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—The Underworld, Fallen Angel’s Territory. A series of resorts were being developed for the VIPs of various factions by the Fallen Angels, one after the other. In the corner of one such accommodation which had already opened for business, there was a single youth who was at the swimming pool. The youth was lying on a deck chair underneath the parasols which were lined up along the side of the pool. The youth’s gaze was focused on the surface of the water; he was watching an image that was visible only to him. Shown within the image was an enormous beast which released a fearsome aura, as well as a countless number of red-coloured Plate Mail which were drifting around it. The youth watched the image on the surface of the water with great interest — he watched the scene which could be considered as the beginning of the Apocalypse whilst moving the pieces on the board which was placed on the table beside him.

“Chaturanji[1]—. It’s said to be the origin of Chess and Shogi.”

There was suddenly a voice. The youth darted his eyes over, and noticed that a bewitchingly beautiful and attractive male Devil was now standing there, without him realising. The male Devil sat down on the deck chair on the opposite side of the table, and then moved a piece on the game board which was laid upon the table — one of the pieces of Chaturaji. The male Devil said to the youth

“Shiva-sama, what a coincidence for us to meet in a place like this.”

The youth who was called Shiva — no, the God of Destruction grinned.

“Should it be called coincidence, or inevitability? —It’s nice to meet you for the first time, current Beelzebub Ajuka.”

Shiva accepted the male Devil — Ajuka Beezebub’s invitation and also began to move the pieces of Chaturaji. Ajuka continued to play as he said

“The rumours say that you’ve accepted the request of the Three Factions to stop Trihexa.”

Shiva also continued the conversation while moving his pieces.

“Well, sort of. However…this is beyond my expectations. —I’m afraid that even if I faced it head on, I wouldn’t be able to defeat it. It’s impossible to seal it without triggering a battle on the level of world destruction.”

“Sealing huh. As the God of Destruction who could destroy the world, you’ll only seal it?”

In response to Ajuka’s words, Shiva shrugged.

“Indeed, it is impossible even for me to kill it. Didn’t you and Azazel understand this from the very beginning? The most that can be done is a sealing, and that would be the best possible outcome. I will certainly bring destruction to it, but mere destruction will not kill it; that legendary beast-kun is not so weak.”

The God of Destruction laughed sarcastically. Ajuka raised his eyebrows slightly.

“—In order to ‘destroy’ it, only the former Ophis in her prime or Great Red who wanders about in the Dimensional Gap could do it.”

“So, the reason that you’ve come here is?”

Shiva asked while yawning. Ajuka raised two fingers.

“There are two things. My friend — Sirzechs, please do not hinder him. In order to prevent you from causing destruction with this opportunity, please allow me to observe you until the end.”

Behind Ajuka who said that — a woman with beautiful long, pale blue hair had appeared there without him noticing. The woman had a cold atmosphere floating about her, and there was an extremely powerful dragon’s aura within her body. Shiva immediately understood that she possessed immense power and was able to shift into the form of a human. Shiva recognised her, she would be Tiamat. The strongest Dragon King. She was second to none among dragons. And in her hand, Tiamat was holding a small blue device, the same colour as her hair — a mobile phone. The instant that Shiva saw that device, he noticed that there was something abnormal about it. Perhaps, no, it was absolutely certain that that mobile phone was related to a Longinus. …Whether it was a real or a fake, since it was prepared by a Super Devil, the first time that the God of Destruction saw it, he seemed slightly afflicted by it. What was that Longinus able to do? And what did they plan to do with that Longinus? But he understood the purpose of the Devil in front of his eyes that had come to this place. Shiva, who saw through everything, made a small smile at the corners of his lips.

“Do you want to eliminate me and Trihexa along with the entire world, Devil-kun?”

In response to Shiva’s question, Ajuka smiled and shook his head.

“No. I never said anything like that. But — if the destruction of the world becomes your objective again, that will be another matter.”

Ajuka’s words greatly piqued Shiva’s interest.

“Eh, this is some really interesting conjecture.”

Shiva concluded that Ajuka more or less came here to visit so that he could grasp what his intentions were. Ajuka didn’t mind, and continued

“After Trihexa defeats Great Red, and opens the gate to another world, what do you plan to do? Do you have an agreement with Azazel-dono in this regard? You were only a deterrent against Trihexa.”

Ah, what a good Devil. This Super Devil had already made speculations on such things. Shiva laughed as he replied

“Ahahahaha, you’re quick to notice, current Beelzebub. Each mythology also fears it, more than you or Sirzechs. But, I do not.”

Ajuka nodded as he smiled eloquently.

“Yes, probably. However, I shall watch over the fate of the world with you here, so let’s become a deterrent to that possibility.”

Ajuka said that as he moved a piece board.

“…I can’t understand what this god and Super Devil are thinking.”

The beautiful woman behind him sighed as if she was uninterested. While moving a piece during his turn, Shiva then said

“Do you plan to do the same thing that Sirzechs Lucifer did when he faced Hades? Do you really value his friendship?”

During the [Devil Uprising] which was caused by the Hero Faction and Old Maou Faction of [Khaos Brigade]; in Olympus — the God of the Realm of the Dead Hades attempted to stir up trouble and take advantage of the confusion. In order to prevent this, the one who personally went to the Realm of the Dead to stop him was Sirzechs Lucifer. Ajuka’s behaviour this time was very similar to that. —But the difference between Hades and Shiva was that the God of Destruction did not feel any resentment, envy, or dissatisfaction towards Devils. However, only a little, he thought that Ajuka’s actions were brave and preferable. If he was childish and tried to flatter him with words, then he would have scorned him. So that’s how it was; Shiva silently nodded. Now, perhaps he understood the reason why Indra — Śakra was so interested in these people. It really was quite interesting, so much so that he wanted to continue watching. After all, that guy Indra, for a new Rigveda[2] — in order to produce a collection of hymns of the world again, he even used the [Pieces] outside of the mythology that he belonged to. —I gained popularity, and that has led to his resentment? While thinking this, he felt that it would be rather fun to imagine Indra’s reaction. When he mentioned Sirzechs’ name before, he could see that Ajuka’s expression softened for a moment.

“It’s a very simple situation. —If you become an enemy of his, then you’ll naturally become an enemy of mine.”

It was a single line which really showed their deep friendship, and his expression was genuine. It was his true intention. Shiva leaned his elbow on the table and held his face up with that hand as he made a slight smile.

“Fine, very well, we’ll witness it together. —Trihexa, as well as the fate of this world.”

Shiva leisurely said so.

The sky of the Underworld — had already started to become dull, and there was a feeling of tremendous unrest. The effect of awakening the beast which was recorded in the Book of Revelation had already started to appear in the sky of the Underworld. Soon, this miasma would be floating throughout the entire Underworld, and it would drift into the Human World, Heaven, and also the worlds of other mythologies. The game — heralded the beginning of an apocalyptic battle.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Chaturanji: A chess-like game for four players originating from India.
  2. Rigveda: An ancient Indian collection of hymns which are dedicated to the Rigvedic deities.
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