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Secret Talks[edit]

Ajuka Beelzebub was alone in his own research facility, and he was engaged in a conversation with the VIPs who were in the Isolation Barrier Field. Whilst fighting against Trihexa, Azazel said

[Well, will the matter proceed almost as it has been planned?]

It was possible to see various auras, magic and techniques flying around chaotically within the Isolation Barrier Field. Trihexa’s body also showed up in a corner of the display occasionally. It was in the midst of such a battle that Ajuka nodded and answered Azazel’s question.

“That’s correct, if the first-generation Bael is allowed to continue interfering in these internal affairs, then the Underworld will have no future to speak of. The agenda that we are discussing in this form — is the proposal to name the Two Heavenly Dragons of this generation, Hyoudou Issei-kun and Vali Lucifer as successors to the next generation of Maous, but the politicians who have raised objections to this are those associated with the first-generation Bael.”

The next generation would adopt the [Seven Great Maou System]—. Aside from Beelzebub, the Seven Great Maou would include Lucifer, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Belial, Belphegor and Mammon. They had already begun nominating candidates internally. Among them, voices for Vali Lucifer, who had inherited the blood of the true Lucifer as the third-generation descendant to become the candidate for ‘Lucifer’ were the strongest. Although the subject had yet to be mentioned to the person in question, the conditions were already in place. When Vali himself promised to commit, then the decision could be considered a done deal. To the side, Sirzechs in his destruction form also said

[What are the minimum conditions for Ise-kun and Vali Lucifer that need to be in place, Ajuka?]

“Yeah, at the least, they must become one of the top four in this Tournament. That way, the first-generation Bael and even the nobles who are currently lobbying won’t be able to object.”

[Will they reach that with certainty?]

“It’s not impossible. But it will be hard. —After all, the main knockout tournament will consist entirely of Maou-class or god-class beings. Simply entering the knockouts will involve a fight against these existences. Moreover, the gods colluding with Hades are also taking action behind the scenes.”

According to reports, the god of the Netherworld, Hades, was currently in Cocytus. At the same time, various factions had been attacked by mysterious Devils. Through an investigation, all of them had unknown identities, but information on their bodies and demonic energy showed that they were all very similar to the ancient Devils. After many interrogations, they only received answers such as ‘I was ordered to attack that place’, and even when their minds were read, no relevant memories could be found, making the situation extremely tricky. On the contrary, they were still riddled with mysteries after so many investigations, which showed that they had to have some kind of connection to a larger entity, making it obvious that it had something to do with Hades’ presence in Cocytus. Although they tried to interrogate the captured Thanatos…he had yet to awaken from the influence of Hyoudou Issei’s mysterious power, so nothing could be extracted from him. Investigations into the Naberius House’s branch family and the Nebiros House who performed research on artificially creating Super Devils had also yet to begin. Although these shadows of unease were looming, Azazel exposed a smile.

[Well, the so-called Heavenly Dragons will be the ones to kick away those gods. And those two kids also have the help of the strongest invincible Dragon God-sama and assistance from the Longinus possessors. If they’re not able to overcome these difficulties, then there would have been no meaning in us coming to this side.]

The former governor of the Fallen Angels seemed to hold absolute faith in the students that he had taught. This was only natural. In the span of one short year, they had defeated most of the hostile forces of various mythologies such as the Old Maou Faction, the Evil God Loki, the Hero Faction, and Qlippoth. His faith in them could not be shaken. But, Azazel took a slight backpedal and said with a slightly disturbed tone

[Leaving Vali aside for now, Ise is…. Among the seven seats, is there one that suits him?]

Just as Azazel said, it was not a hereditary system, rather, positions were inherited according to their respective duties. For example, Lucifer needed to have exceptional leadership and had to show authority. Each of the different Maous had different responsibilities.

The [Seven Great Maou System] could be likened to the seven deadly sins…just as Azazel said, it was very difficult to find a position that fit Hyoudou Issei upon thought. Azazel continued

[…Asmodeus represents lust, right? As Falbium’s successor, in terms of the image…]

From afar, the voice of Falbium Asmodeus was heard.

[I think that will be good…it’ll be fine so long as strategy coordination is delegated to another Maou. There’s no other problems right, Ajuka? Also, I’m not lustful at all.]

After releasing an enormous sphere of destruction, Sirzechs casually said

[Better yet, isn’t it fine just to make an eight seat directly? How about a special position just for him? He’s already long been a hero of the Underworld and he will be remembered in history even thousands of years later. Since that’s the case, is there any problem with setting up a new seat? Having seven or eight is the same anyway.]

This unexpected and yet simple opinion left Ajuka stunned. Azazel couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.

[Hahaha! Sirzechs! How could you say that? Sure, seven and eight aren’t too different! But the meaning of the seven deadly sins will be completely gone! No, I dare say that the eighth deadly sin would be ‘Oppai Dragon’! Ddraig is going to cry again when he hears that!]

Beside him, Serafall and Falbium also laughed

[Ufufu ☆, Sirzechs-chan has always said nonsensical stuff like this ever since the past. But, he unexpectedly became quite a success ♩]

Indeed, before Sirzechs became a Maou, he would always put forward such unexpected and unconstrained opinions, causing everyone to become speechless or laugh out loud. Even when Sirzechs didn’t act as a Maou, and returned to his private life, this was the case. Ajuka quietly laughed and he asked Sirzechs in return

“Fufufu, if we go by your proposal, then what do we do? What kind of position will we prepare for him?”

Sirzechs swiftly replied

[—Satan. It’s a name that has the meaning of a Maou. In the apocalypse, it’s also recorded that the terms of Satan and dragon were synonymous. Doesn’t it suit him well?]

“Is that really okay? It’ll seems like it’ll coincide with your [Crimson Satan] name.”

[Ajuka, when I am liberated from this place, I will return to being a simple Devil — Sirzechs Gremory. That’s why the name of Satan should be handed over to the next generation. And if it’s him, then he’ll definitely…]

After Sirzechs released an enormous blast of destructive demonic energy and carved off a large chunk of Trihexa’s flesh, he said

[—He’ll become the [Crimson Satan [1]]. I couldn’t be any happier about my brother-in-law inheriting that name.]

Trihexa began to regenerate again, and so Sirzechs and the others continued to attack. His voice was trembling. He surely felt joy at the fact that a younger person could inherit his will.

“…I’ll make sure that I tell him and your little sister those words of yours.”

After hearing Ajuka say that, Sirzechs became even happier.

[I want to see my nephews and nieces as soon as possible. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of them when I return.]

And then, Azazel smiled as he answered

[Hahaha! I think you’ll see lots of children with different mothers! Perhaps even Serafall’s little sister will have children.]

However, Serafall stopped smiling as soon as she heard Azazel’s words, and she expressionlessly shook her head.

[No. That is impossible, Azazel-chan. That is absolutely impossible. Absolutely not allowed.]

Serafall spoke in a low and serious voice. To her, the future of her precious little sister was more important than anything else.

[If someone is to become the husband of my Sona-chan, then they’ll have to pass my groom training course, they have to be stronger than me, and they have to be capable of defeating Sirzechs-chan. I won’t concede on that at all.]

Sirzechs couldn’t help but flinch a bit after listening to Serafall’s words.

[…S-So I’m going to be the opponent for Sona’s groom candidates…. No, since it’s the request of my good friend, I don’t have any reason to refuse….]

In response to this, Azazel bitterly smiled.

[To find a guy like that, isn’t that basically impossible…? The future of the Sitri clan looks pretty bleak….]

Seeing as they were able to fight and speak about the future of their families at the same time, it appeared as though these comrades had already gotten used to fighting against Trihexa. It looked like Trihexa would be defeated even earlier than expected. Azazel and the Maous fought whilst chatting cheerfully, and the former chief god of the Norse mythology Odin, as well as the former chief god of the Greek Mythology Zeus approached them. Odin waved Gungnir around whilst asking Azazel

[What’s this? Both the Oppai Dragon and the Butt Dragon Emperor are going to become Maous?]

[For the time being, it’ll be decided after we see the fight involving your kids and Zeus’ children.]

Zeus then released a fierce shower of lightning onto Trihexa and heartily laughed

[Gahahahaha! Apollon huh! He’s pretty strong!]

Odin rubbed his cheek as he said

[My Vidar huh…mmm, he’s a troublesome guy, but he does have strength fitting for a chief god. Before I came here, I told him that he definitely had to go and find a wife….]

Speaking of which, just as Odin said, there was news from Asgard — Ajuka had heard about Vidar’s marriage interview…. Ajuka smiled as he said to Odin and Zeus

“Odin-sama, Zeus-sama, your successors will soon compete against the Sekiryuutei. Let us wait and see the battle of the next generation.”

—It wouldn’t be the Seven Great Maou, but the Eight Great Maou who would succeed them—. The desire for Hyoudou Issei to be crowned as the eighth one was an unexpectedly interesting idea, and Ajuka smiled to himself about it. Having said that, neither one of those two had been asked about their own intentions yet. Would they accept it? That was also a problem—. If possible, it was Ajuka’s intention to appoint the powerful new Maous in order to deal with the unknown enemies who would come to attack in thirty years, as well as the creation of the new organisation [ExE]. And then, Ajuka Beelzebub took out the cat-shaped hair ornament that Rias Gremory had given him. The research data on ‘artificially creating Super Devils’ conducted by the Naberius House’s branch family and the person of the Nebiros House had been hidden on it…. The two young Devils with power on the level of Super Devils who suddenly emerged at the Tournament would soon be involved in a full-scale investigation from here on—.

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