High School DxD:Volume 2 Life 0

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I want to protect that person.

It's not about the contract or constraint.

That person needs to stand strong while wavering her crimson hair.

That's the person whom I have come to admire.

So lend me your strength - Heavenly Red Dragon-san.


I’m Hyoudou Issei. People call me “Ise”.

I’m a 2nd year high school student. Unfortunately, I’m not a “normal high school student”.

That’s because I happen to be a Devil. No, I’m serious. I was reincarnated into a Devil.

Well, that’s not important right now. Just think of me as a high school Devil.

That’s what I am, but I don’t know what to do with the situation happening right in front of me.

For some reason, I’m in a place that looks like a chapel. There are familiar faces around me.

“Damn it! For Ise to get married!”

“It’s some kind of mistake! This is some kind of conspiracy!”

The bald headed Matsuda, and Motohama who wears glasses. My two evil pals are speaking to me with an envious look.

“Ise! I want my first grandchild to be a girl!”

“Sob, you have grown! You were a worthless child whose only pride was his desire to have sex!”

Both my parents are crying. Stop saying such things!

I’m wearing a white tuxedo.

It’s like a wedding scene. Wait, this is a wedding scene.

Even a wedding song is being played within the chapel.

Mine!? Is it my wedding!?

I become astonished at this sudden and shocking situation, then what about my bride? Who is my bride?

“Ise, you can’t look around so restlessly.”

A familiar voice comes from beside me.Upon looking I see lovely Rias Gremory-buchou standing right next to me.She has her crimson hair down to her hips.

Besides being the one who turned me into a Devil, she also happens to be a High-class Devil who holds a peerage. I'm a servant Devil of her.

More than that, she looks so gorgeous in her wedding dress that I can’t look at her directly. Sob, Buchou, you look so beautiful!

Buchou, in such clothing, is standing right beside me! So that means she’s my——.

“Rias-sama! You look so beautiful!”

“Aaah, Rias-oneesama! Why on earth are you marrying a guy like that!?”

Screams like this can be heard from various parts of the chapel. So no one will praise me huh……

I-I see, so this is Rias-buchou and my wedding!

I can’t believe it. Buchou and I got into that sort of relationship without me even realising, and our relationship has progressed this far.

Ah, I don’t really get it, but if I can marry Buchou whom I admire, then there’s no problem at all!

“At all times, thee—”

The geezer priest is apparently saying the wedding vows, but my head is filled with other things.

Marriage = husband and wife. Husband and wife = family. Family = children. Children = making babies. Making babies = sexual relations. Sexual relations = husband and wife love affair. Husband and wife love affair = starts from the first night of marriage. ……First night of marriage……

The first night of our marriage!?

[Come here, Ise.]

Buchou is laying on the bed naked in my imagination.

This means that I can, right? I mean, we are husband and wife after all, so we need to make a family.

A child is a must when you start a family. And to make a child, we need to do a certain thing. And that certain thing, is sex.


I can have sex with Buchou!!

Reaching that conclusion, my mind became full of excitement and I wasn’t able to stop myself from imagining lots of naughty stuff.

I see, so the reason why I didn’t have any luck with these kinds of things in the past is because it was for this day. For tonight!

A-Am I going to be able to finish the task until the end safely!?

N-No, if it’s about knowledge, then I am an expert! I have been simulating it every day in my head!

In other words, I'm an ace-pilot in mock battles! I'm an elite who only needs to taste real battle!

“Now, you may kiss the bride.”


Yeah, that’s it, now I remember! This is the first thing I have to do!

A kiss in a chapel! A kiss with Buchou!

When I look to my side, Buchou has her eyes closed and her face is approaching mine!

Can I!? I can right!? Alright! Alright! Buchou’s lips are mine!

Her lips look so soft. The lipstick makes them sparkle, my head feels like it’s about to spin around.

And soon, this will belong to me! I can’t stop myself from being excited when I think about it!

While breathing hard from my nose, I stick my lips forward and gradually approach Buchou——.

[Looks like you're having fun, shitty brat.]


A mysterious voice echoed within my head.

It was a low and impactful voice. It was an unfamiliar voice, but I somehow felt as though I knew it. A voice that had always been close to me……

[That’s right. I'm right beside you.]

……Who is this?

I look around, and the chapel is nowhere to be seen now.

Buchou, who was right next to me is also gone. Everyone including my parents and friends are gone as well!

Rather, where am I? I’m losing all my senses. I lost my sense of balance and touch.

I lost my sense of sight and hearing as well.

It’s pitch-black in front of me. Darkness. I can’t hear anything with my ears. It's silent.

……What is this?

Buchou! Dad! Mum! Matsuda! Motohama!

I shout the names of those I'm close with inside my heart, but there's no reply. What's happening to me?

Whose voice is that?

[It’s mine.]


The sound didn’t come out from my mouth, but I’m really shocked within my heart.

Of course. Anyone will be scared if a gigantic monster appears right in front of them.

It has big eyes. The colour of its eyes is red, like blood. A jaw that comes up to its ears, with lots of sharp fangs growing out of it.

There is a thick horn lining up on its forehead, and the scales that cover its body is red like magma.

It has thick arms and legs like those of a gigantic tree. The claws look very sharp and terrifying.

More than that, its pair of wings that are spread out make this giant monster look even bigger.

In front of me there is……a gigantic monster……and out of all the things I know, the thing that resembles it the most is a——.


It seems like it knows what I’m thinking even though I can’t speak, and it seems like the monster, a dragon, which is in front of me lifts its mouth up a bit.

[That’s it. That’s the right deduction. I've been trying to talk to you the whole time. But, since you were really weak, my words couldn't reach you until now. Finally. Finally, I am able to appear before you.]

……What is this guy saying? I don’t get it.

Appear? He has been trying to talk to me the whole time? I don’t know. I don’t know about it! What? Is he trying to eat me?

[Eat? Eat you who seems to taste awful? As if I would. That’s not it. I just wanted to introduce myself to my partner alongside whom I will be fighting along from now on.]

Partner? Hold on a second. I don’t even know what you are talking about!

Dragon! Who are you——.

[You already realised it, haven’t you? You probably thought about it. Yeah, that’s right. I'm exactly what you think I am. Let’s talk again. Aye, partner.]

When I look at my left arm, it’s covered in red scales and it looks very abnormal because it has really sharp claws growing out from it.

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