High School DxD:Volume 22 Team Members

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Team Members[edit]

Note1: The value of the chess pieces is tournament standard hence it will generally be different to the “Evil Piece” standard.

Note2: Only the [Pawn] would be given the value of the chess pieces with the bracket 『』.

○ “Sekiryuutei of the Issei (Blazing Truth) ” team’s tournament registration members.

・King ——— Hyoudou Issei

・Queen ——— Bina Lessthan

・Rook ——— Rossweisse

・Rook ——— Unregistered

・Knight ——— Xenovia Quarta

・Knight ——— Shidou Irina

・Bishop ——— Asia Argento

・Bishop ——— Ravel Phoenix

・Pawn『3』——— Bova Tannin

・Pawn『5』——— Unregistered

○ “Rias Gremory” team’s tournament registration members.

・King ——— Rias Gremory

・Queen ——— Himejima Akeno

・Rook ——— Toujou Koneko

・Rook ——— Unregistered

・Knight ——— Kiba Yuuto

・Knight ——— Lint Selzan

・Bishop ——— Gasper Vladi

・Bishop ——— Valerie Tepes

・Pawn『8』——— Mister Black

○ “Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star” team’s tournament registration members.

・King ——— Vali Lucifer

・Queen ——— Fenrir

・Rook ——— Gogmagog

・Rook ——— (Current) Zhu Bajie

・Knight ——— Arthur Pendragon

・Knight ——— (Current) Sha Wujing

・Bishop ——— Kuroka

・Bishop ——— Le Fay

・Pawn『5』——— Bikou

・Pawn『3』——— Unregistered

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