High School DxD:Volume 24 My Princess

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My Princess[edit]

At the nearest vending machine from the player’s waiting room in [Fafnir Stadium], Vali inserted his coins so that he could buy something to drink. After putting in the correct amount of change, Vali was just about to press the button of the sports drink that he wanted to have, but he was beaten to it by a slender finger that reached over from the side. After taking the plastic bottle out of the pickup tray, that person offered it to Vali.

“Va-kun, you choose that drink every time you have an important battle.”

The person who held out the drink was — a witch who wore a white cloak, Lavinia Reni. She was a woman who couldn’t possibly be any more familiar with Vali.

“…You also came huh.”

Lavinia replied to Vali with a gentle smile.

“I came.”

After Vali received the plastic bottle from her, Lavinia said

“In comparison to Va-kun, there might be more members of [DxD] who are cheering for the princess-sama of the Gremory House. After all, not long ago, Va-kun was still doing bad things.”

Vali thought to himself that Lavinia still talked to him in the same old way that she always had.

“I don’t need anyone’s support…”

Vali quietly said. Lavinia’s hands suddenly reached over towards his face. Lavinia held Vali’s face and smiled as she said

“—I will always be on your side, okay Va-kun? That’s why I’ll be cheering for you.”

—Her gentle and calming smile is still the same as ever.

To Vali, ever since his mother…aside from his mother, this was the gentlest womanly smile that he had seen. Vali broke free, and turned around.

“…You can do whatever you like.”

He impatiently answered her.

“I will. But, I need to do a bit of work while I cheer for you…”


Vali felt as though something had happened as he turned to look back…her smile was still just as soothing.

“You don’t have to worry, okay?”

Vali realised that trying to pursue the matter any further would not result in a satisfactory reply to him.

“…I see. Then, I’m going. Thanks for the drink.”

Vali walked back towards the waiting room.

“Do your best, Va-kun.”

Although Lavinia’s words of support echoed from behind him, Vali continued to move forward without concern. When he had almost arrived back to the waiting room, Albion laughed lightly as he asked Vali

[Fufufu, how does it feel to have your princess cheering for you?]


She was the first woman who had responded to him with a smile aside from his mother—. The support from that person seemed so dazzling, warm and privileged.

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