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Team member[edit]

Registered team members for the [Trump Card of Heaven] team.

King — Dulio (Joker)

Queen — Diethelm Waldseemüller (Raphael’s Ace: ♣)

Rook — Nero Raimondi (Uriel’s Ace: ♦)

Rook — Ryuu Heikan (Raziel’s 10: ♦)

Knight — Jessica Lagerkvist (Sandalphon’s Queen: ♣)

Knight — Shinra Kiyotora (Metatron’s Jack: ♠)

Bishop — Mirana Shatarova (Gabriel’s Ace: ♥)

Bishop — Griselda Quarta (Gabriel’s Queen: ♥)

Pawn × 8 — Eight members will be selected from the currently active Brave Saints of 2 ~ 9

  • Replacements for Dulio, the Aces of three of the Four Great Seraphim and other team members seldom happen.
  • Although the Brave Saints belonging to Metatron and Sandalphon are very strong, they currently have other missions, so they will only be selected to participate in matches during the finals.
  • The status and information on the other Joker who is also known as the Extra Joker are unknown..
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