one after I retrieve Buchou……

When I turn the paper around, there’s a glow.


What appears from the magic-circle is a four legged beast with wings that I can’t even tell whether it’s a lion or an eagle


I heard someone in the hall saying that. Oh, so this guy is called Griffon.

So is Grayfia-san telling me to escape from here by riding this?


Griffon makes a roar and then starts to move towards the hole I made earlier. I say it to Kiba and the others before I left.

“I’ll be waiting at the club room!”

With my words, everyone waves their hands at me with a smile. And the Griffon flies up to the sky of the Underworld while carrying me and Buchou.

Father x Father[edit]

“Lord Phoenix. I’m very sorry that this engagement turned out like this. I know it’s rude but this engagement—.”

“You don’t have to say any more, Lord Gremory. It was a good engagement for pure Devils, but it looks like we both had too much greed. Both of us already have pure Devil grandchildren. Maybe it’s the greed as Devils that made us crave for it. Or is it because we saw hell in the last war.”

“......No, I also forced my greed onto my daughter.”

“His name was Hyoudou-kun, correct? I wanted to thank him. What my son lacked was defeat. He overestimated the ability of our clan. This will also be a good lesson for my son. Phoenix is not absolute. Just learning that was enough for this engagement, Lord Gremory.”

“Lord Phoenix......”

“Your daughter has a good servant. Looks like the Underworld won’t be bored in the future.”

“......But, I never would have thought that my daughter would pick it up.”

“——Welsh Dragon. I couldn’t believe that that loathsome existence actually came to our side until I saw it.”

“Then the next will be—.”

“Yes, it must be. No, perhaps it already exists.”

“Vanishing Dragon——. It’s a matter of time until the red meets the white.”

Last Kiss[edit]

Unlike the sky of the humans' world, the colour of the Underworld’s sky is purple.

It looks creepy, but it mysteriously gives me a sense of security. Is it because I'm a Devil?


Buchou’s hand touches my cheek while I was looking at the sky.

“You dummy.”

She says it with a bitter smile. Buchou seems to have a relieved expression. It seems like she was finally released from something painful.


Buchou becomes speechless when she sees my left arm. She is touching my left arm with a sorrowful face.

That may be the appropriate reaction. My left is covered with red scales, and it became so abnormal that it has sharp claws coming out of it.

“Your arm—. So you gave your arm to the Dragon as a price to borrow that power right?”

“Yes. It was a good deal. Someone like me with no talent and who has nothing was able to get the ultimate power just with my left arm! Thanks to that I was able to defeat Riser and get Buchou back!”

I put on a smiling face, but Buchou narrows her eyes and looks even more sad.

“You know that this left arm won’t turn back to normal any more, don't you?”

“Ah, that’s a bit of a problem. A cosplay item! Oh, that won’t work at school. Oh my, what should I do?”

“Asia will definitely cry if she finds this out.”

......Ugh, she will definitely cry. I have been continuing to make that girl cry......

“......You may have broken this engagement. But a new engagement might be brought in, you know? If you keep on doing this......”

I give my answer with a smile to Buchou who is putting on a sad expression.

“Then I will give my right arm as a price next time. Then my eyes if another one comes in. I will keep on saving Buchou. That’s the only thing I can do. But I will definitely come and save you. That’s because I am Rias Gremory’s [Pawn].”


Right after I said that, my lips got blocked. The thing that is blocking my lips is——.

Buchou put her hands around my neck and put her lips on top of mine. It's not something that happened for an instant.

—— A Kiss.

High school dxd 307.jpg

It wasn’t a deep kiss where we tangled our tongues, but I can feel her feelings from this soft kiss. Her soft lips and the smell of her crimson hair froze my brain.

After about a minute we overlapped our lips, Buchou’s lips left mine. Then Buchou laughs.



I! I-I just had a kiss with Buchou! Kiss! Kissssss!!

Then my brain explodes! Wow, wow, wow, woooooooooooow!

“My first kiss. It’s something that girls treasure in Japan, right?”

“Eh? Y-Yes, it certainly is! Huh!? Your first kissssss!?”

I'm really surprised! T-That's because a first kiss is really important to girls!

“A-Are you okay with it!? T-That it was me?”

“You did something that’s worth having a kiss with me. It’s a reward.”

She says it while smiling at me. Aaaaaah, I feel as if something is going to happen to me! It was worth the effort just for this kiss!

“Speaking of first kiss, do you really want my virginity that much?”

“I do! Ah!”

I answered her straight away. Man, I’m too honest with my greed......

But that's my true feeling. Of course I want it! I even craved for it in front of the whole crowd!

“......Geez, you really are honest with these kinds of things.”

Buchou seems to have a troubled expression, but she is smiling. Umm, I’m sorry for being honest with these kinds of things.

Buchou starts to pat my cheek while I was apologising inside my head. Buchou just laughs happily.

I'm so glad. I'm really glad that Buchou is smiling again.

New Life[edit]

“So, like how I just explained, I, Rias Gremory, will also be living in this house. I might be inexperienced but please take care of me, Otou-sama, Okaa-sama.”

At the living room of Hyoudou residence. A crimson hair beauty next to me is greeting my parents.

And there was another beauty with blonde hair next to me with teary eyes and unpleasant face. She seems to be in a very bad mood.

After that incident, Buchou suddenly said she would live with me.

I can’t understand what she meant, but she mostly forced herself to make this happen. She did say, “I want to strengthen the relationship with my servant”, but is she really okay if it's my house?

I may not be able to understand how High-class Devils think.

And, like that, the engagement thing between the House of Gremory and the House of Phoenix was cancelled. Buchou is also happy, so it's a happy ending.

That bastard Riser went into a slump after experiencing his first defeat of his life.

“Oh, what should I do? Asia-chan and Rias-san, so I will be having two daughters now.”

My mum, after living with Asia, started to adore Asia like her own daughter so she was okay with another girl coming in. My dad on the other hand is crying hard.

“Yup, yup. It’s a guy's dream after all. I mean, to have lots of girls! You may be able to fulfil the dream I had when I was young!”

Oh, I see. I am this person’s son after all. I can’t believe that he also had the same dream as me.

And the crucial left arm of mine on the other hand—.

It's still an arm of a dragon. But thanks to Buchou and Akeno-san researching seriously about dragons, it reverted back to a human's arm in everyday life.

Apparently, by decreasing the aura of the dragon, you can stop it from dragonifying. I have to do something every few days to reduce my dragon's powers. If I don’t, it will revert back to a dragon’s arm.

Well, I was able to get Buchou back. Like I thought, it certainly was a cheap deal.

Though the way to reduce the dragon’s power is a quite erotic. Gufufu, I never thought Buchou and Akeno-san will do those kind of thing for me...... In other words, having this arm is a good thing.

Ddraig became silent after that. Even if I talk to him, he won’t talk back. There are so many things I want to ask him......

The “White guy”— the thing Ddraig was talking about. Apparently that thing is coming for me. I don’t know what that thing is, but first, I need to do something about this situation.

“Now, Ise. We have your parents’ permission. With this I am a member of this family. So can you take my luggage to my room right away promptly?”


“Ise-san, I will help as well.”

Asia follows behind me.

“......Auu, looks like there’s only hope for polygamy...... ......But, but......it will be against the teachings of God......but, but at this rate......hauu......”

“Huh? What was that about the polygamy?”

“It’s nothing.”

When I ask her, she looks in the other direction. Hmmm, she seems to be in a bad mood ever since Buchou came here...... Did Asia hate Buchou?

“Here, Ise. That will go over there.”

She starts to order me around as soon as I brought the luggage into her room.


“Ise, I want to take a bath after this...... Yeah, I will wash your back for you.”

“Are you serious!?”

Ooooooh! I want her to wash my back everydaaaaaay!

“Geez! If you are having a bath together, then so will I! Ise-san and Buchou-san! Please don’t leave me out of this!”

Asia starts to complain with teary eyes. Asia, you can't! You can’t compete with Buchou! It will become even more stimulating!

“Asia. I’m sorry, but this is how it is. Is it all right if this is a proclamation of war?”

“Uuu, I don’t want to lose, but it seems like I will lose!”

Somehow, I think there are sparks between the two......

Just like Buchou, and just like Asia......I really can’t understand how girls think! Is it even possible for me to have a harem at this rate?

However, there’s one thing I know.

It looks like my everyday life will be getting even livelier.


How many times has the word “oppai (breast)” appeared in volume 1 and 2?

People who count them and send the answer will get Rias-buchou’s oppai mousepad. Yes, it’s a lie. There aren’t any prizes like that.

It has been a while. It’s Ishibumi. How was volume 2?

It’s starting to turn into a porno book and even I, the author, can’t imagine how volume 3 will be like. By the way, the way to reduce the Dragon's power is very erotic. So look forward to volume 3!

Asia is going to turn into an erotic girl because of the influence of Buchou who is really erotic.

I’m aiming to make a book that middle and high school students will be too embarrassed to buy!

I’m getting worried that it might get an age restriction but I am aiming to make a shounen style light novel, so please support me!

Sacred Gears, just like the evolution ability like “Boosted Gear Gift”, also has a super power form when you use it to the limit and master it called “Balance Breaker”. This is possible for all the Sacred Gears.

Asia and Kiba are also able to do it if they master it. It’s similar to “Super Saiyan” and “Bankai”.

Ise ignored the steps by using the Dragon Emperor’s power and used it recklessly that resulted in him giving a sacrifice. Because he’s inexperienced, he couldn’t release the power to its fullest.

It’s called “Balance Breaker” because it’s possible to break the balance of the world.

Ise became a person who is not only talented at attacking but also at supporting.

Now, when will the fateful meeting with the “White guy” be……

Now for the thanks.

To my editor in charge who is trying to lead me into becoming a porno author, H-sama. Thanks for taking care of me all the time. Please eat your dinner every time I strip the characters. Miyama Zero-sama. Thanks for the beautiful and wonderful illustrations. I’m sorry for troubling you with the designs. I will be in your care from now on as well.

Like that, this will continue to volume 3. Please have high hopes for Buchou’s oppai in volume 3 as well.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Spartan instructor – A really strict trainer
  2. Oni – A Japanese creature from folklore. It’s a youkai, and has an ogre like appearance. They often have horns growing out from their head.
  3. Yakitori – Grilled Chicken
  4. Seiza – Japanese formal sitting posture. Can be translated as “Proper Sitting”.
  5. BL: Short for Boys Love, another term for yaoi

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