High School DxD:Volume 4 New Life

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New Life[edit]

“And so, from today on, I’ll be the advisor of this Occult Research Club. Please call me Azazel-sensei. Or Governor is fine too.”

Wearing a worn-out suit, Azazel was in the clubroom of the occult research club.

“...Why are you here?”

Touching her forehead with her hand, Buchou was in a perplexed state.

“Hah! I was requested to take this position by Serafall’s little sister! Well, it’s because I’m a super-cool guy. I score even with schoolgirls!”

“That’s forbidden! Or rather, why would Sona do such a thing?”

“You’re so stubborn, Rias Gremory. I was told by Serafall’s sister that this was requested by Sirzechs. That’s why she requested me.”

You were requested as an advisor for such a thing!? The President’s intentions couldn’t be understood!

“Wait, what about that arm? Didn’t you lose one of them?”

I pointed at Azazel’s, no, at Sensei’s arm. I’m sure that it was cut off that time.

“Ah, this. It’s a genuine artificial arm that I produced while researching Sacred Gears. It’s an all-purpose arm that can be loaded with light power-style laser beams and tiny missiles. I wanted to be equipped with such a thing once. I equipped it in commemoration of my lost arm.”


Azazel’s—Sensei’s hand flew out. It also did several rotations as it spun on its side. Ooh, it’s mechanical!

“The condition for me staying at this school is that I make the immature Sacred Gears possessed by the Devils of the Gremory family grow. Well, my knowledge as a Sacred Gear enthusiast is useful after all. You guys have also heard about it, but there is a weird organisation called the Khaos Brigade. As a future deterrent against them, the Welsh Dragon and your family have become famous. Rather than that, I’m an expert on the opposing Vanishing Dragon. From the information I got on him, I know that Vali has his own team. We’re temporarily calling it the [Hakuryuukou Team]. Several people are gathering around the ones who've been identified at present, Vali and Son Goku.”

“Are Vali and the others going to attack here again?”

The Governor shook his head at my question.

“They won’t attack here again. It was a rare chance for an assassination on the leaders of the Three Great Powers at the conference, but that also failed. Their current opponents are Heaven and the Underworld. In the Underworld, all the Fallen Angels under my orders have joined together with the Devils. The Underworld won’t fall so easily. The Seraph guys in Heaven also wouldn’t remain silent. Also, there are the free-loading strong sacred beasts in Heaven, and demonic beasts as well.”

“...So it’s a war?”

“No, it’s still at the skirmish level. You could say both they and us are in a preparatory period. Don’t worry, something like war won’t occur until you people graduate from university, let alone this school’s high school division. Enjoy your school life fully. However, it is the long-awaited preparatory period. So you’ll be doing various preparations, right?”


Tilting my head in puzzlement, I squeezed inside my mind and tried to think of something to say, but nothing special came to mind. (!)

“Sekiryuutei, don’t think about it too hard. Either way, since you lack brains, you’ll make no progress if you worry too much. Your enemy is Hakuryuukou Vali to the bitter end. Just don’t forget that single fact.”

I see. So my enemy is that guy. It’s better if I understand just that clearly. Not only did he look down on me and those around me, he also made a fool of me! Next time we meet, I’ll hit him hard with my own power!

“You were only able to repel Vali because you combined the Dragon Slaying sword you got from Michael with Boosted Gear’s power. Also, Vali didn’t go all out. If it weren’t for that, you would have lost. Rather, you could only fight thanks to the compatibility this time. If it was another opponent that wasn’t a Dragon and possessed power of Vali’s level, you would have been killed.”

It was exactly as Azazel said. I couldn’t have fought so well if I didn’t have this sword. The Dragon Slayer is varied.

“Also, can you use the Hakuryuukou’s power because of that?”

Azazel asked this.

“No, it doesn’t function at all.”

I had obtained the ‘power to halve my opponent’ at great pains, but the gauntlet that had been lodged in my right arm hadn’t appeared since then. Was it a one-time use only?

“As I thought. You can’t handle something that strong so easily. It’s beneficial to take in another Dragon’s power. However, it’s an entirely different matter whether you can freely control it or not. If used unskilfully, it may be an ability that is more difficult than attaining Balance Breaker. However, the power you took in once should have been recorded into Ddraig’s soul. The rest depends on training. In addition, you’ll first have to complete hellish training in the long term. If you’re weak but in absurdly high spirits, you’ll die.”

I’m sorry that I’m fundamentally weak, Governor! Damn it, even though I stole Albion’s power, there’s no point if I couldn’t use it freely. Well, I also couldn’t control even Ddraig’s power. It was still impossible for the current me.

“Your Sekiryuutei power is also too unstable. Its explosive power is tremendous, but that’s also only temporarily. A lower rank opponent would instantly be brought down with that, but it would be suppressed by a higher rank opponent. If you’re also going to participate in the Rating Games as a Devil from now on, you must stabilise the Sekiryuutei’s mighty power. For all that, you first need to attain Balance Breaker. Having said that, Rating Games aren’t straightforward either. Something like a Pawn that consumed only one piece taking down the King also happens. Everything depends on how you fight. I’ll have to teach you all about that as well.”

“You seem well-informed about Rating Games.”

“Devils aren’t the only fans of the game, you know? Thanks to the peace pact, there are also a lot of Angels and Fallen Angels going out to watch the games unreservedly.”

Sooner or later, won’t all the Angels and Fallen Angels be giving ‘participation requests!’ as well?

“Therefore, for the time being, we’ll build up your body so that it can fight for long periods of time.”


That’s exactly right. My power really is something temporary. If I participate in the games in the future, I’ll need to fight for long periods of time. I’ll have to maintain that power for longer than a tenth of a second. Rather, can I really attain the perfect Balance Breaker? Since I’ve only forcefully achieved it until now with borrowed power, I can’t imagine attaining it with my own power. Because I’m fundamentally weak. I’m a former human. Vali is a Maou descendent. These are the backgrounds we’ve had from birth, huh?

“Can I become strong?”

That was my question. It was a straightforward question. Could I really become strong?”

“I’ll make you strong. Since I’m a Fallen Angel with free time.”

Azazel showed a complacent and mischievous smile. I guess I have no choice but to believe in this Governor. Well, my power depends on my training from now on. Then, I pointed at Gasper.

“If, for example, we’re attacked another time, can’t we do something with Gasper’s time-stopping power?”

“S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-Senpai! W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What are you sayiiiiiiing!? Hiiiiii!”

Gasper cried and shouted at my suggestion.

“It’s not worth considering if he’s alone. We don’t know what kind of people are in the Khaos Brigade.”

Ara, ara, how piercing. Certainly, Vali was also saying that Gasper was full of weak points.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’m so useless! I’m not useful at all! I’m garbage! I’m pig food! I’m seriously reflecting deeper than the sea, and I possess a target higher than Evereeeeeeeeeest! So please don’t abandon meeeeeeeee!”

Gasper took refuge in his cardboard box while crying. Hey, hey, you need to graduate from the cardboard box!

“That’s right. Holy Demonic Sword kid, how long can you fight in Balance Breaker?”

Kiba answered Azazel’s question.

“Currently, one hour is my limit.”

“That’s not good. At the very least, you need to make sure that you’re able to continue using it for three days.”

Ooh, how strict. Kiba’s expression also became fired up from the words just now.

“I-I can only do it for ten seconds under restricted conditions...”

The Governor’s eyes became half-closed as I timidly spoke.

“You’ll have to retrain from scratch. The Hakuryuukou can stay in Balance Breaker for one month. That's the difference between you.”

One month... It was a clear and overwhelming difference from my ten seconds. But now that I could see my objective, it was easy to understand. Next, Azazel’s gaze turned towards Akeno-san.

“Do you still hate us, no, Barakiel?”

—. That’s the name of Akeno-san’s father. I see, so Akeno-san’s father is Azazel’s subordinate. Akeno-san answered with a stern expression.

“I have no intention of forgiving him. It’s that person’s fault that my mother died.”

“Akeno, when you fell down to being a Devil, he said nothing.”

“Naturally. That person isn’t in a position where he can say something to me.”

“That’s not what I meant. No, well, it might be thoughtless of me to enter into the space of you parent and child.”

“I don’t consider that person as my father!”

Akeno-san declared that clearly.

“I see. However, I don’t think it’s bad that you joined the Gremory family. If things were otherwise, what would Barakiel think, I wonder?”


Akeno-san did not respond to Azazel’s words. She just silently showed a complicated expression. Then, Azazel’s eyes turned to me this time.

“Hey, Sekiryuutei—is Ise fine? Ise, your dream is to make a harem, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right...”

Yes, a harem is my final goal! My dream! ...However, recently, I feel like that dream is quite far away ever since I discovered that I’m bad at handling girls...

“Shall I teach you about harems? Even though I look like this, I’m a man who has formed hundreds of harems in the past, you know? You won’t lose anything by hearing about it.”

...What! Governor!?


“Yeah, seriously. Are you a virgin?”


“All right, I’ll also teach you about women. It’s better to become a man that properly ensnares even beautiful women. The story of how I fell like this was because I rubbed the breasts of human women. I don’t compromise when it comes to ero.”

“Y-You fell for such a thing!? Eh? Seriously!?”

Buchou nodded at my question with a fed-up face.

“Really. According to legend, the leaders of the Grigori were tempted by human women and fell for teaching them valuable knowledge from Heaven.”

Azazel smiled as he heard that.

“We were young back then too. We blindly believed that ‘God was great!’ and ‘God was wonderful!’ with our virginity standing out. Hahaha, after we lost to temptation in the end and had sex with women, we lost our virginity, and also lost our place in Heaven.”

Amazing! The leaders of the Fallen Angels were all lewd people! That goes beyond being bad people!

“Ah, somehow, I'm suddenly feeling sympathy for the Fallen Angels.”

“Ooh, you really are sensible, aren’t you? That’s right, if you’re a man, live in a state of desire. Devour woman! If you sleep with them and have sex, strength will follow along with confidence. —I shall handle your graduation ceremony. I’ll introduce you to some beautiful Fallen Angel women among my subordinates. They’d also probably be happy to have sex if their partner is a legendary Dragon.”

Beautiful Fallen Angel women!? I suddenly remembered Raynare... No, no, there wouldn’t be any more bad women like that! Or RATHER, that’s what I want to believe! However, I don’t think such a thing will happen again.

“Uooooo! Seriously!? I can graduate!? I will follow you, Sensei!”

That’s right! This person is my teacher! Azazel-sensei! My teacher! The great teacher who will teach me about Sacred Gears and women! The teacher I wanted!

“Oh, I see. All right, then we’ll go out on a virginity-graduation tour.”

What is that, that dream-like-sounding tour!? That’s way more fascinating than an all-you-can-eat-crab tour! I’ll participate! I’ll certainly participate! If there is an annual participation fee, I’ll collect and pay it! Please let me participate on that tour for eternity! Seeing my eyes light up, Buchou became flustered.

“P-Please wait a moment, Azazel! Please don’t give Ise strange ideas!”

Gyuh. Buchou embraced me and made sure I didn’t come into contact with Azazel.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? At this age, it’s perfectly healthy to be acquainted with one or two women. Or is there something wrong with your servant being acquainted with women?”

“I’m the one who manages Ise’s chastity! Ise, what do you mean by getting rid of your chastity at another place after you protected someone else’s chastity!?”

Seriously!? My virginity is being managed by Buchou!?

“Ise-san, do you mean to leave me and go somewhere far away...?”

Asia-chan!? Are you misunderstanding the tour? I’ll always be with Asia!

“Ara, ara, Ise-kun, I’ll be lonely if you participate on the tour.”

Akeno-san! Please don’t have such a sorrowful expression! I won’t be able to go!

“...Ise-senpai is the worst.”

Au! I’m sorry, Koneko-chan! However, Koneko-chan isn’t angry. She’s laughing!

“If Buchou is managing it, it won’t be easy to produce a child... Muu.”

Xenovia, you’re seriously worrying about it!?

“You sure are popular, Ise-senpai! As a hikikomori, I admire you!”

“Now, you can’t speak ill of me any more, can you?”

So said Gasper and Kiba. I don’t really understand it, but Gasper, please graduate from your cardboard box. The good-looking guy can die! Watching this scene, Azazel-sensei laughed heartily.

“Hahaha! What’s with this!? I see, I see. That’s right, Dragons naturally form polygamies. So you don’t require my teaching. Well, this place has become a location for representatives from the three-way alliance. The Governor of the Fallen Angels, the Maou’s little sister, backup from the Angels’ side and a legendary Dragon. Let’s all get along from now on. The current objective is for the Sekiryuutei to perfect Balance Break, and for all of you to power up. You should train and achieve that during summer vacation.”

Summer vacation... That’s right, the first school term is ending soon. Even so, it’s scary how this Fallen Angel Governor has fitted in normally before we noticed it. Even though he was the leader of an enemy organisation until now. The future really doesn’t look so bad.

“We also have to become stronger too.”

Azazel also agreed with Buchou’s words.

“It doesn’t hurt to become stronger. So, according to talk, there’s going to be a meeting of young Devils in a few days, right? I heard Rias Gremory was included among the names of promising young Devils that are close to debuting.”

“Yes, noble families and old families meet together with several young Devils. It seems to be a custom.”

“Is it fine to think about games at a time when a terrorist attack occurred?”

That was my question. Was it really fine, even though a strange organisation had come? Sensei was the one who answered that.

“I in fact recommend it. Battles in the games will be good experience for current young Devils without previous battle experience. It’s because the present Devils are crowded together with Reincarnated Devils of humans, Fallen Angels and Demonic Beasts. They are troubled by their opponents. Abundant battlefields have been established and fighting methods have come in an infinite variety responding to that. There isn’t a more favourable environment for training young people than this. Unexpectedly, Sirzechs and the others have looked at the current situation with the future in mind when they created these games. They make them compete with other Devils and the quality of power is raised. Since they’re a greedy group, it fits them. What crafty guys they are.” (!)

I don’t really understand it well, but basically, he’s saying that they gain battle experience in the games so as not to lose to terrorism either, huh. Certainly, it’d be a problem if the inexperienced were suddenly thrown into the battlefield.

“Don’t worry, I’ll drive into you how to use your personal power and your Sacred Gear’s power. And there are plans for the matches to be set during your training camp as well. I believe they’re doing it in Rating Game style. I’ve already finished probing Sirzechs about it.”

Azazel-sensei, you seriously seem to like preparing for this... Is it really that fun? (!)

“Kukuku, there’s the Boosted Gear which has begun an unknown evolution. And there’s also the Holy Demonic Sword. Furthermore, there’s the Forbidden Balor View. I’ll drive my research results into them and explore their original evolved forms.”

Uwah! Sensei is giving out a dangerous laugh and thoughts! Are we experimental bodies!? With so many difficulties ahead, I fear for the future... What will happen to Kuoh Academy and the Occult Research Club?

Kuoh Academy, End of First Semester[edit]

Kuoh Academy Senior High School, Occult Research Club

Advising Teacher: Azazel (Fallen Angel Governor)

President: Rias Gremory (King), Third Year Student, Remaining Pieces: 1 Rook

Vice-President: Himejima Akeno (Queen), Third Year Student

Club Members:

Toujou Koneko (Rook), First Year Student

Kiba Yuuto (Knight), Second Year Student

Xenovia (Knight), Second Year Student

Asia Argento (Bishop), Second Year Student

Gasper Vladi (Bishop), First Year Student

Hyoudou Issei (Pawn), Second Year Student

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