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To be Infuriated[edit]

The members of [DxD] were gathered in the VIP room on the top floor of the Hyoudou household. Having moved from Ophis’ room to this room, I — Kiba Yuuto, and my nakama were looking at the multiple monitors which were inside the VIP room, checking a certain video recording. —It was the video recording of what happened in that space. Because it was the precious egg that the former Dragon King Tannin entrusted us with, it was always monitored in preparation for any unforeseen circumstances. It was also a rare breed, so there was also a desire to record the moment that it hatched. That was the reason why there were surveillance cameras set up in the underground space. The footage that had been recorded by these numerous cameras was currently being watched by us. …What the recording showed, was a single Evil Dragon that had suddenly appeared in the underground space with Ophis, who then confronted it. After that…she was subjected to unimaginably brutal violence. …It was a scene of extreme cruelty. People couldn’t help looking away from it. The Evil Dragon’s tyrannical actions were excessively brutal. …With black scales and a khaki coloured belly, it was a slender snake-like Evil Dragon. Based on the image in the video, it had a large body which was around twenty metres long. Although it was snake-like in appearance, it had four limbs, and also four wings. It was uncertain whether the fluid which eerily drooled out of its giant mouth was saliva or venom. Together with its petrifying smile, it was a horribly ugly sight. Seeing this, I recalled that I might have seen it before; Rossweisse-san held her mouth with an expression of disgust as she said

“[Abyss Rage Dragon][1] — Níðhöggr[2] is a legendary Evil Dragon that has been living in Northern Europe. Even after being punished, it is a very problematic Evil Dragon that eventually revives. Because its vindictiveness is so deep, even when Ragnarök[3] comes — at the end of the world, it will survive and remain. …According to the records, the last time that it was defeated was several hundred years ago. Whether it resurrected on its own, or through the Holy Grail is unknown.”

Níðhöggr, huh. I had also read about that legend. In the icy region of Niflheim in the Norse world, that was where Níðhöggr lived. It was a dragon that was full of greed. Because it often felt hungry, it swallowed everything that it laid its eyes upon. That Níðhöggr continuously attacked Ophis violently while she showed no resistance. It used its front paws to kick Ophis several times, stomp on Ophis several times, and even used its gigantic mouth to bite Ophis. Why didn’t Ophis show any resistance against it at all? The reason was in Níðhöggr’s left paw. —Ise-kun’s unconscious parents were being held by Níðhöggr’s claws. With a bitter expression, Azazel-sensei said

“…That bastard, it abducted Ise’s parents beforehand, and then went to where Ophis was. Although we don’t know what it said, it most certainly treated Ise’s parents as hostages….”

Indeed, looking at that video recording, when the Evil Dragon suddenly appeared in the underground space and confronted Ophis, it had said something to her. Níðhöggr held Ise’s parents that it had captured in front of Ophis, and Ophis then released her fighting stance. She surrendered herself to the ruthless violence of the Evil Dragon.

“…It’s also staring at the egg. How despicable…!”

Both Rias-zenbuchou and Sona-zenkaichou quivered in anger as they watched the video recording. In the video, Níðhöggr feinted attacks against the egg several times, and Ophis would then stand in front of the egg to protect it. At that time — that Evil Dragon would ferociously and repeatedly assault Ophis. Seeing the Dragon God with such strong determination, everyone began to shed tears of remorse. She was a friend of Ise-kun. It was undeniably because her friend’s parents were used as hostages that she must have thought ‘if his parent’s die, my friend will be sad’. It was also because of her interest in the [Spectre Dragon] egg that she cared for and had become attached to. —However, this was all used against her by that vicious Evil Dragon. Even for Ophis, although she once possessed immense power, she was currently limited; without the strength to withstand those attacks, it was inevitable that she would be defeated.

“…But, how did the Evil Dragon infiltrate that place?”

Griselda-san calmly asked. Set up all around Kuoh Town were powerful barriers. That underground space was within those barriers so it wouldn’t be very easy to simply break into it. …Having said that, in the past, there have been cases of barriers which were forcibly broken through, or hostile people who waited on the outside of the barrier. I was afraid that this time, both of those things might have happened. Besides forcibly breaking through that barrier, they had also kidnapped Ise-kun’s parents who had travelled outside of the barrier. It was said that when Ise-kun’s parents went out to go fishing, they had special agents who were secretly guarding them, but they were gotten rid of when the incident occurred.

Sensei answered

“…Lilith. It could be using some sort of link or connection between her and Ophis since she is a spawn of Ophis. Anyway, that side has Ophis’s spawn…when push comes to shove, they’ll incite her to do what they need. Right now, we’re analysing how they broke through the barrier…really, although I shouldn’t say this as the designer, it truly is a useless barrier…!”

With a look of regret, sensei closed his eyes and grabbed his hair.

“In the middle of that, Níðhöggr sensed the presence of Crom Cruach who had transported over there, and immediately fled. Perhaps Crom Cruach having contact with Ophis, and Crom Cruach showing up there were both things which it had not expected.”

It was just as sensei said. In the video recording, after Crom Cruach appeared over there, the situation immediately changed. Níðhöggr was astonished the instant that it saw Crom Cruach. Seeing its panicked expression, it seemed like it didn’t expect Crom Cruach to show up there at all. In the video recording, Crom Cruach had noticed the change in Ophis, but by the time that he looked back towards Níðhöggr, that Evil Dragon had already begun to transport itself away. The last scene in the recording showed Crom Cruach moving closer to Ophis, and Dulio appearing. Subsequently, Dulio carried the injured Ophis to this room in the Hyoudou household. However, this news was known by Beelzebub-sama’s intelligence network that had learned of it even before Azazel-sensei. That was the whole story of how Ophis was attacked.


Ise-kun continuously watched the video recording with a blank expression, and even when the video ended, he remained silent.

Entirely understanding the situation, Ise-kun — was silently overflowing with a red aura. He was continuously releasing a pressure which was different to before. The incredible force of the pressure caused everyone to become afraid of uttering a single word; they could only watch as they swallowed their saliva. His precious parents had been taken away, and were then treated as hostages. Ophis, who he always took good care of and protected, had also been severely injured. —It was an area that absolutely should not be touched; it was something that could be called a sanctuary. Seeing the Ise-kun before my eyes, I thought deeply. Qlippoth — Rizevim Livan Lucifer trampled over that sanctuary without any restraint. —He had triggered the wrath of a dragon. If the rage of a Heavenly Dragon was unleashed, what would happen? And what kind of outcome would it give that person? Ise-kun — with an empty look in his eyes said

“……So that’s how it is, Vali. I can finally understand your thoughts and feelings from the bottom of my heart.”

Suddenly, Ise-kun turned his gaze towards Crom Cruach.

“…Crom Cruach, why didn’t you get there sooner…”

“I only went over to that place for the sake of observing Ophis.”

Ise-kun listened to his succinct reply, and then approached him directly, grabbing his chest.

“…You, weren’t you always keeping an eye on Ophis? Didn’t you want to learn what a dragon was from Ophis…!? Well, why, why did such a thing happen…!”


Towards Ise-kun’s question, the Evil Dragon didn’t answer. Rias-zenbuchou inserted herself in between the two of them, causing them to separate.

“Please stop, Ise. Even if you try to pursue him for that now, it won’t change anything.”

Rias-zenbuchou allowed Ise-kun to calm down a bit, but Ise-kun’s aura was still bursting out of him as he yelled

“…I know that! I know all that! But, but…! Damn it! Dad, mum are…! That bastard…! That bastard Rizevim…!”

Due to Ise-kun’s anger, he had begun to lose himself. We could also understand his feelings. Most of the people here had been under the care of Ise-kun’s parents, and lived together with Ophis. By putting their lives in danger, it certainly provoked our anger. Even I…also felt intense anger! —But, continuing this would result in nothing. Absolutely nothing. If things continued like this, Ise-kun — he would become the same as I was before. Being driven by revenge, completely disregarding what’s important, and ignoring the feelings of those important to him. I grabbed Ise-kun’s shoulder and said

“Calm down, Ise-kun.”

Ise-kun brushed my hand away, and drew near me. With a face full of rage, he grabbed my chest.

“…You, are you also telling me to calm down…? When Ophis has been assaulted like this, and when even my parents have been taken away…!?”

“That is exactly why you need to be calm. This is obviously the enemy’s trap. Not only the hostages, but Ophis as well, it’s to make you lose your cool. If you keep on going like this, you’ll only allow the enemy to succeed.”

Ise-kun continued to hold onto me, and lowered his head.

“—Those bastards, I’ll never forgive them.”

…Really, being like this isn’t going to help. I turned the situation around and grabbed Ise-kun, then pushed him against the wall of the room. Facing him, I declared

“…I can’t replace you. Rias Gremory’s [Pawn] can only be you. That’s why I cannot replace you. That’s because my most important friend said this to me — you are Rias Gremory’s [Knight]. That is why I will be a [Knight] to the end.”

That was — the past, before the battle against the rebel Church warriors; the words that Ise-kun said to me when I had lost my composure. I returned these words to him. Realising this point, Ise-kun was surprised, and then he made a wry smile.

“…Those words from that time, you returned it to me.”

“I won’t tell you not to get angry. But please return to your usual self. If you forget those words which were originally your own, you definitely won’t be able to bring out your own true strength. Hyoudou Issei’s true value, is that he restrains the anger within himself, doesn’t allow his field of vision to narrow, and is able to find openings in his opponents.”

That’s right, you’ve always faced opponents who were above you; even if your own strength is known by your opponent, you would still aim for their openings. Hyoudou Issei always faces his opponents head on, and always chases his opponent’s weaknesses with the ultimate attack and defence. —If you lose your way, that’ll only be doing as your opponent wants. Not wanting to see him become like that, I had to stop him.

“Also, it’s not just you who’s feeling sadness for your parents.”

I turned my gaze towards Asia. Ise-kun also followed my gaze.

Standing there was a girl who had been crying ceaselessly.


Seeing the crying Asia, Ise-kun’s eyes finally seemed to have regained a bit of their usual colour. Asia sobbed as she recounted

“…For me, they’re the father and mother that weren’t easy for me to get. Ise-san, I also…”

Asia broke into tears. For someone without a single relative like her, it certainly wasn’t easy for her to obtain ‘family’ in this world. She had obtained people whom she could call mother and father. —It wasn’t only Ise-kun who felt pain and sadness when his parents were taken away. Seeing Asia like this, Ise-kun shook his head and covered his face with his hand.

“…About what I said. I’m sorry, Asia. I’m sorry, everyone…”

It seemed like he had finally regained his composure. Ise-kun turned around and said to me

“—Kiba, it’s good to have you.”

That was my line. You’ve helped me more than a few times. This thing doesn’t even count as anything significant. It’s just returning one small favour of the many that I owe you. When Ise-kun had calmed down, someone knocked on the door. Going over to see who it was, we found that it was actually Kuroka and Le Fay-san.

“Ara, were you busy nya~?”

“Ah, hello everyone.”

After their simple greeting, Azazel-sensei asked the two of them.

“Kuroka, Le Fay, where did you guys go? Although I heard that you were together with Vali…”

Kuroka didn’t wait for sensei to finish and interjected

“Well, we were together just then. From there, after we got hold of some important information, we hurried back over as soon as we could nya~”

Kuroka looked at all of us and said

“—We’ve roughly confirmed the location of those guys’ hideout, Agreas.”


Everyone was shocked to hear this information! Qlippoth’s base was in the floating city of Agreas! That place had finally been found—. After sensei heard this report, he couldn’t help laughing.

“What good timing, Kuroka. As the saying goes, ‘having borrowed, one must return’. It’s our turn to take action!”

That was right. We wouldn’t let ourselves be bullied by them in silence. Starting from that, we began the meeting to discuss our battle strategy for the operation which would take place in Agreas—.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The hiragana is Abyss Rage Dragon; the kanji is Extrajudicial Death Dragon.
  2. Níðhöggr is a dragon who lives under a root of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and is in the world of the dead, Niflheim. Níðhöggr feeds on dead corpses and gnaws on a root of Yggdrasil until Ragnarök. It originates from Norse mythology. His name is pronounces as "Neeth-Hökk-uhr".
  3. Also known as the Twilight of the Gods, Ragnarök is a series of future events which is essentially the end of the world, after which it will be recreated by the survivors.
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