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Life.3 I got a Kouhai (boy)[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“[Forbidden Balor View]?”

Buchou nodded to my question.

“Yes. That’s the name of the Sacred Gear Gasper possesses. It’s very powerful.”

“To stop time, isn’t that close to breaking the rules?”

Upon hearing my words, Buchou responded.

“Yes, that’s true. But your doubling power and Hakuryuukou’s halving power are both against the rules too, you know?”

T-That’s true, but...even then, to be able to stop time, you can only ignore rules so much.

“The problem is that he’s not able to handle it. Because of that, Gasper had been sealed till now. Him unconsciously activating his Sacred Gear was seen as a problem.”

Just like I thought, huh.

“However, you sure were able to make a guy with such a powerful gear into your servant, Buchou. Not to mention, to be able to do it with just one piece.”

On my words, Buchou brought out a book in her hands from mid-air, flipped the pages of the book, and presented it to me opened. Looking at it, it was the explanation page for Evil Pieces.

“...It’s a Mutation Piece.”

“...Mutation Piece?”

Kiba answered to my question.

“It’s different from the usual Evil Piece. Bodies that clearly require more than one piece to be reincarnated can be reincarnated in one piece. It’s a piece that can make such a phenomenon occur.”

“Buchou possessed that piece.”

That is what Akeno-san said. Kiba continued further.

“Usually, for High-Class Devils, one in ten Devils possesses a single piece. It’s an irregularity born when the Evil Piece system was created. It’s kind of like a bug, but it seems like it was kept for fun. Gasper-kun is the one who used that piece.”

Oh, that means Buchou used a rare piece on Gasper, huh.

“The problem is Gasper’s ability.”

“Buchou, what do you mean?”

“He possess a rare ability, and it seems his Sacred Gear’s power increases when he’s unconscious. Maybe because of that, every day, his power is increasing. From the previous conversation, we can say that, in the future, there’s a possibility he may attain Balance Breaker.”

—! B-Balance Breaker? That was, even in the best of times, a dangerous thing, right? If the guy who’s incapable of controlling his own power attained it... Not to mention, it’s a Sacred Gear that stops time! Maybe because she understood from looking at my surprised appearance, Buchou also put her hand on her forehead with a troubled face.

“Yes. It’s a critical situation. However, because my evaluation was accepted, it seems I was now judged able to control Gasper by the people that evaluated me. Maybe it’s because I made Ise and Yuuto attain Balance Breaker.”

Leaving Kiba aside, mine was limited with conditions attached, and that too was incomplete, you know? Ah, I heard that I too was valued quite a lot when I defeated that bastard Riser. My master Buchou would have been valued even more, I guess. And even though the Vanishing Dragon intervened, we were able to defend our base without any large destruction in the incident with Kokabiel. That’s why, if it was the current Buchou, she might be able to handle Gasper, was what the big people judged, huh.

“...Uh, e-e-even though I don’t want you to talk about me...”

There’s a big cardboard box placed beside me. He was speaking from there. I kicked it silently.


A shout was heard. Whose is it? Of course, it’s Gasper-kun. Because he’s extremely scared of the outside world, it seems he entered a cardboard box. This guy is... You hate them that much, places outside of this room?

“Judging by ability, maybe after Akeno, he would be next. Even though I say half-Vampire, he’s from a pure-blooded Vampire family with a good lineage, and has a powerful Sacred Gear because of his human half. He’s well endowed with the abilities of Vampires, and he excels in human magic wielded by wizards as well. If not so, then he probably would have been made a Bishop with just one Evil Piece.”

That was what Buchou said. Wow, he’s that amazing, huh, this hikikomori Vampire-kun. Ah, but, was he all right with daylight and stuff like that?

“Buchou, Vampires are weak against the sun, right? Is he fine?”

Buchou nodded to my question.

“He possess the blood of a special vampire known as a Daywalker which can move during the day, so there’s no problem. However, he may dislike it.”

A Daywalker? Heh, there was a Vampire like that, huh?

“I hate daylighttt! It’s better if the sun disappeareeeeeed!”

I see, I see. Even for Devils, the sun was like a natural enemy. However, since we’re students of this school, it’s not good if we don’t attend school during the day, you know?

“You don’t attend class, right? If you don’t control your power and open yourself up, then it isn’t good, you know?”

I said that, but he just screamed.

“No! I am fine inside this cardboard box! The air and light of the outside are a natural enemy to meeeee! Please let me remain a boy who lives in a cardboard boooooox!”

...This is terrible. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Also, doesn’t he need blood? He’s a Vampire, right?”

Buchou responded to my question.

“Since he’s a half-Vampire, he doesn't thirst for blood as often. If you supply the blood for him once every ten days, then there’s no problem. Though it seems he originally didn’t like drinking blood.”

“I hate blooooood! I hate fish tooooooo! I hate liver as welllllll!”

If you’re a Vampire with intense likes and dislikes, then what the hell will you do!?

“...A good-for-nothing Vampire.”

Koneko-chan spewed out those words. As expected, she didn’t show mercy.

“Uwaaaaaaah! Koneko-chan is a meanieeee!”

Is it because they’re first year class comrades that she won’t be merciful? Huh? Even though I am of a higher class, she doesn’t go easy on me either.

“For the time being, till I come back, Ise, Asia, Koneko, Xenovia, I’ll leave Gasper’s training to you. Akeno and I will be going to the meeting place for the top of the Three Factions. And Yuuto, it seems Onii-sama wants to hear in detail about your Balance Breaker, so you should accompany us.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

Buchou has it tough too. Wait, Kiba was called by Maou-sama? About that Holy Demonic Sword?

Ah, if I remembered correctly, that sword was an irregular form for a Sacred Gear since that Balance Breaker was an impossible phenomenon originally. Well, wanting to investigate would be natural.

“Ise-kun, sorry, but I’ll leave Gasper-kun to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me, Kiba. Well, since Asia, Koneko-chan and Xenovia are here too, we’ll do something. Probably.”

To be honest, I am a bit uneasy... The hikikomori Vampire. I am very worried about the future.

“Gasper-kun, you should start getting used to the outside, you know?”

Akeno-san spoke to the cardboard box.

“Akeno-onee-samaaaaaaa! Please don’t say stuff like thaaaaaaaat!”

“Ara, ara, that’s troubling. Ise-kun, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes, if I am requested by Akeno-san, then I’ll do my best as well!”

I can’t betray Buchou and Akeno-san’s expectations!

“Yeah. Then, Ise, shall I thoroughly discipline him? A weak man is no good. And also I wanted to face off with a Vampire since childhood. Leave his treatment to me.”

With that, Xenovia pulled on to the rope attached to Gasper’s cardboard box. Wanted to face off against, wait... Do you want to destroy Gasper...?

“Eeeeeeeeek! N-N-N-No way, I don’t want to fight against the user of the Holy Sword Durrandaaaaal! I-I’ll be destroyeeeeed!”

“Don’t scream, Gaspair. If you like, shall I prepare a cross and holy water, and also attack you with garlic?”

“Eeeeeeeeeek! Garlic, noooooooooo!”

It may have been his misfortune to have met Xenovia. That was what I thought. More like, if a Devil exorcises, then they’ll receive damage as well, Xenovia-san. I am worried about the future...

Part 2[edit]

“Hey, start running. If you’re a Daywalker, then you should be able to run in the day.”

“Eeeeeeek! Don’t chase me while swinging Durandaaaaaaal!”

High school dxd v4 145.jpg

As we approached evening, the Vampire was being chased by the Holy Sword wielder. Looking at it from an outsiders perspective, it seemed completely like a Vampire hunt. Durandal was also letting out a dangerous sound while emitting a holy aura. Gasper was also desperate in running away. Well that’s because if she catches up, he’ll be destroyed in an instant. It seemed that Xenovia was training him starting from physical strength on the pretext that ‘A healthy spirit starts from a healthy body’. She was a lively lady as usual. This lady, who was swinging the legendary weapon and chasing him, seemed to be happy as well. Now that I think about it, after she became used to living here, Xenovia said that, from what she does and what she has to do, everything is enjoyable. That part was probably the same as when Asia got used to living in this city. Since they lived their lives in a simple fashion as believers, and with Japan being a place with almost no religion, its workings would be fresh to them.

“Even though it was an honour to have met the Bishop-san just like me, we haven’t even properly seen each other’s faces...*sob*.”

Asia seemed regretful. She’s also a bit tearful. At my house, she used to say a lot ‘I want to meet the other Bishop-san’, so she was looking forward to their meeting. Even though it was their long-awaited encounter, since he’s a max level human hater, it couldn’t be helped. Well, we were all Devils. More like, not even seeing our Asia’s face... Shit! I couldn’t forgive that part. However, I have to bear with it. Although he’s a Senpai as a Devil, he’s a junior in school. There’s also the part where I have to guide him as his Senpai as well. Meanwhile, Koneko-chan was chasing Gasper alongside Xenovia while holding garlic.

“...Gya-kun, if you eat garlic, you’ll become healthy.”

“Nooooooo! Koneko-chan is bullying meeeeeee!”

Are these two first years getting along well...? I had heard that Koneko-chan could be a unique irritating character but...was she bullying him? More like, Koneko-chan is calling him ‘Gya-kun’.

“Oh, oh, they’re at it.”

With that, the Student Council member Saji appeared as well.

“Oh, it’s you, Saji.”

“Yo, Hyoudou. After hearing that there was a hikikomori servant whose ban had been lifted, I came to see it for a bit.”

“Ah, he’s over there. He's the one getting chased by Xenovia.”

“Hey, hey, Xenovia-san, she’s swinging the legendary sword heartily, you know? Is it all right? Huh? Oh! Wait, it’s a girl, huh! Not to mention blond-haired!”

Saji seemed happy. You would think that, right?

“Sorry to say this, but that’s a guy cross-dressing.”

Hearing that, Saji seemed to be completely dejected. He’s heartbroken.

“Well, this is swindling. More like, since he’s wearing girls’ clothes, it would be to show it to someone, right? And since he’s a hikikomori, it’s too much of a contradiction. It’s quite difficult.”

“That’s right. It’s an incomprehensible cross-dressing habit. Also, I can’t say anything about it suiting him. So what are you doing, Saji?”

Saji was wearing a jersey, army cotton gloves, and was also holding a small shovel for flower bed use.

“It’s as you see. It’s the maintenance of the flower bed. It’s been Kaichou’s orders since a week ago. Hey, recently, there have been many events in the school right? And also, next time, Maou-sama and the others are coming here as well. It’s the job of the Pawn of the Student Council, me, to make the school look beautiful.”

He puffed out his chest and acted magnificently, but doesn’t that mean he’s in charge of odd jobs...? Meh, I can’t break his sentiments, so it’s best to keep quiet.

Za, za...

After that conversation, there was a presence of someone coming near us. When I moved my gaze to the direction—I doubted my eyes.

“Heh. The servants of the Maous’ families’ Devils are playing over here.”

There was an evil-looking male wearing a yukata there... I recognised him.


“Yo, Sekiryuutei. It’s been some time since that night.”

Everyone was dubiously staring at him, who appeared suddenly. With my single word, the atmosphere completely changed.


Xenovia had her sword at the ready. Maybe because she sensed the atmosphere, Asia hid behind me. I made my Boosted Gear appear as if protecting her. Why is the Governor of the Fallen Angels at a place like this!? Saji, while also shocked, brought out the face of a deformed lizard on his right hand. It’s Saji’s Sacred Gear.

“Hy-Hyoudou, by Azazel, you mean—!”

“I am serious, Saji. I have come in contact with this guy plenty of times.”

Maybe because of my serious response, he understood. Saji made a battle position as well. Azazel smiled bitterly at our postures. Let alone thirst for blood, I didn’t even feel the presence of him trying to fight a battle.

“I don’t feel like fighting. Hey, relax your postures, Low-class Devil-kun. You should somehow know that even with the bunch gathered here, you wouldn’t win against me, right? Even I don’t plan on bullying Low-class Devils. Since I was taking a stroll, I came to visit the Devils’ place. Is the Holy Demonic Sword wielder present? I came to see him.”

Even though this was what he said, nobody relaxed their posture. Like we’ll believe something a Fallen Angel says! More like, your aim is Kiba, huh!?

“If it’s Kiba, then he isn’t here! If you’re aiming for Kiba, then I won’t let you do it!”

Since Kiba attained a rare Balance Breaker, did he plan on making him an offer?

“...Seriously. Since you weren’t able to win against Kokabiel, there’s no way you can win against me. ...I see, the Holy Demonic Sword user isn’t present. This is boring.”

While scratching his head, Azazel approached. There was no hostility at all. Because of that, it was scary. Because of the fear, my hands were trembling. Against one of the leaders, Kokabiel, we couldn’t do anything. If more than that, a top-level opponent comes...even instant annihilation was possible. I don’t want to go on to the next world as soon those black wings unfurl... If I have to die, then at least let me die after doing ecchi things with Buchou! Azazel pointed to a certain tree.

“The Vampire hiding over there.”

Gasper hiding in the tree shade panicked. While approaching Gasper, the Fallen Angel Governor said.

“You’re the possessor of the Forbidden Balor View, right? If you can’t use it properly, then it will become a thing that causes harm to others. As a support-type Sacred Gear, if you can supplement the deficient aspects, it should be fine but... Now that I mention it, the research of Sacred Gears by Devils didn’t progress much. If you invoke it via the five senses while the Sacred Gear’s owner’s capacity is insufficient, then it will move naturally, and it will be extremely dangerous.”

As if peering into Gasper’s face...more like Azazel was peering into both his eyes. Gasper himself was trembling as the top head of the Fallen Angels approached him. I think it’s an obvious reaction. However, I didn’t feel anything strange or an evil malice from Azazel. His expression looked like he’s full of interest. Maybe because the others also sensed it, they didn’t know how to respond. Looking at him, Gasper was looking like he was being attacked by the Fallen Angel, but... Azazel turned around towards us, and pointed to Saji. While scared, Saji made a posture as well. However...

“Is that Absorption Line? If you’re practising, try using it. Connect it to this Vampire, and if he invokes it while you’re absorbing the Sacred Gear’s excess, it would probably run less wildly.”

After Azazel’s explanation, Saji showed a complex expression as well.

“...M-My Sacred Gear, it can suck the power of the opponent’s Sacred Gear as well? I thought it simply absorbs the opponents power and weakens them...”

Hearing that, Azazel had an amazed expression.

“Seriously, it’s because of this that the Sacred Gear owners recently don’t try to know the power of their Sacred Gears well enough. Absorption Line holds the power of one of the legendary five Dragon Kings, the Prison Dragon, Vritra. Well, this was found out thanks to recent research. That thing can connect to any object, and can scatter that power. If it’s a short time, it’s possible to separate the line from the owner’s side and connect it to some other person or object.”

“T-Then, the line on my side... For example, I can connect it to Hyoudou or some other person? And then the power will flow into Hyoudou?”

“Yeah, if you grow, the number of the lines will also increase. If you do that, the output of absorption will increase many times as well.”


Saji became quiet. More like, about Saji’s Sacred Gear, if Azazel’s explanation was true, then wasn’t it quite an amazing thing? No, no, this guy was the Governor of the Fallen Angels, you know? The boss of the old enemy of the Devils! It’s obvious that he’s a bad guy! ...I think that, but I didn’t feel any hostility after all. I worried about what Kokabiel said.‘His Sacred Gear collection hobby is abnormal’. That was what he said. Was this related to that?

“For improving the Sacred Gear, the fastest way would be to drink the blood of the host of the Sekiryuutei. If you let a Vampire drink blood, then they’ll gain power. Well, do the rest yourselves.”

The Fallen Angel Governor-san said just that much, and with a single look, turned to leave the place. However, he stopped only once and turned his face towards me.

“Sorry for Vali, our Hakuryuukou, coming into contact with you on his own accord. I am sure you would have been surprised, right? Wh—at, he’s an unusual guy, but he doesn’t think of settling the rivalry between red and white immediately.”

That was what Azazel said, but...

“What about you? Won’t you apologise for coming in contact with me repeatedly without informing me about your identity?”

I unconsciously complained as well. However, I was seriously surprised. For the client to be the Governor of the Fallen Angels, there were limits to even bad jokes.

But Azazel showed a mischievous smile and said a few words.

“Well, that’s my hobby. I won’t apologise.”

After saying that, he left the place.


We were left behind. We exchanged glances and were troubled on how to react, but Saji, after sighing, moved.

“...For the time being, shall I use my Sacred Gear on the new face-kun over there? In that state, let’s try using his Sacred Gear and practice. In exchange for that, next time, I will have you help me out with the flower bed.”

On Saji’s suggestion, everyone nodded, and Gasper’s Sacred Gear training started. Saji connected the tongue of Absorption Line to Gasper, and sucked the excess power. As Azazel said, absorption was possible. ...Seriously, he’s well informed about the Sacred Gears, that Governor-san. After that, the volleyball that we threw, the moment it came into Gasper’s field of vision, it got stopped. The objects can be only stopped completely for a few minutes interval. If it was a ball, it was stopped in mid-air and stayed like that. If it was a living thing, its movements were stopped and remained in the same posture. The people that got stopped were completely stopped in that interval to the point of consciousness. They didn’t have any memory of the interval when they were stopped. I experienced it as well, so I know. I could feel some malice, but not to the point of knowing what happened. There was no problem with things entering his field of vision, but there was no doubt that it’s a powerful Sacred Gear. The closer you entered his field of vision, the longer you got stopped. The farther you were, the bigger the range of vision was, but the time of stoppage got shorter. Because Gasper was unable to effectively use his Sacred Gear, only certain things within his field of vision could be stopped. I feel like that concluded the present situation.

Since it was still impossible for him to invoke it consciously, there were also accidental cases when the moment he glanced towards someone, a part of their body became lightly stopped. Seriously, pardon me from the unconscious invoking. During those times, Gasper would yell out ‘Sorryyyyyyy’ and try to run away. Catching him and trying to bring him back was troublesome as well. It would be good if he would only stop the ball coming in his direction, but it’s very difficult. This might be...more difficult than I thought. The Sacred Gear’s ability was one thing, but the training of the owner, Gasper himself, was also difficult. However, because I was asked by Buchou, I had to accompany this guy. I will make this guy into a magnificent time user! That was what I was saying to pump myself up.

“How is it? Is the practice making progress?”

Buchou came to see us after making sandwiches for us. It seemed like she was worried about Gasper after all. The person in question was having his power sucked continuously and saying ‘Eek, Eek’. We ate the sandwiches during rest time. Kuh! The miraculous spice does its work and it’s super tasty!

“Buchou, it’s tasty!”

“Fufufu, thanks. The ingredients weren’t a lot, so I was only able to make simple ones.”

Even then, it’s really delicious! Saji also groaned ‘Tasty!’.

Akeno-san and Kiba, who were not here, were with Sirzechs-sama or somewhere.

Buchou was surprised to hear about Azazel, but she said.

“I hear Azazel has substantial knowledge about Sacred Gears. Advice about Sacred Gears... Maybe he had spare time to give advice to another person.”

For some reason, she started to ponder.

“Rias-senpai’s back, so I will be going back to my flower bed.”

After taking in two, no, three sandwiches Buchou made in his mouth, he said that.

“Saji-kun, thanks for going out of your way to keep my servants company. You have my thanks.”

The bastard Saji, after making Buchou say her thanks, went red in the face.

“I-It’s alright. You’re Kaichou’s precious friend, and I saw some new possibilities regarding the Sacred Gear. But I have to work on the flower bed as well, so...”

Saji was a good guy after all. He had a bad mouth, but he kept us company for quite some time.

“Later, Hyoudou. Work hard.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

After I said my thanks as well, Saji left the place. After sending Saji off, Buchou said to Gasper, who was resting in the shade of a tree.

“Gasper, you can still continue on, right? After getting sucked by Saji-kun, your power has been regulated to a perfect level. For the remaining time, I will also keep you company in the training.”

Ooh! Buchou, this is promising! Buchou treated her servants preciously after all. Above all, she’ll properly keep company in the training! She was doing it for me even now.

“I-I’ll do my besttttttt.”

On Buchou’s voice, while exhausted, Gasper stood up as well. Alright, I’ll keep him company to the end as well today! Like this, Gasper’s Sacred Gear practice continued till the night.

Part 3[edit]

The night of the next day.

I was doing my Devil work. Even now, I can’t teleport via the magic circle to the human client’s place, but the job itself is going flawlessly. The meeting of the top three forces is approaching as well, but us servants have to keep on doing our job properly. Since two Maou-samas, who were at the top of the industry, are in the same city, we couldn’t do our jobs as we please.

“Huh? It’s you today, Ise-kun?”

That is what the young man who is the client tonight, Morisawa-san, said in a disappointed manner while dropping his shoulders. He was Koneko-chan’s customer and my customer as well. Tonight, it’s my turn. Morisawa-san’s gaze suddenly turned downwards. It seems he was worried about the object kept on my side. —A large cardboard box was kept besides me.

“What’s that?”

“This is a talking cardboard box.”


If I kick the cardboard box lightly, then you can hear a scream ‘Eeeeeeek’ from the inside. Yes, it’s Gasper, the box-inhabiting boy. Since Buchou and the rest said to take him alongside for Devil jobs for the time being, I brought this specially by fastening it on my bicycle’s back seat and pedalling till here, you know? I felt like crying. To be honest, he’ll only be of use in a subtle way, but, as long as he doesn’t interfere, then it’s all right. I’ll keep the cardboard box here...

“W-What’s inside it?”

That is what Morisawa-san said while having come close before I noticed it! Suddenly, he opened the lid of the cardboard box... Idiot.



Gasper and Morisawa-san’s eyes met.


For people with anthropophobia, if they’re stared at by people, then they become teary-eyed, right? Gasper, bear with it a bit.

“It appears like a bishoujo by just looking at it, but in fact, he’s a boy. He has a hobby of wearing girls’ clothes.”

I also gave a follow up explanation for the time being. If he learns that it’s a boy beforehand, then the damage he gets would be less as well. Morisawa-san grabbed both of my shoulders strongly and said.

“This cute a kid, there’s no way it can be a girl! It’s the best that he’s a booooooooooooooooooy!”

—! What’s with that insisting voice!? Eh? It’s all right with him being a boy? Seriously!? His eyes are glittering!

“Now, come out! Onii-san isn’t scary, you know? Let’s do fun things together!”

Morisawa-san talked to Gasper with his breath coming out from his nostrils roughly. His speech and conduct are that of a pervert!

“Uuuuwaaaaaah... Sob...”

The person in question, Gasper, was trembling. He seemed scared. That’s natural. Even I am scared of the Morisawa-san right now! While twitching all five fingers of both hands, Morisawa-san’s hands reached towards Gasper...


Gasper’s scream... For a moment, my senses got stopped... ...When I realised it, the cardboard box next to me had disappeared.


Morisawa-san also couldn’t understand what had happened to him. It’s the stoppage of time. Gasper must have gotten excited and invoked his Sacred Gear unconsciously. Me and Morisawa-san both had our time stopped for a fixed interval. Surveying the room, the cardboard box had moved to the corner. You ran over there, huh. I approached him, and talked to the closed cardboard box.

“Gasper, sorry. Morisawa-san was a bit scary, right?”

“Sob... Fueeeeee.”

He cried. I’m beaten. Like this, he wouldn’t be of use in the job.

“I stopped it again... Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot... I am an idiot. Stopping isn’t good... Even though I don’t want to stop...”

Gasper... Since you were entrusted to me by Buchou, I had to do something. However, once Gasper became frightened, he wasn’t able to do anything. Me too, I couldn’t say anything to him at that point.

Part 4[edit]

“Gasper, please come out. It’s my fault for pushing you into going with Ise.”

Buchou was apologizing in front of the door of Gasper’s room.

“I thought that if you worked with Ise, it might be for your benefit as well...”


Gasper, who had locked himself in the old school building, could be heard crying loudly to the point of dying. He hated people, he couldn’t control his Sacred Gear and caused trouble to people. It seemed his worries are complex. No, before that, Morisawa-san was scary. That’s for sure. I heard from Buchou. Gasper’s father is from a noble family of Vampires, but since his mother was a human mistress, he wasn’t pure-blooded. I heard they hate those who are non-pure bloods even more than Devils. The Vampires scorn those who aren’t pure bloods, so even if it was their sibling, their treatment was discriminatory. Gasper was bullied by his siblings since childhood. Even when he went to the human world, he was treated as a monster, so he had no place he could call home. However, he possesses the unique abilities of Vampires, and the ability of a human, a special Sacred Gear. Since he was born with both of them, even if he didn’t want to, as he grew older, I heard his powers would also became greater. Even if he wanted to become friends with someone, if by some chance his Sacred Gear got activated, it would stop the other person.

“Hey, Ise. How would you feel if you could stop time?”

I was asked that by Buchou.

“...I...would be a bit scared.”

Even if I imagined it, there were only bad images. If I stopped time, what would I do? While my time was stopped, what would happen to me? It would definitely bug me even if the other person didn’t think about it. The people who were stopped by Gasper must have thought that. If suspicion was born once inside the heart, then companionship became impossible, and they must have started to fear Gasper. Gasper experienced that time and again. It’s the unhappiness that was tasted by those who obtained Sacred Gears. Asia was the same as well. She went from being called a Holy Maiden to being called a Witch... It seems the Sacred Gears are a gift from God, but... I heard that even though God isn’t here, since the Sacred Gear program God left was still living and operating, the Sacred Gears wouldn’t die out. Indeed, they were powerful as weapons, but corresponding to that, they had the power to make the user unhappy as well.

“I-I...don’t need such a Sacred Gear! B-Because I stop everyone! I scare them! I make them dislike me! Even I dislike it! I don’t want to stop my f-friends and c-comrades... Any more of having to look at the faces of my cherished ones stopped...I-I don’t want that...”

Gasper was sobbing inside the room. He was chased out of his house as well, and Gasper wasn’t able to live in any world, so he was troubled by the roadside. At that time, he was targeted by Vampire hunters and lost his life once. It seems he was picked up by Buchou there. However, in those days, Gasper, who was endowed with great power, couldn’t be controlled by Buchou, and was ordered to be sealed by the higher ups. And then, his seal was lifted now.

“What a quandary... For making this kid to once again shut himself in...I am a failure as a King.”

Buchou was depressed. Buchou wasn’t wrong. Gasper wasn’t wrong either. Rather, the one who was wrong was me. Even though they placed their hopes on me and made him accompany me to work, I wasn’t able to do anything.

“Buchou, isn’t your meeting with Sirzechs-sama and the others in a short while from now?”

“Yes, but I will extend the time a bit more. I have to make sure that Gasper is all right first...”

“Please leave the rest to me. I will do something about it.”

Buchou couldn’t object strongly to my suggestion since the meeting was important as well. The bosses of the three great powers were going to assemble. That setting was important. If something inconvenient occurred on the same day, with just that, the gap between them might increase much more.

“It’s all right. I finally got a male Kouhai! I will do something about it!”

That was what I proclaimed while puffing out my chest. It was a bluff. Truthfully, I didn’t have much confidence. This sort of delicate type wasn’t my forte. But in front of Buchou, I will make myself look cool.

“Ise. All right, I got it. Can I count on you?”


After hearing my vigorous response, Buchou nodded with a smile. As if feeling regretful and worried, Buchou glanced at Gasper’s room once and left this place. After seeing Buchou off, I took a deep breath, and sat in front of the door.

“Till you come out, I won’t move one step from here!”

I thought of a lot, but for me who is an idiot, I can only do this! Sit down! Plain and simple! I think that, since ancient times, this is the best thing that works against people who shut themselves in! Probably!


It was a battle of endurance. With that, I furiously remained seated for an hour, but there was no change. There was no sign of him coming out either. ...Just sitting quietly like this wasn’t going to help, huh. While feeling that, I tried talking to him.

“...Are you scared? Of the Sacred Gear...and of us?”


I talked across the door.

“I also possess a Sacred Gear in which the strongest Dragon resides in. However, my life was not as amazing as yours, who was a Vampire, or like Kiba’s. I was a normal male high school student.”

I don’t know how much of this will reach him. However, let’s speak about my honest feelings.

“I...to be honest, am scared. While using the Dragon’s powers, I feel that some part of my body is changing into something else. I don’t know much about Devils right now either, or about what a Dragon is. However, I feel like I want to proceed further.”

Since there wasn’t anything else for me.

“Why? M-Maybe, you may lose something important, you know? Why do you want to live such a straightforward life so much, Senpai...?”

Oh, he replied. That’s good. He’s hearing my story then. However, that question was troubling...

“...No... Since I am an idiot, I don’t get the difficult stuff. Just that...”

“Just that?”

“...I don’t want to see Buchou’s tears once more. During the time we did the Rating Game, we all lost. I was defeated, hollow to the point where I don’t have any memories of when I was defeated. I was pathetic... Even then, I could only remember Buchou crying.”

I closed my fist tightly. That time...even remembering it now was mortifying.

“...It was intense. It’s deeply etched onto the interior of my brain. Not to mention, my comrades kept getting defeated one after another. In the end, only I remained... Even now, I see it in my dreams. It’s a dream where I am running around on the battlefield alone. I finally found Buchou, but she was crying, and I was unable to do anything...”


With a dull sound, the door opened up a bit.

“...I wasn’t present during that time.”

Gasper’s profile appeared from behind the door, and he looked like he was earnestly holding back his tears.

“Ah, I understand. I am not blaming you for that. But from now on, it’s going to be different, right?”

“...I-I will just cause trouble... I am a hikikomori, I am intensely shy...and I can’t properly use my Sacred Gear...”

As I touched Gasper’s head, I peered into both his eyes. His Sacred Gear was present here, huh. The ability to stop time.

“I don’t hate you. As your Senpai, I’ll always look after you. ...Well, as a Devil, you would be a Senpai. But, in real life, I am your Senpai, so leave it to me.”


Gasper blinked in surprise, but I continued.

“Lend me your power. Let’s support Buchou together. If you’re scared of something, then I’ll send it flying away. Even if I am like this, I house the legendary Dragon’s power, you know?”

I gave out a smile, but Gasper was troubled by my comment.

“Would you like to drink my blood? If what that bastard Azazel said is true, then if you drink my blood, you may be able to control your Sacred Gear.”

That time, he said that. If it could be done with this, then I think it’s a cheap price. ...Would I become a Vampire? I have heard that if you’re a virgin and are bitten by a Vampire, then you become one, but... However, Gasper shook his head horizontally.

“...I am scared. Of drinking blood directly from living beings. I am even scared of my own power... If anything more happens than this then...I will... I will...”

“Yeah. You don’t like being used by your Sacred Gear, huh? However, I am jealous of your ability, you know.”


Gasper showed a surprised expression from the bottom of his heart from just a few words from me. Eh? What’s with that reaction...

“Did I say something weird? Because, isn’t it the best to be able to stop time? If I possessed that Sacred Gear, then it would be terrific. I would definitely use it on the class’ girls, no, on the school’s girls to do indecent things. I can affirm this. I would be crawling on the corridor and peeking at girls panties I guess. Ah, if it’s that Sacred Gear, then I would stop B-Buchou and use it on her b-boobs...! Ah, just by thinking that I would be able to do as I wish with those boobs, my drool isn’t stopping! That’s it! A-A-Akeno-san’s boobs are good too! Rather, peeking at her panties is good too! Uwah, my wild ideas aren’t stopping!”

...Wait, this isn’t the time to be saying such stuff with drool hanging on me! Aah, Gasper would definitely be shocked by me and... I thought that, but he was smiling as if he was happy.

“Ise-senpai, you’re a kind person.”

He said that with the finest quality smile. Uh, even though he’s a male, my heart just skipped a beat for a moment. This was dangerous.

“It’s the first time I've been told that. I wasn’t ever told by people that they were jealous of me. Not to mention even giving concrete examples... Ise-senpai, you’re a funny person.”

That might be true. Sorry for being a lecher.

“Got it. Listen closely, Gasper. —I want to transfer the power of the Sekiryuutei onto Buchou’s boobs.”

Upon hearing my straightforward feelings, Gasper let out a surprised expression, but gradually, his eyes moistened.

“...Amazing, Ise-senpai. While possessing a powerful Sacred Gear, to be able to face forward with indecency that much... It’s a thought process that won’t reach me. I don’t know why, but I sensed a bit of your dreams and your wishes. Ise-senpai, your lust is overflowing with courage, right.”

Hahaha, I feel like I am being made fun of. Maybe it’s my imagination!

“Yeah, that must be it! It’s a powerful Sacred Gear! I can use it! I will use my Sacred Gear in order to satisfy my sexual desires! I have declared it to the Dragon residing in my gauntlet as well! I’ll suck Buchou’s breasts! And then, as a new objective, I’ll transfer the gift onto Buchou’s breasts! No, it’s fine to transfer it to Akeno-san’s boobs as well! Uwah! My dreams are increasingggggggggggg!”

Oh, not good. I unconsciously made a speech fervently and my drool was hanging. Not good.

“I-I also feel that I got a bit of courage flowing in me. In reality, it’s only a bit though...”

“Good, good, you’re a nice kid. Here, look at my right hand. I have rubbed Buchou’s breasts with this hand, you know?”

Gasper looked with astonished eyes onto my right hand upon hearing my speech. Fufufu, this was my prideful story. Saji also bit on this story. I was happy that Gasper also bit on this story. He’s a male after all.

“R-Really? N-No way... To be able to touch your Master, who is a High-class Devil... With Ise-senpai, there are only surprising things occurring...”

“Also, about the story of transferring it to boobs, it’s Maou-sama’s idea. I have thought of following Maou Sirzechs-sama for my entire life. That person is amazing! He’s drawing out my abilities!”

“B-Boob transfer... To be able to use the possibilities of the Longinus beyond the general domain... Maou-sama is the strongest after all.”

Before I knew it, I had entered his room and was conversing deeply with Gasper.

“As expected of Ise-kun. To be able to have a friendly chat with Gasper immediately.”

While me and Gasper were talking to each other unreservedly, the one who appeared was Kiba. He entered the room as if peering into it. Was he worried? As always, he’s a good guy. That’s right, perfect timing. Since all the male club members have gathered, I’ll begin my important announcement.

“Kiba, I have something to talk about.”

“What is it, Ise-kun?”

“Me, you and Gasper are males.”

“That’s right. But suddenly hearing about that, what happened?”

“I have thought about an alliance between the male members of the Gremory team.”

“That has...roused my interest. What do you mean?”

Oh, Kiba bit it as well. All right, let’s talk about my plan.

“Firstly, I gather up power. Then, after transferring it to Gasper, he will stop the time of the surroundings. At that time, I will touch the girls who are stopped as much as I want.”

“...You once again thought up some ecchi ideas. Well, that’s that, but if it’s just that much, then there isn’t any duty for me to perform, is there?”

Upon hearing my plan, Kiba let out those words lightly, but... I explained more calmly.

“No, there is. You will go into Balance Breaker mode and protect me. Maybe while I am doing ecchi stuff, the enemy may attack. This is an important cooperation.”

“Ise-kun, if it’s for you, then I’ll do anything, but...let’s talk about the future seriously. Your method of using your power is too ecchi. Ddraig will cry, you know?”

[Kiba is a good guy.]

Don’t say it in a teary voice, Ddraig! Since I am your possessor, assist me in my erotic ideas!

“Kiba, you bastard! Don’t look at me with that pitiful look! You handsome bastard! You have it good! You can eat girls all you want! I can’t even eat a single one!”

“...Since it’s you, once you realise it, you’ll be addicted to it. Buchou and the others seem to pamper you as well, so stop what you’re saying... They do say that self-realisation is a terrifying thing.”

Kiba said something with a profound meaning, but, meh, it’s all right.

“All right, male comrades, let’s speak frankly. First round, [The best part that you like about a girl]! First is me! I like looking at girls’ boobs and legs!”

Kiba and Gasper were smiling bitterly, but weren’t disliking it. But I didn’t miss out the fact that Gasper had been shaking his hands from start till end. He was scared probably, I think. Not of us, but of stopping us... He’s scared of his time-stopping Sacred Gear, which might be invoked at any time, from the bottom of his heart. Of the conclusion which that Sacred Gear brought about. If he stopped the other person, he’d be hated. Because of that fear, his body and mind were driven into a corner. However, let’s enjoy it, even if it’s for now. No, I wanted to make him enjoy it.

“Sorry, but is it all right if I am inside the cardboard box? ...I won’t close the lid. Just, when I talk to people, I can calm down inside the cardboard box.”

That was what Gasper said apologetically. It’s regrettable, but I allowed it. There’s no helping it since it’s the first time. Forcing him wouldn't be good either. Let’s bring him out of his cardboard box gradually.

“Ah, this is calming~. This is it~. The cardboard box is my heart’s oasis...”

Is it that much!? Is the cardboard box that comforting for you!? ...However, this guy, the cardboard box suited him... More like, I was used to seeing him inside it. The cardboard box Vampire. Since it’s an extremely new development, I was troubled on how to react...

“If you dislike meeting eye to eye with people that much, then how about this...?”

I made two holes in a paper bag kept in the room and placed it on top of Gasper’s head.

“T-This is...”

The cross-dressing young boy wore a paper bag on his head in the dimly lit room. A red glint made by his eyes was coming from the part where I had opened holes!

“H-How is it~? Does it suit me~?”

He’s sluggishly coming closer to the path of a zombie! What intensity! No matter how you look at it, it’s a degenerate! I am seriously scared!

“Ah, but this... It’s good, right? It may suit me...”

“Gasper, for the first time, I have felt that you’re amazing.”

“R-Really...? If I wear this then my value as a Vampire may increase...”

Yeah. More than a Vampire, it’s a pervert at full power. I am beaten. These people around me are all weird. Like this, the indecent talk of males only through the night began. I knew it, but Kiba was surprisingly a lecher himself.

Part 5[edit]

The next day, I was headed to a certain place.

I was called by Akeno-san. More like, Buchou said that, once she also finished her work, she’d come later. What work was it? The first things that came to mind were ecchi delusions, but since Buchou was also coming later, that possibility was nil. I, who was in between them, was happy but it’s complicated. With something as an impetus, it seems it would turn into a big fight... A struggle for me, who is a pet. I was getting more than I deserved as a pet! It was complicated as a man though. I continued to walk out of the city. ...Wait, there is only one important thing ahead. Yes, it was the shrine. Uwaaah! Wasn’t a shrine a bad place for us Devils!? I still haven’t stepped inside a shrine, but I had heard that you can’t enter that place easily. More like, I felt like I had heard from Buchou about it in the places not to enter... While thinking that, my eyes caught the shadow of a human on the stone steps. Straining my eyes and looking—it was the face of a person I recognised.

“Welcome, Ise-kun.”

“Ah, Akeno-san!?”

It was the figure of Akeno-san clad in a shrine maiden’s outfit. While I was climbing the steps, Akeno-san, who was moving forward, said it without stopping.

“Sorry for suddenly calling you out like this, Ise-kun.”

“Ah, it’s no problem. I was also free with no work. But what kind of work is this? And also, Buchou said she will also come later...”

“Yes, I know. Rias has to do a final meeting with Sirzechs-sama regarding the conference matter.”

No, but Akeno-san’s shrine maiden outfit was the best. It suited her pretty good. She’s surely a Yamato Nadeshiko! [1] Perhaps her other name, the ‘Priestess of Thunder’, came from here? More like, was it fine for Devils to be in a shrine? My questions weren’t running out, but why was Akeno-san over here?

High school dxd v4 175.jpg

“Is it all right not going to the meeting along with Buchou? I was thinking that the Queen’s power may be required...”

“Grayfia-sama will follow up over there, not to mention that if it advances by a certain degree, then even without me, it will be all right. More than that, I have to meet the person who’s waiting upstairs.”

That was what Akeno-san said and looked far off up the stairs. Huh? Was someone coming? The arch drew nearer. If Devils tried to cross this, then they would receive damage. They said not to come close to a shrine, but...

“This place is fine. An agreement was reached under the table, so even Devils can enter.”

While saying that, Akeno-san passed through the archway without anything happening. Ooh, so it’s all right, huh. I also fearfully passed through. Ah, it’s seriously all right. In front of my eyes, there was a splendid main shrine present. I sensed oldness, but there didn’t appear to be any damaged parts at all.

“Akeno-san, do you live here?”

“Yeah, the priest of the last generation passed away, so Rias secured this shrine, which had no people remaining, for me.”

“Is he the Sekiryuutei?”

I became aware of a third person’s voice. Turning to that side, the person there was... Golden-coloured wings to the point of dazzling were fluttering in front of me. A young man with a handsome face was sending glances at me. His body was wrapped in an extravagant white robe, and above his head, a golden-coloured halo was floating. Wait, a halo!? The young man gave a gentle looking smile, and came for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei-kun.”

...He knows my name. Who is he? Sensing my doubt, in front of my eyes, twelve wings appeared from the young man’s back.

“I am Michael. I am the leader of the Angels. I see, judging from this aura’s quality, it’s surely Ddraig. This brings back memories.”

It’s a super big shot...!

Part 6[edit]

With Akeno-san leading, me and Michael...-san headed to the main shrine.

A halo was the proof of an Angel. I heard this from Buchou before. For Angels, their identifying features are the halos above their heads and their white feathers, while the Fallen Angels’ features are their lack of halos and their black wings. Michael-san had golden wings. He had the aura of a big person floating around him. Inside the quite large main shrine, there were a number of huge pillars. From the centre, I felt an unknown surge of power that tingled my skin. This aura, what was it? It was full of danger signals.

“Truth is, I thought of awarding you this.”

Huh? Will he be giving me something? I sent my gaze towards the direction Michael-san was pointing at with his fingers. Over there, a sword was floating while oozing out a holy aura. ...Uwah, this must be a Holy Sword! Even the ignorant me knows this surge very well. Since I have come to see Excalibur and Durandal, I know what a holy aura means.

“This is George’s...if I say Saint George, then would it be better introduced? It’s the Dragon Slayer Holy Sword that he possessed, Ascalon.”

No, I don’t know anything about any George or Saint George at all, you know?

[It’s a famous Dragon Slayer. Well, you should also study a bit more.]

Shut up! And what’s up with that Dragon Slayer? Doesn’t it have a dangerous smell just from the name itself?

[Dragon Slayers are a group of people who made slaying Dragons their job...and it’s also the term used for the weapons they used.]

...Assassins specialising in Dragons, huh? Scary. Does that mean I am also a target? I dislike this more and more...

"As a special courtesy, since I am giving you this, even you, a Devil who has the power of the Dragon, can handle it. Before you can possess it, do you think you can assimilate it into the Boosted Gear?"

That is what Michael-san is saying, but is it possible?

[It depends on you. The Sacred Gear responds to your feelings. If you wish for it, it should be possible.]

Is that so? Yeah, how should I do it? More like, listen to my question.

“Why give it to me?”

No matter how much I thought, I asked him that. Why was this seemingly valuable thing being given to me? I was the old enemy for the Angels, not to mention, I was housing the Dragon who caused trouble during the war a long time ago. I thought I was the worst existence for them. Michael-san answered while smiling.

“During this time’s meeting, I think there’s a huge opportunity to cooperate between the Three Great Powers. I hear you already know it, so I am saying this, but we lost our creator, God, during the last war. Our enemies also lost the old Maous in battle. The leaders of the Fallen Angels are reticent. Azazel also has his official stand of not wanting to create wars. This is a chance to get rid of the useless battles. If small-scale battles continue like this intermittently, then anyhow, the Three Great Powers will be destroyed. Even if that isn’t the case, other powers may invade from the side. That sword is a present from me to the Maou side. Of course, I also sent presents to the Fallen Angel side. I got the rumoured Holy Demonic Swords from the Devil side as well, so our side is very grateful as well.”

Haa. Michael-san was saying quite difficult things. The general meaning was that this time’s meeting was important, and that he wanted to make peace with us Devils and Fallen Angels. However, other powers? What’s with that? Was there something else besides the Three Great Powers?

[About that. Other than powers written in the holy scriptures, other mythological systems exist as well.]

...What’s that? Ddraig, that’s the first time I have heard of that...?

[Ordinarily, they don’t walk over from their territory since an implicit anti-war agreement was present. However, we don’t know if the others will move when they find out that the God of the holy scriptures has died. This talk is also about making sure that the Three Great Powers don’t utter the non-existence of the God of the holy scriptures outside.]

?????? I didn’t get it. I didn’t get what Ddraig was saying at all. My mind was full of questions. I didn’t know about the deep internal conditions between the Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels, you know? Michael-san continued on his talk to me whose questions weren’t answered.

“We heard that the one who opposed us, the Welsh dragon, had become a Devil. As a greeting, and alongside that as a present, we’re giving you this sword. From now on, you’ll probably be targeted by Dragon-class opponents and the Vanishing Dragon. I thought that for the rumoured ‘weakest host in history’, it may become a supporting weapon.”

Sorry for being the weakest! Even like this, I am working hard, you know! It’s all things I don’t know, but I understood that he’s giving me this sword. No, but why me?

“Is giving it to me all right? More like, why me?”

“Only once have the Three Great Powers held hands together. That’s during the time they defeated the Red and White Dragon. Since it was the two Dragons who trespassed into our battlefield and threw the battlefield into disarray.”

I have heard that story from Ddraig before. And so, master Ddraig, he’s saying something.

[...Who knows.]

So you’ll play dumb, huh? Meh, it’s all right.

“Wishing that we hold hands together like that time, I am placing my hopes in you, in the Sekiryuutei. It’s typical Japanese behavior, right?”

I thought of something, but...since the top of the Angels was saying it with a smile on his face, I’ll believe it is the truth. I turned myself towards the aforementioned sword. But can I touch it? Isn’t a Holy Sword dangerous for Devils? Not to mention, isn’t it the worst case for it to be a Dragon Slayer!? Akeno-san said to me, who was having difficulty in extending his hand.

“There were final adjustments done on that sword in this shrine. Maou-sama, Azazel-sama and Michael-sama’s camps’ ceremonies have been performed, so even if a Devil houses the power of the Dragon, he can touch it.”

Seriously? If Akeno-san says it, then it must be true. If it’s Akeno-san saying it, then I can believe it! I fearfully took the Holy Sword floating in midair in my hand. ...Nothing happened. I feel the holy aura, but no damage or bad power is flowing into me. It seriously seems fine?

[Partner, focus your consciousness on the Boosted Gear. I’ll follow up after that. Try making the sword in your hand combine with the surge of the Sacred Gear.]

You say that, but even if I am told that... For the time being, I focused on invoking my Sacred Gear, making the red gauntlet appear. I tried combining the surge of Boosted Gear with the surge of the Holy Sword in my hand. ...The holy aura flowed into the Sacred Gear. It passed through the Sacred Gear, and the sensation of a bad surge flowed into my body, but...slowly, it became familiar, and a sensation as if it was being taken in by Ddraig’s power attacked me.


After a red flash—a gauntlet with a blade growing out of the front portion of the back of my left hand could be seen.

“...It seriously combined.”

Amazing. The Sacred Gear and the Holy Sword integrated. The Holy Sword grew out of the Boosted Gear!

After confirming it, Michael-san clapped his hands.

“And with that, it’s time. I have to go soon.”

Huh? You’re already leaving? Ah, there was something I wanted to say if I ever met the Angel side.

“U-Um, I...want to say something to you.”

“It’s time to visit the conference hall, so let’s hear it after the conference. I’ll definitely hear it. Don’t worry.”

After saying that, Michael-san’s whole body was wrapped by light. After a momentary flash of a light, the big shot of the Angels disappeared from this place.

Part 7[edit]

“Here’s some tea.”

“Ah, thanks a lot.”

We were in the shrine after Michael-san left. I was intruding on the grounds that Akeno-san lives in. After passing through a Japanese-style room, I was having tea in a room that looked like a tea ceremony room. If I remembered correctly, you drink it after turning the cup three times, right? One time, two times, three times. It’s bitter. Akeno-san was looking at my reaction and was laughing with a low voice.

“Did Akeno-san work with Michael...san on the sword present here?”

“Yes, the specific modification ceremony for Ascalon was held in this shrine.”

The setting of the Three Great Powers’ conference, and also this sword. Buchou and Akeno-san’s work was quite a lot and had to be hectic... Was this the mission of the King and Queen? I had to work so that I didn’t get in their way and be the partner of Gasper like I was asked. ...We were finally alone. Let’s try asking Akeno-san about the things I wanted to ask while we’re like this. I prepared myself and asked about the thing I had been worried about since the battle with Kokabiel.

“Can I ask one question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“...Are you the daughter of one of the Fallen Angels’ leaders...?”

On my question, Akeno-san’s expression changed to a slightly cloudy one.

“..That’s right. Originally, I was born between the leader of the Fallen Angels, Baraqiel, and a human.”

...So it’s true after all. Kokabiel did say to Akeno-san ‘The one having the power of Baraqiel’. Akeno-san stared at me and talked.

“My mother was a daughter of a certain shrine of this country. I heard that, on a certain day, my mother saved Baraqiel, who had collapsed from injuries, and from the fate of that day, I was born.”

Was that the case? Akeno-san had complicated household conditions... Somehow, my house is too normal, huh? Uh, I asked her myself, but now I was troubled over how to respond. While I was searching my brain on what words to say next, Akeno-san expanded her wings from her back. —Different from the usual two wings of Devils, one wing was that of a Devil, while the other one was the black wing of a Fallen Angel.

“They’re dirty wings... The wing of a Devil and the wing of a Fallen Angel, I possess both of them.”

As if despising the black feathers of Fallen Angels, she grabbed them with her hand.

“While hating these feathers, I met Rias and became a Devil. ...But what was born were the wings of a Fallen Angel and devil, a more disgusting creature who possessed both. Fufufu, this may suit me, who has dirtied blood flowing in her veins.”

Akeno-san was in self-derision. No way, Akeno-san. Please don’t say that...

“...How do you feel after hearing that, Ise-kun? You hate Fallen Angels, right? They killed you and Asia-chan once, and tried to destroy this city once. There’s no way you can hold good thoughts about them.”

I said what’s in my heart clearly, since I felt lying wouldn’t be good.

“Yes. I hate Fallen Angels.”

Upon hearing that, Akeno-san’s expression seemed to become sad. However, without caring, I continued on speaking.

“But...I like Akeno-san.”


Akeno-san had a surprised expression at my statement.

“I won’t ask for any more details about your birth. I only wanted to confirm it, so... Actually, I am thinking I asked a bad thing, so I am regretting it now... I am really sorry. I have insensitive points, so...”

“That’s not the case. I have the blood of a Fallen Angel in me, you know? Can you forgive me? Although I reincarnated into a Devil, the fact that I have the blood of a Fallen Angel in me doesn’t change. ...I may have approached you wanting to get hated, you know? ...No, that’s definitely the case. I am the worst kind of woman...”

“It has no relation. Ah, how do I say it, Akeno-san, you’re a kind Senpai. No, um, I definitely hate Fallen Angels, but I think that Akeno-san is different. Even if you have the blood of Fallen Angels in you, Akeno-san is Akeno-san, and you are the Vice President of the Occult Research Club. I have never once had thoughts of dislike towards Akeno-san. Even after hearing that Akeno-san has the blood of Fallen Angels, I cannot come to hate you. I like you even now, so there’s no problem, right? Huh? What the hell am I saying? Sorry, no more sensitive words are coming to me...”

Upon hearing my words, Akeno-san was...crying. Not good. Did I somehow hurt her? W-What should I do!? I made a girl cry! However, Akeno-san floated out a smile and wiped her tears.

“...You said some killing words. ...After hearing that...won’t I really get serious...?”

Huh, I didn’t hear the second half clearly, but my words were ‘killing words’? Did I maybe say something bad? After Akeno-san got up, she came towards me...and clung to me!?


Akeno-san whispered in my ear who was troubled on how to react.

“I have decided. I, have decided. Ise-kun, do you like Rias?”

“Eh!? U-um, y-yes, of course I like her!”

“...That’s a given, right? She’s serious as well, so legal wife is impossible. There’s a possibility of Asia-chan being the legal wife as well, so...the first and second position can’t be shaken, I guess...”

First position? Second position? What ranking would this be for? To me, who had questions controlling my face, Akeno-san spoke while clinging to me. Wait, Akeno-san! I won’t be able to hold it if you do too stimulative things to your junior!

“Hey, Ise-kun.”


“I won’t mind being third position.”

“...Third position?”

T-Third position? Was this connected to the first and second position of before? I-I don’t get it!

“Yes, third position. I think it’s a comparatively good position. Above all, there’s the feeling of unfaithfulness, so it’ll be burning. Ufufu, Ise-kun. Is it fine if I spoil you more? I’ll even give you lap pillow instead of Buchou.”

...It’s all words whose meaning I didn’t understand, but I at least got the part about the lap pillow!

“Eh? R-Really!?”

Are you serious!? A-Akeno-san’s lap pillow! Uwaaaah, just by imagining it, my excitement isn’t dying!

“Hey, Ise-kun, can you call me ‘Akeno’?”

“Eh? I can’t call my Senpai in that overly-familiar way!”

“...Then, just once is fine. Please.”

If I am asked with those bleary eyes, then... I swallowed in my spit, and murmured it after deciding.


“...I am happy. Ise...”


She hugged me further. Uwah, that voice right now, it wasn’t the usual Akeno-san’s dignified ‘Ara, ara, ufufu’, but the voice of a normal girl! It was a voice as if fawning over someone. She’s not the ‘Vice President Himejima Akeno’, but she became a normal female high schooler. That did something to my brain. More like, Akeno-san was cuuuuuuuuute! Wait, this feeling of boobs pressing on me! Akeno-san was soft as expected! Like that, I was lead onto Akeno-san’s laps. The preparations for a lap pillow! Uooooooooooooh, to think I would have a third time in my life! Since it was the beloved Akeno-san, it’s an inexpressible feeling! Akeno-san pat my head. It’s a different feeling from Buchou too!

“Ufufufu, I stole one of Rias’s special rights. Somehow, I feel like I am doing something bad. Ise-kun, does it feel good?”

“Y-Yes! It’s the best!”

Ah, Akeno-san’s thighs are soft as well! It’s the best sleeping place...

“Um, I wonder what it is, but...if this scene is seen by Buchou—.”

“What about...Buchou? Hey, Ise?”


This voice is... I felt like my body had frozen in an instant. I brought my body up from that place and stiffly turned my head backwards. And there, my master, who was emitting the worst possible expanding crimson aura, was standing like the two guardian deva kings. I’ll be killed! I intuitively thought and felt that! Because, no matter how you look at it, she’s wearing the Power of Destruction!

“B-B-B-Bu-Bu-Bu-Buchou!? T-This is, um!”

Buchou pressed her hand on her forehead and let out a huge sigh.

“There’s no unpreparedness or chink... To have a lap pillow from a lap other than mine...!”

Zun, zun!

Feeling anger in her footsteps, Buchou approached me.


It hurts! My cheeks are being pulled by Buchou as hard as she can! Ooooooouch! Buchou asked me in a low intensity voice.

“What about the sword?”

“I-I got it!”

“What about Michael?”

“H-He left!”

“Then, there’s no business left here! We’re going back!”

I hurriedly followed Buchou, who had turned on her heels. I bowed to Akeno-san. Sorry, really.

“I am really jealous of the number one candidate, Rias-Buchou.”

Akeno-san murmured something from behind. It had returned to the voice of the usual Akeno-san. I didn’t hear it properly, but Buchou stopped for a while, then started pulling my arm and left. It’s like she wanted to quickly get me away from this place.

Part 8[edit]

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap

The sound of Buchou’s footsteps descending the shrine’s stone steps were full of anger. I, who was following behind her, said nothing and just tried not to be left behind. Buchou hated her servant, me, to be touched by other girls. It seems Asia and Koneko-chan are OK, but girls other than that, even if it’s Akeno-san, she hated it. No, since it’s Akeno-san, who’s closest to her, she hated it? No, I didn’t get my Master’s heart about that. But, if you looked at it from my Master, Buchou’s perspective, it might look like betrayal. What should I do!? There’s no way other than to apologise! But, how do I apologise!? I really don’t get it! If I am hated by Buchou, then I’ll die of sadness! I am thinking of this and that with my small brain. Suddenly, Buchou stopped. Without turning towards me, Buchou asked.

“...Hey, Ise.”

What will she ask? I am scared! How should I answer her!? I can’t find an answer!


However, I didn’t expect Buchou’s words.

“Akeno is...Akeno.”


“Akeno is the Fuku-Buchou[2]. However, she is ‘Akeno’...and I am?”

Huh...? What do you mean? I think Akeno-san is ‘Akeno-san’, but...? That’s why, Buchou is...

“Buchou...am I wrong?”

When I answered ‘Buchou’, I felt that Buchou shrugged her shoulders.

“...That’s right. I am Buchou. But also, ‘Rias’.”

W-What was it? Her tone was really despondent. Did I say something wrong? Not being able to find the answer Buchou wanted, I responded normally.

“Yes, Buchou is my Master and a High-class Devil, Rias Gremory...um, Buchou?”

Turning back, her expression seemed very sad.

“...What’s with that ‘Number one candidate’...? Am I not the only one who’s far off...!?”

That voice wasn’t the usual Buchou’s voice brimming with elegance, but a normal...girl’s voice found anywhere.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. Yamato Nadeshiko
  2. Fuku-Buchou = vice president (of club)

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