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Nether world[edit]

In the lowest level of Hell — the Ice Hell, Cocytus. Those who committed the gravest sins or perhaps those who perpetrated betrayals were eternally bound here in the cruellest depths of Hell. In this Ice Hell — the God of the Netherworld Hades summoned all of his servants and Grim Reapers. What they saw there was — a research institute for the supernatural that was a complete mismatch for Cocytus. The research institute was located in the depths of an icy valley. After the two heavy doors swung open, Hades led the high-ranking Grim Reapers into the research institute. The inside had long been empty, and there was no indication of anything. Indeed, this was originally Qlippoth’s — Rizevim Livan Lucifer’s research institute, one of his hidden locations. Using the information that he had gained in advance, Hades solved the secret of the doors which connected each level one by one. After moving through around a dozen doors, they arrived at a place that was rather forbidding, a place that seemed to have something important concealed. That thing was now in front of Hades and the Grim Reapers. The floor space of the entire level was encompassed by a large culture tank. That thing was inside. Inside the culture tank—. After seeing that thing, although usually calm — the Grim Reapers that could be described as cold and cruel were all dismayed as they shouted

<<Hades-sama, this is…!>>

Hades — revealed a wide smile.

<<…When I received news that the Evil Dragon Apophis wanted to send me a ‘gift’, I still had some doubts…fafafa, it seems like you were truly hated, Prince Rizevim.>>

<<In other words, could that be…?>>

Hades and the Grim Reapers looked into the enormous culture tank, at a mass of ugly flesh that was within. There was nothing that resembled a living being, it was simply left there, an ugly piece of flesh that made one shudder. However, that piece of flesh — was connected by pipes to numerous machines that pounded as they pulsated. That thing was alive in such a form—. Hades looked at the thing as he said

<<—Correct, that is the wife of the Devil King Lucifer, the Mother of Devils. —Lilith.>>

Indeed, Hades called that ugly mass of flesh the Mother of Devils. Lilith — Rizevim had kept Lilith hidden up until the very end. Even if he died, it was still kept hidden. However, due to Apophis’ betrayal, this thing was eventually made known to Hades. No, Rizevim wouldn’t have allowed Apophis to learn of the existence of this thing. —But, he underestimated that Evil Dragon and allowed that Evil Dragon to find it. Hades stood in front of Lilith and spread open his arms.

<<…In this short year, various mythological events have occurred — the rebellion of the Old Maou’s bloodline, the upheaval of the successors of Heroic souls, the extraordinary naiveté of the Maou Lucifer’s son, as well as the destruction of the legendary Evil Dragons and the Beast of the Apocalypse. Far too abnormal and strange events have occurred one after the other. What is at the centre of all this?>>

The holes in his eyes gleamed strangely, and Hades continued

<<It is the Sacred Gears, the Longinus. —But, the one driving and resolving this series of events were Devils and yet Dragons, Dragons and yet Devils, the faction of Dragons led by the Maou. The act of inviting the invaders from another world into this world is also because of their existence. Because of their existence, this chain of anomalies will continue. Hence, so that I can protect the Netherworld and our mythology, we must bury them.>>

The information on the other world [ExE][1] was another report that Apophis had given away. After receiving information on Lilith and the other world, Hades ignited the last signal fire—. Hades gave orders to the Grim Reapers.

<<To my comrades, all Grim Reapers and the God of the Abyss Tartarus, tell this to the Kings of each Hell. —It is time to drive out the true ‘enemy’.>>


The Grim Reapers responded to their master and instantly dispersed from there. Left alone, Hades looked up at the flesh — Lilith.

<<…We alone are enough to stand in front of the invaders from another world.>>

The final battle in which reconciliation was absolutely impossible was also approaching—.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Alternate reading was Evie Etoulde.
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