High School DxD:Volume 2 Life 1

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Life.1 I Work as a Devil[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I open my eyes to a familiar ceiling above me.

Aah, so that was a dream.

Apparently, I was having a pleasant dream, but later it turned into a nightmare. It had a great start. My wedding with Buchou, whom I look up to. It was so good until.....

My heart is beating fast. Anyone would feel the same if they had the same dream. I’m breathing faster too.

I lift my upper body upright and wipe the sweat on my forehead with my hand. Wow! So much sweat. I’m shocked at the amount of of it.

At the same time, I realise that I used my left arm to wipe it.

That last scene…… that Red Dragon …… I just can’t come to believe it since it had too many fantasy elements in it.

Though it turned into a monster’s arm at the end of my dream, there’s nothing wrong with my left arm.

But I do understand that there is something possessed within this arm.

I look at the clock. It’s 4:30 am…… It’s still early.

I take a deep breath and then get back inside my bed—. No, that isn’t it!

I remember now! It's time! I get out of bed and get ready.

When I look outside the window, there is a red-haired beauty, Rias Gremory-buchou, she is wearing a red jersey and is standing at the gate.

She's a senior and a school idol at the high school I go to. She's also the president of the Occult Research Club that I am part of, and her real identity is a Devil.

She looks this way with her blue eyes after she realises that I’m looking at her.

——Hurry up.

She mouthed while smiling.

“I’m coming now!”

I change from my pyjamas into a jersey immediately and left the room to do morning training.

Part 2[edit]

“Ze~ha~, ze~ha~.”

“Hey, don’t run so miserably. Otherwise I'll add 10 more laps of dashing afterwards.”

I’m running in the residential area, losing my breath.

Buchou, who is riding a bicycle behind me, fires me up without hesitation. You are strict like always.

About a month ago, I was reincarnated from a human into a Devil. I became Buchou’s — Rias Gremory-sama’s — servant Devil.

Devils are beings that get summoned by humans, who then grant their wish in exchange for a price. They do that kind of work on a daily basis. Buchou is no exception.

I have been working daily as Buchou’s servant Devil and am walking towards my goal, one step at a time.

What's my goal? That’s obvious!

“I’m going to become the Harem-King…… ze~ha~……”

The words slipped out from my mouth while running.

“That’s right. And for that, you need to start from daily basic training. You have to become stronger, even by a little.”

Yes, Buchou. I know that.

I’m currently a newborn Devil, but if I earn achievements and get promoted, then I can receive a peerage. If that happens, I can have my own servants just like Buchou. That’s right! I’m going to make lots of girls into my servant Devils, and I’m going to make my dream come true!

For that, I need to get stronger just like Buchou said. Strength is absolute in the world of Devils. Simply put, the stronger you are, the higher you can aim.

Well, you can rise up with knowledge, trading skills, and other kind of skills, but I have no talent in those areas at the moment.

So nothing will start unless I increase my stamina. That’s why I'm currently training every day.

But Buchou is a Spartan instructor. [1]

“For my servant to be weak is something I can’t forgive.”

So she shows no mercy during my morning training.

She makes me run approximately 20km, and after that makes me do over 100 laps of dashes. She also has me do various muscle training exercises. I don’t even want to count how many of them I've done.

Devils are the residents of night that unleash their powers during this time. I thought that it was better to train at night rather than in the morning, but apparently that isn’t the case. According to Buchou, training under sunlight, which we are weak against, makes us mentally stronger as well.

I have been suffering from muscle pain every day, but getting used to it is a scary thing and it doesn’t hurt like it did in the beginning.

Lately, I have been able to do them quite easily. It’s proof that I have been improving daily. After all, I’m in a good state in physical education class. My short sprint record has shortened, and it isn’t that tiring to do long distance sprints any more.


I stop running when I arrive at the park, which is the goal. I’m sweating all over my body……

“Good job. Now, we’ll move on to the dashes.”

The Oni-Buchou’s smile is so dazzling. [2]

Part 3[edit]

“Your ability has more meaning when you have a good foundation.”

“Yes…… 65……”

I started doing push-ups at the park after I completed the morning marathon and dashes.

Buchou is sitting on my back. The feeling of her soft buttocks is superb, but I have no time to enjoy it since my arms are crying in pain.

No, actually, the feeling of her buttocks is the best!



I had my butt slapped by Buchou…… My voice slipped out of my mouth. I’m not a masochist either……

“You are having dirty thoughts. The movement of your hips is lecherous.”

“…… T-That’s…… 68…… T-Thinking that you are horse riding on me…… 69…… is making my guts as a horse into the max gear…… 70!”

High school dxd 000c.jpg

“Talking while doing push-ups. You seem to have grown, Ise. Should I add another hundred?”

Buchou said something impossible while smiling. I will die. I will be in a state of near-death if that happens.

“Hmm, it should be about time that she gets here……”

“Huh? Who’s coming?”

When I asked her, I heard a familiar voice that said, “Excuse me”.

I look towards the direction that the voice came from while staying in the push-up posture——.

“Ise-san, Buchou-san! I’m sorry for being late…… hauu!”

The blonde haired girl — Asia — trips over.

“Ise-san, here’s your tea.”

“Y-Yeah, thanks.”

I’m taking a break while sipping on the tea Asia gives me. After the push-ups, I did muscle training for my stomach and back so my whole body is hurting.

“Asia, why are you here?”

When I asked, the blonde beauty’s cheeks became red.

“I heard that Ise-san and Buchou-san are doing training here every morning…… so I wanted to be of help to Ise-san. Though I was only able to prepare tea today.”

Asia…… You are such a wonderful girl! I'm deeply moved!

“Uuu, Asia! I’m deeply moved by your kindness, Asia! Aaah, I never expected that there would come a day when a girl would say that to me!”

I sip my tea while crying with joy.

Asia is a former sister who has blonde hair and green eyes. “Former” means that she isn’t a sister any more. Right now she is a devil of the Gremory group.

Last month, she was involved in an incident that resulted in her being killed by a Fallen Angel. Asia died, but thanks to Buchou’s power, she was reincarnated as a Devil.

The Fallen Angels are the evil Angels mentioned in the Bible and novels. Their trait is their black wings, I think.

They are the archenemies of Devils and are always fighting with them. Last month, I was also involved in their fight. At that time, I realised how weak I was, so I started training like this to get stronger. I don’t want Asia to go through that sadness ever again.

Our master, Buchou, seems to be thinking about something while drinking green tea.

“What’s wrong, Buchou?”

When I asked her, she came back to her senses and coughed.

“No, it’s nothing. More than that, it’s good timing. I decided to have it done today, so let’s head over to your house now.”

Huh? Why? My house? Good timing? What are we going to do at my house?

“It’s about time that the luggage arrives.”

I would come to know what she meant 10 minutes later.

Part 4[edit]

“……T-This is?”

My eyebrows are twitching after seeing the boxes that are placed in front of the entrance of my home.

What are these? These boxes don’t even have the name of the sender. I have a mysterious feeling about this. There aren’t any bombs inside them, right……?

“Now then, Ise. Carry these to the room.” Buchou said this to me while I made a confused face.

“Huh? Carry? I have to carry these to…… my house!?”

“Yes, these are Asia’s belongings. Carrying them is what a gentleman would do, right?”


“These are Asia’s belongings!?”

I’m in deep shock, but then Buchou says something even more shocking.

“Yes, starting today, Asia will be living in your house.”

Family meeting——.

Among all the famous meetings, conferences, and assemblies of the world, it’s considered among the top ranks for the place of negotiations.

The words of the parents, who hold the authority, are the biggest factor for deciding outcomes. The way we, the children, negotiate is the key to this.

But my parents, who are supposed to have the authority, are down on their knees when in front of Buchou.

Maybe Buchou’s eyes, that have power which can’t be seen with their eyes, are making them act that way.

“Okaa-sama, Otou-sama, because of this situation, will you allow Asia Argento to stay here?”

Buchou gave my parents a reckless order elegantly and cheerfully.

The two of them whisper in each other's ears while staring at Asia.

……Huh, they are also looking at me.

My dad coughs once then asks Asia a question.

“Asia……-san, was it?”

“Yes, Ise-san’s Otou-sama.”

Asia responded back with a nervous face.

“O-Otou-sama…… Ku…… I don’t know how to put it, but having beautiful foreign girls call me “Otou-sama” repeatedly sure does ring a bell in my heart…… in a good way.”

It seems like my dad is getting emotional.

Getting called “Otou-sama” by two young beautiful girls will obviously make him happy.

Even I’m confident that I would fall for it if two beautiful girls called me “Onii-chan”.


My mum pokes my dad. My dad comes back to his senses.

“A-Ahem! Even if you want to stay here, our stupid son is an embodiment of sexual desire. It’s unfortunate, but isn’t it better for you to stay in a house where there is a girl? I would be too ashamed if something were to happen.”

This shitty dad doesn’t hold back on his own son. An embodiment of sexual desire…… I feel bad because he isn’t that far off.

But what my dad just said is logical, it would be better to make her stay in a house where there’s also a girl. Even my mum is right beside him and agreeing, saying “Yeah, that’s right”.

If a beautiful blonde girl stays with me who has so much sexual desire, you don’t know what might happen. It would become a worldwide problem. My parents probably wanted to say that.

But I won’t do anything! I’m sure not trusted at all, huh……

By the way, I haven’t told them that Asia and I are Devils, and that Asia was used by a Fallen Angel. Even if I told them, they wouldn’t believe me, and it’s better for my mum and dad to not get involved with Devils.

We left out lots of stuff while explaining the situation to them, and also included some things we made up.

Buchou doesn’t seem to be affected by my parent’s refusal and continues to negotiate with a smile.

“Then what about if Asia becomes your daughter, then?”

W-What do you mean with that profound word…… Buchou……?

“What do you mean?”

“Otou-sama, Asia believes in Ise very much. Very much. It’s the same for me as well. Ise does lack a bit of intelligence and is very straightforward, but he is not a fool. Instead, he has such a burning soul that he would walk towards any obstacle and try to overcome it. Both Asia and I are drawn to that part of Ise. Especially Asia. Isn’t that right, Asia?”

“Y-Yes! Ise-san saved me by risking his life. He is my life saviour. He also helps me a lot at school. Even in class, he……”

Then Asia starts happily explaining how I’m helping her out at school every day while putting on a big smile.

She even tells them minor things and over-exaggerates them.

Uooooo……, I’m so embarrassed that I want to run away from this place.

My parents are like, “Oh, our Ise did?” and “For him to be useful to others”, and they seem like they aren’t dissatisfied with what they are hearing. Well, any parent would be happy if their child was being praised.

Then Buchou gives them the final push.

“What if this home-stay is also bride training, then?”


What is that!? Dad, mum, and I shout out very loudly. Asia is like, “?”, and is putting on a confused look.


Then there are loads of tears flowing out of dad’s eyes. He then speaks while wiping his tears.

“……Since Ise is like this, I was sure that I would never see grandchildren. I was always depressed that I had to worry about Ise living by himself even after I get very old……”

What…… Otou-sama suddenly started to speak his thoughts…… Rather, what’s with that irresponsible future map that you created for your own son?

My mum is wiping her tears beside him. Wait, you are crying too!?

“I also thought that Ise would never get a bride. It’s because he’s Ise. The stupid son. I tried raising him so he wouldn’t become a shame to society, but that all turned out to be a waste since he's turned out this way. If I could go back to the past, I would convince my younger self by telling her that, “Be careful since that son of yours will turn into a worthless son who hides lecherous DVDs inside his plastic model box hidden in his locker”.”

Uwaaaaaa! My secret porn location! Mum knows!?

My dad holds Asia’s hand.

“Asia-san! He’s a worthless son like this, but can I leave him to you?”

“You are wrong……, Ise-san isn’t a worthless person. He's a very wonderful person.”

Asia doesn’t realise what my dad is getting at and smiles.

My mum, who saw that, broke down by crying out loud. What is this? What drama am I watching?

“Rias-san! We will look after Asia Argento-san in this house!”

Buchou smiles after hearing dad’s approval.

“Thank you very much, Otou-sama. Ise. I will leave Asia’s care to you from now on. Asia, you will be staying here with Ise. So make sure not to be impolite. Get along with Ise’s parents.”

“Is it really alright? Won’t it…… be a burden…… if I stay……?”

“To get familiar with Japanese culture and lifestyle, it’s best to stay with the people from that country. When I asked you who among our club members you wanted to live with the most, you did say Ise without a second thought, right?” Buchou replied to the confused Asia.

Oh I see, so that’s the reason. Asia is staying at Rias-buchou’s place. She's borrowing one of the rooms in the old school building that Buchou, Asia, and I go to.

“Y-Yes. I indeed said that, but……”

“It’s fine, Asia-san! Get used to Japan at our house! You might stay here permanently after all!”

Dad, you really are trying to make Asia my wife, huh……

“See, even Otou-sama is saying this.”

Though Asia was confused, she finally smiles when she sees Buchou smiling.

“I understand, Buchou-san. There were things I didn’t quite understand, but I will be in your care, Ise-san, and Ise-san’s Otou-sama and Okaa-sama.”

…… You've been perfectly deceived, Dad, Mum…… Surely, the thing about my “bride” is a perfect blow to them……

Like this, it’s been decided that Asia will be living with me.

“……Bride, huh.”

I got very anxious of Buchou who was making a sad face at that time.

Part 5[edit]

A few days have passed since Asia started living in my house.

“The weather’s nice today. Ise-san, we are playing softball for physical education today. It’s my first time so I’m excited.”

Asia is happily walking towards the school. I’m walking next to her.

I never thought that a day would come when I would be able to walk to school every day with a beauty.

The students who go to the same school as us are looking at us with intense eyes.

“Why is Asia-san walking from the same direction as Hyoudou……”

“Impossible…… what’s going on……?”

“It must be some kind of mistake, not just Rias-oneesama, but even Asia-san……”

Just like that, I can hear the scream-like words from other students. Well, that’s natural. This situation would seem impossible for anyone who knows me.

I, who was just an unpopular perverted student, am now suddenly getting along with the school's idols. I'm also walking to school every day with the new blonde student everyone has been talking about since arriving. From other people’s view, this is an unbelievable situation.

There were some students who confessed to Asia because they were like “If Hyoudou can, so can I!”, but they were rejected immediately.

Because of that, there are those who hold a grudge against me. Even now, there are people looking at me with eyes filled with hatred.

Other guys must think I’m playing around with the beauty’s body. It’s not as simple as they think, but that’s okay.

Fufu. This is fun in its own way. Even if it’s a misunderstanding, they think I’m popular with girls. Oh yeah! That’s it! Just get jealous of me, boys!

I’m still going to rise higher! Fuhahahaha!

“Was there something that looks funny?”

Oh. Asia looks at my face with a worried look. When a beauty’s face is right in front of me, it makes me blush…… Looks like I’m still young.

“N-No, it’s nothing. By the way Asia, are there any problems at school? Are you getting along with other girls?”

Those are the things I’m most concerned about.

A former Sister has just transferred to our school. Since her lifestyle was far different from ours, she might feel lost in school life.

At times like this, I will definitely help her, however what’s most important is for her to be supported by other girls. I think she is getting along with the girls from the Occult Research Club, but I’m concerned about her interaction with the other classmates. I don’t think she is getting bullied for not being used to this lifestyle…… But I can’t stop myself from being worried about it.

Nothing like that is happening as far as I can tell, but she might be bullied when I’m not there.

However Asia smiles which comes from the bottom of her heart which then rejects my concern about her.

“Everyone is very kind towards me. They are teaching me a lot of things so I would get familiar with Japan. I also made lots of friends. I was also invited to go shopping with them.”

That’s good to hear. Looks like her relationship with the other classmates is going well. Now, one of my concerns is gone.

While talking about that, we arrive at school and then go towards the classroom.

Now with the problem of Asia’s school life settled, the remaining problem is—

“Asia-chan! Good morning!”

“Good morning, Asia-san. Your blonde hair is shining today as well.”

As soon as we arrive in the class, the bald headed guy Matsuda, and the guy wearing glasses Motohama, approach Asia. These two are my pals. They are famous for being perverted, along with me.

“Good morning Matsuda-san, Motohama-san.”

The two of them get emotional after getting greeted by Asia.

“This is the thing, isn’t it, Motohama-kun?”

“That’s right, Matsuda-kun. Getting greeted by having a beauty say “good morning” gives life to us this morning.”

……Like usual, they feel happy about minor things. But until recently I was probably the same as them.

Fufufu, having this much confidence sure does change people—.



When I was acting cool, Motohama punches me in my stomach.

“W-What was that for, baldy!?”

I argued against him but he continues to laugh and kicks my leg.

It really hurts! What is this idiot doing!?

“Hahaha. Ise-kun. I heard about it.”

“Heard what.”

“I hear that you walk to school with Asia-chan every day, right?”

“W-What about it?”

“That’s weird. Why? Why do you two come to the school from the same direction? I wonder why?”

Hmm. I don’t know where he heard it from, but it looks like he heard the rumours about me and Asia as well.

I lift my lips and put on a lecherous smile. I then say it.

“Listen, Matsuda, Motohama. There is a wall between me and you two which you guys definitely can’t overcome. This can’t be helped.”

“W-What are you getting all proud of!?”

“T-That’s right, Ise. Just because you get along with Asia-chan—”

I then give a finishing blow. I also put on an expression of victory.

“I live with Asia. Under one roof. Right, Asia?”

“Yes. I am being taken care of at Ise-san’s house.”


Both of them got quiet after seeing Asia answer with a smile. It looks like they are speechless.

Fu. Fuhahahaha! Hahahaha!

I won! I won!

“It’s a lie!”

Matsuda denies it strongly. He’s even crying. They are tears of jealousy. Fuhahaha! Cry! Scream! And die!

“I-Impossible…… Ise living with a blonde beauty in the same house……? That can’t be……the law of this world will collapse……”

Motohama fixes the position of his glasses with his shaking hand.

He’s also trembling even though he’s desperately trying to act calm.

“T-Then do you even get woken up by Asia-chan in the morning!?”

Matsuda’s question. How miserable.

“Asia, looks like I made you wake me up today as well.”

“Because Ise-san is such a sleepy head. Ufufu.”

Ah, Matsuda drops on the floor.

“Does she even refill the plates for you……?”

This time, Motohama asks.

“Mum also praised that you are a thoughtful girl, Asia.”

“Oh my……you are making me blush.”

Asia blushes while putting her hand on her cheek.

I looked at her with confidence, and a smile.

Seeing that, Motohama glares right at me through his glasses and it looks like he’s about to shed tears of blood.

Man, having my friend being jealous of me sure is scary. Seriously, life sure can be turned upside down with a single change.

Just being friendly with one beauty is enough for guys to get a happy life.

Yeah, even if all the girls in the class will come to hate me, I’m all right as long as Asia is on my side.

Ah, that’s not good. My aim is to get a peerage and become a great Devil, and then make lots of beauties into my servant.

Then I have to become a guy that girls will like. But it seems like I won’t be able to get along with girls……

“You! You actually know lots of cute girls, don’t you!? Rias-senpai! Akeno-senpai! They are the “Two Great Onee-samas” of our academy, you know!? Then our school’s small idol, Toujou Koneko-chan, and now the blonde beauty that just transferred, Asia-chan! This is wrong! It’s so unfair that I’m about to break!”

Matsuda whines while holding his head down. Cry as much as you want, my friend.

Just like he said, I’m getting along with several beauties lately.

Especially Asia, whom I walk to school with. And it seems like I’m being adored by Rias-senpai and Akeno-senpai as well……

Yeah. I’m in the winners’ group now. Definitely in a winner’s group. This might be the best point of my life. I’ll have to enjoy it so that I don’t regret it afterwards.

While I’m thinking about that, Motohama fixes his glasses calmly.

“Ise, I don’t think introducing a single girl to us will be a bad thing. No, I mean, please introduce us to someone. I beg you. Please.”

Motohama says it while putting his face close to mine. He says it with a low tone, however it has so much intensity to it.

But introducing…… The only beauties I talk to are the ones Matsuda just mentioned.

In other words, I don’t have any connections with other girls. Rather, they don’t even take me seriously.

It’s a harsh reality. It means that I don’t have ties with human girls. The girls I get along with are all Devils…… Well, even though they are Devils, they are all cute so it’s not a problem.

Hmm? Yeah, that’s right. Well, it’s not like I don’t know someone. There is one person that I know of.

I took my mobile phone out and check for the name. Yup, I have it. This should be okay.

“Hold on a sec.”

I made my two pals and Asia wait here for a bit, and then went to the corner of the room so I can get an approval from the said person.

We talked for a few minutes, but it seems like that person is okay with it. That’s good.

“Well, I found one person that’s okay with meeting you guys. That person will also bring friends as well. This is the number of the person I can introduce you guys to. Contact that person through mail first. That way, you guys will feel happier.”

“Thank you!”

Matsuda who was down on the floor until a moment ago grabs my mobile phone.

Hey hey, that’s a quick change! Until a second ago he was crying, this guy truly is……

The two of them copies the number into their phones.

“Thank you so much, Ise-sama! I will never forget this debt!”

“Yeah, let’s do a triple date next time! Just wait! We will also make a girlfriend instantly!”

The two of them are giving a good smile. It seems like they are experiencing happiness, or rather, the inside of their head is in party-mode.

“So, what kind of person is she? She’s a beauty right?”

Matsuda asks about the appearance of the person I just introduced. I answer while scratching my cheek.

“Umm, yeah, she’s a “maiden”. That, I’m sure of.”

“Maiden……w-wonderful……that’s really wonderful, Ise-kun!”

“Man, we just can’t thank you enough Ise-sensei.”

These guys are just pathetic. They keep on changing their attitudes. No, I would have been like them if I hadn’t met with Buchou and Asia.

I’m sorry for having all the fun, guys. Matsuda asks me once again with a smiley face.

“Oh Ise-kun. By the way, why is “Mil-tan” called Mil-tan?”

I will like for you guys to ask him yourself. Even I don’t know the reason.

Part 6[edit]

That night.

I’m pedalling my bike in the residential area.


I pedal my bike with all my strength.

When we reached the designated area, Asia who is sitting behind me puts the leaflet into the mail box.

“It’s done.”


I started pedalling my bicycle again after I confirm that Asia is sitting behind me.

The leaflet we just put in that house is a convenient item used to summon us Devils. Normally, you need to draw a magic-circle to summon a Devil, but in this century, there aren’t that many humans who are willing to draw a magic-circle to summon Devils.

More like there aren’t that many humans who believe in Devils in the current era. I also didn’t until recently.

Therefore, the Devil’s society that was in a tight situation created a leaflet with a magic-circle on it which can summon Devils more easily.

Each Devil stamps on their own personal magic-circle onto the leaflet, and just like ordinary advertisements, they write an advertisement phrase on it.

This leaflet is nothing to those that are satisfied with their lifestyles, but to those that are craving for something, it has a magic cast on it so they will want to use it.

We appear in front of humans who will become our contractors through the magic-circle. We grant their wish in exchange for a price. That’s how it works. So this is the current method used to summon Devils.

And handing this leaflet out is the first job of the servant Devils. This became a customary practice for a temporarily time. We use a Devil’s portable device to find humans with a strong greed, and put the leaflet into their mailbox and then move onto the next location. Repeating this is a Devil’s job.

Well, I have finished the job of handing out leaflets already. The reason why I am doing this is—.

“……Ise-san, is it really alright? To help me hand out the leaflets……”

“Yeah, it’s not a problem.”

Yes, I’m assisting Asia in handing out the leaflets. So like this, I continue to pedal the bicycle.

“Asia, you don’t know how to get on a bike right? Then someone has to ride the bike for you.”

“Uu, I’m sorry. I never had a chance to get on a bike…… But if it’s walking……”

“I can’t let you do that even more. I’m worried about you, Asia.”

That’s my true feeling. It’s not about whether she can ride a bicycle or not, but more of the fact that I can’t let Asia run around in an unfamiliar environment.

She had just come to Japan from Northern Europe last month. She doesn’t know that much about Japanese culture.

She gained the ability to understand Japanese after becoming a Devil, but it’s a different story if it's to adapt to this lifestyle. I’m teaching her starting from the basics, but there are still many things that make me worry about her.

On top of that, Asia is kind to anyone and doesn’t know how the world goes around. You won’t know what kind of bad things will fall upon her.

So I ended up suggesting to Buchou after thinking about it.

“I will help Asia with handing out the leaflets!”

Buchou gladly accepted my request. Thank you very much, Buchou!

Like that, I’m supporting Asia. So I have been going around the residential area at night on my bicycle together with her.

“Look Asia. That’s a shrine. We're Devils, so we can’t enter it.”

I talked about a certain shrine when we went pass it.

“Yes. Devils aren’t allowed to go to places where spirits gather and the local God lives, yes? It’s hard for me to understand Japanese “Shinto Gods” because I’m a Christian……”

It will be hard for her, who has been raised under a single religion, to understand the Japanese culture. That’s what Buchou told me.

So I started to teach Asia things about the place we live in while we hand out leaflets.

“Ah! Over there. It’s closed now but that bakery shop sells good bread. You want to go buy some next time?”

“Yes! Japanese breads are sweet, so I love them!”

Even a normal conversation is fun. A date at night. That’s the best!

I always wanted to ride a bicycle with a girl sitting behind me like this.

“Ise-san, have you watched the film “Roman Holiday”?”

Asia asks me.

Roman Holiday? Oh yeah, I think it’s a film.

“It’s an old film right? No, sorry. I haven’t watched it.”

“Is that so—”

Asia sounds a bit sad to my answer.

“But what about that film?”

“……It’s always have been my admiration. It was just like this…… However they were riding a bike in the film. Even so I…… Ufufu.”

Huh? She sounds really happy right now. Even her arms that are across my hips got stronger.

I’m not really sure, but oh well. If Asia is happy then that will be good enough.

The wind tonight also feels good.

Part 7[edit]

“We are back!”

Asia and I had finished handing out the leaflets and returned to the club room.

The unused old school building located behind the school. One of the rooms on the third floor is the room for the Occult Research Club and also the gathering place for the Gremory group.

“Ara ara, good work. I'll make some green tea now.”

The first one to welcome us back is the vice-president of our club as well as the staff officer of Rias-buchou, Himejima Akeno-san. She is my senior, a third year student and is a Japanese beauty with long silky black hair who is always smiling. She is also a person that wears a pony-tail hair-style, which is rare among the current teens.

Along with Buchou, she is known as one of the “Two Great Onee-samas” of our school and is popular among both boys and girls with the popularity of an idol.

“Hey, how was the date at night?”

The guy who is sending out a smile at me is Kiba Yuuto, the good looking guy. He is the Handsome-prince who has captured the hearts of most of the girls in our school. He is my enemy since I hate good looking guys.

“It was obviously the best.”

I put my thumbs up towards Kiba.

“……Illicit sexual relationship late at night.”

The one who just said a harsh thing to me is the small build first year student, Toujou Koneko-chan. At first glance, she only looks like a grade school student but because she’s a loli girl, she is popular in our academy for being our school mascot.

Asia and I walk towards Buchou, who is sitting on the sofa. Our [King], Rias-buchou. Even tonight, your crimson hair is beautiful like always.

“Buchou. We are back.”

I reported to her, but Buchou is looking towards a certain direction while being dazed. Is she thinking about something? She even makes a deep sigh.

Asia who is next to me also looks in the direction Buchou is looking towards.

“Buchou, we are back!”

This time, I raised my voice. Buchou heard me and came back to her senses.

“I-I’m sorry. I was dazed for a bit. Good work, Ise, Asia.”

Lately, It seems that Buchou is thinking about something often. When she orders us to do something, she does it with elegance like usual, but other than that, her mind goes off to somewhere else. I think the number of times she has sighed increased as well.

She possibly has some serious concerns that we possibly won't be able to understand. Well, she is a High-class Devil, after all.

So these are the members of the Occult Research Club and also the members of the Gremory group. Other than me, everyone else is super popular at school. Well, I’m famous for being a perv. Hahaha, I feel like apologising since I feel I’m in the wrong place.

Buchou then says it after confirming that Asia and I have arrived.

“Now then, I will have Asia make her début as a Devil starting tonight.”

Oh! Seriously!?


I say it to Asia who is puzzled.

“Asia, you will be having your actual début as a Devil tonight! You are going to a contractors place through the magic-circle!”


Asia points to herself while panicking.

“Right, Buchou?”

Buchou nods to my question.

“Yes. Handing out the leaflets will end today. If I let it go on forever, it seems that the date between you two will continue even further.”

Uwa. Please stop bullying your servants, Buchou. I’m feeling a bit embarrassed if Buchou says that to me.

Like the same time as my debut, Buchou draws the magic-circle of the Gremory-clan on Asia’s palm. Thanks to that, you will be able to transport through the magic-circle.

“Akeno, check whether Asia has enough demonic-power to transport through the magic-circle.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Akeno-san put her hand on Asia’s forehead after Buchou orders her. A faint light appears from her finger tips, and it seems like she is reading something.

“We had the incident with Ise before, so we need to check properly. Though I don’t think there will be a same problem.”

I feel down after hearing Buchou’s worry.

That’s right. My debut as a Devil was awful. To use the magic-circle, you need a little bit of demonic-power. But I didn’t even have that little bit of demonic-power at all.

Thanks to that, I couldn’t transport through the magic-circle and I have to use a bicycle to go to the client, which is something no one has done before. Even now, I have to visit the clients by bicycle. This is hard to endure……

“Buchou, it’s okay. There’s no problem at all. More like, she has the most demonic-power after Buchou and me. Her potential capacity for her demonic-power is very good.”

Buchou smiles at Akeno-san’s report.

“That’s good news. She can use her power as a [Bishop] to the fullest.”

The [Bishop] Buchou just mentioned is Asia's role as a Devil.

The current Devils have rules that are based on the game of chess, of the human’s world, for their servants. The Devil who is a master is a [King], and below them are the [Queen], the [Rooks], the [Bishops], the [Knights], and the [Pawns].

The system for the servant Devils that the current Devils uses, the [Evil Piece].

Previously, Buchou and others told me that long time ago, many Devils died against the War with God and the Fallen Angels, and this system was created to increase the forces of the Devils with having only small numbers of underlings in order to keep the balance against the other factions.

Each piece has its own traits that boost up the ability of a servant Devil.

Of course, by having Buchou as our leader who is also our master, we also have certain roles.

Akeno-san is a [Queen], Kiba is a [Knight], Koneko-chan is a [Rook], Asia is a [Bishop] and I am a [Pawn]!

At first glance, [Pawn] seems weak, but depending on the way you use it, it can even take down a [King]! That’s what Buchou told me! I have to believe that since I am aiming to become the “Strongest Pawn”.

Going back to the topic, since Asia has high demonic-power, she has no problem transporting through the magic-circle.

Yup, looks like Asia began from a good start. I’m also satisfied with that.

Then Asia will also get along with her client and— .

Then I started to feel uneasy.

……What will happen to Asia who is kind to anyone and who doesn’t know how the world goes around when she gets summoned by someone with lots of greed……?

Case 1

“Oh, what a cute Devil-san! Oh yeah! Please show me your panties! Please also show me your breasts!”

……That’s bad.

Case 2

“Beautiful Devil-chan! Let me grope your oppai as much as I want in exchange for my life!”


Case 3

“I will give you my life, so let me have sex with you till the night ends!”


“Ise, are you crying?”

Buchou looks into my face with a worried look.

“Buchou, no. It’s a no!”

I shake my head to the side while having tears flow from my eyes.

It’s a no. That’s right, no! It’s Asia that we are talking about!? There’s no way Asia is able to decline when some guy she hasn’t met asks her a lecherous order!

Asia who is serious and passionate about her work will try to accomplish it, even sacrificing her own body!

“Buchou! I feel uneasy if Asia goes alone~! If Asia~! I can’t stand it if some weirdo asks some sick wish to Asia!”

Buchou seems a bit troubled after I approached her while crying.

“Ise, a request which is too lecherous for the Devils they summoned doesn’t come to the servant Devils of the Gremory-clan. There are humans who request those kinds of wishes, so there are Devils who take those clients as their profession and requests like that goes to them. The jobs we take are safe, you know? Even Devils have areas that they are professional at.”

“Buchou, you are telling the truth right? That’s the truth, right? But still, I feel super uneasy!”

Buchou sighs after seeing me so worried about it.

“Alright. For a short time, I’ll put you with Asia to support her. Are you satisfied with that?”

“T-Thank you very much! Asia! Let me handle the pervs! Asia, you can just make the contract normally!”


I take Asia’s hand, and make a sigh of relief.

Asia herself looks worried that she is causing trouble for me, but that’s okay. I need to protect Asia. I even made a promise with Buchou, I’m also worried about Asia.

I might be over protective towards her, but I want to look after her until she says, “I can do it by myself!”.

You have to do these kinds of things until they get annoyed with you. I will protect Asia even if it makes her hate me.

“So then, if a request comes, Asia, you will transport through the magic-circle by taking Ise with you.”

“Yes, I understand. Buchou.”

After she confirms it, the big magic-circle on the floor glows.

Akeno-san who is in charge of the magic-circle starts to read the Devil’s letters that appeared in a section of the magic-circle.

“Ara ara, there is a client trying to summon us, who wants to wish something that even Asia-chan can handle.”

Hearing Akeno-san’s report, Buchou smiles.

“That’s very convenient. Asia can supply the demonic-power needed for teleporting through the magic-circle, and she can also support Ise who lacks demonic-power as well. Let’s do it then.”

Hmm, I was the one who is supposed to help her, but it looks like I’m the one needing the help…… That’s okay. I just need to watch over Asia doing her first job!

“Let’s go, Asia!”

“Yes, Ise-san!”

Asia and I went towards the centre of the magic-circle after getting our spirits up.

Part 8[edit]

I returned home late at night with Asia.

Asia finished her first job safely. Unlike my debut, it went smoothly.

“I’m sorry, I will take the bath first then.”

Saying that, Asia heads towards the bathroom. She can’t stop smiling because she has accomplished her first job.

I also went to my room to rest. Ah, both my mind and body is worn, just like every night.

After Asia finished her job, we went back to the club room and reported to Buchou, and finished our job as a Devil for the night. I have concerns for Buchou who had a sad face……

Being concerned about Buchou is good, but it will be my turn to have a bath after Asia is done.

Using the same bath a girl was in…… I know I shouldn’t think about lecherous things, but I’m that age when I have to. So there is a part of me getting excited about it.

No, no! I shake my head very hard and tried to get rid of the ill thoughts.

I need to protect Asia! If I get excited about Asia, then that makes me the worst kind of person!

Perv! What a perv I am! Shit! I wish I have the mind of a hermit just for now!

Yes! To get rid of my ill thoughts I will sit while crossing my legs! I sat on the floor and closed my eyes to calm my spirit.

I’m not lecherous. I’m not a pervert. I’m a being that protects Asia. I’m living with Asia but I can’t think about naughty stuff. Namu namu namu.

Ouch! Then I got a headache! Oh yeah! Why am I praying!? I’m a Devil! I take damage if I pray! I almost terminated myself!

Damn it! What am I doing!? Wait, what am I doing in my own room……?


Then the floor on my room glows. The light is forming into a circular shape, and a familiar symbol appears on it.

—This is the mark of our group!

The Gremory group’s magic-circle. Who is it? I mean, why my room? Is someone trying to teleport to my room!?

The magic-circle makes a big glow that lit up the whole room, and a person appears from it.

It’s the silhouette of a girl. A girl with crimson hair—.


The one that appears from the magic-circle is none other than Rias-buchou. But why is she in my room?

She seems to have the face of those cornered. Her expression is the same as the one she had back in the clubroom.

Buchou approaches me soon as she sees me. Then she says something shocking to me.

“Make love to me.”

…………Excuse me? My mind went blank because of the sudden thing. What did she say just now? Did I go deaf?

Buchou says it again to make sure I heard it since I have a confused look.

“I want you to take my virginity. Immediately.”

Buchou’s Japanese is stimulating as always.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Spartan instructor – A really strict trainer
  2. Oni – A Japanese creature from folklore. It’s a youkai, and has an ogre like appearance. They often have horns growing out from their head.

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