High School DxD:Volume 4 Life 1

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Life.1 It’s Summer! It’s Swimsuits! I am in Trouble?[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“This isn’t a joke!”

The crimson-haired bishoujo-sama had her eyebrows raised with an angry expression on her face.

Rias Gremory-Buchou. She is my master and a High-class Devil onee-sama. At school, she is the president of the Occult Research Club. She is a very strict, yet also very kind person. She’s just what I longed for! And that bishoujo-sama that I longed for was giving me a lap pillow... As usual, Buchou’s lap pillow was soft, and it made me emotional just like before! By the way, we have changed into our summer uniforms, and they’re short-sleeved. It is a wonderful season when we are lightly dressed!

“Indeed, even though it was decided that the meeting of the leaders of the Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels would be held in this town, to think that the Governor of the Fallen Angels would suddenly intrude in my territory and interfere with our business...!”

Buchou was trembling with rage. Ooh, she was scary... A few days earlier, because of the event that occurred in this city between Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels, the relations between the Three Factions had been affected to a certain extent. As a result, the leading members of each faction would gather together and discuss the future. We got involved in that incident...and to top it off, we would have to be present at that meeting and report on the details of the incident. Before the meeting date, Azazel suddenly contacted us. Yes, he too was my contract client. He hid his identity and presence when he came into contact with us. It’s correct to say that it was an interference in other peoples’ business. Not to mention, since it was the Governor of the Fallen Angels, the topic escalated to an entirely different level. It wouldn’t end with it being just mischief. However, Buchou’s family seemed like they weren’t bothered by the event.

“And to top it off, to try and lay a hand on my cute Ise, the price is death! I had heard that Azazel was extremely interested in Sacred Gears. It’s definitely because my Ise possesses the Boosted Gear that he came in contact with us... It’s going to be all right, Ise. I will definitely protect you, Ise.”

Buchou said that while patting my head. Buchou was a High-class Devil that adored her servants and treated them as a part of her family. She hated for her possessions to be touched or hurt by others. Especially because Buchou treats me quite adorably, she is overly sensitive towards that sort of story. I’m happy, but it’s kind of complicated, because I yearn for Buchou, but Buchou probably doesn’t think about me the same way. It’s a master-servant relationship between devils, right...? The owner and the dog. Haa... If Buchou gets a boyfriend, then she’ll probably lose interest in me and throw me away... If I don’t become a Harem King before that, I’ll be lonely.

“It seems like Azazel is eyeing my Sacred Gear after all. He’s the Governor of the Fallen Angels, right?”

I let my worries out. If I was caught by Azazel, what would happen to me? I was scared beyond my imagination... After hearing about my worries, the other male member of the club, the handsome prince Kiba, opened his mouth.

“I heard from someone that Azazel has deep knowledge about Sacred Gears. I also heard that he’s gathering capable Sacred Gear holders. But it’s going to be all right.”

As he continued, Kiba looked at me as if he was going to lose me.

“I will protect you.”

...Kiba, that feels disgusting.

“...No, um, I am happy but...how should I put this...? if I hear such things from a man with a straight face, then I’ll be troubled on how to respond…”

“It’s obvious that I’ll say that with a straight face. You saved me. You’re my precious comrade. If I can’t save a comrade from a crisis, then I can’t call myself a Knight of the Gremory household.”

Yeah, I understand that but...you know, your tone isn’t supposed to be used towards a comrade, a friend, and not to mention the male me. It’s obvious you should say that to a heroine. Without caring about that, Kiba continues.

“There’s no problem. My Sacred Gear that attained Balance Breaker and Ise-kun’s Boosted Gear, if we combine these two, then I feel we can overcome even a dangerous crisis. ...Fufu, I wasn’t the type to say such things before. After hanging out with you, my readiness for comrades also changed as well. But I don’t know why I don’t dislike that... It’s hot around my chest region.”

“...D-Disgusting. You...don’t come near me! Don’t touch me!”

Seriously, leave me alone! You and I are just going to keep spreading around indecent rumours among a particular group of girls if you keep going on like this! I don’t want to be any more involved with you and the development of BL[1]! And anyways, this guy, after the issue with the invasion of the Fallen Angel leader was resolved, his attitude towards me has been weird! What do you plan on doing by sweetening me!? Do that with your clients!

“N-No way, Ise-kun...”

You sure get down easily. Unnecessary feelings are bad for you! And why do you really want to be here?

“However, I wonder what happened... Besides not knowing their movements, it’s difficult to move here as well. The other side is the Governor of the Fallen Angels. We can’t even make contact with him.”

Buchou was pondering. We couldn’t let the relationship between Devils and Fallen Angels deteriorate any further on our whims. Since Buchou was quite strict about that topic, if there was no big movement from their side, then we wouldn’t move as well.

“Azazel has always been like that, Rias.”

Suddenly, we heard a voice that belonged to nobody among us. Everybody looked at the direction the voice came from and saw...a crimson-haired male smiling pleasantly. I remember this face. Wait, Akeno-san and the others were kneeling in their places. Asia and I were the only ones having trouble coping with the situation. The newcomer, Xenovia, had a confused expression as well.


Ouch! While dropping my head, Buchou stood up.


She let out a surprised voice. Yes, he is Buchou’s Onii-sama and the current Maou of the Devil society, Sirzechs Lucifer-sama, he’s that person! Ooh, to meet Maou-sama again at a place like this!

“Azazel won’t do anything like Kokabiel did a few days ago. He may do a prank like last time, though. The Governor has come earlier than the planned date.”

That was what Maou-sama said. Behind Maou-sama, there was the silver-haired maid, Grayfia-san, as well. It was obvious since she’s Maou-sama’s 'Queen'. I, like Akeno-san and the others, also hurriedly kneeled down. After looking at my action, Asia also copied it.

“Please relax. I came for private business today.”

Raise your heads, it’s okay to not be so respectful; that was what his words implied. Everyone obeyed that and stood up.

“Hey, my little sister. This room seems like a murder scene. I wonder how it’s possible for this place to be full of magic circles even though young girls gather here.”

While surveying the room, Maou-sama was giving a bitter smile. Meh, it was indeed true. I got used to it, but this was a really weird room after all.

“Onii-sama, w-why are you here?”

Buchou asked doubtfully. Well, that was a given. It was not really possible for the Maou-sama, who carried the weight of Devil society on his shoulders, to show up in the human world in a school’s club room. After she said that, Maou-sama handed over a unfilled printed form.

“What are you saying? Classroom visits are coming soon, right? I am also thinking of participating. By all means, I want to see my little sister working hard in her studies from up close."

Ah, now that you mention it, the school’s visit was really close. My father was also in high spirits, so much that he was even planning on taking a paid leave to come visit. Whatever, he seemed to want to see Asia’s class life more than mine. After getting a daughter, my parents had been making a ruckus like it’s a festival every time something occured.

“Grayfia, right? You’re the one who told Onii-sama?”

Grayfia-san responds to the troubled looking Buchou immediately.

“Yes, the reports from the school come to me, who has been entrusted with the schedule of the Gremory household. Of course, I am Sirzechs-sama’s Queen as well, thus I reported it to my master.”

After hearing that, Buchou sighed. Huh? Buchou isn’t interested in the class visit? Does she dislike her family coming to look at her?

“Even if my Maou duties are hard, even if I have to take a day off from my work, I wanted to participate in my little sister’s class visit. Don’t worry, Otou-ue[2] will come over as well.”

Oooh! Buchou’s Otou-san as well! I had looked at his face once before in the previous engagement party when I jumped in. He seemed like a dandy Devil.

“T-That’s not true! Isn’t Onii-sama the Maou!? To leave your job and come here! The Maou can’t treat a single Devil in a special way!”

I see. Since Buchou’s Onii-san is the Maou, no matter if they are blood relatives, she couldn’t accept receiving special treatment. However, Maou-sama turned his head sideways.

“No, no, this is my work as well, Rias. Actually, I thought about conducting the conference between the Three Factions in this school. I came to inspect the meeting place.”

W-W-Whaaaat? Seriously? I couldn’t hide my surprise. No, not only me, everyone looked shocked. You’ll do it here!? You’ll hold the meeting between Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels here in this school!?

“...Here? Really?”

Buchou’s eyes were wide open as well. Well, if you heard that you’d want to confirm it once more.

“Ah, this school somehow seems to have fate tied to it. You, my little sister, the legendary Sekiryuutei, the Holy Demonic Sword user, the Holy Sword Durandal’s wielder and Maou Serafall Leviathan’s little sister are attached to this place. Kokabiel and the Hakuryuukou also attacked this place. This is a phenomenon you can’t label as coincidence. Strong powers keep mixing in. It’s like wave motion. I think the person accelerating this wave motion is Hyoudou Issei-kun, the Sekiryuutei.”

Sirzechs-sama glanced at me. If Maou-sama looked at me, then I’d get nervous...

“Are you the Maou? Nice to meet you, I am the one called Xenovia.”

The one who intervened in the conversation is the girl with a green fringe on her hair, the newcomer Devil, Xenovia. At first glance, she’s a real beauty, but she’s not just all looks. She’s the wielder of the legendary Holy Sword Durandal, Buchou’s newest family member, and her other Knight.

“Good day to you, Xenovia. I am Sirzechs Lucifer. I got the report from Rias. The wielder of the Holy Sword Durandal got reincarnated as a Devil, not to mention becoming my sister’s family... Truth be told, I doubted my ears when I heard it the first time.”

“I also didn’t think that I would become a Devil. To be reincarnated into the side I kept on killing, even if I say so myself, I sometimes regret it as it was quite a bold move. ...Yeah, that’s it. Why did I become a Devil? Desperation? However, at that time, truthfully, anything was fine... But, was it really fine to become a Devil?”

...Ah, she’s once again thinking deeply with her head in her arms. This girl says bold things, but she ends up regretting them later on. She’s a hard to understand girl like always.

“Hahaha, it’s great that my little sister’s family has a lot of interesting people. Xenovia, since you were just reincarnated, you won’t understand your own way, but I want you to support the Gremory household as Rias’ family. I’ll be counting on you.”

“If I am asked by the legendary Maou written in the Bible to do it, then I’ll have no choice but to do it. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do, but allow me to do whatever I can in my capability.”

After hearing Xenovia’s words, Maou-sama smiles. That smile was exactly the same as Buchou’s.


After hearing Maou-sama’s thanks, Xenovia’s cheeks also became a bit red.

“Now then, let’s continue the difficult conversation somewhere else. Hm, however, even though I came to the human world, it’s nighttime. Would a lodging institution be open right now?”

What would a lodging institution be...? It may be open, but it would take time to search for such a thing.

Hm, then...the thing I was thinking in my mind, I raised my hand and said it.

“Ah, if that’s the case, then...”

Part 2[edit]

“I see. I am relieved that my sister hasn’t been causing you any trouble.”

“No way, Onii-san! Rias-san is a really good girl.”

“Yes, Rias-san is such a wonderful girl that Ise doesn’t deserve her.”

In my house’s living room, the legendary Maou-sama and my parents were exchanging greetings. Buchou was beside Maou-sama. Behind him was Grayfia-san waiting on standby.

During our meeting at the club room, I gave a suggestion. ‘If that’s the case, would you like to stay in my house?’...was what I said. At first, Maou-sama was circling his eyes, but maybe after remembering that Buchou was living in my house, he said ‘That’s fine with me. I wanted to greet the couple whose place my sister is boarding in’ and readily consented. Buchou resisted cutely by saying ‘No! No!’, but there’s no way you could stop both Maou-sama and Grayfia-san. After the Devil business was completed, we came here to the Hyoudou household. Your red face is so cute. You would naturally be scared of what your brother, who's also the Maou, would say. For the time being, regarding Sirzechs-sama’s personal info, we made it that he’s Buchou’s Onii-san and the heir to the company Buchou’s father runs. He’s Sirzechs Gremory. After using the name he threw away long ago once more, Sirzechs-sama seemed to be having fun.

“The maid-san over there is...?”

“Yes, she’s Grayfia.”

Maou-sama answers my father’s question.

“Actually, she’s my wife.”


Everyone except Buchou let out gasps, but Grayfia-san was expressionlessly pinching Maou-sama’s cheek.

“I am the maid, Grayfia. I apologise for my master speaking such boring jokes.”

“It huwts. It huwts, Grayfia.”

The angry, yet quiet Grayfia-san and the teary-eyed smiling Maou-sama. Buchou, who was beside them, covered her face with her hands from embarrassment. Ah, Buchou’s family seems to be interesting. Who would have thought that the Maou-sama would say jokes like this? Since Grayfia-san seems to be accustomed to this as well, Maou-sama must be doing mischief frequently.

“Well then, Gremory-san, will you be attending the class visit as well?”

Mother asks Maou-sama. Without shame, her cheeks were dyed red. Mother, were you fascinated by Maou-sama’s beautiful face? Well, it’s a given since he’s Buchou’s male version, so he would be cool. I can’t say anything after seeing him rubbing his cheek where he was pinched...

“Yes, I have taken a break from work, so I thought I could use this chance to see my little sister’s school, and also how she looks in class. On the day of the visit, my father should be coming as well.”

“Ah, Rias-san’s Otou-san as well.”

“Father helped in the establishment of Kuoh Academy. Like me, it seems this was a good chance for him to come visit as well. Although frankly speaking, I think he just wanted to see Rias’s face.”

“Gremory-san! Would you like some sake? We have some delicious sake of Japan.”

Otou-san brought out a treasure-bottle-like-sake from the kitchen. Heey! Otou-san! Suddenly taking out the sake, isn’t that rude!? However, in response to my anxieties, Maou-sama let out a smile.

“That is excellent! Let’s drink it by all means, since Japanese alcohol goes down well with a capable mouth[3]!”

Maou-sama was much friendlier than you would imagine.

Part 3[edit]

“N-No way... I can’t sleep together with Ise?”

The fun party was over, and it was time to sleep. In front of my room, Buchou was approaching Maou-sama with a strict face.

“I wanted to talk with him a bit while being on the bed. Sorry, Rias, but just for tonight, lend me Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

I see. Maou-sama wanted to sleep while talking with me, he’s already placed the futon for guests in the room.

Buchou slept with me every night in my bed. She seemed to be completely sad from not being able to sleep with me. Yeah, it’s like her love to her servant ended here. It seems like it’s mean to Buchou, like a little girl’s stuffed doll which she uses when sleeping gets taken. It’s too cute. There’s something Akeno-san said to me. It seemed Buchou’s degree of dependence towards me was increasing by the day. She said I’m really cute to her. However, on the other hand, I was scared whether I would be able to answer her expectations or not... By the way, even now, I was sleeping with Buchou and Asia together. Every night, we slept like the kanji for river[4]. But you know, if we three sleep together every time, strangely, I become relieved. I understood it as husband and wife always sleep together. If I had an elder and a younger sister, would it be like this? I get used by Buchou as a hugging pillow. Asia, not wanting to be defeated, hugged me as well. I have been making wonderful memories every night but...it hasn’t developed beyond that... Maybe because it feels like it’s family love? Buchou said that she has an illness, that if she didn’t sleep with me, she’d die. Asia said that if she doesn’t have me by her side like usual, she gets sad and hates it. Does hugging me feel good? That reminds me, recently, Matsuda told me this while shedding tears.

‘I smell Asia-chan’s scent from Ise! What’s the meaning of this!?’

Well, that’s a given, because we sleep together everyday. It’s not strange even if I give out Asia’s scent. I replied ambiguously to that, but wouldn’t strange rumours spread among some boys? Fufufu, no doubt the boys from my class think I have graduated from my virginity. It’s best that you think that! It isn’t bad that they think that! Though I haven’t been able to graduate! If this was Kiba or some other guy, would they have already slept with Buchou? No, no, that’s not true! Even though it’s this wonderful situation, there is a proper order for things. For me to skip the order and attack Buchou is...

[If you look at it from a guts perspective, you’re not the Red Dragon Emperor, but rather the Red Virgin Emperor, Partner.]

Suddenly, the one who says that is Ddraig.

Shut up! Leave me alone! In the meantime, I will do ecchi things with Buchou, and you just keep on looking from there!


The one who hugs me is Buchou! Uoooooh! I am happy, but I am seriously embarrassed to do this in front of two people! At school, she’s the cold and cool Buchou, but recently at home, she’s like this. She resembles an office lady who can accomplish anything calmly, but when she goes back home, she becomes like a kid in front of her pet.

“Can you sleep alone? Are you alright with me not being beside you? I am not alright though. Just you not being beside me...”

“Ojou-sama, let’s return back to our room now. I will be there in your room as well. Well then, Sirzechs-sama, good night.”

Grayfia-san took away Buchou, who was saying something. Buchou went away from my body.

“I know, Grayfia...”

Buchou’s shape seems as if she’s regretting it. That scene looks like a scene where the parent and child have to get separated.

“Ah, um, Ise-san, good night. I also think it’s unfortunate, but tonight, I’ll sleep in my room.”

Slightly bowing her head, Asia headed off towards her room while keeping her smile on. The only two left were me and Maou-sama.

“Now, shall we enter inside?”


Just by him entering my room, I was nervous! Maou-sama’s posture was elegant and the aura surrounding Devils was quiet around him, but even an amateur like me could sense the terrifying concentration of magic power in my skin. Probably just by concentrating a bit of his power, I would be reduced to dust. But I could feel his splendour. Because this person is at the top of the Devils’ world, we could continue on our Devil jobs with peace like usual. This is the Maou... Just by inhaling the same air as him, you could tell that he was in an entirely different class. While I was trying to prepare myself to sleep together with him while having never had a proper conversation before, the lights were switched off and I was beside him.

“I heard you met Azazel.”

Maou-sama said that to me.


I acknowledged that obediently.

“I hear he did nothing to you, but did he say something to you?”

“...‘I’ll meet you again next time’ is what he said.”

“I see. ...Azazel has a strong interest in Sacred Gears. Your Boosted Gear is no exception. Actually, same as you, people possessing Longinus have gathered alongside him.”

“...For what purpose?”

“I don’t know that. But Azazel is the Governor of an organisation with the power to affect Heaven, Underworld and the human world. If he uses that, it will cause a great amount of disturbance. However, he doesn’t like war like Kokabiel does. It’s because of that that the Fallen Angels were the first to withdraw from the Great War of the past.”

Yeah, to be honest, I don’t want to have another owner other than Buchou. I mean, I can’t even go to that place. If I get forcibly brainwashed, then what will I do...? As if realising my concern Maou-sama speaks in an enjoyable tone.

“Don’t worry. I guarantee your safety. Finally, the legendary Dragon came to the Devil side, so I’ll have them give you a good treatment. And also, my little sister treats you dearly. I've never seen Rias having so much fun even in the Underworld. I am sure she must be having fun every day. I feel that this is thanks to you.”

This person must really care for Buchou from his heart. I felt his words just now were overflowing with deep affection.

“Hyoudou Issei-kun. Take care of my sister, of Rias, from now on too.”


That’s obvious, Maou-sama. I will protect Buchou from now on as well. Always. Even if I become alone, it won’t change the fact that I am Buchou’s family. Even if I become the Harem King, if Buchou gets in trouble, I will come rushing to her aid.

“I...no, I am Buchou’s...Rias Gremory-sama’s pawn.”[5]

“Thanks. Oh yeah, Hyoudou Issei-kun. Is it all right for me to call you Ise-kun like my little sister does?”

“O-Of course! It’s an honor!”

“I see. Then, Ise-kun, won’t you call me by my name? Onii-san is fine as well.”

O-Onii-san? W-What are you thinking? are you my Onii-san...? I don’t get it, but I think it’s a very high honour.

“I feel it’s rude after all. Would calling you Sirzechs-sama be alright?”

“Then, let's do it that way. Yeah, however, it’s a pity. I wanted to be called Onii-san by the legendary Dragon... Meh, it will become that before long, so it should be fine with this for now.”


It seemed like Sirzechs-sama somehow came to a self-conclusion. I didn’t get what he was thinking about, but since he’s the Maou-sama, it should be a high-level anguish.

“By the way, Ise-kun.”


“The Boosted Gear can transfer the increased power to someone else.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“The topic’s different, but you seem to like the big breasts of girls, right?”

“Yes! I love them!”

Ah, I affirmed it in a loud voice in front of Sirzechs-sama! What a rude thing! I am so embarrassed! However, I sure am obedient to my desires!

“Even as her brother, I think that Rias’s breasts are bountiful.”

“Yes, I feel that Buchou’s...Master’s breasts are the best!”

Onii-san! Buchou’s boobs are the best! They really are the best! Thank you very much for raising them up! I’m giving thanks from my side as well!

“This is a ‘what if’ question but...if you transfer your increased power from your Boosted Gear to Rias’s breasts, what would happen...? Meh, don’t worry about it.”


That moment, a shock never before felt in me was born. ...Use Boosted Gear on Bu-Buchou’s boobs...? No way, that thing...is possible...? No, but! That concept wasn’t present! Gift to boobs! To transfer the power of the Sekiryuutei on boobs! Th-That is, what exactly would happen if that occurred? I can’t imagine it! I can’t predict it! Damn it! Maou-sama’s thought level is far above mine! What conceptualising power! ...Would the size simply increase? It can’t be, that beautiful pair would be able to even wrap around national treasure-level items? No, no, would they shine while stretched? Uhhhhh! I don’t know! My brain was howling as if my expanding thoughts were raging. Over here, I’ll rotate my head so much that it’ll be the largest rotation done in recent times. Both of my hands’ fingers were twitching unconsciously, facing the sky like they were squeezing boobs. M-My eyes are becoming clear! Not good! I can’t sleep! I can’t sleep! If I used Gift to Buchou’s breasts, what would happen!?

“Good night, Ise-kun.”

While Sirzechs-sama went to sleep beside me, I was endeavouring the whole night with my delusions without getting an answer.

Part 4[edit]

Several days after Sirzechs-sama’s visit. Sirzechs-sama and Grayfia-san left my house the day after they stayed over at my place. It seems like they are investigating the city, but if you look at it from my perspective as one who attended to Sirzechs-sama for several days, you could only think of it as sightseeing... No, since it’s Maou-sama, no doubt he’s perceiving things from a point of view I could never imagine! He competed with me in game centres (seems like he wants to establish game centres in the Underworld), we tested out all the flavours at the hamburger shop (he said he wanted to open chains of restaurants in the Underworld...), and we went to the Shinto shrine (with Maou-sama’s absolute demonic power, the shrine’s holy power was driven away, so we could go inside. Maou-sama is capable of anything!). Even though it seemed his actions were all travel and enjoyment at first glance, I feel he was serious in everything. I was a Devil lacking in training to even think of that! By the way, if I gave the gift to Buchou’s boobs, then what would happen? I haven’t got an answer to that yet... Might as well ask her? No, I can’t ask for that!

‘Buchou! Can I use Boosted Gear on your boobs?’

Idiooooooooooot! You can’t say this stupid line! But it bothers me! What will really happen? Buchou’s boobs... While thinking that since the morning, the holiday became a work day.

“We’re leaving.”

We three went to school from the house. Today is a holiday, but because there was something to do, we headed towards the school. Guuh! This was the most awaited day of all days! Ah, my heart is dancing! My heart’s beating loudly! Drip, drip, drip, my drool drops kept coming out one after another. A person called to me, who had a lowly smile on his face.


The one meeting us in between was Xenovia. She was living alone in an apartment near my house. She, who became a Devil because of various circumstances, didn’t want to go back to the land of the Vatican. For that purpose, she started living in this city, but it seems like she didn’t like sleeping in the old school building, so she rented an apartment, although that apartment also has an aura of Devils exuding from it. She lived in our neighbourhood because her master, Buchou, and the same as her, Asia, both live in my house. If there was something she didn’t understand while living there, she could come to our house easily since it's close by. Meh, if she suddenly started living in a different culture and living standard, there were a lot of things she wouldn’t understand. Oh yeah, Asia and Xenovia were both surprised at the opening of umbrellas during rainy days. It seemed like they don’t open their umbrellas even on rainy days over there. After looking at the vinyl umbrellas and getting extremely scared, the impression would be deep. Really, their culture is different.

“Asia, were you able to finish last night’s homework?”

“Yes. What about you, Xenovia-san?”

“Well, I don’t know some things that are in Japanese. Would you teach me?”

“Yes! Please leave it to me! ...But, Kanji are still a bit...”

“Me too. It’s really scary that the Japanese learn these complex characters. I am catching a glimpse of a part of a major economic power.”

The two chatting were Asia and Xenovia. When they met initially, it was really bad, but somehow, the fact that these two were disciples of Christianity was probably the main reason their relationship deepened. ‘The quiet Asia’ and ‘the energetic Xenovia’ are the names the boys use to call the two foreign bishoujos.

“I see. This is also the Lord’s guidance.”

“Yes, it is the Lord’s guidance.”

“Amen... Ouch!”

Like this, they pray while doing something, and at the same time, both of them take damage.

“What the hell are you two doing...?”

How many times have I done this straight man act[6]? While chuckling in a low voice, Buchou said.

“Well then, you all. Today will be the opening of the restricted use pool.”

Yes! Today is pool! The day I have been waiting for the most, the pool day! Us Occult Research club members were ordered by the Student Council to clean the pool. It’s already summer and the school has to open the pool. Buchou already gave her consent to cleaning with the condition of us having the very first use of the pool, thus we eagerly took out the moss leftover from taking out the water. A few days ago, Buchou bought a swimsuit. She showed us how it was in the house, but even though she wasn’t wearing it, just by looking at it, my nosebleed wouldn’t stop. Because it’s amazing! It was ecchi[7]! ‘I’ll show it to you when we go to the pool this time’ is what Buchou said. I waited eagerly for this day! Ah, I have been living for the sake of this day! I may be exaggerating, but maybe I can become skillful in this year’s summer! The lonely summers till now were probably for this day! If you talk about summer vacation, it’s the season where a lot of boys graduate from their virginity. I too, in this summer... Guuah! Unlike last year, this summer, I would be surrounded by girls! If I have my first sexual experience with Buchou, it’s gonna be the best! No, Akeno-san is good too! I can’t bear it! I am burning with just my delusions! I will enjoy Kiba’s share as well who can’t come today due to some work.

“Ise-san, are you thinking some perverted stuff?”

Asia pulled my cheeks with teary eyes, but she couldn’t stop my frightful face.

Part 5[edit]

Dear Grandfather in Heaven. It’s the beginning of summer. The shining sun was giving us warm sunlight. I couldn’t stop my tears in front of this scenery before my very eyes. My tears were worth it is what I felt.

“Hey, Ise. How does my swimsuit look?”

Puh! Blood was spilling out from my vigorous self’s nose. Buchou’s white skin! Her swimsuit design was showing too much! The small red fabric that was her brasserie! Her b-boobs! This was not just a level where you could only see the lower part of her breasts! The captivating leg lines are wonderful as well!

“Ara, ara. Buchou, you sure are fired up. Ufufu, you really wanted to show it to Ise-kun. By the way, Ise-kun, how does mine look?”

High school dxd v4 047.jpg

With that, Akeno-san entered as well! Unlike Buchou, she’s wearing an extreme swimsuit of pure white! Like her, the cloth was small! Aah, if the two onee-sama with erotic bodies wore that, a lot of young boys would start slouching!

“Ise-san. I-I came after changing as well.”

After turning around, I saw Asia standing while fidgeting. Asia was wearing the school swimsuit. Yeah, if a blonde-haired bishoujo wore a Japanese swimsuit, then you would feel an incredible power! The name ‘Asia’ written on her chest was wonderful as well!

“Asia, you’re looking cute! Your Onii-san is deeply moved! It suits you really well!”

Asia let out a smile and seemed to be in a good mood.

“Ehehe. I am happy that Ise-san said that. Koneko-chan is wearing a school swimsuit as well.”

Ooh! Koneko-chan was wearing a swimsuit like Asia, huh! The name card ‘Koneko’ was cute and wonderful as well! Yeah, it’s the birth of the lovely mascots!

“...Not being looked at by obscene eyes is also a bit of a complex feeling I am getting.”

It seems like she’s grumbling with a disappointed feeling...? Huh?

Buchou placed a hand on Koneko-chan’s shoulders and, while letting out a smile, said.

“With that, Ise, sorry, but...”


Part 6[edit]

“Yes, 1, 2. 1, 2.”

I was holding Koneko-chan’s hand and helping her out with feet-pedalling exercises. After coming to the pool, the first thing I was made to do was teach Koneko-chan who couldn’t swim. ‘Ise, help Koneko out by being her partner’ is what Buchou ordered me to do. The person in question, Koneko-chan, is taking small breaths in between with a ‘Puwa’ sound and pedalling her feet with her utmost effort. Somehow, seeing her trying her best is cute.

“Keep it up, Koneko-chan!”

Asia was cheering for Koneko-chan from the side. By the way, Asia couldn’t swim either. I had to help out in Asia’s swimming practice as well. Wait, I wasn’t that good in swimming either. Yeah, for me, I just wanted to stare at Buchou’s swimsuit and worship her figure swimming in the water. I felt like that, while Buchou was swimming in the pool, her boobs would sway and something amazing would happen!

“Puwa. ...Senpai, sorry for making you help me out...”

Koneko-chan said it in an apologetic manner.

“No, no, it’s fine. Helping out with a girl’s swimming practice is fun. I don’t really mind.”

It’s true. I would rather help out with a girl’s swimming practice than to practice with a brat. And especially if the partner was the cute Asia and the Kouhai Koneko-chan, then I’d do it for the whole day.

“Oops, we have reached the end.”

Completely pedalling for twenty-five metres and still having energy left, Koneko-chan collided with me. Even though it was a coincidence, the general perception would be that we were hugging each other. Awawawa, if it remained like this, then she’ll say ‘...Please don’t touch me’ and I might get hit with a punch like usual! I was being vigilant, but Koneko-chan’s reaction was different.

“...Ise-senpai, you’re unexpectedly gentle. Even though you’re a pervert.”

...I didn’t know whether I was being praised or not. Was it just my imagination that Koneko-chan’s cheeks seemed a bit red?

“W-Well, I also want to do something for my Kouhai. I’m always causing trouble for Koneko-chan, so in such times, I definitely want to help."

I said it while patting Koneko-chan’s head. I tried to do what Buchou does to me a lot. If you look at it from the point of view of a person below, I would be happy when something like this is done to me by a Senpai of the opposite sex. Wait, I don’t know if Koneko-chan is fine with being patted on her head or not.

Splash! I heard the sound of someone jumping in the pool. In the other course, Buchou was swimming elegantly! Uoooooh! This was my chance! I dived hurriedly into the water and activated my Boosted Gear! I put the gauntlet on my left hand to my face and transferred the power that was doubled.


Power flowed in both my eyes, and my eyesight was suddenly enhanced! My field of vision increased. I caught sight of Buchou swimming far away! I believe that my Sacred Gear was meant to be used in such times! Facing the water resistance, Buchou’s boobs were swaying uniquely with a bouncing movement! Ah, this was it, this! The resistance generated from water! And the swaying of boobs born from that! I yearned for this! That voluptuous bust was moving freely in the water! What a whimsical method of swaying! Shit! Buchou! Thank you very much! Those things of yours were too bountiful today! Alright, after going back, I’ll do it 5 times! ...Storage in the brain, memory storage complete. Guh, inside of my head, unforgivable shock is being inflicted. Guh! My breath was escaping inside the water! Suddenly looking up, I found Koneko-chan having her hand in the form of a chop.

“...Won’t you look at Asia-senpai’s swimming next?”

Koneko-chan seemed to be sullen. On the side, Asia was teary eyed.

“Uh, even I, even I...!”

Ah, somehow, even Asia looked sullen. While I was coughing, I once again said to Asia.

“Alright, next is Asia. Are you ready?”

“...Yes, I’ll be under you care.”

Like this, we moved onto Asia’s swimming lesson next.

Part 7[edit]

“...Aaaaaah, I’m tired.”

By the poolside, Asia was going to sleep on the vinyl sheet that was spread out. I helped her out with pedalling practice by grabbing her hand, but maybe because she was pumped up beyond expectation, we completed the course many times. Pool exercises require more energy than ground exercises after all. For Asia, who isn’t really good at exercising, it must have been exhausting. Koneko-chan was also by the poolside, resting under the shadow while reading a book. Fuu. I also let out my breath and sat down beside Asia. I thought that after becoming a devil my physical strength improved quite a bit, but this time I was tired. Practising on your own and helping out in another person’s practice are like two different things after all. Not to mention that the partner was a girl.


Sounds of sleeping? Looking at the side, Asia was sleeping due to being tired. Man, that’s a cute sleeping face. I definitely won’t send her for marriage. A red bat came flying towards me, who was being healed by Asia’s sleeping face. It was Buchou’s familiar bat.

After suddenly feeling someone’s gaze on me, I turned my head around. On the other side of the pool was Buchou. There was something that looked like a small bottle in her hand. Was that...oil? Cream? While smiling, she was beckoning me. Her mouth moved silently.

‘Come here.’

Uooooooooooooooooooooh! I-It can’t be! Feeling something by intuition, I ran towards Buchou’s side with god-like speed! There was only one thing that I was expecting in my mind! That’s it, right! There’s nothing except that! —Oiling in midsummer! I-It couldn’t be anything else other than oiling Buchou’s body! You could even say that the oil massage was what you imagine in your dreams! For the unpopular me, it was like an illusion! To think that I could use both hands on Buchou’s soft body as much as I wanted! Uoooh! Just by my delusions, blood was gushing out from my nose!

“Hyo-Hyoudou Issei has arrived!”

Looking at the excited servant who appeared in front of her, Buchou showed a surprised expression for a moment, but immediately smiled strangely.

“Sheesh, you really are. I just beckoned you here, you know?”


My heart was seen through by her. I immediately blushed. Uwaah, I am embaraaaaaaaaaased! I-I was certain that she would say that I should oil her! This is a bit sad. No, this won’t do. Since I was called by Buchou, I want to accomplish some order of hers as I’m Buchou’s Pawn. ...But, oiling...

“Don’t make such a face, Ise. The reason I called you is just that.”


My voice came out in the pause. Which means?

“Devils won’t get sunburned. But sunlight is a foreign enemy.”

Buchou handed me the small bottle in her hand.

“That’s a special beauty oil. Would you apply it on my back?”

“Yes! With pleasure!”

I replied without even missing a beat! That was obvious! My brain understood the situation in just a moment! I did it! Oiling exists! I thought it was a situation that would only happen in my dreams, but it really existed after all! My tears wouldn’t stooooooop!

“Then, shall we get ready immediately?”

Gently and without any hesitation, Buchou removed the bra of her bikini in front of me.


As the thing holding them wasn’t present anymore, the naked boobs showed themselves! Good afternoon! How many times did this make it that I have contacted these boobs-sama? Wait, that’s not it! Buchou! Is it really alright to remove your bra without hesitation in daytime in front of me, who’s a boy!? By pressing my nose, I somehow managed to stop the stream of blood that’s pushing down, but maybe because of my perverted nature, my gaze was concentrating on the boobs! Aah, Buchou! Those are some pretty pink nipples!

“Bu-Buchou! If you remove your bra without hesitation like that, then even my heart’s readiness would be...! Wait, at this place! In front of a boy! Is it alright to remove it?”

“Yeah, since there’s no boy other than you here, I am alright with it.”

Buchou answered back with a smile! Aah, if you say it like that, I am deeply moved! Wait, does she think of me as a boy? I am a boy, but it’s alright since I am her servant? Uh, I don’t understand. But looking at the situation, it’s a big reward! Buchou lay with her front on the vinyl sheet, moved away her crimson hair and had her back faced towards me. Aaaaaah, that white skin was dazzling! Since she was front side down, those voluminous boobs were spreading out through the sides. Awesome! I wanted to press my fingers on those boobs that have spread out! Wait, if there’s a chance, won’t I be able to use my Boosted Gear’s doubling power and transfer it!?

“Now, go on.”

P-Permission to touch Buchou’s body just came out! It’s alright to touch that soft white skin with my hands! Maybe I was born for this day! Mother, Father, thank you very much! I’m once again going one step ahead! Matsuda, Motohama! I’m climbing the steps to adulthood more and more! You guys can crawl on the ground! I’m going to fly today! By touching Buchou’s body, my wings will grow out! After obscenely moving the fingers of both hands, I went to touch Buchou’s white skin. Uwaah, it’s amazing. It feels soft and slippery... I’m sure that if I rub it, it would go boing, boing... I put the special formula oil of the Devils on my hands, and rubbed it on my hands many times. Now, towards the mystery of the female body!

Pito, nyuruuuuuu.

After touching her, while spreading the oil, I try and spread it on her entire skin. Ah! Damn! Buchou’s skin was amazing after all! After slipping so much, my hands felt that even they would become slippery! Not to mention on touching, everywhere is so soft that it would stretch in my hands! While pressing her skin with my fingertips, the nerves in my fingertips feel like they are overjoyed by having the upper-class elasticity between them! Applying the oil uniformly on the back, I was doing it thoroughly enough to be called futile! I couldn’t touch the side boobs because I was lacking in courage! If I touched them while saying my hand slipped, if it’s Buchou, she would forgive me. But thinking about the feelings of guilt that would be born from doing that, I couldn’t do it. Uh! I wanted to touch those boobs that have been spread ooooooooooooout! Although I plan on running my fingers on Buchou’s back to such an extent that it had no meaning behind it, if I did it too conspicuously, she’d probably get mad. But I wanted to touch Buchou’s skin forever!

“Hey, Ise.”


“On my body, there’s no place that you haven’t touched now. Somehow, this body seems to be controlled by Ise.”


With Buchou’s stimulating and fascinating line, my brain got beaten! Why can Buchou speak such Japanese that can tickle a pervert’s heart?!

“Do you want to rub oil on my breasts as well?”


Buchou’s beautiful Japanese is penetrating my ears! My tears started overflowing!

“Y-Yes! Of course! B-But is it alright?”

I asked to confirm once, but Buchou responded while smiling with a nod.

“It’s fine. Do it carefully later. Ufufu, Ise really likes girls’ breasts, right?”

“Yes! I really love them!”

I affirm it while tears are flowing down! I really like them! I really love them! It’s the thing that I love the most in this world! Boobs are justice! I want to rub them! I want to suck them! Ah, my Onee-sama! I am being really spoiled by Buchou! It’s the best, Master!

“Ise-kun ♪, would you apply oil on me as well?”


Something soft and elastic was sticking to my back! T-This feeling! I remembered this! After turning back my head, unexpectedly, Akeno-san’s face appeared over my shoulder. Nuaaaah! A-Akeno-san! When did you...!?


She spread her arms around my body even more, and was hugging me from behind! Uwaaaah! The sensation of her boobs hitting my back is being conveyed from the skin... Wait, cloth...there was no sensation of a swimsuit coming from my back!? I-It can’t be...direct touch!? Akeno-san, did you take of your swimsuiiiiiiiiiit!?

“Ara, ara, it’s unfair that it’s just Buchou.”

Akeno-san said to Buchou as if she was criticising her while pressing her boobs against my back! On my back, the soft object was moving as it wanted! Kuh! It was purposeful! She was pressing it purposefullyyyyyyy! Wait, it’s not just the pointed tip, this stiff swelling feeling as well! My hands stopped without doing much! Naturally! If you had this done to you, even if you were in the middle of your heart’s desire of applying oil, you would stop! Aaaaaaaaaah! Akeno-san’s boobs, the elasticity was good, the softness was good, and I was feeling a definite existence! It was really amazing! Just by having big boobs being pressed on your back, you could feel the difference in thickness and heaviness!

“H-Hey, Akeno. You know my oiling isn’t over yet? A-And also, I told you not to tempt my Ise like that, right?”

Buchou just lifted up her upper half. Her eyes looked fierce. It’s clear that she’s displeased! Wait! Bu-Buchou! If you lift your upper half while your bra is off... It’s completely visible! I can see everything of your boobs! In front of my eyes, her nipples were swaying in mid-aiiiiiir! Amazing! Just by Buchou moving a bit, they shook in small cuts!


Akeno-san placed her face on my shoulder. Just like that, our cheeks stuck with each other and rubbed each other! In my whole body, something unknown raced around!

“Hey, Ise-kun. Buchou is scary. I normally run around and get tired. I just want to release the built-up thing in my cute Kouhai.”

God. Guh! I am being bitten on the ear by Akeno-san, meeeeeeeee! Akeno-san was too erotic! As expected, I couldn’t even quiver!

High school dxd v4 000d.jpg

This person was really erotic. I was an erotic Devil so my movements were being sealed! I wanted to try to make sure that my nosebleed didn’t start gushing out! But it’s strange! Drip by drip, it sometimes leaked out from my nostril!

“Really, Ise-kun is cute. Buchou, won’t you give Ise to me? In the future, when I become independent from Buchou, I want to take this boy along with me after all.”

“No! That boy is mine! I definitely won’t give him to you!”

“There’s no other boy as wonderfully cute as him. Then, it’s alright for me to be affectionate to him with ecchi ways occasionally, right?”

“That’s prohibited! I don’t want the Ise of right now to know any girls other than me. W-Well, if it’s Asia, then it can’t be helped, but...if the partner is you, Ise will really become a beast.”

“Ara, ara, that’s an extreme way of saying it. Don’t you think that boys are best when they’re beasts? While Buchou is hesitating, Ise’s chastity, I’ll—”

“I won’t give him! That isn’t a joke!”

Uoooooh! It’s a struggle between the King and Queen for me, who is a pet! Aaaaaaah, I’m fine being a pet! Please call me a vulgar cur, Princess, Queen-sama!

“By the way, Ise-kun.”

Akeno-san! Don’t speak close to my ears! Her breath is hitting...me! Don’t blow upon me! Why is this person so erotic!?

“Did you suck Buchou’s breasts?”

“N-No, I couldn’t suck them!”

“Ara, ara, poor you. Really Buchou, even though you pamper Ise, at those points of yours, your guard is really stiff.”

Akeno-san said it challengingly. While talking to me, she was actually directing her words towards Buchou! Buchou’s facial expression also gradually started changing down towards a grim look! S-scary!

“If that’s the case, in replacement, I will let you suck m-i-n-e.”


In that instant, my thoughts flew away. ...Eh? Just now, what did you say...? Before even coming to an understanding of Akeno-san’s words, the Erotic Queen resumed her sensual temptation.

“Right now, the thing that’s sliding on Ise-kun’s back, I’ll allow you to hold it in your mouth. That’s what I said, right? Do you get it?”

On my back, Akeno-san’s nipples are dancing! I understood that my whole body cheered up. No matter how much Akeno-san teased her Kouhai, me, i-if she did this...

“While moving your tongue, rolling around the pointed tip, you can suck it like a kid. Suck wildly with your instincts as an animal... It’s my first time having a boy suck my boobs, so I can’t imagine what might happen...”

Maybe it’s because of Akeno-san’s rough breathing, it’s attacking close to my ears! I-I’m being attacked by wordsssss! Was this Akeno-san’s S side? It was so stimulating that my mind was blown away!

Hyu! Bon!

Something passes beside me. I hear something crackling to pieces in the back . Fearfully looking back, one of the pool’s diving boards had disappeared.

Taking a glance at Buchou’s direction, in the palm of her projected hand is an aura of demonic power! Did you destroy it!? Facing this direction!?

“Akeno. Aren’t you going too overboard? You, aren’t you forgetting that you’re my servant?”

Buchou let out a voice that worked on DOS. H-Her eyes were looking dowwwwwn! Scary!

“Ara, ara, if you become like that, then I’ll be troubled. —Rias, I won’t back down.”

Eeeeeeeeeek! While smiling, Akeno-san closed her eyes, then reopened her eyeeees! Not to mention that her tone was overflowing with anger! She surrounded her whole body with a golden aura, and sparks were running with crackles around her! Buchou lifted her body. Akeno-san also moved away from my body and stood up!

The two bishoujo Senpai with their boobs fully exposed while generating magic power from their bodies were glaring at each other while close to each other! Uwaaaaaah! A girls’ fight!?

“I won’t give you Ise. Vulgar Priestess of Thunder-san.”

“Isn’t it fine to be affectionate? Crimson Virgin Princess-sama?”

“Aren’t you a virgin yourself!?”

“Ara, if you’re going to say that, I’ll have Ise-kun take my virginity right now.”

“No! Ise said he would take my virginity!”

Immediately following that, destructive sounds started reverberating. Buchou and Akeno-san flew towards the sky and started a girls’ fight that wouldn’t be called the level of a fight. Young girls shouldn’t say ‘Virgin, virgin’!

“In the first place, Akeno, you hated men! Why of all people did you only take interest in Ise!?”

“If you say it like that, even you Rias had no interest in men! You said they all looked the same to you!”

“Ise is special! He’s cute!”

“Even for me, Ise-kun is cute! I finally met a boy for whom I felt like that, so it should be fine to pass Ise-kun to me for just a bit and let me understand men!”

Aaaaaaaaah! I somehow don’t understand it, but it turned into a big fight! And wait, without even minding that I am here, they were letting out dangerous masses of demonic poweeer!


Uwah! Demonic power came flying really close to me! The poolside got smashed up! This is bad! If I stay here, I’ll die! I’ll be killed! I want to stop them, but I can’t stop it, the fight of those girls! If I get mixed up in a battle beyond my level, I’ll be annihilated!

While desperately apologising in my heart by saying ‘Sorry, Buchou, Akeno-san!’, I ran away hastily inside the pool equipment room.

Part 8[edit]

Pant... Pant...

After overcoming the feeling of being on the verge of death, I was breathing heavily inside the pool equipment room. I barely escaped alive! Those two onee-samas were seriously scary! If I had the ability, I would be rubbing both of them simultaneously while saying something like ‘Fufufu, by my face, stop this fight, my honeys’. However, in reality, it is futile. I curled up in fear and ran away just like that. Well, for those two, I would be more like a cat or dog that they’re raising in their club room. Since I am only one, it ended up with them competing against each other for me. However, Buchou’s and Akeno-san’s way of showing affection for their Devil family is beyond my imagination. The road to Harem King is way too steep... Wait, in my world, are there really only scary girls? I took in a deep breath, but suddenly I felt someone’s presence. Xenovia appeared from the inside.

“Oh my, it’s Hyoudou Issei. What happened? The outside seems a bit noisy.”

“It’s better not to go outside right now. And you as well, what are you doing here?”

“Yeah. It’s my first swimsuit so it took me some time to put it on. Does it suit me?”

Even though there’s a girls’ changing room, she came all the way here to change? It isn’t an erotic swimsuit like those of Buchou or Akeno-san, but it was a bikini that was emphasising the body curves. Ah, after all, this girl has a good body as well. It’s a tight body, but it’s protruding where it should be. Her boobs are on the bigger side too, and her sleek hair as well.

“A-Ah, I think it suits you. What, it’s the first time you’ve worn a swimsuit? Is it because of the church’s rule being so strict that offensive stuff like this is prohibited after all?”

“Well, that’s right. Though before saying that, I myself didn’t have any interest in stuff like this. Though the girls learning around me, the female soldiers, let out their dissatisfaction at not being able to touch things like that.”

I see. No matter how you see it, ‘Fighting seems to fit my nature’, she’s the type to say that sort of thing.

“However, not only did my future change, even if it’s just a bit, I want to experience the entertainment befitting girls. That’s how I feel. That’s what I have started feeling recently.”

Huh, is that so? Just don’t get any weird ideas? That was what Xenovia’s solemn expression was showing.

“Hyoudou Issei. There’s something I wanted to talk about.”

“Ise is fine. You’re also my comrade.”

“Then, Ise. I will say it again, won’t you make a child with me?”


Hm? Hmmm? What did this girl just say right now? Xenovia inclined her head dubiously and said ‘Didn’t you hear it? Alright’, and once again speaks rapidly.

“Ise, let’s make children together.”


...Hm? Hmm? Were my ears broken? Right now, something that could really make any male happy came flying to my ears, but... Xenovia said it a third time to me who was doubting my ears.

“Ise, let’s make children together.”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? Re—!”

Xenovia closed my mouth, which was letting out a loud howl.

“Shh. Don’t let out such a loud voice. We’ll be noticed.”

To be said not to let out a loud voice, that’s impossible! What the hell are you thinking!? M-M-M-Making children!

“Y-You, suddenly saying that...”

She nods to the fluttering me.

“Yeah, let’s talk in turns.”

Xenovia talked. She was born and brought up in the headquarters of the church, Rome, so that the element to be able to wield Holy Swords would be born. From childhood, for God, for religion, she endeavoured in her training and studies is what she said.

“From childhood, while saying that, dreams and objectives, everything was entwined with God and faith. For example, defeating Devils was for the sake of the Lord, and the one propagating that, the Vatican. While believing that, I’ve never doubted it. That’s why, after becoming a Devil now, you can say that my dreams and objectives have disappeared.”

“Ah, I understand that, but... W-Why is it that to m-m-make children...”

I think the conversation leaped a lot, but what is this girl thinking about that part?

“Yeah, while serving God, I had thrown away that part of me, a woman’s happiness. My body, my heart, I sealed everything for the sake of faith. However, like this, I am currently a Devil. What I should do, initially, I didn’t understand. After asking my present master, Rias-Buchou...”

‘Devils are beings that possess greed, fulfill greed, award greed, and desire greed. Try living as you wish.’

That was what Buchou said.

“That’s why, I felt free to release what was sealed inside me and become skillful at that.”

Release a girl’s happiness...?

“And then, my new objective, my dream now is...to bear children.”

“Y-You want to do something that a girl can do? Is that what you’re saying? Until now, under your religion, your sense of virtue was strong so you couldn’t do it?”

Xenovia nodded.

“Yes. I want to bear children. For that purpose, you need a man as well, but it’s great, right? I can have children and, at the same time, we can get to know each other better.”

“No, no, no. I-I understood the story, but why me?”

“Are you dissatisfied? Even if I am like this, I have a bit of confidence in my body as a woman. My breasts aren’t be as big Rias-Buchou’s, but they’re bigger than Asia’s, no? I think they’re worth seeing, are they not?”

Uh, she says that while stroking her breasts! Indeed, I think hers are on the bigger side! Wait, it’s true that I want to rub them! Like massaging them!

“W-Well, even I want to do things like that with a girl. Wait, upon hearing that you will allow me to do it, I feel like I’ll spring upon you! B-But is it fine with doing it me? I am not your boyfriend, and I haven’t thought of having children at this age!”

Children... Someday, maybe even I will have them. Until a while back, it felt like I had no luck with ladies. I had given up at that time, but after reincarnating as a Devil, my dreams and my aspirations came back, so I started thinking about the future as well. After my confirmation, Xenovia nodded.

“Ise is fine. I think you don’t realise it yourself, but you have the aura of a Dragon on your body, probably because you’re carrying the Sekiryuutei. I’ve felt it ever since we met for the first time. It’s just a bit, but your Dragon spirit is increasing.”

I-Is that so? I didn’t realise it myself.

“More than making children, I want them to become strong kids. A special power in the father’s genes, or otherwise I want greater strength. And that’s where I think that Ise is the most suited one. The power of the legendary Sekiryuutei. Even if the kids don’t inherit the Sacred Gear, maybe the kids will inherit the aura? This is a good chance. Definitely, this is the Lord’s guidance...Uh! ...I unintentionally prayed and received damage, but that’s how it is. And there’s perfectly no presence of humans here. Let’s try it out once right now. If anything, the faster the better.”


Suddenly, without any hesitation at all, Xenovia started removing her swimsuit in front of my eyes. Xenovia’s breasts were getting expooooooooooooooosed! They were springing like boing, boing! Th-Th-The nipple... The nipple is a beautiful pink. Since she had offered herself to God, that meant that no-one has touched them, right...? In place of God, you will offer them to me, huh, this girl! Drip... Since I started getting weird delusions, my nosebleed started flowing. Today, it's fine no matter how many litres of blood I spurt out! Not caring about that, she continued speaking.

“I know about the birth rate of Devils as well. It seems it’s quite difficult to make kids. It’s especially difficult when both are Pure-Blooded, but luckily, both you and I are Reincarnated Devils. The base is human, and your sexual desire is strong as well. I expect that if we do it every day, then within ten years, I should be able to conceive. No, if it’s your strong sexual desire, then within a day, a number of times should be possible? If you include that, then I think it’s possible within five years. Aah, there’s no problem from the side of the children as well. Basically, I will raise them. However, if the children desire love from their father, then only at those times do I want you to play with them. After all, for the children, both father and mother are required.”

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! You’ve already drawn the image of an expected future!

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with men. I plan on memorising it from now on, but for now, I’ll learn from Ise, who seems to be abundant with knowledge about sex.”

She’s a virgin after all! Why is it that all the girls around me are voluptuous and without any experience!?

“...Hold me. If you do the procedure for making kids properly, I don’t mind you doing it as you like.”

Xenovia clings to me! U-uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! On my chest, there are b-b-b-boobs hitting on it! T-They’re soft! Shit! Is it fine to push her down!? Is it fine to prepare myself!? My first time is not Buchou, but Xenovia!? There’s no one here! No, can we finish it satisfactorily!? I am a virgin as well! If a man gets hugged here, he’ll go out of his mind! Has it finally come, my graduation ceremony!? Aah, Matsuda, Motohoma! I’m going far away! I’ll do extreme things with girls in summer! Is it for this purpose that a lot of high school students can finish their first sexual experience!? Let’s go! Let’s gooooooooooooooooo! Preparing myself mentally, I apologised to Buchou in my heart while pushing Xenovia down—


All of a sudden, the equipment room’s door opened up. Upon looking back—

“Ise? What’s the meaning of this?”

While showing a forced smile, Buchou was standing there exhausted. Buchou’s body was covered by a thin red demonic power layer.

“Ara, ara, that’s unfair, Xenovia-chan. It was planned that I would take Ise’s chastity?”

Akeno-san was smiling, but somehow, a scary aura was surrounding her!

“Sob, Ise-san... You’re mean... E-Even I said it...”

Asia seemed like she wanted to say something as well while fidgeting. She’s angry!

“...No negligence nor any opportunities to attack.”

Koneko-chan said that with half-opened eyes!

“What’s wrong? Now, Ise, let’s make kids.”

Xenovia said with an oblivious expression on her face. Heeeeeey! In this situation, read this atmosphere a biiiiiiiit! ‘Let’s make kids’. After hearing those words, the colours on all the girls’ faces changed. Gah! I got both my arms caught by Buchou and Akeno-san, and I’m being dragged towards the pool! There was power surging in the hands holding my arms though!

“Buchou! There’s a reason for this!”

“I know. It’s my mistake. It’s my fault for letting my eyes off of you, who has an excess of sexual desire, for even a bit. But you know, Ise, I wonder what’s the meaning of making kids?”

Buchou was smiling sweetly! Scary! She’s too scary!

“Let’s see. I want to hear about a man’s heart a bit. What circumstances would there be for it to turn into a conversation about kids I wonder?”

It’s Akeno-san’s usual smiling face, but her intensity was terrifying! Gun! Suddenly, a fleeting feeling attacked me. Looking down at my feet, a small girl with great power, Koneko-chan, raised my legs up and started dragging me!

“...Taking the suspect.”

Koneko-chan! What do you plan on doing to me! Huh!? Looking closely, I am being carried away by the girls!?

“Yes, I see. First, I have to win against Buchou, Fuku-Buchou and Asia. This is a very difficult task. However, if you have more rivals, then you burn more.”

Heeeeeeey! Why the hell are you rousing yourself all aloneeeeeeeeee!? Ever since before, Xenovia run her mouth speaking strange things but... No, there’s also the part where I responded too...

“Ise, if there’s a chance, then I want to make children with you, so remember that well. Prepare yourself as well.”

“Xenoviaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Drop me, save meeeeeeeeeee!”

Like this, I got elements from Xenovia that created further friction. But, if I say so myself, my perverted spirit couldn’t refuse her.

Ah, it was a stimulating day... After leaving from the pool, I walked towards the campus. Comparing it to the days when I had no luck with girls, this is Heaven, seriously. However, what’s this feeling of fatigue? The nude bodies of the girls I craved for! Not to mention, the skin of Bishoujo-sama! Boobs! The memory of those exposed boobs swaying was stored in my brain, but I wonder why the things that occurred after that let my exhaustion reach its peak. I playback the image of Buchou and Akeno-san’s boobs in my head after closing my eyes. ...It’s wonderful, but after that, ‘Buchou and Fuku-Buchou’s decisive battle at the top!’ is replayed as well and I curl up at once. The angry onee-samas are scary... Yeah, I don’t want to disobey those two, ever. Xenovia is a problem as well. Who could have thought that she would be that bold...? You can’t grasp her, but after coming here, her initiative has increased even further. But she’s cute as well, that Xenovia.

While leaving the school building, a glint of silver came into my eyes. It was at the school gate.



For a moment, I had mistaken it as a scene from a movie. An amazing bishounen was looking up at the school building. He had silver hair. Grayfia-san was silver-haired as well, but that bishounen-kun’s hair was denser. More like, its dark colour was stronger. He was a foreigner, so I couldn’t estimate his age by looking at him, but maybe he was around the same age as me? Younger than me? No... Just that he was looking up at the school building, just that act was visible to me like an illusion. He must have realised my presence for his eyes were looking towards me. Those blue eyes were so transparent that one would be drawn in. With a smile like an angel, he spoke to me while coming towards me.

“Hey, it’s a good school.”

“Um...well, sorta.”

I made a forced smile and replied refreshingly. Who’s he? There were a lot of overseas students at our school, so maybe he’s transferring to our school this time. I can’t let my school’s impression look bad either. While I was pondering about how I should reply to questions he would ask regarding the school, he let out a single word which I couldn’t have even imagined.

“I am Vali. The Hakuryuukou, the Vanishing Dragon.”


...Eh? What did this guy say...?

“This is the second time we meet here, huh, Welsh Dragon, Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei.”

T-This must be a lie. I felt like my left hand was burning. I can understand that Ddraig residing in me is responding. Hey, hey, Ddraig. Was this really him!? Will you unfold your ‘rival showdown’ at this place? Wait, my heart wasn’t properly ready for this. If we fight here, Buchou and the others might be hurt as well. I don’t feel pressure. However, what is this premonition of death I am feeling? If we did it, it wouldn’t just be finished with this. Not only my face, but my body is reacting as well. Are the things that a previous generations of Senpais felt being conveyed from Ddraig and the Sacred Gear? Is this the thing called ‘destiny’!? Don’t fuck with me! I still haven’t done ecchi stuff with Buchou! If I am gonna die, I’ll die after sleeping with Buchou! ...What should I do? While I was being concerned, the Vanishing Dragon showed an inappropriate smile.

“That’s right. For example, if I begin to do something magical to Hyoudou Issei here—”

At the moment when the Vanishing Dragon’s hand was closing in front of my nose—


Two swords were thrust towards the Vanishing Dragon’s neck. Kiba and Xenovia were the ones who appeared in that instant. They were holding their Holy Demonic Sword and the Holy Sword Durandal respectively towards the Vanishing Dragon. I didn’t feel their presence at all. With the Knight’s god-like speed, they came running to me who was in trouble?

The Holy Demonic Sword and the Holy Sword, they were emitting an intense aura together. B-Both of their eyes were pointed, to the point of being scary.

“I don’t know what you plan to do, but don’t you think your joke went too far?”

“I can’t let you start your rival showdown with the Sekiryuutei here, Hakuryuukou.”

Kiba and Xenovia as well speak in voices that worked on DOS. However, without moving even a bit, he...

“It’s better if you stopped that. Aren’t your hands shaking?”

Like the Vanishing Dragon said, Kiba and Xenovia’s hands were shaking. Although they were grasping the Holy Demonic Sword and Holy Sword tightly, swords which could be called tremendous, their expressions were stiff.

“It’s fine to boast. Not knowing the difference between your opponent’s strength is strong evidence. Between me and you, there is a decisive difference in power. You, who couldn’t win against the likes of Kokabiel, won’t be able to win against me.”

Against the likes of Kokabiel. He’s the leader of the Fallen Angels who even though the Gremory family that combined as one couldn’t win against. Just remembering that battle gave me the creeps and sweat came. He was an opponent I didn’t know if I could have won against even if I went into Boosted Gear Scale Mail mode. He must possess a lot of power to be able to look down on him by saying ‘the likes of’.

“Hyoudou Issei, what rank do you think your strength is in this world?”

Suddenly, he asked me that. ...Strength? Mine? I don’t know. I have been told that Sekiryuutei’s power is abnormal and that it’s been often feared, but I don’t know the actual strength. There’s also the fact that I myself am way too inexperienced.

“Counting from the top in your condition of the incomplete Balance Breaker, it would be a four-digit number, between one thousand to one thousand five hundred. No, for the perverted owner, it should be even lower?”

I kept on dubiously thinking about the opponent whose real motive I didn’t know. What does he want to say?

“There are a lot of strong people in this world. Even the Crimson Satan, Sirzechs Lucifer, won’t fit in the top ten.”

There were so many people stronger than Sirzechs-sama? Honestly, the me right now couldn’t imagine it. The Vanishing Dragon raised one finger.

“However, the first place is decided. It’s a fixed existence.”

“Who is this about? Are you saying you’re the first?”

He shrugged his shoulders to my question.

“You’ll know it anyhow. However, it’s not me. —Hyoudou Issei, you’re a valuable existence. It’s better if he’s raised well, Rias Gremory.”

The Vanishing Dragon looked in the direction behind me. Following his gaze, I saw Buchou standing there. Ooh, it’s a seriously displeased expression. Around Buchou, there was Asia, Akeno-san and Koneko-chan as well. Correspondingly, Asia was troubled, and in contrast, Akeno-san and Koneko-chan looked ready to fight.

“Hakuryuukou, what’s the meaning of this? If you have ties with the Fallen Angels, then more contact than required is—”

“...The Two Heavenly Dragons, the Dragons called that way, Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon. In the past, those related to them didn’t live a satisfactory life. How will you end up?”


Upon hearing that guy’s words, Buchou’s words were stopped. Buchou, what happened? She must be concerned about me probably...

“I didn’t come here to fight today. I just wanted to see the school I visited last time. I came to Japan while escorting Azazel, but I was bored. I won’t fight the Welsh dragon here, not to mention—I have a lot of work to do.”

After saying that, the Vanishing Dragon turned on his heels, and started to leave this place. Even though that guy left, a single thread of nervousness doesn’t go away. Kiba and Xenovia sheathed their swords, but there was no relief on their expressions.

Asia, who came and nestled to me, grasped my hands without any words. Thanks, Asia. Seems like my nervousness loosened just a bit.

Azazel, and also the Vanishing Dragon. People who I never wished for keep gathering.

Part 9[edit]


After coming back to my room, I sat on the floor with my back on the bed.

.....Hakuryuukou. The Vanishing Dragon, the pair existence of the Welsh Dragon residing in my left hand...is what I hear. Since my Boosted Gear and the Divine Dividing he’s holding are destined rivals, it seemed fighting is their destiny. The moment we met, Ddraig reacted. Anger...it wasn’t that. I think it was a simple battle impulse. At once, I understood something burning inside me. At that place, if the opponent came to challenge me, Ddraig probably would have forcibly made me go into the incomplete Balance Breaker mode. A few days ago, during the fight with Kokabiel when I first met him, I didn’t feel any hostility, but this time was different. He approached me with interest. I think Ddraig also felt that.

...Things like destiny, honestly, I don’t understand them. It seems I just randomly got the Boosted Gear. My Senpais of the past who harboured him, following their fate, kept on the fight between the Welsh Dragon and the Vanishing Dragon. Ddraig explained that to me. My surrounding colleagues also appeared that they somehow felt that they would fight alongside me with the other one, the Vanishing Dragon. I don’t get it. What the heck is up with that? I am Hyoudou Issei and a mere Devil. Why am I getting involved in such dangerous things? There’s no relation! Like I care about things like fate! Although I felt that, I couldn’t overturn that part. Eventually, do I have to fight him? No, I held no particular grudges. Rather, I felt grateful he defeated Kokabiel. Ah, but he’s a comrade of the Fallen Angels, and he took away the reason for me to suck Buchou’s boobs. I can’t forgive him for that!

...I wonder what happened. For me to become an High-class Devil, it seems like there are going to be a lot of obstacles. To raise my status to that of a High-class Devil, if you divide it broadly, there are three ways.

First is, continuing to take contracts with humans and steadily get more value. It’s what I am always doing. Even those good at it aren’t able to do it. My first impression was that raising your level from a contract is quite difficult. It’s quite difficult if you can’t take contracts from a lot of humans. For example, the president, contracts from those who left their mark in history, etc. They say there’s also the element of luck, and it also depends on the Master. Leaving aside the Master, I don’t feel the presence of many big-shots in this city... Even under normal circumstances, the business world of contracts is going in a lean period. But since it’s a tradition of the Devils, we can’t just stop it.

Second is, to perform a noteworthy deed of arms. This is like going to a battle similar to the incident that happened a few days ago with the leader of the Fallen Angels invading. Last time as well, I was valued by Buchou. Seems like there were a lot of points... Well, he was the leader class of the enemies. Even if I defeat a Fallen Angel leader as a joke, I would be valued. However, there weren’t many people who became High-class Devils like this. That’s a given. To fight important people from the Fallen Angels’ side was more or less impossible due to the status quo of the Three Factions. It’s even said a battle would not occur once more, so that’s a very rare experience.

The third way is to be active in Rating Games. In reality, this is the fastest way according to what I heard from Buchou before. More like, I was told that if I was aiming to become a High-class Devil, I should raise my name via the games. In the Underworld, it seems with these Rating Games, the business world economy of the Devils is livened up. No matter what, merit in the game decides it. Every distinguished family’s rank is connected directly to the merit in the game. That roasted fowl guy, Riser Phoenix’s family is also one that raised their name through the game. Those that were reincarnated like me as well, a lot of them were valued through the Rating Game, were let into the group of High-class Devils, and stood on the same level as their Master. And it seems that they received their Evil Pieces from the Maou-sama to use for their servants. At that time, they became Kings.

Well, there is a rule where they have to come participate as the piece of the Master in battle who they’re at the same level as. In Devils, for the master, the fact that they are their family’s Devil never changes. For instance, let’s assume I become a King in the future. For Buchou’s games, I shall still be a Pawn. Me and my comrades as well, in the near future, we shall definitely start participating in this formally. If I remember correctly, I had heard that immediately after Buchou graduates from high school, she’ll start earnestly preparing for participating. There’s not even one year left. It’s soon. If we assume I become an High-class Devil, there’s no meaning to it if I am not strong at the game, since participating in the game is like a High-class Devil’s occupation. And even if I become a Harem king, if I don’t have actual strength, I’ll be laughed at by the people around me, and I’ll cause trouble for my master Buchou as well. So I have to become stronger somehow. Even if I became a Devil, I can’t be inviting anxiety all the time in the future... However, because of that, my happiness would be all the more when I become a Harem King I think. Also, those who value you are the Maou-samas, Great King-samas, Archduke-sama, etc., the really important people.

To once again put it together, my objective is first to become a High-class Devil. For that, I have to keep doing everything I can and keep on increasing my value in the games we’re going to participate in starting next year. There are a lot of things I must do. And within those, I have to do my match with the Hakuryuukou... Ah, but if I defeat the Hakuryuukou, will my value increase? No, that’s an obvious thing to do as the Sekiryuutei, so I have to finish it... Vanishing Dragon, you seriously are a pain...

“Are you still thinking?”

Suddenly, before my eyes, Buchou’s face appeared inverted. Buchou was reading a magazine while lying horizontally on my bed. It seemed she looked into my face from the bed. If Buchou had any free time, she spent it in my room.

“Ah, no, how should I put it...?”

I scratched my cheeks. Buchou descended from the bed and sat beside me.

“I believe in you. Even if something happens. And also, if it’s you, I believe you can win against the Hakuryuukou.”


Buchou said it with a smile. Bu-Buchou... My Onee-sama’s thankful words and smile that clear away all thoughts in my heart. Buchou! Uh, my face started heating up! My tears also started to come out. Buchou clapped her thighs. This signal is...!

“Come here.”

...Bu-Buchou! Buchou’s lap pillow! My healing space! While letting out tears of gratitude, I immediately laid down and was pampered by Buchou. Buchou gently patted my head. Aah, my Onee-sama!

“Sorry that the afternoon was like that. I thought of cheering you up, but I ended up frightening you instead.”

Buchou was worried about it, huh.

“N-No way. Me too, I wasn’t able to meet up to Buchou and Akeno-san’s expectations... B-But I am satisfied that I was able to apply oil to Buchou!”

That’s true. More like, thanks to you, I was satisfied in a lot of ways. I am happy.

“I’ll ask you to oil me again then since summers are long.”

“Yes! Please leave it to me!”

All right! All riiiiiight! I’ll be able to apply oil on Buchou’s body again! There’s no other happiness like this! I was thinking about the meeting with Hakuryuukou so much, but thanks to pervertedness controlling my mind, I am refreshed. Maybe because I was relieved, gradually, I started feeling drowsy... Buchou’s lap pillow...feels good...

And like that, my consciousness went far away to the world of sleep.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Boys Love = gay
  2. Another respectable way to call dad in Japanese
  3. to gulp it down
  4. The kanji for river has 3 strokes: 川 , hence the comparison
  5. In the first ‘I’ he uses ‘Ore’, a particularly masculine way of speaking. In the next ‘I’, he changes it to ‘jibun’ which is a softer way of speaking. This is to highlight the difference in position between the Maou and him.
  6. Refer to two man comedies in Japan, Manzai, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manzai
  7. Ecchi is perverted, but I guess you guys already know

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