High School DxD:Volume 4 Afterword

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“Breasts come in various shapes and sizes, and the demands for them are also consequently varied.”

Autumn reading! There’s for example book reports. I might be called to the teacher’s office.

It’s been a while. It’s Ishibumi.

The hikikomori Vampire Gasper has finally appeared! The mysterious Bishop that was hinted at in the first Volume has appeared here. Being a cross-dresser, hikikomori and Vampire, he’s full of materials.

The Fallen Angel Governor Azazel has become the advisor of the Occult Research Club! I put him in because I wanted a strong and cool explanation character. In the end, he has the role of a coach, so he won’t be participating in the Rating Games. The ‘Kn*ght Fig*rehead’ teacher position. He’s for the few female readers along with Kiba.

The rival Vali. He’s a character that amazingly blows away the setting’s common sense, but that’s exactly why he becomes a contrast with the ordinary high school student Ise. This time, he got beaten up because he touched a taboo (breasts) for Ise. Well, Vali is at fault for that.

Akeno also seriously entered into the competition for Ise in this fourth volume. Rias can’t be careless either. Both onee-samas will do this and that around Ise!? And Xenovia too!? Asia will also feel anxious. The dream of living together is stormy and full of drama.

In this Volume, the first school semester story ended, next Volume is the summer vacation story, and in the Volume after that, the second school semester story will begin. From now on, Ise will fight his rival Vali, and Buchou will compete with the other young Devils in the Rating Games. I think I’ll draw their forms growing together.

As written in the afterword of the first Volume, I had planned from the beginning to introduce the Norse mythology. The Khaos Brigade and Ise’s group will rarely come into direct contact with each other. They will mainly come into contact with those of Hakuryuukou Vali’s family. The White side has legendary existences besides Son Goku as comrades!? The White side is full of guys that blow away the setting’s common sense.

Now for the thanks. The fourth Volume has come out at last. Miyama-zero-sama, my main editor H-sama, please take care of me from now on as well!

The next volume will be a Koneko story + training + hot springs + Rating Game. After winning over Akeno, the loli is next!? Since there were few battles in the fourth Volume, I’d like to mix in the Games and have a lot of battles in the next one. The fifth Volume is planned to be released in winter. It’s before the winter holidays, but please expect a warm and hot summer battle. Then, till the fifth Volume.

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