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The First Rating Game World Tournament [Azazel Cup] Teams in the Main Draw[edit]

[Vajra] — [King] Sakra (Indra) / Gods and Buddhas – Mount Meru

[Spear of the Heavenly Emperor] — [King] Cao Cao / Human – Mount Meru/Mixed Mythologies

[Journey to the West] — [King] First Generation Sun Wukong / Gods and Buddhas -Mount Meru

[Leisure of the Kings] — [King] Typhon / Monster – Mixed Mythologies

[Asura] — [King] Mahabali / Gods and Buddhas – Hinduism (Asura Gods)

[Black] — [King] Surtr / Giants – Norse mythology

[Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star] — [King] Vali Lucifer / Human-Devil – Norse Mythology/Mixed mythologies

[Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King] — [King] Zeno / High-class Grim Reaper – Olympus/Mixed mythologies

[Joker of Heaven] — [King] Dulio Gesualdo / Reincarnated Angel – Heavens(Holy Bible)

[Slash Dog] — [King] Ikuse Tobio / Human – Underworld-Grigori/Mixed mythologies

[Babel Belial] — [King] Diehauser Belial / Devil – Underworld/Devil

[Phoenix] — [King] Ruval Phoenix / Devil – Mixed mythologies

[Imperial Purpure] — [King] Sairaorg Bael / Devil – Underworld/Devil

[Rias Gremory] — [King] Rias Gremory / Devil – Underworld-Devil/Mixed mythologies

[Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth] — [King] Hyoudou Issei / Devil-Dragon – Underworld-Devil/Mixed mythologies

[Shooting Star] — [King] Shooting Star / Human – Human World/Mixed mythologies

The fierce tournament will start with these sixteen teams. The brackets will be announced at a later date…

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