High School DxD:Volume 4

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Novel Illustrations

Do you think a world without God is wrong? Do you think a world without God would decay?

I am sorry to say, but that isn’t the case. Both you and I are healthily living like this.

The world moves even without God.


Part 1

Good day, everyone. I am Hyoudou Issei. I started as a Devil in the spring. It’s summer now. The seasons feel like they are moving by fast... I was trying to stop the blood from gushing out of my nose with my fingers.

“Ara, Asia, your skin is beautiful. I am jealous.”

“N-No way. Buchou, your skin is white, and the texture is smoother.”

“Ufufu, your words make me happy.”

While speaking in front of me, the crimson and golden-haired bishoujo were standing and washing themselves, covered with foam from the body soap. Yes! Buchou and Asia were naked! Right in front of my eyes! These two girls! Is this Shangri-La? Or is this an illusion? This dreamy situation was occurring right in front of me. I felt like tears would come out from my eyes! No, in reality, tears were coming out. I couldn’t be happier than this! A situation in the bath! I knew that there was no God in this world, but how could there not be a God there? What am I thinking? This is a gift from the heavens themselves! No, no, this situation is a gift from Maou-sama. Wait... Maou-sama is Buchou’s big brother! To better explain the situation, when I went to the shower, I met Asia while she was in the middle of undressing. After apologising by saying ‘sorry!’, I tried to go outside—

“Ise, you’re going to bathe as well? Ara, Asia as well?"

—only to stumble upon Buchou, who was trying to enter the bath.

“Since you two seem like you want to bathe together, it would be much faster if all three of us entered.”

...That was Buchou’s unbelievable proposition. And just like that, we entered the bath. Normally, this would be an impossible situation. However, even after I stared at their naked bodies, they didn’t seem to be embarrassed. It was progress that was like a miracle and a dream combined together. Even I, who had been called the incarnation of a pervert, was troubled over how to handle this stroke of good luck in front of me! I tried as much as possible not to stare at them. In reality, I wanted to see! I wanted to look at them! I wanted to engrave their bodies into my eyes and brain! I wanted to use them for my personal fantasies in the night! However, if I did that, my nosebleed would keep gushing forth until the bathtub would become dyed red. I don’t want suspicious things like that to happen in this situation! I wanted this atmosphere to continue as much as possible! Even though looking at them straight in the face was a deadly poison, I didn't feel that atmosphere in this bathroom! I wanted this to continue as much as possible! This situation is definitely precious! Even if I just have to hear the two girls’ conversation! While staring at the ceiling of the bath, after having made my decision, I heard the voice of someone entering the changing room... With a splash, I heard something entering.


Weight was pressing on my body, and the finest, softest sensation was stimulating my skin. Turning my head around slowly—I saw Buchou inside the bathtub leaning on my body. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I-I w-was in the bath with girls, and to top it off, I was in contact with their bodieeeeees!

“I wanted to enter the bath with Ise like this once”.

With a smile on her face, Buchou was pressing her body even more! Uoooooh! The smell of shampoo was coming out of Buchou’s hair! The touch from Buchou’s body was too stimulating, and my brain had reached its limit! Uggh! It couldn’t catch up with this situation!

“Hey, Ise. Do you hate entering the bath with me?”

“That’s not the case! It’s the best!”

However, it’s also true that my body cannot withstand it! I am extremely happy but, at this rate, I’ll die from excessive blood loss! No, wait, isn’t that the deepest desire as a man? Looking at Asia, she seemed to be working on washing her body, but sometimes, she would send sharp glances towards me. Is Asia mad?

“Just by hearing that I am happy. I want to bathe with Ise like this everyday.”

As if spoiling me, Buchou pressed further onto me! Uoooh! Gush! A bit of blood gushed out! I wouldn’t be able to hold it in like this!

“But it seems like your body won’t be able to withstand it. Everyday seems impossible. How about once every three days? Or once every five days? I won’t like it if it's only once a week.”

Bu-Buchou was selfishly trying to rewrite my schedule! I felt Buchou was selfish! Thank you very much! Crap! Since Asia was here as well, I couldn’t make bold movements! If only I was more courageous and had a more perverted nature, then I would...

“Do you want to attack me?”

Buchou spoke as if she had seen through my heart. As usual, it seemed like my thoughts were easy to read.

“If Asia wasn't here, I might have been attacked... It seems like during our time alone...”


While Buchou was saying that, something vigorously entered the bathtub. Squeeze! Something was embracing me! I remember this soft sensation! Looking back, I saw Asia embracing me!

“I hate being left out! E-Even though I want to enter the bath together as well!”

Asia!? What big things you are saying!? Uooooh! I am being caressed by two girls in the bathtub! Help meeeee! Buchou’s face changed into a sharp expression. She raised her eyebrows.

“Get away, Asia. Since it’s this situation, I will say it clearly. This boy is mine. My family and my servant. He’s my Ise. Understood?”

That’s right. I am Buchou’s servant. For Buchou, I exist solely as a pet. Just as one would for a pet, she puts in quite the effort, though it might be that all Devil girls are like this. Above all, Buchou hates having her things touched by others. She may forgive another Devil for touching me on the outside, but on the inside, I have heard that she can’t bear it, especially if it’s a girl. It goes above her limits. I guess I am just part of her best collection. Since I possess a power beyond rare, she probably wants to treat me preciously. It seems like she used to treat me more like a pet, but now... It must be my imagination. Yeah. Because I want to think like that, I feel that way.

“That may be true. But he’s my Ise-san as well!”

Asia adored me as well. When I was taking an afternoon nap in my room, without me realising it, she sneaked in and slept soundly next to me. When I woke her up and told her ‘Go back to your room and sleep’, she said with a sleepy face ‘Carry me to my room...’. That’s how much she adores me. I thought I was going to die at that time! Yes, I carried her to her room! However, while I talked to other girls, she would often puff out her cheeks. I guess it’s because she didn’t want her Onii-chan to be taken by others. In manga and anime, there are characters with attitudes like that. The problem is that it’s difficult for it to escalate to a love relationship. Well, I swore to protect Asia as my mission, so I don’t want that to happen anyway. I’m more than happy by being spoiled like this by her! Ah, it’s awesome being adored by a golden-haired bishoujo! Upon hearing Asia’s words, Buchou narrowed her eyes. Onee-sama, I’m scared! Weren’t they intimate friends until just a moment ago!? Why did it have to become like this!? The small bathtub was becoming a war zone for the two girlsss!?

“Asia, it’s because you’re normally adored by Ise. At least hand over these times to me. I am healed just by being with Ise. It takes away my daily exhaustion too.”

Buchou was trying to slightly separate Asia from me, but Asia was stubbornly clinging on to me! Uwaa, Asia’s boobs are soooo soooooooooft!

“No, no! I’m holding it in too! I also want to be with Ise-san!”

Asia shook her head sideways and hugged me tightly! Ah, whatever! No-Nosebleed...! Asia looked at me with hazy eyes, as if she wanted to tell me something. Don’t look at me with those eyes. I will only want to care for you even more.


Even though she didn't say anything, Buchou’s face twitched. Suddenly, she took my hand and...


She placed my hand on her boobs. My fingers and palm felt an extreme softness! While my hand was asleep, it was massaging her boobs, but Buchou wasn’t complaining!

“Has Asia done such a thing? Mine and Ise’s relationship is such that we can do these things.”

Scary! While speaking in a plain manner, Buchou was hiding thorns in her words! Wait, Buchou’s boobs. Boobs. Booooooobs! While watching this scene, Asia’s whole body was shaking. Her cheeks swelled and puffed as her temper reached its limit! Asia also took my other hand...


She placed it on her breasts too! Asiaaaaaaaaa!? What a wonderful person you are...no, you are doing something that you shouldn’t! What a perverted girl you have become! This must be Buchou’s and Akeno-san's influence without a doubt! Even though you were such an innocent girlllll! T-To have grown this much!

“Ise-san, between mine and Buchou’s, whose breasts are better? I lose in size, but I won’t lose in anything else!”

“Ara, Ise loves bigger ones. He has said many times that he loves my breasts. Right, Ise?”

While I held my hands on their breasts, those two were sending sparks off at each other.


It’s impossible. From within my nostrils, it felt like something had ruptured.

Drip, drip, drip.

...And that was it. A lot of blood was spilling out of my nostrils, and the bathtub was becoming dyed red. With blood everywhere, I started losing consciousnesses.

“Hey, Ise!”

“Ise-san, hold on!”

...I am satisfied. However, my body could no longer withstand it. If these girls don’t remember how to stop the bleeding soon, I am going to die! I want a resourceful person!

Part 2

The next day, I was hurrying towards a client on my bicycle late in the night performing the duties of a Devil. I was in the middle of great work! During the day, my blood was low, and that was problematic. My life with Buchou and Asia was fun, but the stimulation was too much. If I had been more like a playboy, I would have satisfied them both at the same time and place. But those two came from worlds with different values from each other. The developments during that bath might have led to sex. If I had laid a hand on them with sexual motives, I think the household would have been destroyed and there would have been no traces of our descendants. Buchou likes to attend to me like she does to her servants, and Asia must think of me as her family...and she adores me like an elder brother. I shouldn’t lay my hands on family living under one roof! But abroad, they’re more progressive towards matters of body relations. However, the stimulation is way too strong... If I can’t even get used to this, then I’ll never be able to make a harem! In this situation, I won’t even be able to dream of becoming a Harem King! The dream is still far off! Meh, it’s fine. Right now, I have to work innocently for my job! If I keep doing my job, my rank will increase! Let’s first get a position! I’ll work hard while aiming to become a High-class Devil! Right now, I am moving by bicycle, but I have gotten used to the Devil business like this, and my service to the customers is going well too.

“Yo, Devil-kun. Sorry for today as well.”

After looking at the client, I let out a sigh. The client was a black-haired man with a ‘bad guy’ appearance. Looking at him, I would have guessed that he was around twenty. Ah, this person is a foreigner, so I can’t tell what his true age is. Even though he is a foreigner, he’s wearing a yukata. Meh, it’s been hot recently. I think he’s a handsome guy. Maybe his face is more attractive than ‘The Handsome Prince’ Kiba’s. However, the atmosphere from his entire body feels like a ‘bad guy’, which is definitely different from Kiba’s, but girls who like bad guys would fall for him at first sight. And I am summoned by this person everyday. Right now, I am in his room inside his mansion. And the person he decided upon was me. Somehow, he seems to like me. I don’t know why he likes me, and even though he never has large requests, he calls me everyday. Yesterday, he made me go buy bread in the night! And before that, he said ‘Let’s go fishing’, and had me accompany him to a nearby fishing spot! And before that...! I don’t want to remember it any more! Wait, is it that big of a thing for you to even call a Devil? No, our business is to fulfill human requests. I shouldn’t be complaining. My master Rias-buchou would scold me, and in order to fulfill my goal as Harem King, I would have to live through this strict business!

“Devil-kun, would you play a game with me? I bought a racing game in the afternoon, and I’m lonely without an opponent.”

Heeeeey! It’s that sort of request again! Wait, complaining is bad.

“Yes, I would love to.”

Honestly, this is a good customer for contracts. He gives back more than what we demand. He started from a painting that looked high-class, then jewels, and then even gold nuggets. Even Buchou and the others were surprised. Thanks to him, it’s no doubt that my value is growing as well! Well, I guess I am thankful to him for that. All right, let’s handle this easily today as well and go one step further on the road to becoming Harem King! The client was setting up the game. Oh yeah, he hasn’t even told me his name yet. Maybe I’ll be his favourite customer from now on as well. Learning his name is obvious then.

“All right, I have set up the game. It’s great to have so many items to waste time on in Japan. It isn’t a bad place. Here, take the controller.”

“Ah, thanks. You know, I am good in these types of games.”

“Heh, in that case, it’s going to be fun. I am a beginner, so please go lightly on me.”

Yes, I am good at racing games. Top-speed legend Ise. I have played at every game centre! Fufufu, I’ll show him! The power that I honed in the war zone known as the game centre!


And although I started off well, my lead began to fall short as the race continued. In the beginning, I had developed my overwhelming advantage, but...

“I briefly remember now. I should be catching up to you soon.”

What crap was he sprouting while thinking that...?

“Uoooh, no way!”

My car was slowly being surpassed! What an unbelievable situation! To be beaten like this by a beginner!


He easily made it to the goal! He must have been a master in short races!

“It seems like it’s my victory, Devil-kun.”

“Not yet!”

“Oh! Your fighting spirit seems to be growing. Want to do another race, hm, Devil-kun...no, Sekiryuutei?”

...Eh? ...J-Just now, what did he say just now...? Upon hearing the words that came out of the man’s mouth, a chill went down my whole body. This guy, who the hell is he...? Why does he know that...? He’s not human? I swallowed and fearfully asked him.

“...Who are you?”

The man only opened his mouth a bit. While watching the TV, he revealed...

“I am Azazel, leader of the Fallen Angels. Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei.”


Far away from the goal, the man’s car easily caught up with my stopped car and went past the goal while in his second lap. At that instant, twelve jet-black wings expanded from the man’s back...

Life.1 It’s Summer! It’s Swimsuits! I am in Trouble?

Part 1

“This isn’t a joke!”

The crimson-haired bishoujo-sama had her eyebrows raised with an angry expression on her face.

Rias Gremory-Buchou. She is my master and a High-class Devil onee-sama. At school, she is the president of the Occult Research Club. She is a very strict, yet also very kind person. She’s just what I longed for! And that bishoujo-sama that I longed for was giving me a lap pillow... As usual, Buchou’s lap pillow was soft, and it made me emotional just like before! By the way, we have changed into our summer uniforms, and they’re short-sleeved. It is a wonderful season when we are lightly dressed!

“Indeed, even though it was decided that the meeting of the leaders of the Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels would be held in this town, to think that the Governor of the Fallen Angels would suddenly intrude in my territory and interfere with our business...!”

Buchou was trembling with rage. Ooh, she was scary... A few days earlier, because of the event that occurred in this city between Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels, the relations between the Three Factions had been affected to a certain extent. As a result, the leading members of each faction would gather together and discuss the future. We got involved in that incident...and to top it off, we would have to be present at that meeting and report on the details of the incident. Before the meeting date, Azazel suddenly contacted us. Yes, he too was my contract client. He hid his identity and presence when he came into contact with us. It’s correct to say that it was an interference in other peoples’ business. Not to mention, since it was the Governor of the Fallen Angels, the topic escalated to an entirely different level. It wouldn’t end with it being just mischief. However, Buchou’s family seemed like they weren’t bothered by the event.

“And to top it off, to try and lay a hand on my cute Ise, the price is death! I had heard that Azazel was extremely interested in Sacred Gears. It’s definitely because my Ise possesses the Boosted Gear that he came in contact with us... It’s going to be all right, Ise. I will definitely protect you, Ise.”

Buchou said that while patting my head. Buchou was a High-class Devil that adored her servants and treated them as a part of her family. She hated for her possessions to be touched or hurt by others. Especially because Buchou treats me quite adorably, she is overly sensitive towards that sort of story. I’m happy, but it’s kind of complicated, because I yearn for Buchou, but Buchou probably doesn’t think about me the same way. It’s a master-servant relationship between devils, right...? The owner and the dog. Haa... If Buchou gets a boyfriend, then she’ll probably lose interest in me and throw me away... If I don’t become a Harem King before that, I’ll be lonely.

“It seems like Azazel is eyeing my Sacred Gear after all. He’s the Governor of the Fallen Angels, right?”

I let my worries out. If I was caught by Azazel, what would happen to me? I was scared beyond my imagination... After hearing about my worries, the other male member of the club, the handsome prince Kiba, opened his mouth.

“I heard from someone that Azazel has deep knowledge about Sacred Gears. I also heard that he’s gathering capable Sacred Gear holders. But it’s going to be all right.”

As he continued, Kiba looked at me as if he was going to lose me.

“I will protect you.”

...Kiba, that feels disgusting.

“...No, um, I am happy but...how should I put this...? if I hear such things from a man with a straight face, then I’ll be troubled on how to respond…”

“It’s obvious that I’ll say that with a straight face. You saved me. You’re my precious comrade. If I can’t save a comrade from a crisis, then I can’t call myself a Knight of the Gremory household.”

Yeah, I understand that but...you know, your tone isn’t supposed to be used towards a comrade, a friend, and not to mention the male me. It’s obvious you should say that to a heroine. Without caring about that, Kiba continues.

“There’s no problem. My Sacred Gear that attained Balance Breaker and Ise-kun’s Boosted Gear, if we combine these two, then I feel we can overcome even a dangerous crisis. ...Fufu, I wasn’t the type to say such things before. After hanging out with you, my readiness for comrades also changed as well. But I don’t know why I don’t dislike that... It’s hot around my chest region.”

“...D-Disgusting. You...don’t come near me! Don’t touch me!”

Seriously, leave me alone! You and I are just going to keep spreading around indecent rumours among a particular group of girls if you keep going on like this! I don’t want to be any more involved with you and the development of BL[1]! And anyways, this guy, after the issue with the invasion of the Fallen Angel leader was resolved, his attitude towards me has been weird! What do you plan on doing by sweetening me!? Do that with your clients!

“N-No way, Ise-kun...”

You sure get down easily. Unnecessary feelings are bad for you! And why do you really want to be here?

“However, I wonder what happened... Besides not knowing their movements, it’s difficult to move here as well. The other side is the Governor of the Fallen Angels. We can’t even make contact with him.”

Buchou was pondering. We couldn’t let the relationship between Devils and Fallen Angels deteriorate any further on our whims. Since Buchou was quite strict about that topic, if there was no big movement from their side, then we wouldn’t move as well.

“Azazel has always been like that, Rias.”

Suddenly, we heard a voice that belonged to nobody among us. Everybody looked at the direction the voice came from and saw...a crimson-haired male smiling pleasantly. I remember this face. Wait, Akeno-san and the others were kneeling in their places. Asia and I were the only ones having trouble coping with the situation. The newcomer, Xenovia, had a confused expression as well.


Ouch! While dropping my head, Buchou stood up.


She let out a surprised voice. Yes, he is Buchou’s Onii-sama and the current Maou of the Devil society, Sirzechs Lucifer-sama, he’s that person! Ooh, to meet Maou-sama again at a place like this!

“Azazel won’t do anything like Kokabiel did a few days ago. He may do a prank like last time, though. The Governor has come earlier than the planned date.”

That was what Maou-sama said. Behind Maou-sama, there was the silver-haired maid, Grayfia-san, as well. It was obvious since she’s Maou-sama’s 'Queen'. I, like Akeno-san and the others, also hurriedly kneeled down. After looking at my action, Asia also copied it.

“Please relax. I came for private business today.”

Raise your heads, it’s okay to not be so respectful; that was what his words implied. Everyone obeyed that and stood up.

“Hey, my little sister. This room seems like a murder scene. I wonder how it’s possible for this place to be full of magic circles even though young girls gather here.”

While surveying the room, Maou-sama was giving a bitter smile. Meh, it was indeed true. I got used to it, but this was a really weird room after all.

“Onii-sama, w-why are you here?”

Buchou asked doubtfully. Well, that was a given. It was not really possible for the Maou-sama, who carried the weight of Devil society on his shoulders, to show up in the human world in a school’s club room. After she said that, Maou-sama handed over a unfilled printed form.

“What are you saying? Classroom visits are coming soon, right? I am also thinking of participating. By all means, I want to see my little sister working hard in her studies from up close."

Ah, now that you mention it, the school’s visit was really close. My father was also in high spirits, so much that he was even planning on taking a paid leave to come visit. Whatever, he seemed to want to see Asia’s class life more than mine. After getting a daughter, my parents had been making a ruckus like it’s a festival every time something occured.

“Grayfia, right? You’re the one who told Onii-sama?”

Grayfia-san responds to the troubled looking Buchou immediately.

“Yes, the reports from the school come to me, who has been entrusted with the schedule of the Gremory household. Of course, I am Sirzechs-sama’s Queen as well, thus I reported it to my master.”

After hearing that, Buchou sighed. Huh? Buchou isn’t interested in the class visit? Does she dislike her family coming to look at her?

“Even if my Maou duties are hard, even if I have to take a day off from my work, I wanted to participate in my little sister’s class visit. Don’t worry, Otou-ue[2] will come over as well.”

Oooh! Buchou’s Otou-san as well! I had looked at his face once before in the previous engagement party when I jumped in. He seemed like a dandy Devil.

“T-That’s not true! Isn’t Onii-sama the Maou!? To leave your job and come here! The Maou can’t treat a single Devil in a special way!”

I see. Since Buchou’s Onii-san is the Maou, no matter if they are blood relatives, she couldn’t accept receiving special treatment. However, Maou-sama turned his head sideways.

“No, no, this is my work as well, Rias. Actually, I thought about conducting the conference between the Three Factions in this school. I came to inspect the meeting place.”

W-W-Whaaaat? Seriously? I couldn’t hide my surprise. No, not only me, everyone looked shocked. You’ll do it here!? You’ll hold the meeting between Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels here in this school!?

“...Here? Really?”

Buchou’s eyes were wide open as well. Well, if you heard that you’d want to confirm it once more.

“Ah, this school somehow seems to have fate tied to it. You, my little sister, the legendary Sekiryuutei, the Holy Demonic Sword user, the Holy Sword Durandal’s wielder and Maou Serafall Leviathan’s little sister are attached to this place. Kokabiel and the Hakuryuukou also attacked this place. This is a phenomenon you can’t label as coincidence. Strong powers keep mixing in. It’s like wave motion. I think the person accelerating this wave motion is Hyoudou Issei-kun, the Sekiryuutei.”

Sirzechs-sama glanced at me. If Maou-sama looked at me, then I’d get nervous...

“Are you the Maou? Nice to meet you, I am the one called Xenovia.”

The one who intervened in the conversation is the girl with a green fringe on her hair, the newcomer Devil, Xenovia. At first glance, she’s a real beauty, but she’s not just all looks. She’s the wielder of the legendary Holy Sword Durandal, Buchou’s newest family member, and her other Knight.

“Good day to you, Xenovia. I am Sirzechs Lucifer. I got the report from Rias. The wielder of the Holy Sword Durandal got reincarnated as a Devil, not to mention becoming my sister’s family... Truth be told, I doubted my ears when I heard it the first time.”

“I also didn’t think that I would become a Devil. To be reincarnated into the side I kept on killing, even if I say so myself, I sometimes regret it as it was quite a bold move. ...Yeah, that’s it. Why did I become a Devil? Desperation? However, at that time, truthfully, anything was fine... But, was it really fine to become a Devil?”

...Ah, she’s once again thinking deeply with her head in her arms. This girl says bold things, but she ends up regretting them later on. She’s a hard to understand girl like always.

“Hahaha, it’s great that my little sister’s family has a lot of interesting people. Xenovia, since you were just reincarnated, you won’t understand your own way, but I want you to support the Gremory household as Rias’ family. I’ll be counting on you.”

“If I am asked by the legendary Maou written in the Bible to do it, then I’ll have no choice but to do it. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do, but allow me to do whatever I can in my capability.”

After hearing Xenovia’s words, Maou-sama smiles. That smile was exactly the same as Buchou’s.


After hearing Maou-sama’s thanks, Xenovia’s cheeks also became a bit red.

“Now then, let’s continue the difficult conversation somewhere else. Hm, however, even though I came to the human world, it’s nighttime. Would a lodging institution be open right now?”

What would a lodging institution be...? It may be open, but it would take time to search for such a thing.

Hm, then...the thing I was thinking in my mind, I raised my hand and said it.

“Ah, if that’s the case, then...”

Part 2

“I see. I am relieved that my sister hasn’t been causing you any trouble.”

“No way, Onii-san! Rias-san is a really good girl.”

“Yes, Rias-san is such a wonderful girl that Ise doesn’t deserve her.”

In my house’s living room, the legendary Maou-sama and my parents were exchanging greetings. Buchou was beside Maou-sama. Behind him was Grayfia-san waiting on standby.

During our meeting at the club room, I gave a suggestion. ‘If that’s the case, would you like to stay in my house?’...was what I said. At first, Maou-sama was circling his eyes, but maybe after remembering that Buchou was living in my house, he said ‘That’s fine with me. I wanted to greet the couple whose place my sister is boarding in’ and readily consented. Buchou resisted cutely by saying ‘No! No!’, but there’s no way you could stop both Maou-sama and Grayfia-san. After the Devil business was completed, we came here to the Hyoudou household. Your red face is so cute. You would naturally be scared of what your brother, who's also the Maou, would say. For the time being, regarding Sirzechs-sama’s personal info, we made it that he’s Buchou’s Onii-san and the heir to the company Buchou’s father runs. He’s Sirzechs Gremory. After using the name he threw away long ago once more, Sirzechs-sama seemed to be having fun.

“The maid-san over there is...?”

“Yes, she’s Grayfia.”

Maou-sama answers my father’s question.

“Actually, she’s my wife.”


Everyone except Buchou let out gasps, but Grayfia-san was expressionlessly pinching Maou-sama’s cheek.

“I am the maid, Grayfia. I apologise for my master speaking such boring jokes.”

“It huwts. It huwts, Grayfia.”

The angry, yet quiet Grayfia-san and the teary-eyed smiling Maou-sama. Buchou, who was beside them, covered her face with her hands from embarrassment. Ah, Buchou’s family seems to be interesting. Who would have thought that the Maou-sama would say jokes like this? Since Grayfia-san seems to be accustomed to this as well, Maou-sama must be doing mischief frequently.

“Well then, Gremory-san, will you be attending the class visit as well?”

Mother asks Maou-sama. Without shame, her cheeks were dyed red. Mother, were you fascinated by Maou-sama’s beautiful face? Well, it’s a given since he’s Buchou’s male version, so he would be cool. I can’t say anything after seeing him rubbing his cheek where he was pinched...

“Yes, I have taken a break from work, so I thought I could use this chance to see my little sister’s school, and also how she looks in class. On the day of the visit, my father should be coming as well.”

“Ah, Rias-san’s Otou-san as well.”

“Father helped in the establishment of Kuoh Academy. Like me, it seems this was a good chance for him to come visit as well. Although frankly speaking, I think he just wanted to see Rias’s face.”

“Gremory-san! Would you like some sake? We have some delicious sake of Japan.”

Otou-san brought out a treasure-bottle-like-sake from the kitchen. Heey! Otou-san! Suddenly taking out the sake, isn’t that rude!? However, in response to my anxieties, Maou-sama let out a smile.

“That is excellent! Let’s drink it by all means, since Japanese alcohol goes down well with a capable mouth[3]!”

Maou-sama was much friendlier than you would imagine.

Part 3

“N-No way... I can’t sleep together with Ise?”

The fun party was over, and it was time to sleep. In front of my room, Buchou was approaching Maou-sama with a strict face.

“I wanted to talk with him a bit while being on the bed. Sorry, Rias, but just for tonight, lend me Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

I see. Maou-sama wanted to sleep while talking with me, he’s already placed the futon for guests in the room.

Buchou slept with me every night in my bed. She seemed to be completely sad from not being able to sleep with me. Yeah, it’s like her love to her servant ended here. It seems like it’s mean to Buchou, like a little girl’s stuffed doll which she uses when sleeping gets taken. It’s too cute. There’s something Akeno-san said to me. It seemed Buchou’s degree of dependence towards me was increasing by the day. She said I’m really cute to her. However, on the other hand, I was scared whether I would be able to answer her expectations or not... By the way, even now, I was sleeping with Buchou and Asia together. Every night, we slept like the kanji for river[4]. But you know, if we three sleep together every time, strangely, I become relieved. I understood it as husband and wife always sleep together. If I had an elder and a younger sister, would it be like this? I get used by Buchou as a hugging pillow. Asia, not wanting to be defeated, hugged me as well. I have been making wonderful memories every night but...it hasn’t developed beyond that... Maybe because it feels like it’s family love? Buchou said that she has an illness, that if she didn’t sleep with me, she’d die. Asia said that if she doesn’t have me by her side like usual, she gets sad and hates it. Does hugging me feel good? That reminds me, recently, Matsuda told me this while shedding tears.

‘I smell Asia-chan’s scent from Ise! What’s the meaning of this!?’

Well, that’s a given, because we sleep together everyday. It’s not strange even if I give out Asia’s scent. I replied ambiguously to that, but wouldn’t strange rumours spread among some boys? Fufufu, no doubt the boys from my class think I have graduated from my virginity. It’s best that you think that! It isn’t bad that they think that! Though I haven’t been able to graduate! If this was Kiba or some other guy, would they have already slept with Buchou? No, no, that’s not true! Even though it’s this wonderful situation, there is a proper order for things. For me to skip the order and attack Buchou is...

[If you look at it from a guts perspective, you’re not the Red Dragon Emperor, but rather the Red Virgin Emperor, Partner.]

Suddenly, the one who says that is Ddraig.

Shut up! Leave me alone! In the meantime, I will do ecchi things with Buchou, and you just keep on looking from there!


The one who hugs me is Buchou! Uoooooh! I am happy, but I am seriously embarrassed to do this in front of two people! At school, she’s the cold and cool Buchou, but recently at home, she’s like this. She resembles an office lady who can accomplish anything calmly, but when she goes back home, she becomes like a kid in front of her pet.

“Can you sleep alone? Are you alright with me not being beside you? I am not alright though. Just you not being beside me...”

“Ojou-sama, let’s return back to our room now. I will be there in your room as well. Well then, Sirzechs-sama, good night.”

Grayfia-san took away Buchou, who was saying something. Buchou went away from my body.

“I know, Grayfia...”

Buchou’s shape seems as if she’s regretting it. That scene looks like a scene where the parent and child have to get separated.

“Ah, um, Ise-san, good night. I also think it’s unfortunate, but tonight, I’ll sleep in my room.”

Slightly bowing her head, Asia headed off towards her room while keeping her smile on. The only two left were me and Maou-sama.

“Now, shall we enter inside?”


Just by him entering my room, I was nervous! Maou-sama’s posture was elegant and the aura surrounding Devils was quiet around him, but even an amateur like me could sense the terrifying concentration of magic power in my skin. Probably just by concentrating a bit of his power, I would be reduced to dust. But I could feel his splendour. Because this person is at the top of the Devils’ world, we could continue on our Devil jobs with peace like usual. This is the Maou... Just by inhaling the same air as him, you could tell that he was in an entirely different class. While I was trying to prepare myself to sleep together with him while having never had a proper conversation before, the lights were switched off and I was beside him.

“I heard you met Azazel.”

Maou-sama said that to me.


I acknowledged that obediently.

“I hear he did nothing to you, but did he say something to you?”

“...‘I’ll meet you again next time’ is what he said.”

“I see. ...Azazel has a strong interest in Sacred Gears. Your Boosted Gear is no exception. Actually, same as you, people possessing Longinus have gathered alongside him.”

“...For what purpose?”

“I don’t know that. But Azazel is the Governor of an organisation with the power to affect Heaven, Underworld and the human world. If he uses that, it will cause a great amount of disturbance. However, he doesn’t like war like Kokabiel does. It’s because of that that the Fallen Angels were the first to withdraw from the Great War of the past.”

Yeah, to be honest, I don’t want to have another owner other than Buchou. I mean, I can’t even go to that place. If I get forcibly brainwashed, then what will I do...? As if realising my concern Maou-sama speaks in an enjoyable tone.

“Don’t worry. I guarantee your safety. Finally, the legendary Dragon came to the Devil side, so I’ll have them give you a good treatment. And also, my little sister treats you dearly. I've never seen Rias having so much fun even in the Underworld. I am sure she must be having fun every day. I feel that this is thanks to you.”

This person must really care for Buchou from his heart. I felt his words just now were overflowing with deep affection.

“Hyoudou Issei-kun. Take care of my sister, of Rias, from now on too.”


That’s obvious, Maou-sama. I will protect Buchou from now on as well. Always. Even if I become alone, it won’t change the fact that I am Buchou’s family. Even if I become the Harem King, if Buchou gets in trouble, I will come rushing to her aid.

“I...no, I am Buchou’s...Rias Gremory-sama’s pawn.”[5]

“Thanks. Oh yeah, Hyoudou Issei-kun. Is it all right for me to call you Ise-kun like my little sister does?”

“O-Of course! It’s an honor!”

“I see. Then, Ise-kun, won’t you call me by my name? Onii-san is fine as well.”

O-Onii-san? W-What are you thinking? are you my Onii-san...? I don’t get it, but I think it’s a very high honour.

“I feel it’s rude after all. Would calling you Sirzechs-sama be alright?”

“Then, let's do it that way. Yeah, however, it’s a pity. I wanted to be called Onii-san by the legendary Dragon... Meh, it will become that before long, so it should be fine with this for now.”


It seemed like Sirzechs-sama somehow came to a self-conclusion. I didn’t get what he was thinking about, but since he’s the Maou-sama, it should be a high-level anguish.

“By the way, Ise-kun.”


“The Boosted Gear can transfer the increased power to someone else.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“The topic’s different, but you seem to like the big breasts of girls, right?”

“Yes! I love them!”

Ah, I affirmed it in a loud voice in front of Sirzechs-sama! What a rude thing! I am so embarrassed! However, I sure am obedient to my desires!

“Even as her brother, I think that Rias’s breasts are bountiful.”

“Yes, I feel that Buchou’s...Master’s breasts are the best!”

Onii-san! Buchou’s boobs are the best! They really are the best! Thank you very much for raising them up! I’m giving thanks from my side as well!

“This is a ‘what if’ question but...if you transfer your increased power from your Boosted Gear to Rias’s breasts, what would happen...? Meh, don’t worry about it.”


That moment, a shock never before felt in me was born. ...Use Boosted Gear on Bu-Buchou’s boobs...? No way, that thing...is possible...? No, but! That concept wasn’t present! Gift to boobs! To transfer the power of the Sekiryuutei on boobs! Th-That is, what exactly would happen if that occurred? I can’t imagine it! I can’t predict it! Damn it! Maou-sama’s thought level is far above mine! What conceptualising power! ...Would the size simply increase? It can’t be, that beautiful pair would be able to even wrap around national treasure-level items? No, no, would they shine while stretched? Uhhhhh! I don’t know! My brain was howling as if my expanding thoughts were raging. Over here, I’ll rotate my head so much that it’ll be the largest rotation done in recent times. Both of my hands’ fingers were twitching unconsciously, facing the sky like they were squeezing boobs. M-My eyes are becoming clear! Not good! I can’t sleep! I can’t sleep! If I used Gift to Buchou’s breasts, what would happen!?

“Good night, Ise-kun.”

While Sirzechs-sama went to sleep beside me, I was endeavouring the whole night with my delusions without getting an answer.

Part 4

Several days after Sirzechs-sama’s visit. Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san left my house the day after they stayed over at my place. It seems like they are investigating the city, but if you look at it from my perspective as one who attended to Sirzechs-sama for several days, you could only think of it as sightseeing... No, since it’s Maou-sama, no doubt he’s perceiving things from a point of view I could never imagine! He competed with me in game centres (seems like he wants to establish game centres in the Underworld), we tested out all the flavours at the hamburger shop (he said he wanted to open chains of restaurants in the Underworld...), and we went to the Shinto shrine (with Maou-sama’s absolute demonic power, the shrine’s holy power was driven away, so we could go inside. Maou-sama is capable of anything!). Even though it seemed his actions were all travel and enjoyment at first glance, I feel he was serious in everything. I was a Devil lacking in training to even think of that! By the way, if I gave the gift to Buchou’s boobs, then what would happen? I haven’t got an answer to that yet... Might as well ask her? No, I can’t ask for that!

‘Buchou! Can I use Boosted Gear on your boobs?’

Idiooooooooooot! You can’t say this stupid line! But it bothers me! What will really happen? Buchou’s boobs... While thinking that since the morning, the holiday became a work day.

“We’re leaving.”

We three went to school from the house. Today is a holiday, but because there was something to do, we headed towards the school. Guuh! This was the most awaited day of all days! Ah, my heart is dancing! My heart’s beating loudly! Drip, drip, drip, my drool drops kept coming out one after another. A person called to me, who had a lowly smile on his face.


The one meeting us in between was Xenovia. She was living alone in an apartment near my house. She, who became a Devil because of various circumstances, didn’t want to go back to the land of the Vatican. For that purpose, she started living in this city, but it seems like she didn’t like sleeping in the old school building, so she rented an apartment, although that apartment also has an aura of Devils exuding from it. She lived in our neighbourhood because her master, Buchou, and the same as her, Asia, both live in my house. If there was something she didn’t understand while living there, she could come to our house easily since it's close by. Meh, if she suddenly started living in a different culture and living standard, there were a lot of things she wouldn’t understand. Oh yeah, Asia and Xenovia were both surprised at the opening of umbrellas during rainy days. It seemed like they don’t open their umbrellas even on rainy days over there. After looking at the vinyl umbrellas and getting extremely scared, the impression would be deep. Really, their culture is different.

“Asia, were you able to finish last night’s homework?”

“Yes. What about you, Xenovia-san?”

“Well, I don’t know some things that are in Japanese. Would you teach me?”

“Yes! Please leave it to me! ...But, Kanji are still a bit...”

“Me too. It’s really scary that the Japanese learn these complex characters. I am catching a glimpse of a part of a major economic power.”

The two chatting were Asia and Xenovia. When they met initially, it was really bad, but somehow, the fact that these two were disciples of Christianity was probably the main reason their relationship deepened. ‘The quiet Asia’ and ‘the energetic Xenovia’ are the names the boys use to call the two foreign bishoujos.

“I see. This is also the Lord’s guidance.”

“Yes, it is the Lord’s guidance.”

“Amen... Ouch!”

Like this, they pray while doing something, and at the same time, both of them take damage.

“What the hell are you two doing...?”

How many times have I done this straight man act[6]? While chuckling in a low voice, Buchou said.

“Well then, you all. Today will be the opening of the restricted use pool.”

Yes! Today is pool! The day I have been waiting for the most, the pool day! Us Occult Research club members were ordered by the Student Council to clean the pool. It’s already summer and the school has to open the pool. Buchou already gave her consent to cleaning with the condition of us having the very first use of the pool, thus we eagerly took out the moss leftover from taking out the water. A few days ago, Buchou bought a swimsuit. She showed us how it was in the house, but even though she wasn’t wearing it, just by looking at it, my nosebleed wouldn’t stop. Because it’s amazing! It was ecchi[7]! ‘I’ll show it to you when we go to the pool this time’ is what Buchou said. I waited eagerly for this day! Ah, I have been living for the sake of this day! I may be exaggerating, but maybe I can become skillful in this year’s summer! The lonely summers till now were probably for this day! If you talk about summer vacation, it’s the season where a lot of boys graduate from their virginity. I too, in this summer... Guuah! Unlike last year, this summer, I would be surrounded by girls! If I have my first sexual experience with Buchou, it’s gonna be the best! No, Akeno-san is good too! I can’t bear it! I am burning with just my delusions! I will enjoy Kiba’s share as well who can’t come today due to some work.

“Ise-san, are you thinking some perverted stuff?”

Asia pulled my cheeks with teary eyes, but she couldn’t stop my frightful face.

Part 5

Dear Grandfather in Heaven. It’s the beginning of summer. The shining sun was giving us warm sunlight. I couldn’t stop my tears in front of this scenery before my very eyes. My tears were worth it is what I felt.

“Hey, Ise. How does my swimsuit look?”

Puh! Blood was spilling out from my vigorous self’s nose. Buchou’s white skin! Her swimsuit design was showing too much! The small red fabric that was her brasserie! Her b-boobs! This was not just a level where you could only see the lower part of her breasts! The captivating leg lines are wonderful as well!

“Ara, ara. Buchou, you sure are fired up. Ufufu, you really wanted to show it to Ise-kun. By the way, Ise-kun, how does mine look?”

High school dxd v4 047.jpg

With that, Akeno-san entered as well! Unlike Buchou, she’s wearing an extreme swimsuit of pure white! Like her, the cloth was small! Aah, if the two onee-sama with erotic bodies wore that, a lot of young boys would start slouching!

“Ise-san. I-I came after changing as well.”

After turning around, I saw Asia standing while fidgeting. Asia was wearing the school swimsuit. Yeah, if a blonde-haired bishoujo wore a Japanese swimsuit, then you would feel an incredible power! The name ‘Asia’ written on her chest was wonderful as well!

“Asia, you’re looking cute! Your Onii-san is deeply moved! It suits you really well!”

Asia let out a smile and seemed to be in a good mood.

“Ehehe. I am happy that Ise-san said that. Koneko-chan is wearing a school swimsuit as well.”

Ooh! Koneko-chan was wearing a swimsuit like Asia, huh! The name card ‘Koneko’ was cute and wonderful as well! Yeah, it’s the birth of the lovely mascots!

“...Not being looked at by obscene eyes is also a bit of a complex feeling I am getting.”

It seems like she’s grumbling with a disappointed feeling...? Huh?

Buchou placed a hand on Koneko-chan’s shoulders and, while letting out a smile, said.

“With that, Ise, sorry, but...”


Part 6

“Yes, 1, 2. 1, 2.”

I was holding Koneko-chan’s hand and helping her out with feet-pedalling exercises. After coming to the pool, the first thing I was made to do was teach Koneko-chan who couldn’t swim. ‘Ise, help Koneko out by being her partner’ is what Buchou ordered me to do. The person in question, Koneko-chan, is taking small breaths in between with a ‘Puwa’ sound and pedalling her feet with her utmost effort. Somehow, seeing her trying her best is cute.

“Keep it up, Koneko-chan!”

Asia was cheering for Koneko-chan from the side. By the way, Asia couldn’t swim either. I had to help out in Asia’s swimming practice as well. Wait, I wasn’t that good in swimming either. Yeah, for me, I just wanted to stare at Buchou’s swimsuit and worship her figure swimming in the water. I felt like that, while Buchou was swimming in the pool, her boobs would sway and something amazing would happen!

“Puwa. ...Senpai, sorry for making you help me out...”

Koneko-chan said it in an apologetic manner.

“No, no, it’s fine. Helping out with a girl’s swimming practice is fun. I don’t really mind.”

It’s true. I would rather help out with a girl’s swimming practice than to practice with a brat. And especially if the partner was the cute Asia and the Kouhai Koneko-chan, then I’d do it for the whole day.

“Oops, we have reached the end.”

Completely pedalling for twenty-five metres and still having energy left, Koneko-chan collided with me. Even though it was a coincidence, the general perception would be that we were hugging each other. Awawawa, if it remained like this, then she’ll say ‘...Please don’t touch me’ and I might get hit with a punch like usual! I was being vigilant, but Koneko-chan’s reaction was different.

“...Ise-senpai, you’re unexpectedly gentle. Even though you’re a pervert.”

...I didn’t know whether I was being praised or not. Was it just my imagination that Koneko-chan’s cheeks seemed a bit red?

“W-Well, I also want to do something for my Kouhai. I’m always causing trouble for Koneko-chan, so in such times, I definitely want to help."

I said it while patting Koneko-chan’s head. I tried to do what Buchou does to me a lot. If you look at it from the point of view of a person below, I would be happy when something like this is done to me by a Senpai of the opposite sex. Wait, I don’t know if Koneko-chan is fine with being patted on her head or not.

Splash! I heard the sound of someone jumping in the pool. In the other course, Buchou was swimming elegantly! Uoooooh! This was my chance! I dived hurriedly into the water and activated my Boosted Gear! I put the gauntlet on my left hand to my face and transferred the power that was doubled.


Power flowed in both my eyes, and my eyesight was suddenly enhanced! My field of vision increased. I caught sight of Buchou swimming far away! I believe that my Sacred Gear was meant to be used in such times! Facing the water resistance, Buchou’s boobs were swaying uniquely with a bouncing movement! Ah, this was it, this! The resistance generated from water! And the swaying of boobs born from that! I yearned for this! That voluptuous bust was moving freely in the water! What a whimsical method of swaying! Shit! Buchou! Thank you very much! Those things of yours were too bountiful today! Alright, after going back, I’ll do it 5 times! ...Storage in the brain, memory storage complete. Guh, inside of my head, unforgivable shock is being inflicted. Guh! My breath was escaping inside the water! Suddenly looking up, I found Koneko-chan having her hand in the form of a chop.

“...Won’t you look at Asia-senpai’s swimming next?”

Koneko-chan seemed to be sullen. On the side, Asia was teary eyed.

“Uh, even I, even I...!”

Ah, somehow, even Asia looked sullen. While I was coughing, I once again said to Asia.

“Alright, next is Asia. Are you ready?”

“...Yes, I’ll be under you care.”

Like this, we moved onto Asia’s swimming lesson next.

Part 7

“...Aaaaaah, I’m tired.”

By the poolside, Asia was going to sleep on the vinyl sheet that was spread out. I helped her out with pedalling practice by grabbing her hand, but maybe because she was pumped up beyond expectation, we completed the course many times. Pool exercises require more energy than ground exercises after all. For Asia, who isn’t really good at exercising, it must have been exhausting. Koneko-chan was also by the poolside, resting under the shadow while reading a book. Fuu. I also let out my breath and sat down beside Asia. I thought that after becoming a devil my physical strength improved quite a bit, but this time I was tired. Practising on your own and helping out in another person’s practice are like two different things after all. Not to mention that the partner was a girl.


Sounds of sleeping? Looking at the side, Asia was sleeping due to being tired. Man, that’s a cute sleeping face. I definitely won’t send her for marriage. A red bat came flying towards me, who was being healed by Asia’s sleeping face. It was Buchou’s familiar bat.

After suddenly feeling someone’s gaze on me, I turned my head around. On the other side of the pool was Buchou. There was something that looked like a small bottle in her hand. Was that...oil? Cream? While smiling, she was beckoning me. Her mouth moved silently.

‘Come here.’

Uooooooooooooooooooooh! I-It can’t be! Feeling something by intuition, I ran towards Buchou’s side with god-like speed! There was only one thing that I was expecting in my mind! That’s it, right! There’s nothing except that! —Oiling in midsummer! I-It couldn’t be anything else other than oiling Buchou’s body! You could even say that the oil massage was what you imagine in your dreams! For the unpopular me, it was like an illusion! To think that I could use both hands on Buchou’s soft body as much as I wanted! Uoooh! Just by my delusions, blood was gushing out from my nose!

“Hyo-Hyoudou Issei has arrived!”

Looking at the excited servant who appeared in front of her, Buchou showed a surprised expression for a moment, but immediately smiled strangely.

“Sheesh, you really are. I just beckoned you here, you know?”


My heart was seen through by her. I immediately blushed. Uwaah, I am embaraaaaaaaaaased! I-I was certain that she would say that I should oil her! This is a bit sad. No, this won’t do. Since I was called by Buchou, I want to accomplish some order of hers as I’m Buchou’s Pawn. ...But, oiling...

“Don’t make such a face, Ise. The reason I called you is just that.”


My voice came out in the pause. Which means?

“Devils won’t get sunburned. But sunlight is a foreign enemy.”

Buchou handed me the small bottle in her hand.

“That’s a special beauty oil. Would you apply it on my back?”

“Yes! With pleasure!”

I replied without even missing a beat! That was obvious! My brain understood the situation in just a moment! I did it! Oiling exists! I thought it was a situation that would only happen in my dreams, but it really existed after all! My tears wouldn’t stooooooop!

“Then, shall we get ready immediately?”

Gently and without any hesitation, Buchou removed the bra of her bikini in front of me.


As the thing holding them wasn’t present anymore, the naked boobs showed themselves! Good afternoon! How many times did this make it that I have contacted these boobs-sama? Wait, that’s not it! Buchou! Is it really alright to remove your bra without hesitation in daytime in front of me, who’s a boy!? By pressing my nose, I somehow managed to stop the stream of blood that’s pushing down, but maybe because of my perverted nature, my gaze was concentrating on the boobs! Aah, Buchou! Those are some pretty pink nipples!

“Bu-Buchou! If you remove your bra without hesitation like that, then even my heart’s readiness would be...! Wait, at this place! In front of a boy! Is it alright to remove it?”

“Yeah, since there’s no boy other than you here, I am alright with it.”

Buchou answered back with a smile! Aah, if you say it like that, I am deeply moved! Wait, does she think of me as a boy? I am a boy, but it’s alright since I am her servant? Uh, I don’t understand. But looking at the situation, it’s a big reward! Buchou lay with her front on the vinyl sheet, moved away her crimson hair and had her back faced towards me. Aaaaaah, that white skin was dazzling! Since she was front side down, those voluminous boobs were spreading out through the sides. Awesome! I wanted to press my fingers on those boobs that have spread out! Wait, if there’s a chance, won’t I be able to use my Boosted Gear’s doubling power and transfer it!?

“Now, go on.”

P-Permission to touch Buchou’s body just came out! It’s alright to touch that soft white skin with my hands! Maybe I was born for this day! Mother, Father, thank you very much! I’m once again going one step ahead! Matsuda, Motohama! I’m climbing the steps to adulthood more and more! You guys can crawl on the ground! I’m going to fly today! By touching Buchou’s body, my wings will grow out! After obscenely moving the fingers of both hands, I went to touch Buchou’s white skin. Uwaah, it’s amazing. It feels soft and slippery... I’m sure that if I rub it, it would go boing, boing... I put the special formula oil of the Devils on my hands, and rubbed it on my hands many times. Now, towards the mystery of the female body!

Pito, nyuruuuuuu.

After touching her, while spreading the oil, I try and spread it on her entire skin. Ah! Damn! Buchou’s skin was amazing after all! After slipping so much, my hands felt that even they would become slippery! Not to mention on touching, everywhere is so soft that it would stretch in my hands! While pressing her skin with my fingertips, the nerves in my fingertips feel like they are overjoyed by having the upper-class elasticity between them! Applying the oil uniformly on the back, I was doing it thoroughly enough to be called futile! I couldn’t touch the side boobs because I was lacking in courage! If I touched them while saying my hand slipped, if it’s Buchou, she would forgive me. But thinking about the feelings of guilt that would be born from doing that, I couldn’t do it. Uh! I wanted to touch those boobs that have been spread ooooooooooooout! Although I plan on running my fingers on Buchou’s back to such an extent that it had no meaning behind it, if I did it too conspicuously, she’d probably get mad. But I wanted to touch Buchou’s skin forever!

“Hey, Ise.”


“On my body, there’s no place that you haven’t touched now. Somehow, this body seems to be controlled by Ise.”


With Buchou’s stimulating and fascinating line, my brain got beaten! Why can Buchou speak such Japanese that can tickle a pervert’s heart?!

“Do you want to rub oil on my breasts as well?”


Buchou’s beautiful Japanese is penetrating my ears! My tears started overflowing!

“Y-Yes! Of course! B-But is it alright?”

I asked to confirm once, but Buchou responded while smiling with a nod.

“It’s fine. Do it carefully later. Ufufu, Ise really likes girls’ breasts, right?”

“Yes! I really love them!”

I affirm it while tears are flowing down! I really like them! I really love them! It’s the thing that I love the most in this world! Boobs are justice! I want to rub them! I want to suck them! Ah, my Onee-sama! I am being really spoiled by Buchou! It’s the best, Master!

“Ise-kun ♪, would you apply oil on me as well?”


Something soft and elastic was sticking to my back! T-This feeling! I remembered this! After turning back my head, unexpectedly, Akeno-san’s face appeared over my shoulder. Nuaaaah! A-Akeno-san! When did you...!?


She spread her arms around my body even more, and was hugging me from behind! Uwaaaah! The sensation of her boobs hitting my back is being conveyed from the skin... Wait, cloth...there was no sensation of a swimsuit coming from my back!? I-It can’t be...direct touch!? Akeno-san, did you take of your swimsuiiiiiiiiiit!?

“Ara, ara, it’s unfair that it’s just Buchou.”

Akeno-san said to Buchou as if she was criticising her while pressing her boobs against my back! On my back, the soft object was moving as it wanted! Kuh! It was purposeful! She was pressing it purposefullyyyyyyy! Wait, it’s not just the pointed tip, this stiff swelling feeling as well! My hands stopped without doing much! Naturally! If you had this done to you, even if you were in the middle of your heart’s desire of applying oil, you would stop! Aaaaaaaaaah! Akeno-san’s boobs, the elasticity was good, the softness was good, and I was feeling a definite existence! It was really amazing! Just by having big boobs being pressed on your back, you could feel the difference in thickness and heaviness!

“H-Hey, Akeno. You know my oiling isn’t over yet? A-And also, I told you not to tempt my Ise like that, right?”

Buchou just lifted up her upper half. Her eyes looked fierce. It’s clear that she’s displeased! Wait! Bu-Buchou! If you lift your upper half while your bra is off... It’s completely visible! I can see everything of your boobs! In front of my eyes, her nipples were swaying in mid-aiiiiiir! Amazing! Just by Buchou moving a bit, they shook in small cuts!


Akeno-san placed her face on my shoulder. Just like that, our cheeks stuck with each other and rubbed each other! In my whole body, something unknown raced around!

“Hey, Ise-kun. Buchou is scary. I normally run around and get tired. I just want to release the built-up thing in my cute Kouhai.”

God. Guh! I am being bitten on the ear by Akeno-san, meeeeeeeee! Akeno-san was too erotic! As expected, I couldn’t even quiver!

High school dxd v4 000d.jpg

This person was really erotic. I was an erotic Devil so my movements were being sealed! I wanted to try to make sure that my nosebleed didn’t start gushing out! But it’s strange! Drip by drip, it sometimes leaked out from my nostril!

“Really, Ise-kun is cute. Buchou, won’t you give Ise to me? In the future, when I become independent from Buchou, I want to take this boy along with me after all.”

“No! That boy is mine! I definitely won’t give him to you!”

“There’s no other boy as wonderfully cute as him. Then, it’s alright for me to be affectionate to him with ecchi ways occasionally, right?”

“That’s prohibited! I don’t want the Ise of right now to know any girls other than me. W-Well, if it’s Asia, then it can’t be helped, but...if the partner is you, Ise will really become a beast.”

“Ara, ara, that’s an extreme way of saying it. Don’t you think that boys are best when they’re beasts? While Buchou is hesitating, Ise’s chastity, I’ll—”

“I won’t give him! That isn’t a joke!”

Uoooooh! It’s a struggle between the King and Queen for me, who is a pet! Aaaaaaah, I’m fine being a pet! Please call me a vulgar cur, Princess, Queen-sama!

“By the way, Ise-kun.”

Akeno-san! Don’t speak close to my ears! Her breath is hitting...me! Don’t blow upon me! Why is this person so erotic!?

“Did you suck Buchou’s breasts?”

“N-No, I couldn’t suck them!”

“Ara, ara, poor you. Really Buchou, even though you pamper Ise, at those points of yours, your guard is really stiff.”

Akeno-san said it challengingly. While talking to me, she was actually directing her words towards Buchou! Buchou’s facial expression also gradually started changing down towards a grim look! S-scary!

“If that’s the case, in replacement, I will let you suck m-i-n-e.”


In that instant, my thoughts flew away. ...Eh? Just now, what did you say...? Before even coming to an understanding of Akeno-san’s words, the Erotic Queen resumed her sensual temptation.

“Right now, the thing that’s sliding on Ise-kun’s back, I’ll allow you to hold it in your mouth. That’s what I said, right? Do you get it?”

On my back, Akeno-san’s nipples are dancing! I understood that my whole body cheered up. No matter how much Akeno-san teased her Kouhai, me, i-if she did this...

“While moving your tongue, rolling around the pointed tip, you can suck it like a kid. Suck wildly with your instincts as an animal... It’s my first time having a boy suck my boobs, so I can’t imagine what might happen...”

Maybe it’s because of Akeno-san’s rough breathing, it’s attacking close to my ears! I-I’m being attacked by wordsssss! Was this Akeno-san’s S side? It was so stimulating that my mind was blown away!

Hyu! Bon!

Something passes beside me. I hear something crackling to pieces in the back . Fearfully looking back, one of the pool’s diving boards had disappeared.

Taking a glance at Buchou’s direction, in the palm of her projected hand is an aura of demonic power! Did you destroy it!? Facing this direction!?

“Akeno. Aren’t you going too overboard? You, aren’t you forgetting that you’re my servant?”

Buchou let out a voice that worked on DOS. H-Her eyes were looking dowwwwwn! Scary!

“Ara, ara, if you become like that, then I’ll be troubled. —Rias, I won’t back down.”

Eeeeeeeeeek! While smiling, Akeno-san closed her eyes, then reopened her eyeeees! Not to mention that her tone was overflowing with anger! She surrounded her whole body with a golden aura, and sparks were running with crackles around her! Buchou lifted her body. Akeno-san also moved away from my body and stood up!

The two bishoujo Senpai with their boobs fully exposed while generating magic power from their bodies were glaring at each other while close to each other! Uwaaaaaah! A girls’ fight!?

“I won’t give you Ise. Vulgar Priestess of Thunder-san.”

“Isn’t it fine to be affectionate? Crimson Virgin Princess-sama?”

“Aren’t you a virgin yourself!?”

“Ara, if you’re going to say that, I’ll have Ise-kun take my virginity right now.”

“No! Ise said he would take my virginity!”

Immediately following that, destructive sounds started reverberating. Buchou and Akeno-san flew towards the sky and started a girls’ fight that wouldn’t be called the level of a fight. Young girls shouldn’t say ‘Virgin, virgin’!

“In the first place, Akeno, you hated men! Why of all people did you only take interest in Ise!?”

“If you say it like that, even you Rias had no interest in men! You said they all looked the same to you!”

“Ise is special! He’s cute!”

“Even for me, Ise-kun is cute! I finally met a boy for whom I felt like that, so it should be fine to pass Ise-kun to me for just a bit and let me understand men!”

Aaaaaaaaah! I somehow don’t understand it, but it turned into a big fight! And wait, without even minding that I am here, they were letting out dangerous masses of demonic poweeer!


Uwah! Demonic power came flying really close to me! The poolside got smashed up! This is bad! If I stay here, I’ll die! I’ll be killed! I want to stop them, but I can’t stop it, the fight of those girls! If I get mixed up in a battle beyond my level, I’ll be annihilated!

While desperately apologising in my heart by saying ‘Sorry, Buchou, Akeno-san!’, I ran away hastily inside the pool equipment room.

Part 8

Pant... Pant...

After overcoming the feeling of being on the verge of death, I was breathing heavily inside the pool equipment room. I barely escaped alive! Those two onee-samas were seriously scary! If I had the ability, I would be rubbing both of them simultaneously while saying something like ‘Fufufu, by my face, stop this fight, my honeys’. However, in reality, it is futile. I curled up in fear and ran away just like that. Well, for those two, I would be more like a cat or dog that they’re raising in their club room. Since I am only one, it ended up with them competing against each other for me. However, Buchou’s and Akeno-san’s way of showing affection for their Devil family is beyond my imagination. The road to Harem King is way too steep... Wait, in my world, are there really only scary girls? I took in a deep breath, but suddenly I felt someone’s presence. Xenovia appeared from the inside.

“Oh my, it’s Hyoudou Issei. What happened? The outside seems a bit noisy.”

“It’s better not to go outside right now. And you as well, what are you doing here?”

“Yeah. It’s my first swimsuit so it took me some time to put it on. Does it suit me?”

Even though there’s a girls’ changing room, she came all the way here to change? It isn’t an erotic swimsuit like those of Buchou or Akeno-san, but it was a bikini that was emphasising the body curves. Ah, after all, this girl has a good body as well. It’s a tight body, but it’s protruding where it should be. Her boobs are on the bigger side too, and her sleek hair as well.

“A-Ah, I think it suits you. What, it’s the first time you’ve worn a swimsuit? Is it because of the church’s rule being so strict that offensive stuff like this is prohibited after all?”

“Well, that’s right. Though before saying that, I myself didn’t have any interest in stuff like this. Though the girls learning around me, the female soldiers, let out their dissatisfaction at not being able to touch things like that.”

I see. No matter how you see it, ‘Fighting seems to fit my nature’, she’s the type to say that sort of thing.

“However, not only did my future change, even if it’s just a bit, I want to experience the entertainment befitting girls. That’s how I feel. That’s what I have started feeling recently.”

Huh, is that so? Just don’t get any weird ideas? That was what Xenovia’s solemn expression was showing.

“Hyoudou Issei. There’s something I wanted to talk about.”

“Ise is fine. You’re also my comrade.”

“Then, Ise. I will say it again, won’t you make a child with me?”


Hm? Hmmm? What did this girl just say right now? Xenovia inclined her head dubiously and said ‘Didn’t you hear it? Alright’, and once again speaks rapidly.

“Ise, let’s make children together.”


...Hm? Hmm? Were my ears broken? Right now, something that could really make any male happy came flying to my ears, but... Xenovia said it a third time to me who was doubting my ears.

“Ise, let’s make children together.”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? Re—!”

Xenovia closed my mouth, which was letting out a loud howl.

“Shh. Don’t let out such a loud voice. We’ll be noticed.”

To be said not to let out a loud voice, that’s impossible! What the hell are you thinking!? M-M-M-Making children!

“Y-You, suddenly saying that...”

She nods to the fluttering me.

“Yeah, let’s talk in turns.”

Xenovia talked. She was born and brought up in the headquarters of the church, Rome, so that the element to be able to wield Holy Swords would be born. From childhood, for God, for religion, she endeavoured in her training and studies is what she said.

“From childhood, while saying that, dreams and objectives, everything was entwined with God and faith. For example, defeating Devils was for the sake of the Lord, and the one propagating that, the Vatican. While believing that, I’ve never doubted it. That’s why, after becoming a Devil now, you can say that my dreams and objectives have disappeared.”

“Ah, I understand that, but... W-Why is it that to m-m-make children...”

I think the conversation leaped a lot, but what is this girl thinking about that part?

“Yeah, while serving God, I had thrown away that part of me, a woman’s happiness. My body, my heart, I sealed everything for the sake of faith. However, like this, I am currently a Devil. What I should do, initially, I didn’t understand. After asking my present master, Rias-Buchou...”

‘Devils are beings that possess greed, fulfill greed, award greed, and desire greed. Try living as you wish.’

That was what Buchou said.

“That’s why, I felt free to release what was sealed inside me and become skillful at that.”

Release a girl’s happiness...?

“And then, my new objective, my dream now is...to bear children.”

“Y-You want to do something that a girl can do? Is that what you’re saying? Until now, under your religion, your sense of virtue was strong so you couldn’t do it?”

Xenovia nodded.

“Yes. I want to bear children. For that purpose, you need a man as well, but it’s great, right? I can have children and, at the same time, we can get to know each other better.”

“No, no, no. I-I understood the story, but why me?”

“Are you dissatisfied? Even if I am like this, I have a bit of confidence in my body as a woman. My breasts aren’t be as big Rias-Buchou’s, but they’re bigger than Asia’s, no? I think they’re worth seeing, are they not?”

Uh, she says that while stroking her breasts! Indeed, I think hers are on the bigger side! Wait, it’s true that I want to rub them! Like massaging them!

“W-Well, even I want to do things like that with a girl. Wait, upon hearing that you will allow me to do it, I feel like I’ll spring upon you! B-But is it fine with doing it me? I am not your boyfriend, and I haven’t thought of having children at this age!”

Children... Someday, maybe even I will have them. Until a while back, it felt like I had no luck with ladies. I had given up at that time, but after reincarnating as a Devil, my dreams and my aspirations came back, so I started thinking about the future as well. After my confirmation, Xenovia nodded.

“Ise is fine. I think you don’t realise it yourself, but you have the aura of a Dragon on your body, probably because you’re carrying the Sekiryuutei. I’ve felt it ever since we met for the first time. It’s just a bit, but your Dragon spirit is increasing.”

I-Is that so? I didn’t realise it myself.

“More than making children, I want them to become strong kids. A special power in the father’s genes, or otherwise I want greater strength. And that’s where I think that Ise is the most suited one. The power of the legendary Sekiryuutei. Even if the kids don’t inherit the Sacred Gear, maybe the kids will inherit the aura? This is a good chance. Definitely, this is the Lord’s guidance...Uh! ...I unintentionally prayed and received damage, but that’s how it is. And there’s perfectly no presence of humans here. Let’s try it out once right now. If anything, the faster the better.”


Suddenly, without any hesitation at all, Xenovia started removing her swimsuit in front of my eyes. Xenovia’s breasts were getting expooooooooooooooosed! They were springing like boing, boing! Th-Th-The nipple... The nipple is a beautiful pink. Since she had offered herself to God, that meant that no-one has touched them, right...? In place of God, you will offer them to me, huh, this girl! Drip... Since I started getting weird delusions, my nosebleed started flowing. Today, it's fine no matter how many litres of blood I spurt out! Not caring about that, she continued speaking.

“I know about the birth rate of Devils as well. It seems it’s quite difficult to make kids. It’s especially difficult when both are Pure-Blooded, but luckily, both you and I are Reincarnated Devils. The base is human, and your sexual desire is strong as well. I expect that if we do it every day, then within ten years, I should be able to conceive. No, if it’s your strong sexual desire, then within a day, a number of times should be possible? If you include that, then I think it’s possible within five years. Aah, there’s no problem from the side of the children as well. Basically, I will raise them. However, if the children desire love from their father, then only at those times do I want you to play with them. After all, for the children, both father and mother are required.”

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! You’ve already drawn the image of an expected future!

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with men. I plan on memorising it from now on, but for now, I’ll learn from Ise, who seems to be abundant with knowledge about sex.”

She’s a virgin after all! Why is it that all the girls around me are voluptuous and without any experience!?

“...Hold me. If you do the procedure for making kids properly, I don’t mind you doing it as you like.”

Xenovia clings to me! U-uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! On my chest, there are b-b-b-boobs hitting on it! T-They’re soft! Shit! Is it fine to push her down!? Is it fine to prepare myself!? My first time is not Buchou, but Xenovia!? There’s no one here! No, can we finish it satisfactorily!? I am a virgin as well! If a man gets hugged here, he’ll go out of his mind! Has it finally come, my graduation ceremony!? Aah, Matsuda, Motohoma! I’m going far away! I’ll do extreme things with girls in summer! Is it for this purpose that a lot of high school students can finish their first sexual experience!? Let’s go! Let’s gooooooooooooooooo! Preparing myself mentally, I apologised to Buchou in my heart while pushing Xenovia down—


All of a sudden, the equipment room’s door opened up. Upon looking back—

“Ise? What’s the meaning of this?”

While showing a forced smile, Buchou was standing there exhausted. Buchou’s body was covered by a thin red demonic power layer.

“Ara, ara, that’s unfair, Xenovia-chan. It was planned that I would take Ise’s chastity?”

Akeno-san was smiling, but somehow, a scary aura was surrounding her!

“Sob, Ise-san... You’re mean... E-Even I said it...”

Asia seemed like she wanted to say something as well while fidgeting. She’s angry!

“...No negligence nor any opportunities to attack.”

Koneko-chan said that with half-opened eyes!

“What’s wrong? Now, Ise, let’s make kids.”

Xenovia said with an oblivious expression on her face. Heeeeeey! In this situation, read this atmosphere a biiiiiiiit! ‘Let’s make kids’. After hearing those words, the colours on all the girls’ faces changed. Gah! I got both my arms caught by Buchou and Akeno-san, and I’m being dragged towards the pool! There was power surging in the hands holding my arms though!

“Buchou! There’s a reason for this!”

“I know. It’s my mistake. It’s my fault for letting my eyes off of you, who has an excess of sexual desire, for even a bit. But you know, Ise, I wonder what’s the meaning of making kids?”

Buchou was smiling sweetly! Scary! She’s too scary!

“Let’s see. I want to hear about a man’s heart a bit. What circumstances would there be for it to turn into a conversation about kids I wonder?”

It’s Akeno-san’s usual smiling face, but her intensity was terrifying! Gun! Suddenly, a fleeting feeling attacked me. Looking down at my feet, a small girl with great power, Koneko-chan, raised my legs up and started dragging me!

“...Taking the suspect.”

Koneko-chan! What do you plan on doing to me! Huh!? Looking closely, I am being carried away by the girls!?

“Yes, I see. First, I have to win against Buchou, Fuku-Buchou and Asia. This is a very difficult task. However, if you have more rivals, then you burn more.”

Heeeeeeey! Why the hell are you rousing yourself all aloneeeeeeeeee!? Ever since before, Xenovia run her mouth speaking strange things but... No, there’s also the part where I responded too...

“Ise, if there’s a chance, then I want to make children with you, so remember that well. Prepare yourself as well.”

“Xenoviaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Drop me, save meeeeeeeeeee!”

Like this, I got elements from Xenovia that created further friction. But, if I say so myself, my perverted spirit couldn’t refuse her.

Ah, it was a stimulating day... After leaving from the pool, I walked towards the campus. Comparing it to the days when I had no luck with girls, this is Heaven, seriously. However, what’s this feeling of fatigue? The nude bodies of the girls I craved for! Not to mention, the skin of Bishoujo-sama! Boobs! The memory of those exposed boobs swaying was stored in my brain, but I wonder why the things that occurred after that let my exhaustion reach its peak. I playback the image of Buchou and Akeno-san’s boobs in my head after closing my eyes. ...It’s wonderful, but after that, ‘Buchou and Fuku-Buchou’s decisive battle at the top!’ is replayed as well and I curl up at once. The angry onee-samas are scary... Yeah, I don’t want to disobey those two, ever. Xenovia is a problem as well. Who could have thought that she would be that bold...? You can’t grasp her, but after coming here, her initiative has increased even further. But she’s cute as well, that Xenovia.

While leaving the school building, a glint of silver came into my eyes. It was at the school gate.



For a moment, I had mistaken it as a scene from a movie. An amazing bishounen was looking up at the school building. He had silver hair. Grayfia-san was silver-haired as well, but that bishounen-kun’s hair was denser. More like, its dark colour was stronger. He was a foreigner, so I couldn’t estimate his age by looking at him, but maybe he was around the same age as me? Younger than me? No... Just that he was looking up at the school building, just that act was visible to me like an illusion. He must have realised my presence for his eyes were looking towards me. Those blue eyes were so transparent that one would be drawn in. With a smile like an angel, he spoke to me while coming towards me.

“Hey, it’s a good school.”

“Um...well, sorta.”

I made a forced smile and replied refreshingly. Who’s he? There were a lot of overseas students at our school, so maybe he’s transferring to our school this time. I can’t let my school’s impression look bad either. While I was pondering about how I should reply to questions he would ask regarding the school, he let out a single word which I couldn’t have even imagined.

“I am Vali. The Hakuryuukou, the Vanishing Dragon.”


...Eh? What did this guy say...?

“This is the second time we meet here, huh, Welsh Dragon, Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei.”

T-This must be a lie. I felt like my left hand was burning. I can understand that Ddraig residing in me is responding. Hey, hey, Ddraig. Was this really him!? Will you unfold your ‘rival showdown’ at this place? Wait, my heart wasn’t properly ready for this. If we fight here, Buchou and the others might be hurt as well. I don’t feel pressure. However, what is this premonition of death I am feeling? If we did it, it wouldn’t just be finished with this. Not only my face, but my body is reacting as well. Are the things that a previous generations of Senpais felt being conveyed from Ddraig and the Sacred Gear? Is this the thing called ‘destiny’!? Don’t fuck with me! I still haven’t done ecchi stuff with Buchou! If I am gonna die, I’ll die after sleeping with Buchou! ...What should I do? While I was being concerned, the Vanishing Dragon showed an inappropriate smile.

“That’s right. For example, if I begin to do something magical to Hyoudou Issei here—”

At the moment when the Vanishing Dragon’s hand was closing in front of my nose—


Two swords were thrust towards the Vanishing Dragon’s neck. Kiba and Xenovia were the ones who appeared in that instant. They were holding their Holy Demonic Sword and the Holy Sword Durandal respectively towards the Vanishing Dragon. I didn’t feel their presence at all. With the Knight’s god-like speed, they came running to me who was in trouble?

The Holy Demonic Sword and the Holy Sword, they were emitting an intense aura together. B-Both of their eyes were pointed, to the point of being scary.

“I don’t know what you plan to do, but don’t you think your joke went too far?”

“I can’t let you start your rival showdown with the Sekiryuutei here, Hakuryuukou.”

Kiba and Xenovia as well speak in voices that worked on DOS. However, without moving even a bit, he...

“It’s better if you stopped that. Aren’t your hands shaking?”

Like the Vanishing Dragon said, Kiba and Xenovia’s hands were shaking. Although they were grasping the Holy Demonic Sword and Holy Sword tightly, swords which could be called tremendous, their expressions were stiff.

“It’s fine to boast. Not knowing the difference between your opponent’s strength is strong evidence. Between me and you, there is a decisive difference in power. You, who couldn’t win against the likes of Kokabiel, won’t be able to win against me.”

Against the likes of Kokabiel. He’s the leader of the Fallen Angels who even though the Gremory family that combined as one couldn’t win against. Just remembering that battle gave me the creeps and sweat came. He was an opponent I didn’t know if I could have won against even if I went into Boosted Gear Scale Mail mode. He must possess a lot of power to be able to look down on him by saying ‘the likes of’.

“Hyoudou Issei, what rank do you think your strength is in this world?”

Suddenly, he asked me that. ...Strength? Mine? I don’t know. I have been told that Sekiryuutei’s power is abnormal and that it’s been often feared, but I don’t know the actual strength. There’s also the fact that I myself am way too inexperienced.

“Counting from the top in your condition of the incomplete Balance Breaker, it would be a four-digit number, between one thousand to one thousand five hundred. No, for the perverted owner, it should be even lower?”

I kept on dubiously thinking about the opponent whose real motive I didn’t know. What does he want to say?

“There are a lot of strong people in this world. Even the Crimson Satan, Sirzechs Lucifer, won’t fit in the top ten.”

There were so many people stronger than Sirzechs-sama? Honestly, the me right now couldn’t imagine it. The Vanishing Dragon raised one finger.

“However, the first place is decided. It’s a fixed existence.”

“Who is this about? Are you saying you’re the first?”

He shrugged his shoulders to my question.

“You’ll know it anyhow. However, it’s not me. —Hyoudou Issei, you’re a valuable existence. It’s better if he’s raised well, Rias Gremory.”

The Vanishing Dragon looked in the direction behind me. Following his gaze, I saw Buchou standing there. Ooh, it’s a seriously displeased expression. Around Buchou, there was Asia, Akeno-san and Koneko-chan as well. Correspondingly, Asia was troubled, and in contrast, Akeno-san and Koneko-chan looked ready to fight.

“Hakuryuukou, what’s the meaning of this? If you have ties with the Fallen Angels, then more contact than required is—”

“...The Two Heavenly Dragons, the Dragons called that way, Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon. In the past, those related to them didn’t live a satisfactory life. How will you end up?”


Upon hearing that guy’s words, Buchou’s words were stopped. Buchou, what happened? She must be concerned about me probably...

“I didn’t come here to fight today. I just wanted to see the school I visited last time. I came to Japan while escorting Azazel, but I was bored. I won’t fight the Welsh dragon here, not to mention—I have a lot of work to do.”

After saying that, the Vanishing Dragon turned on his heels, and started to leave this place. Even though that guy left, a single thread of nervousness doesn’t go away. Kiba and Xenovia sheathed their swords, but there was no relief on their expressions.

Asia, who came and nestled to me, grasped my hands without any words. Thanks, Asia. Seems like my nervousness loosened just a bit.

Azazel, and also the Vanishing Dragon. People who I never wished for keep gathering.

Part 9


After coming back to my room, I sat on the floor with my back on the bed.

.....Hakuryuukou. The Vanishing Dragon, the pair existence of the Welsh Dragon residing in my left hand...is what I hear. Since my Boosted Gear and the Divine Dividing he’s holding are destined rivals, it seemed fighting is their destiny. The moment we met, Ddraig reacted. Anger...it wasn’t that. I think it was a simple battle impulse. At once, I understood something burning inside me. At that place, if the opponent came to challenge me, Ddraig probably would have forcibly made me go into the incomplete Balance Breaker mode. A few days ago, during the fight with Kokabiel when I first met him, I didn’t feel any hostility, but this time was different. He approached me with interest. I think Ddraig also felt that.

...Things like destiny, honestly, I don’t understand them. It seems I just randomly got the Boosted Gear. My Senpais of the past who harboured him, following their fate, kept on the fight between the Welsh Dragon and the Vanishing Dragon. Ddraig explained that to me. My surrounding colleagues also appeared that they somehow felt that they would fight alongside me with the other one, the Vanishing Dragon. I don’t get it. What the heck is up with that? I am Hyoudou Issei and a mere Devil. Why am I getting involved in such dangerous things? There’s no relation! Like I care about things like fate! Although I felt that, I couldn’t overturn that part. Eventually, do I have to fight him? No, I held no particular grudges. Rather, I felt grateful he defeated Kokabiel. Ah, but he’s a comrade of the Fallen Angels, and he took away the reason for me to suck Buchou’s boobs. I can’t forgive him for that!

...I wonder what happened. For me to become an High-class Devil, it seems like there are going to be a lot of obstacles. To raise my status to that of a High-class Devil, if you divide it broadly, there are three ways.

First is, continuing to take contracts with humans and steadily get more value. It’s what I am always doing. Even those good at it aren’t able to do it. My first impression was that raising your level from a contract is quite difficult. It’s quite difficult if you can’t take contracts from a lot of humans. For example, the president, contracts from those who left their mark in history, etc. They say there’s also the element of luck, and it also depends on the Master. Leaving aside the Master, I don’t feel the presence of many big-shots in this city... Even under normal circumstances, the business world of contracts is going in a lean period. But since it’s a tradition of the Devils, we can’t just stop it.

Second is, to perform a noteworthy deed of arms. This is like going to a battle similar to the incident that happened a few days ago with the leader of the Fallen Angels invading. Last time as well, I was valued by Buchou. Seems like there were a lot of points... Well, he was the leader class of the enemies. Even if I defeat a Fallen Angel leader as a joke, I would be valued. However, there weren’t many people who became High-class Devils like this. That’s a given. To fight important people from the Fallen Angels’ side was more or less impossible due to the status quo of the Three Factions. It’s even said a battle would not occur once more, so that’s a very rare experience.

The third way is to be active in Rating Games. In reality, this is the fastest way according to what I heard from Buchou before. More like, I was told that if I was aiming to become a High-class Devil, I should raise my name via the games. In the Underworld, it seems with these Rating Games, the business world economy of the Devils is livened up. No matter what, merit in the game decides it. Every distinguished family’s rank is connected directly to the merit in the game. That roasted fowl guy, Riser Phoenix’s family is also one that raised their name through the game. Those that were reincarnated like me as well, a lot of them were valued through the Rating Game, were let into the group of High-class Devils, and stood on the same level as their Master. And it seems that they received their Evil Pieces from the Maou-sama to use for their servants. At that time, they became Kings.

Well, there is a rule where they have to come participate as the piece of the Master in battle who they’re at the same level as. In Devils, for the master, the fact that they are their family’s Devil never changes. For instance, let’s assume I become a King in the future. For Buchou’s games, I shall still be a Pawn. Me and my comrades as well, in the near future, we shall definitely start participating in this formally. If I remember correctly, I had heard that immediately after Buchou graduates from high school, she’ll start earnestly preparing for participating. There’s not even one year left. It’s soon. If we assume I become an High-class Devil, there’s no meaning to it if I am not strong at the game, since participating in the game is like a High-class Devil’s occupation. And even if I become a Harem king, if I don’t have actual strength, I’ll be laughed at by the people around me, and I’ll cause trouble for my master Buchou as well. So I have to become stronger somehow. Even if I became a Devil, I can’t be inviting anxiety all the time in the future... However, because of that, my happiness would be all the more when I become a Harem King I think. Also, those who value you are the Maou-samas, Great King-samas, Archduke-sama, etc., the really important people.

To once again put it together, my objective is first to become a High-class Devil. For that, I have to keep doing everything I can and keep on increasing my value in the games we’re going to participate in starting next year. There are a lot of things I must do. And within those, I have to do my match with the Hakuryuukou... Ah, but if I defeat the Hakuryuukou, will my value increase? No, that’s an obvious thing to do as the Sekiryuutei, so I have to finish it... Vanishing Dragon, you seriously are a pain...

“Are you still thinking?”

Suddenly, before my eyes, Buchou’s face appeared inverted. Buchou was reading a magazine while lying horizontally on my bed. It seemed she looked into my face from the bed. If Buchou had any free time, she spent it in my room.

“Ah, no, how should I put it...?”

I scratched my cheeks. Buchou descended from the bed and sat beside me.

“I believe in you. Even if something happens. And also, if it’s you, I believe you can win against the Hakuryuukou.”


Buchou said it with a smile. Bu-Buchou... My Onee-sama’s thankful words and smile that clear away all thoughts in my heart. Buchou! Uh, my face started heating up! My tears also started to come out. Buchou clapped her thighs. This signal is...!

“Come here.”

...Bu-Buchou! Buchou’s lap pillow! My healing space! While letting out tears of gratitude, I immediately laid down and was pampered by Buchou. Buchou gently patted my head. Aah, my Onee-sama!

“Sorry that the afternoon was like that. I thought of cheering you up, but I ended up frightening you instead.”

Buchou was worried about it, huh.

“N-No way. Me too, I wasn’t able to meet up to Buchou and Akeno-san’s expectations... B-But I am satisfied that I was able to apply oil to Buchou!”

That’s true. More like, thanks to you, I was satisfied in a lot of ways. I am happy.

“I’ll ask you to oil me again then since summers are long.”

“Yes! Please leave it to me!”

All right! All riiiiiight! I’ll be able to apply oil on Buchou’s body again! There’s no other happiness like this! I was thinking about the meeting with Hakuryuukou so much, but thanks to pervertedness controlling my mind, I am refreshed. Maybe because I was relieved, gradually, I started feeling drowsy... Buchou’s lap pillow...feels good...

And like that, my consciousness went far away to the world of sleep.

Life.2 Class visit Begins

Part 1

“Ise, Asia-chan, I’ll come later with Otou-san.”

My mother was full of spirit since this morning. It’s all right even if you didn’t say these things in front of the entrance, but more than me, she seemed to want to see how Asia was doing. She said that even father took a paid vacation. Well, since my parents adored Asia like their own daughter, they’d want to see her. The person in question, Asia, replied with a ‘Yes!’ and a huge smile that stretched her entire face. The ‘Family’ living with you will come, but Asia has been so happy and was waiting for this day. And just like that, it was the day of the visit. They said it’s a classroom visit, but in actuality, it was more of an open house display. It was natural that it’s all right for parents to come, but it was also all right for students from middle school to visit and see how the classes are. It’s possible that the guardians of those middle school students will also come to visit; it’s quite an open event. Not only our parents, but also because Kuoh Academy’s middle school division’s Kouhais would come to visit, we of the high school division were excessively nervous, since we didn’t want to answer wrong in front of the Kouhais. [8].

“...I am not interested.”

While sighing, Buchou said that. She somehow seemed to dislike classroom visits. Though her father and Sirzechs-sama were visiting, it seemed even Buchou hated for her family to see what her class was like. If two crimson-haired men visited the classroom, it’d become a hot topic of discussion. I sympathise with you from the bottom my heart. This time for my parents, beyond me, it’s Asia as well, so I’ll be attending class like normal. We headed for our classroom after parting ways with Buchou at the school entrance. As soon as I sat on my seat, Matsuda and Motohama approached.

“Are your parents coming, Ise?”

“Yeah. More like, both mom and dad said they are coming to see Asia.”

Matsuda nodded strongly at my reply.

“Ah, I understand. If Asia-chan is one’s daughter, then you would want to come see her by all means.”

That’s true. If I had a little sister like Asia, I would be doting on her. No, in essence, she’s like a sister to me. And I was doting on her as well.

“This sort of thing is a first for me so I am really excited.”

Asia seems to be completely excited from her heart. Yeah, if I can see Asia excited, that alone is enough.


Before I knew it, Xenovia had approached our group. To be honest, Xenovia was popular among boys as well since she’s quite a bishoujo as well. Maybe because her physical abilities were also good, she was popular among girls as well.

“What’s wrong, Xenovia?”

Xenovia lowered her head at my question.

“Sorry for saying that sort of thing suddenly the other day.”

That sort of thing...? Ah, it’s about that. About making children. So she came to apologise for that.

“I kept on speaking without thinking about you.”

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I was scared. Suddenly talking about making children. No, if I can do ecchi stuff, then please let me do it. Having Xenovia as my partner, I was totally fine! But the order was all wrong.

“Suddenly doing that kind of thing is difficult after all, I think.”

Yes, yes. Like that, just like that. For the time being, we should improve our relationship to the point where we can do ecchi stuff.

“That’s why—”

Xenovia took out something from her pocket... Wait, that’s...!?

“First, we should practice using this.”

Xenovia opened a thing packed in a small pouch in front of my eyes—a condom. All of the class’ eyes were gathered on the thing Xenovia was holding.

“...I-Idiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! W-What are you taking out in front of the public!?”

I am troubled. I-It’s obvious in this sort of a situation! That is, she is! It’s an extremely intense item to show to high school students who are in a sensitive time! More like, it’s totally bad to take it out at school! Immediately, the class was noisy. Hey, they saw that! More like, I am basking in all that attention!

“In the world I was in, there was dispute in the use of this, but putting it on in Japan would be more convenient following the country’s pattern after all.”

That doesn’t matter! Do something about this atmosphere! Everyone in the class is looking at me and you with strange looks, you know!?

“To be looked at in that way, me and you... It isn’t bad for me I think, but think about the time and plaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!”

To my reply, Xenovia tilted her head. She seemed to not understand it quite well. Not good! She’s just like how Asia was at first! She’s living in a separate world from this society!

“It’s good for Asia to use it as well. Unplanned sexual intercourse would hurt both of you. The relationship between men and women is difficult.”

With that, Xenovia handed over a piece to Asia. Asia had a questioning look on her face, but the perverted glasses Kiryuu, without missing a beat, kept whispering to Asia. Suddenly, Asia started blushing.


Ah! Asia fainted after her head became pure red!

“What, what? Is Hyoudou going to become something amazing again?”

With full interest, the erotic girl Kiryuu asked while her glasses shone.

“But I wonder if it’s all right. If you sleep with Xenovia, then Asia will—”

“Kiryuu-saaaaan! Please stoooooooop!”

Ooh! The suddenly revived Asia covered Kiryuu’s mouth. Somehow, she seemed to be in a maximum hurry level, but about what?

“Geez, Asia. I told you right? If you don’t start moving soon, Hyoudou will become something troublesome. There are a lot of formidable enemies around him, you know? If you keep dilly-dallying, before you know it, he may be eaten. You won’t like that, right? A man with the scent of another woman.”

“Ouch! Why does Kiryuu-san keep on giving me explosive blasts like that...?”

“I am worried. You’re fine with me being your only ally, right? I am fine with a clean mood as well, but you gotta do what you gotta do at times! Even you, Asia, are ripe enough for eating!”

“Am I r-ripe enough for eating?”

That was what Asia asked me. Um...seriously, what’s this about? I don’t understand the meaning of their conversation...

“Ye-Yeah. Maybe you’re ripe enough for eating?”

I answered it while puzzled.

“Isn’t that great, Asia! You’ll be eaten!”

Kiryuu is filled with a deep emotion. What? What? Hey, don’t leave me behind and continue the conversation!

“Dammmmmit! Asia-chan will be eaten!”

“This will be something great... ‘Asia-chan of the committee’, we have to do an emergency meeting with our comrades and plan counter-measures!”

Both Motohama and Matsuda also looked strange. They were shaking strongly!

“Something is wrong with the world if Ise's popular!”

Matsuda shouted that out. Geez, I don’t get it.

“Show me your hand a bit.”

Kiryuu took my hand and straightened her glasses.

“...It’s good enough. You cut your fingernails quite deep.”

“I-Is that so?”

Why do you care about my nails so much?

“Those men who cut their fingernails quickly play intensely with women is what I hear. —Yes, to grope a woman’s body, if you have long fingernails, then it’s quite inconvenient.”

“T-That’s a false accusation! This is just by chance...”

While saying that, I remembered something. That’s it, I had my fingernails taken care of by Buchou. Buchou said it was fingernail practice or something... Maybe the meaning might be deep, but I just did some unjust suspicion.

“Ise, you shitty bastaraaaaaaard!”

“Go get some disease or something!”

“Scary. As expected of a beast. In the crucial moment, just don’t transfer the disease to Asia. Asia will be sullied.”

Matsuda, Motohama and Kiryuu teased me! Uuh, bullies! Even though I don’t have even a single girlfriend, what’s the meaning of this!? What sort of magic is this? It makes me feel like I am a contaminated person! ...Wait, am I recently becoming popular...? I don’t really get it. Starting from Matsuda and Motohama, the surrounding guys have also started looking at me with jealousy. But it’s not like I have a girlfriend.

I can understand why Buchou and Akeno-san adore me, but it seems to me they’re simply having fun teasing their servant and their Kouhai, me. It was definitely the feeling of pets. Since they got a good toy, it’s like those two are fighting over it... Xenovia is... Since she’s unique, I can’t count her. If you ask why, it seems she’s only interested in the thing residing within me. Asia. We’re living together, and she’s the girl who has the best relationship with me. I come in contact with her in a more or less family-like way. That’s obvious. If you start living under the same roof, it’ll become like that. I think of her as a cute younger sister as well. I am happy that she’s depending on me from the bottom of her heart. Could you call shopping together a date? We go shopping together for dry goods a lot to discount stores, but it’s quite different from the showiness of a date.It would be strange if Koneko-chan yearns for me. ...Yeah, after all, more than being popular, it’s just that the number of girls have increased from my previous life. Isn’t it totally different from the Harem life that I desire?

Harem is, to do as much as I like with the above previously mentioned girls and indulge in them as much as I want. That is what I think it is. If I was able to do an experiment, as my daily special meal, it would be to adjust the people watching me! However, this life, compared to my previous life of not having a single breath of girls, is like a totally different life. It’s like the difference between Heaven and earth! With this big of a difference, I am enjoying it just by being able to talk with girls. I am satisfied with this lifestyle. No, with this preparedness, I won’t be able realise my dream Harem! All right! Let’s get the power to be able to take girls in hordes! ...On the contrary, after I loved someone sincerely, it’s now difficult to even extend my hand towards girls even a bit. Raynare, my first girlfriend, was a Fallen Angel who killed me after deceiving me. Maybe because that happened, even the perverted me would be like this. It’s not like I am afraid of girls, but, somewhere within my heart, I have a feeling that maybe in the end, I will be repudiated by them.

Buchou, Asia, I know that the girls of the club wouldn’t do such a thing. However, the more I start liking them, the more I am worried. ...Am I being hated by Buchou and the others? Sometimes, I ask that of myself. The girls I got on good terms with after such a long wait. I don’t want to be hated. That’s why, in the end, I don’t want to do anything weird and be hated by them. I don’t want that to happen once more...

“Everyone, Ise-san isn’t a bad person. Please don’t bully him.”

Asia stood in front of me and protected me from Matsuda’s staggering.

“Uuh, Asiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s only you who is my ally!”

“I will believe in Ise-san forever and ever.”

What a good girl! She obstinately believes in me! Aah, our Asia-chan is my ally! I am seriously happy, Asia!

“...Asia, to confess amidst the confusion... Not bad...”

Kiryuu muttered something. I was sure it had to be something bad about me.

“That’s it. No matter how indecent Ise is, Ise is a frank person. It’s just that his sexual desire is also as frank as him, surely.”

Xenovia also followed up with that...? Somehow, I felt like I was slightly being made fun of, but from this girl’s perspective, it would probably be a top class follow-up.

“And with that, it’s time for the sexual intercourse, but...”

“That’s why, don’t say that stuff in front of people...”

I wrapped my hands around my head and hit the table in response to Xenovia, who seemed to not have understood anything up till now.

Part 2

Somehow, the class started, and from the open door in the back, parents of my classmates kept coming in. The class was English. The male teacher, who was pumped up more than usual, was for some reason distributing a rectangular object wrapped in a bag to the students. Huh? What’s this? Did this sort of thing happen in English? For the Devils, who can speak in all languages, English was the best place to show it. Fufufu, today as well, let’s do it proficiently and fluently. However, give me a break in writing words. That is impossible. While thinking that, I looked at the object closely... Um, is this PVC clay[9]? The teacher gleefully said to me, who was dubiously thinking that. “Got it, try making something you like with the PVC clay I handed you just now. An animal is fine as well. A person is fine as well. A house is fine as well. Whatever image you’re thinking about in your mind right now, try making it into a shape. That sort of English conversation is also there.”

There’s no such thing! I don’t get what you mean, Sensei! Let’s do a usual English class! Allow me to show my English conversation skills to my parents! I don’t want to make PVC clay!

“Let’s Try!”[10]

It’s not ‘Let’s Tryyyyyyyyyyyyyy’! In which world is there an English class with PVC clay!?

“I-It’s difficult.”

Huh!? Asia-chan, she’s already making it!? As usual, her adaptation to these sort of things is fast!

“Asia-chan, keep going!”

“Asia-chan, you’re looking cute!”

While turning my head to the voices I recognise, my parents were facing Asia and yelling. Ooh, when did you enter the room? More like, while their son was over here, they were facing their video camera towards Asia. Dad... Realising father and mother’s voice, she turned back and did it happily. Aren’t they perfectly like parents and child? No, with that, I was also more than happy. My little sister, Asia-chan. It’s the best. And, upon surveying the surroundings, I saw that everyone was reluctantly kneading the PVC clay. Were you all right with this, everyone of the class!?

Knead, knead

I also started kneading with no way out. What did he say we should make? He said it was fine to make anything that you imagined in your mind. While twisting the clay, I closed my eyes and started having wild ideas. The very first thing that I imagined was...

[Ise ♪]

It was a nude Buchou, who was smiling at me. Aah, Buchou. My Onee-sama. To imagine you first, my devotion, my wholehearted thought was the real thing. Fufufu, I even remembered the breasts and the nipples perfectly. I remembered perfectly in my memory everything about Buchou’s boobs, the size, the elasticity and the softness. Buchou said that there weren’t many parts of her body that I hadn’t touched. Indeed, that’s true. I might have someway or another touched Buchou’s every point. It was slippery and soft and, even then, it was full of elasticity. While noticing a red thing of desire oozing from my nose, I reproduced Buchou’s body from my mind. While my eyes were closed, only from the image in my mind, I moved my hands. Aah, Buchou’s boobs! Buchou’s constricted waist! Buchou’s butt which was meant for an easy delivery! Buchou’s thick thighs perfect for me! The vision of everything was burned in the memory of my brain! I remembered it vividly! It was natural. Everyday, I remembered it during that time!


I suddenly noticed there there was someone’s hand on my shoulder. Opening my eyes and turning my face, I found it was Sensei. For some reason, he was shaking his whole body with an astonished expression on his face. What? Somehow, it seems he was astonished from looking at my hands. I also looked at my hands and...there was a magnificent statue of Buchou present there.


There was an excited cheer from the class. More like, while looking at me, they let out a breath of admiration ‘Ooh!’. Amazing. It’s surely a mini-Buchou! The shape of the boobs, the shape of the butt, the lines of the thighs, everything was perfect as well. I-I made this...? While moving my hands based on the image of Buchou I had burned in my brain, a miracle occurred!

“W-Wonderful... Hyoudou-kun, to think that you had this sort of talent... This class was the right choice after all. Once again, I was able to draw out a student’s hidden ability...”

Sensei said that while his eyes were soaked with tears. Indeed, to think that this power was hiding inside me... Even if I say so myself, it’s easy to bloom a talent related to my pervertedness.

“T-That is Rias-senpai? Shit! As I thought, Ise, you rascal! With Senpai...!”

“No way! Rias onee-sama with that beast...!”

Somehow, I could hear screams nearby as well, but the moment someone in the class said “Five thousand!”, the class started changing.

“No, six thousand!”

“I’ll pay seven thousand! I’ll be skilful with Gremory-senpai’s body!”

“Don’t joke with me! I’ll buy it! Tonight, she’ll keep me company! Eight thousand!”

The English class which used the PVC clay did a complete change. It changed into an auction house for the statue of Buchou I made.

Part 3

It was lunch break.

“It is well made.”

That is what Buchou said, smiling while touching the statue made of PVC clay during the class. In the end, I didn’t sell the statue to my classmates. I couldn’t sell it, since it was Buchou’s statue. When Asia and I went outside to buy something to drink, we encountered Buchou and Akeno-san coincidentally in front of the vending machine.

“Ara, ara, as expected of Ise-kun who looks and touches Buchou’s body everyday.”

Akeno-san was also smiling, surprised by the quality of the statue. No, I wasn’t doing those things every day with Buchou as you were expecting... When I personally experienced the valuable body, I burned it into my brain.

“Would you make one for me as well next time? If you want to reproduce my body, I will remove my clothes. You can touch me.”

“Seriously, Akeno-san!?”

That’s the best! By all means! While trying to say that, Buchou and Asia pulled my cheeks.

“Don’t do it.”

“Don’t do it.”

The girls of my house were harsh.

“By the way, Buchou. Did Sirzechs-sama come?”

On my question, Buchou put a hand on her forehead and let out her breath.

“Yeah, he came along with my father.”

So her father came as well. What kind of class visit was it? I was curious.

“Ah, Buchou. Moreover everyone came as well.”

Kiba appeared there. Hm? Did Kiba also come to buy a drink?

“Ara, Yuuto. Tea?”

Upon Buchou’s question, Kiba pointed with his finger ahead of the corridor.

“No, for some reason, I heard a witch was doing a photography event, so I thought to see it a bit.”

On Kiba’s reply, Buchou and I tilted our heads while exchanging glances.

Kaccha, kaccha!

Flashes kept going off as the men who were holding cameras were photographing something at a corner of the corridor. Since there was a crowd present, I didn’t know what they were taking pictures of. According to Kiba’s story, a ‘witch’ was present, but... I somehow came out of the crowd and faced in the front direction. Yeah, I could see it in a glance. As I progressed further, a recognisable outfit came jumping in my eyes. Quite a good bishoujo-chan was wearing a costume of an anime character. If I remembered correctly, it was ‘Magical Girl, Mil kiss Viral 7 alternative’. Heart of a maiden, body of a male, the special Mil-tan was engrossed in this anime. Ah, when looked at closely, she resembled Mil Kiss. She was spinning her stick or whatever round and round as well. The cameramen were taking photographs, excited like youngsters. I also wanted to take one picture. Her skirt was short so her panties were intermittently being exposed... Buchou arrived beside me after coming out of the crowd. As soon she looked forward to the Magical Girl Mil kiss, she panicked.


Because of her excessive confusion, I got surprised as well. For Buchou to be surprised in this way...

“Hey, hey! You, who’s doing a photography shoot on a public path!”

While saying that, my friend from the Student Council, Saji, came jumping through the crowd. Girls who looked like members of the Student Council as well came following Saji towards the photography scene.

“Hey, hey, disperse, disperse! Today’s the day for displaying classes to the public! Don’t make a ruckus at this kind of place!”

Saji, he was doing his job properly, huh. That big of a crowd was disappearing like a spider’s children dispersing. The young men with the cameras who were photographing were also leaving reluctantly due to Saji’s pushing. The remaining people were our group and Saji’s group, as well as and the cosplay girl.

“You too, please don’t wear that kind of costume. Wait, would you be a parent perhaps? Even if that’s the case, you know there’s a dress code according to the place. This is troublesome.”

“Eh, but this is my uniform☆.”

Saji pressed his warning, but Mil Kiss didn’t pay any heed to it while posing in cute poses.

Saji ground his teeth, but as soon as he recognised Buchou, he lowered his head.

“Oh, it’s Rias-senpai. You came at the right time. I was just guiding Maou-sama and Senpai’s Otou-san.”

As Saji turned his head towards the back, the crimson-haired males approached under the guidance of Sona Sitri Kaichou.

“What’s this? Saji, I always tell you to settle things decisively...”

The strict Kaichou said that, but as soon as she saw Mil Kiss, she stopped speaking.

“Sona-chan! Found you☆.”

After finding Kaichou, Mil Kiss happily clung to Kaichou. Ooh, an acquaintance of Kaichou? As expected, even Saji was having an expression like he was having trouble dealing with this. ...Hm? I just noticed this then, but... Huhuh? Huh? Somehow, I felt like Kaichou and that cosplay girl seemed to resemble one another... I doubtfully thought this. Without minding, Sirzechs-sama called out to the cosplay girl.

“Aah, it’s you, Serafall. So you came here as well.”

...Serafall...? I-I seem to have heard this name before...

“It’s Leviathan-sama.”

...For a moment, I couldn’t understand Buchou’s words. Buchou said once more to me who didn’t get it.

“That person is one of the current four Maous, Serafall Leviathan-sama. And also, she’s Sona’s onee-sama.”


My scream echoed in the corridor! Naturally! Are you serious!? It must be a lie! The super beauty Maou-sama that I even saw in my dreams was this person!? No, indeed she was a super beauty! Even though she was Kaichou’s onee-sama, her beauty was something that wouldn’t lose to Buchou! However, I was imagining a more fascinating onee-sama with more hormones floating around! And glamorous! Boobs huge as well! While showing her thighs from a slit! I imagined a female Maou-sama who would speak sensual words from her glossy lips! ...I didn’t think it would be a girl wearing a cosplay uniform and speaking in a cute way... Although it was true that she was beautiful...

High school dxd v4 109.jpg

“Serafall-sama, it’s been a long time.”

“Ara, Rias-chan☆. Long time no see~☆. Have you been doing well?”

What a cute tone! Buchou was also a bit troubled!

“Y-Yes. Thanks to you. Did you come today for Sona’s class visit?”

“Yeah☆. Sona-chan is really mean. She didn’t tell me about today! Geez! Because of the shock, Onee-chan was going to attack Heaven☆.”

Just because of that you would attack Heaven!? I didn’t know if she was joking or if she was being serious!

“Ise, greet her.”

Like Buchou said, I lowered my head and greeted her.

“N-Nice to meet you. I am Hyoudou Issei. I am Rias Gremory-sama’s servant Pawn! I’ll be under your care!”

“Nice to meet you☆. I am the Maou Serafall Leviathan☆. Call me Levia-tan☆.”

While turning sideways, the cosplay girl...no, Maou Leviathan-sama made a peace sign. ...W-What’s with this super light developmentttttttttt!?

“Hey, Sirzechs-chan. Is this boy the rumoured Dragon-kun?”

She called Sirzechs-sama with a ‘chan’!? Can you forgive her!? No, since they were both Maou-samas, it was OK...?

“Yes, he’s the person in which the Welsh Dragon resides, Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

Sirzechs-sama also didn’t say anything about her adding ‘chan’. So he must be called like that always?

“Ara, ara, Uncle Gremory.”

“Yes, Serafall-dono.[11] This is another novel uniform. I somewhat think that, as a Maou, it’s a bit too...”

“Ara, uncle☆. Don’t you know? This is the fashion in this country, you know?”

“Heh, is that so? It seems this was my ignorance.”

“Hahaha, Otou-ue, don’t believe it.”

Etc., are what Gremory family and Leviathan-sama are conversing.

“Bu-Buchou, it’s a light mood far surpassing my imagination, but Serafall-sama is...”

Buchou also apologised by saying ‘Sorry’ upon seeing my bewildered state.

“I forgot to say it...no, I didn’t want to say it, but every one of the four current Maou-samas is like this. During private times, they are really amicable to a severe extent.”

While letting out a sigh, Buchou said that. Impossible! Was it fine for the Maou-samas of the Devils to be like that!? Looking at it, Kaichou’s face was also completely red! It was probably that, upon looking at her elder sister, her speech and conduct, she was feeling completely embarrassed! Noticing that, Leviathan-sama looked into Kaichou’s face with worry.

“Sona-chan, what’s wrong? Your face is completely red, you know? Since it’s the long awaited reunion with your onee-sama, me, I think it would be better if you were a bit more happy? ‘Onee-sama!’, ‘So-tan!’, calling like that and embracing each other in a yuri way, that sort of development is fine with me as well, Onee-chan!”

...That was extremely difficult. Was this Leviathan-sama!? Kaichou said with an unsatisfied expression while twitching near her eyes.

“...O-Onee-sama. This is my school, and I am entrusted with the job of the Student Council President here... No matter how close relatives we are, Onee-sama’s behaviour is too much... I can’t approve of that sort of outfit.”

“No way, Sona-chan! If I am told that by Sona-chan, your Onee-chan will be sad! Sona-chan doesn’t know that her onee-chan is admired as the Magical girl! Since with the glittering stick, I erase Angels and Fallen Angels ☆.”

“Onee-sama, please be prudent. If my onee-sama, the Maou, glitters, then this small country would be destroyed many times over.”

She isn’t a Mahou Shoujo, but more like a Maou Shoujo! Maou Shoujo Serafall Leviathan-sama is scary![12].

“Hey, Saji. When one of the leaders of the Fallen Angels invaded, Kaichou didn’t call her Onee-san... Looking at this, are they not on good terms?”

“It’s the opposite, the opposite. Since Serafall Leviathan-sama dotes on her little sister so much, if she had been called, it would have become something terrible. It seems that if she found out that her little sister was injured by the Fallen Angel, we didn't know how she would have reacted. It would have probably meant instant war. It was the correct decision to not call Serafall-sama, and rather call Lucifer-sama. However, I am meeting her for the first time as well, but this is...”

Ah, I see. Wait, was Maou-sama okay with that!? Ah, Saji was also bewildered.

“Uuh, I can’t bear it!”

That calm and composed Kaichou eyes’ became wet, and she ran away from that place.

“Wait, Sona-chan! Where are you going while leaving your Onee-chan behind!?”

Maou Shoujo-sama ran behind her.

“Please don’t follow me!”

“Noooooo! Don’t abandon your Onee-chaaaaaaan! So-taaaaaan!”

“I have asked you so many times not to add ‘tan’!”

...The Maou sisters’ chase. It’s my request, but please don’t erase this school with some rhythm of yours.

“Yeah, the Sitri household is peaceful. Don’t you think so, Ria-tan?”

“Onii-sama, don’t add a ‘tan’ to my pet name and call me that please...”

This time, the embarrassing conversation started in the Gremory household. Heh, Buchou was called Ria in her home, huh?

“No way...Ria-tan. Even though in the past, you followed me every time while saying ‘Onii-sama, Onii-sama’... It’s the rebellious age, huh...?”

Sirzechs-sama was shocked. I felt some banter was involved as well.

“Geez, Onii-sama! Why do you remind me of my childhood—?”


Buchou’s Otou-sama took Buchou’s picture when she was mad. It was an expression filled with emotion.

“That’s a nice face, Rias. It’s good, to raise you so splendidly... I will fill my wife’s share of enthusiasm as she couldn’t come here today.”

“Otou-sama! Geez!”

Maou-sama’s family is full of this, huh? More than peaceful, there isn’t much difference from the relations between parent and child of humans. Well, if the scale becomes that of a fight, this small country might be erased.

“The Maou-samas and the Maou-samas’ families have interesting common features.”

Akeno-san said that happily from the bottom of her heart with a smile.

“Common feature?”

“Maou-sama and everyone are all just amusing. And also, their sisters, without exception are serious people. Ufufu, definitely because her free-spirited brother became the Maou-sama, she couldn’t not become serious.”

They must be both having hardships, Buchou and Kaichou as well, and also Maou-sama’s family as well. And over there...

“Oh my, Ise.”


Maybe because they were touring the school, dad and mom appeared with their hands raised.

“Hyoudou Issei-kun, are those people your parents?”

Buchou’s Otou-sama asked me that.

“Y-Yes, they’re my parents.”

“I see. Yeah.”

Buchou’s father stood in front of my mother and father...?

“Nice to meet you. I am Rias’s father.”

While seeking to handshake, Buchou’s father extended his hand to my father. Upon learning that the gentleman with crimson hair was Buchou’s Otou-sama, my father and mother’s expression did a complete change from an enjoying expression to a dark colour of nervousness. Well, that was a given. If they suddenly met Buchou’s father, they would become like that.

“T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-This is, thank you! Ah, um, I am Hyoudou Issei’s father! We’re being taken care of by Rias-san, um, that is...”

Otou-san! This is our home! I can’t see this! It’s an amazing temperament!

“No, same here. Thanks for taking care of Rias. I thought to come greet you, but Sirzechs and I were busy with work, so it wasn’t easy to find an opportunity. It seems this occasion was blessed by good luck. It’s an honour to meet you today.”

“No-No way! I too also said to greet you once to Issei’s father...no, no, I talked to my husband about it.”

Mother! Your words were weird! Since you were not used to using these words usually, it became like this! Uwah, I was seriously embarrassed! Buchou’s face was red as well! She was just like me! A meeting of parents was way too embarrassing after all!

“Yeah. I want to talk at a more quiet place. This place is a bit conspicuous. Above all, our children are embarrassed, right?”

Ooh, as expected of Buchou’s Otou-sama! He can read the atmosphere! Compared to him, isn’t my father nervous!? Buchou’s father extended his hand towards Kiba.



“Sorry, but could you lead us to a more quiet place?”

“Yes. Then, please follow me.”

Kiba bowed to my father and mother, and started walking in the corridor.

“Well then Rias, Hyoudou Issei-kun. I’ll come back after talking a bit. Sirzechs, can I leave the rest to you?”

“Yes, Otou-ue.”

Sirzechs-sama will remain here, huh. Well, they just recently exchanged greetings. This time, it’s between parents.

“Ise, me and your mother will come back after talking a bit.”

“Aah, Otou-san, don’t say anything weird, okay?”

“Leave it to me.”

I doubted if he really got it, but on Kiba’s guidance, Otou-san, Okaa-san and Buchou’s Otou-sama left this place.


“What is it, Onii-sama?”

“There’s something I wanted to talk about for a bit. Sorry, Ise-kun, I’ll be borrowing my little sister for a bit. Akeno-kun, would you mind coming along with us?”

That is what Sirzechs-sama said.


Akeno-san also affirmed. What will they talk about? Well, I guess it should be something important to both High-class Devils. They wouldn’t call a Low-class Devil like me, right.

“Y-Yes. It’s fine with me...”

Sirzechs-sama took Buchou and Akeno-san, and disappeared somewhere. Asia and I were left alone. Asia and I exchanged glances.

“Yeah, shall we return to our class?”


Like this, Asia and I returned to the classroom at once.

Part 4

“Ara, Asia-chan, you’re looking good in the video!”

My mother was in a trance while looking at Asia on the TV.

“Hahahaha! Paying attention to a daughter’s blossoming is a parent’s duty after all!”

While drinking sake, Buchou’s father was heartily laughing. That person, after drinking sake, became a different cheerful person altogether... Even though he was that much of a dandy person before! After dinner at the Hyoudou house, the admiration meeting for today’s classroom visit had begun. The participants were my mother and father, Buchou’s father and Sirzechs-sama. While gulping down sake, they were comparing the video they mutually shot. The girls in question were at the end of living room with their faces red and were praying ‘End quickly, end quickly’. This was like being half-dead. They had cheekily shot me as well! Don’t take shots of me working on my PVC clay! I don’t know what my parents and Buchou’s father talked about in school, but it’s certain they hit it off well and had become close. Really, what happened?

“This is...a hell the likes of which hasn’t been seen before...”

Buchou was shaking her whole body while blushing to the maximum limit.

“Please look! Our Ria-tan is raising her hand and answering Sensei’s question!”

Sirzechs-sama! He’s commenting on his little sister’s blossoming with a high tension! Ooh! Buchou covered her face with her hands!

“I can’t bear it! Onii-sama, you idiot!”

Aah! Buchou ran away after not being able to bear it any more!


Sirzechs-sama is knocked down by Grayfia-san’s paper fan!


I became worried and chased after Buchou.

Part 5

Buchou was sitting in front of my room. She was puffing her cheeks as if in displeasure. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Bu-Buchou. Would you like to enter my room?”

Buchou nodded without any words. Somehow, she became a normal girl. After entering the room, Buchou jumped on the bed, and was quiet while lying upside down. It was a situation where it was difficult to say anything. I sat on the floor and was searching for some sensible words in my brain.

“My mother, father, and your family sure got along well.”


Uh, no words. No, I felt that a silent room was more displeasing, so without worrying, I continued.

“This meeting is...I feel it is good. Dad and mom also seem to be enjoying it. Your father and the others as well...there’s also the point that they were too upbeat, but...”

“...I know. I am happy too that my father and Ise’s father were talking happily.”

Ah, I got a reply. That’s good.

“Hey, Ise.”


“Are you happy to have met me?”

...I didn’t imagine that question. Buchou continued on.

“I am happy to have met Ise. A life without you is impossible. Think of it as an honour. You hold a lot of space in my heart, you know?”

Y-You were that affectionate for me, huh...? I have got her favour as a servant!

“It’s an honour! I am also happy to have met Buchou! I can declare this positively! ...But, when I think that someday Buchou will also get a boyfriend, I can’t take it...thinking that you might go some place far away.”

Buchou raised her head and told me.

“Ara, I won’t get myself a boyfriend, you know? More than that, for you to say that stuff, it’s a bit of a shock.”

“Eh? B-But don’t you have to get yourself a husband?”

“That’s true. For the continuation of the house, getting a son-in-law for the house is important.”

...? No, once more, I didn’t get it.

“I decided to model the son-in-law of my house myself. If I have to do it anyway, I’ll rear him according to my own ideals. That way is faster. Hey, Ise.”

“Haah, I see.”

I didn’t get it much, but Buchou was going to raise the son-in-law herself, huh. If I were to wish, I wanted to be in that place, but that in itself was very hard. The future husband of Buchou... What kind of husband would be born after being reared by Buchou? Nooo, I want to be in that place after all! ...But I wonder if it’s impossible.

“I have thought about my marriage ceremony as well, you know? Japanese style would be good. For the reception, somewhere in Japan would be good. If you talk about a place with beautiful scenery, then...”

Buchou had already imagined it till there, huh. No, I want to marry Buchou!


My mouth was suddenly closed. She had her arms around my neck, and with a chuu...I received Buchou’s kiss!? Uoooooooh! I-I am kissing Buchou once againnnnnnn! T-This sensation of lips! To be able to taste it again! It’s a soft and sensual contact! It’s my second kiss with Buchou! I did it! I received Buchou’s second kiss! Um, for what thing is this a reward for? N-No, let’s leave the small details out! I-I want to be proficient in this sensationnnnn! With that, while I was moved, Buchou’s tongue was abruptly tasting my lips! Like that, it’ll enter my mouth...


Mine and Buchou’s tongues intertwined a bit, and after doing that, I was pulled back by my neck, and the kiss that I felt would go deeper had ended! A thread of saliva was going though mine and Buchou’s mouth. Buchou seemed to be making an expression of regret. Uhiiii! For a thread of saliva to form from mine and Buchou’s mouth! I feel like I’ll die after being moved so much! No, it’s all right to die! Ah, as I thought, no! If I had to die, then I want to die after doing more tongue action with Buchou! More like, I don’t want to ever forget the sensation of Buchou’s licking! It was really amazing!


The one who had pulled my neck back was Asia. She was teary eyed.

“Hey, Asia. Don’t interrupt me when I am being affectionate with Ise. Even though he seemed to be enjoying his long-awaited deep kiss that he was desiring... It’s quite difficult to create opportunities, you know?”

B-Buchou! Your method of being affectionate with your servant is escalating! I am happy! Thank you very much! But due to the stimulation being too strong every time, my brain goes numb!

“...Just... Buchou-san is unfair.”

“The early bird gets the worm. I learned it in my battle against Akeno.”

What did you learn, Buchou!? Uoooooh! Buchou and Asia are glaring at each otheeeeeeer! Once again, a battle of girls is beginning in my room! Recently, it’s happening a lot here! While I thought that, the silver-haired Maid-san intervened.

“You two, fighting isn’t good. I think it’s especially unwise in front of Issei-sama.”

After separating the two who were glaring at each other, Grayfia-san calmed them down.

“That’s true, fighting isn’t good.”

Moreover, Sirzechs-sama also entered my room. Was the admiration meeting over?

“I slipped out for a bit. There’s something that I need to talk about again. Rias, it’s the continuation of the talk from daytime.”

Talk? What would it be? Ah, Buchou and Akeno-san were called by Sirzechs-sama. To me, who was questioningly thinking that, Sirzechs-sama said something which was beyond my imagination.

“Let’s talk about the other Bishop.”

That was about the mysterious Bishop who was already present before me and Asia were reincarnated.

Part 6

The next day after school. I was standing on the ground floor of the old school building’s room that had been made the ‘Sealed classroom’. Everyone from the club had gathered. Even from the outside, this room was securely closed so we couldn’t see inside of the room. What was it used for, the explanation was without exception, but...it seemed that, according to the conversation, the other Bishop was here. The other Bishop... For a long time, it was a mystery club member for both Asia and me. Likewise, except for the newcomer Xenovia, the rest of the members knew about it. He existed before I became a Devil, but due to various circumstances, he couldn’t participate in the Rating Game between the Phoenix household and the battle against Kokabiel.

According to the conversation, it seemed his ability was regarded as dangerous, and because Buchou wasn’t able to completely control him with her powers, he was ordered to be sealed by the higher-ups. What exactly was he? Was he that dangerous? Last night, Sirzechs-sama explained it in my room. It seemed Buchou had received a high evaluation by the Four Maous, the Great King Bael house, the Archduke Agares house and the great Devils due to her fight with the Phoenix house and the fight against Kokabiel. The sealing condition of the other Bishop was lifted while thinking that maybe she could control him now. And with that, we were in front of the ‘Sealed Classroom’, but... A tape with ‘KEEP OUT’ written on it was heavily pasted with magical seals carved on.

“The kid is over here. All day, that Bishop lives here. For the time being, his seals are loosened deep in the night, and if it’s just in the old building, he can exit the room, but the kid inside refuses to do that.”

That was what Buchou said. For some reason, she knocked on the door, and then started expanding her magic circle. She’s releasing the seal? If one was sealed in this cramped space for even half a day, wouldn’t one go insane? It was impossible for me. If I was told that I was free to do anything in the old school building only in the night, I would have happily run out.

“I-Is the person a hikikomori?”

On my question, Buchou nodded while letting out a sigh. Was that so? A hikikomori, huh? Kiba removed the tape, while Akeno-san also helped out alongside Buchou in removing the seal.

“The kid inside has been the biggest earner among the servants.”

Akeno-san said that. Seriously! Biggest earner... How does that person earn? Akeno-san continued as if replying to my question.

“The kid takes special contracts from humans through a computer. Frankly, it’s a person who doesn’t want to meet us. Those type of people negotiate in a different way, and make relations differently. They solve things through the computer. In the dealings through computers, among the new Devil servants, this kid grabs enough numbers like those of a superior rank.”

Amazing! Negotiating through a computer! And with that, this kid took contracts from humans, huh!

“Now then, I am opening the door.”

The magical seals carved on the door also disappeared, and it became a simple door. Buchou opened the door...


...! An outrageously high scream was emitted from inside! W-What was it? Buchou wasn’t even surprised. Rather, while sighing, she entered the room alongside Akeno-san.

“Good day to you. It’s nice to see you all energetic.”


The exchange happening inside was heard. Judging from the voice, it could have been a middle schooler but...was it a girl? Or was it a younger male? I couldn’t say for sure yet. Though I could say that the person was extremely confused.

“Ara, ara, the seal got removed, you know? You are able to go out now. Now, let’s all go out together?”

Akeno-san’s gentle voice. I sensed sympathy. I felt she was gently trying to connect.


“Noooooooooooooooooo! This place is gooooooooooood! I don’t want to go outside! I don’t want to meet peopleeeeeee!”

...W-Wasn’t that a serious case of hikikomori...? Asia and I exchanged glances, and tilted our heads. Xenovia also let out a questioning look. Only Kiba and Koneko-chan understood the circumstances, huh? Kiba was smiling bitterly, and Koneko-chan was letting out a sigh. I strengthened my resolve and timidly peeked in. Walking in just a bit, I glanced in the room.

The curtains were tightly shut close. Dim. The room was decorated in an unexpectedly cute manner. It looked like a girl’s room. Stuffed dolls were present as well. A-A coffin? There was a single coffin present in one corner that seemed to be used in funerals abroad. Buchou and Akeno-san were in the interior. Was the Bishop present past them?

Approaching further, the one present there was...a bishoujo with noble looks, golden hair and red eyes who looked like a doll. She was sitting down on the floor with a pose that looked as if she wanted to escape from Buchou and Akeno-san. She was shaking a lot. Wait, she was dressed in Kuoh Academy’s girls uniform. More like, she was extremely cute!

“Ooh! A girl! Not to mention a foreigner!”

Wonderful! Another golden-haired bishoujo after Asia, huh! I am happy! There would be two blonde Bishops! There was no greater joy than that! I was happy like that, but Buchou turned her head sideways.

“Appearance-wise, this kid looks like a girl, but he is a boy without a doubt.”

...Eh? For a moment there, I doubted my ears. Plainly absurd words entered my ears. B-Buchou, please stop with the jokes. Doesn’t this kid look like a bishoujo!?

“No, no, no, no matter how you look at it, it’s a girl, Buchou! ...Eh? Seriously?”

“He has a hobby of dressing in female clothes.”

Akeno-san said that calmly. ...Hobby of dressing in female clothes? T-Then, this kid was not wearing that uniform because he’s a girl, but...because of a hobby?


I gave out a large shriek due to my big shock.

“Eeeeeeeeeeek! I am sorry, I am sorryyyyyyyyyyy!”

The golden-haired bishoujo...no, the golden-haired guy in girls’ clothes let out a shriek due to my voice.

Seriously! He’s a boy even like this!? No, no, no matter how you looked at it, that part of him was more like a bishoujo than even girls! I seriously didn’t get it! Even the voice was like a girl! His height was small as well!


I held my head with my arms and crouched down in that place! This was irrational! For him to be a boy even though he was so cute! Was God merciless!? Wait, God wasn’t present then! It was merciless! He definitely got his gender wrong! While inside his mother, he got something extra stuck on him! Uwaaaaaa, I can’t take it!

“Is it alright to have such a cruel story...? He perfectly looks like a bishoujo... For him to be a man...for him to have a penis on him...”

“……Talking about vulgar words is prohibited.”

Auh! Before I knew it, Koneko-chan had entered the room! Sorry, Koneko-chan. But this is a cruel story!

“It’s an even more painful story that he has a hobby for wearing girls’ clothes! Since it suits him, when I heard the unnecessary truth, the shock was too huge! Even though he’s a hikikomori, he’s got a hobby of wearing girls’ clothes! Are the girls’ clothes to show to someone!?”

On my words, the cross-dressing young boy refuted.

“B-B-B-But girls’ clothes are super cute.”

“Don’t say things like super cuteeeeeeeeeee! Shit! Even though you’re a guuuuy! You shattered my dream in a instanttttttttt! I-I was actually dreaming about you and Asia, the double blonde bishoujo Bishops, you know!? Give it back! Give back my dream!”

“...Writings and dreams of people are transient.”

“Koneko-chaaaaaaaaan! That didn’t sound like a joke!”

However, that was cruel! I thought of him as a girl, but it was a guy in girls’ clothes!

“B-B-B-By the way, who is this person?”

The guy in girls’ clothes asked Buchou. Buchou said it while pointing to me, Asia and Xenovia.

"These are new servants who came while you were here. The Pawn, Hyoudou Issei, the Knight, Xenovia, and like you, the Bishop, Asia.”

We said ‘nice to meet you’ because we were introduced, but girls’ clothing-kun only fearfully said ‘Eeeeek, the members increased by a lot!’. No, is he phobic to humans? This is terrible.

“Please, can we go out? Okay? It’s all right for you to not be sealed any more, you know?”

Buchou said it gently, but...

“Noooooooo! For me, the outside world is impossibleeeeeeee! I am scared! I am scared of the outside! In any case, even if I go outside, it would only cause trouble for otherssssss!”

Somehow, I got angry. Also, I couldn’t forgive him for being a male with that face! I approached him and pulled his arms.

“Hey, Buchou said to go outside—”

It was the moment I was trying to pull him.


Along with the girls’ clothing-kun’s scream, the scenery in front of me became white... ...Hm? Huh? Even though I should have been holding his arms right then, girls’ clothing-kun wasn’t there. Looking at it, he was shaking in one corner of the room. Huh? Why? I was definitely just pulling his arm then...

“This is strange. Something in this moment...”

“...It’s certain something happened.”

Asia, Xenovia and I were surprised by the mysterious phenomenon, but the rest of the members were only letting out sighs. Kiba and the others of course knew about it.

“Don’t get angry! Don’t get angry! Please don’t hit meeeeeeeee!”

As usual, the girls’ clothing-kun was just shouting. What did this guy do? Noticing my doubt, Akeno-san explained.

“That kid possesses a Sacred Gear that caused the time of everything in his field of vision to be stopped for a fixed interval of time when he’s excited.”

...Wait, stopping time? Seriously? That idiot-looking kid had a Sacred Gear with a powerful ability! He possessed such a Gear. That’s why, for a moment, we felt malice. He stopped us and ran away, huh. Even though I said running away, I thought he possessed a serious illness of not being able to go out from this room. That was intolerable.

“Because he can’t control his Sacred Gear, by the orders of the Archduke and the Maou, Sirzechs-sama, he was sealed.”

I understood that thanks to Akeno-san’s supplementary explanation. He could stop time. That was an extremely fearful power. If he couldn’t control it, then he’d probably hurt his comrades as well. Was that the reason? Buchou hugged girls’ clothing-kun from behind, and then said to us.

“This boy is Gasper Vladi. He’s my Bishop. For the time being, he’s a first year student in Kuoh Academy. Also, before being reincarnated, he was a Dhampir[13][14] .”

Life.3 I got a Kouhai (boy)

Part 1

“[Forbidden Balor View]?”

Buchou nodded to my question.

“Yes. That’s the name of the Sacred Gear Gasper possesses. It’s very powerful.”

“To stop time, isn’t that close to breaking the rules?”

Upon hearing my words, Buchou responded.

“Yes, that’s true. But your doubling power and Hakuryuukou’s halving power are both against the rules too, you know?”

T-That’s true, but...even then, to be able to stop time, you can only ignore rules so much.

“The problem is that he’s not able to handle it. Because of that, Gasper had been sealed till now. Him unconsciously activating his Sacred Gear was seen as a problem.”

Just like I thought, huh.

“However, you sure were able to make a guy with such a powerful gear into your servant, Buchou. Not to mention, to be able to do it with just one piece.”

On my words, Buchou brought out a book in her hands from mid-air, flipped the pages of the book, and presented it to me opened. Looking at it, it was the explanation page for Evil Pieces.

“...It’s a Mutation Piece.”

“...Mutation Piece?”

Kiba answered to my question.

“It’s different from the usual Evil Piece. Bodies that clearly require more than one piece to be reincarnated can be reincarnated in one piece. It’s a piece that can make such a phenomenon occur.”

“Buchou possessed that piece.”

That is what Akeno-san said. Kiba continued further.

“Usually, for High-Class Devils, one in ten Devils possesses a single piece. It’s an irregularity born when the Evil Piece system was created. It’s kind of like a bug, but it seems like it was kept for fun. Gasper-kun is the one who used that piece.”

Oh, that means Buchou used a rare piece on Gasper, huh.

“The problem is Gasper’s ability.”

“Buchou, what do you mean?”

“He possess a rare ability, and it seems his Sacred Gear’s power increases when he’s unconscious. Maybe because of that, every day, his power is increasing. From the previous conversation, we can say that, in the future, there’s a possibility he may attain Balance Breaker.”

—! B-Balance Breaker? That was, even in the best of times, a dangerous thing, right? If the guy who’s incapable of controlling his own power attained it... Not to mention, it’s a Sacred Gear that stops time! Maybe because she understood from looking at my surprised appearance, Buchou also put her hand on her forehead with a troubled face.

“Yes. It’s a critical situation. However, because my evaluation was accepted, it seems I was now judged able to control Gasper by the people that evaluated me. Maybe it’s because I made Ise and Yuuto attain Balance Breaker.”

Leaving Kiba aside, mine was limited with conditions attached, and that too was incomplete, you know? Ah, I heard that I too was valued quite a lot when I defeated that bastard Riser. My master Buchou would have been valued even more, I guess. And even though the Vanishing Dragon intervened, we were able to defend our base without any large destruction in the incident with Kokabiel. That’s why, if it was the current Buchou, she might be able to handle Gasper, was what the big people judged, huh.

“...Uh, e-e-even though I don’t want you to talk about me...”

There’s a big cardboard box placed beside me. He was speaking from there. I kicked it silently.


A shout was heard. Whose is it? Of course, it’s Gasper-kun. Because he’s extremely scared of the outside world, it seems he entered a cardboard box. This guy is... You hate them that much, places outside of this room?

“Judging by ability, maybe after Akeno, he would be next. Even though I say half-Vampire, he’s from a pure-blooded Vampire family with a good lineage, and has a powerful Sacred Gear because of his human half. He’s well endowed with the abilities of Vampires, and he excels in human magic wielded by wizards as well. If not so, then he probably would have been made a Bishop with just one Evil Piece.”

That was what Buchou said. Wow, he’s that amazing, huh, this hikikomori Vampire-kun. Ah, but, was he all right with daylight and stuff like that?

“Buchou, Vampires are weak against the sun, right? Is he fine?”

Buchou nodded to my question.

“He possess the blood of a special vampire known as a Daywalker which can move during the day, so there’s no problem. However, he may dislike it.”

A Daywalker? Heh, there was a Vampire like that, huh?

“I hate daylighttt! It’s better if the sun disappeareeeeeed!”

I see, I see. Even for Devils, the sun was like a natural enemy. However, since we’re students of this school, it’s not good if we don’t attend school during the day, you know?

“You don’t attend class, right? If you don’t control your power and open yourself up, then it isn’t good, you know?”

I said that, but he just screamed.

“No! I am fine inside this cardboard box! The air and light of the outside are a natural enemy to meeeee! Please let me remain a boy who lives in a cardboard boooooox!”

...This is terrible. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Also, doesn’t he need blood? He’s a Vampire, right?”

Buchou responded to my question.

“Since he’s a half-Vampire, he doesn't thirst for blood as often. If you supply the blood for him once every ten days, then there’s no problem. Though it seems he originally didn’t like drinking blood.”

“I hate blooooood! I hate fish tooooooo! I hate liver as welllllll!”

If you’re a Vampire with intense likes and dislikes, then what the hell will you do!?

“...A good-for-nothing Vampire.”

Koneko-chan spewed out those words. As expected, she didn’t show mercy.

“Uwaaaaaaah! Koneko-chan is a meanieeee!”

Is it because they’re first year class comrades that she won’t be merciful? Huh? Even though I am of a higher class, she doesn’t go easy on me either.

“For the time being, till I come back, Ise, Asia, Koneko, Xenovia, I’ll leave Gasper’s training to you. Akeno and I will be going to the meeting place for the top of the Three Factions. And Yuuto, it seems Onii-sama wants to hear in detail about your Balance Breaker, so you should accompany us.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Buchou has it tough too. Wait, Kiba was called by Maou-sama? About that Holy Demonic Sword?

Ah, if I remembered correctly, that sword was an irregular form for a Sacred Gear since that Balance Breaker was an impossible phenomenon originally. Well, wanting to investigate would be natural.

“Ise-kun, sorry, but I’ll leave Gasper-kun to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me, Kiba. Well, since Asia, Koneko-chan and Xenovia are here too, we’ll do something. Probably.”

To be honest, I am a bit uneasy... The hikikomori Vampire. I am very worried about the future.

“Gasper-kun, you should start getting used to the outside, you know?”

Akeno-san spoke to the cardboard box.

“Akeno-onee-samaaaaaaa! Please don’t say stuff like thaaaaaaaat!”

“Ara, ara, that’s troubling. Ise-kun, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, if I am requested by Akeno-san, then I’ll do my best as well!”

I can’t betray Buchou and Akeno-san’s expectations!

“Yeah. Then, Ise, shall I thoroughly discipline him? A weak man is no good. And also I wanted to face off with a Vampire since childhood. Leave his treatment to me.”

With that, Xenovia pulled on to the rope attached to Gasper’s cardboard box. Wanted to face off against, wait... Do you want to destroy Gasper...?

“Eeeeeeeeek! N-N-N-No way, I don’t want to fight against the user of the Holy Sword Durrandaaaaal! I-I’ll be destroyeeeeed!”

“Don’t scream, Gaspair. If you like, shall I prepare a cross and holy water, and also attack you with garlic?”

“Eeeeeeeeeek! Garlic, noooooooooo!”

It may have been his misfortune to have met Xenovia. That was what I thought. More like, if a Devil exorcises, then they’ll receive damage as well, Xenovia-san. I am worried about the future...

Part 2

“Hey, start running. If you’re a Daywalker, then you should be able to run in the day.”

“Eeeeeeek! Don’t chase me while swinging Durandaaaaaaal!”

High school dxd v4 145.jpg

As we approached evening, the Vampire was being chased by the Holy Sword wielder. Looking at it from an outsiders perspective, it seemed completely like a Vampire hunt. Durandal was also letting out a dangerous sound while emitting a holy aura. Gasper was also desperate in running away. Well that’s because if she catches up, he’ll be destroyed in an instant. It seemed that Xenovia was training him starting from physical strength on the pretext that ‘A healthy spirit starts from a healthy body’. She was a lively lady as usual. This lady, who was swinging the legendary weapon and chasing him, seemed to be happy as well. Now that I think about it, after she became used to living here, Xenovia said that, from what she does and what she has to do, everything is enjoyable. That part was probably the same as when Asia got used to living in this city. Since they lived their lives in a simple fashion as believers, and with Japan being a place with almost no religion, its workings would be fresh to them.

“Even though it was an honour to have met the Bishop-san just like me, we haven’t even properly seen each other’s faces...*sob*.”

Asia seemed regretful. She’s also a bit tearful. At my house, she used to say a lot ‘I want to meet the other Bishop-san’, so she was looking forward to their meeting. Even though it was their long-awaited encounter, since he’s a max level human hater, it couldn’t be helped. Well, we were all Devils. More like, not even seeing our Asia’s face... Shit! I couldn’t forgive that part. However, I have to bear with it. Although he’s a Senpai as a Devil, he’s a junior in school. There’s also the part where I have to guide him as his Senpai as well. Meanwhile, Koneko-chan was chasing Gasper alongside Xenovia while holding garlic.

“...Gya-kun, if you eat garlic, you’ll become healthy.”

“Nooooooo! Koneko-chan is bullying meeeeeee!”

Are these two first years getting along well...? I had heard that Koneko-chan could be a unique irritating character but...was she bullying him? More like, Koneko-chan is calling him ‘Gya-kun’.

“Oh, oh, they’re at it.”

With that, the Student Council member Saji appeared as well.

“Oh, it’s you, Saji.”

“Yo, Hyoudou. After hearing that there was a hikikomori servant whose ban had been lifted, I came to see it for a bit.”

“Ah, he’s over there. He's the one getting chased by Xenovia.”

“Hey, hey, Xenovia-san, she’s swinging the legendary sword heartily, you know? Is it all right? Huh? Oh! Wait, it’s a girl, huh! Not to mention blond-haired!”

Saji seemed happy. You would think that, right?

“Sorry to say this, but that’s a guy cross-dressing.”

Hearing that, Saji seemed to be completely dejected. He’s heartbroken.

“Well, this is swindling. More like, since he’s wearing girls’ clothes, it would be to show it to someone, right? And since he’s a hikikomori, it’s too much of a contradiction. It’s quite difficult.”

“That’s right. It’s an incomprehensible cross-dressing habit. Also, I can’t say anything about it suiting him. So what are you doing, Saji?”

Saji was wearing a jersey, army cotton gloves, and was also holding a small shovel for flower bed use.

“It’s as you see. It’s the maintenance of the flower bed. It’s been Kaichou’s orders since a week ago. Hey, recently, there have been many events in the school right? And also, next time, Maou-sama and the others are coming here as well. It’s the job of the Pawn of the Student Council, me, to make the school look beautiful.”

He puffed out his chest and acted magnificently, but doesn’t that mean he’s in charge of odd jobs...? Meh, I can’t break his sentiments, so it’s best to keep quiet.

Za, za...

After that conversation, there was a presence of someone coming near us. When I moved my gaze to the direction—I doubted my eyes.

“Heh. The servants of the Maous’ families’ Devils are playing over here.”

There was an evil-looking male wearing a yukata there... I recognised him.


“Yo, Sekiryuutei. It’s been some time since that night.”

Everyone was dubiously staring at him, who appeared suddenly. With my single word, the atmosphere completely changed.


Xenovia had her sword at the ready. Maybe because she sensed the atmosphere, Asia hid behind me. I made my Boosted Gear appear as if protecting her. Why is the Governor of the Fallen Angels at a place like this!? Saji, while also shocked, brought out the face of a deformed lizard on his right hand. It’s Saji’s Sacred Gear.

“Hy-Hyoudou, by Azazel, you mean—!”

“I am serious, Saji. I have come in contact with this guy plenty of times.”

Maybe because of my serious response, he understood. Saji made a battle position as well. Azazel smiled bitterly at our postures. Let alone thirst for blood, I didn’t even feel the presence of him trying to fight a battle.

“I don’t feel like fighting. Hey, relax your postures, Low-class Devil-kun. You should somehow know that even with the bunch gathered here, you wouldn’t win against me, right? Even I don’t plan on bullying Low-class Devils. Since I was taking a stroll, I came to visit the Devils’ place. Is the Holy Demonic Sword wielder present? I came to see him.”

Even though this was what he said, nobody relaxed their posture. Like we’ll believe something a Fallen Angel says! More like, your aim is Kiba, huh!?

“If it’s Kiba, then he isn’t here! If you’re aiming for Kiba, then I won’t let you do it!”

Since Kiba attained a rare Balance Breaker, did he plan on making him an offer?

“...Seriously. Since you weren’t able to win against Kokabiel, there’s no way you can win against me. ...I see, the Holy Demonic Sword user isn’t present. This is boring.”

While scratching his head, Azazel approached. There was no hostility at all. Because of that, it was scary. Because of the fear, my hands were trembling. Against one of the leaders, Kokabiel, we couldn’t do anything. If more than that, a top-level opponent comes...even instant annihilation was possible. I don’t want to go on to the next world as soon those black wings unfurl... If I have to die, then at least let me die after doing ecchi things with Buchou! Azazel pointed to a certain tree.

“The Vampire hiding over there.”

Gasper hiding in the tree shade panicked. While approaching Gasper, the Fallen Angel Governor said.

“You’re the possessor of the Forbidden Balor View, right? If you can’t use it properly, then it will become a thing that causes harm to others. As a support-type Sacred Gear, if you can supplement the deficient aspects, it should be fine but... Now that I mention it, the research of Sacred Gears by Devils didn’t progress much. If you invoke it via the five senses while the Sacred Gear’s owner’s capacity is insufficient, then it will move naturally, and it will be extremely dangerous.”

As if peering into Gasper’s face...more like Azazel was peering into both his eyes. Gasper himself was trembling as the top head of the Fallen Angels approached him. I think it’s an obvious reaction. However, I didn’t feel anything strange or an evil malice from Azazel. His expression looked like he’s full of interest. Maybe because the others also sensed it, they didn’t know how to respond. Looking at him, Gasper was looking like he was being attacked by the Fallen Angel, but... Azazel turned around towards us, and pointed to Saji. While scared, Saji made a posture as well. However...

“Is that Absorption Line? If you’re practising, try using it. Connect it to this Vampire, and if he invokes it while you’re absorbing the Sacred Gear’s excess, it would probably run less wildly.”

After Azazel’s explanation, Saji showed a complex expression as well.

“...M-My Sacred Gear, it can suck the power of the opponent’s Sacred Gear as well? I thought it simply absorbs the opponents power and weakens them...”

Hearing that, Azazel had an amazed expression.

“Seriously, it’s because of this that the Sacred Gear owners recently don’t try to know the power of their Sacred Gears well enough. Absorption Line holds the power of one of the legendary five Dragon Kings, the Prison Dragon, Vritra. Well, this was found out thanks to recent research. That thing can connect to any object, and can scatter that power. If it’s a short time, it’s possible to separate the line from the owner’s side and connect it to some other person or object.”

“T-Then, the line on my side... For example, I can connect it to Hyoudou or some other person? And then the power will flow into Hyoudou?”

“Yeah, if you grow, the number of the lines will also increase. If you do that, the output of absorption will increase many times as well.”


Saji became quiet. More like, about Saji’s Sacred Gear, if Azazel’s explanation was true, then wasn’t it quite an amazing thing? No, no, this guy was the Governor of the Fallen Angels, you know? The boss of the old enemy of the Devils! It’s obvious that he’s a bad guy! ...I think that, but I didn’t feel any hostility after all. I worried about what Kokabiel said.‘His Sacred Gear collection hobby is abnormal’. That was what he said. Was this related to that?

“For improving the Sacred Gear, the fastest way would be to drink the blood of the host of the Sekiryuutei. If you let a Vampire drink blood, then they’ll gain power. Well, do the rest yourselves.”

The Fallen Angel Governor-san said just that much, and with a single look, turned to leave the place. However, he stopped only once and turned his face towards me.

“Sorry for Vali, our Hakuryuukou, coming into contact with you on his own accord. I am sure you would have been surprised, right? Wh—at, he’s an unusual guy, but he doesn’t think of settling the rivalry between red and white immediately.”

That was what Azazel said, but...

“What about you? Won’t you apologise for coming in contact with me repeatedly without informing me about your identity?”

I unconsciously complained as well. However, I was seriously surprised. For the client to be the Governor of the Fallen Angels, there were limits to even bad jokes.

But Azazel showed a mischievous smile and said a few words.

“Well, that’s my hobby. I won’t apologise.”

After saying that, he left the place.


We were left behind. We exchanged glances and were troubled on how to react, but Saji, after sighing, moved.

“...For the time being, shall I use my Sacred Gear on the new face-kun over there? In that state, let’s try using his Sacred Gear and practice. In exchange for that, next time, I will have you help me out with the flower bed.”

On Saji’s suggestion, everyone nodded, and Gasper’s Sacred Gear training started. Saji connected the tongue of Absorption Line to Gasper, and sucked the excess power. As Azazel said, absorption was possible. ...Seriously, he’s well informed about the Sacred Gears, that Governor-san. After that, the volleyball that we threw, the moment it came into Gasper’s field of vision, it got stopped. The objects can be only stopped completely for a few minutes interval. If it was a ball, it was stopped in mid-air and stayed like that. If it was a living thing, its movements were stopped and remained in the same posture. The people that got stopped were completely stopped in that interval to the point of consciousness. They didn’t have any memory of the interval when they were stopped. I experienced it as well, so I know. I could feel some malice, but not to the point of knowing what happened. There was no problem with things entering his field of vision, but there was no doubt that it’s a powerful Sacred Gear. The closer you entered his field of vision, the longer you got stopped. The farther you were, the bigger the range of vision was, but the time of stoppage got shorter. Because Gasper was unable to effectively use his Sacred Gear, only certain things within his field of vision could be stopped. I feel like that concluded the present situation.

Since it was still impossible for him to invoke it consciously, there were also accidental cases when the moment he glanced towards someone, a part of their body became lightly stopped. Seriously, pardon me from the unconscious invoking. During those times, Gasper would yell out ‘Sorryyyyyyy’ and try to run away. Catching him and trying to bring him back was troublesome as well. It would be good if he would only stop the ball coming in his direction, but it’s very difficult. This might be...more difficult than I thought. The Sacred Gear’s ability was one thing, but the training of the owner, Gasper himself, was also difficult. However, because I was asked by Buchou, I had to accompany this guy. I will make this guy into a magnificent time user! That was what I was saying to pump myself up.

“How is it? Is the practice making progress?”

Buchou came to see us after making sandwiches for us. It seemed like she was worried about Gasper after all. The person in question was having his power sucked continuously and saying ‘Eek, Eek’. We ate the sandwiches during rest time. Kuh! The miraculous spice does its work and it’s super tasty!

“Buchou, it’s tasty!”

“Fufufu, thanks. The ingredients weren’t a lot, so I was only able to make simple ones.”

Even then, it’s really delicious! Saji also groaned ‘Tasty!’.

Akeno-san and Kiba, who were not here, were with Sirzechs-sama or somewhere.

Buchou was surprised to hear about Azazel, but she said.

“I hear Azazel has substantial knowledge about Sacred Gears. Advice about Sacred Gears... Maybe he had spare time to give advice to another person.”

For some reason, she started to ponder.

“Rias-senpai’s back, so I will be going back to my flower bed.”

After taking in two, no, three sandwiches Buchou made in his mouth, he said that.

“Saji-kun, thanks for going out of your way to keep my servants company. You have my thanks.”

The bastard Saji, after making Buchou say her thanks, went red in the face.

“I-It’s alright. You’re Kaichou’s precious friend, and I saw some new possibilities regarding the Sacred Gear. But I have to work on the flower bed as well, so...”

Saji was a good guy after all. He had a bad mouth, but he kept us company for quite some time.

“Later, Hyoudou. Work hard.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

After I said my thanks as well, Saji left the place. After sending Saji off, Buchou said to Gasper, who was resting in the shade of a tree.

“Gasper, you can still continue on, right? After getting sucked by Saji-kun, your power has been regulated to a perfect level. For the remaining time, I will also keep you company in the training.”

Ooh! Buchou, this is promising! Buchou treated her servants preciously after all. Above all, she’ll properly keep company in the training! She was doing it for me even now.

“I-I’ll do my besttttttt.”

On Buchou’s voice, while exhausted, Gasper stood up as well. Alright, I’ll keep him company to the end as well today! Like this, Gasper’s Sacred Gear practice continued till the night.

Part 3

The night of the next day.

I was doing my Devil work. Even now, I can’t teleport via the magic circle to the human client’s place, but the job itself is going flawlessly. The meeting of the top three forces is approaching as well, but us servants have to keep on doing our job properly. Since two Maou-samas, who were at the top of the industry, are in the same city, we couldn’t do our jobs as we please.

“Huh? It’s you today, Ise-kun?”

That is what the young man who is the client tonight, Morisawa-san, said in a disappointed manner while dropping his shoulders. He was Koneko-chan’s customer and my customer as well. Tonight, it’s my turn. Morisawa-san’s gaze suddenly turned downwards. It seems he was worried about the object kept on my side. —A large cardboard box was kept besides me.

“What’s that?”

“This is a talking cardboard box.”


If I kick the cardboard box lightly, then you can hear a scream ‘Eeeeeeek’ from the inside. Yes, it’s Gasper, the box-inhabiting boy. Since Buchou and the rest said to take him alongside for Devil jobs for the time being, I brought this specially by fastening it on my bicycle’s back seat and pedalling till here, you know? I felt like crying. To be honest, he’ll only be of use in a subtle way, but, as long as he doesn’t interfere, then it’s all right. I’ll keep the cardboard box here...

“W-What’s inside it?”

That is what Morisawa-san said while having come close before I noticed it! Suddenly, he opened the lid of the cardboard box... Idiot.



Gasper and Morisawa-san’s eyes met.


For people with anthropophobia, if they’re stared at by people, then they become teary-eyed, right? Gasper, bear with it a bit.

“It appears like a bishoujo by just looking at it, but in fact, he’s a boy. He has a hobby of wearing girls’ clothes.”

I also gave a follow up explanation for the time being. If he learns that it’s a boy beforehand, then the damage he gets would be less as well. Morisawa-san grabbed both of my shoulders strongly and said.

“This cute a kid, there’s no way it can be a girl! It’s the best that he’s a booooooooooooooooooy!”

—! What’s with that insisting voice!? Eh? It’s all right with him being a boy? Seriously!? His eyes are glittering!

“Now, come out! Onii-san isn’t scary, you know? Let’s do fun things together!”

Morisawa-san talked to Gasper with his breath coming out from his nostrils roughly. His speech and conduct are that of a pervert!

“Uuuuwaaaaaah... Sob...”

The person in question, Gasper, was trembling. He seemed scared. That’s natural. Even I am scared of the Morisawa-san right now! While twitching all five fingers of both hands, Morisawa-san’s hands reached towards Gasper...


Gasper’s scream... For a moment, my senses got stopped... ...When I realised it, the cardboard box next to me had disappeared.


Morisawa-san also couldn’t understand what had happened to him. It’s the stoppage of time. Gasper must have gotten excited and invoked his Sacred Gear unconsciously. Me and Morisawa-san both had our time stopped for a fixed interval. Surveying the room, the cardboard box had moved to the corner. You ran over there, huh. I approached him, and talked to the closed cardboard box.

“Gasper, sorry. Morisawa-san was a bit scary, right?”

“Sob... Fueeeeee.”

He cried. I’m beaten. Like this, he wouldn’t be of use in the job.

“I stopped it again... Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot... I am an idiot. Stopping isn’t good... Even though I don’t want to stop...”

Gasper... Since you were entrusted to me by Buchou, I had to do something. However, once Gasper became frightened, he wasn’t able to do anything. Me too, I couldn’t say anything to him at that point.

Part 4

“Gasper, please come out. It’s my fault for pushing you into going with Ise.”

Buchou was apologizing in front of the door of Gasper’s room.

“I thought that if you worked with Ise, it might be for your benefit as well...”


Gasper, who had locked himself in the old school building, could be heard crying loudly to the point of dying. He hated people, he couldn’t control his Sacred Gear and caused trouble to people. It seemed his worries are complex. No, before that, Morisawa-san was scary. That’s for sure. I heard from Buchou. Gasper’s father is from a noble family of Vampires, but since his mother was a human mistress, he wasn’t pure-blooded. I heard they hate those who are non-pure bloods even more than Devils. The Vampires scorn those who aren’t pure bloods, so even if it was their sibling, their treatment was discriminatory. Gasper was bullied by his siblings since childhood. Even when he went to the human world, he was treated as a monster, so he had no place he could call home. However, he possesses the unique abilities of Vampires, and the ability of a human, a special Sacred Gear. Since he was born with both of them, even if he didn’t want to, as he grew older, I heard his powers would also became greater. Even if he wanted to become friends with someone, if by some chance his Sacred Gear got activated, it would stop the other person.

“Hey, Ise. How would you feel if you could stop time?”

I was asked that by Buchou.

“...I...would be a bit scared.”

Even if I imagined it, there were only bad images. If I stopped time, what would I do? While my time was stopped, what would happen to me? It would definitely bug me even if the other person didn’t think about it. The people who were stopped by Gasper must have thought that. If suspicion was born once inside the heart, then companionship became impossible, and they must have started to fear Gasper. Gasper experienced that time and again. It’s the unhappiness that was tasted by those who obtained Sacred Gears. Asia was the same as well. She went from being called a Holy Maiden to being called a Witch... It seems the Sacred Gears are a gift from God, but... I heard that even though God isn’t here, since the Sacred Gear program God left was still living and operating, the Sacred Gears wouldn’t die out. Indeed, they were powerful as weapons, but corresponding to that, they had the power to make the user unhappy as well.

“I-I...don’t need such a Sacred Gear! B-Because I stop everyone! I scare them! I make them dislike me! Even I dislike it! I don’t want to stop my f-friends and c-comrades... Any more of having to look at the faces of my cherished ones stopped...I-I don’t want that...”

Gasper was sobbing inside the room. He was chased out of his house as well, and Gasper wasn’t able to live in any world, so he was troubled by the roadside. At that time, he was targeted by Vampire hunters and lost his life once. It seems he was picked up by Buchou there. However, in those days, Gasper, who was endowed with great power, couldn’t be controlled by Buchou, and was ordered to be sealed by the higher ups. And then, his seal was lifted now.

“What a quandary... For making this kid to once again shut himself in...I am a failure as a King.”

Buchou was depressed. Buchou wasn’t wrong. Gasper wasn’t wrong either. Rather, the one who was wrong was me. Even though they placed their hopes on me and made him accompany me to work, I wasn’t able to do anything.

“Buchou, isn’t your meeting with Sirzechs-sama and the others in a short while from now?”

“Yes, but I will extend the time a bit more. I have to make sure that Gasper is all right first...”

“Please leave the rest to me. I will do something about it.”

Buchou couldn’t object strongly to my suggestion since the meeting was important as well. The bosses of the three great powers were going to assemble. That setting was important. If something inconvenient occurred on the same day, with just that, the gap between them might increase much more.

“It’s all right. I finally got a male Kouhai! I will do something about it!”

That was what I proclaimed while puffing out my chest. It was a bluff. Truthfully, I didn’t have much confidence. This sort of delicate type wasn’t my forte. But in front of Buchou, I will make myself look cool.

“Ise. All right, I got it. Can I count on you?”


After hearing my vigorous response, Buchou nodded with a smile. As if feeling regretful and worried, Buchou glanced at Gasper’s room once and left this place. After seeing Buchou off, I took a deep breath, and sat in front of the door.

“Till you come out, I won’t move one step from here!”

I thought of a lot, but for me who is an idiot, I can only do this! Sit down! Plain and simple! I think that, since ancient times, this is the best thing that works against people who shut themselves in! Probably!


It was a battle of endurance. With that, I furiously remained seated for an hour, but there was no change. There was no sign of him coming out either. ...Just sitting quietly like this wasn’t going to help, huh. While feeling that, I tried talking to him.

“...Are you scared? Of the Sacred Gear...and of us?”


I talked across the door.

“I also possess a Sacred Gear in which the strongest Dragon resides in. However, my life was not as amazing as yours, who was a Vampire, or like Kiba’s. I was a normal male high school student.”

I don’t know how much of this will reach him. However, let’s speak about my honest feelings.

“I...to be honest, am scared. While using the Dragon’s powers, I feel that some part of my body is changing into something else. I don’t know much about Devils right now either, or about what a Dragon is. However, I feel like I want to proceed further.”

Since there wasn’t anything else for me.

“Why? M-Maybe, you may lose something important, you know? Why do you want to live such a straightforward life so much, Senpai...?”

Oh, he replied. That’s good. He’s hearing my story then. However, that question was troubling...

“...No... Since I am an idiot, I don’t get the difficult stuff. Just that...”

“Just that?”

“...I don’t want to see Buchou’s tears once more. During the time we did the Rating Game, we all lost. I was defeated, hollow to the point where I don’t have any memories of when I was defeated. I was pathetic... Even then, I could only remember Buchou crying.”

I closed my fist tightly. That time...even remembering it now was mortifying.

“...It was intense. It’s deeply etched onto the interior of my brain. Not to mention, my comrades kept getting defeated one after another. In the end, only I remained... Even now, I see it in my dreams. It’s a dream where I am running around on the battlefield alone. I finally found Buchou, but she was crying, and I was unable to do anything...”


With a dull sound, the door opened up a bit.

“...I wasn’t present during that time.”

Gasper’s profile appeared from behind the door, and he looked like he was earnestly holding back his tears.

“Ah, I understand. I am not blaming you for that. But from now on, it’s going to be different, right?”

“...I-I will just cause trouble... I am a hikikomori, I am intensely shy...and I can’t properly use my Sacred Gear...”

As I touched Gasper’s head, I peered into both his eyes. His Sacred Gear was present here, huh. The ability to stop time.

“I don’t hate you. As your Senpai, I’ll always look after you. ...Well, as a Devil, you would be a Senpai. But, in real life, I am your Senpai, so leave it to me.”


Gasper blinked in surprise, but I continued.

“Lend me your power. Let’s support Buchou together. If you’re scared of something, then I’ll send it flying away. Even if I am like this, I house the legendary Dragon’s power, you know?”

I gave out a smile, but Gasper was troubled by my comment.

“Would you like to drink my blood? If what that bastard Azazel said is true, then if you drink my blood, you may be able to control your Sacred Gear.”

That time, he said that. If it could be done with this, then I think it’s a cheap price. ...Would I become a Vampire? I have heard that if you’re a virgin and are bitten by a Vampire, then you become one, but... However, Gasper shook his head horizontally.

“...I am scared. Of drinking blood directly from living beings. I am even scared of my own power... If anything more happens than this then...I will... I will...”

“Yeah. You don’t like being used by your Sacred Gear, huh? However, I am jealous of your ability, you know.”


Gasper showed a surprised expression from the bottom of his heart from just a few words from me. Eh? What’s with that reaction...

“Did I say something weird? Because, isn’t it the best to be able to stop time? If I possessed that Sacred Gear, then it would be terrific. I would definitely use it on the class’ girls, no, on the school’s girls to do indecent things. I can affirm this. I would be crawling on the corridor and peeking at girls panties I guess. Ah, if it’s that Sacred Gear, then I would stop B-Buchou and use it on her b-boobs...! Ah, just by thinking that I would be able to do as I wish with those boobs, my drool isn’t stopping! That’s it! A-A-Akeno-san’s boobs are good too! Rather, peeking at her panties is good too! Uwah, my wild ideas aren’t stopping!”

...Wait, this isn’t the time to be saying such stuff with drool hanging on me! Aah, Gasper would definitely be shocked by me and... I thought that, but he was smiling as if he was happy.

“Ise-senpai, you’re a kind person.”

He said that with the finest quality smile. Uh, even though he’s a male, my heart just skipped a beat for a moment. This was dangerous.

“It’s the first time I've been told that. I wasn’t ever told by people that they were jealous of me. Not to mention even giving concrete examples... Ise-senpai, you’re a funny person.”

That might be true. Sorry for being a lecher.

“Got it. Listen closely, Gasper. —I want to transfer the power of the Sekiryuutei onto Buchou’s boobs.”

Upon hearing my straightforward feelings, Gasper let out a surprised expression, but gradually, his eyes moistened.

“...Amazing, Ise-senpai. While possessing a powerful Sacred Gear, to be able to face forward with indecency that much... It’s a thought process that won’t reach me. I don’t know why, but I sensed a bit of your dreams and your wishes. Ise-senpai, your lust is overflowing with courage, right.”

Hahaha, I feel like I am being made fun of. Maybe it’s my imagination!

“Yeah, that must be it! It’s a powerful Sacred Gear! I can use it! I will use my Sacred Gear in order to satisfy my sexual desires! I have declared it to the Dragon residing in my gauntlet as well! I’ll suck Buchou’s breasts! And then, as a new objective, I’ll transfer the gift onto Buchou’s breasts! No, it’s fine to transfer it to Akeno-san’s boobs as well! Uwah! My dreams are increasingggggggggggg!”

Oh, not good. I unconsciously made a speech fervently and my drool was hanging. Not good.

“I-I also feel that I got a bit of courage flowing in me. In reality, it’s only a bit though...”

“Good, good, you’re a nice kid. Here, look at my right hand. I have rubbed Buchou’s breasts with this hand, you know?”

Gasper looked with astonished eyes onto my right hand upon hearing my speech. Fufufu, this was my prideful story. Saji also bit on this story. I was happy that Gasper also bit on this story. He’s a male after all.

“R-Really? N-No way... To be able to touch your Master, who is a High-class Devil... With Ise-senpai, there are only surprising things occurring...”

“Also, about the story of transferring it to boobs, it’s Maou-sama’s idea. I have thought of following Maou Sirzechs-sama for my entire life. That person is amazing! He’s drawing out my abilities!”

“B-Boob transfer... To be able to use the possibilities of the Longinus beyond the general domain... Maou-sama is the strongest after all.”

Before I knew it, I had entered his room and was conversing deeply with Gasper.

“As expected of Ise-kun. To be able to have a friendly chat with Gasper immediately.”

While me and Gasper were talking to each other unreservedly, the one who appeared was Kiba. He entered the room as if peering into it. Was he worried? As always, he’s a good guy. That’s right, perfect timing. Since all the male club members have gathered, I’ll begin my important announcement.

“Kiba, I have something to talk about.”

“What is it, Ise-kun?”

“Me, you and Gasper are males.”

“That’s right. But suddenly hearing about that, what happened?”

“I have thought about an alliance between the male members of the Gremory team.”

“That has...roused my interest. What do you mean?”

Oh, Kiba bit it as well. All right, let’s talk about my plan.

“Firstly, I gather up power. Then, after transferring it to Gasper, he will stop the time of the surroundings. At that time, I will touch the girls who are stopped as much as I want.”

“...You once again thought up some ecchi ideas. Well, that’s that, but if it’s just that much, then there isn’t any duty for me to perform, is there?”

Upon hearing my plan, Kiba let out those words lightly, but... I explained more calmly.

“No, there is. You will go into Balance Breaker mode and protect me. Maybe while I am doing ecchi stuff, the enemy may attack. This is an important cooperation.”

“Ise-kun, if it’s for you, then I’ll do anything, but...let’s talk about the future seriously. Your method of using your power is too ecchi. Ddraig will cry, you know?”

[Kiba is a good guy.]

Don’t say it in a teary voice, Ddraig! Since I am your possessor, assist me in my erotic ideas!

“Kiba, you bastard! Don’t look at me with that pitiful look! You handsome bastard! You have it good! You can eat girls all you want! I can’t even eat a single one!”

“...Since it’s you, once you realise it, you’ll be addicted to it. Buchou and the others seem to pamper you as well, so stop what you’re saying... They do say that self-realisation is a terrifying thing.”

Kiba said something with a profound meaning, but, meh, it’s all right.

“All right, male comrades, let’s speak frankly. First round, [The best part that you like about a girl]! First is me! I like looking at girls’ boobs and legs!”

Kiba and Gasper were smiling bitterly, but weren’t disliking it. But I didn’t miss out the fact that Gasper had been shaking his hands from start till end. He was scared probably, I think. Not of us, but of stopping us... He’s scared of his time-stopping Sacred Gear, which might be invoked at any time, from the bottom of his heart. Of the conclusion which that Sacred Gear brought about. If he stopped the other person, he’d be hated. Because of that fear, his body and mind were driven into a corner. However, let’s enjoy it, even if it’s for now. No, I wanted to make him enjoy it.

“Sorry, but is it all right if I am inside the cardboard box? ...I won’t close the lid. Just, when I talk to people, I can calm down inside the cardboard box.”

That was what Gasper said apologetically. It’s regrettable, but I allowed it. There’s no helping it since it’s the first time. Forcing him wouldn't be good either. Let’s bring him out of his cardboard box gradually.

“Ah, this is calming~. This is it~. The cardboard box is my heart’s oasis...”

Is it that much!? Is the cardboard box that comforting for you!? ...However, this guy, the cardboard box suited him... More like, I was used to seeing him inside it. The cardboard box Vampire. Since it’s an extremely new development, I was troubled on how to react...

“If you dislike meeting eye to eye with people that much, then how about this...?”

I made two holes in a paper bag kept in the room and placed it on top of Gasper’s head.

“T-This is...”

The cross-dressing young boy wore a paper bag on his head in the dimly lit room. A red glint made by his eyes was coming from the part where I had opened holes!

“H-How is it~? Does it suit me~?”

He’s sluggishly coming closer to the path of a zombie! What intensity! No matter how you look at it, it’s a degenerate! I am seriously scared!

“Ah, but this... It’s good, right? It may suit me...”

“Gasper, for the first time, I have felt that you’re amazing.”

“R-Really...? If I wear this then my value as a Vampire may increase...”

Yeah. More than a Vampire, it’s a pervert at full power. I am beaten. These people around me are all weird. Like this, the indecent talk of males only through the night began. I knew it, but Kiba was surprisingly a lecher himself.

Part 5

The next day, I was headed to a certain place.

I was called by Akeno-san. More like, Buchou said that, once she also finished her work, she’d come later. What work was it? The first things that came to mind were ecchi delusions, but since Buchou was also coming later, that possibility was nil. I, who was in between them, was happy but it’s complicated. With something as an impetus, it seems it would turn into a big fight... A struggle for me, who is a pet. I was getting more than I deserved as a pet! It was complicated as a man though. I continued to walk out of the city. ...Wait, there is only one important thing ahead. Yes, it was the shrine. Uwaaah! Wasn’t a shrine a bad place for us Devils!? I still haven’t stepped inside a shrine, but I had heard that you can’t enter that place easily. More like, I felt like I had heard from Buchou about it in the places not to enter... While thinking that, my eyes caught the shadow of a human on the stone steps. Straining my eyes and looking—it was the face of a person I recognised.

“Welcome, Ise-kun.”

“Ah, Akeno-san!?”

It was the figure of Akeno-san clad in a shrine maiden’s outfit. While I was climbing the steps, Akeno-san, who was moving forward, said it without stopping.

“Sorry for suddenly calling you out like this, Ise-kun.”

“Ah, it’s no problem. I was also free with no work. But what kind of work is this? And also, Buchou said she will also come later...”

“Yes, I know. Rias has to do a final meeting with Sirzechs-sama regarding the conference matter.”

No, but Akeno-san’s shrine maiden outfit was the best. It suited her pretty good. She’s surely a Yamato Nadeshiko! [15] Perhaps her other name, the ‘Priestess of Thunder’, came from here? More like, was it fine for Devils to be in a shrine? My questions weren’t running out, but why was Akeno-san over here?

High school dxd v4 175.jpg

“Is it all right not going to the meeting along with Buchou? I was thinking that the Queen’s power may be required...”

“Grayfia-sama will follow up over there, not to mention that if it advances by a certain degree, then even without me, it will be all right. More than that, I have to meet the person who’s waiting upstairs.”

That was what Akeno-san said and looked far off up the stairs. Huh? Was someone coming? The arch drew nearer. If Devils tried to cross this, then they would receive damage. They said not to come close to a shrine, but...

“This place is fine. An agreement was reached under the table, so even Devils can enter.”

While saying that, Akeno-san passed through the archway without anything happening. Ooh, so it’s all right, huh. I also fearfully passed through. Ah, it’s seriously all right. In front of my eyes, there was a splendid main shrine present. I sensed oldness, but there didn’t appear to be any damaged parts at all.

“Akeno-san, do you live here?”

“Yeah, the priest of the last generation passed away, so Rias secured this shrine, which had no people remaining, for me.”

“Is he the Sekiryuutei?”

I became aware of a third person’s voice. Turning to that side, the person there was... Golden-coloured wings to the point of dazzling were fluttering in front of me. A young man with a handsome face was sending glances at me. His body was wrapped in an extravagant white robe, and above his head, a golden-coloured halo was floating. Wait, a halo!? The young man gave a gentle looking smile, and came for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

...He knows my name. Who is he? Sensing my doubt, in front of my eyes, twelve wings appeared from the young man’s back.

“I am Michael. I am the leader of the Angels. I see, judging from this aura’s quality, it’s surely Ddraig. This brings back memories.”

It’s a super big shot...!

Part 6

With Akeno-san leading, me and Michael...-san headed to the main shrine.

A halo was the proof of an Angel. I heard this from Buchou before. For Angels, their identifying features are the halos above their heads and their white feathers, while the Fallen Angels’ features are their lack of halos and their black wings. Michael-san had golden wings. He had the aura of a big person floating around him. Inside the quite large main shrine, there were a number of huge pillars. From the centre, I felt an unknown surge of power that tingled my skin. This aura, what was it? It was full of danger signals.

“Truth is, I thought of awarding you this.”

Huh? Will he be giving me something? I sent my gaze towards the direction Michael-san was pointing at with his fingers. Over there, a sword was floating while oozing out a holy aura. ...Uwah, this must be a Holy Sword! Even the ignorant me knows this surge very well. Since I have come to see Excalibur and Durandal, I know what a holy aura means.

“This is George’s...if I say Saint George, then would it be better introduced? It’s the Dragon Slayer Holy Sword that he possessed, Ascalon.”

No, I don’t know anything about any George or Saint George at all, you know?

[It’s a famous Dragon Slayer. Well, you should also study a bit more.]

Shut up! And what’s up with that Dragon Slayer? Doesn’t it have a dangerous smell just from the name itself?

[Dragon Slayers are a group of people who made slaying Dragons their job...and it’s also the term used for the weapons they used.]

...Assassins specialising in Dragons, huh? Scary. Does that mean I am also a target? I dislike this more and more...

"As a special courtesy, since I am giving you this, even you, a Devil who has the power of the Dragon, can handle it. Before you can possess it, do you think you can assimilate it into the Boosted Gear?"

That is what Michael-san is saying, but is it possible?

[It depends on you. The Sacred Gear responds to your feelings. If you wish for it, it should be possible.]

Is that so? Yeah, how should I do it? More like, listen to my question.

“Why give it to me?”

No matter how much I thought, I asked him that. Why was this seemingly valuable thing being given to me? I was the old enemy for the Angels, not to mention, I was housing the Dragon who caused trouble during the war a long time ago. I thought I was the worst existence for them. Michael-san answered while smiling.

“During this time’s meeting, I think there’s a huge opportunity to cooperate between the Three Great Powers. I hear you already know it, so I am saying this, but we lost our creator, God, during the last war. Our enemies also lost the old Maous in battle. The leaders of the Fallen Angels are reticent. Azazel also has his official stand of not wanting to create wars. This is a chance to get rid of the useless battles. If small-scale battles continue like this intermittently, then anyhow, the Three Great Powers will be destroyed. Even if that isn’t the case, other powers may invade from the side. That sword is a present from me to the Maou side. Of course, I also sent presents to the Fallen Angel side. I got the rumoured Holy Demonic Swords from the Devil side as well, so our side is very grateful as well.”

Haa. Michael-san was saying quite difficult things. The general meaning was that this time’s meeting was important, and that he wanted to make peace with us Devils and Fallen Angels. However, other powers? What’s with that? Was there something else besides the Three Great Powers?

[About that. Other than powers written in the holy scriptures, other mythological systems exist as well.]

...What’s that? Ddraig, that’s the first time I have heard of that...?

[Ordinarily, they don’t walk over from their territory since an implicit anti-war agreement was present. However, we don’t know if the others will move when they find out that the God of the holy scriptures has died. This talk is also about making sure that the Three Great Powers don’t utter the non-existence of the God of the holy scriptures outside.]

?????? I didn’t get it. I didn’t get what Ddraig was saying at all. My mind was full of questions. I didn’t know about the deep internal conditions between the Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels, you know? Michael-san continued on his talk to me whose questions weren’t answered.

“We heard that the one who opposed us, the Welsh dragon, had become a Devil. As a greeting, and alongside that as a present, we’re giving you this sword. From now on, you’ll probably be targeted by Dragon-class opponents and the Vanishing Dragon. I thought that for the rumoured ‘weakest host in history’, it may become a supporting weapon.”

Sorry for being the weakest! Even like this, I am working hard, you know! It’s all things I don’t know, but I understood that he’s giving me this sword. No, but why me?

“Is giving it to me all right? More like, why me?”

“Only once have the Three Great Powers held hands together. That’s during the time they defeated the Red and White Dragon. Since it was the two Dragons who trespassed into our battlefield and threw the battlefield into disarray.”

I have heard that story from Ddraig before. And so, master Ddraig, he’s saying something.

[...Who knows.]

So you’ll play dumb, huh? Meh, it’s all right.

“Wishing that we hold hands together like that time, I am placing my hopes in you, in the Sekiryuutei. It’s typical Japanese behavior, right?”

I thought of something, but...since the top of the Angels was saying it with a smile on his face, I’ll believe it is the truth. I turned myself towards the aforementioned sword. But can I touch it? Isn’t a Holy Sword dangerous for Devils? Not to mention, isn’t it the worst case for it to be a Dragon Slayer!? Akeno-san said to me, who was having difficulty in extending his hand.

“There were final adjustments done on that sword in this shrine. Maou-sama, Azazel-sama and Michael-sama’s camps’ ceremonies have been performed, so even if a Devil houses the power of the Dragon, he can touch it.”

Seriously? If Akeno-san says it, then it must be true. If it’s Akeno-san saying it, then I can believe it! I fearfully took the Holy Sword floating in midair in my hand. ...Nothing happened. I feel the holy aura, but no damage or bad power is flowing into me. It seriously seems fine?

[Partner, focus your consciousness on the Boosted Gear. I’ll follow up after that. Try making the sword in your hand combine with the surge of the Sacred Gear.]

You say that, but even if I am told that... For the time being, I focused on invoking my Sacred Gear, making the red gauntlet appear. I tried combining the surge of Boosted Gear with the surge of the Holy Sword in my hand. ...The holy aura flowed into the Sacred Gear. It passed through the Sacred Gear, and the sensation of a bad surge flowed into my body, but...slowly, it became familiar, and a sensation as if it was being taken in by Ddraig’s power attacked me.


After a red flash—a gauntlet with a blade growing out of the front portion of the back of my left hand could be seen.

“...It seriously combined.”

Amazing. The Sacred Gear and the Holy Sword integrated. The Holy Sword grew out of the Boosted Gear!

After confirming it, Michael-san clapped his hands.

“And with that, it’s time. I have to go soon.”

Huh? You’re already leaving? Ah, there was something I wanted to say if I ever met the Angel side.

“U-Um, I...want to say something to you.”

“It’s time to visit the conference hall, so let’s hear it after the conference. I’ll definitely hear it. Don’t worry.”

After saying that, Michael-san’s whole body was wrapped by light. After a momentary flash of a light, the big shot of the Angels disappeared from this place.

Part 7

“Here’s some tea.”

“Ah, thanks a lot.”

We were in the shrine after Michael-san left. I was intruding on the grounds that Akeno-san lives in. After passing through a Japanese-style room, I was having tea in a room that looked like a tea ceremony room. If I remembered correctly, you drink it after turning the cup three times, right? One time, two times, three times. It’s bitter. Akeno-san was looking at my reaction and was laughing with a low voice.

“Did Akeno-san work with Michael...san on the sword present here?”

“Yes, the specific modification ceremony for Ascalon was held in this shrine.”

The setting of the Three Great Powers’ conference, and also this sword. Buchou and Akeno-san’s work was quite a lot and had to be hectic... Was this the mission of the King and Queen? I had to work so that I didn’t get in their way and be the partner of Gasper like I was asked. ...We were finally alone. Let’s try asking Akeno-san about the things I wanted to ask while we’re like this. I prepared myself and asked about the thing I had been worried about since the battle with Kokabiel.

“Can I ask one question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“...Are you the daughter of one of the Fallen Angels’ leaders...?”

On my question, Akeno-san’s expression changed to a slightly cloudy one.

“..That’s right. Originally, I was born between the leader of the Fallen Angels, Baraqiel, and a human.”

...So it’s true after all. Kokabiel did say to Akeno-san ‘The one having the power of Baraqiel’. Akeno-san stared at me and talked.

“My mother was a daughter of a certain shrine of this country. I heard that, on a certain day, my mother saved Baraqiel, who had collapsed from injuries, and from the fate of that day, I was born.”

Was that the case? Akeno-san had complicated household conditions... Somehow, my house is too normal, huh? Uh, I asked her myself, but now I was troubled over how to respond. While I was searching my brain on what words to say next, Akeno-san expanded her wings from her back. —Different from the usual two wings of Devils, one wing was that of a Devil, while the other one was the black wing of a Fallen Angel.

“They’re dirty wings... The wing of a Devil and the wing of a Fallen Angel, I possess both of them.”

As if despising the black feathers of Fallen Angels, she grabbed them with her hand.

“While hating these feathers, I met Rias and became a Devil. ...But what was born were the wings of a Fallen Angel and devil, a more disgusting creature who possessed both. Fufufu, this may suit me, who has dirtied blood flowing in her veins.”

Akeno-san was in self-derision. No way, Akeno-san. Please don’t say that...

“...How do you feel after hearing that, Ise-kun? You hate Fallen Angels, right? They killed you and Asia-chan once, and tried to destroy this city once. There’s no way you can hold good thoughts about them.”

I said what’s in my heart clearly, since I felt lying wouldn’t be good.

“Yes. I hate Fallen Angels.”

Upon hearing that, Akeno-san’s expression seemed to become sad. However, without caring, I continued on speaking.

“But...I like Akeno-san.”


Akeno-san had a surprised expression at my statement.

“I won’t ask for any more details about your birth. I only wanted to confirm it, so... Actually, I am thinking I asked a bad thing, so I am regretting it now... I am really sorry. I have insensitive points, so...”

“That’s not the case. I have the blood of a Fallen Angel in me, you know? Can you forgive me? Although I reincarnated into a Devil, the fact that I have the blood of a Fallen Angel in me doesn’t change. ...I may have approached you wanting to get hated, you know? ...No, that’s definitely the case. I am the worst kind of woman...”

“It has no relation. Ah, how do I say it, Akeno-san, you’re a kind Senpai. No, um, I definitely hate Fallen Angels, but I think that Akeno-san is different. Even if you have the blood of Fallen Angels in you, Akeno-san is Akeno-san, and you are the Vice President of the Occult Research Club. I have never once had thoughts of dislike towards Akeno-san. Even after hearing that Akeno-san has the blood of Fallen Angels, I cannot come to hate you. I like you even now, so there’s no problem, right? Huh? What the hell am I saying? Sorry, no more sensitive words are coming to me...”

Upon hearing my words, Akeno-san was...crying. Not good. Did I somehow hurt her? W-What should I do!? I made a girl cry! However, Akeno-san floated out a smile and wiped her tears.

“...You said some killing words. ...After hearing that...won’t I really get serious...?”

Huh, I didn’t hear the second half clearly, but my words were ‘killing words’? Did I maybe say something bad? After Akeno-san got up, she came towards me...and clung to me!?


Akeno-san whispered in my ear who was troubled on how to react.

“I have decided. I, have decided. Ise-kun, do you like Rias?”

“Eh!? U-um, y-yes, of course I like her!”

“...That’s a given, right? She’s serious as well, so legal wife is impossible. There’s a possibility of Asia-chan being the legal wife as well, so...the first and second position can’t be shaken, I guess...”

First position? Second position? What ranking would this be for? To me, who had questions controlling my face, Akeno-san spoke while clinging to me. Wait, Akeno-san! I won’t be able to hold it if you do too stimulative things to your junior!

“Hey, Ise-kun.”


“I won’t mind being third position.”

“...Third position?”

T-Third position? Was this connected to the first and second position of before? I-I don’t get it!

“Yes, third position. I think it’s a comparatively good position. Above all, there’s the feeling of unfaithfulness, so it’ll be burning. Ufufu, Ise-kun. Is it fine if I spoil you more? I’ll even give you lap pillow instead of Buchou.”

...It’s all words whose meaning I didn’t understand, but I at least got the part about the lap pillow!

“Eh? R-Really!?”

Are you serious!? A-Akeno-san’s lap pillow! Uwaaaah, just by imagining it, my excitement isn’t dying!

“Hey, Ise-kun, can you call me ‘Akeno’?”

“Eh? I can’t call my Senpai in that overly-familiar way!”

“...Then, just once is fine. Please.”

If I am asked with those bleary eyes, then... I swallowed in my spit, and murmured it after deciding.


“...I am happy. Ise...”


She hugged me further. Uwah, that voice right now, it wasn’t the usual Akeno-san’s dignified ‘Ara, ara, ufufu’, but the voice of a normal girl! It was a voice as if fawning over someone. She’s not the ‘Vice President Himejima Akeno’, but she became a normal female high schooler. That did something to my brain. More like, Akeno-san was cuuuuuuuuute! Wait, this feeling of boobs pressing on me! Akeno-san was soft as expected! Like that, I was lead onto Akeno-san’s laps. The preparations for a lap pillow! Uooooooooooooh, to think I would have a third time in my life! Since it was the beloved Akeno-san, it’s an inexpressible feeling! Akeno-san pat my head. It’s a different feeling from Buchou too!

“Ufufufu, I stole one of Rias’s special rights. Somehow, I feel like I am doing something bad. Ise-kun, does it feel good?”

“Y-Yes! It’s the best!”

Ah, Akeno-san’s thighs are soft as well! It’s the best sleeping place...

“Um, I wonder what it is, but...if this scene is seen by Buchou—.”

“What about...Buchou? Hey, Ise?”


This voice is... I felt like my body had frozen in an instant. I brought my body up from that place and stiffly turned my head backwards. And there, my master, who was emitting the worst possible expanding crimson aura, was standing like the two guardian deva kings. I’ll be killed! I intuitively thought and felt that! Because, no matter how you look at it, she’s wearing the Power of Destruction!

“B-B-B-Bu-Bu-Bu-Buchou!? T-This is, um!”

Buchou pressed her hand on her forehead and let out a huge sigh.

“There’s no unpreparedness or chink... To have a lap pillow from a lap other than mine...!”

Zun, zun!

Feeling anger in her footsteps, Buchou approached me.


It hurts! My cheeks are being pulled by Buchou as hard as she can! Ooooooouch! Buchou asked me in a low intensity voice.

“What about the sword?”

“I-I got it!”

“What about Michael?”

“H-He left!”

“Then, there’s no business left here! We’re going back!”

I hurriedly followed Buchou, who had turned on her heels. I bowed to Akeno-san. Sorry, really.

“I am really jealous of the number one candidate, Rias-Buchou.”

Akeno-san murmured something from behind. It had returned to the voice of the usual Akeno-san. I didn’t hear it properly, but Buchou stopped for a while, then started pulling my arm and left. It’s like she wanted to quickly get me away from this place.

Part 8

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

The sound of Buchou’s footsteps descending the shrine’s stone steps were full of anger. I, who was following behind her, said nothing and just tried not to be left behind. Buchou hated her servant, me, to be touched by other girls. It seems Asia and Koneko-chan are OK, but girls other than that, even if it’s Akeno-san, she hated it. No, since it’s Akeno-san, who’s closest to her, she hated it? No, I didn’t get my Master’s heart about that. But, if you looked at it from my Master, Buchou’s perspective, it might look like betrayal. What should I do!? There’s no way other than to apologise! But, how do I apologise!? I really don’t get it! If I am hated by Buchou, then I’ll die of sadness! I am thinking of this and that with my small brain. Suddenly, Buchou stopped. Without turning towards me, Buchou asked.

“...Hey, Ise.”

What will she ask? I am scared! How should I answer her!? I can’t find an answer!


However, I didn’t expect Buchou’s words.

“Akeno is...Akeno.”


“Akeno is the Fuku-Buchou[16]. However, she is ‘Akeno’...and I am?”

Huh...? What do you mean? I think Akeno-san is ‘Akeno-san’, but...? That’s why, Buchou is...

“Buchou...am I wrong?”

When I answered ‘Buchou’, I felt that Buchou shrugged her shoulders.

“...That’s right. I am Buchou. But also, ‘Rias’.”

W-What was it? Her tone was really despondent. Did I say something wrong? Not being able to find the answer Buchou wanted, I responded normally.

“Yes, Buchou is my Master and a High-class Devil, Rias Gremory...um, Buchou?”

Turning back, her expression seemed very sad.

“...What’s with that ‘Number one candidate’...? Am I not the only one who’s far off...!?”

That voice wasn’t the usual Buchou’s voice brimming with elegance, but a normal...girl’s voice found anywhere.


“Azazel, do I have to attend tomorrow’s conference as well?”

“Of course, Vali. Since you’re the Hakuryuukou.”

“...Hey, Azazel. Are wars not going to occur any more?”

“You just seek battle. You sure got attached to an ideal Dragon. You’re the type that won’t live long.”

“That’s fine. I don’t have any interest in living long. It’s just, I regret being born in this age. A world without God. ...I wanted to try defeating God.”

“That’s really like the Hakuryuukou. And, after defeating all the strong guys, what will you do?”

“...I’ll die. I don’t have any interest in such a boring world.”

Life.4 The VIP Conference Begins!

Part 1

Early morning. Me and Gasper were doing time stopping training in the forest surrounding the old school building.

“Guuuuu... Ise-senpai... I-I am tireeeeed.”

Gasper was rubbing his eyes.

“Don’t let out a weak voice! We have to fulfil our dreams!”

Without minding, I kept on throwing the balls.

“Ise-san, here are the balls.”

Asia, who was accompanying us early in the morning, was passing on the balls to me. As usual, it was a training where I threw the ball to Gasper, and he stopped it mid-air. He was now able to succeed once every twenty times. Persistence paid off. Compared to the first time, it was quite a huge progress. I had to somehow make him be able to use his Sacred Gear. If I didn’t, then my objective wouldn't be fulfilled! I wanted to make him be able to use time stoppage at will as soon as possible, and touch the stopped girls’ bodies! The school’s girls’ good value had been determined. I had already made the schedule for the place to stop time, and the time period was made to be a minute! I also knew the time when they were alone! All that’s left was to stop! Only stopping, you knoooooooow! By the way, the target girls were all school beauties with big racks. After all, since I was stopping them, then it would be girls with big boobs. After practicing with him, I couldn’t sleep at night. Not being able to stop my delusions of time stopping, I was worrying endlessly through the day. Even if Asia and Buchou were sleeping besides me, that was that, and this was this.

In reality, I wanted to hug Buchou from behind and rub her boobs, but...it seemed Asia would get mad at me... More like, the following day after that incident, Buchou wasn’t listening to me till after school, looking as if she was pondering over something. Thinking that I was truly hated by her, I was sad from the bottom of my heart. After that, without incident, she returned to the usual Buchou, but I only made Buchou sad. Huh? I felt some discomfort in my arm. Only my arm was unable to move. Somehow, it seemed Gasper accidentally stopped my arm.

“E-Eek, s-sorryyyyyy!”

He leaned on the ground and curled up. I said it while smiling bitterly.

“That’s why, didn’t I say not to mind it even if you stop me? We’re in the middle of training, and you’re a novice, so it’s fine. Well, if my whole body gets stopped, then I’ll be in trouble. The number of times that occurred has also gone down, right? Let’s continue this pace.”

Without challenging Gasper, I followed up. However, Gasper said with a complicated expression.

“...S-Since I am incomplete both as a human who has a Sacred Gear and as a Vampire as well, I only cause trouble to everyone... I-I have to control my power more... W-What a half-way incomplete existence I am... Sob...”

Aah, he cried again. ...Thinking about it, both he and Akeno-san were halves born from different species. Feeling doubt in their own existence, they probably hated their existence... It was something deep that was difficult to understand, but I knew at least that these two were burdened with something all the time. And because of that, they were probably suffering. However, I...

“Gasper! I like you! Don’t mind it! Before you start brooding, come strike me! If you think, you’ll lose! I also don’t know much about that, so it’s fine!”

I could only say that. My true thoughts. No matter what Akeno-san’s true identity was, no matter who Gasper was, I didn’t have any reason to hate them. W-Well, Gasper was a bit hesitant and was irritating at times, but I didn’t hate him.

“We’re both members of the same club, and also Rias-Buchou’s servants and comrades! Come at me with a bang!”

I said it like usual while puffing out my chest. I couldn’t say anything that worked on the heart, but no matter what, I think it was best to say it. If I became uneasy, then this guy would become no good. I was that guy’s senior. I had to guide him! Well, as a Devil, he was the senior though. Seeing that, Gasper wiped his tears and stood up.

“Ise-senpai, I-I’ll do my best...!”

“Yeah! Till school starts, I’ll be throwing one hundred balls!”

“Understood! Th-Then, I’ll wear this paper bag and do a power up—”

“Stop it! If Asia sees that, she’ll cry!”

Asia and Gasper both let out questioning looks. I won’t ever show the paper bag-wearing Gasper to Asia! I am alright with being overprotective!

“Do your best! Ise-san, Gasper-kun!”

“Gasper! Since the bishoujo Asia-senpai is cheering you on as well, cheer up!”

“Y-Yesssss! Thank you very much, Asia-senpaiiiiii!”

Like this, we resumed practice. Gasper! Let’s do it together! And then, we’ll stop girls! However, I thought something. A master...I wanted a person who would be our teacher. Being an expert in Sacred Gears, and furthermore, knowledgeable about Dragons, wasn’t there a person like that? Unexpectedly, the black-winged man came into my mind, but...I immediately shook my head sideways and renewed my thoughts. No way! That person was our bitter enemy. ...However, I think his knowledge was the real deal. If there was a ‘teacher’, then we’d definitely become stronger as well.

Part 2

“Now then, we’re leaving.”

Everyone from the Occult Research Club had gathered in the club room. We nodded to Buchou’s words. That’s right, today was the day of the conference of the Three Great Powers. The day had finally arrived. The location will be the staff meeting room of Kuoh Academy’s new school building’s. Today’s a holiday. The time was late at night. It seemed each faction’s top were on standby in the new building’s lounge already. Also, above all, this school was enveloped completely by a strong barrier, so no-one was able to enter. Of course, till the meeting was over, no-one could exit as well. Outside the barrier, Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devil troops were surrounding the whole school. Looking at the atmosphere, which seemed like a critical situation, Kiba said.

“If by any chance something happens in today’s conference and it breaks down, this place might become a battlefield...”

S-Scary! It’s become something amazing. The sense of reality wasn’t quite strong, but it’s an important day. I have to be proper as well! We followed Buchou out of the club room.

“B-Buchou! E-Everyoneeeeeeeee!”

The cardboard box was left in the room. Of course, the hikikomori Vampire was inside it.

“Gasper, today’s conference is important, so since you cannot control your time-stopping Sacred Gear, you can’t participate, you know?”

That was what Buchou informed gently. Indeed, if Gasper, who couldn’t control his Sacred Gear even now, hindered everyone present in the meeting due to some shock, it would become terrible. Due to this, this guy will be watching over the club room.

“Gasper, be a good boy, okay?”

“Y-Yes, Ise-senpai...”

“I have left my portable game in the club room, so you can play with that. There are sweets as well, so you can have them too. I have left the paper bag as well, so if you become lonely, wear it to your heart’s content.”


Good. I nodded and followed Buchou, who had left the room. Kiba murmured to me while smiling.

“Ise-kun, you’re caring after all.”

“Leave it to me. I will do something about this single male Kouhai of mine.”

I said that while brimming with confidence, but that was a bluff. I was uneasy about how long I could do even this. Even then, I wanted to do something for Gasper.

Part 3

Knock, Knock.

Buchou knocked on the meeting room’s door.

“Excuse us.”

Buchou opened the door, and there was...a gorgeous and pompous-looking table. And as if surrounding it, people who I recognised were sitting. The air was enveloped by quietness, and everyone had a serious face. Gulp. I also swallowed my spit due to the feeling of nervousness. Asia also grabbed the end of my clothes as if feeling uneasy. I lightly clasped her hand to ease her.

From the Devil side, there were Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama. Ah, the waitress was Grayfia-san. She was on standby beside the tea preparing cart. From the Angels’ side, there were the golden-feathered Michael-san and a unknown girl Angel-san. Normal Angels have white wings after all. More like, she was an amazing beauty. The beauty surely was Angel-class! Ah, she’s an Angel, huh. From the Fallen Angels’ side, there were Azazel with his twelve wings unfurled and the Vanishing Dragon, Vali. Glancing at me, the ends of Azazel’s lips rose as if happily. Ooh, today, he wasn’t wearing a yukata, but a black robe elaborated with ornaments. As expected, he wouldn’t be wearing a yukata in this place. Sirzechs-sama and Leviathan-sama were wearing clothes with ornaments decorating them as well.

“My younger sister and her family.”

Sirzechs-sama introduced Buchou to the VIP of the other factions. Buchou also bowed.

“They were active during Kokabiel’s attack a few days ago.”

“I have heard the report. I give you my thanks once more.”

Michael-san gave his thanks to Buchou. Buchou conducted herself coolly and bowed once more.

“Sorry that Kokabiel of my side caused you trouble.”

Azazel said it with a brazen expression. What an attitude. Buchou’s mouth also twitched.

“Sit on the seats over there.”

Following Sirzechs-sama’s direction, Grayfia-san urged us to the chairs near the wall. Sona-Kaichou was already sitting on one of those seats. Buchou sat besides Kaichou. She made me sit beside her, and after that, Akeno-san, Kiba, Asia, Xenovia and Koneko-chan sat in turn. After confirming that, Sirzechs-sama said.

“Now that everyone has arrived, I’ll say the preconditions for the meeting. The people present here acknowledge the most important event and forbidden subject—i.e, the non-existence of God.”

Huh? Kaichou knew about it as well? I glanced towards Kaichou, but she didn’t have a particularly surprised expression. Was she informed about it beforehand by Buchou or her onee-san, Leviathan-sama? As if it were ordinary, Grayfia-san looked like she knew about it as well.

“Then, acknowledging that, let’s continue the conversation.”

Like this, with Sirzechs-sama’s sentence, the conference between the Three Great Powers began... The conference was progressing smoothly.

“Like that, we Angels—”

Michael-san said that.

“That’s true. That way would be better. If it’s like now, certainly the Three Great Powers will go down the road of destruction—”

Sirzechs-sama also said that.

“Well, we don’t have any particular thing to fuss over.”

There were instances when this place would freeze when Azazel said a sentence occasionally as well, but I thought that the Governor of the Fallen Angels was purposely making that atmosphere and enjoying it. Ooh, the VIPs were doing a fastidious conversation, but honestly, the subject was jargon to me. Since my Devil history was too shallow. I didn’t know what’s happening. Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, it might be a valuable conversation for them, but I didn’t understand it at all. No, no matter what’s occurring, it would be better to keep my mind here, but my brain couldn’t process these things... Yeah...since I couldn’t help it, I looked at Buchou’s boobs who was beside me. Aah, Buchou’s boobs... They sure were big. My body knew their feeling, so I should soon know their taste as well, but...stepping up was considerably difficult. Buchou realised my gaze on her breasts and let out a bitter smile. She took my hand, and clasped it. Buchou’s hands were shaking a little. ...Was she nervous? Having to participate in this important meeting, and having to give a report as well, it might be natural. Even Buchou would be nervous, since it seems it’s being said that this conference might be written down in history. I also clasped Buchou’s hands without saying anything. Buchou, if this was alright with you, then I’ll lend you my strength any time.

(Ara, ara, Buchou and Ise-kun are acting lovey-dovey in the middle of the conference.)

Akeno-san said it with a small voice while smiling.

(I am drawing courage from Ise’s hands. This is the most effective after all.)

Buchou! It’s an honour! If my courage is all right with you, then take it as much as you want! More like, before I knew it, Buchou and Akeno-san had made up, so that’s good. Woah, I was going to stroke her breasts. The conference continued, and it was finally Buchou’s turn.

“Now then, Rias. Could you speak about the incident a few days before?”

“Yes, Lucifer-sama.”

After being urged by Sirzechs-sama, Buchou, Kaichou and Akeno-san stood up. They talked about a part continuously, about the recent attack from Kokabiel. And everyone belonging to the Three Great Powers continued to hear about it. Buchou talked about the summary of the incident she experienced herself plainly in a calm manner. Maybe due to maximum level nervousness, those hands were shaking after all. Due to her speech, something with the Three Great Powers might change. No matter how courageous Buchou was, this place’s atmosphere would be very painful. Besides, Buchou was around the same age as me...and a girl. Each of the factions’ VIPs who heard the report were either letting out a sigh, scowling, or smiling. Each person had a different reaction.

“...That is all regarding the report of the events which I, Rias Gremory, and the household Devils over there experienced.”

Buchou, who had said everything, had finally resumed seating upon hearing Sirzechs-sama’s ‘Good work, sit down’. Good work, Buchou!

“Thanks, Rias-chan☆.”

Leviathan-sama also sent a wink towards Buchou.

“Now then, Azazel. After hearing this report, I want to hear the opinion of the Governor of the Fallen Angels.”

Upon Sirzechs-sama’s questioning, everyone’s gaze concentrated on the black-haired Governor. Azazel started talking after letting out an intrepid smile.

“Regarding the incident a few days back, Kokabiel, a leader of our central organisation, Grigori, kept quiet to the other leaders, as well as to me, the Governor, and acted independently. He was disposed of by Vali. After that, his punishment was enforced by the organisation’s court martial. His punishment is eternal freezing in Cocytus. He can’t come out anymore. The explanation for that, everything was written in the material that was forwarded to you, right? That is all.”

Michael-san said while sighing.

“As for the explanation, it is the worst category, but...I know about the story of you personally not wanting to make anything big occur against us. Is that true?”

“Aah, I don’t have any interest in wars. When Kokabiel also disparaged me, don’t you have the report for that as well?”

Yes, as Azazel said, Kokabiel said quite a lot of bad stuff about his bosses. He was a person who was passive about wars, and only had an interest in Sacred Gears... This time, Sirzechs-sama asked Azazel.

“Azazel, I want to ask one thing. Why have you been gathering owners of Sacred Gears for the past decades? At first, I thought you were gathering humans and attempting to augment your battle potential. I even anticipated you waging war against Heaven or us, but...”

“Yes, no matter how much time passed, you didn’t wage a war against us. When I heard you got hold of the Vanishing Dragon, I was enveloped by a strong wariness.”

Michael-san’s opinion was the same as Sirzechs-sama’s. Upon hearing the two’s opinion, Azazel smiled bitterly.

“It’s for the sake of Sacred Gear research. If that’s the case, should I send a part of the research materials to you as well? Even if I did research, I wouldn’t wage a war against you or anything. I don’t have any interest in war at this late of an hour. I am perfectly satisfied with the world right now. I have strongly ordered my subordinates, ‘Don’t interfere with the human world’s politics’, you know? I have no intention of intervening in religion either, or influencing the business of the Devils. Damn, is my trust in the Three Factions the least?”

“That’s true.”

“That’s right.”

“That’s exactly it☆.”

Sirzechs-sama’s, Michael-san’s and Leviathan-sama’s opinion coincided. How far is he not trusted, the Governor of the Fallen Angels...? Upon hearing that, Azazel disinterestedly pecked at his ears.

“Che. I thought you were better than God or the last generation’s Lucifer, but you guys are troublesome guys yourselves. Sneakily researching doesn’t get along well with you, huh? Ah, I got it. —Then, let’s make peace. Originally, wasn’t that the intention of you Angels and Devils as well?”

...Peace. Wait, doesn’t that mean they desire peace together? On Azazel’s sentence, each faction was surprised for a small interval. Buchou beside me, and even Kaichou besides her, were considerably surprised. It seems like Azazel’s peace speech was quite a thing to be surprised at. It seemed it was considered unlikely to be presented by him. Well, even to me, who was not informed about the situation, I think if the boss of one of the powers proposed that, then it’s an amazing thing. Maybe, I was witnessing a historical moment? Michael-san, who was surprised by Azazel’s proposal, smiled.

“Yes, I also planned to propose peace to the Devil side and Grigori. Even if we continue the relationship of the Three Factions like before, then it will become damaging to the world right now. I, the leader of the Angels, say it since...the original cause of the war, God and Maou-sama, have been annihilated.”

Michael-san said that he wanted peace in this interval. Azazel burst out laughing on Michael-san’s words.

“Ha! That stubborn Michael has finally started to speak. Even though he was all about ‘God, God, God’ before.”

“...I have lost a lot of things. However, there’s no point seeking for things that aren’t present. It is our duty to guide humans. We members of the Seraph have the same opinion that the most important thing is to watch over the children of God from now on as well, and to guide them.”

“Hey, hey, with your speech just now, you’ll ‘fall’, you know? —I thought that, but you took over the System right. It’s become a good world. It’s completely different from the time when we ‘fell’.”

Somehow, due to all those special terms, I didn’t get it, but it seemed like an advanced dimension’s joke. Sirzechs-sama also shared the same opinion.

“We are the same. Even if the Maou isn’t here, in order to continue the species, Devils too have moved forward as well. Even we wouldn’t want war. If we start another war, the Devils will be destroyed.”

On Sirzechs-sama’s words, Azazel nodded as well.

“Yes. If we start another war, the Three Factions will definitely be mutually destroyed. And then, it will affect the human world as well, and the world will end. We can’t do wars now.”

Some time ago, Azazel had a joking mood, but it’s done a complete change and he has a serious expression now.

“Do you think a world without God is wrong? Do you think a world without God would decay? I am sorry to say, but that isn’t the case. Me and you as well are both healthily living like this.”

Azazel said that while opening his arms.

“—The world moves even without God.”

...I felt that I somehow understood only those words. Even without God, I lived in this world. I feel that other people’s lives don’t have a particular change either. In between all the difficult talk, I sensed that Azazel’s words ‘The world moves even without God’ were engraved strongly in my brain. After that, the conversation moved to hereafter’s war potential etc. For some reason, the current military forces and each faction’s interaction, they are talking about the power picture from now on. Compared to some time ago, the feeling of nervousness had been reduced. Maybe they understood that no power wants war?

“...And, is this it?”

On Sirzechs-sama’s sentence, the VIPs let out a huge sigh. Somehow or other, it seems the usual important conversation was finished. Had it been around maybe one hour since the conference began? It sure feels long. I am bad at such long things. It’s more fun to move around. While Grayfia-san was serving tea as the waitress, Michael-san turned his gaze towards me.

“Now then, since the discussion has considerably been moving in a good direction, is it all right if we hear about the matter of Sekiryuutei-dono?”

Everyone’s gaze concentrated towards me. Owah! W-Won’t I be nervous? More like, he properly remembered about the recent thing at the shrine. As expected of the leader of the Angels! The thing that I wanted to ask Michael-san... I turned my head towards Asia, and prepared myself. Before coming here, I had received Asia’s prior confirmation.

“Asia, is it all right if I ask Michael-san about you?”

Asia was surprised, but she consented.

“If Ise-san wants to ask about it, then I don’t mind. I trust Ise-san.”

While smiling, Asia gave permission. That’s why, I have to ask him.

“Why did you exile Asia?”

On my question to Michael-san, everyone had the astonished expression, probably thinking ‘Why is he talking about it now?’. Sorry. However, no matter what, I wanted to ask the Angel side about it once. Asia, who trusted God that much, why was she exiled from the church? Other than the Fallen Angels who killed Asia, I felt there were unforgivable parts to the Angel side as well. Michael-san replied in an earnest manner.

“I can only apologise for that. ...After God was annihilated, only the System to govern divine protection, mercy and miracles remained. This System is, if I explain it simply, the System to perform the miracles etc. God did. God made the System and used it to bring about miracles above ground. To bring about the effect of holy things like exorcism, crosses etc., these too are the System’s powers.”

I see. The damage we Devils take when we touch a cross is the effect of the System, huh. Let’s try to hit the boss of the Angels with more questions.

“After God died...some system trouble occurred...is what you’re saying?”

On my question, Michael-san nodded.

“To be honest, it takes a big toll on anyone who uses it with the exception of God. With me as the centre, everyone of the Seraph was able to somehow start up the System but...compared to the time God existed, the divine protection and mercy to those who believe in God is not complete. It’s an unfortunate thing, but those who can be granted salvation are limited.”

Now that you mention it, Kokabiel might have said it as well. Something about since God isn’t here, there’s a limit to how many people can be saved.

“For that, there was a need to keep away those people related to the Church who could possibly cause an influence on the System. As an example of those who can influence the system, a part of the Sacred Gears, like Asia Argento’s Twilight Healing, is included as well. Your Boosted Gear, and also Divine Dividing as well.”

“Asia is included because she can heal Devils and Fallen Angels as well?”

On my question, Michael-san once again nodded.

“Yes. If there is a person who can heal Devils and Fallen Angels present within the followers, it will influence the faith of the ones around her. The source of us living in Heaven is the faith of believers. Because of that, Twilight Healing is a forbidden Sacred Gear which can cause an influence on the system. And also, as an example of influence on the system—”

Xenovia interrupted Michael-san and continued.

“The people who know about the non-existence of God, right?”

“Yes, that’s right, Xenovia. To lose you is a serious wound even for us, but if, apart from us Seraph and a part of the higher rank Angels, a fair amount of people who know about the non-existence of God approach a place with a direct connection, then there’s a huge effect on the System. I apologise. There was no other way but to make you and Asia Argento heretics.”

High school dxd v4 217.jpg

Michael-san bowed his head to Asia and Xenovia. Ooh, the top of the Angels was apologizing to Asia and Xenovia! The two in question also stared in wonder. Indeed, they’d be troubled on how to respond. However, Xenovia immediately shook her neck sideways and smiled.

“No, Michael-sama, please don’t apologise. Even like this, till I reached this age, I was brought up by the Church. I somehow felt it was a bit irrational, but if you know the reason, then there’s nothing such as asking why.”

“The fact that you reincarnated as a Devil, that is our crime.”

“It’s all right. ...I regretted it a bit, but the things that I couldn’t do when I was serving the Church, the things that were sealed from me are now brilliantly colouring my everyday life. If I say these words, I may anger the other believers, but...even then I am satisfied by my current life.”

Xenovia thought that way of her life with us... There’s also the part of her being a bit too otherworldly, but she isn’t a bad girl. Asia also said it with her hands together.

“Michael-sama, I also feel I am happy. Since I now have a lot of important people. And also, I have met and talked with the Michael-sama who I admired, so it’s an honour!”

On Asia’s and Xenovia’s words, Michael-san showed an expression of relief.

“Sorry. I am grateful for your forgiving hearts. I leave Durandal to you, Xenovia. Since it’s the family of Sirzechs’ sister, then I am at ease that it won’t be used by those who do as they please.”

Azazel was looking at Asia. Asia also noticed it, and her body trembled.

“It seems my subordinates killed her while keeping quiet about it. I received that report as well.”

I said it to Azazel clearly.

“That’s right, Asia died once. E-Even I was killed by Fallen Angels, but above that, Asia! It may be something that occurred in a place you don’t know, but the Fallen Angel girls who admired you killed Asia for your sake.”

I know that I have no right to say anything in this conference. What happened earlier was Michael-san’s measure. Right now, it’s completely from my own personal grudge. Buchou is also trying to warn me by saying ‘Calm down, Ise’. Sorry, Buchou, but no matter what, I have to...

“It’s true we Fallen Angels are eliminating those Sacred Gear users who may cause harm to us. As an organisation, it’s obvious, right? Sensing that a person may become a threat in the future, then if we know about it beforehand, you’ll want to eliminate him. And because of that, you died. The reason is that the human with no talent, you, could have run wild with the power of the Sekiryuutei without being able to control it and have a bad effect on us or the world.”

“Thanks to you, I am a Devil.”

“Do you dislike it? At the very least, those around you are happy that you became a Devil.”

It’s true that Buchou, Sirzechs-sama and my comrades too are happy that I became a Devil. As Azazel said, if Ddraig’s power would have been with a me who remained a human, then I don’t know what would’ve happened. Even after becoming a Devil, I can’t control it properly, but if it was when I was alive, then it would have been bad.

“I-I don’t dislike it! Everyone is a good person, and I know that I am receiving favourable treatment! However!”

“Even if I apologise now, it’s too late. That’s why, I am thinking of doing something that only I can do to make you stand on both your legs.”

? I don’t understand Azazel’s true intentions. What does he mean?

“Now then, it’s time we hear the opinion of people other than us, those who seem like they can influence the world, the invincible Dragon-samas. First, Vali. What do you want to do to the world?”

On Azazel’s question, the Hakuryuukou, Vali, smiled.

“If I can fight strong guys, then it’s fine.”

...Are you alright with that reply, you? You seriously only like combat? That seems like a nuisance to others though. Azazel’s gaze turned to me next.

“Then, Sekiryuutei, what about you?”

Even if you ask that... I replied while scratching my cheeks.

“To be honest, I don’t understand it well. Somehow, due to all the fastidious stuff, my head is in chaos. In addition to that, I am desperate about looking after my junior Devil, so even if I am told what I think about the world, how should I say it, I don’t have feelings gushing forth.”

It’s my honest thoughts. Even if I am asked what I think about the world, I don’t quite have any feelings about it.

“However, you are one of those who has the power to move the world. If you don’t make your choice, then it will be difficult for those standing on top of each of the powers such as me to move.”

Even if I am told that by Azazel, I am troubled.

“Hyoudou Issei, let me explain it in a very simple manner. If we fight, then there will be a need for you to also fight at the front stage. If that happens, you won’t be able to sleep with Rias Gremory.”


W-What...did you...say?

“If we make peace, then there won’t be a need to fight. If that happens, then what’s left that is the most important is continuation of the species and prosperity. You may be able to endeavour in making children with Rias Gremory everyday. How’s that? Is it easy to understand? If there’s a fight, then there’s no sex. If there’s peace, then you can have sex all the time. Which will you choose?”

For the first time I understood Azazel’s language from the bottom of my heart! I see! If there’s peace, then I can do ecchi things with Buchou all the time! No, can I do ecchi things with Buchou? Was I in that position? However! If peace continues, then I’ll someday be able to do ecchi things with Buchou! That wish is huge!

“I would like to have the peaceful one please! Yes! It’s peace, all right! Peace is the best! I want to do ecchi things with Buchou!”

I said my desires as they were. I didn’t mind Buchou who was beside me. Buchou, her face was completely flushed.

“Ise-kun, Sirzechs-sama is present here, you know?”

Kiba said it with an ‘Oh boy’ and a bitter smile. Ah... That’s right. Sirzechs-sama laughed in a low intensity manner. This is bad. I have to hurry up and give an excuse! I have to give a serious story!

“Um... I, since I am an idiot, the meaning of ninety percent of this conference’s contents are obscure. However, what I can say is, since the power residing in me is strong, then I’ll use it for my comrades. Buchou, Asia, Akeno-san, and also the other members as well, if they’re exposed to trouble, then I’ll protect them! ...Wait, I am still quite weak though. However what I can do is that. Even if I have to risk my life, I will live alongside my comrades...”

While I fired the words with all my might, that sensation attacked. ...My body’s functions stopped for a moment. That’s right, this was the sensation when I received Gasper’s time stopping.

Part 4


When I noticed it, the interior of the staff meeting room had changed just a little. Michael-san was looking outside from a window, while Sirzechs-sama and Azazel were deep in talk, looking serious for some reason.

“Oh, the Sekiryuutei has come back.”

Azazel said this upon seeing me.

“D-Did something happen?”

Looking around, people were divided between those that could move and those that were stopped. All the big-shots were moving. Sirzechs-sama, Leviathan-sama, Grayfia-san, Michael-san and Azazel, as well as the Vanishing Dragon, seemed to be able to move. The club members were—

“It seems only me, Ise, Yuuto and Xenovia are able to move from my family.”

Wait, Buchou! I’m so glad, you can move! Conversely, Asia, Akeno-san, Koneko-chan and Kaichou were all stopped. For even Akeno-san to have been stopped...

“It would appear the reason you’re safe is because Ise is the possessor of the Sekiryuutei, and because Yuuto has an irregular Holy Demonic Sword that has attained Balance Breaker. Xenovia invoked Durandal just before it happened.”

Just as Buchou said, Xenovia was holding the really dangerous sword that kept giving off a holy aura. She seemed to be putting it away right at that moment, and the Holy Sword was returned to the space-time warp.

“The sense of time stopping was somehow remembered by my body. When time was on the verge of stopping, I thought I could use Durandal’s power to protect myself. It seems I was correct.”

This girl remembered the instant of time being stopped with her body!? As usual, her body’s specs were frightening...

“Be that as it may, what happened, Buchou?”

“It seems—”

“—to be a terrorist attack.”

Interrupting Buchou’s words as she started to answer my question, Azazel said this. ...Wait! Rather, a terrorist attaaaaaaaaaaack!? During this important conference that would something-something the future of the world’s state of affairs!?

“Would you like to look outside?”

Azazel gestured at the window with his chin. I approached the meeting room’s glass window and... Kah! Flashes suddenly spread out in front of my eyes! Owah! What!? This new school building seemed to be subtly shaking...

“We’re under fire. In any era where a power tried to form peace with other powers, there will also be a gathering of those who dislike it and try to disturb it.”

Azazel pointed outside. When I turned my eyes in the direction he pointed, there were human-like silhouettes that had arrived in the school yard and in the air. Looking closely, these mage-like guys dressed in black robes seemed to be firing attacks at us that were similar to magic bullets. Luckily, these attacks didn’t look to be doing any damage to the new school building. However, I also couldn’t see any sign of the attack relenting. Are those the terrorists? What was their goal...? Rather, it was obviously to interfere with this meeting, right? Azazel, who was standing next to me before I noticed, gave a fearless smile.

“Those guys are so-called Magicians. They use a kind of magic that was originally interpreted from the magic system of Devils by the legendary magician Merlin Ambrosius and reconstructed as sorcery. From the power of the magic they’re emitting, I’d guess that they each possess the magic power of a Mid-class Devil.”

So it’s a fact that those guys in the school yard are stronger than the weak me! There’s a lot!

“In short, it means that humans can use powers like those of Devils. Though, of course, it also seems to be possible that they can’t become Devils themselves. It’s especially troublesome when a Sacred Gear possessor learns magic. Well, their attacks aren’t capable of damaging this school building because the strongest protective barrier created by me, Sirzechs and Michael is enveloping this place. Though, thanks to that, we can’t leave here.”

This Governor knew a lot of things. It was natural for him to be a person at the top, but he was also able to explain things in plain words, too.

“T-Then, what about when time seemed to stop before?”

“Most likely, they used a Sacred Gear or magic that transferred power on the half-Vampire kid’s Sacred Gear and forcefully made it go into Balance Breaker state. It’s only a temporary Balance Breaker state, but even then, to think that it even affects people present in the interior of objects outside the field of vision... So that half-Vampire’s potential ability was this high. Well, it seems that he lacks the output to stop us top-position guys though.”

No way! Then, Gasper, who was in the clubroom in the old school building, has been captured and is being used!?

“But, they transferred power? There are other Sacred Gears with that kind of ability?”

“Boosted Gear combines together both the nearly endless doubling ability and the transfer ability. There exist independent Sacred Gears with either of these respective powers, the doubling Sacred Gear and the transfer Sacred Gear. All the Longinus are just a combination of one ability with another. Essentially, they combine powerful abilities that aren’t supposed to be combined. ‘Maybe the Longinus are born because of a kind of bug or errors in the Sacred Gear program constructed by God’, that’s one of the opinions of us in Grigori. If I had to say it in an easy-to-understand way to you, it’s a fact that there are other powers that can transfer.”

Thank you very much for your rather easy-to-understand explanation! Or rather, Gasper was being used like I thought!? Buchou came to my side.

“Gasper has been made into a terrorist weapon at the old school building... Just where did they get information on my servant...? Moreover, for them to use his power to go after this important meeting...! Never before have I been so insulted like this!”

Oooh! Onee-sama was making a red aura gush out from her entire body! S-Scary!

“By the way, the armies of the Fallen Angels, Angels and Devils outside of this school building all seem to be stopped as well. Geez, Rias Gremory’s family is just dreadful.”

Azazel put a hand on Buchou’s shoulder with a tap, but Buchou mercilessly brushed the hand away. His hand pushed away, Azazel turned that hand to the window with a sigh. Then, a countless number of spears of light appeared in the sky outside...


The spears of lights rained down all at once at the same time as Azazel lowered his hand, and they were showered down upon the Magicians. The terrorists also made protective barriers, but they went through without any trouble and the Magicians were eradicated! Uwah! Incredibleeeeeeeeeee! In an instant! The Magicians’ countless stiff corpses scattered about the school grounds! It suddenly turned into a gruesome scene! Or rather, he’s seriously strong, this Governor! Was he a one-hit annihilation monster!? He finished it all with a single act without seeming to make any particular preparation!?

“This school is enveloped in a barrier. But, despite this, they appeared within the barrier. There must be a transfer-use magic circle or a person connecting with a gate to the inside of the premises. Either way, if they increase the effect of Forbidden Balor View any more than this, there’s a possibility that they’ll be able to stop even people like us too. By stopping us here with their fierce attack, they intend to annihilate each school building the instant our time is stopped. They seem to be using considerable military power.”

Preceding Azazel’s gaze, magic circles appeared at various places in the school grounds and started shining ominously. From the magic circles appeared forms that were the same as the Magician group that Azazel had defeated just now. Or rather, they were Magicians just like before!? There were more appearing!? There were a lot of them still appearing!

“It’s a repeat from just now. They’ll keep appearing even as we knock and knock them down. However, even if the timing and terrorist technique is good, it may be that they have a knowledgeable person who has inside information. Is there unexpectedly a traitor here?”

Azazel said something shocking. A traitor? Please don’t say such a scary thing.

“Can’t we escape from here?”

Azazel shook his head at my question.

“We can’t escape. As long as the barrier enclosing the entire school isn’t dissolved, we can’t go outside. But, if the barrier is dissolved, damage may be inflicted in the human world. We have to wait for the enemy boss to appear. If we shut ourselves in here for a while, they’ll get tired of waiting and eventually show their face. I’d like to know who the mastermind is quickly. Besides, if we go out and rampage imprudently, we may just do exactly as the enemy wishes.”

H-How composed. So we just need to wait until the enemy shows their true form!

“That said, we leaders can’t move while making preparations. However, our first goal is to take back Gasper from the old school building, which has become the terrorists’ base.”

So said Sirzechs-sama. I see, so the present situation has made Gasper return to being the number one dangerous person? If we fell under fire while the top Maou-samas were time-stopped, it’d be serious!

“Onii-sama, I’ll go. Gasper is my servant. It’s my responsibility to take him back.”

Buchou sent out a strong will in her eyes as she proposed this. Sirzechs-sama suddenly laughed.

“I thought I said it before. I understand my younger sister’s personality. However, how will you go to the old school building? It’s filled with Magicians outside this new school building. The usual transfer is also blocked by magic.”

“The old school building, my base’s clubroom has a remaining unused Rook piece being safe kept within it.”

“I see, [Castling], huh. Since they would usually expect us to go take him back, this could catch the opponent off-guard. They’ll anticipate some kind of trick.”

I’ve heard of this. Castling, a technique to instantly switch the locations of the King and Rook. It was said to be one of the special techniques of the Rating Games. In other words, Buchou could transfer over to the old school building in an instant! Amazing! As expected of Buchou! If it’s teleportation, we didn’t need to go outside! An instant charge at the enemy’s centre! The enemy would also be surprised by this! Maybe the mastermind that Azazel mentioned would also be surprised and come out!

“Alright. However, it’s reckless to go alone. Grayfia, is it possible to transfer more than one person through Castling with my magic system?”

“Yes, it seems we can only deploy a simple technique ceremony here, but it’s possible to transfer ojou-sama and one other.”

“So, Rias and someone else...”

“Sirzechs-sama, I’ll also go!”

I raised my hand and volunteered. It was my important Kouhai. I’ll save him together with Buchou! Sirzechs-sama’s eyes turned towards me for a moment, but then quickly moved in Azazel’s direction.

“Azazel, according to a rumour, you’ve been researching how to freely handle Sacred Gears for a fixed time, right?”

“Yeah, that’s true, but what about it?”

“Is it possible to control the Sekiryuutei?”


Azazel fell silent in response to Sirzechs-sama’s question. However, the Governor of the Fallen Angels groped in his breast pocket and...

“Oi, Sekiryuutei.”

Azazel called out to me.

“I-I’m Hyoudou Issei!”

“Then, Hyoudou Issei. Take this.”

Azazel threw something at me. I caught it and looked at it. They seemed to be wide rings to put around the hand. Multiple layers of strange characters were carved into them. Accessories? As I thought doubtfully, Azazel spoke to me.

“Those are bracelets with the power to control a Sacred Gear to some degree. If you find the aforementioned half-Vampire, put one on him. It’ll help him control his power somewhat.”

“But, there are two of them...?”

Yes, there were two bracelets. One for Gasper. And the other...

“The other one is for you. You haven’t mastered the power of the Welsh Dragon, right? If so, put it on. If it’s for a short time, it’ll be possible to go into the Balance Breaker state without paying any price. This will be used in place of the price.”

—Hey! S-Seriously!? If I put this bracelet on my arm, I’ll be able to go into Balance Breaker?

“As a side effect, you’ll also temporarily undo the seal that’s been applied on you. Your Pawn power has been blocked, right?”

Where did you get that information? I was a Pawn that had consumed eight pieces, but since I didn’t yet possess the strength to cope with that power, my power was being suppressed by Buchou.

“This is only my personal opinion, but in terms of piece distribution, Ddraig is seven and you’re one, right? No, it may be 7.9 and 0.1. Promotion also builds the necessary foundation for the sake of manifesting Ddraig’s true power. Either way, it’s a fact that releasing Ddraig’s power will release the seal as well, right, Rias Gremory?”

Buchou just narrowed her eyes in response to Azazel’s question and gave no particular answer.

“Use that ring as a last resort. Since it can’t regulate its consumption of stamina, you’ll just exhaust yourself wastefully if you activate it suddenly. It will consume an intense amount of stamina and magical power while in armour mode.”

And that was Azazel’s supplementary explanation. I see. Since I don’t know what will happen, it’s better to transform myself when it’s a serious pinch. Azazel spoke again to reinforce his point.

“Remember this well. The current you is a Devil that was originally born as a human. Even if one possesses a powerful Sacred Gear, there’s no meaning if the host is useless. If the opponent against the current you is inexperienced, you can just sprinkle Ddraig’s power to win, but it’s a tractable thing regarding those with greater power and those who understand your ability. At any rate, you yourself are your Sacred Gear’s weak point. The cluster of your weakness is assuredly your inability to master it. You’ll eventually die if you can’t tame your power.”

“I-I understand.”

Yes, I understand that all too painfully well. However, saying it again gouged terribly at my heart. Yeah, I recognise it. I’m not the one who’s amazing. It’s Ddraig that’s amazing. However, this Fallen Angel Azazel spoke in an easily understandable manner and put things into a new light. Wouldn’t he be suitable as a teacher or lecturer?

“Azazel, just how far did you research Sacred Gears?”

Michael-san asked Azazel while sighing, but the Fallen Angel Governor just smiled fearlessly.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? God, the one who made the Sacred Gears, isn’t here, right? Isn’t it better if there’s someone who can explain about Sacred Gears at least a little? I heard there are all kinds of things that even you don’t know, right?”

“I think the problem is that you’re the one who’s researching it...”

And so, these big-shots kept talking together like this, but I just felt a little joy at the existence of these bracelets. ...With this, I can be useful to Buchou...! Buchou received the so-called special technique formula from her forehead by Grayfia-san.

“Ojou-sama, please wait a little while.”

“Please hurry, Grayfia.”

While we were inside getting ready, Azazel and the Hakuryuukou were deep in talk.


“What is it, Azazel?”

“You go catch the enemy’s attention outside. If the Hakuryuukou comes out at the front, it’ll disrupt their strategy a little. Also, something may move.”

“So that person will also become aware of me being here?”

“If you do that, they won’t expect the Sekiryuutei to transfer over to the centre using Castling. It’ll also have the effect of attracting their attention a little.”

“Wouldn’t it be faster to blow away all the terrorists in the old school building and the half-Vampire who has become a problem?”

Vali said all that naturally. What the hell is he saying, this bastard!?

“Quit that at a time where we’ve united in peace. In the worst case scenario, we’ll do that, but if we can save a member of the Maou’s family, saving him will be of benefit for us in the future.”


Vali agreed to Azazel’s suggestion while letting out a breath. Kah! Wings of light unfolded on Vali’s back. So that’s his Sacred Gear.

“—Balance Break.”

[Vanishing Dragon Balance Breaker!!!!!!!!]

After that sound, a snow-white aura covered Vali’s form! When the light stopped, his body was wrapped in a whole-body armour that emitted a white radiance. So this is his Balance Break. This guy who...seems to be my rival could enter Balance Breaker so easily. I still couldn’t do this. Even if I entered it, I still had to pay a price. After glancing at me, Vali opened the meeting room’s window and rushed out into the sky. At that instant—


A shock wave was created outside! When I looked, the group of Magicians were trampled down by the guy in white armour. He plunged into the enemy group while drawing a path of light in the night sky, and the aspect of a great warrior was seen. ...Strong. Even I could immediately understand how insanely strong he was. He danced in the air without worrying about the concentrated bullets of the Magicians at all, and a large mass of surging bullets hit the school grounds. Without accomplishing anything, the Magicians were annihilated, but magic circles appeared right afterwards, and a new group of Magicians appeared. They really are endless!

“Azazel, continuing the talk from before.”

Sirzechs-sama queried Azazel.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“What are you trying to do by collecting Sacred Gears? You’ve been collecting Longinus owners too, right? Do you intend to kill God even though God no longer exists?”

Azazel shook his head at that question.

“It’s to prepare.”

“Prepare? That’s some uneasiness-inciting talk even though you reject war.”

Michael-san said this in amazement.

“I said so, right? I won’t go to war against you people. I also won’t make war here. —However, means of self-defence are necessary. Rather, should I say we’re not just preparing for an attack from you?”


“—The [Khaos Brigade].”


It was a name I hadn’t heard before, but it seemed Sirzechs-sama didn’t know either from his furrowed eyebrows.

“I only confirmed the organisation’s name and background recently, but my Vice Governor Shemhaza has also had his eye on this suspiciously acting group from before that. It’s said that they’re gathering dangerous members from all three big powers. Some Sacred Gear-possessing humans who have attained Balance Breaker also seem to be included. I’ve also confirmed a number of Longinus possessors among them.”

“Their goal is?”

Michael-san asked that.

“Destruction and mayhem. It’s that simple, you know? They don’t like this world’s peace. They’re terrorists. Moreover they’re ill-natured to the extreme.”

Then, could it be that this terrorist attack is...?

“The organisation’s leader is the powerful fiendish Dragon besides the Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon.”


Everyone besides me became speechless at Azazel’s confession. Eh? What is it?

“...I see, so that person has moved. The Uroboros Dragon Ophis... The Dragon feared by God... The one who kept reigning over with the position of the strongest since the world began.”

Sirzechs-sama also wore a grim expression. What, what? Everyone’s faces were gloomy. Or, rather, were they awed? Is this Ourobo-something Dragon really that amazing? The position of the strongest, the strongest guy that Vali mentioned before? As I was troubled by everyone’s reaction, a voice that I wasn’t used to hearing leaped into my ear.

[Yes, Ophis is the leader of the Khaos Brigade.]

Gah! A magic circle emerged on the floor of the meeting room at the same time as the voice! This is...a Devil!? This was a magic circle I had never seen before! Or rather, I wasn’t very knowledgeable about other Devils, but!

“I see. So you’ve come! The mastermind this time...”

Sirzechs-sama clicked his tongue. Eh? Why did he do that all of a sudden?

“Grayfia, transfer Rias and Ise-kun quickly!”


Grayfia-san urged me and Buchou to go to a corner of the meeting room, and a small magic circle was created on the floor. It was the exact size to fit only about two people in it.

“Ojou-sama, I wish you the fortunes of battle.”

“W-Wait, Grayfia!? Onii-sama!”

Me and Buchou were enveloped by the light of transfer...

Khaos Brigade

Part 1

As Buchou and Ise-kun quickly disappeared in the transfer magic circle, an unbelievable development occurred before my, Kiba Yuuto’s, eyes. The magic circle that appeared on the floor of the meeting room. When they saw it, all the leaders of the Three Great Powers were shocked. No, Azazel laughed, and Sirzechs-sama made a sour expression.

“...The magic circle of Leviathan.”

Eh...? I couldn’t believe my ears as I heard Sirzechs-sama’s words. At least as far as I knew, this wasn’t the pattern of Serafall Leviathan-sama’s magic circle. Then, what the heck...? My question was quickly resolved.

“It’s something seen in the books of the Vatican. That’s the magic circle of the original Maou Leviathan.”

...I see. I’d heard the rumours. So then, it really still existed. A single woman appeared from the magic circle. She was wearing a dress that was extremely low-cut and had a high slit on it.

“How do you do, current Maou Sirzechs-dono?”

The woman greeted Sirzechs-sama with a fearless tone.

“The one descended from the blood of the previous Leviathan, Cattleya Leviathan. What is the meaning of this?”

Sirzechs-sama said this. As I thought, it’s the family of the original Maou! I’d heard talk about it. When the old four Maou died and they were trying to elect new Maou, they said they raised a desperate resistance right till the end, the people descended from the old Maou. I heard that the post-war Devils, whose fighting power had already been exhausted, drove off all the families of the hard-line old Maous’ army to a corner of Hell with the last of their power. After that, it was said the matter continued by having a new administration established in the centre. That was the current Four Great Maou-samas. The woman, Cattleya Leviathan, who was descended from the original Leviathan, gave a defiant smile and spoke.

“The members of the Old Maou Faction have nearly all decided to cooperate with the Khaos Brigade.”

—What!? What a thing to say. Coming here, the Old Maou Faction have...

“So it’s a feud between the new and old Maou sides that has become full-scale. Devils are also difficult.”

Azazel just smiled like it was someone else’s problem.

"Cattleya, is it okay to interpret those words literally?”

“Sirzechs, it’s exactly as I said. We are also taking charge of this attack right now.”

“So it’s a coup d’état, huh?”

Yes, this was a coup d’état. A rebellion by the Old Maou Faction against the New Maou Faction. To declare this at such a time and place... Moreover, they were lending a hand to the terrorist group.

“...Cattleya, why?”

“Sirzechs, we’ve only arrived at the exact opposite idea of this meeting today. We’ve concluded that, since God and the original Maou are gone, this world should be reformed.”

So they did this coup d’état after learning everything about the non-existence of God and the peace conference of the Three Great Powers. Moreover, they really had taken the opposite path, coming here while considering all this.

“Has that Ophis seen that far ahead into the future? Though that doesn’t seem likely.”

Cattleya just let out a breath in response to Azazel’s question.

“Aside from being a symbol of power, he just bears the position for the sake of gathering power. We’ve asked for his help to destroy the world and rebuild it again. We will be the ones to manage the new world.”

—What!? For such a thing to occur. So the Magicians rampaging outside must be those who endorse these people. If Azazel’s story from before was true, then in addition to the Old Maou Faction and the magicians, rebels from the Fallen Angels and Angels have appeared as well. ...Do they really hate peace so much? Sirzechs-sama smiled very sarcastically.

“...So you’re a gathering of Angel, Fallen Angel and Devil rebels who want their own world and a new Earth that they rule over. The mediator of that is the Uroboros Ophis.”

The strongest Dragon at the top feared even by God... I had heard that it was stronger than the Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon according to legend. If it’s the Dragon that has infinite power similar to God...

“Cattleya-chan! Why are you doing such a thing!?”

Cattleya showed a hateful expression at Serafall-sama’s shout.

“Serafall, how dare you act so shamelessly as the one who stole the position of Leviathan from me! I’m descended from the original Leviathan! I was the one suited to be Maou!”


“Don’t worry, Serafall. Today, I’ll kill you at this place and take the title of Maou Leviathan for myself. Then, Ophis will become the god of the new world. It’s fine if he’s just a symbol. The system, the laws, and the doctrine will be constructed by us. Michael, Azazel, and Lucifer, Sirzechs, your era is over.”

The expressions of Sirzechs-sama, Serafall-sama and Michael-sama all darkened at Cattleya's words. However...there was just one person who seemed pleasant and was smiling.


Only that person...seemed completely strange... He showed a wicked smile like that of a bad boy.

“Azazel, what’s so funny?”

Anger clearly enjoyed Cattleya's expression and words.

“Hahaha! So you, no, you people will reform this world all together, huh?”

“That’s right. That’s exactly right, Azazel. This world is—”

“In decay? Humans are foolish? The Earth will be destroyed? Oi, oi, oi, aren’t things prospering nowadays?”

Azazel held his stomach as he laughed. Cattleya’s eyes twitched.

“Azazel, you’re the same as ever. Even though you have so much power, you’re satisfied with the current world...”

“Let me tell you. Your goal is too clichéd and harsh. And yet, people like that are limited to those who are excessively strong. Geez, it’s really a nuisance for others. Descendant of Leviathan, your words are just like those of a villain who’s about to die, you know that?”

“Azazel! You would ridicule us this far!”

Cattleya was enraged, and a magic aura was gushing out of her entire body. It was the atmosphere of an explosive situation.

“Sirzechs, Michael, I’ll take care of it. Don’t help, okay?”

Azazel stood up. The Governor of the Fallen Angels began releasing a gloomy aura, similar to doing a battle enhancement.

“...Cattleya, do you have no intention of surrendering?”

That was Sirzechs-sama’s final warning. Cattleya shook her head.

“That is correct, Sirzechs. You were a good Maou. However, you weren’t the best Maou. That’s why we are aiming to be the new Maou.”

“I see. That’s too bad.”

Seeing that confirmation, Azazel pointed at the window with his hand. Don! The whole area at the window was blown off by a blast of light! What a thing! Azazel unfolded twelve black wings. Their feathers were darker than endless darkness.

“Descendant of the former Maou Leviathan. One of the [Monsters of the End]. Not a bad opponent. Cattleya Leviathan, are you dressed up for a bout of Armageddon with me?”

Cattleya responded to Azazel’s intense challenge with a fearless smile of her own.

“I was just wishing for that, Governor of the Angels who fell.”

Doh! Azazel and Cattleya Leviathan flew out of here, and a battle of light and Devil magic began to unfold in the distant skies above the school yard. Both of them had a tremendous mass of aura. It was a different dimension from us. I was anxious about support, but now that it’s gone this far, should I assist Maou-sama or should I chase after Buchou? As I was like this, Sirzechs-sama said to me.

“Kiba Yuuto-kun. Me and Michael will keep strengthening the barrier covering this school. Now that Azazel and Cattleya are running wild, the damage may become big. Sorry about this, but until Grayfia finishes her analysis of the Magicians’ transfer-use magic circle, could you deal with the Magicians outside?”

You’re ordering me to subdue the Magicians. A direct order from Maou-sama. The highest honour!

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank you. I’m glad that you’re my sister’s Knight. Please use that Balance Breaker for the sake of my sister and your comrades.”

“Yes! Xenovia, please come with me!”

“Yeah, I’m also Rias Gremory’s Knight. Kiba Yuuto, I think we’re two similar blades. Now, let’s go.”

After me and Xenovia nodded at each other, we plunged into the school yard and started slicing.

Part 2


My Holy Demonic Sword cleared through each magic protection barrier and into the Magician’s body. How many did this make? I’ve cut down a considerable number of Magicians, but a new assassin would always be summoned from the magic circle right after.

“They’re endless.”

Zubaaaaaaah! A wave along with a slashing attack was fired from the Holy Sword Durandal and gouged out the school yard left and right. The attack slaughtered the Magicians in large numbers. Xenovia, please treat the school building with a bit more care. Was Durandal really so difficult to handle?

Kah! Doh! Dooooooooooooooh!

From the sky, a roaring sound could be heard, and a dazzling light could be seen as well. When looking above, Azazel and Katerea Leviathan could be seen attacking and defending intensely. Azazel made multiple thick and heavy spears of light easily exceeding his own height appear, and then threw them at Katerea. She laid out several layers of defensive magic circles in response and blocked the light attacks. The schoolyard had received great damage here and there from the after-effects of those attacks and defences. If Maou-sama and the others hadn’t been protecting the new school building, significant damage would probably have happened to the building. It was also fortunate that the entire school site was enveloped in a strong barrier. If not, the surrounding residential area would have also taken damage. It was chilling each time a maximum attack that Azazel or Katerea avoided collided with the protective barrier. I think that Azazel was greater in real power, but Katerea was hanging on beyond my expectations.

By all rights, it wouldn’t be strange if Katerea had household servant Devils with her as well. However, I had heard that she and the old Maou faction rejected the Evil Pieces introduced by the current devils. Katerea had neither a lieutenant Queen nor a Knight that protected her person. Then, Katerea took a small bottle out from her breast...and swallowed what seemed like a small black snake that was present inside? At that instant... Don! Space vibrated intensely, and a wave of power surged throughout the whole school yard. The magic power given off by Katerea’s body swelled up and gave off an ominous aura. A mass that was near that of Sirzechs-sama and Serafall-sama... Just what on earth was that snake she just swallowed...? Azazel fired countless spears of light at her, but they easily vanished just by Katerea calmly moving her right hand sideways. Such power! Even though you can say the Fallen Angel Governor Azazel’s power is the first or second most powerful of those here today! And then, an even more astonishing event occurred before my eyes while Azazel fought with Katerea in the air. An unforeseen blow struck the Governor of the Fallen Angels from the side...

Life.5 Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon

Part 1

Before I realised it, we were in the club room. It had made a lot of noise, but the transfer had succeeded. However—

“—! Impossible, they’ve transferred here!”

“Damn Devils!”

The interior was occupied by Magicians wearing those weird robes! Heeeeeey! As I thought, this is the enemy’s centre!

“B-Buchou! I-Ise-senpai!”

Gasper’s voice! When I turned my eyes in the direction where I heard the voice, the cross-dressing boy Gasper was there, tied to a chair with rope. The cut-off piece of paper bag was on his head! S-So he wore it... Buchou confirmed Gasper’s safety and was relieved as well.

“Gasper! I’m so glad that you’re safe.”

“Buchou... It’s already too late…”

However, Gasper just broke into tears then.

“It’s better if...I die. Please, Buchou, Senpai. Please kill me... Because of these eyes, I can’t make friends with anyone... I’m only a bother...and a coward...”

Gasper raggedly shed tears. Captured and being used by the enemy, he thought he was being a bother to us. Buchou kindly smiled at that Gasper.

“Don’t say such a stupid thing. I won’t abandon you, you know? When I transferred you into my family, I said it, right? That now that you’ve been reborn, you will live for me, and also find a way of life that can satisfy you.”

But Buchou’s words didn’t get through to Gasper, and he shook his head.

“...I just couldn’t find it. For me, who just causes trouble...to have value in living is...”

“You’re my servant and part of my family. I won’t abandon you so easily. Even though it was finally possible for you to be free!”

“That’s right, Gasper! Me and Buchou won’t abandon you!”

That’s right! My Kouhai! Even if you can’t use your Sacred Gear well, we’ll stop you—


Right before my eyes, Gasper was struck by a female Magician. The Magician seized Gasper’s hair and gave a sneer. Now that I looked, all the Magicians here were female! Witches? Witches are good too!

“You people are so stupid. It’s foolish how you treat such a dangerous half-Vampire normally. It’s just as the Old Maou Faction says. The Gremory family are as dumb as they are deeply affectionate and overflowing with power.”

The Magician assessed Buchou with a contemptuous look.

“Maybe you would have gotten more value if you’d quickly brainwashed this half-Vampire and used him effectively as a tool? If you had made his Sacred Gear run out of control while throwing this child into the territory of the opposing Fallen Angels, he might even have taken out one of their leaders as well. Why haven’t you done that? Could it be that you intend to treat a servant as a close friend?”


I tried to strike back at that offensive remark, but Buchou restrained me with her hand. Why, Buchou!? Even though she didn’t understand anything about Buchou, she said nothing but bad things! I can’t forgive her! No matter how much of a girl she is, there are things you can say and things you can’t! Damn it!

“I...treasure my servant.”

Buchou retaliated back calmly. Please get angry! There’s no merit in behaving calmly with a person like this!

Hyuh! Bon!

The Magician fired a small magic bullet at Buchou! Buchou’s uniform was partly blown away, and white skin peeked out... H-Her breasts could be seen just a little.

“What a cheeky mouth you have. Also, I don’t like how you’re beautiful even though you’re a Devil, daughter of Gremory.”

The Magician’s words were filled with jealousy. The Magician put a blade at Gasper’s neck.

“You move and this child dies. Let's have some fun.”

The Magician stuck out a hand, and started releasing even more magic! Buchou isn’t showing any sign of avoiding it! Damn it! The moment the magic bullet is fired again, I’ll stand in front of Buchou and become a shield!


The bullet grazed the lower part just a little from my neck. Oww! But, if it’s just this much! Rather, that location! She aimed for Buchou’s face!? U-Unforgivable! To aim for Buchou’s face! I was angry in both heart and mind, but Buchou came forth from behind me and spoke to Gasper kindly.

“Gasper, please cause me a lot of trouble. I’ll scold you over and over again! I’ll comfort you! I’ll never let you go!”

—! B-Buchou! Uuh, even though it isn’t being said to me, I’m incredibly moved! As expected, my master is the best! Now then, Gasper! You’ve made Buchou say this much! How will you respond!?


Gasper broke into tears. However, it was from neither fear nor sadness. Even I could tell that he was crying out of happiness. Alright. Alright! In that case, Gasper! Next is a present of fighting spirit from me!


I raised my voice which rang within the room! Gasper! My feelings! I’ll convey them through words and deliver them all the way to your soul!

“Don’t run away! Don’t be afraid! Don’t cry! Me! Buchou! Akeno-san! Asia! Kiba, Koneko-chan and Xenovia as well! We’re all your friends! We will absolutely never abandon you! We won’t do something like leave you out!”

I put up my left arm high! Activate, my Sacred Gear!

“Boosted Gear!”


A red gauntlet was equipped on my left arm. Next, Promotion!

“Buchou! I’m promoting to Queen!”

Buchou nodded, and my power was raised! Furthermore, there was one more thing left!



Along with a new voice, my new weapon, Ascalon, extended from the shell of my Sacred Gear! The female Magicians cautiously watched me. However, I pointed the tip of the sword away from the enemy and at my own hand.


I temporarily suppressed the sword’s power and personally cut the palm of my right hand with the blade... It hurt! But! Blood flowed out of my right hand.


Buchou looked at my action dubiously. Please be at peace of mind. This is a present for Gasper!

“However, Gasper! It’s no use if you don’t get up on your own, you know? After receiving encouragement by a girl, next is standing up! Don’t you have a wonderful pair of balls on youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

I stuck out my left hand and extended out Ascalon that had my blood on it in Gasper’s direction! Faster than the Magicians could react, the blood, which had been on Ascalon, clung to Gasper’s mouth.

“—Drink it. The blood of me, who harbours the strongest Dragon. And show us that you’re a man!”

Gasper nodded at my words with a strong look. Gasper tasted my blood that had arrived at his mouth with his tongue. The instant that Gasper swallowed my blood, the atmosphere within the room suddenly changed. An indescribable chill eerily rang through my whole body. When I turned my eyes to Gasper who was tied to the chair...he wasn’t there! Gasper wasn’t sitting on the chair!? He had disappeared!? Only the rope that had been tying Gasper to the chair was left. The female Magicians were also shocked that Gasper had suddenly disappeared, and looked around. They spread their gazes over the interior of the room and—.


A weird chirping was heard. Countless bats were flying near the ceiling of the room. The group of red-eyed bats swooped down on the female Magicians all at once.

“Kuh! So he transformed, that damn Vampire!”


The cursing women pointed their hands at the bats and tried to fire magic bullets, but they were pulled down by something and greatly lost their balance. Countless black hands were extending out from the female Magicians’ shadows! The hands from the shadows tried pulling the girls inside the shadows.

“So this is the ability of a Vampire!”

“Take this!”

Don! They fired magic bullets at the shadows, but the shadow hands just dispersed uneventfully. During that, the bats wrapped around the forms of the Magicians and bit at various parts on their bodies.

“You intend to suck our blood!?”

“No, our magic power is also being absorbed!”

The Magicians were having a hard time. They were at the mercy of the bats and the hands extending from the shadows. This was...Gasper? Gasper’s Vampire power?

“Ise, that’s part of the power that Gasper was originally hiding. It must have been released from drinking your blood.”

So said Buchou. I see, as I thought, that’s Gasper’s power!

“Kuh! In that case, we can only do this!”

The Magicians turned their aim towards this direction! So they intended to aim at me and Buchou!


The countless magic bullets they fired were aimed at me and Buchou, but...they all stopped in mid-air.

[It’s useless. I can see all your movements and attacks.]

Gasper’s voice echoed within the interior of the room. The red eyes of the bats glowed like a blaze. I see, so he invoked his Sacred Gear from the eyes of the bats! Moreover, he was brilliantly stopping only the magic bullets! So he can control his Sacred Gear thanks to the effect of drinking my blood!

[I’m stopping you people!]

Kah! Countless numbers of bats made their red eyes shine, and they made the time of all the female Magicians in the room stop.

[Ise-senpai! The finishing blow!]

“Leave it to me!”

I started running and touched the Magicians! Then, while striking a cool pose in the centre of the room, I cried out!

“Dress Break!”


The clothes of the Witches who were time-stopped were brilliantly blown off! A trade fair of naked woman unfolded before my eyes! I could look as much as I liked, touch as much as I liked! Buh! As a nosebleed spurted out, I gave a smile of victory.

“Gasper, together, we’re invincible.”


My Kouhai stops the enemy, and I blow off their clothes. We’re the strongest. We’re invincible! With this, the dream I’ve yearned for can come true...


“Is that really so?”

Buchou poked my forehead while sighing.

Part 2

“By the way, Ddraig, who is Ophis?”

I asked this while I was working to tie up the Magicians and place them on the room’s magic circle.

[—Ophis. That’s a nostalgic name.]

So, who is he? That guy?

[He’s the strongest of the Dragon tribe.]

Stronger than Ddraig and the Vanishing Dragon?

[Yeah, because he’s stronger than God as well. He’s the only existence that God couldn’t take on carelessly. He’s a true monster with power equal to infinite.]

“Seriously!? So there was still a Dragon stronger than you and Albion!”

[He’s the only one. The only one who exceeds us. He’s the strongest existence in this world.]

Hah, that’s, how should I put it...? Moreover, he seemed to be the boss of the terrorists. Buchou deployed the magic circle and sent the Magicians off to a public office in the Underworld. She said that they would then be arrested and put in prison. Incidentally, Buchou had already changed into a spare uniform. The reason was so we could get the terrorists as living witnesses just in case. But, to tie up girls with rope like this was... Gufufu, I thought all kinds of vulgar things.

“Senpai, is your hand okay?”

Gasper, who had returned from the bats and shadows to his true form, asked this. Because he was wearing the ring I had gotten from Azazel, his Sacred Gear wouldn’t run out of control.

“Yeah, I’m used to injuries of this extent. Even though I look like this, I’ve also had a hole in my stomach from the attack of a Fallen Angel.”

“Ueeeeeeeh? R-Really...? S-Senpai has really experienced a lot of violence...”

I-Is that so? Thinking about it, ever since I became a Devil, I seem to be living considerably violent days... I haven’t worried about it since I’ve been living happily with Buchou and the others, but were the chances of me going to the jaws of death surprisingly high? Uu, it’s my imagination, my imagination. I’ll try not to think about it too deeply!

“How was drinking my blood?”

“Yes, my power temporarily welled up from the bottom, but...I have returned to normal now.”

I see. So it includes a time limit. Even so, he becomes plenty powerful when drinking my blood.

“Yes. All of them have been transferred over there! Now then, Ise, Gasper! Let’s return to Maou-sama!”

That was Buchou. Thank you for your hard work!


Me and Gasper responded, and followed behind Buchou. We left the room and moved to the entrance of the old school building. Meanwhile, Gasper was still sticking to my back... There seemed to be a lot of children who hide behind my back somehow. There’s Asia, and this one too. In any case, I also have to fix this guy’s hikikomori disposition. Just as we were exiting the entrance while I thought that...


Something fell down right in front of us! After the cloud of dust which enveloped it vanished, there was...

“...Tch. So you’re betraying me under these circumstances, Vali.”

It was the Governor of the Fallen Angels, who was gravely injured.

“That’s right, Azazel.”

While giving off a dazzling radiance, the Hakuryuukou stood before us. There was a lady who I didn’t know at his side as well.

“The instant you decided on peace, arrangements were made to invoke the Sacred Gear of the kidnapped half-Vampire and begin the terrorist attack. The Hakuryuukou ran wild along with me once we saw a good time. It’d be good if we could bury any of the leaders of the Three Great Powers. It’d be fine if the meeting fell apart because of that.”

Ooh! What sexy clothes! Clothes that expose the breasts so much! S-Such a risqué thing that also has a deep slit, it’s the best! She has such nice legs, oi!

“I feel vulgar eyes. Is this kid the Sekiryuutei, Vali?”

“Yeah, while regrettable, it’s true. He truly is a most regrettable host.”

“Don’t keep saying regrettable, regrettable! Even I’m living through every day doing my best! ...Or rather, why are you and Azazel confronting each other? Or rather, who is this onee-chan?”

The onee-san looked at the babbling me with pitying eyes.

“I see. He really does seem to be a regrettable child. Vali, will you kill him?”

“My feelings are wavering on what to do. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting for him to be here.”

Heh? I didn’t understand things at all. What’s happening?

“Geez, I’ve also lost my edge. For one of my followers to do this...”

Azazel laughed at himself. Eh? Then, the Hakuryuukou is seriously the terrorists’ comrade? That nee-san there is also an enemy? Vali stored away the mask on his helmet with a clang and showed his face.

“When? When did you decide to do this?”

“I got the offer while I was en-route returning Kokabiel to headquarters. Sorry, Azazel. This side seems to be interesting.”

“Vali, has the Vanishing Dragon capitulated to Ophis?”

“No, I’m just cooperating stubbornly. They gave an attractive offer. ‘Wouldn’t you like to fight against the Asgard?’. When they said that, as someone who wants to test my power, I couldn’t decline. Azazel, you dislike the idea of fighting with Valhalla, the Asgard, right? You dislike war.”

“I told you to ‘become strong’, but I should have also said ‘don’t destroy the world while doing so’.”

“That’s unrelated. I just want to fight eternally.”

“...I see. No, I may have anticipated somehow in my heart that you would leave my side. Ever since the time we met till now, you wanted to fight with strong people.”

“The preparations and information outlet for this were thanks to the Hakuryuukou. It’s unusual of you to have left him alone even though you understood his true nature. As a result, you’ve wrung your own neck.”

The lady sneered at Azazel. Ignoring Azazel, who gave a bitter smile, Vali hit his hand against his chest and spoke to me.

“My real name is Vali. —Vali Lucifer.”

...W-What? ...Lucifer?

“I’m a descendent of the previous generation’s Maou Lucifer who died. However, I’m a child of mixed blood born from a father who was the old Maou’s grandson and a human mother. I obtained the Vanishing Dragon’s Sacred Gear because I’m half-human. It was just by chance. However, I, who is a true blood relative of Lucifer and is also the Vanishing Dragon, was born. If there really is such a thing as fate and miracles, I may be that. —Just joking.”

As he said that, several Devil wings grew from his back along with his wings of light.

—D-Devil? The Hakuryuukou is...? What’s more, he said Lucifer... Wasn’t that the old Maou!?

“No way... That can’t be...”

Buchou also wore an astonished expression on her face. However, Azazel confirmed it.

“It’s true. If there is such a ridiculous existence, it’s him. He’ll become the strongest Hakuryuukou among those I knew in the past and present, and probably of all time as well.”

...E-Even if you say that ...S-So he’s really the strongest... (!) Somehow, I can’t catch up with various arrangements happening that I don’t know about lately! Or rather, there are a lot of halves around me like Akeno-san, Gasper and this guy.

“Have you resolved yourself, Azazel?”

The lady still sneered at Azazel. Who was this person? Even I could grasp that her killing intent was tremendous.

“...Tch, that volume of aura that swelled up earlier, what did you get from that bastard Ophis?”

The lady smiled at Azazel’s question.

“Yes, he who is the Dragon that possesses infinite power. For the sake of the world’s reformation, I borrowed a little of his power. Thanks to that, I can fight against you. There’s even a chance that I can beat Sirzechs and Michael. They’re such foolish Governors, and so are you.”

“...So I am. I may be foolish. I can’t do anything without Shemhaza. I’m just a Sacred Gear enthusiast. —But you know, do you really think that Sirzechs and Michael are idiots? At least they’re far superior compared to someone mediocre like you.”

The lady’s face twisted at Azazel’s words.

“What nonsense! Very well, I’ll deal the finishing blow right here and now. I will destroy you, the Governor of the Fallen Angels, as the first step towards the creation of a new world!”

The lady spoke in a strong tone. However, Azazel just seemed pleased. He took out something which looked like a dagger from his pocket.


Azazel pointed the tip of the dagger at the lady, who was looking at it suspiciously.

“...I have gone beyond being a Sacred Gear enthusiast. I also produce them myself. I’ve built replicas. Well, almost all of them are garbage though. God, the one who developed the Sacred Gears, was amazing. That’s the only thing I respect him for. However, they’re incomplete. It’s because God and Maou died while leaving behind ‘bugs’ which can upset the world’s balance like the Longinus and Balance Breaker. Well, that’s why Sacred Gears are interesting though.”

“Be at a peace of mind. Things like Sacred Gears absolutely won’t be made in the new world. Even without such things, the world functions. Eventually, we’ll make Northern Europe’s Odin move as well, and then the world will have to change.”

After deliberately raising gossip with a complacent smile, Azazel spat out.

“The more I hear, the more I feel like vomiting at your goals. Valhalla!? The Earth Gods!? So you intend to snatch everything through Odin from the side. Rather than that, the person who steals my pleasure—can go and disappear.”

The dagger that Azazel had changed shape! Its parts separated and light gushed out.

“—! I-Impossible! Azazel, you!”

In front of the latter who had grasped something, the Governor of the Fallen Angels uttered words with power!

“Balance Break...!”

The vicinity was wrapped in a momentary flash. After the light faded—there was a person there wearing gold plate armour. It had a golden sparkling radiance and a form resembling that of a Dragon.


Twelve jet-black wings unfolded from its back. Black feathers fluttered about the surroundings. The Dragon-imitating gold armour made its black wings flap. I thought it was a little cool. Azazel was equipped with Dragon armour! A huge spear of light was in his hands!

“I studied the Vanishing Dragon and other dragon-series Sacred Gears and produced this, my masterpiece artificial Sacred Gear. This is [Down Fall Dragon Spear] in its pseudo-Balance Breaker state, [Down Fall Dragon Another Armour].”

I could feel a Dragon’s surge from beyond the armour. It wasn’t ordinary! A top-class powerful aura to the point of overwhelming was being emitted from his entire body that was above what I had felt up until now. It easily beat Kokabiel’s! Uoooh! It’s like a bargain sale of Balance Breakers! Wasn’t that a rare phenomenon!?

[No, that isn’t a true Balance Breaker.]

What do you mean, Ddraig?

[He made the Sacred Gear go into a Burst state and did a forced awakening. A kind of running out of control. The Sacred Gear will break after a battle with that. Does he intend to use that so-called artificial Sacred Gear as a disposable?]

So it’s a disposable artificial Sacred Gear! Even so, what I didn’t understand was how it could be emitting a Dragon aura. However, Azazel’s development of Sacred Gears was unexpected! Incidentally, unless the owner of a real incarnation-type Sacred Gear died, it could regenerate no matter how many times it broke. Conversely, if you stole a Sacred Gear through a special method, they seem to die. The jewel in my left arm’s gauntlet and the multiple jewels that existed in my Balance Breaker armour didn’t have just a single function and could be regenerated even if destroyed. If he was an opposing existence, then the Hakuryuukou should be the same.

“Hahaha! As expected of Azazel! You really are incredible!”

Vali laughed. He laughed in the face of someone so strong! Is he fearless? No, he’s crazy!

Azazel turned to face Vali.

“Vali, I’d also like to be your opponent, but... Well, please get along with the Welsh Dragon.”

Don’t joke around! I don’t want to get along with someone like him!

“However, fighting with Azazel seems fun.”

Vali also said that. Then, please do that! I have no interest in something like a rival showdown!

“...It’s based on a Dragon endowed with power, right?”

“Yeah, I just sealed the Gigantis Dragon Fafnir in this artificial Sacred Gear. I copied it from the Sacred Gears of the Two Heavenly Dragons, the Welsh Dragon and the Vanishing Dragon. I’ve yet to see if it succeeded or not.” (!)

He copied Boosted Gear? Rather, he mentioned the name of a Dragon I don’t know...

[He’s one of Five Great Dragon Kings. Azazel talked about Vritra the other day, right? In addition, there’s the Chaos Karma Dragon Tiamat, the Mischievous Dragon Yu-Long, and the Sleeping Dragon Midgardsormr. Though I say that, Vritra was eliminated long ago and sealed somewhere. If what Azazel says is true, then Fafnir was also sealed. Though originally, there were six Dragon Kings.]

Ah, somehow, I’ve become confused. I won’t understand it even if you tell me something like that all of a sudden. I’ve heard about Tiamat somewhere before. The others I don’t know at all.

[Unexpectedly, you might meet them soon. Since Tiamat hates me.]

Uwah, I just heard such an inconvenient talk. Geez, I’ve had enough of meeting these something or other Dragons! Ah, so that’s why Michael gave a Dragon Slayer sword to me.

“Azazel! Even though you possess that much power, you!”

“Cattleya, you yourself said that you made a pact with the Uroboros Dragon.”

“...The research of Sacred Gears shouldn’t have advanced to such an extent...”

“From that look, it seems that the group that betrayed my organisation stole some of the Sacred Gear research. However, it’s pointless. Only I and Shemhaza know a portion close to the truth.”

A bluish-black aura covered the lady’s body as she clicked her tongue.

“I am one who is descended from the great true Leviathan, Cattleya Leviathan! I won’t lose to an annoying Fallen Angel like you!”

The lady shouted! Or rather, this person is Leviathan-sama? W-Well, she’s certainly closer to the Leviathan-sama that I imagined. Azazel beckoned to the lady who introduced herself as Cattleya.


“Don’t look down on me!”

The lady clad herself in an extra-large aura, and flew out at an extreme speed!


It was an instantaneous event. The lady called Cattleya dived at Azazel, and Azazel also responded with the spear he held. In an instant—


Fresh blood gushed out from the lady’s body. She feebly fell down to her knees on the spot. When I looked, the ground was split even far behind the lady. The ground had been gouged out from the aftershock of Azazel’s attack. Incredible, what power! The attack and defence had happened in the world of comma, and had come to an end.

“—It isn’t over!”

Cattleya changed her arm into a tentacle-like thing and wrapped it around Azazel’s left arm. A suspicious pattern emerged on the lady’s body!

“That is a self-destruct-use technique formula!”

Buchou said that. Seriously!? That’s for self-destruction? So that’s this lady’s dying will! Azazel tried to tear the tentacle away, but there was no sign of it coming off at all.

“Azazel! Even if you try to kill me while in this state, it’s useless! Now that you’re connected with me, this strong magic will also activate and kill you too when I die!”

“—. So you’ll deal great damage to me with self-sacrifice resolution. It’s a tawdry way of thinking, but the result is an enormous reason.”

“Ise, Gasper! Get some distance! As things stand, we’ll get caught up in the blast!”

“But, Buchou! What about Azazel?”

“If he’s the Governor of his organisation, he’ll deal with it somehow! However, we’ll get caught up in it and die!”

That’s serious! It would be lovely to die together with Buchou, but I don’t want to die in such a place, and moreover while wrapped up in someone else’s battle! We quickly got some distance. Even as we got away by a certain extent, Buchou deployed several layers of defensive barriers and started preparing for the explosion’s aftershocks.


Gasper’s scream! When I looked, some kind of magical pattern was engraved on Gasper’s eyes.

“Sorry, but I’ll be sealing that. It’d be annoying if time is stopped.”

—It’s Vali!

“But you know, if you’re aware of its ability and activation conditions, that Sacred Gear really isn’t that great a wonder. It’s full of weak points. There are many techniques like those that seal one’s vision. Also, if his magic is drained, it changes into a double-edged sword that submits damage to allies as well.”

That guy was flying in the air. That’s the best! Or rather, it was just as he said; Gasper in his current state was full of weak points, just like me. ‘A powerful Sacred Gear equals strength’, that was just an illusion inside of me! Azazel, it was just as you said. Even if a Sacred Gear was strong, it’s all useless if the host was useless! Or rather, I still couldn’t fly in the air! Damn it! I’m not able to say anything about Gasper either! I have insufficient training! We watched Azazel’s situation from the place we escaped to. Azazel still couldn’t remove the tentacle. It seemed to retain no damage even when he tried to cut it with the spear.

“That tentacle was made in a special way by absorbing my life. It won’t break.”

The lady laughed fearlessly. Giving up on cutting it, Azazel shrugged his shoulders. The next instant—


The tentacle was cut off along with his left arm! Uwah! Seriously!? He cut his own arm off! Fresh blood gushed out from the wound of Azazel’s left arm. The cut-off piece of his arm turned into dust.

“!? You cut off your own arm!?”

Cattleya was shocked. Her abdomen was then pierced by a spear of light that Azazel threw.

“I’ll give you an arm at least.”


Cattleya's body blew up, then turned into dust and vanished into the sky. Because she received large damage from a light attack, she was annihilated since light was a deadly poison to evils. And there seemed to be no exceptions for this.


Azazel’s armour was released. The Governor of the Fallen Angels didn’t seem to regret the arm he’d lost. He just clicked his tongue.

“Tch. So this is the limit of an artificial Sacred Gear. There’s still much room for improvement... As long as the core jewel is safe, I can remake it again. I’ll have you keep me company for a little while longer, Gigantis Dragon-kun Fafnir.”

And he lightly kissed a jewel-like object in his hand. ...That was the conclusion of the battle between that lady who called herself Leviathan and Azazel. All that was left was...the white-armoured Vali, who descended from the night sky.

“As expected of Azazel. However, your armour has been released. So your artificial Sacred Gears still require more study.”

Azazel pointed at Vali.

“Now then, Vali. What will you do? Shall I go at it again? Even if I have no armour and am one-handed, I can fight with you adequately.”

Azazel made a spear of light appear in his hand and pointed the blade at the Hakuryuukou. You’ll still fight even with that injury? What fighting spirit! Vali glanced at Azazel, who took a fighting stance, and then asked us a question.

“But don’t you think that destiny is cruel?”

...? What’s that all of a sudden. What is he talking about?

“On one hand, there is the strongest existence that one can think of with a Maou plus a legendary Dragon like me, and on the other hand, there is a mere human like you who possesses a legendary Dragon as well. Say what you like, but I think that this accident of fate is cruel. Though we’re rivals bearing the same Dragon-type Sacred Gears, the gap between the two owners is too great.” (!)

Y-You mean me? I pointed at myself. Vali nodded amusedly.

“I investigated you a little. Your father is an ordinary office worker. You mother sometimes goes out to a part-time job as an ordinary full-time housewife. The blood relatives of both your parents are completely ordinary. There are also no ability users or practitioners who possessed power among your ancestors. Of course, your ancestors had nothing to do with Devils or Angels either. You really are ordinary. Your friends aren’t special either. You were a completely ordinary male high school student until you were reborn as a Devil as well. With the exception of Boosted Gear, you’re nothing.”

That guy laughed with a pitying expression.

“Boring. When I learned about you, who was so excessively boring, I laughed out of disappointment. ‘Ah, so this is my rival. I give up.’. If your parents had at least been Magicians, than maybe the story would change a bit. That’s right! How about this kind of setting? You can become an avenger!”

...? I had no idea what he wαs talking about. How to say it, I felt like this guy was smart in a different way. I couldn’t understand him at all. I could understand that he was different from Akeno-san and Gasper, that he didn’t hate his upbringing. No doubt, he was proud of his lineage. If there were those who suffer from their birth, there are also those who take delight in it. The world was so complicated that it couldn’t be processed by my brain. But even I understood his next words. Quite clearly.

“I’ll kill your parents. If I do that, your personal history will become a little more interesting. If your parents are killed by a valuable existence like me, don’t you think you’ll be able to openly devote yourself to a solemn destiny? Yeah, I’ll do that. After all, your parents will, from now on as well, live ordinarily, grow old ordinarily, and die ordinarily. The setting I spoke of is much more brilliant than such a boring life! Right?”


I couldn’t express it. I couldn’t express this feeling that was born in my heart. A feeling of a degree I had never felt before was starting to be born within me. I could only say this.

“I’m going to kill you, you bastard.”

I quietly let that out of my mouth. At that moment, my head finally understood. Ah, so this is what they call ‘killing intent’.

“...Just as you said, my father is an ordinary office worker who works from morning to evening for our family. My mother is an ordinary housewife who makes delicious food for our family morning, noon and evening. However, they raised me up to this point. To me, they’re the best parents.”

Why should my parents have to be killed by this kind of bastard? That’s also a stupid reason. My father and mother had nothing to do with you.

“...Kill them? My father and mother? Why should they have to be mixed up in the situation of someone like you and be killed? As if I know anything about things like valuable or destiny!”

He is the one person I can’t forgive. Vali Lucifer.

“As if I’ll let you do it.”

He is the one person I absolutely cannot forgive!

“I’ll be damned if I let my parents be killed by the likes of yooooooooooooou!”

[Welsh Dragon Over Booster!!!!]

As if responding to my anger, my Sacred Gear started to release a strong bright red aura. With the ring I got from Azazel also acting on it, I equipped Booster Gear Scale Mail without having to sacrifice anything. However, a countdown-like thing appeared on the jewel of my left arm’s gauntlet. Time-wise, I didn’t have even fifteen minutes. Though it was still better than the mere ten seconds of my incomplete Balance Breaker.

“Look, Albion. Hyoudou Issei’s power went up by an incomparable amount. The plain and simple reason called rage was the trigger, but this is... Hahahaha, what a Dragon’s surge.”

[Sacred Gears simply use strong emotions as food for power. Hyoudou Issei’s rage is at its genuine limit, and it’s turned towards you. Only straightforward people can draw out the Dragon’s power.]

“I see. So his greater affinity with his Dragon is also explained through this reason.”

As if I know! In any case, if I don’t do something about this guy, my surroundings will become a disaster! I won’t allow that!

“However! You still aren’t clever! Hyoudou Issei! Your intelligence is insufficient to control Ddraig! That is a sin.”

“Stop chattering and talking about things I don’t understaaaaaaand!”

“Yes! That is exactly why you’re called an idiot!”

Spouting an aura from the magic power jets on my back, I rushed towards Vali! Vali covered his face with his mask. So he’s prepared to fight! It was only my second time using Balance Breaker, but a failed attack wasn’t permitted like that time with Riser! However, Vali easily avoided and dodged my tackle! Not yet! I regained my balance in mid-air and dived again at Vali who had just dodged! I extended Ascalon from my gauntlet and unleashed an attack with my unskilled weapon! However, I couldn’t manage to land a single hit with only my mere swinging slashes on Vali as he dodged with light movements.

[Vali, that sword carries Dragon Slaying powers. If it hits just once, you’ll undeniably receive great damage.]

“Is that so, Albion? But there’s no meaning if it doesn’t hit!”

Just as he says, I won’t be able to even graze him with my skill. Damn it! If it’s like this, I should have learned more swordplay from Kiba! Next time I’ll train seriously! In this Balance Breaker state, it’s temporarily possible to use my doubling ability whenever and however I want.

[However, every time you use it, your stamina or magical power will be consumed. The doubling ability will proportionally take away stamina to how high it is. That’s my original Balancer Breaker ability. Although this is a temporary Balance Breaker state, wouldn’t you just be committing an act of folly by exhausting the power that maintains your armour with just one use? Even the bracelet you got from Azazel has its limits. Every time you use it, the time for using Balance Breaker will decrease.]

So even just maintaining this state uses up stamina! Vali’s side must have a lot of surplus!

[Your opponent Vali seems to have a tremendous amount of magic power. As a paired existence, the Hakuryuukou will also shave off power every time he uses his ability, but if the host’s stamina is great, then the time in which he can use it will also be enormous.]

Tch...! What an unpleasant reality! The difference in power between me and Vali was decisive! As I thought, I was a lot weaker! That’s obvious. He had a complete Balance Breaker. I, on the other hand, got a lot of help and have a Balance Breaker that was severely limited. No, before that, me and that guy, our basic specs were too different!


Guhah...! At that instant, I choked. A heavy blow hit me in the chest! Heavy! Rather, it was too fast for me to see. What a shot! My legs trembled from just this! T-There was also a crack in my armour! If I received many of these kinds of hits, it’d abruptly be over!

“So this is my rival! Hahahaha! How embarrassing! Weak! Too weak!”

Vali harshly made fun of me. However, I really did feel that way.


Buchou seemed worried as she watched me. I don’t want to show an uncool appearance in front of the woman I fell in love with! I was born between parents from ordinary families, was reborn as a Devil, and by chance obtained the power of a Dragon. He was born with the lineage of the Old Maou and got the power of a legendary Dragon. There was no talent in me. And in him, there was an overflowing amount of talent. The strongest host that could control the power of his Sacred Gear, the ideal existence. That was certainly Vali.


I heard a voice from the Hakuryuukou’s gauntlet, and my power instantly vanished. Did he halve my power!? Was it activated from the blow I received to my chest before!?


However, I also activated my own Sacred Gear and my power was restored.

[Partner, the power that was halved was restored by my power, but the Vanishing Dragon’s other ability is troublesome.]

Ddraig, what do you mean?

[That guy halves his opponent’s power, and then adds the decreased portion of power to himself. In other words, your power is taken away and turned into his own power. Stamina can’t be recovered. It’s only power to the end.]

T-Then, even if I reset from the minus, that guy will become plus!?

[That’s right. However, no matter how amazing the host is, he has a limit. Power that goes beyond his capacity is released from the wings of light on his back in order to keep maintaining his power limit without destroying his body.]

So then, he always keeps his power at its peak without bursting and destroying himself...

“Come on, come on!”

Seeming to enjoy himself, Vali fired a seemingly endless number of magic bullets. I couldn’t run away as I wished either. The rounds after rounds of bullets he lightly fired left heavy damage. I could easily imagine that I had become completely covered in bruises. Kuh... I’d like to shower him with my own blows somehow. If not, I wouldn’t be able to restrain this dark thing that had been born in my heart...! As Vali continued attacking, he resumed his irritating tone.

“Your attacks are also dull. You just plunge in. It’s meaningless in that case. What a waste of a treasure. Your use of your power is also unskillful.”

Ah, is that so? I’m unskilled, am I? If it’s that, I know.

“At this rate, the rival showdown between the Hakuryuukou and the Sekiryuutei will be—”


Before he could finish talking, I made magic power suddenly spout from the jets on my back and plunged into the barrage of bullets. The magic bullets struck various places on my body. It hurts! But, so what!? Just one shot! Just one shot is fine! I strongly clutched my left hand. Power on just this single point here is enough. Besides, I don’t need any power to turn! I’ll also throw away all defences now! The magic bullets were shot at my armour, and my armour was destroyed little by little. My face area was also hit, and the mask part was also shattered.

“So you’re charging? To go as far as repeating the same tactic, you really know nothing of combat. Something like that—”

Vali deployed what seemed to be a shield of light in front of him and tried to defend, but—

“Ddraaaaaig! Transfer power to the stored Ascalon!”




A surge of massive power flowed into my left arm. After all, I don’t have any sword knowledge. In that case, I can only lodge the power into my fist while the sword is still stored in my gauntlet! If it’s just hitting, even I can do it!


My fist destroyed his shield of light with no trouble and I made his face eat a sharp blow.


Whether it was because he received an unexpected blow or not, that guy’s posture was violently bent.


Cracks spread from the edges of the mask on the Hakuryuukou’s helmet, and part of Vali’s face peeked through the crumbling portion. This is it! I grasped my hand around the base of the Hakuryuukou’s wings of light that were said to gush out excess power.

“Apparently, the effect of your Sacred Gear comes from here. In that case!”


I transferred my power to the Vanishing Dragon’s Scale Mail before it was in excess. At that instant, I was struck by the feeling that power had suddenly been removed from my body. So it consumed a fair amount of stamina and magic power! However, it’s fine like this!

“I’ll raise the power you absorb and the power you emit all at once! To the extent that you can’t deal with it!”



All of the Vanishing Dragon Scale Mail’s jewels started to nonsensically glow white, red, blue and yellow over and over again. As it did so, the Dragon power that I had felt coming from his body, to the extent of being absurd, vanished. (!) I had forced him to activate the special ability of his Sacred Gear. His ability stole the opponent’s power and used it as his own fuel. However, since the limit of the power he added was already decided, it depended on the capacity of the host. Power that went beyond the limit was gushed out from his wings of light and disposed of. Then, what would happen if you accelerated his stealing power and gushing-out power at the same time? He stole so much power that he couldn’t process it, and at the same time, he spat out power by the time it was excess. As a result, the Vanishing Dragon Scale Mail stopped its functions!

[—! What a thing...! Vali, regain your posture at once!]

Vali reacted to Albion’s voice and tried to defend by crossing his arms, but—.


I closed my left fist that was filled with Ascalon’s power, easily destroying Vali’s defences, including the gauntlets of both his arms, and thrust a blow to this abdomen. The white-shining Vanishing Dragon Scale Mail was not enough and shattered. Is this the Dragon Slaying power!? It was as if the opponent’s armour was made out of paper!


Fresh blood flew out from Vali’s mouth. He stepped back unsteadily while holding his abdomen. As blood poured down from the edge of his mouth, Vali smiled as if in joy.

“...Hahaha, amazing! My Sacred Gear was blown off! So you can do it if you try! Just what I would expect from my rival—”

Gan! My merciless straight entered into that guy’s face.

“...I made it reach and hit you. You’re the only one I won’t be satisfied with if my fist can’t hit you.” (!)

Alright! For now, I’ve paid him back for that stupid thing about my parents. However, Ddraig clicked his tongue. Because while I was doing this, Vali’s armour once again returned to its previous state. No way, the broken part was fixed! Impossible! So I could never beat him no matter how many times I broke it!?

[The battle doesn’t end until the host is made incapable of fighting. It’s no use at this rate. You’ll make no progress. It’s next to impossible for you to defeat him within the limited time of the control unit. The best plan would be to run away, but you can’t do that, can you?]

Of course! There’s no way I could leave Buchou behind! Or rather, where could I escape to within this barrier!?

[Then, what will you do? The difference in power is still wide. You could do something thanks to the control unit, but with the limited time, it’s out of the question. —Will you surrender?]

...What do I do? At that time, something within my field of vision reflected in the background. At that instant, an idea appeared in my mind... Shall I test it? No, this thing is a test. Anyhow, my time will run out and I’ll lose at this rate! I have to do something before that!

“Hey, Ddraig. The Sacred Gear responds to feelings and evolves, right?”

[Yeah, that’s right, but..why do you ask?]

I picked up the thing lying at my feet—a jewel of the Vanishing Dragon. Earlier, when I hit him, his armour was damaged and this thing flew out. His body’s armour seems to have restored the destroyed section, including the jewel, though. As far as Vali was concerned, this jewel would turn to trash as time passed, so it’s inconsequential. However, there should be at least a little of the Hakuryuukou’s power lodged in it.

“I’m transmitting my image to you. Let’s try it!”

I transmitted the thing I imagined in my brain to Ddraig who was inside me! I imagined hard! If this image was possible, I—

[—. ...Partner, you’ve sent me quite a dangerous image. However, it’s interesting! We may die, but do you have the resolve?]

“I can’t die. I haven’t taken Buchou’s virginity yet. If it hurts, I’ll endure it! As long as I can just exceed this damn bastard in front of me with that!”

[Fuhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Nice resolve! In that case, I’ll also resolve myself! This isn’t a notification of my character, but I am the Red Dragon Emperor that was called a mass of power! Let’s show them that we’ll live and exceed them together, Partner! No! Hyoudou Issei!]


“What do you intend to do?”

Vali asked that, seeming interested.

“Vanishing Dragon Albion! Vali! I’ll be taking your power!”

I smashed the Sekiryuutei jewel that was on the back of my right hand into pieces, and drove into it the Vanishing Dragon jewel that I had picked up before! —Your power of vanishing! I’ll transplant it into my Sacred Gear! While fighting, I had remembered a scene within my mind. It was the battle with Kokabiel the other day. In that battle, Kiba had achieved the so-called impossible fusion of holy and demonic. A silver aura sprang forth from my right hand and wrapped around the right side of my body. A phenomenon from the jewel?


Something throbbed inside me, just as a difficult-to-describe pain circulated throughout my body from my jewel-implanted right hand in an instant...! Guh... Ah...


It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Damn it! What is this!?

“Nugaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

High school dxd v4 289.jpg

My thoughts soared in overwhelming pain. Owowowowowowow! Compared to this, the damage from the spear of light before was... Guh, ah, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

“—! You intend to take in my power?"

Realising what I was trying to do, Vali showed a shocked expression.

[What a reckless thing to do. Ddraig, we are existences that oppose each other. That is nothing more than an act of self-destruction. Do you intend to annihilate yourself by doing such a thing?]

Albion spoke indifferently.


Ddraig was also leaking out agony. So the Dragon Emperor lodged in my Sacred Gear also experienced pain? However, while Ddraig let out a scream, it contained laughter as well.

[Albion! You’re as inflexible as always! Over countless eons, we’ve lodged in hosts and continued to fight each other! It’s a repeat of the same thing each and every time!]

[That’s right, Ddraig. That is our destiny. Even if our respective hosts are different, the way we fight is the same. You raise power, I steal power. The side that skilfully uses its Sacred Gear deals the finishing blow and it ends. This is how it always has been, and always will be.]

Ddraig let out a fearless laugh at Albion’s words.

[Ever since meeting with this host, with Hyoudou Issei, I have learned one thing; that anything is possible with determined stupidity!] (!)

Stupidity is fine! If I can’t win with ability anyway, I’ll excel through stupidity!

“Respond to my feeliiiiiiiiiiings!”

[Vanishing Dragon Power is taken!!]

My right hand was wrapped in a dazzling white light! A pure white aura surrounded my right arm! Then...a white gauntlet appeared on my right arm.

“...Hehehe, so this is [Dividing Gear]?”

Though, having only white up till my right arm’s elbow on my red armour looked awkward.

[Impossible! Such a thing is impossible!]

Albion let out an astonished voice.

“No, it’s only a little, but it’s possible. My friend fused together holy and demonic, and produced things like Holy Demonic Swords. It seems it was possible to achieve it because balance has collapsed from the non-existence of God. Well, if I borrow the words of the leader guys, it is a state where there are things like system errors or program bugs? I just utilised it a little.”

[...So you mean to tell me you nudged the imperfections of the Sacred Gear System and achieved this? No, but such a thing is... Even if you think of that, to actually do it is just foolish. No-one knows what will happen with the fusion of opposing powers. When that is something concerning Dragons, you might die, you know? No, it would be natural for you to die.]

Albion still couldn’t seem to believe it. Well, to be honest though, I was also desperate.

“Yeah, it was reckless. However, I survived.”

Ddraig sighed at my words.

[However, it certainly made your lifespan shorten. It’s a lot even for Devils, who live almost endlessly.]

“I have no intention to live for ten thousand years. But, since there are a lot of things I want to do, I’d like to live for at least a thousand years.”


Vali clapped his hands at me. What’s your intention?

“Interesting. Then, I’ll also get a bit serious! If I win, I’ll halve all of you and everything that surrounds you with the Hakuryuukou’s power!”

Vali floated into the air and opened his arms wide. His wings of light also grew huge.

“Halve? It’s different with my power, but what do you mean by halving my surroundings?”

That guy let out a laugh to my question.

“Ignorance is scary! It might not be bad for you to die without knowing!”

Somehow, I felt offended! That guy harshly made me sound like an utter idiot!

[Half Dimension!]

Surrounded by a dazzling aura along with a voice from his jewel, Vali pointed his hand at the trees spread out below him.


The thickness of the trees was halved in an instant! Ooh! They were seriously halved!?


More of the surrounding trees were compressed and halved. Don’t ruin the scenery of the old school building!

“Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei. Let me clearly explain it to you.”

Azazel spoke. Ooh, Governor. Please do so in a way even the stupid me can understand.

“That ability halves everything in his surroundings. In other words, if the Hakuryuukou became serious, then Rias Gremory’s bust will also be halved.”




Yes? My thoughts soared more than they ever had before, and my mind was full of only question marks. (!) I couldn’t understand this talk that destroyed my world view from its entire base. I completely could not understand it. However, an extraordinary fury arising from the bottom of my heart suddenly ruled my entire body.

Breasts will be halved.

Buchou’s breasts will be halved.

I moved my head mechanically and turned my gaze towards Buchou. After Buchou saw my expression, she shuddered just a little in fear. Yeah, Buchou’s breasts. Those fantastic breasts. The breasts I love.

My everything. My world. My—. They’ll be halved...? Buchou’s breasts?



Yeah. I’ve decided.

“Don’t fuck with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

I’ll kill Vali. I’ll absolutely kill Vali!

“You bastard! Buchoooooou’s! So you intend to halve the size of my Buchou’s breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasts!!”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!!!!!]

Voices from jewels on various places of my armour repeatedly resounded.

“I won’t forgive you! You’re the one person I absolutely won’t forgive! I’ll knock you down! I’ll destroy you! Valiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!!!!!!!!!]

My surroundings flew off! The ground I was standing on was also greatly gouged out and changed into a crater. The windows of the old school building completely cracked, and the outer wall was collapsing. My whole body was wrapped in the greatest mass of aura it had ever had.

“Ahahaha! What the heck is that!? Seriously! His dragon power sprang up because his master’s breasts might become smaller!”

Azazel guffawed and burst out laughing. It isn’t a laughing matter! This really isn’t a laughing matter! For me, it’s more serious than Heaven and Earth being inverted! Yeah, scramble! This is the greatest possible crisis! That’s why it’s unforgivable! Halve my Buchou’s breasts? That’s unforgivable! Those breasts are mine! As if I’d let them become small! I still haven’t rubbed them enough! I still haven’t sucked them yet! I still haven’t held them between my fingers yet! (!) Don’t take away my dreams, you bastaaaaaaaard! I realised it once again. He and I can never understand each other! I felt my dream to double Buchou’s breasts! Yet he said that this guy will halve Buchou’s breasts! I thrust my finger at Vali! The far-off trees in the background were blown away from the force of the aftershock of thrusting that finger.

“Just try to make a move on Rias Gremory! I’ll thoroughly destroy you to the point where you won’t be able to reincarnate agaaaaaaain! You halving maniaaaaaaaaaaaac!!”

The clouds in the night sky were broken apart from my exclamation. The full moon which had been hidden appeared.

“Today is full of surprises. Who would have thought that this much power would explode because of a woman’s breasts? However, it’s interesting!”

The Hakuryuukou flew out at me. I didn’t feel slow.


I got away from that spot and kicked Vali in the side as he flew!

“Fast! Have you exceeded me in speed!?”

High school dxd v4 000e.jpg

Like I know! Be surprised as much as you please! As if I’ll forgive! As if I’ll forgive this guy! If I leave him alone, not only Buchou, but also Akeno-san’s breasts will be halved! Kuh! Just imagining it makes me shudder! It’s an unforgivable act even for God to halve those fantastic breasts! I caught up with Vali, who was moving at the speed of light, with no trouble.

“This is for Buchou’s breasts!”

A hit to Vali’s abdomen with my right fist! In my mind, Buchou’s breasts shook!


At the same time I activated the Hakuryuukou power I had just transplanted and felt the aura covering Vali decrease sharply.


Vali spat out bile from his mouth! I continued attacking like that without interference!

“This is for Akeno-san’s breasts!”

A hit to the face! Alright! I completely broke his helmet! In my mind, Akeno-san’s breasts bounced!

“This is for Asia’s still growing breasts!”

The jets on his back from which his wings of light originated were destroyed! In my mind, Asia’s breasts grew!

“This is for Xenovia’s breasts!”

I vigorously kicked him high into the air! In my mind, Xenovia’s breasts were pleased!

“Finally! This is for Koneko-chan’s breasts that would disappear if they were halveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!”

I tackled him with extreme speed! In my mind, Koneko-chan’s breasts cried!


Vali vomited blood from my extreme tackle. Yeah, serves you right!


Vali struck the ground. My anger hadn’t calmed down, so I approached him and declared.

“Koneko-chan! She worries about her small breasts, you know!? You’ll halve it!? I won’t allow it! Don’t take away anymore breasts from that child! Can you understand that pain!? You damn halving maniac!”

Damn it! My anger still isn’t calming down! Should I hit him one more time!? In contrast to me, who had gotten angry, Vali just gave a seemingly happy smile. It’s sickening!

“...Interesting. Truly interesting.”

[Vali, I finished analysing his halving power. When compared with the control method of your power, you can handle it.]

“I see. I’m not afraid of him with this.”

No way. It’s not showing any effect anymore! Even though I thought I delivered that much pain!

“Albion, do you think he’s worthy enough to show the Hakuryuukou’s [Juggernaut Drive] if it’s the current Hyoudou Issei?”

[Vali, it’s not a good choice in this place. If you recklessly enter Juggernaut Drive, Ddraig’s curse might be removed.]

“It’ll all work out, Albion. [I, who am about to awaken, Am the Heavenly Dragon—]”

What? That damn Vali was chanting something.

[Don’t act rashly, Vali! Is it your desire to be at the mercy of my power!?]

Albion was angry? I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll take him down before he prepares his new attack! When I tried to deliver a hit as a finishing blow to Vali—. With the moon floating within the night sky in the background, a single silhouette swooped down to our location. It swiftly came into the space between Vali and me. It was a man wearing armour that would be worn by a military commander of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.[17]

“Vali, I’ve come for you.”

It was a young man with a refreshing-looking face. He spoke to Vali cheerfully.

“So it’s Bikou. What have you come for?”

Vali stood up while wiping away the blood from his mouth.

“Isn’t that cruel? I made a long journey and came all the way to this island country because my partner is in a pinch, you know? The other guys were making a fuss at headquarters, you know? Because we’re joining together to fight the northern country Gods, you were supposed to flee and return right away if the mission failed, right? Cattleya failed to assassinate Michael, Azazel and Lucifer, right? In that case, your observation role is also over. Come back with me.”

“...I see, so it’s already time.”

What are they talking about as they please?

“Who are you?”

I pointed at the person who had just appeared and asked that.

“He’s the descendent of the Victorious Fighting Buddha.”[18]

The one who answered was Azazel. Huh? That isn’t familiar at all, though?

“Let me say it with a name that you can grasp. He’s Son Goku. The famous damn monkey in the Journey to the West[19].”

...Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

“S-S-Son Gokuuuuuuuu!?”

I was so shocked that all my anger till now was blown away! Because, he’s the one from that famous story!

“To say it correctly, he is a monkey Youkai that has inherited Son Goku’s power. However, it really is the end of the world if even you have joined the Khaos Brigade. No, you’re the Son Goku to the Vanishing Dragon. You’re also well-matched.”

That guy laughed at Azazel’s words with a cackle.

“I’m different from the First Generation that became a Buddha. I just live doing as I like. My name is Bikou. Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei.”

He casually greeted me. The Youkai called Bikou spun around a cane that had appeared in his hand, and then pierced it into the ground. Instantly, a black darkness spread over the ground. It enveloped Vali and Bikou, and made them completely sink into it. So they intend to escape! Don’t kid around! I still have to give him my breast doctrine one more time!

“Wait! As if I’ll let you escape!”

I tried to catch him, but...


My Sacred Gear was released. My armour vanished, and the ring which helped unleash my power also crumbled away. The Balance Breaker state that was reinforced by the ring had been removed!

“Azazel! Don’t you have more of those rings!? I can’t let him escape!”

“It takes a tremendous amount of time to purify those things. I can’t mass-produce them. And even if I could, the possibility of attaining complete Balance Breaker fades if used too much. To the end, it’s an emergency-use measure.”

"Right now is for emergency-use! I was made a fool of by him! As if I’ll let him get away!"

...Suddenly, I was seized by intense fatigue... I couldn’t put any strength into my feet. I couldn’t grasp my fist either.

“If you explosively emit that much power in an instant, your stamina will become empty. As you are now, what you are able to store is limited and long battles are impossible.”

That was Azazel’s explanation... But wasn’t Vali armoured for the whole time? ...I see. As expected, that’s the decisive gap between me and Vali. There’s no meaning if I can’t maintain that period of time where I temporarily surpass him for a long time.

“I, as the Hakuryuukou, was occupied by the blood relative of the old Maou. The enemy isn’t just Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils. Eventually we’ll fight again, but at that time, it will be even more intense. We’ll each get stronger—.”

Stopping mid-sentence just there, the Hakuryuukou vanished into the darkness along with Son Goku.

The Festival Ends

When we set foot on the school grounds, the armies of the three big powers had come in and carried out the processing after the battle. They carried away the corpses of the dead Magicians, and looked to be cleaning up after the battle. When we advanced to the centre of the school grounds, the forms of Sirzechs-sama, Serafall Leviathan-sama and Michael-san could be seen giving orders to people who seemed to be subordinates. When Sirzechs-sama caught sight of us, he raised his hands.

“So you were safe. Thank goodness. —Azazel, what happened to that arm?”

Seeing the one-armed Azazel, Sirzechs-sama gestured his hand at Asia. Asia responded to that and applied her recovery Sacred Gear on the opening of Azazel’s wound. Pale green light healed the wound on Azazel’s arm, but the lost arm wasn’t fixed.

“I was caught by Katerea and nearly self-destructed along with her. I had no choice but to cut it off.”

“I see. Her matter was a problem on the Devils’ side. About that wound—”

Sirzechs-sama tried to say words to make up for it in another form, but Azazel held him back with his hand and showed that it ‘wasn’t necessary’.

“I also...caused trouble with Vali.”

“...So he betrayed you.”

“From the start, he was a guy that pursued only power. If you look at it from the results, it’s possible to understand and say ‘Ah, I see’. —However, it’s my responsibility that I didn’t stop it from happening.”

Azazel’s eyes seemed lonely somehow. Did he feel something for the time he was with Vali? Michael-san came between Sirzechs-sama and Azazel.

“Now then, I’m returning to Heaven at once and will work on a plan for the matter of peace and countermeasures against the Khaos Brigade.”

“I’m sorry. I had arranged things this time. We who set up the place of this conference feel ashamed.”

“Sirzechs, please don’t feel so responsible. As for me, I’m just glad that the Three Great Powers are walking on the path to peace together, you know? With this, useless quarrels should also decrease.”

“Well, subordinates who don’t agree with that will also leave.”

Azazel made that sarcastic remark.

“That is inevitable since we’ve been hating each other for a long time. However, it should change even a little from now on. The problem is the Khaos Brigade that we can’t assume is good.”

“Then let’s cooperate and discuss from now on regarding that matter.”

Azazel and Michael-san nodded at Sirzechs-sama’s idea.

“Then, I’ll return to Heaven at once. I’ll come back immediately, so we’ll conclude the formal peace agreement at that time.”

And then, I spoke out to Michael-san, who would try to be here later, though it was rude.

“U-Umm, Michael-san!”

“What is it, Sekiryuutei boy?”

“There’s just one thing I’d like to ask of you.”

“Very well. There isn’t time, but I’ll hear this one thing.”

There was a wish that I wanted to be granted at any cost.

“It’s because of the System that Asia and Xenovia receive damage when they pray to God, right?”

The two of them were former believers. Sometimes, they would pray as old habits didn’t fade and they would receive damage.

“Yes. If Devils or Fallen Angels pray to God, the System moves and decides to give them light damage. Because this was included in the System with or without God’s presence, it moves naturally. What about it?”

“Can’t you make it so that there is no damage when only Asia and Xenovia are praying?”

That was my wish. I was always watching them force a smile, but they wanted to pray like normal as expected. They’re Devils, but I think they should be free to have something they believe in.


Hearing my wish, Michael-san showed a surprised expression. Was my request strange? Asia and Xenovia, who were on either of my sides, were also surprised. However, Michael-san gave a small laugh and nodded in agreement.

“I understand. If it’s only two people, I may be able to do something about it. The two of them are already Devils and can’t get near church headquarters. Asia, Xenovia, let me ask you. You know God is absent, right? Even so, will you still pray?”

At Michael’s question, the two of them shook their head and then nodded.

“Yes, I want to pray even if there is no Lord.”

“Me too. I’ll give thanks to the Lord—to Michael-sama.” (!)

Michael-san smiled at both of their responses.

“Very well. I’ll do that right away when I return to headquarters. Fufufu, it should be fine if there are only two Devils who don’t receive damage when praying. How interesting.”

Alright! He said it!

“With this, you can pray to God without problems, Asia! ...Though he doesn’t exist.”

Asia became teary-eyed and embraced me.


There, there. I held her gently. I’m happy for you, Asia. I’ll exert myself for the sake of Asia’s happiness from now on as well.

“Ise, thank you.”

Xenovia also voiced her gratitude. I gently stroked the heads of both Asia and Xenovia.

“It’s fine. You can pray without restraint from now on.”

Did Xenovia’s cheeks turn slightly red because she was embarrassed? Hahaha, don’t worry about it!

“Michael-sama, about the aforementioned matter, please do as you said.”

Kiba requested something to Michael-san.

“Following your advice, I swear on the Holy Demonic Sword you gave us that I will not allow Holy Sword research to produce any more victims. It was a huge error for us to flatly reject important believers to this extent.” (!)

Ooh, Michael-san! So you would also go that far! Rather, just when did Kiba have such a talk with Michael-san?

“That’s great, Kiba!”

“Yeah, thank you, Ise-kun.”

Azazel spoke to Michael as they pleasantly watched our exchange.

“Michael, I’ll leave the explaining to the Valhalla guys to you. After all, it would be problematic for me to move imprudently. Afterwards, you’ll have to convey what happened today to Mt. Sumeru[20] as well.”

“Yeah, since there would be no persuasive power if either the Governor of the Fallen Angels or the Maou explained things, I’ll have to tell them. I’m accustomed to reporting to God after all.”

Leaving it at that, Michael-san took a great number of his subordinates and flew to Heaven. Azazel declared ahead to the Fallen Angel troops.

“I have chosen peace. The Fallen Angels won’t fight with the Angels and Devils at all from now on. Those who are dissatisfied with this may leave. However, I’ll kill you without reservation the next time we meet. Only those who want to follow may come with me.”

[We will live for the sake of Governor Azazel till the day we die!]

The subordinates’ loyalty became a roar. Azazel saw this and expressed his gratitude with a small ‘Thank you’. What incredible charisma.

After Azazel issued orders to his troops, the Fallen Angels deployed magic circles and returned. The Devil troops also seemed to be transferring through magic circles. The school grounds that had been crowded with all those troops became rapidly desolate, and then only the few people gathered with us were left. Azazel, the only Fallen Angel left, let out a big breath and left in the direction of the school gate.

“I’ll leave the cleaning up to Sirzechs. I’m tired, so I’m heading back.”

He tried to wave his hand and head back, but he stopped just once and pointed his finger at me.

“That’s right, Sekiryuutei. Since I plan to stay here for a little while, I’ll help that Bishop of Rias Gremory. I can’t stand seeing a Sacred Gear that can’t be controlled.”


That was my idiotic voice. What did you say just now, Mr. Governor?

“For the red, it’s women. For the white, it’s power. —Either one is so purely simple that it's shocking.”

Saying just that, Azazel then left while whistling. At that time, I thought Azazel’s words were just a joke.

July 20XX AD—

Heaven’s representative Head Angel Michael, Governor Azazel of the Fallen Angel central organisation Grigori, the Underworld’s representative Maou Sirzechs Lucifer, with these representatives of the Three Great Powers, a peace treaty was signed. Thereafter, disputes between the Three Great Powers were prohibited in the framework of cooperation. This treaty adopted its name from our school which became its stage, and was called the [Kuoh Treaty].

New Life

“And so, from today on, I’ll be the advisor of this Occult Research Club. Please call me Azazel-sensei. Or Governor is fine too.”

Wearing a worn-out suit, Azazel was in the clubroom of the occult research club.

“...Why are you here?”

Touching her forehead with her hand, Buchou was in a perplexed state.

“Hah! I was requested to take this position by Serafall’s little sister! Well, it’s because I’m a super-cool guy. I score even with schoolgirls!”

“That’s forbidden! Or rather, why would Sona do such a thing?”

“You’re so stubborn, Rias Gremory. I was told by Serafall’s sister that this was requested by Sirzechs. That’s why she requested me.”

You were requested as an advisor for such a thing!? The President’s intentions couldn’t be understood!

“Wait, what about that arm? Didn’t you lose one of them?”

I pointed at Azazel’s, no, at Sensei’s arm. I’m sure that it was cut off that time.

“Ah, this. It’s a genuine artificial arm that I produced while researching Sacred Gears. It’s an all-purpose arm that can be loaded with light power-style laser beams and tiny missiles. I wanted to be equipped with such a thing once. I equipped it in commemoration of my lost arm.”


Azazel’s—Sensei’s hand flew out. It also did several rotations as it spun on its side. Ooh, it’s mechanical!

“The condition for me staying at this school is that I make the immature Sacred Gears possessed by the Devils of the Gremory family grow. Well, my knowledge as a Sacred Gear enthusiast is useful after all. You guys have also heard about it, but there is a weird organisation called the Khaos Brigade. As a future deterrent against them, the Welsh Dragon and your family have become famous. Rather than that, I’m an expert on the opposing Vanishing Dragon. From the information I got on him, I know that Vali has his own team. We’re temporarily calling it the [Hakuryuukou Team]. Several people are gathering around the ones who've been identified at present, Vali and Son Goku.”

“Are Vali and the others going to attack here again?”

The Governor shook his head at my question.

“They won’t attack here again. It was a rare chance for an assassination on the leaders of the Three Great Powers at the conference, but that also failed. Their current opponents are Heaven and the Underworld. In the Underworld, all the Fallen Angels under my orders have joined together with the Devils. The Underworld won’t fall so easily. The Seraph guys in Heaven also wouldn’t remain silent. Also, there are the free-loading strong sacred beasts in Heaven, and demonic beasts as well.”

“...So it’s a war?”

“No, it’s still at the skirmish level. You could say both they and us are in a preparatory period. Don’t worry, something like war won’t occur until you people graduate from university, let alone this school’s high school division. Enjoy your school life fully. However, it is the long-awaited preparatory period. So you’ll be doing various preparations, right?”


Tilting my head in puzzlement, I squeezed inside my mind and tried to think of something to say, but nothing special came to mind. (!)

“Sekiryuutei, don’t think about it too hard. Either way, since you lack brains, you’ll make no progress if you worry too much. Your enemy is Hakuryuukou Vali to the bitter end. Just don’t forget that single fact.”

I see. So my enemy is that guy. It’s better if I understand just that clearly. Not only did he look down on me and those around me, he also made a fool of me! Next time we meet, I’ll hit him hard with my own power!

“You were only able to repel Vali because you combined the Dragon Slaying sword you got from Michael with Boosted Gear’s power. Also, Vali didn’t go all out. If it weren’t for that, you would have lost. Rather, you could only fight thanks to the compatibility this time. If it was another opponent that wasn’t a Dragon and possessed power of Vali’s level, you would have been killed.”

It was exactly as Azazel said. I couldn’t have fought so well if I didn’t have this sword. The Dragon Slayer is varied.

“Also, can you use the Hakuryuukou’s power because of that?”

Azazel asked this.

“No, it doesn’t function at all.”

I had obtained the ‘power to halve my opponent’ at great pains, but the gauntlet that had been lodged in my right arm hadn’t appeared since then. Was it a one-time use only?

“As I thought. You can’t handle something that strong so easily. It’s beneficial to take in another Dragon’s power. However, it’s an entirely different matter whether you can freely control it or not. If used unskilfully, it may be an ability that is more difficult than attaining Balance Breaker. However, the power you took in once should have been recorded into Ddraig’s soul. The rest depends on training. In addition, you’ll first have to complete hellish training in the long term. If you’re weak but in absurdly high spirits, you’ll die.”

I’m sorry that I’m fundamentally weak, Governor! Damn it, even though I stole Albion’s power, there’s no point if I couldn’t use it freely. Well, I also couldn’t control even Ddraig’s power. It was still impossible for the current me.

“Your Sekiryuutei power is also too unstable. Its explosive power is tremendous, but that’s also only temporarily. A lower rank opponent would instantly be brought down with that, but it would be suppressed by a higher rank opponent. If you’re also going to participate in the Rating Games as a Devil from now on, you must stabilise the Sekiryuutei’s mighty power. For all that, you first need to attain Balance Breaker. Having said that, Rating Games aren’t straightforward either. Something like a Pawn that consumed only one piece taking down the King also happens. Everything depends on how you fight. I’ll have to teach you all about that as well.”

“You seem well-informed about Rating Games.”

“Devils aren’t the only fans of the game, you know? Thanks to the peace pact, there are also a lot of Angels and Fallen Angels going out to watch the games unreservedly.”

Sooner or later, won’t all the Angels and Fallen Angels be giving ‘participation requests!’ as well?

“Therefore, for the time being, we’ll build up your body so that it can fight for long periods of time.”


That’s exactly right. My power really is something temporary. If I participate in the games in the future, I’ll need to fight for long periods of time. I’ll have to maintain that power for longer than a tenth of a second. Rather, can I really attain the perfect Balance Breaker? Since I’ve only forcefully achieved it until now with borrowed power, I can’t imagine attaining it with my own power. Because I’m fundamentally weak. I’m a former human. Vali is a Maou descendent. These are the backgrounds we’ve had from birth, huh?

“Can I become strong?”

That was my question. It was a straightforward question. Could I really become strong?”

“I’ll make you strong. Since I’m a Fallen Angel with free time.”

Azazel showed a complacent and mischievous smile. I guess I have no choice but to believe in this Governor. Well, my power depends on my training from now on. Then, I pointed at Gasper.

“If, for example, we’re attacked another time, can’t we do something with Gasper’s time-stopping power?”

“S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-Senpai! W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What are you sayiiiiiiing!? Hiiiiii!”

Gasper cried and shouted at my suggestion.

“It’s not worth considering if he’s alone. We don’t know what kind of people are in the Khaos Brigade.”

Ara, ara, how piercing. Certainly, Vali was also saying that Gasper was full of weak points.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’m so useless! I’m not useful at all! I’m garbage! I’m pig food! I’m seriously reflecting deeper than the sea, and I possess a target higher than Evereeeeeeeeeest! So please don’t abandon meeeeeeeee!”

Gasper took refuge in his cardboard box while crying. Hey, hey, you need to graduate from the cardboard box!

“That’s right. Holy Demonic Sword kid, how long can you fight in Balance Breaker?”

Kiba answered Azazel’s question.

“Currently, one hour is my limit.”

“That’s not good. At the very least, you need to make sure that you’re able to continue using it for three days.”

Ooh, how strict. Kiba’s expression also became fired up from the words just now.

“I-I can only do it for ten seconds under restricted conditions...”

The Governor’s eyes became half-closed as I timidly spoke.

“You’ll have to retrain from scratch. The Hakuryuukou can stay in Balance Breaker for one month. That's the difference between you.”

One month... It was a clear and overwhelming difference from my ten seconds. But now that I could see my objective, it was easy to understand. Next, Azazel’s gaze turned towards Akeno-san.

“Do you still hate us, no, Barakiel?”

—. That’s the name of Akeno-san’s father. I see, so Akeno-san’s father is Azazel’s subordinate. Akeno-san answered with a stern expression.

“I have no intention of forgiving him. It’s that person’s fault that my mother died.”

“Akeno, when you fell down to being a Devil, he said nothing.”

“Naturally. That person isn’t in a position where he can say something to me.”

“That’s not what I meant. No, well, it might be thoughtless of me to enter into the space of you parent and child.”

“I don’t consider that person as my father!”

Akeno-san declared that clearly.

“I see. However, I don’t think it’s bad that you joined the Gremory family. If things were otherwise, what would Barakiel think, I wonder?”


Akeno-san did not respond to Azazel’s words. She just silently showed a complicated expression. Then, Azazel’s eyes turned to me this time.

“Hey, Sekiryuutei—is Ise fine? Ise, your dream is to make a harem, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right...”

Yes, a harem is my final goal! My dream! ...However, recently, I feel like that dream is quite far away ever since I discovered that I’m bad at handling girls...

“Shall I teach you about harems? Even though I look like this, I’m a man who has formed hundreds of harems in the past, you know? You won’t lose anything by hearing about it.”

...What! Governor!?


“Yeah, seriously. Are you a virgin?”


“All right, I’ll also teach you about women. It’s better to become a man that properly ensnares even beautiful women. The story of how I fell like this was because I rubbed the breasts of human women. I don’t compromise when it comes to ero.”

“Y-You fell for such a thing!? Eh? Seriously!?”

Buchou nodded at my question with a fed-up face.

“Really. According to legend, the leaders of the Grigori were tempted by human women and fell for teaching them valuable knowledge from Heaven.”

Azazel smiled as he heard that.

“We were young back then too. We blindly believed that ‘God was great!’ and ‘God was wonderful!’ with our virginity standing out. Hahaha, after we lost to temptation in the end and had sex with women, we lost our virginity, and also lost our place in Heaven.”

Amazing! The leaders of the Fallen Angels were all lewd people! That goes beyond being bad people!

“Ah, somehow, I'm suddenly feeling sympathy for the Fallen Angels.”

“Ooh, you really are sensible, aren’t you? That’s right, if you’re a man, live in a state of desire. Devour woman! If you sleep with them and have sex, strength will follow along with confidence. —I shall handle your graduation ceremony. I’ll introduce you to some beautiful Fallen Angel women among my subordinates. They’d also probably be happy to have sex if their partner is a legendary Dragon.”

Beautiful Fallen Angel women!? I suddenly remembered Raynare... No, no, there wouldn’t be any more bad women like that! Or RATHER, that’s what I want to believe! However, I don’t think such a thing will happen again.

“Uooooo! Seriously!? I can graduate!? I will follow you, Sensei!”

That’s right! This person is my teacher! Azazel-sensei! My teacher! The great teacher who will teach me about Sacred Gears and women! The teacher I wanted!

“Oh, I see. All right, then we’ll go out on a virginity-graduation tour.”

What is that, that dream-like-sounding tour!? That’s way more fascinating than an all-you-can-eat-crab tour! I’ll participate! I’ll certainly participate! If there is an annual participation fee, I’ll collect and pay it! Please let me participate on that tour for eternity! Seeing my eyes light up, Buchou became flustered.

“P-Please wait a moment, Azazel! Please don’t give Ise strange ideas!”

Gyuh. Buchou embraced me and made sure I didn’t come into contact with Azazel.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? At this age, it’s perfectly healthy to be acquainted with one or two women. Or is there something wrong with your servant being acquainted with women?”

“I’m the one who manages Ise’s chastity! Ise, what do you mean by getting rid of your chastity at another place after you protected someone else’s chastity!?”

Seriously!? My virginity is being managed by Buchou!?

“Ise-san, do you mean to leave me and go somewhere far away...?”

Asia-chan!? Are you misunderstanding the tour? I’ll always be with Asia!

“Ara, ara, Ise-kun, I’ll be lonely if you participate on the tour.”

Akeno-san! Please don’t have such a sorrowful expression! I won’t be able to go!

“...Ise-senpai is the worst.”

Au! I’m sorry, Koneko-chan! However, Koneko-chan isn’t angry. She’s laughing!

“If Buchou is managing it, it won’t be easy to produce a child... Muu.”

Xenovia, you’re seriously worrying about it!?

“You sure are popular, Ise-senpai! As a hikikomori, I admire you!”

“Now, you can’t speak ill of me any more, can you?”

So said Gasper and Kiba. I don’t really understand it, but Gasper, please graduate from your cardboard box. The good-looking guy can die! Watching this scene, Azazel-sensei laughed heartily.

“Hahaha! What’s with this!? I see, I see. That’s right, Dragons naturally form polygamies. So you don’t require my teaching. Well, this place has become a location for representatives from the three-way alliance. The Governor of the Fallen Angels, the Maou’s little sister, backup from the Angels’ side and a legendary Dragon. Let’s all get along from now on. The current objective is for the Sekiryuutei to perfect Balance Break, and for all of you to power up. You should train and achieve that during summer vacation.”

Summer vacation... That’s right, the first school term is ending soon. Even so, it’s scary how this Fallen Angel Governor has fitted in normally before we noticed it. Even though he was the leader of an enemy organisation until now. The future really doesn’t look so bad.

“We also have to become stronger too.”

Azazel also agreed with Buchou’s words.

“It doesn’t hurt to become stronger. So, according to talk, there’s going to be a meeting of young Devils in a few days, right? I heard Rias Gremory was included among the names of promising young Devils that are close to debuting.”

“Yes, noble families and old families meet together with several young Devils. It seems to be a custom.”

“Is it fine to think about games at a time when a terrorist attack occurred?”

That was my question. Was it really fine, even though a strange organisation had come? Sensei was the one who answered that.

“I in fact recommend it. Battles in the games will be good experience for current young Devils without previous battle experience. It’s because the present Devils are crowded together with Reincarnated Devils of humans, Fallen Angels and Demonic Beasts. They are troubled by their opponents. Abundant battlefields have been established and fighting methods have come in an infinite variety responding to that. There isn’t a more favourable environment for training young people than this. Unexpectedly, Sirzechs and the others have looked at the current situation with the future in mind when they created these games. They make them compete with other Devils and the quality of power is raised. Since they’re a greedy group, it fits them. What crafty guys they are.” (!)

I don’t really understand it well, but basically, he’s saying that they gain battle experience in the games so as not to lose to terrorism either, huh. Certainly, it’d be a problem if the inexperienced were suddenly thrown into the battlefield.

“Don’t worry, I’ll drive into you how to use your personal power and your Sacred Gear’s power. And there are plans for the matches to be set during your training camp as well. I believe they’re doing it in Rating Game style. I’ve already finished probing Sirzechs about it.”

Azazel-sensei, you seriously seem to like preparing for this... Is it really that fun? (!)

“Kukuku, there’s the Boosted Gear which has begun an unknown evolution. And there’s also the Holy Demonic Sword. Furthermore, there’s the Forbidden Balor View. I’ll drive my research results into them and explore their original evolved forms.”

Uwah! Sensei is giving out a dangerous laugh and thoughts! Are we experimental bodies!? With so many difficulties ahead, I fear for the future... What will happen to Kuoh Academy and the Occult Research Club?

Kuoh Academy, End of First Semester

Kuoh Academy Senior High School, Occult Research Club

Advising Teacher: Azazel (Fallen Angel Governor)

President: Rias Gremory (King), Third Year Student, Remaining Pieces: 1 Rook

Vice-President: Himejima Akeno (Queen), Third Year Student

Club Members:

Toujou Koneko (Rook), First Year Student

Kiba Yuuto (Knight), Second Year Student

Xenovia (Knight), Second Year Student

Asia Argento (Bishop), Second Year Student

Gasper Vladi (Bishop), First Year Student

Hyoudou Issei (Pawn), Second Year Student


“Sorry for contacting you like this, Shemhaza. So that’s why I’ll be staying here for a while.”

[Understood. However, Azazel. There are also subordinates who don’t think kindly of you for this peace—]

“It’s fine. It doesn’t matter. Leaving that aside, it’s you that I’m worried about. —Your kid will be born, right?”

[...Azazel. I...I!]

“Take good care of that Devil wife of yours. She’s a good woman for coming this far to be with you even though she might be killed. Your child will become the bridge between Devils and Fallen Angels.”

[I would have been happy if I alone had been resented...! F-For you to be so...!]

“Don’t cry, my comrade. I’m used to being resented. Leave the matter of Akeno to me as well. I’ll shoulder everything with these twelve black wings, so just be silent and follow me, Shemhaza!”

[—! Yes, my master!]


“—And that is the report from Michael-dono, Odin-sama.”

“These youngsters have sprung back up. It’s a bold thing pretending to be God, that damn Michael.” (!)

“What shall we do? It was unexpected that the God recorded in the Holy Bible has died.”

“Really, with that youngster Michael, that fake Lucifer and that naughty kid Azazel, it’s a play gathering of little brats.”

“Then, shall we teach those youngsters what we, the Asgard, the true Gods, are like?”

“Freyr, I won’t be able to respond to a war engulfing the world after so long with my old body. However, the earnestness of these youngsters is interesting. I’ll go watch the Rating Games of the Devils.”

“They do seem interesting, don’t they?”

“It does seem fun. The struggling of these youngsters who have lost their God. Now then, what will they do from now on?”

Special Life

The day before we entered summer vacation. That is, after the closing ceremony had ended.


“Hi. I’ll be imposing on you from today on.”

Akeno-san and Xenovia came to my house carrying some big luggage. Right after Akeno-san greeted me—


She embraced me! Owah! So suddenly!

“I, Akeno, have arrived here at your side just now. Ise-kun...”

P-Please don’t look at me with such teary eyes... My chest tightened!

“...A-Akeno and Xenovia will also be living together with us in this house... I-It was Onii-sama’s suggestion. Koneko also plans to come later.”

High school dxd v4 329.jpg

So said Buchou, who somehow seemed to feel regretful about it. According to the story, Sirzechs-sama apparently proposed this for the sake of improving the physical relationship of our family. It was said that Buchou resisted it till the end, but my parents had consented to it, and the moving-in of Akeno-san and Xenovia had been arranged. So, as soon as Akeno-san arrived at my house, she clung to me like glue and wouldn’t let go. Uu, I’m happy, but the looks that Buchou and Asia are giving me are painful...or perhaps I should say scary... Akeno-san, aren’t you enjoying this situation? The feeling of your breasts is wonderful, but...

“Ise-kun♪, I’ll sleep together with you tonight. Ufufu♪, I want to do things with Ise-kun in bed all night just once.”

“Seriously!? Uooooo! N-Nosebleed!”

“Asia, is it fine if I share the same room as you?”

Xenovia tried to confirm this, but that Asia was looking at me and Akeno-san with watery eyes. Ooh, it seems I’ll be scolded by Asia later! Buchou sighed while pinching my cheek. It hurts, onee-sama...

“However, this house has rather become small, hasn’t it? I’ve decided. I’ll reconstruct it during summer vacation. I’ll get in touch with my brother.”

Eeeeeh!? What will happen to the Hyoudou household from now on...?

With this and that, the first school semester came to a close. Next is summer vacation! Playing all day-long as much as I like! Since I’m living together with Buchou and the others, various things are bound to happen to me according to the plan. This plan might not come to be probably... After all, I was Buchou’s servant, Akeno-san’s pet Kouhai, and Asia’s onii-san. Damn it! Even though summer is the important season where it’s possible for male high school students to graduate from being a virgin! I don’t want to hear the bragging of my class’ boys who have graduated after summer ends! I don’t think it’s possible, but if I’m beaten to the punch by Matsuda and Motohama, I’ll have no confidence in living. Ah, that ‘mufufu’ pink life... It’s receding because of my training! However, I have to become strong. I have to get closer to Vali by even a little, and if I’m going to survive as a Devil from now on, powering-up is required. If I want a harem, first, I need physical strength.

—However! During summer vacation, I want to have sex with Buchooooooooooou!


“Breasts come in various shapes and sizes, and the demands for them are also consequently varied.”

Autumn reading! There’s for example book reports. I might be called to the teacher’s office.

It’s been a while. It’s Ishibumi.

The hikikomori Vampire Gasper has finally appeared! The mysterious Bishop that was hinted at in the first Volume has appeared here. Being a cross-dresser, hikikomori and Vampire, he’s full of materials.

The Fallen Angel Governor Azazel has become the advisor of the Occult Research Club! I put him in because I wanted a strong and cool explanation character. In the end, he has the role of a coach, so he won’t be participating in the Rating Games. The ‘Kn*ght Fig*rehead’ teacher position. He’s for the few female readers along with Kiba.

The rival Vali. He’s a character that amazingly blows away the setting’s common sense, but that’s exactly why he becomes a contrast with the ordinary high school student Ise. This time, he got beaten up because he touched a taboo (breasts) for Ise. Well, Vali is at fault for that.

Akeno also seriously entered into the competition for Ise in this fourth volume. Rias can’t be careless either. Both onee-samas will do this and that around Ise!? And Xenovia too!? Asia will also feel anxious. The dream of living together is stormy and full of drama.

In this Volume, the first school semester story ended, next Volume is the summer vacation story, and in the Volume after that, the second school semester story will begin. From now on, Ise will fight his rival Vali, and Buchou will compete with the other young Devils in the Rating Games. I think I’ll draw their forms growing together.

As written in the afterword of the first Volume, I had planned from the beginning to introduce the Norse mythology. The Khaos Brigade and Ise’s group will rarely come into direct contact with each other. They will mainly come into contact with those of Hakuryuukou Vali’s family. The White side has legendary existences besides Son Goku as comrades!? The White side is full of guys that blow away the setting’s common sense.

Now for the thanks. The fourth Volume has come out at last. Miyama-zero-sama, my main editor H-sama, please take care of me from now on as well!

The next volume will be a Koneko story + training + hot springs + Rating Game. After winning over Akeno, the loli is next!? Since there were few battles in the fourth Volume, I’d like to mix in the Games and have a lot of battles in the next one. The fifth Volume is planned to be released in winter. It’s before the winter holidays, but please expect a warm and hot summer battle. Then, till the fifth Volume.

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Boys Love = gay
  2. Another respectable way to call dad in Japanese
  3. to gulp it down
  4. The kanji for river has 3 strokes: 川 , hence the comparison
  5. In the first ‘I’ he uses ‘Ore’, a particularly masculine way of speaking. In the next ‘I’, he changes it to ‘jibun’ which is a softer way of speaking. This is to highlight the difference in position between the Maou and him.
  6. Refer to two man comedies in Japan, Manzai, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manzai
  7. Ecchi is perverted, but I guess you guys already know
  8. Kouhai is junior
  9. A type of hardenable modeling clay based on PVC, generally used in arts and crafts
  10. This was meant to be said in English
  11. Dono is an old respectable way of speaking
  12. Mahou shoujo=magical girl which I have been using, but to keep the joke intact I kept Mahou in this statement
  13. A Slavic mythological being which is half human, half Vampire
  14. While the word Dhampir does not appear originally, it is the proper term
  15. Yamato Nadeshiko
  16. Fuku-Buchou = vice president (of club)
  17. A famous Chinese historical novel written in the 14th century by Luo Guanzhong[1]
  18. The kanji read as 闘戦勝仏 while the furigana reads とうせんしょうぶつ. The name "Victorious Fighting Buddha", one of Son Goku's titles, was taken from a translation of the original Chinese text. [2]
  19. A famous Chinese tale written by Wu Cheng'en in the 16th century, and one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature.[3]
  20. Mt. Sumeru is the central-world mountain in Buddhism.[4]

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