High School DxD:Volume 4 Khaos Brigade

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Khaos Brigade[edit]

Part 1[edit]

As Buchou and Ise-kun quickly disappeared in the transfer magic circle, an unbelievable development occurred before my, Kiba Yuuto’s, eyes. The magic circle that appeared on the floor of the meeting room. When they saw it, all the leaders of the Three Great Powers were shocked. No, Azazel laughed, and Sirzechs-sama made a sour expression.

“...The magic circle of Leviathan.”

Eh...? I couldn’t believe my ears as I heard Sirzechs-sama’s words. At least as far as I knew, this wasn’t the pattern of Serafall Leviathan-sama’s magic circle. Then, what the heck...? My question was quickly resolved.

“It’s something seen in the books of the Vatican. That’s the magic circle of the original Maou Leviathan.”

...I see. I’d heard the rumours. So then, it really still existed. A single woman appeared from the magic circle. She was wearing a dress that was extremely low-cut and had a high slit on it.

“How do you do, current Maou Sirzechs-dono?”

The woman greeted Sirzechs-sama with a fearless tone.

“The one descended from the blood of the previous Leviathan, Cattleya Leviathan. What is the meaning of this?”

Sirzechs-sama said this. As I thought, it’s the family of the original Maou! I’d heard talk about it. When the old four Maou died and they were trying to elect new Maou, they said they raised a desperate resistance right till the end, the people descended from the old Maou. I heard that the post-war Devils, whose fighting power had already been exhausted, drove off all the families of the hard-line old Maous’ army to a corner of Hell with the last of their power. After that, it was said the matter continued by having a new administration established in the centre. That was the current Four Great Maou-samas. The woman, Cattleya Leviathan, who was descended from the original Leviathan, gave a defiant smile and spoke.

“The members of the Old Maou Faction have nearly all decided to cooperate with the Khaos Brigade.”

—What!? What a thing to say. Coming here, the Old Maou Faction have...

“So it’s a feud between the new and old Maou sides that has become full-scale. Devils are also difficult.”

Azazel just smiled like it was someone else’s problem.

"Cattleya, is it okay to interpret those words literally?”

“Sirzechs, it’s exactly as I said. We are also taking charge of this attack right now.”

“So it’s a coup d’état, huh?”

Yes, this was a coup d’état. A rebellion by the Old Maou Faction against the New Maou Faction. To declare this at such a time and place... Moreover, they were lending a hand to the terrorist group.

“...Cattleya, why?”

“Sirzechs, we’ve only arrived at the exact opposite idea of this meeting today. We’ve concluded that, since God and the original Maou are gone, this world should be reformed.”

So they did this coup d’état after learning everything about the non-existence of God and the peace conference of the Three Great Powers. Moreover, they really had taken the opposite path, coming here while considering all this.

“Has that Ophis seen that far ahead into the future? Though that doesn’t seem likely.”

Cattleya just let out a breath in response to Azazel’s question.

“Aside from being a symbol of power, he just bears the position for the sake of gathering power. We’ve asked for his help to destroy the world and rebuild it again. We will be the ones to manage the new world.”

—What!? For such a thing to occur. So the Magicians rampaging outside must be those who endorse these people. If Azazel’s story from before was true, then in addition to the Old Maou Faction and the magicians, rebels from the Fallen Angels and Angels have appeared as well. ...Do they really hate peace so much? Sirzechs-sama smiled very sarcastically.

“...So you’re a gathering of Angel, Fallen Angel and Devil rebels who want their own world and a new Earth that they rule over. The mediator of that is the Uroboros Ophis.”

The strongest Dragon at the top feared even by God... I had heard that it was stronger than the Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon according to legend. If it’s the Dragon that has infinite power similar to God...

“Cattleya-chan! Why are you doing such a thing!?”

Cattleya showed a hateful expression at Serafall-sama’s shout.

“Serafall, how dare you act so shamelessly as the one who stole the position of Leviathan from me! I’m descended from the original Leviathan! I was the one suited to be Maou!”


“Don’t worry, Serafall. Today, I’ll kill you at this place and take the title of Maou Leviathan for myself. Then, Ophis will become the god of the new world. It’s fine if he’s just a symbol. The system, the laws, and the doctrine will be constructed by us. Michael, Azazel, and Lucifer, Sirzechs, your era is over.”

The expressions of Sirzechs-sama, Serafall-sama and Michael-sama all darkened at Cattleya's words. However...there was just one person who seemed pleasant and was smiling.


Only that person...seemed completely strange... He showed a wicked smile like that of a bad boy.

“Azazel, what’s so funny?”

Anger clearly enjoyed Cattleya's expression and words.

“Hahaha! So you, no, you people will reform this world all together, huh?”

“That’s right. That’s exactly right, Azazel. This world is—”

“In decay? Humans are foolish? The Earth will be destroyed? Oi, oi, oi, aren’t things prospering nowadays?”

Azazel held his stomach as he laughed. Cattleya’s eyes twitched.

“Azazel, you’re the same as ever. Even though you have so much power, you’re satisfied with the current world...”

“Let me tell you. Your goal is too clichéd and harsh. And yet, people like that are limited to those who are excessively strong. Geez, it’s really a nuisance for others. Descendant of Leviathan, your words are just like those of a villain who’s about to die, you know that?”

“Azazel! You would ridicule us this far!”

Cattleya was enraged, and a magic aura was gushing out of her entire body. It was the atmosphere of an explosive situation.

“Sirzechs, Michael, I’ll take care of it. Don’t help, okay?”

Azazel stood up. The Governor of the Fallen Angels began releasing a gloomy aura, similar to doing a battle enhancement.

“...Cattleya, do you have no intention of surrendering?”

That was Sirzechs-sama’s final warning. Cattleya shook her head.

“That is correct, Sirzechs. You were a good Maou. However, you weren’t the best Maou. That’s why we are aiming to be the new Maou.”

“I see. That’s too bad.”

Seeing that confirmation, Azazel pointed at the window with his hand. Don! The whole area at the window was blown off by a blast of light! What a thing! Azazel unfolded twelve black wings. Their feathers were darker than endless darkness.

“Descendant of the former Maou Leviathan. One of the [Monsters of the End]. Not a bad opponent. Cattleya Leviathan, are you dressed up for a bout of Armageddon with me?”

Cattleya responded to Azazel’s intense challenge with a fearless smile of her own.

“I was just wishing for that, Governor of the Angels who fell.”

Doh! Azazel and Cattleya Leviathan flew out of here, and a battle of light and Devil magic began to unfold in the distant skies above the school yard. Both of them had a tremendous mass of aura. It was a different dimension from us. I was anxious about support, but now that it’s gone this far, should I assist Maou-sama or should I chase after Buchou? As I was like this, Sirzechs-sama said to me.

“Kiba Yuuto-kun. Me and Michael will keep strengthening the barrier covering this school. Now that Azazel and Cattleya are running wild, the damage may become big. Sorry about this, but until Grayfia finishes her analysis of the Magicians’ transfer-use magic circle, could you deal with the Magicians outside?”

You’re ordering me to subdue the Magicians. A direct order from Maou-sama. The highest honour!

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank you. I’m glad that you’re my sister’s Knight. Please use that Balance Breaker for the sake of my sister and your comrades.”

“Yes! Xenovia, please come with me!”

“Yeah, I’m also Rias Gremory’s Knight. Kiba Yuuto, I think we’re two similar blades. Now, let’s go.”

After me and Xenovia nodded at each other, we plunged into the school yard and started slicing.

Part 2[edit]


My Holy Demonic Sword cleared through each magic protection barrier and into the Magician’s body. How many did this make? I’ve cut down a considerable number of Magicians, but a new assassin would always be summoned from the magic circle right after.

“They’re endless.”

Zubaaaaaaah! A wave along with a slashing attack was fired from the Holy Sword Durandal and gouged out the school yard left and right. The attack slaughtered the Magicians in large numbers. Xenovia, please treat the school building with a bit more care. Was Durandal really so difficult to handle?

Kah! Doh! Dooooooooooooooh!

From the sky, a roaring sound could be heard, and a dazzling light could be seen as well. When looking above, Azazel and Katerea Leviathan could be seen attacking and defending intensely. Azazel made multiple thick and heavy spears of light easily exceeding his own height appear, and then threw them at Katerea. She laid out several layers of defensive magic circles in response and blocked the light attacks. The schoolyard had received great damage here and there from the after-effects of those attacks and defences. If Maou-sama and the others hadn’t been protecting the new school building, significant damage would probably have happened to the building. It was also fortunate that the entire school site was enveloped in a strong barrier. If not, the surrounding residential area would have also taken damage. It was chilling each time a maximum attack that Azazel or Katerea avoided collided with the protective barrier. I think that Azazel was greater in real power, but Katerea was hanging on beyond my expectations.

By all rights, it wouldn’t be strange if Katerea had household servant Devils with her as well. However, I had heard that she and the old Maou faction rejected the Evil Pieces introduced by the current devils. Katerea had neither a lieutenant Queen nor a Knight that protected her person. Then, Katerea took a small bottle out from her breast...and swallowed what seemed like a small black snake that was present inside? At that instant... Don! Space vibrated intensely, and a wave of power surged throughout the whole school yard. The magic power given off by Katerea’s body swelled up and gave off an ominous aura. A mass that was near that of Sirzechs-sama and Serafall-sama... Just what on earth was that snake she just swallowed...? Azazel fired countless spears of light at her, but they easily vanished just by Katerea calmly moving her right hand sideways. Such power! Even though you can say the Fallen Angel Governor Azazel’s power is the first or second most powerful of those here today! And then, an even more astonishing event occurred before my eyes while Azazel fought with Katerea in the air. An unforeseen blow struck the Governor of the Fallen Angels from the side...

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