High School DxD:Volume 22 Indra & Sun Wukong

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Indra & Sun Wukong[edit]

“Hahaha, he really is one energetic little Devil da-ze. The Sekiryuutei. What a grand entrance. —It allowed me to enjoy this a bit, wouldn’t you say so, Wukong?”

“Hohoho, Heavenly Emperor-sama, we enjoy the last of our youth at old age.”

“And for this reason you’ve decided to bring the first-generation Zhu Bajie, the first-generation Sha Wujing, the Dragon King Yu-Long, and even the Nezha Prince into your team, despite having already decided that you were going to retire them. You really are going all-out considering that it is your last youth, right?”

“Compared to me, Heavenly Emperor-sama, you plan to have a decisive battle against the God of Destruction if you attain the victory prize, right?”

“Of course. However, there is also the possibility that those plans will be overthrown. Hahaha, you can laugh at me, first-generation. I may be a bit immature, but I want to enjoy stirring up some trouble.”

“I understand. My comrades and I are also passionate.”

“In the meantime, this will go according to Shiva’s and Ajuka’s plans. …However, perhaps the opponents in our mind will be close at hand even if we don’t attain victory.”

“Hohoho, when it’s been said by a God, that inevitably increases its authenticity by some degree.”

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