High School DxD:Volume 22 Life 3

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Life.3 Gremory’s Graduation Ceremony[edit]

On the day of Rias's graduation———

On that day, Rias woke up early as usual and started to put her uniform on as usual.

However———this is going to be the last time she will be wearing it as a high school student. She said she wanted to head to school before the others find out so she went to school ahead of time while taking Akeno-san with her.

———She says it to me as well.

“Ise, you come with us as well.” Rias, Akeno-san, and I head to school with just the three of us. On our way there Akeno-san grabs my arm so naturally a situation in which Rias competes with her by taking my other arm unfolds. It’s like usual. But from tomorrow this won’t be happening anymore. When I think about that……I start to feel sad.

Kuou Academy should still be empty right now……or that’s what I thought anyway. Two familiar faces are standing in front of the school gate and are cleaning the area.

“Oh, Rias, Akeno, and Ise-kun. How are all of you doing?”

Oh man, the former student council president Sona and the former student council vice-president Shinra are cleaning the school gate with a broom! Wow, I never imagined there would be someone who would come to school earlier than Rias and Akeno-san……

The former president then says.

“Ufufu, I couldn’t help myself but wake up early today. There wasn’t anything I could do at home so I decided to come here a bit earlier to start cleaning. Then I found Tsubaki here……”

“Yes, for some reason I woke up early today of all days……”

So the four graduates ended up waking early huh. Rias, Akeno-san, the former student council president and the former student council vice-president start to laugh.

After saying goodbye to both the former student president and the former student vice-president, we headed to the old school building. ———We are on our way to the ORC room.

The three of us enter the room.

The view of the club room is no different than usual. Even though Rias and Akeno-san haven’t shown up that much lately, the rest of us still continued to use it normally. We can’t suddenly become pathetic just because the seniors left after all.

This place is……a room which Rias and others rebuilt.

Rias goes to the club president’s desk slowly.

“Ufufu, I will make some tea then.”

Akeno-san starts to boil water like usual.

Rias sits on the club-president’s chair. It really has been a while since I last seen this view. Right now it is Asia who is sitting on that chair. I feel bad for Asia but that chair does seem to be tailor-made to suit Rias.

Rias then says.

“……It was just the two of us until Yuuto and others joined here wasn’t it, Akeno?”

“Yes. We went around the academy in order to preserve this club somehow. Even though we lacked in number of members.”

Akeno-san starts to chuckle.

“Even still, we couldn’t increase the number of our members at first, considering the issue of our true identities…… Did you know, Ise? That at the beginning Sona and Tsubaki came here frequently? That’s why it wasn’t unexpectedly lonely at all.”

“That was something we could do only at that time.”

Hmm, it’s my first time hearing that. So when Rias was in her first year, the former student council president and vice-president came here,so it was just the four of them spending their time here.

“Even a year after that, the only person who joined our club was Yuuto and even still we only had three members. That boy was very formal and considerate with us more than needed to be because he was a year below us.”

“He sure did come here before both of us arrived and cleaned this place. He did things like cleaning the floors and the windows and he even went as far as clean the whole old school building. ……Even though it was only the three of us using this place. I am quite sure that Yuuto-kun was working really hard because he wanted us to use this place to our heart’s content.”

……That Kiba had a time when he acted like that when he was a first year, huh. Knowing his personality this isn’t surprising.He would act that way. He adores Rias and Akeno-san like his older sisters more than anyone———

“……It really was a shock when we became a third year. When we thought the only new members were only going to be Koneko and Gasper———Ise, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, and Ravel joined this club while Azazel and Rossweisse became the supervisors of this club. Fufu, we increased the number of people all at once.”

“Ufufu, now we won’t have anyone question our club due to the lack of members anymore.”

Yeah. More people started to join after I came here. ……I don’t know anything about the club when it was lacking in numbers so I can’t imagine what’s it like to have just two or three people.

This is quite a big old school building. ……So it was too big for them I guess.

From there Rias became silent. That’s because she is looking around the room with such sad and loving eyes———

But Rias is also laughing as if she finds it funny.

“……Though we will continue to use this place for Devil’s work from tomorrow as well. Rather than separating from this place for eternity, we will be using this place more frequently from now on. ……Though I do feel really sad that I won’t be able to visit this place after school as a student anymore.”

“……These three years, it sure does feel like they were short, doesn’t it, Rias?”

“……For a Devil’s life, three-years is just an instant. ———But.”

“ “It sure was a good time.” ”

Both of them say the same thing at the same time with the same tone.

The two of them start to laugh for that.

Akeno-san then says.

“This experience will be my eternal treasure. Rias, thank you for inviting me to this place. I really enjoyed my time here.”

She gives me and Rias a cup of the black tea she just made and then said that. ———There are tears in her eyes.

Rias says it as she lifts her cup.

“I am also glad that I invited you here. You have my thanks for supporting me this far as my club vice-president. And please do take care of me from now on as well, Akeno. My [Queen], as well as my best friend……”

Rias makes the brightest smile she can.

It sure does make me think that there are times which only these two can share.

Rias then says it to me.

“The story of the past of me and Akeno. I wanted to share it with you that’s why we brought you here with us. But it seems like we need to share it with others as well.”

That’s because we started hearing footsteps getting closer.

The one who comes in by opening the door are ——— the other members! It seems like they came chasing after us since they somehow predicted this. It seems like Kiba and Gasper also got a call from them so they are with them as well.

Irina then says.

“Geez! Rias-san, Akeno-san, and Ise-kun! You came here while keeping it a secret from us!”

Rossweisse-san came rushing in with her formal uniform.

“Please don’t leave me, your supervisor, behind!”

Kiba then says it with a smile.

“How about we do the final club activity with the members here? Even just having a talk sounds fine.”

The remaining students and also Rossweisse-san respond by saying “sounds good!”.

Rias and Akeno-san look at each other and burst into laughter.

“Yeah, I guess I will have all of you tag along with Akeno and my final ORC activity till is the time for our graduation ceremony. Akeno, please make tea for everyone as well.”

“Oh my. Understood, Buchou.”

Like this, we are told of the past of Rias and Akeno-san till the time allowed us———

It was really fun since we are told of an embarrassing story of Kiba and Gasper.

……This may be the last time Rias and Akeno-san come here in their uniform.

But ——— even from now, we will always be together.

And furthermore, they will always be Rias-buchou and Akeno-fukubuchou to us.

It happens right before the ceremony.

When we came out from the classroom and were walking on the corridor which leads to the gymnasium, I get a glimpse of someone talking to Rias.

Oh my! It’s Sairaorg-san!

“So you came, Sairaorg.”

“Congratulation on graduating, Rias. It is my cousins and my peers’ important graduation after all. Let me congratulate all of you today.”

I run towards them and talked to them.


I wave my hand. But Sairaorg-san smiles at seeing me and then says;

“Hyoudou Issei, behave more elegantly. You are a High-class Devil now, after all.”

“Y-Yes. Though I still don’t get the feeling that I am one.”

“Fu, you will eventually. That’s what a real man is.” When we are having such discussion, Rias gets called by another graduate: “Rias-san, it’s about time we return to the classroom.” Rias also responds by saying, “Yes, thank you.”

“Then Ise, Sairaorg. I will be heading off then. Thank you for coming today.”

Just saying that, Rias goes inside the school building.

Sairaorg-san and myself are left behind.

Sairaorg-san then says it to me.

“I couldn’t say it last time since it was your important ritual…… But I am also planning to participate in the tournament.”

“Yes, I knew you would.”

Or else it wouldn’t be like Sairaorg-san at all. It’s a tournament in where all the strong people and Gods will be gathering at. There is no reason for him to not participate.

Sairaorg-san then smirks.

“It’s those guys that we are talking about. They must have sent you a declaration of challenge. It isn’t hard to imagine at all.”

“Well, I did have all these people sending me their words.”

……Yeah, there were Vali, Saji, Raiser, Shiva, Mahabali, and Cao Cao that spoke to me about it,

Sairaorg-san says it again straight to my face.

“I don’t like to say it in a vague way so let me say it clearly. ———Participate in the tournament. No matter in what way. I don’t know if I can have a rematch with you and Rias, but knowing you two will participate will burn up my passion. Even if our opponent may be a God, the intense days of battle which you and I overcome won’t be in vain. Hyoudou Issei, I shall be waiting for you.”

Just after saying that, Sairaorg-san walks towards the gymnasium as one of the guests.

……I know, Sairaorg-san.

……I have already made up my mind!

I clench my fist. But right now I am a student who needs to send off the graduates. I walk into the gymnasium with a clear state of mind———

And then the graduation ceremony begins———

Accompanied by the applause coming from the current students and the guardians, the graduates enter the gymnasium.

I am curious and look at where the guardians are sitting.

A crimson-haired gentleman with a digital camera in one of his hands appears within my sight. Ah, it’s Rias’s dad! Sitting next to him is Rias’s mom. She looks young! Other guardians probably think that she is Rias’s older sister or something.

Barakiel-san is also here……and he’s already crying so much that his nose is running. And he’s obviously recording the ceremony with his digital camera. ……Barakiel-san, the ceremony just started. Ah, Akeno-san, who is walking at the centre of the gymnasium, sees Barakiel-san and her face turn red! She must be embarrassed since her dad is in tears already……

I wonder what will happen to Barakiel-san when Akeno receives her certificate or when she sings the graduation song……

Ah, a silver-haired woman! Grayfia-san is sitting a bit away from them. ……It’s been a while since I last saw Grayfia-san. Oh, and next to her is sitting a crimson-haired boy ——— Milicas! Maybe they came here on behalf of Sirzechs-sama.

And so the ceremony begins with the national anthem, the school anthem, and then it ends with the passing of their certificate.

Xenovia, who is the student council president, comes up to the stage to represent the current students and to give farewell to the graduates by giving her speech.

I would never have imagined Xenovia would give her thanks to the graduates. You wouldn’t imagine her in this situation when you first met her or when she was the member of our club.

[The formal reply from the graduates will be made by their representative, Shitori Souna-san.]


Then the former student council president is called over for the formal reply from the graduates so she comes up on the stage.

[In March, when the smells of Spring floats, we will adventure out from this school.]

The former president, who stood on the stage, started with such a greeting and then gave her thanks for all of those involved in this ceremony.

She spoke of her memories from when she was a first year up to the events which left strong impression to her.

[We experienced many kind of meetings in the past three years……as well as separations. The experiences we had by meeting many people in this place will definitely become an irreplaceable memory to us. And also for those we separated from———]

The former president stops for a moment there. There is a single teardrop falling from her eye.

[……I would like to move forward while believing that we will meet again with those we separated from one day in the future. I believe showing them how much we matured when we reunite with them will be the most important thing.]

……I can understand that the last words are dedicated to Serafall-sama and to the others that weren’t able to come here.

Yeah, it’s exactly like what the former president said. We need to move forward while believing that we will definitely meet them again and need to show them how much we have matured when we reunite with them.

That’s the most important thing———

[———From the third-year representative, Shitori Souna.]

After she bows her head down she receives much applause.

Like this, the graduation proceeds forward quietly until we send off the graduates———.

The third years who finished their ceremony———

There's some who are smiling. Some who are in tears. Some who are embracing each other. Some who are taking pictures together. There are many different kinds of behaviour.

Among those students, Rias and Akeno-san,who finished their ceremony, are walking past the school gate while carrying the cylindrical container with the certificate inside it.

The ones awaiting them are us, the ORC members. We need to take Rias and Akeno-san to a place where they won’t be seen much by the other students.

Since the ceremony ended, there is something I want to tell Rias. It’s an important issue. Something important for the both of us———.

But before that there are those who need to say something to her.

It’s the trio of Kiba, Koneko, and Gasper. The truth is I had been consulting with these three. That’s why I will give it my all in helping them. More like, do it guys!

I push the three of them and make them face Rias.

“First of all, the trio of Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Gasper want to say something. Hurry, you three have made up your mind already, haven’t you?”

Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Gasper stand in front of Rias and have a nervous look.

“Y-Yeah. U-Umm……congratulations on your graduation.”



It’s rare to see Kiba turn this red and make a panicked voice. Well, I can understand the reason why after hearing it from them. But these three are the ones who said they want to do it so then they need to be brave and do it.

“Yes, thank you, Yuuto, Koneko, Gasper.”

Rias smiles happily.

But Kiba continues while feeling shy.

“S-Since……you have……already graduated……from Kuou academy high school division and retired from being the club president of ORC……”

Rias starts to chuckle at seeing Kiba and the other two acting a bit confused.

“Geez, Yuuto, Koneko, Gasper. What is it? The three of you aren’t acting like you usually do. You need to tell me clearly of what you are trying to say———”

Then the three of them says it while interrupting Rias’s words.


Koneko-chan and Gasper continues after Kiba’s bold act.

“R, Rias-neesama……”

“R, Rias, o-oneechan~!”

Rias, who is at the centre of attention, is shocked by what they said that and froze.

It must have been something she couldn’t anticipate.

“We thought it would fit better to call you in such a way rather than calling you Buchou……”

Yes, that’s why they consulted with me the and other girls about. As Rias and Akeno-san’s graduation approached us, we were called by those three regarding how they should address Rias.

Rias will be graduating and she will officially resign from being “Buchou”. It would be weird to call her the former club president, hence the reason why they mustered up their courage and showed such determination.

Hearing their determination, the new ORC consisted of Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, Rossweisse-san, and myself motivated them to do it by saying “You guys must do it!”

And so, Rias who was called in such a way———

“…………” She is silently shedding her tears and is covering her face with her hands.

Kiba and the other two panic at her sudden change.

“U-Umm, was it weird!? Were we impolite!?”

“W-We are sorry!”


Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Gasper who apologise to her. But Rias shakes her head to the side.

Rias wipes her tears with her finger but it doesn’t stop her from shedding more tears.

“……No, that’s not it. It’s because I’m so happy…… I never thought I would hear words which would make me more emotional than the ceremony once I passed through the school gate.”

She must really be happy. Rias is simply shedding her tears.

She really must have wanted them to call her that way. Rias views her peerage as her family. She saw these three as her younger brothers and younger sister.

That’s why she must have wanted them to call her like that.

After Rias calms herself down she says it to these three with a naughty look.

“Call me that one more time.”

“ “ “Eh?” ” ”

The three of them are dumbfounded by her sudden words. She says it again while putting her ears towards them.

“Oh, you won’t call me that then?” Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Gasper turn red again and says it with courage.

“Ah, umm……Rias-neesan……”


“……O-Oneechan.” “Ufufufu, this sure does make me happy.” Rias becomes so happy that she starts jumping on the spot.

Yeah, she really must have wanted them to call her that way. It really must have been an amazing surprise.

Seeing this, Akeno-san says it to them in a teasing manner.

“Oh my, I want to be called Oneechan as well.”

Kiba says it with a troubled look.

“We think of you as our older sister as well……but we thought it's more fitting to call you Akeno-san both at private and public times……”

The good-looking guy is acting like a younger brother fitting his age……no, more like younger than his age. The former student vice-president Shinra……No, Shinra-senpai will also have blood bursting from her nose if she sees this.

“W-We will call you it one day! But our heart was already at its limit by preparing to say Rias-oneechan~!”

Everyone burst in laughter after hearing Gasper’s words.

Well, I guess time will fix the way they address Akeno-san. ……Yeah, it sure does feel like its peaceful. Maybe Great Red and Ophis inside me are being very satisfied at seeing this.

……Now then, I guess it’s my turn then.

I take a step forward to Rias.

“Can I also say something?”

“Sure, so what do you want to say, Ise?”

I continue while scratching my cheek.

“Umm……there’s one thing I made up my mind about. Once you graduated, you will no longer be Buchou of this ORC nor will you be the student of this division, so that’s why I wanted to make a proper decision and……”

What I made my mind about ——— is my usual conversation with Rias.

To be honest, I was a bit troubled in the way we were talking to each other. I know inside my head that during our private times I need to talk to her without being formal or without creating a gap between our social standing since we are dating.

But the situation around us has been hectic as we had to go to the Underworld, Heaven, and country of Vampires……where we met all sorts of people and there were times we had to talk to VIP people. And every time we encountered such situations, our public life and private life gets mixed up and there are times in which the way I talk to her gets mixed up as well.

———Right now I am confused in how I should talk to Rias.

But I thought being confused by it when I’m dating Rias would be bad. So I felt I needed to make a proper decision definitely.

That’s why her graduation ceremony was a good occasion.

Yeah, I shall act like it from today. The relation between me and Rias———

I say it to her straightforwardly. In order to show my manly side———

“Rias, congrats on graduating. From today, I am hoping I can talk to you casually. My own graduation from talking formally to you……I guess. There will be times when I need to speak in a formal manner to you in public as you are my Master. But apart from that, I am hoping I can talk to you in a more casual manner like this.”

Rias makes a big smile. She then grabs my hand and shows how happy she is.

“Yes, I’m so happy to hear that. Today really was the best graduation!”

I’m so glad.

The others and myself showed our determination today and it feels like we can enter in a new relation with her.

Yeah, that is why I should tell her about it right now.

“And there is one more thing I need all of you to hear.”

I make eye-contact with Asia, Ravel, and Xenovia. They gather around me. I say it after confirming that.

“———I will also be participating in the Rating Game tournament with my own team. Asia, Xenovia, and Ravel are determined to follow me.”

I revealed my thoughts to Asia, Xenovia, and Ravel on that day when we were returning from my high-class promotion ceremony when we were inside the train.

They accepted my thought gladly.

I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t resist the flame ignited inside me.

If this was an ordinary Rating Game then I would have happily participated as Rias’s [Pawn]. But due to several factors such as the world tournament, the requirements to participate in it, and the words passed on to me from my rivals, I was into a state where I couldn’t resist in participating on my own since the “manly” passion inside me was burning.

I’m going to create my own team so I can fight those guys———.

I ask Rias straightforward.

“Will you allow me to participate, Rias?”

Rias put on a courageous look and nods.

“Yes, of course. Since you have become a High-class Devil, there will be no way you could decline Sairaorg and Vali’s request.”

Yeah, I knew you would say that……! You always watched over me while standing next to me. And she’s my important benefactor, my master, and my lover, the one who led me this far!

Akeno-san, Kiba, Koneko-chan, and Gasper gather around Rias.

Rias then says it in front of my team.

“———I will also participate. As I am going to officially participate in the Rating Game in the future, the upcoming event will be a good opportunity. No matter what result we get, participating in it will be a great experience for us. Even if that means that we have to fight you———”

Yes, as the rule goes it is possible for us to fight each other. This is indeed the factor you would rarely be able to experience in your average Rating Game.

Rossweisse-san,who doesn’t know which side she should pick, is really confused.

Rias then says.


“Y-Yes, what is it, Rias-san?”

“You should be going to Ise’s team as well.” [———!?]

Everyone becomes shocked at her words! It was natural for Asia, Xenovia, and Ravel to be in my team since they have told me that they wanted to since before.

But it’s not like I made such promise with Rossweisse-san so it wouldn’t be weird if she stayed in Rias’s team.

“You would be able to fill the hole by going to Ise’s team rather than staying in my team.”

“B-But, Rias-san! E-Even still, I am your servant and———”

Rossweisse-san turned into a Devil in a rush, but now she is feeling grateful to Rias from the bottom of her heart and is now one of the most important members of Rias Gremory’s peerage. Rossweisse-san is also feeling proud of that fact.

Rias hugs Rossweisse-san gently and then says this gently.

“Yes, you are my precious servant. However, I believe that you will be able to release all your potential by serving under Ise. And Ise will also be in need of your help. He will need your strength more than me. I believe that your magic will become Ise’s support. I didn’t bring you up in the trade several days ago, but still, Rossweisse, I want you to help Ise.”

Rossweisse-san hugs Rias while having tears in her eyes.

Rias then says.

“Didn’t I say that this isn’t going to be an eternal farewell before? From a large perspective the members here are all Rias Gremory’s peerage, you know? My comrades and my family. It’s just that we may happen to be competing with each other sometimes. We are a family that will continue to live together tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow.”

“Uuu~! Rias-saaaaaan~! I! I will help Ise-kun, don’t ya worry! Watch over me with warm eyes, will yaaaa~!”

Ah man, her accent is back……

I see. So Rossweisse-san will also be coming to me———

But, I wonder if that’s okay? I look at Rias’s face after feeling worried. Perhaps she reads through my mind so this is what she says.

“I am also exploring my own team. One of the fixations is to build a new team while having the old ORC members at the centre of it. Though the one thing I’m planning right now will be for the upcoming tournament.”

So ——— a new team which has the old ORC members as the core of it, huh.

Rias continues.

“……After meeting Ise, I have encountered many situations and have met with all sorts of people. That may have been destiny, but what triggered it is the meeting with Ise and Asia. From then on, I have met people starting from Xenovia. That is really important to me. But somewhere inside me is telling me it was something which was brought by Ise who is the Sekiryuutei.”

“No, Rias that is———”

That isn’t it! This is all destiny! It’s not just me, but I think those were attracted to you by simple destiny. It was bound to happen!

It seems like Rias understands that too, so she continues by interrupting my words.

“I know what you want to say. If I start to think too seriously about it in such ways, then I would be devaluing myself. That’s why I have got rid of such a way of thinking and concluded that everything happened because it had to happen. But you know, planning a new team with the original ORC members as the centre of it definitely seemed interesting. More rather, simply imagining it would take my interest. I am positive there is a team which is possible to form by using all the battle experience we had as a reference. ———How can I defeat Sairaorg’s team, Sona’s team, and Vali's team……? I wasn’t able to go to sleep by simply imagining it. Being able to have such imagination is what the upcoming tournament is.”

———That is true.

I couldn’t help but feel my dream and ambition of making my own team freely, which is something in according to the upcoming tournament’s rule. I ended up thinking all the time for what I would need to do in order for my team to defeat Vali’s team and Cao Cao’s team.

Perhaps the thing Rias has been writing on my desk the night before the ceremony means……that she was coming up with a team for the tournament!

Irina raises her hand when Rias and I spoke of what was going in our minds.

“U-Umm…… This is a good occasion so can you guys listen to me for a sec?”

Saying that she continues.

“Currently there are teams organized for the tournament which are mainly comprised of the Reincarnated Angels. The team which has the Joker as the [King] has begun being formed. But I’m planning to decline from joining that team.”

Irina looks at my way. She has determined eyes.

“———I want to join Ise-kun’s team.”


Everyone becomes shocked at her words! If Irina who isn’t a Devil or my servant says that then everyone here will be shocked!

Irina then continues.

“It is something I decided on my own which I kept it a secret from others ever since when Ise-kun’s High-class promotion ceremony ended. Even the higher-ups are fine if it’s Ise-kun and they are even supportive of it.”

Irina looks up at the sky.

“Everyone in Heaven is important to me. I haven’t forgotten my faith. There isn’t a day when I don’t think about the lord and Michael-sama. ———But the feeling of wanting to fight alongside Xenovia and Asia-san in a big competition like this was also strong. In the end, I couldn’t let go off that feeling.”

She walks towards my team and then stands besides me. She then shouted out from her heart.

“I-I……want to be honest with the feeling of love inside me and live like that! That’s why I want to fight as a part of Ise-kun’s team!”

……Irina. You are that determined to come to my team……

“If Irina is willing to come then I can’t ask for a more strong support. ———Will you join my team?”

When I ask her, she replies with a big smile.

“Yes, of course! Darling!”

Irina jumps into Asia and Xenovia's arms.

“Xenovia! Asia-san! Once again, please take care of me!”

“Sure, Irina! You and I are an eternal swordswomen pair! And with Asia———”

“Yes! The team of this three is unbeatable!”

The three of Irina, Xenovia, and Asia are hugging each other and starts spinning around together.

So Irina and Rossweisse-san are now in my team…… Looks like I need to discuss about the team with Ravel from scratch.

Now then. I have discussed my relation with Rias and the Rating Game tournament.

This is the final stunt. The man, Hyoudou Issei’s biggest and the most important shining moment! I decided that I will tell Rias once she graduates!

I take Rias’s hand and then tell her.

“I want to tell you something more, which is really important.”

“……What is it?”

I then tell her directly!

“One day, I will be able to stand beside you equally……more like, I will achieve a social standing equal to you. I want us to become a pair which would be called fitting from anyone’s perspective as the same High-class Devil. What I want to say is———in the future I want you to lead the same life as me.”

———The promise of the future.

I decided to tell her once I become a High-class Devil. I decided I will tell Rias once it is her graduation.

That’s why I told her. I told her, god dammmmmmmmmmmmit!

It seems like this was something really unexpected for Rias.


Seems like she has a feeling she can’t express by words.

She turns all red, and then———


…………! She gave me her answer!!

The promise of our futureeeeee!!

She gave me her consennnnnnnnnnnnt!!


Everyone becomes so hyped that they start shouting.


I scream on the spot and shouted my joy by full throttle!

Azazel-sensei! I did itttttt!

I! I will polish myself to become the manliest man and definitely will become a man suited for Rias, oh yes I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill!

High school DxD Volume 22 illustration 2.jpg

———Perhaps they came because they heard my voice. Matsuda and Motohama suddenly appear from nowhere.

“Ah, you were here, Ise!”

“Ah, Rias-senpai is crying!”

Both of them get shocked when they see Rias crying.

Yeah, this is a good occasion. I’ll tell them. Let’s tell them.

I stand beside Rias.

“Ah, I should be clean about it. Matsuda, Motohama. ———The truth is, we are dating.”

I tell them while stroking below my nose with my finger.



The two of them couldn’t understand what they were told for a moment. But it appears they know it’s real after they looked at Rias and my face where Rias even nodded her head.

“ “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?” ”

The shout of their soul was even louder than our shouts from before which echoed within the area———

That day, at the after party for the graduation ceremony, the two idiots started asking me for answers about this and that.

……The two guys who seemed like they are shedding tears of blood started screaming in tears by calling me a “traitor!” and telling me to “go and die!” with hatred in their words.

Hehe, well, it looks like I solved many issues today.

After the after party, I did a trade with Rias to make Rossweisse-san my servant.

———Now then, let’s do this. Let’s go.

The real deal starts from here! First of all, I need to find more potential team members!

Even if they aren’t my servants, I will gather my own team members in order to win through the world tournament and defeat strong foes!

Ddraig, I will have you tag along with me, okay?

[Yeah, of course. As long as Albion and Vali Lucifer are participating in the tournament, then there is no reason for me, no, there is no reason for us to not appear.]

You’re right about that. I won’t allow Vali to lose against someone besides me.

———Wait for me, Vali. Wait for me, my rivals!

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