High School DxD:Volume 3 Afterword

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“Yes……just like that, drink my Excalibur(×7)……”

It’s been a while. It’s Ishibumi. It’s finally volume 3. It sure is quick.

It sounds like a BL from the start but just like the story this time and the last scene between Ise and Kiba, I made it the “title” of this volume for that reason. I wanted to uncover the plot about Kiba around here.

Now Buchou has gained a new piece, a new club member. The newbie [Knight], Xenovia! A sword woman!

A holy sword wielder who originally belonged to the Vatican. A wielder of the mighty holy sword, Durandal.

She is a troublesome girl because she does things she doesn't understand herself which she regrets afterwards. Ise says it during the story but she’s a girl who you can’t “grasp a hold of”. By the way she can still wield holy swords even after she reincarnates into a Devil. Invincible isn’t she.

Now let’s introduce new characters.

Sona Sitri-kaichou—. The next heiress of the House of Sitri, which are High-class Devils.

Saji Genshirou—. Member of the Sitri group. He is Sona-kaichou’s servant and is the same [Pawn] like Ise.

Shidou Irina—. Ise’s childhood friend. I made her appear because I wanted to introduce a character from the Heaven/Church side. If I have the opportunity again, I would like to make her appear again as someone related to the Angels side.

Next volume, it will finally be summer! If you say summer, then its swimsuits! Pool! Even in the last part of the story, the story about two Onee-sama buying erotic swimsuits for Ise was mentioned as well. So that’s how it is.

A competition between Rias and Asia for Ise. And Akeno who will be trying to snatch him away if she sees an opening. She will use her weapon as a woman in order to approach Ise. Ise is also about to die because of a lack of blood.

And add to that, will Xenovia also be joining in there as well!? What about Koneko!?

Lately even me, the author, is getting jealous of Ise. “Shit! Why is he the only one being popular!? He can grope as many oppai as he wants!”. Even I am writing this with teary eyes.

This time I held back Ise from participating in terms of battle wise. Even if it was incomplete, he reached the powerful Balance Breaker in volume 2 so I decided to make him do the support this time. So I made the other club members work hard in volume 3. Well, something amazing is going to happen to Ise next volume.

In volume 4, finally the bosses of the Three Great Powers will show themselves. The story may progress from here. What will they be talking about when they gather?

Even if there were things revealed this volume, next volume will also reveal things behind certain mysteries. Maybe.

And the “Vanishing Dragon” also known as Albion who made his appearance. He made his appearance while showing his strength that destroyed the power-balance with awesomeness. How will the story turn out when he and Ise meet—.

Next volume Buchou’s other [Bishop] will be appearing! I have made all of you wait! It’s going to be so deep in volume 4!

Now for the thanks.

Miyama Zero-sama. Thank you for the beautiful illustrations! I might be troubling you by introducing more characters, but let’s work together from now as well!

The main editor H-sama. Thank you for all the erotic advice you give me every time! I started to turn into an erotic author who can think of lots of indecent things! If I wasn’t told to fix certain parts, this work would have become something with age restrictions!

  • Akeno-fukubuchou’s scene has been fixed because it was overdone before.

To the readers. Thank you for the support and fan-letters! I became so happy that I was about to cry when I received fan-letters with illustrations! If you give me more, I, the author can write more erotic...... no, I mean, I can write D×D with more passion in it!

Like that、 please look forward to volume 4 for the boisterous dance of Buchou's breasts and the other girls from the club.

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