High School DxD:Volume 23 Interview

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After the game concluded, journalists from every faction ambushed and encircled Rudiger Rosenkreutz who had just emerged from the entrance for related personnel. The journalists vied for the supervisor’s answers. After Rudiger Rosenkreutz finished giving simple greetings, he said

“A defeat is generally divided into two types. There’s the type of defeat in which people realise the strength of their opponents and hope not to encounter them again out of fear. The other type is one where people walk away with a sense of accomplishment in order to be victorious the next time. Under my command, I originally wanted to give the Sekiryuutei and the others the former. —But in the end, they obtained the latter. —If there is ever another encounter, they will have become powerful opponents far stronger than they were today.”

When evaluating other teams, Rudiger Rosenkreutz was always rather critical and blunt, so it was highly unusual for him to praise others to such an extent, and this caused all of the journalists to be surprised. A particular journalist asked

“I have heard that good players can grow not just their own team, but also their opponent’s team in a game. Supervisor Rosenkreutz, could it be possible that the Angels, as well as the Sekiryuutei team have been able to learn something in this game?”

Upon hearing the journalist’s question, Rudiger smiled happily.

“Even you’re giving me too much credit. But, that’s right…it looks like some promising youths have the possibility to cause a Giant Killing[1], and this is something that fans around the world wish to see. Today’s match was nothing more than a prelude, and it’s an honour for me to be a part of it.”

At that time, Rudiger Rosenkreutz’s eyes looked into the distance as he said

“…The Champion Diehauser Belial often speaks of growing teams, unexpectedly strong teams, and teams filled with youth…regardless of whether it’s my team or the Sekiryuutei’s team, all of that applies to both of them.”

Rudiger Rosenkreutz closed his eyes as if he was talking to someone in his mind.

“He isn’t just watching this game, but the whole tournament…no, even if he can only hear rumours…. That is just my wishful thinking. He desires a Giant Killing more than anyone else—”

Rudiger left those words behind and left the venue.

—Giant Killing.

Perhaps the man regarded as a hero among reincarnated Devils foresaw a future trend in the game. After this, Giant Killings would continue to be demonstrated in the tournament—.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Kanji was ‘upset’.
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