High School DxD:Volume 3

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Novel Illustrations[edit]

I won't forgive Excalibur—.


Part 1[edit]

Hello everyone. It’s Hyoudou Issei.

This is abrupt, but once or twice, all of you also have things that happen when you're in bed, right?

For example, being late because the alarm didn’t go off, or falling off your bed because you moved around while sleeping.

In my case, something that is happening to me right now far exceeds my expectations……


I can hear a seductive voice. Yeah, it's coming from very close to me.

When I look next to me, the one who is sleeping there is the crimson haired Onee-sama, Rias-buchou. My Master, who is a High-class Devil.

She basically forced herself into my home several days ago, and has started living with me. She seems to have come in my bed before I noticed…… And she happens to be naked......

No, I knew about it. Buchou told me herself that she sleeps naked and she even did the same thing to me when I was sleeping on the infirmary bed at school.

Kuuuuu! I can feel a soft sensation from the left side of my body! She's sleeping while using me as her hug-pillow!

Buchou’s smell is stimulating my nose! Why does Buchou smell this good?

I mean, her breast is completely touching my left arm! And my left hand is completely covered by something that is extremely soft! It must be her thigh. My left hand is between her two thighs like a sandwich! A “thigh sandwich”! This is such a wonderful thing!

Thanks to that, I am in a situation where I can’t move. No, I don’t want to move! There's no way I can end this wonderful situation easily like that!

This only happened just a few days after she started living with me! I thought it was going to feel awkward living with Buchou, but if this kind of thing continues then I am all for it! Banzai!

“......Oh, you're awake?”

So Buchou is also awake!

“Y-Yes, I am. When I woke up, it was like this so I didn’t know what to do......”

Well, that’s how I actually feel. I have no idea what I should do. And since my Master has woken up, I'm even less sure of what I'm supposed to do.

“I’m sorry. I felt like sleeping while using you as my hugging pillow. I came in after you went to sleep.”

That kind of thing happens!? I really can’t understand Buchou’s feelings!

Buchou then hugs the left side of my body even stronger. Uoooooooo!

“What should we do? It might be wonderful to stay like this until it’s time to wake up...... Maybe doing something a little bit naughty would be a good way to communicate with my adorable servant.”


Buchou then kisses me on my cheek. W-Why does Buchou adore me this much!? Is it just me or has Buchou started to adore me even more after the incident with Riser? It’s true that I’m getting a nosebleed every day.

“Umm, Buchou......I’m also a guy......s-so if you say things like that......”

“Do you feel like attacking me?”

Buchou replies with a naughty voice. Why is Buchou so good at stimulating me this much!?

“Sure, I’ll do anything that will please you.”


Having her whisper me with her sexy voice, my mind is about to go somewhere else and then—.

KNOCK KNOCK. Someone is knocking at my door.

“Ise-san. It’s almost time for morning training.”

The voice I hear from the other side is Asia’s.

......What timing! I-It was getting to the good part— no, it’s not Asia’s fault!

Every morning, I do hard training. That’s because I’m still a weak Devil.

I still train while Buchou coaches me. Asia supports me by acting like a manager. Thank you very much Buchou, Asia.

“Ise-san? Are you still sleeping?”

“No, I’m awake. W-Wait a bit! I mean, wait for me downstairs!”

That's right. I can’t let Asia see this situation. It's already bad enough since Asia has started to have a rivalry towards Buchou ever since Buchou started living here.

I don’t know why Asia looks at Buchou like that, but Buchou has also accepted the challenge.

Well, they usually talk normally so it doesn’t seem to be a serious fight. Anyway, can the two of you please get along......? I don’t want to see girls fighting.

Without even knowing what was going through my mind, Buchou puts on a devilish smile.

“Asia, wait for us a bit longer. Both Ise and I need to get ready.”


Buchou says that to Asia who's on the other side of the door. Buchouuuu! Why are you making it worse!?

Even if she's on the other side of the door, I can imagine Asia being speechless.

SLAM! My bedroom door is opened violently.

Asia then sees me, with my upper body up, and Buchou.

Asia has teary eyes. She seems really displeased and is making an unpleasant face......

Buchou hugs my left arm after seeing Asia’s face. H-Hey, Buchou!?

“Good morning Asia.”

Buchou smiles. Asia, who's really mad, shakes her body.

Then she puts her hand on her clothes. U-Umm, Asia-san?

“I will also get naked! I don’t want to be left out!”


Seems like today will also start with a stimulating situation.

Part 2[edit]


Breakfast time. Buchou and Asia are sitting beside me.

I’m so blessed to be sitting between two beautiful girls! Well, that’s what I would like to say, but it’s not that I think like that every day. Asia is in a bad mood from the morning even today.

Well, if Asia, who was a former sister, saw that situation then she would think it’s “impure!”. Wait, then that “I will also get naked!” sounds weird.

Then why is she angry? Hmm, for a guy like me, a maiden’s feelings are hard to understand.

Buchou, on the other hand doesn't seem bothered and is eating while having a lively talk with my parents.

“Oh my, so Rias-san can make delicious Japanese food as well.”

“Thank you, Otou-sama. I have already been living in Japan for a while, so I learned quite a bit of cooking.”

Yes, as for this breakfast we are eating now, Buchou made some of it. Like this fried egg which is very delicious that I have been eating a lot of them since earlier. It's seriously good!

“Ise, there’s more, so eat in a calmly manner.”

“Y-Yes, Buchou......”

I didn't find out until Buchou started living with me, but Buchou is good at cooking Japanese food, western food, and Chinese food. She has a wide range of cooking skills and can cook food of the finest quality. I thought she would be bad at these kinds of things because she is a princess, but it's the opposite. She doesn't just live in Japan by herself for nothing, so she can do all sorts of things like cooking, washing and cleaning.

“I don't like it if a person says that I can’t do these things because I am a princess. I want to do what I am capable of doing.”

That’s what she told me before. Splendid indeed! I truly admire you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing Buchou. My Master is dependable even in normal day life!

And Asia who looks at Buchou as her rival started concentrating on learning Japanese culture after she saw the gap between her and Buchou.

But Asia is also amazing. She started to learn Japanese letters in a short time. She already mastered hiragana and katakana and was moving to learn how to read and write kanji now. She probably knows how to read the kanji of grade school level now. It’s mostly because she worked hard but also because she seems to have a talent for studying. She just started school but she has no trouble with mathematics, science or languages. Plus, she said she enjoys studying which may also be the reason why she is a fast learner. There are some subjects where she teaches me instead. I’m supposed to be her guardian, but I look so pathetic.

Asia, who enjoys everything started to have a rivalry towards Buchou when she gets involved. H-Hmm. Asia is amazing even from my point of view because she is a hard worker, but if you compare her with Buchou......

Buchou is several times better in terms of cooking. Asia’s food taste good as well, but her opponent is too......

I then drink some miso soup. Ah, this miso soup that Buchou made is delicious! Tears are coming out of my eyes!

Girls who are good at cooking are so appealing. Especially if that happens to be are beautiful girl who is an Onee-sama, then I have nothing to complain about......


Asia who still has a troubled face grips onto my clothes from under the table. It’s Asia’s habit that she only shows to me.

When she gets in a bad mood, she does this to me without saying a word. Well this behaviour of her is really lovely and cute. Yeah, I guess this is how a little sister would act.

“Oh, I forgot to mention this to you Ise. Today the club members are coming here.”

Buchou tells me.

“Huh? Koneko-chan and the others? Are we doing something in my house?”

“Yes, I’m thinking about having the Occult Research Club meeting here.”

“Huh, at my house?”

“Do you remember what I said before? It’s about time to clean the whole old school building. Apparently they asked the cleaners to clean it.”

Half of that is a lie. The truth is that she uses her familiar to clean the building. She said it like that to explain it to my parents.

So we will be doing the Occult Research Club activity at my house huh.

Buchou bows her head down at my parents.

“I’m very sorry Otou-sama, Oka-sama.”

“That’s all right Rias-san. I heard that you are taking good care of Ise. I’m also happy that Ise has more female friends.”

Dad nods at mum's words.

“She’s right. I like Matsuda-kun and Motohama-kun, but I think it’s also important to have a friend who plays safe. You can’t enjoy youth by staying in your room and talking about naughty stuff.”

“That’s right Otou-san. Matsuda-kun and Motohama-kun are good boys but they have lewd eyes. Well, they are lecherous students, so it’s obvious that they are a bad influence for Ise. And since Asia-san and Rias-san are living here now, I don’t want them to enter this house any more. The girls will get stained.”

They are talking about whatever they want about you guys, Matsuda and Motohama. I can’t back you up because they are saying the truth.

But mum, you know it’s good to have friends whom you can talk freely to? They are just like that, and the reason why I had fun until now is because of them.

“So we will have the activity here today. Please take care of us, Ise.”

I wonder how it will turn out after this.

Part 3[edit]

“And this is a picture of Ise when he was in grade school.”

“Ara ara, so he went into the beach naked.”

“Hey Akeno-san! Hey mum, stop showing her things!”

Having a meeting, huh. The ORC meeting which was supposed to take place in my house was crumbled by the album mum brought.

“......Ise-senpai’s embarrassing past.”

“You also can't look, Koneko-chaaaaaaan!”

It’s the worst! An object which holds my embarrassing past! Uwaaaaaah, I want to die!

I think I remember mum saying this before.

“One day when you bring lots of girls to our home, I want to show them your album.”

She thought that it would end in a dream because I’m unpopular with girls. But life turned around and it changed into this situation...... Man, her dream came true when I didn’t want it to!

“......Small Ise.”

Buchou, I’ll be embarrassed if you stare at a picture of me when I was a child like that......

Umm, Onee-sama? Why are your cheeks red?

“......Ise when he was a child, Ise when he was a child, Ise when he was a child, Ise when he was a child......”

Is she muttering something?

But she seems satisfied. Buchou, is the picture of me when I was a child your taste? Is Buchou a shota-con?[2] I never heard her being as such......

“I think I know how Buchou-san feels!”

Asia grabs Buchou’s hand. Her eyes are sparkling.

“So you also know how I feel. I’m so happy.”

Hey, hey. Both of them went to another world......

Even Kiba is looking at the album with a smile! Shit, why do I feel so bothered if a guy is looking at it!?

“O-Oi, Kiba! Don’t look!”

I try to take the album from Kiba's hand, but he dodges it smoothly.

“Hahaha, don’t worry about it. Let me enjoy your album a bit more.”

Unnnngh! Don’t enjoy iiiiiit!

I try to take it back again so I jump at him! But he dodges it again as if it was nothing!

Shit! I witness the skill difference between us in a place like this!

Just like how Asia sees Buchou as her rival, I also look at Kiba as my rival. Just like how Buchou is a big obstacle to Asia, Kiba is also a big obstacle to me.

But I will definitely surpass him one day!

When I was making my new devotion, Kiba stares at a particular page. Rather than enjoying it, he seems to have surprised eyes. I got close to him and also look at the page he is staring at. There is a picture of me when I was in kindergarten.

There is a photo of me and another boy of my age with someone who seems to be his father. I remember this boy. He’s the boy who used to live close by when I was in kindergarten. We played “hero-play” a lot together. He went to another country before moving up to first grade because of his parents' work. I haven’t seen him since then.

But why did Kiba take an interest in this photo? Don’t tell me this boy is Kiba......

Kiba points at the boy's father on the photo. To be more accurate he is pointing at the thing the boy’s father is carrying.

A sword—.

I think it's a fake sword, but the boy's father is carrying an old European sword.

“Do you remember this?”

Kiba asks me seriously. Hey, the tone of your voice is different.

“Hmm, no, since I was really small back then......”

“Things like this happen, huh. To find it in an unexpected place......”

Kiba laughs by himself. But his eyes are filled with so much hatred that it made me shiver.

This photo is the start of a particular incident—.

“This is a Holy Sword.”

Life.1 Heat Up Occult Research Club![edit]

Part 1[edit]


The dull clanging of metal reverberated through the azure sky.

“All right. I've got this one.”

I promptly caught the soaring baseball with my gloved hand.

“Nice catch, Ise.”

Buchou smiled and gave me a thumbs up. We, the Occult Research Club, were practising baseball on the backyard of the old school building where no grass was growing. Nope, this isn’t a Devil's job.

“Next week is Kuou Academy’s 'Ball Tournament'. It’s a battle between clubs that we can’t lose.”

So said Buchou with a firm voice. Yeah, one of the school’s biggest events, the “Ball tournament”, was closing in. Overall, it is an event where we play ball-related sports, such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and tennis. These matches include contests between classes, genders and obviously, there are also some between clubs. Whether or not you belong to a sports club, it's club mandatory; naturally, that includes the Occult Research Club. What the clubs actually play is announced on the day of the event, we don't know what it will be. When club member numbers differ, the set up is for fair play, at least number wise. According to the Student Council announcement, some sports may require more players, so we need to make sure we have the reserves. And in conclusion, we were practising sports likely to arise. Today happens to be baseball. As it was evening, the sky was beginning to darken. Typically, we spend our time chatting away in the club room. Recently, we began to change into our PE uniforms and practice sports. Well, while I don’t hate moving around for fun, for someone like me who trains in the morning, my stamina is drained the entire day. Training in the morning, lectures at school, practising sports and Devil's jobs at night... To tell you the truth, it wouldn't be surprising if I died... Being a Devil is the only reason for my prolonged survival.

“Batting practice is fine now. If it’s baseball, then Koneko will be the fourth batter.”


Well it is natural for the superhuman girl, Koneko-chan, to be the fourth batter. No need to complain about that. Even if we voted on it, Koneko-chan would win.

“Now! We'll practice a “knock"[3]! Now everyone! Put your gloves on and spread out!”

Buchou was in high spirits. She was so energetic and lively that she was basically on fire.

“Ufufufu. Buchou likes these kinds of things.”

Said Akeno-san while giggling.

“I think I understand. My “Onee-sama” hates to lose.”

“Yep, that’s it. Of course, there’s no way that we can lose unless we make mistakes.”

I consented. As Devils who are fundamentally stronger than humans, on the sports day we will have to hold back. Naturally, we wouldn’t have a hard match. On the flip side, we had to learn the rules and features of baseball. Which is the reason why Buchou is making us practice.

“Even if your brain knows, your body has to as well.”

Said Buchou. Quite an amazingly strong spirit. That’s our Buchou, theory and practicality. Regardless of our superior physiques, is necessary because we don't know what might happen.

“Here, Asia! Here I go!”


Buchou hit the ball towards Asia.

“Haaan! Aaau-aaau-aaau... Aah!”

The ball went through Asia’s legs. Needless to say, Asia's sports sense is below exceptional. At times, she'll even trip over nothing.

“Asia! If you fail to catch it, go fetch it!”


Since the Riser incident, Buchou started to show a lot of concern about matches. She seemed to really regret that loss to Riser. However, it is obvious that we were disadvantaged. But the fact that we lost damaged Buchou's pride... She did say she really wanted to win... If only I weren't useless...

“Next is Yuuto! Here!”


Buchou hit the ball to Kiba. This should be a piece of cake for Kiba, he's the fastest runner in our group. He can do pretty much anything. -Is what I thought...



Kiba stood there like an idiot and got hit. Hey hey hey!

“Kiba! Get a hold of yourself!”

I yelled at Kiba. He then looked at me with a puzzled expression!

“...Aah, sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

Kiba picked up the ball and threw it back to Buchou. Buchou caught the ball with a sigh.

“Yuuto, what’s wrong? You've been acting rather strange lately. It’s not like you.”

“I’m sorry.”

Kiba sincerely apologised. Buchou was right. This guy has been thinking about something serious lately. Even during discussions in the Occult Research Club, he would look somewhere else and not participate. I even heard that it became a hot topic in his classroom, “A prince in his thoughts.” The girls were worried and excited over his expression. Die, handsome person! -Is what I usually think... but even I thought that he was acting strange lately. This guy was always smiling so this was rather unexpected... If my intuition is right, he started acting strange after we had that club "activity" in my house. Was it the photo? In the Riser match, his voice harboured some hatred while he spoke to the enemy “Knight”. Apparently, Kiba is like this because of “Holy swords”. But that's that; for now we have to work hard for the “Ball Tournament”.


Oh, Buchou picked up a baseball manual. Buchou tends to read when things come up. Quite a book worm she is. At home she reads some complicated texts.

“Ara ara. By the way, Ise-kun, did you know?”

Asked Akeno-san.

“Know what?”

“Recently, Buchou started a manual on love.”

“...A love manual!?”

I-I’m quite shocked... For Buchou to be reading a book about love... Does this mean she found someone that she likes...? My Buchou... getting touched by another man... Noooooo! I don’t want to think about it! Seeing me grabbing my head in shock, Akeno-san began to laugh.

“Ufufufu. Ise-kun, you don’t have to worry about it. It'll be all right. It's impossible for Buchou to have a lover while you're around.”

“A-Are you sure? I'll believe in you. Ahhh, if Buchou were ever to get a boyfriend I would die...”

“If Buchou were in your shoes, she'd be deeply shocked. Ufufufu, it’s her first time. You'll be in trouble, Ise-kun.”


While I didn’t understand what Akeno was trying to say, it's not a problem as long as Buchou didn't fall for another man.

“Okay, continuing!”

Buchou swung her bat once, and the training recommenced.

Part 2[edit]

Lunch time, the next day.

The “Ball tournament” was approaching. Today we would most likely train hard as well. We were informed to go to the club room after lunch. Apparently, this would be our last meeting. Buchou sure is serious.

“Club-room today as well?” Asked Matsuda while eating his curry-bread.

“Yeah, training for the tournament.”

“Hah... Occult research club practising to play ball. But... everyone in your club is sporty, right?”


We're Devils after all. Compared to humans, we're strong.

“Ise. You should be careful. There're bad rumours about you.” Motohama said suddenly while fixing his glasses.

“Wh...what are you talking about?”

“The wild beast Ise, playing around with beautiful girls. He's got a hold on Rias-senpai and Himejima-senpai. He's forcing them to do evil, sexual acts against their will. "Fufufu. The dignified Ojou-sama is making such a slutty face for me! You pig!". Then you abuse them with words and violence.”

“Heeeeeeeey!! What the fuck is thaaaaat!?”

I shouted over these insane rumours. Of course! The hell's with that!?

“There’s more. The beast finally set his filthy fangs on the school’s mascot, Koneko-chan, who has a loli body. Then he instigated intense sexual intercourse that could easily break her body. He feasted on an underdeveloped body. "Senpai... please stop...". But her words were futile to the beast. His lust for sex then reached the Angel who had just transferred to our school; he attacked Asia-chan on the first day. "I'll teach you about Japanese culture with my special after school lesson". He made the Angel fall down to the abyss at dawn... You took her into your house. The never ending hell took place in your small room. The brute Ise's hunt for beautiful girls never ends. ...Well something like that.”

“...Are you serious? So everyone is seeing me like that?”

I made a sweeping look around the class. It may be a mistake but it felt as if there were people looking as if I were a lusting animal... Uuu! It’s just my imagination! I’m just imagining it! Damn it! Who the hell is spreading rumours about me!?

“Well, we spread those rumours.”


Motohama and Matsuda confessed without remorse. It sounds like a lie, right? These guys are my friends!


I hit them without a word! Of course! These fucking shit-heads!

“It hurts, you brute!”

“Yeah. Don’t take it out on us, you beast!”

“Don’t fuck around! Spreading rumours about me?! You guys! Do you really want to die, seriously!?”

“Hm... We'll go crazy with jealousy if we don't do things like this.”

“Hahaha! More like our heads are already fucked over!”

“Regret a little! What are you guys trying to do to my school life!?”

“By the way, there’s also a rumour about you and Kiba being a gay couple.”

“The beast's lust for sex finally reached the school prince! We spread that as well.”

“It’s really popular among some girls.”

“Kyaaa! Who’s bending down and who’s sticking it in?”

“Die! Seriously die!”

They are the worst friends possible! Shit! If I didn't known them for so long, I would have beaten the crap out of them already! Seriously these guys! Hah...

As enjoyable as lunch time with my friends is, I have to go to the club room. I left after putting my empty lunch box in my bag. Where's Asia? Oh, she’s having her lunch with another girl in the corner. I’m glad that she’s fitting in. She did tell me that she made a friend.

“Sorry Matsuda and Motohama, I'll leave now for the club room.”

“Oh, you're working hard. That’s good for you.”

“Were you that into sports?”

“Can’t help it. Buchou’s order. And since I'm training I'll definitely win this.”

“Energetic. Until recently you only became hyped up over porn and stuff.”

“You really did change. Did you eat something bad? Does your life change when you see real tits?”

“Well, no matter how many times you see real tits, it’s always amazing.”



Hmph! Hate me all you want. While you guys are talking crap about me, I'll get to see Buchou’s tits! But... did I really change? Really? Well... I did turn into a Devil.

“Hey Asia. Finished lunch?”

“Asia, your boyfriend is calling.”

The glasses wearing girl sitting near Asia, Kiryuu Aika, said so with a perverted face.


Flustered. I've never seen her like this before. Well, any girl would get flustered if someone calls her close guy friend her “boyfriend”.

“Eh? I’m wrong? But the two of you are always together, so I thought you two were going out.”


Asia’s face began to turn crimson. If you say something like that in a classroom, everyone will look at you... And I’ll get embarrassed!

“Hmmm. Is that so? You guys look like a couple. You 're always together and get along well, kinda like a combination. You guys are also living together with your parents' permission, right? A young boy and a girl living under one roof. That'll be... Mufufufu. By the way, I was the one who told her about 'bathing together'! So?! Did you enjoy it?!”

“It was you! What do you mean 'combination'!? Don’t say things as if we were robots that can combine! It's rude! Well... I do want to do these things, but I can’t do something like that to Asia!”

That’s right! I'm the one who has to protect Asia! So I can’t do something like that!

“Hmm. That’s weird. Asia li... Mugah!”

Asia covered Kiryuu’s mouth with both hands.

“Aaaah! Please stop, Kiryuu-san!”

Asia...? I'd never seen her face so red before... Her eyes were watery as well. Does Kiryuu hold some secret that Asia doesn’t want me to know? Hmmmm... it’s probably girls’ talk so it’s hard for me to intrude.

“Anyway, Asia. We were told to go to the club room so let’s go.”


Asia had yet to calm down. Well, discussing things like this is too stimulating for her when you consider where she was raised. Even I would feel embarrassed if I were told that she were my girlfriend... But, if Asia were my girlfriend, then I would live a happy life. However, right now, I have stronger feelings of protection for Asia. I couldn’t consider my life without Asia any more. Asia’s smile became a part of it. Musing about my happy life, we neared the club room.

Part 3[edit]

When we entered the room, the other members were already there…….and there were also those who didn’t belong to the club here as well.

! I got shocked when I saw the person sitting on the sofa besides the club members.

“Student Council President......”

Yes, the person sitting on the sofa is our school, Kuou Academy’s Student Council-President-sama. The Student Council President is a beautiful and slender female student, and has a cold and strict atmosphere around her. She is so beautiful that she doesn’t look Japanese, but her name is Shitori Souna-senpai. She is my senior who is in third year. At school she is the third most popular. Of course the most popular is Rias-buchou, followed by Akeno-san. She has a scary atmosphere that won’t let anyone come near her. It’s also because she has the eyes of a strict person, but she is also quite the beauty. She’s more popular amongst female students than male students, and she may be more popular than Rias-buchou and Akeno-san with girls. If I looked carefully, there was one other male student besides Kaichou[4] who is from the student council.

“Oh so you didn’t mention us to Hyoudou, Rias-senpai? It’s also weird not to notice us, when we are Devils as well.”

Isn’t this the guy who joined the student council recently as a secretary of the council? Kaichou then said it quietly to the secretary guy,

“Saji, it can’t be helped because we are not supposed to contact each other at normal times. Also it hasn’t been that long since he became a Devil. Hyoudou-kun is responding like he is supposed to.”

…..Wh…..what!? By the way she just explained, then that means that the people of the student council are also……? So there were other Devils besides me and the members of the occult research club!? Akeno-san explained to me who got really shocked,

“The Kaichou, Shitori Souna-sama’s real name is Sona Sitri. She’s a High-class Devil who is the next heir of the house of Sitri.”

H-High-class Devil!? And the house of Sitri!? I’m not actually sure about it, but I know that it’s an important house just like Buchou’s and the house of Phoenix! Wha……. I became speechless. I became really shocked to find out that there was another High-class Devil in this school! Akeno-san then further explained to me.

“The house of Sitri is one of the 72 pillars that survived the Great War just like the house of Gremory and the house of Phoenix. This school is actually controlled by the house of Gremory, but at day time, it is the student council……in other words the house of Sitri is in control. The time of being in charge is split between day-time and night-time.”

Is that so…….. Then the members of the student council are…… The secretary guy spoke,

“You guys are getting peaceful school life because Kaichou and us, the Devil servants of Sitri, are working at daytime. It won’t be bad for you to remember that, you know? By the way, my name is Saji Genshirou. I’m in second year, and I am Kaichou’s “Pawn”.”

“Oooh, the same year as me and also the same “Pawn” as me!”

What an unexpected meeting! I was a bit happy. For there to be another [Pawn] besides me and also in the same year as me! The secretary guy, Saji, made an opposite reaction to me and made a sigh.

“Actually you damaged my pride very badly. For you, one of the three pervs, to be the same “Pawn” as me…….”

“W-What did you say!?”

This bastard! I was thinking of getting along with him!

“Oh? You wanna go at it? Even if I look like this, I’m a “Pawn” that consumed 4 pieces of “Pawns”. Even if I just turned into a Devil, I won’t lose against someone like Hyoudou.”

Saji made a provoking comment against me, but Kaichou glared at him sharply.

“Saji, stop that.”

“Bu-But Kaichou!”

“The reason we came here is to introduce our new servants amongst fellow High-class Devils where we both have this school as our base. In other words it is a meeting to introduce you and Rias’s servants, Hyoudou-kun and Asia-san. If you are my servant, then don’t make a shame out of me. Besides…..”

Kaichou then looked at me.

“Saji, you can’t win against Hyoudou-kun right now. He is the one who defeated the third son of the house of Phoenix. Consuming 8 “Pawn” pieces was not just for show.”

“8 pieces!? Wait, this is the guy who defeated the Phoenix!? For this guy to beat that Riser….. I thought that it was Kiba or Himejima-senpai who rescued Rias-senpai……”

What, what? What are they on about? Also can you stop looking at me with those weird eyes. I’m not an animal in the zoo that is doing something weird. Then Kaichou bowed her head down.

“I am sorry Hyoudo Issei-kun, Asia Argento-san. My servant hasn’t experienced as much battles as you two, so he still has some rude attitude in him. If it’s okay, can you please get along with him?”

Kaichou said it to us while smiling. I think you call this a cold smile. I didn’t feel anything bad from the smile, so she must be a person who can only smile like this.


“Eh? Ye…yes! Please get along with me……..”

Saji also bowed his head down at me reluctantly. He seemed like he wasn’t satisfied with it.

“Yes. Let’s get along.”

Asia replied back with a big smile. Asia sure is a good child.

“If it’s Asia-san, then I am very happy!”

Saji grabbed Asia’s hand and made an attitude opposite to the one he gave me. Thi….this bastard! I took Saji’s hands off Asia’s, and shook his hand while gripping it hard.

“Hahaha! Saji-kun! Please look after me as well! Also I’ll seriously fucking kill you if you lay a finger on Asia. Okay, Saji-kun!?”

I said it with a fake smile. Then he also smiled and held my hand stronger.

“Yes! Yes! Let’s get along Hyoudou-kun! To have the blond bishoujo for just yourself. You really are a Brute-kun! Man, I wish there was a divine punishment which falls on you! I wish you die when a lightning falls on you while you are on your way home!”

We made negative comments against each other. It must have looked weird. But I couldn’t forgive this guy! He was different than Kiba but I couldn’t stand guys like him! Actually, I seriously wanted to hit him! I seriously won’t let him walk alive if he touches Asia!

“You must have a hard time.”

“You too.”

Buchou and Kaichou both made a sigh while looking at us.

“Chi. Members of the student council are stronger than the members of your club.”

Saji said it while letting go of my hand. So the members of the student council belong to Kaichou’s household and are Kaichou’s servants. Kaichou took a sip of green tea and said it with a small voice,

“I love this school. I also think that the work of the student council is worth the effort. That’s why I will not forgive those that ruin the peaceful life of this school. Whether they are human or Devils. That applies to you, the people in here, and also Rias.”

I understood immediately that those words were directed to us the new Devils which are me, Asia and Saji. In other words she will not forgive anyone that ruins the school life. So this person loves this school, Kuou Academy, that much. No wonder she is the kaichou.

“I think this is enough for introducing our rookies. Then we will pardon ourselves now. There’s also a document which I want to finish during lunch time.”

Kaichou got up and tried to leave.

“Kaichou. No Souna Sitri-san……..sama. I will be in your care from now.”

“Y-Yes! Please take care of us!”

I bowed my head towards Kaichou and greeted her, and Asia did the same. It’s a greeting as a newbie Devil. She is a High-class Devil and also Buchou’s acquaintance. Even if her servant is “that”, I think it’s an obvious thing to do as a new Devil of the Gremory household.

“Yes, let’s get along.”

Kaichou replied and smiled at us.

“Rias, I will be looking forward to the “Ball Tournament”.”

Kaichou said to Buchou with a smile, before she left the room.

“Yes, me as well.”

Buchou smiled back at her. Oh. I understood immediately that these two are really close. Then she could have helped us in the quarrel between the old houses from the previous incident. But then I thought that it’s not that simple to put your head inside the problems between High-class Devils. Or did she believe that Buchou would be able to clear the problem herself? Kaichou left the room after saying that.

“Ise, Asia. Get along with Saji-kun. You will also meet the other members of the student council who are Devils, but don’t fight with them. Since we are all spending our school life at the same school. Okay?”

Buchou said to us while smiling.


If Buchou says that, then I will listen to her without complaining! I won’t fight even though that guy is a jerk! But for there to be Devils besides us at this school….. Seems like there are more secrets within this school……

Part 4[edit]


The sound of the start of the ball tournament echoed in the sky. From today’s weather broadcast, it’s going to rain in the evening. Please don’t rain until the tournament finishes.

[Tsukmoto-kun of the “Manga research club”, Hashioka-sensei is calling you. Can you please come to the teacher’s room immediately.]

The PA which is placed throughout the school ground was making announcements endlessly. All of us members got changed into our PE uniform and gathered at one place and were resting up till the start of the match. But the club matches were at the end. First of all, there were the class matches. I think my class is going to compete in baseball. Me and Asia also have to participate. The practice we did after school wasn’t in vain. After that there was a match amongst genders. Then after lunch there was a match between clubs. I did some light exercises as a warm up. Asia was stretching with the help of Akeno-san. Koneko-chan was sitting on the plastic mattress on the ground reading the rule book for ball games. Kiba……was still thinking about something. He had been staring at the sky. Buchou went to check the category sports for the club matches……. Oh she came back. Buchou, who just came back, was smiling fearlessly.

“Fufufu, we have won this match already.”

“Buchou, so what is the sports we are playing then?”


I only had a bad feeling about this.

Part 5[edit]

“Buchouuuuuu!! You can do it!”

I was cheering for Buchou from the tennis court fence. Sob……Buchou in a tennis uniform! The thigh you could see from the mini-skirt was wonderful! Buchou was representing the girls of her class, and was competing against other senior girls.


Buchou was playing around with her opponent with her smooth move, but the opponent was quite good as well!

“Kaichou-samaaaaa! Kyaaaa!”

The girls were shouting with a shrill voice. Yes, Buchou’s opponent was none other than the student president, Shitori Souna-senpai.

“Ufufufu. It’s wonderful that we can see a match between High-class Devils in a place like this.”

Akeno-san was also enjoying watching it beside me. It was just like she said. I never expected that there would be a match between the High-class Devils here. And both of them weren’t holding back. They were seriously hitting the ball with their racket.

“Here I come, Sona!”

“Yes, you may, Rias!”

Both of them were exchanging words like that, and they were both really into this match. It looked like a situation in a sports-comedy manga! Even I was getting fired up just looking at them!

“Kaichouuuuu! Please winnnnnnn!”

Ah, Saji was also cheering in the fence opposite of me. He was even swinging a flag which had a writing “Student Council” on it. Wow, he’s also fired up!

“Take this! Shitori-style spin-ball!”

The ball Kaichou had just hit went rushing towards Buchou.

“You are too naïve! Take this Gremory-style counter!”

Buchou tried to hit it back with her racket, but the ball changed it’s direction and went down! Uoooooo! Is it a magic ball!?


“Noooooo, it’s Kaichou’s point!”

“You are doing well Souna. To be expected from my rival.”

“Ufufu. Rias, you haven’t forgotten the promise where the loser has to pay for the udon with all the toppings at Kobashiya, have you?”

“Yes, I haven’t. It will be my shame if you taste that before me. That’s why I will definitely win! Did you know that I have 108 styles of magic ball?”

“I will accept that challenge. I will hit back all the balls that come into my “Shitori-Zone”.”

I don’t know why but both of their eyes were burning….. But princesses, why is the thing you two are betting so……common? Well maybe that’s the good thing about Buchou and Kaichou. Maybe they started to have sense as human because they lived in the humans' world for so long. After all the final match between Buchou and Kaichou lasted so long, that both of their rackets broke and they both got first places. Well, of course, a normal racket would break if they do an intense rally like that. Then the tournament moved to the club matches……

Part 6[edit]


I became shocked after seeing what Asia was wearing. It was not the school’s PE uniform shorts but a bloomer! Before the start of the club matches, Asia suddenly disappeared, and when I thought she came back she was wearing a bloomer. Oooo……her white legs……her thighs…..! Man! She has nice legs like always! Asia was wriggling while making her face red.

“………Ummm……I heard from Kiryuu-san. That the proper uniform for dodge ball is bloomer…… An…and also that Ise-san will be happy if I wore this……”

Ki….Kiryuuuuuuuu! That damn bitch! Why on earth did she teach my cute Asia-chan this wonderful…no I mean shameless thing! Shit! Kiryuu's, also known as “Master-mind”, actions are shaking my heart!

“You don’t like it?”

Asia asked me with a shy voice while looking up at me. !........ I felt something burst inside me.

“No, no. It’s great, Asia. Thank you very much. Thank you very much!”

I took Asia’s hand and thanked her a lot. But Asia herself didn’t know what was going on.

“Raise your spirit up, you two.”

Buchou was still energetic even after that intense tennis. Well, I was also fired up!

“Osu! I’m getting fired up with Asia’s bloomers! Since I’m doing it, I’m not going to lose!”

“Good reply, Ise! I will give you a reward if you work hard!’

………! Wh…..what!! Are you serious, Buchou!? I felt some unknown power flowing within me!

“Uooooooo! Oppai!”

I definitely can’t lose! Buchou’s breasts are mine!



I screamed. Of course, because Asia stepped on my foot.

“Ise-san how about you hand “that” out to everyone?”

Asia said it with a displeased voice. When I looked she had an unpleasant face. She was in a bad mood. Sob……lately Asia-chan had learned how to use violence against me. She must be at a rebellious age. Just like Asia said, there was something I had that I wanted to give to everyone. Fufufu, I made it last night.

“Everyone! Let’s put this as a team!”

What I got out was a headband, which had an embroidery “Occult Research Club” imprinted on it. It was handmade by me.

“Ara, you are well prepared.”

The first one to take it from me was Buchou.

“Yes, Ise is more skillful than I thought. It’s well made.”

“Hehehe. I was secretly practising.”

Yes I was using my spare time to practice making it. I’m not good with home economics, but I believed that I would get good at it if I practiced little by little every day. Thanks to it I gained a skill for it. Well, it’s not good if you compare it to one made by a person skilful at it, but it still should look good.

“……It’s unexpectedly good.”

Thank you Koneko-chan!

“Ara-ara. Certainly the other clubs are wearing an item to symbolise the team. Like uniforms and caps.”

“That’s right Akeno-san! That’s why I also made it!”

Everyone took them from my hand and put them on their forehead. It made me happy. It was worth the effort making them at night. Then I gave it to Kiba who was still acting weird.

“Here Kiba.”

“……Ye…yeah. Thanks.”

“……Let’s concentrate on winning now.”

“……Win, huh. Yeah…… Winning is important.”

Hm? He sounded as if he meant something. He seemed like he lost at something.

[Members of the occult research club and the baseball club. Please gather at the ground.]

The announcement which called for us! Our battle was about to start!

Part 7[edit]

“Aim for him! Aim for Hyoudou!”

“Uoooooo! Screw you guys!”

I was shouting at the same time crying while I was dodging incredibly fast balls. The match between clubs that started! The sports we had to do was dodge ball and our first opponent was the baseball club. These guys couldn’t hit anyone besides me from their viewpoints!

Buchou. One of the “Two Great Onee-samas”. The really popular school idol. Can’t aim for her.

Akeno-san. One of the “Two Great Onee-samas”. School idol. Can’t aim for her.

Asia. The Angel and the number 1 beautiful girl of the second year. And also a Blondie! Can’t aim for her.

Koneko-chan. A loli-loli girl who is our school mascot. You feel bad if you hit her.

Kiba. Enemy of every male students in our school, but the girls will hate you if you hit him. Can’t aim for him.

Me, Ise. Everyone thought “I don’t understand why that guy belongs to the occult research club”. It’s not a problem if you hit him. No, you have to hit him instead. Damn it. Die. Aim every ball at him! Head shot! Die, die you wild beast!

I felt like I could hear their thoughts! The ultimate way to eliminate me! And everyone's evil intents concentrate at me! From every student of this school!

“Kill Iseeeeee!!”

“Asia-chaaaaaaaaan! Bloomer’s are the best! Iseeeeeee, die!!”

“Please! Take Hyoudou down! For Rias-oneesama’s sake! For Akeno-oneesama’s sake!”

“You have to bring Asia-san back to the good side!”

“Die! Right! No, throw at head on!”

“Kill him!! Die!! There should be only one loli-con, and that is me!”

“You wouldn’t have gotten killed if you didn’t come out!”

Even the crowds were telling me to die! Fuck all of you! All of their eyes were sending an intent to kill directed at me! Damn it! Why did this happen! My bad feeling turned into reality!

“All of the balls are concentrated towards Ise! In terms of strategy, this would be “sacrifice”! Ise, this is a chance!”

“Buchouuuu!! I will do my best! Shit! I’m not doing this for fun!”

If Buchou was counting on me, then I had to work hard even if that meant using my body as a shield! A ball aimed at me was blocked by Koneko-chan, who then used the ball to take down the opponent in one shot! Yes! At this rate we could get 1st place! The only thing left to do was for me to dodge the ball and run! When I was thinking like that, one big built baseball boy came and aimed for Kiba!

“Shit! I don’ care whether I get hated! You damn handsome!!”

Ooou! That guy had so much hatred towards handsome guys that he aimed for Kiba instead of me! Get hit! Well that’s what I thought……

“What are you doing gazing around for!?”

I went towards Kiba while shouting because he was still in his own world. I stood in front of him to protect him.

“…Ah. Ise-kun?”

Ah Ise-kun? My ass! What the heck are you doing!? And the ball came towards me! Can’t be helped! I will use my body to stop the ball! When I was thinking like that, the ball changed it’s direction. The ball came down like a fork-ball and came in to my crotch…



A direct hit…… My balls…got crushed by…a ball…… Guhaa… I went down holding my crotch because of the insane pain it gave me…… You can’t explain how painful it is………the pain only that guys know…… The club members came rushing at me. Buchou held me up.


“I have the ball! You did well Ise! Now, it’s time to hunt down the prey who took down my cute Ise!”

O…Onee-sama… You have really scary eyes… But……seriously my balls…… I can’t even breath…… Auaa auuuuu…………

“Ara ara. Buchou. You are wrong. It seems like a different ball is in a serious condition.”

Th…that’s right Akeno-san…… Buchou seemed to realise the situation and became speechless.

“…! How can this be! Asia, please come over here. I will be in trouble if it gets useless because of a thing like this!”

“Y…yes. Did Ise-san get hurt……?”

“Yes, apparently his important part. Can you heal him behind the building?”

“Important part? I don’t really understand but I got it!”

“Koneko. Can you take Ise to a place where there’s no one around?”


…Looks like they were discussing about something while I was fainting in agony.

“B-Buchou…… I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of much use......”

“It’s alright, Ise. You did well. Leave the rest to us.”

Buchou patted gently at my cheek with her hand.


Someone grabbed me by my collar.


I was getting dragged. Of course the one dragging me was Koneko-chan.

“Ise-san! Please keep a hold of yourself!”

Asia was cheering me while following me.

“This is a battle of revenge for Ise!”

I could hear Buchou’s energetic and mad voice from far away. She sounded as if I had died… Aaah, if Buchou gets serious, then it should be all right even without Koneko-chan… Like this, I retired for the first match temporarily and was dragged behind the gym.

Part 8[edit]

I was taken behind the gym where there were 0 sights of other people…… My crotch still hurt……

“Ise-san, I will start healing. Please show me the place you injured yourself.”

……! I can’t do something like that……

“N…no, I can’t……”

“What are you saying!? If you don’t show me where you hurt yourself then I can’t heal you!”

She seemed really motivated but I couldn’t… We are talking about balls, you know? My balls. If I did that then my “stick” will also fall out as well…… There’s no way Asia could handle this…

“……Asia……I beg you…… Please don’t trouble me any more……”

“N…no! I was just trying to help……”

Aaah. She was making a really sad face…

“Asia, don’t cry… Can you just use your powers around my hips…? I think it will heal that way…”

Asia has a Sacred Gear “Twilight Healing” that can even heal Devils. It’s also the lifeline of our group. It has a splendid healing ability and can heal most injuries immediately. I was sure it could also heal “this” damage but I just couldn’t show it to her…… There was a warm light coming out of her hands. At the same time I could feel the pain disappearing from there. Amazing…… What a warm light…… Aaaah, the pain was disappearing as if it was just a dream… So Asia’s Sacred Gear also works significantly for damages on balls…

“……A situation I can’t describe by words.”

Koneko-chan made a sigh. That’s rare.

“Ise-san. Please rest for a bit.”

I was lying down and Asia approached me and lifted my head… Then I felt a really soft sensation from my head!? This sensation was the feeling of thighs! Am I getting a “lap pillow”!? Are you serious!?

“Ise-san, you looked really happy when Buchou was doing this to you…… Maybe I might not be good enough……”

That’s not true! It’s a bloomer, you know? A lap pillow, you know? It’s a dream to get a lap pillow while a girl is wearing a bloomer!

“Sob… Thank you. Thank you.”

I thanked her a lot while shedding tears.

“Ufufufu. Ise-san is thanking a lot today.”

[The Occult research club wins!]

The good news which the announcement just made also reached my ears.

Part 9[edit]


It was raining hard outside. We were lucky that it rained after the tournament.


There was also a bitter sound which echoed along with the sound of rain. Buchou just slapped someone. Not me. It was Kiba.

“How is it? Did you wake up?”

Buchou was quite angry. For the ball tournament, we, the occult research club, got 1st place. Me, Asia and Koneko-chan went back and obtained 1st place as a whole team…… But there was one person who didn’t cooperate. I’m talking about Kiba. He did contribute a couple of times but he was doing nothing most of the time. Buchou got angry at him a couple of times during the match but he didn't seem to care. I would have gotten pissed if Buchou didn’t. Even if he got his cheek slapped, Kiba still didn’t make any expression nor talked. What is this guy…… Is he really Kiba? Because of the sudden change he looked like a totally different person. He was a good looking guy who always had a refreshing face. Then he suddenly made the usual smiley face.

“Are you done now? The ball tournament has finished as well. We won’t be practicing anymore so can I take a rest until it’s night time? I’m a bit tired so I will take a break from the usual club activity. I’m sorry for my behaviour this noon. Seems like I didn’t feel well today.”

“Kiba, you are really weird lately?”

“It’s none of your concern.”

I asked him but Kiba replied coldly with a smiley face.

“Even I’m getting worried about you.”

“Worried? Who worries about who? I think it’s normal for Devils to live by how they want. Well, I think I’m at fault for not listening to my master this time.”

Hmmm, maybe I should tell him a bit. But why am I supposed to do this? It’s usually the other way around. I say something insane, and Kiba calms me down.

“It’s troublesome a situation like this when we are trying to form a proper group. That’s how we felt after we went through that bitter experience in the previous match, remember. Don’t we have to cover for each other’s weak points from now on? We are comrades.”


Kiba then made a gloomy face.

“Yes, comrades.”

“You are always burning…… Ise-kun, lately I started to remember the basic things.”


“Yeah, that’s right. The reason why I am fighting.”

“Isn’t it for Buchou?”

That’s what I thought. That’s what I believed in hard. Just by my own thinking. But he rejected it immediately.

“No. I’m living so I can seek my revenge. Holy-sword Excalibur. Destroying that is the reason why I am living.”

Kiba had a face with a strong determination. That time, I thought that I had seen his real face.

Revenge Knight[edit]

I'm walking without using an umbrella under the heavy rain.

I think it's a good rain that can cool my head off.

——I had a fight with Buchou.

I rebelled for the first time against my master who saved my life. It was a failure as “Kiba Yuuto”.

However, I had never once forgotten my revenge towards the holy-sword Excalibur. I was just getting senile with the lifestyle at school.

I had made comrades, obtained a lifestyle, and received a name. I also received a purpose in life from my master, Rias Gremory.

Asking for more happiness is a bad thing. It's certainly bad.

Until I achieve my purpose, I have never thought that I can continue to live on behalf of my “comrades”——.


I heard a sound of water that is different from the sound of rain.

There is a priest in front of me. By hanging a cross around their neck, they speak of the holiness in the name of God that I so despise.

They are one of the things I hate. The target of my hatred. I even think that I don’t mind killing him if he is an exorcist.


The priest has a blood patch on his stomach and when he coughs out some blood, he falls down.

Was he attacked by someone? Who? ——An enemy?


Sensing an abnormal presence, I created a demonic-sword instantly. ——It's a killing intent!


There is a reflection of a metal under the rain, then there's a spark.

When I move my body towards the place where the killing intent is coming from, there is someone wielding a long sword who comes to attack me.

This person is wearing same clothes as the priest that just died front of me. —A priest. Except, this one is giving off a powerful killing intent clearly.

“Yahooo. It’s been a while.”

I know the boy priest who is giving a disgusting smile.

A white-haired crazy priest, Freed Sellzen. He’s the one we fought in the previous incident involving the Fallen-Angels.

......He is showing the same disgusting smile that is ticking me off like before.

“......Looks like you are still in this town. What is your business today? I’m sorry, but I’m in a really bad mood today.”

I said that with an angry tone, but he simply laughs it off.

“Well that’s good timing. Wonderful! In my case I’m so happy that I’m going to shed some tears because of my reunion with you!”

So he still has his cocky way of talking. Seriously, he really does get on my nerves. I already hate him for being a priest.

When I try to make a demonic-sword in my left hand, the long sword he is wielding starts to emit a holy aura.

—! That light! That aura! That glow!

——How can I forget!

“I was getting bored of priest hunting, so this really is a good timing. Very Good. Nice timing indeed. My Excalibur and your demonic sword, can you let me check which one is stronger? Hyahahahaha! I will repay you by killing you!”

Yes, the sword he has is the Holy-sword Excalibur itself.

Life.2 The Holy-sword has Arrived[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Holy-sword Project?”

Buchou nodded at my words.

“Yes. Yuuto is a survivor of that project.”

Asia, Buchou and I returned to my house after we finished our club activities. Buchou and Asia came into my room, and Buchou had started to tell us about Kiba.

“There was a project several years ago inside the Christian Church that aimed to make those who can wield the holy-sword Excalibur.”

“…This is my first time hearing this.”

Asia didn’t know about this project. Well a secret project like this won’t reach the ears of the girl who was praised as the holy-maiden.

“Holy-swords are the ultimate weapons against devils. If we, the devils, touch the holy sword then we will burn ourselves. If we get cut by it, then we will be terminated without a trace. It could be called the ultimate weapon for those who believe in God and see devils as an enemy.”

Holy-sword… It’s those things that also come up in games and light novels, right? I’m a devil so it would be the most dangerous weapon for me as well.

“Even though there are numerous holy-swords originating from all over the world, I still think the most famous one would be Excalibur. Even in Japan, it comes up in many books. It’s a holy weapon that is created through means of magic and alchemy by those who reach the territory of God. But holy-swords choose their wielders. I hear that only one person in a decade or so gets chosen.”

“Kiba is a Sacred Gear possessor that can create demonic-swords, right? So isn’t there a Sacred Gear that can create holy-swords instead?”

It was my question. I made a simple conclusion that a Sacred Gear that can create holy-swords exists because a Sacred Gear that creates demonic-sword does.

“It’s not like there aren’t. But if you compare it to the holy-swords that already exist, it is kind of lacking. Of course I’m not saying it’s weak. Among them there is a sacred utensil included in the “Longinus”, just like your “Boosted Gear”. The most famous is the Sacred Gear that was wielded by the person who killed Jesus Christ, the “True Longinus”. It’s also said that the name “Longinus” was derived from it.”

Longinus. It is a Sacred Gear that has the power to kill God. Like the one I possess in my left arm. So, there is a sacred utensil that is a Sacred Gear and is also a “Longinus”. But to hear that the spear that killed Jesus-san was also a “Longinus”……… I was discovering the mystery behind the history from out of nowhere. Talking to a high-class devil can be really shocking.

“Except, at this point there isn’t a Holy Sacred Gear that can compete with Excalibur, Durandal or Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi because these holy-swords are too powerful. It’s the same with the demonic-swords.”

Hmmmm. So much stuff that I had no clue about. I'll probably have to remember these things, but lately there is so much stuff that I have to remember, it's hard to keep up……

“Yuuto received artificial treatment to adapt to the holy-sword, particularly the Excalibur.”

“So Kiba is able to use the holy-swords?”

Buchou shook her head at my question.

“Yuuto couldn’t adapt to the holy-swords. Not only Yuuto, but it seems like everyone who received a treatment similar to Yuuto's couldn’t either……”

Even Kiba who is an expert at using swords and can handle all those demonic-swords couldn’t use the holy-swords.

“The people of the Church decided to view the ones who couldn’t adapt to the holy-swords as “defective products” and disposed of them.”

Dispose… Sounds like an unpleasant word. I can imagine what it means. Buchou’s eyes changed because she also felt discomfort.

“Most of the people experimented on were killed including Yuuto. Only because they couldn’t adapt to the holy-swords……”

“……It can’t be. It’s not an acceptable act by those who serve God.”

It seems like this was a big shock for Asia. Her eyes were covered with tears. It is normal to cry when something you believe in continues to betray you.

“They, the people of the Church, call us devils an evil existence, but I think the bad intentions of humans are the greatest evil in this world.”

Buchou said it with sad eyes. Buchou is a devil. But she is very kind. Buchou told me that she has similar feelings as humans because she stayed in the human’s world for too long but I believe that’s not the case. I think that Buchou was a kind woman right from the start. Otherwise you can't explain her kind smile. There are also kind people among the devils! And that is my pride of being a devil.

“When I reincarnated Yuuto into a devil, that boy was swearing for his revenge even when he was in a critical situation. Because his talents were being used for holy-swords since he was born, I wanted him to use his talents as a devil. Yuuto’s talent at using swords would be a waste for only using it for holy-swords.”

Buchou wanted to save Kiba by turning him into a devil because he had a miserable life due to the holy-swords. She wanted to tell him not to get so fixated on holy-swords and use his powers as a devil. But Kiba…

“That boy couldn’t forget about it. The holy-swords. Those who were involved with the holy-swords. And the people of the Church……”

The reason why he detests priests. The reason why he is obsessed with the information regarding holy-swords. He still couldn’t forget about them. No, they played around with his life and killed him afterwards, it's not weird for him to hold a grudge. When I was killed by that fallen angel, I also held a grudge against her. And it happened to him when he was little so his hatred against them must be enormous. Buchou made a big sigh.

“Anyway I will just watch over him for now. Right now his head is full of the feelings he has towards the holy-swords. But I hope he returns to his usual self.”

“Ah, about that. I think this photo was what caused him to act like this.”

I handed the photo to Buchou. Kiba said the sword in this photo is a holy-sword. I think it is somehow related… Buchou’s eyes changed as soon as she saw the photo.

“Ise. Is there someone you know who is related to the Church?”

“No. There’s none among my relatives.”

That’s what my parents told me. I asked them just in case.

“Except when I was really small, it seems there was a child who was a Christian living in the neighbourhood.”

“So, there is one near you… No, there was a holy-sword in this area about 10 years ago. It’s so terrifying.”

“Then is that sword really a holy-sword?”

“Yes, it’s one of the holy-swords. It’s not as powerful as the legendary holy-sword I mentioned before, but it’s the real thing. Then it must mean that this man is the holy-sword wielder…… Now I get it. I heard that my predecessor who was in charge of this area vanished, but it would make sense if this was the reason. But if I remember……”

Oh. Buchou started talking to herself. Seems like she found out something. But Buchou thought for a while and……

“Let’s go to sleep. Even if we think about it, it’s not like Yuuto’s behaviour will go back to normal.”

After saying that, Buchou started to strip her clothes!

“Bu-Buchou! Why are you taking your clothes off here!?”

“Why? You also know that I can’t sleep without being naked, Ise.”

“No, no, no! Not that! I mean, why are you taking them off in my room!?”

I was eagerly looking at Buchou’s body while I was panicking. Ngggggggg! No matter how many times I look at them, she has an amazing body! Her boobs bounced after she took her bra off!

“That’s because I’m going to sleep with you.”

Buchou answered me as if it was the obvious answer!


My nose started to drip lots of blood.

Ooooooooh! For a girl to say that she wants to sleep with me!

“Then I’m sleeping here as well! I’m also going to sleep with Ise-san!”

Hey, hey, hey, hey! I’m happy to hear that but you can’t! Asia can’t do that! She shouldn’t be copying Buchou!

“Buchou! You are being a bad influence on Asia! Please put your clothes on!”

Buchou frowned her eyebrows at my words.

“Bad influence? That’s a harsh thing to say, Ise. You know that I sleep naked, right? You slept with me a number of times.”

This time it was Asia who responded to Buchou’s words.

"....Slept together a number of times.......? No.....Ise-san and Buchou-san.......?"

Asia started to shake and get teary eyes because it was a big shock for her. Ho....hold on! What kind of situation is this!?

"Asia, hand over Ise for tonight."

"I don't want to...... I think I have the right to be spoiled by Ise-san as well. I also want to sleep with Ise-san!"

Asia! You wanted to sleep with me that much!? I feel a bit complicated but also really happy! Even though she has teary eyes, she seems determined. I can tell from what she's said that she won't back down! Waaaaah! A fight is about to start in my room! Let's not fight! Both of them glared at each other and there were sparks between them..... I'm trying to breathe in this awkward situation. It's really hard to breathe here! It truly is!

"Then let's make Ise decide."

Buchou then looked at me. Her eyes were telling me "Choose me". I can feel a force coming from her eyes!

"Ise-san. You will sleep with me, right?"

Asia asked me with sobbing eyes. I felt like surrendering to her because she wasn't acting. The person whom I won't pick will hold a grudge against me. I held my head down because this was the hardest choice I've ever faced.

Part 2[edit]


I took a breath after I drank a cup of water in the kitchen.

........After that I calmed the situation down by choosing to "sleep with both of them". Of course making Buchou wear her night gown just for today. At that rate, Asia would also have copied her....... It seems like Asia will become erotic because of Buchou's influence..... Well, that would make me feel happy but at the same time would leave me with complicated feelings. I need to protect Asia. The girl you are trying to protect becoming erotic.......it might be a good thing!

But it might be a bad thing as well...... Nggggh. It's something that my small brain can't handle. On the bed, Buchou and Asia were sleeping while I slept between them. It's a situation I dreamed of! This is a wonderful thing! I'm sleeping while being surrounded by two girls, you know? It would be the ultimate situation for guys! And if I think of laying my hand on Buchou who sleeps on the left side of me, it seems like Asia would get mad at me. If I lay my hand on Asia who sleeps on the right side, then the good will inside me will tell myself not to.

It's killing me! Damn it! They are right in front of me but I can't lay my hands on them! I held my head down with my arms while shedding tears of regrets. Of course I couldn’t go to sleep because I was getting too excited since there were two bishoujo sleeping next to me! I stopped my urge to grope breasts and thighs, and came downstairs when I saw a chance. I was sure the two of them were sleeping peacefully.

Shit! I want to have sex with them! Isn’t this the time in my life where I am popular with girls!? Shouldn’t I use this as a chance to experience a lot of things!? Maybe do something erotic with the three of us! Is it even possible!? In a harem having threesomes is normal! I heard it’s the basic stuff! Then this means I am not fit to make my own harem? If I had a talent for making a harem, then by now I would have made Buchou and Asia feel pleasured and have them in my grasp! Holy shit! I understood another painful reality! I can’t even do anything when I’m sleeping with two girls! I mean, it seems that I can lay my hand on Buchou but I can’t! And I can’t make Asia impure! Is it because I’m too inexperienced that I think like that!? Is it because I’m a virgin!? Absurd! In the simulation I made in my head it goes like this……

“Fufufu. So which girl should I pleasure today?”

“Ise-sama! Please pick me! I beg you!”

“What are you talking about!? I’m a slut that can’t live without master’s penis! So please pick me!”

“Don’t get in my way! Onii-sama! I can’t endure it anymore! I beg you! Please come inside me!”

“Hahaha! Hey hey give me a break. I only have one body you know? So make a row! So choose the order nicely. Hahaha, what troublesome kittens you are.”

In my head it was perfect……… But reality is harsh. There was a tear falling down my cheek. After all it was just a hallucination that I made in my head. Aaaah, when am I going to have my first sex? I think it’s about a good time for having sex once with a girl. Huh? Never? Impossible…… Because I have already seen boobs many times…… And the next step after that is hard. Sob………why did it turn out like this……?

[Hey partner. Sorry to bother you.]

……I never expected that you would have started a conversation with me. The being residing in my left arm, the Sacred Gear “Boosted Gear”, the Welsh Dragon Ddraig. He suddenly talked to me soon after the Rating Game against the house of Phoenix. And he rented me the power, Balance Breaker, which is the ultimate power of Sacred Gears. Thanks to that I defeated Riser Phoenix and succeeded in destroying Buchou’s engagement. But that time my left arm turned into that of a dragon, which is the price for using that power. Now my arm is back to normal because of Buchou and Akeno-san’s help but if I don’t receive the treatment to weaken my dragon power then my arm will revert back to a dragon’s arm.

You didn’t even appear since then and didn't even talk back to me when I was calling you!

[Don’t say that. I won’t run away this time. Let’s talk a bit.]

I sat down on the sofa in the living room.

“Hmph. Coming out of nowhere.”

[Nah, Don’t say that.]

Did the dragon power inside me become full? Is that the reason why this guy is talking to me… Tomorrow is the day Akeno-san is going to scatter my powers. Gufufu, I can’t wait for tomorrow. That is so erotic…… I can’t stop myself from drooling.

[Seems like your head is full of things like that as always.]

Ddraig said it while making a sigh.

“Shut up! I’m at that age! ………And what did you want to talk about?”

[I don’t mind talking about the opposite sex.]

“……You were listening?”

[Well I am always with you, so I can hear it whether I want to or not.]

Is that so? So you can hear everything. And it’s even worse because it seems like he can hear my thoughts as well.

[The Gremory and their servants are beings with extra-ordinary affection among the devils. Your master and friends are the same as well. Especially the love Rias Gremory has towards you is deep… Seems like she adores you a lot.]

“…Yeah. I don’t know why but she adores me a lot.”

I answered him while blushing. That’s right. I am being especially taken care of by Buchou. I think she started to adore me even more after I beat Riser. Even in front of the other club members, the other servant devils, she hugs me…… I even get kissed on the cheek sometimes… I’m happy but also embarrassed so I don’t know what to do.

[Kukuku. You are probably at the age where you should experience that stuff. You should experience that kind of stuff as soon as you can. You won’t know when the “white guy” will appear in front of you.]

“…Hey. I wanted to ask you before but what is that “white guy” you always talk about?”

[…The white dragon, Vanishing Dragon.]

…Va-Vanishing……Dragon? Is it related to Ddraig, the Welsh Dragon? If I remember Ddraig is called “Seki-ryu-tei” [1 1]. Then the white dragon is… Ddraig talked to me while I was thinking about it.

[You know that the three sides of God and Angels, fallen-angels and devils were having a big war a long time ago, right?]


[That time other powers gave their support to certain sides. Fairies, spirits, European monsters, Asian Youkai and humans. But the dragons were the only beings that didn’t side with any of them.]

“Why was that?”

[Hmmm I wonder. I don’t know the actual reason. But dragons are beings that are made from a mass of powers and they all act freely and selfishly. There were dragons that turned into devils or those that sided with God. But the majority of them didn’t care about the war and lived freely.]

Wow, dragon’s are such troublesome creatures. They live how they want to.

[But during the Great War between the three powers, there were two stupid dragons that started a fight. And those two were in the highest class of dragons and they had a power that rivalled that of God and the Satans[1 2]. They started to fight each other while taking down the guys of the three powers. For the three powers, there wasn’t anything more troublesome than these two dragons. The three powers were having a serious war to take control of this World, and the two dragons were disturbing the battlefield without any care.]

Those two are the worst! They are just super troublesome dragons!

“Why were the two fighting that much?”

[No idea. It's like they weren't interested in anything at all. The two dragons probably can’t remember the reason why they started to fight. And for the first time, the leaders of the three powers joined hands. “We have to get rid of those two dragons, or else it’s not a matter of war any more!” Like that.]

……The groups who are enemies forming an alliance. And the reason for that is a fight between dragons. It seems complicated.

[The two dragons that got their fight interrupted became mad. [Don’t get in the way of our fight!], [A mere God and Satan shouldn’t be interrupting a duel between dragons!] - they responded like idiots. They went head on and tried to eat God, Satan, and the leaders of the fallen-angels. Well, that was a mistake, I guess.]

They seriously are the ultimate and worst dragons. But I get it now. So those two dragons are……

[In the end the two dragons got cut into pieces and their spirits were sealed within human bodies as Sacred Gears. The two dragons that were sealed within humans used them as vessels, they encountered each other and fought each other countless times. Every time one of them won and one of them died. Sometimes one of them was already dead before the other one came and so they didn’t fight, but most of the times they did. If the vessel, human, dies then the dragons stop functioning for a certain time. Their spirits float around in this world until the humans with dragon powers are born. That cycle has repeated countless times for many long years.]

“And those two dragons are you and the vanishing dragon, huh.”

[Yeah that’s right. This time it was you who became my host. And you even became a devil. In all the long years I have been like this, this is a first time. That’s why I am looking forward to it. I wonder what’s going to happen this time?]

Hey hey, you possessed me without my permission, so don’t go around looking forward to what’s going to happen to my life. But, it might be a good idea to convey my dream to him. I cleared my throat, and roared with my strongest voice:

“Listen up Ddraig! I want to get promoted to a high-class devil and become a Harem-king! My dream is to form an army of bishoujo by making lots of girls my personal servant devils!”

Ddraig became speechless for a moment and started laughing.

[Hahaha! It’s also my first time having a host like you as well. Most of the hosts in the past either got too proud of our powers or too terrified of our powers, with none of them living a decent life.]

“Huh? Am I abnormal? Am I weird?”

[You are weird but not abnormal. Either way you are a being that is possessed by a dragon. In whatever age and country, Dragons represent power. You know how, even though they come in many different forms and shapes, there are pictures and carvings of dragons in many different countries? Throughout the ages humans admired dragons, respected dragons, and feared dragons. Unwittingly, dragons fascinate those around them. Or those with power gather around the dragons. If there are people who come to you with admiration or to challenge you, then it’s most likely the power of the dragon.]

“…It sounds like an inconvenient power. So am I going to be targeted by a lot of guys?”

[To fight strong foes that are attracted to power. That’s the path of those who possess the dragon-emperor. But you don’t have to be pessimistic. Women would come to you as well.]

“Are you serious!?”

[Yeah, I’m serious. All of my hosts were surrounded by the opposite sex. I think you call them popular, right? They didn’t have to worry about the opposite sex at all.”

“Then there are some people who had…se-sse-sex with a girl!?”

[There was a guy who slept with a different woman every night.]

Wh-Whaaaaat!? My previous senpai’s were doing that kind of stuff!? That’s so wonderful! Beautiful! U-Uhyouuuuuuuuuu! I screamed out of joy within myself! This is amazing! Seriously amazing!

“Uooooooo…… Are you serious…… You…… No, you sir are an amazing Sacred Gear like that!?”

I bowed my head down and spoke to him with respect. I mean I didn’t know that this Sacred Gear was an amazing item like that. That information became a light of hope to me.

[……You are suddenly looking at me with respect and are talking to me with respect…… It’s certainly my first time having a host like you who changes his attitude like that.]

“What are you talking about Ddraig-sensei! I’m not in a position to say rude things to you! Aaaah sensei, I will be under your care from now on!”

[……You seriously are a man who is hard to understand. But certainly it’s going to get interesting. Well let us both not get killed by Vanishing Dragon then.]

“Oh yeah. By the way is the “Vanishing Dragon” strong?”

[He’s strong. To begin with, we had powers that could even dominate God and Satan. It’s just that we had a curse put on us when we got turned into Sacred Gears. We are in a tight situation to release our full powers. Even so, if you get used to it, high-class devils and high ranked angels are nothing against us.]

I get it now. So if I and the guy who possess the “Vanishing Dragon” master how to use our Sacred Gears then we can become that powerful. But to tell the truth I’m not interested in defeating God or Satan. But it might be awesome to become a Satan and gather girls. I have antagonism against fallen-angels but I don’t want to encounter their leaders…… But would I end up meeting the “Vanishing Dragon” whether I want to or not? Who is the possessor? It’s obvious that it’s someone that I don’t know. But I hope it is a girl. I’m going to live my life to the fullest without getting dragged into the destiny of dragons! I will also improve myself so I don’t lose to the “Vanishing Dragon”!

“Either way my current aim is Buchou’s oppai[1 3]. With Buchou’s oppai, I’m going to….”

[You are going to grope it?]

“No, I’m going to suck it!”


I said it to him clearly. I don’t know why but the emperor of dragons became silent. Did he lose his words? I continued on without caring about it.

“The sensation of Buchou’s oppai…… I can still feel it within my hands. If I get another chance I want to grope it for a whole day! Even Buchou might give it to me as a “treat” for her servant. But that’s not enough! Guys have to aim higher! Guys who become satisfied with groping oppai are second rate lechers! That’s why I’m going to suck her oppai!”

[……I …is that so? Well, do your best.]

Ddraig sounded shocked by my words. But I’m serious, emperor of dragons.

“Ddraig, I will be borrowing your powers!”

[……Supporting to suck a woman’s tits huh…… Seems like I went down hard. But that may also be fun. Having a partner like this sometimes might be good.]

He seemed like he agreed to it even though he made a sigh. He seems to see me at weird times.

“Ou! Let’s work together partner!”

[Yeah, you are right partner.]

Like this me and the emperor of dragons made a promise for our new objective at midnight.

Part 3[edit]

To scatter the powers of a dragon.

That is to nullify it by getting the power taken away by high level devils. There are a couple of methods to do this, but the easiest and the most certain one is to take it out directly from that person. The way I am getting it done is……well, it’s certainly stimulating for a lecherous student like me. The only high level devils who can do that to me are Buchou and Akeno-san. Both of them take turns at taking out my dragon powers. Today is the day I get my dragon powers taken out, and I am currently in a room on the second floor of the old school building, which is used by Akeno-san. It used to be a classroom, but now there is a tatami (Japanese flooring) on the floor, and it looks like a traditional Japanese room. There are symbols around the room that look like certain casting spells and there are also casting items in the room. I was waiting in the middle of the room with my upper body naked. There’s also a magic circle below the place I was sitting. I heard that this was a necessary thing for rituals. There’s also a meaning for why I didn’t have anything on my upper body, this is required for the ritual. The door opened and someone entered the room. The person who appeared was Akeno-san with a white cloth on. She had her usual ponytail untied as well. I always think about it every time I do this ritual, but Akeno-san with her hair down looks fascinating and attractive! She smiled at me once, and then she quietly sat in front of me very sacredly.

“The preparations are done. Now, we shall begin.”

Um-Ummmm Akeno-san……? The white cloth that is covering Akeno-san’s body is soaked with water……! Her long black hair is also sticking to the cloth and it looks sexy! I can see her skin! If I can see it like this a certain “thing” of mine is going to change…! I mean I can see it! I can see it through the cloth! The pink coloured thing! I can see her nipples! Wait, she doesn’t have her bra on!?

“Ara ara. Did something happen? You suddenly became quiet…… Is something wrong with what I am wearing? The reason why it is soaked is because I put water onto myself for the ritual. Is it weird?”

Akeno-san started to pat herself on her chest on purpose. It’s affecting my crotch……

“No, no! You look really great in it!”

I couldn’t help myself staring at Akeno-san’s chest. It’s just that her see-through clothes are too stimulating for me…… Huh? Is it just me or isn’t she wearing anything down there as well…? I then looked around her hips……… I became speechless. She isn’t wearing anything……I think. She doesn’t seem to be shy about it and isn’t even trying to hide it! It’s more like she is enjoying my reaction!

“Let’s start. Ise-kun. Please give me your left-arm.”

“Y-Yes! I will be in your care!”

The way to scatter the power of a dragon. That is……

“To suck the dragon’s energy directly from Ise-kun's finger, pulling accumulated energy out of your left arm. If I do this, your arm would temporary revert back to its original state.”

Yes. By getting it directly sucked through my body, the ritual is complete. In my case, my problem is solved by Buchou and Akeno-san sucking the dragon’s power through my finger.


Making an obscene water sound, Akeno-san put my index finger into her mouth.

High school dxd v3 091.jpg

……! ………Ku, it’s a sensation I can’t describe with words. I thought about it many times but it feels so amazing inside a girl's mouth! It feels slippery but warm, and the lips feel so soft… Furthermore, my finger is sucked with “Chu-chu” sounds…… This sucking dangerously stimulates me! It feels really amazing! Aaaah! Everything is getting pink coloured inside my head! Amazing! This is too amazing! An act that surpasses any “act” in porno videos is happening to me!


While sucking my finger, Akeno-san was making obscene sounds on purpose. It's as if she was enjoying my reaction! As for me, I could only tremble slightly, with my face completely red, letting my body enjoy the pleasure of being sucked. Aaaah, I’m definitely going to save this memory in my head for eternity. Wait! If I think about it I will be receiving this from now on!? Uoooooooooooooo! This is the best, indeed! I couldn’t have gotten this if my arm didn’t change into that of a dragon! Ddraig! Right now I am experiencing the best moment in my life! It was an erotic situation like that but I could feel the wave of power within my left arm gathering at my finger tip and disappearing. And the weight I felt in my left hand was disappearing as well. My left arm was getting relaxed. It felt like the presence of Ddraig was fading. Then was I right about the fact that if my dragon’s power becomes dense then Ddraig’s conscious also becomes dense? When I was thinking about that……



I accidentally slipped my voice. That’s because Akeno-san suddenly licked my finger! She started to swirl around my finger with the tip of her tongue! Wai-Wait Akeno-san! When I looked, Akeno-san had a naughty face and it looked like the sadist personality of hers got turned on. My finger that came out of her mouth had a thread of Akeno-san’s saliva. Uheee! It’s too erotic!

“Ara ara. If you make a cute reaction like that, then I feel like giving you more service.”


“Yes. I also don’t think it’s a bad thing to adore my kouhai(junior).”

Akeno-san started to suck my finger again and put her body closer towards me. Eeeeeeeeh!? A…Akeno-san!? Wait a second! What’s going on!? By ignoring my confused reaction, she put a smile on and hugged me! I can smell the nice smell of her silky black hair! No, I can smell a fragrance from Akeno-san’s body that insanely shakes my manhood! Since I had nothing on my upper body and Akeno-san was wearing a really thin cloth, I could feel her body directly! It felt cold because her cloth was wet, but I could feel the warmth from her body temperature! And her body temperature felt so erotic that my head was about to go crazy! A…Akeno-san’s body is so soft!! I can feel the sensation of her oppai just through the cloth!


There was blood coming out of my nose! Of course! Even I have a dozen of liters of blood coming out, it still won’t stop! Akeno-san whispered into my ears while I was stiff like a rock.

“Even I act like this, I have a great liking towards you, Ise-kun.”


“Yes. First I thought of you as a cute junior. But it’s different lately. In the fight against the Phoenix last time. I saw you standing up no matter how many times you were beaten down from the infirmary room.”

Aaaah, if I remember correctly Akeno-san retired during the match and she was sent to the infirmary room.

“And you came to the engagement party to save Buchou. You even defeated Phoenix who is said to be immortal. Even I will be aroused if I see a man fighting wonderfully like that.”


Akeno-san looked directly at me and chuckled.

“Ufu. Sometimes I think about you and the area around my breast gets hot. And I can’t help it. But when I try to make you enjoy something like this, the instinct of a bully inside me rises…… Is this love?”

Is this love!? Huh, and I am being bullied!? There’s sexual bullying like this!? The world is big indeed!

“But if I lay my hands on you, Rias might get mad. That person……truly sees you… Ufufu, you are a sinful man, Ise-kun.”

…Sin? Me? I will receive any kind of punishment so please let me continue this situation! Huh? Did Akeno-san call Buchou “Rias”? Do they call each other by their names when they are alone? Akeno-san and Buchou seems to know each other longer than the rest of the club members.

Then Akeno-san put her arms around my neck! And she purposely exposed her body! I could see the peach coloured nipple on her right boob! I could see it clearly! She was even exposing most of her legs!

“Do you want to have an affair with me?”


Affair against whom!? But the word affair really turns me on!

“Ufufufu. I will keep quiet about what’s going to happen now from Buchou and Asia-chan. Exciting, isn’t it? A secret between us.”


My nosebleed didn’t seem to stop; it continued to flow out of my nose.

“I also want to experience at least once. To get devoured by a younger boy with lust. I also have masochism within me as well. I think it’s about a good time for having a man inside me now for once.”

Pl-Pplease stop…… To say those finishing blows continuously at me…… Huh. “About a good time”……? Does that mean…

“Akeno-san, are you perhaps…?”

“Yes, I’m a virgin. Ufufu. Ise-kun would be more experienced so I would be happy if you lead me.”

“N-No. I also……don’t have any experience.”

Akeno-san made a shocked expression at my confession.

“Eh? That’s a big surprise. I thought that you and Buchou had already……”

“No, no! We haven’t! I don’t even know if it’s all right, if I am her first mate!”

“Ara ara. Is Buchou taking it slow? Then have you done it with Asia-chan?”

“That would be even more impossible!”

I can’t lay my hands on those two. And if we are talking about Asia it’s a different story. Asia is a person that I have to protect and laying my hands on her is something unforgivable…… That’s what I decided in my own mind.

“If it’s Ise-kun, I thought that Buchou would have given you a “big treat” every night…… This is certainly surprising.”

Uuuu……what is that “big treat” you are talking about!? Is it something that relieves all male students sexual desires!?

“Ise-kun. Don’t you want to do it with either of them?”

“I do want to do it! I really do! I’m keeping down my urge to push her down on my bed! But I can’t go past the last step and I always end up crying every night! I also want to have sex with Buchou and Asia!”

Aaaaah, I ended up telling her my true feelings! But they are my honest thoughts. It can’t be helped if a boy my age has lots of sexual urges when he has to live with two bishoujo!

“Poor you……Ara ara. Then both of you are slow at these things…… I’m sure you could do it if you were willing to do it…… Then it seems like I can’t take your purity without her permission.”

……Crap. I was about to be taken? Did I say something unnecessary? Was I able to graduate from being a virgin? Wait! Hold on! Did I make a stupid mistake?

Suddenly the door opened. When I looked in that direction… Buchou was there staring with angry eyes.

“Akeno. What’s the meaning of this?”

Buchou approached us with an unpleasant voice…… Oh crap……She’s angry……

“Ufufu. I was just scattering the power of the dragon.”

Akeno-san answered unconcernedly. She had her smile on.

“……Is that so? But no matter how you look at it………weren't you trying to do something beyond that?”

“Ara ara. I wasn’t thinking of doing it.”

“Even if you weren’t, there is a limit. Even I haven’t……”

“Isn’t that because you are taking it slow? It might be good reading a book about it, but it won’t go as smoothly as in the manual.”



They weren’t glaring at each other but Buchou and Akeno-san were looking at each other in the eyes. Somehow I could feel the intensity. U..uuummm. I don’t know how to describe this situation. I put my shirt on quickly and tried not to get close to them. Then Buchou glared at me and pinched my cheek. Ouch!

“Ise. It seems like you were having fun. Did you get close to the Akeno-oneesama that you admire so much?”

“Wo-Wwon. I……”

I couldn’t speak properly because I had my cheeks pinched. But making up an excuse didn’t seem manly so I stopped saying anything. Even I was getting into the flow; I was looking forward to it.

“Then do whatever you want!”

Buchou made an angry face and left the room.


Even the way she closed the door was violent. Sob… I was yelled at by Buchou. Why? Is it because I was about to do something naughty with Akeno-san? Akeno-san whispered to me when I was confused.

“Jealousy? She sure is cute. Ufufufu. Ise-kun. It seems like you are making progress in your relationship.”

What do you mean? Hmmmmm. I don’t understand what she means by progress. Did she think that I would be taken by Akeno-san? I’m Buchou’s servant so there is no way that I will be Akeno-san’s servant…… But I thought that Buchou looked cute when she made an angry face like Asia.

Part 4[edit]

Asia and I were on our way home after we finished school and club activities. Usually Buchou would be with us, but today she wasn’t. It seems like the incident with Akeno-san was the cause.

“Buchou aren’t you going home?”

“I will be going home afterwards. Go home without me.”

I asked her at the club room, but not only did she not look at my eyes, she didn’t even face me. There were thorns in her words. Sob……does Buchou hate me now? I’m sad… Do dogs who are scolded by their masters feel like this as well? It’s so lonely and………so sad……

“Isn’t Buchou-san going home with us? “

“Hm? Yeah…… It seems like I made Buchou angry……”

“…Did you do something?”

Asia asked me with a worried face, but I couldn’t tell her about the incident with Akeno-san here. It would get even more complicated.

“No, but it’s my fault. I will apologise to her afterwards. Asia, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“……I understand. But it might be my fault. Lately I have been talking back to Buchou-san……”

Asia said it with an apologetic voice. Asia does look at Buchou as a rival but I don’t think that’s the case. The cause is definitely the thing with me and Akeno-san……

“It’s okay. I don’t think she is mad at you, Asia. It’s my fault.”

Well I am lewd. But I thought that Buchou was okay with me being lewd. She didn’t even say anything when I said that I was aiming to become a Harem-king.

Weird. Buchou is a bit weird lately. Or is it that she has the desire to keep her servants only to herself? Is it the same as people who gets disturbed when their pets are tamed by another person? Even if I am adored by Buchou, I still am just a servant to her. Sob…If I am getting troubled by just one girl like this, then my dream of becoming a Harem-king is far away! Shit! Is the reason why I wasn’t popular with girls related!? A maiden’s heart! It’s so complicated! If I don’t understand this, then I will never win against the good looking guys! I was thinking like this till we reached my house. When I tried to open the front door, I felt something bad.


What is this? It felt like there was a signal within my body forewarning me of danger. I had felt a similar feeling like this before. If I remember, it was the time when I met Asia for the first time and took her to the Church. When I saw the Church, my body trembled.


Asia grabbed my hand with her shaking hands. It seems like Asia also felt something unpleasant. Then this is the feeling that can only be felt by devils. There is someone inside my house. No, it can’t be…… Mum! I imagined my mum in danger in my head and opened the door quickly. I took my shoes off and headed straight off to the kitchen! It must be a joke! Mum! No, it can’t be! Is the fact that I am a devil revealed? By whom? Fallen-angels? God? Angels? People related to the Church? Any of those are dangerous! They would cut down and kill any of those related to us without mercy! In my head, I started to remember the dead body that was killed by that shit priest Freed. The corpse that was cut many times by him. My mother is going to turn out like that!? Shit! Don’t fuck around! That kind of thing……! That will not happen!

Mum wasn’t in the kitchen. But I heard laughter from the living room. I went there quickly and saw two unfamiliar girls and mum who was laughing.

“And this is a picture of Ise when he was in primary school. Look. This is the picture when his togs got ripped at the swimming pool. It was very troublesome. He went to the pool’s slide with his togs ripped.”


Mum looked at me when she realised I was there.

“Oh Ise. Welcome back. What happened? You look pale.”

“Hauuuuu. I’m so glad.”

Asia sat down on the ground as if she was relieved. After I found out my mum was safe I took a deep breath and calmed down. But I couldn’t get rid of my uneasiness. Of course. Because there were two unfamiliar women. They were both young foreigners with a Rosario hanging around their chest. Both of them looked about my age. One had chestnut coloured hair and the other one had blue hair with a green mesh and scary eyes. Both of them were quite beautiful. But by the way they behaved even I could tell they were no ordinary people. Both of them were wearing a white robe. Are they related to the Church? An exorcist? That’s bad? I can’t fight in a place like this.

“Hello, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

The woman with chestnut hair smiled at me. Next to her was the girl with green mesh and there was a weapon covered in cloth next to her. That’s it. I can feel foreboding danger from that weapon. I can feel something very unpleasant from it with my skin. It’s probably something to destroy us devils.

“Nice to meet you.”

I greeted her with a fake smile. But her eyes changed and she looked puzzled.

“Huh? Don’t you remember? It’s me?”

………Huh? The chestnut haired girl pointed at herself. No, no. I don’t remember you. Mum gave a photo to me because I looked confused. It’s the photo with the holy-sword. Mum pointed at the boy who I was friends with when I was small.

“It’s this child. Shidou Irina-chan. That time she was like a boy, but now she is a proper lady so even I was shocked.”

……Excuse me? This girl……is the boy who lived in the neighbourhood when I was small and the one I often played with? Eeeeeeeeh!? The boy in the picture! It was a girl!? It wasn’t a boy!?

“Long time no see, Ise-kun. Did you mistake me for a boy? It can’t be helped since I was a troublemaker just like the boys. But it seems like we both have changed in the time we didn’t see each other. Really. You can’t tell what can happen in a reunion.”

Her words sounded like she meant something. Yes, she had realised my identity.

Part 5[edit]

“I’m glad that both of you are safe.”

Asia and I were hugged by Buchou.

Irina and the other girl had left my house after talking for 30 minutes. She had come to Japan after a long time. She apparently came here because it's the town she lived in as a child. She said that she went to England because of her parents' work. But no matter how I think about it, her parents are related to the Church. Asia and I tried not to get too involved with them and left the talking to my mum. Especially since Asia didn’t want to get in contact with people related to the Church. I forced her to do something and made her wait in her room. I was prepared to fight if anything were to happen…… But I’m glad nothing happened. After that Buchou returned home. Like us, she came home with a pale face. After she confirmed mine and Asia’s safety, she suddenly hugged us.

“Are you injured? I think they knew about us being devils, but I think they couldn’t lay a hand on us in a normal residence and especially in front of your mum who is a normal human.”

“Both Ise-san and I are safe, Buchou-san.”

Buchou hugged me and Asia even tighter and held us like valuable things.

“Aaah, Ise. I’m glad…… If something were to happen to you and Asia, I…… After the normal club activity I was called in by Souna and was listening to the story about people related to the Church intruding the town. And I also heard that they have a holy-sword with them.”

Buchou came home late because she had a talk with Kaichou. When she got close to my house, she realised the abnormal presence and came rushing here. Buchou confessed that she thought of the worst when she entered the house and felt the presence of a strong holy power. It seemed like her heart was beating fast.

“I thought that the worst might have happened to my cute servants. I prepared for the worst scenario you know……? If I were to bid farewell to you after we had an argument, then I would have regretted it till death. I’m sorry. I should have treated you two with more importance……”

[The Gremory and their servants are beings with extra-ordinary affection among the devils.]

I remembered what Ddraig had told me last night. I think it’s the truth as well. Buchou gave a sigh of relief and shed a tear after confirming our safety. She must have been extremely worried about us. It was after she had a little rumble with Asia and after she had got mad at me. Both of us thought that we made Buchou mad. Buchou seemed like she was worried about it.

“Buchou-san. I’m also sorry for talking back to you. I thought that Buchou-san would take Ise-san away from me…… I thought that I couldn’t win……”

Asia apologised. Buchou smiled and patted Asia’s head.

“It’s okay.”

Buchou then hugged us with love. Aaah, I can feel Buchou’s love. Ma…maybe she would let me do even naughty requests…

“Buchou, oppai.”

“Yes, I know Ise. You really are a spoiled child…”


Asia separated me from Buchou. Nggggh, it was a good chance. Buchou made a sigh and continued talking after the three of us had calmed down.

“According to Souna, who had met those two at noon, they want to negotiate with me, the devil Rias Gremory, who has this town as her territory.”

“The people from the Church want to negotiate with a devil?”

Buchou nodded at my question. This was shocking. The devils and Christians are enemies. And the negotiation came from them, huh.

“Then is it a pact? Or a request?”

“……I’m not sure what they are planning, but they are planning to come to the club room after school tomorrow. They apparently promised God that they won’t attack us.”

“Can you believe them?”

“We have to. We have to believe in their belief since they are the believers of God and they are coming to request something from devils, when we are supposed to be evil beings to them. They seem to be under pressure and it’s certain that it's trouble. I have a bad feeling about this… From their story, the priests that come to this town keep getting killed.”

Buchou’s eyes became sharp and she had a serious face. It certainly was scary…… Even that shit priest Freed who sided with the fallen-angel detests us. If it’s a true believer of God, then the way they look at us is even worse. Something was going to happen. Even I, who was new to this “world” could feel that.

Part 6[edit]

The next day after school.

We, the members of Gremory group, were gathered in the club room. On the sofa, Buchou with Akeno-san and the two “guests” were sitting. The other members of our group including myself were sitting in the corner of the room listening to their conversation. Ever since those two came to the club room, we couldn’t stop but feel something. Our instincts as devils were telling us that they were dangerous. Buchou and Akeno-san were talking to them with a serious face. But the most dangerous one was Kiba. He was glaring at them grudgingly. If something were to happen…… No. He looked as if he was about to go slashing at them any moment. They were the believers of God that Kiba hates. If you knew his past, then you would know that he was brimming with hatred now. Under this atmosphere, the first one to talk was Shidou Irina.

“Recently the Holy-swords Excaliburs that were kept by the Catholic Church Headquarter Vatican, Protestant Church, and Eastern Orthodox Church were stolen.”

Excalibur was stolen? And Catholic, and Protestant……? If I remember correctly, I was told in a lecture at school that there were different factions within the Christian religion. But how can Excalibur be stolen from Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox? It’s in one location isn’t it?

“Excalibur itself doesn’t exist.”

The one who answered my doubt was Buchou. Arara, looks like Buchou can read what I am thinking.

“I’m sorry. One of my servants recently became a devil, so can we continue this conversation while explaining about Excalibur?”

Shidou Irina nodded at Buchou’s request.

“Ise-kun. Excalibur broke in the war a long time ago.”

Irina looked at me and said that. Huh? Broke? The holy-sword did? Even if it’s a super famous sword?

“Now it looks like this.”

The woman with blue-hair and green mesh got her weapon, which was covered in cloth, and revealed it to me. What appeared was a long sword.

“This is Excalibur.”


The moment I looked at it, I felt as if every pore on my body opened and felt something really cold running through my body. Fear. Shiver. Awe. I became really scared from a single sword. This is dangerous. It is seriously dangerous. Even I understood that a devil would die instantly just from its touch! Is this a holy-sword? Is this the ultimate weapon to kill devils?

“Excalibur was broken into pieces during the war a long time ago. The fragments were collected and turned into a new form by alchemy. It was made into 7 swords. This is one of them.”

Then this Excalibur wasn’t a real one, but a new one that was made afterwards.

“The Excalibur I hold is “Excalibur Destruction”. It’s one of the 7 holy-swords that were created. The Catholic Church is in control of it.”

The woman with a mesh put her sword away and wrapped it with a cloth. If I look carefully there were spell symbols on the cloth. Does she have it sealed usually? But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous. Irina also took out something that looked like a long rope. That rope started to move as if it were alive.

…! The rope changed its shape right in front of me and turned into a katana.

“Mine is “Excalibur Mimic”. I can change its shape into anything I want so it’s really useful for carrying around. Just like this, each “Excalibur” has its unique ability. This one is in the possession of the Protestant Church.”

She said it with pride. I could feel fear due to that Excalibur as well. That was also really dangerous to us devils.

“Irina…… There’s no reason to tell these devils the ability of Excalibur, is there?”

“Ara Xenovia. Even if they are devils we still have to form a trustworthy relationship with them in this situation. Also, even if my sword's ability is revealed, I won’t fall behind all the devils here.”

Shidou Irina said confidently. She probably had the confidence that she absolutely would not lose to us. But for two of the legendary holy-swords to be here! Wow! Isn’t this a serious situation!? Then I realised the presence coming from near me.

It was Kiba. He was glaring at the Excaliburs and the two women with a scary face that I had never seen before. That’s right… Kiba holds a grudge against Excalibur. I hadn’t even dreamed that I would witness an Excalibur in a place like this. Kiba probably never thought that he would encounter the Excaliburs here. And now it was right here in front of him. He must have been going crazy. Calm down. Don’t go jumping at them Kiba. Buchou is talking professionally with the enemy. If you jump in now, then it would all be in vain! The worst case would be the start of a battle. There’s no way that there would be no casualties against the Excaliburs.

“……So what does the stolen Excaliburs have to do with this country located in the east of the World?”

Buchou continued to talk with the same attitude. As expected from our Onee-sama. She isn’t backing down even if it’s an Excalibur in front of her! She is holding her ground! The girl with blue hair and a green mesh with scary eyes—I think her name was Xenovia—continued to talk.

“The Catholic Church was in possession of two Excaliburs including mine. The Protestant Church also had two. Also in the Eastern Orthodox Church there were two as well. The last one went missing in the previous war between God, devils, and fallen-angels. One Excalibur was stolen from each Church. The ones that stole them escaped to Japan, and brought them to this town.”

Hey, hey. So the holy-swords thief has taken a liking to this town huh? Buchou also put her hand on her forehead and took a breath.

“Looks like my territory is full of incidents. So who are the ones that stole the Excaliburs?”

“The ones that stole them were the Grigori.”

Buchou widened her eyes in surprise at the answer.

“The holy-swords were taken by the fallen-angel organisation? It’s not a matter of mistake. But certainly it would be the fallen-angels when it comes to stealing them. For the devils working at the top, holy-swords does not give them much interest.”

“We know the main culprit who stole the Excaliburs. One of the leaders of Grigori, Kokabiel.”

“Kokabiel… One of the leaders of the fallen-angels that survived the previous wars since ancient times…… I never expected to hear the name of the one that appears in the Bible.”

Buchou also smirked at the name. Wait, the leader of the fallen-angels!? Not only do we have the Excalibur, but also the leader of the fallen-angels? Th…then what was the reason they came here for? Was it for cooperation……?

“We sent priests, exorcists, to this town secretly but they kept getting killed.”

Xenovia said that. Are you serious? There were violent incidents like that occurring and we didn’t know about it……? Then is it a request for cooperation? Did they come to ask for the help of the high-class devil who is in charge of this territory? But what the two women said clearly betrayed my guesses.

“Our request… No. Our order is to not to have any devils intrude in the battle between us and the fallen-angels for the Excaliburs. In other words, we came here to tell you not to interfere with this incident.”

Buchou’s eyes changed after hearing the way Xenovia talked.

“Such manner of speech. Is it restraint? Are you thinking that we might collaborate with those fallen-angels? Perhaps that we might team up with them to do something with Excalibur?”

“The headquarters think that it might not be impossible.”

There were chills within Buchou’s eyes. She was quite pissed! An enemy comes all the way to her territory. Then tells her not to be involved and not to butt in. Also they said whatever they wanted to by saying that they would not forgive us if we formed an alliance with the fallen-angels. Buchou’s pride as a high-class devil wouldn’t allow her to keep quiet about it.

“The higher-ups don’t trust devils and fallen-angels. We were ordered as [If the holy-swords are taken away from God’s side then the devils would also be happy right? The fallen-angels would also profit from it. For those reasons it won’t be weird for them to form an alliance. That’s why we are giving you a warning. If you form an alliance with the fallen-angel Kokabiel then we will eliminate you all. Even if you’re the little sister of the Satan, by our boss.”

Xenovia said it casually without caring about Buchou’s glare.

“……If you know that I am the sister of a Satan, then it means that you have lots of connections with the higher-ups in the Church. Then I will say it. We will not form an alliance with the fallen-angels. Never. In the name of the Gremory house. I will not do something that would tarnish the name of our Satan!”

It had become a contentious situation for both sides. But Xenovia laughed.

“Fu. Hearing that is good enough. I had to warn you just in case that Kokabiel is hiding himself in this town along with the three Excaliburs. If something were to happen I would be the one to be hated by the bunch in the Church headquarters. Well, we won’t ask for cooperation. If you were to form an alliance with God’s side temporally, then it would affect the balance of the three factions. Especially if it’s the little sister of a Satan.”

After hearing Xenovia, Buchou softened her expression and took a breath. Ngggggh. They had been talking about complicated stuff that I couldn’t follow.

“Where is the person the Orthodox Church dispatched?”

Xenovia answered Buchou’s question,

“They have that person put on hold for this case. They are planning to protect the last Excalibur if Irina and I fail.”

“So it’s just the two of you? You are going to retrieve the Excaliburs from the leader of the fallen-angel with just the two of you? How reckless. Are you trying to die?”

Buchou said it with an amazed voice. But Shidou Irina and Xenovia said it with straight eyes,


“I have the same view as Irina, but if it’s possible I don’t want to die.”

“……You came here to Japan prepared to die? The belief in your teaching is extreme like always.”

“Don’t talk ill of our beliefs, Rias Gremory. Right, Xenovia?”

“Right. Also the Church decided that it would be better to eliminate all of the Excaliburs rather than letting them get used by the fallen-angels. Our minimum objective is to get the Excaliburs away from the fallen-angels. To accomplish that, it’s okay for us to die. The only way to fight against the Excaliburs are Excaliburs.”

What determination! Was this their beliefs? Pretty amazing. Something that I didn’t understand at all. These guys wanted to die for God that badly?

“Is it possible with only the two of you?”

“Well, we won’t die in vain.”

Xenovia said fearlessly to Buchou’s question.

“You seem confident. Do you have a secret weapon?”

“Maybe. I will leave it to your imagination.”



After that, the two of them just stared at each other and the conversation stopped. Shidou Irina and Xenovia looked at each other and stood up.

“Then we will take our leave now. Let’s go Irina.”

“So you won’t drink your tea? I can prepare a snack for you.”

“I don’t need it.”

Xenovia declined Buchou’s offer with her hand.

“I’m sorry. See you.”

Shidou Irina also apologised with her hand. They didn’t try to accept Buchou’s offer, and the two of them tried to leave. Then both of them looked in the same direction. It was Asia.

“When I saw you in Hyoudou Issei’s house I thought that maybe it was you. Are you the “Witch” Asia Argento? I never expected to meet you in a place like this.”

Xenovia said. Asia’s body shook after she was called “Witch”. That word is something painful to Asia. Irina seemed like she noticed as well and stared at Asia.

“Are you the rumored “witch”? The former holy-maiden? You are said to have the power that can also heal devils and fallen angels, right? I heard that you were sent somewhere after getting exiled, but I never thought you became a devil.”


Asia didn’t know how to react to Irina and Xenovia.

“It’s okay. I won’t tell the higher ups what I saw here, so rest assured. People who were around the “Holy-maiden Asia” will also get shocked as well.”


Asia made a perplexed expression at Irina’s words.

“But to become a devil. The one who was called a “Holy-maiden”. You fell to the lowest place you could. Do you still believe in our God?”

“Xenovia. There’s no way that she, who became a devil, still believes in God.”

Shidou Irina said it with an amazed face.

“No, I can smell the “belief” from her. It might be an abstract way of saying it. But I’m sensitive to these things. There are people who betray the teachings and still have guilt within them because they couldn’t forget the teachings. I can feel something similar coming from her.”

Xenovia said it with sharp eyes and Irina stared at Asia even more with interested eyes.

“Is that true? Asia-san, you still believe in God even if you have turned into a devil?”

Asia replied to that question with a sad expression,

“……I just can’t put it aside. I believed in it for my whole life……”

Hearing that, Xenovia took her sword out from the cloth and pointed it at Asia.

“Is that so. Then you should be cut down by us this instant. If it’s now, I can cut you in the name of God. Even if you have sinned, our God will forgive you.”

……I couldn’t stop something within me from burning. Xenovia approached Asia. I stood in front of Asia to protect her.

“Don’t touch her.”

I said it clearly to Xenovia,

“If you come close to Asia, I won’t forgive you. You called Asia a “Witch” didn’t you?”

“Yes I have. Right now she is a being at least fit to be called a “Witch”.”

Th-This bitch!? I bit my tooth really hard and made a noise with my teeth because of the anger I had towards her.

“Don’t fuck around! Not even a single person helped her when she needed help! Those who can’t understand Asia’s kindness are a bunch of idiots! It’s also wrong that none of them tried to become her friend!”

“Do you think the “Holy-maiden” needed friends? What’s important is the charity to others. The “Holy-maidens” are finished when they seek friendship and love from others. She could have continued to live with the love from God. So Asia Argento didn’t have the right to be a “Holy-maiden” from the beginning.”

Xenovia said it as if it was an obvious thing. Shit! What the heck is with these guys! I couldn’t understand them! I didn’t want to understand them either! How could they say that Asia was the bad one!?

“So you guys selfishly made her into a “Holy-maiden” and abandon her because she’s different from those who seek her? That’s fucked up……… It fuckin is!”

I couldn’t stop myself from saying what I held within me. I always... I always wanted to say this to those who are related to God.

“None of you know what she went through! What God!? What love!? That God didn’t do jack shit when Asia was in a dangerous situation!”

But Xenovia answered calmly.

“God loved her. If nothing happened then it means that she didn’t believe in him enough, or her belief was fake.”

Are the people in the Church all like this? Was Asia living among these guys? Don’t screw around…… Don’t screw around.

“What are you to Asia?”

“Family. Friend. Comrade. That’s why I will help Asia. I will protect Asia! If you try to lay a hand on her, I will turn all of you into my enemies.”

Xenovia sharpened her eyes at my provocation.

“Is that a declaration to us……all of those in the Church? Something big coming out from a single devil. Gremory. I think you didn’t educate him enough?”

“Ise, sto……”

Buchou tried to calm me, but Kiba stood in front of me.

“That’s good timing. I will be your opponent.”

Kiba was carrying his sword, and there was an enormous aura of intent to kill coming out of his body.

“Who are you?”

Kiba smirked at Xenovia’s question.

“I’m your senpai. Though I apparently was a failure.”

That instant a countless number of demonic-swords appeared in the club room.

Part 7[edit]

Hmmmm. So how did it turn out like this?

I was standing at the place where we were practicing for the ball tournament. Kiba was standing a bit away from me. And Shidou Irina and Xenovia were standing in front of us. Enveloping us and our surroundings was a barrier made from red aura. The other members were looking at us from outside the barrier.

“Then let’s start.”

Irina and Xenovia took their white robe off and were wearing black battle purpose clothes. They weren’t showing their skins but it looked……erotic…… You could see the curves of their bodies. Ummmm, both of them have nice curves and tight hips! Xenovia took the cloth off her weapon and revealed her Excalibur. The Excalibur that Shidou Irina had also turned into the shape of a katana.

I will explain how it turned out like this.

While I was arguing with the two holy-sword wielders, Kiba came in and it got worse. Buchou also seemed troubled about keeping the situation under control because it was us, her servants who had started the fight. Then Xenovia made a suggestion.

“It might be interesting to test the strength of Rias Gremory's servants. Also, I’m interested in the strength of the so called senpai.”

Xenovia accepted Kiba’s challenge. She also added that this battle wouldn’t be reported to the Church. Apparently they understood our position a little bit, so they made it so that it wouldn’t be a problem if it was not a fight for life. The location was the place we practiced for the ball tournament near the old school building. To avoid unnecessary damage and getting noticed by others, Akeno-san put up a barrier for us. With this we could fight a bit more recklessly. And I was also participating in the battle…… Why? Is this the battle for the extra time after the quarrel? That’s absurd…… I was certainly pissed because they were talking shit about Asia. But I never thought that it would turn into a battle like this. I was actually going to stop when Buchou came in to stop me… It turned out like this because Kiba came into the argument……

“Even if it’s just a match, be cautious of the holy-swords!”

Buchou’s warning reached me.


I replied to her, but I was trembling because I remembered the video “The threat of the holy-swords collection” that we watched before the battle. It seemed like a record of battles between a person wielding a holy-sword and a high-class devil. The devil that was cut by the holy-sword had smoke coming out of the wounds made by the holy-sword. And did you know that the part where it was cut vanished? Just like the word means, it actually vanished. A devil would be eliminated if they were cut by a holy-sword. Their body will vanish. Scary. It’s really scary! I really don’t want to be cut by it! Kiba on the other hand had activated his Sacred gear and there were several demonic-swords around him.

“……Are you laughing?”

Kiba was laughing so much that it looked weird. A smile that made the atmosphere cold. There wasn’t any trace of the refreshing smile he usually has. That much…… Do you hate the Excalibur that much……?

“Yeah. The thing I wanted to defeat and destroy appeared right in front of me. I’m happy. Fufufu, I had even heard that by being close to a devil and a dragon, “powers” would gather. But for me to encounter it this early.”

Ddraig had said something similar as well. Lots of things will gather, being attracted to the power of a dragon. So this happened because of me………and Ddraig? No, it can’t be……

“……“Sword Birth”, huh. The possessor can create any demonic-sword they imagine in their head. It’s unique among the Demonic-sword related Sacred Gears……… I heard that there was a “subject” that avoided from being disposed by the “Holy-sword Project”……… Is that you?”

Kiba didn’t answer Xenovia’s question. He just directed his killing intent towards her. Hey, hey. Killing is prohibited, you know? Kiba, I beg you to make sure that it remains as a match. If it gets beyond that, wouldn’t it affect the relationship between devils and God? Satan Sirzechs-sama will also be troubled.

“Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

The one standing in front of me was Shidou Irina. The girl with a chestnut coloured hair. I thought she was a guy when I was little, but no matter how much I looked at her now she is a girl. I barely remember the time when I played with her. More like she’s a bishoujo. She has a nice body, so she’s my type.

“When I met the boy that I haven’t seen for so long, and he turned into a devil……… I was shocked.”

She seemed really depressed. Well, even I never thought that I would turn into a devil. But I’m enjoying my life.

“Ummmm Shidou Irina…… Can I call you Irina? Do we have to fight? I already said what I wanted to regarding what you said about Asia. I don’t think we have to battle.”

It was my opinion. There were things I wanted to say to the people from the church regarding Asia. There was a part of me that felt relieved saying it today. Well, if they said anything bad about Asia again then I would fight them. I don’t take other people talking ill about my family. But Irina looked at me with a pitiful face. More like there was a single drop of tear falling down her cheek.

“A pitiful Hyoudou Issei-kun. No, I will call you Ise-kun since I knew you since a long time ago. And what trick has destiny played on us! I went to England because I found out that I can use holy-swords, and I thought that I could be a representative of God! Aaah, this also must be a trial that God has given me! The land that I haven’t been back in for so long! A harsh destiny where my childhood friend has turned into a devil! The way time moves is harsh! But by moving forward, I will turn into someone with the true belief towards God! Now Ise-kun! I will give judgment to you with this Excalibur! Amen!”

Even though Irina was shedding tears, she seemed really eager to do it and pointed her sword at me. Huh!? Huuuuh!? Th-This girl kept on saying something hard to understand! Oooh! Her eyes were sparkling like a star! Did she get drunk with her beliefs? Was she enjoying this situation? Wow! This is a type of girl you should never get involved with!?

“I don’t actually know what you are on about. But! Activate Boosted Gear!”


It made a red glow and a gauntlet appeared on my left arm. It also made a sound at the same time and increased my power. My Sacred Gear has the ability to double my power every 10 seconds. It’s also possible to transfer the boosted power to someone or something. I just have to activate my Sacred Gear beforehand. If she did something before that then I couldn’t have done a thing. Irina and Xenovia seemed shocked after seeing my Sacred Gear.


“Is that a “Boosted Gear”? I never thought that I would meet the person possessed by the Welsh Dragon in a far eastern country like this……”

Both of them raised their eyebrows.

“You will hurt yourself if your attention is on Ise-kun!”


Kiba went on slashing towards Xenovia. The holy-sword and demonic-sword made sparks. Xenovia smirked after blocking Kiba’s strike.

“Sacred Gear “Sword Rebirth” and “Boosted Gear”. And also the “Twilight Healing” that Asia Argento has. All of them are Sacred Gear that are said to be a heresy to us. Maybe it was natural for you to turn into a devil.”

“My power is also the power made by my comrades' hatred, who were killed while filled with regret! I will beat those with Excalibur with this power, and I will destroy that Excalibur!”

So Kiba also vowed the revenge of the test subjects that were killed by that project.

“Here I come, Ise-kun!”

Irina rushed in slashing towards me. Dangerous! She came slashing at me seriously! If I get cut by that, a devil like me would receive a critical damage, wouldn’t it? A direct hit is bad. Seriously bad!

“I’m not done yet!”

I was increasing my power while evading her katana.


The power went through my body. Now my power was doubled again. But it seemed like I was still lacking power to fight her! How much should I boost? Shit! I don’t have much experience and it’s my first time fighting against a holy-sword! I will just keep on evading, and attack after I've boosted my power as much as I can! If it turns out like this, then I have to use it! If I don’t I can’t calm myself! No, if I don’t it will be a waste of this battle! I will use “Dress Break” if I see a chance. One of my ultimate techniques. A power to blow away clothes, girls limited, by using the magical power that I increased. Irina made a suspicious face.

“……What a lecherous face. What are you thinking?”

Fufufu. I will be seeing you naked soon.

“……Please be careful. Ise-senpai has the power to blow away the clothes of women he touches.”

Koneko-chan!? Why are you revealing my move to the enemy!? Koneko-chan said it while looking at me with rebellious eyes.

“……Enemy of all women. You are the worst.”

“Aaah! Those are harsh words Koneko-chan!”

“What a lowly technique! Aaah God. Please forgive this sinful pervert!”

Irina made a sad expression while praying.

“Don’t look at me with those pitiful eyes!”

“……You are the worst.”

I’m sorry Koneko-chan. Sorry for being horny!

“Ise-san! If you were craving for a woman’s body, then you could have said it to me……! I wouldn't mind sacrificing my body for Ise-san.”

Self sacrifice! Just to be expected from a former Christian, Asia-san! But aren’t you saying something bold out of the blue.

“I see. The mass of sexual desire. I think it’s a fitting action for a devil that has such strong greed.”

Xenovia said it while making a sigh. But she was looking at me with scornful eyes!

“I’m sorry.”

I don’t know why but Kiba apologised to her. There’s no need for you to apologise you dipshit! Why am I the only one being treated like this? Kiba created a demonic-sword where he stood and held it. He now had two swords and went towards Xenovia.

“Now back to where we were! Burn! And freeze! “Flare Brand” and “Freeze Mist”!”

One of the demonic-swords created a whirl of flames while the other one made a cold air and silver frost. Kiba is a “Knight”. “Knights” traits are their speed. He was attacking with God speed. But Xenovia was evading Kiba’s attack, which came from all directions, with the minimum movements.

“The “Knights” swift move. And flame and ice demonic swords. But you are too naïve!”


A single swing of Xenovia's turned Kiba’s two demonic swords to dust.


Kiba became speechless because his demonic-swords were destroyed with a single swing. What destructive power! So that’s the holy-sword!

“My sword is a mass of destruction. There’s nothing it can’t destroy.”

Xenovia swirled around her sword. She then pointed it upwards then thrust it into the ground.


Suddenly the place where I was standing shook and the ground was rumbling! I lost my balance and kneeled on the ground. I couldn’t stand! There were clouds of dust in the surroundings! There was even dirt flying towards me. And it went onto my face. SPIT! SPIT! I wiped the dirt off my face while spitting out the dirt inside my mouth.

……! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the practice grounds. A crater!? There was a big hole at the place where Xenovia had placed her sword! Don’t tell me that it made a crater with one hit!? Just with one slash of the sword!? When Xenovia stabbed the ground with her sword, it didn’t seem like she had used too much power.

“This is my Excalibur. It can destroy anything that comes its way. It’s not called “Excalibur” for nothing.”

……“Excalibur Destruction”. So the destructive power was on a different level! Even if it wasn’t Kiba’s demonic sword, it would get shattered! Kiba made a bitter expression when he saw that.

“……Such a destructive power when it isn’t a real Excalibur. So destroying all 7 swords will be a difficult path.”

His eyes hadn’t lost the colour of hatred yet. Kiba was trying to break all 7 of them! A single sword is that strong you know. I think breaking it would be hard even for Kiba. Seriously, I was getting sick of this world because there are so many people stronger than us.


The third boost!

“Geez! I’m all covered in dirt because you destroyed the ground, Xenovia!”

Irina wiped the dirt off her clothes while complaining.

“But. It’s about time to settle this now!

She pointed her sword at me and dashed towards me! Fast! She closed our distance instantly! Even if she wasn’t as fast as Kiba, she was definitely faster than me! What should I do? Should I stop my boost here and start attacking? Even if she doesn’t have the intent to kill me, I will just keep on losing my stamina just by evading her attacks! I at least have the power to react to my opponent’s movement! But I’m still not sure if it’s enough to defeat her! I can’t activate my Sacred Gear for the second time! Because she won’t give me any time for it! I should be vigilant of that Excalibur, and attack her who is a normal human! Even if her weapon is deadly, she herself isn’t! It might be a bad way of thinking, but I have to bet on this!

“You are doing well! You are good at dodging! Seems like your master trained you well!”

“Yeah! My master is strict with my training! That’s why I can even keep up with those stronger than me! Just like this!”


“Let’s go Boosted Gear!”


I stopped my boost and made it so that I could fight with the power I had increased till now! If I don’t stop like this, then the power will get unbalanced and the power might start from zero.


There was power surging throughout my body. It was my fourth boost, but I could probably take her on with this! If that was the case then I would blow her clothes away! Yeah, I don’t care if it’s a lowly technique! I haven’t gone through the training of hell and battles against Phoenix for nothing! I mean I am definitely going to strip her down! I think that I definitely need to use “Dress Break”. I went towards Irina while having enough magic power to strip her clothes.

“Sorry for stripping you.”


Irina avoided my tackle as if she just protected herself from a molester. Chi! She’s fast! But I’m not giving up! I don’t care even if I am a pervert! I’m going to live strong!

“It’s not over yet!”

I started to keep up with Irina’s movement. Right! No left! I could somehow see where she would escape to because of my desire of wanting to use my technique!

“Ise-kun is moving much better than usual.”

“……For the lecherous power inside him to increase his stats this much.”

Akeno-san and Koneko-chan’s comments. They both became amazed at my “power of lecher”, and were also shocked. I’m sorry for being a lecher! But no one can stop me once I get turned on to strip the girls! And finally I moved to the part where Irina escaped to!

“What! You caught up with me!?”

Irina looked surprised. Fufufu. Don’t look down on my power of lecher! I caught you now! I’m going to strip you down now! I’m going to have a look at your oppai! I shortened the distance while moving all my fingers and by putting on a lecherous face. I jumped towards her as if I were diving! Itadakimasu!

But… Before I reached Irina she ducked down. Wh-What… I couldn’t stop my body and I went passed Irina, and went through the barrier heading towards where Asia and Koneko-chan were…

High school dxd v3 000d.jpg

Here, touch. My hand touched both of their shoulders. Then…


Asia and Koneko-chan’s uniform blew off. Yes, even their underwear. They both became fully naked. Dress Break was a success. Asia’s breasts that were still growing and Koneko-chan’s loli breasts became fully exposed in front of me.


There was blood coming out of my nose. Thank you very much! No, that’s not what I mean! This is…!


Asia hid her body because she became too embarrassed. I’m sorry Asia! But you have nice proportions like always. Onii-chan is looking forward to it because your oppai looks like it's still growing! Koneko-chan on the other hand… She still looked emotionless but her body started to shake and then she thrust her fist. Oh crap…

“Ko-Koneko-chan! You have it wrong! This is a mistake! Well it did work! But I still think that even small oppai are important! Huh? What am I saying? That’s not it! It’s because Shidou Irina dodged it! I wasn’t aiming for you and Asia! B-But thank you very much! I will just thank you just in case……”

“…You super lecher!”



I received a heavy blow to my stomach and my body felt weird. Uwaaaaa! My body was flying! When I violently landed on the ground, I continued to roll on the ground……… Cough! It’s a critical damage… I’m so hurt that I can't get up.


Irina poked me.

“Ise-kun, are you still alive? I think that it was divine punishment for creating such a move. With this you should have learned that you have to seal lecherous techniques like that. Okay?”

“……No……It’s the technique I created by putting all of my talents at magic into it…… I’m going to continue blowing away girls clothes… I seriously had a hard time choosing between this move and a move that lets me see through girls’ clothes……”

I made a stance against Irina while slowly getting up.

“I’m going to continue fighting until I blow away girls clothes just by looking at them!”

I raised my spirit and went towards her!

“To be able to fight just for those motives! Something is definitely wrong with you!”

“Shidou Irina! Sexual desires are a source of power! It’s justice!!”

“Amen! God, lend me the strength to cut down this lecherous devil!”

Irina held the grip of her holy-sword and came rushing towards me. I lowered myself so I could kick Irina to make her fall from below as she was slashing towards me. Irina noticed it and did a small jump. I kicked the ground so I could get up fast! Here’s my uppercut!


My uppercut missed Irina’s chin. Irina made sharp eyes. She swung her katana to the side, but I avoided it by jumping backwards. Irina looked at me with a shocked face.

“……I’m sorry. Looks like I was taking you a bit lightly. You have good movements.”

Irina made a serious face. Oh, can I win this? That’s what I thought, but……… I fell down onto the ground…… What the…… I felt power leaving out of my body. I can still move while enduring certain pains. But this was different. I seriously have no strength left…… Shit…what’s happening……

When I looked at my stomach, there was smoke emitting from it! Is this the damage caused by the holy-sword!? When on earth!? Did I get cut from the attack just now!? It just grazed me and I turn out like this……

“It’s the damage caused by the holy-sword. Devils and fallen-angels get their power and existence erased by receiving damage from the holy-sword to their body. If it were a bit deeper, then it would have been critical.”

It was just a graze! Does it take that much power from me that I get down on my knees!?


The time for the Boosted Gear activation was finished. I also lost the boosted power within my body. My power returned to normal. How could this be!

“If you had another boost, then you could have definitely evaded that attack. We could have had a proper match. You lost because you used your Sacred Gear while not knowing the power difference between yourself and your opponent. A simple mistake can become critical in a serious fight.”

……Damn it. It was no use. My body couldn’t move at all…… I lost? Did I make a fool of myself in front of Buchou and Asia? Miserable!


Kiba raised his spirit up and tried to make something in his hand. It turned into the shape of a sword, but……

“The destructive power of that holy-sword or the destructive power of my demonic-sword! We will see which one is stronger!”

What appeared in Kiba’s hand was a gigantic sword. Kiba held it with both hands while releasing an ominous aura. It’s big. It’s way longer than Kiba’s height. It definitely was more than two meters. Kiba then swung it with force! The slash reached Xenovia, but she made a sigh as if she was really disappointed.

“It’s a shame. You made the wrong decision.”


A violent sound of metal! A large fragment of the sword went up in the air. It was Kiba’s sword that broke. Xenovia’s Excalibur easily destroyed Kiba’s demonic sword.

“Your weapon is the variety of the sword you can create and your speed. You would need a lot of strength to swing a gigantic sword like that, and you will lose the speed that you are proud of. Are you seeking a destructive power? From your fighting style, it’s something unnecessary. Don’t you even know that?”


The pommel of the holy-sword hit deep into Kiba’s stomach. It was a simple move like that yet it created a shockwave. It meant that even a single attack with a pommel has destructive power.


Kiba fell onto the ground after he vomited from his mouth.

“Even if it’s not a hit with the blade, that hit just now will be enough to stop you from standing for a while.”

Xenovia glared at Kiba once, and turned around.


Kiba reached his hands towards her, but everyone here knew that the match was over. Akeno-san unsealed the barrier. The red aura that covered the area disappeared. The battle was over.

“Senpai, I suggest you fight with coolness the next time we fight. Rias Gremory, I trust you with the talk from earlier. Also, you should train your servants a bit more. There’s a limit for polishing their battling style.”

Kiba glared at Xenovia with hatred. Xenovia then looked at me.

“I will tell you one thing. “Vanishing dragon” has already awakened.”

……What did she just say?

“You will meet him eventually, but in your current state you can never win.”

Xenovia just said that and left after picking her stuff.

“Wait for me Xenovia. Then it’s like that Ise-kun. Tell me whenever you want to get judged. Amen.”

Shidou Irina held her cross and winked at me. She then left the scene. Buchou closed her eyes. I’m sure that she didn’t feel good. Kiba and I were ultimately defeated.

Part 8[edit]

“Are you okay?”

Asia put her hand on my stomach and healed my wound with her Sacred Gear. Asia was wearing the spare uniform she had in the old school building. She was wearing it because I blew her clothes away earlier. The warm green coloured light that was made from her hand surrounded me and healed my wound.

“I showed you an uncool side of me, Asia.”

I said it to Asia while laughing. But Asia shook her head.

“I’m glad that your wound was minimal after getting hit by a holy-sword. I was really scared thinking Ise-san might have vanished.”

Aaah. Did I make Asia worry again? I’m making this girl worry a lot.

“I’m sorry for blowing your clothes off.”

I apologised sincerely. No matter how you think about it, it was my fault. But Asia just smiled at me.

“There was a plan that you were thinking about, right Ise-san? I am fine with anything Ise-san does for me.”

……Sob. My eyes got warm. Asia, you believe in me that much! But you know Asia, I wasn’t thinking about anything except blowing girls clothes away. Aaaah. Asia’s smile is too bright……

“……You might have won if you did another boost with the Sacred Gear.”

Koneko-chan said it while massaging my shoulders. It hurts. It hurts Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan was also wearing a spare uniform just like Asia. But it was the first time Koneko-chan said something like that to me! I was a bit moved!

“………Not knowing it means you lack practice and real battle experience.”

Aaau! You sure hit the spot! I’m sorry for being a lecher!

“Hold on! Yuuto!”

I heard Buchou’s voice. When I looked, there was Kiba who seemed like he was trying to leave and an angry Buchou. What the? Is Kiba going somewhere?

“I won’t forgive you if you leave me! You are the “Knight” of the Gremory group. I will also be troubled if you turn into an “exiled”. Wait this instant!”

“……I was able to run away from there, thanks to my comrades. That’s why I have to put their regrets into my demonic-swords…”

After saying that Kiba disappeared.


I couldn’t look at Buchou’s sad face. At the same time I made up my determination.

Part 9[edit]

“Aaaaa. And? What was the reason for calling me?”

The next day off.

I called Kaichou’s “Pawn”, Saji, in front of the train station. Saji seemed listless. I somehow managed to get in contact with Saji thanks to Buchou.

“…………He’s right. What were you two trying to do?”

The one who was holding onto my shirt and wasn’t letting go was Koneko-chan. I met her by coincidence when I was on my way to meet Saji in front of the train station. I tried to run away, but I was caught easily. I’m inferior in terms of physical build against a loli shoujo like always. Well it couldn’t be helped. She didn’t seem to like the fact that I tried to run away after I saw her face. So she was not leaving in terms of observation. I think she's holding a grudge against me because I stripped her naked a few days ago. The reason why I called Saji. That is… I coughed once, and told both of them.

“I’m going to ask Shidou Irina and Xenovia to give me permission to destroy the holy-sword Excaliburs.”

Not only Saji, but Koneko-chan also became really shocked that they had circle eyes.

Life.3 The Plan to Destroy the Holy-sword![edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Nooooooooo!! I’m going home!!”

Saji was screaming and trying to run away. Koneko-chan held onto him and didn’t let him go. When I suggested the plan to destroy Excalibur, Koneko-chan thought about it and agreed.

[I will help as well. It’s about Yuuto-senpai, right?]

As expected of Koneko-chan! Saji on the other hand turned blue and tried to run away immediately. And Koneko-chan caught him.

“Hyoudou! Why me!? It’s your group’s problem, right!? I belong to the House of Sitri! I shouldn’t take part in this! Not at all!!”

Saji argued while crying.

“Don’t say that Saji. The only Devil that I know who seems willing to help me is you.”

“Bullshit! There’s no way that I will help youuuu! I’m going to get killed! I’m going to get killed by Kaichouuuuu!!”

Oooh, the fear you have towards Kaichou is appearing on your face. Kaichou must be really scary, huh.

“Your master, Rias-senpai, might be strict and kind! But you know what! You know Kaichou!? She’s strict AND strict!”

Yeah. Buchou is strict but also kind. Is that right? So Kaichou is strict, huh. That’s good for you. After I made up my mind, I went looking for Shidou Irina and Xenovia inside the town with Koneko-chan and Saji.

“Hey Koneko-chan. You know that Kiba is a victim of the “Holy-sword Project” and also harbours a grudge towards Excalibur, right?”

Koneko-chan nodded at my question.

“When Irina and Xenovia came to us, they said this.”

[The Church decided that it would be better to eliminate all the Excaliburs rather than letting them be used by the Fallen-Angels. Our minimum objective is to get the Excaliburs away from the Fallen-Angels.]

“So in other words they have to destroy the stolen Excaliburs or retrieve them, right?”

“……Yes. That’s right.”

“That’s why I thought we could help them retrieve those. By making Kiba the main person. Three swords were stolen, so they won’t mind if we retrieve or break one of them.”

“……You want Yuuto-senpai to overcome Excalibur and to fulfill his wish, right?”

That’s right. I nodded my head with a smile. If that happened, then Kiba would accomplish his revenge and everything would be okay. Then he would continue doing the Devils' job with us with a smile. That’s what I thought.

“Kiba wants to win against Excalibur and accomplish his and his former comrades' revenge. Xenovia and Irina want to retrieve the Excaliburs from the Fallen-Angels even if they have to destroy them. We have the same aim then. What’s left is to see if those two will listen to the words of us Devils.”

“……It seems hard.”

“Hmmmm yeah.”

It was just like Koneko-chan said. To tell you the truth, the possibility of it happening wasn’t that high. And also……

“……It’s a secret from Buchou and the other members.”

Yeah. It was just like she said. We couldn’t let this to be known by Buchou and Akeno-san. Buchou would definitely disapprove.

[Even if it’s for Yuuto’s sake, we can’t put our neck in the problems involving Angels.]

That’s what she would say. She is a high-class Devil after all, so she would be strict about this stuff. When I went to rescue Asia, she was against it. I also had to keep it a secret from Asia. She’s the type who can’t hide things. She’d be bad at lying as well.

“……When we go and talk to them it might lead to a fight and the tension between us and them might get even worse.”

It would be the end if that happened. I would have to do something even if I had to risk my life. Uoooo. I might die then……

“That’s why you can leave, Koneko-chan. Saji. You can also run away if it gets dangerous.”

“Let me run nowwww!! That’s the worst! I’d get killed by Kaichou if I do something like destroying the Excaliburs without her permission! She will definitely torture meeeeee!”

Now now. Don’t cry and stick with me. You can run away if it gets dangerous.

“Maybe the negotiation will be a success. If that happens, then I want you to help me.”

“Uwaaaaaa! That’s so irresponsible! I’ll die! I’d definitely get killed!!”

You are right. But there aren’t any other male Devils that I can talk to. I’m depending on you, Saji.

“I won’t run away. It’s for our comrade.”

………Koneko-chan said it to me with eyes filled with strength. This girl… No matter what she says, she’s always burning inside. She was also in high spirits in the match against Phoenix. I think her feelings towards comrades are very strong.

Twenty minutes after looking for them in the town. It wouldn’t be easy to find two women wearing white robes in an undercover mission……

“Please give blessings to the lost lamb-“

“Please give charity to us on behalf of the father in heaven!”

We found them easily. There were two girls wearing white robes, praying on the road. Wow. They were standing out. It was easy to find them. It looked like they were quite troubled. People walking past them were giving them odd glances.

“How can this be? This is the reality of the developed country of Japan? That’s why I don’t like countries that don’t have the smell of our beliefs.”

“Don’t say that, Xenovia. We lost all the money we had. So we have to rely on charity from these heretics or else we can’t get food, you know? Aaah, we can’t even buy a single loaf of bread!”

“Hmph. It all happened because you bought that fake looking painting.”

Xenovia pointed at a painting of a saint that was drawn really badly. What the heck was that? Did they get cheated in a fake exhibition?

“What are you saying? This painting has the drawing of someone who looks like a saint! That’s what the person in the exhibition said as well!”

“Then do you know who the person in the drawing is? I certainly don’t.”

The person in the picture certainly looked like a foreigner and was wearing poor clothing and had something on his head. There was also a baby Angel on the background with a trumpet who was floating in the air.

“……I think it’s……Saint……Peter……?”

“Don’t mess around. Saint Peter wouldn’t look like this.”

“No, he must have looked like this! I’m sure about it!”

“Aaah, why did my partner have to be someone like you……God, is this also a trial?”

“Hey don’t hold your head down. You really get depressed when you are down, don’t you.”

“Shut up! That’s why the Protestants are called heretics! You guys have different beliefs than us Catholics! Show more respect to the saints!”

“What! What’s wrong, it is Catholicism where they still abide by the old law!”

“What did you say, heretic?”

“What did you say, heretic!?”

Those two started to argue by banging their heads against each other……


Then we heard the sound of their stomachs rumble when we were a distance away from them. The two of them dropped onto the ground with their stomachs rumbling.

“……First of all, let’s do something to fill our stomachs. Or else it’s not a matter of retrieving the Excaliburs.”

“……You are right. Do you want to get money from the heretics by threatening them? I think God will forgive us if we threaten the heretics.”

“Do you plan to attack the shrine? Or do you plan to steal their offertory box? Don’t do either. Let’s use our swords to put on a performance. It’s an international entertainment that works in every country.”

“That’s an excellent idea! If we can cut fruits with our Excaliburs, then we can gather cash!”

“Well, we don’t have fruits. It can’t be helped. Let’s cut that picture.”

“No! You can’t cut this down!”

The two of them started arguing again. I went towards both of them even though I was getting a headache. Seriously. They didn’t seem like the girls I had an argument with in the clubroom just a few days ago.

Part 2[edit]

“Delicious! Japanese cuisine is delicious!”

“Yes, yes! This is it! This is the taste of the food of my homeland!”

Irina and Xenovia started to fill their stomachs with the food they ordered at a family restaurant. Man they eat a lot. Are they really assassins sent from the Christian Church?

When they saw us earlier, they looked at us with hungry eyes.

“Ummm…we are going to eat now, so do you guys want to come as well?”

When I asked them, they said “okay” straight away.

[We sold our souls to the Devils.]

[This is also to accomplish our mission.]

They were saying something like that while we were on our way here. I was worried about my money but Koneko-chan said she would also pay. It’s not manly if I make a girl pay! Especially since she is my junior! That’s what I wanted to say, but after seeing these two eating I would be in deep shit if we didn’t pay together. Th-This is also for the club. It’s for our group. Damnnnn you Kibaaaa! I’m going through all of this shit for you! I’m definitely going to make Kiba introduce me to one of his hot clients!

“Phew. Now I’m calm. It’s the end of the world to get helped by a Devil.”

That was what Xenovia said.

“Hey. We are treating you to food and that’s what you say?”

I said it while holding down my emotions. I couldn’t talk to them with strong words. Otherwise we couldn’t negotiate.

“Pheeeew! Thank you for the meal. Aaaah God, please give charity to these Devils.”

Irina said while using her cross.


At that moment I got a headache. The same thing happened to Koneko-chan and Saji so they were touching their head as well. Seems like us Devils received some damage because she used her cross.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I did it without thinking.”

Irina smiled with a cute face. These two look like a bishoujo if you look at them normally. Xenovia drank a cup of water and took a deep breath. She then asked.

“So, why did you come to us?”

! I never thought she would get right to it. Well, it didn’t look like we met them by coincidence.

“You two came to this country to retrieve the Excaliburs, right?”

“That’s right. We already told you that before.”

Both of them didn’t seem like they were giving us hostile intent because they had just finished their food. There was no point battling us in this family restaurant, and even if we did battle they were confident that they could beat us with ease.

“I want to help you destroy the Excaliburs.”

Both of them looked surprised at what I just said. They were also looking at each other.


I swallowed my saliva and waited for their decision. Wow, it’s scary. Scary! If they reject us then we are in deep shit. It might turn into a battle between Angels, Fallen-Angels and Devils! To think about it, the Excaliburs are supposed to be quite an important thing. And to destroy that together with Devils like us might be an insult to them, perhaps? I was getting worried about things like that, when Xenovia opened her mouth.

“Yeah. Maybe it’s okay leaving one sword to you guys. If you can destroy it, that is. But make sure that your identities aren’t revealed. We also don’t want our high-ups and enemies to think that we are connected to you guys.”

……I just opened my mouth because I didn’t expect that she would give us permission like that. Is it alright? Are you serious? For real?

“Hey Xenovia. Are you sure? Even if it’s Ise-kun, he’s still a Devil, you know?”

Irina raised an objection. Well that’s the normal response.

“Irina. To tell you the truth, it would really be tough to retrieve the three Excaliburs and to battle Kokabiel with only the two of us.”

“I know that. But...!”

“The minimum objectives we have to achieve are destroying the three Excaliburs or take them back. If our Excaliburs are going to be stolen as well then we should break them before it happens. Even if we use the last resort, there’s only a 30 percent chance that we will succeed in our mission and return home safely.”

“Even so, we thought that the success rate was high enough to come to this country prepared to put our life on the line.”

“Yeah. The high-ups also told us to continue with our mission as well and dispatched us to this country. It’s almost self-sacrifice.”

“And isn’t that what we, the followers, desire for?”

“I changed my mind. My beliefs are flexible. So I can act in the best way.”

“You! I have been thinking about it for a long time, but your faith is a bit weird!”

“I won’t deny it. But I think that it’s our duty to accomplish our mission and return safely. I’m going to live and continue fighting for God. Am I wrong?”

“……You are not wrong. But...”

“That’s why we won’t ask for help from the Devils. Instead we ask for help from a Dragon. The high-ups didn’t tell us not to borrow the strength of a Dragon.”

Xenovia then looked at me. Dragon…… She was talking about me. The being that is residing in my left arm……… Sekiryuutei.

“I never thought that I would meet Sekiryuutei in a distant country like this. Even if you turned into a Devil, I see that the dragon power within you is still present. If it’s like the legend says, then you can increase your power to that of a Maou, correct? If you gain a power to that of a Maou, then you can break the Excaliburs without a sweat. I also think that it was God’s doing that we had this meeting.”

Xenovia said joyfully.

“C-Certainly they didn’t tell us not to borrow the power of a Dragon……… But you are just saying nonsense! Your belief is certainly weird!”

“Weird is fine with me. But, Irina. He’s your childhood friend, right? Let’s trust him. The power of a Dragon.”

Irina became silent at Xenovia’s words, but her expression showed that she was okay with it for now. Oh! It’s okay then? Are you serious? But for me to increase my power to that of a Maou, I have to increase my ability even further. But if I transfer my power that I boosted to the max to Kiba, he can be equal to or surpass Excalibur. I’m sure the possibility is really high.

“Okay. The negotiation is a success. I will lend you guys my Dragon's power. Then can I call my partner for this cooperation, then?”

I got my phone out and called Kiba.

“……I understand the situation.”

Kiba put his mouth on the coffee after he made a sigh. We called Kiba to the family restaurant.

[I’m with those two Excalibur wielders. I want you to come here as well Kiba.]

When I said that, he came here without any complaint.

“To tell the truth, I feel unsatisfied when the wielders of the Excaliburs are giving me the permission to destroy it.”

“That’s a rough way to speak. If you were a “Stray-Devil”, I would have cut you down without any time to spare.”

Kiba and Xenovia glared at each other. Hey, hey. Let’s not fight before the co-operation strategy.

“So you do hold a grudge regarding the “Holy-sword Project”. Against the church and the Excaliburs.”

Kiba sharpened his eyes at Irina’s words.


He replied with a low and cold voice.

“But Kiba-kun. Thanks to that project, the research on holy-sword users showed results. That’s why it created people like Xenovia and I who can synchronise with the holy swords.”

“Do you think it’s a forgiving act to kill all the test subjects because the project was thought to be a failure?”

Kiba looked at Irina with eyes filled with hatred. Certainly killing them is cruel. It’s too cruel. I think that it’s an inhuman act for those who believe in God. Even Irina didn’t know how to respond. Then Xenovia spoke,

“That incident also became one of the worst cases among us and people felt disgusted about it. The person in charge of that project at that time was said to have a problem with his belief. So he was charged with heresy. Now he’s one of those people on the Fallen-Angels side.”

“On the Fallen-Angel’s side? What’s the name of that person?”

Kiba took interest and asked Xenovia.

“……Valper Galilei. The man who is called the “Genocide Archbishop”.”

Valper. So that’s the name of Kiba’s enemy.

“………If I go after Fallen-Angels, then can I reach him……”

Kiba’s eye had the colour of a new determination. Just knowing his target was a big step for him.

“Then it looks like I have to share information as well. The other day I was attacked by a person who had the Excalibur. At that time, he killed a priest. The one who was killed is probably from your organisation.”


Everyone became surprised. Obviously! I never thought that Kiba would have been involved before us! So why was he quiet about it the whole time? I’m sure that he had something in his mind.

“The name of that person is Freed Sellzen. Does this name sound familiar?”

Freed! That shit priest! I remember him very well. He’s the crazy priest from the previous incident! He was still in this town!? Xenovia and Irina both made sharp eyes at Kiba’s words.

“I see. So it’s him.”

“Freed Sellzen. Former exorcist of the Vatican. The genius who became an exorcist at the age of 13. He had lots of big achievements because he kept on eliminating Devils and mystical beasts.”

“But he overdid it. He even killed his allies. Freed never had any beliefs towards our God from the start. The only thing he had was fighting instinct and killing intent towards monsters. And an abnormal obsession for battles. It was a matter of time that he’d be charged for heresy.”

Aaah. So you guys also have had problems with him. I understand that feeling.

“Is that so? Freed used the Excalibur he stole to kill our fellow followers. For us to pay the price because the disposal group couldn’t take care of him that time.”

Xenovia said it with hatred. Freed sure is hated by lots of people. Well obviously.

“Anyways, let’s move onto the cooperation strategy.”

Xenovia took out a pen and used it to write on a memo pad. She gave us her contact details.

“If something happens, call this number.”

“Thanks. Then we should also……”

“We already received Ise-kun’s number from oba-sama.”

“Are you serious!? Mum!? She gave it without my permission!?”

She told her son’s number without my permission.

[Why don’t you call him?]

She probably gave her my number like that because we are childhood friends!

“Then that’s it then. I’ll repay you for the meal another time, “Sekiryuutei” Hyoudou Issei.”

Xenovia got up after saying that.

“Thanks for the meal, Ise-kun! Treat me again next time as well! Even if you are a Devil, God will allow it if it’s Ise-kun who treats me to a meal! It’s okay if it’s food!”

Irina thanked me while giving me a wink. Is it alright for your religious belief to be like that? We sent the two of them off, and we all gave out a deep breath.

Fuuuu. It somehow went smoothly. I thought it was a reckless plan, but it was easier than I thought. I felt chills when I thought that I might have gotten cut down by the Excaliburs if I’d failed in the negotiation. It could have been the trigger for the war between the Devils and people from God’s side…… That was quite a bold move for me.

“……Ise-kun. Why did you do this?”

Kiba asked me quietly. He was certainly wondering why I was helping him out with his revenge.

“Well, we are comrades. And we belong to the same group. And you helped me out before as well. It’s not like I’m trying to repay you, but I thought I would give you a hand this time.”

“If I act by myself, then I would cause trouble for Buchou. That’s also the reason, right?”

“Of course. Buchou would get sad if you were to go around in a rampage. Well, the fact that I made this plan by myself will cause trouble to Buchou as well. But it’s better than you becoming an “exiled”, right? Well it turned out to be a success, since we made an agreement with those guys from the Church.”

Kiba still didn’t look satisfied. Ummm, he’s quite hard to deal with. Then Koneko-chan spoke.

“……Yuuto-senpai. I would get lonely…if senpai disappeared.”

Koneko-chan put on a sad face. She is usually unemotional, so the sudden change had a lot of impact on all the guys here.

“……I will help you……that’s why please don’t go.”

High school dxd v3 171.jpg

…Koneko-chan’s appeal. Oh crap. Even if she wasn’t saying it to me I felt my heartbeat go up. Aaah, I definitely can’t betray our group. If a kohai (junior) says that to me, I definitely can’t rebel! Kiba seemed troubled, but then put on a smiley face.

“Hahaha. I give up. If Koneko-chan says that to me, then I can’t do reckless things. Okay. I will work with you. Thanks to Ise-kun, I know who my true enemy is. But since we are doing this, we are definitely going to defeat the Excalibur. “

Oh! Kiba was eager to do this as well now! Koneko-chan smiled because she felt relieved. Crap! You look so cute Koneko-chan! I felt my heartbeat go up even though I’m not a lolicon!

“Okay! Now we have formed the group to destroy the Excalibur! Let’s defeat the stolen Excalibur and that shit Freed!”

I was all pumped! Okay! We are going to go like this! I think we can do it if it’s me, Kiba and Koneko-chan! No, we can do it! Wait for us Excalibur, Freed! But there was one guy who wasn’t that eager to do it.

“……Ummm, do I have to do it as well?”

Saji asked us while he put his hand up.

“I mean, I’m totally uninvolved in this…… After all, how are Kiba and Excalibur related?”

Oh yeah. This guy didn’t know about Kiba and Excalibur. To Saji, he probably didn’t understand what was going on in the earlier conversation.

“……Let’s talk a bit.”

Kiba then started to talk about his past after he drank the coffee. The project that the Catholic Church planned secretly. Project Holy-sword. The test to make lots of people who can use holy-swords was taking place in a certain institute. There were boys and girls who had talents at using swords and a possessor of Sacred Gear. Day after day, they were going through inhuman experiments. They were being experimented on and had their rights of freedom taken away. They weren’t treated as humans and their lives were ignored. But they had a dream. To live on. They were forced to believe that they were loved by God, and they were just waiting for “that day” to come. They believed that they would become special beings. They believed that they could become people who could wield holy-swords. But the result was “disposal”. Kiba and his comrades couldn’t use the holy-swords.

“……Everyone died. They were killed. Killed by those who serve God. No one saved us. Just because we couldn’t use the holy-swords. Other boys and girls were put under poisonous gas while still alive. They put poisonous gas on us while saying “amen”. We vomited blood and suffered on the floor. Even so, we were seeking help from God.”

Kiba told us his story. We listened to him silently. Kiba somehow managed to escape from the laboratory, but the poisonous gas had already infected him. Apart from certain people, the test subjects who had lower abilities than average were all disposed of because they weren’t needed. Kiba who managed to escape, met Buchou who came to observe Italy as he was dying. And now he was here.

“I want to accomplish my comrades’ regrets. No, I don’t want to make their deaths be in vain. I need to keep on living in their place, and I have to prove that I am stronger than Excalibur.”

…What an intense past he had. Asia also had a sad past. But Kiba had been going through a life that was so hard to imagine… To tell the truth, I cant’t understand the pain Kiba went through. But I think it’s hard to live on, just for revenge. Buchou said that she made him her servant so he could use his talents on something besides defeating holy-swords.


We were listening to Kiba’s past with serious faces, but we heard someone crying. It was Saji. He was crying aloud. He had so much tears falling out of his eyes, and was crying so much. He also had a dripping nose……… Saji took Kiba’s hand and said,

“Kiba! It must have been horrible! It must have been painful! Damn it! There isn’t any God or hope in this world! Right now I feel so much sympathy for you! Yeah, it’s a horrible story! I understand why you hold a grudge against those people from the church and Excalibur!”

Oooh. Look at how Saji is talking.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t like you before because you were a good looking guy……But it’s different now! I will also help! I’m willing to receive the punishment from Kaichou! But before that we have to destroy Excalibur! I will also work hard! You also have to live on! Don’t ever betray Rias-senpai who saved you!”

What he was saying was weird…but he was also like me, he was full of passion! More like he was a good guy. Yeah, he wasn’t a bad guy. I felt bad dragging him into this, but it seemed like it was alright after all.

“Okay! It’s a good time! I want you guys to hear my story! You guys should know about me if we are working together!”

Saji seemed a bit shy, then said it with glittering eyes.

“My dream is to……make Kaichou pregnant and marry her! But, you know…… making a girl pregnant and marrying her is hard for an unpopular guy like me. There aren’t any girls that I can make pregnant to begin with… But I will one day make her pregnant and marry her……”

………After hearing Saji’s confession, there was something inside me that was coming out. Then there were loads of tear drops flowing out of my eyes. Of course. Of course idiot! This guy! Saji! He’s the same as me! He’s the same kind as me! He has the same understanding of the world as me…… I almost cried out because I was moved. But I put my hands on my mouth to stop it. I took Saji’s hand and said it straight at him,

“Saji! Listen to me! My aim is to grope Buchou’s oppai……and then suck it!”



After a pause more tear drops were flowing out of Saji’s eyes.

“Hyoudouuuu! Do you know what you are saying? Do you understand how hard that dream is, to touch the High-class Devils oppai…… To touch the oppai of your master?”

“Saji. You can touch it. You can touch the High-class Devils oppai…… You can touch your master's oppai! I actually groped Buchou’s oppai with this hand.”

I said it while moving my hands. Saji looked at my hand with a shocked face.

“Impossible!? Something like that is possible!? You are not lying, right!?”

“It’s not a lie. Master’s oppai is far away. But it’s not like you can’t reach it.”

“Sucking it…!? Sucking Ka-Kaichou’s oppai… You are talking about the nipple right…? The place where you can suck is the nipple right…?”

“Dumb ass! If you are going to suck oppai, then the nipple is the only thing you can suck! Yes! I’m going to suck the nipple!”


Saji started to cry like a man after hearing my strong words.

“Saji! We may be useless “Pawn”s if we are just by ourselves. But it’s different if it’s the two of us. We can fly if it’s the two of us! We can fight if it’s the two of us! We can do it if it’s the two of us! We can make them pregnant and marry them if it’s the two of us! Let’s have sex with our own masters!”

“Yeah. Yes!”

Nothing is impossible if it’s two guys who fell in love with their master’s oppai! We took each other’s hand and nodded. Comrade. War buddy. Even if I use many words, I can’t explain the relationship between us. At that time Saji and I felt something with our spirits and we connected with each other.


“………You are the worst.”

Kiba and Koneko-chan who were next to us sighed. If I’d looked around, everyone in the restaurant would be looking at us with weird eyes. Well don’t mind them. Like this the “Excalibur destroying squad” was formed.

Part 3[edit]

A few days later...

I was sitting at my desk in my classroom, sighing heavily. Every day the four of us; me, Kiba, Koneko-chan and Saji searched for the Excalibur. Our opponent was that shit priest Freed who worked under the Fallen-Angels. Apparently, he was hunting down priests sent by the Church. So we wandered around the town dressed in priests’ outfits but still couldn’t find him. Well my true feeling was that I didn’t want to ever see him again. We were wearing the priest outfit that Xenovia gave us that kept our magical power down, but still couldn’t encounter him. Where was that shit priest hiding? I wanted to find him so Kiba could destroy the Excalibur… At this rate, we would get caught by Buchou and get into deep shit. She had started getting suspicious of us…… I’m sorry Buchou for doing something like this without telling you. I will apologise to you a lot afterwards. I will work hard as well. That’s why please let us do this. Like that I was apologising to her within my heart.

“You have a serious face lately, Ise.”

Motohama said to me while fixing the position of his glasses.

“Eh? Aaah, yeah kinda. Even I have to think about certain things sometimes.”

“Is it that? Were you thinking about groping Rias-senpai’s oppai or Himejima-senpai’s oppai?”

“I always have a hard time choosing that every day, Motohama. By the way, in terms of size, Buchou wins. Buchou also wins in terms of fullness. But in terms of softness Akeno-san wins…… No, Buchou has more meat but Akeno-san’s ones has good balance with the oppai and the areola. So it reminds me of something like Yamato Nadeshiko! In terms of having fun, groping Buchou wins. But Akeno-san’s oppai is also big.”

“If you keep on doing that, you are going to get killed by senpai’s worshipers one day, you know? There are many of them at this school.”

“Motohama…… Oppai is more important than life.”

“…That’s deep. I felt a shock in my heart.”


There was someone pinching my cheek. It’s Asia-chan. She seemed like she was in a really bad mood.

“Ahia-khan vhat ar yu duong?”


Asia was pinching my cheek without saying a word. But it did seem like Asia, because she wasn’t pinching me hard. She must have heard everything I just said……

“Damn it! Ise, you Ero-daiou! [5] You have violated the Occult Research Club! And not only that, but you also receive that kind of treatment from Asia-chan! Nuooooooo!”

Matsuda was spitting out his anger at me while holding his head down.

“…We know, Ise. Apparently you link your arms with Rias-senpai and Asia-chan after your club activity, don’t you? Are you trying to go home while having two flowers in your arms? You should get blown away to a different dimension and get melted by slimy monsters.”

No,no Motohama. It’s not as simple as you say. That’s because Asia and Buchou are competing with each other for some unknown reasons. That’s why I feel awkward since I am in the middle of it…… More like there isn’t any space to breath when I’m between them! Every time that happens, I imagine bad things like “Can I actually become a Harem King?” I’m a useless guy because I can’t even control a single girl.

“By the way, Ise. What are you going to do about the plan for karaoke and bowling?”

Motohama asked me after he reverted to his usual self. Yes. We were planning to play for half a day during the next weekend with the three of us, Asia, and Kiryuu. We had also invited Koneko-chan and Kiba. Asia and Kiryuu were coming. Surprisingly, Koneko-chan was eager to come as well. I thought that she would decline for sure……… The problem was Kiba. I had talked to him, but it was this situation……

“Asia and Kiryuu are going. So is Koneko-chan.”

“Uooooooooo! Asia-chan and Toujou Koneko-chan! I can put my tension up with this!”

Matsuda shouted. Oh, he’s even shedding tears… It seemed as if he was craving to talk with girls. I’m sorry Matsuda. I’ll keep on moving ahead of you. That’s because I spent my everyday life with bishoujos. But there are also difficult things in it as well.


There was someone who smacked Matsuda on the head. It was the girl with glasses, Kiryuu.

“I’m sorry for going as well.”

She made an unpleasant face.

“Fu. You are just an extra of Asia-chan. We already have a person wearing glasses, and that’s Motohama. Well it’s alright.”

“What’s with that attitude, Matsuda? Don’t put me in the same group as that perverted glasses. He will just taint our group.”

“This woman! Motohama’s glasses are special because it can calculate the BWH of girls! He’s different from you!”

But Kiryuu just smirked after hearing Matsuda.

“Did you actually think that he is the only one with that ability?”


All of us felt uneasy! Kiryuu then looked down at our crotch!

“Hmm I see, I see.”

I felt something dangerous so I hid my crotch with both hands! When I looked, Motohama and Matsuda had done the same! After looking at our reactions, Kiryuu’s glasses shone.

“Fufufu. My glasses can calculate the size of guys’ “thingy”. From length to circumference.”

Wh-What a terrifying ability! Then does Kiryuu know the size of all the males' “thingy” in our classroom!? I was getting scared. But Kiryuu put her hand on my shoulder and smirked.

“It’s okay. Your size is quite big. If it’s too big it would put down women, but you still need a certain size for it. Yes, Rias-senpai and Asia would definitely be satisfied.”

Uoooooooo! It’s sexual harassment! I’m getting sexually harassed by a girl!

“Good for you, Asia.”


Asia became confused with Kiryuu’s words. You don’t have to tell her those kinds of things!

“Geez, it can’t be helped. I’m saying that Hyoudou’s thingy……”

Kiryuu whispered into Asia’s ear!

“He, hey! Don’t tell weird stuff to Asia!”

I pulled Asia towards me to guard her. Man, I can’t let my guard down in front of this girl. We-Well, Asia has already seen my thingy before……

“Anyway. Then everyone except Kiba-kun is going, right?”

Kiryuu changed her attitude quickly after she realised that she couldn’t continue this conversation.

“No, I will try to make Kiba come as well somehow. He did say he would come as well before.”

Yeah. I will take him somehow. We are going to have the time of our life!

Part 4[edit]

After school on the same day.

We gathered in the park and changed to the priests’ and sisters’ clothes after finishing our normal club activity. The crosses we were wearing were fakes. If they were real then we would had gotten injured. We walked around town in these clothes. We walked mainly in places where there weren’t any people. I seriously wanted to get some leads today.

Though I was thinking that, time went by quickly and now it was already evening…… We would get in trouble if we didn’t return soon. This action was kept secret from Buchou and the others, and it would also be troublesome if we got caught by the student council.

“Fuu. No progress today as well.”

Saji said as if he lost interest. Saji was the one who was most eager to do this. This guy is truly a nice guy. Our first meeting was the worst, but it seems like we can get along. He’s perverted at the same level as me. You can say that he’s the Sitri group’s version of me. I was thinking like that, but Kiba who was walking in front of us stopped his feet.


Koneko-chan also seemed like she felt something.


That instant I felt chills in my body. This was a killing intent? Was it aimed at us?

“Look up!”

Saji shouted. When all of us looked up, there was a white haired boy priest falling down with a long sword!

“Something like a divine protection for the group of priests ay!”


Kiba took his demonic-sword out quickly and blocked Freed’s slash.


“…! Is that voice you, Ise-kun? Heeee. Well isn’t this a weird reunion!? How is it? Has your Dragon power increased? Is it all right to kill you now?”

This bastard has a crazy attitude like always! So the sword he’s holding now is the Excalibur? I can certainly feel the dangerous aura coming out of it, just like Irina’s and Xenovia’s. We took off the priest clothes, revealing our usual uniform. Koneko-chan also took off her sister’s outfit. Well, a small sister also looked cute though.

“Boosted Gear!”


My power increased. My duty this time was to support. I transferred my power boost to Kiba. I wanted Kiba to fight as much as he could, but I would have to help if it got dangerous.

“Stretch my line!”


Something that looked like a skinny black hand left Saji’s hand and headed for Freed. On his hand, there was a cute looking deformed lizard face equipped. The line was coming from its mouth. Then that skinny hand was the tongue of the lizard!

“Such a pain!”

Freed tried to knock it away with his holy-sword, but the lizard’s tongue changed its direction and went downwards. It stuck onto Freed’s right foot, and it started to swirl around his leg. Freed tried to cut the tongue off with his swords, but it went past as if the tongue didn’t have any physical form.

“You can’t cut it that easily. Kiba! With this he can’t escape! Beat him down!”

Good work Saji! I see, he stopped his movements! Freed has fast legs. It’s a good idea to stop him from escaping. You have a sharp head, Saji!

“Thank you!”

Kiba rushed in quickly! He was going towards Freed with two demonic swords.

“Chi! So it’s not only the “Holy Eraser”, I see! Having multiple demonic-swords. Are you the possessor of “Sword Birth”, perhaps? Wow. You are guilty of having a rare Sacred Gear, you know!”

Freed seemed like he was enjoying it, which was the opposite of what he was saying. So he was still a crazy battle freak like always!

“But. Normal demonic swords can’t put up a challenge against……”


Kiba’s two demonic swords broke after making a sound of a crack!

“……my Excalibur-chan.”


Kiba once again created demonic swords. But it seemed like the Excalibur was too powerful. It could break the demonic swords in a single swing!

“Kiba! Do you want to receive my power?”

“I can still go on!”

Kiba declined my support. It seemed he was quite ticked off. Well that was to be expected. Kiba already lost to Xenovia's Excalibur once already. His pride probably wouldn’t allow him to lose this second time as well.

“Hahaha! The way you look at my Excalibur is scary. Do you perhaps hold a grudge against it? Well I don’t know what happened to you! But if you get cut by this, you can’t avoid being eliminated without a trace you know? You will die, you know! You are going to die! Just die!”

Freed jumped! Kiba tried to block him by making the demonic swords appear around the area. But…


The holy-sword, which was covered in white-blue light, broke Kiba’s swords in a single blow! Freed did his second strike without any moment to spare! That was bad! Kiba was going to get killed! Then I felt something weird……… Huh? Am I being lifted up? I looked down timidly, and it was Koneko-chan. Koneko-chan was lifting me up!!

“……Ise-senpai. Please help Yuuto-senpai.”


I got thrown with a lot of power! I got thrown up into the air by a shoujo with super-human strength! Uwaaah! Koneko-chan, I’m not an object! You can’t throw me!

“Uooooooooo! Koneko-chaaaaaaaan!!”

I got closer to Kiba as I screamed. Shit! It can’t be helped then!

“Kibaaaaaaaa! I will transfer my power to youuuu!”

“Uwah! Ise-kun!”

I activated my Sacred Gear as I approached Kiba.


It made a sound and the Dragon's power went into Kiba! There was an aura coming out of Kiba’s body. There was quite an amount of magical power covering his body.

“……I have to use it since I received it! “Sword Birth”!”


There were blades coming out around the whole area! From the ground! From the light pole! There were different shapes of blades popping out from different places.


Freed made a noise with his tongue, and then started to break the demonic swords going at him.


Kiba disappeared with his demonic-sword as soon as he found an opening. He used the demonic-swords as a platform and moved around freely! Wow! With my eyes, I could only see something moving left and right! That’s to be expected from the “Knight” with speed! Freed was following Kiba’s movement with his eyes!


Along with the sound of the wind, there was a demonic-sword heading towards Freed! Kiba threw one of the demonic swords when he was using the demonic-swords as a foot path! No! It’s not just one demonic-sword! There were several demonic-swords coming from every direction!

“Uhaa! That is a good circus trick! You rotten Devil!”


Freed knocked away the demonic-swords one after another with an expression of excitement!

“My Excalibur is “Excalibur Rapidly”! In terms of velocity, it won’t lose to anything!”

The holy-sword that Freed held started to vibrate at the tip, and then disappeared! It meant the holy-sword was moving that fast! Freed destroyed all of the demonic-swords and then rushed towards Kiba!


“It’s not working!”

The demonic-swords that Kiba had in both hands crumbled.


The moment Freed’s sword was going downwards at Kiba……


Freed’s body was pulled back, and he lost his balance.

“Like I would let you!”

It was Saji! The lizard pulled its tongue back, which made Freed lose his stance! At the same time, the lizard’s tongue made a shallow light. It looked like it was coming from Freed and going into Saji.

“……This is!? Shit! Are you absorbing my powers!?”

Absorbing!? Did that tongue that was coming out of Saji have some kind of special ability?

“Heh! How’s that! This is my Sacred Gear “Absorption Line”! As long as this line is connected to you, your power will continue to be absorbed by my Sacred Gear! Yeah! Until you lose your consciousness that is!”

Sacred Gear! I see! So Saji is a Sacred Gear possessor as well! So if that is connected to you, you continue to have your power absorbed! And you can’t even cut it with a holy-sword! Now I don’t feel like fighting against Saji………

“……Dragon-type Sacred Gear is it!? The most troublesome type. The initial ability isn’t that much of a threat. But when it grows, the destructible power surpasses other Sacred Gears on a whole different level. Scary. Man, it is such a nuisance!”

Freed tried to take it off again with his holy-sword, but there wasn’t a scratch on Saji’s Sacred Gear. Is it the type you can’t damage with physical swords? And did he say Dragon-type? That lizard is a Dragon!? I don’t understand it, but that’s a nice Sacred Gear!

“Kiba! It’s not the time to be complaining! Just beat that guy! The problem with the Excalibur can come after that! This guy is seriously dangerous! Just standing in front of him makes me tremble! If we leave him be, he will also cause harm to me and Kaichou! I will weaken him by absorbing his power with my Sacred Gear, so take him down at once!”

Saji suggested a plan. It was a good plan indeed. I also thought that was the best method. This guy was seriously dangerous. It was better to finish him here. But Kiba put on a complicated expression. I knew the reason. He was regretting because he couldn’t win with his own power. But Kiba should have also understood that it would be beneficial to finish him off now. Kiba created a demonic-sword as if he had made his determination.

“……I feel reluctant, but I also agree to finish you off here. There’s still two more Excaliburs that were stolen. I will have to hope that the other two are strong.”

“Ha! I’m stronger than the other two, you know? So! The moment you four beat me, there aren’t others who will put up with you guys! Are you sure? If you kill me, you won’t have any holy-sword battle that would satisfy you.”

Freed said it with a disgusting smile. Kiba’s eyes also changed after hearing that. Nggggg. He was such a nuisance! This Freed was!

“Hmmm. “Sword Birth” huh? It’s a Sacred Gear that can have an infinite number of powers depending on the possessor.”

Then there was the voice of another person. When I looked that way, there was an old man wearing priest clothes standing there.

“……Is it you old-man Valper?”

Everyone became shocked at Freed’s word. Valper!? Isn’t Valper the guy who Xenovia was talking about? The one who disposed of Kiba and his comrades during the “Holy Sword Project”…… Just like the Excaliburs, what a fateful meeting!

“……Valper Galilei!”

Kiba glared at the old man with eyes full of hatred.

“I certainly am.”

The old man admitted it normally. So this guy was Kiba’s enemy.

“Freed. What are you doing?”

“Old-man! I can’t run away because of this guy’s weird lizard tongue!”

“Hmph. You still can’t use the holy-sword perfectly yet. Use the “element” I gave you more wisely. I’m researching because of that. Gather the holy element that is running throughout your body to the blade of the holy-sword. With that, you should be able to cut it.”

“Yeah, yeah!”

Freed's holy-sword had started to gather auras and started to glow!

“Like this! Horyah!”


Saji’s Sacred Gear was cut with ease, and the only thing that was holding Freed was gone! This was bad! He was going to escape!

“I will be escaping now! The next time we meet will be the time of our ultimate battle!”

Freed said that but……

“I won’t let you escape!”

There was someone who went past me with a very fast speed.


There was a blade clashing with Freed’s holy-sword that was igniting sparks! It was Xenovia!

“Yaho! Ise-kun.


Irina was also here as well. Ooooh! The partner’s of our cooperation were here!

“Freed Sellzen. Valper Galilei. Rebels. I will cut you both down in the name of God!”

“Ha! Don’t say the name of the hateful God that I hate! You bitch!”

Freed and Xenovia exchanged swords, but he took something out. It was a ball of light. That was!? The item used for escaping!

“Old-man Valper! We are escaping! We are going to report to the boss, Kokabiel!”

“There’s no other way.”

“See ya! The alliance of Church and Devils!”

Freed threw down the ball of light on the ground.


I couldn’t see anything! The light covered the whole area and blinded our eyes! By the time we regained our sight, Freed and Valper were gone. Shit! We came all the way here and we lost track of him!

“We are going after them Irina.”


Xenovia and Irina nodded at each other and sprinted from here.

“I’m going after them too! I won’t let you escape Valper Galilei!”

“He-Hey! Kiba! Geez! What’s going on!”

Everyone was doing whatever they felt like! The ones who stayed behind were me, Koneko-chan and Saji. We loosened our battle stances and took a breath. Then I felt the presence of someone behind me.

“When I thought that the flow of power was irregular……”

“This is certainly troublesome.”

I turned around after hearing a familiar voice and……

“Ise. What’s the meaning of this? Explain.”

Buchou and Kaichou were standing there with serious faces. I turned blue.

Part 5[edit]

“……Destroying Excalibur. You two……”

Buchou didn’t have a pleasant face and she put her hand on her forehead.

After the incident with Freed, Buchou and Kaichou took the three of us, Saji, Koneko-chan and me, to the nearby park. Then we were forced to do seiza [6]in front of the fountain.

“Saji. You were doing something like this behind me? You truly are a troublesome child.”

“Auuu…I-I’m sorry Kaichou……”

Kaichou was also talking to Saji with a cold expression. Saji’s face became so blue that it was dangerous. He must have been truly scared.

“So Yuuto went after that person called Valper?”

“Yes. I think he’s with Irina and Xenovia…… I think that he’s going to call us if something happens……”

“Do you think Yuuto who became an avenger would call us normally?”

You are absolutely right. Buchou then looked at Koneko-chan.



“Why did you do this?”

“…I don’t want Yuuto-senpai to go away……”

Koneko-chan told her true feelings. Buchou looked confused rather than angry when she heard that.

“……Saying this when it has already happened won't change anything I guess. But what you two did could have affected the world of Devils. You understand that, right?”



Koneko-chan and I nodded our heads at the same time. We understood that very well. No, we didn’t know how serious it was. I was acting while thinking that there was a bit of danger involved. So the scale of this case that Buchou imagined and the one I imagined are different. Seems like I was taking it too lightly.

“I’m sorry Buchou.”

“……I’m sorry Buchou.”

Koneko-chan and I bowed our heads. I didn’t think she would forgive us with this, but I had to. I’m truly sorry Buchou.


When I looked at the direction from where the sound was coming from, Saji was there getting his butt spanked! Oooou, Saji! What a sad view!

“Looks like you need to reflect on your behaviour.”

“Uwaaaaaaan! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please forgive me Kaichouuu!”

“No. 1000 spankings.”


Kaichou was covering her hand with demonic-power. He was getting spanked with that hand! It seemed quite painfull! Man, getting that when you are a high school student must be truly painfull!

“Hey Ise. Don’t look away.”

“I sent my familiar to search for Yuuto. Let’s go to him with the rest of the club members when he is found. We will decide what to do from there. Okay?”



Koneko-chan and I replied to Buchou’s words.


Buchou pulled us to her and hugged us. I could feel Buchou’s warmth.

“……You two really are stupid children. Making me worry so much………”

Buchou said it with a gentle voice while she patted me and Koneko-chan’s head. Buchou… I’m sorry. To make you worry about us…… Aaaah, I can feel her kindness. I’m glad I’m her servant. To have a kind master like her.

“Uwaaaaaaan! Kaichouuu! They finished with a good atmosphere!”

“They are them. We are us.”


It looked like Saji’s spanking wasn’t going to end anytime soon. Looks like making Kaichou pregnant and marrying her is really far away.

“Now Ise. Show me your bottom.”

…………Huh? Bu-Buchou……didn’t you forgive me………? Buchou smiled with her hand covered with a crimson coloured aura.

“It’s the master’s duty to discipline their servants. You're also getting 1000 spankings.”

That day, my ass died.

Part 6[edit]

By the time Buchou and I arrived home, the sun was setting, it was almost night time. We parted ways with Koneko-chan along our way home. She was apologising to Buchou until she left. But she seemed like she didn’t regret it. Same as me. Also Kiba…… He followed those guys but he should be safe, right? ……And most of all, my ass hurts. I felt the love Buchou has towards her servants with my own butt.

“We are back!”

When Buchou and I took our shoes off and were about to walk the hallway, mum showed her face from the kitchen. She then waved her hands at us telling us to come silently. Mum you have a lecherous face. Buchou and I looked at each other and went towards the kitchen.

“Come here, Asia-chan.”


Asia leaped forward as if she was pushed by mum. Asia was wearing an apron. That’s what I thought but it was different. I think her skin was exposed more than it should have been…… N-No, this is…!?

Asiaaaaaaaaa!! What a wonderful……! No, what an indecent appearance!

“……A friend of mine in our class told me…… That you have to wear nothing under the apron when you work in a kitchen in Japan…… It’s e-embarrassing…but I have to get used to Japanese culture…………”

Asia said it with a red face.


There was blood coming out of my nose. Asia was trying to kill me……! She had started to become an erotic girl because of Buchou’s influence already. Who on earth told her something like this?

“Asia…… Who told you this?”

“Yes, my friend Kiryuu-san. Of course I’m not wearing my underwear…… It feels cold…… Aauu…”

She’s not wearing underwear… Asia told me something I didn’t even ask for. She was definitely becoming an erotic airheaded girl! Certainly I thought I could see her important part if I looked carefully…… No! No! I can’t look at Asia with such lecherous eyes!

“So it’s her! That perverted glasses woman!”

That damn Kiryuu! So she’s the main culprit behind all this! ……I felt a bit pathetic because there was a part of me saying “Good job mastermind!”. But I should warn her. Shit! That Kiryuu! Her plan as a mastermind definitely shows results! She did a good job!

“Ufufufu. She looks cute in it doesn’t she? I’m definitely supporting these things. Aaah, I remember when I was young……”

Mum!? What are you saying!? You did something like that with dad!? Yeah, you guys definitely are my parents! It’s perverted! But I didn’t want to hear stories like that about my parents!

“……I see. So there was a strategy like that.”

Buchou said with a regretful voice. Bu-Buchou-sama……? Wh-What is in your mind?

“Asia you can become a real Devil. You really are a lecherous girl.”

“Eh!? I don’t want to become a lecherous Devil!”

Buchou smirked and Asia replied with a troubled face and teary eyes. What is going on in here…?

“Wait a bit. I will also do the same. Asia. You have done well by making the first move.”

Buchou turned around and left the scene quickly.

“Wait Rias-san! I will also help!”

Mum went after Buchou. Hey! What are you guys doing!?

“Ummm, what’s going on? I don’t understand the situation……”

I put my hand on Asia’s shoulder while blood dripped from my nose.

“Asia. Yeah, it looks good on you. I will just say that for now. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

I thanked her a couple of times. Asia looked shy as well. Hmmmm, it’s only the two of us, so I should say what I wanted to now.



“Even if those guys from the Church come, I will protect you. I will drive away anything that scares you.”

I told Asia my feelings. I won’t forgive anyone who points their fangs at Asia. I don’t want to lose this child ever again… Asia hugged me silently. Uooooo, she was hugging me while not having anything under the apron.

“……Ise-san. I don’t regret turning into a Devil. I also haven’t forgotten my faith to God. But I have gained something more important than my feelings to God.”

“Something important?”

“Ise-san. Buchou-san. Everyone in the club. School friends. Ise-san’s Otou-sama and Oka-sama. Everyone is important to me. I don’t want to lose them. I want to be with them forever. I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

Asia said it in my arms with a small trembling voice. This child was always alone. God didn’t help her. Others didn’t help her. I will not let Asia be alone. I will never let her be alone again!

“Asia, you aren’t alone. I will never let you be alone! We will be with you. Hahaha. It might not be good, but I will always be with Asia. That’s why you can’t cry. So smile. A smile suits Asia the best!”

“……I’m glad I came to this country. I met with Ise-san. Ise-san……… Ise-san……”

Asia put her face in my chest with a sweet voice. So I also hugged her and…


My hand stopped. Asia’s back was fully exposed…! Of course. She’s only wearing an apron to cover the front, so she had nothing to hide her back. Asia-chan, your pretty bottom is exposed! Haaa… Asia’s white skin looks so silky. I wanted to grind her skin once, but the “Good Heart” within me stopped myself from it! What should I do!? What can I do!? My hands were shaking because I had lost the place to position it. Her bottom!? Should I grab or fondle her pretty bottom!? I can’t do something lik…… Actually I want to do it! It feels like Asia will allow me even if she gets shocked about it…… No, no. I can’t use Asia, who is a person that I have to protect, for my own greed…… Aaah, my hands were moving towards her butt…

“I got kicked out. Rias-san got embarrassed…… Ah…… Ara ara.”

Mum returned and looked at me and Asia with a smirk.


“Oh my. Looks like the old granny got in your way. It's okay you know? The kitchen is also a battlefield. It’s not a problem to do it as long as you clean the mess, you know? Aaaah, I really want to see my grandchildren soon.”

Uwaaaaaaaah! I couldn’t stay here any longer so I got away from Asia and left the scene! I never expected to feel so…! Feel so……! Embarrassed being caught by my parent in a scene like that!

“Ise! I have also worn it!”

I heard Buchou’s voice, so I turned around……


More blood came out of my nose! Buchou appeared in an even more erotic apron than Asia’s! The apron JUST covered the important parts. It’s something that you can JUST understand that it’s an apron!

“Now Asia. We will start cooking with this.”


Both of them stood in the kitchen… But it was basically nude from behind…… Blood…… I didn’t have enough blood!

After that, dad returned from work and he also had blood coming out of his nose. So the father and son sat together and had tissues inside their nostrils.

“Daddy is blessed. All my stress from work disappeared.”

“Yeah, me too, dad. Somehow I can forget all the sad things now.”

“You have to make both of them your wives, my son. Then both Rias-san and Asia-chan would become my daughters.”

“Hahaha. I will do my best Otou-sama.”

We had a conversation of father and son while putting on a really happy face.

Part 7[edit]

That night, Buchou, Asia and I also slept together. But both Buchou and I woke up because of an enormous pressure we had never felt before. Buchou jumped off the bed and stood in front of the window. Asia also got up after feeling something. When I looked down from the window, there was someone looking up……

“……Shitty priest!”

The one who had a sickening and evoking smirk was the white haired priest, Freed. That bastard! What happened after that? What happened to Kiba? Shit! I’m getting curious!? He waved his hands at us.

“……A Fallen Angel.”

Buchou said it with a voice filled with hatred and clicked her fingers. She instantly got into her uniform and opened the room's door.

“Yaho! Ise-kun. Asia-tan. Looks like you guys are in a bad mood. Were you doing alright? Ara ara, were you guys having sex? Then I’m sorry. Not reading the atmosphere is my charming point.”

When we got out of the house, the shitty priest talked to us with a weird speech.

“What do you want?”

I asked him, but he just shook his shoulder with a laugh. Was that pressure from before coming from this guy? No. I could feel something weird from this guy, but that was it. That heavy pressure surpassed that of a High-class Devil.

Buchou seemed like she noticed something and looked up. There was someone floating in the sky with the moon behind him. It was a………Fallen-Angel who had his black wings growing out from his back. One, two, three……… He had 10 black wings!? It was a young man who was wearing a black robe with detailed accessories. He smirked after seeing Buchou.

“This is our first time meeting, daughter of the house of Gremory. The crimson hair is beautiful. It reminds me of your brother that I hate enough to make me want to vomit.”

Uoooo! He suddenly gave such a provocative speech! I could feel hatred coming from his words. Buchou also had a cold face. S-Scary……

“Nice to meet you, one of the leaders of the Fallen-Angels, Kokabiel. And my name is Rias Gremory. I will also add one more thing. We and the house of Gremory are a being who are closest to the Maou, and also the furthest from it. If you are here to discuss about politics with me, then it’s no use.”

Kokabiel!? The Kokabiel!? The leader of the Fallen-Angels!? Isn't he the actual guy who appears in the bible and books!? He’s so famous! Crap! This is certainly bad! If I looked, Kokabiel was carrying something. I looked carefully……a person? Was he carrying a person?

“This is a gift.”

He then threw the person he was carrying at me.


I reacted immediately and tried to catch it.


The one who dropped into my arms was……Shidou Irina! She was covered in blood! She was breathing heavily! Her whole body was covered in wounds! Did this happen after she went to chase Freed!? What happened to Kiba and Xenovia!?

“H-Hey Irina!”

Even though I called her, she reacted painfully and didn’t respond. This looked bad!

“She came into my base. So I gave her a welcome. Well, I couldn’t catch the other two.”

Kokabiel said it with a laugh. From his story, Kiba and Xenovia escaped.


I put Irina on the ground, and made Asia heal her. There was a green light coming out of Asia’s body, which covered Irina. Irina’s expression started to soften and she started to breathe gently. She didn’t have her Excalibur. What happened to it? Kokabiel continued to talk without caring about my doubts.

“I wouldn’t do something as stupid as talking with a Maou. Well, if I rape and kill his little sister, then Sirzechs’ anger will be pointed towards me. That won’t be bad.”

Buchou glared at Kokabiel with disdainful eyes.

“……So what is your motive for contacting me?”

Kokabiel answered Buchou’s question with joy,

“I will be rampaging in this town using your base, Kuou Academy, as the starting point. Then Sirzechs will also appear, right?”


“If you do something like that, the War between God, Fallen-Angels and Devils will begin again you know?”

“That’s what I’m wishing for. I thought that Michael would start a War if I steal the Excalibur......... But what he sent were grunt Exorcists and two holy-sword wielders. It’s boring. I’m really bored indeed! That’s why I’m going to rampage at Sirzech’s sister’s base. See? It looks fun, right?”

Buchou made a sound with her tongue. It was proof that Buchou was really pissed. But. What insane plan was he trying to pull!? Isn’t Michael an Angel who is the most important next to God? Even someone like me who was new to this World has seen his name in books. He’s trying to start a War with someone big like that!? To be expected from the leader of Fallen-Angels!

“……You battle-freak.”

Buchou said it with hatred. But Kokabiel laughed with joy.

“Yeah. That’s it! I was bored and bored after the war between the three sides! Azazel and Shamza weren’t that keen on the next war. They then started to collect something boring like Sacred Gear and started to do some weird research. Something useless like that won’t be of any use to us! ……Well, it’s a different story if it’s a “Boosted Gear” like the one the brat over there has… But it’s not something you can find so easily.”

Kokabiel then looked at me. What enormous pressure…… My body was shaking unbelievably…… I then said it with a strong voice.

“……Are you guys also after my Sacred Gear?”

“At least I’m not interested in it. But Azazel might be. His collection hobby is crazy.”

Azazel? I think he was the Governor of the Fallen-Angels. Is he collecting Sacred Gears?

“Either way, I’m going to be starting a battle involving the holy-swords, Rias Gremory. For starting a war! A school where both little sisters of Sirzech's and Leviathan's go to. It must be filled with demonic-powers so that I can enjoy the chaos! It’s also the best place to release the real power of Excaliburs! It’s a good place for the battlefield.”

He was talking nonsense! He was seriously crazy!?

“Hyahahaha! Isn’t my boss the best? His craziness is the best. So I’m also eager to do it. He even gives me treats like this.”

What Freed took out was an Excalibur! He had one of them in each hand! He also had two of them on his hips!

“The one on the right is “Excalibur Rapidly”. The one on the left is “Excalibur Nightmare”. The one on my hip is “Excalibur Transparent”. I also received “Excalibur Mimic” from the girl over there! I also feel like getting “Excalibur Destruction” that the other girl has. Hyaa! Am I the first person in the World to be in possession of this many Excaliburs? I also received an element from the geezer Valper that allows me to wield holy-swords. Right now I’m in a hyper mode that allows me to wield all of them, you know? I’m invincible! I’m wonderful! I’m the strongest! Hyahahahahahahahaha!”

Freed laughed as if he found it really funny.

“Valper’s holy-sword research. It’s the real deal if it shows this much result. To tell the truth, it seemed suspicious when he joined my plan.”

So Kokabiel and Valper are together.

“What are you planning to do with the Excaliburs!?”

Buchou asked him. Kokabiel moved his ten black wings and moved his body in the direction of the school.

“Hahaha! Let’s have a War! Little sister of Sirzech Lucifer, Rias Gremory!”


Freed took out an item to blind us! This again!? Our sight was taken away for a while, but by the time it returned Kokabiel and Freed were gone!

“Ise! We are going to the school!”


A big battle against the leader of the Fallen-Angels was about to start!

Life.4 Go! Occult Research Club![edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Rias-senpai. We have covered the school with a large barrier. With this, unless something disastrous happens, there will be no damage outside.”

Saji reported the current situation to Buchou. We, the Occult research club and the student council, had gathered at the park located right in front of Kuou academy. Only Kiba wasn’t there. Where are you Kiba…… The injured Irina was transported to Kaichou’s house. She avoided the worst case scenario thanks to Asia’s power. Saji from the student council was explaining about the barrier to Buchou. Possibly because of the spanking he got earlier, he stood unnaturally. According to his story, Shitori Souna-senpai, who is the kaichou, had gathered everyone from the student council and put a big barrier on the school after she heard the situation from Buchou. It was a measure used to keep the things occurring inside from leaking outside. The opponent was one of the leaders of the Fallen-Angels who appeared in the bible and books.

“This is to keep it to the minimum. To tell you the truth, if Kokabiel were to fight seriously, not only this academy, but the whole region would be annihilated. Adding to that, he has already gotten ready for that. My servant has seen him releasing his power at the school grounds.”

Wha…… I became speechless at Kaichou’s words. Are you serious!? We are talking about something that big!? So it meant he was someone that serious……… He seriously was a troublesome Fallen-Angel leader! He was going to destroy my town because he wanted to do what he wished, which was to start a war!? Don’t mess around. Don’t fuck around you shitty Fallen-Angel! I won’t let you do as you please! I’m planning to live and enjoy my life in this town with Buchou, Asia and everyone! My anger was at its MAX, and Kaichou continued to explain.

“My servants and I will continue to place the barrier to reduce the damages. I want to minimise the damages as much as possible…… It’s hard to prevent having our school getting damaged. But it looks like we have to since it’s the leader of the Fallen-Angels who is moving.”

Kaichou made a sharp eye and looked in the direction of the school with eyes filled with hatred. She was probably directing it to Kokabiel. Then it was confirmed that the school would get damaged. The school I……we go to……

“Thank you, Sona. We will do the rest from here.”

“Rias. Our enemy is a monster with strength above ours. It’s still not too late. We should get your Onii-sama……”

Buchou shook her head.

“You also didn’t call your Onee-sama.”

“My Onee-sama is…… Your Onii-sama loves you. Sirzechs-sama will definitely move. So……”

“I have already informed Sirzechs-sama.”

Akeno-san said it over Buchou and Kaichou’s words.


Buchou criticised. But Akeno-san had an angry expression.

“Rias. I know that you don’t want to cause problems for Sirzechs-sama. It happened in your territory. In your base. And it happened after the family problem. But it’s a different story if the leader of the enemy appears. It is a problem that surpasses the level that you can solve. Let’s borrow the strength of a Maou.”

……It was my first time seeing Akeno-san telling Buchou off. But, just as I thought, Akeno-san calls her “Rias” during private times and talks casually towards her. Buchou seemed like she wanted to say something. But she took a deep breath and nodded. Akeno-san put on her usual smiley face after she saw her.

“Thank you for understanding the situation, Buchou. Sona-sama. Sirzechs-sama’s reinforcement will be here in one hour.”

“One hour…… I understand. In that time, we, the student council, will vow to continue to place the barriers in the name of Sitri.”

Buchou seemed like she had made her decision as well after hearing Kaichou’s decision.

“……So one hour. Now my servants. We will be on the offensive. We will go inside the barrier and draw Kokabiel’s attention. Unlike the battle against Phoenix, this is a battle of life and death! Even so, I will not forgive you if you die! We will survive and continue to attend that school!”


We replied to her with energetic voices!

“Hyoudou! I will leave the rest to you.”

“I know that, Saji. You should worry about the damages on your ass.”

“Don’t say that! It feels like it will hurt even more if you say that! How about your ass?”

Ngggh! My ass started to hurt after he said that!

“Fufufu. Buchou’s love certainly hurts. Well the situation right now is the same as having our asses on fire.”

“No, no. I can’t laugh at that. So Kiba isn’t here yet?”

“Yeah. I believe that he is safe.”

“Yeah. I also believe in him as well.”

Saji and I put our fist together and prayed for our missions. It was a decisive battle! If it became serious, then I would also……

[Leave it to me, partner. Our opponent is Kokabiel. He’s not an insufficient opponent. Let’s show him.]

Yeah, Ddraig. We will show him. The power of the Dragon that picked a fight with God and Maou.

Part 2[edit]

We went in straight from the main gate. The moment I entered, I used promotion to promote from “Pawn” to “Queen” so my power increased. My “Queen” was still weak compared to Akeno-san because I had only been a Devil for a short-time.

……I became speechless after seeing a bizarre scene. In the middle of the school field, there were four swords that were releasing extreme lights while floating. Having the swords at the centre, there was a suspicious looking magic circle spread in the whole school field. There was an old-man located in the middle of the magic circle. Valper Galilei? That geezer. What was he planning to do by using the magic circle?

“What is this……?”

I spoke out my doubt.

“I’m going to make the four Excaliburs into one.”

Valper said it as if he found it amusing.

“Valper. How much longer will it take for the Excaliburs to merge?”


There was a voice from up in the sky! When all of the club members looked up, there was Kokabiel who had the moon as a background. He was sitting on a chair up in the sky while looking down on us…… Was it the power of a Fallen-Angel that was making the chair float? He was crossing his legs confidently!

“It won’t even take 5 minutes, Kokabiel.”

“Is that so. I will leave it to you.”

Kokabiel moved his eyes from Valper to Buchou.

“Is Sirzechs coming? Or is it Serafall?”

“In the places of Onii-sama and Leviathan-sama, we……”


After the sound of the wind, there was a sound of explosion that echoed throughout the area! The sound came from the place where the gym is. No, where the gym WAS. There wasn’t even a trace of it! Did it get blown away!?

“Boring. Well that’s okay. It will be entertaining.”

There was a big pillar made of light where the gym was located. Was that perhaps the spear of light? Yo…you must be joking…… That’s too big! If compared with that Fallen-Angel woman, it was like comparing a toothpick and a fishing rod! If I was to get hit by that……

[Are you scared partner?]

Ddraig directly talked to me. Of course I would get scared after seeing that! It was not a matter of being beyond us! It was totally on a different level to us!

[Yeah. It’s on a different level. He is so strong that his name has been recorded in the bible since ancient times. He is the one who survived the battle against God and the past Maou.]

Can we win? Can I beat him?

[If it becomes serious, I will beat him even if I have to turn most of your body into a Dragon. Even if you can’t beat him, I will give him damage that will freeze him for an hour. You can leave the rest to the Maou.]

……So he’s that powerful. Looks like I have to make my decision as well…… Well, using the armour will be my last resort. That only makes me strong for 10 seconds. The power of my Balance Breaker that ignores the limit of my stamina and demonic powers would become invincible once I activate it. But after using that, I can’t use my Sacred Gear for three whole days. Using it would be a sink or swim situation.

“Now. I will have you all fight my pet that I brought from hell.”

Kokabiel clicked his fingers. Then from the depths of darkness there was a sound of the ground rumbling as it came closer to us. That thing was something that far exceeded my expectations. Eight……no it probably was ten meters tall with a large body. It had four legs, and each leg was thick. Also the claws that grew from each leg looked so sharp that I felt chills behind my back. The eyes that were glittering from the darkness were red. From its mouth, what it had were dangerous looking fangs. The fangs were close to each other, and from the gaps there were white breaths pouring out. The animal which resembled it the most was a……dog. But dogs aren’t this big! That’s because dogs don’t have three heads!


Its howl was so loud it felt like it shook the ground! The three heads howled at the same time!


Buchou said it with a voice filled with disgust.


“Yes. It’s a famous creature that has the nickname of Guard-dog of Hell.”

Guard-dog of Hell……!? So this dog was a monster that sounded that dangerous!?

“It lives in the gate to Hell, no to the Underworld. But to bring it to the humans' world!”

“Is it bad?”

“We have to do it! We will blow it away, Ise!”

Ooou, Buchou. She’s pumped up! Then I will have to be pumped as well!

“Yes Buchou! Let’s do it, Boosted Gear!”


Okay doggy! Since it looks like you haven’t been tamed properly, I will have to discipline you! I was enthusiastic to do it, but Buchou put her hand on my shoulder.

“Ise. This time, we will back you up.”

“So do I give him the finishing blow by charging my power?”

Buchou shook her head at my question.

“No. I will have you support us. You will be transferring your boosted power to us. Boosted Gear is a Sacred Gear that powers you up and also increases the power of your comrades in a team battle.”

Increasing the power of comrades by using the ability of Gift. If I were to transfer the boosted power to Buchou and Akeno-san who were stronger than the normal me…… Also in terms of healing, if I were to increase Asia’s ability then the effect would become absolute! So I’m going to put my boosted power on top of the group members! Then perhaps it might be effective against Kokabiel? Even if we can’t give him an enormous amount of damage, we might gain the power to block his attacks!

“By the way, Ise. Including your power up, how many times can you transfer your powers?”

Buchou’s question. Yes, my Sacred Gear had a limit to how many times I could use it. My Sacred Gear that can multiply my power belongs to an unreal category. The number of times I can use it depends on the possessor, me. If I were to use it up, the Sacred Gear would stop functioning. Then my body would lose all strength.

“Right now with my current stamina, I can only transfer it 3 or 4 times with the maximum boost. No, I might faint after the fourth time so please think that I can only do it three times.”

“I see. So we can’t waste it.”

I’m sorry Buchou. If I were to use it with fewer boosts I could use it a bit more. But because of the one we are facing, it wouldn’t be like that. Somehow it felt like I had turned into a useful “item” for the whole day…… Well, that’s okay.


Buchou got her wings out from her back and flew up into the sky with Akeno-san.


Cerberus jumped after making a growl!


One of the heads looked towards Buchou who was flying and breathed out fire! Wow! It seriously was a monster!

“Too naïve.”

Akeno-san stood in front of Buchou and froze the fire instantly. Just to be expected from our “Queen”!

“Take this!”

Buchou jumped from behind Akeno-san and released an enormous black block of demonic-power. The blow from the power of destruction. Buchou’s demonic power is a powerful one that eliminates everything it touches.


The other head of the monstrous dog shot out a ball of fire! Buchou’s demonic power and the fireball of Cerberus clashed against each other violently! Then the other head shot out a fireball! Shit! Three attacks in a row! The second fireball assisted the first one that was getting pushed by Buchou’s strike! The strength of fire increased and it started to push Buchou’s strike. Then Cerberus tried to shoot another one! If it did another one, then even if it was Buchou……

“I have found an opening in you.”


Koneko-chan who jumped from beside me did a heavy blow onto Cerberus’s head! It made a loud sound! I don’t want to get hit by that, Koneko-chan!

“Here’s another blow.”

When Akeno-san pointed her fingers up, there was lightning created in the sky. She then pointed her fingers to Cerberus and……


After a single flash, Cerberus was surrounded by violent lightning! Akeno-san gave an extra special lightning to the doggy! Buchou’s blow also added to that! But Cerberus’ body didn’t get terminated and it just struck the side of its stomach. There was dark black blood coming out of the monster dog’s stomach. There was smoke coming from it. But it still had a shine in its eyes. It could still move even after receiving those attacks? And my power up…… It still hadn’t reached the limit. I was promoted to “Queen”, but I hadn’t become as strong as the “Queen” Akeno-san was. I still lacked training. My stats as a Devil were still low. I wanted to get stronger…… I was definitely going to survive this battle! Then I was going to get even stronger and become the “Ultimate Pawn” that Buchou was talking about!


Ummmm, I could hear a dangerous howl…… I turned around with scared thoughts and……

“There’s another one!?”

Another Cerberus appeared from the darkness! Don’t joke around! It’s not a joking matter that another one appeared!


It made a howl and it came towards me and Asia! Crap! Should we run!? The boosts won’t get reset as long as I don’t attack and receive any attacks! I had to run while carrying Asia! But it seemed like there was nowhere to run to in a school field like this!

“Ise! Just use the boost to increase your powers!”

Buchou gave me the permission to use the boosted power. That would be the best choice. But if I used it here, then it seemed like it would be used just to run away! But it couldn’t be helped if it was to protect Asia! It happened when I was about to do it.


One of the heads of the Cerberus that was coming at us went up into the sky. It was cut! By who? Kiba? But the person who appeared was the one who wielded a long Excalibur. It was Xenovia. The head of the Cerberus that was cut turned to dust.

“I have come to back you up.”


After saying that, Xenovia went on slashing towards the Cerberus' torso. The Cerberus howled in pain because it lost one of its heads.


The Cerberus’ torso split in half after receiving a fatal strike. There was smoke coming out, and the Cerberus started to vaporise. It was the effect of the holy-sword.

“The strike of the holy-sword. It gives critical damage to creatures.”


Xenovia thrust her sword deep into the Cerberus’ chest to finish it off. That moment, the Cerberus’ body turned into dust and disappeared.

My gauntlet started to flash. It hadn’t even reached the limit. But what was this phenomenon? I was feeling doubtful when Ddraig talked to me,

[It’s telling you that it has reached the stage where the Cerberus can be defeated if you transfer it to Rias Gremory or Himejima Akeno.]

Are you serious? Since when did it get such a convenient system?

[It means that both you and the Sacred Gear are evolving day by day. It has made possible what you desired. As you can’t tell the power difference between you and the opponent, you didn’t know how many boosts you needed. It has started to tell you now.]

I certainly thought about that, but it actually responded to my weak point? So it means it can respond to the power difference between me and my opponent now. That’s certainly a good thing! I shouted towards Buchou and Akeno-san who were flying up the sky.

“Buchou! Akeno-san! I have got enough power to take down Cerberus!”

Hearing that, Buchou and Akeno-san looked at each other and nodded. Both of them came down to me at the same time.

“Ise! You increased the strength of the cross and holy water in the battle against Raiser, right?”

“Eh? Ah, I certainly did.”

“So it’s possible to increase both of us at the same time then! Please transfer the power to Akeno and I!

Ddraig. It was all of a sudden that time, but is it possible?

[Yeah. If it’s just two at the same time then it’s possible. Except that I can only transfer 70 to 80 percent of the boosted power.]

I explained that to Buchou and Akeno-san. The two of them were okay with it.

“I think that would be enough.”

“Yes. We can do it.”


Buchou and Akeno-san replied at the same time. I put my hand on Buchou’s and Akeno-san’s shoulders and activated my Sacred Gear.

“Let’s do it, Boosted Gear!”



An enormous amount of power went to Buchou and Akeno-san through my body. They instantly gained an enormous amount of demonic-power. Both of them were shocked at the amount of power that was overflowing from them.

“……We can do this.”

Akeno-san nodded to Buchou’s daring smile.


“Yes! Thunder! Resound!”

Akeno-san pointed her fingers to the sky and started to control the thunder. Her fingers were aimed towards the Cerberus.

! The Cerberus tried to run from the spot as if it predicted the upcoming thunder!


Countless swords pierced through the Cerberus' limb! The swords were coming out from the ground! This is……

“I won’t let you escape.”

The person who appeared was our “Knight”! It was Kiba’s Sword-Birth! That guy came at a good time!


The thunder went down at Cerberus after it lost its movement due to the demonic-swords. The lightning was so big that it couldn’t be compared to the one before! The lightning covered more than half of the school grounds!



The howl of the Cerberus was overshadowed by the sound, and its body turned to nothingness from the lightning. Because of its major power up, the potential demonic-energy got used up rapidly responding to the strength of it. Even if it was Buchou and Akeno-san, continuous shots would have been hard for them as well. The moment the big dog disappeared, Buchou pointed her hand towards Kokabiel!

“Take this! Kokabiel!”


There was a gigantic mass of demonic-power that shot out from Buchou’s hand!

“It’s huge!”

I slipped my words. It was more than 10 times bigger than the usual shot Buchou fires! It gained high velocity and went towards the leader of the Fallen-Angels who was sitting up in the sky! The power of destruction fell on top of Kokabiel! Perish with that! But… He just stretched one of his hands to the front.


He was blocking Buchou’s shot with only one of his hands! You must be joking! He stopped a gigantic shot like that with only one hand!?


Kokabiel faced his palm towards the sky. The shot that was fired by Buchou changed its direction and went up to the sky and disappeared. Kokabiel showed his malicious smile after seeing the smoke coming out of his hand.

“I see. Rias Gremory’s power would grow this much because of the power of Sekiryutei. Interesting. This is very interesting indeed. Kukuku.”

Kokabiel started to laugh by himself as if he find it funny.

“…It’s complete.”

Valper’s voice. Then the four Excaliburs that were placed on the center of the school field started giving out incredible amounts of light. What is it? What was happening? Kokabiel started applauding.

“The four Excaliburs are going to become one.”

It started giving out divine light that spread throughout the school field. Because of its brightness, we covered our faces with our hands. When I stared at the center of the school field, I saw that the four Excaliburs were put on top of each other. Excalibur that was originally one. It was split into seven, but four of them were going to become one. When the bright lights were gone, there was one holy-sword at the center of the field giving out a blue-white aura.

“Because of the light created by the Excalibur when it turned into one, the spell on the ground is also complete. This town will collapse within 20 minutes. The only way to dispel it is by beating Kokabiel.”

Valper said something astonishing. I became speechless. Of course. Because the town I live in would collapse in less than 20 minutes! The magic circle spread around the whole school field and it started glowing and gathering power. Did it activate!? Are you serious!? Is the town I live in…… Is the town we live in seriously going to disappear!? Lies! That’s a lie! We didn’t have the time to be saying something so easygoing like "we have to withstand it until Sirzechs-sama and the others arrive"! By the time Maou-sama’s reinforcement would have arrived, this town would already have been blown away!


Kokabiel called out the name of that shitty priest.

“What’s up, Boss?”

A white haired boy priest emerged from the darkness.

“Use the Excalibur in the circle. It shall be the last entertainment. Fight while using the Excalibur that has turned into one from the four Excaliburs.”

“Yeah yeah. Geez. My Boss sure uses people recklessly. But but! It’s like I’m so honoured to use the Excalibur-chan that has become super wonderful! Something like that? Uhehehe! I will just chop some Devils now!”

Freed put on a crazy smile while holding the Excalibur located at the centre of the school field. So he could use it. He did say that he received a factor from Valper. Xenovia then spoke to Kiba.

“Rias Gremory’s “Knight”. If the cooperation is still valid, let us destroy that Excalibur together.”

“Is it okay?”

Xenovia laughed fearlessly at Kiba’s words.

“At worst, it won’t be a problem if I collect the “fragment” of the Excalibur that is acting as the core of it. Since Freed is wielding it, that is a holy-sword but it isn’t a holy-sword. Even if it’s a holy-sword, it’s the same as any other weapon. It changes depending on the person using it. That is a sword of heresy.”


Someone was laughing at the duo’s conversation. It was Valper.

“Valper Galilei. I am a survivor of the “Holy-sword Project”. No. I am the one who was killed by you to be more precise. I have continued living by being reincarnated into a Devil.”

Kiba said calmly to Valper. But his eyes were filled with flames of hatred. Depending on Valper’s answer it might become an explosive situation.

“Hou. The survivor of that project. This is such a misfortune. To meet you in a far east country like this. I feel fate. Fufufu.”

What a disgusting way of laughing. It was like he was making a fool out of us.

“You see. I like holy-swords. I like them so much that they come out in my dreams. Possibly because my heart was fascinated by the legend of Excalibur since I was a child. That’s why when I found out that I can’t use Excalibur I went into despair.”

Valper suddenly started talking about his life. A story about the geezer's past, huh.

“I held admiration for those who can wield it because I couldn’t. That feeling became so powerful that I started an experiment to create those who can use them. Then it was complete. It’s thanks to you and the others.”

“What? Complete? You disposed of us after finding us to be a failure.”

Kiba lifted his eyebrows seemingly in doubt. From Kiba, Buchou and Xenovia’s story I heard that the experiment failed. Didn’t they dispose of them because they found them to be a failure? But Valper shook his head.

“I realised that there was an essential factor needed to wield holy-swords. So I used the numerical value of the “factors” to investigate its capability. Most of the test subjects had the “elements” but they didn’t have the numerical value needed to wield the Excalibur. Then I reached a conclusion. Is there a way to take out the elements and gather them?.”

“I see. I understand now. The thing that is put inside the holy-sword wielders when they received a blessing is……”

Xenovia seemed like she learned the truth and grit her teeth hatefully. Wh-What did she mean? I was in doubt and Valper continued to talk,

“That’s right holy-sword wielder girl. We take out the holy-elements from those who have them and crystallise them. Just like this.”

Valper took out an orb that was giving out light. It was a shiny orb. It has the so-called holy aura in it.

“With this, the research on holy-sword wielders improved. Even so, those fools from the Church banished me for heresy and took away my reports on the research. By looking at you, I see that the project was succeeded by someone. That Michael. He made me look like a criminal and this is the result? Well it’s that Angel we are talking about. Even if he takes the elements out from the test subjects, he wouldn’t go as far as to kill them. That part only would make him more human than me. Kukukuku.”

Valper laughed pleasantly. I see. Even an idiot like me understood now. At present, to create holy-sword users artificially, it required a sacrifice. So Kiba and Xenovia were victims of the project started by Valper.

“……You killed my comrades and took out the elements needed to wield the holy-swords?”

Kiba asked Valper with his voice filled with killing intent.

“That’s right. This orb is from back then. I have used three of them on Freed though. This is the last one.”

“Hyahahahaha! Other guys besides me died because their bodies couldn’t synchronise with the elements! Hmmmmm. If I think like that, that makes me special.”

If it was just like Freed said, then the other ones who stole the Excalibur died. Chi! It would have been better if Freed was the one to die! Guys like him end up being tough.

“You thought that guys like me would end up being tough, didn’t you Ise-kun? No, no. I won’t die easily like that.”

Don’t read my thoughts, shitty priest!

“……Valper Galilei. How many lives have you sacrificed for your greed and experiments……”

Kiba’s hands were shaking and there was an aura of anger coming out of his body. What an incredible intensity.

“Hm. If you say that, then I will give this orb to you. My research has reached the stage where it is possible to mass produce them in the right environment. First of all, I will destroy this town with Kokabiel. Next I will gather the legendary holy-swords stored around the world. Then I will mass produce holy-sword wielders and start a war against Michael and the Vatican with the combined Excaliburs. I’m going to show the result of my research to those foolish Angels and their followers who have convicted me.”

So that was the reason why Kokabiel and Valper teamed up. Both of them had hatred towards the Angels. Both of them sought war. They were the worst pair! Valper threw away the orb as if he had lost interest in it. It rolled on the ground and went to Kiba’s foot. Kiba leaned down silently and picked it up. He patted the orb sadly, lovingly, and dearly.


There was a tear on Kiba’s cheek. His expression was filled with sadness and anger. Then it happened. The orb that Kiba held started giving out shallow lights. The lights started to spread and it eventually covered the whole school field. From the ground there were lights coming out and it started to form a shape. Then it formed into a proper shape. It took the shape of people. There were boys and girls who were giving out blue-white lights and they were surrounding Kiba. Were they perhaps……

“The various powers that are present on this battlefield made the spirits within the orbs appear.”

Akeno-san said. Things like this happen? Demonic-swords, holy-swords, Devils and Fallen-Angels. Everything was present here. So it was not weird for this to happen?

They looked at Kiba with a dear and sad expression.

“Everyone! I-I!”

Yes. Even I understood. They were also the ones who were involved in the “Holy-sword project”. They were the ones who were disposed of.

“……I have always……always thought about it. Was it all right that I was the only one that survived…… There were those who had more dreams than me. There were those who wanted to live more than me. Is it all right that I am the only one to have a peaceful life……”

Then one boy's spirit smiled and it seemed like he wanted to say something. He was moving his lips but I couldn’t understand what he was saying because I couldn’t read lips. Then Akeno-san read it for me,

“……[Don’t worry about us any more. You are alive at least]. That’s what they are saying.”

There were tears coming out from both of his eyes because it seemed like their thoughts reached him. Then the spirits of boys and girls started to move their lips in a rhythm. Were they singing?

“…The sacred song.”

Asia mumbled.

They were singing the sacred-song…… Kiba started to sing while shedding tears. When they were going through the painful experiment, this was the only thing they obtained to keep their hopes and dreams. This was the only support they had to continue living during their harsh life. Kiba and his comrades had the smiles of innocent children.

! Their bodies started to glow blue-white. Those lights were getting brighter, with Kiba in the center.

[We were no good alone.]

[We didn’t have enough elements to wield the holy swords. But.]

[It will be okay if we are together.]

I could also hear their voices. I heard that originally the sacred-song was supposed to make us Devils suffer. Maybe because there were different types of powers in this place, I didn’t feel any pain at all. Instead I felt warmth. Something warm that was thinking about friends and comrades… There were tears flowing out of my eyes suddenly.

[You have to accept the holy-sword.]

[It’s not scary.]

[Even if God is watching.]

[Our hearts are always…]


Their spirits went up into the heaven and they turned into a big light that fell down to Kiba.


Then Ddraig spoke to me. What is it? In an emotional situation like this!

[That “Knight” has reached it.]

I’m asking what do you mean!

[Sacred Gears change and evolve while using the feelings of the possessors as a key. But there is a different territory to that. When the feelings and the wishes of the possessor does a dramatic change that it changes the flow of this world, the Sacred Gear reaches it. Yes. This is……]

Ddraig made a laugh of enjoyment.

[Balance Break.]

The light that split the abyss night looked as if it was giving blessings to Kiba.

New Knight & New Rival[edit]

Part 1[edit]

I just wanted to live. I escaped from the research laboratory by myself and that was the only thing I thought about while vomiting out blood and running. I got out of the forest and met a little girl, a high-class devil, while the light of my life was disappearing.

“What do you desire?”

The crimson haired girl asked while she held me, who was on the verge of death. I just mumbled one word while my vision was blurring. “Help”. My life. My friends. My future. My friends. My power. My talent. My…

I just wished while having all of these thoughts. Those were my last words as a human.

“To live as a devil. That was the wish of my master, and also my wish. I thought that, it was fine. But…… I couldn't forget my hatred towards the Excaliburs and my comrades’ vengeance…… No, I could have forgotten about it. I…”

I have the best comrades now. Ise-kun and Koneko-chan. They helped me, who was driven by vengeance. I thought about it while searching for the holy-sword wielder. There are comrades who would help me. I thought that “Isn't this already enough for me?” But if my former comrades’ spirits are wishing for their vengeance, I can't let go of my demonic-swords that carry their hatred. But my thoughts were just released.

[Don't worry about us. At least you live.]

My former-comrades weren't wishing for me to deliver their vengeance. They weren't wishing for it!

“But it's not like everything is solved.”

Yes, it hasn't ended. If I don't take down the evil thing right in front of me, there will be a repetition of the incident that happened to us.

“Valper Galilei. As long as I don't kill you, there will be those who would suffer the same fate as us.”

“Hmph. It's been said for a long time that research always comes with sacrifices. Haven't you realised that yet?”

You certainly are evil!

“Kibaaaaaaaa! Cut down both Freed and Excalibur!”


“You are the “Knight” of the Gremory group and my comrade! My friend! Fight Kibaaaaaaa! Don't waste their feelings and spirit!”

"You have helped me. Even if you won't profit from it. Even if you might have received punishment from our master……”

“Yuuto! Do it! You have to finish this yourself! Surpass Excalibur! You are the servant of I, Rias Gremory! My “Knight” will not lose to a mere Excalibur!”

“Yuuto-kun! I believe in you!”

Buchou. Fuku-buchou[7]……… Rias-buchou! Akeno-san!



“Please do your best!”


“Hahaha! Why are you crying? You were singing with joy with the ghost-chan. It's really a nuisance. It's totally the worst. You know I hate that song. Just listening to it makes the hair on my skin crawl! I don't want to hear it any more. I'm totally at my limit! I'm going to cut you into pieces and calm myself! With this ultimate Excalibur that has merged 4 of them!”

Freed Sellzen. My comrades’ spirits reside within you. I can't allow you to do evil deeds with them any longer! These tears I have are tears of determination.

“……I will become a sword.”

My comrades. My comrades who have merged with my spirit. Let us overcome it together. The feelings we couldn't say back then! The wishes we couldn't fulfil back then! Right now, right here!

“I shall become the sword of Buchou and my comrades! Please respond to my feelings now! Sword-Rebirth!!”

My Sacred Gear and the spirits of my comrades mixed. It started to align and formed a shape. The demonic power and the holy power were combining.

High school dxd v3 000e.jpg

Yes, this sensation. My Sacred Gear is………my comrade is telling me--that this is sublimation. It was giving out divine light and an ominous aura. What appeared in my hand was a single sword…… It's completed, everyone.

“Balance Breaker “Sword of the Betrayer”. You shall receive the power of this sword that has both the power of light and demonic powers with your own body.”

I ran towards Freed.

My trait as a “Knight” is speed! Freed tried to grasp my movement with his eyes, but I got out of his sight by doing a few feints.


Even so, Freed blocked my strike. Seriously. You are quite a skilled, exiled-exorcist. But the aura that was covering his Excalibur was being erased by my sword.

“! That sword surpasses the originator of holy-swords!?”

He said in a shocked voice.

“If that was the true Excalibur, then I could not have won against it. But that Excalibur cannot cut the feelings of me and my comrades!”


Freed clicked his tongue, and stepped back after he pushed me back.


His Excalibur started to twist as if it were alive! It moved randomly and came towards me with intense speed! The ability of “Excalibur Mimic”! I see. It has four of the abilities. Then his sword split into two at the tip of the blade, and started to come at me with god speed. This is the ability of “Excalibur Rapidly”. If I remember, its trait was its velocity. It accurately tried to pierce me from every direction, but I blocked each strike. Your killing intent is easy to read. If I know which direction the killing intent is coming from, parrying it is very easy.

“Why!? Why isn't it hitting!? You are supposed to be the unrivaled holy-sword-sama, aren't you!? Weren't you supposed to have lots of legends of being the ultimate sword!?”

Freed shouted. I could see that his expression was filled with both enjoyment and impatience.

“Then! Then I have to add this as well!”

The tip of the holy-sword disappeared. Transparency pheromone? This is the power of “Excalibur Transparency”. The ability to make the blade transparent. But if he doesn't change the direction of his killing intent, even if I can't see the blade…


The transparent sword and my sword made sparks. I was parrying all of his attacks.


Freed narrowed his eyes and made a shocked face.

“Yes. Keep him there like that.”

Xenovia suddenly intruded. She held the holy-sword in her left-hand, and put her right-hand in the air.

“Saint Peter. Saint Basil the Great. Saint Denis. Holy-mother Mary. Please hear my voice.”

She started to chant something. What was she trying to do? I was in doubt, but the space in front of me got distorted. Xenovia put her hand in the middle of the distorted space. She put her hand in, and pulled something right out of the dimensional gap. What appeared was a single sword that gave out a holy aura.

“In the names of the saints whom reside within this blade, I will release it. Durandal!”

Durandal!? It’s a sword that is so famous that it is on par with Excalibur. And I have it that, in terms of slashing, it is the ultimate sword. Why does she have it?

“A Durandal!?”

“You were not the wielder of the Excalibur!?”

Not just Valper, even Kokabiel couldn’t hide his astonishment.

“Wrong. I was originally the wielder of Durandal. I was also chosen as the holder of the Excalibur. That’s all.”

Xenovia made a stance with Durandal. Two-sword style along with the Excalibur.

“Absurd! According to my research, we haven't reached the stage where someone can wield Durandal!?”

“Of course. Even in the Vatican, they haven't made someone who can wield Durandal artificially.”

“Then why!?”

“Unlike those common artificial holy-sword wielders like Irina, I'm a natural born wielder.”

Valper became speechless at her words. Unlike us, Xenovia was someone who was blessed to naturally wield the holy-sword.

“Durandal is a sword that ravages beyond what people can imagine. It cuts anything it touches. It doesn’t even listen to me most of the time. That's why I have to keep it in another dimension, otherwise it would be dangerous. Even I, the holder, has a hard time with it. Now, Freed Sellzen. Thanks to you, we can have the decisive battle between Excalibur and Durandal. Right now, I'm shaking with enjoyment. Don't die in a single strike okay? At least use the Excalibur to its fullest!”

The blade of Durandal started to give out more holy-aura than the Excalibur Freed held. That aura! It had more power than my Holy-demonic sword!

“Is that even allowed!? It became a situation like this! You shitty bitch! I don't need any of that for this setting!”

Freed shouted and moved his killing intent to Xenovia. I couldn't see with my eyes, but he probably slashed his transparent sword towards her.


With a single side slash, the Excalibur shattered. Because of the pressure given by the swing of Durandal, there was a big hole in the school field.

“So it's just a broken holy-sword, huh. It can’t even compete with my Durandal.”

Xenovia made a sigh while looking bored. What an incredible power. It can't even be compared with her “Excalibur Destruction”.

“Are you serious!? Are you really serious!? The legendary Excalibur-chan is shattered into pieces!? Horrible! This is really horrible! Kaaaa! Was it wrong to use something that was broken from the start? The shallowness of humans. The foolishness of the Church. I want to grow up while taking a glimpse of it!”

His killing intent became weak, and I went right at him! He also couldn't respond to it! Checkmate! He tried to block my Holy-demonic sword with the remnants of his Excalibur but……


A shallow shattering sound echoed. The sound of the Excalibur crumbling.

“Did you see it? Our powers have surpassed Excalibur.”

I cut down Freed as soon as I shattered the Excalibur.

Part 2[edit]

Freed fell down while blood came out of the wound I made from his shoulder to the side of his stomach.

I won…

We surpassed the Excalibur. I gripped the Holy-demonic sword hard and looked up to the sky. Rather than an inexpressible feeling, the feeling of losing my aim was greater. It felt like the only reason I was living………the only reason I was allowed to live……disappeared.

“Ho-Holy-demonic sword……? Impossible……… The polar opposite of two things cannot merge……”

Valper Galilei made a strong expression. That's right. It hasn't finished yet. As long as I don't defeat him, the tragedy will continue. We cannot allow other people to meet the same fate as us.

“Valper Galilei. Prepare yourself.”

I pointed my Holy-demonic sword at him and tried to slash at him. Now my comrades. Let’s finish it with this! Let’s finish everything!

“…I see! I understand now! Holy and demonic. It will be an explanation, if the beings that represent the two become unbalanced! Then not only the Maou but the God has also……”


A spear of light pierced through Valper's chest, who seemed like he realised something.

This is!


Valper went down after throwing a solid amount of blood. I went up to him to confirm his state. And he had already passed away.

“Valper. You were remarkable. The reason you went up to that conclusion proves that. But, I don't mind whether you are with me or not. I could have done it by myself from the beginning.”

Kokabiel who was up in the air was sneering. The one who killed Valper was Kokabiel.

“Hahahaha! Kahahahahahahahaha!”

Kokabiel laughed loudly and landed on the ground. An overwhelming pressure. The leader of the fallen-angels finally stood in front of us while sending out an intense aura and confidence. While smiling fearlessly he said,

“Increase the power of Sekiryuutei and transfer it to someone else.”

He made an order full of confidence, and Buchou got enraged.

“Are you trying to give us a chance!? Don't mess around!”

“Don't mess around? Hahaha. You guys are the ones who are messing around. Do you guys think you can defeat me?”

Just being stared at with those eyes felt like my body would get pierced. My whole body was controlled by fear…… This is the pressure of the fallen-angel that has been recorded in the bible since ancient times. There was sweat coming from my hand that was holding onto the Holy-demonic sword and the cold feeling continued up to my finger tips. This shivering couldn't be compared to the one I had in the battle against the house of Phoenix.

…Battle to the death. You couldn't stand in this place unless you were prepared to die and you had to accept the fact that it wouldn't be weird to lose your life. I have to change my motivation. Even if my grudge disappeared, the battle hasn't. My comrades wished for my survival. I need to live on. I will go through this battle. I will live on as a devil, and as a part of the Gremory group! Please lend me your strength. The Holy-demonic sword created by me and my comrades' feelings!

“……Ise. Activate your Sacred Gear.”

Ise answered Buchou’s order.


Along with the mechanical sound, a red light emanated from his Sacred Gear.

A few minutes from then. We couldn't move a single step. We were waiting for Ise-kun’s boost while not moving an inch. We could have gone towards the fallen-angel if he let his guard down. But the fallen-angel didn't show a single chance while he just stood still. I could only imagine getting countered by him if I went against him. So we couldn't make a fatal move. Most likely, everyone here was in the same situation. I could only wait for the power of Sekiryuutei to increase while swallowing my saliva and trembling.

“…It's here!”

Ise-kun’s gauntlet emitted a brighter light. The boost had probably reached the limit.

“Now. Who will you transfer it to?”

Kokabiel asked with an interested voice. The one who put their hand up to Kokabiel’s question was……Buchou.



Ise-kun started to transfer the power at Buchou’s call. Both of them held onto each other's hand. From their clasped hands, I could feel the aura of trust and the unspoken love they had towards each other. The light on the jewel passed onto Buchou, and the red-aura that covered her body increased drastically.

! I felt the great amount of aura from her with my skin, and an enormous amount of power was created within her hand. An amount that seemed like it wouldn't even leave a single speck of dust. If you were hit by that, the majority of people would perish. But her opponent was…

“Fuhahaha! Good! That flow of demonic power! The demonic-power I can feel right now is that of an ultimate-class devil. A little bit more then you would reach that of a Maou, Rias Gremory! Looks like you have a talent equal to that of your brother’s!”

The fallen-angel leader laughed as if he was truly enjoying it. His expression was coloured in ecstasy. He was feeling……pleasure for War!

“Blow awaaaaaaaaay!”

From Buchou's hand, the highest amount of the block of demonic power was shot out covered in the power of destruction!


It made a shock wave that felt like it shook the ground, and the powerful shot was heading towards Kokabiel. With his hand…… No, with both his hands put in front of him, he tried to deflect it.

“Interesting! Interesting indeed, Maou’s sister!”

On Kokabiel’s hand, the energy of the fallen angels, the power of light gathered.


Kokabiel took Buchou’s shot head on. His expression surpassed that of a normal one and looked dreadful.


Buchou’s shot started to get pushed back, and started to lose its shape! He couldn’t be defeated even with that amount of demonic-power!? But Kokabiel also wasn’t uninjured. His black robe was tattered in places, and his hands were bloody. But his ability to block demonic power certainly decreased. Possibly because of the attack she just performed, Buchou's breathing was ragged. It would be impossible to shoot out the same attack. Also, because of the amount of demonic-power she just used, shooting another one would be…… What was left was for Ise-kun to boost his powers again and transfer it to another person, but who could beat Kokabiel? Akeno-san? Xenovia who held the Durandal? Even I, who had reached Balance Breaker could only give him a minor injury. It might have been a different story if I was used to this Balance Breaker a bit more. But for me who just achieved Balance Breaker…… No. It's not the time to say that. I cannot allow Buchou or any of my comrades to die! I will fight till my body perishes!


Akeno-san sent the lightning towards Kokabiel who was concentrating on Buchou’s attack. But her lightning dissipated with a single movement of Kokabiel’s wing.

“Will you stand in my way!? The one who inherited her power from Baraqiel!?”

“……Do not put me in the same group as him!”

Akeno-san widened her eyes and got enraged. She continued to use lightning but they were all deflected by Kokabiel’s wings. Baraqiel is the leader of the fallen-angels. A thunder user who has the alias “Holy-Lightning”. In terms of basic fighting ability, he is said to be on par with the Viceroy of the fallen-angels, Azazel. And Baraqiel is Akeno-san’s…… Kokabiel laughed loudly after nullifying Buchou’s attack completely.

“For you to become a devil! Hahaha! You have pleasant servants, Rias Gremory! Sekiryuutei! The left-over of the Holy-sword project who reached Balance Breaker! And the daughter of Baraqiel! You have weird tastes, just like your brother!”

“I won’t forgive you for insulting my brother…our Maou! More than that, the insults you made to my servants will require your life!”

Kokabiel laughed with his nose at Buchou’s anger. He then said provokingly,

“Then try to destroy me! Maou’s sister! The owner of “Welsh Dragon”! Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess! The one whom you are up against is someone who has been an arch-enemy of the devils since a long time ago! If you don't see this as a chance, then your reputation will be looked down on!”

Kokabiel. I don't know how much my Holy-demonic sword can go against him, but I have to do it!


It seemed like Xenovia, who was behind me, moved. When she went past me, she muttered.

“We will attack at the same time.”

After hearing that, I also moved ahead. I put strength into my sword, and went on slashing at Kokabiel with Xenovia! The one who slashed at him was Xenovia. Kokabiel created a sword of light with his hand, and blocked her using one hand with it.

“Hmph! Durandal huh! Unlike the Excalibur that was already broken once, that light is the real thing! Buuuuut!”



The air shook, and there was a buzzing in my ears. Kokabiel emitted an air wave from his other hand and made Xenovia’s body float. Then Kokabiel kicked Xenovia’s stomach.


Xenovia flew back with an anguished cry.

“It depends on the wielder. Girl! You still can't control Durandal! The previous wielder was someone who had unrivaled strength!”

Xenovia adjusted her stance in the air and landed on the ground. She then went on slashing towards him once again. I also continued slashing towards him at the same time!

“Kokabiel! I will eliminate you with my Holy-demonic sword! I'm not allowed to lose anyone any more!”

“Ho! Attacks at the same time from a Holy-sword and a Holy-demonic sword! Interesting! Good indeed! Come! You can't defeat me unless you do that much!”

Kokabiel created another sword of light with his other hand, and clashed with our swords! My holy-demonic sword. Xenovia’s Durandal. He was taking on our attacks as if it was nothing. Ku! Even in terms of swords, Kokabiel was above us!


Koneko-chan thrust her punch from behind him…


His black wings turned into sharp blades and cut up Koneko-chan’s body. Her body fell down to the ground, while blood came out of her body.


“Hey, looking away while fighting will easily get you killed!”

I let my guard down because of the damage Koneko-chan took, and Kokabiel’s sword of light came at me.



A crack appeared on my Holy-demonic sword! Ku! The strength of the solidness depended on my thinking. If I lost my concentration for a moment, then for that period of time, the hardness of my sword will go down as well. He grasped into that slight instant.


Xenovia and I were helpless against the shockwave created by Kokabiel’s body, which sent us flying. I somehow fixed my stance…… But Xenovia and I were breathing hard.

……We can’t win. That’s what went through my mind. The power difference between us is absolute. Even though I reached Balance Breaker, there is still this much difference. The leader of the fallen-angels. He’s this strong!? No! I have to put that thought aside! We have to win! We can’t survive unless we win! I will win and live on! Asia-san and Ise-kun went to Koneko-chan’s side. Asia-san’s Sacred Gear activated and started to heal Koneko-chan’s wounds. That’s a relief. With this, Koneko-chan’s life will be safe.

“Kokabiel! It’s not over yet!”

I put strength into my Holy-demonic sword and stood up again! The crack on my sword disappeared and I went forward slashing towards him with no flaws!

“Hahaha! You still come at me? All right! Come!”

“Holy-demonic sword.”


I surrounded the fallen-angel by making swords covered with holy and demonic aura. With this I made my opponent stuck in that position. The only thing left was to attack then!

“You think you’ve captured me with this?”

The 10 wings of Kokabiel, who was smirking, started to become like swords and began breaking the swords around with ease. Ku! It didn’t work! I went forward slashing at him from the front. But the fallen-angel didn’t flinch at all, and he stopped my Holy-demonic sword with just two fingers!

“Is this it?”

Kokabiel sighed. My Holy-demonic sword that had been stopped couldn’t be moved at all! I created another Holy-demonic sword but that was also stopped with his other two fingers…… It’s not over yet! I opened my mouth wide, and imagined to create a Holy-demonic sword around my mouth. The third one! I held the grip with my teeth, and moved my neck to the side roughly! It seemed like he didn’t think of the third strike. He let go of my swords and stepped back. Did he receive damage from that attack just then? When I checked Kokabiel, there was a single scratch on his cheek. There was a bit of blood coming out of it. Even with that attack, I could only give him that much damage. So this was the power of one of the top echelons of fallen-angels…… Everyone here was making expressions of despair and breathed violently. Only Kokabiel who was at an advantage was smirking.

“But. Seeing that even after losing the masters you serve, you devils and followers of God can still fight, huh!”

Suddenly Kokabiel spoke. What was he trying to say?

“……What do you mean?”

Buchou asked with doubt. Kokabiel started laughing aloud as if he found it truly amusing.

“Fuhaha, fuhahahahahahahahahaha! That’s right! I totally forgot! The truth wasn’t revealed to you lower guys! Then I will tell you. In the war between the three sides, not only the Yondai-Maou but also God died.”

……! ……Wh-What…… What did he just say……? Everyone here was shocked and couldn’t believe what he just said.

“It’s normal for you guys to not know about it. Who can say that God has died? Humans are an incomplete bunch. Without God, they cannot control their hearts and obey the laws, you know? Even us, the fallen-angels, and devils couldn’t tell this to those below us. You won’t know where the information about God will be leaked from. Even among the three-powers, only the people at the top and certain people know about it. Though it seems Valper noticed it earlier.”

……God didn’t exist any more? No……that couldn’t be…… It was impossible……… Then what did we believe in while living in that institute……?

“After the War, what was left were the angels who had lost their God, the devils that lost their Maou and the majority of high-class devils and the fallen-angels who lost most of the fallen-angels apart from the leaders. So it wasn’t a mere exhausted state. All of the factions fell so low, that they had to rely on humans to continue their generations. Especially the angels and fallen-angels that could only continue their generation by mating with humans. Fallen-angels can increase if the angels fall. But pure-angels can’t increase their numbers after losing God. Even pure-devils are rare, right?”

“……Lies………it’s a lie………”

Slightly further away from me, Xenovia seemed like she started losing strength. She had a panicked expression that was too unbearable to look at. The active believer. God’s servant. A person who lived by serving God as her mission. If the existence of God was rejected and she lost the means to live, it would be natural to become like that. Even I…… I would be biting my lips thinking what my life meant.

“The truth is that another big war wouldn’t happen unless you do it on purpose. It means that all three-sides went through hell in the past war. Everyone decided that it was meaningless to continue having a war if the start of it all, God and the Maou, were dead. Even that bastard Azazel declared that “there is no second war” after losing the majority of his men in the war! It’s hard to bear! It truly is hard to bear! To lower your gun once you already shot it!? Don’t fuck around. Don’t fuck around! If we continued on from there, we could have won! Even so, he...! Is there any value in fallen-angels who can only live by inviting humans who possess Sacred Gears!?”

Kokabiel declared his argument strongly. His face was expressing anger. The real truth made an impact on us more than we thought. Asia-san covered her mouth with her hands, opened her eyes wide, and her whole body shook. Even if she turned into a devil, her belief didn’t disappear.

“………God doesn’t exist? God……is dead? Then the love we were given by him is………”

Kokabiel answered Asia-san’s doubt with a laugh.

“That’s right. It’s normal that there is no love from God and no divine protection from him. God is gone already. Michael is certainly doing well. He’s taking the place of God and is taking care of the angels and humans. Well, if the “system” used by God is operating, then the prayer to God, the blessing of God, and exorcism would function. But if you compare it to the time God was present, the number of believers decreased. That Holy-demonic sword brat over there was able to create the Holy-demonic sword because the balance between God and the Maou broke. In reality, Holy and demonic powers cannot merge. If the ones who rule the power of Holy and demonic powers, God and the Maou, disappear, then lots of unique phenomenons occur.”

Then the reason why my Holy-demonic sword was created was no coincidence. It turned out like that because God didn’t exist any more. What sarcasm. Hearing Kokabiel’s words, Asia-san dropped onto the floor.

“Asia! Pull yourself together, Asia!”

Ise-kun held her and called out to her. It wasn’t weird for her to get shocked. The majority of her life involved serving God. She sacrificed her life because she thought God existed. A lot of things must be happening inside her. Even if I did rebel against God, the majority of my life also involved believing in God. Even my comrades…… I felt complicated…… Ignoring us, Kokabiel put his fist up in the air.

“From here on out, I will start a war! I will take your heads as a gift! Even if it’s only me, I will continue from where we left off! I’m going to show Sirzechs and Michael that we, the fallen-angels, are the ultimate beings!”

……Lucifer. Michael. Both of them were enormous existences as recorded in the bible. Kokabiel was trying to take on something like that. He had that much power. We were trying to fight someone like that.

…We couldn’t win. He was totally in a different league from us. His motives were totally beyond us. He was someone who we shouldn’t have tried to take on in the first place… Even so… I tried to go towards him after griping onto my sword. But there was a bright red light that came into my sight…… It was Ise-kun.

“Don’t mess around! I can’t let you destroy my town. My comrades. Buchou. And Asia. Just for your selfish motives! And I’m going to become a Harem-king! I would be troubled if you get in my way!”

You might be trying to look cool, but that’s not it, Ise-kun.

“Kukuku. Harem-king? Is that what the Sekiryuutei desires? Then do you want to come with me? You can become a Harem-king right away! I will snatch beauties as we walk past. You can make love to them as much as you want.”


Ise-kun froze there on the spot while trying to make a cool posture.

“I-I won’t be deceived by sweet words like that!”

Wh-What was that pause just now!? No, it can’t be!? Ise-kun!?

“Ise! Geez! Wipe your drool! Why are you like that even in a situation like this!?”

Buchou also got angry. Of course. What are you doing, Ise-kun!

“…So-Sorry. It seems like I’m really weak against the word “Harem”……”

“If you like girls that much, then I will do a lot of things for you after we return home alive!”

“Are you serious!? Th-Then even sucking on oppai!?”

“Yes! If you can win against that, then it’s a cheap bargain!”


The jewel on the Boosted Gear glowed brighter than before!

“Fufufu. Suck. I can suck it. I can suck them!”

Ise-kun started smirking.

“Right now, I can even punch God. Ah, God doesn’t exist any more. Hahahaha!”

An intense red light that made me blink. I could feel an enormous power coming from his Sacred Gear.

“Yooooooooooooooooshaaaaaaaa! I’m going to beat you down to suck Buchou’s nipples, Kokabiel!”

With a reason like that!? The Sacred Gear increased the power by answering the thoughts of the possessor. The Boosted Gear responded to Ise-kun’s lecherous thoughts and was trying to release its power. Was that seriously okay, “Welsh Dragon”!? Buchou also had red cheeks and seemed embarrassed because he said it loudly. I truly felt sorry for her.

“……It’s the first time I saw a Sekiryuutei who releases its power just by the mere thought of sucking a woman’s nipples……… What are you? Who are you?”

Kokabiel asked while narrowing his eyes. Ise-kun said it up front with his chest put forward.

“I’m the “Pawn” of Rias Gremory’s group! Hyoudou Issei! Remember that, Kokabiel! I’m the possessor of a Boosted Gear that lives with ero thoughts and my hot blood!”

Until a moment ago, this area was filled with despair. But after hearing Ise-kun’s shout, it mysteriously gave me energy. It truly was absurd. Since I got involved with Ise-kun, I started to get strength from weird places. I was not a hot blooded character. But that was also okay. Buchou, Akeno-san, Asia-san and Koneko-chan who were supposed to be injured but everyone made a stance against Kokabiel. We could fight. We still hadn’t lost. Yes, it was not like we couldn’t win yet! Everyone’s feelings became one. Then……

“Fufufu. Interesting.”

The sudden voice came from the sky. It was not from anyone here. The first one to realise it was vice-president, Akeno-san, who was strong at reading different kinds of energy flow. She suddenly looked up. The next one to realise it was Buchou. Both of them looked up to the dark sky at the same time. I was in doubt but I soon realised it after that.


An unknown fear and nervousness ran throughout my whole body. That thing fell from the sky while overwhelming us with its presence and the power difference, which made me despair.


It descended while cutting the abyss sky by sending out a white light. If it came down at that velocity, it would shake the ground and make a crater. It would spread dust for sure.

But that didn’t happen. There was a white thing in our sights. A white thing was glowing, which didn’t even have a slight shadow in this dark night. It was floating off the ground by an inch. A white plated armour. There were jewels across various locations on the armour. It also had armour on the face so we couldn’t see the expression of this person. The eight wings of light growing from the back were giving out a divine glow in the dark night. But I was familiar with the person covered in white armour. It had a different shape and colour, but it was similar…… It was identical to the “Boosted Gear Scale-mail”. Possibly everyone aside from me who was at that place at that time must have thought the same thing. So all of us understood at the same time. We understood what the thing in front of us was.

“………Vanishing Dragon.”

The first one to say that was the leader of the fallen-angels, Kokabiel. Just as I thought. The one opposite to the “Welsh Dragon”, the “Vanishing Dragon”. My whole body trembled. The feeling of my heart being grasped by it stopped me from moving. At the same time I was fascinated by the white appearance that emitted a mysterious light. Beautiful. My heart was taken by it instantly…… Kokabiel made a sound with his tongue by the presence of the white armour.

“One of the Longinus, “Divine Dividing”…… If you are already in armour mode it means that it’s in the Balance Breaker state. “Divine Dividing Scale-mail”. Just like the “Boosted Gear” it truly is an annoying thing.”

……Vanishing Dragon in Balance Breaker form.

“…So you were attracted to the “Red”. Vanishing Dragon. If you get in my wa......”

Before Kokabiel finished his sentence, his black wing went up into the air. Then there was blood coming out of him.

“It’s like the wing of a crow. It has a disgusting colour to it. Azazel’s wing is much darker and has the colour of everlasting darkness you know?”

I couldn’t catch his movement with my eyes. I was certain that a white object attacked Kokabiel. The Vanishing-Dragon had a black wing in his hand. From his voice, was the Vanishing-Dragon a young man?

“Y-You! My wing!”

Kokabiel became enraged because his wing was plucked off, but the Vanishing Dragon laughed quietly.

“It’s a symbol that you have fallen. There’s no need for wings for those who stooped down even below the earth, right? Are you still planning to fly?”

“Vanishing-Dragon! Are you opposing me?!”

Kokabiel created countless number of spears of light in the sky, but Vanishing-Dragon wasn’t intimidated by it and said clearly,

“My name is Albion.”


I heard the sound, and the aura around Kokabiel got reduced immediately. Half of the spears of light in the sky also vanished.

“One of the abilities of my “Divine Dividing”. It halves the power of those I touch every 10 seconds. Your power will become my power. You don’t have time! If you don’t defeat me quickly, you will become so weak that you can’t even beat a human.”

…Just like in the legend. The ability of the Sekiryuutei[8] doubles the power of the possessor and can transfer it to others. The ability of the Hakuryuukou[9] takes the power of their opponents and make it theirs. With the remaining wings, Kokabiel tried to go towards the Vanishing-Dragon, Albion. But he couldn’t catch him because he wasn’t able to keep up with the movements that could be said to be as fast as the speed of light. Then one of the echelons of the fallen-angels who was overwhelming us was being played around with.


“Damn you!”

He tried to attack Albion with a spear of light and a sword of light, but Hakuryuukou swung his arm to the side and vaporised them. While Kokabiel was having a hard time fighting, his powers were getting halved.


After a few sounds, Kokabiel’s movement fell so low that even I could take him on with ease. Albion sighed.

“……Already the power of a middle-level fallen-angel, huh. Boring. I thought I could have a bit more fun……"

Albion disappeared from my sight and went towards Kokabiel while creating tracks of light.


Albion’s fist went deep into Kokabiel’s stomach. Kokabiel’s body bent a lot and he vomited on the ground. He didn’t even have a trace left of the overwhelming opponent from before……

“…I-Impossible…… me……”

“What? You said a common phrase of a grunt. “Impossible? Me?” What’s after that? “This can’t be?” Is it?”

Albion laughed as if he found it truly amusing.

“I was told by Azazel to take you back even if by force. You acted a bit too much.”

“You! So that’s how it is! Azazel… Azazeeeeel! I-I……!”


Albion’s punch hit Kokabiel’s face.


Kokabiel crumbled down and fell onto the ground. The fallen-angel who had 10 wings went down…… Albion put the defeated Kokabiel on his shoulder.

“Looks like I have to carry Freed as well. There are things I need to ask him. We will deal with him after that.”

Albion walked to Freed who was on the ground and carried him with his arm. He then tried to fly up while spreading his wings of light after retrieving the two.

[Are you ignoring me, huh, white-one.]

A voice I heard for the first time. The voice came from Ise-kun. His gauntlet was glowing.

[So you were awake, red-one.]

Albion’s armour jewel was also glowing white. Were the ones residing in the jewels communicating?

[We finally met, but in a situation like this.]

[That’s all right. It’s our destiny to fight one day. Things like this happen.]

[But white-one. I can’t feel the hostility from you like before.]

[Red-one. Your hostility is incredibly low as well.]

[Looks like both of us have things that interest us more than fighting.]

[That’s how it is. We should be having fun by ourselves for a while. It’s not bad like this sometimes, right? Let’s meet again, Ddraig.]

[That would also be fun, huh. See you then, Albion.]

The conversation was between Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou. Both of them gave a farewell, but Ise-kun stepped up and seemed unsatisfied.

“Hey! What’s the meaning of this!? Who are you and what are you doing!? Because of you I can’t suck Buchou’s nipples!?”

Ise-kun made an angry face……… Hey, hey. Was that the part you were mad at? The possessor of the Vanishing-Dragon left, saying such a thing,

“You need strength to understand everything. Get stronger, my rival-kun, I will fight you one day.”

He turned into a white light and flew up. Everyone became speechless at the outcome no one had predicted. The magic circle of destruction that Kokabiel spread had already disappeared.

……It finished. Even if someone intruded, this town was saved. Then the corpse of Valper got into my sight. Maybe it hadn’t ended yet……… Because there was someone who took over his research at the Vatican headquarters. When I confront that person, what will I do with this Holy-demonic sword…… I still don’t know. But now…… Yes, just for now……


Someone hit my head. When I turned around, it was Ise-kun who smiled.

“You did it, Casanova! Hmmm. So that’s a Holy-demonic sword. It looks beautiful since the white and black thing is mixed.”

He was looking at my Holy-demonic sword with interested eyes.

“Ise-kun, I……”

“Well, let’s skip the complicated stuff for now. Anyway, we can say that it ended for now, right? Also the thing about your comrades.”


Thank you, Ise-kun. You thought and acted for someone like me.

“……Kiba-san. We can do club activities together again, yes?”

Asia-san asked me with a worried face. She was worried about me, even though she should be having a hard time after the existence of God was rejected. I really thought that she was truly a kind girl. When I was about to say “I’m okay”……


Buchou called my name. Buchou welcomed me with a smile.

“Yuuto. I’m glad you returned. Also to reach Balance Breaker. I am proud.”

“…Buchou. I…… To everyone in the club……… Most of all, I betrayed you who saved my life once…… I can’t find the words to express my apology……”

Buchou’s hand patted my cheek. Buchou always comforts me like this.

“But you have returned. That is enough. You can’t waste the feelings of your comrades.”

“Buchou…… I will promise you once again. I, Kiba Yuuto, will protect you and my comrades for the rest of my life as the “Knight” of Rias Gremory's group.”

“Ufufufu. Thank you. But you can’t say that in front of Ise, okay?”

When I looked, Ise-kun was glaring at me with eyes filled with jealousy.

“I also want to protect Buchou by becoming a “Knight”! But there isn’t anyone who can become Buchou’s “Knight” other than you! So take responsibility, and finish that task!”

He said it with a shy face.

“Yeah. I know, Ise-kun.”



Buchou’s hand was covered in a red aura making a dangerous sound.

……Ummm. What’s happening Buchou? Buchou smiled at me while I was in doubt.

“Yuuto. It’s a punishment for acting by yourself. 1000 spanks.”

The reinforcements from the Maou arrived thirty-minutes after everything ended. During that time, I was spanked while Ise-kun laughed on the ground. It was really painful, but it felt like I really came back.

New Life[edit]

A few days after the incident with Kokabiel. Asia and I who came into the club room were shocked at seeing a foreign girl sitting on the sofa.

“Hey, Sekiryuutei.”

The girl with the green mesh, Xenovia, is there wearing Kuou Academy's girls uniform.

“Wh-Why, are you here!?”

I couldn’t hide my unrest and pointed my finger at her.


Then black wings grew out of Xenovia’s back! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? It’s the wings of a devil! What’s the meaning of this!?

“I found out that God is gone. So I turned into a Devil as a self-abandonment. I received a “Knight” piece from Rias Gremory. It seems like I’m not that great, while Durandal is. So I was able to become a devil with 1 piece. And I was also placed in this school. From now on, I’m a 2nd year student and also a member of the Occult Research Club. Lets get along, Ise-kun.” Xenovia says, while breathing with her nose.

“……Don’t make such a cute sound with a serious voice.”

“I copied Irina, but it looks like it’s not easy.”

“But reincarnating!? Buchou. Is it all right to use such a valuable piece?”

Yes. She has found out the truth that God doesn’t exist. Even so, that’s too quick!

“Well. Having a Durandal wielder feels reliable. With this, it’s a birth of the two-swordsmen, along with Yuuto.”

Buchou seems like she is enjoying it. Hey, is that alright? But not thinking about small stuff seems like Buchou. But certainly having a swordsman who wields a legendary holy-sword, Durandal, feels reliable. Even for the Rating Game, our opponents would be devils, so the holy-sword would release its fury against them. The Gremory group would become even stronger!

“Yes. I’m a devil now. I can’t go back. No, maybe this was a good thing. Hmmm, but since God is gone, my life was a failure. But serving under a devil who was once my enemy is….. Even if she is a sister of a Maou…….”

Xenovia starts to hold her head down while mumbling something. Ah, she’s receiving some damage because she prayed just like Asia. I’m not in a position to say it, but she’s also weird.

“By the way, where’s Irina?”

Why is she here and not Shidou Irina?

“Irina returned to headquarters along with the corpse of Valper and the 5 Excaliburs including mine. The “fragments” that act as the cores were retrieved in that state. So the mission of retrieving it was accomplished. If they have the cores, they can use alchemy to make the holy-swords again.”

Kiba and Xenovia destroyed the Excalibur made from four of them. But the fragments of the original Excalibur are safe.

“Was it alright to give them your Excalibur? More like, was it okay for you to betray the Church?”

“I have to give them the Excalibur back just in case. Unlike the Durandal, there are other wielders that could be chosen. Having Durandal is enough for me. When I mentioned the absence of God to them, they became silent. So I became an outsider for knowing the absence of God. The Church hates outsiders and heresy very much. Even if that person is the wielder of Durandal, they will cut them off. Exactly the same way as the incident with Asia Argento.”

She laughed at herself……. Does the Church usually go that far to get rid of those people seen as heretics? They are quite extreme.

“Irina was lucky. Even if she wasn’t in the battle because of the wounds, she ended up not knowing the truth. She has a stronger belief than me. If she found out about God, I don’t know what would have happened to her.”

The more modest the Christian is, the more painful it would be if they found out the truth. In the worst case, it means that their whole life was rejected. If that happens, you won’t know what would happen to humans.

“Except, she was really disappointed that I became a devil. I couldn’t tell her that it was because of the absence of God. It was an awkward farewell that we had. Maybe we might be enemies the next time we meet.”

Xenovia said it while narrowing her eyes. How did Irina feel when she returned home…..? Buchou confirms that all the club members are here. She then says.

“The Church made contact with us devils. More precisely, the Maou talk about this incident. They said, “We would like to make contact with you because of unclear and dishonest actions of the fallen-angels even though we feel unsatisfactory about this”. They also apologised about Valper because it was their mistake for letting him escape in the past.”

……So they feel unsatisfied. Well, we are enemies anyway. Well maybe we should feel satisfied because at least they apologised about Valper.

“But this school is truly terrifying. Because there’s another sister of a Maou attending this school.”

Xenovia says it while making a sigh. There’s another sister of a Maou? Wait….is it perhaps…… There are only two high-class devils attending this school. Then it would be…….Kaichou!? When I looked at Buchou, she nods her head to confirm it. Hawawawawa…….. Something intense like that is true?

Oh yeah. The gym and the school ground destroyed by Kokabiel was repaired by people related to a Maou-sama. I have to admire the power of devils for fixing it in just over a night. To think about it, they can create a replica of the school in another dimension. It must be a piece of cake for them. But to have the support of a Maou…... Seriously, what’s going on with this school…….

“The truth about this incident was sent to the God-side and the devils' side by the viceroy of the fallen-angels, Azazel. The theft of the Excalibur was an action taken by Kokabiel only. The other leaders didn’t know about it. He planned to break the tension between the three sides. Because he tried to start another war, he was put in the Cocytus for eternity in a frozen state.”

Buchou explained it to us. Then Kokabiel won’t be ever coming outside then. That’s good. I don’t want to see that wild guy ever again. He was certainly a stupid war-freak fallen-angel.

“Though it ended with the intervention of “Vanishing Dragon”. They stopped the rampage done by one of them by sending someone from their organization.”

That time, the “Vanishing Dragon” was already in its Balance Breaker form when it descended from the sky. It’s not an incomplete one like my own. A perfect Balance Breaker……. At this point I am much weaker than him. An existence that I would be facing one day. Hakuryuukou, Albion. I don’t know his actual name, but I want to shorten the gap between us until I meet him again…...

“There would also be a meeting between the representatives of the angels, devils and Azazel. Apparently there is something Azazel wants to talk about. I heard that maybe Azazel would be apologizing about Kokabiel then. Though it’s suspicious if Azazel would apologise.”

Buchou says it with disgust while she shrugged her shoulder. So the Governor of the Fallen-Angels is someone with a huge ego huh. But isn’t it something big that the representatives of the three sides would be gathering? I don’t know what they would be talking about then, but it seems like it would affect the future of the world…..

“We were also invited to that meeting. We have to report about the incident at the meeting because we were involved.”

“Are you serious!?”

I wasn’t the only one who got surprised by Buchou’s words. Everyone had a shocked expression on their faces. Well obviously. Anyone would get surprised if they were told to stay in the place with the big important people! What’s going to happen? To our world that is…….. Ah, that’s right. I ask Xenovia something that has been bugging me the whole time.

“………The “Vanishing Dragon” belongs to the side of the Fallen-Angels, right?”

“That’s right. Azazel is gathering Sacred Gear possessors who has a “Longinus”. I don’t know what he is thinking, but it’s definitely something not good. The “Vanishing Dragon” is the top fighter among them. I heard that he is the fourth or fifth strongest out of all the strong people there including the leaders of Grigori. At this point, he is far stronger than you, who is his rival.”

Fourth strongest!?

……That’s why he was able to defeat Kokabiel who we couldn’t even stand up against. Looks like we are in a serious situation. Isn't it, Ddraig? Xenovia then looks at Asia.

“……That’s right. I will apologise to Asia Argento. Since God didn’t exist, then his love and help didn’t as well. I’m sorry, Asia Argento. Hit me much as much as you want.”

Xenovia bows her head down. The Japanese way of apologizing. Her expression didn’t change so I can't tell if she means it or not.

“……….No, I don’t intend to do something like that. Xenovia-san, I’m enjoying my current lifestyle. Even though I’m a devil now, I met someone…… people who are important to me. I am happy because of the place I live in now and the people I have met.”

Asia smiles like the Virgin Mary and she forgives her. Aaah, Asia is truly a good girl….. Your brother is deeply moved! Her psychological state was at danger after hearing the rejection of God, but because Buchou and I were with her she returned to normal.

“……. So only you and I are the only Christians that found out about the absence of God. I won’t be able to say something like a divine punishment to you now. So a heretic huh? I was a holy sword user who was admired, but now a heretic huh. I can’t forget about how their eyes and attitudes changed when they saw me.”

At that moment, it felt like I saw a glimpse of sadness in Xenovia’s eyes.

“Then I will be leaving. There’s a lot of things I need to know about before transferring to this school.”

Xenovia tries to leave the room.


Asia stops Xenovia.

“On the next weekend I’m going to go out to play with everyone. Would you also like to join, Xenovia-san?”

Asia says it with a smile. Xenovia had widened her eyes in shock and then gave a bitter smile.

“Next time then. This time I’m not interested. Except…..”


Xenovia then says it with a smile to Asia.

“Can you take me around the school next time?”


Asia also answers with a smile. Hmmm, I hope they become friends. It’s hard to understand her, but Xenovia doesn’t seem like a bad person.

“I will swear it in the name of my holy-sword, Durandal. I also would like to have a battle with the holy-demonic sword user over there as well.”

“Alright. I won’t lose next time.”

Kiba also replied with a smile. After confirming that, Xenovia leaves the room. I can feel something strong from Kiba’s body along with confidence. That time in that place, that incident changed something inside him.


Buchou claps her hands.

“Now. Since everyone has returned again, let’s start the club activity again!”


Everyone replies with an energetic voice. That day, all of us laughed again.


[Let’s grasp it~♪ Dragon ball~♪]

In the karaoke room.

I'm singing an anime song while holding the microphone in one hand.

“Yo! Dragon ball idiot!”

“Damn it! You should just be with Asia, you damn brute!”

Motohama and Matsuda continues to boo at me.

Asia also seems like she’s enjoying it. Though Koneko-chan isn’t participating in singing and is eating ice cream and pizza. The glasses-girl, Kiryuu, is still choosing her song.

Kiba is drinking coffee elegantly. Chi! That good looking guy even shows off in a place like this, huh. Is that right?

Using the day off, just like we had planned, started to play for half a day.

We met up at the front of the station. Motohama, Kiryuu and I beat up Matsuda who came thirty minutes late and went straight to bowl!

We wasted our stamina by playing four games of bowling and then went inside the Karaoke Box.

And we have been singing endlessly since then as the song changes.

Asia and Kiba haven’t sung yet, but I will make them do so afterwards. Actually, I want to sing in a duet with Asia at least once! Singing in a duet with a blonde beauty will surely be the best!

Also, Asia is wearing a gothic-lolita outfit today! She’s too cute!

That was Kiryuu's idea. How do I say it? So the “master mind” can even make Asia, who was a former Christian, look good in such outfits!

“I'll start with reciting some prayer hymns.”

Asia seems like she will say that, but if she does that, then Kiba, Koneko-chan and I who are Devils will die so please don’t.

I invited Saji but he declined it while crying and saying “Kaichou forbids me from playing with the opposite sex”. He must have wanted to come! It must be strict being a servant of Kaichou.

I drink a sip of a juice to clear my dry throat after singing. I sure did sing a lot.

Buchou and Akeno-san who haven’t come today are enjoying shopping together.

Previously, I received a photo via message that had “Currently picking a swimsuit. I will choose the one that you will like” with a heart mark. It was a photo sent from the changing room so blood burst out from my nose on the spot. Hahaha, my Onee-sama sure is erotic.

Gufufu. Oh yeah, the pool is about to open soon. According to Buchou, we can use the day off to play as much as we want at the pool.

Apparently she will show me her swimsuit then. Akeno-san as well! Uhyoooooou! An erotic-swimsuit worn by two Onee-sama’s with erotic bodies!

M-My drool isn’t stopping! Ah, come quickly, summer!

“......Ise-senpai. There is blood dripping from your nose.”

Koneko-chan says that with a reproachful look. Oh, is that right? A nose bleed.

“......You were thinking something lewd, right?”

Ouch! Koneko-chan is right on the spot!

“Oya? The size of the thing in your crotch is......”

Oooooooi! Kiryuu! Don’t use your glasses to measure my thingy right now!

“......Were you thinking about Buchou-san?”

Asia says that with an unpleasant face. Lately she is starting to become really sharp......

“Hahaha, it’s nothing! I-I have to visit the wash room for a bit!”

I stand up from my seat and left the scene!

As I was exiting after wiping off my nosebleed, I see Kiba who is sitting on a nearby chair.

“Oh. Did something happen?”

“Yeah. Something did.”

I also sit on the chair next to Kiba.

“Aaah, I’m so tired. I got too carried away.”

“Seems like we were too excited in the first bowling game.”

“That’s also a part of it.”

Both of us laugh at this normal conversation. Then Kiba speaks with a serious face.

“Ise-kun. I wanted to give you my gratitude. Thank you.”

So this guy was waiting in front of the wash room to say this......

“......It’s all right. Your comrades also forgave you. Buchou and the others also forgave you as well. That’s why it doesn’t matter.”


Ugh. Don’t call out my name with teary eyes! Y-You’re scaring me!

“T-Then should we sing my favourite song?”

“Hmm, so you have a favourite song, Ise-kun?”

“Leave it to me. I can sing Dragon Ball’s intro endlessly for twenty-four hours.”

“L-Looks like I need to be prepared for that.”

“Who cares. Let’s do a duet between the [Pawn] and the [Knight] of the Occult Research Club.”

“Yes, yes.”

We return to the karaoke room while talking about casual stuff and take the microphones immediately. We then perform a burning duet.

-That time I witness Kiba’s true smile.

Later that day, the photo of the duet between me and Kiba that was taken by Kiryuu got spread around the whole school. The rumour of me and Kiba being gay increased even more.

Give me a break!


“Yes……just like that, drink my Excalibur(×7)……”

It’s been a while. It’s Ishibumi. It’s finally volume 3. It sure is quick.

It sounds like a BL from the start but just like the story this time and the last scene between Ise and Kiba, I made it the “title” of this volume for that reason. I wanted to uncover the plot about Kiba around here.

Now Buchou has gained a new piece, a new club member. The newbie [Knight], Xenovia! A sword woman!

A holy sword wielder who originally belonged to the Vatican. A wielder of the mighty holy sword, Durandal.

She is a troublesome girl because she does things she doesn't understand herself which she regrets afterwards. Ise says it during the story but she’s a girl who you can’t “grasp a hold of”. By the way she can still wield holy swords even after she reincarnates into a Devil. Invincible isn’t she.

Now let’s introduce new characters.

Sona Sitri-kaichou—. The next heiress of the House of Sitri, which are High-class Devils.

Saji Genshirou—. Member of the Sitri group. He is Sona-kaichou’s servant and is the same [Pawn] like Ise.

Shidou Irina—. Ise’s childhood friend. I made her appear because I wanted to introduce a character from the Heaven/Church side. If I have the opportunity again, I would like to make her appear again as someone related to the Angels side.

Next volume, it will finally be summer! If you say summer, then its swimsuits! Pool! Even in the last part of the story, the story about two Onee-sama buying erotic swimsuits for Ise was mentioned as well. So that’s how it is.

A competition between Rias and Asia for Ise. And Akeno who will be trying to snatch him away if she sees an opening. She will use her weapon as a woman in order to approach Ise. Ise is also about to die because of a lack of blood.

And add to that, will Xenovia also be joining in there as well!? What about Koneko!?

Lately even me, the author, is getting jealous of Ise. “Shit! Why is he the only one being popular!? He can grope as many oppai as he wants!”. Even I am writing this with teary eyes.

This time I held back Ise from participating in terms of battle wise. Even if it was incomplete, he reached the powerful Balance Breaker in volume 2 so I decided to make him do the support this time. So I made the other club members work hard in volume 3. Well, something amazing is going to happen to Ise next volume.

In volume 4, finally the bosses of the Three Great Powers will show themselves. The story may progress from here. What will they be talking about when they gather?

Even if there were things revealed this volume, next volume will also reveal things behind certain mysteries. Maybe.

And the “Vanishing Dragon” also known as Albion who made his appearance. He made his appearance while showing his strength that destroyed the power-balance with awesomeness. How will the story turn out when he and Ise meet—.

Next volume Buchou’s other [Bishop] will be appearing! I have made all of you wait! It’s going to be so deep in volume 4!

Now for the thanks.

Miyama Zero-sama. Thank you for the beautiful illustrations! I might be troubling you by introducing more characters, but let’s work together from now as well!

The main editor H-sama. Thank you for all the erotic advice you give me every time! I started to turn into an erotic author who can think of lots of indecent things! If I wasn’t told to fix certain parts, this work would have become something with age restrictions!

  • Akeno-fukubuchou’s scene has been fixed because it was overdone before.

To the readers. Thank you for the support and fan-letters! I became so happy that I was about to cry when I received fan-letters with illustrations! If you give me more, I, the author can write more erotic...... no, I mean, I can write D×D with more passion in it!

Like that、 please look forward to volume 4 for the boisterous dance of Buchou's breasts and the other girls from the club.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Expression of gratitude before a meal
  2. A person abnormally attracted to little boys
  3. One person bats, while others catch the ball
  4. President of an association (in this case the student council)
  5. Great King of Ero
  6. Traditional Japanese formal way to sit
  7. Vice president
  8. Red Dragon Emperor
  9. White Dragon Emperor
  1. Red Dragon Emperor
  2. Originally Maou
  3. Boobs

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