High School DxD:Volume 4 Grigori 2

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“Sorry for contacting you like this, Shemhaza. So that’s why I’ll be staying here for a while.”

[Understood. However, Azazel. There are also subordinates who don’t think kindly of you for this peace—]

“It’s fine. It doesn’t matter. Leaving that aside, it’s you that I’m worried about. —Your kid will be born, right?”

[...Azazel. I...I!]

“Take good care of that Devil wife of yours. She’s a good woman for coming this far to be with you even though she might be killed. Your child will become the bridge between Devils and Fallen Angels.”

[I would have been happy if I alone had been resented...! F-For you to be so...!]

“Don’t cry, my comrade. I’m used to being resented. Leave the matter of Akeno to me as well. I’ll shoulder everything with these twelve black wings, so just be silent and follow me, Shemhaza!”

[—! Yes, my master!]

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