High School DxD:Volume 2 Afterword

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How many times has the word “oppai (breast)” appeared in volume 1 and 2?

People who count them and send the answer will get Rias-buchou’s oppai mousepad. Yes, it’s a lie. There aren’t any prizes like that.

It has been a while. It’s Ishibumi. How was volume 2?

It’s starting to turn into a porno book and even I, the author, can’t imagine how volume 3 will be like. By the way, the way to reduce the Dragon's power is very erotic. So look forward to volume 3!

Asia is going to turn into an erotic girl because of the influence of Buchou who is really erotic.

I’m aiming to make a book that middle and high school students will be too embarrassed to buy!

I’m getting worried that it might get an age restriction but I am aiming to make a shounen style light novel, so please support me!

Sacred Gears, just like the evolution ability like “Boosted Gear Gift”, also has a super power form when you use it to the limit and master it called “Balance Breaker”. This is possible for all the Sacred Gears.

Asia and Kiba are also able to do it if they master it. It’s similar to “Super Saiyan” and “Bankai”.

Ise ignored the steps by using the Dragon Emperor’s power and used it recklessly that resulted in him giving a sacrifice. Because he’s inexperienced, he couldn’t release the power to its fullest.

It’s called “Balance Breaker” because it’s possible to break the balance of the world.

Ise became a person who is not only talented at attacking but also at supporting.

Now, when will the fateful meeting with the “White guy” be……

Now for the thanks.

To my editor in charge who is trying to lead me into becoming a porno author, H-sama. Thanks for taking care of me all the time. Please eat your dinner every time I strip the characters. Miyama Zero-sama. Thanks for the beautiful and wonderful illustrations. I’m sorry for troubling you with the designs. I will be in your care from now on as well.

Like that, this will continue to volume 3. Please have high hopes for Buchou’s oppai in volume 3 as well.

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