High School DxD:Volume 23 Upsetting sorcerer 2

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Upsetting sorcerer.2[edit]

The match between Ise-kun’s team and the [Brave Saints] team had begun, and I — Kiba Yuuto and my comrades (the Gremory team) as well as Rias-neesan had come to a certain place. This was the spectator room for related personnel. Rias-neesan found the person that she was looking for. The other person also noticed Rias-neesan, and they smiled at her.

“What an unexpected guest.”

Rias-neesan approached that person — and stood next to that man.

“Good day, Rudiger Rosenkreutz-sama. May we sit with you?”

The man — Rudiger-shi waved his hand and said ‘please sit’ as he gestured towards the seats beside him. The members of our team also sat near those two. Shown on the display was Ise-kun’s team and the reincarnated Angel team that Rudiger-shi was supervising, both sides were engaged in a fierce battle with each other. In terms of the score — Rudiger-shi’s team was slightly ahead. Rias-neesan watched the match as she asked

“Rudiger-sama, may I ask something?”

“It depends on what you’re asking.”

“…Regarding what happened to Irina earlier, was that something you had been aiming for in advance?”

Rias-neesan was originally watching in a separate room, but after seeing Irina-san become involved in the formation effect of the reincarnated Angels, she said

“…I must find out for myself.”

And then we came over here. Rias-neesan must have thought that this was one of Rudiger-shi’s instructions, so she wanted to ask about the intention behind that move, or perhaps its true meaning. Rudiger-shi laughed eloquently.

“Fufufu, as long as you know about the characteristics of reincarnated Angels, this is something that is certain to be included in the strategy from the beginning. However, I wasn’t aiming for that from the start. It’s just that various conditions were assembled in that situation, so right in that crucial moment before scoring a goal, they should make Shidou Irina waver — that’s what I suggested to them.”

“…I see, if you had intended on doing exactly that from the very beginning, it might not have been possible due to distractions. So that’s why you simply posed it to them as a possibility…. Is it just bad luck for Ise and the others then? No, since they’re on the same field battling with pure emotions against the Angels, it can’t be…”

Rudiger-shi revealed a thin smile.

“Well, it’s difficult for that to succeed a second time. —Even so, once is enough. So long as that seed of anxiety has been planted into their minds. Mental stress can deeply penetrate into the performance of the body. Carrying that anxiety until the end of the match, I’m sure it’ll be difficult.”

Just as Rudiger-shi had said, Irina-san’s actions as displayed on the screen seemed rather unnatural, and she eventually showed an opening to allow the ball to be taken away from her. If she acted freely, it was possible for that effect to be used again, and so this casted doubt over whether she would be able to continue playing on the field whilst carrying that unease…. In order to help Irina-san, Xenovia who was also a [Knight] seemed to be taking on Irina-san’s share of activity as well by stepping up her actions against Rudiger-shi’s team. Seeing this, Rudiger-shi seemed to laugh with a hint of irony.

“Xenovia Quarta on her own is certainly a very strong player. Basically, all she needs to do is grab the ball, and then she can be allowed to move around as she likes. That’s what she thinks as well. But, if anything happens to her comrades, she’ll do everything necessary to support them. Of course, that’s also because she has the ability to do so. —But, if she tries to do too much, then there’s a chance that she’ll reveal openings.”

Xenovia had increased her own mobility and defensive scope in order to help Irina-san — but the vulnerabilities in her defence also grew larger at the same time, so the Angels seized this opportunity to break through Xenovia’s defences.

<< Again, the reincarnated Angel team has scored again—!>>

And then, they scored more points. Rudiger-shi looked at the display as if he had been expecting that to happen.

“Look, Xenovia Quarta took responsibility for the area that Shidou Irina failed to respond to, and this has revealed a small gap in their defences.”

Rudiger-shi leaned against the back of his chair while putting his elbow against the armrest to support his face as he said

“If I recall, Xenovia Quarta…is the Student Council President of a Japanese high school, or so I’ve heard. She has a greater sense of responsibility than before, and her views have also widened a fair bit. Hence, compared to her previous focus on a strong offense, it’s easier for her to reveal openings now. Although she hasn’t realised this herself, it’s quite obvious from an objective third-person point of view.”

It was certainly true that Xenovia was constantly monitoring the condition of her comrades during the match, and she often took on more subtle roles such as assisting or passing. Compared to how she was in the past, Xenovia was doing much more right now. …But just as Rudiger-shi said, Xenovia was unable to focus solely on offense. Rias-neesan narrowed her eyes.

“…You’ve even perceived the changes in Xenovia’s personality, so to speak.”

The display then switched to show Ise-kun’s subordinate Bova-san who seemed to be struggling in battle. He was doing his best to try and take the ball, and he spewed out the flaming breath of a dragon — but the Angels completely ignored it and didn’t try to oppose him as an opponent. Anyone could see that Bova-san was quite anxious right now. Whilst looking at the display, Rudiger-shi said

“Bova Tannin idolises Hyoudou Issei, and he wishes to demonstrate his strength and rapid success to his exceptional older brother and father. He acts upon the instructions of Hyoudou Issei, but doesn’t produce very good results — instead of trying to conceal his irritation, he’s actually exacerbating it. Although Hyoudou Issei and his teammates try to pacify him, his response is only superficial…”

Ravel-san tried to coax Bova-san…but he was still being ignored by the Angels. Bova-san’s anger seemed unquenchable as he continuously let loose fireballs from his mouth, and as a result, he even hindered the movements of his own teammates. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a goal had been made against Ise-kun’s team again. Rudiger-shi shook his head

“These actions are overly aggressive, and will only hinder one’s teammates. And then, he’ll be hit by the feeling of his own powerlessness. For a dragon with a lofty sense of pride, this feeling — is unbearable.”

As the game continued on, the Angels suddenly became enveloped in a gentle light. At the same time, all of the injuries that they had sustained whilst stealing the ball were healed. It came from the Ace of Raphael-sama of the Four Great Seraphim, Diethelm Waldseemüller’s Sacred Gear [Holy Resuscitation][1]. It was a pre-emptive ability that would automatically activate its healing ability after a set period of time or after taking damage. And his Balance Breaker — [Fourteen Holy Salvation][2] had an increased area of effect as well as a wider range of symptoms that could be cured. If the target was a believer, even a serious illness could be completely cured. Needless to say, Asia-san who was vital to Ise-kun’s team also let out rays of healing light to treat the injuries of her team members. Rossweisse-san was also using magic to support Irina-san, Xenovia and Bova-san. The match had yet to reach its worst point. More than half the time had already passed in the match, so players from both sides were already breathing heavily and seemed tired because they had been moving around back and forth. It was clear that Ise-kun’s team seemed worse off in terms of stamina expenditure though. Ravel-san’s figure appeared on the display. Her breathing was very rapid, and the flaming wings on her back had also shrunk in size a fair bit. Rudiger-shi said

“Due to the lack of coordination between the players, Ravel Phoenix must fully exert her mind as the strategist, so she’s wearing down not just her body, but also her mind.”

Although such a comment was made about Ravel-san, her eyes were still sharp, and near the goal, she carefully observed the movements made by both sides and gave instructions to her teammates so as not to allow the other team to score. At that time, Ravel-san seemed to notice something and she called out

[Bina-sama, please dodge!]

After the masked [Queen] was warned — Bina Lessthan moved away. Bina-san had also noticed something as she looked towards the surface of the ground. All of a sudden, an enormous spear of light burst forward and broke through the ground as it rose upwards. Bina-san smoothly dodged…. Not far away, Gabriel-sama’s Ace — Mirana Shatarova seemed a bit regretful.

[…It missed huh.]

I had heard that she was a master in using the power of light. She practised a variety of methods utilising light, and the technique in which she fired a spear of light up from the ground was one of those. But I was also quite surprised that Bina-san was able to evade that attack so easily…. But just at that moment, something happened to Bina-san. A crack appeared on her mask, and along with the sound of a crisp snap, the mask broke. Shown in front of everyone was — brilliant long silver hair, and the face of a beautiful girl who seemed to be of similar age to us. All of the cameras panned across and homed in as the announcer excitedly roared

<<W-W-W-Whaaaaaat! Bina-shi’s mask has been broken and her true identity has been revealed! The true identity of the [Queen] of the Sekiryuutei team has always been shrouded in mystery, but it turns out that she’s actually such a pretty young lady. What a surprise!>>

The person who immediately responded to this was — Rias-neesan. She stood straight up and widened her eyes, but she was speechless. And then her expression turned serious — and it seemed to show pain. Bina-san created a small magic circle with her hand to take out a spare mask, and then she put it on as if nothing had happened to return to her usual masked appearance. Ravel-san adjusted her breathing and then said once again

[Everyone, please be careful of Mirana Shatarova-san’s light abilities! She was chosen as Gabriel-sama’s Ace, and the reason for that — is the density of her light!]

Rudiger-shi then proudly said

“Hehe, even an ultimate-class Devil would be vaporised if they took a direct hit from Mirana’s light. That’s how dense it is. Incredibly thick.”

But Ravel-san had observed that well. She noticed Mirana-san’s plans before anyone else and was able to help her teammates. Bina-san also seemed to have made a few slight mistakes which the opposing side noticed, and that was why they had targeted her. But I couldn’t help but admire Ravel-san for her ability to see through this. Rudiger-shi also expressed his approval of Ravel.

“The daughter of the Phoenix family…is certainly talented. She has a good grasp of the overall situation. Most likely, she’s able to visualise the movements of both sides on the field in her mind to give instructions. She’s able to accurately grasp the abilities of the team’s members and produce a response, and keep a watchful eye on the opposing team as well. However, there are still some things that she cannot see.”

Rudiger-shi supported his chin with one hand as he said

“—Every member of the team has their own way of living, their own opinions, and their own personality. And that’s why each person has a dream that they wish to embrace, and a darkness that they carry within them. Even if they polish their techniques and strengthen their body, they’ll simply collapse if they lack mental strength. If this situation expands within the team, then that will lead to a collapse.”

Irina-san and Bova-san had already reached the limits of their physical and mental capacities, and their movements had become stiff. Xenovia’s reactions were also gradually slowing down. Rudiger-shi asserted

“Lady Ravel Phoenix is a rare talent. But she has the trait of [supremacy]. She is the complete opposite of Hyoudou Issei’s [kingship]. That has been displayed very clearly in this match. All of the members of his team have a promising future. —However, they’re still just teenagers. As youths, they still have immature personalities, and so cooperation does not exist for them. Overcoming this is impossible in just a dozen or so years.”

Rudiger-shi had already told Dulio-san and the others about the weaknesses of Irina-san, Bova-san, and Xenovia. By skilfully utilising this information in the game, they were able to generate a profound impact on the minds and bodies of Irina-san and the others. …We’re still young. We lack experience, and so when faced with a psychological attack — we can’t fully respond. Rias-neesan was unable to reply back with anything.

“…That really hits a sore spot.”

“They are strong. You guys as well. But regardless of whether it’s them or you, you all still have human emotions such as joy and worry. —All I’m doing is aiming for these things. I’ve never thought of myself as a perfect person, nor a good strategist.”

Rudiger-shi removed a chess piece from his pocket — he spoke while playing with the bishop piece in his hand.

“I’m able to win in a lot of games because high-class Devils are immersed in rationalism and the high society that they are unable to extricate themselves from. They treat pieces as mere pieces, and even the field is nothing more than a checkerboard.”

He turned his gaze towards Rias-neesan as he said

“You should be able to understand, Princess Rias…how foolish it is to look at your own pieces as mere pieces on a chessboard. Unlike chess pieces, your servants — reincarnated Devils are alive. Everyone has their own way of thinking, their own heart, and their own feelings. That is especially so for those who used to be human. Humans have a culture that doesn’t lose to the Devils, and there is a limit to how much you can try to deny their ideas, deny their culture, and try to order them as chess pieces. It might be debatable when it comes to non-humans, but they’re still creatures with emotions. That’s how simple and logical the situation is, yet the aristocratic Devils are unable to understand. No, perhaps it would be better to say that they’ve never wanted to understand it.”

Rudiger-shi asked me

“Kiba Yuuto-kun, you’re also a former human. From your point of view, do you feel the same about what I just said? When you realise that the opponent you’re fighting against has the same feelings as yourself—. These kinds of things are natural. But, it’s such an obvious thing that doesn’t exist in the professional Rating Games. Players who are high-class Devils simply regard it as an extension of chess. With their own servants — the chess pieces are simply treated like live versions.”

Rudiger-shi placed the piece on top of the chair’s armrest, and then declared

“Devils are conceited because of their superior existence in the supernatural world, and this arrogance is exposed in the Rating Games.”

“And, the one painting that image is…Rudiger-sama.”

Hearing Rias-neesan’s words, Rudiger-shi showed a sorrowful expression.

“Regarding that…I don’t think it’s flattering, nor something worth feeling proud about, Princess. I just want to compete in an ordinary game. Of course, the top rankers such as Diehauser are well aware of this when they stand on the field. Even so, there are many others who make it into the top ranks. But when it comes down to the bottom line, all I want to do is enjoy a pure game.”

Rudiger Rosenkreutz’s expression became rather solemn when he recalled Diehauser Belial, but he also seemed a bit proud. —All of a sudden, a change occurred within the game. A mysterious bubble appeared on the field. Ise-kun was actually inside the bubble. Ise-kun had been trapped by the mysterious bubble. Seeing this, Rudiger-shi revealed an eloquent smile.

“It looks like we’ll be able to see that one.”

<<What’s going on!? All of a sudden, a mysterious bubble has appeared on the field! Hyoudou Issei-senshu has been trapped within it, just what is this mystery space—!?>>

Following the announcer’s cry, a mysterious voice was heard.

[Come on, Gabriel-sama. Please.]

[B-But…it’s so embarrassing. I’m actually dressed like this…! How shameless…!]

[This is also for the sake of the ‘reincarnated Angel’ team, so that they can feel motivated in the Rating Games!]

That voice — it seemed to be coming from inside the bubble. After Ise-kun heard Gabriel-sama’s voice, he yelled out

[G-Gabriel-san! The bubble is actually showing a video of Gabriel-san!?]

It seemed as though the bubble was displaying a video that only Ise-kun could see. All of a sudden, a noseblood gushed out from inside Ise-kun’s armour.

[Nnnnggggghhhhhhh! Gabriel-san, sheeeee! Gabriel-san, iiissssssssss!]

Ise-kun shouted out in a loud voice that seemed to be filled with joy! Rudiger-shi spoke with a serious tone

“What I had Dulio and the others prepare was — a sexy video of the Seraph Gabriel. It was developed as a technique to restrain the Sekiryuutei within that bubble.”

—What! They went to all the trouble of getting a Seraph to do something like this!? N-No, in order to seal Ise-kun, the Sekiryuutei, perhaps this much is necessary!? Ise-kun always wanted to see Gabriel-sama’s breasts, so something this appealing was like a spell!

<<The voice that we heard from the field is apparently from a video of some kind that was prepared by the reincarnated Angels, and it is currently deployed only in front of Hyoudou Issei-senshu!>>

While the announcer explained that to the audience, more voices from inside the bubble were heard.

[…D-Do I have to wear this?]

[Yes, Gabriel-sama. By wearing this swimsuit, the [Brave Saints] will be saved. …You must become their weapon!]

[B-But, the area of this fabric…is almost non-existent.]

[Please wear it!]

[Uuh, yes…I’ll wear it]

After listening to this conversation, Ise-kun—.

[Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!]

He screamed out with joy that could not be conveyed in words!

[Ise-samaaaaaaaa! Please be caaarrrreeefullllll!]

The voice of his manager Ravel-san was not going to reach him! Rudiger-shi confidently said

“I did some research to determine that the Sekiryuutei’s weakness is bikinis which have a very small fabric area. I also heard that you and the others often dress like that for him Princess Rias, and that he becomes rather excited.”

—They even researched this and incorporated it into their tactics!? I-I see, this made it even more convincing as to how Rudiger-shi was able to climb up to the seventh rank in the Rating Games…I convinced myself that it was the case. Ise-kun seemed to have become a captive of the bubble’s video.

[Uhooh! G-Gabriel-sama’s…aaaahhh! Even this appearance too! She’s even wearing that one toooooooooo!]

“The school swimsuit — an old-style swimsuit. Of course, it’s not only swimsuits. There is also transparent negligee and athletics clothing being worn by female Angels one by one, along with Gabriel-sama. That’s what’s being displayed right now in front of the Sekiryuutei. —Princess Rias, the scene of your approaches towards the Sekiryuutei are now being perfectly reproduced by the most beautiful girls in all of Heaven. …This is the Sekiryuutei sealing technique.”

Rudiger-shi spoke with a serious expression, while Ise-kun continued to let out yelps of joy.

[T-This is truly a feast for my eyes!]

—It was incredibly effective! Ise-kun was unable to focus on the match occurring around him at all!

“…The Ise sealing technique that one of the best players in the Underworld has prepared…is actually such a terrifying tactic!”

Rias-neesan…felt incredibly intimidated…. But I stared blankly, not knowing how to react! What is this!? They were having a serious discussion about the Rating Game just then, and all of that disappeared the next second!

High school DxD Volume 23 illustration 2.png

“…This is the worst.”

Beside me, Koneko-chan could only stare in amazement at Ise-kun as well!

<<If someone was to see the nude body of the great Angel Gabriel-sama, I think any male would be totally absorbed by her regardless of race or origin. I’m so envious, Oppai Dragon!>>

The announcer expressed his envy.

<<It’s a terrifying tactic. As expected of Rudiger. Hyoudou Issei-kun’s weakness has been completely exploited.>>

Beelzebub-sama marvelled.

<<Asia-tan’s school swimsuit is peach-flavoured.>>

Fafnir mentioned the flavour of Asia-san’s swimsuit—. In terms of the physical and psychological battle, Ise-kun’s team was under all kinds of pressure from Dulio-san’s team which Rudiger-shi was supervising. 

“This approach is certainly as one would expect of Rudiger-sama. But, please don’t underestimate Ise and the others.”

Even though Rias-neesan was surprised by Rudiger Rosenkreutz’s tactics, she still believed in the victory of her beloved man.

“—Even a god-class being would feel that after enduring an overly cruel year, they have become truly strong. This is not something that they cannot overcome. Look, they’ve already begun their counterattack.”

Rias-neesan was looking at Bova-san, who was shown on one knee on the screen. The reincarnated Angels — Diethelm-san and several other players surrounded Bova-san and Nakiri-kun. Both Bova-san and Nakiri-kun looked fatigued. But Bova-san stood back up despite the trembling of his knees.

[…What’s wrong, Angels, Church warriors? Do you think mere attacks like that are enough to knock me, Bova, down?]

[……You can still stand, Tannin’s son?]

Bova-san stood there valiantly

[It’s only natural that I stand up. I will stand — because I am the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth]’s first subordinate…! More importantly, my lord has given me an order to make me the ‘fang’ of the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth]. So I absolutely cannot be broken…!]

The Angel behind Bova-san threw a spear of light — but Nakiri-kun beside him blocked it, and he even kicked the Angel away. Nakiri-kun took a deep breath, and let out a creaking noise as he flexed his neck.

[It looks like you can still fight, Bobo.]

[You brat! Don’t give me unnecessary duplications, next heir of the Nakiri clan. This is a battle to demonstrate my loyalty to Lord Hyoudou!]

[If you say that, then I’ll also want to make senpai win the game. If I fall here, won’t this just bring shame to Hyoudou-senpai?]

Nakiri-kun took off his tattered uniform, exposing his highly-trained body. Diethelm-san said

[So you’re the heir of the Nakiri clan that belongs to the [Five Principal Clans] of Japan’s special ability users group huh.]

[That’s right, Seraph Raphael’s Ace-dono. As part of my spiritual training, I will fight under the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth]!]

His body was enveloped in touki and a dragon’s aura, his physical abilities increased by a level, and Nakiri-kun charged forward!

[—So let me fight against you as the ‘fist’ of the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth]!]

Nakiri-kun was so fast that my eyes could barely keep up as he shrunk the distance between himself and Diethelm-san, and prepared to launch a series of punches coated in touki and dragon’s aura at Diethelm-san. Diethelm-san dodged several times, but he still took a hit to his face, causing his body to stagger backwards significantly.

[Typical power types! I’ll deal with you from a ranged distance!]

He then jumped back and manifested several spears of light in his hands. Diethelm-san planned to use long-range attacks. But, Nakiri-kun didn’t seem to care as he expanded the touki around his body.

[—Then, please come back here.]

Nakiri-kun released touki from his entire body, and as if in response, the ground around him seemed to uplift. Even the ground underneath Dielthelm-san bulged up, and like a horizontally moving escalator, the movements of the ground quickly brought Raphael-sama’s Ace towards him!

[What!? I had heard that you would use earth-attributed techniques, but I never expected…!]

Nakiri-kun controlled the ground, caught Diethelm-san off-guard, and brought him back towards himself! After shortening their distance in an instant, Nakiri-kun thrust a touki-coated fist out towards Diethelm-san.

[Hmph, let’s start with one hit.]

He was sent hurtling backwards!

<<Incredible! The Sekiryuutei team’s Nakiri-senshu used a terrain-changing technique to bring the reincarnated Angel player right in front of himself—!>>

The announcer was also astounded by what had just occurred.

[I made a contract with the Sacred Beast [Ouryuu] that governs the earth. These are the benefits of that.]

Nakiri-kun said. It was the same as the rumours I had heard. —As long as the next head of the Nakiri clan stands on the ground, he’ll be able to borrow an almost infinite amount of ‘ki’ from the dragon’s veins. Thus he was able to utilise an endless supply of touki. Because this was a field prepared for the game, he wasn’t able to borrow an infinite amount of energy, but based on what was happening, he seemed to be gaining something from it. Although Nakiri-kun seemed rather worn out right now, touki was still surrounding his entire body.

[It’s finally time. Allow me to show you one of the secret techniques of mine that you guys don’t know about.]

After saying that, Nakiri-kun’s enormous touki further expanded and then it exploded all at once! After the touki that was vigorously released dissipated — what appeared there was a humanoid dragon. A golden humanoid dragon! Not only that, his head, arms and legs had all grown larger, and both his height and torso had expanded! His entire body had gotten larger!

<<Unbelievable! Nakiri-senshu has actually transformed into a dragon-like form—!>>

The announcer was constantly surprised by the new techniques that Nakiri-kun was unveiling. Nakiri-kun said

[As long as I continue to gain strength from the dragon’s veins, my body can also undergo changes. The name of this technique is — [Dragon Man].]

In other words, it meant that the Sacred Beast [Ouryuu] had manifested in his body! Diethelm-san stood back up, seemingly impressed

[You actually turned yourself into a dragon…]

[Isn’t that rather fitting for someone called the ‘fist’ of the [Sekiryuutei of Blazing Truth]? I’ve always admired Hyoudou-senpai’s armour.]

Bova-san laughed upon seeing Nakiri-kun’s transformation.

[Kukuku…human…no, Kouchin. Since you’ve transformed into that, I should also liven things up. Be careful that I don’t trample over you while I show everyone my might!]

[So you’re calling me Kouchin huh!]

The two dragons who admired Ise-kun finally shared a common goal, and they sent their gazes towards the bubble that Ise-kun was trapped in. Bova-san’s chest expanded…and he spewed forth an enormous fireball from his mouth! At the same time, Nakiri-kun generated a giant ball of touki from his hands, and he hurled it out together with the fireball! The two forces touched each other in mid-air, and they combined into an even more formidable force instead of cancelling each other out as it continued to make a beeline for Ise-kun’s bubble! In order to counteract this force, the Angels made their best effort to throw spears of light at it — but the force released by the two dragons who admired the Sekiryuutei continued on its path as the spears of light were deflected, and the bubble — was finally destroyed!

[…Kuuhh! It was certainly amazing inside, but I can’t keep dreaming forever!]

After emerging from it, Ise-kun’s attitude instantly changed, and he snatched the ball from an Angel who was there beside him. In order to score, he began to fight intensely against the reincarnated Angels—. On the other hand, Xenovia seemed to be gasping for air. It was the first time that I had seen her breathing so heavily. Her opponent — was Nero Raimondi, who was dressed like a superhero.

[What’s wrong Xenovia? Could it be that this power idiot is feeling tired?]

[…You can say whatever you want, Nero. The good stuff begins now. In any case, you sure are energetic.]

In response to Xenovia’s words, Nero-kun enthusiastically struck a pose.

[This is the thing that I’m the proudest of! Even back when you were still a warrior, my stamina didn’t lose out to you! Of course, as I am currently [Captain Angel], I won’t falter under any circumstances!]

Seeing Nero-kun like this, cheers came from the children sitting amongst the audience members.

[Go, Captain!]

[You have to win, Captain Angel!]

The children from the church were doing their best to cheer for him. —Nero Raimondi was the Ace of the Seraph Uriel. …There were rumours that ever since he had a little sister with no resistance to her Sacred Gear, he continuously encouraged children who suffered from the erosion of their Sacred Gears, and he wore this hero outfit for them. Wearing this outfit, Nero-kun stood here in the tournament with a strong determination among the Angels.

[Ise-sama! The time is ripe!]

Observing Xenovia’s condition, Ravel-san gave a signal to Ise-kun. From the jewels of Ise-kun’s armour, he released many miniature dragons — he manifested the wyverns.

[Got it! Wyverns!]

Ise-kun directed the wyverns as he flew through the air.

[—What!? The Sekiryuutei is using wyverns!]

[Is he planning to increase the power of warrior Xenovia!?]

The Angels were all familiar with Ise-kun’s abilities as they became wary of the wyverns. As if they already had a plan to deal with them, they immediately responded.

[But, that was also within our expectations. We’ve already marked all of the tired players who will receive a power transfer—]

The wyverns — affixed themselves to Xenovia’s body, turning into gauntlets, boots, and eventually a set of armour that encased her entire body! …And appearing in that spot was a female swordsman clad in red armour.

[A power-up is a power-up. But—]

Xenovia briskly swung Durandal in a wide arc!

[This is my own power-up by equipping armour!]

<<Wow! Who would have thought that Xenovia-senshu would wear the same armour as the Sekiryuutei—!>>

This technique was originally a combination technique with Rias-neesan — [Crimson Extinct Dragonar]! Xenovia was wearing the armour now though! Nero-kun seemed taken aback by this.

[I-It can’t be! According to the information, [Crimson Extinct Dragonar] should be the combination technique with Rias Gremory!]

Xenovia held the holy sword Durandal while wearing the Sekiryuutei’s crimson armour and spoke with a powerful tone

[Yeah, this is similar to the technique with Master Rias. —This one is called [Crimson Destruction Dragonar]!]

Seeing that, Rias-neesan — revealed a bitter smile at Xenovia’s transformation.

“That girl, even my privilege…. Fufufu, but that’s also an interesting move.”

Rias-neesan asked Rudiger-shi about Xenovia’s transformation.

“Rudiger-sama, was this also within your expectations?”


Rudiger-shi didn’t answer. But, he watched on intently at Ise-kun’s team as they revealed their special techniques one after the other. Xenovia wielded Durandal whilst donning the crimson armour.

[—Let me demonstrate the kind of power that I have wielding this holy sword with the armour of the Sekiryuutei!]

With a single swing, a large crater was generated upon the surrounding terrain in an instant, and the surroundings had completely changed. In addition, she was able to evade Nero’s attacks with a speed even faster than before.

[Kuh! What speed and power!]

Nero-kun couldn’t help but complain.

[Not only has her power increased, even her speed has gone up…! Not bad, Xenovia! No, [Crimson Destruction Dragonar].]

Nero-kun spoke with a hero-like tone. —But, Xenovia actually seemed a little shy.

[…It’s a bit embarrassing when you say that so forthrightly. But aren’t you intimidated after seeing this power of mine?]

[Didn’t I say it before? I am [Captain Angel] and I won’t falter under any circumstances! Also! You’re not the only one who has a secret technique like this, Xenovia!]

Nero-kun used his accumulated energy and released brilliant silver rays of light from his body the next instant! There was a clear change in pressure. —He had also attained it.

[Based on what you’re saying, I assume it’s your Balance Breaker!]

Xenovia fired a wave of aura from her blade as she swung it towards Nero-kun — but Nero-kun didn’t seem to care as he laughed heartily.

[—[Sturdy Saint Withstand][3]! Its ability is simple and clear! The more I’m attacked, the stronger my defences! Here I come! Holy fist!]

Both sides preferred frontal attacks, and Xenovia and Nero-kun began a fierce melee battle—. On the other hand, Ise-kun held the ball and had the advantage — but he was already under the close watch of Dulio-san. Ise-kun fought to protect the ball as he said

[Heh, I think it’d be much easier if I sent all of you flying in one go after putting on my black armour! But, there’s no point in doing that this time, so I’ll just use it in a different way!]

Ise-kun raised his left arm up into the air and then chanted

[The jet-black God of Infinity! The glorious God of Dreams! Watch over the false forbidden existence we shall become that transcends the boundaries!]

“[<<Dragon ∞ Drive!!!!!!>>]”

And then, a red and black aura swirled around his left arm, so that only one part underwent Dragon Deification! Partial transformation! He was actually able to use Dragon Deification in this manner! The announcer cried out

<<What!? After Hyoudou Issei recited what sounded like the chant for the black armour…wow! Only the gauntlet of his left arm has changed into the form of that armour!? What’s going on here, Beelzebub-sama!?>>

<<I see, it was well thought out. A partial transformation. Compared to a full transformation, using a partial transformation can help with reducing the stamina consumption…this must be a new technique that was developed with that in mind.>>

Just as Beelzebub-sama had said, Ise-kun’s idea had allowed this technique to be developed. In this case, although its power wouldn’t be as great as a full transformation, the duration should be much longer.

[Even though it’s only a partial transformation, please look forward to my power!]

After Ise-kun said that, all of the reincarnated Angels that had marked him were sent flying by the aura that was released from his gauntlet. Dulio-san was also stunned and he couldn’t help but laugh

[Hehehe! As expected of Ise-kun! Seriously, you’ve shown us some unexpected moves one after the other! The Sekiryuutei team are unexpectedly good defenders; with this parade of killer techniques, I don’t think I’ll get bored at all!]

That’s right! Regardless of whether it was Nakiri-kun, Xenovia, or Ise-kun, they relied on these new and unexpected techniques to regain the advantage just when we thought they had been forced into a corner! Ise-kun’s target — was Mirana-san!

[Moreover, it can also be used like this! Mirana-san! I’m going to stop you in your tracks!]

Ise-kun opened his left hand and concentrated his aura.

[Breast Power Wave!]

A powerful dragon god aura touched Mirana-san, and her movements were completely halted! Ise-kun strengthened his power even further as he clenched his left hand! [Dress Break DD!][4]

At the same time that he called out its name, Mirana-san’s sister outfit — was completely shredded apart! Shown on the display was her nude body—. —Ah, I felt so sorry for her that I looked away. Beside me, Koneko-chan quietly expressed her heartfelt emotions

“…Relying on the power of Dragon Deification, he can activate it without even touching, that worst technique has actually evolved…”

Indeed, Ise-kun had borrowed the power of Dragon Deification to strip a girl of her clothing from a long distance without needing to touch them. So this was the technique that he had learned. This…was truly a wicked weapon against all women.

[…Noo, this is so depraved…]

Mirana-san’s wailing could be heard.

<<Wow wow wow! Hyoudou Issei-senshu’s Dress Break! The ability to shred an opponent’s clothing without touching them has been demonstrated here!>>

The announcer shouted.

“…I think it was Ise’s idea…no, I’m sure a part of it was also Ravel’s idea. In any case, although its output will decrease somewhat, the variety and surprise factor has more or less increased.”

Rias-neesan brushed the topic of Dress Break aside, and instead praised the partial Dragon Deification part of it. To Rias-neesan, this was also a technique that belonged to her own peerage. So it was good news for her too. —At that time, Rudiger-shi laughed


Rias-neesan looked at Rudgier-shi with surprise. Rudiger-shi said

“That was impolite. How do I say this…it’s just as Dulio said. —They really are an unbelievable team. Even though we expected that some new techniques would be prepared. But…they actually threw them all out like this without any hesitation; I have no words left to say. Their greatest weapon is youth. I had also perceived perversion as his weakness, but it’s true that it’s also his greatest weapon. We always have surprise and growth in our youth. It’s because of this that my tactics were defeated, Princess Rias.”

Rudiger-shi shrugged as he frankly evaluated the techniques of Ise-kun and his team. Rudiger-shi…merrily spoke to himself.

“In this case, the players on my side will fall into thoughts such as — ‘is there another secret technique?’…. Even to serve as a warning to this side, the effect is clearly apparent. I see, Princess Ravel Phoenix. So you also accounted for the growth and lack of experience arising from youth huh…. The most interesting things are the team members who were able to demonstrate this idea, as well as the influence of the [King]—”

Rudiger-shi — looked up and closed his eyes as a complex expression surfaced on his face.


Rias-neesan asked…. Rudiger-shi’s eyes were staring into a distant location.

“…Diehauser, are you seeing this? The things that we lack are right here. …The things that we were longing for…are right here. Hey, Diehauser…”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Kanji was Restoration from the Healing Saint.
  2. Kanji was Salvation from Fourteen Healing Saints.
  3. Kanji was Saint’s Trial and Next Trial.
  4. It would be pronounced as ‘Dress Break D D’, not double D. The kanji was Dress Break・Dragon God Style.
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