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Life.5 Welsh Dragon and Vanishing Dragon[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Before I realised it, we were in the club room. It had made a lot of noise, but the transfer had succeeded. However—

“—! Impossible, they’ve transferred here!”

“Damn Devils!”

The interior was occupied by Magicians wearing those weird robes! Heeeeeey! As I thought, this is the enemy’s centre!

“B-Buchou! I-Ise-senpai!”

Gasper’s voice! When I turned my eyes in the direction where I heard the voice, the cross-dressing boy Gasper was there, tied to a chair with rope. The cut-off piece of paper bag was on his head! S-So he wore it... Buchou confirmed Gasper’s safety and was relieved as well.

“Gasper! I’m so glad that you’re safe.”

“Buchou... It’s already too late…”

However, Gasper just broke into tears then.

“It’s better if...I die. Please, Buchou, Senpai. Please kill me... Because of these eyes, I can’t make friends with anyone... I’m only a bother...and a coward...”

Gasper raggedly shed tears. Captured and being used by the enemy, he thought he was being a bother to us. Buchou kindly smiled at that Gasper.

“Don’t say such a stupid thing. I won’t abandon you, you know? When I transferred you into my family, I said it, right? That now that you’ve been reborn, you will live for me, and also find a way of life that can satisfy you.”

But Buchou’s words didn’t get through to Gasper, and he shook his head.

“...I just couldn’t find it. For me, who just causes trouble...to have value in living is...”

“You’re my servant and part of my family. I won’t abandon you so easily. Even though it was finally possible for you to be free!”

“That’s right, Gasper! Me and Buchou won’t abandon you!”

That’s right! My Kouhai! Even if you can’t use your Sacred Gear well, we’ll stop you—


Right before my eyes, Gasper was struck by a female Magician. The Magician seized Gasper’s hair and gave a sneer. Now that I looked, all the Magicians here were female! Witches? Witches are good too!

“You people are so stupid. It’s foolish how you treat such a dangerous half-Vampire normally. It’s just as the Old Maou Faction says. The Gremory family are as dumb as they are deeply affectionate and overflowing with power.”

The Magician assessed Buchou with a contemptuous look.

“Maybe you would have gotten more value if you’d quickly brainwashed this half-Vampire and used him effectively as a tool? If you had made his Sacred Gear run out of control while throwing this child into the territory of the opposing Fallen Angels, he might even have taken out one of their leaders as well. Why haven’t you done that? Could it be that you intend to treat a servant as a close friend?”


I tried to strike back at that offensive remark, but Buchou restrained me with her hand. Why, Buchou!? Even though she didn’t understand anything about Buchou, she said nothing but bad things! I can’t forgive her! No matter how much of a girl she is, there are things you can say and things you can’t! Damn it!

“I...treasure my servant.”

Buchou retaliated back calmly. Please get angry! There’s no merit in behaving calmly with a person like this!

Hyuh! Bon!

The Magician fired a small magic bullet at Buchou! Buchou’s uniform was partly blown away, and white skin peeked out... H-Her breasts could be seen just a little.

“What a cheeky mouth you have. Also, I don’t like how you’re beautiful even though you’re a Devil, daughter of Gremory.”

The Magician’s words were filled with jealousy. The Magician put a blade at Gasper’s neck.

“You move and this child dies. Let's have some fun.”

The Magician stuck out a hand, and started releasing even more magic! Buchou isn’t showing any sign of avoiding it! Damn it! The moment the magic bullet is fired again, I’ll stand in front of Buchou and become a shield!


The bullet grazed the lower part just a little from my neck. Oww! But, if it’s just this much! Rather, that location! She aimed for Buchou’s face!? U-Unforgivable! To aim for Buchou’s face! I was angry in both heart and mind, but Buchou came forth from behind me and spoke to Gasper kindly.

“Gasper, please cause me a lot of trouble. I’ll scold you over and over again! I’ll comfort you! I’ll never let you go!”

—! B-Buchou! Uuh, even though it isn’t being said to me, I’m incredibly moved! As expected, my master is the best! Now then, Gasper! You’ve made Buchou say this much! How will you respond!?


Gasper broke into tears. However, it was from neither fear nor sadness. Even I could tell that he was crying out of happiness. Alright. Alright! In that case, Gasper! Next is a present of fighting spirit from me!


I raised my voice which rang within the room! Gasper! My feelings! I’ll convey them through words and deliver them all the way to your soul!

“Don’t run away! Don’t be afraid! Don’t cry! Me! Buchou! Akeno-san! Asia! Kiba, Koneko-chan and Xenovia as well! We’re all your friends! We will absolutely never abandon you! We won’t do something like leave you out!”

I put up my left arm high! Activate, my Sacred Gear!

“Boosted Gear!”


A red gauntlet was equipped on my left arm. Next, Promotion!

“Buchou! I’m promoting to Queen!”

Buchou nodded, and my power was raised! Furthermore, there was one more thing left!



Along with a new voice, my new weapon, Ascalon, extended from the shell of my Sacred Gear! The female Magicians cautiously watched me. However, I pointed the tip of the sword away from the enemy and at my own hand.


I temporarily suppressed the sword’s power and personally cut the palm of my right hand with the blade... It hurt! But! Blood flowed out of my right hand.


Buchou looked at my action dubiously. Please be at peace of mind. This is a present for Gasper!

“However, Gasper! It’s no use if you don’t get up on your own, you know? After receiving encouragement by a girl, next is standing up! Don’t you have a wonderful pair of balls on youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

I stuck out my left hand and extended out Ascalon that had my blood on it in Gasper’s direction! Faster than the Magicians could react, the blood, which had been on Ascalon, clung to Gasper’s mouth.

“—Drink it. The blood of me, who harbours the strongest Dragon. And show us that you’re a man!”

Gasper nodded at my words with a strong look. Gasper tasted my blood that had arrived at his mouth with his tongue. The instant that Gasper swallowed my blood, the atmosphere within the room suddenly changed. An indescribable chill eerily rang through my whole body. When I turned my eyes to Gasper who was tied to the chair...he wasn’t there! Gasper wasn’t sitting on the chair!? He had disappeared!? Only the rope that had been tying Gasper to the chair was left. The female Magicians were also shocked that Gasper had suddenly disappeared, and looked around. They spread their gazes over the interior of the room and—.


A weird chirping was heard. Countless bats were flying near the ceiling of the room. The group of red-eyed bats swooped down on the female Magicians all at once.

“Kuh! So he transformed, that damn Vampire!”


The cursing women pointed their hands at the bats and tried to fire magic bullets, but they were pulled down by something and greatly lost their balance. Countless black hands were extending out from the female Magicians’ shadows! The hands from the shadows tried pulling the girls inside the shadows.

“So this is the ability of a Vampire!”

“Take this!”

Don! They fired magic bullets at the shadows, but the shadow hands just dispersed uneventfully. During that, the bats wrapped around the forms of the Magicians and bit at various parts on their bodies.

“You intend to suck our blood!?”

“No, our magic power is also being absorbed!”

The Magicians were having a hard time. They were at the mercy of the bats and the hands extending from the shadows. This was...Gasper? Gasper’s Vampire power?

“Ise, that’s part of the power that Gasper was originally hiding. It must have been released from drinking your blood.”

So said Buchou. I see, as I thought, that’s Gasper’s power!

“Kuh! In that case, we can only do this!”

The Magicians turned their aim towards this direction! So they intended to aim at me and Buchou!


The countless magic bullets they fired were aimed at me and Buchou, but...they all stopped in mid-air.

[It’s useless. I can see all your movements and attacks.]

Gasper’s voice echoed within the interior of the room. The red eyes of the bats glowed like a blaze. I see, so he invoked his Sacred Gear from the eyes of the bats! Moreover, he was brilliantly stopping only the magic bullets! So he can control his Sacred Gear thanks to the effect of drinking my blood!

[I’m stopping you people!]

Kah! Countless numbers of bats made their red eyes shine, and they made the time of all the female Magicians in the room stop.

[Ise-senpai! The finishing blow!]

“Leave it to me!”

I started running and touched the Magicians! Then, while striking a cool pose in the centre of the room, I cried out!

“Dress Break!”


The clothes of the Witches who were time-stopped were brilliantly blown off! A trade fair of naked woman unfolded before my eyes! I could look as much as I liked, touch as much as I liked! Buh! As a nosebleed spurted out, I gave a smile of victory.

“Gasper, together, we’re invincible.”


My Kouhai stops the enemy, and I blow off their clothes. We’re the strongest. We’re invincible! With this, the dream I’ve yearned for can come true...


“Is that really so?”

Buchou poked my forehead while sighing.

Part 2[edit]

“By the way, Ddraig, who is Ophis?”

I asked this while I was working to tie up the Magicians and place them on the room’s magic circle.

[—Ophis. That’s a nostalgic name.]

So, who is he? That guy?

[He’s the strongest of the Dragon tribe.]

Stronger than Ddraig and the Vanishing Dragon?

[Yeah, because he’s stronger than God as well. He’s the only existence that God couldn’t take on carelessly. He’s a true monster with power equal to infinite.]

“Seriously!? So there was still a Dragon stronger than you and Albion!”

[He’s the only one. The only one who exceeds us. He’s the strongest existence in this world.]

Hah, that’s, how should I put it...? Moreover, he seemed to be the boss of the terrorists. Buchou deployed the magic circle and sent the Magicians off to a public office in the Underworld. She said that they would then be arrested and put in prison. Incidentally, Buchou had already changed into a spare uniform. The reason was so we could get the terrorists as living witnesses just in case. But, to tie up girls with rope like this was... Gufufu, I thought all kinds of vulgar things.

“Senpai, is your hand okay?”

Gasper, who had returned from the bats and shadows to his true form, asked this. Because he was wearing the ring I had gotten from Azazel, his Sacred Gear wouldn’t run out of control.

“Yeah, I’m used to injuries of this extent. Even though I look like this, I’ve also had a hole in my stomach from the attack of a Fallen Angel.”

“Ueeeeeeeh? R-Really...? S-Senpai has really experienced a lot of violence...”

I-Is that so? Thinking about it, ever since I became a Devil, I seem to be living considerably violent days... I haven’t worried about it since I’ve been living happily with Buchou and the others, but were the chances of me going to the jaws of death surprisingly high? Uu, it’s my imagination, my imagination. I’ll try not to think about it too deeply!

“How was drinking my blood?”

“Yes, my power temporarily welled up from the bottom, but...I have returned to normal now.”

I see. So it includes a time limit. Even so, he becomes plenty powerful when drinking my blood.

“Yes. All of them have been transferred over there! Now then, Ise, Gasper! Let’s return to Maou-sama!”

That was Buchou. Thank you for your hard work!


Me and Gasper responded, and followed behind Buchou. We left the room and moved to the entrance of the old school building. Meanwhile, Gasper was still sticking to my back... There seemed to be a lot of children who hide behind my back somehow. There’s Asia, and this one too. In any case, I also have to fix this guy’s hikikomori disposition. Just as we were exiting the entrance while I thought that...


Something fell down right in front of us! After the cloud of dust which enveloped it vanished, there was...

“...Tch. So you’re betraying me under these circumstances, Vali.”

It was the Governor of the Fallen Angels, who was gravely injured.

“That’s right, Azazel.”

While giving off a dazzling radiance, the Hakuryuukou stood before us. There was a lady who I didn’t know at his side as well.

“The instant you decided on peace, arrangements were made to invoke the Sacred Gear of the kidnapped half-Vampire and begin the terrorist attack. The Hakuryuukou ran wild along with me once we saw a good time. It’d be good if we could bury any of the leaders of the Three Great Powers. It’d be fine if the meeting fell apart because of that.”

Ooh! What sexy clothes! Clothes that expose the breasts so much! S-Such a risqué thing that also has a deep slit, it’s the best! She has such nice legs, oi!

“I feel vulgar eyes. Is this kid the Sekiryuutei, Vali?”

“Yeah, while regrettable, it’s true. He truly is a most regrettable host.”

“Don’t keep saying regrettable, regrettable! Even I’m living through every day doing my best! ...Or rather, why are you and Azazel confronting each other? Or rather, who is this onee-chan?”

The onee-san looked at the babbling me with pitying eyes.

“I see. He really does seem to be a regrettable child. Vali, will you kill him?”

“My feelings are wavering on what to do. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting for him to be here.”

Heh? I didn’t understand things at all. What’s happening?

“Geez, I’ve also lost my edge. For one of my followers to do this...”

Azazel laughed at himself. Eh? Then, the Hakuryuukou is seriously the terrorists’ comrade? That nee-san there is also an enemy? Vali stored away the mask on his helmet with a clang and showed his face.

“When? When did you decide to do this?”

“I got the offer while I was en-route returning Kokabiel to headquarters. Sorry, Azazel. This side seems to be interesting.”

“Vali, has the Vanishing Dragon capitulated to Ophis?”

“No, I’m just cooperating stubbornly. They gave an attractive offer. ‘Wouldn’t you like to fight against the Asgard?’. When they said that, as someone who wants to test my power, I couldn’t decline. Azazel, you dislike the idea of fighting with Valhalla, the Asgard, right? You dislike war.”

“I told you to ‘become strong’, but I should have also said ‘don’t destroy the world while doing so’.”

“That’s unrelated. I just want to fight eternally.”

“...I see. No, I may have anticipated somehow in my heart that you would leave my side. Ever since the time we met till now, you wanted to fight with strong people.”

“The preparations and information outlet for this were thanks to the Hakuryuukou. It’s unusual of you to have left him alone even though you understood his true nature. As a result, you’ve wrung your own neck.”

The lady sneered at Azazel. Ignoring Azazel, who gave a bitter smile, Vali hit his hand against his chest and spoke to me.

“My real name is Vali. —Vali Lucifer.”

...W-What? ...Lucifer?

“I’m a descendent of the previous generation’s Maou Lucifer who died. However, I’m a child of mixed blood born from a father who was the old Maou’s grandson and a human mother. I obtained the Vanishing Dragon’s Sacred Gear because I’m half-human. It was just by chance. However, I, who is a true blood relative of Lucifer and is also the Vanishing Dragon, was born. If there really is such a thing as fate and miracles, I may be that. —Just joking.”

As he said that, several Devil wings grew from his back along with his wings of light.

—D-Devil? The Hakuryuukou is...? What’s more, he said Lucifer... Wasn’t that the old Maou!?

“No way... That can’t be...”

Buchou also wore an astonished expression on her face. However, Azazel confirmed it.

“It’s true. If there is such a ridiculous existence, it’s him. He’ll become the strongest Hakuryuukou among those I knew in the past and present, and probably of all time as well.”

...E-Even if you say that ...S-So he’s really the strongest... (!) Somehow, I can’t catch up with various arrangements happening that I don’t know about lately! Or rather, there are a lot of halves around me like Akeno-san, Gasper and this guy.

“Have you resolved yourself, Azazel?”

The lady still sneered at Azazel. Who was this person? Even I could grasp that her killing intent was tremendous.

“...Tch, that volume of aura that swelled up earlier, what did you get from that bastard Ophis?”

The lady smiled at Azazel’s question.

“Yes, he who is the Dragon that possesses infinite power. For the sake of the world’s reformation, I borrowed a little of his power. Thanks to that, I can fight against you. There’s even a chance that I can beat Sirzechs and Michael. They’re such foolish Governors, and so are you.”

“...So I am. I may be foolish. I can’t do anything without Shemhaza. I’m just a Sacred Gear enthusiast. —But you know, do you really think that Sirzechs and Michael are idiots? At least they’re far superior compared to someone mediocre like you.”

The lady’s face twisted at Azazel’s words.

“What nonsense! Very well, I’ll deal the finishing blow right here and now. I will destroy you, the Governor of the Fallen Angels, as the first step towards the creation of a new world!”

The lady spoke in a strong tone. However, Azazel just seemed pleased. He took out something which looked like a dagger from his pocket.


Azazel pointed the tip of the dagger at the lady, who was looking at it suspiciously.

“...I have gone beyond being a Sacred Gear enthusiast. I also produce them myself. I’ve built replicas. Well, almost all of them are garbage though. God, the one who developed the Sacred Gears, was amazing. That’s the only thing I respect him for. However, they’re incomplete. It’s because God and Maou died while leaving behind ‘bugs’ which can upset the world’s balance like the Longinus and Balance Breaker. Well, that’s why Sacred Gears are interesting though.”

“Be at a peace of mind. Things like Sacred Gears absolutely won’t be made in the new world. Even without such things, the world functions. Eventually, we’ll make Northern Europe’s Odin move as well, and then the world will have to change.”

After deliberately raising gossip with a complacent smile, Azazel spat out.

“The more I hear, the more I feel like vomiting at your goals. Valhalla!? The Earth Gods!? So you intend to snatch everything through Odin from the side. Rather than that, the person who steals my pleasure—can go and disappear.”

The dagger that Azazel had changed shape! Its parts separated and light gushed out.

“—! I-Impossible! Azazel, you!”

In front of the latter who had grasped something, the Governor of the Fallen Angels uttered words with power!

“Balance Break...!”

The vicinity was wrapped in a momentary flash. After the light faded—there was a person there wearing gold plate armour. It had a golden sparkling radiance and a form resembling that of a Dragon.


Twelve jet-black wings unfolded from its back. Black feathers fluttered about the surroundings. The Dragon-imitating gold armour made its black wings flap. I thought it was a little cool. Azazel was equipped with Dragon armour! A huge spear of light was in his hands!

“I studied the Vanishing Dragon and other dragon-series Sacred Gears and produced this, my masterpiece artificial Sacred Gear. This is [Down Fall Dragon Spear] in its pseudo-Balance Breaker state, [Down Fall Dragon Another Armour].”

I could feel a Dragon’s surge from beyond the armour. It wasn’t ordinary! A top-class powerful aura to the point of overwhelming was being emitted from his entire body that was above what I had felt up until now. It easily beat Kokabiel’s! Uoooh! It’s like a bargain sale of Balance Breakers! Wasn’t that a rare phenomenon!?

[No, that isn’t a true Balance Breaker.]

What do you mean, Ddraig?

[He made the Sacred Gear go into a Burst state and did a forced awakening. A kind of running out of control. The Sacred Gear will break after a battle with that. Does he intend to use that so-called artificial Sacred Gear as a disposable?]

So it’s a disposable artificial Sacred Gear! Even so, what I didn’t understand was how it could be emitting a Dragon aura. However, Azazel’s development of Sacred Gears was unexpected! Incidentally, unless the owner of a real incarnation-type Sacred Gear died, it could regenerate no matter how many times it broke. Conversely, if you stole a Sacred Gear through a special method, they seem to die. The jewel in my left arm’s gauntlet and the multiple jewels that existed in my Balance Breaker armour didn’t have just a single function and could be regenerated even if destroyed. If he was an opposing existence, then the Hakuryuukou should be the same.

“Hahaha! As expected of Azazel! You really are incredible!”

Vali laughed. He laughed in the face of someone so strong! Is he fearless? No, he’s crazy!

Azazel turned to face Vali.

“Vali, I’d also like to be your opponent, but... Well, please get along with the Welsh Dragon.”

Don’t joke around! I don’t want to get along with someone like him!

“However, fighting with Azazel seems fun.”

Vali also said that. Then, please do that! I have no interest in something like a rival showdown!

“...It’s based on a Dragon endowed with power, right?”

“Yeah, I just sealed the Gigantis Dragon Fafnir in this artificial Sacred Gear. I copied it from the Sacred Gears of the Two Heavenly Dragons, the Welsh Dragon and the Vanishing Dragon. I’ve yet to see if it succeeded or not.” (!)

He copied Boosted Gear? Rather, he mentioned the name of a Dragon I don’t know...

[He’s one of Five Great Dragon Kings. Azazel talked about Vritra the other day, right? In addition, there’s the Chaos Karma Dragon Tiamat, the Mischievous Dragon Yu-Long, and the Sleeping Dragon Midgardsormr. Though I say that, Vritra was eliminated long ago and sealed somewhere. If what Azazel says is true, then Fafnir was also sealed. Though originally, there were six Dragon Kings.]

Ah, somehow, I’ve become confused. I won’t understand it even if you tell me something like that all of a sudden. I’ve heard about Tiamat somewhere before. The others I don’t know at all.

[Unexpectedly, you might meet them soon. Since Tiamat hates me.]

Uwah, I just heard such an inconvenient talk. Geez, I’ve had enough of meeting these something or other Dragons! Ah, so that’s why Michael gave a Dragon Slayer sword to me.

“Azazel! Even though you possess that much power, you!”

“Cattleya, you yourself said that you made a pact with the Uroboros Dragon.”

“...The research of Sacred Gears shouldn’t have advanced to such an extent...”

“From that look, it seems that the group that betrayed my organisation stole some of the Sacred Gear research. However, it’s pointless. Only I and Shemhaza know a portion close to the truth.”

A bluish-black aura covered the lady’s body as she clicked her tongue.

“I am one who is descended from the great true Leviathan, Cattleya Leviathan! I won’t lose to an annoying Fallen Angel like you!”

The lady shouted! Or rather, this person is Leviathan-sama? W-Well, she’s certainly closer to the Leviathan-sama that I imagined. Azazel beckoned to the lady who introduced herself as Cattleya.


“Don’t look down on me!”

The lady clad herself in an extra-large aura, and flew out at an extreme speed!


It was an instantaneous event. The lady called Cattleya dived at Azazel, and Azazel also responded with the spear he held. In an instant—


Fresh blood gushed out from the lady’s body. She feebly fell down to her knees on the spot. When I looked, the ground was split even far behind the lady. The ground had been gouged out from the aftershock of Azazel’s attack. Incredible, what power! The attack and defence had happened in the world of comma, and had come to an end.

“—It isn’t over!”

Cattleya changed her arm into a tentacle-like thing and wrapped it around Azazel’s left arm. A suspicious pattern emerged on the lady’s body!

“That is a self-destruct-use technique formula!”

Buchou said that. Seriously!? That’s for self-destruction? So that’s this lady’s dying will! Azazel tried to tear the tentacle away, but there was no sign of it coming off at all.

“Azazel! Even if you try to kill me while in this state, it’s useless! Now that you’re connected with me, this strong magic will also activate and kill you too when I die!”

“—. So you’ll deal great damage to me with self-sacrifice resolution. It’s a tawdry way of thinking, but the result is an enormous reason.”

“Ise, Gasper! Get some distance! As things stand, we’ll get caught up in the blast!”

“But, Buchou! What about Azazel?”

“If he’s the Governor of his organisation, he’ll deal with it somehow! However, we’ll get caught up in it and die!”

That’s serious! It would be lovely to die together with Buchou, but I don’t want to die in such a place, and moreover while wrapped up in someone else’s battle! We quickly got some distance. Even as we got away by a certain extent, Buchou deployed several layers of defensive barriers and started preparing for the explosion’s aftershocks.


Gasper’s scream! When I looked, some kind of magical pattern was engraved on Gasper’s eyes.

“Sorry, but I’ll be sealing that. It’d be annoying if time is stopped.”

—It’s Vali!

“But you know, if you’re aware of its ability and activation conditions, that Sacred Gear really isn’t that great a wonder. It’s full of weak points. There are many techniques like those that seal one’s vision. Also, if his magic is drained, it changes into a double-edged sword that submits damage to allies as well.”

That guy was flying in the air. That’s the best! Or rather, it was just as he said; Gasper in his current state was full of weak points, just like me. ‘A powerful Sacred Gear equals strength’, that was just an illusion inside of me! Azazel, it was just as you said. Even if a Sacred Gear was strong, it’s all useless if the host was useless! Or rather, I still couldn’t fly in the air! Damn it! I’m not able to say anything about Gasper either! I have insufficient training! We watched Azazel’s situation from the place we escaped to. Azazel still couldn’t remove the tentacle. It seemed to retain no damage even when he tried to cut it with the spear.

“That tentacle was made in a special way by absorbing my life. It won’t break.”

The lady laughed fearlessly. Giving up on cutting it, Azazel shrugged his shoulders. The next instant—


The tentacle was cut off along with his left arm! Uwah! Seriously!? He cut his own arm off! Fresh blood gushed out from the wound of Azazel’s left arm. The cut-off piece of his arm turned into dust.

“!? You cut off your own arm!?”

Cattleya was shocked. Her abdomen was then pierced by a spear of light that Azazel threw.

“I’ll give you an arm at least.”


Cattleya's body blew up, then turned into dust and vanished into the sky. Because she received large damage from a light attack, she was annihilated since light was a deadly poison to evils. And there seemed to be no exceptions for this.


Azazel’s armour was released. The Governor of the Fallen Angels didn’t seem to regret the arm he’d lost. He just clicked his tongue.

“Tch. So this is the limit of an artificial Sacred Gear. There’s still much room for improvement... As long as the core jewel is safe, I can remake it again. I’ll have you keep me company for a little while longer, Gigantis Dragon-kun Fafnir.”

And he lightly kissed a jewel-like object in his hand. ...That was the conclusion of the battle between that lady who called herself Leviathan and Azazel. All that was left was...the white-armoured Vali, who descended from the night sky.

“As expected of Azazel. However, your armour has been released. So your artificial Sacred Gears still require more study.”

Azazel pointed at Vali.

“Now then, Vali. What will you do? Shall I go at it again? Even if I have no armour and am one-handed, I can fight with you adequately.”

Azazel made a spear of light appear in his hand and pointed the blade at the Hakuryuukou. You’ll still fight even with that injury? What fighting spirit! Vali glanced at Azazel, who took a fighting stance, and then asked us a question.

“But don’t you think that destiny is cruel?”

...? What’s that all of a sudden. What is he talking about?

“On one hand, there is the strongest existence that one can think of with a Maou plus a legendary Dragon like me, and on the other hand, there is a mere human like you who possesses a legendary Dragon as well. Say what you like, but I think that this accident of fate is cruel. Though we’re rivals bearing the same Dragon-type Sacred Gears, the gap between the two owners is too great.” (!)

Y-You mean me? I pointed at myself. Vali nodded amusedly.

“I investigated you a little. Your father is an ordinary office worker. You mother sometimes goes out to a part-time job as an ordinary full-time housewife. The blood relatives of both your parents are completely ordinary. There are also no ability users or practitioners who possessed power among your ancestors. Of course, your ancestors had nothing to do with Devils or Angels either. You really are ordinary. Your friends aren’t special either. You were a completely ordinary male high school student until you were reborn as a Devil as well. With the exception of Boosted Gear, you’re nothing.”

That guy laughed with a pitying expression.

“Boring. When I learned about you, who was so excessively boring, I laughed out of disappointment. ‘Ah, so this is my rival. I give up.’. If your parents had at least been Magicians, than maybe the story would change a bit. That’s right! How about this kind of setting? You can become an avenger!”

...? I had no idea what he wαs talking about. How to say it, I felt like this guy was smart in a different way. I couldn’t understand him at all. I could understand that he was different from Akeno-san and Gasper, that he didn’t hate his upbringing. No doubt, he was proud of his lineage. If there were those who suffer from their birth, there are also those who take delight in it. The world was so complicated that it couldn’t be processed by my brain. But even I understood his next words. Quite clearly.

“I’ll kill your parents. If I do that, your personal history will become a little more interesting. If your parents are killed by a valuable existence like me, don’t you think you’ll be able to openly devote yourself to a solemn destiny? Yeah, I’ll do that. After all, your parents will, from now on as well, live ordinarily, grow old ordinarily, and die ordinarily. The setting I spoke of is much more brilliant than such a boring life! Right?”


I couldn’t express it. I couldn’t express this feeling that was born in my heart. A feeling of a degree I had never felt before was starting to be born within me. I could only say this.

“I’m going to kill you, you bastard.”

I quietly let that out of my mouth. At that moment, my head finally understood. Ah, so this is what they call ‘killing intent’.

“...Just as you said, my father is an ordinary office worker who works from morning to evening for our family. My mother is an ordinary housewife who makes delicious food for our family morning, noon and evening. However, they raised me up to this point. To me, they’re the best parents.”

Why should my parents have to be killed by this kind of bastard? That’s also a stupid reason. My father and mother had nothing to do with you.

“...Kill them? My father and mother? Why should they have to be mixed up in the situation of someone like you and be killed? As if I know anything about things like valuable or destiny!”

He is the one person I can’t forgive. Vali Lucifer.

“As if I’ll let you do it.”

He is the one person I absolutely cannot forgive!

“I’ll be damned if I let my parents be killed by the likes of yooooooooooooou!”

[Welsh Dragon Over Booster!!!!]

As if responding to my anger, my Sacred Gear started to release a strong bright red aura. With the ring I got from Azazel also acting on it, I equipped Booster Gear Scale Mail without having to sacrifice anything. However, a countdown-like thing appeared on the jewel of my left arm’s gauntlet. Time-wise, I didn’t have even fifteen minutes. Though it was still better than the mere ten seconds of my incomplete Balance Breaker.

“Look, Albion. Hyoudou Issei’s power went up by an incomparable amount. The plain and simple reason called rage was the trigger, but this is... Hahahaha, what a Dragon’s surge.”

[Sacred Gears simply use strong emotions as food for power. Hyoudou Issei’s rage is at its genuine limit, and it’s turned towards you. Only straightforward people can draw out the Dragon’s power.]

“I see. So his greater affinity with his Dragon is also explained through this reason.”

As if I know! In any case, if I don’t do something about this guy, my surroundings will become a disaster! I won’t allow that!

“However! You still aren’t clever! Hyoudou Issei! Your intelligence is insufficient to control Ddraig! That is a sin.”

“Stop chattering and talking about things I don’t understaaaaaaand!”

“Yes! That is exactly why you’re called an idiot!”

Spouting an aura from the magic power jets on my back, I rushed towards Vali! Vali covered his face with his mask. So he’s prepared to fight! It was only my second time using Balance Breaker, but a failed attack wasn’t permitted like that time with Riser! However, Vali easily avoided and dodged my tackle! Not yet! I regained my balance in mid-air and dived again at Vali who had just dodged! I extended Ascalon from my gauntlet and unleashed an attack with my unskilled weapon! However, I couldn’t manage to land a single hit with only my mere swinging slashes on Vali as he dodged with light movements.

[Vali, that sword carries Dragon Slaying powers. If it hits just once, you’ll undeniably receive great damage.]

“Is that so, Albion? But there’s no meaning if it doesn’t hit!”

Just as he says, I won’t be able to even graze him with my skill. Damn it! If it’s like this, I should have learned more swordplay from Kiba! Next time I’ll train seriously! In this Balance Breaker state, it’s temporarily possible to use my doubling ability whenever and however I want.

[However, every time you use it, your stamina or magical power will be consumed. The doubling ability will proportionally take away stamina to how high it is. That’s my original Balancer Breaker ability. Although this is a temporary Balance Breaker state, wouldn’t you just be committing an act of folly by exhausting the power that maintains your armour with just one use? Even the bracelet you got from Azazel has its limits. Every time you use it, the time for using Balance Breaker will decrease.]

So even just maintaining this state uses up stamina! Vali’s side must have a lot of surplus!

[Your opponent Vali seems to have a tremendous amount of magic power. As a paired existence, the Hakuryuukou will also shave off power every time he uses his ability, but if the host’s stamina is great, then the time in which he can use it will also be enormous.]

Tch...! What an unpleasant reality! The difference in power between me and Vali was decisive! As I thought, I was a lot weaker! That’s obvious. He had a complete Balance Breaker. I, on the other hand, got a lot of help and have a Balance Breaker that was severely limited. No, before that, me and that guy, our basic specs were too different!


Guhah...! At that instant, I choked. A heavy blow hit me in the chest! Heavy! Rather, it was too fast for me to see. What a shot! My legs trembled from just this! T-There was also a crack in my armour! If I received many of these kinds of hits, it’d abruptly be over!

“So this is my rival! Hahahaha! How embarrassing! Weak! Too weak!”

Vali harshly made fun of me. However, I really did feel that way.


Buchou seemed worried as she watched me. I don’t want to show an uncool appearance in front of the woman I fell in love with! I was born between parents from ordinary families, was reborn as a Devil, and by chance obtained the power of a Dragon. He was born with the lineage of the Old Maou and got the power of a legendary Dragon. There was no talent in me. And in him, there was an overflowing amount of talent. The strongest host that could control the power of his Sacred Gear, the ideal existence. That was certainly Vali.


I heard a voice from the Hakuryuukou’s gauntlet, and my power instantly vanished. Did he halve my power!? Was it activated from the blow I received to my chest before!?


However, I also activated my own Sacred Gear and my power was restored.

[Partner, the power that was halved was restored by my power, but the Vanishing Dragon’s other ability is troublesome.]

Ddraig, what do you mean?

[That guy halves his opponent’s power, and then adds the decreased portion of power to himself. In other words, your power is taken away and turned into his own power. Stamina can’t be recovered. It’s only power to the end.]

T-Then, even if I reset from the minus, that guy will become plus!?

[That’s right. However, no matter how amazing the host is, he has a limit. Power that goes beyond his capacity is released from the wings of light on his back in order to keep maintaining his power limit without destroying his body.]

So then, he always keeps his power at its peak without bursting and destroying himself...

“Come on, come on!”

Seeming to enjoy himself, Vali fired a seemingly endless number of magic bullets. I couldn’t run away as I wished either. The rounds after rounds of bullets he lightly fired left heavy damage. I could easily imagine that I had become completely covered in bruises. Kuh... I’d like to shower him with my own blows somehow. If not, I wouldn’t be able to restrain this dark thing that had been born in my heart...! As Vali continued attacking, he resumed his irritating tone.

“Your attacks are also dull. You just plunge in. It’s meaningless in that case. What a waste of a treasure. Your use of your power is also unskillful.”

Ah, is that so? I’m unskilled, am I? If it’s that, I know.

“At this rate, the rival showdown between the Hakuryuukou and the Sekiryuutei will be—”


Before he could finish talking, I made magic power suddenly spout from the jets on my back and plunged into the barrage of bullets. The magic bullets struck various places on my body. It hurts! But, so what!? Just one shot! Just one shot is fine! I strongly clutched my left hand. Power on just this single point here is enough. Besides, I don’t need any power to turn! I’ll also throw away all defences now! The magic bullets were shot at my armour, and my armour was destroyed little by little. My face area was also hit, and the mask part was also shattered.

“So you’re charging? To go as far as repeating the same tactic, you really know nothing of combat. Something like that—”

Vali deployed what seemed to be a shield of light in front of him and tried to defend, but—

“Ddraaaaaig! Transfer power to the stored Ascalon!”




A surge of massive power flowed into my left arm. After all, I don’t have any sword knowledge. In that case, I can only lodge the power into my fist while the sword is still stored in my gauntlet! If it’s just hitting, even I can do it!


My fist destroyed his shield of light with no trouble and I made his face eat a sharp blow.


Whether it was because he received an unexpected blow or not, that guy’s posture was violently bent.


Cracks spread from the edges of the mask on the Hakuryuukou’s helmet, and part of Vali’s face peeked through the crumbling portion. This is it! I grasped my hand around the base of the Hakuryuukou’s wings of light that were said to gush out excess power.

“Apparently, the effect of your Sacred Gear comes from here. In that case!”


I transferred my power to the Vanishing Dragon’s Scale Mail before it was in excess. At that instant, I was struck by the feeling that power had suddenly been removed from my body. So it consumed a fair amount of stamina and magic power! However, it’s fine like this!

“I’ll raise the power you absorb and the power you emit all at once! To the extent that you can’t deal with it!”



All of the Vanishing Dragon Scale Mail’s jewels started to nonsensically glow white, red, blue and yellow over and over again. As it did so, the Dragon power that I had felt coming from his body, to the extent of being absurd, vanished. (!) I had forced him to activate the special ability of his Sacred Gear. His ability stole the opponent’s power and used it as his own fuel. However, since the limit of the power he added was already decided, it depended on the capacity of the host. Power that went beyond the limit was gushed out from his wings of light and disposed of. Then, what would happen if you accelerated his stealing power and gushing-out power at the same time? He stole so much power that he couldn’t process it, and at the same time, he spat out power by the time it was excess. As a result, the Vanishing Dragon Scale Mail stopped its functions!

[—! What a thing...! Vali, regain your posture at once!]

Vali reacted to Albion’s voice and tried to defend by crossing his arms, but—.


I closed my left fist that was filled with Ascalon’s power, easily destroying Vali’s defences, including the gauntlets of both his arms, and thrust a blow to this abdomen. The white-shining Vanishing Dragon Scale Mail was not enough and shattered. Is this the Dragon Slaying power!? It was as if the opponent’s armour was made out of paper!


Fresh blood flew out from Vali’s mouth. He stepped back unsteadily while holding his abdomen. As blood poured down from the edge of his mouth, Vali smiled as if in joy.

“...Hahaha, amazing! My Sacred Gear was blown off! So you can do it if you try! Just what I would expect from my rival—”

Gan! My merciless straight entered into that guy’s face.

“...I made it reach and hit you. You’re the only one I won’t be satisfied with if my fist can’t hit you.” (!)

Alright! For now, I’ve paid him back for that stupid thing about my parents. However, Ddraig clicked his tongue. Because while I was doing this, Vali’s armour once again returned to its previous state. No way, the broken part was fixed! Impossible! So I could never beat him no matter how many times I broke it!?

[The battle doesn’t end until the host is made incapable of fighting. It’s no use at this rate. You’ll make no progress. It’s next to impossible for you to defeat him within the limited time of the control unit. The best plan would be to run away, but you can’t do that, can you?]

Of course! There’s no way I could leave Buchou behind! Or rather, where could I escape to within this barrier!?

[Then, what will you do? The difference in power is still wide. You could do something thanks to the control unit, but with the limited time, it’s out of the question. —Will you surrender?]

...What do I do? At that time, something within my field of vision reflected in the background. At that instant, an idea appeared in my mind... Shall I test it? No, this thing is a test. Anyhow, my time will run out and I’ll lose at this rate! I have to do something before that!

“Hey, Ddraig. The Sacred Gear responds to feelings and evolves, right?”

[Yeah, that’s right, but..why do you ask?]

I picked up the thing lying at my feet—a jewel of the Vanishing Dragon. Earlier, when I hit him, his armour was damaged and this thing flew out. His body’s armour seems to have restored the destroyed section, including the jewel, though. As far as Vali was concerned, this jewel would turn to trash as time passed, so it’s inconsequential. However, there should be at least a little of the Hakuryuukou’s power lodged in it.

“I’m transmitting my image to you. Let’s try it!”

I transmitted the thing I imagined in my brain to Ddraig who was inside me! I imagined hard! If this image was possible, I—

[—. ...Partner, you’ve sent me quite a dangerous image. However, it’s interesting! We may die, but do you have the resolve?]

“I can’t die. I haven’t taken Buchou’s virginity yet. If it hurts, I’ll endure it! As long as I can just exceed this damn bastard in front of me with that!”

[Fuhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Nice resolve! In that case, I’ll also resolve myself! This isn’t a notification of my character, but I am the Red Dragon Emperor that was called a mass of power! Let’s show them that we’ll live and exceed them together, Partner! No! Hyoudou Issei!]


“What do you intend to do?”

Vali asked that, seeming interested.

“Vanishing Dragon Albion! Vali! I’ll be taking your power!”

I smashed the Sekiryuutei jewel that was on the back of my right hand into pieces, and drove into it the Vanishing Dragon jewel that I had picked up before! —Your power of vanishing! I’ll transplant it into my Sacred Gear! While fighting, I had remembered a scene within my mind. It was the battle with Kokabiel the other day. In that battle, Kiba had achieved the so-called impossible fusion of holy and demonic. A silver aura sprang forth from my right hand and wrapped around the right side of my body. A phenomenon from the jewel?


Something throbbed inside me, just as a difficult-to-describe pain circulated throughout my body from my jewel-implanted right hand in an instant...! Guh... Ah...


It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Damn it! What is this!?

“Nugaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

High school dxd v4 289.jpg

My thoughts soared in overwhelming pain. Owowowowowowow! Compared to this, the damage from the spear of light before was... Guh, ah, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

“—! You intend to take in my power?"

Realising what I was trying to do, Vali showed a shocked expression.

[What a reckless thing to do. Ddraig, we are existences that oppose each other. That is nothing more than an act of self-destruction. Do you intend to annihilate yourself by doing such a thing?]

Albion spoke indifferently.


Ddraig was also leaking out agony. So the Dragon Emperor lodged in my Sacred Gear also experienced pain? However, while Ddraig let out a scream, it contained laughter as well.

[Albion! You’re as inflexible as always! Over countless eons, we’ve lodged in hosts and continued to fight each other! It’s a repeat of the same thing each and every time!]

[That’s right, Ddraig. That is our destiny. Even if our respective hosts are different, the way we fight is the same. You raise power, I steal power. The side that skilfully uses its Sacred Gear deals the finishing blow and it ends. This is how it always has been, and always will be.]

Ddraig let out a fearless laugh at Albion’s words.

[Ever since meeting with this host, with Hyoudou Issei, I have learned one thing; that anything is possible with determined stupidity!] (!)

Stupidity is fine! If I can’t win with ability anyway, I’ll excel through stupidity!

“Respond to my feeliiiiiiiiiiings!”

[Vanishing Dragon Power is taken!!]

My right hand was wrapped in a dazzling white light! A pure white aura surrounded my right arm! Then...a white gauntlet appeared on my right arm.

“...Hehehe, so this is [Dividing Gear]?”

Though, having only white up till my right arm’s elbow on my red armour looked awkward.

[Impossible! Such a thing is impossible!]

Albion let out an astonished voice.

“No, it’s only a little, but it’s possible. My friend fused together holy and demonic, and produced things like Holy Demonic Swords. It seems it was possible to achieve it because balance has collapsed from the non-existence of God. Well, if I borrow the words of the leader guys, it is a state where there are things like system errors or program bugs? I just utilised it a little.”

[...So you mean to tell me you nudged the imperfections of the Sacred Gear System and achieved this? No, but such a thing is... Even if you think of that, to actually do it is just foolish. No-one knows what will happen with the fusion of opposing powers. When that is something concerning Dragons, you might die, you know? No, it would be natural for you to die.]

Albion still couldn’t seem to believe it. Well, to be honest though, I was also desperate.

“Yeah, it was reckless. However, I survived.”

Ddraig sighed at my words.

[However, it certainly made your lifespan shorten. It’s a lot even for Devils, who live almost endlessly.]

“I have no intention to live for ten thousand years. But, since there are a lot of things I want to do, I’d like to live for at least a thousand years.”


Vali clapped his hands at me. What’s your intention?

“Interesting. Then, I’ll also get a bit serious! If I win, I’ll halve all of you and everything that surrounds you with the Hakuryuukou’s power!”

Vali floated into the air and opened his arms wide. His wings of light also grew huge.

“Halve? It’s different with my power, but what do you mean by halving my surroundings?”

That guy let out a laugh to my question.

“Ignorance is scary! It might not be bad for you to die without knowing!”

Somehow, I felt offended! That guy harshly made me sound like an utter idiot!

[Half Dimension!]

Surrounded by a dazzling aura along with a voice from his jewel, Vali pointed his hand at the trees spread out below him.


The thickness of the trees was halved in an instant! Ooh! They were seriously halved!?


More of the surrounding trees were compressed and halved. Don’t ruin the scenery of the old school building!

“Sekiryuutei Hyoudou Issei. Let me clearly explain it to you.”

Azazel spoke. Ooh, Governor. Please do so in a way even the stupid me can understand.

“That ability halves everything in his surroundings. In other words, if the Hakuryuukou became serious, then Rias Gremory’s bust will also be halved.”




Yes? My thoughts soared more than they ever had before, and my mind was full of only question marks. (!) I couldn’t understand this talk that destroyed my world view from its entire base. I completely could not understand it. However, an extraordinary fury arising from the bottom of my heart suddenly ruled my entire body.

Breasts will be halved.

Buchou’s breasts will be halved.

I moved my head mechanically and turned my gaze towards Buchou. After Buchou saw my expression, she shuddered just a little in fear. Yeah, Buchou’s breasts. Those fantastic breasts. The breasts I love.

My everything. My world. My—. They’ll be halved...? Buchou’s breasts?



Yeah. I’ve decided.

“Don’t fuck with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

I’ll kill Vali. I’ll absolutely kill Vali!

“You bastard! Buchoooooou’s! So you intend to halve the size of my Buchou’s breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasts!!”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!!!!!]

Voices from jewels on various places of my armour repeatedly resounded.

“I won’t forgive you! You’re the one person I absolutely won’t forgive! I’ll knock you down! I’ll destroy you! Valiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

[Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!!!!!!!!!!]

My surroundings flew off! The ground I was standing on was also greatly gouged out and changed into a crater. The windows of the old school building completely cracked, and the outer wall was collapsing. My whole body was wrapped in the greatest mass of aura it had ever had.

“Ahahaha! What the heck is that!? Seriously! His dragon power sprang up because his master’s breasts might become smaller!”

Azazel guffawed and burst out laughing. It isn’t a laughing matter! This really isn’t a laughing matter! For me, it’s more serious than Heaven and Earth being inverted! Yeah, scramble! This is the greatest possible crisis! That’s why it’s unforgivable! Halve my Buchou’s breasts? That’s unforgivable! Those breasts are mine! As if I’d let them become small! I still haven’t rubbed them enough! I still haven’t sucked them yet! I still haven’t held them between my fingers yet! (!) Don’t take away my dreams, you bastaaaaaaaard! I realised it once again. He and I can never understand each other! I felt my dream to double Buchou’s breasts! Yet he said that this guy will halve Buchou’s breasts! I thrust my finger at Vali! The far-off trees in the background were blown away from the force of the aftershock of thrusting that finger.

“Just try to make a move on Rias Gremory! I’ll thoroughly destroy you to the point where you won’t be able to reincarnate agaaaaaaain! You halving maniaaaaaaaaaaaac!!”

The clouds in the night sky were broken apart from my exclamation. The full moon which had been hidden appeared.

“Today is full of surprises. Who would have thought that this much power would explode because of a woman’s breasts? However, it’s interesting!”

The Hakuryuukou flew out at me. I didn’t feel slow.


I got away from that spot and kicked Vali in the side as he flew!

“Fast! Have you exceeded me in speed!?”

High school dxd v4 000e.jpg

Like I know! Be surprised as much as you please! As if I’ll forgive! As if I’ll forgive this guy! If I leave him alone, not only Buchou, but also Akeno-san’s breasts will be halved! Kuh! Just imagining it makes me shudder! It’s an unforgivable act even for God to halve those fantastic breasts! I caught up with Vali, who was moving at the speed of light, with no trouble.

“This is for Buchou’s breasts!”

A hit to Vali’s abdomen with my right fist! In my mind, Buchou’s breasts shook!


At the same time I activated the Hakuryuukou power I had just transplanted and felt the aura covering Vali decrease sharply.


Vali spat out bile from his mouth! I continued attacking like that without interference!

“This is for Akeno-san’s breasts!”

A hit to the face! Alright! I completely broke his helmet! In my mind, Akeno-san’s breasts bounced!

“This is for Asia’s still growing breasts!”

The jets on his back from which his wings of light originated were destroyed! In my mind, Asia’s breasts grew!

“This is for Xenovia’s breasts!”

I vigorously kicked him high into the air! In my mind, Xenovia’s breasts were pleased!

“Finally! This is for Koneko-chan’s breasts that would disappear if they were halveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!”

I tackled him with extreme speed! In my mind, Koneko-chan’s breasts cried!


Vali vomited blood from my extreme tackle. Yeah, serves you right!


Vali struck the ground. My anger hadn’t calmed down, so I approached him and declared.

“Koneko-chan! She worries about her small breasts, you know!? You’ll halve it!? I won’t allow it! Don’t take away anymore breasts from that child! Can you understand that pain!? You damn halving maniac!”

Damn it! My anger still isn’t calming down! Should I hit him one more time!? In contrast to me, who had gotten angry, Vali just gave a seemingly happy smile. It’s sickening!

“...Interesting. Truly interesting.”

[Vali, I finished analysing his halving power. When compared with the control method of your power, you can handle it.]

“I see. I’m not afraid of him with this.”

No way. It’s not showing any effect anymore! Even though I thought I delivered that much pain!

“Albion, do you think he’s worthy enough to show the Hakuryuukou’s [Juggernaut Drive] if it’s the current Hyoudou Issei?”

[Vali, it’s not a good choice in this place. If you recklessly enter Juggernaut Drive, Ddraig’s curse might be removed.]

“It’ll all work out, Albion. [I, who am about to awaken, Am the Heavenly Dragon—]”

What? That damn Vali was chanting something.

[Don’t act rashly, Vali! Is it your desire to be at the mercy of my power!?]

Albion was angry? I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll take him down before he prepares his new attack! When I tried to deliver a hit as a finishing blow to Vali—. With the moon floating within the night sky in the background, a single silhouette swooped down to our location. It swiftly came into the space between Vali and me. It was a man wearing armour that would be worn by a military commander of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.[1]

“Vali, I’ve come for you.”

It was a young man with a refreshing-looking face. He spoke to Vali cheerfully.

“So it’s Bikou. What have you come for?”

Vali stood up while wiping away the blood from his mouth.

“Isn’t that cruel? I made a long journey and came all the way to this island country because my partner is in a pinch, you know? The other guys were making a fuss at headquarters, you know? Because we’re joining together to fight the northern country Gods, you were supposed to flee and return right away if the mission failed, right? Cattleya failed to assassinate Michael, Azazel and Lucifer, right? In that case, your observation role is also over. Come back with me.”

“...I see, so it’s already time.”

What are they talking about as they please?

“Who are you?”

I pointed at the person who had just appeared and asked that.

“He’s the descendent of the Victorious Fighting Buddha.”[2]

The one who answered was Azazel. Huh? That isn’t familiar at all, though?

“Let me say it with a name that you can grasp. He’s Son Goku. The famous damn monkey in the Journey to the West[3].”

...Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

“S-S-Son Gokuuuuuuuu!?”

I was so shocked that all my anger till now was blown away! Because, he’s the one from that famous story!

“To say it correctly, he is a monkey Youkai that has inherited Son Goku’s power. However, it really is the end of the world if even you have joined the Khaos Brigade. No, you’re the Son Goku to the Vanishing Dragon. You’re also well-matched.”

That guy laughed at Azazel’s words with a cackle.

“I’m different from the First Generation that became a Buddha. I just live doing as I like. My name is Bikou. Nice to meet you, Sekiryuutei.”

He casually greeted me. The Youkai called Bikou spun around a cane that had appeared in his hand, and then pierced it into the ground. Instantly, a black darkness spread over the ground. It enveloped Vali and Bikou, and made them completely sink into it. So they intend to escape! Don’t kid around! I still have to give him my breast doctrine one more time!

“Wait! As if I’ll let you escape!”

I tried to catch him, but...


My Sacred Gear was released. My armour vanished, and the ring which helped unleash my power also crumbled away. The Balance Breaker state that was reinforced by the ring had been removed!

“Azazel! Don’t you have more of those rings!? I can’t let him escape!”

“It takes a tremendous amount of time to purify those things. I can’t mass-produce them. And even if I could, the possibility of attaining complete Balance Breaker fades if used too much. To the end, it’s an emergency-use measure.”

"Right now is for emergency-use! I was made a fool of by him! As if I’ll let him get away!"

...Suddenly, I was seized by intense fatigue... I couldn’t put any strength into my feet. I couldn’t grasp my fist either.

“If you explosively emit that much power in an instant, your stamina will become empty. As you are now, what you are able to store is limited and long battles are impossible.”

That was Azazel’s explanation... But wasn’t Vali armoured for the whole time? ...I see. As expected, that’s the decisive gap between me and Vali. There’s no meaning if I can’t maintain that period of time where I temporarily surpass him for a long time.

“I, as the Hakuryuukou, was occupied by the blood relative of the old Maou. The enemy isn’t just Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils. Eventually we’ll fight again, but at that time, it will be even more intense. We’ll each get stronger—.”

Stopping mid-sentence just there, the Hakuryuukou vanished into the darkness along with Son Goku.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. A famous Chinese historical novel written in the 14th century by Luo Guanzhong[1]
  2. The kanji read as 闘戦勝仏 while the furigana reads とうせんしょうぶつ. The name "Victorious Fighting Buddha", one of Son Goku's titles, was taken from a translation of the original Chinese text. [2]
  3. A famous Chinese tale written by Wu Cheng'en in the 16th century, and one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature.[3]

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